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58233: MICHELL, JOHN F. - A Little History of Astronomy and Architecture
37861: GIDLEY. MICK - Locating the Shakers. Cultural Origins and Legacies of an American Religious Movement.
96043: MICKLEM - National Socialism and the Roman Catholic Church. . . .
91626: MIDDELBOE, PENELOPE; GRACE, CHRISTOPHER; FRY, DONALD; LAMB, MARTIN - We Shall Never Surrender: British Voices 1939-1945
58314: MIDDLEMAS, KEITH - Power and the Party : Changing Faces of Communism in Western Europe
72252: MIDDLEMASS, TOM - Steam Locomotives' Nicknames
67145: MIDDLETON, THOMAS; ROWLEY, W.; TOURNEUR, CYRIL - Three Jacobean Tragedies : The White Devil; the Revenger's Tragedy; the Changeling
91034: MIDDLETON, THOMAS; ROWLEY, WILLIAM - The Changeling (New Mermaids)
98563: MURRY. JOHN MIDDLETON - Reminiscences of D.H. Lawrence.
101357: MURRY. J. MIDDLETON - The Problem of Style.
103272: MARY MIDGLEY - Heart and Mind: The Varieties of Moral Experience (Routledge Classics)
91349: MIDGLEY, MARY - Heart and Mind: The Varieties of Moral Experience: The Varieties of Human Experience (University Paperbacks)
75166: MIDGLEY, DEREK; TORRANCE, KENNETH E. - Potentiometric Water Analysis
77136: MIGNE. J.P. - Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Omnium Ss. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque, Ecclesiasticorum. . . Patrologiae Latinae Tomus 159.
77133: MIGNE. J.P. - Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Omnium Ss. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque, Ecclesiasticorum. . . Patrologiae Latinae Tomus 185 Bis.
77131: MIGNE. J.P. - Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Omnium Ss. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque, Ecclesiasticorum. . . Patrologiae Latinae Tomus 95.
77135: MIGNE. J.P. - Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Omnium Ss. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque, Ecclesiasticorum. . . Patrologiae Latinae Tomus 90.
77132: MIGNE. J.P. - Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Omnium Ss. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque, Ecclesiasticorum. . . Patrologiae Latinae Tomus 184.
77134: MIGNE. J.P. - Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Omnium Ss. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque, Ecclesiasticorum. . . Patrologiae Latinae Tomus 137.
77130: MIGNE. J.P. - Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Omnium Ss. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque, Ecclesiasticorum. . . Patrologiae Latinae Tomus 102.
77129: MIGNE. J.P. - Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Omnium Ss. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque, Ecclesiasticorum. . . Patrologiae Latinae Tomus 188.
77128: MIGNE. J.P. - Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Omnium Ss. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque, Ecclesiasticorum. . . Patrologiae Latinae Tomus 189.
108336: DE CERVANTES MIGUEL - The First Part of the Delightful History of the Most Ingenious Knight Don Quixote of the Mancha. Translated By Thomas Shelton with Introduction and Notes. The Harvard Classics. Volume 14. (the Five Foot Shelf of Books)
107516: DE CERVANTES. MIGUEL - The First Part of the Delightful History of the Most Ingenious Knight Don Quixote of the Mancha. Translated By Thomas Shelton with Introduction and Notes. Harvard Classics Deluxe Edition.
100686: CERVANTES.MIGUEL DE - The History of Don Quixote of the Mancha, Translated from the Spanish of Miguel de Cervantes By Thomas Shelton. . . . . And Illustrated with Two Portraits Eighteen Plates and Facsimilies of the Original Engraved Titles. Two Volume Set.
79089: MORGAN. MIHANGEL - Croniclau Pentre Simon.
65891: EVANS. MIKE - On a June Early Morning.
65108: BENBOUGH-JACKSON. MIKE - Cardiganshire. A Concise History.
42776: EDSON. MIKE - Loved Into Life. An Eight-Day Biblical Journey.
101722: SALTMARSH. MIKE - Essential Guide to Food Additives
60177: ASHLEY. MIKE - Sf Choice 77
72168: HORNE. MIKE - The Piccadilly Tube. A History of the First 100 Years.
103607: DARTON. MIKE - Practical Calligraphy: Techniques and Materials (a Quintet Book)
61261: CHRIMES. MIKE - Civil Engineering 1839-1889. A Photographic History.
41962: JENKINS. MIKE - Empire of Smoke.
101761: MIKE PEARSON, OTHERS ANDRE STITT - Andre Stitt - in the West
104091: LERMONTOV. MIKHAIL - Selected Works.
106239: PAUL MILBOURNE - Rural Wales in the Twenty First Century: Society, Economy and Environment
90136: CHURCH. RICHARD & BOZMAN. MILDRED - Poems of Our Time. 1900-1942. Everyman's Library.
80411: MILES, DILLWYN - Portrait of Pembrokeshire
92991: MILES, DILLWYN - Atgofion Hen Arwyddfardd
100424: ROBIN CROSS; ROSALIND MILES - Warrior Women: 3000 Years of Courage and Heroism
66239: MILES, DILLWYN - The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
63222: MILES, MARGARET R. - Seeing and Believing : Religion and Values in the Movies
56299: KINGTON. MILES - The Pick of Punch
65966: MILES, DILLWYN - The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales
107317: DILLWYN MILES - Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales
62180: MILES, DILLWYN - The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales
79480: MILES, JOHN - Gerald of Wales = Giraldus Cambrensis
107219: DILLWYN MILES - Portrait of Pembrokeshire
105776: DILLWYN MILES - Portrait of Pembrokeshire
82422: MILL, JOHN STUART - Nature the Utility of Religion and Theism. Three Essays on Religion.
105113: JOHN STUART MILL - Utilitarianism (Everyman's University Library)
98004: MILLAR, PETER - Iona (Pilgrim Guides)
105145: ANITA MILLER; JORDAN MILLER; SIGALIT ZETOUNI; ANITA MILLE - Sharon: Israel's Warrior-Politician
91267: MILLEKER, ELIZABETH - The Year One: Art of the Ancient World East and West (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
88736: MILLER, JUDITH; HILL, MARK - Arts and Crafts (Collector's Guides)
81087: MILLER, ARTHUR - A View from the Bridge and All My Sons
57297: MILLER, PATRICIA H. - Theories of Developmental Psychology
56218: MILLER, CHARLES - Praying the Eucharist : Reflections on the Eucharistic Experience of God
104374: KARL MILLER - Dark Horses. An Experience of Literary Journalism
58353: MILLER, GORDON C. - Way of the English Mystics : An Anthology and Guide for Pilgrims
96082: MILLER, JUDITH; HILL, MARK - Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2009 (Uk Edition)
62622: MILLER, CHARLES - Lobbying : Understanding and Influencing the Corridors of Power. Second Edition.
61381: MILLER, ARTHUR - Timebends : A Life
85574: MILLER, ALICE - Paths of Life : Seven Scenarios
93611: MILLER, MARTIN - The Collector's Illustrated Guide to Firearms
102554: MARTIN MILLER - The Collector's Illustrated Guide to Firearms
96070: MILLER, JUDITH; HILL, MARK - Miller's Collectables Handbook 2010-2011.
86958: MILLER, ARTHUR - The Portable Arthur Miller. Edited and with an Introduction By Harold Clurman.
103194: J. HILLIS MILLER - Illustration Pb (Essays in Art & Culture)
108112: MALI. MILLICENT S. - Quimper Faience.
87742: VAUGHAN. HERBERT MILLINGCHAMP - Catalogue (with Notes) of the Aneurin Williams Collection of Book Plates.
101002: DAN MILLMAN - Everyday Enlightenment: Twelve Gateways to Human Potential
105419: A. D. MILLS - A Dictionary of English Place-Names
96810: MILLS, JANE A - Cromwelliana 2004 Series Ii No. 1. (the Journal of the Cromwell Association) (the Cromwell Association)
90323: MILLS, KEITH - Flames Across the Tawe: The Illustrated History of Swansea City Fire Brigade
108383: KEITH MILLS - Flames Across the Tawe: The Illustrated History of Swansea City Fire Brigade
91857: MILLS-POWELL, MARK - Setting the Church of England Free
65557: MILLWARD, E.G. - Ceinion Y G‚n : Detholiad O Ganeuon Poblogaidd Oes Victoria
94475: MILLWARD, E. G. - Ceinion Y Gan: Detholiad O Ganeoun Poblogaidd Oes Victoria
70724: MILLWARD, E.G. - Arwrgerdd Gymraeg, Yr - Ei Thwf a'i Thranc
75455: MILLWOOD, DAVID - Something to Share: A Guide to Ecumenical Sharing of Resources
72362: MILNE, ANTONY - London's Drowning
104347: JAMES LEES-MILNE - Ceaseless Turmoil: Diaries 1988-1992
99447: IAN MILNE - Time to Say No: Alternatives to Eu Membership
92518: MILNER, DONALD W - The Studios of Paris: Capital of Art in the Late Nineteenth Century
106430: JOHN A. MILNES - Cardiff: Photographic Memories
89217: WALKER. R. MILNES - Medical Education in Britain. The Rock Carling Fellowship 1965.
77273: MILSTEIN, BARNEY M. - Eight Eighteenth Century Reading Societies: A Sociological Contribution to the History of German Literature
106970: JOHN MILTON - Paradise Lost (Penguin Classics)
91582: MILTON, JOHN; MILTON, JOHN - The English Poems of John Milton (Wordsworth Poetry Library)
82863: MILTON, JOHN; MILTON, JOHN - Complete English Poems, of Education, Areopagitica.
92499: MILTON - Milton's Lycidas. Edited By H.B. Cotterill. With a Frontispiece.
103822: MILTON - Milton's Epic Poetry. Essays on Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. Edited with an Annotated Reading List By C.A. Patrides.
108627: JAGDISH MEHRA; KIMBALL MILTON - Climbing the Mountain: The Scientific Biography of Julian Schwinger
92292: MILWARD, R. J. - Historic Wimbledon: From Caesar's Camp to Centre Court
85734: CHIANG. HUNG-MIN - The Healthy Personality. Readings
85674: MINDELL, ARNOLD - The Dreambody in Relationships
52872: MINKIN, LEWIS - Labour Party Conference : A Study in Intra-Party Democracy
81283: LEDERMAN. MINNA - Stravinsky in the Theatre
108313: JOHN MINNIS - Britain's Lost Railways: The Twentieth-Century Destruction of Our Finest Railway Architecture
106844: FRANCES FOX PIVEN; MARGARET GROARKE; LORI MINNITE - Keeping Down the Black Vote : Race and the Demobilization of American Voters
95090: MINOR, HOLLIS GREER - Needlework Masterpieces: From Winterthur
51461: MINSHULL, ROGER - An Introduction to Models in Geography
92868: MINTON, DAVID - Teaching Skills in Further and Adult Education
93316: TIBBOTT. S. MINWEL - Going Electric. The Changing Face of the Rural Kitchen in Wales, 1945-55.
94348: TIBBOTT. S. MINWEL - Liberality and Hospitality. Food As Communication in Wales.
94032: UNDERHILL. MIRIAM - Give Me the Hills.
77932: MISCH, GEORG - A History of Autobiography in Antiquity. Volume 1. Only.
106479: PETER M. MISKELL - A Social History of the Cinema in Wales, 1918-1951: Pulpits, Coalpits and Fleapits (University of Wales - Bangor History of Religion)
105541: ROWTON. MISS K.L.M. - The Builders of the Church and Prayer-Book. With Sixteen Illustrations.
99204: DE GRAY BIRCH. WALTER/TALBOT. MISS - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Penrice and Margam Abbey Manuscripts in the Possession of Miss Talbot of Margam. Third Series.
82526: CHILD. MISS - The Spinster at Home, in the Close of Salisbury. No Fable. Together with Tales and Ballads.
65209: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W. - Hitler's Field Marshals and Their Battles.
96396: DAHOOD. MITCHELL - Psalms Iii. 101-150. The Anchor Bible.
76712: MITCHELL, SIMON - The Logic of Poverty : The Case of the Brazilian Northeast
102364: W. R. MITCHELL - Bowland and Pendle (Walker's Guide)
96395: DAHOOD. MITCHELL - Psalms Ii. 51-100. The Anchor Bible.
66804: MITCHELL, DONALD - The Language of Modern Music
85990: MITCHELL, DONALD - The Language of Modern Music
104787: PROF STEVEN MITHEN - The Prehistory of the Mind: A Search for the Origins of Art, Religion and Science
87181: MITRI, TAREK - Religion, Law and Society: A Christian-Muslim Discussion
76312: MODI, SIR JIVANJI JAMSHEDJI - The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Parsees
93282: HUGHES. J.G. MOELWYN - Anfarwoldeb Yr Enaid.
108635: ALISTAIR MOFFAT - The Sea Kingdoms: The History of Celtic Britain and Ireland
66230: MOFFAT, ALISTAIR - Arthur and the Lost Kingdoms
65598: RUD. MOGENS - The Bayeux Tapestry
87185: MOHAMMED, OVEY N. - Muslim-Christian Relations: Past - Present - Future (Faith Meets Faith)
91051: ANDREW. MOIRA - The Unicorn and the Lion (Poetry)
91052: ANDREW. MOIRA - Go and Open the Door (Poetry)
91053: ANDREW. MOIRA - Marbles in My Pocket (Poetry)
76268: FERGUSON. MOIRA - The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave, Related By Herself
82346: MOLIERE - Oeuvres Completes. Volume 4. . . . .
77905: MOLIERE - Le Medecin Malgre Lui le Medecin Volant.
81784: MOLI»RE - The Miser and Other Plays
79390: MOLI»RE - The Misanthrope and Other Plays
77906: MOLIERE - Le Medecin Malgre Lui le Medecin Volant.
77904: MOLIERE - Le Medecin Malgre Lui le Medecin Volant.
78982: MOLIERE - Dom Juan Ou le Festin de Pierre. Edited By W.D. Howarth. French Text.
102551: ANDREW MOLLO - German Uniforms of World War 2
103884: PAT MOLLOY - Shilling for Carmarthen: The Town They Nearly Tamed
106510: PAT MOLLOY - Shilling for Carmarthen: The Town They Nearly Tamed
108571: PAT MOLLOY - Four Cheers for Carmarthen: Other Side of the Coin
89695: MOLLOY, PAT - Four Cheers for Carmarthen: Other Side of the Coin
97928: MOLLOY, PAT - A Legacy of Demons
106509: PAT MOLLOY - Four Cheers for Carmarthen. The Other Side of the Coin
86728: MOLLOY, PAT - Four Cheers for Carmarthen: Other Side of the Coin
86859: MOLLOY, PAT - A Legacy of Demons
106477: PAT MOLLOY - Operation Seal Bay
104162: PAT MOLLOY - Operation Seal Bay
103032: PAT MOLLOY - A Shilling for Carmarthen: The Town They Nearly Tamed
108151: PAT MOLLOY - And They Blessed Rebecca: Account of the Welsh Toll Gate Riots, 1839-44
105367: PAT MOLLOY - Four Cheers for Carmarthen: Other Side of the Coin
105366: PAT MOLLOY - Shilling for Carmarthen: The Town They Nearly Tamed
97393: MOLONEY, THOMAS - Westminster, Whitehall and the Vatican: Role of Cardinal Hinsley, 1935-43
97125: MOLTMANN, JURGEN - Theology Today
103660: JURGEN MOLTMANN - Theology and Joy
97949: JURGEN MOLTMANN - A Passion for God's Reign
103107: ARNALDO MOMIGLIANO - Studies on Modern Scholarship
55718: MONAGHAN, ANDREW - God's People? : One Hundred and Ten Characters in the Story of Scottish Religion
104492: GEORGE MONBIOT - Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning
81553: MONEY, D. K. - The English Horace : Anthony Alsop and the Tradition of British Latin Verse
66863: SUTHERLAND. MONICA - La Fontaine.
101982: SOUTH. MONICA A - Gaudy Welsh. A Visual Reference Book.
72428: TIBBOTT. GILDAS & DAVIES. K. MONICA - The Archives of the Calvinistic Methodist Or Prebyterian Church of Wales.
68000: NATHAN. MONIQUE - Virginia Woolf. Evergreen Profile Book 34.
103380: RAY MONK - Russell: The Great Philosophers (the Great Philosophers Series)
84657: MONK, RAY - Bertrand Russell. The Great Philosophers.
87013: RAY MONK - The Great Philosophers: From Socrates to Turing
91940: MONSARRAT, ANN - William Thackeray: An Uneasy Victorian (Cassell Biographies)
38096: CAPEL. RIGHT REV. MONSIGNOR - Confession and Absolution.
81343: DOUGLAS. MONTAGU W - Lord Oxford and the Shakespeare Group. A Summary of Evidence Presented By J.T. Looney. . . Third Edition Contains Additional Evidence and Amendments.
79523: MONTAGU, ROBERT - Havelok and Sir Orfeo. Translated Into Modern English By Robert Montagu.
90635: MONTAGU, MARY WORTLEY - Life on the Golden Horn (Penguin Great Journeys)
77943: MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE - Essais. Selected and Edited By J. Carol Chapman.
77700: MONTAIGNE. - Oeuvres & Critiques Viii 1-2 Montaigne.
71619: TETEL. MARCEL/MONTAIGNE - Actes Du Colloque International. Montaigne (1580-1980)
103577: SIMON SEBAG MONTEFIORE - Stalin 1939-1953
104754: SIMON SEBAG MONTEFIORE - Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar (Orion 20th Anniversary Edition)
103579: SIMON SEBAG MONTEFIORE - Stalin 1878-1939
75217: BOCHENSKI. I.M. & MONTELEONE. F - Bibliographische Einfuhrungen in Das Studium Der Philosophie. Parts 1 to Parts 21 in Two Bound Volumes.
65172: MONTESQUIEU. - Lettres Persanes Suivies de le Temple de Gnide.
71890: MONTFLEURY - Le Mary Sans Femme
104464: JOOP VAN MONTFOORT - All Is One: How the Pieces of Life's Puzzle Fit Together
67352: SCHUYLER. MONTGOMERY - Index Verborum of the Fragments of the Avesta. Columbia University Indo-Iranian Series Volume 4.
76993: MONTHERLANT - Theatre. Preface de J. De Laprade. . . .
93839: WELSH HISTORIC MONUMENTS - The Historic Gardens of Wales: An Introduction to Parks and Gardens in the History of Wales (Cadw Theme)
93722: WELSH HISTORIC MONUMENTS - Glamorgan and Gwent (Guide to Ancient & Historic Wales)
92520: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - York: Historic Buildings in the Central Area - a Photographic Record
98766: WELSH HISTORIC MONUMENTS - A Nation Under Siege: Civil War in Wales, 1642-48 (Cadw Theme)
93840: WELSH HISTORIC MONUMENTS - The Historic Gardens of Wales: An Introduction to Parks and Gardens in the History of Wales (Cadw Theme)
104785: DAVID LORIMER; RAYMOND MOODY - Whole in One: The Near-Death Experience and the Ethic of Interconnectedness (Arkana)
80253: MOODY, RAYMOND; MOODY, JOAN - The Book of Burford. Signed Limited Edition.
86616: MOON, RUPERT; ROACH, DAVID - Full Moon: Rugby in the Red
95492: MOOR, ANDREW - Colours of Architecture: Coloured Glass in Contemporary Buildings
99341: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Warlord of the Air
60199: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Best Sf Stories from New Worlds 4.
101878: NIGEL JENKINS; JEREMY MOORE - Wales: The Lie of the Land
104888: THOMAS MOORE - The Soul's Religion
81169: MOORE, LUCY - The Thieves' Opera. . . . . .
89632: MOORE, DONALD - Earliest Views of Glamorgan: A Picture Book
107886: ALLAN MOORE - The Cambridge Companion to Blues and Gospel Music (Cambridge Companions to Music)
105209: MOORE. G.E. - Ethics.
100322: ROBERT J. MOORE - American Indians: Art and Travels of Charles Bird King
68947: MOORE, WILL GRAYBURN - The Classical Drama of France
95872: MOORE, CAREY A.; MOORE, CAREY A. - Judith: A New Translation with Introduction, Commentary By Carey A. Moore. (Anchor Bible)
108113: SIMON MOORE - Spoons, 1650-1930 (Shire Album)
108596: SIMON MOORE - Table Knives and Forks (Shire Album)
78532: MOORE, DONALD - Wales in the Eighteenth Century
54703: MOORE, DONALD - Artist's View of Glamorgan : The Nineteenth Century
54704: MOORE, DONALD - Artist's View of Glamorgan : The Nineteenth Century
94783: MOORE, DONALD - Artist's View of Glamorgan: 19th Century
56868: MOORE-COLYER, RICHARD J. - Man's Proper Study. A History of Agricultural Science Education in Aberystwyth 1878-1978.
101216: CAROLINE MOOREHEAD - Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France
73306: MORAN, JO ANN H. - The Growth of English Schooling, 1340-1548
90806: MORE, CHARLES - The Training of Teachers, 1847-1947: History of the Church Colleges at Cheltenham
96681: DREYFUS. CAPTAIN/MOREAU. L.G. - The Letters of Captain Dreyfus to His Wife.
77167: MORELLO, JOSEPH - Jean Rotrou
69730: MORFORD. M.P.O. - The Poet Lucan. Studies in Rhetorical Epic.
103054: OWEN. MORFYDD E. - The Din of Dinefwr. Prince, Poet and Physician.
98479: MORGAN, DENNIS - Cardiff: A City at War
94531: MORGAN, RICHARD - Place - Names of Gwent
71667: MORGAN, PRYS - Brad Y Llyfrau Gleision
94510: HYWEL WYN OWEN & RICHARD MORGAN - A Pocket Guide to the Place-Names of Wales (Pocket Guides)
103540: GILLIAN MORGAN - Lucy Walter
102133: DEREC LLWYD MORGAN - Y Brenhinbren. Bywyd a Gwaith Thomas Parry 1904-1985
92818: MORGAN, KENNETH O.; HOWELL, DAVID W. - Crime, Protest and Police in Modern British Society: Essays in Memory of David J.V. Jones
98645: MATTHEWS. EDWARD/MORGAN. J.J. - Cofiant Edward Matthews Ewenni.
98938: MORGAN, MOC - Fly Patterns for the Rivers and Lakes of Wales
73060: MORGAN, WILLIAM JOHN; MORGAN, PRYS - The Welsh Dilemma : Some Essays on Nationalism in Wales
100032: ELYSTAN MORGAN - Elystan - Atgofion Oes
99507: HUGH MORGAN - Soviet Aces of World War 2 [Aircraft of the Aces: Men & Legends: 3]
88367: MORGAN, PRYS; THOMAS, DAVID - Wales: The Shaping of a Nation
99524: MORGAN, HUGH; SEIBEL, JURGEN - Combat Kill: The Drama of Aerial Warfare in World War Two and the Controversy Surrounding Victories
50589: MORGAN, ENID - Boundaries and Pleasant Places : Healing Division in the Church and the World
98942: T. J. MORGAN - Welsh Surnames
63854: ROBERTS. GOMER MORGAN - Crwydro Blaenau Morgannwg.
92553: MORGAN, MOC - Fly Patterns for the Rivers and Lakes of Wales
71696: MORGAN, PRYS; NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES STAFF - Brad Y Llyfrau Gleision. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
103240: JENNY MORGAN - Showing Native Ponies
101599: SYDNEY OWENSON (LADY MORGAN) - The Wild Irish Girl (Oxford World's Classics)
90855: MORGAN, DAVID - Discovering Men: Sociology and Masculinities (Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities)
87699: D.DENSIL MORGAN - Lewis Edwards (Dawn Dweud) in Welsh.
50346: MORGAN, BRYAN - Railway Relics
71697: MORGAN, PRYS; NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES STAFF - Brad Y Llyfrau Gleision. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
92211: H. P. GWYNNE MORGAN - Craig-Y-Pal: Holy Mount Or Border Sentinel?
92210: H. P. GWYNNE MORGAN - Craig-Y-Pal: Holy Mount Or Border Sentinel?
102694: GILES MORGAN - A Brief History of the Holy Grail: The Legendary Quest
108144: GERALD MORGAN - A Welsh House & Its Family the Vaughans of Trawsgoed
70734: MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD - Beibl a Llenyddiaeth Gymreig
108042: CERIDWEN LLOYD-MORGAN - Gwen John Papers at the National Library of Wales
93681: JONES. MORGAN - Cofio'r Parchedig Morgan Jones, Trelech 1768-1835.
87698: D.DENSIL MORGAN - Cedyrn Canrif: Ysgrifau Ar Grefydd a Chymdeithas Yng Nghymru Yn Yr Ugeinfed Ganrif
103096: JENNY MORGAN - Showing Hunter Ponies: How to Win with Working Hunter and Show Ponies
102233: ELYSTAN MORGAN - Elystan - Atgofion Oes
71189: MORGAN. J. V. - Welsh Religious Leaders in the Victorian Era.
93696: MORGAN, D.DENSIL - Sylfaen a Gwraidd: Arweiniad I Ddysgeidiaeth Cristionogol
99388: MORGAN, EDWARD - John Elias: Life and Letters
92552: MORGAN. M.J. - Yng Nghysgod Dai.
92577: MORGAN, HENRY - A Time to Reflect: 365 Classic Meditations to Help You Through the Year
93363: T. J. MORGAN - Welsh Surnames
106762: ROBERTS. GOMER MORGAN - Gwaith Pantycelyn. Detholiad.
94314: ROBERTS. GOMER MORGAN - Hanes Methodistiaeth Galfinaidd Cymru. Cyfrol 2. Cynnydd Y Corff.
92212: H. P. GWYNNE MORGAN - Craig-Y-Pal: Holy Mount Or Border Sentinel?
108224: GERALD MORGAN - Romans in Wales
93755: PITMAN. ISAAC/ MORGAN. R.H. - Phonographia: Sef Llaw Fer Yn Ol Trefn Mr. Isaac Pitman.
101010: DAVID MORGAN - The European Parliament, Mass Media and the Search for Power and Influence
108060: KEITH MORGAN - Port Talbot and Aberavon (Archive Photographs)
108041: KEITH E. MORGAN - Carmarthen Through Time
87937: MORGAN. O. MORIEN - A History of Wales from the Earliest Period Including Hitherto Unrecorded Antiquarian Lore.
87764: MORGAN. MORIEN O. - History of Pontypridd and Rhondda Valleys By "Morien"
104991: MARTIN G. LOCKLEY; RYO MORIMOTO - How Humanity Came Into Being: The Evolution of Consciousness
95154: MORITZ. L.A. - Grain-Mills and Flour in Classical Antiquity.
103483: JOHN MORLEY - Making of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton: Designs and Drawings
106682: F MORMANDO - Bernini: His Life and His Rome
95849: MORNIN, EDWARD; MORNIN, LORNA - Saints: A Visual Guide
85762: MORNIN, EDWARD; MORNIN, LORNA - Saints : A Visual Guide
105328: EVGENY MOROZOV - To Save Everything, Click Here: Technology, Solutionism, and the Urge to Fix Problems That Don?T Exist
83455: INGRAM. GEOFFREY C.S. & SALMON. H. MORREY - The Birds of Brecknock. Reprinted from Brycheiniog, Vol. 3. 1957
88850: MORRIS. W.H. - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xix 1983.
88851: MORRIS. W.H. - The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. The Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volume Xviii 1982.
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82202: OTT, WILHELM;HORACE - Metrische Analysen Zur Ars Poetica Des Horaz: (Nach Magnetbandern D. Zentrums F. Datenverarb. D. Univ. Tubingen. )
79953: PROSCIUTTI. OTTAVIO - Lineamenti Di Letteratura Italiana. . .
38001: MOSSHAMER. OTTILIE - The Priest and Womanhood. Translated By Robert J. Voigt.
76536: ROMBERG. OTTO R - Jews in Germany After 1945: Citizens Or Fellow Citizens
76537: ROMBERG. OTTO R - Jews in Germany After 1945: Citizens Or Fellow Citizens
74018: MANN. OTTO - Poetik Der Tragodie.
86251: ERNST. DR. OTTO - Franz Joseph. As Revealed By His Letters.
105373: TREVELYAN. GEORGE OTTO - The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay. Second Edition with Additions and Corrections. Two Volume Set.
77804: BENESCH. OTTO - Collected Writings Volume 3. German and Austrian Art of the 15th and 16th Centuries. Edited By Eva Benesch. Mostly Gewrman Text with Some English.
78642: WAGNER. RICHARD / DAUBE. OTTO - Richard Wagner Ich Schreibe Keine Symphonien Mehr.
69884: BETZ. OTTO - Making Sense of Confession. . .
61831: COENEN. FRANS/VAN OUDSHOORN. J. - The House on the Canal/Alienation
101801: OUIDA - Under Two Flags.
101800: OUIDA - Two Little Wooden Shoes. A Sketch.
100694: OUIDA - The Waters of Edera. A New Edition.
20542: DANEEL. OUMATJIE - My Ships & Their Men.
90025: OUSBY, IAN - The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English. Foreword By Doris Lessing.
61608: OUSBY, IAN - The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English
99481: OVENDALE, RITCHIE - The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Wars (Origins of Modern Wars)
101097: RICHARD OVERY - War in the Pacific
97203: OVERY, RICHARD. - The Battle of Britain: The Myth and the Reality
107507: DENSUSIANU. OVIDE - La Prise de Cordres Et de Sebille. Chanson de Geste Du Xiie Siecle. . . .
97850: JONES. OWAIN - Brycheiniog. Volume 19. 1980-81
97851: JONES. OWAIN - Brycheiniog. Volume 18. 1978-79.
90168: GWYNEDD. OWAIN - University of Wales. Gregynog. Twenty-Five Years. Pum Mlynedd Ar Hugain.
95585: JONES. OWEN - The Psalms of David
92561: THOMAS. HUGH OWEN - Diet & Opium in Intestinal Obstructions (Cover Title) the Past and Present Treatment of Intestinal Obstructions, Reviewed with an Improved Treatment Indicated (Printed Title)
80887: SEAMAN. OWEN - Horace at Cambridge.
90476: OWEN, BRYN - Welsh Militia and Volunteer Corps 1757-1908. Volume One : Anglesey & Caernarfonshire.
80172: BURT. OWEN - Voices at the Door : An Anthology of Favourite Poems
90111: OWEN, ANN PARRY; EVANS, DYLAN FOSTER - Gwaith Llywelyn Brydydd Hoddnant, Dafydd Ap Gwilum, Hillyn Ac Eraill: Awdlau Gan Lywelyn Ddu Ab Y Pastard (Cyfres Beirdd Yr Uchelwyr)
90387: BRYN OWEN - The History of the Welsh Militia and Volunteer Corps 1757-1908. 2. The Glamorgan Regiments of Militia.
55494: EVANS. ALBERT OWEN - A Chapter in the History of the Welsh Book of Common Prayer, Or Letters Which Were Written Prepatory to the Revised Edition of 1841, Three Volume Set.
46625: COLE. W. OWEN - Religion in the Multi-Faith School. A Tool for Teachers.
52492: OWEN, GORONWY WYN - Rhwng Calfin a Bohme : Golwg Ar Syniadaeth Morgan Llwyd
52479: OWEN, ANN PARRY; EVANS, DYLAN FOSTER - Gwaith Llywelyn Brydydd Hoddnant, Dafydd Ap Gwilym, Hillyn Ac Eraill
97497: OWEN, JAMES - Nuremberg: Evil on Trial
93976: TAYLOR. ANNE OWEN - The Triumph of Hope over Adversity: The Family Letters of William Phillips (1937-1940)
93739: D. HUW OWEN - The Gwendraeth Valley and Llanelli.
101859: DENLEY OWEN - Powell Maesgwynne: Philanthropist, Sporting Great and Radical Hero
64510: OWEN, TREFOR M. - The Customs and Traditions of Wales
89378: OWEN, BUDDING - Meeting Pioneers: Biographies of 10 Pioneers in the World of Medicine
80549: OWEN, DAFYDD - Cynan. Writers of Wales Series.
100552: JONES. OWEN - Ten Years of Game-Keeping. Thirs Impression.
64824: OWEN, DAFYDD - Cynan. Writers of Wales Series.
98825: JONES. OWEN - Brycheiniog. Volume 20. 1982/83
97344: POWELL-OWEN. W. - Poultry-Keeping on Money-Making Lines. 4th Impression.
92274: HYWEL WYN OWEN - The Place-Names of East Flintshire
107392: WILFRED OWEN - Selected Letters (Oxford Paperbacks)
55608: OWEN, GORONWY WYN - Rhwng Calfin a Bohme : Golwg Ar Syniadaeth Morgan Llwyd
67867: OWEN, WILFRED - The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen
90341: OWEN, DENLEY - Powell Maesgwynne: Philanthropist, Sporting Great and Radical Hero. An Account of the Life and Times of W.R. H. Powell, Mp, Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire (1819-1889)
100795: JAMES OWEN - Danger Uxb: The Heroic Story of the Wwii Bomb Disposal Teams
83368: COLLINS. OWEN - 2000 Years of Classic Christian Prayers. . .
99195: OWEN. J.A. - Annals of a Fishing Village. New Edition.
92442: OWEN, ISAAC - A Land of Pure Delight: Elijah Morgan and the Saints of Bethel
108229: STUART HUGHES; ELINA OWEN - Llyfrau Darllen a Lliwio: People at Work/Pobl Wrth Eu Gwaith
100553: JONES. OWEN - A Gamekeeper's Note-Book. Second Impression.
94050: OWENS. ALBERT OWEN - `Thomas a Kempis and Wales`
100866: TREFOR M. OWEN - The Customs and Traditions of Wales (Pocket Guides)
87761: OWEN JONES [ MYVYR ]; EDWARD WILLIAMS [ IOLO MORGANWG ]; WILLIAM OWEN PUGHE, D.C.L., F.A.S. [ IDRISON ]. - The Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales : Collected out of Ancient Manuscripts. To Which Has Been Added Additional Notes Upon the " Gododin ", and an English Translation of the Laws of Howell the Good: Also, an Explanatory Chapter on Ancient British Music, . . . .
24299: WARRINGTON. G. & OWENS. B. - Micropalaeontological Biostratigraphy of Offshore Samples Fron South-West Britain. [Institute of Geological Sciences]
24307: OWENS. R. - Quaternary Deposits of the Central North Sea. No 4. [Institute of Geological Sciences]
108232: B.G. OWENS - Ilston Book - Earliest Register of Welsh Baptists, the
96673: SAMUEL. LORD BISHOP OF OXFORD - A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America.
105384: SAMUEL. LORD BISHISHOP OF OXFORD - A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church of America. Third Edition.
105397: SAMUEL. LORD BISHOP OF OXFORD - Addresses to the Candidates for Ordination, on the Questions in the Ordination Service. Second Edition
56225: OXLEY, SIMON - Creative Ecumenical Education : : Learning from One Another
73270: OJO. OYEDIRAN - The Climates of Western Africa.
103741: RUTH PADEL - Darwin: A Life in Poems (Vintage Classics)
76191: RENOUF. P. LE PAGE - Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion As Illustrated By the Religion of Ancient Egypt. . . ,.
107878: CHRISTOPHER PAGE - Voices and Instruments of the Middle Ages. A Poor Working Copy Only.
99127: PAGE, ROBIN - The Great British Butterfly Safari. Illustrations By John Paley.
105555: JAMES PAGE - South Wales (Forgotten Railways Volume 8)
81427: PAGE, NORMAN - A.E. Housman : A Critical Biography
49439: PAGE, RUTH - Ambiguity and the Present of God
104943: HEINZ R. PAGELS - The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics As the Language of Nature (Penguin Science)
90782: PAGELS, ELAINE - The Gnostic Gospels
104945: HEINZ R. PAGELS - Perfect Symmetry: The Search for the Beginning of Time (Penguin Press Science)
104177: ELAINE PAGELS - The Gnostic Gospels
107048: CHRISTINE PAGNOULLE - David Jones: Commentary on Some Poetic Fragments
96786: PAINE, THOMAS - Rights of Man (Classics of World Literature)
105233: THOMAS PAINE - Paine: Political Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)
100790: THOMAS PAKENHAM - The Boer War
90976: PAKENHAM, KENNETH J. - Making Connections High Intermediate Student's Book: A Strategic Approach to Academic Reading and Vocabulary: An Strategic Approach to Academic Reading
106034: PAL;CZEIZING, LAJOS GRANASZTOI - Beautiful Hungarian Towns Through the Eyes of an Architect
45591: PALANQUE. J.R. ET AL - The Church in the Christian Roman Empire. Volume One Only. The Church and the Arian Crisis.
84041: PALFREY, SIMON - Doing Shakespeare : Arden Shakespeare
106574: STEVE PALIN - A Dissimulation of Birds: Illustrated Collective Nouns of Birds
107883: CLAUDE V. PALISCA - Music and Ideas in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (Studies His Musictheory and Lit)
106046: ANDREA PALLADIO - The Four Books of Architecture (Dover Architecture)
86939: PALLAS. M.P.S. - Voyages de M.P. S. Pallas. En Differentes Provinces de Lempire de Russie, Et Dans L'asie Septentrionale; Five Volume Set of Six. Lacks Atlas Volume. In Attractive Binding.
31970: PALLAVICINO - Vera Oecumenici Concilii Tridentini Contra Exurgentes Lutheri, Aliorumque Haereses Nec Non Varias Universae Reipublicae Christianae Revolutiones, Pro Morum Reformatone, Et Fidei Defensione, Summo Romano -Catholicae Ecclesiae Emolumento Publicate Historia.
97614: PALMER, MICHAEL - The Question of God: An Introduction and Sourcebook: An Introductory Commentary and Sourcebook
L374: PALMER. R. - A Book of British Ballads.
104988: SUE PALMER - Toxic Childhood: How the Modern World Is Damaging Our Children and What We Can Do About It
65343: PALMER, ALAN; PALMER, VERONICA - Who's Who in Shakespeare's England
69426: PALMER, ALAN - An Encyclopaedia of Napoleon's Europe
95583: PALUMBO, HAYAT - Tapisserie: Art of Needlepoint
99128: COOKE. DOROTHY & MCNICOL. PAMELA - A History of Flower Arranging
93285: JONES. E. PAN - Oriel Coleg Presbyteraidd Caerfyrddin. (Presbyterian College Carmarthen) Yn Cynwys Yr Holl Fyfyrwyr Fu Yn Y Coleg O 1796 Hyd 1899.
65450: PANATI, CHARLES - Sacred Origins of Profound Things. . . .
75889: PANDIT. M.P. - Essence of the Upanishads.
108553: ARWYN PANTGLAS - Ysgol Gynradd Llanpumpsaint.
101249: LOUIS DE PAOR - The Brindled Cat and the Nightingale's Tongue: Selected Poems
57296: PAPALIA, DIANE E.; OLDS, SALLY W.; FELDMAN, RUTH - Human Development. Fourth Edition.
85406: PAPINEAU, DAVID - Western Philosophy : An Illustrated Guide
105157: ILAN PAPPE - The Forgotten Palestinians: A History of the Palestinians in Israel
102303: GREENWOOD. PARCH A. - Egwyddor-Lith Neu Holiadau Ac Attebion Syml Ar Fedydd.
83270: PARDEY, LIN; PARDEY, LARRY - The Care and Feeding of the Offshore Crew
63635: PARDOE, H.W.; THOMAS, B.A. - Snowdon's Plants : Since the Glaciers
107310: BHIKHU C PAREKH - Colonialism, Tradition and Reform: An Analysis of Gandhi's Political Discourse
108270: MATTHEW PARIS - The Illustrated Chronicles of Matthew Paris: Observations of Thirteenth-Century Life (History/Prehistory & Medieval History)
89726: PARISH. H.J. - Bacterial and Virus Diseases. Antisera, Toxoids, Vaccines and Tuberculins in Prophylaxis and Treatment.
108195: UN BOURGEOIS PARISIEN - Lee Menagier de Paris. Traite de Morale Et D'economie Domestique Compose Vers 1393 Par Un Bourgeois Parisien. Two Volume Set.
72707: PARISSIEN, STEVEN - Adam Style
31382: MC LAUGHLIN. SARA PARK - Meeting God in Silence.
103751: ROBERT B. PARKER - Thin Air (Spenser)
84828: LESLEY. PARKER - Early Christian, Byzantine and Romanesque Art.
90778: PARKER, FRANK - Treasures of Truth
96684: PARKER, RICHARD - John Kenneth Galbraith: His Life, His Politics, His Economics
87101: PARKER, DEREK - Casanova
91549: STEVE PARKER - The Human Body: An Illustrated Guide to Its Structure, Function and Disorders (Book & Dvd Rom): The Ultimate Visual Guide to Anatomy, Systems and Disorders
68607: PARKER. W.M. - On the Track of the Wessex Novels. A Guide to the Hardy Country.
79044: PARKER, DOROTHY - The Collected Dorothy Parker. With an Introduction By Brendan Gill.
100929: JOHN PARKER - The Gurkhas: Inside Story of the World's Most Feared Soldiers
101036: PARKES. A.J. - The Sundial and Other Poems.
104254: PARKINSON, FRANK - Religion without Fairy Tales, Science with Soul.
60934: PARKINSON, FRANK - Post-Trauma Stress
104255: PARKINSON, FRANK - Religion without Fairy Tales, Science with Soul.
104561: FRANK PARKINSON - Science and Religion at the Crossroads (Societas)
104925: FRANK PARKINSON - The Global Energy Trap and a Way out
65396: PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE - Britannia Rules : The Classic Age of Naval History, 1793-1815
102432: ROGER PARKINSON - Clausewitz. A Biography.
67408: PARKS, GEORGE BRUNER;TEMPLE, RUTH ZABRISKIE - The Romance Literatures. Part Iii. Part 2. French Literature
67522: PARKS, GEORGE BRUNER;TEMPLE, RUTH ZABRISKIE - The Romance Literatures. Volume Iii Part 1. Catalan, Italian. . . . . . .
105898: MICHAEL PARNELL - Laughter from the Dark: Life of Gwyn Thomas
55738: PARRI, HARRI - Tom Nefyn : Portread
107177: PATRICK PARRINDER - Authors and Authority: English and American Criticism 1750-1990
51249: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY - A Concise Encyclopedia of Christianity
96535: PARRISH, LINDA L - Masterpieces of Music Before 1750
79294: PARROTT, IAN; PETER WARLOCK SOCIETY STAFF - The Crying Curlew : Peter Warlock-Family and Influences Centenary 1994
104847: IAN PARROTT - Elgar (Master Musician)
64163: PARRY, EDGAR - Eglwysi Cymru a'll Trysorau
97921: PARRY, JOHN NIALL MEREDYDD - Commandery of Slebech in Wales of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem
67247: PARRY, EDGAR W. - Teithwyr Yng Nghymru (1750-1850)
88735: LIVINGSTONE K; PARRY L - International Arts and Crafts
61404: PARRY, WINNIE - Sioned Darluniau O Fywyd Gwledig Yng Nghymru
65849: PARRY, EDGAR - Eglwysi Cymru a'll Trysorau
80443: PARRY, ABBOT - The Rule of Saint Benedict
103340: LINDA PARRY - William Morris
75990: PARRY. M.M. - The Changing Voices of Europe : Social and Political Change and Their Linguistic Repercussions, Past, Present and Future

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