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106790: TREVOR ROYLE - Culloden: Scotland's Last Battle and the Forging of the British Empire
100031: ELIN ROYLES - Revitalising Democracy: Devolution and Civil Society in Wales (Politics & Society in Wales)
89316: LAMBERT. ROYSTON - Sir John Simon 1816-1904 and English Social Administration
105937: BERNICE RUBENS - I, Dreyfus
71333: RUBENSTEIN, RICHARD - Spirit Matters: The Worldwide Impact of Religion on Contemporary Politics
79440: RUBINSTEIN, WILLIAM; JAMES, BRENDA - Truth Will out : Unmasking the Real Shakespeare
80993: RUBINSTEIN, WILLIAM; JAMES, BRENDA - Truth Will out : Unmasking the Real Shakespeare
91403: RUCKER, RUDOLF V.B. - Infinity and the Mind: The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite (Paladin Books)
73650: RUDD, STEELE - On Our Selection
107464: RICHARD RUDGLEY - Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age: A Journey Back to Our Cultural Origins
64760: RUDGLEY, RICHARD - Secrets of the Dark Ages
113974: RUDHALL, ROBERT - The "Flypast" Book of the B-17 Flying Fortress
113975: RUDHALL, ROBERT - The "Flypast" Book of the P-51 Mustang
106216: STAUB. RUDOLF - Der Bau Der Alpen. Versuch Einer Synthese Mit 1 Tektonischen Karte 1: 1,000,000, 2 Profiltafeln in 4 Blattern Und Vielen Textfiguren.
94600: DE WET. CHRISTIAAN RUDOLF - Three Years War (October 1899-June 1902)
110574: RAYMOND RUDORFF - War to the Death: The Sieges of Saragossa 1808-1809
82386: KIPLING. RUDYARD - Supplication of the Black Aberdeen. Drawings By G.L. Stampa.
107349: KIPLING. RUDYARD - The Naulahka. A Story of West and East.
111587: ROSEMARY RADFORD RUETHER - Women and Redemption: A Theological History
88667: RUGER, AXEL - Vermeer and Painting in Delft
93918: RUGER, AXEL - Vermeer and Painting in Delft
91354: RUKL, ANTONIN - Constellation Guide Book
75230: RULE, JANE - Lesbian Images
88880: RULE, MARGARET - The Mary Rose: The Excavation and Raising of Henry Viii's Flagship
57315: RUMBOLD, G. - Ethics in Nursing Practice. Second Edition.
L3192: RUMENS. C - Star Whisper. Poems.
100197: GODDEN. RUMER - The Greengage Summer. Illustrations By Aafke Brouwer.
103908: RUNCIMAN. W.G. - Hutton and Butler: Lifting the Lid on the Workings of Power (British Academy Occasional Papers)
80741: RUNYON, DAMON - Guys and Dolls & Other Stories.
110188: BROOKE. RUPERT - The Complete Poems of Rupert Brooke.
104597: BROOKE. RUPERT - The Complete Poems of Rupert Brooke.
28825: DAVIES. RUPERT E. - Making Sense of the Commandments
81700: BROOKE. RUPERT - The Poetical Works of Rupert Brooke. Edited By Geoffrey Keynes.
81049: FURNEAUX. RUPERT - Courtroom U.S. A.1.
106313: BROOKE. RUPERT - The Collected Poems of Ruper Brooke: With a Memoir.
101204: BROOKE. RUPERT - The Collected Poems. With a Memoir.
111055: GOULD. LIEUT.-COMMANDER RUPERT T. - John Harrison and His Timekeepers.
104839: REBECCA RUPP - Four Elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth
90029: MEYRICK. SAMUEL RUSH - The History and Antiquities of the County of Cardigan Collected from the Few Remaining Documents Which Have Escaped the Destructive Ravages of Time. . . .
102866: MEYRICK. SAMUEL RUSH - The History and Antiquities of the County of Cardigan Collected from the Few Remaining Documents. . . . . To Which Are Added a Parliamentary History. . . Lists of High Sheriffs. . . .
110469: JOHN RUSSELL - A Series of Military Experiments of Attack and Defence
113559: BROWN. JOHN RUSSELL - The Oxford Illustrated History of Theatre
107332: JOHN RUSSELL - Francis Bacon (World of Art)
104281: BERTRAND RUSSELL - Power: A New Social Analysis
105041: BERTRAND RUSSELL - The Problems of Philosophy (Opus)
81462: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Bertrand Russell : An Introduction: Edited Selections from His Writings
79021: MITFORD. MARY RUSSELL - Sketches of English Life and Character. The Weekend Library.
110657: HITCHCOCK. HENRY-RUSSELL - Architecture Nineteenth & Twentieth Centuries. The Pelican History of Art.
83773: RUSSELL, JOHN - Reading Russell : On Ideas, Literature, Art, Theatre, Music, Places and Persons
112107: DAN RUSSELL - Jack Russell and His Terriers
104788: BERTRAND RUSSELL - The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell
104267: BERTRAND RUSSELL - Marriage and Morals
84265: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - On Education. Especially Im Early Childhood.
104269: BERTRAND RUSSELL - Abc of Relativity
110968: MILES RUSSELL - Piltdown Man: The Secret Life of Charles Dawson (Revealing History)
75585: RUSSELL, D. S. - Divine Disclosure, an Introduction to Jewish Apocalyptic.
60343: TAYLOR. JOHN RUSSELL - Impressionism.
98152: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Religion, Ontotheology and Deconstruction (God: The Contemporary Discussion Series)
83641: RUSSELL, RONALD - Guide to British Topographical Prints
92708: RUSSELL, D. S. - From Early Judaism to Early Church
104480: BERTRAND RUSSELL - On Education. Especially in Early Childhood.
82878: RUSSELL. H.J.M. - The English Claims to the Overlordship of Scotland in Connection with the Death of Thomas a Becket.
85938: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Russell on Ethics : Selections from the Writings of Bertrand Russell
113307: RUSSELL. J.H. - A Pictorial Record of Southern Locomotives.
108322: ALAN RUSSETT - Dominic Serres R.A. , 1719-1793: War Artist to the Navy
106941: BRIAN ARTHUR LOVELL RUST - My Kind of Jazz
111451: ROGER RUSTON - Human Rights and the Image of God
66378: BLACKBURN. RUTH H - The Bronte Sisters. Selected Source Materials for College Research Papers.
102519: COBB. RUTH - A Sussex Highway. Illustrated By the Author.
68500: BAILEY. RUTH - A Dialogue on Modern Poetry.
76444: RUTHERFORD, WARD - Celtic Lore : The History of the Druids and Their Timeless Traditions
112670: RUTHERFORD, WARD - Celtic Lore. The History of the Druids and Their Timeless Traditions.
75468: RUTHVEN, MALISE - Islam
103423: MALISE RUTHVEN - Fundamentalism : The Search for Meaning: The Search for Meaning
105339: MALISE RUTHVEN - Islam: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
61949: RUTHVEN, MALISE - Islam. A Very Short Introduction.
58385: RUTHVEN, MALISE - A Fury for God : The Islamist Attack on America
99132: RUTHVEN, MALISE - Islam: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
103979: K. K. RUTHVEN - Myth (Critical Idiom)
77176: RUTLEDGE, JOHN - The Dialogue of the Dead in Eighteenth-Century Germany
76713: RUWET, NICOLAS; SMITH, NORVAL S. H. - An Introduction to Generative Grammar
80140: RYALS, CLYDE D. - Browning's Later Poetry, 1871-1889
111320: MICHAEL RYAN - Early Irish Communion Vessels: Church Treasures of the Golden Age (Irish Treasures S. )
84131: RYAN, KIERNAN - Shakespeare. Third Edition.
109194: RYAN. W.J.L. - Price Theory.
112396: RYAN, ROB - The Invisible Kingdom
85976: RYCROFT, CHARLES - Reich. Fontana Modern Masters.
71886: RYER - Dynamis
99358: RYLE, J. C. - Luke: V. 2: Expository Thoughts (Expository Thoughts on the Gospels)
99357: J. C. RYLE - Luke: V. 1: Expository Thoughts (Expository Thoughts on the Gospels)
99360: RYLE, J. C. - John: V. 2: Expository Thoughts (Expository Thoughts on John)
99359: J. C. RYLE - John: V. 3: Expository Thoughts (Expository Thoughts on John)
109052: CLAIRE RYLEY - Roman Gardens and Their Plants
113049: PATRICK DE RYNCK - How to Read a Painting: Decoding, Understanding and Enjoying the Old Masters
114038: RYS, MAREK - German Air Projects 1935-1945: Bombers V. 4 (German Secret Air Projects) (German Secret Air Projects S. )
107566: RYSIA - Old Warsaw Cook Book. Hundreds of Polish Specialities with Many Additions from Cuisines of the World over.
69732: SABBE, MAURITS - Studia Neotestamentica: Collected Essays
L1547: SABINE. W - Guido & the Girls
24325: SABINE. P.A. ET AL - Geochemistry of Sedimentary Rocks. 1. Petrography and Chemistry Af Arenaceous Rocks.
84032: SACCIO, PETER - Shakespeare's English Kings : History, Chronicle and Drama
101636: SITWELL. SACHEVERELL - Southern Baroque Revisited.
113782: NISHIMURA. SACHIYO - Landscapes. Intervals and Displacements. 27th April-20th May 2009
105135: GEORG SOLTI; HARVEY SACHS - Solti on Solti: A Memoir
74599: SACHTA, PETER - Die Theorie Der Kausalitat in Kants Kritik Der Reinen Vernunft
113340: SACKS, OLIVER - Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood
76589: SINGH. SADANAND - Measurement Procedures in Speech, Hearing and Language
53556: SADLER. S.H. - The Bothers of Married Life.
88403: SAER. D.J. - The Story of Cardiganshire. The Welsh County Series.
108218: D. ROY SAER - Delyn Yng Nghymru, Y / Harp in Wales in Pictures, the
100053: KEITH SAGAR - The Art of D.H. Lawrence
107189: LORNA SAGE - The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English
25462: LE SAGE - Le Diable Boiteux, Augmente Des Bequilles Du Diable Boiteux, Par le Sage. Two Volumes.
66596: LE SAGE - Historie de Gil Blas de Santillane. Vignettes Par Jean Gigoux.
84890: SAGNER-DUCHTING, KARIN - Monet at Giverny
105036: WILLIAM S. SAHAKIAN; MABEL LEWIS SAHAKIAN - Ideas of the Great Philosophers (Everyday Handbooks)
82941: JEROME. SAINT - Oeuvres Choisies. Traduction. Avec le Texte Latin En Regard.
69378: SAINTSBURY. G. - Specimens of French Literature from Villon to Hugo. . . Clarendon Press Series.
100731: SAINTSBURY. G. - Dryden. English Men of Letters.
87363: SAITO. H - New Advances in Shr Research - Pathophysiology & Pharmacology: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology (Progress in Hypertension)
107967: GUY SAJER - The Forgotten Soldier
79741: SAKI; MUNRO, H. H. - The Best of Saki
76516: SALBSTEIN, M. C. - The Emancipation of the Jews in Britain. The Question of the Admission of the Jews to Parliament 1828-1860
47730: SALE, RICHARD - Ceredigion Walks
76311: SALEEMI, ANJUM P. - Universal Grammar and Language Learnability
84587: KEMAL. SALIM - The Language of Art History
82087: SALLEBRAY - La Troade
89895: ROBERTS. SALLY - Turning Away. Collected Poems 1952-1968
97521: LAIRD. SALLY - Voices of Russian Literature: Interviews with Ten Contemporary Writers
110799: SALMERON, ALPHONSUS, SJ - Sermones in Parabolas Evangelicas Totius Anni
88545: SALMON, PATRICIA - The Price Guide to Japanese Antiques
111785: CHRYS SALT - Make Acting Work: The Practical Path to a Successful Career (Performance Books)
73468: SALTER. F.M. - Mediaeval Drama in Chester.
87594: SALTER. J.H. - The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Cardiganshire
114134: SALTER. J.H. - The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Cardiganshire.
114120: SALTER, MIKE - The Old Parish Churches of South-West Wales
68895: SALTER, MIKE - Old Parish Churches of South-West Wales
108550: MIKE SALTER - The Old Parish Churches of South-West Wales
87981: CUMMINS. PROF. S. LYLE & MACNALTY.SIR ARTHUR SALUSBURY - Tuberculosis in History. From the 17th Century to Our Own Times.
95064: UGARTE. SALVADOR - Notas de Bibliografia Mexicana.
102697: FRANCIS SALVESEN - A Student at Arms
98509: SALWAY, PETER - Roman Britain (Oxford History of England)
112385: SALWAY, PETER - Roman Britain (Oxford History of England)
72356: SALWAY, PETER - A History of Roman Britain
98508: SALWAY, PETER - Roman Britain (Oxford History of England)
106820: PETER SALWAY - Roman Britain (Oxford History of England)
96022: SALZER, FELIX - Structural Hearing: Tonal Coherence in Music. Two Volume Set. (Dover Books on Music)
112891: SALZMANN. L.F. - Mediaeval Byways. Illustrated By George E. Kruger.
76332: SALZMANN, ZDENEK - Language, Culture and Society : An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
108098: SALZMANN. L.F. - English Industries of the Middle Ages. Being an Introduction to the Industrial History of Medieval England.
76322: SALZMANN, ZDENEK - Language, Culture and Society : An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
63837: JONES. JOHN SAM - Crawling Through Throns.
105894: ADAMS. SAM - Seeing Wales Whole: Essays on the Literature of Wales. In Honour of Meic Stephens.
110727: ADAMS. SAM - Seeing Wales Whole: Essays on the Literature of Wales
110091: ADAMS. SAM - Geraint Goodwin. Writers of Wales.
98419: ADAMS. SAM - Poetry Wales. Volume 5. Summer 1969 Number One.
111092: SNEAD. SAM - Sam Snead's How to Play Golf and Professional Tips on Improving Your Score Also Rules of the Game of Golf. . .
111599: W.OWEN COLE; PIARA SINGH SAMBHI - A Popular Dictionary of Sikhism (Popular Dictionaries of Religion)
108429: PAMELA SAMBROOK - Laundry Bygones (Shire Album)
104188: ERIC SAMS - The Songs of Robert Schumann
74647: DANIEL. SAMUEL - A Panegyrike with a Defence of Ryme (1603)
89253: GEE. SAMUEL - Medical Lectures and Aphorisms.
93526: LEWIS. SAMUEL - An Atlas,Comprising Maps of the Several Counties, Divided Into Unions, and the Island Sof Guernsey, Jersey, and Man: With a Map of England and Wales, and a Plan of London and Its Environs. Topographical Atlas.
102503: PEPYS. SAMUEL - A Diary of the Great War. With Effigies By M. Watson-William. .
105706: WILBERFORCE. SAMUEL - Sermons.
101962: LOVER. SAMUEL - The Poetical Works of Samuel Lover.
34665: HOOLE. SAMUEL - Sermons Preached in the Parish Church of St. Alban, Wood-Street: By Samuel Hoole, A.M.
28928: PEPYS. SAMUEL - Memoirs of Samuel Pepys, Esq. F.R. S. Secretary to the Admirality in the Reigns of Charles 11. And James 11. Comprising His Diary from 1659 to 1669, Deciphered By the Rev. John Smith, A.B. From the Original Shorthand Ms. . Five Volumes.
101616: BUTLER. SAMUEL - Hudibras, in Three Parts, Written in the Time of the Late Wars. . . With Large Annotations and a Preface By Zachary Grey. . . In Two Volumes.
69472: JOHNSON. SAMUEL - The Complete English Poems.
80371: JOHNSON. SAMUEL - The Rambler. Complete in One Volume.
110066: IRELAND. SAMUEL - Picturesque Views on the River Thames from Its Source in Gloucestershire to the Nore; with Observations on the Public Buildings and Other Works of Art in Its Vicinity. In Two Volumes. Extra Illustrated Proof Copies.
87823: LAMBERT. SAMUEL W - Three Vesalian Essays to Accompany the Icones Anatomicae of 1934
80788: EVANS. SAMUEL J - Drych Y Prif Oesedd. (Second Or 1740 Edition)
68815: ROGERS. SAMUEL - Poems. Two Volume Set.
101402: LOVER. SAMUEL - Rory O'more. A National Romance.
101529: SMILES. SAMUEL - The Lives of George and Robert Stephenson. Introduction By Eric de Mare.
105586: DAVIS (ELLIS JAMES)]/TINSLEY. SAMUEL - Etymonia. .
91066: GREEN. SAMUEL G - A Handbook to Old Testament Hebrew: Containing an Elementary Grammar of the Language, with Reading Lessons, Notes on Many Scripture Passages and Copious Exercises
89676: BUTLER. SAMUEL - The Way of All Flesh.
94037: JOHNSON. SAMUEL - Lives of the English Poets. Selected and Edited By Robert Montague.
101408: LOVER. SAMUEL - Handy Andy. A Tale of Irish Life.
107183: PEGGE. SAMUEL - Two Collections of Derbicisms Containing Words and Phrases Peculiar to the Natives and Inhabitants of the County of Derby. . . . .
91765: MARCO. SAN - I Codici Miniati.
103775: LAZZARO. G. DI SAN - Klee
76566: SANDELL, ROLPH - Linguistic Style and Persuasion
42210: SANDERS. E.P. - Jewish and Christian Self-Definition. Volume Three. Self-Definition in the Graeco-Roman World.
78193: SANDERS, JACK T. - Charismatics, Converts, Competitors : Societal and Sociological Factors in the Success of Early Christianity
109173: MAURICE H. SANDERS - Giants of Timber and Transport: They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore
92730: SANDERS. E.P. - Jewish and Christian Self-Definition: Aspects of Judaism in the Graeco-Roman Period V. 2
107680: RAY SANDERSON - Sailing As Competent Crew
78784: SANDERSON, M.H. - Robert Adam and Scotland: Portrait of an Architect
108382: DAVID SANDISON - Art of the Celts
108114: EUGEN SANDOW - Life Is Movement: The Physical Reconstruction and Regeneration of the People (a Diseaseless World)
63694: ANSTEY. SANDRA - Critical Writings on R.S. Thomas
71941: BETTS. SANDRA - Our Daughters' Land : Past and Present
100052: ANSTEY. SANDRA - Critical Writings on R.S. Thomas
82577: AMOS. SANDRA - Teaching Science in Secondary Schools : A Reader
61298: SANDS. P.C. - Literary Genius of the New Testament.
109125: GRETCHEN M. BATAILLE; KATHLEEN MULLEN SANDS - American Indian Women, Telling Their Lives (Bison Book)
86940: MARTHA A. SANDWEISS - The Oxford History of the American West
90596: MARTHA A. SANDWEISS - The Oxford History of the American West
104033: GRIERSON. H.J.C. AND WASON. SANDYS - The Personal Note. An Anthology of First and Last Words from Prefaces, Introductions, Epilogues, Etc Chaucer to Yeats. . .
104326: CELIA SANDYS - From Winston with Love and Kisses: The Young Churchill
108416: KAY N. SANECKI - Humphry Repton (Lifelines Series)
80245: SANECKI, KAY N. - Old Garden Tools
73606: BUDICK. SANFORD - Poetry of Civilization. Mythopoeic Desplacement in the Verse of Milton, Dryden, Pope, and Johnson.
59284: SANGHARAKSHITA - The Priceless Jewel
73275: GYANSHRUTI. SANNYASI - Yajina. A Comprehensive Survey.
106219: ANDRÉE LE GALL-SANQUER - L'or Bleu : Le Lin Au Pays de Landerneau-Daoulas
113452: SANSOM. C.J. - Lamentation (French Text)
84976: SANSOM, WILLIAM - Proust
97052: SANTA ANA,JULIO DE - Towards a Church of the Poor: The Work of an Ecumenical Group on the Church and the Poor
112263: DAVID SANTIUSTE - Edward Iv and the Wars of the Roses
111993: LEONARD I STEIN; ALBERTO B SANTOS - Assertive Community Treatment of Persons with Severe Mental Illness (Norton Professional Books)
113763: SANYASI, ANTHEA - Extreme Emergencies: Humanitarian Assistance to Civilian Populations Following Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive Incidents - a Sourcebook
104398: SAPPHO - Sappho Through English Poetry. Edited and Introduced By Peter Jay & Caroline Lewis.
108264: PASTON-WILLIAMS. SARA - The Art of Dining: A History of Cooking and Eating
56832: MORRIS. SARAH - Bar Nothing
54407: TYTLER. SARAH - The Life of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria. Edited, with an Introduction By Lord Ronald Gower, F.S. A. In Three Volumes.
44264: MORAN. SARAH - The Secret World of Cults. From Ancient Druids to Heaven`S Gate.
82499: TRIMMER. SARAH - Fabulous Histories, By Mrs. Trimmer: Or, the History of the Robins Designed for the Instruction of Children, Respecting Their Treatment of Animals. Twelfth Edition.
111806: HELLON. RICHARD & CODRINGTON. SARAH - A Sumptious Ceiling.
74437: SHARMA. JAGDISH SARAN - The National Biographical Dictionary of India.
87617: NIL ED. BY SARI - Materia Medica Miniature Pictures Exhibition. 38th International Congress on History of Medicine. Yazma Eserlerden Tibbi Bitki Hayvan Ve Madenler Sergisi
58374: SARTORIUS, MICHAEL - The Principle of Liberty
105048: JEAN-PAUL SARTRE - The Age of Reason (Penguin Modern Classics)
105392: GILBERT. LATE LORD BISHOP OF SARUM - A Discourse of the Pastoral Care. . . .
91612: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - The War Poems (Ff Classics)
55338: SATTERLY, DAVID - Assessment in Schools
74279: KANAL. SATYVAN P - The Ethics of Devatma.
105674: NIGEL SAUL - The Age of Chivalry. Art and Society in Late Medieval England. (History Today)
93795: SAUL, PAULINE A. - The Family Historian's Enquire Within
70461: SAULNIER. V.L. - Le Pamphlet En France Au Xvi Siecle.
79806: SAUNDERS, MAIR - Bro a Bwyd. Saunders Lewis
110070: LAWRENCE FREEDMAN; JOHN SAUNDERS - Population Change and European Security.
88467: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Local Authorities and Welsh Industry (Translated from the Welsh Text)
64974: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - A School of Welsh Augustans. . . . . .
55677: SAUNDERS, MAIR - Bro a Bywyd. Saunders Lewis
53120: SAUNDERS, MAIR - Saunders Lewis 1893-1985. Bro a Bywyd.
101276: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Brad.
106767: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Esther a Serch Yw'r Doctor.
52293: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Ffydd a Gwreiddiau John Saunders Lewis. Golygydd: D. Ben Rees.
52290: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Dwy Gomedi
93832: SAUNDERS, DAVID - The Nature of West Wales (the Nature of Britain Series)
110919: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Brad
63779: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Esther a Serch Yw`R Doctor.
63774: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Cymru Wedi`R Rhyfel
95089: SAUNDERS, GILL - Wallpaper in Interior Decoration
112350: JAN SAVAGE - Nursing Intimacy: An Ethnographic Approach to Nurse-Patient Interaction
81333: LANDOR. WALTER SAVAGE - Selections from the Writings of Walter Savage Landor, Arranged and Edited By Sidney Colvin. Golden Treasury Series.
113167: ROGER SAVAGE - Masques, Mayings and Music-Dramas: Vaughan Williams and the Early Twentieth-Century Stage
82432: LANDOR. WALTER SAVAGE - The Works of Walter Savage Landor. Two Volume Set in Original Cloth.
83010: SAVILLE, TOM - Reservoir Trout Fishing with Tom Saville
87037: SAVILLE, TOM - Reservoir Trout Fishing
86913: SAVORY. H.N. - The Excavation of a Neolithic Dwelling and a Bronze Age Cairn an Mount Pleasant Fame Nottage (Glam)
86128: SAWFORD, ERIC H. - Eastern Steam in Retrospect
108405: MICHAEL SAYER - The Disintegration of a Heritage: Country Houses and Their Collections, 1979-92
107214: SBRILLI, IRENE (TEXT): - Fresken Vom 13. Bis Zum 18. Jahrhundert. Frescos from the 13th to the 18th Century/ Fresques Du Xiiie Au Xviiie Siècle/ Fresco's Van de 13e Tot de 18e Eeuw. ûbersetzungen Von Alessandra Angelini.
108187: GEOFFREY V. SCAMMELL - World Encompassed: First European Maritime Empires, C. 800-1650
71393: SCARRON, PAUL;GARAPON, ROBERT - Roman Comique. . . . Illustrations de Westel.
71347: SCARRON, PAUL;GARAPON, ROBERT - Le Jodelet Duelliste. Edition Critique. .
90014: SCHADEWALDT, HANS - Natur-, Ingenieur- Und Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Vorträge N 377
70625: SCHADLICH, HANS JOACHIM - Ostwestberlin: Prosa
109311: JOHN D. SCHAEFFER - Sensus Communis: Vico, Rhetoric, and the Limits of Relativism
109328: FRANK SCHALOW - The Renewal of the Heidegger-Kant Dialogue: Action, Thought, and Responsibility (S U N Y Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy): The Action, Thought and Responsibility
105721: SIMON SCHAMA - A History of Britain. The British Wars 1603-1776.
104778: SIMON SCHAMA - Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution
85233: SCHAMA, SIMON - The Power of Art
106672: SIMON SCHAMA - A History of Britain Vol 2. The British Wars 1603-1776.
106673: SIMON SCHAMA - A History of Britain ~ the Fate of Empire 1776-2000 (Volume 3): Vol Iii
106671: SIMON SCHAMA - A History of Britain. At the Edge of the World? 3000 Bc-Ad 1603.
112688: SCHAPIRO, MEYER - Late Antique, Early Christian and Mediaeval Art: Volume 3 (Selected Papers)
85278: SCHARFF, DAVID E. - Refinding the Object and Reclaiming the Self
79699: SCHARTENMAYER. P - Der Deutsche Krieg 1870-71
74594: SCHEFFEL, W. - Aspekte Der Platonischen Kosmologie : Untersuchungen Zum Dialog `Timaios'
74419: SCHEFFLER, ISRAEL - Inquiries : Philosophical Studies of Language, Science, and Learning
79999: SCHEIBLE, HARTMUT - Arthur Schnitzler in Selbstzeugnissen Und Bilddokumenten
109945: ELISABETH SCHEMLA - Ton Rêve Est Mon Cauchemar. : Les Six Mois Qui Ont Tué la Paix
109185: PETER SCHERER - 50 Years of British Grand Prix Drivers
82022: SCHEUER, HELMUT - Gedichte Von Theodor Fontane
109948: MORIZ SCHEYER - Si Je Survis
90923: RALF SCHIEBLER - Salvador Dali: The Reality of Dreams
105466: STACY SCHIFF - The Witches: Salem, 1692
103168: EDWARD SCHILLEBEECKX - Jesus: An Experiment in Christology
112450: SCHILLEBEECKX, EDWARD - The Eucharist.
108348: CALDERON. CORNEILLE. RACINE. MOLIERE. LESSING. SCHILLER. - Continental Drama. The Harvard Classics. Volume 26. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
109494: DAVID SCHILLER - Guitars: A Celebration of Pure Mojo
85573: SCHIRALDI, GLENN R. - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook : A Guide to Healing, Recovery and Growth
64197: MACHER. FRANK SCHIRR - Payback
75335: SCHLOSSER, LOUIS - La Vie de Nostradamus
86555: SCHMIDT, ULRIKE;DAVIDSON, KATE - Life After Self-Harm: A Guide to the Future
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76461: STEIN, JOSHUA B. - Claude Goldsmid Montefiore on the Ancient Rabbis: The Second Generation of Reform Judaism in Britain
69631: STEINBERG, D. D.; JAKOBOVITS, L. A. - Semantics : An Interdisciplinary Reader in Philosophy, Linguistics and Psychology
64079: STEINER, HERBERT - Gestorben Fur Osterreich: [Widerstand Gegen Hitler Eine Dokumentation]
77860: HABERMAN. JOSHUA O/STEINHEIM. S.L. - Philosopher of Revelation. The Life and Thought of S.L. Steinheim. Including an Annotated Translation, with a Biographical and Analytical Introduction, of the Entire First Volumes of His Four-Volume Work the Revelation According to the Doctrine of Judaism
109371: RICHARD STEINPATH - Why We Live After Death
109919: ADIN STEINSALTZ - Laisse Mon Peuple Savoir
70776: STELAND, DIETER - Moralistik Und Erzahlkunst: Von la Rochefoucauld Und Mme de Lafayette Bis Marivaux
110884: GIBBONS. STELLA - Cold Comfort Farm. With Water-Colour Drawings By Quentin Blake.
34799: COLWELL. STELLA - Teach Yourself Family History.
102835: TILLYARD. STELLA - Aristocrats : Caroline, Emily,Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740-1832.
104790: ROY STEMMAN - Spirit Communication: An Investigation Into the Extraordinary World of Mediums, Psychics and the Afterlife
76760: STEN. H - Manuel de Phonetique Francaise.
82332: STENDAHL. - Romans. Preface Et Presentation de Samuel S. De Sacy. Two Volume Set.
106506: KIM CHERNIN; RENATE STENDHAL - Cecilia Bartoli: The Passion of Song
105977: STENDHAL - A Life of Napoleon
108614: STENHOUSE. AGNES L. & STENHOUSE. E. - The Science of Housecraft.
74697: STENIUS, E.;PORN, INGMAR - Critical Essays
101538: SIR FRANK M. STENTON - Anglo-Saxon England (Oxford History of England)
84643: LAW. STEPHEN - Think. Philosophy for Everyone. A Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy. Issue 15 Autumn 2007
84644: LAW. STEPHEN - Think. Philosophy for Everyone. A Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy. Issue 16 Winter 2008
65199: PHILLIPS. STEPHEN - Ulysses. A Drama in a Prologue & Three Acts.
L4227: SPENDER. STEPHEN - Selected Poems.
101668: REGAN. STEPHEN - The Nineteenth-Century Novel: A Critical Reader. Some Highlighting.
107521: MENNELL. STEPHEN - All Manners of Food: Eating and Taste in Britain and France from the Middle Ages to the Present
37373: O`MIKLE. STEPHEN - Pope Pius Xii. His Voice and Life.
32481: ROBERTS. STEPHEN K. - Recovery and Restoration in an English County: Devon Local Administration 1646-1670.
84646: LAW. STEPHEN - Think. Philosophy for Everyone. A Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy. Number 23 Volume 8 Autumn 2009
84631: LAW. STEPHEN - Think. Philosophy for Everyone. A Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy. Number 20 Volume 7 Winter 2008.
89656: BERGER STEPHEN A. - Of Natural Causes: The Disease and Death of Just About Everybody
112542: BEER. STEPHEN - The Credibility Deficit: How to Rebuild Labour's Economic Reputation (Fabian Ideas 629).
65201: PHILLIPS. STEPHEN - Herod. A Tragedy
111813: COULTER. STEPHEN - The Devil Inside. The Tragic Life of Dostoevsky.
84633: LAW. STEPHEN - Think. Philosophy for Everyone. A Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy. Number 20 Volume 7 Winter 2008.
69120: STEPHEN. H.L. - State Trials Political and Social. Two Volume Set.
68188: COOTE. STEPHEN - W.B. Yeats. A Life
71527: COPLESTON. REGINALD STEPHEN - Buddhism. Primitive and Present in Magadha and in Ceylon.
102467: GREENLEES. STEPHEN - How to Tie Trout Flies.
83706: SPENDER. STEPHEN - Engaged in Writing. Two Stories. Engaged in Writing and the Fool and the Princess.
87961: MEIC STEPHENS - Artists in Wales: No. 1
65986: STEPHENS, MEIC - The Welsh Language Today. A New Revised Edition.
88368: MEIC STEPHENS - Welsh Language Today. A New Revised Edition.
89943: MEIC STEPHENS - The Welsh Language to-Day
70745: STEPHENS, MEIC - Cydymaith I Lenyddiaeth Cymru
88457: STEPHENS. T. - Album Aberhonddu 1755-1880 / Brecon Album 1755-1880. Welsh Text.
94911: STEPHENS. W.B. - Source for the History of Population and Their Uses.
79928: STEPHENS, MEIC - Wales in Quotation
97828: STEPHENS, MEIC - Linguistic Minorities in Western Europe
87399: MEIC STEPHENS - The Welsh Language to-Day
75699: STEPHENS, MEIC - Linguistic Minorities in Western Europe
104357: MEIC STEPHENS - Necrologies: A Book of Welsh Obituaries
94319: MEIC STEPHENS - A Most Peculiar People: Quotations About Wales and the Welsh
105878: RUSSELL STEPHENS - Emlyn Williams: The Making of a Dramatist (Border Lines)
78609: STEPHENS, MEIC - Linguistic Minorities in Western Europe
102137: STEPHENS. T. - Album Aberhonddu Neu Gofeb-Lyfr Darluniadol. . . .
105391: STEPHENS. W.R.W. - The Life and Letters of Walter Farquhar Hook.
110850: I. P. STEPHENSON - Viking Warfare
79249: STEPTOE, ANDREW - The Mozart-Da Ponte Operas : The Cultural and Musical Background to le Nozze Di Figaro, Don Giovanni, and Cosi Fan Tutte
95768: STERLIGOV, ANDREI - Western European Illuminated Manuscripts, 8th to 16th Centuries
109930: ANNE-LISE STERN - Le Savoir-Deporte
83525: STERNE, LAURENCE - The Works of Laurence Sterne in Five Volumes: With a Life of the Author Written By Himself.
102714: IRENE MOORE; GARY STERNE - International Military Collectors Guide
81580: STERNE, LAURENCE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
82459: ANON/STERNHOLD - The Book of Psalms, Collected Into English Metre By Sternhold, Hopkins, and Others; As Allowed to Be Sung in All Churches and Chapels. Cambridge Stereotype Edition. Bound with, a New Version of the Psalms of David By Brady & Tate, Cambridge Stereotype Ed
71920: STETSON, DOROTHY M. - Women's Rights in France
31380: MCBIRNIE. WILLIAM STEUART - The Search for the Early Church. New Testament Principles for Today`S Church.
50379: LOCKLEY. STEVE - Ghosts of Wales.
87120: STEVENS. STEVE - Early Wings over Africa. . .
102574: COLL. STEVE - The Bin Ladens. An Arabian Family in the American Century.
88430: CLARKE. STEVE - Community Development in South Wales
113198: RICHARDS. STEVE - Whatever It Takes. The Real Story of Gordon Brown and New Labour.
112032: PINKER. STEVEN - The Language Instinct. The New Science of Language and Mind.
108418: PARISSIEN. STEVEN - The Georgian Group Guides. No. 12. Stonework.
105029: CAHN. STEVEN M. - Classics of Western Philosophy. Third Edition
111193: KATZ. STEVEN T - Mysticism and Philosophical Analysis (Studies in Philosophy and Religion)
112662: RUNCIMAN. STEVEN - The Eastern Schism. A Study of the Papacy and the Eastern Churches During the Xith and Xiith Centuries.
108419: PARISSIEN. STEVEN - The Georgian Group Guides. No. 13. Lighting.
103879: JOHN. STEVEN - A Township in Mourning. The Laugharne Roll of Honour for World War 1 & World War Ii.
108759: LOU STEVENS - Small Stream Trout Fishing
34474: COX. J. STEVENS - The Thomas Hardy Year Book 1976. Number 6.
34473: COX. J. STEVENS - The Thomas Hardy Year Book 1972-1973. Together with a Catalogue of Important and Original Hardy Material. Number 3.
34471: COX. J. STEVENS - The Thomas Hardy Year Book 1973-1974. Number 4.
98625: STEVENS, CATRIN - Welsh Courting Customs
114109: CATRIN STEVENS - Iorwerth C. Peate (Writers of Wales)
111925: HILARY BINDING; DOUGLAS STEVENS - The Book of Minehead with Alcombe
106527: HELEN M. STEVENS - The Embroiderer's Countryside
60954: STEVENS, RICHARD - Freud and Psychoanalysis : An Exposition and Appraisal
113214: STEVENS, MEIC - Meic Stevens: Hunangofiant Y Brawd Houdini
109862: CHRISTINE STEVENS - Quilts
109863: CHRISTINE STEVENS - Quilts
89604: STEVENSON, J.PATRICK - Beyond the Bridge
110653: SMITH. W. STEVENSON - The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt. The Pelican History of Art.
78629: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS; FLUCK, PETER - The Complete Short Stories. Thwe Centenary Edition. Two Volume Set.
108591: GREG STEVENSON - The 1930s Home (Shire Albums) (Shire Library)
68888: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS; FLUCK, PETER - R.L. Stevenson. Poetry
96074: STEVENSON, GREG - Art Deco Ceramics (the Shire Book)
100781: STEVENSON. J. - Creeds, Councils and Controversies. Documents Illustrative of the History of the Church A.D. 377-461. .
108583: GREG STEVENSON - Art Deco Ceramics (the Shire Book)
95859: STEWART. H.F. - The Heart of Pascal, Being His Meditations & Prayers, Notes for His Anti-Jesuit Campaign Remarks on Language and Style Etc.
106411: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume One.
91401: STEWART, IAN - Game, Set and Math: Enigmas and Conundrums (Penguin Mathematics)
95241: JAMES DURRAN; JIM STEWART - Student Handbook for English
94686: WILLIAMS. STEWART - The Garden of Wales. The Vale Series Volume 3.
94752: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Six.
106413: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Eleven.
98452: WILLIAMS. STEWART - The Garden of Wales. The Vale of Glamorgan Series Volume 3.
97881: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume 8. Eight. .
94211: WILLIAMS. STEWART - History on My Doorstep. . . Volume 1.
97821: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Stewart Williams' Glamorgan Historian Volume Six.
98441: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Cardiff Book. Volume 1.
94754: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Nine.
106415: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Six.
106414: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Ten.
78338: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian Volume Seven.
57942: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian Volume One.
56747: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Six.
56742: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Eleven.
51945: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume One.
50408: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian Volume 6.
106409: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Eight.
87884: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Seven
93760: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Saints and Sailing Ships. The Vale Series Volume 4.
94753: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Eight.
109513: STEWART. F.A. - Cross Country with Hounds.
104966: PROFESSOR IAN STEWART - Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities
82824: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume One.
98460: WILLIAMS. STEWART - Glamorgan Historian. Volume 7.

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