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72524: ALDIN. CECIL - The Romance of the Road.
107414: REDDIE. CECIL - Abbotsholme. With Two Portraits and Thirty Illustrations.
86497: JENKIN. CECILIA - Memories of a Welsh Woman.
56906: CEDEBERG, GORAN - Classic Flyfishing Waters of the World
73544: JONES. E. CEFNI - Y Llawlyfr Moliant Newydd. At Wasanaeth Cynulleidfaoedd Y Bedyddwyr. (Sol-Ffa)
92077: RHYS. CEIDRYCH - Wales Magazine No. 45. October 1959.
79798: THOMAS. DR. CEINWEN (EDITOR) - Self-Government for the Celtic Counties. The Cases of Brittany, Wales and Scotland for the United Nations.
52958: KATZ. ROBERT & DARS. CELESTINE - The Impressionists.
65294: CELLINI, BENVENUTO - The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
108353: CELLINI. - The Autobioraphy of Benvenuto Cellini. The Harvard Classics. Volume 31. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
89736: CELSUS - Celsus de Medicina. With an English Translation By W.G. Spencer. Volume 1.
53055: RICHARDS. CERI - Ceri Richards. An Exhibition to Inaugurate the Ceri Richards Gallery Oriel Ceri Richards Taliesin University College of Swansea.
84340: RICHARDS. CERI - Ceri Richards Graphics. Exhibition Catalogue
84816: RICHARDS. CERI - Homage to Ceri Richards 1903-1971
62335: THOMPSON. CERI - Harnessed. Colliery Horses in Wales.
108253: LLOYD-MORGAN. CERIDWEN - Gwen John. Papers at the National Library of Wales.
77584: CEROU - L' Amant Auteur Et Valet. Edition Critique Par H. Gaston Hall
102673: FRANCIS. CERYS - Atgofion Ysgol Gwynfryn: Canmlwyddiant Ysgol Gwynfryn 1896-1996
103618: F.O. CETRE - Practical Larder Work
64455: CHADWICK, WHITNEY - Women, Art, and Society
80247: CHADWICK, NORA - The Celts
103325: CHADWICK, CHARLES - Secularization European Mind 19c (Canto Original Series)
75475: DE MANDIARGUES. ANDRE PIEYRE/CHAGALL. - Chagall. The Record of a Friendship. A Exhibition in Two Parts. . . . .
108111: MARC CHAGALL - The Jerusalem Windows
84503: CHAISSON, ERIC J. - Relatively Speaking : Relativity, Black Holes, and the Fate of the Universe
88655: CHAKRAVERTY, ANJAN - Indian Miniature Painting
106060: STEVE CHALKE - Radical: Exploring the Rise of Extremism and the Pathway to Peace
43202: JAMES. CHALWYN - An Age of Saints. Its Relevance for Us Today.
105882: BRENDA CHAMBERLAIN - Tide-Race
106398: LESLEY CHAMBERLAIN - Motherland: A Philosophical History of Russia
103493: CHAMBERS. E.K. - English Literature at the Close of the Middle Ages. The Oxford History of English Literature.
69333: CHAMBERS. H.A. - The Treasury of Negro Spirituals
91870: CHAMBERS, OSWALD; ZARLEY, KERMIT; ADAIR, JAMES R.; VERPLOEGH, HARRY - 101 Days in the Gospels with Oswald Chambers: Including Selections from the Gospels Interwoven in the Words of the New International Version By
87710: , CHAMBERS - The Chambers Dictionary (10th Ed)
77757: CHAMFORT - Mustapha Et Zeangir. Edition Critique Par Simon Davies.
70486: CHAMPFLEURY. - Le Violon de Faience. Les Enfants Du Proffesseur Turck, la Sonnette de M. Berloquin. Textes Litteraires Francais.
100809: CHAMPION. A.G. - Counterurbanization: The Changing Pace and Nature of Population Deconcentration
72976: CHAN, STEPHEN - Twelve Years of Commonwealth Diplomatic History : Commonwealth Summit Meetings, 1979-1991
87030: JACK CHANCE - Trout and Salmon Flies: A Guide
71185: CHANCE. PROF. T.W. - The Life of Principal William Edwards.
87031: JACK CHANCE - Trout and Salmon Flies: A Guide
104899: L BOSTOCK; F S CHANDLER - Mechanics for a-Level (Core Maths)
103913: HA-JOON CHANG - 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism
53612: CHANT, CHRISTOPHER - Warships of the 20th Century
101486: JOY CHANT - The High Kings
57386: CHAPLIN, GORDON - The Fever Coast Log
102962: T. ROBIN CHAPMAN - Un Bywyd O Blith Nifer: Cofiant Saunders Lewis
95814: CHAPMAN, WILLIAM R. - The Face of Tibet
97373: CHAPMAN, COLIN R. - Cross and Crescent: Responding to the Challenge of Islam
108438: COLIN R. CHAPMAN - How Heavy, How Much and How Long?: Weights, Money and Other Measures Used By Our Ancestors (Chapman's Records Cameos)
68411: AUSTEN. JANE / CHAPMAN. R.W. - Jane Austen`S Letterd to Her Sister Cassandra and Others. Second Edition.
101830: CHAPONE. MRS. - Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. A New Edition.
105216: CHAPPELL. V.C. - Hume. Modern Studies in Philosophy.
79115: CHAPPELL. A.F. - The Enigma of Rabelais. An Essay in Interpretation.
65648: CHARING, DOUGLAS - Six World Faiths
77238: LA CHARITE, RAYMOND C. - Recreation, Reflection & Re-Creation: Perspectives on Rabelais's Pantagruel
89265: GOSHEN. CHARLES E - Documentary History of Psychiatry. A Source Book on Historical Principles.
67693: LELAND. CHARLES G - Hans Breutmann`S Barty and Other Ballads.
108351: DARWIN. CHARLES - The Voyage of the Beagle. The Harvard Classics. Volume 29. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
108352: ELIOT. CHARLES W. EDITOR. - Scientific Papers. Physics. Chemistry. Astronomy. Geology. The Harvard Classics. Volume 30. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
104617: ROSNER. CHARLES - The Art of the Book Jacket.
108368: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - Elizabethan Drama. In Two Volumes. Volume 1. Marlowe. Shakespeare. The Harvard Classics Volume 46. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
68529: DIKENS. CHARLES - Reprinted Pieces.
82131: SEIGNOBOS. CHARLES - Histoire Sincere de la Nation Francaise. Essai D'une Histoire de L'evolution Du Peuple Francais.
82625: WILLIAMS. CHARLES - The Vegetable World.
76221: VEREKER. CHARLES - Eighteenth-Century Optimism. . . .
104552: SMITH. CHARLES H - Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace
108354: ELIOT. CHARLES W. EDITOR. - Literary and Philosophical Essays. French, German and Italian. The Harvard Classics. Volume 32. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
70253: DUFFIN. HENRY CHARLES - Arnold the Poet.
108327: EMERSON. R.W./ELIOT. CHARLES W. - Essays and English Traiits. The Harvard Classics. Volume 5. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
103149: STEVENSON. CHARLES L. - Ethics and Language
102647: STONOR. CHARLES - The Sherpa and the Snowman.
108325: ELIOT CHARLES W. EDITOR - Essays, Civil and Moral and the New Atlantis By Francis Bacon. Areopagitica and Tractate on Education By John Milton. Religo Medici By Sir Thomas Browne. The Harvard Classics Volume 3. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
102428: KINGSTON. CHARLES - Remarkable Rogues. The Careers of Some Notable Criminals of Europe and America. With Eight Illustrations.
81171: SINNETT. CHARLES E. - The Day Thou Gavest. Comedy Romance Drama. 1889-Victoriana
101395: LEVER. CHARLES - Jack Hinton. The Guardsman. With Illustrations
108365: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - American Historical Documents 1000 to 1904. The Harvard Classics Volume 43. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
108350: ELIOT. CHARLES W. EDITOR - Essays English and American. The Harvard Classics. Volume 28. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
80914: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Complete Plays and Selected Poems of Charles Dickens.
87729: BELL. SIR CHARLES - The Hand; Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments, As Evincing Design. Fifth Edition Revised with Woodcuts.
107866: BOUTELL. CHARLES - Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, Also a Descriptive Notice of Modern Weapons.
101520: CHURCHILL. CHARLES - The Poetical Works of Charles Churchill, in Three Volumes with a Life of the Author.
102558: WHITING. CHARLES - First Blood. The Battle of the Kasserine Pass.
72335: FREEMAN. CHARLES - Ancient Egypt.
108362: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - English Poetry in Three Volumes. Volume 1. From Chaucer to Gray. The Harvard Classics Volume 40. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
101409: READE. CHARLES - Love Me Little Love Me Long. Library Edition.
56463: ROY. CHARLES R - A Concordance of Subjects.
58637: LAMB. CHARLES - Charles Lamb`S Works. Rosamund Gray, Essays, Letters, and Poems.
107403: JEWSON. CHARLES B - People of Medieval Norwich.
106259: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. New Century Library Volume 2.
85785: RYCROFT. CHARLES - Reich. Fontana Modern Masters.
75836: METZ. HAROLD W. & THOMSON. CHARLES A.H. - Authoritarianism and the Individual.
64902: WILKINS. CHARLES - Tales and Sketches of Wales.
54016: WHITING. CHARLES - Werewolf. The Story of the Nazi Resistance Movement 1944-1945
51556: GORE. CHARLES - The Holy Spirit and the Church.
51413: DICKENS. CHARLES - My Early Times. Compiled and Edited By Peter Rowland.
51079: KNIGHT. CHARLES - The Industrial Arts and Sciences of All Nations. Volume 1, Useful Arts-Agriculture & Manufacture.
38088: NEMETH. CHARLES P. - The Case of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Trial By Canon Law.
33848: KUNSTLER. CHARLES - The Personal Life of Marie-Antoinette. Translated from the French By Margot Robert Adamson.
109097: TOWER. CHARLES - The Moselle. With Illustrations in Colour and Black and White By Lionel Edwards.
108363: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - English Poetry in Three Volumes. Volume 2. From Collins to Fitzgerald. . the Harvard Classics Volume 41. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
109213: BREARS. CHARLES - Lincolnshire in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Compiled from National, County, and Parish Recrds. . .
79405: COTTON. CHARLES - Poems from the Works of Charles Cotton. Newly Decorated By Claud Lovat Fraser.
68365: SWINBURNE.ALGERNON CHARLES - Atalanta in Calydon. . . .
77361: TOUTAIN. CHARLES - La Tragedie D`Agamemnon. Edition Critique Par Trevor Peach.
77362: TOUTAIN. CHARLES - La Tragedie D`Agamemnon. Edition Critique Par Trevor Peach.
78548: ARCH. CHARLES - On with the Show. The Cardi at the Royal Welsh.
108364: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - English Poetry in Three Volumes. Volume 3. From Tennyson to Whitman. . the Harvard Classics Volume 42. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
106435: COX. J. CHARLES - The Parish Registers of England.
80636: BARKER. GEORGE. BELL. MARTIN. CAUSLEY. CHARLES - Penguin Modern Poets 3.
60286: BAILEY. HILARY & PLATT. CHARLES - New World`S 7.
42163: MESSENGER. CHARLES - The Second World War in the West. Cassell History of Warfare.
77710: NODIER. CHARLES - Oeuvres Dramatiques Ii. Bertram le Monstre Et le Magicien le Songe D`Or (Fragments) Edition Critique Par Ginette Picat-Guinoiseau.
67971: SZYMKOWICZ. CHARLES - Charles Szymkowicz. Oeuvres de 1970 a 1992. Musee Des Beau-Arts de Mons 10 Octobre-29 Novembre 1992
101469: KINGSLEY. CHARLES - Yeast. A Problem.
108361: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - Prefaces and Prologues to Famous Books. The Harvard Classics Volume 39. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
65269: DYSON. A.E. / DICKENS. CHARLES - Dickens' "Bleak House" Casebook Series.
43838: CHESSHIRE. CHARLES - Clematis. The Royal Horticultural Society Practical Guides.
43839: CHESSHIRE. CHARLES - Lawns and Ground Cover. The Royal Horticultural Society Practical Guides.
66751: DICKENS. CHARLES - My Early Times. Compiled and Edited By Perter Rowland.
68447: DUFFIN. HENRY CHARLES - Amphibian. A Reconsideration of Browning.
65361: NICHOLL. CHARLES - The Lodger. Shakespeare on Silver Street.
74453: LEFEVRE. CHARLES - Sur L`Evolution D`Aristote En Psychologie. Preface de Suzanne Mansion. Aristote Traductions Et Etudes.
97995: BARRETT. CHARLES - Australian Nature Wonders.
92602: EVANS. HAZEL CHARLES - Bethel Carwe 1891-1991.
89758: BRYAN. CHARLES S - For Goodness Sake. The Seven Basic Virtues.
106395: COULTER. JOHN M. & CHAMBERLAIN. CHARLES J. - Morphology of Gymnosperms. Revised Edition.
L4881: GRAVES. CHARLES - The Wood of Time & Other Poems.
79178: LAMB. CHARLES - Specimens of English Dramatic Poets Who Lived About the Time of Shakespeare with the Extracts from the Garrick Plays with Notes By Charles Lamb.
108333: DARWIN. CHARLES - The Origin of Species. The Harvard Classics. Volume 11. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
108366: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - Sacred Writings in Two Volumes. Volume 1. Confucian. Hebrew Christian (Part 1)the Harvard Classics Volume 44. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
73128: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. Introduction By Christopher Hibbert. Drawings By Charles Keeping.
108323: ELIOT CHARLES W. EDITOR - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The Journal of John Woolman. Fruits of Solitude William Penn. The Harvard Classics Volume 1. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
108324: ELIOT CHARLES W. EDITOR - The Apology, Phaedo and Crito By Plato; the Golden Sayings By Epictetus; the Meditations By Marcus Aurelius: The Harvard Classics Volume 2. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
86756: STEPHENSON. CHARLES - Castles. A History of Fortified Structures Ancient, Medieval & Modern.
82964: BALL. CHARLES - An Historical Account of Winchester, with Descriptive Walks. Lacks Frontispiece.
78960: GRAVES. CHARLES L - More Hawarden Horace.
92603: EVANS. HAZEL CHARLES - Bethel Carwe 1891-1991.
95167: BRADEN. CHARLES S. - Religious Aspects of the Conquest of Mexico.
108372: ELIOT. CHARLES W. EDITOR - The Editor's Introduction. Reader's Guide. Index to the First Lines of Poems, Songs & Choruses Hymns & Psalms. General Index Chronological Index. The Harvard Classics Volume 50. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
106262: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. New Century Library Volume 5.
59042: NEWTON-ROBINSON. CHARLES - Tintinnabula. New Poems.
108953: CHARLES. B.G. - Calendar of the Records of the Borough of Haverfordwest 1539-1660.
106266: DICKENS. CHARLES - American Notes & a Child's History of England. New Century Library Volume 9.
109115: LANE. CHARLES - Frank Algernon Stewart (1877-1945) Essay No. 30. March 1995.
76978: KINCH. CHARLES - La Poesie Satirique de Clement Marot.
70641: FOULON. CHARLES - Melanges de Langue Et Litterature Francaises Du Moyen Age Et de la Renaissance. Volume 1.
81124: WELSH. CHARLES - Goody Two-Shoes. A Facsimile Reproduction of the Edition of 1766 with an Introduction.
82192: MAURON. CHARLES - Le Theatre de Girandoux. Etude Psychocritique.
101255: HINDLEY. CHARLES (EDITOR) - The Old Book Collector's Miscellany: Or a Collection of Readable Reprints of Literary Rarities. . . . Volume One and Two Only.
60174: BROWN. CHARLES N - Far Travellers. Three Science Fiction Novellas.
81303: TURNER. REV. CHARLES - Sonnets, Lyrics, and Translations.
106260: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Adventures of Oliver Twist & Sketches By Boz. New Century Library Volume 3.
105385: ELLICOTT. CHARLES J. - The Pastoral Epistles of St Paul: With a Critical and Grammatical Commentary, and a Revised Translation. Third Edition, Corrected.
108330: ELIOT. CHARLES W. EDITOR - Nine Greek Dramas By Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes: The Harvard Classics. Volume 8. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
102444: DOUGHTY. CHARLES M. - Travels in Arabia Deserta. With an Introduction By T.E. Lawrence. . New and Definitive Edition. Two Volume Set.
106575: CHARLES. B.G. - Non-Celtic Place-Names in Wales.
108326: MILTON. JOHN/ELIOT. CHARLES W. - The Complete Poems of John Milton. The Harvard Classics. Volume 4. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
72221: BEEBE. LUCIUS & CLEGG. CHARLES - Narrow Gauge in the Rockies.
105940: SMITH. CHARLES H. - Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace
79721: CHURCHILL. CHARLES - Poems of Charles Churchill. Edited By James Laver. Two Volumes Bound in One.
101514: KINGSLEY. CHARLES - The Water Babies. The Works of Charles Kingsley Volume Ix (9)
98398: BUGNET. MAJOR CHARLES - Foch Speaks.
108367: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - Sacred Writings in Two Volumes. Volume 2. Christian (Part 2. ) Buddhist. Hindu. Mohammedan. The Harvard Classics Volume 45. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
79633: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Works of Charles Dickens. Household Edition. Barnaby Rudge.
108355: ELIOT. CHARLES W. EDITOR. - Voyages and Travels Ancient and Modern. The Harvard Classics. Volume 33. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
99218: WHEELEY. CHARLES H - Coarse Fish with Notes on Taxidermy Fishing in Lower Thames, Etc. The Anglers Library.
108369: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - Elizabethan Drama. In Two Volumes. Volume 2. Dekker. Jonson. Beaumont and Fletcher. Webster. Massinger. The Harvard Classics Volume 47. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
100690: READE. CHARLES - Readiana Comments on Current Events. Bible Characters. Library Edition.
97750: DAVY. CHARLES - Words in the Mind. Exploring Some Effects of Poetry, English and French.
73407: DE BOURDIGNE. CHARLES - La Legende Joyeuse de Maistre Pierre Faifeu. Edition Critique Par Francis Valette.
108371: ELIOT. CHARLES W. EDITOR - Epic and Saga. Beowulf. The Song of Roland. The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel. The Story of the Volsungs and Niblungsthe Harvard Classics Volume 49. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
90731: PRICE CHARLES - Matthew (Focus on the Bible)
83078: EDMONDS. CHARLES - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin: Comprising the Celebrated Political & Satirical Poems . . . . . Second Edition.
84442: LANCASTER. CHARLES - An Illustrated Treatise on the Art of Shooting, with Extracts from the Best Authorities. Third Edition.
98365: HILL. CHARLES L. - The Guernsey Breed.
84302: GUIGNON. CHARLES - Richard Rorty
102348: CARRINGTON. CHARLES - Rudyard Kipling. His Life and Work.
106264: DICKENS. CHARLES - Dombey and Son. New Century Library Volume 7.
108360: ELIOT. CHARLES W EDITOR - Scientific Papers. Physiology. Medicine. Surgery. Geology. The Harvard Classics Volume 38. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
88039: CHARLES G. ROLAND, MD, DSC; OSLER LIBRARY - Osler Library Studies in the History of Medicine. Number 11: "Noted Surgeon, Fine Citizen" : The Life of Archibald E. Malloch, Md 1844-1919
98717: CHARLESTON. R.J. - Engliah Glass. 4 July-31 August
22092: CHARLESWORTH. M.P. - Gregynog Lectures, 1948. The Lost Province, Or the Worth of Britain.
20454: CHARLESWORTH. M.P. - The Lost Province. Or the Worth of Britain.
67207: CURRER BELL / BRONTE. CHARLOTTE - Shirley. A Tale. A New Edition.
86196: JACKSON. LADY CATHERINE CHARLOTTE - The Court of France in the Sixteenth Century 1514-1559. Two Volume Set.
L361: GUEST. CHARLOTTE - Mabinogion Tales from the Red Book of Hergest. Translated By Charlotte Guest. Edited By Owen Edwards. Illustrations Supplied By Jo Nathan.
86234: YONGE. CHARLOTTE M - Chantry House. In Two Volumes.
73298: SEYMOUR-SMITH. CHARLOTTE - Macmillan Dictionary of Anthropology
73297: SEYMOUR-SMITH. CHARLOTTE - Macmillan Dictionary of Anthropology
75903: DE CHARNES. J.-A. - Conversationes Sur la Critique de la Princesse de Cleves.
67419: CHARTIER, ALAIN - Fifteenth-Century Translations of Alain Chartier's le Traité de L'esperance and le Quadriloque Invectif Vol. Ii : Introduction, Notes and Glossary
38845: FOWLER. CHAS. B. - Rambling Sketches from the Old Churches in the Diocese of Llandaff. (Facsimile Edition)
88100: FOWLER. CHAS. B. - Rambling Sketches from the Old Churches in the Diocese of Llandaff.
101742: PETER CHASSEAUD - Mapping the Second World War: The History of the War Through Maps from 1939 to 1945
67830: CHATEAUBRIAND - Sublimities de Chateaubriand.
68382: CHATWIN, F. - The Viceroy of Ouidah
59603: CHATWIN, B. - What Am I Doing Here
56880: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Prioresses Tale. From the Canterbury Tales.
69036: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Canterbury Tales
99993: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY/DAVIES. W. BEYNON - Canterbury Tales in Contemporary Verse By J.U. Nicolson. . with the Woodcuts of William Caxton. A Fine Clean Copy.
70142: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - Troilus and Criseyde
104624: HOY. MICHAEL & STEVENS. MICHAEL/CHAUCER - Chaucer's Major Tales.
105185: NIRAD C. CHAUDHURI - Three Horsemen of the New Apocalypse (Oxford India Paperbacks)
94736: CHECKSFIELD. M.M. - Portraits of Renaissance Life and Thought.
92053: CHEETHAM, ANTHONY - The Life and Times of Richard Iii (Kings & Queens of England)
103557: DR PETER CHEEVERS - Coping with Family Stress: How to Deal with Difficult Relatives
104616: ANTON PAVLOVICH CHEKHOV - The Steppe and Other Stories (World's Classics)
75937: KIEN-KWONG. CHEN - Summation of the Fourier Series of Orthogonal Functions.
105414: TRENCH. RICHARD CHENEVIX - Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord.
53854: CHERNOW, FRED B. - The Sharper Mind : Mental Games for a Keen Mind and a Foolproof Memory
107934: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER; BRIDGET CHERRY - London, Vol. 1: The Cities of London and Westminster (the Buildings of England)
62175: CHERRY, REGINALD - Healing Prayer: God's Divine Intervention in Medicine, Faith, and Prayer
107943: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER; BRIDGET CHERRY - Wiltshire (Pevsner Buildings of England)
107919: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER; BRIDGET CHERRY - Hertfordshire (the Buildings of England)
107916: IAN NAIRN; NIKOLAUS PEVSNER; BRIDGET CHERRY - Surrey (the Buildings of England)
89426: BURNS. CHESTER R - Legacies in Law and Medicine
96842: CHESTERTON, G.K. - Heretics
67070: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Father Brown Stories
104760: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Man Who Knew Too Much and Other Stories.
80839: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Penguin Complete Father Brown
95967: MAYANK CHHAYA - Dalai Lama: The Revealing Life Story and His Struggle for Tibet
74737: SIBONA. CHIARA - Le Sens Qui Resonne. . . .
86131: MOSLEY. CHARLES (EDITOR IN CHIEF) - Burke's Landed Gentry. 19th Edition Volumes 3 and 4: The Principality of Wales and the North West Including the Duchy of Lancaster, Cumbria and the Isle of Man.
73068: CHIHARA, CHARLES S. - Constructibility and Mathematical Existence
65428: CHILDERS, ERSKINE - The Riddle of the Sands
101504: LEWIS CHILDS - Kimberley (Battleground South Africa)
105923: DAVID CHILTON - The Days of Vengeance : An Exposition of the Book of Revelation
91805: CHILTON-YOUNG,FRANCIS - Home Carpentry for Handy Men: A Book of Practical Instruction. . . .
99722: CHINNERY, PHILIP D. - Korean Atrocity! Forgotten War Crimes 1950-1953
102545: PHILIP CHINNERY - Any Time Any Place: History of Usaf Air Commandos and Special Operations
107068: HERSCHEL B. CHIPP - Theories of Modern Art: A Source Book By Artists and Critics (California Studies in the History of Art)
105132: JOAN CHISSELL - Schumann (Master Musician)
104353: ROWAN WILLIAMS; JOAN CHITTISTER - For All That Has Been, Thanks: Growing a Sense of Gratitude
62581: CHIVERS. I.G. - Underwater Association Code of Practice for Scientific Diving. Second Edition.
100755: NOAM CHOMSKY - Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs (Chomsky Perspectives)
105261: NOAM CHOMSKY - Hegemony Or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance (Penguin Celebrations)
107628: NOAM CHOMSKY - Language and Politics
106742: KATE CHOPIN - The Awakening: And Other Stories (Oxford World's Classics)
86082: CHOPIN - Preludes for the Piano. Edited Revised and Fingered By Rafael Joseffy.
86088: CHOPIN - Complete Works for the Piano. Book 3. (Mikuli)
94696: CHOTZEN. TH. M. - Recherches Sur la Poesie de Dafydd Ab Gwilym. Barde Gallois Du Xive Siecle.
55391: CHOWDHURY, SUBIR - The Talent Era : Achieving a High Return on Talent
77013: CHRETIEN - Guillaume. D`Angleterre. Edition Critique Par A.J. Holden.
78665: CHRETIEN - Perceval le Gallois: Ou, le Conte Du Graal
101727: HAKES. CHRIS - Total Quality Management: The Key to Business Improvement
25875: CRAGGS. CHRIS - Limestone. 100 Best Limestone Climbs in Britain.
100414: WELCH. CHRIS - The Story of the Who
77715: VANLANDINGHAM. CHRIS - Judgement & Justification in Early Judaism and the Apostle Paul.
83156: RICHARDS. CHRIS - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Religions
101139: FRY. CHRISOPHER - The Dark Is Light Enough. A Winter Comedy.
101150: FRY. CHRISOPHER - The Lady's Not for Burning.
94954: STEWARD. JAMES CHRISTEN - The Collections of the Romanovs: European Art from the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
108647: P. A. D. HOLLOM; R. F. PORTER; S. CHRISTENSEN - Birds of the Middle East and North Africa
107773: GANANDER. CHRISTFRID - Mythologia Fennica
43938: TROEBST. CORD-CHRISTIAN - Conquest of the Sea.
64243: AMBROSI. CHRISTIAN - La France 1870-1970
82224: MORGENSTERN. CHRISTIAN - Alle Galgenlieder. . .
72198: HEWISON. CHRISTIAN H - Locomotive Boiler Explosions.
79408: MORGENSTERN. CHRISTIAN - Gesammelte Werke in Einem Band.
108999: AWDRY. CHRISTIANA - Christiana Awdry's Household Book (Country Bookshelf)
95432: CHRISTIANSEN, REX - Forgotten Railways: Severn Valley and Welsh Border
88456: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT - The Victorian Visitors: Culture Shock in Nineteenth-Century Britain
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103315: DON CUPITT - Long-Legged Fly: A Theology of Longing and Desire
103313: DON CUPITT - Creation out of Nothing
103317: DON CUPITT - The Debate About Christ
104572: DON CUPITT - The Sea of Faith
104445: DON CUPITT - Lifelines
105313: DON CUPITT - After All: Religion without Alienation
76740: CURRAN, PAUL J.; KONDRATYEV, K. YA; KOZOGEROV, V. - Remote Sensing of Soils and Vegetation in the Ussr.
97114: CURRENT, RICHARD NELSON - Secretary Stimson: A Study in Statescraft
108808: ELIZABETH CURRIE - Inside the Renaissance House
81698: ALEXANDER. W.F. & CURRIE. A.E. - New Zealand Verse.
88129: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on Heaven. Great Preaching Series Volume 3.
88131: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on the New Year. Great Preaching Series Volume 5.
88132: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on Mothers. Great Preaching Series Volume 6.
88133: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on Patriotism. Great Preaching Series Volume 7.
88134: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on Prayer. Great Preaching Series Volume 8.
88138: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on Soul Winning. Great Preaching Series Volume 13.
88140: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on Judgement. Great Preaching Series Volume 15.
88141: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on Comfort. Great Preaching Series Volume 16.
79574: TURRILL. W.B./CURTIS - Curtis`S Botanical Magazine. Containing Coloured Figures with Descriptions and Observations on the Botany History and Culture of Choice Plants. Volume Clxxiii Part Iii.
88142: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on Christmas. Great Preaching Series Volume 10.
79572: TURRILL. W.B./CURTIS - Curtis`S Botanical Magazine. Containing Coloured Figures with Descriptions and Observations on the Botany History and Culture of Choice Plants. Volume Clxxiii Part Iv.
63486: CURTIS, TONY - Heaven's Gate
88128: HUTSON. CURTIS - Great Preaching on the the Deity of Christ. Great Preaching Series Volume 2.
79573: TURRILL. W.B./CURTIS - Curtis`S Botanical Magazine. Containing Coloured Figures with Descriptions and Observations on the Botany History and Culture of Choice Plants. Volume Clxxiii Part Ii.
108829: MARY CURTIS - Antiquities of Laugharne, Pendine and Their Neighbourhoods
105870: CURTIS, TONY - Dannie Abse. Writers of Wales Series.
93699: CURTIS, TONY - Preparations: Poems 1974-79
86607: CURTIS, EDWARD S. - The Plains Indian Photographs of Edward S. Curtis
92648: MURPHY. ROBERT CUSHMAN - Oceanic Birds of South America. A Study of Species of the Related Coasts and Seas. . . . . Two Volume Set.
106188: BEDE. CUTHBERT - The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, an Oxford Freshman. Illustrations By the Author. Fine "Arts and Crafts" Binding.
100810: ALEXANDER R. CUTHBERT - Designing Cities: Critical Readings in Urban Design
106132: FOSTER. A.J. & CUTHELL. E.E. - The Robber Baron of Bedford Castle. A Story of the 13th Century.
59872: CUTHELL, JOHN P. - Virtual Learning : The Impact of Ict on the Way Young People Work and Learn
59871: CUTHELL, JOHN P. - Virtual Learning : The Impact of Ict on the Way Young People Work and Learn
105340: THE DALAI LAMA; EDITED BY RAJIV MEHROTRA; HOWARD C. CUTLER - The Essential Dalai Lama: His Important Teachings
104505: LOUISE CUYLER - The Symphony
93972: CYMDEITHAS ALAWON GWERIN CYMRU - Cymdeithas Alawon Gwerin Cymru =: The Welsh Folk-Song Society : 1908-1983
63964: LAKE. A. CYNFAEL - Cyfres Beirdd Yr Uchelwyr : Gwaith Mathau Brwmffild
75171: CYPRIANI. - Galli Poetae. Heptatevchos. Accedunt Incertorum de Sodoma Et Iona. . . . . . Recensuit Et Commentio Criticio Instruxit Rudolfus Peiper.
62027: ROGERS. CYRIL - Budgerigars and How to Breed Them. Fourth Edition.
93236: BUNT. CYRIL G.E. - Russian Art. From Scyths to Soviets.
92667: ALDRED. CYRIL - Egypt to the End of the Old Kingdom.
70072: RODD. CYRIL S - New Occasions Teach New Duties? : Christian Ethics for Today
61149: THOMPSON. CYRIL - Ordinary People. True Accounts from Wartime Ex-Aircrew.
89619: CULE. CYRIL P. - Gweld Y Byd. Llyfrau Pawb.
93783: FIELD. CYRIL - The British Navy Book.
109045: ZBIGNIEW CZAJKOWSKI - Warsaw 1944: An Insurgent's Journal of the Uprising Written By Zbigniew Czajkowski
73684: L'ABBE-D'AUBIGNAC - Dissertations Contre Corneille. Edition Critique Par Nicholas Hammond Et Michael Hawcroft.
105650: ANON/ COUSIN D'AVALLON - Gasconiana, Ou Recueil Des Hauts Faits Et Jeux D'esprit Des Enfans de la Garonne, Par M.C. . .
55779: D'AVILA-LATOURRETTE, VICTOR-ANTOINE - Table Blessings : Mealtime Prayers Throughout the Year
77749: D'EGLANTINE, P. FABRE - Le Philinte de Moliere. Edition Etablie Et Presentee Par Judith K. Proud.
101614: ISAAC D'ISRAELI - Curiosities of Literature Fifth Edition; Revised, Altered, and Enlarged with New Articles. 2 Volume Set
96967: DINESH D'SOUZA - Life After Death
85931: DA VINCI, LEONARDO - Prophecies and Other Literary Writings.
57493: DA VINCI, LEONARDO - Leonardo Da Vinci
89165: DA VINCI, LEONARDO/CLAYTON. MARTIN - Leonardo Da Vinci. One Hundred Drawings from the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen.
85197: DA VINCI, LEONARDO - Leonardo on Painting : An Anthology of Writings By Leonardo Da Vinci with a Selection of Documents Relating to His Career
86104: DA VINCI, LEONARDO/WRAY. WILLIAM - Leonardo Da Vinci : In His Own Words
83404: JENKINS. DAFYDD - Llyfr Colan. Y Gyfraith Gymreig Yn Ol Hanner Cyntaf Llawysgrif Peniarth 30
74559: JENKINS. DAFYDD - Llyfr Colan. Y Gyfraith Gymreig Yn Ol Hanner Cyntaf Llawysgrif Peniarth 30.
61399: IFANS. DAFYDD - Annwyl Kate, Annwyl Saunders. Gohebiaeth 1923-1983.
45853: OWEN. DAFYDD - Cynan. Writers of Wales Series.
52388: IFANS. DAFYDD - Annwyl Kate, Annwyl Saunders. Gohebiaeth 1923-1983.
22629: OWEN. DAFYDD - Cynan. [Writers of Wales Series]
101871: PRICE. DAFYDD M. - Greatest of the Three. A Historical Survey of Laugharne and Pendine.
108568: PRICE. DAFYDD M. - Greatest of the Three. A Historical Survey of Laugharne and Pendine.
102408: AP GWILYM. DAFYDD - Cywyddau Dafydd Ap Gwilym a'i Gyfoeswyr. . . . Gan Ifor Williams a Thomas Roberts.
104163: PRICE. DAFYDD M. - Greatest of the Three. A Historical Survey of Laugharne and Pendine.
81689: DAFYDD AP GWILYM;FULTON, HELEN - Selections from the Dafydd Ap Gwilym Apocrypha
106015: DAGG. J.L. - Manual of Theology and Church Order.
62578: DAGGETT, CHARLES; SHAFFER, CHRISTOPHER - Diving for the Griffin
67301: RUNES. DAGOBERT D. - Who's Who in Philosophy
90640: ROALD DAHL - Dirty Beasts
104909: ROALD DAHL - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Illustrated By Quentin Blake.
91199: DAHL, ROALD - My Uncle Oswald
91198: DAHL, ROALD - The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More
91196: DAHL, ROALD - Switch Bitch: The "Visitor", the "Great Switcheroo", the "Last Act", "Bitch"
91197: DAHL, ROALD - Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying
105499: DAVIES. DAI - Dai Davies Not out. . . 78. Talking to John Edwards.
89412: JOHNSON. H. DAINTREE - Surgical Aspects of Medicine.
84086: DAIX, PIERRE - Picasso : Life and Art
107556: ANDREW DALBY - Siren Feasts: A History of Food and Gastronomy in Greece
96145: DALBY, ANDREW - Makers of Modern World Subscription: South East Asia (Makers of the Modern World)
108071: PETER DALE - Brecknock, Carmarthen and Radnor's Lost Railways
96983: COYE DALE F. - Art Deco Painting and Design (Pocket Companion Guides - Centuries of Style)
99067: DALE. T.F. - Riding, Driving and Kindred Sports. The Sports Library.
71231: DALE. R.W. - History of English Congregationalism. Second Edition.
61889: DALE-JONES, DON - A.G. Prys-Jones
92119: DALE-JONES, DON - A.G. Prys-Jones (Writers of Wales)
86310: DALLEY, JAN - The Black Hole: Money, Myth and Empire
57233: DALLY, PETER; WATKINS, MARY J. - Psychology and Psychiatry : An Integrated Approach. Sixth Edition.
109046: WILLIAM DALRYMPLE - Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan
66512: TEN DAM, HANS - Exploring Reincarnation
103559: N. N. DAMANI - Manual of Infection Control Procedures
96314: DAMES, MICHAEL - Merlin and Wales: A Magician's Landscape
95603: MICHAEL DAMES - Merlin and Wales: A Magician's Landscape
56341: DAMES, MICHAEL - Merlin and Wales : A Magician's Landscape
71137: MCELRATH. DAMIAN - The Syllabus of Pius Ix. Some Reactions in England.
94108: GIOVANNA DAMIANI - San Marco Florence the Museum and Its Art
60224: KNIGHT. DAMON - A Century of Science Fiction. Unabridged.
60559: KNIGHT. DAMON - Turning on.
108577: ANDREW ZEGA; BERND H. DAMS - Garden Vases
106501: ANDREW ZEGA; BERND H. DAMS - Garden Vases
42161: VAN DER VAT. DAN - Stealth at Sea. The History of the Submarine.
108345: DANA. R.H. - Two Years Before the Mast and Twenty-Four Years Later. The Harvard Classics. Volume 23. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
51897: DANDO-COLLINS, STEPHEN - Caesar's Legion : The Epic Saga of Julius Caesar's Elite Tenth Legion and the Armies of Rome
88411: DANIEL, GLYN - Some Small Harvest. The Memoirs of Glyn Daniel.
86849: EVANS. BARCH. DANIEL - Gwinllan Y Bardd; Sef Prydyddwaith Ar Amrywiol Destunau a Gwahanol Fesurau. . . .
73265: CALLAHAN. DANIEL - The Secular City Debate.
48117: DANIEL, CHRISTOPHER S - Sundials
82016: MORNET. DANIEL - Histoire de la Literature Francaise Classique 1660-1700. Ses Caracteres Veritables Ses Aspects Inconnus.
108298: CHRISTOPHER ST.J.H. DANIEL - Sundials (Shire Album)
67198: DANIEL, CHRISTOPHER S - Some Small . The Memoirs of Glyn Daniel.
105922: NEAL. DANIEL - The History of the Puritans Or, Protestant Nonconformists; from the Reformation in 1517, to the Revolution in 1688; Comprising an Account of Their Principles; Their Attempts for a Farther Reformation in the Church, Their Sufferings. . Three Volume Set.
76790: HILLEL. DANIEL - Advances in Irrigation. Two Volume Set.
92881: DANIEL, BRIGID; WASSELL, SALLY; GILLIGAN, ROBBIE - Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers
97932: JONES. DANIEL E. - Hanes Plwyfi Llangeler a Phenboyr:
90973: REES. DANIEL - Monks of England: Benedictines in England from Augustine to the Present Day
101528: DEFOE. DANIEL - The Fortunes & Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders. . . . . With Drawingsby Nigel Lambourne.
92405: HUWS. DANIEL - Caneuon Llafar Gwlad Ac Iolo a'i Fath.
90158: JONES. DANIEL E. - Hane Plwyfi Llangeler a Phenboyr. . . .
96652: CASEY. DANIEL - Cork Lyrics; Or, Scraps from the "Beautiful City," Consisting of Election Squibs,-"Corporate Ballads,"-Fancy Ball Songs,-Humerous Effusions, &C &C, Many of Which Have Appeared in the Cork Papers, with Others Now for the First Time Published.
97541: FAIVRE. DANIEL - Celebrating Jesus: A Multifaith Appreciation
106454: DEFOE. DANIEL - The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner: Who Lived Eight and Twenty Years All Alone in an Uninhabited Island on the Coast of America, Near the Mouth of the Great River Oroonoque. . Seventeenth Edition,Two Volume Set.
98068: DANIELOU, JEAN; MARROU, HENRI I. - The First Six Hundred Years. The Christian Centuries Volume 1
107365: RICHARD DANIELS - Blues Guitar: Inside and out
92738: DANIELS, D.KEN - Pembrokeshire Returns (Archive Photographs)
104147: D.KEN DANIELS - Pembrokeshire Returns (Archive Photographs) (Pocket Images)
94339: DANIELS, D.KEN - Tenby and Saundersfoot (Archive Photographs)
108146: D.KEN DANIELS - Tenby and Saundersfoot (Archive Photographs)
81415: DANNATT. G.H. - The Oxfordshire Election of 1754
63522: ABSE. DANNIE - Best of the Poetry Year : 6. Poetry Dimension Annual
106851: MARGARET K. DANSON - Victorian Miniature Fashions
108342: ALIGHIERI. DANTE - The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri Hell Purgatory Paradise. The Harvard Classics. Volume 20. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
78962: HORACE/PETRACH/DANTE - English Echoes. Horace. Petrarch. Dante.
96321: DANZIGER, DANNY; GILLINGHAM, JOHN - 1215: The Year of Magna Carta
108478: WINSTONE. DAPHNE - Flame. Illustrated By Lionel Edwards.
80340: DARBY. H.C. - A New Historical Geography of England After 1600
104990: GREGORY DARK - God of the New Millennium: A Search for Balance in an Age of Spin
106854: JOHN DARLING - Bass Fishing: On Shore and Sea
108179: PETER DARMAN - Heroic Voices of the Spanish Civil War: Memories from the International Brigades
107064: JOSEPH DARRACOTT - Art Criticism: A User's Guide
104083: CHARLES DARWIN - The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection: Or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (English Library)
103692: JOHN DARWIN - After Tamerlane: The Rise and Fall of Global Empires, 1400-2000
63907: DATTRINO, LORENZO - Il Primo Monachesimo
108259: DAUBENY. C. - Essay on the Trees and Shrubs of the Ancients: Being the Substance of Four Lectures. . . .
73421: DAUPHINE, JAMES - Guillaume de Saluste Du Bartas: Poete Scientifique
58636: THOMAS. DAVE - Modern Golf.
96031: ARMSTRONG. DAVE - Common Ground: What Protestants and Catholics Can Learn from Each Other
64900: JONES. REV. D. DAVEN - The Early Cymry and Their Church.
67082: JONES. REV. D. DAVEN - The Early Cymry and Their Church.
102402: JONES. REV. D. DAVEN - A History of Kidwelly. With Illustrations.
99219: BROMLEY-DAVENPORT W. - Sport. Fox-Hunting Covert-Shooting Salmon-Fishing Deer-Stalking.
93350: ADAMS. W.H. DAVENPORT - The Mediterranean Illustrated. Picturesque Views and Descriptions of Its Cities, Shores, and Islands
105463: ROBERT DAVEY - Aunt Marianne's Garden. Illustrated By Gordon Davey.
58043: COLE. DAVID - The New Wales
89263: HORROBIN. DAVID F - The Human Organism. An Introduction to Physiology.
83067: GWYNN. DAVID - Wales. In the Golden Age of Picture Postcards.
74892: WINTER. DAVID - The Poets' Christ : An Anthology of Poetry About Jesus
58789: MITCHELL. DAVID - Seventh-Day Adventists. Faith in Action.
75417: BUTLER. DAVID - Dying to Be One. English Ecumenism: History, Theology and the Future.
92918: WHITEBREAD. DAVID - Teaching and Learning in the Early Years. Second Edition.
92666: WILSON. DAVID M - The Vikings and Their Origins, Scandinavia in the First Millennium.
90327: ROBERTS. DAVID - Images of Swansea
70613: BOUCHER. DAVID - A Radical Hegelian : The Political and Social Philosophy of Henry Jones
81523: LORIMER. DAVID - The Spirit of Science : From Experiment to Experience
80792: JAMES. DAVID - A Primer of Kymric Literature. . .
85888: COX. THE REV. DAVID - Psychology and Christianity. Guild Lecture No. 141.

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