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101839: BIAGI. DR. GUIDO - The Last Days of Percy Bysshe Shelley. New Details from Un-Published Documents.
73239: GUILCHER, YVETTE - Deux Versions de la Vie de Saint Georges
77901: DE LA TAYSSONNIERE. GUILLAUME - L`Attiffet Des Damoizelles. L`Epithalame. Texte Etabli Et Presente Par Nerina Clerici Balmas.
91218: GUILLEN, MICHAEL - Bridges to Infinity: Human Side of Mathematics
75901: GUILLERM, LUCE - Le Miroir Des Femmes. 1. Moralistes Et Polemistes Au Xvie Siecle.
99317: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Threshold (a Panther Book)
99344: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Malafrena (a Panther Book)
99338: LE GUIN, URSULA K.; ETC. - The Eye of the Heron and Other Stories (Panther Science Fiction)
88635: GUINNESS. H - Andrea Del Sarto. The Great Masters in Painting and Sculpture.
59274: GULBEKIAN, SEVAK - In the Belly of the Beast : Holding Your Own in Mass Culture
96871: GULLAN-WHUR, MARGARET - Within Reason: Life of Spinoza
65410: GUNN, GEORGE - Ships and Short Splices.
76316: GUNN. J.A.W. - Politics and the Public Interest in the Seventeenth Century.
75393: TIDESTROM. GUNNAR - Poetiska Figurer Och Mer an Sa
73904: ANDERSOHN. GUNTER - Cacti and Succulents.
73322: LUDWIG. GUNTHER - Die Grundlagen Der Quantenmechanik.
85442: GUNTRIP, H. - Psychoanalytic Theory, Therapy and the Self
102411: GUPPY - Development of Independent Reading: Reading Support Explained
95643: GURNEY. O.R. - The Hittites.
79365: GURNEY, ROBERT - Bardic Heritage a Selection of Welsh Poetry in Free English Translation : With Textual Notes and Brief Accounts of Some of That Country's More Famous Bards
101703: MICHAEL GURR - Nutritional and Health Aspects of Sugars: Evaluation of New Findings (Ilsi Europe Concise Monograph S. )
66366: GURR, ANDREW - Playgoing in Shakespeare's London
55454: GURR, ANDREW - William Shakespeare : The Extraordinary Life of the Most Successful Writer of All Time
101709: ILSI; MICHAEL GURR - Health Issues Related to Alcohol Consumption (Ilsi Europe Concise Monograph)
66360: GURR, ANDREW - Rebuilding Shakespeare's Globe
55082: OEHLER. DR. GUST. FR. - Theology of the Old Testament. Translated By Ellen D. Smith. Two Volume Set.
55329: GUSTAFSON, JAMES M. - Theology and Ethics
89349: JAEGER. GUSTAV - Health-Culture. Translated and Edited By Lewis R.S. Tomalin. Abridged and Revised Edition.
41941: FRENSSEN. GUSTAV - Village Sermons By a Novelist. With a Brief Account of the Author and His Works By T.F. Kinloch.
102248: L'EPINE/HOOD. THOMAS/DORE. GUSTAV - The Legend of Croquemitaine, and the Chivalric Times of Charlemagne. . . . . Illustrated with 177 Designs on Wood By Gustave Dore.
71152: SCHWAB. GUSTAV - Die Schonsten Sagen Des Klassischen Altertums.
73705: KOERTING. GUSTAV - Altfranzoesische Uebersetzung de Remedia Amoris Des Ovid. . . .
74002: FREYTAG. GUSTAV - Die Technik Des Dramas. Im Anhang: Wilhelm Dilthey Die Technik Dramas.
80145: MASSON. GUSTAVE - La Lyre Francaise. French Text.
82235: COHEN. GUSTAVE - Ronsard. Sa Vie Et Son Oeuvre.
76778: LANSON. GUSTAVE - Nivelle de la Chaussee Et la Comedie Larmoyante. . .
89184: GUTTERIDGE, WILLIAM - Libya: Still a Threat to Western Interests?. . . Conflict Studies Number 160.
89185: GUTTERIDGE, WILLIAM - The Case for Regional Security. Avoiding Conflicts in the 1990's. . . Conflict Studies Number 217.
74649: GUTTING, GABRIELE - Yoknapatawpha: The Function of Geographical and Historical Facts in William Faulkner's Fictional Picture of the Deep South
59521: GUTTMAN, JON - Defiance at Sea : Stories of Dramatic Naval Warfare
102597: LEONARD F. GUTTRIDGE - Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection
79985: DE MAUPASSANT. GUY - Monsieur Parent. Oeuvres Completes
73183: DEMERSON. GUY - Poetiques de la Metamorphose. . .
82186: DE MAUPASSANT. GUY - Contes Fantastiques. Complets.
75720: BOUTHILLIER. GUY - Le Choc Des Langues Au Quebec, 1760-1970
82373: DE MAUPASSANT. GUY - Yvette. Misti.
79959: DE MAUPASSANT. GUY - Une Vie. Illustrations de Al Leroux. . . .
79984: DE MAUPASSANT. GUY - Oeuvres Completes. Des Vers. Lettres de Mme Laure de Maupassant a Gustave Flaubert. Poesies Inedites.
81583: DE MAUPASSANT. GUY - Afloat. Translated and with an Introduction By Douglas Parmee
82338: DE MAUPASSANT. GUY - Notre Coeur. Edition Critique Par Pierre Cogny.
94031: MOFFATT. GWEN - Space Below My Feet.
48934: HAMELIN. CLAUDE ET GWENAELLE - Les Chevaux Percherons, Collection le Perche En Cartes Postales.
102224: JONES. D. GWENALLT - Cnol Cil Cerddi a Sonedau.
88090: EVANS. J. GWENOGVRYN - Poetry By Medieval Welsh Bards. Volume 2. Ii
87893: EVANS. J. GWENOGVRYN - Facsimile of the Chirk Codex of the Welsh Laws.
98887: EVANS. J.GWENOGVRYN - The White Book Mabinogion: Welsh Tales & Romances Reproduced from the Peniarth Manuscripts.
79063: EVANS. J. GWENOGVRYN - The White Book Mabinogion: Welsh Tales and Romances Reproduced from the Peniarth Manuscripts.
53078: EVANS. J. GWENOGVRYN - The White Book Mabinogion: Welsh Tales & Romances Reproduced from the Peniarth Manuscripts: Edited By J. Gwenogvryn Evans.
87892: EVANS. J. GWENOGVRYN - The White Book Mabinogion: Welsh Tales and Romances Reproduced from the Peniarth Manuscripts. Limited Edition in Near Fine Condition.
89613: EVANS. J. GWENOGVRYN - Taliesin, Or the Critic Criticised.
87898: EVANS. J. GWENOGVRYN - The Book of Taliesin. Facsimile and Text. Two Volume Set, Limited Edition Printed on Japanese Vellum Paper.
83454: EVANS. J. GWENOGVRYN - Poetry By Medieval Welsh Bards. Volume 2.
63309: EVANS. J. GWENOGVRYN - The Text of the Book of Llan Dav. Reproduced from the Gwysaney Manuscript. Facsimile Edition.
67671: DAFYDD AP GWILYM - Fifty Poems. Translated with Introcuctory Essays By H. Idris Bell & David Bell.
53209: GWILYM, GWYNN AP - Dydd Oedd a Diwedd Iddo
87157: BECKERLEGGE. GWILYM - The World Religions Reader (Open University Module A213 World Religions)
55661: JONES. GWILYM R. - Mae Gen I Lyn. A Cherddi Eraill.
79962: DAFYDD AP GWILYM - Selected Poems [of] Dafydd Ap Gwilym
67223: DAFYDD AP GWILYM - Selected Poems [of] Dafydd Ap Gwilym. Translated By Nigel Heseltine.
93735: EVANS. GWILYM - Capel Seion Drefach, Llanelli 1712-1980.
92604: EVANS. GWILYM - Capel Seion Drefach, Llanelli 1712-1980.
102755: DAFYDD AP GWILYM - Gwaith Dafydd Ap Gwilym
93835: JONES. GWLIYM R - Caneuon.
92051: GWYN, PETER J. - The King's Cardinal: Rise and Fall of Thomas Cardinal Wolsey
69203: THOMAS. GWYN - Llewelyn Wyn Griffith
80564: THOMAS. GWYN - Ellis Wynne. Writers of Wales Series.
81139: JONES. GWYN - Richard Savage
62734: THOMAS. GWYN - Arfer Cyffelybiaethau. . .
61812: WILLIAMS. GWYN - The Avocet.
41989: WILLIAMS. GWYN - Foundation Stock. Poems.
40635: JONES. GWYN - Selected Short Stories.
98648: THOMAS. GWYN - Ring Delirium 123.
93726: GWYN, DAVID RHYS - Gofalu Am Etifeddiaeth Ddiwydiannol Llechi: Caring for Industrial Heritage of Slate
86829: JONES. GWYN - The Welsh Review. Volume Iii. No. 4. December 1944.
65489: JONES. GWYN - Selected Short Stories.
79470: JONES. ALUN R. & THOMAS. GWYN - Presenting Saunders Lewis
98440: THOMAS. GWYN - Old Pontypridd and District in Photographs
102448: WILLIAMS. GWYN - An Introduction to Welsh Poetry. From the Beginnings to the Sixteenth Century.
92671: JONES. GWYN - A History of the Vikings.
66645: THOMAS. GWYN - High on Hope. . .
102457: JONES. GWYN - Welsh Legends and Folk-Tales. Illustrated By Joan Kiddell-Monroe.
93939: JONES. GWYN - Welsh Legends and Folk-Tales. Illustrated By Joan Kiddell-Monroe.
91948: JENKINS. GERAINT H. & JONES. IEUAN GWYNEDD - Cardiganshire County History: Cardiganshire in Modern Times V. 3 (Cardiganshire County History)
98409: DAVIES. GRACE GWYNEDDON - Folk-Songs from Anglesey with Pianoforte Accompaniment.
100931: OWEN-JACKSON. GWYNETH - Teaching Design and Technology in Secondary Schools: A Reader (Ou Flexible Pgce)
92997: EVANS. GWYNFOR - Plaid Cymru and Wales.
62630: EVANS. GWYNFOR - A National Future for Wales.
93720: RICHARDS. GWYNFRYN - Ar Lawer Trywydd.
102753: JONES. T. GWYNN - Dyddgwaith. Signed Limited Edition.
102754: JONES. T. GWYNN - Astudiaethau. Signed Limited Edition.
101282: JONES. T. GWYNN - Ymadawiad Arthur. A Chaniadau Ereill.
90689: WILLIAMS. W.S. GWYNN - Welsh National Music and Dance.
102751: JONES. T. GWYNN - Manion. Signed Limited Edition.
93550: WILLIAMS. W.S GWYNN - Welsh National Music and Dance.
102213: AP GWILYM. GWYNN - Y Flodeugerdd Delynegion
102752: JONES. T. GWYNN - Beirniadaeth a Myfyrdod. Signed Limited Edition.
98417: JONES. T. GWYNN - Old Welsh Ballda. In Welsh and English.
100077: GESHE KELSANG GYATSO - Introduction to Buddhism: An Explanation of the Buddhist Way of Life
26889: GABRY. GYORGY - Old Musical Intruments.
71922: DECSY. GYULA - Die Linguistische Struktur Europas. Vergangenheit. Gegenwart. Zukunft.
84276: HAACK, SUSAN - Evidence and Inquiry : Towards Reconstruction in Epistemology
77271: HAAS, EDWARD - Delesseps S. Morrison and the Image of Reform: New Orleans Politics 1946-1961
97620: HACKEL, SERGEI - The Orthodox Church
101145: SIR JOHN HACKETT - Warfare in the Ancient World
96524: HADAS, EDWARD - Human Goods, Economic Evils: A Moral Approach to the Dismal Science (Culture of Enterprise)
66728: HADDON, MARK - The Talking Horse and the Sad Girl and the Village Under the Sea
75359: HAENDLER, GERT;GRITSCH, ERIC W. - Luther on Ministerial Office and Congregational Function
97546: HAERING, HANS - Hans Kung: Breaking Through
89941: CLWYD. HAFINA - Clychau Yn Y Glaw.
100381: RAINER HAGEN; ROSE-MARIE HAGEN - Egypt: People. Goda. Pharaohs.
85398: HAGEN, ROSE-MARIE; HAGEN, RAINER - 16th Century Paintings
81429: HAGEN, JUNE STEFFENSEN - Tennyson and His Publishers
101564: RAINER HAGER; ROSE-MARIE HAGER - Egypt People. Gods. Pharaohs.
100969: RUDYARD KIPLING; G. A. HENTY; H. RIDER HAGGARD - British Empire Adventure Stories: Three Stirring Tales of Heroism from the Age of Empire
102703: RUDYARD KIPLING; G. A. HENTY; H. RIDER HAGGARD - The Irish Guards in the Great War 2nd Battalion
97183: HAGGITH, DAVID - End-Time Prophecies of the Bible: A Collection of the Bible's Ultimate Revelations
76061: HAGIWARA, MICHIO P. - Studies in Romance Linguistics: Proceedings of the Fifth Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages
73195: HAILE, HARRY GERALD - Invitation to Goethe's Faust
60229: HAINING, PETER - The Future Makers : Tales of Fantasy
99730: HAINING, PETER - The Banzai Hunters: The Forgotten Armada of Little Ships That Defeated the Japanese, 1944-45: The Forgotten Armada of Little Ships That Defeated the Japanese, 1944-5 (World War Ii Stories)
102584: HERRMANN. HAJO - Eagle's Wings.
102572: JOY HAKIM - The First Americans (History of Us)
71997: HALBERSTADT, HANS - Modern Diesel Locomotives
58015: HALCOMB, RUTH; DAVIES, HILARY A. - Women's Bodies, Women's Lives
66715: HALDANE, A. R. B. - Three Centuries of Scottish Posts : An Historical Survey to 1836
100995: HALDANE. A.R.B. - The Path By the Water. Wood Engravings By Helen Monro.
60399: HALDEMAN, JOE - Mindbridge
87553: HALDON, JOHN F. - Byzantium: A History
82715: HALE, ROSEMARY DRAGE - Understanding Christianity
58164: HALE, JOHN - Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance
48920: HALEVY, DANIEL - The End of the Notables
65739: VAUGHAN. HENRY HALFORD - Welsh Proverbs with English Translations.
81125: HAWKINS. REV. CHARLES HALFORD - Noctes Shakesperianae. A Series of Papers By Late and Present Members.
82532: CHARLES EARL OF HALIFAX - The Poetical Works of the Right Honourable Charles Late Earl of Halifax. With His Lordship's Life, Including the History of His Times. Second Edition.
77101: HALL, MARIE B. - All Scientists Now : The Royal Society in the Nineteenth Century
83924: HALL, JAMES - Michelangelo and the Reinvention of the Human Body
90320: DRAPER. REV. BOURNE HALL - Bible Illustrations Or a Description of Manners and Customs Peculiar to the East, Especially Explanatory of the Holy Scriptures. The Little Library
77668: HALL, RICHARD V. - A Spy's Revenge
100824: PETER HALL - Urban and Regional Planning. Second Edition.
100483: MICHAEL HALL - Waddesdon Manor: The Biography of a Rothchild House
90544: HALL, DAVID; ETC.; HILL, PETER; ELLIMAN, DAVID - The Child Surveillance Handbook
83817: HALL, JAMES - Illustrated Dictionary of Symbols in Eastern and Western Art
66829: CAINE. HALL - The Drama of Three Hundred & Sixty-Five Days. Scenes in the Great War.
69449: HALL, HARRIET - Bill and Patience : An Eccentric Marriage at Stowe and Beyond
88566: HALL, JOHN CECIL - Staffordshire Portrait Figures (Letts All-Colour Collectors Guides)
84289: HALL, DAVID L. - Richard Rorty : Prophet and Poet of the New Pragmatism
84090: HALL, JAMES - The World As Sculpture : The Changing Status of Sculpture from the Renaissance to the Present Day
81547: HALL. S.C. - The Book of Gems. The Modern Poets and Artists of Great Britain.
95475: ELIZABETH M. HALLAM - The British Inheritance: A Treasury of Historic Documents
96544: HALLETT, GARTH L. - Christian Moral Reasoning: An Analytic Guide
87111: HALLIDAY, STEPHEN - Making the Metropolis: Creators of Victoria's London
72521: HALLIDAY, STEPHEN - Water : A Turbulent History
75806: HALLIDAY, M. A. K.; DE JOIA, ALEX; STENTON, ADRIAN - Terms in Systemic Linguistics : A Guide to Halliday
96223: STEPHEN HALLIDAY - Water: A Turbulent History
99399: HALLIHAN, C. P. - Article - the Authorised Version: A124 1: A Wonderful and Unfinished History (Articles)
87652: HALLIWELL. J.O. - Notes of Family Excursions in North Wales, Taken Chiefly from Rhyl, Abergele, Llandudno, and Bangor.
99864: BRUCE BARRYMORE HALPENNY - Fighter Pilots in World War Ii: True Stories of Frontline Air Combat
76599: HAMANN, RICHARD;HERMAND, JOST - Expressionismus
72142: HAMBLEY, JOHN A.S. - London Transport Buses and Coaches 1956.
72147: HAMBLEY, JOHN A.S. - London Transport Buses and Coaches. 1954
72151: HAMBLEY, JOHN A.S. - London Transport Buses and Coaches 1950
72149: HAMBLEY, JOHN A.S. - London Transport Buses and Coaches. 1952
72146: HAMBLEY, JOHN A.S. - London Transport Buses and Coaches 1955
72150: HAMBLEY, JOHN A.S. - London Transport Buses and Coaches. 1951
72053: HAMBLEY, JOHN A. S. - London Transport Buses and Coaches 1946. With Supplements to Previous Books in the Series.
72139: HAMBLEY, JOHN A.S. - Rtl and Rtw Classes After London Transport
77029: HAMBLIN, ROBERT LEE; CHANG - A Mathematical Theory of Social Change
54656: SMITH. J. HAMBLIN - History of the Church of England. For Private Circulation Only.
74592: HAMILTON, A. G. - Logic for Mathematicians
84149: HAMILTON, IAN - Lives of Modern Poets. Some Lives of the Twentieth-Century Poets
101478: C HAMILTON - Decoding the Celts. Revealing the Legay of the Celtic Tradition.
99951: RONALD HAMILTON - A Holiday History of France (Hogarth Travel)
90833: ARNOBIUS ADVERSIUS GENTES/BRYCE. HAMILTON - The Seven Books of Arnobius Adversius Gentes. Anti-Nicene Christian Library Volume 19.
86307: HAMILTON, JAMES - Sinai, the Hedjaz and Soudan: Wanderings Around the Birth-Place of the Prophet and Across the Ethiopian Desert, from Sawakin to Chartum (Folio Archive Library)
84048: HAMLYN, D. W. - A History of Western Philosophy
95785: HAMMET, BARBARA - Celtic Art in Cross Stitch: Over 75 Beautiful Designs
100244: HAMMETT, DASHIELL - The Maltese Falcon. . . . Illustrations By David Eccles.
100287: NICHOLAS HAMMOND - The Genius of Alexander the Great
88615: CRADOCK. T. HAMMOND - Farm Mechanization Handbook.
87029: HAMMOND, BRYN - Halcyon Days: Nature of Trout Fishing and Fishermen
48888: HAMMOND, BARBARA; HAMMOND, J. L. - The Town Labourer 1760-1832.
91061: MASON PETER HAMNET - An Easy Practical Hebrew Grammar Exercises for Translation from Hebrew Into English and from English Into Hebrew Arranged in a Series of Letters to Which Is Attached Maayene Ha-Yeshah the Fountain of Salvation Being a Translation with Notes Vol: - 2
68377: HAMPDEN, J. - Beggars Opera and Other Eighteenth Century Plays
84104: HAMPTON, JEAN - Political Philosophy
93871: HAMS, FRED - Old Poultry Breeds (Shire Colour Book)
88432: JONES. HANDEL - A Family Affair. The Story of the Farmers' Union of Wales 1955-1992.
70482: HANDKE, PETER - Das Spiel Vom Fragen, Oder, Die Reise Zum Sonoren Land
97047: GRIFFITHS. W. HANDSEL - A System of Botanical Analysis Applied to the Diagnosis of British Natural Orders. For the Use of Beginners.
99382: HERMAN HANKO - Justified Unto Liberty
78314: HANLEY, ROBIN - Villages in Roman Britain. Second Edition.
94195: WARD. HANNAH - The Lion Christian Meditation Collection
88673: GLASSE. HANNAH - The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy. A Facsimile of the First Edition, Supplemented By the Recipes Which the Author Added Up to the Fifth Edition and Furnished with a Preface, a Glossary and Notes, a List of Subscribers to This Edition, and an Index.
100883: MORE. HANNAH - Coelebs in Search of a Wife. Comprehending Observations on Domestic Habits and Manners, Religion and Morals. The Eleventh Edition in Two Volumes.
82810: HANNAN, PATRICK - Wales in Vision : The People and Politics of Television
82735: HANNAN, PETER - The Quiet Revolution : Rediscovering Adult Faith in the Modern World
70667: CHRIST. HANNELORE - Schriftstellerinnnen Der Gegenwart
99513: HANNIG, NORBERT - Luftwaffe Fighter Ace: From the Eastern Front to the Defence of the Homeland
85717: HANNIGAN, DES - The Chair Ladder and the South Coast
74642: HERMES. HANS - Term Logic with Choice Operator. Revised and Enlarged Translation of the First German Edition.
82039: CAROSSA. HANS - Eine Kindheit Und Verwandlungen Einer Jugend.
96601: GATZKE. HANS W. - Stresemann and the Rearmament of Germany.
62742: HASS. HANS - Men and Sharks
74332: MARTENS. GUNTER & ZELLER. HANS - Texte Und Varianten. Probleme Ihrer Edition Und Interpretation.
79670: BUCHHEIM. HANS - Der Fuhrer Ins Nichts. Eine Diagnose Adolf Hitler.
102390: VON HENTIG. HANS - Punishment. Its Origin, Purpose and Psychology.
48078: HANSELL, PETER; HANSELL, JEAN - Dovecotes
95162: HANSEN, JOAN MARIA - Lewis F Day (1845-1910): Unity in Design and Industry
69277: BALDWIN. HANSON W - World War 1. An Outline History.
92891: HARALAMBOS, MICHAEL; HOLBORN, MARTIN - Sociology: Themes and Perspectives 5th Ed
74233: MORIN. HARALD - Der Begriff Des Lebens Im "Timaios" Platons Unter Berucksichtigung Seiner Fruheren Philosophie.
96627: HARBERT, BRUCE - Companion to the Order of Mass: The New Translation
91260: HARBISON, PETER - Pre-Christian Ireland: From the First Settlers to the Early Celts (Ancient Peoples and Places)
92307: HARBRIDGE, JAMES - Please Play on: John Mcenroe
83894: HARDIN, TERRI - The Pre-Raphaelites. Inspiration from the Past.
87117: HARDING, JOAN M. - From Fox Howe to Fairy Hill: Matthew Arnold's Celtic Connections
88261: HARDING, PATRICK - Patrick's Florilegium. With Botanical Illustrations By Jean Binney.
24333: HARDING. R.R. ET AL. - The Gaborne Granite, Kanye Volcanics and Ventersdorp Plantation Porphyry, Botswana: Geochronology and Review. [Institute of Geological Sciences]
91131: HARDING, ARTHUR TERENCE - Limits (Studies in Mathematics)
102059: DR. STEPHAN HARDING - Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia
101342: HARDING - Harding's Guide Map to the District of Stroud.
87006: HARDINGE, L.G. - Plain Guide to Bible Theology: A Realistic Approach
76467: HARDISON, O. B., JR. - Entering the Maze : Identity and Change in Modern Culture
83748: HARDISON, O. B., JR. - Disappearing Through the Skylight : Culture and Technology in the Twentieth Century
79101: HARDWICK, MICHAEL - The Osprey Guide to Jane Austen
81160: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude the Obscure
70172: HARDY, THOMAS - Poet to Poet Thomas Hardy Poems Selected By Tom Paulin
84197: HARDY, H. - Magus of the North. J.G. Hamann and the Origins of Modern Irrationalism
77687: HARDY, THOMAS - Hardy's Love Poems
68383: HARDY, THOMAS - Tess of the D'urbervilles : A Pure Woman
69529: HARDY, THOMAS - Tess of the D'urbervilles : A Pure Woman
78804: HARDY, THOMAS - Hardy`S Love Poems
83483: HARDY, EVELYN - The Countryman's Ear and Other Essays on Thomas Hardy
79424: HARDY, THOMAS - Selected Poems.
79429: HARDY, THOMAS - Selected Poems
82861: HARDY, THOMAS - Hardy's Love Poems
80762: HARDY, THOMAS - An Indiscretion in the Life of an Heiress
99252: HARE. C.E. - The Language of Sport.
67370: HARGREAVES, JOHN D. - West Africa Partitioned. Volume 1. The Loaded Pause, 1885-1889
96132: HARMER, HARRY - Friedrich Ebert: Germany - the Peace Conferences of 1919-23 and Their Aftermath (Makers of the Modern World)
55340: HARMIN, MERRILL - Inspiring Active Learning : A Handbook for Teachers
91609: NICOLSON. HAROLD - Some People. Constable's Miscellany.
97909: PINTER. HAROLD ET AL - Transatlantic Review Number 21. Summer 1966.
89976: SELCON. DR. HAROLD - The Changing Face of Medicine in 20th Century Llandysul. . . . .
30121: NICOLSON. HAROLD - Diaries and Letters 1930-1962. Three Volumes. Edited By Nigel Nicolson.
90899: HILL. HAROLD - Ramblers Tynedale. Ten Walks in the South West of Northumberland Around Tyne, North Tyne & South Tyne Dales.
102006: OSBORNE. HAROLD - The Oxford Companion to Art
87865: HUGHES. H. HAROLD - The Old Churches of Snowdonia.
77718: HYMAN. HAROLD M - To Try Men`S Souls. Loyaly Tests in American History.
97960: ELLENS. J. HAROLD - Psychology and the Bible: A New Way to Read the Scriptures, Volume Iii, from Gospel to Gnostics (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality)
97961: ELLENS. J. HAROLD - Psychology and the Bible: A New Way to Read the Scriptures≪/P≫: Psychology and the Bible: A New Way to Read the Scriptures, Volume Iv, from Christ to Jesus (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality)
74076: MITCHELL. SIR HAROLD - Europe in the Caribbean. . . . Presentation Copy Signed By the Author.
75907: YOKOYAMA. HAROU - Yankee Dogs and Yellow Perils. Cross-Cultural Challenges for an Internationalized Japan.
91955: PETER BARBER; TOM HARPER - Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art
100408: BOB HARRAGAN - Llanelli Rugby Football Club (Archive Photographs)
94367: PARRI. HARRI - Y Pregethwr at Iws Gwlad.
102216: GWYNN. HARRI - Barddoniaeth Harri Gwynn. Cerddi Bangor Cerddi Llundain Cerddi Eifionydd.
98660: HARRIES. J. - Golygawd Byr O Gennadwriaethau'r Bedyddwyr, a'r Cyfieithiadau: Gyd Ag Anghreiffiau Neu Olygynau O Amryw Ieithoedd Yn Y Rhai Yr Argreffir Yr Ysgrythurau Yngwasg Y Gennad-Wriaeth Yn Serampore. . .
69255: HARRIES, HYWEL - Cymru'r Cynfas : Pymtheg Artist Cyfoes/Wales on Canvas. New Bilingual Edition.
96648: LEE. HARRIET - Canterbury Tales. Volume the Fifth. (Spine Says Volume 3 But Title Page Says Volume 5)
76010: HARRINGTON, THOMAS MORE - Pascal Philosophe: Une Etude Unitaire de la Pensee de Pascal
98105: HARRINGTON, DANIEL J., S. J.; KEENAN, JAMES F., S. J. - Jesus and Virtue Ethics: Building Bridges between New Testament Studies and Moral Theology
102888: HARRIS. J.J.H. - Genealogical Chart of Welsh History. The Geneaology of Welsh History with Chronological Data
76917: HARRIS, HERBERT - Labor's Civil War
88506: HARRIS, LORRAINE - Barkerville: The Town That Gold Built
101132: ROY STRONG; MARCUS BINNEY; JOHN HARRIS - The Roy Strong Diaries: 1967-1987
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79708: HOWELLS, WILLIAM - Cambrian Superstitions : Comprising Ghosts, Omens, Witchcraft, Traditions, &C. : To Which Are Added a Concise View of the Manners and Customs of the Principality and Some Fugitive Pieces
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94306: HOWELLS, ROSCOE - Tenby: Old & New
99535: HOWGEGO, JAMES L. - The Victorian and Edwardian City of London from Old Photographs
99346: HOYLE, SIR FRED - The Black Cloud (Penguin Science Fiction)
60490: HUBBARD, L. RON - Mission Earth Volume 2. Black Genesis
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60493: HUBBARD, L. RON - Mission Earth Volume 3. Enemy Within
60497: HUBBARD, L. RON - Mission Earth Volume 4. An Alien Affair
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96625: THWAITES. HUGH S. - War Memoirs of an Amateur.
101573: LOFTING. HUGH - The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle.
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101304: LOFTING. HUGH - Doctor Doolittle's Zoo.
98634: HUGHES. HUGH J. - Life of Howell Harris. The Welsh Reformer.
102959: MILLER. HUGH - The Old Red Sandstone Or New Walks in an Old Field. In Attractive Leather Binding.
101308: LOFTING. HUGH - Doctor Doolittle in the Moon.
92390: BRAUN. HUGH - An Introduction to English Mediaeval Architecture.
101305: LOFTING. HUGH - The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle.
102960: MILLER. HUGH - My Schools and Schoolmasters Or the Story of My Education. In Attractive Leather Binding.
100267: GARETH COMPILER HUGHES - A Llanelli Chronicle
100409: GARETH HUGHES. - One Hundred Years of Scarlet
77401: HUGHES, ELWYN - Termau Amaethyddiaeth Ac Milfeddygaeth
98408: HUGHES. E. J. - Mewn Dyffryn a Dol. In Vale and Dale (9501) Five Short Pieces for Pianon Solo.
92638: HUGHES, D.G.LLOYD - Tir Yr Abad, Hanes New Inn a Gwyddgrug Yn Shir Gar
67862: HUGHES, TED - Selected Poems, 1957-1981
70220: HUGHES. C.E. - The Praise of Shakespeare. An English Anthology.
64890: HUGHES. C.E. - The Praise of Shakespeare. An English Anthology.
69812: HUGHES, WENDY - The Story of Pembrokeshire
102996: TED HUGHES - Tales from Ovid: Twenty-Four Passages from the "Metamorphoses"
78044: HUGHES, PETER - Welsh China
80818: HUGHES, WENDY - The Story of Pembrokeshire
101416: THOMAS HUGHES - Tom Brown's Schooldays (Facsimile Classics Series)
87873: PARCHN.THOS.E.HUGHES A DAVID EDWARDS; MRI. HUGH G.ROBERTS A THOMAS HUGHES - Hanes Cymry Minnesota Foreston a Lime Springs, Ia. Text in English and Welsh.
87218: GARETH HUGHES. - One Hundred Years of Scarlet
88152: HUGHES, GETHIN - Always Be Natural: Llanelli's Mr. Music Tunes in to the Past
69162: HUGHES, TED - Selected Poems, 1957-1981
101009: ERIC HUGHES - Kidwelly: A History - Legends, Folklore and Traditions
75639: HUGHES, HERBERT - Harris. Gwr Duw a Thraed O Glai
99108: GARETH HUGHES. - One Hundred Years of Scarlet
87866: HUGHES, HAROLD - The Old Cottages of Snowdonia.
91580: HUGHES, TED - By Heart: 101 Poems to Remember (Faber Poetry)
91469: HUGHES, GERARD J - Authority in Morals: An Essay in Christian Ethics (Heythrop Monographs)
93687: J HOWELL HUGHES - A Surgeon's Journey
70502: EVANS. THEOPHILUS/HUGHES. G.H. - Drych Y Prif Oesoedd. Yn Ol Yr Argraffiad Cyntaf: 1716.
64964: HUGHES, HERBERT - Harris : Gwr Duw 㢠Thraed O Glai
102120: SHIRLEY HUGHES - By Sun and Candlelight
87460: HUGHES, GARETH/PUGH. ROBERT - Llanelly Pottery
83395: EVANS. THEOPHILUS/HUGHES. G.H. - Drych Y Prif Oesoedd. Yn Ol Yr Agraffiad Cyntaf: 1716.
93532: J HOWELL HUGHES - A Surgeon's Journey
69466: HUGHES, WENDY - Story of Pembrokeshire
102148: D.G.LLOYD HUGHES - Tir Yr Abad, Hanes New Inn a Gwyddgrug Yn Shir Gar
87172: TRYSTAN OWAIN HUGHES - Winds of Change: The Roman Catholic Church and Society in Wales 1916-1962
92472: GARETH HUGHES. - A Llanelli Chronicle

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