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98487: BLACK, J. B. - The Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603 (Oxford History of England)
60872: BLACKBURN, IVY-MARIE; TWADDLE, VIVIEN - Cognitive Therapy in Action : A Practitioner's Casebook
66856: BLACKHAM. H.J. - Religion in a Modern Society.
66869: BLACKMAN. R.D. - Letter-Writer`S Vade-Mecum and Dictionary Supplement. . . . a New and Revised Edition.
100076: SUSAN BLACKMORE - Ten Zen Questions
102342: THOMAS A. BLACKSON - Ancient Greek Philosophy.
58018: BLACKWOOD, MARGARET - Monstrous Regiment. A Book of Aphorisms.
102067: TONY BLAIR - A Journey
90127: BLAIR. J.S.G. - Tayforth Universities O.T. C.
82035: PASCAL. BLAISE - Les Provinciales Ecrits Des Cures de Paris. . . . Two Volume Set.
67706: BLAKE, WILLIAM - Blake : Selected Poems and Letters
95797: BLAKE, STEVE; LLOYD, SCOTT - Pendragon: The True Story of Arthur. The Definitive Account of the Origins of Arthur.
67456: BAKER. BLANCH M - Theatre and Allied Arts a Guide to Books. . . . .
101465: JERROLD. BLANCHARD - Cent Per Cent. A Story Written Upon a Bill Stamp. With Coloured Illustrations.
65793: COLES. BLANCHE - Shakespeare Studies. Macbeth,
90648: T. C. W. BLANNING - The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern Europe (Oxford Illustrated Histories)
100172: ANNIE WOOD BESANT; HELENA P. BLAVATSKY - The Secret Doctrine Vol Iii: 3
100170: H. P. BLAVATSKY - The Secret Doctrine: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy. Volume One Cosmogenesis.
76196: BLAVATSKY, HELENA P. - H.P. Blavatsky to the American Conventions : 1888-1891, with a Historical Perspective
87929: BLES, JEAN-LOUIS; FEUGA, BERNARD - Fracture of Rocks (Studies in Geology)
96536: BLEZZARD, JUDITH - Borrowings in English Church Music, 1550-1950
56101: BLINKHORN, MARTIN - Mussolini and Fascist Italy. Second Edition
60287: BLISH, JAMES - Galactic Cluster
60470: BLISH, JAMES - The Quincunx of Time
60432: BLISH, JAMES - The Testament of Andros
70926: WHITTEMORE. LEWIS BLISS - Struggle for Freedom. History of the Phillipine Independent Church.
82003: BLOCK, JANE - Impressionism to Symbolism. The Belgian Avant-Garde 1880-1900.
99146: BLOMFIELD, THE REV. E. - A General View of the World. Geographical, Historical, and Philosophical; on a Plan Entirely New. Books Five and Six Only of?
102564: GEORGES BLOND - The Marne: The Battle That Saved Paris and Changed the Course of the First World War (Prion Lost Treasures)
84578: BLONDEL, ERIC - Nietzche : The Body and Culture. Philosophy As a Philological Genealogy.
78886: BLONSTEIN. DR. J.L. - Boxing Doctor.
69535: BLOOM, HAROLD - Omens of Millennium : The Gnosis of Angels, Dreams, and Resurrection
82828: BLOOM, WILLIAM - Feeling Safe : How to Be Strong and Positive in a Changing World
82719: BLOOM, WILLIAM - Psychic Protection : Creating Positive Energies for People and Places
82720: BLOOM, WILLIAM - Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits
82703: BLOOM, ANTHONY - School for Prayer
83906: BLOTKAMP, CAREL - Mondrian : The Art of Destruction
77707: BLUM, CLAUDE;KUSHNER, EVA - Montaigne Et Les Essais, 1588-1988: Actes Du Congres de Paris, Janvier 1988
102929: MICHAEL BLUME - Acrobatics for Children and Teenagers: From the Basics to Spectacular Human Balance Figures
83967: BLUMENAU, RALPH - Philosophy and Living
95775: BLUMENFELD, BRUNO - The Political Paul: Justice, Democracy and Kingship in a Hellenistic Framework (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement)
55851: BLUMHARDT, JOHANN C.; BLUMHARDT, CHRISTOPHER F. - Thoughts About Children
79040: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - Selected Poems of Tennyson. Edited with an Introduction and Notes By Edmund Blunden
80728: ASTER/BLUNT. N - The Bridge of Light. A Message from the Unseen.
85923: BLY, ROBERT - What Have I Ever Lost By Dying? : Collected Prose Poems
96391: REICKE. BO - The Epistles of James, Peter, and Paul. The Anchor Bible.
94225: WALES TOURIST BOARD - Wales: Castles and Historic Places (Regional & City Guides)
92357: WALES TOURIST BOARD - Wales, Crafts and Rural Industries
69810: BOARDMAN, CARL - Oxfordshire Sinners and Villains
90265: BOASE, ALICE - When the Sun Never Sets: A Family's Life in the British Empire
72600: EVANS. BOB - A Lantern on the Stern. Liverpool`S Seafaring Heritage. Volume Two. The Later Years.
63493: REEVES. BOB - My Blood My Earth.
59498: DROGIN. BOB - Curveball. Spies, Lies, and the Man Behind Them: The Real Reason America Went to War in Iraq.
82579: MOON. BOB - Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum in Secondary Schools : A Reader
88687: JONES. BOBBY - Bobby Jones "Flicker" No. 11b Brassie and Iron.
56620: BOBDE. P.V. - Kekavali By Moropanta : A Series of the Peacock's Screams
55601: JONES. BOBI - Canu Arnaf (Cyfrol 1)
53183: JONES. BOBI - Crio Chwerthin.
55663: JONES. BOBI - Casgliad O Gerddi.
102182: JONES. BOBI - Man Gwyn Caneuon Quebec.
57451: BOBRICK, BENSON - Ivan the Terrible
93141: BOBRICK, BENSON - East of the Sun: Conquest and Settlement of Siberia
99987: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - The Decameron. Translated By G.H. Mcwilliam. With the Woodcuts of Jose Narro. A Fine Clean Copy.
95196: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio. Translated By John Payne. Illustrated By Louis Chalon. Volume 2. Only.
73172: BOCCASSINI, DANIELA - La Parola Riscritta: Guillaume Gueroult, Poeta E Traduttore Nella Francia Della Riforma
95838: BOCKMUEHL, KLAUS - The Unreal God of Modern Theology: Bultmann, Barth, and the Theology of Atheism: A Call to Recovering the Truth of God's Reality
91006: BOCKSTOCE, JOHN R. - Arctic Discoveries: Images from Voyages of Four Decades in the North
47811: BODE, HAROLD - James Brindley
89954: ANWYL. J. BODFAN - Spurrell's Welsh-English Dictionary. . . Tenth Edition, Corrected and Augmented.
72262: BODY, GEOFFREY - Great Railway Battles. . .
100240: BOETHIUS - The Consolation of Philosophy. . .
89841: DAGLISH. E. FITCH REVISED BY MONICA BOGGIA - Coping with Russia: A Beginner's Guide to the U.S. S.R.
100051: BOHN, ROLAND - La Vie Du Leon, 1939-1945: Du Canton de Lesneven a la Baie de Morlaix Et a L'aber Wrac'h (Chronique D'hier) Tome 1.
79705: BOILEAU. - Poetica E Polemica. Introduzione E Nota Ai Testi Di Massimo Colesanti.
80211: BOILEAU. - Oeuvres de Boileau, Nouvelle Edition. . . . Par M. Planche Et Par M. Noel
94007: BOISSELIER, JEAN - Ceylon: Sri Lanka (Archaeologia Mundi)
86927: BOISSET, CAROLINE - The Garden Sourcebook
77099: DE BOLD, RICHARD C. - Lsd Man and Society
95869: BOLING, ROBERT G. - Judges: A New Translation with Introduction, Commentary, and Intrepretation. 6 (Anchor Bible)
95870: BOLING, ROBERT G. - Judges: Introduction, Translation and Commentary By Robert G. Boling. 6a (Anchor Bible)
99483: LEE. ARTHUR BOLLES - The Microtomist's Vade-Mecum. A Handbook of the Methods of Microscopic Anatomy.
97415: BOLLINGER, DON - Hardwood Floors: Laying, Sanding and Finishing
91776: BOLOGNA, GIULIA - Illuminated Manuscripts: The Book Before Gutenberg
66145: BOLT, RODNEY - History Play. The Lives and Afterlife of Christopher Marlowe.
95590: BOLTON, ETHEL STANWOOD - American Samplers (Dover Books on Folk Art and Crafts)
67289: BOLTON, GEOFFREY - The Oxford History of Australia. Volume 5. The Middle Way, 1942-1988
94549: BOLWELL, JOHN S.; EVANS, ANDREA - A History of the County Infirmary, Carmarthen 1847 to 1948 and the Nhs and the West Wales General Hospital 1948 to 2004
87521: BOMFORD, DAVID;NATIONAL GALLERY GREAT BRITAIN - Colour (National Gallery Pocket Guides)
73859: DOBREE. BONAMY - Giacomo Casanova. Chevalier de Seingalt.
34247: DOBREE. BONAMY - Five Restoration Tragedies. Edited with an Introduction By Bonamy Dobree. (Oxford World`S Classics Volume 313)
100723: DOBREE. BONAMY - Five Restoration Comedies. Edited with an Introduction By Bonamy Dobree. The World's Classics.
87103: BONDESON, JAN - The London Monster: Terror on the Streets in 1790: Terror on the Streets in 1788
91007: BONE, ROBERT M. - The Regional Geography of Canada. Third Edition.
92704: BONHOEFFER, DIETRICH - The Way to Freedom. Letters, Lectures and Notes 1935-1939 from the Collected Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Volume 2. . .
87928: BONIN, BERNARD - Ring Complex Granites and Anorogenic Magmatism (Studies in Geology)
102628: CHRIS BONINGTON - Kongur: China's Elusive Summit
82365: BONNAFE, ALPHONSE - Georges Brassens
90977: BONNER, PHILIP. - Kings, Commoners and Concessionaires: The Evolution and Dissolution of the Nineteenth-Century Swazi State.
99017: MACKENZIE. CHARLES/BONNER. G.W. - Three Hundred and Twenty Picturesque Views in Great Britain, Land and Water Scenery---Castles---Towns---Villages---Seats---Ruins---Villas---Churches---Bridges---Public Buildings---and All Objects of Note and Interest, the Whole Drawn & Engraved By G.W. B
38278: BONNEY. R.J. - The Failure of the French Revenue Farms, 1600-60. Reprint Fom the History Review.
98259: BONSOR, JACK A. - Athens and Jerusalem: Role of Philosophy in Theology
50248: BOOCOCK, C.P. - Railway Liveries: Privatisation, 1995-2000
90413: BOOKER, FRANK - Great Western Railway: A New History
92241: BOON, GEORGE C. - Welsh Antiquity. Essays Mainly Prehistoric Topics. . .
92140: BOON, GEORGE C. - Caerleon Isca. The Roman Legionay Museum.
73472: KENNEDY. MILTON BOONE - The Oration in Shakespeare.
100330: ALBERT BOOTH - People of Ancient Egypt
57508: REMBRANDT/BORENIUS. PROF. T - Rembrandt. Selected Paintings.
57597: BORG, MARCUS J. - Jesus at 2000
70761: BORGERHOFF. E.B.O. - The Freedom of French Classicism
97534: JORGE LUIS BORGES - Labyrinths: Selected Stories and Other Writings (Penguin Modern Classics)
99590: FORD BORIS - The Cambridge Cultural History of Britain: Vol. 5 - Eighteenth-Century Britain.
63303: FORD. BORIS - The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain Vol. 2 : The Middle Ages.
63302: FORD. BORIS - The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain Vol. 3 : Renaissance and Reformation
49271: BORISUTHIPANDIT, SAIFHON; ETC. - Cross Stitch Myth and Magic
101868: BORROW, GEORGE - Lavengro. The Scholar the Gipsy. The Priest.
89592: BORROW, GEORGE - Celtic Bards, Chiefs and Kings. Edited from the Manuscript By Herbert G. Wright.
45711: PETERS. BOSCO - The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand 1814-1989. Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 21.
82487: DE BOSSUET - Oraisons Funebres de Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Two Volume Set.
72332: BOSSY, JOHN - Under the Molehill : An Elizabethan Spy Story
96400: BOSTON, MED - The Epistles of James, Peter and Jude: 37 (Anchor Bible)
102065: IAN SAYER; DOUGLAS BOTTING - Nazi Gold: The Story of the World's Greatest Robbery - and Its Aftermath
97606: BOUCHER, DAVID; VINCENT, ANDREW - A Radical Hegelian: Political and Social Philosophy of Henry Jones
76353: BOUDREAULT, MARCEL; MÖHREN, FRANKWALT - Actes Du Xiiie Congrès International de Linguistique Et Philologie Romanes : Tenu à L'université Laval (Québec, Canada) Du 29 Août Au 5 Septembre 1971. Two Volume Set.
73104: BOUE, RACHEL - Nathalie Sarraute: La Sensation En Quete de Parole
77585: BOUFFLERS; DAVIES, SIMON - Aline, Reine de Golconde. Texte Presente Et Annote Par Simon Davies.
82712: BOULDING, MARIA - Marked for Life : Prayer in the Easter Christ
97067: BOURDEAUX, MICHAEL - Gorbachev, Glasnost and the Gospel
75816: LE BOURDELLES. H - Cahiers de L`Institut de Linguistique de Louvain. L`Emprunt Linquistique.
77263: BOURSAULT - Les Fables D'esope Comedie. Edition Critique Par Terence Allott.
82366: BOUTAUDOU, CHRISTIANE - Montaigne
98041: BOUYER, L. - Life and Liturgy
98094: LOUIS BOUYER - Newman: His Life and Spirituality: An Intellectual and Spiritual Biography of John Henry Newman
54129: BOWDEN, A. - Ministry in the Countryside
97021: BOWDEN, JOHN - Jesus: The Unanswered Questions
86707: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xvii 1981
86701: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxvi 2000
86708: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlviii 2012
88832: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xl 2004.
89452: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlviii
88824: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxiii 1997.
88825: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxiv 1998.
88826: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxv 1999.
86719: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxiv 1988
88823: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxiii 1997.
88819: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxi 1995.
88833: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlii 2006.
88830: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxviii 2002.
86711: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxvii 1991
86725: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxi 1995
86724: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxii 1996
102228: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - Capel-Y-Graig Trelech 1703-2003.
86702: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xliii 2007
86703: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxiii 1987
93057: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Story of Carvan. Hanes Carfan. 1797-1997.
93058: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Story of Carvan. Hanes Carfan. 1797-1997.
94131: BOWEN, EMRYS GEORGE - Geography, Culture and Habitat. Selected Essays (1925-1975)
88827: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxvi 2000.
93056: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Story of Carvan. Hanes Carfan. 1797-1997.
72660: BOWEN, KEITH - Snowdon Shepherd : Four Seasons on the Hill Farms of North Wales
88813: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxv1i1 1992.
88814: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxviii 1992.
88811: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxv11 1991.
88834: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlii 2006.
93065: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society Volume Xxix 1993
86716: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxvii 2001
86715: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xl 2004
63622: BOWEN, ELIZABETH - The Death of the Heart
86722: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxiv 1998
93063: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society Volume Xxxviii 2002
86706: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xvi 1980
88816: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxix 1993.
88835: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xliii 2007.
88843: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxv 1989.
89451: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlvii
88820: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxi 1995.
88815: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxix 1993.
94675: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume L. 2014
86713: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlvi 2010
88838: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlvii 2011.
92085: BOWEN, D. J - Dafydd Ap Gwilym a Dyfed
98946: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - Capel-Y-Graig Tre-Lech. Trelech.
86710: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xliv 2008
93062: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society Volume Xxxii 1996
89938: THOMAS. BEN BOWEN - Drych Y Baledwr.
94488: REES. IOAN BOWEN - Galwad Y Mynydd.
86720: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxxix 2003
90115: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlviii 2012
88837: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlv 2009.
86714: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xli 2005
87943: BOWEN, E. G. - A History of Llandbadarn Fawr
86718: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxv 1989
76501: BOWEN, ROBERT - Geothermal Resources
93059: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Story of Carvan. Hanes Carfan. 1797-1997.
88841: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxvi 1990.
88840: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xlix 2013.
88810: EVANS. MURIEL BOWEN - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xxvii 1991.
42728: BOWEN. D.Q. - The Llanelli Landscape: The Geology and Geomorphology of the Country Around Llanelli.
87737: RICK BOWERS - Thomas Phaer and the Boke of Chyldren (1544) (Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies)
65391: BOWKER. R.M. - Mutiny! Aboard H.M. Armed Transport `Bounty` in 1789
98321: JOHN WESTERDALE BOWKER - The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions
99794: DAVE WINDLE; MARTIN BOWMAN - Panavia Tornado: Strike, Anti-Ship, Air Superiority, Air Defence, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfard Fighter-Bomber (Profiles of Flight Series)
99793: DAVE WINDLE; MARTIN BOWMAN - Sepecat Jaguar: Tactical Support and Maritime Strike Fighter (Profiles of Flight Series)
99795: DAVE WINDLE; MARTIN BOWMAN - V Bombers: Vulcan, Valiant and Victor (Profiles of Flight Series)
58195: DODD. ANNA BOWMAN - In and out of Three Normandy Inns.
99792: DAVE WINDLE; MARTIN BOWMAN - British Aerospace Hawk: Armed Light Attack and Multi-Combat Fighter Trainer (Profiles of Flight Series)
84163: BOWMAN, MARTIN W. - Great American Air Battles of World War Ii
95879: STEPHEN R. BOWN - Merchant Kings. When Companies Rules the World 1600-1900.
94437: BOWREY, THOMAS EDITED BY LIEUT.-COLONEL SIR RICHARD CARNAC TEMPLE, BT. - The Papers of Thomas Bowrey 1669-1713 Part 1 Diary of a Six Weeks' Tour In1698 in Holland and Flanders Part Ii the Story of the Mary Galley 1704-1710
71055: BOX. E.G. - Commoners in My Time 1868-1871 and Earlier.
84753: BOXSEL, MATTHIJS VAN - The Encyclopaedia of Stupidity
77838: BOYER,CLAUDE - Tyridate : Tragedie Suivi de le Fils Suppose. Edition Critique Par Laetitia Sergent
90884: BOYES, MALCOLM - Guide to the Cleveland Way and Missing Link ([a Constable Guide])
98063: LIEVEN BOEVE; CHRISTOPHE BRABANT - Between Philosophy and Theology. Contemporary Interpretations of Christianity
95802: BRABBS, DERRY - A Year in the Life of the Welsh Marches
102544: ARNOLD C. BRACKMAN - The Other Nuremberg: The Untold Story of the Tokyo War Crimes Trials
84746: BRADBURY, IAN K. - Cuts
55425: BRADBURY, MALCOLM - Dangerous Pilgrimages : Trans-Atlantic Mythologies and the Novel
96221: BRADBURY, JIM - The Routledge Companion to Medieval Warfare (Routledge Companions to History)
69144: BRADBY. G.F. - The Great Days of Versailles. Studies from Court Life in the Later Days of Louis Xiv
102724: EVANS. BRADFORD A. - The Bombing of Monte Cassino.
91825: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Hannibal. Introduction By Kenneth Mcleish.
73326: BRADLEY, RAYMOND S. - Precipitation History of the Rocky Mountains
91719: BRADLEY, JOHN W. - Illuminated Manuscripts
81514: BRADLEY, KEITH R. - Discovering the Roman Family : Studies in Roman Social History
87643: BRADNEY, SIR JOSEPH - A History of Monmouthshire from the Coming of the Normans Into Wales Down to the Present Time. Complete Set in Twelve Parts.
59154: BRADY, ROSE - Kapitalizm : Russia's Struggle to Free Its Economy
99882: RODRIC BRAITHWAITE - Moscow 1941: A City & Its People at War: A City and Its People at War
84589: BRAMLY, SERGE - Leonardo : The Artist and the Man
86677: JOHNSON. W. BRANCH - Welwyn By and Large. Historical Gossip from a Hertfordshire Village.
66627: MATTHEWS. BRANDER - A Study of Versification.
98794: JONES. E. BRANDRAM - The Second Cecil.
100768: EDWARD BRANIGAN - Narrative Comprehension and Film (Sightlines)
101749: PICASSO/KAHNWEILER. DANIEL HENRY/BRASSAI. - The Sculptures of Picasso. Photographs By Brassai.
87121: BRATTON, DANIEL - Thirty Two Short Views of Mazo de la Roche
87342: BRAUN, HUGH - English Mediaeval Architecture
99651: TABB. ASHBY BRAY - The Chronicles of the Messmates
95734: BRAY, LYS DE - The Art of Botanical Illustration: A History of the Classic Illustrators and Their Achievements (Art of Illustration)
96528: BRAYBROOKE, MARCUS; ETC.; COBBING, FELICITY; HARPUR, JAMES - The Essential Atlas of the Bible
88681: BREARS, PETER C.D. - Food and Cooking in 16th Century Britain: History and Recipes
97036: BREITMAN, RICHARD - The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution
70484: ADAM OF BREMEN - Symbolistes Et Decadents
57586: JAMES. BRENDA M - Proud to Serve.
65114: WILLIAMS. BRENDA - The Roman in Britain
93895: BRENDA RICHARDSON, MALCOM BAKER - A Grand Design: The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum
64790: NAGLE. D. BRENDAN - The Ancient World : Readings in Social and Cultural History
69799: BRENDEL, ALFRED - Music Sounded out. Essays, Lectures, Interviews, Afterthoughts.
78425: STIRLING. BRENTS - The Shakespeare Sonnet Order: Poems and Groups.
102434: J.M. BRERETON - The Brecon Beacons: National Park (Britain)
81300: HARTE. BRET - Stories and Poems. Selected and Edited with Introduction and Notes By William Macdonald. Oxford Thin Paper Edition.
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79405: COTTON. CHARLES - Poems from the Works of Charles Cotton. Newly Decorated By Claud Lovat Fraser.
68365: SWINBURNE.ALGERNON CHARLES - Atalanta in Calydon. . . .
77361: TOUTAIN. CHARLES - La Tragedie D`Agamemnon. Edition Critique Par Trevor Peach.
77362: TOUTAIN. CHARLES - La Tragedie D`Agamemnon. Edition Critique Par Trevor Peach.
78548: ARCH. CHARLES - On with the Show. The Cardi at the Royal Welsh.
80636: BARKER. GEORGE. BELL. MARTIN. CAUSLEY. CHARLES - Penguin Modern Poets 3.
60286: BAILEY. HILARY & PLATT. CHARLES - New World`S 7.
42163: MESSENGER. CHARLES - The Second World War in the West. Cassell History of Warfare.
77710: NODIER. CHARLES - Oeuvres Dramatiques Ii. Bertram le Monstre Et le Magicien le Songe D`Or (Fragments) Edition Critique Par Ginette Picat-Guinoiseau.
100491: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. With Eight Illustrations. In Fine Leather Binding.
100489: DICKENS. CHARLES - Dombey and Son. With Eight Illustrations. In Fine Leather Binding.
100487: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. With Eight Illustrations. In Fine Leather Binding.
67971: SZYMKOWICZ. CHARLES - Charles Szymkowicz. Oeuvres de 1970 a 1992. Musee Des Beau-Arts de Mons 10 Octobre-29 Novembre 1992
101469: KINGSLEY. CHARLES - Yeast. A Problem.
65269: DYSON. A.E. / DICKENS. CHARLES - Dickens' "Bleak House" Casebook Series.
82421: RUSSELL. REV. JOHN A/ WOLFE. REV. CHARLES - Remains of the Late Rev. Charles Wolfe, A.B. Curate of Donoughmore, Diocese of Armagh with a Brief Memoir of His Life
43838: CHESSHIRE. CHARLES - Clematis. The Royal Horticultural Society Practical Guides.
43839: CHESSHIRE. CHARLES - Lawns and Ground Cover. The Royal Horticultural Society Practical Guides.
66751: DICKENS. CHARLES - My Early Times. Compiled and Edited By Perter Rowland.
94726: THOMAS. CHARLES - The Iron Age in the Irish Sea Province. Papers Give at the C.B. A. Conference. . . . 1969
68447: DUFFIN. HENRY CHARLES - Amphibian. A Reconsideration of Browning.
65361: NICHOLL. CHARLES - The Lodger. Shakespeare on Silver Street.
74453: LEFEVRE. CHARLES - Sur L`Evolution D`Aristote En Psychologie. Preface de Suzanne Mansion. Aristote Traductions Et Etudes.
97995: BARRETT. CHARLES - Australian Nature Wonders.
92602: EVANS. HAZEL CHARLES - Bethel Carwe 1891-1991.
89758: BRYAN. CHARLES S - For Goodness Sake. The Seven Basic Virtues.
L4881: GRAVES. CHARLES - The Wood of Time & Other Poems.
79178: LAMB. CHARLES - Specimens of English Dramatic Poets Who Lived About the Time of Shakespeare with the Extracts from the Garrick Plays with Notes By Charles Lamb.
73130: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Introduction By Christopher Hibbert. Drawings By Charles Keeping.
73128: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. Introduction By Christopher Hibbert. Drawings By Charles Keeping.
73120: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Introduction By Christopher Hibbert. Drawings By Charles Keeping.
86756: STEPHENSON. CHARLES - Castles. A History of Fortified Structures Ancient, Medieval & Modern.
82964: BALL. CHARLES - An Historical Account of Winchester, with Descriptive Walks. Lacks Frontispiece.
98876: CHARLES, B.G. - Place Names of Pembrokeshire. Volume Two Only.
78960: GRAVES. CHARLES L - More Hawarden Horace.
92603: EVANS. HAZEL CHARLES - Bethel Carwe 1891-1991.
95167: BRADEN. CHARLES S. - Religious Aspects of the Conquest of Mexico.
99991: DICKENS. CHARLES - Great Expectations. With the Illustrations of F.W. Pailthorpe. A Fine Clean Copy.
78416: GRIFFITHS. CHARLES - The Police Forces of Mid and West Wales 1829-1974.
59042: NEWTON-ROBINSON. CHARLES - Tintinnabula. New Poems.
76978: KINCH. CHARLES - La Poesie Satirique de Clement Marot.
70641: FOULON. CHARLES - Melanges de Langue Et Litterature Francaises Du Moyen Age Et de la Renaissance. Volume 1.
81124: WELSH. CHARLES - Goody Two-Shoes. A Facsimile Reproduction of the Edition of 1766 with an Introduction.
82192: MAURON. CHARLES - Le Theatre de Girandoux. Etude Psychocritique.
101255: HINDLEY. CHARLES (EDITOR) - The Old Book Collector's Miscellany: Or a Collection of Readable Reprints of Literary Rarities. . . . Volume One and Two Only.
60174: BROWN. CHARLES N - Far Travellers. Three Science Fiction Novellas.
89481: BRYAN. CHARLES S - Saints of Humanity. Selections from Sir William Osler's Recommended Bedside Library.
81303: TURNER. REV. CHARLES - Sonnets, Lyrics, and Translations.
100294: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Works. 5 Volumes. A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Pickwick Papers and David Copperfield. Illustrations By Charles Keeping.
93391: BOUTELL. CHARLES - English Heraldry. . . With Nearly Five Hundred Illustrations. . .
86472: STOUT. MRS. CHARLES H. - The Amateur's Book of the Dahlia. . .
102444: DOUGHTY. CHARLES M. - Travels in Arabia Deserta. With an Introduction By T.E. Lawrence. . New and Definitive Edition. Two Volume Set.
72221: BEEBE. LUCIUS & CLEGG. CHARLES - Narrow Gauge in the Rockies.
79721: CHURCHILL. CHARLES - Poems of Charles Churchill. Edited By James Laver. Two Volumes Bound in One.
101514: KINGSLEY. CHARLES - The Water Babies. The Works of Charles Kingsley Volume Ix (9)
98398: BUGNET. MAJOR CHARLES - Foch Speaks.
102407: KINGSLEY. CHARLES - The Water-Babies : The Sunshine Series : Illustrated By Harry Theaker
79633: DICKENS. CHARLES - The Works of Charles Dickens. Household Edition. Barnaby Rudge.
69800: HARPER. CHARLES G. - The Ingoldsby Country. Literary Landmarks of the "Ingoldsby Legends"
99218: WHEELEY. CHARLES H - Coarse Fish with Notes on Taxidermy Fishing in Lower Thames, Etc. The Anglers Library.
81374: TENNYSON. SIR CHARLES - Tennyson Collection. Usher Gallery Lincoln. . .
73616: SMITH. CHARLES G. - Shakespeare`S Proverb Lore. His Use of the Sententiae of Leonard Culman and Publilius Syrus.
99769: DICKENS. CHARLES - Master Humphrey's Clock. With Illustrations By George Cattermole and Hablot Browne. Three Volume Set.
100690: READE. CHARLES - Readiana Comments on Current Events. Bible Characters. Library Edition.
97750: DAVY. CHARLES - Words in the Mind. Exploring Some Effects of Poetry, English and French.
73407: DE BOURDIGNE. CHARLES - La Legende Joyeuse de Maistre Pierre Faifeu. Edition Critique Par Francis Valette.
90731: PRICE CHARLES - Matthew (Focus on the Bible)
83078: EDMONDS. CHARLES - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin: Comprising the Celebrated Political & Satirical Poems . . . . . Second Edition.
84442: LANCASTER. CHARLES - An Illustrated Treatise on the Art of Shooting, with Extracts from the Best Authorities. Third Edition.
98365: HILL. CHARLES L. - The Guernsey Breed.
84302: GUIGNON. CHARLES - Richard Rorty
102348: CARRINGTON. CHARLES - Rudyard Kipling. His Life and Work.
88039: CHARLES G. ROLAND, MD, DSC; OSLER LIBRARY - Osler Library Studies in the History of Medicine. Number 11: "Noted Surgeon, Fine Citizen" : The Life of Archibald E. Malloch, Md 1844-1919
98717: CHARLESTON. R.J. - Engliah Glass. 4 July-31 August
22092: CHARLESWORTH. M.P. - Gregynog Lectures, 1948. The Lost Province, Or the Worth of Britain.
20454: CHARLESWORTH. M.P. - The Lost Province. Or the Worth of Britain.
78897: ROSE. CHARLIE - Life`S a Knock-out.
67207: CURRER BELL / BRONTE. CHARLOTTE - Shirley. A Tale. A New Edition.
86196: JACKSON. LADY CATHERINE CHARLOTTE - The Court of France in the Sixteenth Century 1514-1559. Two Volume Set.
L361: GUEST. CHARLOTTE - Mabinogion Tales from the Red Book of Hergest. Translated By Charlotte Guest. Edited By Owen Edwards. Illustrations Supplied By Jo Nathan.
86234: YONGE. CHARLOTTE M - Chantry House. In Two Volumes.
73298: SEYMOUR-SMITH. CHARLOTTE - Macmillan Dictionary of Anthropology
73297: SEYMOUR-SMITH. CHARLOTTE - Macmillan Dictionary of Anthropology
75903: DE CHARNES. J.-A. - Conversationes Sur la Critique de la Princesse de Cleves.
67419: CHARTIER, ALAIN - Fifteenth-Century Translations of Alain Chartier's le Traité de L'esperance and le Quadriloque Invectif Vol. Ii : Introduction, Notes and Glossary
38845: FOWLER. CHAS. B. - Rambling Sketches from the Old Churches in the Diocese of Llandaff. (Facsimile Edition)
88100: FOWLER. CHAS. B. - Rambling Sketches from the Old Churches in the Diocese of Llandaff.
101742: PETER CHASSEAUD - Mapping the Second World War: The History of the War Through Maps from 1939 to 1945
67830: CHATEAUBRIAND - Sublimities de Chateaubriand.
90094: CHATWIN, BRUCE - What Am I Doing Here?
90607: CHATWIN, BRUCE - The Songlines (Vintage Classics)
68382: CHATWIN, F. - The Viceroy of Ouidah
59603: CHATWIN, B. - What Am I Doing Here
56880: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Prioresses Tale. From the Canterbury Tales.
69036: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Canterbury Tales
99993: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY/DAVIES. W. BEYNON - Canterbury Tales in Contemporary Verse By J.U. Nicolson. . with the Woodcuts of William Caxton. A Fine Clean Copy.
70142: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - Troilus and Criseyde
91925: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - Troilus & Criseyde. Edited By Walter W. Skeat. Translation and Introduction By Stewart Boston. Illustrations By Peter Brookes.
102689: PETER CHECKLAND - Systems Thinking, Systems Practice
94736: CHECKSFIELD. M.M. - Portraits of Renaissance Life and Thought.
92053: CHEETHAM, ANTHONY - The Life and Times of Richard Iii (Kings & Queens of England)
97905: ANTON CHEKHOV - Chekhov Plays: "Ivanov", "the Seagull", "Uncle Vania", "Three Sisters", "the Cherry Orchard", "the Bear", "the Proposal", and "a Jubilee"
81783: CHEKHOV, ANTON - Plays.
75937: KIEN-KWONG. CHEN - Summation of the Fourier Series of Orthogonal Functions.
53854: CHERNOW, FRED B. - The Sharper Mind : Mental Games for a Keen Mind and a Foolproof Memory
62175: CHERRY, REGINALD - Healing Prayer: God's Divine Intervention in Medicine, Faith, and Prayer
89426: BURNS. CHESTER R - Legacies in Law and Medicine
67070: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Father Brown Stories
91502: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Father Brown Selected Stories. The World's Classics.
96842: CHESTERTON, G.K. - Heretics
80839: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Penguin Complete Father Brown
95967: MAYANK CHHAYA - Dalai Lama: The Revealing Life Story and His Struggle for Tibet
74737: SIBONA. CHIARA - Le Sens Qui Resonne. . . .
86131: MOSLEY. CHARLES (EDITOR IN CHIEF) - Burke's Landed Gentry. 19th Edition Volumes 3 and 4: The Principality of Wales and the North West Including the Duchy of Lancaster, Cumbria and the Isle of Man.
73068: CHIHARA, CHARLES S. - Constructibility and Mathematical Existence
102967: HEATHER CHILD - More Than Fine Writing. The Life and Calligraphy of Irene Wellington.
65428: CHILDERS, ERSKINE - The Riddle of the Sands
101504: LEWIS CHILDS - Kimberley (Battleground South Africa)
91805: CHILTON-YOUNG,FRANCIS - Home Carpentry for Handy Men: A Book of Practical Instruction. . . .
99722: CHINNERY, PHILIP D. - Korean Atrocity! Forgotten War Crimes 1950-1953
102545: PHILIP CHINNERY - Any Time Any Place: History of Usaf Air Commandos and Special Operations
62581: CHIVERS. I.G. - Underwater Association Code of Practice for Scientific Diving. Second Edition.
71539: DE LACLOS. CHODERLOS - Oeuvres Completes.
100761: NOAM CHOMSKY - On Nature and Language
100755: NOAM CHOMSKY - Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs (Chomsky Perspectives)
86082: CHOPIN - Preludes for the Piano. Edited Revised and Fingered By Rafael Joseffy.
86088: CHOPIN - Complete Works for the Piano. Book 3. (Mikuli)
94696: CHOTZEN. TH. M. - Recherches Sur la Poesie de Dafydd Ab Gwilym. Barde Gallois Du Xive Siecle.
55391: CHOWDHURY, SUBIR - The Talent Era : Achieving a High Return on Talent
77013: CHRETIEN - Guillaume. D`Angleterre. Edition Critique Par A.J. Holden.
78665: CHRETIEN - Perceval le Gallois: Ou, le Conte Du Graal
101727: HAKES. CHRIS - Total Quality Management: The Key to Business Improvement
25875: CRAGGS. CHRIS - Limestone. 100 Best Limestone Climbs in Britain.
100414: WELCH. CHRIS - The Story of the Who
77715: VANLANDINGHAM. CHRIS - Judgement & Justification in Early Judaism and the Apostle Paul.
83156: RICHARDS. CHRIS - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Religions
85138: MACE. CHRIS - Heart and Soul : The Therapeutic Face of Philosophy
101139: FRY. CHRISOPHER - The Dark Is Light Enough. A Winter Comedy.
101150: FRY. CHRISOPHER - The Lady's Not for Burning.
94954: STEWARD. JAMES CHRISTEN - The Collections of the Romanovs: European Art from the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
69015: ANDERSEN. HANS CHRISTIAN - Fairy Tales and Stories. Everyman`S Library
43938: TROEBST. CORD-CHRISTIAN - Conquest of the Sea.
64243: AMBROSI. CHRISTIAN - La France 1870-1970
82224: MORGENSTERN. CHRISTIAN - Alle Galgenlieder. . .
72198: HEWISON. CHRISTIAN H - Locomotive Boiler Explosions.
79408: MORGENSTERN. CHRISTIAN - Gesammelte Werke in Einem Band.
102641: RITTER. CHRISTIANE - A Woman in the Polar Night.
95432: CHRISTIANSEN, REX - Forgotten Railways: Severn Valley and Welsh Border
88456: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT - The Victorian Visitors: Culture Shock in Nineteenth-Century Britain
68506: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT - Romantic Affinities : Portraits from an Age, 1780-1830
75840: CHRISTIE, WILLIAM M. - Current Progress in Historical Linguistics: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Tucson, Arizona, 12-16 January 1976
86415: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Elephants Can Remember
92909: HOPKINS. CHRISTINE - Mathematics in the Primary School: A Sense of Progression (Roehampton Student Texts) Second Edition.
76783: DE PISAN. CHRISTINE - Oeuvres Poetique de Christine de Pisan. Publiees Par Maurice Roy.
74330: SCHWERDTFEGER. INGE CHRISTINE - Medien Und Fremdsprachenunterricht. Eine Analyse Unter Pragmatischen Aspekt.
92901: BOLD. CHRISTINE - Supporting Learning and Teaching (Foundation Degree Texts)
69762: CHRISTMAS, F. E. - The Parson in English Literature
68786: EYKMAN. VON CHRISTOPH - Die Funktion Des Haaalichen in Der Lyrik Georg Heyms. . . . .
81168: WINTLE. CHRISTOPHER - Metapoetics. Aphorisms, Thoughts and Maxims on Life, Art and Music.
67133: COWAN. CHRISTOPHER - Wiccamica. The Masque. . . .
85879: BRYANT. REVD. CHRISTOPHER - The Psychology of Prayer. Guild Lecture No. 153.
95074: WOOD. CHRISTOPHER - Victorain Painters. Two Volume Set, the Text and the Plates Volumes.
101737: TED HUGHES.REID. CHRISTOPHER - Letters of Ted Hughes. Selected and Edited By Christopher Reid.
57778: BROWN. CHRISTOPHER - Rembrandt : The Master and His Workshop: Paintings
56290: HIBBERT. CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilisations.
47351: SOMERVILLE. CHRISTOPHER - Philip`S Welsh Borders. Landscape. Architecture. History. Photography By John Heseltine.
45416: ROWLAND. CHRISTOPHER - Christian Origins. An Account of the Setting and Character of the Most Important Messianic Sect of Judaism.
79117: MARLOWE. CHRISTOPHER - Christopher Marlowe. The Mermaid Series.
100175: BRYANT. CHRISTOPHER - Depth Psychology and Religious Belief.
64059: HEIN. CHRISTOPHER - Horns Ende
79606: BOOKER. CHRISTOPHER - The Real Global Warming Disaster.
78955: HORACE/ HUGHES. CHRISTOPHER - The Odes, Epodes, Carmen Seculare, and the First Satire of Horace: Translated Into English Verse By Christopher Hughes. With the Latin Text, Index of Proper Names and of First Lines.
102100: SYKES. CHRISTOPHER - Stranger Wonders. Tales of Travels. Illustrated By the Author.
95134: WORDSWORTH. CHRISTOPHER - Greece: Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical. . .
93373: GARDNER-THORPE. CHRISTOPHER - James Parkinson 1755-1824 and a Reprint of the Shaking Palsy By James Parkinson Originally Published 1817.
82527: WORDSWORTH. CHRISTOPHER - Greece, Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical. A New Edition. Good Only Working Copy.
102437: JOHN CHRISTOPHER - Bradshaw's Guide Brunel's Railways Swindon to South Wales: Volume 2
95671: BROOKE. CHRISTOPHER - The Rise and Fall of the Medieval Monastery.
102638: HUNT. SIR JOHN & BRASHER. CHRISTOPHER - The Red Snows. An Account of the British Caucasus Expedition 1958.
101138: FRY. CHRISTOPHER - Venus Observed. A Play.
83083: COLUMBUS. CHRISTOPHER - Discovery of America.
100127: ISHERWOOD. CHRISTOPHER - Mr Norris Changes Trains. Illustrations By Beryl Cook. Introduction By Samuel Hynes.

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