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84116: DENNETT, DANIEL C. - Freedom Evolves
47497: GOODMAN. SYDNEY V.C. & TEAGUE. DENNIS - The Maritime Forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Volume 1.
72166: EDWARDS. DENNIS - London`S Underground Suburbs.
66082: DAVISON. DENNIS - W.H. Auden. Literature in Perspective.
81089: POTTER. DENNIS - Son of Man
57446: DENNISON, BILL; DENNISON, SYLVIA - Bombay to Elwick Bay
98255: DENNISTON, GREG - The Meaning of Faith and Mental Illness
99734: ISABEL DENNY - The Fall of Hitler's Fortress City: The Battle for Konigsberg, 1945
84823: DENVIR, BERNARD; VAN GOGH, VINCENT - Toulouse-Lautrec
86916: DENVIR, BERNARD; VAN GOGH, VINCENT - Impressionism: The Painters and the Paintings
60340: DENVIR, BERNARD; VAN GOGH, VINCENT - Chronicle of Impressionism : An Intimate Diary of the Lives and World of the Great Artists
84911: DENVIR, BERNARD; VAN GOGH, VINCENT - The Impressionists at First Hand
85199: DENVIR, BERNARD; VAN GOGH, VINCENT - Post-Impressionism
90734: CLEAVE DEREK - 1 Peter - (Focus on the Bible)
59417: WINTERBOTTOM. DEREK - The Vale of Clwyd. A Short History.
37104: PARKER. DEREK B.V. - The Two Masters. God and Mammon.
20232: BRYCE. DEREK - The Mystical Way and the Arthurian Quest
75226: BRYCE. DEREK - The Mystical Way and the Arthurian Quest.
79810: BRYCE. DEREK - The Mystical Way and the Arthurian Quest.
29953: SHARP. DERRICK - Attitudes to Welsh and English in the Schools of Wales.
77957: DESCARTES, RENE - Correspondance. Publiee Avec Une Introduction Et Des Notes Par Ch. Adam Et G. Milhaud. Tome 1 Only.
61217: DESCARTES, RENE - A Discourse on Method and Meditations
81897: DESCARTES, RENE - Discours de la Methode
77958: DESCARTES, RENE - Correspondance. Publiee Avec Une Introduction Et Des Notes Par Ch. Adam Et G. Milhaud. Tome 4. Only.
84766: DESCARTES, RENE - Discourse on Method and Other Writings.
97232: DESCARTES, RENE - Key Philosophical Writings (Classics of World Literature)
82354: DESCOTES, MAURICE - Les Grands Roles Du Theatre de Corneille. . .
71365: DESCRAINS, JEAN - Jean-Pierre Camus (1584-1652) Et Ses Diversites (1609-1618), Ou, la Culture D'un Eveque Humaniste. Two Volume Set.
96549: DESJARDINS, MICHEL; DESJARDINS MICHELL - Peace, Violence and the New Testament (Biblical Seminar)
95412: DESMARAIS, NORMAN; FRITCHMAN, JUNE - Battlegrounds of Freedom: A Historical Guide to the Battlefields of the War of American Independence
51244: HAWKINS. DESMOND - War Report D-Day to V.E. Day. Radio Reports from the Western Front 1944-5
45296: TUTU. BISHOP DESMOND - Crying in the Wilderness. A Collection of His Recent Statements in the Struggle for Justice in South Africa.
28179: DONNELLY. DESMOND - The Nearing Storm.
95744: RAY DESMOND - Great Natural History Books and Their Creators
75126: DESROCHES, MADELEINE ; DESROCHES, CATHERINE - Les Missives. Edition Critique Par Anne R. Larsen.
70085: DEUTSCHER, MAX - Subjecting and Objecting : An Essay in Objectivity
83180: DEVINE, RICHARD J. - Good Care, Painful Choices : Medical Ethics of Ordinary People
88370: DAVIES. DEWI - Brecknock Historian.
94245: ROBERTS. DEWI - Christmas in Wales
65487: DAVIES. DEWI - Welsh Place-Names of Breconshire and Their Meanings.
93564: ROBERTS. DEWI - Christmas in Wales
79803: DAVIES. DEWI - The Roads and Bridges of the Usk Valley Above Brecon.
93677: DEWITT, DAVE; BOSLAND, PAUL - The Pepper Garden: How to Grow Peppers from the Sweetest Bell to the Hottest Habanero
71445: DHAWAN, B.D. - Mysticism and Symbolism in Aitareya and Taittiriya Aranyakas
95713: DIAMOND, MICHAEL - Victorian Sensation: Or the Spectacular, the Shocking and the Scandalous in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Anthem Nineteenth-Century Series)
89668: DIAMOND. A.S. - The Evolution of Law and Order.
83505: SOUHAMI. DIANA - Mrs Keppel and Her Daughter.
66236: LEATHAM. DIANA - The Story of St. David of Wales. Illustrated By George Mackie.
70406: SHEILS. W.J. & WOOD. DIANA - The Ministry : Clerical and Lay. Studies in Church History Volume 26
58037: RICHARDSON. DIANE - Introducing Women's Studies : Feminist Theory and Practice
89486: DÍAZ D'YSLA, RUY - Tractado Cotra El Mal Serpentino. . . Facsimile Edition
61953: DICERBO, EMILIO - The Birds of Scotland
98394: DICHARRY, WARREN - Praying the Rosary: The Joyful, Fruitful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries
98652: FRANCIS. DICK - The Sport of Queens. The Autobiography of Dick Francis.
61160: DICK, BRIAN - Portrait of Cardiff & Its Valleys
76168: DICK, BRIAN - Portrait of Cardiff & Its Valleys
68385: DICKENS, CHARLES; HEARN, MICHAEL PATRICK - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Two Volume Set in Slipcase.
80843: DICKENS, CHARLES; HEARN, MICHAEL PATRICK - The Amusements of the People and Other Papers : Reports, Essays and Reviews, 1834-1851
79661: DICKENS, CHARLES; HEARN, MICHAEL PATRICK - American Notes for General Circulation
77646: DICKENS, CHARLES; HEARN, MICHAEL PATRICK - Christmas Books : A Christmas Carol and the Chimes
79725: DICKINSON, EMILY - Poems. Selected and Edited By Helen Mcneil.
69303: DICKINSON, A.E.F. - The Music of Berlioz
60809: DICKSON, GORDON R. - Time Storm
53332: DICKSON, B. J. - Steam Portraits 1960-1966
60475: DICKSON, GORDON R. - Mission to Universe
87132: GWEN GRIFFITH DICKSON - The Philosophy of Religion (Scm Core Text)
99003: DICKSON. W.R. - Railways and Locomotion.
72326: DICKSTEIN, MINDI; SHAPIRO, DELILAH - Israel : Triumph of the Spirit
97524: LAROUSSE BILINGUAL DICTIONARIES - French-English English-French Dictionary
97148: COLLINS DICTIONARIES - Collins English Dictionary
75307: DIDIER. M - L`Evangile Selon Matthieu. Redaction Et Theologie.
90870: DIEDRICH, RICHARD-MICHAEL - The Dragon Has Many Faces: Conceptualizations of Rural Communities in North Wales and the Development of "Anthropology at Home" in Britain (Interethnic Relations & Cultural Change)
82185: DIEGUEZ, MANUEL DE - Rabelais
92515: IRMGARD DIEMER - Bees and Beekeeping
73528: SUHNEL. RUDOL & RIESNER. DIETER - Englische Dichter Der Moderne. Ihr Leben Und Werk. . .
63936: ULICH. DIETER - Einfuhrung in Die Psychologie. 3. Auflage.
63935: ULICH. DIETER - Psychologie Der Emotionen
65618: BERGER. DIETER - Duden Zweifelsfalle Der Deutschen Sprache. . . . . Der Grosse Duden : Band 9.
45407: POHIER. JACQUES AND MIETH. DIETMAR - Unemployment and the Right to Work. Concilium Series.
79672: FISCHER-DIESKAU. DIETRICH - Fischer-Dieskau. Dietrich: Texte Deutscher Lieder.
74927: VON HILDEBRAND. DIETRICH - Transformation in Christ. On the Christian Attitude.
97081: DIETRICH BONHOEFFER, JOHN W. DE GRUCHY - Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Witness to Jesus Christ (Making of Modern Theology)
83494: SARKAR. DILIP - The Last of the Few. 18 Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots Tell Their Extraordinary Stories.
97455: DILLENBERGER, JANE - Style and Content in Christian Art
92944: DILLOW, LINDA - Creative Counterpart: Becoming the Woman, Wife, and Mother You Have Longed to Be: Becoming the Woman, Wife, and Mother You've Longed to Be
52671: MILES. DILLWYN - Pembrokeshire Coast. National Park Guide No. 10.
93004: MILES. DILLWYN - A History of the Town and County of Haverfordwest
98473: LEWIS. DILLWYN - The History of Llantrisant.
87634: MILES. DILWYN - Sheriffs of the County of Pembroke 1541-1974 Together with a List of the Sheriffs of the Town and County of Haverfordwest. Signed By the Author.
92101: PHILLIPS. DILWYN - Tregaron S.Y. M. Yn Edrych O Gwmpas. . Gwlad a Thref.
87662: JENKINS. DILYS - Llanelly Pottery
93926: DIMITROV, BOZHIDAR - Seven Ancient Civilizations in Bulgaria: With Maps & Color Illustrations
95496: DIMITROVA, EKATERINA - The Gospels of Tsar Ivan Alexander (Manuscripts in Colour)
58613: GERALD OF WALES/GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS/BREWER. J.S./DIMOCK. J.F. - Giraldi Cambrensis. Speculum Ecclesiae. De Vita Galfredi Archiepiscopi Eboracensis: Sive Certamina Galfredi Eboracensis Archiepiscopi. (Volume 4. Of the Works).
58614: GERALD OF WALES/GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS/BREWER. J.S./DIMOCK. J.F. - Giraldi Cambrensis. Vita S. Remigii, Et Vita S. Hugonis. (Volume 7. Of the Works).
58615: GERALD OF WALES/GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS/BREWER. J.S./DIMOCK. J.F. - Giraldi Cambrensis. De Principis Instructione Liber. With an Index to Volumes 1-4 and Volume 8. (Volume 8. Of the Works).
58610: GERALD OF WALES/GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS/BREWER. J.S./DIMOCK. J.F. - Giraldi Cambrensis. De Rebus a Se Gestis, Libri 3. Invectionum Libellus. Symbolum Electorum. (Volume 1. Of the Works).
58611: GERALD OF WALES/GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS/BREWER. J.S./DIMOCK. J.F. - Giraldi Cambrensis. Gemma Ecclesiastica. (Volume 2. Of the Works).
58612: GERALD OF WALES/GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS/BREWER. J.S./DIMOCK. J.F. - Giraldi Cambrensis. Part 1. De Invectionibus, Lib. 4. Part 2. De Menevensi Ecclesia Dialogus. Part 3. Vita S. David. (Volume 3. Of the Works).
35596: DINELEY. D.L. - The Devonian System in South Devonshire.
91889: ATKINSON. THOMAS DINHAM - A Glossary of Terms Used in English Architecture. Sixth Edition Revised.
68183: ATKINSON. THOMAS DINHAM - A Glossary of Terms Used in English Architecture.
81970: DINNERSTEIN, HARVEY - Harvey Dinnerstein : Artist at Work
98999: LARDNER. DIONYSIUS - The Steam Engine, Steam Navigation, Roads and Railways, Explained and Illustrated. Eighth Edition, Revised and Improved.
94014: DITCHFIELD. P.H. - Old Village Life Or, Glimpses of Village Life Through All Ages.
73399: DIVINSKY. N.J. - Rings and Radicals.
71086: DIXON, B.LYNNE - Diderot, Philosopher of Energy : The Development of His Concept of Physical Energy, 1745-69
98627: DIXON-KENNEDY, MIKE - Companion to Arthurian and Celtic Myths and Legend
78391: DIXON-KENNEDY, MIKE - Arthurian Myth and Legend : An a-Z of People and Places
80776: DOANE. T.W. - Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions. . . . . . Fourth Edition.
55971: DOBBS, MICHAEL - Churchills Triumph
93685: DOBLE, G.H. - Lives of the Welsh Saints
89311: DOBY. T. - Discoverers of Blood Circulation: From Aristotle to the Times of Da Vinci and Harvey
89323: DOBY. T. - Discoverers of Blood Circulation. From Aristotle to the Times of Da Vinci and Harvey.
59466: DOD. - Dod`S Parliamentary Companion 1988. 156th Year. One Hundred and Sixty Ninth Edition.
59467: DOD. - Dod`S Parliamentary Companion 1984. 152nd Year. One Hundred and Sixty Fifth Issue.
88438: DODD, A.H. - A Short History of Wales: Welsh Life and Customs from Pre-Historic Times to the Present Day
95057: DODD. A.H. - Studies in Stuart Wales.
76647: DODD, BILL; ECKHARD-BLACK, CHRISTINE; KLAPPER, JOHN; WHITTLE, RUTH - Modern German Grammar : A Practical Guide
67003: DODD, A. H. - A Short History of Wales : Welsh Life and Customs from Prehistoric Times to the Present Day
87499: DODD, A.H. - A Short History of Wales: Welsh Life and Customs from Pre-Historic Times to the Present Day
95766: DODDS, JERRILYN D.; REILLY, BERNARD F.; WILLIAMS, JOHN W. - The Art of Medieval Spain, A.D. 500-1200
82934: DODSLEY. R. - Trifles: Viz. The Toy Shop. The King and the Miller of Mansfield. The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green. Rex & Pontifex. The Chronicle of the Kings of England. The Art of Preaching in Initation of Horace's Poetry. The Right of Mankind to Do What They Will. . .
77929: DODSON, C.J. - Bilingual Education: Evaluation, Assessment and Methodology
91914: DODSWORTH, ROGER - Glass and Glassmaking (Shire Album)
92030: DODWELL. C.R. - The Canterbury School of Illumination 1066-1200.
91695: DODWELL, CHARLES R - The Pictorial Art of the West, 800-1200 (the Yale University Press Pelican History)
63924: DODWELL, C. R. - The Pictorial Arts of the West, 800-1200
97200: DOHERTY, RICHARD - Normandy 1944: The Road to Victory
76187: DOISE, WILLEM - Social Interaction in Individual Development
75238: CAMPANALE. DOMENICO - Studi Su Wittgenstein. Seconds Edizione. . .
69511: GILL. DOMINIC - Take a Seat, One Man, One Tandem and Twenty Thousand Miles of Possibilities.
97180: JOHNER. DOM DOMINIC - The Chants of the Vatican Gradual.
72007: WILLIAMS. DOMINIC - Carmarthen. Local History Series.
65537: GOODALL. DOMINIC - Hindu Scriptures
75506: WILLIAMS. DOMINIC - Carmarthen. Ottakar`S Local History Series.
73466: DOMINIK, MARK - A Shakespearean Anomaly: Shakespeare's Hand in "Sir John Oldcastle"
64080: CHENU MARIE-DOMINIQUE - Il Risveglio Della Coscienza Nella Civiltà Medievale
38009: LE TOURNEAU. DOMINIQUE - What Is Opus Dei?
45488: DALE-JONES. DON - Emlyn Williams. (Writers of Wales Series)
36919: HARRAN. DON - In Defense of Music. The Case of Music As Argued By a Singer and Scholar of the Late Fifteenth Century.
22672: DALE-JONES. DON - A.G. Prys-Jones. [Writers of Wales Series]
27220: SASSOON. DON (EDITOR) - The Italian Communists Speak for Themselves. (European Socialist Thought Series: No. 11)
80432: COWIE. DONALD - London. A Satirical Poem.
70034: SHANER. DONALD W - A Christian View of Divorce According to the Teachings of the New Testament.
94648: MOORE. PATRICIA AND DONALD - A Vanishes House. Two Topographical Paintings of the Old House at Margam, Glamorgan.
61309: ACKLAND. DONALD F. - False Witness. An Indictment of "Jehovah`S Witnesses"
88377: MOORE. DONALD - Early Views of Towns in Wales and the Border.
46043: GREGORY. DONALD - Yesterday in a Village Church and Churchyard.
45701: WITHEY. DONALD A. - Adult Initiation. Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 10.
45563: GREGORY. DONALD - Yesterday in Village Church and Churchyard.
44448: MATTHEW. DONALD - The Medieval European Community.
39140: COGGAN. THE MOST REV. AND RIGHT HON. DONALD - On Dying and Dying Well. Royal Society of Medicine. Edwin Stevens Lectures for the Laity 1976.
34946: ANTHROP. DONALD F. - Noise Pollution.
32709: WITHEY. DONALD A. - Adult Initiation. Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 10.
22674: EVANS. DONALD - Rhydwen Williams. [Writers of Wales Series]
92434: WILLIAMS. DONALD - Hanes Crefydd Foreol Yng Nghwm Gwendraeth.
92149: MOORE. DONALD - Wales in the Eighteenth Century
92157: MOORE. DONALD - Early Views of Towns in Wales and the Border.
71957: DONALD, DAVID - The Encyclopedia of World Aircraft. Updated Edition.
78220: GREGORY. DONALD - Wales Before 1536. A Guide.
84960: WILLIAMS. DONALD - Hanes Crefydd Foreol Yng Nghwm Gwendraeth.
70150: STAUFFER. DONALD A - Shakespeare`S World of Images. The Development of His Moral Ideas.
80812: GREGORY. DONALD - Wales Before 1066. A Guide.
69049: MCCHESNEY. DONALD - A Hopkins Commentary. An Axplanatory Commentary on the Main Poems, 1876-89
54356: EBERLEIN. HAROLD DONALDSON - The Practical Book of Interior Decoration.
90840: DONALDSON. DR. - The Writings of the Apostolic Fathers. Anti-Nicene Christian Library: Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Volume 1.
94335: BUSHELL. THE REV. WILLIAM DONE - Caldey. An Island of the Saints. .
78033: BUSHELL. THE REV. WILLIAM DONE - An Island of the Saints.
56201: KIM. REVD. DONGHWAN - A Christian-Taoist Encounter in the Korean Context Centering on a Review of Luther`S Doctrine of Justification By Faith Alone from a Taoist Perspective. A Thesis.
21841: DONNELLY. W.C. - Some Arguments for the Existence of God. Parts 1. & 2.
71892: DONNET - Le Triomphe Des Bergers. . . .
97396: WILLIAM DONOHUE - Why Catholicism Matters: How Catholic Virtues Can Reshape Society in the 21st Century
91968: DONOVAN, CLAIRE - The de Brailes Hours, Shaping the Book of Hours in Thirteenth Century Oxford
97801: DOOB, PENELOPE REED - Nebuchadnezzar's Children: Conventions of Madness in Middle English Literature
63085: DOOHAN, LEONARD - John: Gospel for a New Age
61300: VAN DOOREN. L.A.T. - The Challenge of the Macedonian Call.
78098: WRIGHT. DOREEN - Bobbin Lace Making.
81088: HALL. WILLIS/HASTINGS. MICHAEL/LESSING. DORIS - Three Plays : The Long and the Short and the Tall; Each in His Own Wilderness; Yes, and After
89820: DORMENT, MARIANNE. - Alfred Gilbert (Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art)
76936: DOROSZ, KRISTOFER - Malcolm Lowry's Infernal Paradise
38653: ELDER. DOROTHY - Women of the Bible Speak to Women of Today.
31883: PAPE. DOROTHY R. - In Search of God`S Ideal Woman. A Personal Examination of the New Testament.
87972: SCHULLIAN. DOROTHY M - The Baglivi Correspondence from the Library of Sir William Osler.
87415: SAYERS. DOROTHY L. - Busman's Honeymoon.
87414: SAYERS. DOROTHY L. - Have His Carcase.
89215: FISK. DOROTHY - Dr. Jenner of Berkeley.
68275: BREWSTER. DOROTHY - Virginia Woolf.
87413: SAYERS. DOROTHY L. - Have His Carcase.
84058: DOSCHKA, ROLAND - Pablo Picasso. Metamorphoses in the Human Form. Graphic Works , 1895-1972
94889: DOSCHKA, ROLAND - Pablo Picasso: Metamorphoses of the Human Form. Graphic Works 1895-1972
85709: DOSSEY, LARRY - Healing Beyond the Body : Medicine and the Infinite Reach of the Mind
89578: DOSTOYEVSKY, FYODOR - The Idiot : A Novel in Two Books
73035: DOUBROVSKY, SERGE - Corneille Et la Dialectique Du Heros
73404: DOUGADOS, VENANCE - La Quete Du Ble. . . . .
96923: DOUGHERTY, MARTIN J. - The World's Worst Weapons from Exploding Guns to Malfunctioning Missiles.
79189: PARMEE. DOUGLAS - Twelve French Poets 1820-1900. An Anthology of 19th Century French Poetry.
85088: BUSH. DOUGLAS - The Renaissance and English Humanism.
99191: MAWSON. SIR DOUGLAS - The Home of the Blizzard Being the Story of the Australian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914. Abridged Popular Edition.
89212: DOUGLAS, JOHN - Medical Topography of Upper Canada
73697: HAYGOOD. JAMES DOUGLAS - Le Vocabulaire Fondamental Du Francais. Etude Pratique Sur L`Enseignement Des Langues Vivantes.
42890: DAVIES. DOUGLAS - Church and Religion in Rural England.
77256: JAMES. WENDY & JOHNSON. DOUGLAS H - Vernacular Christianity. Essays in the Social Anthropology of Religion Presented to Godfrey Lienhardt.
77255: JAMES. WENDY & JOHNSON. DOUGLAS H - Vernacular Christianity. Essays in the Social Anthropology of Religion Presented to Godfrey Lienhardt.
97132: ANDREW DOUGLAS - The King's Codebreaker (Thomas Hill) (Thomas Hill Novels)
81416: DOUGLAS, ROY; HARTE, LIAM; O'HARA, JIM - Ireland Since 1690 : A Concise History
94355: BASSETT. DOUGLAS A. - Geological Excursons in South Wales & the Forest of Dean.
78830: JAMES. G. DOUGLAS - Historical Notes on Haverfordwest with List of Mayors and Sheriffs.
78905: ALLPORT. DOUGLAS - Collections, Illustrative of the Geology, History, Antiquities, and Associations of Camberwell and Neighbourhood.
89126: DAVIES. J. DOUGLAS - Saint Maelog. A Brief Long Life.
76840: DOUKHAN, JACQUES - Israel and the Church : Two Voices for the Same God
66393: WILSON. J. DOVER - The Essential; Shakespeare. A Biographical Adventure.
99621: ELIZABETH DOWLER - Challenging Health Inequalities: From Acheson to Choosing Health (Health & Society)
99455: ALICK DOWLING - Janek: A Story of Survival
92912: DOWLING, MARION - Young Children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development
74410: DOYLE, CHARLES - William Carlos Williams : The Critical Heritage
79906: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
82897: DOYLE, RODDY - The Barrytown Trilogy : The Commitments, the Snapper, the Van
66459: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Return of Sherlock Holmes
93706: DRAISEY, DEREK WILLIAM - Gower Rogues
92939: DRAKE, JANE - Planning Children's Play and Learning in the Foundation Stage: How to Meet the Introduction Standards (Early Years S)
60310: DRAKE, WALTER RAYMOND - Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East
72776: DRANE, OLIVE M. FLEMING - Clowns, Storytellers, Disciples : Spirituality and Creativity for Today's Church
83187: DRANE, JOHN W.; CLIFFORD, ROSS; JOHNSON, PHILIP - The Mcdonaldization of the Church : Spirituality, Creativity and the Future of the Church
82780: DRANE, JOHN WILLIAM; NE, JOHN - What the New Age Is Still Saying to the Church
83461: DRAPER, CHRISTOPHER - Paupers, Bastards and Lunatics : The Story of Conwy Workhouse
60875: DRAUCKER, CLAIRE BURKE - Counselling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
63178: DRESSEL, JON - The Road to Shiloh : Poems Since 1984
73659: DROOP. M.R. - Advances in Aquatic Microbiology. Volume 1.
76004: DROUGGE, HELGA - The Significance of Congreve's Incognita
82718: DRURY, NEVILL - The Visionary Human : Mystical Consciousness and Paranormal Perspectives
55188: DRURY, ELIZABETH - Self Portraits of the World`S Greatest Painters.
99658: DRURY, ELIZABETH; LEWIS, PHILIPPA - The Victorian Garden Album
92195: DRYDEN, JOHN - Dryden's Poems. Edited and Introduced By Bonamy Dobree.
57068: DRYDEN, WINDY - Individual Therapy: A Handbook. A Few Ink Annotations.
92465: DUBE, STEVE - My Failings and Imperfections: The Diary of Rees Thomas of Dol-Llan, 1860-1862
85127: DUBE, STEVE - This Small Corner. A History of Pencader and District.
92440: DUBE, STEVE - This Small Corner: A History of Pencader and District
94524: DUBE, JANET - Sweet Singers: An Anthology of Carmarthenshire Poems
85128: DUBE, STEVE - This Small Corner. A History of Pencader and District.
67855: DUBE, WOLF-DIETER - The Expressionists
90339: DUBE, STEVE - My Failings and Imperfections: The Diary of Rees Thomas of Dol-Llan, 1860-1862
90338: DUBE, STEVE - My Failings and Imperfections: The Diary of Rees Thomas of Dol-Llan, 1860-1862
93958: DUBE, STEVE - This Small Corner: A History of Pencader and District
95606: DUBE, STEVE - This Small Corner: A History of Pencader and District
75075: DUBOIS. J - Dictionnaire de la Langue Francaise Classique.
95923: JIM DUBOS - The Catholic Mass Revealed
93651: DUBY, GEORGES - A Histoty of Private Life. Volume 2. Revelations of the Medieval World.
57996: DUBY, GEORGES - History of Women in the West Vol. 5 : Toward a Cultural Identity in the Twentieth Century
99589: GEORGES DUBY - France in the Middle Ages, 987-1460: From Hugh Capet to Joan of Arc (History of France)
77764: DUCHENE, ROGER - L'imposture Litteraire Dans Les Provinciales de Pascal
68554: DUCHENE, FRANCOIS - The Case of the Helmeted Airman : A Study of W.H. Auden's Poetry.
72798: DUCHESNE. MGR. L - Christian Worship, It`S Origin and Evolution. . . . Fifth Edition.
65239: DUDLEY, DONALD - Roman Society
72357: DUDLEY, DONALD - Roman Society
94565: WARNER. CHARLES DUDLEY - On Horseback a Tour in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee with Notes of Travel in Mexico and California.
23591: DAVIES. DUDLEY G. - Boatrace & Other Poems.
56103: DUDLEY, DONALD - Roman Society
89552: SHAPERE. DUDLEY - Philosophical Problems of Natural Science.
64153: LA DUE, WILLIAM J. - The Trinity Guide to Eschatology
90900: DUERDEN, FRANK - Great Walks of the Yorkshire Dales (Great Walks of Britain)
56205: DUES, GREG - Dealing with Diversity : A Guide for Parish Leaders
90368: DUFF, JAMES; WYETH, ANDREW; HOVING, THOMAS; KIRSTEIN, LINCOLN - American Vision: Three Generations of Wyeth Art
90008: DUFFIN, JACALYN - Lovers and Livers: Disease Concepts in History (Joanne Goodman Lecture) (Joanne Goodman Lectures)
95796: DUFFY, SEAN - The Concise History of Ireland
66046: DUFFY, CAROL ANN - Hand in Hand : An Anthology of Love Poems
96872: DUFFY, MAUREEN - Henry Purcell
98324: DUFFY, EAMON - Faith of Our Fathers: Reflections on Catholic Tradition
76991: DUFOURNET, JEAN;ROUSSE, MICHEL - Sur la Farce de Maitre Pierre Pathelin
72929: DUFOURNET, JEAN - Relire le Roman D'eneas
99189: BEAUFORT. THE DUKE OF - Driving. The Badminton Library.
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80519: EURIPIDES - The Medea. Translated Into English Rhyming Verse with Explanatory Notes By Gilbert Murray.
60968: EURIPIDES - Medea and Other Plays : Medea; Hecabe; Electra; Heracles
84963: WILLIAMS. EUROF - Byd O Gan. Atgofion Melys Jac Davies.
93098: EUSEBIUS, BISHOP OF CAESAREA - Ecclesiastical History. Complete and Unabridges. New Updated Edition.
65730: HARASZTI. EVA H. - Chartism
90305: ISAAC. EVAN - Coelion Cymry
83457: JONES. EVAN J. - History of Education in Wales. Volume 1. (All Published)
88394: EVANS. EVAN - A Portrait of Gower.
63846: ISAAC. PARCH EVAN - Prif Emynwyr Cymru.
93723: EVANS, BERNARD - Justice!
93183: EVANS. R.K. - Dress. The Evolution of Cut and Its Effect on Modern Design.
90670: EVANS, GWYNFOR. - A National Future for Wales.
78633: EVANS, P. - The Music of Benjamin Britten. Illustrated with over 300 Music Examples and Diagrams.
93306: EVANS, GWYNFOR - Welsh Nation Builders
92637: EVANS, W. GARETH - Educational Development in a Victorian Community: A Case Study of Carmarthenshire's Response to the Welsh Intermediate Education Act 1889
92122: EVANS, GWYNFOR - Welsh Nation Builders
92170: EVANS, ALICE - Grisiau at Grist: Casgliad O Wasanaethau Ar Gyfer Plant a Phobl O Bob Oed
88060: MEIRION EVANS - Cadw Drws
99020: EVANS, GWYNFOR. - A National Future for Wales. Signed By the Author.
92610: EVANS, D. SIMON; UNIVERSITY OF WALES PRESS STAFF - O Fanc Y Spite - Atgofion Am Gapel Y Methodistiaid Yn Llanfynydd a'r Fro (Cyfres Astudiaethau Cymreig)
54621: EVANS, WYN;WORSLEY, ROGER - Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi, 1181-1981: St. Davids Cathedral, 1181-1981
53013: EVANS, TONY - The Intricate Image
53012: EVANS, TONY - The Intricate Image
87919: EVANS. E.W. - The Miners of South Wales.
33777: EVANS. J.J. - Guard Our Unbelief. Passages for Discussion.
97156: EVANS. R.H. - Hanes Henaduriaeth Dyffryn Clwyd.
78468: EVANS. J.J. - Welsh Proverbs. ( a Selections with English Translations)
81678: EVANS, EIFION - The Welsh Revival of 1904
71241: EVANS, RICHARD L. - A Century of Mormonism in Great Britain
88761: EVANS, H. T. - Wales and the Wars of the Roses (Sutton Illustrated History Paperbacks)
84715: EVANS, MARK I. - Impressions of Venice : From Turner to Monet
92308: EVANS, EDDIE - Llanboidy: Hanes Plwyf Pentref a Chapel
57487: EVANS, GEORGE BRINLEY - Where the Flying Fishes Play.
92309: EVANS, EDDIE - Llanboidy: Hanes Plwyf Pentref a Chapel
92293: EVANS, RICHARD A. - Open Tennis: The First Twenty Years
86789: EVANS, JULIAN; GREAT BRITAIN: FORESTRY COMMISSION - Silviculture of Broadleaved Woodland (Bulletin (Fcbu))
58881: EVANS, GWYNFOR - Welsh Nation Builders. Translated from the Welsh.
94614: EVANS, RICHARD - The Atp Tour. Ten Years of Superstar Tennis.
97171: EVANS, W. GARETH - Martin Luther a'r Diwygiad Protestannaidd (Cyfres Canllawiau Aberystwyth)
97166: ALED LEWIS EVANS - Cerddi Clwyd (Cerddi Fan Hyn)
89944: EVANS. J.J. - Gramadeg Cymraeg.
92584: EVANS, W.R. - Cawl Shir Bemro
55616: EVANS, D. J. - Deri O'n Daear Ni
94052: EVANS. J.T. - The Church Plate of Carmarthenshire. . . .
96119: EVANS, POPPY - Forms, Folds and Sizes: All the Details Graphic Designers Can Never Find But Need to Know
91844: EVANS, RICHARD - Nastase. Signed By the Author.
72331: EVANS, MICHAEL; EVANS, MICHAEL D. - The Death of Kings : Royal Deaths in Medieval England
61891: EVANS, D. GARETH - A History of Wales, 1906-2000
59675: EVANS, D. GARETH - History of Wales 1815-1906
79461: EVANS, GWYNFOR - Wales Can Win
54749: EVANS. L.M. - Windows.
95601: EVANS, H. T. - Wales and the Wars of the Roses (History)
70372: EVANS, GWYNFOR - The Fight for Welsh Freedom
97929: EVANS, MARGARET - The Hall in the Field: Autobiography
94485: EVANS, RHYS - Rhag Pob Brad: Cofiant Gwynfor Evans
97001: EVANS, WILLIAM DAVIES - Travels of a Welsh Preacher in the Usa
93660: EVANS, IFOR M.; LAWRENCE, HEATHER - Christopher Saxton, Elizabethan Mapmaker (Cartographica Ser, Vol 6)
89459: EVANS. J.J. - Welsh Proverbs. A Selection with English Translations.
69875: EVANS, G. R. - Problems of Authority in the Reformation Debates
92294: EVANS, RICHARD A. - Mcenroe: A Rage for Perfection
97579: ROBIN EVANS - Merched Y Môr
90357: GEORGE BRINLEY EVANS - When I Came Home
97583: EVANS, GARETH - Zwingli a Calfin a'r Diwygiad Protestanaidd Yn Y Swistir (Canllawiau Aberystwyth (Golwg Ar Hanes))
97584: EVANS, W.GARETH - Dadeni Fflorentaidd (Cyfres Canllawiau Aberystwyth)
97585: EVANS, GARETH - Gwrthddiwygiad (Cyfres Canllawiau Aberystwyth)
80967: EVANS. J.J. - Welsh Proverbs. A Selection with English Translations.
48124: EVELEIGH, DAVID J. - Brass and Brassware
90521: DAVID J. EVELEIGH - Old Cooking Utensils (Shire Library)
54863: CROOK. H. EVELYN - High Frequency Currents; Their Production, Physical Properties, Physiological Effects, and Therapeutical Uses.
24755: MCLAY. EVELYN - Stepping out. A History of Clutha County 1876-1976.
80791: AP GWILYM. DAFYDD / LEWES. EVELYN - Life and Poems of Dafydd Ab Gwilym.
99595: EVELYN, JOHN & HUNTER. A. - Silva. Volume Two Only. . the Discourse of Foreign Trees and the Terra. 1. Or a Discourse of Forest - Trees and the Propagation of Timber in His Majesty's Dominions: As It Was Delivered in the Royal Society on the 15th Day of October, 1662. Upon Occasio
64907: LEWES. EVELYN - Out with the Cambrians.
93802: BYRD. RICHARD EVELYN - Discovery. The Story of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition.
74727: HALL. EVERETT W - Categorical Analysis. Selected Essays.
92055: EVERITT, ANTHONY - Cicero: A Turbulent Life
55707: EVERY, GEORGE - Understanding Eastern Christianity
91203: EWART, GAVIN - 85 Poems
80913: EWART, GAVIN - Or Where a Penguin Lies Screaming
98647: EVANS. GEORGE EWART - Welsh Short Stories.
52317: LEWIS. EWART - Prayer Book Revision in the Church in Wales.
54742: EWING. W. - Paterson of Hebron "the Hakim" Missionary Life in the Mountain of Judah. Eight Illustrations on Art Paper.
93897: "AN EXPERT" - Manuscript Writing and Lettering. A Handbook. . . . .
66008: CREUSEN. J. & VAN EYEN. F - Tabulae Fontium Traditionis Christianae. Ad Annum 1926/. Editio Altera.
91891: EYGUN. F - Romanesque Architecture. . .
88575: EYLES, DESMOND - The Doulton Lambeth Wares
90147: EVANS. GEORGE EYRE - Lampeter: Illustrated By A.R. T. Jones & Matthews. A. Weight
81402: EYSENCK. H.G. - Crime and Personality
93187: POUND. EZRA - A Selection of Poems.
90404: FABB, JOHN; CASSIN-SCOTT, JACK - Military Bands and Their Uniforms
44040: BIRREN. FABER - Color & Human Response. Aspects of Light and Color Bearing on the Reactions of Living Things and the Welfare of Human Beings.
87915: HIRST. L. FABIAN - The Conquest of Plague. A Study of the Evolution of Epidemiology.
65645: FADIMAN, ANNE - Ex Libris : Confessions of a Common Reader
97797: FAGE, J.D. - A History of Africa. 1986 Edition.
95486: FAGENCE-COOPER, SUZANNE - Pre-Raphaelite Art in the Victoria and Albert Museum
83427: FAIRBANK, JOHN K.; GOLDMAN, MERLE - China : A New History. Enlarged Edition.
79012: ORDISH. T. FAIRMAN - Early London Theatres (in the Fields) with Illustrations and Maps. The Camden Library.
97248: CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH - Dignitas Personae: Instruction on Certain Bioethical Questions
96770: CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH - On the Participation of Catholics in Political Life: Doctrinal Note
77788: FAIVRE, JEAN-LUC - Paul Valery Et le Theme de la Lumiere
96013: WILLIAM FALCONER - Falconer's New Universal Dictionary of the Marine, 1815
87468: FALK, STADELMANN & CO - Falk, Stadelmann & Co Catalogue No. 685. Oil Lamps and Fittings.
96849: FALLON, TIMOTHY D. - What Jesus Said and Why It Matters Now
85822: FALLOON, IAN R.; LAPORTA, MARC; FADDEN, GRAINNE; GRAHAM-HOLE, VICTOR - Managing Stress in Families : Cognitive and Behavioural Strategies for Enhancing Coping Skills
86563: FALLOON, IAN R.H.;LAPORTA, MARC;FADDEN, GRAINNE;GRAHAM-HOLE, VICTOR - Managing Stress in Families: Cognitive and Behavioural Strategies for Enhancing Coping Skills (Strategies for Mental Health)
86584: FALLOON MD, DR. IAN - Family Management of Schizophrenia: A Study of Clinical, Social, Family, and Economic Benefits (Johns Hopkins Series in Contemporary Medicine and Public Health)
77380: FANCHER, RAYMOND E. - The Intelligence Men : Makers of the I.Q. Controversy
80763: LE FANU, J. SHERIDAN - In a Glass Darkly
89540: JONES. J (MYRDDIN FARDD) - Gwerin-Eiriau Sir Gaernarfon Eu Hystyr a'u Hanes.
79778: FARGNOLI, A. NICHOLAS; GILLESPIE, MICHAEL PATRICK - James Joyce a to Z : An Encyclopedic Guide to His Life and Work
90285: J. JEFFERSON FARJEON - Mystery in White: A Christmas Crime Story (British Library Crime Classics)
98050: FARLEY, BENJAMIN W. - In Praise of Virtue: An Exploration of the Biblical Virtues in a Christian Context
60462: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Time's Last Gift
95514: FARMER, DAVID HUGH - The All Whites: The Life and Times of Swansea R.F. C.
81766: FARMER, J. S. - The Regimental Records of the British Army, 1660-1901
66834: TUPPER. MARTIN FARQUHAR - Geraldine, a Sequel to Coleridge`S Christabel with Otehr Poems. Bound with, Hactenus: More Droppings from the Pen That Wrote " a Thousand Lines", "the Crock of Gold", "Proverbial Philosophy", &C. &C. &C.J. Hatchard & Son, London, 1848.
54666: HOOK. WALTER FARQUHAR - A Church Dictionary: A Practical Manual of Reference for Clergymen and Students. Fourteenth Edition.
71334: FARQUHAR. J.N. - Modern Religious Movements in India.
90493: FARRELL, MICHAEL - The Special Education Handbook: An a-Z Guide
60435: FARREN, MICK - Protectorate
57441: FARSON, DANIEL - Dry Ship to the Mountains. Down the Volga and Across the Caucasus-in My Fathers Footsteps.
84691: FARTHLING, STEPHEN - An Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Art
84528: FAULKNER, PETER - Yeats : The Tower and the Winding Stair
77782: FAULKNER, PETER - Humanism in the English Novel
91681: FAURE, DANIEL; MOUILLERON, VERONIQUE ROUCHON - Cloisters of Europe: Gardens of Prayer.
68967: FAURE, GABRIEL - Complete Preludes, Impromptus and Valses-Caprices
96796: FAVEZ, JEAN-CLAUDE - The Red Cross and the Holocaust
96797: FAVEZ, JEAN-CLAUDE - The Red Cross and the Holocaust
94947: FAWDRY, MARGUERITE; BROWN, DEBORAH - The Book of Samplers
47877: SAMPSON. FAY - Visions and Voyages: Story of Our Celtic Heritage
48113: FEARN, JACQUELINE - Thatch and Thatching
48084: FEARN, JACQUELINE - Cast Iron
79291: FEARN, JACQUELINE - Domestic Bygones
65845: FEARN, NICHOLAS - Zeno and the Tortoise : How to Think Like a Philosopher
61063: FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL, JANE - The Garden : An English Love Affair: One Thousand Years of Gardening
67437: FEDER, KENNETH L. - A Village of Outcasts : Historical Archaeology and Documentary Research at the Lighthouse Site
67438: FEDER, KENNETH L. - A Village of Outcasts : Historical Archaeology and Documentary Research at the Lighthouse Site
90647: FEINSTEIN, ELAINE - Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet
87017: HEMANS. FELICIA - The Vespers of Palermo; a Tragedy. Records of Woman. Miscellaneous Poems.
41076: LEWIS. FELICITY - Needlepoint Samplers.
96154: RIDDY. FELICITY - Prestige, Authority and Power in Late Medieval Manuscripts and Texts (York Manuscripts Conference)
72721: TOPOLSKI. FELIKS - Topolski`S Buckingham Palace Panoramas.
81643: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO. FELIPE - England 1945-2000. A History of England. Volume 11.
47262: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO. FELIPE - Civilizations.
70460: LECOY. FELIX - Etudes de Langue Et de Litterature Du Moyen Age.
94689: BELLY. FELIX - A Travers L'amerique Centrale. Le Nicaragua Et le Canal Interoceanique. . .
97115: FELIX, PROFESSOR DAVID - Walther Rathenau and the Weimar Republic: The Politics of Reparations
61861: FURGER. ANDRES & MULLER. FELIX - Helvetian Gold. Celtic Treasures from Switzerland.
79166: SCHINDLER. ANTON FELIX - Beethoven As I Knew Him. Edited By Donald W. Macardle and Translated By Constance S. Jolly
93679: AUBEL. FELIX - 'ar Lwybr Amser' Hanes Capel Ffynnonbedr 1808-2009.
95476: MIRANDA FELLOWS - The Art of Angels and Cherubs
96594: FENBY, JONATHAN - The General: Charles de Gaulle and the France He Saved
82568: DE SALIGNAC. FRANCOIS/FENELON - Dialogues Des Morts Anciens Et Modernes, Avec Quelques Fables, Composes Pour L'education D'un Prince: . . . .
87562: FENN. DR. R.W.D. - Tarmac Papers. The Archives and History Initiative of Tarmac Limited. Volume Iv: (4) 2000
56425: FENTON, JOHN Y. - Affirmations Based on the Sunday and Principal Holy Day Readings : Asb Year 1 and 2
52058: FENTON, JOHN Y. - Religions of Asia
90747: FENTON, JOHN Y. - Finding the Way Through Mark
89445: FENTON. W.N. - Masked Medicine Societies of the Iroquois (Iroqrafts Iroquois Reprints)
97612: FENTON, JOHN C. - The Gospel of St. Matthew : Commentaries
67615: GAYE. PHOEBE FENWICK - John Gay. His Place in the Eighteenth Century.
62472: FENWICK, VALERIE; GALE, ALISON - Historic Shipwrecks : Discovered, Protected and Investigated
67559: MEYER. CONRAD FERDINAND - Samtliche Werke. Four Volumes Bound in Two.
77145: BRUNOT. FERDINAND - Precis de Grammaire Historique de la Francaise.
96637: HUME. FERGUS - Hagar of the Pawn-Shop.
76967: O`GORMAN. FERGUS - The Future of Irish Wildlife- a Blueprint for Development.
76475: M`LENNAN. JOHN FERGUSON - Studies in Ancient History. The Second Series. Comprising an Inquiry Into the Origin of Exogamy. . .
84261: FERGUSON, KITTY - Measuring the Universe : The Historical Quest to Quantify Space
97209: FERGUSSON, ADAM - When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Hyper-Inflation
42066: BARNETT. VIC & TURKMAN. K. FERIDUN - Statistics for the Environment 3. Pollution Assessment and Control.
46367: NELSON. FERN. K. - This Was Jackson`S Hole. Incidents & Profiles from the Settlement of Jackson`S Hole.
74587: VAN STEENBERGHEN. FERNAND - La Bibliotheque Du Philosophe Medieviste. . . .
74586: VAN STEENBERGHEN. FERNAND - Introduction a L`Etude de la Philosophie Medievale. . . . Preface de Georges Van Riet.
73652: DESONAY. FERNAND - L`Art D`Ecrire Une Lettre.
54315: FERNS, PETER N. ETC. - Birds of Gwent
82950: FERRIER, SUSAN - Marriage. By the Author of "the Inheritance," and "Destiny". Revised By the Author. Bentley's Standard Authors No. Lxxxiii.
82149: BONAVIA. FERRUCCIO - Verdi.
65357: BONAVIA. FERRUCCIO - Verdi.
89739: DINCER. FERRUH - Veterinary Medicine Historical Approaches. In Honour of Prof. Dr. Ferruh Dincer.
77778: FETZER, JOHN F. - Romantic Orpheus : Profiles of Clemens Brentano
95711: E.J. FEUCHTWANGER - Albert and Victoria: The Rise and Fall of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
99835: WILL FEY - Armor Battles of the Waffen Ss 1943-45 (Stackpole Military History)

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