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89993: WECHSLER, JUDITH - Human Comedy: Caricature and Physiognomy in Nineteenth-Century Paris
57515: WEDECK. H.E. - Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs.
95632: WEDGEWOOD. C.V. - The English Civil War. Three Volume Set.
80250: WEDGWOOD. C.V. - Strafford. The Bedford Historical Series.
100395: EDITORS OF HOBBIES WEEKLY - Hobbies Annual: Useful Occupations for Practical Chaps: The Home Craftsman's Journal
34919: WEEKS. C.C. - Alcohol in Medical Practice. With a Chapter on the Evolution of Medical Opinion.
90276: WEEKS. L. E. - Jacqueline's Message. A Tale of the French Revolution of 1789.
91577: WEELEN, G. - Vieira Da Silva (Painters of Today)
73607: WEES, WILLIAM C. - Vorticism and the English Avant-Garde
73089: WEHRMANN, RENEE FAINAS - L'art de Roger Martin Du Gard Dans Les Thibault
87075: WEIGHTMAN, GAVIN - Signor Marconi's Magic Box: How an Amateur Inventor Defied Scientists and Began the Radio Revolution
76535: WEIJNEN. E.A. - Atlas Linguarum Europae. Two Volume Set. Premier Questionnaire. Second Questionnaire.
96435: WEIL, FRANCOIS - A History of New York (the Columbia History of Urban Life)
84916: WEINER, EDMUND S.; DELAHUNTY, ANDREW - The Oxford Guide to English Usage. Second Edition.
87112: WEINTRAUB, S - The Importance of Being Edward: King in Waiting, 1841-1901
70872: PERRY. EDITH WEIR - Under Four Tudors Being the Story of Matthew Parker Sometime Archbishop of Canterbury.
70309: WEIR, ALISON - Henry Viii : The King and His Court
94013: WEIR, ALISON - Elizabeth the Queen
88486: WEIR, JOAN - Canada's Gold Rush Church. A History of St. Saviours Church. . . .
102749: ALISON WEIR - Six Tudor Queens: Katherine of Aragon, the True Queen: Six Tudor Queens 1
81520: WEISIGER, RICHARD A.; BILHARTZ, LYMAN E. - Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease Review and Assessment : To Accompany Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease
82152: WEISS, TIMOTHY - Fairy Tale and Romance in Works of Ford Madox Ford
68654: WEISSENBERGER, KLAUS - Die Deutsche Lyrik, 1945-1975: Zwischen Botschaft Und Spiel
96241: WEISSMAN, JUDITH; LAVITT, WENDY - Labours of Love: America's Textiles and Needlework, 1650-1930
51997: WEISZ, JOHN R.; WEISS, BAHR - Effects of Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents
57555: WEITZMAN. D - A Synopsis of Cardiology. With a Foreword By J.M. H. Campbell.
61232: WELDON, FAY - Sacred Cows. Chatto Counterblasts No. 4.
46667: WELLDONN. J.E.C. - The Revelation of the Holy Spirit.
77156: WELLEK, RENE - Geschichte Der Literaturkritik 1750-1950. Band 3. Das Spate 19. Jahrhundert.
77157: WELLEK, RENE - Geschichte Der Literaturkritik 1750-1950. Band 2. Das Zeitalter Des Ubergangs.
77155: WELLEK, RENE - Geschichte Der Literaturkritik 1750-1950. Band 1. Das Spaete 18, Jahrhundert - Das Zeitalter Der Romantik
57282: WELLER, BARBARA F. - Scientific Basis of Psychiatry. Second Edition.
56617: WELLER. M.P.I. - Dimensions of Community Mental Health Care
93382: WELLER, JOHN BRIAN - History of the Farmstead. The Develpment of Energy Sources.
84034: WELLS, STANLEY; SHAW, JAMES - A Dictionary of Shakespeare
85465: WELLS, STANLEY W. - Shakespeare for All Time
102834: WELLS. H.G. - Short Stories.
64896: WELLS, STANLEY W. - Shakespeare : An Illustrated Dictionary
79649: WELLS, H. G. - Wells : Selected Short Stories
95151: DEREK A. WELSBY - The Medieval Kingdoms of Nubia: Pagans, Christians and Muslims Along the Middle Nile: Pagans, Christians and Muslims on the Middle Nile
101864: DAVID BAKER; JOAN WELSBY - Hymns and Hymn Singing: A Popular Guide
94973: WELSH, FRANK - The Four Nations: A History of the British Isles
79247: WELSH, FRANK - The Four Nations : A History of the United Kingdom
77937: SHEN. HSIEH WEN - River Mechanics Volume 2.
73301: WAWER. WENDELIN - Muslime Und Christen in Der Republik Indonesia. . .
73687: FOERSTER. WENDELIN - Wortebuch Zu Kristian Von Troyes` Samtlichen Werken.
75650: FOERSTER. DR. WENDELIN - Kristian Von Troyes. Erec Und Enide. . . .
89559: HOLMES. OLIVER WENDELL - Our Hundred Days in Europe.
83237: HOLMES. OLIVER WENDELL - Medical Essays 1842-1882. The Classics of Medicine Library.
99839: HARDY. THOMAS/BESANT. WALTER/JAMES HENRY/MEREDITH. GEORGE/STEVENSO.ROBERT LOUIS/HOLMES. OLIVER WENDELL. ET AL - Recreations of the Rabelais Club. Two Volumes Covering the Years 1880-1885.
89245: HOLMES. OLIVER WENDELL - Medical Essays 1842-1882.
73046: WENDT, ALBERT - Nuanua : An Anthology of Pacific Writing in English Since 1980
76801: WENDT, ALBERT - Nuanua : An Anthology of Pacific Writing in English Since 1980
73047: WENDT, ALBERT - Nuanua : An Anthology of Pacific Writing in English Since 1980
45688: WRIGHT. WENDY M. - Sacred Dwelling. A Spirituality of Family Life.
76716: JAMES. WENDY - The Pursuit of Certainty : Religious and Cultural Formulations
76277: WENGER, G. CLARE - Mid-Wales, Deprivation Or Development : A Study of Patterns of Employment in Selected Communities
76280: WENGER, G. CLARE - Mid-Wales, Deprivation Or Development : A Study of Patterns of Employment in Selected Communities
76278: WENGER, G. CLARE - Mid-Wales, Deprivation Or Development : A Study of Patterns of Employment in Selected Communities
76281: WENGER, G. CLARE - Mid-Wales, Deprivation Or Development : A Study of Patterns of Employment in Selected Communities
76279: WENGER, G. CLARE - Mid-Wales, Deprivation Or Development : A Study of Patterns of Employment in Selected Communities
96706: DILLON. WENT - The Poetical Works of Went Dillon. . . . . With the Life of the Author. (Bell's Poets)
73779: WENZEL, SIEGFRIED - Verses in Sermons. Fasiculus Morum and Its Middle English Poems.
83884: KRIEGESKORTE. WERNER - Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1527-1593.
65522: WERNER. M.R. - "Orderly"
83889: HOFMANN. WERNER - Turning Points in Twentieth-Century Art: 1890-1917.
84720: KRIEGESKORTE. WERNER - Giuseppe Arcimboldo
85713: HOFFLER; WERNER - Via Ferrata Scrambles in the Dolomites
99670: ROSENSTOCK. WERNER - Dispersion and Resettlement. The Story of the Jews from Central Europe.
71712: WERNER, ALICE - The Natives of British Central Africa.
79965: GERSON. WERNER - La Nazisme Societe Secrete.
86959: WERTENBAKER, TIMBERLAKE - The Break of Day
83582: WERTHER - Werther. Traduction de L'allemand. Two Volumes in One.
89862: WESLEY, JOHN - The Journal of John Wesley. Abridges By Christopher Idle.
62017: PAGE. WESLEY T - Foreign Birds for Beginners. Seventh Edition.
81165: WEST. T.G. - Symbolism : An Anthology
87331: NIGEL WEST - The Faber Book of Espionage
98798: WEST, NIGEL - Secret War: Story of S.O. E. , Britain's Wartime Sabotage Organisation (a John Curtis Book)
81796: WEST, THOMAS - Ted Hughes
100036: DREW WESTEN - The Political Brain: How People Vote and How to Change Their Minds: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation
56933: WESTMAN. H. - The Springs of Creativity. With an Introduction to Part Three By Sir Herbert Read.
64720: WESTWOOD, JENNIFER - Albion : A Guide to Legendary Britain
69497: WESTWOOD, JENNIFER - Albion : A Guide to Legendary Britain
93250: WESTWOOD, J. O - Lapidarium Walliae: The Early Inscribed and Sculptured Stones of Wales. Limited Edition.
95858: WETHERELL, JOHN PORRITT - Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi: An Examination of the Ethos of the Tridentine Mass and That of the Novus Ordo of Pope Paul Vi
67695: HOLBROOK/MIDDLETON/WEVILL - Penguin Modern Poets 4. David Holbrook, Christopher Middleton, David Wevill.
55594: WEYER, ROBERT VAN DE - The First English Prayer Book
60897: WHALIN, T. - One Bright Shining Path
98748: WHALLEY. G.H. - The Tithe Act, and the Tithe Amendment Act, with Notes on the Principal Points Which Have Presented Difficulties to Parties During the Operation of the Measure Together with the Report of the Tithe Commissioners. . . . .
91953: JOYCE IRENE WHALLEY - The Pen's Excellencie. Calligraphy of Western Europe and America.
80752: WHARTON, EDITH - Ethan Frome
95977: WHATLEY, R.; MAYBURY, C. - Ostracoda and Global Events (British Micropalaeontological Society Publications Series)
28149: WHATMOUGH. W.A. - The Chemist and Druggist Poisons Guide. An Encyclopaedia of Poisons Law. Two Volumes. Volume 1. Poisons Lists and Key. Volumes 2. Poisons Provisions and Explanations.
67554: WHEATCROFT, ANDREW - The Tennyson Album : A Biography in Original Photographs
95794: WHEATCROFT, ANDREW - The Infidels: The Conflict between Christendom and Islam, 638-2002
100825: PAUL WHEATLEY - The Pivot of the Four Quarters. . . .
101344: WHEATON - Wheaton's Map of the Environs of Exeter for Cyclists and Tourists from the New Ordnance Survey.
34253: WHEELER. C.B. - Six Plays By Contemporaries of Shakespeare. Edited By C.B. Wheeler. (Oxford World`S Classics)
102063: MEG WHEELER - Tracing Your Roots: Locating Your Ancestors at Home and Abroad
60919: WHEELWRIGHT, JEFF - The Irritable Heart : The Medical Mystery of the Gulf War
83780: WHEEN, FRANCIS - How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World : A Short History of Modern Delusions
99519: WHELAN, JAMES R.; MASON, HERBERT MALLOY; MALLOY, HERBERT - Hunters in the Sky: Fighter Aces of World War Two
102536: TONY WHILDE - The Natural History of Connemara
51234: WHINNET, BOB - The U-Boat Peril : A Fight for Survival
37897: WHIPPLE. A.B.C. - The Whalers. (the Seafarers Series)
96616: D. WHITAKER - Rhineland: The Battle to End the War
100271: ADRIAN GOLDSWORTHY; KATE GILLIVER; MICHAEL WHITBY - Rome at War: Caesar and His Legacy: 58 Bc-Ad 696 (Essential Histories Specials)
91013: WHITE, PATRICK - Mountie in Mukluks: The Arctic Adventures of Bill White
90074: WHITE, EDMUND - Chaos
92503: WHITE. R.F. - Archaeology in National Parks.
69528: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne
92322: EIRENE WHITE - The Ladies of Gregynog
64434: WHITE, ERIC WALTER; EVANS, JOHN - Benjamin Britten : His Life and Operas
100841: EIRENE WHITE - The Ladies of Gregynog
101908: ERYN MARTIN WHITE - Praidd Bach Y Bugail Mawr. . . .
84214: WHITE, EDMUND - Proust
60451: WHITE, JAMES - Star Surgeon
90073: WHITE, EDMUND - Hotel de Dream
68516: WHITE, MICHAEL JAMES DENHAM; SCOTT, KEVIN - Wagner for Beginners
84147: WHITE, MICHAEL - Leonardo : The First Scientist
92156: WHITE, ERYN MARTIN - Praidd Bach Y Bugail Mawr. Seidau Methodistaidd de-Orllewin Cymru 1737-50
59306: WHITE. H.P. - Railway South East-the Album
94182: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne
102060: MARTHA WHITE - Traditional Home Remedies: Time-Tested Methods for Staying Well the Natural Way (the Old Farmer's Almanac Home Library)
84836: WHITE, CHRISTOPHER - Rembrandt
95742: WHITE, MATT - Dartmouth and the South Devon Potteries
102939: FLORENCE WHITE - Good Things in England. A Practical Cookery Book. . . . .
99353: WHITEFIELD, GEORGE; RYLE, J.C.; ELLIOT, R. - Select Sermons
100826: WHITEHAND - The Making of the Urban Landscape (Institute of British Geographers Special Publications)
65794: WHITEHEAD, JOHN - This Solemn Mockery : The Art of Literary Forgery
89859: WHITEHEAD, JOHN - This Solemn Mockery. The Art of Literary Forgery.
72254: WHITEHOUSE, PATRICK; SNELL, JOHN - London and North Eastern Railway 150
55195: WHITELEY, JON - Poussin to Cezanne : French Drawings and Watercolours in the Ashmolean Museum
91072: WHITELEY, J.S.; MORRISON, G.W. - London, Midland and Scottish Railway Remembered
102507: ANTHONY J. WHITEN - Repairing Old Clocks and Watches
55474: WHITESIDE, LESLEY;LARMOUR, PAUL - Saint Patrick in Stained Glass
66402: BALDWIN. THOMAS WHITFIELD. - The Organization and Personnel of the Shakespearean Company.
78705: WHITFIELD, PETER - The Image of the World : Twenty Centuries of World Maps
94957: WHITFIELD, PETER - New Found Lands: Maps in the History of Exploration
85193: WHITFORD, FRANK - Klimt
82483: WHITING, JOHN & SMITH, JOSEPH, EDITORS/GRATTON. JOHN - A Journal of the Life of That Ancient Servant of Christ John Gratton, Giving an Account of His Exercises When Young, and How He Came to the Knowledge of the Truth. . . . . . As Also of His Labours, Travels, and Sufferings for the Same. First Edition.
90486: WHITING, CHARLES - West Wall: The Siegfried Line in World War Ii (Spellmount Siegfried Line)
97003: WHITLEY, M.J. - Cruisers of World War Two: An International Encyclopedia
89762: PECK. T. WHITMORE - William Withering of Birmingham.
51969: WHITNEY, BEN - The Truth About Truancy
99231: J.D. WHITTALL - People and Animals
99691: WHITTIER. J.G. - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier, with Notes, Index of First Lines and Chronological List. Edited By W. Garrett Horder.
85758: WHONE, HERBERT - Church Monastery Cathedral : An Illustrated Guide to Christian Symbolism
73288: WHYBRAY. R.N. - Wisdom in Proverbs. The Concept of Wisdom in Proverbs 1-9.
93801: WHYMPER. F. - The Sea: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril, & Heroism. First Three Volumes Only.
75782: WICHMANN, ANNE - Teaching and Language Corpora.
98079: WICKERI, WICKERI AND NILES - Plurality, Power and Mission: Intercontextual Theological Explorations on the Role of Religion in the New Millennium
84138: WICKS, ROBERT - Nietzsche
58309: WICKS, BEN - Dawn of the Promised Land. The Creation of Israel.
97223: WIEBE, PHILLIP H. - Visions of Jesus: Direct Encounters from the New Testament to Today
96260: WIEDEMANN, JULIUS - Digital Beauties (Icons Series)
59598: WIEGER, LEON; BRYCE, DEREK - Philosophy and Religion in China
30130: KUNSTLER. WIENER - Aus Wiener Kunstler-Ateliers. 25 Taflen in Photographie Nach Gemalden Und Original-Zeichnungen.
88336: WIERSBE, WARREN W.; WIERSBE, WARREN W. - Kregel Classic Sermons Series. On Revival and Spiritual Faith. (Kregel Classic Sermons)
88333: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Basic (Genesis 1-11): Believing the Simple Truth of God's Word
88332: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Transformed (John 13-21): Christ's Triumph Means Your Transformation
88330: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Delivered (Exodus): Finding Freedom By Following God
88328: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Distinct (2 Kings, 2 Chronicles) (Be Series)
88327: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Courageous (Luke 14-24): Take Heart in Christ's Example
88326: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Holy: An Old Testament Study - Leviticus
88322: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Ready (1 & 2 Thessalonians): Living in Light of Christ's Return
88320: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Diligent (Mark): Serving Others As You Walk with the Master Servant
88319: WIERSBE, W.W. - Be Encouraged (2 Corinthians)
88318: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Rich (Ephesians): Gaining the Things That Money Can't Buy
88314: WIERSBE, WARREN W. - Be Worshipful
88306: WIERSBE, WARREN W. - Classic Sermons on the Miracles of Jesus (Kregel Classic Sermons)
88193: WIERSBE, WARREN W. - Classic Srmons on Angels. Kregel Classic Sermons Series (Kregel Classic Sermons)
88192: WIERSBE, WARREN W. - Classic Sermons on the Word of God. Kregel Classic Sermons Series (Kregel Classic Sermons)
88284: WIERSBE, W.W. - Be Authentic (Gen 25-50)
88292: WIERSBE, DR WARREN W - Be Patient (Job): Waiting on God in Difficult Times
88190: WIERSBE, WARREN W. - Classic Sermons on the Seasons of Life. Kregel Classic Sermons Series (Kregel Classic Sermons)
88296: WIERSBE, WARREN W.; WIERSBE, WARREN W. - Classic Sermons on Overcoming Fear (Kregel Classic Sermons) (Kregel Classic Sermons Series)
88289: WIERSBE, WARREN W. - Be Heroic
88300: WIERSBE, WARREN W. - Be Amazed
68666: WIESE, BENNO VON - Signaturen: Zu Heinrich Heine U. Seinem Werk
75879: WIGGINS, SARAH WOOLFOLK - Scalawag in Alabama Politics, 1865-1881
74517: WILAMOWITZ. U. V - Die Griechische Und Lateinische Literatur Und Sprache.
96341: WILCOCK, MICHAEL - The Message of Luke: Saviour of the World (the Bible Speaks Today)
92908: WILCOCK, LIZ - The Early Years Foundation Stage in Practice
58129: WILCOX, MICHAEL - The Wilcox Guide to the Best Watercolor Paints
82901: WILDE, OSCAR - Selected Letters of Oscar Wilde
75017: WILDE, OSCAR - The Complete Shorter Fiction
77821: WILDE, OSCAR - Oscar Wilde. The Oxford Authors.
66674: WILDE, OSCAR - The Complete Works
57357: WILDSMITH, BRIAN - The True Cross
84006: WILENSKI. R.H. - Poussin. The Faber Gallery.
79841: BLUNT. WILFRED - A Persian Spring.
77507: BLUNT. WILFRED - The Poetry of Wilfred Blunt. Selected and Arranged By W.E. Henley and George Wyndham.
37957: RAYNAL. DOM WILFRED - The Ordinal of King Edward Vi. Its History, Theology, and Liturgy.
101069: BESWICK. WILFRED - Industrialist's Journey. (Memoirs of a Northern Business Man)
64119: KELLY. WILFRID - The Liber Ruber of the English College, Rome Pt 1 ; Register of Students 1631-1738
65864: WILHELM, KURT - Richard Strauss. An Intimate Portrait.
75645: KELLERMANN. WILHELM - Aufbaustil Und Weltbild Chrestiens Von Troyes Im Percevalroman. Zweite Unveranderte Auflage.
47234: FRANK. ISNARD WILHELM - A History of the Medieval Church.
77553: BUSCH. WILHELM - Ubenteuer Eines Junggefellen
74404: WUNDT. WILHELM - The Principles of Morality and the Departments of the Moral Life.
77551: BUSCH. WILHELM - Der Geburtstag
77552: BUSCH. WILHELM - Die Frommehelene
71376: NIESEL. WILHELM - The Theology of Calvin.
65575: BUSCH. WILHELM - Mar Und Moritz. . . .
97300: WILHELM, THOMAS R.; THOMAS R. YBARRA WILHELM - Kaiser's Memoirs. Wilhelm Ii. Emperor of Germany 1888-1918.
74518: HAVERS. WILHELM - Handbuch Der Erklarenden Syntax. . . .
75764: GIESE. WILHELM - Beitrage Zur Romanistik Und Allgemeinen Sprachwissenschaft. Festschrift.
93733: WILIAM, URIEN - Breuddwyd R'y Bell
92821: EURWYN WILIAM - Y Bwthyn Cymreig: Arferion Adeiladu Tlodion Y Gymru Wledig, 1750-1900
88895: WILIAM, EURWYN - Traditional Farm Buildings in North-East Wales 1550-1900
94056: WILIAM, EURWYN - Traditional Farm Buildings in North-East Wales 1550-1900
92621: WILIAM, EURWYN - The Historical Farm Buildings of Wales
94765: WILIAM, EURWYN - The Historical Farm Buildings of Wales
91501: COLLINS. WILKIE - The Moonstone. The World's Classics.
90595: WILKINS, PHIL - The Highlanders: The First 50 Years of the Gordon Rugby Football Club
87932: WILKINS, FRANCES - Dumfries and Galloway's Smuggling Story
88519: WILKINSON, VEGA - Spode-Copeland-Spode: The Works and Its People 1770-1970
93131: WILKINSON, O.N. - Old Glass. Manufacture. Styles. Uses. (Practical Handbooks for Collectors)
92384: WILKINSON, WYNYARD R.T. - A History of Hall Marks
79361: WILKINSON, RICHARD H.; PENNICK, NIGEL - Celtic Sacred Landscapes
47901: WILKINSON, PHILIP - What Did the Romans Do for Us?
95614: WILKINSON, PHILIP - England's Abbeys: Monastic Buildings and Culture
24312: GRAHAM. D.K. & WILKINSON. I.P. - A Detailed Investigation of a Late Glacial Faunal Succession at Ardyne, Argyll, Scotland. [Institute of Geological Sciences]
95739: WILKINSON, VEGA - Spode-Copeland-Spode: The Works and Its People 1770-1970
88755: TRACY TOLKIEN; HENRIETTA WILKINSON - A Collector's Guide to Costume Jewelry: Key Styles and How to Recognize Them
97531: MAXIM GORKY; RONALD WILKS - My Apprenticeship (Classics)
79842: CURTIS WILL J R - Modern Architecture Since 1900
41113: INGWERSEN. WILL - Alpines in Colour.
92504: JACKSON. WILL - Up from the Deep. The Beginnings of the Cayman Islands. With Some Drawings of Fotos By Ed Oliver.
90455: WILLETT, RODERICK - The Good Shot
75864: ERZGRABER. WILLI - Theorie Und Praxis Im Erzahlen Des 19. Und 20. Jahrhunderts.
65957: HONEY. WILLIAM - The Life, Loves and Achievments of Christopher Marlowe Alias Shakespeare. Volume One.
90444: TURNER. WILLIAM - The Names of Herbes A.D. 1548. Edited with an Introduction, an Index of English Names, and an Identification of the Plants Enumerated By Turner.
99139: ORPEN. SIR WILLIAM - An Onlooker in France 1917-1919.
71519: CENKNER. WILLIAM - Evil and the Response of World Religion
64553: COBBETT. WILLIAM - Advice to Young Men and (Incidentally) Young Women in the Middle & Higher Ranks of Life. . . . . . .
101622: GRAHAM. WILLIAM - Last Links with Byron, Shelley, and Keats.
78556: REES. WILLIAM - Calendar of Ancient Petitions Relating to Wales. (Thirteenth to Sixteenth Centuries)
91063: BAILLIE. REV. WILLIAM - A Grammar of the Hebrew Language, Compiled from the Best Authorities, and Designed As an Introduction to That Sacred House.
89869: FAULKNER. WILLIAM - New Orleans Sketches. Introduction By Carvel Collins.
82180: DICK. WILLIAM B. - Dick's Games of Patience; Or, Solitaire with Cards. New Edition, Revised and Enlarged. . . . a Poor Working Copy.
80154: HUTCHISON. WILLIAM G - Lyra Nicotiana: Poems and Verses Concerning Tobacco. Edited with an Introduction By William G. Hutchison.
45460: MORGAN. WILLIAM - The Book of Job. Translated By William Morgan.
101403: CARLETON. WILLIAM - Fardorougha the Miser. (Ireland, from the Act of Union, 1800, to the Death of Parnell, 1891)
82571: HOMBERGH. HORACE / ETTRICK. WILLIAM - A Fragment of the History of John Bull; with the Birth, Parentage, Education, and Humours of Jack Radical: With Incidental Remarks Upon Ancient and Modern Radicalism. By Horace Hombergh, Esq. Bound with. Part the Second. . . . . And Bound with. Part the Third.
93929: WILLIAMS. WILLIAM - Gweithiau William Williams Pantycelyn Cyfrol 1.
89876: SMITH. SIR WILLIAM - Everyman's Smaller Classical Dictionary. Revised from Sir William Smith. . .
101967: WORDSWORTH. WILLIAM - The Poetical Works of Wordsworth. With Memoir, Explanatory Notes, &C. The Albion Edition.
71282: CENKNER. WILLIAM - Evil and the Response of World Religion
92806: PUGHE. DAVID WILLIAM - An Historical Sketch of Conway Castle and Its Environs: With a Description of the Tubular and Suspension Bridge. Third Edition.
94097: HOOD. WILLIAM - Fra Angelico at San Marco.
84127: HAZLITT. WILLIAM - Hazlitt : Spirit of the Age Or Contemporary Portraits. Edited By E.D. Mackerness. .
82457: CHAFFERS. WILLIAM - Marks and Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain with Historical Notices of Each Manufactory and 3500 Potters' Marks and Illustrations.
84581: SNAITH. WILLIAM - The Irresponsible Arts.
75646: CHRETIEN DE TROYES. ROACH. WILLIAM - Le Roman de Perceval Ou le Conte Du Grail. . . .
64617: COWPER. WILLIAM - The Poetical Works of William Cowper. With Life, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes, By the Rev. George Gilfillan. Two Volume Set.
91939: EVELYN. JOHN/BRAY. WILLIAM - The Diary of John Evelyn. In Two Volumes with a Biographical Introduction By the Editor. . . Two Volume Set.
102671: SCHALDACH. WILLIAM J. - Fish By Schaldach. Collected Etchings, Drawings and Water Colors of Trout, Salmon and Other Game Fish. Limited Edition.
73996: SPARKS. WILLIAM - Mindos and Other Poems.
92611: TOMOS LLANBOIDY/THOMAS. WILLIAM - Cofiant Tomos Llanboidy Sef Y Diweddar Barch William Thomas Llanboidy.
74106: RIGHTER. WILLIAM - Logic and Criticism
87690: JONES. WILLIAM - Planhigion Blodeuol,Conwydd a Rhedyn. Cyfres Enwau Creaduriaid a Phlanhigion: 2
52133: MORGAN. WILLIAM - The Book of Job.
49494: FAWCETT. WILLIAM - Elements of Horsemanship. Illustrated By W.A. Rouch.
49489: PERCIVALL. WILLIAM - Lameness in the Horse: With Coloured Plates,. Illustrative of the Different Species of Lameness. Being Part 2, Volume 4 of the Author`S Hippopathology.
47348: CONDRY. WILLIAM - Wales. The National Trust.
47332: HABETS. WILLIAM - Healing Foods. The Complete Guide to Foods That Heal.
45068: WESTON. WILLIAM - The Pain and the Glory. A Journey in Israel Through the Rosary.
87725: HARVEY. WILLIAM - Exercitatio Anatomica de Mortu Et Sanguinis in Animalibus Being a Facsimilie of the 1628 Francofurti Edition Together with the Keynes English Translation of 1928
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71789: WILLIAMS, KEVIN - Shadows and Substance : The Development of a Media Policy for Wales
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79903: PLINY THE YOUNGER - The Letters of the Younger Pliny. Translated with an Introduction By Betty Radice. A Few Ink Marks to Margins
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77017: ZAMPARELLI, THOMAS L. - The Theater of Claude Billard: A Study in Post-Renaissance Dramatic Esthetics
92750: ZARFOSS, GWENETH THOMAS - Faith As a Grain of Mustard Seed: Story of John Thomas, Welsh Evangelist in Korea
66980: MAES & ZEIJLSTRA - The Complete World Atlas. An Up to Date Atlas for the 21st Century.
58364: ZEMAN, Z.A.B. - Pursued By a Bear : Making of Eastern Europe
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84594: ZUFFI, STEFANO - The Renaissance
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82267: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Sternstunden Der Menschheit. Zwolf Historische Miniaturen
84532: ZYGADLO, MARK - Lying Down with Dogs: A Personal Portrait of a Polish Exile

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