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92982: REES, J. DERFEL - Ar Eu Talcennau: Enwau Capeli Yng Nghymru
91019: REES, JASPER - Blizzard - Race to the Pole
67973: REES, NONA - St. David of Dewisland
98667: REES, EILUNED - Carmarthenshire Memories of the Twentieth Century (Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society Monograph Series)
90187: W. M. REES - Sefyll Yn Y Bwlch - Brwydr Llangyndeyrn 1960-1965
94060: REES, EILUNED - Carmarthenshire Memories of the Twentieth Century (Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society Monograph Series)
94214: REES. J.F. - The Story of Milford (Milford Haven)
94643: REES, DAVID MORGAN - Agweddau Ar Archaeoleg Diwydiannol: Aspects of Industrial Archaeology
70583: REES, GARNET;PICKFORD, CEDRIC EDWARD - Melanges de Litterature Francaise Moderne Offerts a Garnet Rees, Professor a L'universite de Hull Par Ses Collegues Et Amis. Text in French and English.
62181: REES, DAVID BENJAMIN - Samuel Roberts. Writers of Wales Series.
101079: W. M. REES - Sefyll Yn Y Bwlch - Brwydr Llangyndeyrn 1960-1965
87934: REES, EILUNED - The Welsh Book Trade Before 1820
92103: REES, NONA; JOHN, TERRY - St. David of Dewisland: Patron Saint of Wales
92601: W. M. REES - Sefyll Yn Y Bwlch - Brwydr Llangyndeyrn 1960-1965
95803: ELIZABETH REES - Celtic Saints in Their Landscape
101619: JACK DONOVAN; GRAHAM REES - Birds of Pembrokeshire: Status and Atlas of Pembrokeshire Birds
102890: SIAN REES - Dyfed (Guide to Ancient & Historic Wales)
98883: REES. T. - Hanes Eglwysi Annibynol Cymru. Volume 2. Only.
66691: REES. J.F. - Studies in Welsh History.
95005: REES, DAVID - Son of Prophecy: Henry Tudor's Road to Bosworth
90216: REES, GORONWY - Brief Encounters
81209: REES, DAVID - The Son of Prophecy : Henry Tudor's Road to Bosworth
102156: GRIFFITHS. THE REV. REES - The Reserves of the Soul and Other Sermons.
61755: REES, DAVID - The Son of Prophecy : Henry Tudor's Road to Bosworth
93164: REES, SIAN E.; CAPLE, CHRIS - Dinefwr Castle, Dryslwyn Castle
94541: SIAN REES - Dyfed (Guide to Ancient & Historic Wales)
97804: REES, DAVID - A Short History of Modern Korea
95516: REES, ELIZABETH - Celtic Saints: Passionate Wanderers
95063: REES. T.I. - Department of Overseas Trade. Economic Conditions in Cuba April, 1935.
101230: LAURENCE REES - Auschwitz : The Nazis & the 'final Solution'
93053: REES, DAVID - The Son of Prophecy: Henry Tudor's Road to Bosworth
93022: REES, DEREK - Rings and Rosettes: The History of the Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society, 1784-1977
84219: REES, LAURENCE - Auschwitz : The Nazi's and the 'final Solution'
97117: REES, NONA; JOHN, TERRY - Pilgrimage: A Welsh Perspective
80852: REEVE. F.A. - Victorian and Edwardian Cambridge from Old Photographs
87506: REEVES, KEN - A Stroll Through Old Swansea: Views from My Postcard Collection
98138: REEVES, F.R. - Song of the West Wind
64395: REEVES, MARJORIE - Favorite Hymns : 2000 Years of Magnificat
64538: REEVES, JAMES - Poems and Paraphrases
97191: MICHAEL REEVES - Enjoy Your Prayer Life
68845: O`REGAN. J.R.H. - The German War of 1914-Illustrated By Documents of European History, 1815-1915.
97321: REGESTER, DAVID - Woodturning: An Individual Approach
33603: HAGGAR. REGINALD G. - English Country Pottery.
78632: HUNT. REGINALD - A First Harmony Book.
83102: CURLING. H.P. 52D REGT. - Some Account of the Field of the Cloth of Gold of Eglington.
84130: REHDER, ROBERT M. - The Poetry of Wallace Stevens
64009: REICH-RANICKI, MARCEL - Ueber Ruhestoerer
58028: REID, MARION - A Plea for Woman
36906: REID. J.M. - Wake Up to God.
99134: REID, HELEN - Life in Victorian Bristol
73792: REID, DAVID - The Metaphysical Poets
73793: REID, DAVID - The Metaphysical Poets
90206: REIFENSCHEID, RICHARD - Die Habsburger in Lebensbildern: Von Rudolf I. Bis Karl I
84889: REILL, PETER H.; WILSON, ELLEN J. - Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment
63287: REILL, PETER H.; WILSON, ELLEN J. - Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment
61978: ANDERSON. JANICE & SCHULTZ. REINHARD - Victorian Britain & Ireland in Colour.
97029: REINHARTZ, ADELE - Scripture on the Silver Screen
96005: REINHARTZ, ADELE - Caiaphas the High Priest (Studies on Personalities of the New Testament)
68451: VIRTANEN. REINO - Anatole France
74940: REISER, WILLIAM E. - Talking About Jesus Today : An Introduction to the Story Behind Our Faith
75975: REISMAN, DAVID A. - Galbraith and Market Capitalism
85179: REMBERT, VIRGINIA PITTS - Bosch. Hieronymus Bosch and the Lisbon Temptation a View from the 3rd Millennium.
78350: BOON. K.G./ REMBRANDT - Rembrandt. The Complete Etchings.
102240: RENAN, ERNEST - The History of the Origins of Christianity. Book Iv the Anti-Christ.
90129: RENAULT, MARY - The Nature of Alexander the Great (Penguin Classic Biography)
61235: RENDELL, RUTH; WARD, COLIN - Undermining the Central Line. Chatto Counterblasts No. 7.
83798: WEIS. RENE - Shakespeare Revealed. A Biography.
75316: DE LUCINGE. RENE - Lettres de 1587 L`Annee Des Reitres. Texte Etabli Et Annote Par James J. Supple.
70505: POMEAU. RENE - L`Age Classique. Iii. 1680-1720. Litterature Francaise. Collection Dirigree Par Claude Pichois. . .
93240: GROUSSET. RENE - The Sum of History.
101191: LE SAGE. RENE - The Devil on Two Sticks. A New Edition with an Introduction By Arthur Symons with Illustrations and Decorations By Philip Hagreen.
73226: LOUIS. RENE - Le Roman de la Rose. Essai D`Interpretation de L`Allegorisme Erotique.
74022: DESCARTES. RENE - The Geometry of Rene Descartes. Translated from the French and Latin By David Eugene Smith and Marcia L. Latham. With a Facsimile of the First Edition, 1637.
70498: POMEAU. RENE - L`Age Classique Iii. 1680-1720. Litterature Francais. Collection Dirigree Par Claude Pichois. . .
70571: SCHICKELE. RENE - Rene Schickele. Leben Und Werk in Dokumenten.
79674: JASINSKI. RENE - L` Espana de Th. Gautier. Edition Critique.
68329: FULOP-MILLER. RENE - The Jesuits. A History of the Society of Jesus.
88116: FULOP-MILLER. RENE - Triumph over Pain. Translated By Eden and Cedar Paul.
73083: KOGEL. RENEE - Pierre Charron
88682: RENFREW, JANE M. - Food and Cooking in Roman Britain: History and Recipes
96291: RENNERT, JONATHAN - George Thalben-Ball
95861: RENNERT, JONATHAN - George Thalben-Ball
100020: W.L. RENWICK - The Rise of the Romantics, 1789-1815: Wordsworth, Coleridge and Jane Austen (Oxford History of English Literature)
89370: RENWICK. E.D. - A Short History of the Order of St. John.
97193: RESTON, JAMES - Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade
74694: EPP. REUBEN - The Spelling of Low German & Plautdietsch. Towards an Official Plautdietsch Orthography.
90408: REUTH, RALF GEORG - Rommel: The End of a Legend
98536: MCWILLIAM. REV. T. - Scottish Life in Light and Shadow.
88489: WILLIAMS. REV. W - A Volume of Poems from "Wales Day By Day"
87267: EVANS. REV. J. - The Beauties of England and Wales: Or, Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical and Descriptive of Each County. North Wales. .
64681: ALLEN. THE REV. G.C. - Tales from Tennyson.
75152: NEALE. REV. J.M. - The Liturgies of S. Mark. S. James, S. Clement. S. Chrystostom, S. Basil: Or According to the Use of the Churches of Alexandria, Jerusalem, Constantinople. . . . Preface in English, Text in Greek.
83342: MARTIN. REV. G - The "Little Way" of Spiritual Childhood. According to the Life and Writings of Saint Therese . . .
94058: NEWELL. REV. E.J. - A History of the Welsh Church to the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
71071: FEARON. REV. W.A. - Two Wykehamical Worthies. (Two Sermons Preached By the Author an Winchester Cathedral)
56415: HIRSCH-DAVIES. REV. J.E. DE - A Popular History of the Church in Wales. From the Beginning to the Present Day.
62278: BRIDGE. REV. B - A Treatise on the Elements of Algebra. Fifth Edition.
38421: HUSENBETH. REV. F.C. - Faberism Exposed and Refuted and the Apostolicity of Catholic Doctrine Vindicated: Against the Second Edition, "Revised and Remoulded" of Faber`S "Difficulties of Romanism"
36305: MERCER. THE RIGHT REV. J.E. - The Problem of Creation. An Attempt to Define the Character and Trend of the Cosmic Progress.
32117: BRIDGETT. REV. T.E. - The Ritual of the New Testament. An Essay on the Principles and Origin of Catholic Ritual in Reference to the New Testament. Third Edition.
31788: MALDWYN-DAVIES. REV D. - Pageantry of Welsh History. Foreword By S.J. Evans. Third Edition with Illustrations.
97176: TIXERONT. THE REV. J. - Holy Orders and Ordination. A Study in the History of Dogma.
70279: ADAMS. REV. H.C. - Wykehamica. A History of Winchester College and Commoners, from the Foundation to the Present Day
66114: PUREY-CUST. THE VERY REV. A.P. - Our English Minsters. Second Series.
102104: PIXELL. REV. J.V. - A Short History of the Hamlet of Ratcliffe School Founded 1710. . . . . Also Some Notes on the History of the Hamlet of Ratcliffe By Mr. F.W. Maddocks. . .
81444: RAWNSLEY. REV. H.D. - Memories of the Tennysons.
76136: FORAN. REV. E.A. - Augustinian Miscellanea.
86067: HEATHCOTE. GILBERT REV. - Harmonia Wykehamica. The Original Music in Score of the Graces, Used at Winchester College and at New College in Oxford. Also the Hymn Jam Lucis; the Song of the Dulce Domum; and the Song of . . . . . . .
86860: MORRICE. REV. J.C. - A Manual of Welsh Literature. . . .
73844: MORRICE. REV. J.C. - A Manual of Welsh Literature. Containing a Brief Survey of the Works of the Chief Bards. . . . .
99208: WILLIAMS. REV. W. - A Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Rev. Wm. Griffiths, Burry Green, Gower.
97177: WATERWORTH. THE REV. W. - Original and Developments of Anglicanism; Or, a History of the Liturgies, Homilies, Articles, Bibles, Principles and Governmental System of the English Church.
91064: MASON. REV. P.H. - Anew Elementary Grammar of (What Is Usually Called) the 'hebrew' Language of the Old Testament. (Third Edition of Part 1. (on the Reading) Together with a Sketch of the Chief Word-Forms in Reading Lessons and Notes for Self Instructors. . . .
93088: LEE. REV. S - A Grammar of the Hebrew Language, Comprised in a Series of Lectures; Compiled from the Best Authorities. . . . . .
65415: PUREY-CUST. THE VERY REV. A.P. - Our English Minsters. Second Series.
91288: KENNETT. REV. R.H. - A Short Account of the Hebrew Tenses.
70033: ROOKE. REV. T.G. - The Doctrine and History of Christian Baptism.
80663: HIRSCH-DAVIES. REV. J.E. DE - A Popular History of the Church in Wales. From the Beginning to the Present Day.
66574: LLEWELLIN. THE REV. F.G. - The Tudor Soverigns and the Reformation.
50715: SAXTON. THE LATE REV. J.H. - The Splendour of the Unfinished and Other Sermons.
97603: ROBERTS. REV. J. - The Calvinistic Methodism in Wales.
55081: WILLIS. REV. E.F. - The Worship of the Old Covenant Considered More Especially in Relation to That of the New.
68560: TERROT. REV. C.H. - Pastoral Letters Addressed to the Younger Members of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Second Edition, Enlarged.
79275: EVANS. REV. J - Letters Written During a Tour Through South Wales, in the Year 1803, and at Other Times; Containing Views of the History, Antiquities, and Customs of That Part of the Pricipality . . . . .
73457: TUCKER. REV H.W. - Memoir of the Life and Episcopate of George Augustus Selwyn, D.D. Bishop of New Zealand, 1848-1869; Bishop of Lichfield, 1867-1878.
74689: FISHER. REV. J - The Cefn Coch Mss. : . . . .
83652: BEVAN. REV. J.O. - Egypt and the Egyptians. Their History, Antiquities, Language, Religion, and Influence over Palestine and Neighbouring Countries.
100546: MACPHERSON. REV. H.A. - The Hare. Fur Feather and Fin Series.
81895: REVEL, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Une Anthologie de la Poesie Francaise
50613: MYLNE. THE REVEREND R.S. - The True Ground of Faith. Five Sermons Preached in the Cathedral Church of Bangor. Cheap Edition.
86657: BASIL WILLIAMS; C. H. STUART (REVISED BY) - The Whig Supremacy 1714-1760 (Oxford History of England)
101536: BASIL WILLIAMS; C. H. STUART (REVISED BY) - The Whig Supremacy 1714-1760 (Oxford History of England)
98594: WHISTLER. REX - Designs for the Theatre. In Three Parts. With Appreciations By Cecil Beaton James Laver and Laurence Whistler.
46769: REYNER. J.H. - Short-Wave Radio. Fourth Edition.
76876: REYNOLDS, EDWARD - Trade and Economic Change on the Gold Coast, 1807-1874
88555: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - Concise History of Watercolours (World of Art)
55699: REYNOLDS, REGINALD; WOOLMAN, JOHN - The Wisdom of John Woolman : With a Selection from His Writings
44943: LLWYD. RHEINALLT - Gwarchod Y Gwreiddau.
93570: WHITE. CAROL & WILLIAMS. SIAN RHIANNON - Struggle Or Starve: Women's Lives in the South Wales Valleys between the Two World Wars
87702: IFANS. RHIANNON - Australia, Land of Gold: Journeys to Australia Through the Eyes of the Welsh Ballad Writers.
102139: DAVIES. RHIANNON - Cerddi Afreolaidd
89372: RHODES, PHILIP - An Outline History of Medicine
60911: RHODES, PAM - Coming Through. True Stories of Hope and Courage.
92163: LLEWELLYN. RHOSWEN - Capel Ramoth Cwmfelin Mynach 1907-2007.
89278: DAVIES. RHYS - A Bed of Feathers. A Dramatic Story of Love in the Welsh Coalfields. Frontispiece Wood-Engraving By Lionel Ellis.
88023: DAVIES. RHYS - Honey & Bread. Signed By the Author.
44704: WALTERS. HUW & NICHOLAS. W. RHYS - Brinli. Cyfreithiwr: Bardd Archdderwydd.
102146: PRICHARD. PARCH. RHYS - Y Seren Foren Neu Ganwyll Y Cymry; Sef Gwaith Prynoddol. . . .
69206: PRICHARD. RHYS - Y Seren Foren Neu Ganwyll Y Cymry. . . . .
93848: RHYS, MANON - Palmant Aur: Siglo'r Crud No. 1 (Y Palmant Aur)
81216: RHYS, JOHN - Celtic Britain
87773: DAVIES. RHYS - The Black Venus. A Novel. First Edition.
58562: ROBERTS. W. RHYS - Chairs of Language in Wales: Their Endowment and Mutliplication with Some First Impressions of the Welsh University.
87956: PHILLIPS. D. RHYS - Transactions of the Celtic Congress, 1921 Containing the Papers Read at the Douglas Congress, with a Report of the Meetings.
94378: HALLAM. TUDUR RHYS - Blith Draphlith.
97826: DAVIES. RHYS - Boy with a Trumpet.
88515: GRIFFITHS. P. RHYS - Early Welsh Medicine. Reprinted from the Welsh Dragon.
94776: RHYS, ANN GRUFFYDD - Celtic Folklore Vol 2.
98424: JONES. RHYS - Hook, Line & History. A Brief History of the Carmarthen Amateur Angling Association 1894-1994.
97656: RIASANOVSKY, NICHOLAS VALENTINE - Russian Identities: A Historical Survey
100912: QUINTANA. RICARDO - Swift. An Introduction.
96167: RICARDO, DAVID - Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo: V. 1-11. Eleven Volume Set.
97178: LOMBARDI. RICCARDO - The Salvation of the Unbeliever.
98467: MERRICK. RICE - A Booke of Glamorganshire Antiquities.
89541: PRICHARD. PARCH RHYS/REES. RICE - Y Seren Foreu, Neu Ganwyll Y Cymry; Sef Gwaith Prydyddol Y Parch. Rhys Prichard. . . .
97807: RICE, TONY - Voyages of Discovery. Three Centuries of Natural History Exploration.
93167: CORBETT. JAMES ANDREW/MERRICK. RICE - A Book of Glamorganshire Antiquities.
95741: RICE, DENNIS G. - Dogs in English Porcelain of the 19th Century
95747: RICE, DENNIS G. - Cats in English Porcelain of the 19th Century
100163: ADRIENNE RICH - The Fact of a Doorframe: Selected Poems 1950-2001
87462: SOUTH. RICHARD - The Moths of the British Isles. Series 1 & 2. Edited and Revised By H.M. Edelsten and D.S. Fletcher
76494: FEACHEM. RICHARD - Water, Wastes and Health in Hot Climates
71710: WEEKES. RICHARD V. - Muslim Peoples. A World Ethnographic Survey. Volume 2. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded.
65460: ELLMANN. RICHARD - The New Oxford Book of American Verse.
89482: OSLER. SIR WILLIAM/VERNEY. RICHARD E - The Student Life. The Philosophy of Sir William Osler. Edited By Richard E. Verney.
95172: DOYLE. RICHARD - Fairyland in Art and Poetry (Books for Young Readers)
67367: CRAIG. RICHARD G - Applied Geomorphology
89971: BENNETT. RICHARD - The Early Life of Howell Harris. Translated from the Welsh By Gomer M. Roberts.
53850: EMMERSON. RICHARD K - Who`S Who in the Middle Ages. Two Volumes in Slipcase.
52971: HAYMAN. RICHARD - Working Iron in Merthyr Tydfil.
50679: BEBB. RICHARD - Welsh Furniture 1250-1950. A Cultural History of Craftsmanship and Design. Two Volume Set in Slipcase.
47657: THOMAS. RICHARD - Llanelli and District Heritage.
95014: ROBERTS. REV. RICHARD - An Autumn Tour in Spain in the Year 1859
42380: WEST. RICHARD - Chaucer 1340-1400. The Life and Times of the First English Poet.
83351: HOLLOWAY RICHARD - The Stranger in the Wings
62859: EMMERSON. RICHARD K - Who's Who in the Middle Ages. Two Volume Set.
100628: BARBER. RICHARD - The Pastons. A Family in the Wars of the Roses.
83501: HOLMES. RICHARD - Epic Land Battles
72370: LOVETT. THE REVEREND RICHARD - London 100 Years Ago. The Charm of Victorian London Illustrated.
102306: JONES. RICHARD - Drych Y Dadleuwr.
82201: WAGNER. RICHARD - Tristan Und Isolde. Textbuch Einfuhrung Und Kommentar Von Kurt Pahlen. . .
85518: NELSON-JONES. RICHARD - Relating Skills. A Practical Guide to Effective Personal Relationships.
91693: PALMER. RICHARD - Lambeth Palace Library: Treasures from the Collection of the Archbishops of Canterbury
61843: HUGHES. RICHARD - The Sisters` Tragedy. A Play.
102034: DAWKINS. RICHARD - The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing (Oxford Landmark Science)
95841: WELLINGS. RICHARD - A Beginner's Guide to Liberty.
96540: MACALPINE. IDA & HUNTER. RICHARD A. - Schizophrenia 1677. A Psychiatric Study of an Illustrated Autobiographical Record Demonical Possession.
98359: MANT. RIGHT REV. RICHARD - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland Together with the Psalter Or Psalms of David. . .
59783: BRADLEY. RICHARD - The Prehistoric Settlement of Britain.
82969: COBDEN. RICHARD - 1793 and 1853, in Three Letters.
102667: LEONARD. RICHARD M ET AL - Belaying the Leader. An Omnibus on Climbing Safety.
84552: WOLLHEIM. RICHARD - Freud. Fontana Modern Masters.
100885: CATTERMOLE. REV. RICHARD - The Great Civil War of Charles I. And the Parliament. Two Volume Set.
58465: LOVETT. RICHARD - Wales 100 Years Ago. The Beauty of Old Wales Illustrated.
61724: LLWYD. RICHARD - Poems. Tales, Odes, Sonnets, Translations from the British, &C. &C. In Two Volumes.
92467: AVENT. RICHARD - Castles of the Princes of Gwynedd
102480: LIVINGSTONE. SIR RICHARD - Greek Ideals and Modern Life.
92296: EVANS. RICHARD - Association of Tennis Professionals Tour Year Two 1991
74304: ARNOLD. RICHARD - The Nutbrown Maid.
83216: LOWER. RICHARD - A Treatise on the Heart. The Classics of Medicine Library.
87244: BOWOOD. RICHARD - The Story of Clothes and Costume. With Illustrations By Robert Ayton.
100709: STEELE. RICHARD - Richard Steele. Edited, with an Introduction and Notes By G.A. Aitken the Mermaid Series. .
99536: WHITMORE. RICHARD - Crime and Punishment from Old Photographs.
83290: HARRIES. RICHARD - What Hope in an Armed World?
100223: DAWKINS. RICHARD - Unweaving the Rainbow. Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder.
68335: SCHOENWALD. RICHARD L - Nineteenth-Century Thought: The Discovery of Change.
77703: HAMANN. RICHARD - Impressionismus.
96749: BARBER. RICHARD - British Myths and Legends. Edited and Introduced By Richard Barber. Illustrations By John Vernon Lord. Three Volume Set.
77489: WATSON. RICHARD - Mitred Men in Cumbria.
82594: COBDEN. RICHARD - Speeches of Richard Cobden, Esq. , M.P. , on Peace, Financial Reform, Colonial Reform and Other Subjects. Printed By Permission of, and Kindly Revised By, Mr. Cobden.
77105: CRAIG. RICHARD G - Applied Geomorphology
100204: GREEN. JOHN RICHARD - A Short History of the English People. .
79273: PERROTT. SIR JOHN/ RAWLINSON. RICHARD - The History of That Most Eminent Statesman, Sir John Perrott, Knight of Bath, and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. . . . . . . Fine First Edition.
101267: JEFFERIES. RICHARD - The Open Air. The Wayfarer's Library.
102373: RICHARD; ILLUSTRATED BY MCKEAN, DAVE DAWKINS - The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True
102161: JOHN RICHARDS - Wales on the Western Front
93667: RICHARDS, DAVE - Birds of Kenya. A Celebration
56417: RICHARDS, DANIEL - Honest Memories
39913: RICHARDS. H.P. - David Williams. (1738-1816) Author, Philosopher, Educationist, Politician and Founder of the Royal Literary Fund.
92608: ALUN RICHARDS - Home to an Empty House (Library of Wales)
92087: RICHARDS, THOMAS - Wales Under the Indulgence (1672-1675)
92218: RICHARDS. H.P. - A Short History of Caerphilly.
83161: RICHARDS, H.J. - More Quips and Quotes : Preachers, Teachers, Speakers, Editors
93048: RICHARDS, THOMAS - Religious Development in Wales (1654-1662)
90335: ADRIAN SEARLE; JACKANTHON RICHARDS - The Quintinshill Conspiracy. The Shocking True Story Behind Britain's Worst Rail Disaster.
101400: RICHARDS. I.A. - The Republic of Plato. A Version in Simplified English.
62304: RICHARDS, ALUN - Against the Waves
99261: RICHARDS, ALUN - Dai Country. Short Stories.
91123: RICHARDS, GLYN - Source Book Modern Hinduism
86314: RICHARDS, D. S. - The Savage Frontier: A History of the Anglo-Afghan Wars
84082: RICHARDSON, JOHN; MCCULLY, MARILYN - A Life of Picasso. Volume 2. 1907-1917
90297: PHILLIPS. JOHN RICHARDSON - Remarkable Cases of Conversion, and Other Experiences, Showing the Value of Faith in the Faithful Promiser. A Study for the Saved and the Unsaved.
75776: WRIGHT. RICHARDSON - Letters to the Mother of a Soldier.
102612: PHIL RICHARDSON - Bats (Life)
75432: RICHES, JOHN - The Bible. A Very Short Introduction.
92057: RICHEY, CLIFF - Acing Depression: A Tennis Champion's Toughest Match
85329: RICHMOND, ROBIN - Michelangelo and the Creation of the Sistine Chapel
77075: RICHMOND, VELMA B. - The Popularity of Middle English Romance
68800: RICHTER, MICHAEL - Medieval Ireland : The Enduring Tradition
93005: RICHTER, MICHAEL - Giraldus Cambrensis: Growth of the Welsh Nation
77339: RICKARD, PETER; HARMER, LEWIS - Uncertainties in French Grammar
94811: HELMUT RICKEHELMUT RICKE - Italian Glass: Murano, Milan, 1930-70. The Collection of the Steinberg Foundation.
71046: RICKETTS, HARRY - The Unforgiving Minute: A Life of Rudyard Kipling
84479: RICKMAN, H. P. - The Challenge of Philosophy
54310: HAGGARD. H. RIDER - Spirit of Bambatse
90773: RIDGES, DAVID J. - The Book of Mormon Made Easier: Part 1: 1 Nephi Through Words of Mormon (Gospel Studies Series)
24198: WOOLLAM. R. & RIDING. J.B. - Dinoflagellate Cyst Zonation of the English Jurassic. [Institute of Geological Sciences]
84043: RIDLEY, MARK - A Darwin Selection. Revised
70302: RIDLEY, JASPER - Bloody Mary's Martyrs : The Story of England's Terror
95068: PAREDES. M. RIGOBERTO - Mitos, Supersticiones Y Supervivencias Populares de Bolivia. Segunda Edicion Corregida Y Considerablemente Aumentada.
95069: PAREDES. M. RIGOBERTO - Mitos, Supersticiones Y Supervivencias Populares de Bolivia. Segunda Edicion Corregida Y Considerablemente Aumentada.
100169: JAN VAN RIJCKENBORGH - The Coming New Man
100174: VAN RIJCKENBORGH. J. - The Mystery of Life and Death.
100173: VAN RIJCKENBORGH, JAN - Gnosis in Present-Day Manifestation (Renova Library)
95693: RILEY, CHARLES - The Jazz Age in France: The Twenties
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91046: JOHNSON. SAMUEL - A Dictionary of the English Language in Which the Words Are Deduced from Their Originals and Illustrated in Their Different Significations By Examples from the Best Writers. To Which Are Prefixed a History of the Lang. . . Fourth Edition,Revised By the Auth
25927: KEEBLE. SAMUEL E - Industrial Day-Dreams. Studies in Industrial Ethics and Economics. New Edition.
92267: TANNENBAUM. SAMUEL A - The Handwriting of the Renaissance. Being the Development and Characteristics of the Script of Shakespere's Time.
80371: JOHNSON. SAMUEL - The Rambler. Complete in One Volume.
87823: LAMBERT. SAMUEL W - Three Vesalian Essays to Accompany the Icones Anatomicae of 1934
80788: EVANS. SAMUEL J - Drych Y Prif Oesedd. (Second Or 1740 Edition)
102831: RICHARDSON. SAMUEL - Clarissa. Or the History of a Young Lady Comprehending the Most Important Concerns of Private Life and Particularly Showing the Distresses That May Attend the Misconduct Both of Parents and Children in Relation to Marriage. (2 Volumes Boxed)
76793: BUTLER. SAMUEL - A First Year in Canterbury Settlement.
68815: ROGERS. SAMUEL - Poems. Two Volume Set.
100234: RICHARDSON. SAMUEL - Clarissa Or the History of a Young Lady. . . Two Volume Set.
101402: LOVER. SAMUEL - Rory O'more. A National Romance.
101529: SMILES. SAMUEL - The Lives of George and Robert Stephenson. Introduction By Eric de Mare.
89676: BUTLER. SAMUEL - The Way of All Flesh.
91066: GREEN. SAMUEL G - A Handbook to Old Testament Hebrew: Containing an Elementary Grammar of the Language, with Reading Lessons, Notes on Many Scripture Passages and Copious Exercises
58663: SMILES. SAMUEL - Life & Labour Or Characteristics of Men of Industry Culture and Genius.
94037: JOHNSON. SAMUEL - Lives of the English Poets. Selected and Edited By Robert Montague.
101408: LOVER. SAMUEL - Handy Andy. A Tale of Irish Life.
91765: MARCO. SAN - I Codici Miniati.
36342: SANDAY. W. - Inspiration. Eight Lectures on the Early Origin of the Doctrine of Biblical Inspiration Being the Bampton Lectures for 1893.
102987: DOMINIC SANDBROOK - Never Had It So Good: A History of Britain from Suez to the Beatles
76566: SANDELL, ROLPH - Linguistic Style and Persuasion
42210: SANDERS. E.P. - Jewish and Christian Self-Definition. Volume Three. Self-Definition in the Graeco-Roman World.
78193: SANDERS, JACK T. - Charismatics, Converts, Competitors : Societal and Sociological Factors in the Success of Early Christianity
92730: SANDERS. E.P. - Jewish and Christian Self-Definition: Aspects of Judaism in the Graeco-Roman Period V. 2
78784: SANDERSON, M.H. - Robert Adam and Scotland: Portrait of an Architect
98112: SANDFORD, ANTHONY J. - The Nature and Limits of Human Understanding (Gifford Lectures Glasgow (2001))
63694: ANSTEY. SANDRA - Critical Writings on R.S. Thomas
71941: BETTS. SANDRA - Our Daughters' Land : Past and Present
100052: ANSTEY. SANDRA - Critical Writings on R.S. Thomas
82577: AMOS. SANDRA - Teaching Science in Secondary Schools : A Reader
61298: SANDS. P.C. - Literary Genius of the New Testament.
86940: MARTHA A. SANDWEISS - The Oxford History of the American West
90596: MARTHA A. SANDWEISS - The Oxford History of the American West
80245: SANECKI, KAY N. - Old Garden Tools
73606: BUDICK. SANFORD - Poetry of Civilization. Mythopoeic Desplacement in the Verse of Milton, Dryden, Pope, and Johnson.
59284: SANGHARAKSHITA - The Priceless Jewel
34962: SANGHARAKSHITA - Who Is Buddha?
73275: GYANSHRUTI. SANNYASI - Yajina. A Comprehensive Survey.
84976: SANSOM, WILLIAM - Proust
97052: SANTA ANA,JULIO DE - Towards a Church of the Poor: The Work of an Ecumenical Group on the Church and the Poor
100682: HOLLOWAY. SARAH L. - Children's Geographies: Playing, Living, Learning (Critical Geographies)
56832: MORRIS. SARAH - Bar Nothing
54407: TYTLER. SARAH - The Life of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria. Edited, with an Introduction By Lord Ronald Gower, F.S. A. In Three Volumes.
44264: MORAN. SARAH - The Secret World of Cults. From Ancient Druids to Heaven`S Gate.
82499: TRIMMER. SARAH - Fabulous Histories, By Mrs. Trimmer: Or, the History of the Robins Designed for the Instruction of Children, Respecting Their Treatment of Animals. Twelfth Edition.
74437: SHARMA. JAGDISH SARAN - The National Biographical Dictionary of India.
87617: NIL ED. BY SARI - Materia Medica Miniature Pictures Exhibition. 38th International Congress on History of Medicine. Yazma Eserlerden Tibbi Bitki Hayvan Ve Madenler Sergisi
82774: SARNA, NAHUM M. - Understanding Genesis
58374: SARTORIUS, MICHAEL - The Principle of Liberty
66969: OWEN/SASSOON ET AL - Stand. Volume 4. Number 3. The War Poets.
91612: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - The War Poems (Ff Classics)
55338: SATTERLY, DAVID - Assessment in Schools
91860: SATYA. - Ring of Fire Complete. Meditations 2006-2012.
74279: KANAL. SATYVAN P - The Ethics of Devatma.
93795: SAUL, PAULINE A. - The Family Historian's Enquire Within
70461: SAULNIER. V.L. - Le Pamphlet En France Au Xvi Siecle.
79806: SAUNDERS, MAIR - Bro a Bwyd. Saunders Lewis
88467: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Local Authorities and Welsh Industry (Translated from the Welsh Text)
64974: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - A School of Welsh Augustans. . . . . .
55677: SAUNDERS, MAIR - Bro a Bywyd. Saunders Lewis
53120: SAUNDERS, MAIR - Saunders Lewis 1893-1985. Bro a Bywyd.
101276: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Brad.
52293: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Ffydd a Gwreiddiau John Saunders Lewis. Golygydd: D. Ben Rees.
52290: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Dwy Gomedi
93832: SAUNDERS, DAVID - The Nature of West Wales (the Nature of Britain Series)
59195: SAUNDERS, DAVID - Where to Watch Birds in Wales
63779: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Esther a Serch Yw`R Doctor.
63774: LEWIS. SAUNDERS - Cymru Wedi`R Rhyfel
95089: SAUNDERS, GILL - Wallpaper in Interior Decoration
81333: LANDOR. WALTER SAVAGE - Selections from the Writings of Walter Savage Landor, Arranged and Edited By Sidney Colvin. Golden Treasury Series.
82432: LANDOR. WALTER SAVAGE - The Works of Walter Savage Landor. Two Volume Set in Original Cloth.
83010: SAVILLE, TOM - Reservoir Trout Fishing with Tom Saville
87037: SAVILLE, TOM - Reservoir Trout Fishing
86913: SAVORY. H.N. - The Excavation of a Neolithic Dwelling and a Bronze Age Cairn an Mount Pleasant Fame Nottage (Glam)
86128: SAWFORD, ERIC H. - Eastern Steam in Retrospect
97380: SAYCE, A. H. - Assyrian Grammar: An Elementary Grammar; with Full Syllabary; and Progressive Reading Book of the Assyrian Language, in the Cuneiform Ty
69635: SAYERS, JANE E. - Papal Judges Delegate in the Province of Canterbury, 1198-1254 : A Study in Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Administration
96124: SCALA, SPENCER DI - Makers of Modern World Subscription: Vittorio Orlando: Italy (Makers of the Modern World)
100613: PROFESSOR MICHAEL SCAMMELL - Koestler: The Indispensable Intellectual
74414: SCARPELLINI, BRUNO - Proof Theory and Intuitionistic Systems
71393: SCARRON, PAUL;GARAPON, ROBERT - Roman Comique. . . . Illustrations de Westel.
71347: SCARRON, PAUL;GARAPON, ROBERT - Le Jodelet Duelliste. Edition Critique. .
79065: SCHACHT, RICHARD - Nietzsche
90014: SCHADEWALDT, HANS - Natur-, Ingenieur- Und Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Vorträge N 377
70625: SCHADLICH, HANS JOACHIM - Ostwestberlin: Prosa
85233: SCHAMA, SIMON - The Power of Art
85278: SCHARFF, DAVID E. - Refinding the Object and Reclaiming the Self
79699: SCHARTENMAYER. P - Der Deutsche Krieg 1870-71
74594: SCHEFFEL, W. - Aspekte Der Platonischen Kosmologie : Untersuchungen Zum Dialog `Timaios'
74419: SCHEFFLER, ISRAEL - Inquiries : Philosophical Studies of Language, Science, and Learning
79999: SCHEIBLE, HARTMUT - Arthur Schnitzler in Selbstzeugnissen Und Bilddokumenten
82022: SCHEUER, HELMUT - Gedichte Von Theodor Fontane
90923: RALF SCHIEBLER - Salvador Dali: The Reality of Dreams
85573: SCHIRALDI, GLENN R. - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook : A Guide to Healing, Recovery and Growth
64197: MACHER. FRANK SCHIRR - Payback
94252: SCHLEE, DUNCAN - Metal Mining in Upland Ceredigion: A Guide to the History and Protection of Our Metal Mining Heritage
75335: SCHLOSSER, LOUIS - La Vie de Nostradamus
86555: SCHMIDT, ULRIKE;DAVIDSON, KATE - Life After Self-Harm: A Guide to the Future
77727: SCHMIDT, HEINRICH;SCHMIDT, MARGARETHE - Die Vergessene Bildersprache Christlicher Kunst: Ein Fuhrer Zum Verstandnis Der Tier-, Engel- Und Mariensymbolik
84000: SCHMIED, WIELAND; WHITFORD, FRANK - The Prestel Dictionary of Art and Artists in the 20th Century.
100400: R. BRUCE; P. JESTICE; S. REID; R. S. RICE; F. C. SCHNEID - Fighting Techniques of the Imperial Age
48186: SCHNESSEL, S. MICHAEL - Jessie Willcox Smith
76120: SCHNORRENBERGER, CLAUS C. - Chen Chiu : The Original Acupuncture - a New Healing Paradigm
59808: SCHOBER, WILFRID - The Lives of Bats
80204: SCHOENBAUM. S - Shakespeare`S Lives.
100069: GERALD SCHOENEWOLF - The Dictionary of Dream Interpretation Including a Glossary of Dream Symbols.
87671: SCHOLDER, KLAUS - The Churches and the Third Reich: Vol. I - Preliminary History and the Time of Illusions1918-1934 and Vol. Ii - the Year of Disillusionment 1934 Barmen and Rome
97681: SCHOLDER, KLAUS - A Requiem for Hitler and Other New Perspctives on the German Church Struggle
61967: SCHOLES, RON - Understanding the Countryside
99726: PETE SCHOLEY - Sas Heroes: Remarkable Soldiers, Extraordinary Men
73261: SCHOLL, MARGARET - The Bildungsdrama of the Age of Goethe
63949: SCHOLL, INGE - Die Weisse Rose
63933: SCHOMANN, HEINZ - Kaiserkronung: Wahl Und Kronung in Frankfurt Nach Den Bildern Der Festbucher
102387: SCHONLAND. F.J. - The Flight of Thunderbolts.
99811: HANS-JOACHIM SCHRAEPLER - At Rommel's Side: The Lost Letters of Hans-Joachim Schraepler
94289: SCHROTER. L - Coloures Vade-Mecum to the Alpine Flors. . . Text in English French and German.
86093: SCHUBERT, FRANZ - Dances for Piano Solo. Walter Niemann.
79452: SCHUBERT, FRANZ - Complete Song Cycles
71900: SCHUCHARDT, HUGO ERNST MARIO;MARKEY, THOMAS L. - The Ethnography of Variation: Selected Writings on Pidgins and Creoles
63929: SCHULTZW, URSULA - Das Nibelungenlied
64003: SCHULZ, GERHARD - Romantik: Geschichte Und Begriff
89998: SCHURR, PETER H. - Benjamin's Son. Benjamin Archer Kent (1808-1864)
86892: SCHWARTZ, BRIAN - Travels Through the Third World
68501: SCHWARZ, HANS - The Search for God : Christianity, Atheism, Secularism, World Religions
85653: SCHWARZMANTEL, JOHN - The State in Contemporary Society : An Introduction
99499: ALBERT SCHWEITZER - The Quest of the Historical Jesus. First Complete Edition.
80118: SCLATER, ANDREW - The National Botanic Garden of Wales
60104: SCOPES, NIGEL; LEDIEU, MICHAEL S. - Pest and Disease Control Handbook
75103: SCORER, R. S. - Cloud Investigation By Satellite
101633: SKIRVING. R. SCOT - Wire Splicing. Drawings By J. Hazelton and Photographs By E.A. Bradford.
73924: JAMES I OF SCOTLAND. - The Kings Quair. With Introduction, Notes and Glossary By John Norton-Smith.
100769: KASTAN. DAVID SCOTT - Staging the Renaissance
66785: SCOTT. A.F. - The Poet`S Craft. . . . .
100009: FITZGERALD. F. SCOTT - The Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. A Selection with Notes By Malcolm Cowley. Illustrated By John Collier. A Fine Clean Copy.
101489: MANDA SCOTT - Boudica: Dreaming the Hound (Boudica 3)
92496: SCOTT, IAN - Doing By Learning: Handbook for Organizers and Tutors of Village-Based Community Development Courses (the Acre Rural Adult Education Project)
97349: ELLIOT. J. SCOTT - Dowsing. One Man's Way.
31370: SCOTT. P.J.M. - Jane Austen. A Reassessment.

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