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56851: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle : Empire
79246: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle
45658: RAINWATER. LEE - Behind Ghetto Walls. Black Families in a Federal Slum.
84760: LEE, CAROL - A Child Called Freedom
67366: VAN DER LEEDEN, FRITS - Ground Water: A Selected Bibliography
101721: LEEDS. A.R. ET AL - Gut Flora and Health: Past, Present and Future: 219 (International Congress & Symposium)
101714: LEEDS. A.R. - Gut Flora and Health: Past, Present and Future: 219 (International Congress & Symposium)
64796: LEEDS, E. THURLOW - Celtic Ornament in the British Isles Down to A.D. 700
96850: LEFEBVRE, MARCEL - 1. The Catholic Mass. 2. Luther's Mass. 3. The Essentials of Our Faith.
54506: LEGG, RODNEY - Stonehenge Antiquaries
L2220: LEGG. L.G.W. [EDITOR] - British Diplomatic Instructions 1689-1789, Vol. 4. France, 1721-1727.
73076: LEGGATT, TIMOTHY - Sociological Theory and Survey Research
87994: WOOD-LEGH. K.L. - Studies in Church Life in England Under Edward Iii.
84829: LEGRAND, GERARD - Renaissance Art
80394: LEHANE, BRENDAN - Early Celtic Christianity
66497: LEHMBERG, STANFORD E. - English Cathedrals : A History
68612: LEHRMAN, LEW - Energize Your Paintings with Colour
90513: LEIBE, FRANKIE; ADAMS, BEVERLEY; ADAMS, BETH - Miller's Ceramics of the '20s & '30s: A Collector's Guide (Miller's Collector's Guides)
71901: LEIBER, JUSTIN - Noam Chomsky: A Philosophic Overview
89226: LEICESTER, HENRY M. - The Historical Background of Chemistry
74829: HUNT. LEIGH - Tales By Leigh Hunt Now First Collected with a Prefatory Memoir By William Knight.
33315: MOLYNEAUX. BRIAN LEIGH - Living Wisdom. The Sacred Earth. Spirits of the Landscape Ancient Alignments and Sacred Sites Creation and Fertility.
65965: ANDERSON. RUTH LEILA - Elizabethan Psychology and Shakespeare`S Plays.
94599: RITCHIE. LEITCH - Ireland Picturesque and Romantic. With Twenty Engravings.
85210: LEMAITRE, ALAIN J.;LESSING, ERICH;TERRAIL - Florence and the Renaissance: The Quattrocento
75243: LEMAY, J. A. - New England's Annoyances : America's First Folk Song
76942: LEMERCIER - Pinto. Ou Journee D`Une Conspiration
91097: PETER LEMESURIER - Great Pyramid Decoded (1979)
88557: LEMMEN, HANS VAN - Tiled Furniture (Shire Album)
91848: LENDL, IVAN; SCOTT, EUGENE L. - Power Tennis. Signed By Ivan Lendl.
43911: LENIN. V.I. - Lenin on War and Peace. Three Articles.
57332: LENNHOFF. F.G. - "Being Sent Away" the Admission of Children to Residential Care.
98871: LENOTRE. G. - The Woman without a Name.
57270: LENOWITZ, HARRIS - Origins : Creation Texts from the Ancient Mediterranean. Hardcover.
101642: MCNEIR. CLIVE LEO - Geiriadur Terminoleg Trefniadaeth: Dictionary of Procedural Terms
74812: WEISGERBER. LEO - Zur Grundlegung Der Ganzheitlichen Sprachauffassung. Aufsatze 1925-1933. . .
53903: BARIC. LEO - Curricula for Courses and Workshops in Health Promotion and Health Education.
60289: TALAMONTI. LEO. - Forbidden Universe. Mysteries of the Psychic World.
87701: MCNEIR. CLIVE LEO. - Geiriadur Terminoleg Trefniadaeth: Dictionary of Procedural Terms
102833: HOLFORD-STEVENS. LEOFRANC - A Short History of Time.
94038: HOLFORD-STREVENS. LEOFRANC - A Short History of Time.
73235: GAUTIER. LEON - Ille Et Galeron. Publie Par Yves Lefevre.
58192: GAUTIER. LEON - Choix de Prieres D` Apres Les Manuscrits Du Ix Au Xvii Siecle.
79974: CELLIER. LEON - Colloque Mallarme. . . .
41323: SWIDLER. LEONARD - Biblical Affirmations of Woman.
69980: HODGSON. REV. LEONARD - Convictions. A Selection from the Responses of the Churches. . . . .
85766: FRIEDMAN. LEONARD J - Virgin Wives. A Study of Unconsummated Marriages.
65771: BLAKE. LEONARD - Hitler`S Last Year of Power.
66877: LEONARD, C. H.; GRAY, HENRY - The Concise Gray's Anatomy
94691: DE ARGENSOLA. BARTOLOME LEONARDO - Conquista de México. Gonzalo de Illescas, Un Capítulo de Su Historia Pontifical Sobre la Conquista de la Nueva España
75554: BOFF. LEONARDO - 1492-1992. The Voice of the Victims. Concilium Special.
102681: PEILLARD. LEONCE - U-Boats to the Rescue. The Laconia Incident.
70966: LEPAPE, PIERRE - Diderot
66324: LESAGE (ALAIN-RENE), - Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane. Five Volume Set.
26476: POLING-KEMPES. LESLEY - The Harvey Girls. Women Who Opened the West.
94357: CAIRNS. LESLEY - The Tale of a Kidwelly School.
83887: PARRIS. LESLIE - Pre-Raphaelite Papers
76596: LESLIE, CHARLES M. - Paths to Asian Medical Knowledge
61916: NORRIS. LESLIE - Glyn Jones. Writers of Wales.
41366: HOWARD. LESLIE G. - The Expansion of God.
99209: EVANS. A. LESLIE - Some Pirates, Smugglers & Wrecks in the Bristol Channel. Llustrated By the Author.
62008: STEPHEN. LESLIE - Hours in a Library. Three Volume Set.
78845: BELL. LESLIE - Inside the Fight Game.
96246: LESLIE, RICHARD - Surrealism: The Dream of Revolution (Artists & Art Movements)
70867: LESLIE, SHANE - Henry Edward Manning, His Life and Labours
83448: HARRIS. LESLIE - Gwaith Huw Cae Llwyd Ac Eraill. . .
78893: BELL. LESLIE - Inside the Fight Game
87815: MATTHEWS. LESLIE G - The Royal Apothecaries.
102626: STEPHEN. LESLIE - The Playground of Europe. New Impression.
83314: BADHAM. LESLIE - Verdict on Jesus. A New Statement of Evidence. Fifth Edition.
92654: LESSING, DORIS - The Doris Lessing Reader
91366: LESSING, DORIS - The Grass Is Singing
101707: M. H. LESSOF - Food Allergy: And Other Adverse Reaction to Food (Ilsi Europe Concise Monograph)
97086: LESTER, JOHN - Conrad and Religion
73394: KING. LESTER S. - South African Scenery. A Textbook of Geomorphology.
86579: LEVENKRON, STEVEN - Cutting: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation
85540: LEVENKRON, STEVEN - Cutting : Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation
64800: LEVEQUE, PIERRE - Ancient Greece : Utopia and Reality
60057: LEVER, CHRISTOPHER - The Naturalized Animals of the British Isles
57511: LEVEY, MICHAEL - From Giotto to Cezanne : A Concise History of Painting
102236: PRIMO LEVI - Collected Poems
81494: LEVI, PETA - New British Design, 1998
96054: LEVI, A. H. T. - Cardinal Richelieu and the Making of France
92898: LEVIN, PETER - Sail Through Exams! Preparing for Traditional Exams, for Undergraduates and Taught Postgraduates (Student-Friendly Guides Series)
73954: LEVITAN, IRWIN B.; KACZMAREK, LEONARD K. - The Neuron : Cell and Molecular Biology
87087: LEVY, ADRIAN; SCOTT-CLARK, CATHY - The Stone of Heaven: The Secret History of Imperial Green Jade
101095: JOEL LEVY - The Atlas of Lost Treasures: Rediscover Ancient Wonders from Around the World
76288: LEVY, MAURICE; ROBINSON, JOHN L. - Energy and Agriculture : Their Interacting Futures Policy and Implications and Global Models
73764: DROZ. E. & LEWICKA. H - Le Recueil Trepperel. Les Farces.
74003: LEWIN, ROGER - Child Alive : New Insights Into the Development of Young Children
93765: ROBERTS. EIGRA LEWIS - Ty Ar Y Graig.
102750: BAYLY. LEWIS - Yr Ymarfer O Dduwioldeb. . .
102529: EUROS LEWIS - Theatr a Chymdeithas - Gwreiddiau Ac Amgylchfyd Theatr Felin-Fach
93546: LEWIS, ANNE - Beloved Valley. The Life of Saint Teilo
61537: LEWIS. J.C. - Guide to the Natural History of the Niagara Region
90268: LEWIS. - Lewis's Handy Guide to Liverpool & Neighbourhood. Being a Concise and Comprehensive Alphabetical Guide to the Various Public Buildings. . . .
96611: DAVID LEWIS - The Man Who Invented Hitler. The Making of the Führer
67058: LEWIS, R.W.B. - Dante. A Life
69013: MELVILLE. LEWIS - Some Eccentrics & a Woman.
94625: LEWIS, B. A - Caerfyrddin (1893-1937) =: Carmarthen (1893-1937) : Portread O Dref=Portrait of a Town
93359: LEWIS, MOSTYN - Stained Glass in North Wales Up to 1850
68491: CARROLL. LEWIS - Alicia in Terra Mirabili. Latine Redditus Ab Fautore Vetere Gratoque Clive Harcourt Carruthers.
78981: LEWIS, MATTHEW G. - The Monk. With an Introduction By Howard Anderson. The World`S Classics.
43147: LEWIS. J.M. - Welsh Monumental Brasses. A Guide.
87694: LEWIS, D. GERAINT; PANTYCELYN, GWASG - Termau Llywodraeth Leol. A Glossary of Local Government Terms.
94521: JONES. BEDWYR LEWIS - Yn Ei Elfen.
69833: LEWIS, HYWEL D. - Contemporary British Philosophy : Personal Statements
72406: LEWIS, JIM - London's Lea Valley : More Secrets Revealed
96028: LEWIS, C. S. - The Problem of Pain
71178: FARNELL. LEWIS R. - Greece and Babylon. A Comparative Sketch of Mesopotamian, Anatolian and Hellenic Religions.
65539: LEWIS, EDWIN C. - Pocketbook of Welsh House-Names
88252: SAUNDERS LEWIS - Williams Pantycelyn
95808: LEWIS, B. A - Caerfyrddin (1893-1937) =: Carmarthen (1893-1937) : Portread O Dref=Portrait of a Town
101925: ROBYN LEWIS - Geiriadur Y Gyfraith - Legal Dictionary
90140: CARROLL. LEWIS - The Collected Verse of Lewis Carroll. (the Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) with Illustrations By Sir John Tenniel. . . .
83349: LEWIS, C. S. - The Problem of Pain
80822: JONES. BEDWYD LEWIS - Place-Name Detective.
73323: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Jews of Islam
78219: LEWIS. B.A. - Carmarthen (1893-1937) Portrait of a Town
102699: STEVE LEWIS - Private Views of Snowdonia
92478: LEWIS, SAUNDERS; ROBERTS, KATE - Annwyl Kate, Annwyl Saunders: Gohebiaeth, 1923-83
99402: LEWIS, PETER - The Genius of Puritanism
66290: LEWIS, J. M. - Welsh Monumental Brasses. A Guide
71915: SUMBERG. LEWIS A.M. - La Chanson D`Antioche Etude Historique Et Litterataire. . . .
65098: LEWIS, EDWIN C. - Pocketbook of Welsh House-Names
82812: LEWIS, SAUNDERS - Presenting Saunders Lewis
95721: LEWIS, R.W.B. - The City of Florence. Historical Vistas and Present Sightings.
95722: LEWIS, DAVID; FORMAN, WERNER - Maori: Heirs of Tane (Echoes of the Ancient World)
102141: B. A LEWIS - Caerfyrddin (1893-1937) =: Carmarthen (1893-1937) : Portread O Dref=Portrait of a Town
99212: THOMAS. NORMAN LEWIS - The Story of Swansea's Districts & Villages Volume Ii Parts Iv-Viii with an Abridged Volume I Parts I-Iii.
88739: LEWIS, JOHN; LEWIS, GRISELDA - Pratt Ware: English and Scottish Relief Decorated and Underglaze Coloured Earthenware, 1780-1840
94540: LEWIS, RICHARD - Olion Bywyd Cefn Gwlad
101885: WILLIAM LEWIS - John Gwilym Jones (Writers of Wales)
83435: LEWIS, JOHN MASTERS;NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WALES - Welsh Monumental Brasses: A Guide
67596: LEWIS, EDWIN - Welsh Dictionary
64992: LEWIS, SAUNDERS - Meistri a'u Crefft
99205: DILLWYN. LEWIS W. - Contributions Towards a History of Swansea.
99331: PADGETT. LEWIS - The Far Reality.
93809: NORMAN LEWIS - An Empire of the East: Travels in Indonesia
92319: LEWIS. E.T. - Mynachlog-Ddu. A Historical Survey of the Past Thousand Years.
83346: LEWIS, C. S. - Miracles
69537: LEARY. LEWIS - Motive and Method in the Cantos of Ezra Pound.
94349: LEWIS, JOHN MASTERS; WILLIAMS, DAVID H. - The White Monks in Wales
94351: LEWIS. J.M. - Medieval Pottery and Metal-Ware in Wales.
99764: B. LEWIS - Our War: Australia During World War I
102187: LEWIS. E.T. - Local Heritage. From Efailwen to Whitland. Volume Two Only.
93547: LEWIS, ANNE - Beloved Valley. The Life of Saint Teilo
93756: LEWIS. T. - A Welsh-Englis Dictionary. Geirlyfr a Saesneg. . . . . .
94163: LEWIS, ANNE - Beloved Valley, Life of Saint Teilo
94164: LEWIS, ANNE - Beloved Valley, Life of Saint Teilo
94162: LEWIS, ANNE - Beloved Valley, Life of Saint Teilo
83345: LEWIS, C. S. - Surprised By Joy : The Shape of My Early Life
93833: ROBERTS. EIGRA LEWIS - Y Drych Creulon.
95809: JONES. GLYN LEWIS - A Bibliography of Cardiganshire 1600-1964. Volume 1.
87145: LEWIS VAUGHN, LOUIS P. POJMAN - Philosophy: The Quest for Truth. Fifth Edition.
81792: VON LEYDEN. W. - Seventeenth Century Metaphysics. . .
92168: LIAS, ANTHONY - Place Names of the Welsh Borderlands
91967: BRITISH LIBRARY - Treasures of the British Library
102608: MAYO. LIDA - Bloody Buna. The Campaign That Halted the Japanese Invasion of Australia. .
73810: LIDZ, THEODORE - Hamlet's Enemy : Madness and Myth in 'hamlet'
75595: LIECHTY, DANIEL - Theology in Postliberal Perspective
76735: LIEFRINK, FRANS - Semantico, Syntax
98890: COLBY. LIEUT - Ordnance Survey Map Glamorgan Swansea Bay Circa 1840??. No. Xxxvii.
96772: CONGREGATION FOR INSTITUTES OF CONSECRATED LIFE AND SOCIETIES OF APOSTOLIC LIFE - Consecrated Life in the Third Millennium: Starting Afresh from Christ
96619: LIFTON, ROBERT JAY - The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide
77113: LIGHTHILL, JAMES; PEARCE, R. P. - Monsoon Dynamics
68375: HADDAKIN. LILIAN - The Poetry of Crabbe.
46232: PIZZICHINI. LILIAN - Men`S Wages.
42539: NATTEL. LILIAN - The River Midnight.
74438: GILKES. LILLIAN - Cora Crane. A Biography.
99023: MOCTEZUMA. PROF. EZEQUIEL LINARES - Himno Nacional. Traduccion Al Idioma Mexicano.
84079: MURRAY. LINDA - The Late Renaissance and Mannerism.
97016: WAITE LINDA - Case for Marriage, the
91546: JONES. LINDA - The Challenge of Promoting Health: Exploration and Action
97106: LINDBERG, CARTER - The European Reformations. Second Edition
75979: VAN DER LINDE DR. A - Benedictus Spinoza. Bibliografie.
96229: LINDEMANN, ALBERT S. - Esau's Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews
73783: LINDHEIM, NANCY - The Structure of Sidney's Arcadia
95793: CLARKE. LINDSAY - The War at Troy.
87819: LINDSAY, WILLIAM; MCDONELL, KATHERINE - The Journals of Will A. Lindsay: An Ordinary Nineteenth-Cent Physician's Surgical Cases (Publications in Indiana Medical History, No 2): An Ordinary Nineteenth-Century Physician's Surgical Cases
84886: LINFERT, KARL - Bosch
75381: INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR FUNCTIONAL LINGUISTICS - Actas Del Iv Coloquio Internacional de Linguistica Funcional: Actes Du 4eme Colloque International de Linguistique Fonctionnelle Oviedo, 26-30 Juillet 1977
75288: LINK, FRANZ H.;NIGGL, GUNTER - Theatrum Mundi: Gotter, Gott Und Spielleiter Im Drama Von Der Antike Bis Zur Gegenwart
101004: DENISE LINN - Four Acts of Personal Power: How to Heal Your Past and Create an Empowering Future: Healing Your Past and Creating a Positive Future
94781: LINNARD, WILLIAM - Cardiff Clocks: A Comprehensive Account of Watch and Clockmakers in Cardiff, the Valleys and the Vale of Glamorgan
53588: LINTON. W.J. - The Lake Country. Lacks Map.
83377: LION - A Prayer Treasury : A Bible Treasury. Two Volume Set in Slipcase.
98539: JOHNSON. LIONEL - The Art of Thomas Hardy. To Which Is Added a Chapter on the Poetry By J.E. Barton and a Bibliography By John Lane Together with a Portrait By Vernon Hill and the Etched Portrait By William Strang.
69001: MADDEN. LIONEL - Thomas Love Peacock. Literature in Perspective.
98584: MENCIUS/GILES. LIONEL - The Book of Mencius. Translated from the Chinese By Lionel Giles.
94784: MADDEN. LIONEL - Methodism in Wales: A Short History of the Wesley Tradition
93490: NICK LIPSCOMBE - The Peninsular War Atlas (General Military)
97575: MARI LISA - Veritas - Enillydd Gwobr Goffa Daniel Owen 2015
102404: LISTER. R.P. - A Journey in Lapland. The Hard Way to Haparanda.
88643: LISTER, E.; WILLIAMS, S. - Twentieth Century British Naive and Primitive Artists
67194: LISTER, IRENE - Cambridge Characters
79888: LITTLEJOHN, BEL - Hug Me While I Weep. . . For I Weep for the World
97996: LITTLEJOHNS. R.T. - Lyrebirds Calling from Australia.
101834: JOKE-UPON-LITTLETON - Stories of the Law and Lawyers.
100164: NORMAN D. LIVERGOOD - Portals to Higher Consciousness: Exploring the Spiritual Domain
97116: LORD RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL - The Scourge of the Swastika. A Short History of Nazi War Crimes.
86103: LIVESEY, ANTHONY - Great Battles of World War 1.
73899: TITI LIVI - Titi Livi Ar Urbe Condita. Recognoverunt. . . . Robertus Seymour Conway Et Steohanus Keymer Johnson. Tomus Iv. Libri Xxvi-Xxx
102849: THOMAS CAIRNS LIVINGSTONE - Tommy's War: A First World War Diary 1913?1918
67880: LIVY, TITUS - The Early History of Rome
99500: GIBBS. LIZ - Daring to Dissent: Lesbian Culture from Margin to Mainstream (Cassell Lesbian & Gay Studies)
50000: GIBBS. LIZ - Daring to Dissent: Lesbian Culture from Margin to Mainstream
53140: JONES. EMYR LL. - Tri Chryfion Byd Sef Cariad, Tylodi Ac Angau. Twm O`R Nant.
L708: WEEDON.LL. - The Sunday Picture Book for the Little Ones.
92225: LLEURWG. - Camsyniadau Cyffredin: Gan Lleurwg.
83432: OWAIN. O. LLEW - Hanes Y Ddrama Yng Nghymru 1850-1943.
98416: WILLIAMS. J. LLOYD & TEGID. LLEW - Welsh Folk Songs. Solfa Edition-Part 3.
98415: WILLIAMS. J. LLOYD & TEGID. LLEW - Welsh Folk Songs. Solfa Edition-Part 2.
98414: WILLIAMS. J. LLOYD & TEGID. LLEW - Welsh Folk Songs. Solfa Edition-Part 1.
62178: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD - The Night Is a Child
91841: LLEWELLYN, HARRY; LUCAS, PAT - Passport to Life. Journeys Into Many Lands. Signed By the Author.
86850: PRICHARD. T.J. LLEWELLYN - The Cambrian Wreath; a Selection of English Poems on Welsh Subjects, Original and Translated from the Cambro-British, Historic and Legendary Including Welsh Melodies. . . .
99163: JEWITT. LLEWELLYNN - Haddon Hall. Illustrated By Upwards of Fifty Engravings.
75780: DAFIS. LLINOS - The Lesser Used Languages-Assimilating Newcomers. Proceedings of the Conference Held at Carmarthen, 1991.
63758: LLOYD, D. TECWYN - John Saunders Lewis. Y Gyfrol Cyntaf
94702: LLOYD. J.E. - Owen Glendower. Owen Glyn Dwr.
87220: LLOYD, GRAHAME - Daffodil Days: Glamorgan's Glorious Summer
102427: LLOYD. J.E. - A History of Carmarthenshire. . . Two Volume Set. Volume 1. From Prehistoric Times to the Act of Union (1536). Volume 2. From the Act of Union (1536) to 1900.
62714: EVANS. TREBOR LLOYD - Lewis Edwards. Ei Fywyd a`I Waith
62684: EVANS. TREBOR LLOYD - Lewis Edwards. Ei Fywyd a`I Waith,
58609: LLOYD, T. O. - Empire, Welfare State, Europe : English History, 1906-1992. Fourth Edition.
55551: KILVERT/EVANS. TREBOR LLOYD - Cymru Kilvert.
75977: STEVENSON. DAVID LLOYD - The Love-Game Comedy.
99647: LLOYD. L. - Field Sports of the North of Europe: Comprised in a Personal Narrative of a Residence in Sweden and Norway in the Years 1827-28. 2 Volume Set
54144: LLOYD, D. TECWYN - John Saunders Lewis. Y Gyfrol Gyntaf.
92674: CHRISTOPHER LLOYD - In Search of a Masterpiece: An Art Lover's Guide to Great Britain and Ireland
71803: LLOYD, ROSEMARY H. - Baudelaire Et Hoffmann. Affinites Et Influences
92248: JONES. DAVID LLOYD - Cofiant a Phregethau Y Diweddar Barch. David Lloyd Jones, M.A. , Llandinam.
99215: PRICE. RICHARD JOHN LLOYD - Practical Pheasant Rearing: With an Appendix on Grouse Driving.
97363: LLOYD. D.W. - Old Llechryd.
63507: LLOYD, GRAHAME - Daffodil Days : Glamorgan's Glorious Summer
72393: LLOYD, TREVOR OWEN; LLOYD, TREVOR - Empire : A History of the British Empire
87862: ISAAC. DAVID LLOYD - Siluriana: Or Contributions Towards the History of Gwent & Glamorgan.
99152: LLOYD, THOMAS; ORBACH, JULIAN; SCOURFIELD, RICHARD - The Lost Houses of Wales: A Survey of Country Houses in Wales Demolished Since C. 1900
89775: STEVENSON. LLOYD - Sir Frederick Banting.
102226: LEWIS. DEWI LLOYD - Cyflwynedig I'm Teulu Moriah, Blaenwaun 1829-2004.
96311: ALUN M. LLOYD - A Ei Di I Llandybie?: Braslun O Hanes Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru 1944
93695: LEWIS. DEWI LLOYD - Cyflwynedig I'm Teulu Moriah, Blaenwaun 1828-2004.
87945: LLOYD. W.F. - The Welsh Fasting Girl and Other Plays.
87946: LLOYD. W.F. - The Welsh Fasting Girl and Other Plays.
92803: LAING. LLOYD - Celtic Britain. Britain Before the Conquest.
97590: JONES. GARETH LLOYD - Detholion O Lyfr Jeremeia. Y Beibl Cymraeg Newydd.
98877: SIR J E LLOYD - A History of Wales Volume 1 (Golden Grove Editions)
80946: LLOYD, IDWAL - Celtic Word Craft. An Introduction to Welsh Poetic Art
94344: THOMAS. R.G. LLOYD - Welsh Odyssey. With a Foreword and a Postscript.
93561: LLOYD, LEWIS - The Port of Caernarfon, 1793-1900
82533: WOLFF. PROF. O.L.B./ LLOYD. H.E. - The German Tourist: Edited By Prof. O.L. B. Wolff. . . . . Illustrated with Seventeen Engravings from Drawings By A.G. Vickers.
102155: LEWIS. DEWI LLOYD - Beginnings. Christian Aid Cymru. The Story of a Pioneering Generation.
92749: LLOYD HUGHES, D.G. - Hanes Tref Pwllheli
91872: LLOYD-JONES, D. M. - Life in the Spirit in Marriage, Home and Work: Ephesians 5: 18 to 6: 9
62842: LLOYD-JONES, MARTYN - The All-Sufficient God : Sermons on Isaiah 40
62840: LLOYD-JONES, D. MARTYN - Let Everybody Praise the Lord. An Exposition of Psalm 107
70061: LLWYD, MORGAN - Llyfr Y Tri Aderyn
70062: LLWYD, MORGAN - Llyfr Y Tri Aderyn
70063: LLWYD, MORGAN - Llyfr Y Tri Aderyn
55569: LLWYD, ALAN - Sonedau I Janice a Cherddi Eraill
102123: ALAN LLWYD - Bob - Cofiant R. Williams Parry 1884-1956
63781: LLWYD, ALAN - Grefft O Greu
90349: LLYWELYN, ROBIN - White Star
55614: LLYWELYN-WILLIAMS, ALUN - Ambell Sylw
63962: LLYWELYN-WILLIAMS, ALUN - Y Nos, Y Niwl, a`R Ynys. Agweddau Ar Y Profiad Rhamantaidd Yng Nghymru 1890-1914.
94761: LLYWELYN-WILLIAMS, ALUN - Nes Na'r Hanesydd. Ysgrifau Llenyddol.
88078: LOADER, MAURICE - Seion, Porth Tywyn: 1875-2000
94525: J. WYN EVANS; NOEL GIBBARD; MAURICE LOADER - Footprints of Faith. Aspects of the Origins & Growth of Christianity in the Llanelli Area.
94329: J. WYN EVANS; NOEL GIBBARD; MAURICE LOADER - Footprints of Faith. Aspects of the Origins & Growth of Christianity in the Llanelli Area.
70296: LOADES, DAVID - Elizabeth I : The Golden Reign of Gloriana
88881: LOADES, D.M.; KNIGHTON, CHARLES - Letters from the "Mary Rose"
77359: LOCHMAN, JAN MILIC - Christ and Prometheus: A Quest for Theological Identity
75304: LOCK, RICHARD - Aspects of Time in Medieval Literature
92019: LOCKETT, RICHARD - Samuel Prout. 1783-1852
95118: LOCKHART. J.G. - Ancient Spanish Ballads; Historical and Romantic. . . . the Borders and Ornamental Vignettes By Owen Jones. A New Edition Revised.
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102124: DAVIES. BRYAN MARTIN - Darluniau Ar Gynfas a Cherddi Eraill.
74512: NILSSON. MARTIN P - Imperial Rome 1. Men and Events. 2. The Empire and Its Inhabitants.
96953: DAVIES. NOEL & CONWAY. MARTIN - World Christianity in the 20th Century (Scm Reader)
72164: MARTIN, GAVIN - London Buses, 1929-1939
87965: MARTIN, JOANNA - Penrice Letters 1768-95 (South Wales Record Society Publications)
74113: MARTIN, D. G. - Language, Truth and Poetry
91378: MARTIN, ELIZABETH A. - Concise Colour Medical Dictionary (Oxford Paperback Reference) Third Edition.
86200: HUME. MARTIN - The Court of Philip Iv. Spain in Decadence.
68604: MARTIN, SARA; WEST, JOHN - The Case for Astrology
87482: HENRY. MATTHEW/MANSER. MARTIN H - Draw Near to God.
92947: HAYWARD. MARTIN - The Burnt Offering. A Consideration of Leviticus One.
74134: MARTIN, ROBERT L. - The Paradox of the Liar
71216: MARTIN, EMILY - Flexible Bodies : The Role of Immunity in American Culture from the Days of Polio to the Age of Aids
83107: MARTIN, PAUL; BATESON, PATRICK - Measuring Behaviour. An Introductory Guide. Second Edition.
79413: BELL. MARTIN - Collected Poems 1937-1966
84806: BELL. MARTIN - The Truth That Sticks. New Labour's Breach of Trust.
89654: MARTINDALE - Extra Pharmacopoeia. Twenty-Fifth Edition
77938: MARTINENCHE. E - La Comedia Espagnole En France de Hardy a Racine.
90821: MARTINES, LAURO - April Blood: Florence and the Plot Against the Medici
83779: MARTINES, LAURO - April Blood : Florence and the Plot Against the Medici
64692: SKINNER. MARTYN - The Return of Arthur. A Poem of the Future.
73838: MARVELL, ANDREW - Some Poems. Edited By James Winny
91434: ANDREW MARVELL - Andrew Marvell - the Complete Poems (Penguin Education)
68287: LOWENTHAL. MARVIN - The Autobiography of Michel de Montaigne. . . . . .
90021: MEYER. MARVIN - The Gnostic Gospels. The Sacred Writings of the Nag Hammadi Library, the Berlin Gnostic Codex and Codex Tchacos. Edited By Marvin Meyer. Introduction By Marvin Meyer and Elaine H. Pagels.
44962: MCMICKLE. MARVIN A. - An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage.
96748: MEYER. MARVIN - The Gnostic Gospels. The Scared Writings of the Nag Hammadi Library, the Berlin Gnostic Codex and Codex Tchacos. Introduction By Marvin Meyer and Elaine H. Pagels.
48704: MARWICK, ARTHUR - Documents 1: 1900-1929
50879: MARWICK, ARTHUR - Class : Image and Reality in Britain, France and the Usa Since 1930
48703: MARWICK, ARTHUR - Documents 1: 1900-1929
48702: MARWISK, ARTHUR; SIMPSON, WENDY, EDITORS - Documents Two - 1925-1959
74376: MARX, KARL; ENGELS, FRIEDRICH; TAYLOR, A. J. P. - The Communist Manifesto
80743: MARX, KARL; ENGELS, FRIEDRICH; TAYLOR, A. J. P. - The Communist Manifesto
66988: COLERIDGE. MARY - The Collected Poems of Mary Coleridge. Edited with an Introduction By Theresa Whistler.
57773: DREW. MARY - Acton, Gladstone and Others.
53469: TOURTEL. MARY - Rupert Again.
49129: ANDERSON. MARY B. - Development and Social Diversity
40618: MACGREGOR. MARY - Stories of King Arthur`S Knights. Told to the Children. With Pictures By C. Walter Hodges.
81953: DAVISON. MARY - Beechwood.
89358: SHIELD. MARY - The Stepping-Stone to Animal and Vegetable Physioology. New Edition.
93533: CLEMENT. MARY - Correspondence and Minutes of the S.P. C.K. Relating to Wales 1699-1740.
68751: CLEMENT. MARY - Correspondence and Minutes of the S.P. C.K. Relating to Wales 1699-1740.
90091: RENAULT. MARY - The Bull from the Sea.
86404: WHYTE. MARY - Working South. Paintings and Sketches By Mary Whyte.
74470: SEGAR. MARY G - A Mediaeval Anthology. Being Lyrics and Other Short Poems Chiefly Religious.
86203: JOHNSTONE. MARY A - Perugia and Her People.
90632: MAS'UDI - From the Meadows of Gold (Penguin Great Journeys)
80465: DOI. MASARU - Japanese One-Pot Cookery. Friendly and Festive. Picture Card Series.
63062: MASATS, RAMÓN; MASATS, ÓSCAR; DOMINGO, JAVIER; VAN-HALEN, JUAN - Madrid Y Su Comunidad : Un Mundo Diverso. Bilingual Edition.
94605: MASKELL, DAN; BARRETT, JOHN - From Where I Sit
91069: MASON. P.H. - Hebrew" Exercise-Book (Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew Exercises) with Practical Grammar of the Word-Forms and an Appendix Containing Analysis of the Verb-Forms in Gen. I-Iii, & Xii, and List of All the Forms of the So-Called "Doubly-Irregular" Verbs I
80778: MASON. R - A Guide to Tenby and Its Neighbourhood, Fifth Edition with Sixty Illustrations.
72622: MASON, CHARLES - The Best of Sail Trim
69993: MASON, R. - Micah, Nahum and Obadiah
102563: ROBERT MASON - Chickenhawk
65367: MASON. C.E.S. - Winchester College Public College Public Schools Cricket Matches. 1825-1902. Third Edition.
69855: MASON, R. - Micah, Nahum and Obadiah
76201: MASS, EDGAR - Literatur Und Zensur in Der Fruhen Aufklarung: Produktion, Distribution Und Rezeption Der Lettres Persanes
81256: MASSIE, ALLAN - Colette
90089: MASSIE, ALLAN - Antony
66144: MASSIE, ALLAN - Thistle and the Rose : The Centuries Old Tale of Love and Hate between Scots and English
83506: MASSINGBERD, HUGH M. - Her Majesty the Queen
69119: MASSINGHAM. H.J. - A Treasury of Seventeenth Century English Verse. From the Death of Shakespeare to the Restoration. (1616-1660)
63647: MASSON, JEFFREY - The Pig Who Sang to the Moon : The Emotional World of Farm Animals
96394: FORD. J. MASSYNGBERDE - Revelation: 38 (Anchor Bible)
83413: MASTERMAN, NEVILLE - The Forerunner : The Dilemmas of Tom Ellis, 1859-1899
80157: MASTERMAN. C.F.G. - Tennyson As a Religious Teacher. Second Edition.
68521: MASTERS, BRIAN - A Student's Guide to Camus
94459: MATHERS, HELEN - Steel City Scholars: The Centenary History of University of Sheffield
96068: FORSTATER MATHEW - Economics. Little Book of Big Ideas.
86599: MATHEWS - Henry Ossawa Tanner: American Artist (Negro American Biographies and Autobiographies) (Negro American Biographies & Autobiographies)
77975: MATHIAS, ROLAND - Anglo Welsh Literature: An Illustrated History
76791: MATHIAS, ROLAND - The Hollowed-out Elder Stalk : John Cowper Powys As Poet
93691: MATHIAS, IDRIS - The Last of the Mwldan
80968: MATHIAS, ROLAND - Anglo Welsh Literature: An Illustrated History
93837: MATHIAS, ROLAND - The Roses of Tretower. Dust-Cover and Illustrations By Eric Peyman.
76305: AUGE-CHIQUET. MATHIEU - La Vie Les Idees Et L`Oeuvre de Jean Antoine de Baif.
73165: MATHIEU-CASTELLANI, GISELE - Mythes de L'eros Baroque
73177: MATHIEU-CASTELLANI, GISELE - La Metamorphose Dans la Poesie Baroque Francaise Et Anglaise: Variations Et Resurgences Actes Du Colloque International de Valenciennes, 1979
81843: PRIOR. MATTHEW - The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior. A New Edition Revised with a Memoir By Reginald Brimley Johnson. Aldine British Poets. Two Volume Set.
90639: ARNOLD. MATTHEW - The Poems of Matthew Arnold 1840-1867. With an Introduction By A.T. Quiller-Couch. Oxford Edition.
101300: PRIOR. MATTHEW - The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior. The Aldine Poets. Two Volume Set.
76108: ARNOLD. MATTHEW - Matthew Arnold`S Notebooks. With a Preface By the Hon. Mrs. Wodehouse. And a Portrait.
72877: WELLS. MATTHEW - Farewell to Steam-Isle of Wight.
68906: ARNOLD. MATTHEW - Passages from the Prose Writings of Matthew Arnold. Selected By the Author.
79187: ARNOLD. MATTHEW - The Oxford Poems of Matthew Arnold. . . . Illustrated. To Which Are Added the Hinkseys Near Oxford. . . . . . By Henry W. Taunt.
91530: SWEENEY. MATTHEW - The New Faber Book of Children's Verse
101258: HALE. SIR MATTHEW - Sir Matthew Hale's Discourse Touching Provision for the Poor (1683) Little Books Edited By Charles Whibley.
98305: MATTHEWS, GARETH B - The Augustinian Tradition (Philosophical Traditions)
64719: MATTHEWS, JOHN - The Elements of Arthurian Tradition
95438: JANE MATTHEWS - Skomer. Portrait of a Welsh Island
74270: MATTHEWS, HONOR - The Hard Journey: The Myth of Man's Rebirth
80352: MATTHEWS, JOHN - Gawain : Knight of the Goddess: Restoring an Archetype
100274: JOHN MATTHEWS - The Song of Taliesin: Tales from King Arthur's Bard
93692: MATTHEWS, MERVYN - Mervyn's Lot: An Extraordinary Childhood Memoir
81370: MATTHEWS, JOHN - At the Table of the Grail : Magic and the Use of Imagination
65823: MATTHEWS, C. M. - Place Names of the English-Speaking World
81469: MATTHEWS, CAITLIN - Arthur and the Sovereignty of Britain : King and Goddess in the Mabinogion
100434: RUPERT MATTHEWS - Alexander the Great at the Battle of Granicus: A Campaign in Context
84209: MATTHEWS, ROBERT - 25 Big Ideas : The Science That's Changing Our World
64359: MATTHEWS, C. M. - How Surnames Began
87798: MATTHEWS. T - Welsh Records in Paris.
74295: MATTHEWS. DR. - The Chester Plays. Part Ii.
100329: JOHN MATTHEWS - The Grail: The Truth Behind the Myth
54905: MATTHEWS, JOHN - Summer Solstice : Celebrating the Journey of the Sun from May Day to Harvest
97170: MATTHEWS, GWYNN E. - Athro Alltud: Syr Henry Jones 1852-1922
59721: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Indian Country
59056: CHRISTIE. MAUD - A Boy`S Honour.
78785: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Collected Short Stories. Volume One
82992: MAUNSELL. G.W. - The Fisherman's Vade Mecum. . . . . Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged.
93302: GEORGE. MAUREEN - Braslun O Hanes Eglwys Y Bedyddwyr Hermon Llanfyrnach 1808-2008.
93038: GEORGE. MAUREEN - Golwg Ar Ysgol Hermon 1879-2004.
72545: HILL. MAUREEN - The Blitz. Images of War
81934: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - Therese Desqueyroux
76359: DELBOUILLE. M. MAURICE - Melanges de Linquistique Romane Et de Philologie Medievale Offerts a M. Maurice Delbouille. Two Volume Set.
86207: BARING. MAURICE - Darby and Joan
102605: TUGWELL. MAURICE - Arnhem. A Case Study.
90818: HUSSEY. MAURICE - Poetry of the First World War
99609: O'CONNELL. MAURICE - Daniel O'connell. The Man and His Politics. Lacks Half of Title Page Hence a Good Working Copy Only.
71782: TOESCA. MAURICE - Lamartine Ou L`Amour de la Vie.
91672: BARRUOL. GUY/ROUQUETTE. JEAN-MAURICE - Itineraires Romans En Provence.
73324: SCHWARTZ. MAURICE L - Spits and Bars
102377: WALSH. MAURICE - Danger Under the Moon.
96086: RICKARDS. MAURICE - Posters of the Nineteen-Twenties.
82364: DESCOTES. MAURICE - Les Grands Roles Du Theatre de Jean Racine.
76898: MIGNON. MAURICE - Etudes Sur le Theatre Francais Et Italien de la Renaissance.
94801: RICHARDS. MAURICE ET AL - A Study of Newtown in 1881. Part 7. A General View.
94622: LOADER. MAURICE - Capel Als 1780-1980.
73499: FABINY. TIBOR/SZILASSY. KATHLEEN/CASSIDY. MAURICE - Shakespeare and the Emblem. Studies in Renaissance Iconography and Iconology.
94802: RICHARDS. MAURICE ET AL - A Study of Newtown in 1881. Part 5. The Southern Outskirts of the Town-Pool Road to Llanidloes Road.
101387: BESSON. MAURICE - The Scourge of the Indies. Buccaneers, Corsairs, & Filibusters from Original Texts and Contemporary Engravings. . .
101545: FORTE. MAURIZIO - Virtual Archaeology: Re-Creating Ancient Worlds
56529: RAMSAY. MAX - Not Me, Lord!
70632: PUTZEL. MAX J. - Letters to Immanuel Bekker from Henriette Herz, A. Pobeheim and Anna Horkel.
71424: MULLER. F. MAX - Sacred Books of the Buddhists. Translated By Various Oriental Scholars. Volume 2. Only.
70113: WARREN. MAX - Social History and Christian Mission.
89755: WOODWARD. MAX. W. - One at London. Some Account of Mr. Wesley's Chapel and London House.
96939: RUDOLF. MAX - The Grammar of Conducting. A Practical Study of Modern Baton Technique.
84471: RAINBIRD. SEAN./BECKMANN. MAX - Max Beckmann
79694: KLEMM. MAX - Was Fagt Bismarck Dazu? Two Volume Set.
88295: ANDERS MAX - What You Need to Know About Spitirual Growth: In 12 Lessons (What You Need to Know About)
74722: WEHRLI. MAX - Typologia Litterarum.
98038: STACKHOUSE. MAX L - God and Globalization: Volume 1: Religion and the Powers of the Common Life (Theology for the Twenty-First Century)
100892: GORKY. MAXIM - Three of Them. Translated By A. Linden
89807: FRASER. MAXWELL - West of Offa's Dyke South Wales.
61730: FRASER. MAXWELL - Wales. Volume Two. The Country.
67229: MAY, JOHN - A Chronicle of Welsh Events
88387: JOHN MAY - Reference Wales
50561: MAY, TREVOR - The Victorian Schoolroom
48086: MAY, TREVOR - The Victorian Railway Worker.
79344: MAY, JOHN - Reference Wales
81950: WYNNE. MAY - The Girls of the Veldt Farm. Illustrated By A.J. Shackel.
100983: ROWNTREE. B. SEEBOHM & KENDALL. MAY - How the Labourer Lives. A Study of the Rural Labour Problem.
70658: MAYER, HANS E. - Clement Marot Et Autres Etudes Sur la Litterature Francaise de la Renaisance.
76541: MAYER. C.A. - La Religion de Marot.
94285: MAYNE, MADELINE - The Lord Sun: Stories Extracted from a Novel
95500: MAYOR, SUSAN - Samplers (Poster Art S. )
73243: PERUZZI. SIMONETTA MAZZONI - Il Codice Laurenziano Acquisti E Doni 153 Del "Roman de la Rose"
24316: MCADAM. A.D. - Sand and Gravel Resources of the Lothian Region of Scotland. [Institute of Geological Sciences]
24276: MCADAM. A.D. - The Sand and Gravel Resources of the Borders Region of Scotland. [Institute of Geological Sciences]
94552: MCASEY, JOHN - Ancient Chapels and Churches in Wales
78835: MCASEY, JOHN - Ancient Chapels and Churches in Wales
97809: MCASEY, JOHN - Ancient Chapels and Churches in Wales
92348: MCBREARTY, JIM - Pembrokeshire in Print Number 1. Some Pembrokeshire Merchants' and Shopkeepers' Billheads from the 19th and Earlier 20th Centuries.
93894: MCBRIDE, ANNE; PEARCE, TONY; REES, DARREN - Portrait of Wildlife on a Hill Farm (Countryside)
97940: MCCABE, HERBERT - On Aquinas
60554: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Pegasus in Flight
60586: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Moreta : Dragonlady of Pern
60585: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Nerilka's Story and the Coelura
60583: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - The White Dragon

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