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42091: DI GIULIO. RICHARD T. & MONOSSON. EMILY - Interconnections between Human and Ecosystem Health.
90151: PRITCHARD. EMILY M - The History of St. Dogmaels Abbey Together with Her Cells, Pill, Caldey and Glascareg and the Mother Abbey of Tiron.
94201: LLOYD. EMILY - Memorials of David Lloyd.
95712: PRICE. SIMON & KEARNS. EMILY - The Oxford Dictionary of Classical Myth and Religion
88012: JAMES REV. J (IAGO EMLYN) - An Essay on the Philosophical Construction of Celtic Nomenclature, More Particularly in Reference to the Welsh Names of Places in Wales. . . . . . .
98411: EVANS. D. EMLYN - Treasury of Welsh Songs. Second Part.
98412: EVANS. D. EMLYN - Treasury of Welsh Songs. Third Part.
83882: BARKER. EMMA - The Changing Status of the Artist. Art and Its Histories. A Few Passages Highlighted.
79861: CHRISTOPHER. EMMA - A Merciless Place. The Lost Story of Britain`S Convict Disaster in Africa.
94109: MICHELETTI. EMMA - The Family Portrait. The Medici of Florence.
81951: MARSHALL. EMMA - The Two Swords. A Story of Old Bristol.
81916: EMMANUEL, PIERRE - Baudelaire, la Femme Et Dieu
78944: EMMET. E.R. - Learning to Think.
80572: CLEAVER. EMRYS - Musicians of Wales.
70569: PRIDE. EMRYS - Rhondda My Valley Brave
87876: PRIDE. EMRYS - Rhondda My Valley Brave.
85079: JONES. EMRYS - The New Oxford Book of Sixteenth Century Verse
89440: EMRYS-ROBERTS, MEYRICK - The Cottage Hospitals, 1859-1990: Arrival, Survival and Revival
48710: EMSLEY, CLIVE - The Longman Companion to Napoleonic Europe.
98692: PRICE. EMYR - Megan Lloyd George.
43783: HUMPHREYS. EMYR - A Man`S Estate.
22851: HUMPHREYS. EMYR - Unconditional Surrender.
27428: HUMPHREYS. EMYR - Ancestor Worship. A Cycle of Eighteen Poems.
27387: HUMPHREYS. EMYR - The Gift of a Daughter.
75294: HUMPHREYS. EMYR - Dal Pren Rheswm.
45110: MCDONAGH. ENDA - Faith in Fragments.
56863: SEVERI ENDELEICHI - Carmen Bucolicum de Mortibus Boum; Cum Notis M. Johannis Weitzi Ad Amplifsmum & Noblifsimum.
56186: ENDRESS, GERHARD - An Introduction to Islam
70499: BALMAS. ENEA - La Renaissance Ii. 1548-1570. Litterature Francais. Collection Dirigree Par Claude Pichois. . .
72921: DE GRAVE J.J. SALVERDA/ENEAS - Eneas Roman Du Xiie Siecle. Tome 2. Vers 5999-10156.
60804: ENGH. M.J. - Wheel of the Winds.
97045: ALVARDO. JULIO (DIRECTING ENGINEER) - Geographical and Exploring Commission of the Mexican Republic. Catalogue of the Exhibits Presented to the Commission with a Short Sketch of Its Organization and Labors. Translated By William Thompson.
96340: DONALD ENGLISH - The Message of Mark (the Bible Speaks Today)
97971: PETER ENGLUND - The Beauty and the Sorrow: An Intimate History of the First World War
62628: ENOCH, SAMUEL IFOR - Jesus in the Twentieth Century
79774: ENRIGHT. D.J. - Fair of Speech : The Uses of Euphemism
84925: ENRIGHT, D. J. - Fair of Speech: The Uses of Euphemism
84932: ENRIGHT, D. J. - Man Is an Onion : Reviews and Essays
96914: DOMINIQUE ENRIGHT - The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill
95145: RONDON. DR. ENRIQUE - Expedicion Al Volcan Misti. ( de la Revista Universitaria No. 11)
67356: ENSER. A.G.S. - Filmed Books and Plays Nineteen Twenty-Eight to Nineteen Seventy-Four
98495: ENSOR, R. C. K. - England 1870-1914 (Oxford History of England)
98496: ENSOR, R. C. K. - England 1870-1914 (Oxford History of England)
86660: ENSOR, R. C. K. - England 1870-1914 (Oxford History of England)
86434: ROBERTS. BECHHOFER (EPHESIAN) - Let's Begin Again. A Novel. Leith Hill Edition.
95326: LESSING. GOTTHOLD EPHRAIM - The Education of the Human Race.
78245: EPHRAUMS, EDDIE - Darkroom to Digital : Photoshop for Black and White Photography
75228: EPIKTET - Vom Kynismus. Herausgegeben Und Ubersetzt Mit Einem Kommentar Von Margarethe Billerbeck.
96896: EPKENHANS, MICHAEL - Tirpitz: Architect of the German High Seas Fleet (Potomac's Military Profiles)
68002: EPSTEIN, EDMUND L. - Language and Style
90629: EQUIANO, OLAUDAH - Sold As a Slave (Penguin Great Journeys)
70229: ERASMUS - The Praise of Folly. Translated By John Wilson 1668.
55332: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - Praise of Folly : And, Letter to Martin Dorp, 1515
54732: ERASMUS, CHARLES J. - In Search of the Common Good : Utopian Experiments Past and Future
82518: ERASMUS. - Desiderii Erasmi Roterdami Colloquia Cum Notis Selectis Variorum. Additio Indice Novo. In Fine Binding.
70167: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - Praise of Folly : And, Letter to Martin Dorp, 1515
67139: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - Praise of Folly : And, Letter to Martin Dorp, 1515
92764: ERFYL, GWYN - Dyfroedd Byw a Cherrynt Croes: Bwrlwm Tri Chwarter Canrif
74244: GERBER. DR. HANS ERHARD - Nietzsche Und Goethe. . . Sprache Und Dichtung Band 78
84990: ERIBON, DIDIER; GOMBRICH, E. H. - Lifelong Interest : Conversations on Art and Science
93903: MILLAR. ERIC. - The Parisian Miniaturist Honore.
73517: GREY. LLOYD ERIC - William Morris. Prophet of England`S New Order.
92856: EVANS. A. ERIC - Our Village. A History of Ludchurch.
76093: SIBLIN. ERIC - The Cello Suites. In Search of a Baroque Masterpiece.
92455: ROWAN. ERIC - Art in Wales: An Illustrated History 2000 Bc-Ad 1850
65119: RINGBOM. NILS-ERIC - Jean Sibelius. Ein Meister Und Sein Werk.
43161: SLOANE. ERIC - A Museum of Early American Tools.
41652: SALMON. ERIC - The Dark Journey. John Whiting As Dramatist.
40847: GROVE. ERIC - Big Fleet Actions. Tsushima. Jutland. Phillipine Sea.
33177: GROVE. ERIC J. - Nato Major Warships- Usa & Canada. A Tri-Service Pocketbook.
33178: GROVE. ERIC J. - Nato Major Warships- Europe. A Tri-Service Pocketbook.
89912: JAMESON. ERIC - The Natural History of Quackery.
96407: WERNER. ERIC - The Sacred Bridge. The Interdependenceof Liturgy and Music in Synagogue and Church During the First Millenium
65678: BLOM. ERIC - Mozart. The Master Musician Series.
75821: NEWTON. ERIC - Newton`S Philosophy of Nature. Selections from His Writings. Edited and Arranged with Notes By H.S. Thayer.
72997: MACLAGAN. ERIC - The Bayeux Tapestry. King Penguin.
89703: ROWAN. ERIC - Art in Wales 2000 Bc-Ad 1850: An Illustrated History (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales)
94579: DE BISSCHOP. ERIC - Tahiti-Nui. By Raft from Tahiti to Chile.
86408: ATKINSON. TRACY & GOLDMAN. ERIC F - The Beauty of America in Great American Art. With Selections from the Writings of Renowned American Authors.
83320: DELVE. ERIC - Amazing! Finding God's Dream-and Living It.
92464: ROWAN. ERIC - Art in Wales: An Illustrated History 2000 Bc - Ad 1850.
50698: BURMAN. ERICA - Feminists and Psychological Practice
70628: NOSSACK. HANS ERICH - Herausgegeben Von Christof Schmid.
70626: NOSSACK. HANS ERICH - Die Schwache Poition de Literatur Reden Und Aufsatze
70627: NOSSACK. HANS ERICH - Pseudoautobiogrphische Glossen
92054: ERICKSON, CAROLLY - The First Elizabeth
91166: ERICSON, EDWARD E. - Solzhenitsyn: The Moral Vision
85810: ERIKSON. ERIK H. - Childhood and Society
93620: ERIM, KENAN - Aphrodisias: City of Venus Aphrodite
72693: ERLICH, AVI - Ancient Zionism : The Biblical Origins of the National Idea
67691: SIRLUCK. ERNEST - Paradise Lost. A Deliberate Epic.
87730: CRIPPS. ERNEST C - Plough Court. The Story of a Notable Pharmacy 1715-1927.
77127: BURCH. ERNEST S. - Key Issues in Hunter-Gatherer Research
93937: RHYS. ERNEST - Welsh Ballads and Other Poems.
77142: BURCH. ERNEST S. - Key Issues in Hunter-Gatherer Research
97752: DEKKER. THOMAS/RHYS. ERNEST - Thomas Dekker. The Best Plays of the Old Dramatists. Edited, with an Introduction and Notes By Ernest Rhys.
94490: ROBERTS. E. ERNEST - John Roberts. Telynor Cymru.
77126: BURCH. ERNEST S. - Key Issues in Hunter-Gatherer Research
78971: WARDMAN. ERNEST - Ernest Renan. A Critical Biography.
86471: BLOCKSIDGE. ERNEST W. - Merchant Ships and Shipping
91788: ROBERTS. H. ERNEST - Notes on the Medieval Monasteries and Minsters of England and Wales.
90823: CYPRIAN/WALLIS. REV. ROBERT ERNEST - The Writings of Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage. Volume 1. Containing the Epistles and Some of the Treatises. Anti-Nicene Christian Library Volume 8.
68550: PERTWEE. GUY & PERTWEE. ERNEST - Scenes from Dickens for Drawing-Room and Platform Acting.
58024: ERNST, SHEILA; GOODISON, LUCY - In Our Own Hands : A Book of Self-Help Therapy
97048: ERNST. A. - Las Familias Mas Importantes Del Reino Vegetal Especialmente Las Que Son de Interes En la Medicina, la Agricultura E Industria, O Que Estan Representadas En la Flora de Venezuela. . .
74232: HOFFMANN. ERNST - Platonismus Und Mystik Im Altertum.
91293: WURTHWEIN. ERNST - The Text of the Old Testament an Introdcution to Kittel-Kahle''s Biblia Hebraica
75257: RIETZ. JOHAN ERNST - Svenskt Dialektlexicon. Ordbok Ofver Svenska Allmogespraket.
74116: MOERK. ERNST L. - The Mother of Eve-As a First Language Teacher.
67313: ERTEL, SUITBERT; IRVING, KENNETH - The Tenacious Mars Effect
87500: WHITE. ERYN M. - The Welsh Bible.
91752: ESCHENFELDER, C. - Tiepolo (Italian Masters)
51258: ESHEL, DAVID - Daring to Win : Special Forces at War
83367: ESLER. P.F. - Christianity for the Twenty-First Century
67045: ESPOSITO, JOHN L. - What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam
77111: ESSENWAGNER, O. M. - Applied Statistics in Atmospheric Science, Part a : Frequency Distribution and Curve-Fitting
71504: PASQUIER. ESTIENNE - Lettres Familieres. Publiees Et Annotees Par D. Thickett.
69941: CARPENTER. J. ESTLIN - The Hexateuch According to the Revised Version. . . .
92605: DAVIES. ETHEL M - The Story of Llandefeilog Parish.
93310: ETHERIDGE, KEN - Welsh Costume in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century
94202: ETHERIDGE, KEN - Welsh Costume.
61660: ETHERIDGE, KEN - Collecting Drawings
87774: ETHERIDGE, KEN - Welsh Costume with over 50 Illustrations By the Author from Original Sources.
92737: ETHERIDGE, KEN - Welsh Costume in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century
78039: ETHERIDGE, KEN - Welsh Costume: In the 18th & 19th Century
86924: ETHICS DEPARTMENT, BMA - Medicine Betrayed: The Participation of Doctors in Human Rights Abuses
73429: FORCADEL. ETIENNE - Oeuvres Poetiques. Opuscles, Chants Divers, Encomies Et Elegies. Texte Etabli. . . . . Par Francoise Joukovsky.
98678: ETTLING. T - Map of the United States of North America. Upper and Lower Canada. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & British Columbia. Mexico. Cuba, Jamaica, St. Domingo, and the Bahama Islands.
98679: ETTLING. T - Map of Italy and Switzerland.
84403: ETTLINGER, STEVE R. - The Complete Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in Marine Supply Stores
93496: KOLISKO. EUGEN - Zoology for Everybody. A Series of Lectures. Second Lecture Birds.
63947: DREWERMANN. EUGEN - Das Eigentliche Ist Unsichtbar
79919: WHITE. JULIAN EUGENE - Nicolas Boileau.
79219: EHRLICH. EUGENE - Say It in Latin! : Nearly 1, 000 Useful Quotes
73255: RIGAL. EUGENE - Le Theatre Francais Avant la Periode Classique ( Fin Du Xvie Commencement Du Xviie Siecle)
79524: WHITE. JULIAN EUGENE - Nicolas Boileau. Twayne`S World Authors Series.
73250: RIGAL. EUGENE - De Jodelle a Moliere. Tragedie, Comedie Tragi-Comedie
82342: FROMENTIN. EUGENE - Dominique. Chronologie Par Guy Sagnes.
81774: ROGAN. EUGENE L - The War for Palestine : Rewriting the History of 1948
76807: VINAVER. EUGENE - A la Recherche D`Une Poetique Medievale.
93746: WILLIAMS. MARY EUNICE - Hanes Eglwys Annibynnol Esgairdawe.
97159: JONES. E.J. EURFYL -
59189: DAVIES. ALAN EURIG - Eirug. T. Eirug Davies 1892-1951
80542: EURIPIDES - The Bacchae and Other Plays. . . A New Translation By Philip Vellacott.
49739: EURIPIDES - The Bacchae and Other Plays.
80519: EURIPIDES - The Medea. Translated Into English Rhyming Verse with Explanatory Notes By Gilbert Murray.
60968: EURIPIDES - Medea and Other Plays : Medea; Hecabe; Electra; Heracles
84963: WILLIAMS. EUROF - Byd O Gan. Atgofion Melys Jac Davies.
93098: EUSEBIUS, BISHOP OF CAESAREA - Ecclesiastical History. Complete and Unabridges. New Updated Edition.
65730: HARASZTI. EVA H. - Chartism
90305: ISAAC. EVAN - Coelion Cymry
83457: JONES. EVAN J. - History of Education in Wales. Volume 1. (All Published)
88394: EVANS. EVAN - A Portrait of Gower.
63846: ISAAC. PARCH EVAN - Prif Emynwyr Cymru.
93723: EVANS, BERNARD - Justice!
93183: EVANS. R.K. - Dress. The Evolution of Cut and Its Effect on Modern Design.
92466: BEVAN-EVANS. M - Farmhouses and Cottages. An Introduction to Vernacular Architecture in Flintshire.
90670: EVANS, GWYNFOR. - A National Future for Wales.
78633: EVANS, P. - The Music of Benjamin Britten. Illustrated with over 300 Music Examples and Diagrams.
93306: EVANS, GWYNFOR - Welsh Nation Builders
98767: EVANS, EDDIE - Llanboidy: Hanes Plwyf Pentref a Chapel
92637: EVANS, W. GARETH - Educational Development in a Victorian Community: A Case Study of Carmarthenshire's Response to the Welsh Intermediate Education Act 1889
92122: EVANS, GWYNFOR - Welsh Nation Builders
92170: EVANS, ALICE - Grisiau at Grist: Casgliad O Wasanaethau Ar Gyfer Plant a Phobl O Bob Oed
88060: MEIRION EVANS - Cadw Drws
92016: EVANS, MARK - The Sforza Hours
92610: EVANS, D. SIMON; UNIVERSITY OF WALES PRESS STAFF - O Fanc Y Spite - Atgofion Am Gapel Y Methodistiaid Yn Llanfynydd a'r Fro (Cyfres Astudiaethau Cymreig)
54621: EVANS, WYN;WORSLEY, ROGER - Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi, 1181-1981: St. Davids Cathedral, 1181-1981
53483: EVANS. K.M. - A Book of Welsh Saints.
53168: EVANS, JOHN; CHARLES, THOMAS - Atgofion John Evans Y Bala : Y Diwygiad Methodistaidd Ym Meironnydd a Mon
53013: EVANS, TONY - The Intricate Image
53012: EVANS, TONY - The Intricate Image
87919: EVANS. E.W. - The Miners of South Wales.
33777: EVANS. J.J. - Guard Our Unbelief. Passages for Discussion.
97156: EVANS. R.H. - Hanes Henaduriaeth Dyffryn Clwyd.
78468: EVANS. J.J. - Welsh Proverbs. ( a Selections with English Translations)
81678: EVANS, EIFION - The Welsh Revival of 1904
71241: EVANS, RICHARD L. - A Century of Mormonism in Great Britain
88761: EVANS, H. T. - Wales and the Wars of the Roses (Sutton Illustrated History Paperbacks)
84715: EVANS, MARK I. - Impressions of Venice : From Turner to Monet
66765: EVANS, CARADOC - My Neighbours
92308: EVANS, EDDIE - Llanboidy: Hanes Plwyf Pentref a Chapel
57487: EVANS, GEORGE BRINLEY - Where the Flying Fishes Play.
92309: EVANS, EDDIE - Llanboidy: Hanes Plwyf Pentref a Chapel
92293: EVANS, RICHARD A. - Open Tennis: The First Twenty Years
86789: EVANS, JULIAN; GREAT BRITAIN: FORESTRY COMMISSION - Silviculture of Broadleaved Woodland (Bulletin (Fcbu))
58881: EVANS, GWYNFOR - Welsh Nation Builders. Translated from the Welsh.
94614: EVANS, RICHARD - The Atp Tour. Ten Years of Superstar Tennis.
88245: EVANS. E.W. - The Miners of South Wales.
97171: EVANS, W. GARETH - Martin Luther a'r Diwygiad Protestannaidd (Cyfres Canllawiau Aberystwyth)
97166: ALED LEWIS EVANS - Cerddi Clwyd (Cerddi Fan Hyn)
89944: EVANS. J.J. - Gramadeg Cymraeg.
92584: EVANS, W.R. - Cawl Shir Bemro
55616: EVANS, D. J. - Deri O'n Daear Ni
94052: EVANS. J.T. - The Church Plate of Carmarthenshire. . . .
96119: EVANS, POPPY - Forms, Folds and Sizes: All the Details Graphic Designers Can Never Find But Need to Know
91844: EVANS, RICHARD - Nastase. Signed By the Author.
72331: EVANS, MICHAEL; EVANS, MICHAEL D. - The Death of Kings : Royal Deaths in Medieval England
61891: EVANS, D. GARETH - A History of Wales, 1906-2000
59675: EVANS, D. GARETH - History of Wales 1815-1906
79461: EVANS, GWYNFOR - Wales Can Win
54749: EVANS. L.M. - Windows.
95601: EVANS, H. T. - Wales and the Wars of the Roses (History)
70372: EVANS, GWYNFOR - The Fight for Welsh Freedom
93731: EVANS, H. MEURIG - Sylfeinir Gymraeg
97929: EVANS, MARGARET - The Hall in the Field: Autobiography
94485: EVANS, RHYS - Rhag Pob Brad: Cofiant Gwynfor Evans
97001: EVANS, WILLIAM DAVIES - Travels of a Welsh Preacher in the Usa
93660: EVANS, IFOR M.; LAWRENCE, HEATHER - Christopher Saxton, Elizabethan Mapmaker (Cartographica Ser, Vol 6)
89459: EVANS. J.J. - Welsh Proverbs. A Selection with English Translations.
69875: EVANS, G. R. - Problems of Authority in the Reformation Debates
92294: EVANS, RICHARD A. - Mcenroe: A Rage for Perfection
97579: ROBIN EVANS - Merched Y Môr
90357: GEORGE BRINLEY EVANS - When I Came Home
97583: EVANS, GARETH - Zwingli a Calfin a'r Diwygiad Protestanaidd Yn Y Swistir (Canllawiau Aberystwyth (Golwg Ar Hanes))
97584: EVANS, W.GARETH - Dadeni Fflorentaidd (Cyfres Canllawiau Aberystwyth)
97585: EVANS, GARETH - Gwrthddiwygiad (Cyfres Canllawiau Aberystwyth)
80967: EVANS. J.J. - Welsh Proverbs. A Selection with English Translations.
48124: EVELEIGH, DAVID J. - Brass and Brassware
90521: DAVID J. EVELEIGH - Old Cooking Utensils (Shire Library)
54863: CROOK. H. EVELYN - High Frequency Currents; Their Production, Physical Properties, Physiological Effects, and Therapeutical Uses.
24755: MCLAY. EVELYN - Stepping out. A History of Clutha County 1876-1976.
80791: AP GWILYM. DAFYDD / LEWES. EVELYN - Life and Poems of Dafydd Ab Gwilym.
64907: LEWES. EVELYN - Out with the Cambrians.
93802: BYRD. RICHARD EVELYN - Discovery. The Story of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition.
84517: DAVIE. MICHAEL/WAUGH. EVELYN - The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh.
74727: HALL. EVERETT W - Categorical Analysis. Selected Essays.
92055: EVERITT, ANTHONY - Cicero: A Turbulent Life
55707: EVERY, GEORGE - Understanding Eastern Christianity
91203: EWART, GAVIN - 85 Poems
80913: EWART, GAVIN - Or Where a Penguin Lies Screaming
98647: EVANS. GEORGE EWART - Welsh Short Stories.
52317: LEWIS. EWART - Prayer Book Revision in the Church in Wales.
54742: EWING. W. - Paterson of Hebron "the Hakim" Missionary Life in the Mountain of Judah. Eight Illustrations on Art Paper.
93897: "AN EXPERT" - Manuscript Writing and Lettering. A Handbook. . . . .
66008: CREUSEN. J. & VAN EYEN. F - Tabulae Fontium Traditionis Christianae. Ad Annum 1926/. Editio Altera.
91891: EYGUN. F - Romanesque Architecture. . .
88575: EYLES, DESMOND - The Doulton Lambeth Wares
90147: EVANS. GEORGE EYRE - Lampeter: Illustrated By A.R. T. Jones & Matthews. A. Weight
81402: EYSENCK. H.G. - Crime and Personality
93187: POUND. EZRA - A Selection of Poems.
90404: FABB, JOHN; CASSIN-SCOTT, JACK - Military Bands and Their Uniforms
44040: BIRREN. FABER - Color & Human Response. Aspects of Light and Color Bearing on the Reactions of Living Things and the Welfare of Human Beings.
95881: FABER, DAVID - Munich, 1938: Appeasement and World War Ii
87915: HIRST. L. FABIAN - The Conquest of Plague. A Study of the Evolution of Epidemiology.
65645: FADIMAN, ANNE - Ex Libris : Confessions of a Common Reader
97797: FAGE, J.D. - A History of Africa. 1986 Edition.
95486: FAGENCE-COOPER, SUZANNE - Pre-Raphaelite Art in the Victoria and Albert Museum
83427: FAIRBANK, JOHN K.; GOLDMAN, MERLE - China : A New History. Enlarged Edition.
79012: ORDISH. T. FAIRMAN - Early London Theatres (in the Fields) with Illustrations and Maps. The Camden Library.
97248: CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH - Dignitas Personae: Instruction on Certain Bioethical Questions
96770: CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH - On the Participation of Catholics in Political Life: Doctrinal Note
77788: FAIVRE, JEAN-LUC - Paul Valery Et le Theme de la Lumiere
97631: MAJID FAKHRY - A Short Introduction to Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Mysticism
96013: WILLIAM FALCONER - Falconer's New Universal Dictionary of the Marine, 1815
87468: FALK, STADELMANN & CO - Falk, Stadelmann & Co Catalogue No. 685. Oil Lamps and Fittings.
96849: FALLON, TIMOTHY D. - What Jesus Said and Why It Matters Now
85822: FALLOON, IAN R.; LAPORTA, MARC; FADDEN, GRAINNE; GRAHAM-HOLE, VICTOR - Managing Stress in Families : Cognitive and Behavioural Strategies for Enhancing Coping Skills
86563: FALLOON, IAN R.H.;LAPORTA, MARC;FADDEN, GRAINNE;GRAHAM-HOLE, VICTOR - Managing Stress in Families: Cognitive and Behavioural Strategies for Enhancing Coping Skills (Strategies for Mental Health)
86584: FALLOON MD, DR. IAN - Family Management of Schizophrenia: A Study of Clinical, Social, Family, and Economic Benefits (Johns Hopkins Series in Contemporary Medicine and Public Health)
77380: FANCHER, RAYMOND E. - The Intelligence Men : Makers of the I.Q. Controversy
80763: LE FANU, J. SHERIDAN - In a Glass Darkly
89540: JONES. J (MYRDDIN FARDD) - Gwerin-Eiriau Sir Gaernarfon Eu Hystyr a'u Hanes.
79778: FARGNOLI, A. NICHOLAS; GILLESPIE, MICHAEL PATRICK - James Joyce a to Z : An Encyclopedic Guide to His Life and Work
90285: J. JEFFERSON FARJEON - Mystery in White: A Christmas Crime Story (British Library Crime Classics)
98050: FARLEY, BENJAMIN W. - In Praise of Virtue: An Exploration of the Biblical Virtues in a Christian Context
60462: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Time's Last Gift
95514: FARMER, DAVID HUGH - The All Whites: The Life and Times of Swansea R.F. C.
81766: FARMER, J. S. - The Regimental Records of the British Army, 1660-1901
66834: TUPPER. MARTIN FARQUHAR - Geraldine, a Sequel to Coleridge`S Christabel with Otehr Poems. Bound with, Hactenus: More Droppings from the Pen That Wrote " a Thousand Lines", "the Crock of Gold", "Proverbial Philosophy", &C. &C. &C.J. Hatchard & Son, London, 1848.
54666: HOOK. WALTER FARQUHAR - A Church Dictionary: A Practical Manual of Reference for Clergymen and Students. Fourteenth Edition.
71334: FARQUHAR. J.N. - Modern Religious Movements in India.
95804: FARR, MARTYN - Darkworld: Secrets of Llangattock Mountain
90493: FARRELL, MICHAEL - The Special Education Handbook: An a-Z Guide
60435: FARREN, MICK - Protectorate
57441: FARSON, DANIEL - Dry Ship to the Mountains. Down the Volga and Across the Caucasus-in My Fathers Footsteps.
84691: FARTHLING, STEPHEN - An Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Art
84528: FAULKNER, PETER - Yeats : The Tower and the Winding Stair
77782: FAULKNER, PETER - Humanism in the English Novel
91681: FAURE, DANIEL; MOUILLERON, VERONIQUE ROUCHON - Cloisters of Europe: Gardens of Prayer.
68967: FAURE, GABRIEL - Complete Preludes, Impromptus and Valses-Caprices
96796: FAVEZ, JEAN-CLAUDE - The Red Cross and the Holocaust
96797: FAVEZ, JEAN-CLAUDE - The Red Cross and the Holocaust
94947: FAWDRY, MARGUERITE; BROWN, DEBORAH - The Book of Samplers
47877: SAMPSON. FAY - Visions and Voyages: Story of Our Celtic Heritage
48113: FEARN, JACQUELINE - Thatch and Thatching
48084: FEARN, JACQUELINE - Cast Iron
79291: FEARN, JACQUELINE - Domestic Bygones
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80426: HILLER. GEOFFREY G - Poems of the Elizabethan Age
89305: INGRAM. GEOFFREY C.S. - The Birds of Cardiganshire.
92093: WILLIAMS. KYFFIN/DASHWOOD GEOFFREY - Kyffin Williams R.A. Bronzes By David Williams-Ellis 15th September-14th October 2006. The Albany Gallery. .
73905: LEIGH-PEMBERTON. JOHN/GRIGSON. GEOFFREY - The Shell Guide to Wild Life.
40662: ROBERTS. DENYS KILHAM & GRIGSON. GEOFFREY - 1937. The Years Poetry.
40658: CHAUCER. GEOFFREY - The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Edited from Numerous Manuscripts. Boethius and Troilus. Second Edition.
89832: TREASE. GEOFFREY - The Italian Story from Earliest Times to 1946.
81380: ALLINGHAM. WILLIAM/GRIGSON. GEOFFREY - William Allingham's Diary. Introduction By Geoffrey Grigson.
92092: WILLIAMS. KYFFIN/DASHWOOD GEOFFREY - Kyffin Williams R.A. Bronzes By Geoffrey Dashwood 15th October-6th November 2004 at the Albany Gallery, Cardiff
59902: WILLIAMS. GEOFFREY - The Magicians of Charno. With Illustrations By Lady Carter.
66855: TILLOTSON. GEOFFREY - Thackeray the Novelist.
87504: EVANS. GEOFFREY - A History of St John's Church, Aberdare. An Account of the History of the Ancient Chapelry of St. John the Baptist and Parish Church of Aberdare and Its Memorials.
83281: ROWELL. GEOFFREY - The English Religious Tradition and the Genius of Anglicanism
96018: GEOFFREY GRIGSON, EDWIN MUIR AND ADRIAN STOKES - The Englishman's Flora. Illustrated with Woodcuts from Sixteenth-Century Herbals.
91596: GEOFFREY GRIGSON, EDWIN MUIR AND ADRIAN STOKES - The Englishman's Flora. Illustrated with Woodcuts from Sixteenth-Century Herbals.
81946: BUCHNER. GEORG - Gesammelte Werke.
74686: FOHRER. GEORG - Hebraisches Und Aramaisches Worterbuch Zum Alten Testament. . . .
64112: HOLZHERR. GEORG - Die Benediktsregel. : Eine Anleitung Zu Christlichem Leben.
75848: STOTZEL. GEORG - Germanistik-Forschungsstand Und Perspektiven. . . Two Volume Set. 1. Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft, Didaktir. . . 2. Altere Deutsche Literatur Neure Deutsche Literatur. . .
74644: ADAMS. GEORGE C.S. - Words and Descriptive Terms for Woman and Girl in French and Provencal and Border Dialects.
64571: MACBETH. GEORGE - The Broken Places.
93629: HENDERSON. GEORGE - Gothic. Style and Civilization.
93608: GEORGE, EIRWYN - Cynnal Y Fflam - Golwg Ar Weithgareddau Annibynwyr Cymraeg Sir Benfro
94449: LANSBURY. GEORGE - Your Part in Poverty.
66091: HERBERT. GEORGE - The Poetical Works of George Herbert. With Life, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes By the Rev. George Gilfillan.
87249: CANSDALE. GEORGE - The Ladybird Book of British Wild Animals. Colour Illustrations By Roland Green.
95302: ADAMS. GEORGE - The Mysteries of the Rose-Cross.
88613: DEVLIN. GEORGE - George Devlin 8-30 June 2007. Exhibition Catalogue.
85014: CLARK. LEONARD & THOMAS. GEORGE - Andrew Young & R.S. Thomas. Writers and Their Works: No. 166.
71516: SAND. GEORGE - Correspondance Tome Xv (Juillet 1858-Juin 1860)
92633: GEORGE, W.R.P. - Lloyd George: Backbencher
96592: GEORGE, ROBERT LLOYD - David & Winston: How the Friendship between Churchill and Lloyd George Changed the Course of History
95650: HENDERSON. GEORGE - Early Medieval Art and Civilisation. Three Volume Set.
74466: FARQUHAR. GEORGE - The Recruiting Officer. Edited By Michael Shugrue.
89524: HOLMES. GEORGE - The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe
59362: BARRINGTON. GEORGE - An Account of a Voyage to New South Wales. Facsimile Edition
54989: LUCE. GEORGE H - Our Pilgrimage. A Chronicle of a Visit to the Old World After a Residence of Thirty-Five Years in the New. By the Late George H. Luce of Honolulu.
39716: PAULIN. GEORGE - No Struggle for Existence No Natural Selection. A Critical Examination of the Fundamental Principles of the Darwinian Theory.
96672: MACDONALD. GEORGE - There and Back. Second Edition.
49788: HART. GEORGE - Pharaohs and Pyramids. A Guide Through Old Kingdom Egypt.
69184: DEKKER. GEORGE - Sailing After Knowledge. The Cantos of Ezra Pound.
40612: BOON. GEORGE C. - Brecknock Museum. . a Detailed Guide to the Coins Collection.
74302: LILLO. GEORGE - The London Merchant. Edited By William H. Mcburney.
34422: WILLIAMSON. DR. GEORGE C. - Curious Survivals. Habits and Customs of the Past That Still Live in the Present.
84198: STEINER. GEORGE - My Unwritten Books.
76073: CHILDREN. GEORGE & NASH. GEORGE - Monuments in the Landscsape Volume 5. The Anthropology of Landscape: A Guide to the Neolithic Sites in Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire.
87487: HODGES. GEORGE - The Early Church from Ignatius to Augustine.
74078: CANNING. GEORGE - Parodies and Other Pieces. The Carisbrooke Library
75365: EATON. GEORGE - From Castle to Civic Centre. A History of Local Government in Neath. C 1100-1972.
95140: RICKARDS. CONSTANTINE GEORGE - The Ruins of Mexico. Signed By the Author.
79018: MEREDITH. GEORGE - The Adventures of Harry Richmond. In Red Leather.
79019: MEREDITH. GEORGE - The Ordeal of Richard Feverel. A History of a Father and Son. In Red Leather.
89379: BENDER. GEORGE A - Great Moments in Medicine. A Collection of the First Thirty Stories and Paintings in the Continuing Series a History of Medicine in Pictures. Paintings By Robert A. Thom.
64650: GROVE. GEORGE - Beethoven and His Nine Symphonies.
94425: FRITZ. FATHER SAMUEL/EDMUNDSON. REV. DR. GEORGE - Journal of the Travels and Labours of Father Samuel Fritz in the River of the Amazons between 1686 and 1723
69792: DARLEY. GEORGE - Seletions from the Poems of Sir George Darley. . . The Little Library
66418: BUSH. REV. GEORGE - Reasons for Embracing the Doctrines and Disclosures of Emanuel Swedenborg.
86120: ROBERTSON. GEORGE - An Account of the Discovery of Tahiti. . . Edited with an Introduction By Oliver Warner. With Wood Engravings By Robert Gibbings.
80647: DARLEY. GEORGE ET AL - Five Late Romantic Poets
94598: FRAZER. SIR JAMES GEORGE - Folk-Lore in the Old Testament. Studies in Comparative Religion Legend and Law. Three Volume Set.
93217: MACDONALD. GEORGE - At the Back of the North Wind. Illustrated.
68440: BARKER. GEORGE - Collected Poems 1930-1955.
91835: BELL. WALTER GEORGE - The Great Plague in London. Edited and Introduced By Belinda Hollyer.
65514: HERBERT. GEORGE - The Poetical Works. . . . .
92282: PRITCHARD. EMILY M/OWEN. GEORGE - The Taylors Cussion By George Owen, Lord of Kemeys (Circa 1552-1613), Being a Facsimile Reproduction. . . . with a Short Biography of the Author By Emily M. Pritchard.
79013: HOOKHAM. GEORGE - Will O' the Wisp Or the Elusive Shakespeare.
58661: HOWELL. GEORGE - A Handy-Book of the Labour Laws: Being a Popular Guide to the Employers and Workmen Act, 1875. Third Edition Revised.
80108: ARMATAGE. GEORGE - Memoranda for Emergencies: Or, the Veterinarian`S Pocket Rememberancer: Being Concise Directions for the Treatment of Urgent Or Rare Cases. . .
87744: NICHOLSON. GEORGE - The Cambrian Traveller's Guide, in Every Direction ; Containing Remarks Made During Many Excursions, the Principality of Wales, and Bordering Districts, Augmented By Extracts from the Best Writers.
95816: ABRAHAM. GEORGE D - Modern Mountaineering. Second Edition.
58796: KNIGHT. GEORGE R - Walking with Jesus on the Mount of Blessing. Daily Meditations for Adults
55979: GEORGE, MARGARET - Mary Called Magdalene : A Novel
81032: WHITE. GEORGE R - Animal Castration. A Book for the Use of Students and Practitioners. Second Revised Edition.
26846: HILL. GEORGE F. - Drawings By Pisanello. A Selection with Introduction and Notes By George F. Hill.
71473: PASTON. GEORGE - Side-Lights on the Georgian Period.
65035: NEILSON. GEORGE - Caudatus Anglicus: A Mediaeval Slander
80199: HOOKHAM. GEORGE - Will O` the Wisp Or the Elusive Shakespeare.
76986: DONCIEUX. GEORGE - Un Jesuite Homme de Lettres Au Dix-Septieme Siecle. Le Pere Bouhours.
96729: HORNE. GEORGE - Sixteen Sermons on Various Subjects and Occasions. Now First Collected Into One Volume. The Second Edition.
87208: COSTARD. GEORGE - The History of Astronomy, with Its Application to Geography, History and Chronology; Occasionally Exemplified By the Globes.
64264: COWLING. GEORGE H - A Preface to Shakespeare. With Eight Illustrations.
87387: MACDONALD. GEORGE - The Princess and Curdie. With Eleven Illustrations By James Allen.
87464: GRUBB. REV. GEORGE C - The Same Lord: An Account of the Mission Tour of the Rev. George C. Grubb. . . In Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand from April 3rd, 1891, to July 7th 1892. . . . . .
62845: APPLETON. GEORGE - The Oxford Book of Prayer
87383: MACDONALD. GEORGE - Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women. First Edition.
81834: GEORGE, EIRWYN - Meini Nadd a Mynyddoedd: Teithiau Llen a Hanes Yn Ardal Y Preselau
66792: RUSSELL. GEORGE W.E. - Afterthoughts.
63099: MCADAM. E.L. & MILNE. GEORGE - Johnson`S Dictionary. A Modern Selection.
90650: HOLMES. GEORGE - The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe
68321: WILLIAMSON. DR. GEORGE C. - Curious Survivals. Habits and Customs of the Past That Still Live in the Present. Revised and Enlarged Edition.
67261: MCLEAN. GEORGE F - Philosophy in the 20th Century: Catholis and Christian. Volume 1: An Annotated Bibliography of Philosophy in Catholic Thought 1900-1964
89669: CLARK. SIR GEORGE - The Campden Wonder.
69244: CHICHESTER-HENRY MANNERS & BURGES-SHORT. GEORGE - The Records and Badges of Every Regiment in the British Army. . . . with Twenty-Four Coloured Plates and Two Hundred and Forty Illustrations in the Text. Second Edition.
78448: HORACE/ROBINSON. HENRY GEORGE - The Odes of Horace Literally Translated Into English Verse. Two Volume Set.
94022: ROSEN. GEORGE - Madness in Society. Chapters in the Historical Sociology of Mental Illness.
80545: BLAU. EDOUARD/MILLIET. PAUL & HARTMANN. GEORGES - Werther. Lyric Drama in Four Acts and Five Tableaux (After Goethe`S Novel)
81910: GOUGENHEIM. GEORGES - Les Mots Francais Dans L'historie la Vie. Two Volume Set. 1972 & 1974
79978: DUHAMEL. GEORGES - Le Desert de Bievres.
79979: DUHAMEL. GEORGES - Les Maitres. Chroniques Des Pasquier 6.
71650: MONGREDIEN. GEORGES - Recueil Des Textes Et Des Documents Du Xvii Siecle Relatifs a Moliere. Seconde Edition. Two Volume Set.
76339: STRAKA. GEORGES - Actes Du Xe Congres International de Linguistique Et Philologie Romanes Strasbourg 1962. Three Volume Set. Actes Et Colloques 4.
97347: IFRAH. GEORGES - The Universal History of Numbers. Three Volume Set.
94690: BIBESCO. LE PRINCE GEORGES - Au Mexique 1862. Combats Et Retraite Des Six Mille. Dessins de P. Jazet.
75924: STRAKA. GEORGES - Les Anciens Textes Romans Non Litteraires Leur Apport a la Connaisance de la Langue Au Moyen Age. . . . Actes Et Colloques 1.
66661: COURTELINE. GEORGES - Theatre I.
66660: COURTELINE. GEORGES - Theatre Ii.
77968: STRAKA. M. GEORGES - Phonetique Et Linguistique Romanes. Tome 2. Only.
79967: DARIEN. GEORGES - La Belle France
93294: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Iaith Carreg Fy Aelwyd: Iaith a Chymuned Gymraeg Yn Y Bedwaredd Ganrif Ar Bymtheg (Hanes Cymdeithasol Yr Iaith Gymraeg)
92462: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Cof Cenedl: Xvii Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru (Cof Cenedi)
93317: JENKINS. J. GERAINT - Cockles and Mussels. Aspects of Shellfish-Gathering in Wales.
88376: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Cof Cenedl: V. 5: Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru
55917: JENKINS. J. GERAINT - Dre-Fach Felindre and the Woolen Industry.
55155: JENKINS. GERAINT - Folk Life. Journal of the Society of Folk Life Studies. Volume 6, 1968
54012: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Gymraeg Yn Ei Disgleirdeb - Yr Iaith Gymraeg Cyn Y Chwyldro Diwydiannol
52930: LEWIS. SAUNDERS/ GRUFFYDD. R. GERAINT - Cerddi Saunders Lewis. Wedi Eu Golygu Gan R. Geraint Gruffydd.
61103: JENKINS. GERAINT - The Coracle.
78585: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Cof Cenedl Iv.
88375: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Cof Cenedl: V. 3: Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru
88893: JENKINS. J. GERAINT - The Welsh Woolen Industry.
94492: BOWEN. GERAINT - Atlas Meirionnydd.
97925: GRUFFYDD. PROFESSOR GERAINT - The Translating of the Bible Into the Welsh Tongue.
94835: JENKINS. J. GERAINT - Folk Life. Journal of the Society for Folk Life Studies. Volume Eight 1970.
59166: JENKINS. J. GERAINT - Boat House and Net House.
64915: JENKINS. GERAINT - Cof Cenedl : Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru
69986: GWYN. ROBERT/BOWEN. GERAINT - Gwssanaeth Y Gwyr Newydd Robert Gwyn 1580.
93175: JENKINS. GERAINT - Studies in Folk Life. Essays in Honour of Iorwerth C Peate.
62354: JENKINS. J. GERAINT - Agricultural Transport in Wales.
94210: JENKINS. J. GERAINT - Agricultural Transport in Wales.
94392: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Cof Cenedl Xvi. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
94393: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Cof Cenedl Xv. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
94391: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Cof Cenedl Ii. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
94390: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Cof Cenedl Iv. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
92136: JENKINS. GERAINT H. - Cof Cenedl: V. 3: Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru
55895: JENKINS. GERAINT - Cof Cenedl 4. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru
80592: JENKINS. J. GERAINT - Life & Tradition in Rural Wales.
91949: GERAINT H. JENKINS, IEUAN GWYNEDD JONES, J. L. DAVIES - Cardiganshire County History: From the Earliest Times to the Coming of the Normans V. 1 (Cardiganshire County History)
96667: GERAINT H. JENKINS, IEUAN GWYNEDD JONES, J. L. DAVIES - Proud to Be a Swan: The History of Swansea City 1912-2012
73146: NORRIS. GERALD - William Dampier. Buccaneer Explorer.
89474: SPARROW. JUDGE GERALD - The Great Swindlers.
85908: FITZGERALD. THE REV. GERALD - The Pattern of the Spirit. The Guild of Pastoral Psychology Lecture Number 143.
90459: BURRARD. GERALD - Notes on Sporting Rifles. For Use in India and Elsewhere.
57790: HAMILTON-EDWARDS. GERALD - In Search of Welsh Ancestry.
53875: LEGG. GERALD - The Unnatural History of and English County. Sussex
47230: O`COLLINS. GERALD - Experiencing Jesus.
45084: BROWNE. GERALD M. - The Abbreviated Psalter of the Venerable Bede.
42228: HAUSMAN. GERALD - Meditations with the Navajo. Prayer-Songs & Stories of Healing and Harmony.
36848: LYONS. GERALD B. - Introibo Ad Altare Dei. (I Will Go Unto the Altar of God)
89706: REES. EILUNED & MORGAN. GERALD - Welsh Almanacks, 1680-1835: Problems of Piracy. Offprint from the Library. Sixth Series Vol. I, No. 2. June 1979.
94262: RANDALL. GERALD - Church Furnishing and Decoration in England and Wales.
96414: ELLARD. REV. GERALD - Christian Life and Worship. Illustrations By Ade de Bethune.
76068: MORGAN. GERALD - A Brief History of Wales.
73465: ROBERTS. GERALD - Gerard Manley Hopkins. The Critical Heritage.
86520: ADAMS. GERALD R - Blackwell Handbook of Adolescence.
82706: COATES. GERALD - An Intelligent Fire
72809: BEARE. GERALDINE - The Folio Book of the English Christmas. A Collection of Seasonal Writing. . . Illustrated By John Holder.
59054: MOCKLER. GERALDINE - A Long Chase. The Story of a Seaside Adventure.
55760: JONES. R. GERALLT - Cerddi 1955-1989
89458: JONES. R. GERALLT - Poetry of Wales, 1930-70. A Selection of Poems 1930-1970 with Translations Into English.

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