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70253: DUFFIN. HENRY CHARLES - Arnold the Poet.
81171: SINNETT. CHARLES E. - The Day Thou Gavest. Comedy Romance Drama. 1889-Victoriana
73077: MALIK. CHARLES - God and Man in Contemporary Islamic Thought. . . .
80914: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Complete Plays and Selected Poems of Charles Dickens.
87729: BELL. SIR CHARLES - The Hand; Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments, As Evincing Design. Fifth Edition Revised with Woodcuts.
93524: NORRIS. CHARLES - Saint David's, in a Series of Engravings Illustrating the Different Ecclesiastical Edifices of That Ancient City.
81243: DICKENS. CHARLES - The "Pears" Edition of Charles Dickens' Christmas Books. The Cricket on the Hearth. With 22 Illustrations By L. Rossi.
72335: FREEMAN. CHARLES - Ancient Egypt.
56463: ROY. CHARLES R - A Concordance of Subjects.
58637: LAMB. CHARLES - Charles Lamb`S Works. Rosamund Gray, Essays, Letters, and Poems.
85785: RYCROFT. CHARLES - Reich. Fontana Modern Masters.
75836: METZ. HAROLD W. & THOMSON. CHARLES A.H. - Authoritarianism and the Individual.
64902: WILKINS. CHARLES - Tales and Sketches of Wales.
65427: DICKENS. CHARLES - Christmas Books Including a Christmas Carol. Oxford World`S Classics.
65830: DICKENS. CHARLES - Christmas Books. The Fireside Dickens. With Sixty-Five Illustrations. . .
54016: WHITING. CHARLES - Werewolf. The Story of the Nazi Resistance Movement 1944-1945
51556: GORE. CHARLES - The Holy Spirit and the Church.
51413: DICKENS. CHARLES - My Early Times. Compiled and Edited By Peter Rowland.
51079: KNIGHT. CHARLES - The Industrial Arts and Sciences of All Nations. Volume 1, Useful Arts-Agriculture & Manufacture.
47070: EATON. JOHN P. & HAAS. CHARLES A. - Titanic. Destination Disaster. The Legends and the Reality. Revised and Expanded Edition.
46934: CROMBIE. CHARLES - The Rules of Golf Illustrated.
38088: NEMETH. CHARLES P. - The Case of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Trial By Canon Law.
33848: KUNSTLER. CHARLES - The Personal Life of Marie-Antoinette. Translated from the French By Margot Robert Adamson.
79405: COTTON. CHARLES - Poems from the Works of Charles Cotton. Newly Decorated By Claud Lovat Fraser.
92318: CHARLES. B.G. - Calendar of the Records of the Borough of Haverfordwest 1539-1660.
68365: SWINBURNE.ALGERNON CHARLES - Atalanta in Calydon. . . .
77361: TOUTAIN. CHARLES - La Tragedie D`Agamemnon. Edition Critique Par Trevor Peach.
77362: TOUTAIN. CHARLES - La Tragedie D`Agamemnon. Edition Critique Par Trevor Peach.
78548: ARCH. CHARLES - On with the Show. The Cardi at the Royal Welsh.
80636: BARKER. GEORGE. BELL. MARTIN. CAUSLEY. CHARLES - Penguin Modern Poets 3.
60286: BAILEY. HILARY & PLATT. CHARLES - New World`S 7.
91987: LINDBERGH. CHARLES A - We-Pilot & Plane.
42163: MESSENGER. CHARLES - The Second World War in the West. Cassell History of Warfare.
77710: NODIER. CHARLES - Oeuvres Dramatiques Ii. Bertram le Monstre Et le Magicien le Songe D`Or (Fragments) Edition Critique Par Ginette Picat-Guinoiseau.
67971: SZYMKOWICZ. CHARLES - Charles Szymkowicz. Oeuvres de 1970 a 1992. Musee Des Beau-Arts de Mons 10 Octobre-29 Novembre 1992
65269: DYSON. A.E. / DICKENS. CHARLES - Dickens' "Bleak House" Casebook Series.
82421: RUSSELL. REV. JOHN A/ WOLFE. REV. CHARLES - Remains of the Late Rev. Charles Wolfe, A.B. Curate of Donoughmore, Diocese of Armagh with a Brief Memoir of His Life
43838: CHESSHIRE. CHARLES - Clematis. The Royal Horticultural Society Practical Guides.
43839: CHESSHIRE. CHARLES - Lawns and Ground Cover. The Royal Horticultural Society Practical Guides.
66751: DICKENS. CHARLES - My Early Times. Compiled and Edited By Perter Rowland.
94707: RICHET. PROFESSOR CHARLES - Our Sixth Sense. Authorised Translation By Fred Rothwell.
94726: THOMAS. CHARLES - The Iron Age in the Irish Sea Province. Papers Give at the C.B. A. Conference. . . . 1969
68447: DUFFIN. HENRY CHARLES - Amphibian. A Reconsideration of Browning.
65361: NICHOLL. CHARLES - The Lodger. Shakespeare on Silver Street.
74453: LEFEVRE. CHARLES - Sur L`Evolution D`Aristote En Psychologie. Preface de Suzanne Mansion. Aristote Traductions Et Etudes.
97995: BARRETT. CHARLES - Australian Nature Wonders.
96027: CARMODY. FATHER CHARLES J. - Learning to Serve. A Book for New Altar Boys. Second Edition.
92602: EVANS. HAZEL CHARLES - Bethel Carwe 1891-1991.
89758: BRYAN. CHARLES S - For Goodness Sake. The Seven Basic Virtues.
L4881: GRAVES. CHARLES - The Wood of Time & Other Poems.
79178: LAMB. CHARLES - Specimens of English Dramatic Poets Who Lived About the Time of Shakespeare with the Extracts from the Garrick Plays with Notes By Charles Lamb.
98700: ROBINSON. COMMANDER CHARLES N. - The British Fleet. The Growth, Achievements and Duties of the Navy of the Empire. Fine Binding.
73130: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Introduction By Christopher Hibbert. Drawings By Charles Keeping.
73128: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. Introduction By Christopher Hibbert. Drawings By Charles Keeping.
73120: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Introduction By Christopher Hibbert. Drawings By Charles Keeping.
86756: STEPHENSON. CHARLES - Castles. A History of Fortified Structures Ancient, Medieval & Modern.
82964: BALL. CHARLES - An Historical Account of Winchester, with Descriptive Walks. Lacks Frontispiece.
78960: GRAVES. CHARLES L - More Hawarden Horace.
86593: HARPER. CHARLES G - The Oxford, Gloucester and Milford Haven Road; the Ready Way to South Wales
73920: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Dickens Advertiser. A Collection of the Advertisments in the Original Parts of Novels By Charles Dickens. Edited By Bernard Darwin.
92603: EVANS. HAZEL CHARLES - Bethel Carwe 1891-1991.
95167: BRADEN. CHARLES S. - Religious Aspects of the Conquest of Mexico.
87911: MCGOVERN. JOHN P & ROLAND. CHARLES G - Mr. Osler. The Continuing Education
78416: GRIFFITHS. CHARLES - The Police Forces of Mid and West Wales 1829-1974.
59042: NEWTON-ROBINSON. CHARLES - Tintinnabula. New Poems.
64981: CHARLES. B.G. - Calendar of the Records of the Borough of Haverfordwest 1539-1660
76978: KINCH. CHARLES - La Poesie Satirique de Clement Marot.
70641: FOULON. CHARLES - Melanges de Langue Et Litterature Francaises Du Moyen Age Et de la Renaissance. Volume 1.
81124: WELSH. CHARLES - Goody Two-Shoes. A Facsimile Reproduction of the Edition of 1766 with an Introduction.
82192: MAURON. CHARLES - Le Theatre de Girandoux. Etude Psychocritique.
60174: BROWN. CHARLES N - Far Travellers. Three Science Fiction Novellas.
89481: BRYAN. CHARLES S - Saints of Humanity. Selections from Sir William Osler's Recommended Bedside Library.
81303: TURNER. REV. CHARLES - Sonnets, Lyrics, and Translations.
94727: THOMAS. CHARLES - Rural Settlement in Roman Britain. Papers Give at the C.B. C. Conference 1965. . .
83611: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Complete Works in "de Luxe" Binding. Thirty Volume Set.
93391: BOUTELL. CHARLES - English Heraldry. . . With Nearly Five Hundred Illustrations. . .
86472: STOUT. MRS. CHARLES H. - The Amateur's Book of the Dahlia. . .
88101: WILKINS. CHARLES - Wales, Past and Present.
72221: BEEBE. LUCIUS & CLEGG. CHARLES - Narrow Gauge in the Rockies.
64534: DYSON. HOPE & TENNYSON. CHARLES - Dear and Honoured Lady. The Correspondence between Queen Victoria and Alfred Tennyson.
79721: CHURCHILL. CHARLES - Poems of Charles Churchill. Edited By James Laver. Two Volumes Bound in One.
98398: BUGNET. MAJOR CHARLES - Foch Speaks.
79633: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Works of Charles Dickens. Household Edition. Barnaby Rudge.
69800: HARPER. CHARLES G. - The Ingoldsby Country. Literary Landmarks of the "Ingoldsby Legends"
94746: CHARLES. B.G. - Calendar of the Records of the Borough of Haverfordwest 1539-1660.
81374: TENNYSON. SIR CHARLES - Tennyson Collection. Usher Gallery Lincoln. . .
73616: SMITH. CHARLES G. - Shakespeare`S Proverb Lore. His Use of the Sententiae of Leonard Culman and Publilius Syrus.
81239: DICKENS. CHARLES - The "Pears" Edition of Charles Dickens' Christmas Books. The Battle of Life with 29 Illustrations By Charles Green, R.I.
97750: DAVY. CHARLES - Words in the Mind. Exploring Some Effects of Poetry, English and French.
73407: DE BOURDIGNE. CHARLES - La Legende Joyeuse de Maistre Pierre Faifeu. Edition Critique Par Francis Valette.
90731: PRICE CHARLES - Matthew (Focus on the Bible)
83078: EDMONDS. CHARLES - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin: Comprising the Celebrated Political & Satirical Poems . . . . . Second Edition.
84442: LANCASTER. CHARLES - An Illustrated Treatise on the Art of Shooting, with Extracts from the Best Authorities. Third Edition.
87859: HOWARD. CHARLES - The Roads of England and Wales: An Itinerary for Cyclists, Tourists, and Travellers. . . . Particulary Adapted to the Use of Bicyclists and Tricyclists. . . . Second Edition.
98365: HILL. CHARLES L. - The Guernsey Breed.
84302: GUIGNON. CHARLES - Richard Rorty
81341: STEELE/ EWALD. ALEX. CHARLES - The Tatler. Selected Essays with an Introduction and Notes.
96541: MICHAEL. PAMELA & WEBSTER. CHARLES - Health and Society in Twentieth-Century Wales
88039: CHARLES G. ROLAND, MD, DSC; OSLER LIBRARY - Osler Library Studies in the History of Medicine. Number 11: "Noted Surgeon, Fine Citizen" : The Life of Archibald E. Malloch, Md 1844-1919
98717: CHARLESTON. R.J. - Engliah Glass. 4 July-31 August
22092: CHARLESWORTH. M.P. - Gregynog Lectures, 1948. The Lost Province, Or the Worth of Britain.
20454: CHARLESWORTH. M.P. - The Lost Province. Or the Worth of Britain.
78897: ROSE. CHARLIE - Life`S a Knock-out.
80531: BRONTE. CHARLOTTE - Villette. A New Edition.
67207: CURRER BELL / BRONTE. CHARLOTTE - Shirley. A Tale. A New Edition.
86196: JACKSON. LADY CATHERINE CHARLOTTE - The Court of France in the Sixteenth Century 1514-1559. Two Volume Set.
L361: GUEST. CHARLOTTE - Mabinogion Tales from the Red Book of Hergest. Translated By Charlotte Guest. Edited By Owen Edwards. Illustrations Supplied By Jo Nathan.
L360: GUEST. CHARLOTTE - Mabinogion Legends: Kilhwch and Olwen, Peredur, Lludd and Llevelys, Taliesin. Translated By Charlotte Guest. With Drawings By Jo Conti.
86234: YONGE. CHARLOTTE M - Chantry House. In Two Volumes.
73298: SEYMOUR-SMITH. CHARLOTTE - Macmillan Dictionary of Anthropology
73297: SEYMOUR-SMITH. CHARLOTTE - Macmillan Dictionary of Anthropology
91496: BRONTE. CHARLOTTE - Jane Eyre. An Autobiography. The World's Classics.
75903: DE CHARNES. J.-A. - Conversationes Sur la Critique de la Princesse de Cleves.
67419: CHARTIER, ALAIN - Fifteenth-Century Translations of Alain Chartier's le Traité de L'esperance and le Quadriloque Invectif Vol. Ii : Introduction, Notes and Glossary
38845: FOWLER. CHAS. B. - Rambling Sketches from the Old Churches in the Diocese of Llandaff. (Facsimile Edition)
88100: FOWLER. CHAS. B. - Rambling Sketches from the Old Churches in the Diocese of Llandaff.
67830: CHATEAUBRIAND - Sublimities de Chateaubriand.
90094: CHATWIN, BRUCE - What Am I Doing Here?
90607: CHATWIN, BRUCE - The Songlines (Vintage Classics)
68382: CHATWIN, F. - The Viceroy of Ouidah
97532: CHATWIN, BRUCE - On the Black Hill (Picador Books)
59603: CHATWIN, B. - What Am I Doing Here
97529: CHATWIN, BRUCE - In Patagonia (Picador Books)
90071: CHATWIN, BRUCE; CHATWIN, ELIZABETH; SHAKESPEARE, NICHOLAS - Under the Sun: The Letters of Bruce Chatwin
56880: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Prioresses Tale. From the Canterbury Tales.
69036: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Canterbury Tales
86969: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Clerk's Tale of Oxenford. Edited By Kenneth Sisam.
70142: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - Troilus and Criseyde
91925: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - Troilus & Criseyde. Edited By Walter W. Skeat. Translation and Introduction By Stewart Boston. Illustrations By Peter Brookes.
94736: CHECKSFIELD. M.M. - Portraits of Renaissance Life and Thought.
92053: CHEETHAM, ANTHONY - The Life and Times of Richard Iii (Kings & Queens of England)
90616: CHEKHOV, ANTON - A Journey to the End of the Russian Empire (Penguin Great Journeys)
97986: CHEKHOV, ANTON PAVLOVICH - The Selected Letters (Picador Books)
97905: ANTON CHEKHOV - Chekhov Plays: "Ivanov", "the Seagull", "Uncle Vania", "Three Sisters", "the Cherry Orchard", "the Bear", "the Proposal", and "a Jubilee"
81783: CHEKHOV, ANTON - Plays.
75937: KIEN-KWONG. CHEN - Summation of the Fourier Series of Orthogonal Functions.
53854: CHERNOW, FRED B. - The Sharper Mind : Mental Games for a Keen Mind and a Foolproof Memory
95488: CHERRETT, PAULINE - The Practical Art of Chinese Brush Painting
62175: CHERRY, REGINALD - Healing Prayer: God's Divine Intervention in Medicine, Faith, and Prayer
89426: BURNS. CHESTER R - Legacies in Law and Medicine
67070: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Father Brown Stories
78008: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Annotated Innocence of Father Brown. Edited By Martin Gardner.
91502: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Father Brown Selected Stories. The World's Classics.
96842: CHESTERTON, G.K. - Heretics
80839: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Penguin Complete Father Brown
96959: THERESA CHEUNG - The Afterlife Is Real
95967: MAYANK CHHAYA - Dalai Lama: The Revealing Life Story and His Struggle for Tibet
92037: FRUGONI. CHIARA - Inventions of the Middle Ages. Translated By William Mccuaig. . .
74737: SIBONA. CHIARA - Le Sens Qui Resonne. . . .
86131: MOSLEY. CHARLES (EDITOR IN CHIEF) - Burke's Landed Gentry. 19th Edition Volumes 3 and 4: The Principality of Wales and the North West Including the Duchy of Lancaster, Cumbria and the Isle of Man.
73068: CHIHARA, CHARLES S. - Constructibility and Mathematical Existence
65428: CHILDERS, ERSKINE - The Riddle of the Sands
83165: CHILTON, BRUCE D. - Pure Kingdom : Jesus' Vision of God. A Few Ink Lines to Margins
91805: CHILTON-YOUNG,FRANCIS - Home Carpentry for Handy Men: A Book of Practical Instruction. . . .
62581: CHIVERS. I.G. - Underwater Association Code of Practice for Scientific Diving. Second Edition.
71539: DE LACLOS. CHODERLOS - Oeuvres Completes.
84105: CHOMSKY, NOAM; HERMAN, E. - Radical Priorities. Expanded Third Edition.
86082: CHOPIN - Preludes for the Piano. Edited Revised and Fingered By Rafael Joseffy.
86088: CHOPIN - Complete Works for the Piano. Book 3. (Mikuli)
86079: CHOPIN - Mazurkas for the Piano. Edited, Revised and Fingered By Rafael Joseffy.
97943: CHORON, J. - Death and Western Thought
94696: CHOTZEN. TH. M. - Recherches Sur la Poesie de Dafydd Ab Gwilym. Barde Gallois Du Xive Siecle.
55391: CHOWDHURY, SUBIR - The Talent Era : Achieving a High Return on Talent
77013: CHRETIEN - Guillaume. D`Angleterre. Edition Critique Par A.J. Holden.
78665: CHRETIEN - Perceval le Gallois: Ou, le Conte Du Graal
78827: BARBER. CHRIS - In Search of Owain Glyndwr.
44610: ALLAN. CHRIS - Fast Jets. A Pilot`S Eye View. Osprey Colour Series.
25875: CRAGGS. CHRIS - Limestone. 100 Best Limestone Climbs in Britain.
77715: VANLANDINGHAM. CHRIS - Judgement & Justification in Early Judaism and the Apostle Paul.
64749: SCARRE. CHRIS - Exploring Prehistoric Europe.
83156: RICHARDS. CHRIS - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Religions
85138: MACE. CHRIS - Heart and Soul : The Therapeutic Face of Philosophy
94954: STEWARD. JAMES CHRISTEN - The Collections of the Romanovs: European Art from the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
69015: ANDERSEN. HANS CHRISTIAN - Fairy Tales and Stories. Everyman`S Library
95690: ANDERSEN. HANS CHRISTIAN - The Complete Tales of Hans Christian Andersen. Translated By Jean Hersholt. Preface By Brian Alderson. With Illustrations By Numerous Artists. Two Volume Set.
43938: TROEBST. CORD-CHRISTIAN - Conquest of the Sea.
64243: AMBROSI. CHRISTIAN - La France 1870-1970
82224: MORGENSTERN. CHRISTIAN - Alle Galgenlieder. . .
67449: CHRISTIAN, HENRY A. - Louis Adamic: A Checklist
72198: HEWISON. CHRISTIAN H - Locomotive Boiler Explosions.
79408: MORGENSTERN. CHRISTIAN - Gesammelte Werke in Einem Band.
95432: CHRISTIANSEN, REX - Forgotten Railways: Severn Valley and Welsh Border
95434: CHRISTIANSEN, REX - Forgotten Railways: North and Mid Wales
88456: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT - The Victorian Visitors: Culture Shock in Nineteenth-Century Britain
68506: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT - Romantic Affinities : Portraits from an Age, 1780-1830
75840: CHRISTIE, WILLIAM M. - Current Progress in Historical Linguistics: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Tucson, Arizona, 12-16 January 1976
86415: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Elephants Can Remember
86429: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Mirror Crack's from Side to Side.
92909: HOPKINS. CHRISTINE - Mathematics in the Primary School: A Sense of Progression (Roehampton Student Texts) Second Edition.
76783: DE PISAN. CHRISTINE - Oeuvres Poetique de Christine de Pisan. Publiees Par Maurice Roy.
74330: SCHWERDTFEGER. INGE CHRISTINE - Medien Und Fremdsprachenunterricht. Eine Analyse Unter Pragmatischen Aspekt.
92901: BOLD. CHRISTINE - Supporting Learning and Teaching (Foundation Degree Texts)
69762: CHRISTMAS, F. E. - The Parson in English Literature
68786: EYKMAN. VON CHRISTOPH - Die Funktion Des Haaalichen in Der Lyrik Georg Heyms. . . . .
81168: WINTLE. CHRISTOPHER - Metapoetics. Aphorisms, Thoughts and Maxims on Life, Art and Music.
67133: COWAN. CHRISTOPHER - Wiccamica. The Masque. . . .
85879: BRYANT. REVD. CHRISTOPHER - The Psychology of Prayer. Guild Lecture No. 153.
95074: WOOD. CHRISTOPHER - Victorain Painters. Two Volume Set, the Text and the Plates Volumes.
57778: BROWN. CHRISTOPHER - Rembrandt : The Master and His Workshop: Paintings
56290: HIBBERT. CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilisations.
47351: SOMERVILLE. CHRISTOPHER - Philip`S Welsh Borders. Landscape. Architecture. History. Photography By John Heseltine.
45416: ROWLAND. CHRISTOPHER - Christian Origins. An Account of the Setting and Character of the Most Important Messianic Sect of Judaism.
79117: MARLOWE. CHRISTOPHER - Christopher Marlowe. The Mermaid Series.
86389: HUSSEY. CHRISTOPHER - Eton College. Limited Edition.
86984: AUDEN W H & ISHERWOOD. CHRISTOPHER - The Ascent of F6. A Tragedy in Two Acts.
64059: HEIN. CHRISTOPHER - Horns Ende
79606: BOOKER. CHRISTOPHER - The Real Global Warming Disaster.
78955: HORACE/ HUGHES. CHRISTOPHER - The Odes, Epodes, Carmen Seculare, and the First Satire of Horace: Translated Into English Verse By Christopher Hughes. With the Latin Text, Index of Proper Names and of First Lines.
95134: WORDSWORTH. CHRISTOPHER - Greece: Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical. . .
93373: GARDNER-THORPE. CHRISTOPHER - James Parkinson 1755-1824 and a Reprint of the Shaking Palsy By James Parkinson Originally Published 1817.
92729: NORTH. CHRISTOPHER R. - The Suffering Servant in Deutero-Isaiah. An Historical and Critical Study.
82527: WORDSWORTH. CHRISTOPHER - Greece, Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical. A New Edition. Good Only Working Copy.
95671: BROOKE. CHRISTOPHER - The Rise and Fall of the Medieval Monastery.
83083: COLUMBUS. CHRISTOPHER - Discovery of America.
91816: BROOKE. CHRISTOPHER - The Rise and Fall of the Medieval Monastery.
85878: BRYANT. CHRISTOPHER - The Ideal of the Religious Community. Guild Lecture No. 139.
68677: CHRISTOPHER, A. J. - The British Empire at Its Zenith
79454: ROBINS. CHRISTOPHER - A Walk Through Wales and Its History. . .
86304: DE BELLAIGUE. CHRISTOPHER - Rebel Land. Among Turkey's Forgotten Peoples.
83169: WRIGHT. CHRRISTOPHER - One Gospel - Many Clothes : Anglicans and the Decade of Evangelism
79845: CHUDLEY, ROY; GREENO, ROGER - Building Construction Handbook. Fourth Edition.
93917: CHUMBLEY, ANN; WARRELL, IAN - Turner and the Human Figure: Studies of Contemporary Life
94122: CHURCH, R. A. - The Great Victorian Boom, 1850-73 (Studies in Economic & Social History)
75689: CHURCHYARD, THOMAS - The First Part of Churchyard's Chips 1575
75675: COLLINS. JOHN CHURTON - The Posthumous Essays of John Churton Collins, Edited By L.C. Collins.
95917: CIAMPA, LEONARDO - Pope Pius Xii: A Dialogue
89476: CIBOTTO. G.A. - Proverbi Del Veneto.
75984: CICERO - M.T. Ciceronis. Oratio Pro L. Murena. With an English Introduction and Notes By W.E. Heitland.
70398: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS; CICERO - Nature of the Gods
94730: CICERO - Cicero: De Imperio (Bristol Classical Paperbacks)
76155: CICERO CICERONIS - Cato Maior de Senectute. With Introduction, Notes, Exercises By G.H. Wells. With Illustrations.
77487: SOYHAN. CIHAT - Turkish Tile Art.
86762: CIRILLO, DEXTER - Across Frontiers. Hispanic Crafts of New Mexico.
96463: CLABBURN, PAMELA - Beadwork (Shire Album)
96460: CLABBURN, PAMELA - Samplers (Shire Album)
96462: CLABBURN, PAMELA - Samplers (Shire Album)
52488: CLANCY, GERTRUDE - Death Is a Pilgrim a Canterbury Tale
63989: CLANCY, JOSEPH P. - Other Words : Essays on Poetry and Translation
95180: CLAPHAM. A.W. - English Romanesque Architecture After the Conquest.
83096: CLARAC. M. DE - Fouille Faite à Pompei En Présence de S.M. La Reine Des Deux Siciles, le 18 Mars 1813
95819: KING. CLARENCE - Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada.
95142: HAY. CLARENCE L. ET AL - The Maya and Their Neighbours. Limited Edition.
94613: CLAREY, CHRISTOPHER - Davis Cup Yearbook: International Tennis Federation. The Year in Tennis 1997.
98533: CLARK, G. N. - The Later Stuarts 1660-1714 (Oxford History of England)
90593: CLARK, SUSAN - British Roads Past and Present: A Nostalgic Look at the County's Highways and Byways: Oxfordshire (Past and Present Collection. Roads)
76665: LEWIS & CLARK - The Islamic World and the West. A.D. 622-1492.
74154: CLARK, MICHAEL - The Place of Syllogistic in Logical Theory
85593: CLARK, KENNETH - 100 Details from Pictures in the National Gallery
61136: CLARK, MARK - From the Danube to the Yalu
86283: QUIGLEY. HUGH & CLARK. R.T. - Republican Germany. A Political and Economic Study.
96323: CLARK, VICTORIA - The Far-Farers: A Journey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem
98530: CLARK, G. N. - The Later Stuarts 1660-1714 (Oxford History of England)
98531: CLARK, G. N. - The Later Stuarts 1660-1714 (Oxford History of England)
98532: CLARK, G. N. - The Later Stuarts 1660-1714 (Oxford History of England)
75465: CLARKE, PAT - Questions About God. A Guide for a/As Level Students.
60398: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Tales of Ten Worlds
98174: CLARKE, W.NORRIS - The One and the Many: A Contemporary Thomistic Metaphysics
93397: CLARKE, GILLIAN - Five Fields
60376: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Profiles of the Future : An Inquiry Into the Limits of the Possible
60381: CLARKE, ARTHUR C.; LEE, GENTRY - Cradle
60407: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The City and the Stars
60384: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Sands of Mars
60410: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Imperial Earth : A Fantasy of Love and Discord
68744: CLARKE. M.V. - Medieval Representation and Consent. . . . . . .
94206: CLARKE, BASIL - Mental Disorder in Earlier Britain: Exploratory Studies
64497: CLARKE, JOHN - The Even More Complete Book of Australian Verse
95724: CLARKE, SIMON; GARNER, STEVE - White Identities: A Critical Sociological Approach
89344: CLARKE, EDWIN - Modern Methods in the History of Medicine
93198: CLARKE, PATRICIA A. - Pinner, Hatch End, North Harrow and Rayners Lane: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
91025: NIGEL J. CLARKE - Adolf's British Holiday Snaps: Luftwaffe Aerial Reconnaissance of Great Britain
75118: REGNIER. CLAUDE - Aliscans. Two Volume Set. Publie Par Claude Regnier.
70446: PICHOIS. CLAUDE - Le Romantisme. Volume 2. 1843-1869. Litterature Francais. Collection Dirigee Par Clauder Pichois. . .
75127: REGNIER. CLAUDE - Aliscans. Publie Par Claude Regnier.
45394: JOSSUA. JEAN-PIERRE AND GEFFRE. CLAUDE - Indifference to Religion. Concilium Series.
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81689: DAFYDD AP GWILYM;FULTON, HELEN - Selections from the Dafydd Ap Gwilym Apocrypha
62578: DAGGETT, CHARLES; SHAFFER, CHRISTOPHER - Diving for the Griffin
67301: RUNES. DAGOBERT D. - Who's Who in Philosophy
90640: ROALD DAHL - Dirty Beasts
91199: DAHL, ROALD - My Uncle Oswald
91198: DAHL, ROALD - The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More
91196: DAHL, ROALD - Switch Bitch: The "Visitor", the "Great Switcheroo", the "Last Act", "Bitch"
91197: DAHL, ROALD - Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying
91195: DAHL, ROALD - Kiss Kiss
94532: JONES. GARETH ELWYN & SMITH. DAI - The People of Wales
89412: JOHNSON. H. DAINTREE - Surgical Aspects of Medicine.
84086: DAIX, PIERRE - Picasso : Life and Art
85062: DALí, SALVADOR; SALEMSON, HAROLD J. - The Unspeakable Confessions of Salvador Dali
96145: DALBY, ANDREW - Makers of Modern World Subscription: South East Asia (Makers of the Modern World)
96144: DALBY, ANDREW - Makers of Modern World Subscription: Eleftherios Venizelos: Greece (Makers of the Modern World)
96983: COYE DALE F. - Art Deco Painting and Design (Pocket Companion Guides - Centuries of Style)
71231: DALE. R.W. - History of English Congregationalism. Second Edition.
61889: DALE-JONES, DON - A.G. Prys-Jones
92119: DALE-JONES, DON - A.G. Prys-Jones (Writers of Wales)
96489: DALLAS, GREGOR - At the Heart of a Tiger: Clemenceau and His World, 1841-1929
86310: DALLEY, JAN - The Black Hole: Money, Myth and Empire
57233: DALLY, PETER; WATKINS, MARY J. - Psychology and Psychiatry : An Integrated Approach. Sixth Edition.
91552: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi, 1857
83081: DALRYMPLE (SIR DAVID)], - An Account of the Preservation of King Charles Ii. After the Battle of Worcester, Drawn Up By Himself. To Which Are Added, His Letters to Several Persons.
66512: TEN DAM, HANS - Exploring Reincarnation
96314: DAMES, MICHAEL - Merlin and Wales: A Magician's Landscape
95603: MICHAEL DAMES - Merlin and Wales: A Magician's Landscape
56341: DAMES, MICHAEL - Merlin and Wales : A Magician's Landscape
71137: MCELRATH. DAMIAN - The Syllabus of Pius Ix. Some Reactions in England.
94108: GIOVANNA DAMIANI - San Marco Florence the Museum and Its Art
94025: DAMODARAN, ASWATH - Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice. Second Edition.
60224: KNIGHT. DAMON - A Century of Science Fiction. Unabridged.
60559: KNIGHT. DAMON - Turning on.
90631: WILLIAM DAMPIER - Piracy, Turtles and Flying Foxes (Penguin Great Journeys)
42161: VAN DER VAT. DAN - Stealth at Sea. The History of the Submarine.
51897: DANDO-COLLINS, STEPHEN - Caesar's Legion : The Epic Saga of Julius Caesar's Elite Tenth Legion and the Armies of Rome
88411: DANIEL, GLYN - Some Small Harvest. The Memoirs of Glyn Daniel.
86849: EVANS. BARCH. DANIEL - Gwinllan Y Bardd; Sef Prydyddwaith Ar Amrywiol Destunau a Gwahanol Fesurau. . . .
73265: CALLAHAN. DANIEL - The Secular City Debate.
95651: DEFOE. DANIEL - A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain. Edited By P.N. Furbank, W.R. Owens and A.J. Coulson.
48117: DANIEL, CHRISTOPHER S - Sundials
82016: MORNET. DANIEL - Histoire de la Literature Francaise Classique 1660-1700. Ses Caracteres Veritables Ses Aspects Inconnus.
67198: DANIEL, CHRISTOPHER S - Some Small . The Memoirs of Glyn Daniel.
76790: HILLEL. DANIEL - Advances in Irrigation. Two Volume Set.
92881: DANIEL, BRIGID; WASSELL, SALLY; GILLIGAN, ROBBIE - Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers
95157: JOHN. AUGUSTUS/GEORGE. DANIEL - Finishing Touches.
97932: JONES. DANIEL E. - Hanes Plwyfi Llangeler a Phenboyr:
90973: REES. DANIEL - Monks of England: Benedictines in England from Augustine to the Present Day
92405: HUWS. DANIEL - Caneuon Llafar Gwlad Ac Iolo a'i Fath.
90158: JONES. DANIEL E. - Hane Plwyfi Llangeler a Phenboyr. . . .
96652: CASEY. DANIEL - Cork Lyrics; Or, Scraps from the "Beautiful City," Consisting of Election Squibs,-"Corporate Ballads,"-Fancy Ball Songs,-Humerous Effusions, &C &C, Many of Which Have Appeared in the Cork Papers, with Others Now for the First Time Published.
97541: FAIVRE. DANIEL - Celebrating Jesus: A Multifaith Appreciation
95092: RICHARD A. DIEHL; GLYN DANIEL - The Olmecs: America's First Civilization (Ancient Peoples and Places)
96034: DANIEL-ROPS, HENRI - Daily Life Palestine Time of Christ
76757: DANIELOU, ALAIN - Virtue, Success, Pleasure, and Liberation : The Four Aims of Life in the Tradition of Ancient India
98060: DANIELOU, JEAN - God and the Ways of Knowing
98068: DANIELOU, JEAN; MARROU, HENRI I. - The First Six Hundred Years. The Christian Centuries Volume 1
92738: DANIELS, D.KEN - Pembrokeshire Returns (Archive Photographs)
92236: D.KEN DANIELS - Pembrokeshire Returns (Pocket Images)
94339: DANIELS, D.KEN - Tenby and Saundersfoot (Archive Photographs)
60321: DÄNIKEN, ERICH VON; HERON, MICHAEL - Return to the Stars : Evidence for the Impossible
81415: DANNATT. G.H. - The Oxfordshire Election of 1754
63522: ABSE. DANNIE - Best of the Poetry Year : 6. Poetry Dimension Annual
78962: HORACE/PETRACH/DANTE - English Echoes. Horace. Petrarch. Dante.
83827: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - The Madonna of the Future : Essays in a Pluralistic Art World
96321: DANZIGER, DANNY; GILLINGHAM, JOHN - 1215: The Year of Magna Carta
80340: DARBY. H.C. - A New Historical Geography of England After 1600
80391: DARK, KENNETH R. - The Inscribed Stones of Dyfed
95048: SWIFT. F. DARWIN - The Life and Times of James the First. The Conqueror King of Aragon, Valencia and Majorca,Count of Barcelona and Urgel, Lord of Montpellier. With Map.
63907: DATTRINO, LORENZO - Il Primo Monachesimo
73421: DAUPHINE, JAMES - Guillaume de Saluste Du Bartas: Poete Scientifique
58636: THOMAS. DAVE - Modern Golf.
96031: ARMSTRONG. DAVE - Common Ground: What Protestants and Catholics Can Learn from Each Other
64900: JONES. REV. D. DAVEN - The Early Cymry and Their Church.
67082: JONES. REV. D. DAVEN - The Early Cymry and Their Church.
80734: ADAMS. WM. DAVENPORT - By-Ways in Book-Land. Short Essays on Literary Subjects.
93350: ADAMS. W.H. DAVENPORT - The Mediterranean Illustrated. Picturesque Views and Descriptions of Its Cities, Shores, and Islands
95985: DAVENPORT-HINES, RICHARD - The Pursuit of Oblivion: A Global History of Narcotics 1500-2000
58043: COLE. DAVID - The New Wales
89263: HORROBIN. DAVID F - The Human Organism. An Introduction to Physiology.
83067: GWYNN. DAVID - Wales. In the Golden Age of Picture Postcards.
74892: WINTER. DAVID - The Poets' Christ : An Anthology of Poetry About Jesus
58789: MITCHELL. DAVID - Seventh-Day Adventists. Faith in Action.
75417: BUTLER. DAVID - Dying to Be One. English Ecumenism: History, Theology and the Future.
92918: WHITEBREAD. DAVID - Teaching and Learning in the Early Years. Second Edition.
92666: WILSON. DAVID M - The Vikings and Their Origins, Scandinavia in the First Millennium.
90327: ROBERTS. DAVID - Images of Swansea
70613: BOUCHER. DAVID - A Radical Hegelian : The Political and Social Philosophy of Henry Jones
59426: DIMBLEBY. DAVID & REYNOLDS. DAVID - An Ocean Apart.
81523: LORIMER. DAVID - The Spirit of Science : From Experiment to Experience
80792: JAMES. DAVID - A Primer of Kymric Literature. . .
85910: HOLD. DAVID - Hypokrites and Analyst. The Guild of Pastoral Psychology Lecture Number 145.
85888: COX. THE REV. DAVID - Psychology and Christianity. Guild Lecture No. 141.
85900: COX. DAVID - Reward and Punishment-Love and Grace. The Guild of Pastoral Psychology Lecture Number 160.
85911: HOLD. DAVID - Idolatory and Work in Psychology. The Guild of Pastoral Psychology Lecture Number 155.
87168: INGRAM. DAVID - The Hastings Hundreds. The Gateway to Old England.
88270: WILLIAMS. DAVID - The Rebecca Riots. A Study in Agrarian Discontent,
78967: HOGG. REV. DAVID - Life of Allan Cunninghame, with Selections from His Works and Correspondence.
89181: WHITESIDE. ALAN & FITZSIMONS. DAVID - The Aids Epidemic. Economic, Political and Security Implications. Conflict Studies 251.
66034: YERBURGH. DAVID S - A Tour of the Abbeys, Priories & Cathedrals of Wales.
93637: ROXBURGH.. DAVID J - Turks, a Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600,
82617: MCCRIE. DR./WILKIE. SIR DAVID - A Descriptive Account of the Grand Picture By Sir David Wilkie of John Knox Preaching Before the Lords of the Congregation 1559.
78189: HEY. DAVID - The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History
88539: ANFAM. DAVID A - Techniques of the Great Masters of Art
75750: ABERCROMBIE. DAVID - In Honour of Daniel Jones. Papers Contributed on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday 12 September 1961.
94550: REES. DAVID - Rhys Davies. Writers of Wales.
78818: YERBURGH. DAVID S - A Tour of the Abbeys, Priories & Cathedrals of Wales.
80335: BROILES. R. DAVID - The Moral Philosophy of David Hume.
56638: SHUMAKER. DAVID - Seven Language Dictionary
53650: MENZIES. DAVID - Orchids
85219: GRAMBS. DAVID - Literary Companion Dictionary. Words About Words.
53165: HODGES. DAVID - Caniadau Unigedd.
53123: HODGES. DAVID - Caniadau Unigedd.
52682: HODGES. DAVID - Songs from Solitude
83544: CAMBRENSIS. GIRALDUS/ POWELL. DAVID - Itinerarium Cambriae Seu Laboriosae Baldvini Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi Per Walliam Legationis Accurata Descriptio . Cum Annotationibus Davidis Poweli. (the Itinerary Through Wales & the Description of Wales ('descriptio Cambriae') Lacks Folding Map.
49572: DALBY. DAVID - The Linguasphere Register of the World`S Languages and Speech Communities. Two Volume Set.
47867: SMITH. DAVID J. - A Mind for All Seasons.
46398: MILLER. DAVID L. - The Question of the Book: Religion As Texture.
45716: HOLETON. DAVID R. - Revising the Eucharist: Groundwork for the Anglican Communion. Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 27.
45008: SACKS. DAVID - Encyclopedia of the Ancient Greek World. Original Drawings By Margaret Bunson.
43477: SACKS. DAVID - Encyclopedia of the Ancient Greek World. Original Drawings By Margaret Bunson.
42788: COLE. DAVID - Challenges to a Challenging Faith. Essays on Belief.
41850: BLEAKLEY. DAVID - In Place of Work. The Sufficient Society. A Study of Technology from the Point of View of People.
33818: GORDON. DAVID J. - D.H. Lawrence As a Literary Critic.
31299: LOYE. DAVID - The Sphinx and the Rainbow. Brain, Mind and Future Vision. Foreword By Willis Harman.
30511: BARTON. DAVID A. - Discovering Chapels and Meeting Houses. (Shire Book)
89834: THOMSON. DAVID - The Aims of History. Values of the Historical Attitude.
42726: GRIFFITHS. DAVID F. - A History of Llanelli Borough Council.
94990: THOMAS. DAVID - Agriculture in Wales During the Napoleonic Wars. A Study in the Geographical Interpretation of Historical Sources.
27697: GREENSLADE. DAVID - Welsh Fever. Welsh Activities in the United States and Canada Today.
94411: THOMAS. DAVID - Animal Call-Words. A Study of Human Migration.
67906: LINDSAY. DAVID W - English Poetry, 1700-1780
73669: OLDROYD. DAVID - The Wider Domain of Evolutionary Thought
94516: STEPHENSON. DAVID - Thirteenth Century Welsh Law Courts.
73690: FAVRHOLDT. DAVID - Fysik, Bevidsthed, Liv-Studier I Niels Bohrs Filosofi
89180: WHITESIDE. ALAN & FITZSIMONS. DAVID - The Aids Epidemic. Economic, Political and Security Implications. Conflict Studies 251.
85633: PRITCHARD. DAVID - James Joyce
98644: JONES. DAVID - Life and Times of Griffith Jones Sometime Rector of Llanddowror.
86606: MACGREGOR. DAVID R - The China Bird. The History of Captain Killick, and the Firm He Founded: Killick Martin & Company.
86318: CECIL. DAVID - Hardy the Novelist. An Essay in Criticism
91892: DIRINGER. DAVID - The Hand-Produced Book.
91997: CAREY. DAVID - The Story of the Motor Car. With Illustrations By Robert Ayton. Series 601.
80461: DAVID, ELIZABETH - Harvest of the Cold Months : The Social History of Ice and Ices
76899: SEIDMANN. DAVID - La Bible Dans Les Tragedies Religieuses de Garnier Et de Montchrestien.
83009: PROFUMO. DAVID - The Magic Wheel : An Anthology of Fishing in Literature
96172: HILL. DAVID - Turner on the Thames. River Journeys in the Year 1805.
86294: DAVID, PENNY - A Garden Lost in Time: Mystery of the Ancient Gardens of Aberglasney
84373: HIRST. DAVID - On Westernism. An Ideology's Bid for World Dominion.
84370: HOLBROOK. DAVID - Llareggub Revisited. Dylan Thomas and the State of Modern Poetry.
74611: KRANTZ. DAVID H - Measurement, Psychophysics, and Neural Information Processing.
74612: KRANTZ. DAVID H - Contemporary Developments in Mathematical Psychology. 1. Learning, Memory and Thinking.
95037: JENKINS. DAVID - Welsh Rural Communities.
89530: WILLIAMS. DAVID - A Short History of Modern Wales 1485 to the Present Day.
74021: WEISSMAN. DAVID - Dispositional Properties.
85604: SYLVESTER. DAVID ET AL - Modern Painters Winter 1997
65408: STARKEY. DAVID J - Devon's Coastline : Aspects of Man's Relationships with the Sea
96004: WOOLNER. DAVID B - Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Vatican, and the Roman Catholic Church in America, 1933-1945 (the World of the Roosevelts)
63258: JONES. DAVID - In Perpetuum. Diario Poetico 1995-2000. In English and Italian.
63259: JONES. DAVID - Grido Di Un Monaco. Raccolte Gi Poesie. In English and Italian.
90858: PORTER. DAVID - Between Men and Feminism
87707: WILLIAMS. DAVID - The Rebecca Riots. A Study in Agrarian Discontent.
95911: FOXEN. DAVID - The Dogmatic Interpretation of Sacramental Character According to the Discussions and Documents of the Council of Trent.
82702: ROBERTSON. DAVID - The Dawkins Letters. Challenging Atheist Myths.
95035: THOMAS. DAVID - Agriculture in Wales During the Napoleonic Wars. A Study in the Geographical Interpretation of Historical Sources.
89600: RHYS. JOHN & BRYNMOR-JONES. DAVID - The Welsh People. Chapters on Their Origin, History, Laws, Language, Literature and Characteristics. (with Two Maps)
58669: REX. JOHN & MASON. DAVID - Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations
81670: THOMAS. DAVID N. - The Dylan Thomas Trail
83704: STREET. DAVID - Fishing in Wild Places. Foreword By Ted Hughes Poet Laureate. Illustrated By Terence Lambert.
89904: WALKER. DAVID - A History of the Church in Wales
84520: PEARS. DAVID - Wittgenstein
86605: MACGREGOR. DAVID R - The China Bird. The History of Captain Killick, and the Firm He Founded: Killick Martin & Company.

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