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108277: ANON - Hints on Decoration. Small Wallpaper Trade Catalogue.
101576: ANON. - The English Illustrated Magazine. 1885-1886
108023: ANON - L'almanach Des Vieux Ardennais. Traditions Et Saints de L'hiver.
108670: ANON - Bardsey Observatory Report No. 42: 1998.
82966: ANON - The Life and Adventures of Bampfylde-Moore Carew, Commonly Called the King of the Beggars: Being an Impartial Account of His Life, from His Leaving Tiverton School at the Age of Fifteen, and Entering Into a Society of Gipsies; . The Great Number of Charac
92362: ANON - Merthyr Tydfil County Borough. Souvenir of the General Strike. May 4th to May 12th 1926
92358: ANON - Welsh Scenery Illustrated and Explained
93998: ANON - Transactions of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society Volume Xcii 1963-1964 Published 1966.
93999: ANON - Transactions of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society Volume Xcviii 1974-76 Published 1978.
94000: ANON - Transactions of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society Volume Xcvi 1970-72 Published 1974.
103594: ANON - Bath History: Volume Ii, 1988: V. 2
103595: ANON - Bath History: V. 3
103596: ANON - Bath History: V. 4
103597: ANON - Bath History: V. 5
90966: ANON - Sold By Auction July 1939, Pantyrhead Near St. Clears, Carmarthenshire
102318: ANON - Carmarthen. John Francis & Son. . Public Auction Ivy Bush Royal Hotel Saturday 21st November 1931. . Family Residence and Grounds Known As Furnace Lodge Situated of the Outskirts of Town. . Outbuilding Etc Etc
85844: ANON - Journal of the British Association of Psychotherapists. Number 19. July 1988
88385: ANON - Time to Deliver: The Third Term and Beyond, Policy Options for Wales
105759: ANON - Daily Mail Motor Map Showing Trunk Roads and Other Classified Roads. Wales and West Midlands.
106152: ANON. - Archaeologia Cambrensis. Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association. Volume 140 (1991))
94566: ANON - The Principal Uses of the Sixteen Most Important Homoeopathic Medicines; Arranged According to the Plan Adopted in Physicians' Manual. . . . . .
113353: ANON - Pembrokeshire Particulars,Plans and Conditions of Sale. . Freehold Farms, Small Holdings. . . Accomodation Lands Situate at Burton,Pembroke,Ferry and Barnlake. . . . Portions of the Cawdor Estate. . . Public Auction at South Wales Hotel 22nd September. . . . 1914
86032: ANON - The Journal of Analytical Psychology. An International Quarterly of Jungian Theory and Practice. Volume 30 Number 1. January 1985
90196: ANON - German Historical Institute London Bulletin. Volume Xxxv, No. 2. November 2013.
89206: ANON - Camberley Natural History Society Report for 1959.
113539: ANON - The Ryrie Study Bible. New American Standard.
98956: ANON - Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru. A Dictionary of the Welsh Language. Part 12.
98953: ANON - Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru. A Dictionary of the Welsh Language. Part 8.
78406: ANON - Marlborough College Register 1933-1944. Appendix to Eighth Edition.
88773: ANON - Archaeologia Cambrensis. The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association Volume Cxxii 1973
98980: ANON - Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru. A Dictionary of the Welsh Language. Part 39.
89614: ANON - Bibliotheca Celtica. A Register of Publications Realting to Wales and the Celtic Peoples & Languages. 1969-70.
107356: ANON - The Lollards; Or, Some Account of the Witnesses for the Truth in Great, Britain from A.D. 1400 to A.D. 1546. With a Brief Notice of Events Connected with the Early History.
90962: ANON - Particulars and Confitions of Sale of Freehold Dwelling Houes and Gardens Situate in Priory Street. . . Carmarthen. . . Public Auction Carmarthen October 1905.
97491: ANON - Cromwelliana. The Journal of the Cromwell Association 1996
102730: ANON. - Book and Magazine Collector No. 164. November 1997.
99466: ANON - Carmarthenshire. . . Conditions of Sale Freehold Farms, Small Holdings, Licensed Premises. . . . Parishes of Llandilo-Fawr, Llandebie, Llanedy, Llanddarog, Llangunnor. . . Llandilo. . Forming Outlying Portions of the Cawdor Estate. . September 1919. . .
86022: ANON - The Journal of Analytical Psychology. An International Quarterly of Jungian Theory and Practice. Volume 29 Number 3. July 1984
97143: ANON. - Anthology of Russian Short Stories. From Classical to Modern. Two Volume Set.
78719: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1936
78722: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1967 Part 2.
78723: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1966 Part 2.
78724: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1977
78725: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1978
78726: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1956
78728: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1991
78729: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1960
78730: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1969 Part 2.
78731: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1961 Part 2.
78732: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1959
78734: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1964 Part 1.
78735: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1963 Part 2.
78736: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1963 Part 1.
78737: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1962
78738: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1980
78739: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1981
78740: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1986
78742: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1970 Part 1.
78743: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Sessions 1949-1951
78745: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1970 Part 2.
78748: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1968 Part 2.
78749: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1961 Part 1.
78750: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1958
78751: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1957
78752: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1992
78753: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1965 Part 2.
78754: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1965 Part 1.
78755: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1964 Part 2.
78756: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1969 Part 1.
78757: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1983
78758: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1966 Part 1.
78764: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1945
78765: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1939
78766: ANON - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. Session 1942
105389: ANON. - A Summary of the Speeches,Arguments and Determinations of the Right Honourable the Lords Council and Session in Scotland Upon the Important Cause, Wherein His Grace the Duke of Hamilton and Others Were Plaintiffs, and Archibald Douglas of Douglas Esq; . . .
97192: ANON - With One Voice: Melody E. , W. Catholic Suppt: Hymn Book for All the Churches
88883: ANON - The "Best of All" Real Photograph Snapshots of Glen Coe. No. 2.
82874: ANON - Sketch Map to Illustrate the 1866 Bohemian Campaign with an Inset Map of Battle of Koniggratz. . . Whitehall Series of Military Maps. . . .
84813: ANON - Printmaking in 19th and 20th Century France. 10th to 30th May 1978.
107426: ANON - Dietsche Warande En Belfort, 1912 No. 10.
106151: ANON. - Archaeologia Cambrensis. Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association. Volume 141 (1992))
94529: ANON - Prenoms Des Pays Celtiques. . .
95072: ANON - Travel. 19 Issues Bound in One Volume with Original Wraps Bound in at Rear. May 1923-December 1924, Lacks May 1924,
102747: ANON. - Book and Magazine Collector No. 162. September 1997.
93549: ANON - The Transactions of the Radnorshire Society. Volume Lxii 1992.
92399: ANON - Llanelli Miscellany Number 16. 2002-2003
90953: ANON - Carmarthenshire. Freehold Double Licensed Public House and Land Called the Plough and Harrow. . Parish of Llangunnock. . . . and Property Known As Pantycoed. . . In the Parish of Trelech. . Close to Pentbont. . . Maddox Cross Raods. . Auction June 1907.
86000: ANON - The Journal of Analytical Psychology. An International Quarterly of Jungian Theory and Practice. Volume 44 Number 4. October 1999
89647: ANON - Handlists of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales. Part Xxi. Index to Volume Iii.
81713: ANON - World's Greatest Music: Rock 'n' Roll Classics
108106: ANON - Picture Chord Encyclopedia for Left-Handed Guitarists
106654: ANON - The Cruise of the Forest Home; Or, Chronicle of a Pleasure Trip to Mount Desert
94846: ANON - Morgannwg. The Journal of Glamorgan History. Volume Xxxiii 1989
94847: ANON - Morgannwg. The Journal of Glamorgan History. Volume Xiv 1970
94848: ANON - Morgannwg. The Journal of Glamorgan History. Volume Xxii 1978
94849: ANON - Morgannwg. The Journal of Glamorgan History. Volume Xlvii 2003
109514: ANON. - The Racing Sale. A Celebration of Turf. Sotheby's. Wednesday 13th November 1996.
102332: ANON - Carmarthen. John Francis & Son Public Auction Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Saturday 2nd December, 1933. . . Shop and Premises Known As 70 & 71 Priory Street. . . Electric and Gas Is Laid on. . . .
101422: ANON - The Notts County News and Official Programme. Notts County Versus Plymouth Argyle 14th March, 1959
102827: ANON - Decorum. A Practical Treatise on Etiquette & Dress of the Best American Society 1879.
103599: ANON - Bath History: V. 7
103605: ANON - 1839-1989: Public Education in England, 150th Anniversary
99469: ANON - Carmarthenshire. . . Conditions of Sale Freehold Farms, Small Holdings. . . Cottages & Gardens, Building Frontages. . . Situate in the Parishes of Penboyr, Llangeler, Cenarth, Llanarthney, Llanedy and Cilycwm, in the County of Carmarthen,. . Cawdor Estate.
99075: ANON - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society and Field Club. Volume 14. 1978.
107418: ANON - Dietsche Warande En Belfort, 1909 No. 1.
107419: ANON - Dietsche Warande En Belfort, 1909 No. 2. .
107423: ANON - Dietsche Warande En Belfort, 1911 No. 8-9. .
107424: ANON - Dietsche Warande En Belfort, 1911 No. 11.
107425: ANON - Dietsche Warande En Belfort, 1911 No. 12.
107415: ANON - A Short History of Dartington Hall with Architectural Notes.
107416: ANON - A Short History of Dartington Hall with Architectural Notes.
113510: ANON - The "Sunlight" Almanac for 1899
103856: ANON - The Penvro. No. 122 Spring 1958
103851: ANON - The Penvro. No. 124 Spring 1959
103852: ANON - The Penvro. No. 125 Autumn 1959
102745: ANON. - Book and Magazine Collector No. 163. October 1997.
111982: ANON - The Betjemanian. The Journal of the Betjeman Society. Volume 20 2008/2009
101848: ANON - Photograph Album Containing Six Original Photographs of Builth Wells Celebrating the Marriage of Mr. And Mrs. Harcourt Wood of Caer Beris Estate Dated 1898.
112500: ANON. - Paroissien Romain. Tres-Complet a L'usage Du Diocese de Paris. . . . Partie D'automne.
114072: ANON. - New Chart of North & Central England
111936: ANON - Glazed Expressions. Number 30 Spring 1995. Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society.
106471: ANON - Paris. 31 Vues.
113512: ANON - Wellcome's Medical Diary and Visiting List. 1938
105500: ANON - The Book of Birds. Crown Juvenile Series Books.
113345: ANON - Carmarthenshire. Parish of Abernant. Plans,Conditions of Sale of Valuable Freehold Farms Small Holdings & Fields. . . . . Sale By Public Auction Boar's Head Carmarthen. . . . . 19th September 1914. . . . .
109529: ANON - Cecil Aldin & His Contemporaries. Three Exhibition Catalogues.
70393: ANOUILH, JEAN - Anouilh : Eurydice and Medee. Edited with an Introduction By Edward Freeman.
81942: ANOUILH, JEAN - Pieces Grincantes. . . .
79975: ANOUILH, JEAN - Pieces Roses.
111586: HUMAYUN ANSARI - The Infidel Within: Muslims in Britain Since 1800
99942: ANSELL-PEARSON, KEITH - The Life and Death of a Racehorse. A Complete Set of Six Uncoloured Oval Aquatint Illustrations.
47277: ANSELM - The Trials of Faith.
47228: GRUN. ANSELM - L`Eucarista. Transformarsi E Diventare Una Cosa Sola. Terza Edizione.
84402: KING. BERNARD ANSON - Our Little Hour. Signed By the Author.
99895: SANDRA ANSTEY - Critical Writings on R.S. Thomas
90045: ANSTRUTHER, GODFREY - Seminary Priests: Dictionary of the Secular Clergy of England and Wales, 1558-1850: Volume 3. 1660-1715
89414: ANTALL, JOZSEF & LAJOS HUSZAR (EDITS). - Medicina in Nummis: From the Numismatic Collection of the Semmelweis Museum for the History of Medicine.
89182: HYMAN. ANTHONY - Muslim Fundamentalism. . . . Conflict Studies Number 174.
84593: JANSON. ANTHONY F. - History of Art Revised and Expanded By Anthony F. Janson. Fourth Edition.
100100: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - Harry Heathcote of Gangoil. A Tale of Australian Bush Life. Illustrations By Francis Mosley.
79625: GRAMMONT/HAMILTON. ANTHONY - Memoirs de Comte de Grammont. Par A. Hamilton. Avec Des Notes Historiques.
113462: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - Rachel Ray. Introduction By John Letts. Illustrations By David Eccles.
113691: ANTHONY, ROSS C; DAVIS, LOIS M; GIROSI, FEDERICO; BERNARD, CHERYL - Securing Health: Lessons from Nation Building Missions: Lessons from Nation-Building Missions
100108: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - Nina Balatka. The Story of a Maiden of Prague. Illustrations By Rod Waters.
100097: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - Phineas Phinn the Irish Member. Illustrations By Llewellyn Thomas.
54578: FROUDE. JAMES ANTHONY - Thomas Carlyle. A History of the First Forty Year of His Life. With Portraits and Etchings. Volume 1. Only.
103458: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - The Belton Estate.
42104: CRESSER. MALCOLM & EDWARDS. ANTHONY - Acidification of Freshwaters.
84449: WOOSNAM-SAVAGE. ROBERT AND HALL. ANTHONY - Brassey's Book of Body Armour.
60588: ANTHONY, PIERS - Macroscope
103463: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - The Small House at Allington. Two Volumes in One.
83100: QUINN. ANTHONY - Jack Vettriano.
112199: BAILEY. ANTHONY - The Legend of St. Teilo's Skull.
112200: BAILEY. ANTHONY - A Preseli Patchwork.
L4893: RYE. ANTHONY - Poems from Selbourne.
73928: JENKINS. ANTHONY - The Isle of Ladies: Or, the Ile of Pleasaunce
100113: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - The Belton Estate. Illustrations By Alexy Pendle.
113721: ANTHONY, ROSS C; DAVIS, LOIS M; GIROSI, FEDERICO; BERNARD, CHERYL - Securing Health: Lessons from Nation Building Missions: Lessons from Nation-Building Missions
100089: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite. Illustrations By Peter Brookes.
67558: BAKER. RICHARD & MIALL. ANTHONY - Everyman's Book of Sea Songs
103459: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - The Belton Estate.
105422: JUSTIN LEWIS-ANTHONY - Circles of Thorns: Hieronymus Bosch and Being Human (Mowbray Lent Book)
61269: BEAUMONT. ANTHONY - Traction Engines on Parade.
100118: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - Ayala'a Angel. Illustrations By Robert Geary.
100117: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - Dr Wortle's School. Illustrations By Robin Jacques.
100083: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - The Bertrams. Illustrations By Peter Brookes.
64138: KENNY. ANTHONY - The Responsa Scholarum of the English College, Rome. Part Two: 1622-1685.
102965: KINSEY. ANTHONY - Introducing Screen Printing.
100114: TROLLOPE. ANTHONY - John Caldigate. Illustrations By Francis Mosley.
103837: ORLIAC. ANTOINE - Veronese.
70443: ADAM. ANTOINE - L`Age Classique Volume 1. 1624-1660. Litterature Francais. Collection Dirigee Par Clauder Pichois. . .
108975: DE LA SALE. ANTOINE - Jehan de Saintre. Edite Par Jean Misrahi Et Charles A. Knudson
71311: ADAM. ANTOINE - Les Premieres Satires de Boileau (1-X) Edition Critique Et Commentaire.
111305: VERGOTE. ANTOINE - The Religious Man. A Psychological Study of Religious Attitudes.
73365: DE BAIF. JEAN-ANTOINE - Mimes. Enseignemens Et Proverbes. Edition Critique Par Jean Vignes.
77829: DE MONTCHRESTIEN. ANTOINE - La Reine D`Ecosse. Edition Critique Avec Introduction Variantes Et Glossaire Par Joseph D. Crivelli.
110747: WALLICH-CLIFFORD. ANTON - No Fixed Abode.
96639: TCHEKOFF. ANTON - Russian Silhouettes. More Stories of Russian Life. Translated from the Russian By Marian Fell.
54589: SANTAMARINA. MONSIEUR ANTONIO - Tableaux, Dessins Et Bronzes Francais Dans la Collection de Monsieur Antonio Santamarina.
97615: BARUFFA. ANTONIO - The Catacombs of St. Callixtus. History Archaeology Faith.
106566: HOPKINS. ANTONY - The Concertgoer's Companion. Volume 1. Bach to Haydn.
106567: HOPKINS. ANTONY - The Concertgoer's Companion. Volume 2. Holst to Webern.
104643: FLEW. ANTONY - Essays in Conceptual Analysis By H. Brotman, E. Daitz. . . . . . . . Et Al
69145: HOPKINS. ANTONY - The Concertgoer`S Companion. Volume 1. Bach to Haydn.
69868: SNELL. ANTONY - Truth in Words.
103144: FLEW. ANTONY - God and Philosophy.
95719: ANTONY SPAWFORTH, TONY SPAWFORTH - The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
86749: ANTONY SPAWFORTH, TONY SPAWFORTH - The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
76677: ANWAR, MUMTAZ A. - Information Services in Muslim Countries: An Annotated Bibliography of Expert Studies and Reports on Library, Information and Archive Services
89902: GWILYM. DAFYDD AP - Twenty-Five Poems. Translated By Nigel Heseltine with a Preface By Frank O'connor.
92249: GWILYM. DAFYDD AP/GWILYM. DAVYTH AP - Translations Into English Verse from the Poems of Davyth Ap Gwilym. A Welsh Bard of the Fourteenth Century.
68350: GWILYM. GWYNN AP - Emynau Cymru. The Hymns of Wales. Bilingual Edition
49251: APELDOORN, G. - Perspectives on Drought and Famine in Nigeria
101313: BEHN. APHRA - The Ten Pleasures of Marriage and the Second Part the Confession of the New Married Couple. Reprinted with an Addition By John Harvey and the Original Twenty Plates and Two Engraved Titles Re-Engraved.
74479: BEHN. APHRA - The Ten Pleasures of Marriage and the Second Part the Confession of the New Married Couple. Reprinted with an Introduction By John Harvey and the Original Twenty Plates and the Two Engraved Titles Re-Engraved
101638: GUILLAUME APOLLINAIRE - The Poet Assassinated
83170: APOSTOLON, BILLY - Evangelistic Sermon Outlines
83824: APOSTOLOS-CAPPADONA, DIANE - Dictionary of Women in Religious Art
112861: NIMROD/APPERLEY - The Life of John Mitton. . .
84673: APPIGNANESI, RICHARD - Postmodernism and Big Science. Einstein, Dawkins, Kuhn, Hawking, Darwin.
106800: RICHARD APPIGNANESI - Introducing Postmodernism
104651: DAVID APPLEBAUM - The Vision of Kant (Spirit of Philosophy)
97403: APPLEBY, AMY - You Can Read Music [with Cd]
72279: APPLEBY, K.C. - York. Britain`S Rail Supercentres.
104086: BRYAN APPLEYARD - Understanding the Present: An Alternative History of Science (Tauris Parke Paperbacks)
103070: CARTER. APRIL - Democratic Theory Today: Challenges for the 21st Century
104048: APULEIUS. - The Transformations of Lucius Otherwise Known As the Golden Ass. A New Translation By Robert Graves.
104774: SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS - Summa Theologiae. A Concise Translation.
71130: ARBERRY, ARTHUR JOHN - Religion in the Middle East. Volume 2. Islam.
102449: KATE ARBLASTER - Walking Through Time: A Study of Cwmdu 1850-1920
89251: STEPHENS. G. ARBOUR - The Prevention and Relief of Heart Disease. Its Economic Importance.
107337: MICHAEL ARCHER - Art Since 1960 (World of Art S. )
109292: ARCHESTRATUS - The Life of Luxury: Europe's Oldest Cookery Book
58108: ARCHIBALD, E. H. H. - The Wooden Fighting Ship in the Royal Navy, A.D. 897-1860
68431: LYALL. ARCHIBALD - The Future of Taboo in These Islands.
109482: ARCHITECTURE CLUB, THE - Recent English Architecture 1920-1940. Selected By the Architecture Club.
94642: ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY ARCHIVISTS - The Observant Traveller: Diaries of Travel in England and Wales
82870: ARDAGH, JOHN - France in the 1980's. The Definitive Book.
110344: ROBERT ARDREY - Hunting Hypothesis: A Personal Conclusion Concerning the Evolutionary Nature of Man
77179: FABRETTI. ARIODANTE - Palaeographische Studien. Aus Dem Italienischen Ubersetzt.
113411: JULIETTE ARISTIDES - Lessons in Classical Drawing. Includes Cd.
52245: ARISTOPHANES. - Aristophane Tome 1. Les Acharniens. Les Cavaliers. Les Nuees.
76167: ARISTOPHANIS / ARISTOPHANES - Comoediae. Book 2. Recognoverunt. . . . F.W. Hall & Geldart. W.M. Greek Text.
82547: ARISTOPHANES. - Comoediae Undecim Graece Et Latine, Ut Et Fragmenta Earum Quae Amissae Sunt. [Editio Novissima. ] Two Volume Set in Original Vellum Binding.
73898: ARISTOPHANES. - Comdeiae. Recognoverunt. . . . F.W. Hall & W.M. Geldart. Tomus Ii.
81443: ARISTOPHANES. - Aristophanis Comoediae. Recognovernt F.W. Hall & Geldart. W.M. Tomus 2.
94193: ARISTOTLE - The Works of Aristotle, the Famousphilosopher. . . . to Which Is Added the Family Physician. . . . Also,His Experienced Midwife. . . A New Edition with Cuts.
105039: ARISTOTLE - The Nicomachean Ethics (World's Classics)
100741: ARISTOTLE - On the Art of Fiction. An English Translation of the Poetics with an Introductory Essay and Explanatory Notes.
91263: ARISTOTLE - The Ethics of Aristotle
89457: ARISTOTLE - Casgliad Cyflawn O Holl Weithiau Meddygol Aristotle, Yt Athronydd Enwog, Sef Ei Brif Orchestwaith, Y Fyd-Wraig Brofedig, Y Cymmunrodd Olaf, Ei Lyfr O Gudd-Holion. . . .
112916: ARISTOTLE. - Aristotle's Works Containing the Master-Piece,Directions for Midwives, and Advice to Child-Bearing Women. . . . .
103614: ARISTOTLE - The Nicomachean Ethics (World's Classics)
109300: DALLERY. ARLEEN B. - Crises in Continental Philosophy (Suny Series, Selected Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy)
79749: ROBINSON. EDWIN ARLINGTON - A Collection of Critical Essays. Edited By Francis Murphy.
73750: MOSS. ARMAND - Baudelaire Et Madame Sabatier.
109427: CUVILLIER. ARMAND - Nouveau Vocabulaire Philosophique Avec Supplement. Quinzieme Edition.
76276: ARMES, ROY - Third World Film Making and the West
105156: FELIPE FERNANDEZ ARMESTO - Civilizations
92861: ARMITAGE, ANDY; BRYANT, ROBIN; DUNNILL, RICHARD; HAYES, DENNIS; RENWICK, MANDY - Teaching and Training in Post-Compulsory Education. Second Edition.
74119: ARMOGATHE. J.R. - Index Des Regulae Ad Directionem Ingelii de Rene Descartes. . .
104893: DAVID SNELL; MURRAY ARMOR - The Home Plans Book: Over 330 New Home Plans Ideas and How to Make Your Choice (over 330 New Home Plans and How to Make Your Choice)
105122: KAREN ARMSTRONG - The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions
109403: MARIE ARMSTRONG - Child of the Grey Mist
101275: RICHARD ARMSTRONG - Powered Ships: The Beginnings V. 1
111708: KAREN ARMSTRONG - The Great Transformation: The World in the Time of Buddha, Socrates, Confucius and Jeremiah
97234: ARMSTRONG, DAVE - More Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
60422: ARMSTRONG, CAMPBELL - Brainfire
98248: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Case for God: What Religion Really Means
58246: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Great Transformation. The World in the Time of Buddha, Socrates, Confucius and Jeremiah.
65336: LASTER. ARNAUD - Paroles Precert.
107434: ALICE ARNDT - Seasoning Savvy: How to Cook with Herbs, Spices, and Other Flavorings
112768: ARNOLD, EBERHARD - God's Revolution: Justice, Community, and the Coming Kingdom
77941: RUGE. ARNOLD ET AL - Logic
98228: CATHARINE ARNOLD - Bedlam: London and Its Mad
102640: LUNN. ARNOLD - Mountain Jubilee.
77805: HAUSER. ARNOLD - Philosophie Der Kunstgeschichte.
65649: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Matthew Arnold Poetry
81703: ARNOLD, MATTHEW; LOWRY, HOWARD FOSTER - Arnold : Selected Poems and Prose
106614: DENIS ARNOLD - The New Monteverdi Companion
106085: LEWIS. ARNOLD - American Victorian Architecture: Survey of the 70's and 80's in Contemporary Photographs
111093: HAMILTON. J. ARNOTT - Byzantine Architecture and Decoration.
109938: JACQUES ARON - Le Sionisme N'est Pas le Judaïsme : Essai Sur le Dessin D'israël
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70556: BERLE, WALTRAUD - Heinrich Mann Und Die Weimarer Republik: Zur Entwicklung Eines Politischen Schriftstellers in Deutschland
113992: BERLIN, EARL - Douglas C-124 Globemaster Ii (Air Force Legends)
104746: ISAIAH BERLIN - The Proper Study of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays
109346: ISAIAH BERLIN - Concepts and Categories: Philosophical Essays (Oxford Paperbacks)
84497: BERLIN, ISAIAH; ANNAN, NOEL GILROY ANNAN - The Sense of Reality : Studies in Ideas and Their History
103307: ISAIAH BERLIN - The Proper Study of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays
104478: ISAIAH BERLIN - The Crooked Timber of Humanity: Chapters in the History of Ideas
104735: ISAIAH BERLIN - Against the Current: Essays in the History of Ideas (Pimlico)
85041: BERLINSKI, DAVID - Infinite Ascent : A Short History of Mathematics
104293: DAVID BERLINSKI - A Tour of the Calculus
103383: DAVID BERMAN - Berkeley: The Great Philosophers (the Great Philosophers Series)
113967: DENES BERNAD - Henschel Hs129 (Military Aircraft in Detail S. )
112499: FORT. BERNADETTE - The Other Hogarth: Aesthetics of Difference
70178: PATON. REV. W. BERNARD - Celtic Heritage. The Story of the English Prebyterian Church on Holy Island.
95219: MARTIN. BERNARD - Over My Shoulder.
82336: BERNARD, GILDAS - La Fin D'un Monde (1914-1929)
70489: WAIRES. BERNARD - Europe and the Wider World
73222: DORT. BERNARD - Corneille Dramaturge.
63727: BOL. BERNARD - Frankforter. A Cookery Book for Frankfurter Fans.
46922: JONES. BERNARD E. - A Practical Guide to Wireless. In Simple Language, Telling the Beginner Everything Necessary for Broadcast Reception. With over 100 Illustrations.
46787: JONES. BERNARD E. - Wireless Questions Simply Answered.
42969: THOROGOOD. BERNARD - The Flag and the Cross. National Limits and Church Universal.
34244: SHAW. BERNARD - Back to Methuselah. A Metabiological Pentateuch. Revised Edition with a Postscript. (Oxford World`S Classics Volume 500)
109678: HOLLOWOOD. BERNARD - The Things We See: No. 4. Pottery and Glass.
81096: SHAW. BERNARD - Heartbreak House.
112108: DAVIES. BERNARD - Provisional Distribution Maps of the Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians of Pembrokeshire.
86388: ROY. BERNARD - Une Porte de L'europe. Nantes.
77807: ROIZMAN. BERNARD - Infectious Diseases in an Age of Change : The Impact of Human Ecology and Behavior on Disease Transmission
63889: HAMILTON. BERNARD - The Christian World of the Middle Ages.
83568: DE MANDEVILLE. BERNARD - The Fable of the Bees Or Private Vices, Publick Benefits with an Essay on Charity and Charity-Schools and a Search Into the Nature of Society. . . . . .
77928: WEISS. BERNARD J. - American Education and the European Immigrant : 1840-1940
75042: LAMBLIN. BERNARD - Art Et Nature.
27445: JAY. BERNARD - The Adventures of a Romantic. A Life Story.
106190: BERNARD. D.H. - The Service Code for Naval and Military Officers and All Who Travel. A Special Feature of This Book Is, That Secret Code Can Be Used with Extreme Simplicity.
75930: SPENCER. BERNARD - With Luck Lasting. Poems
81719: SHAW. BERNARD - Misalliance, the Dark Lady of the Sonnets, and Fanny's First Play. With a Treatise on Parents and Children.
64004: BERNHARD, THOMAS - Gesammelte Gedichte
87159: BERNHARDT, REINHOLD - Christianity without Absolutes
91170: BERNSTEIN, WILLIAM J. - Masters of the Word: How Media Shaped History from the Alphabet to the Internet.
105049: JEREMY BERNSTEIN - Cranks, Quarks and the Cosmos: Writings on Science
82077: BEROUL - Le Roman de Tristan. Poeme Du Xii Siecle. Edite Par Ernest Muret.
94255: ELLIS. P. BERRESFORD - The Story of the Cornish Language.
92400: BERRESFORD ELLIS, PETER - The Celtic Empire: The First Millennium of Celtic History, 1000 B.C. To 51 A.D.
80219: BERRIEDALE-JOHNSON, MICHELLE - The British Museum Cookbook
59852: R.J.BERRY - Inheritance and Natural History. The New Naturalist.
51254: BERRY, HENRY - This Is No Drill! : Living Memories of the Attack on Pearl Harbor
113074: MARK BERRY - After Wagner: Histories of Modernist Music Drama from Parsifal to Nono
59764: BERRY. R.J. - Inheritance and Natural History. New Naturalist Number 61
109671: HULTEN. BERTIL - Building Modern Sweden.
76732: MALMBERG. BERTIL - Phonetique Generale Et Romane. Etudes En Allemand, Anglais, Espagnol Et Francais.
95256: STEPHEN BERTMAN - Handbook to Life in Ancient Mesopotamia (Handbook to Life)
53869: STATHAM. BERYL - Angels in Dark Places. A Process of Becoming.
80598: JONES. BERYL M. - Further Adventures of Twm Shon Catti and Bob Tail Tim. Christmas Follies. Drawings By Geoffrey Evans. Book Number 3.
51970: BESAG, VALERIE - Bullies and Victims in Schools. A Guide to Understanding and Management. Some Ink Annotations and Underlining.
103784: PETER B. BEST - Stroll Through Old Cardiff: V. 1: Views from My Postcard Collection
47411: BEST, ERNEST - Interpreting Christ
99457: BETCHERMAN, LITA ROSE - Court Lady and Country Wife: Royal Privilege and Civil War - Two Noble Sisters in Seventeenth-Century England
27315: WARREN. SCOTT AND BETH - Victorian Bonanza. Victorian Architecture of the Rocky Mountain West.
112161: JOHN BETJEMAN - Summoned By Bells: A Verse Autobiography
111131: JOHN BETJEMAN - Sweet Songs of Zion
111990: JOHN BETJEMAN - John Betjeman Collected Poems
112178: JOHN BETJEMAN - John Betjeman Letters Vol. 2, 1951 to 1984: 1952 to 1984
112176: BETJEMAN, JOHN - English Cities and Small Towns (Writer's Britain S. )
112157: JOHN BETJEMAN - Continual Dew: A Little Book of Bourgeois Verse
67156: BETJEMAN, JOHN - The Best of Betjeman
111989: JOHN BETJEMAN - John Betjeman's Collected Poems
106515: JOHN BETJEMAN - John Betjeman's Collected Poems
103501: JOHN BETJEMAN - Church Poems. Illustrated By John Piper.
112158: JOHN BETJEMAN - Church Poems
111130: JOHN BETJEMAN - Trains and Buttered Toast: Selected Radio Talks
103828: RUSSELL. BETRAND - Fact and Fiction.
86377: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - The Children of the Dream
113694: MENNE. BETTINA - Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies for Human Health
72960: BETTS, RAYMOND F. - Uncertain Dimensions. Western Overseas Empires in the Twentieth Century
89814: BETTS, CLIVE - Culture in Crisis: Future of the Welsh Language
111396: MICHAEL BETTS - Birds of Skokholm
70861: BETTS, ROBERT BRENTON - Christians in the Arab East : A Political Study
92699: A. VAN DEN BEUKEL - More Things in Heaven and Earth: God and the Scientists
104179: A. VAN DEN BEUKEL - More Things in Heaven and Earth: God and the Scientists
107479: SAINTE-BEUVE. M - Nouvelle Galerie Des Grands Ecrivains Français Tirèe Des Causeries Du Lundi Et Des Portraits Litteraires, Illustrés de Portraits Gravés Au Burin Par Massard Fils, Delannoy, Nageot, Regnault.
100288: ALUN WYN BEVAN - St Helen's Stories
106889: ALUN WYN BEVAN - Stradey Stories
102672: PHIL BENNETT; ALUN WYN BEVAN - The Greatest Scarlets Xv Ever
102676: KIERAN LONG; ROBERT BEVAN - Architects Today
92813: BEVAN, ALUN WYN - Straeon O'r Strade
87057: BEVAN, BRYAN - Henry Vii: The First Tudor King
113803: ALUN WYN BEVAN - Stradey Stories
107465: BOYD. BEVERLEY - Chaucer and the Medieval Book.
113248: NICHOLS. BEVERLEY - Cats' A.B. C. Illustrated By Derrick Sayer.
83980: BEVINGTON, DAVID M. - Shakespeare : An Introduction
88757: HILLIER BEVIS - The World of Art Deco. An Exhibition. .
95011: ANON. BEWICK - Voyages in the Arctic Seas, from 1821 to 1825, for the Discovery of a North-West Passage to the Pacific Ocean.
92183: BEWLEY, ROBERT - English Heritage Book of Prehistoric Settlements
78166: BEWLEY, ROBERT - Prehistoric Settlements
81486: BEYLERIAN, GEORGE M. - Material Connexion. The Global Resource of New and Innovative Materials. . . .
89625: DAVIES. W. BEYNON - Thomas Gwynn Jones. Writers of Wales Series.
84957: BEYNON, HUW; HUDSON, RAY; COX, ANDREW - Digging Up Trouble : The Environmental Protest and Opencast Coal Mining
110162: DAVIES. W. BEYNON - Thomas Gwynn Jones. Writers of Wales.
58548: BEYNON. W.R. - An Echo from the Mountain.
113731: BHOPAL, RAJ; LAST, JOHN - Concepts of Epidemiology: An Integrated Introduction to the Ideas, Theories, Principles and Methods of Epidemiology
70967: BIARD-MILLERIOUX, JACQUELINE - L'esthetique D'elie Catherine Freron, 1739-1776: Litterature Et Critique Au Xviiie Siecle
107552: ANDREW BIBBY - Wensleydale and Swaledale: The Northern Yorkshire Dales (Freedom to Roam Guides)
108599: L.M. BICKERTON - English Drinking Glasses 16751825 (Shire Library)
97700: BIDELEUX, ROBERT; JEFFRIES, IAN - A History of Eastern Europe: Crisis and Change
113580: BIDGOOD, RUTH - Parishes of the Buzzard
81767: BIDWELL, SHELFORD - The Women's Royal Army Corps. Famous Regiments.
85297: BIERCE, AMBROSE - The Devil's Dictionary
101209: JOHN BIFFEN - Inside the House of Commons. Behind the Scenes at Westminster. Signed By the Author.
109398: JACKIE BIGGS - The Spaces in between
76254: BIGMAN, DAVID;TAYA, TEIZO - The Functioning of Floating Exchange Rates: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications
106873: ALAN BILINGS - The Dove, the Fig Leaf and the Sword: Why Christianity Changes Its Mind About War
80930: RICHARDS. BILL - Haverfordwest My Grandstand.
46058: PARRY. BILL - Cyn Y Cardotyn Dall.
44606: GUNSTON. BILL - Ah-64 Apache. Combat Aircraft Series.
113973: BOND. BILL - Battle of Britain Remembered Issue 4
71259: EDGAR. BILL - Women and Homelessness in Europe : Pathways, Services and Experiences
84395: ROBINSON. BILL - Bill Robinson's Book of Expert Sailing.
71258: EDGAR. BILL - Women and Homelessness in Europe : Pathways, Services and Experiences
79150: JACKLIN. BILL - Bill Jacklin. (Exhibition) Paintings and Watercolours May-June 1980
91687: GUNTHER BINDING - High Gothic: The Age of the Great Cathedrals
85190: BINDMAN, DAVID - The Thames and Hudson Encyclopaedia of British Art
75280: STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT BINGHAMTON - Developments in the Early Renaissance
76487: BINKERT, PETER J. - Generative Grammar without Transformations
96056: BIOGRAPHIQ - Herbert Hoover - President of the Great Depression (Biography)
73758: BIRAGUE, FLAMINIO DE;CLEMENT, MICHEL;GUILLOT, ROLAND - Les Premieres Oeuvres Poetiques (1585). Edition Critique Par Roland Guillot Et Michel Clement.
94985: BIRCH, WALTER DE GRAY - History of Margam Abbey. Facsimile Edition.
86510: BIRCHWOOD, MAX;JACKSON, CHRIS - Schizophrenia (Clinical Psychology: A Modular Course)
104070: RICHARD BIRD - Chaos and Life: Complexity and Order in Evolution and Thought
103238: ANTONY BIRD; NICHOLAS BIRD - Voices from the Front Line: Words from the Field of Human Conflict
112035: SHEILA BIRD - Bygone Truro (Bygone Series)
112026: SHEILA BIRD - Cornish Privies.
111341: SHEILA BIRD - Bygone Falmouth (Bygone Series)
42192: HEYN. BIRGIT - Ayurveda. The Ancient Indian Art of Natural Medicine & Life Extension.
109967: SPROXTON. BIRK - Trace: Prairie Writers on Writing
59908: BIRKETT, BILL - Classic Rock Climbs in Southern England
113741: BIRKS, WALTER; GILBERT, R. A. - The Treasure of Montsegur: Study of the Cathar Heresy and the Nature of the Cathar Secret
85887: BIRLE. J.L.T. - What Is the Connection between Religious and Schizophrenic Experience? Guild Lecture No. 158.
79754: BIRT, C. - Distant Thoughts
90361: BIRT, MICHAEL - Famed.
77289: BISCHOFF, BERNHARD - Palaographie Des Romischen Altertums Und Des Abendlandischen Mittelalters. 2, Uberarbeitete Auflage.
69089: BISHOP, MORRIS - Penguin Book of the Middle Ages
63700: ST. DAVID`S BISHOP OF - Tracts on the Origin and Independence of the Ancient British Church; on the Supremacy of the Pope, and the Inconsistency of All Foreign Jurisdiction with the British Constitution; and on the Differences between the Churches of England and of Rome. . Second
96804: BISHOP, CHRIS - Ss: Hell on the Western Front
92980: STOKLUND. BJARNE - Folk Life Research: Between History and Anthropology. .
101098: JEREMY BLACK - Great Military Leaders and Their Campaigns
98484: BLACK, J. B. - The Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603 (Oxford History of England)
98486: BLACK, J. B. - The Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603 (Oxford History of England)
86653: BLACK, J. B. - The Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603 (Oxford History of England)
98485: BLACK, J. B. - The Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603 (Oxford History of England)
113683: BLACK, DOUGLAS - An Anthology of False Antitheses (the Rock Carling Fellowship)
88679: BLACK, MAGGIE - Food and Cooking in Medieval Britain: History and Recipes

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