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9903: ROBINSON, CHARLES HENRY: - Dictionary of the Hausa Language. vol. II English-Hausa.
9904: ROBINSON, CYRIL D., SCAGLION, RICHARD & OLIVERO, J. MICHAEL: - Police in Contradition, The evolution of the Police function in society
9905: ROBINSON, DAVID: - Patients, Practitioners and Medican Care, aspects of medical sociology
9906: ROBINSON, E.A.G. ED.: - Economic Development for Africa South of the Sahara, Proceedings of a conference held by the International Economic Association
9907: ROBINSON, F.N. ED.: - The Poetical Works of Chaucer
9909: ROBINSON, J. ARMITAGE: - The Times of Saint Dunstan, the Ford Lectures 1922
9910: ROBINSON, JAMES HARVEY: - The Mind in the Making
9911: ROBINSON, JOAN: - Aspects of Development and Underdevelopment
9912: ROBINSON, JOAN: - Economic Management in China
9913: ROBINSON, JOAN: - Economic Philosophy
9914: ROBINSON, JOAN: - Economic Philsophy
9915: ROBINSON, JOAN: - Freedom and Necessity, an Introduction to the Study of Society
9916: ROBINSON, JOAN: - The Cultural Revolution in China
9917: ROBINSON, JOHN P., RUSK, JERROLD G. & HEAD, KENDRA B.: - Measures of Political Attitudes
9918: ROBINSON, K.E.: - The Societes De Prevoyance in French West Africa
9919: ROBINSON, KENNETH: - The Dilemmas of Trusteeship, Aspects of British colonial policy between the wars. Reid Lectures.
9920: ROBINSON, MARGUERITE S.: - Political Structure in a Changing Sinhalese Village
9921: ROBINSON, R.E.: - The Administration of African Customary Law
9922: ROBINSON, RONALD: - Developing the Third World: the Experience of the Nineteen-Sixties
9923: ROBINSON, RONALD (ED): - Industrialisation in Developing Countries. Impressions and Papers of the Cambridge Conference on the Role of Industrialisation in Development 1964
9924: ROBINSON, RONALD (ED): - International Co-Operation in Aid. Impressions and Papers of the Fifth Cambridge Conference on Development Problems 1966
9925: ROBINSON, RONALD; JOHNSTON, PETER (EDS): - The Rural Base for National Development. Papers and Impressions of the Sixth Cambridge Conference on Development Problems 1968
9926: ROBINSON, VAUGHAN: - Transients, Settlers and Refugees, Asians in Britain
12793: ROBINSON, W. PETER: - Deceit, Delusion, and Detection
9927: ROBINSON, W.P.: - Language and Social Behaviour
9928: ROBINSON, WILLIAM: - Woman, her sex and love life
9929: ROBSON, B.T.: - Urban Analysis, a study of city structure with special reference to Sunderland
9930: ROBSON, JOHN: - Hindiusm and its Relations to Christianity
9931: ROBSON, JOHN M. ED.: - Origin and Evolution of the Universe, Evidence for Design?
9932: ROBSON, P. ED.: - International Economic Integration, selected readings
9933: ROBSON, WILLIAM ED.: - Man and the Social Sciences. Twelve lectures delivered at the London School of Economics tracing the development of the social sciences during the present century.
9934: ROBSON-SCOTT, W.D.: - The Younger Goethe and the Visual Arts
9935: ROCCAPINO, D.: - Brigands and Bandits
9936: ROCHA-TRINDADE, MARIA BEATRIX: - Fenomeno da Emigracao em Portugal
9937: ROCHE, HELENE: - Premier Outils Tailles D'Afrique
9938: ROCHE, MAURICE & VAN BERKEL, RIK EDS.: - European Citizenship and Social Exclusion
9939: ROCHEBLAVE-SPENLE, ANNE-MARIE: - La Notion de Role en Psychologie Sociale
9940: ROCHEBLAVE-SPENLE, ANNE-MARIE: - Les Role Masculins et Feminins (Les Stereotypes - La Famille, Les Etats Intersexuels)
9941: ROCK, DANIEL: - Textile Fabrics
9942: RODAHL, KAARE: - Between Two Worlds: a doctor's log-book of life amongst Alaskan Eskimos
9943: RODEREY, NICHOLAS: - The Way of Power
9944: RODERICK, G.W.: - Man and Heredity
9945: RODGERS, W.T. & DONOUGHUE, BERNARD: - The People into Parliament, A illustrated history of the Labour party
9946: RODINSON, MAXIME: - Mohammed. Trans. Anne Carter.
9947: RODRIGO, JOSE GONZALEZ: - Santa Catarina del Monte, Bosques y Hongos
9948: RODRIGUES DE AREIA, M.L. & FIGUEIRAS, I.: - Angola. Bibliografia Antropologica.
9949: RODRIGUEZ O, JAIME E.: - El nacimiento de Hispanamerica, Vincente Rocafuerte y el hispanoamericanismo, 1808-1832
9950: RODRIGUEZ, FRANCOIS: - Outillage Lithique de Chasseurs-Collecteurs du Nord du Mexico, Le Sud-Ouest de L'Etat de San Luis Potosi
9951: ROE, DEREK: - Prehistory, an introduction
9952: ROE, DEREK: - Prehistory, an Introduction
9953: ROE, M.F.H.: - Letters from Afar; What is the Point, if any, of Studying Philosophy?
9955: ROEBER, JOE: - Social Change at Work, The ICI weekly staff agreement
9956: ROEDELBERGER, F.A. & GROSCHOFF, V.I.: - Fauna Ferner Inseln, 250 Bilder aus der Tierwelt des Indo-Pazifik
9957: ROEDER, BEATRICE A.: - Chicano Folk Medicine from Los Angeles, California
9959: ROGERS, CARL R.: - On Becoming a Person, A therapist's view of psychotherapy
9960: ROGERS, MARK ED.: - Performance, Identity and Historical Consciousness in the Andes
9961: ROGERS, T.D.: - Sir Frederic Madden at Cambridge
9958: ROGERS, BARBARA: - The Domestication of Women, Discrimination in Developing Societies
9962: ROGET, PETER MARK: - Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases
9963: ROGOW, A.A.: - The Labour Government and British Industry 1945-51
9964: ROHLEN, THOMAS; LETENDRE, GERALD (EDS): - Teaching and Learning in Japan
9965: ROITT, IVAN: - Essential Immunology
9966: ROJAS, JORGE: - La Yuco Amarga y la Cultura Sikuani
9967: ROLDAN, MARY: - A Sangre y Fuego, La violencia en Antioquia, Colombia, 1946-1953
9968: ROLL, ERIC: - A History of Economic Thought
9969: ROLLESTON, T.W.: - Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race
9970: ROLLS, B.J. & E.T.: - Thirst
9971: ROLPH, C.H.: - Kingsley, the life, letters and diaries of Kingsley Martin
9972: ROMAN, HERSCHEL L. ED.: - Annual Review of Genetics, vol 1.
9974: ROMER, A.S.: - Man and the Vertebrates, 2 vols
9975: ROMER, ALFRED SHERWOOD: - Man and the Vertebrates
9976: ROMER, ALFRED SHERWOOD: - The Vertebrate Body
9977: ROMNEY, A. KIMBALL & D'ANDRADE, R.G. EDS.: - Transcultural Studies in Cognition
9978: ROPER, J.I..: - Labour Problems in West Africa
9981: ROSCOE, ADRIAN: - Uhuru's Fire, African Literature East to South
9982: ROSCOE, ADRIAN A.: - Mother is Gold, A study in West African literature
9983: ROSE, ARNOLD: - The Negro in America, Condensed version of Gunnar Myrdal's 'An American Dilemma'.
9984: ROSE, ARNOLD M.: - The Power Structure, Political process in American society
9985: ROSE, ARNOLD M. (ED): - Human Behavior and Social Processes, An Interactionist Approach.
9987: ROSE, BRIAN ED.: - Education in Southern Africa
9988: ROSE, CAROLINE B.: - Sociology, the study of man in society
9989: ROSE, DAN: - Patterns of American Culture, Ethnography and Estrangement
9990: ROSE, H.A.: - Rites and Ceremonies of Hindus and Muslim (a reproduction of chapter II section 1-12 of the glossary of Tribes and Caste vol I).
9992: ROSE, MICHAEL: - Computers, Managers and Society
9993: ROSE, PETER I. ED.: - The Study of Society, An integrated anthology
9994: ROSE, PETER; ROTHMAN, STANLEY; WILSON, WILLIAM J. (EDS): - Through Different Eyes, Black & White Perspectives on American Race Relations
9995: ROSE, RICHARD: - What is Governing? Purpose and policy in Washington
9996: ROSE, RICHARD ED.: - Studies in British Politics
9997: ROSE, WILLIAM ED.: - Essays on Goethe
9998: ROSELLO, MIREILLE: - Infiltrating Culture, Power and identity in contemporary women's writing
9999: ROSEMAN, MARINA: - Healing Sounds from the Malaysian Rainforest. Temiar Music and Medicine.
10000: ROSEN, CONNIE & ROSEN, HAROLD: - The Language of Primary School Children
10001: ROSEN, GEORGE: - Democracy and Economic Change in India
10002: ROSEN, GEORGE: - Madness in Society, Chapters in the historical sociology of mental illness
10003: ROSEN, LAWRENCE: - Bargaining for Reality, The construction of social relations in a Muslim community
10004: ROSENBAUM, MAX & BERGER, MILTON ED.: - Group Psychotherapy and Group Function
12712: ROSENBERG, ALFRED: - Roots of the Right. Ed. Robert Pois.
10005: ROSENBERG, CHARLES E. ED.: - The Family in History
10006: ROSENBERG, JAKOB, SLIVE, SEYMOUR ETC.: - Pelican History of Art: Dutch art and architecture 1600-1800
10007: ROSENBERG, WILLIAM G. & YOUNG, MARILYN B.: - Transforming Russia and China, Revolutionary struggle in the twentieth century
10008: ROSENTHAL, ERIC: - African Switzerland, Basutoland of today
10009: ROSENTHAL, JUDY: - Possession, Ecstacy, and Law in Ewe Voodoo
10011: ROSING, INA: - Religion, Ritual und Alltag in den Anden, Die zehn Geschlechter von Amarete Bolivien
10012: ROSS, ANDREW: - Real Love, in pursuit of cultural justice
10013: ROSS, E. DENISON ED.: - Persian Art
10015: ROSS, HELEN: - Just for Living, aboriginal perceptions of housing in northwest Australia
10016: ROSS, J.E. ED.: - Radical Adventurer, the diaries of Robert Morris 1772-4
10017: ROSS, J.F.S.: - Elections and Electors, studies in democratic representation
10018: ROSSER, BILL: - Dreamtime Nightmares, biographies of Aborigines under the Queensland Aborigine Act
10019: ROSSER, COLIN & HARRIS, CHRISTOPHER: - The Family and Social Change, A study of family and kinship in a South Wales town
10020: ROSSETTI, WILLIAM M. ED.: - Poems of Christina Rossetti
10021: ROSSI, INO: - From the Sociology of Symbols to the Sociology of Signs, Toward a Dialectical Sociology.
10022: ROSSI, INO (ED): - The Unconscious in Culture. The Structuralism of Claude Levi-Strauss in Perspective.
10025: ROSSITER, CLINTON: - Parties and Politics in America
10026: ROSSITER, CLINTON: - The American Presidency
10028: ROST, YURI: - Armenian Tragedy, An eye-witness account of Human Conflict and Natural Diaster in Armenia and Azerbaijan. trans. by Elizabeth Roberts, forward by Andrei Sakharov.
10029: ROSTOVTSEFF, MICHEL I.: - Histoire Economique et Sociale de l'Empire Roman
10030: ROSTOVTZEFF, M.: - Greece. Trans. by J.D. Duff
10031: ROSTOW, W.W.: - Politics and the Stages of Growth
10032: ROSTOW, W.W.: - The Process of Economic Growth
10033: ROSTOW, W.W.: - The Stages of Economic Growth, a Non-Communist Manifesto
10034: ROSZAK, THEODORE: - Where the Wasteland Ends, Politics and Transcendence in Post industrial Society
10035: ROTH, CECIL: - A Short History of the Jewish People, 1600 BC. - A.D. 1935
10036: ROTH, CECIL: - The Jewish Contribution to Civilisation
10037: ROTH, G.K.: - Fijian Way of Life. with intro. by G.B. Milner
10038: ROTH, G.K.: - Native Administration in Fiji During the Past 75 Years, a successful experiment in indirect rule
10039: ROTH, H. LING: - Studies in Primitive Looms. Part 111 Indonesian Looms. Bankfield Museum Halifax
10040: ROTH, JANE & HOOPER, STEVEN EDS.: - The Fiji Journals of Baron Anatole Von Hugel, 1875-1877
10041: ROTH, NANCY L. & HOGAN, KATIE EDS.: - Gendered Epidemic, Representations of Women in the age of AIDS
10043: ROTHCHILD, DONALD: - Citizenship and National Integration: The Non-African Crisis in Kenya
10045: ROTHSCHILD, LORD: - The Classification of Living Animals
10044: ROTHSCHILD, K.W. ED.: - Power in Economics. Selected Readings.
10046: ROTHSTEIN, ANDREW: - A History of the U.S.S.R.
10048: ROULET, FLORENCIA: - Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples, a handbook on the UN system
10049: ROUNTREE, HELEN C. & DAVIDSON, THOMAS E.: - Eastern Shore Indians of Virginia and Maryland
10050: ROUSE, A.L.: - The English Spirit, Essays in history and literature
10051: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES: - Du Contrat Social ou Principes du Droit Politique. ed. C.E. Vaughan.
10052: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES: - The Social Contract & Discourses. trans. by G.D.H. Cole.
12681: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES: - The Social Contract & Discourses. trans. by G.D.H. Cole. Revised by J.H. Brumfitt & John C. Hall.
12652: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES: - The Social Contract. Trans. Maurice Cranston.
10053: ROUSSEAU, PHILIP: - Pachomius, The making of a community in fourth-century Egypt
10055: ROUTH, GUY: - Occupation and Pay in Great Britain 1906-60
10056: ROUX, EDWARD: - Time Longer Than Rope, a History of the Black Man's Struggle for Freedom in South Africa
10057: ROUX, EDWARD: - Time Longer Than Rope, a History of the Black Man's Struggle for Freedom in South Africa
10058: ROVIRA, J. & SANTACANA, J.: - El Yacimiento de la Mussara (Tarragona) un modelo de asentamiento pastoril en el Bronce Final de Catalunya
10059: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA: - Woman's Consciousness, Man's World
10061: ROWE, MICHAEL: - Crossing the Border, Encounters between homeless people and outreach workers
10062: ROWLANDS, IAN H.: - The Climate Change Negotiations: Berlin and Beyond
10063: ROWLANDSON, T. & PUGIN, A.C.: - The Microcosm of London
12789: ROWLEY, C.D.: - A Matter of Justice
10064: ROWLEY, C.D.: - Outcasts in White Australia
10065: ROWLEY, C.D.: - The Destruction of Aboriginal Society
10066: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM: - Poverty and Progress, A second social survey of York
10067: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM & KENDALL, MAY: - How the Labourer Lives, A study of the rural labour problem
10068: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM & LAVERS, G.R.: - Poverty and the Welfare State, A third social survey of York dealing only with economic questions
10069: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHN & LAVERS, G.R.: - English Life and Leisure, a social study
10070: ROWSE, A.L.: - The Elizabethan Renaissance, the Cultural Achievement
10071: ROWSE, A.L.: - The Elizabethan Renaissance, the life of the Society
10072: ROWSE, A.L.: - The England of Elizabeth, the structure of society
10073: ROXBOROUGH, IAN: - Theories of Underdevelopment
7124: LE ROY LADURIE, EMMANUEL: - Montaillou, Cathars and Catholics in a French village 1294-1324. Trans. by Barbara Bray.
7125: LE ROY LADURIE, EMMANUEL: - Paris-Montpellier P.C.-P.S.U. 1945-1963
7126: LE ROY LADURIE, EMMANUEL: - The Peasants of Languedoc. Trans. by John Day.
7127: LE ROY, MARCEL: - Land of the Niamoo, travels in the forests of Equatorial Africa
10074: ROY, MANISHA: - Bengali Women
10076: ROYSTER, CHARLES: - Light-Horse Lee and the Legacy of the American Revolution
10077: ROZEBOOM, WILLIAM W.: - Foundations of the Theory of Prediction
10078: ROZWENC, EDWIN C.; MATLON, JOHN C.: - Myth and Reality in the Populist Revolt
10079: RUBEL, A.J., O'NELL, C.W. & COLLADO-ARDON, R.: - Susto, a folk illness
10080: RUBEL, ARTHUR J.: - Across the Tracks, Mexican-Americans in a Texas city
10081: RUBEN, WALTER: - Eisenschmiede und Damonen in Indien, Ergebnisse einer reise, die mit Unterstutzung des Forschungs-Institutes fur Kulturmorphologie in Frankfurt a M. und des Turkishen Unterrichts-Ministeriums Durchgefuhrt Wurde.
10082: RUBIN, VITALY A.: - Individual and State in Ancient China, Essays on four Chinese philosophers (Confucius - Mo Tzu - Shang Yang - Chuang Tzu). Trans. Steven I. Levine.
10083: RUBINSTEIN, ANNETTE T. ED.: - Schools Against Children, the Case for Community Control
10084: RUBINSTEIN, DAVID & STONEMAN, COLIN EDS.: - Education for Democracy
10085: RUBINSTEIN, DAVID ED.: - Education and Equality
10087: RUBINSTEIN, ROBERT A., LAUGHLIN, CHARLES D. & MCMANUS, JOHN: - Science as Cognitive Process, toward an empirical philosophy of science
10088: RUBINSTEIN, RONALD: - John Citizen and the Law
10089: RUBIO, ALFREDO BARRERA; HERRERA, JOSE HUCHIM: - Architectural Restoration at Uxmal 1986-1987. trans. by Carlos A. Uribe
10091: RUDDOCK, RALPH: - Roles and Relationships
10092: RUDE, GEORGE: - Wilkes and Liberty, a social study of 1763 to 1774
10093: RUDGLEY, RICHARD: - The Alchemy of Culture, Intoxicants in society
10094: RUDNER, RICHARD S.: - Philosophy of Social Science
10095: RUDOLFPH, WOLFGANG: - Inshore Fishing Craft of the Southern Baltic from Holstein to Curonia
10096: RUGELEY, TERRY: - Of Wonders and Wise Men, Religion and popular cultures in Southeast Mexico, 1800-1876
10097: RUHNAU, ELKE: - Die politische Organisation im vorspanischen Chalco, Eine Untersuchung anhand von Werken des Domingo Munon de Chimappahin Quauhtlehuanitzin
10098: RULE, JAMES B.: - Insight and Social Betterment, a Preface to Applied Social Science
10099: RUMNEY, A.W.: - The Dalesman
10100: RUMNEY, JAY; MAIER, JOSEPH: - The Science of Society, an Introduction to Sociology
10101: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN: - The Sicilian Vespers, A history of the Mediterranean world in the later thirteenth century
10102: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - A Critique of Max Weber's Philosophy of Social Science
10103: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - Relative Deprivation and Social Justice, a Study of Attitudes to Social Inequality in Twentieth-Century England
10104: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - Social Science and Political Theory
10105: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - Social Science and Political Theory
10106: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - Sociology in its Place and Other Essays
10107: RUNES, DAGOBERT D.: - Treasury of Thought, Observations Over Half a Century
10108: RUPP, E.G. & DREWERY, BENJAMIN: - Martin Luther
10109: RUSCH, WALTER & STEIN, LOTHAR: - Siwa und die Aulad Ali
10110: RUSHDIE, SALMAN: - Imaginary Homelands, Essays and criticism 1981-1991
10111: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Lectures on Architecture and Painting
10112: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Poems. With and essay on the author by G.K. Chesterton.
10113: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Selections from the Writings of..
10114: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Sesame and Lilies
10115: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Sesame and Lilies. Two lectures 1. Of Kings' Treasuries. 2. Of Queens' Gardens.
10116: RUSKIN, JOHN: - The Poetry of Architecture, or the Architecture of the Nations of Europe considered in it Association with natural Scenery and national Character
10117: RUSKIN, JOHN: - The Seven Lamps of Architecture
10118: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Unto this Last, and other essays on art and political economy
10119: RUSSELL, (LORD): - The Scourge of the Swastika, a short history of Nazi war crimes
10120: RUSSELL, A.G.: - Colour, Race and Empire
10121: RUSSELL, ALEX: - Aristocrats of the South Seas
10122: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth. The William James Lectures for 1940 delivered at Harvard University.
10123: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - Authority and the Individual. The Reith Lectures for 1948-9.
10124: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - History of Western Philosophy and its Connection with Political and Social Circumstances from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
10125: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - Marriage and Morals
10127: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - Power, a new social analysis
10128: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - Principles of Social Reconstruction
10129: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - The Autobiography 1872-1914
10130: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - The Problems of Philosophy
10131: RUSSELL, CONRAD: - The Crisis of Parliaments, English History 1509-1660
10133: RUSSELL, JOSIAH COX: - Medieval Regions and their Cities
10134: RUSSELL, PHILIP: - Mexico in Transition
10135: RUSSETT, BRUCE M.: - World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators
10136: RUTHERFOORD, PEGGY ED.: - Darkness and Light, an anthology of African writing
10137: RUTT, RICHARD: - Korean Works and Days, Notes from the diary of a country priest
10138: RUTT, RICHARD ED.: - The Bamboo Grove, An introduction to Sijo
10139: RUTTER, FRANK: - Modern Masterpieces, an outline of modern art
10140: RUWITAH, AVITON: - The Death of a Chief in Saurombe: Rituals Associated with Elitist Burials in Chimanimani Communal Lands
10141: RUZ, MARIO HUMBERTO: - Historiac Demesticas, Tradicion oral en la Sierra Madre de Chiapas
10142: RUZ, MARIO HUMBERTO ED.: - Las Lenguas del Chiapas Colonial, Manuscritos en la Biblioteca Nacional de Paris
10143: RYAN, ALAN: - The Philosophy of the Social Sciences
10144: RYAN, ALAN (ED): - The Philosophy of Social Explanation
10145: RYAN, W.J.L.: - Price Theory
10146: RYCROFT, CHARLES: - Anxiety and Neurosis
12732: RYCROFT, CHARLES: - Reich
10147: RYDER, NORMAN B. & WESTOFF, CHARLES F.: - Reproduction in the United States 1965
10148: RYLANDS, GEORGE: - Elizabethan Tragedy, Six representative plays (excluding Shakespeare) selected with an introduction
10149: RYLE, ANTHONY: - Student Casualties
10150: RYLE, GILBERT: - Dilemmas. The Tarner Lectures 1953
10151: RYLE, GILBERT: - The Concept of Mind
10153: SAAKANA, AMON SABA: - Blues Dance
10154: SAAKANA, AMON SABA & PEARSE, ADETOKUNBO EDS.: - Towards the Decolonization of the British Educational System
10155: SABATIER, PAUL: - Life of St Francis of Assisi. Trans. Louise Seymour Houghton.
10156: SABBAH, FATNA AIT: - La Femme dan l'Inconscient Musulman, Desir et Pouvoir
10157: SABELLI, FABRIZIO (ED): - Ecologie Contre Nature. Developpement et Politiques d'Ingerence.
10158: SABERWAL, SATISH: - Mobile Men, limits to social change in urban Punjab
10159: SABLOFF, JEREMY A. ED.: - Tikal: Dynasties, Foreigners, and Affairs of State
10160: SACCHI, DOMINIQUE: - Le Paleolithique Superieur du Languedoc Occidental er du Roussillon
10161: SACHCHIDANANDA: - The Harijan Elite, A study of their status, networks, mobility and role in social transformation
10162: SACHEVERELL, HENRY: - The Perils of False Brethren, both in Church and State
10163: SACHS, ALBIE: - Justice in South Africa
10164: SACHS, BERNARD: - The Road from Sharpeville
10165: SACHS, E.S.: - Rebels Daughters
10166: SACHS, E.S.: - The Choice Before South Africa
10167: SACHS, WULF: - Black Anger
10168: SACHS, WULF: - Black Hamlet, with new introduction by Saul Dubow and Jacqueline Rose.
10169: SACHSE, WILLIAM L. ED.: - The Diurnal of Thomas Rugg 1659-1661
10170: SACKS, KAREN: - Sisters and Wives, The past and future of sexual equality
10171: SACKS, OLIVER: - Awakenings
10172: SADLEIR, MICHAEL: - Forlorn Sunset
10173: SADLEIR, MICHAEL: - These Foolish Things
10175: SADLIER, MICHAEL: - Trollope, a commentary
10176: SAGAN, ELI: - At the Dawn of Tyranny, the origins of individualism, political oppression, and the state
10177: SAGGS, H.W.F.: - The Greatness that was Babylon, a Sketch of the Ancient Civilization of the Tigris-Euphrates Valley
10178: SAHI, JYOTI: - The Child and the Serpent, Reflections on popular Indian symbols
10179: SAHNI, M.R.: - Man in Evolution
10180: SAIKAKU, IHARA: - Five Women Who Loved Love, Amorous Tales from 17th Century Japan. trans. by Wm. Theodore de Bary
10181: SAINTE-BEUVE, C.A.: - Portraits Contemporains. 2 vols
10182: SAIZ, CONCEPCION GARCIA: - La Pintura Colonial en el Museo de America (II): Lose Enconchados
10183: SAKAMOTO, YOSIYUKI: - A Study of the Japanese National Character. Part V - Fifth Nation-wide Survey.
10184: SALA, GEORGE AUGUSTUS: - Lady Chesterfield's letters to her daughter
10185: SALAFF, JANET W.: - State and Family in Singapore, Restructuring a developing society
10186: SALAMAN, GRAEME: - Class and the Corporation
10187: SALAMAN, GRAEME & THOMPSON, KENNETH EDS.: - Control and Ideology in Organizations
10188: SALE, CHARLES: - The Specialist
10189: SALE, KIRKPATRICK: - Power Shift, the Rise of the Southern Rim and its Challenge to the Eastern Establishment
10190: SALEMINK, OSCAR: - The Ethnography of Vietnam's Central Highlanders, A historical contextualization, 1850-1900
10191: SALKELD, WILLIAM: - Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Court of King's Bench etc. 2 vols in one.
10193: SALT, GEORGE: - The Cellular Defence Reactions of Insects
10194: SALT, GEORGE & MYERS, J.G.: - Report on Sugar-Cane Borers & Dry-Season Studies of Cane Homoptera
10195: SALT, JOHN & CLOUT, HUGH EDS.: - Migration in Post-War Europe, Geographical essays
10196: SALT, LAURA E. & BOUMPHREY, GEOFFREY EDS.: - Oxford Junior Encyclopaedia. 12 vols. + index.
10197: SALTER, ARTHUR: - Security, can we retrieve it?
10198: SALTZMAN, KATARINA & SVENSSON, BIRGITTA EDS.: - Moderna Landskap, Identification och tradition i vardagen
10200: SALZANO, FRANCISCO M.; CALLEGARI-JACQUES, SIDIA M.: - South American Indians, a Case Study in Evolution
10201: SALZMAN, L.F.: - More Medieval Byways
10202: SALZMAN, PHILIP CARL: - Black Tents of Baluchistan
10203: SAMMONS, KAY & SHERZER, JOEL EDS.: - Translating Native Latin American Verbal Art, Ethnopoetics and ethnography of speaking
10204: SAMPSON, ANTHONY: - Anatomy of Britain
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10845: SOFER, CYRIL: - Organizations in Theory and Practice
10846: SOFER, CYRIL & HUTTON, GEOFFREY: - New Ways in Management Training, a Technical College develops its services to industry
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10853: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER: - August 1914. trans. by Michael Glenny
10854: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER: - From Under the Rubble
10855: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER: - Lenin in Zurich. trans. by H.T. Willetts
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10857: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER: - Warning to the West
10858: SOMERS, JOHN: - A Letter, ballancing the necessity of keeping a land-force in times of peace with the dangers that may follow on it
10859: SOMERVELL, D.C.: - Between the Wars
10860: SONDHEIMER, ERNST & ROGERSON, ALAN: - Numbers and Infinity, A historical account of mathematical concepts
10861: SONTAG, SUSAN ED.: - A Barthes Reader
10862: SOPHOCLES: - Oedipus Tyrannus
10863: SOREL, GEORGES: - Reflections on Violence
10864: SOREL, GEORGES: - Reflections on Violence
10867: SORLEY, W.R.: - A History of English Philosophy
10868: SOROKIN, PITIRIM: - Fads and Foibles in Modern Sociology and related sciences
10870: SOROKIN, PITIRIM, A.: - Social and Cultural Mobility (containing complete reprints of 'Social Mobility' and chapter V from volume IV of 'Social and Cultural Dynamics'
3570: DE SOUSA, LEON: - Now, in this Time (a portrait of Christ)
10871: SOUSTELLE, JACQUES: - Daily Life of the Aztecs on the Eve of the Spanish Conquest
10872: SOUSTELLE, JACQUES: - La Vida Cotidiana de los Aztecas en Visperas de la Conquista
10873: SOUTH, RICHARD: - The Butterflies of the British Isles
10874: SOUTH, RICHARD: - The Moths of the British Isles: Second series - The Families Noctuidae to Hepialidae
10875: SOUTHALL, A.W. & GUTKIND, P.C.W.: - Townsmen in the Making, Kampala and its suburbs
10876: SOUTHALL, AIDAN ED.: - Social Change in Modern Africa
10877: SOUTHALL, AIDAN ED.: - Social Change in Modern Africa
12693: SOUTHALL, AIDAN ED.: - Urban Anthropology, cross-cultural studies of urbanization
10878: SOUTHERN, R.W.: - The Making of the Middle Ages
10879: SOUTHERN, R.W.: - Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages
10880: SOUTHGATE, GEORGE W.: - A Text Book of Modern European History 1643-1848
10881: SOUTHGATE, GEORGE W.: - English Economic History
10882: SOWDEN, LEWIS: - The Land of Afternoon, the story of a white South African
12716: SOWELL, THOMAS: - Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality?
10883: SOWELL, THOMAS: - Markets and Minorities
10885: SOWELL, THOMAS: - Race and Culture, A world view
10886: SOWELL, THOMAS: - The Economics and Politics of Race, an International Perspective
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10888: SPAIN, DAVID H. ED.: - The Human Experience, Readings in sociocultural anthropology
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12683: SPARKS, ALLISTER: - Beyond the Miracle, Inside the new South Africa
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10896: SPEISER, STUART M.: - SuperStock, a novel
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10898: SPENCE, JONATHAN D.: - The Question of Hu
10899: SPENCE, LEWIS: - An Introduction to Mythology
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10925: SPINDLER, LOUISE S.: - Menomimi Women and Culture Change
10926: SPINNER, THOMAS J. JR.: - George Joachim Goschen, the Transformation of a Victorian Liberal
10927: SPINOZA: - Ethics
10928: SPIRO, HERBERT J. ED.: - Patterns of African Development, Five comparisons
10930: SPIRO, MELFORD E.: - Children of the Kibbutz
10931: SPIRO, MELFORD E.: - Kibbutz, venture in Utopia
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10934: SPOONLEY, PAUL: - Racism and Ethnicity, Critical issues in New Zealand society
10935: SPOONLEY, PAUL, PEARSON, DAVID & SHIRLEY, IAN EDS.: - New Zealand: Sociological Perspectives
11741: VAN DER SPRENKEL, SYBILLE: - Legal Institutions in Manchu China, a sociological analysis
10936: SPROTT, W.J.H.: - Human Groups
10937: SPROTT, W.J.H.: - Sociology
10938: SPUHLER, J.N. ED.: - Genetic Diversity and Human Behavior
10939: SPUHLER, J.N. ED.: - Natural Selection in Man, Papers of the Wenner-Gren supper conference
10940: SPUHLER, J.N. ED.: - The Evolution of Man's Capacity for Culture
10941: SPURLING, HILARY: - Paul Scott, a life
10942: SPURRELL, WILLIAM: - A Dictionary of the Welsh Language
10943: SPURRELL, WILLIAM: - A Grammar of the Welsh Language
10944: SQUIRE, J.C.: - The Grub Street Nights Entertainment
10945: SRINIVAS, M.N.: - Caste in Modern India, and other essays
10946: SRINIVAS, M.N.: - Social Change in Modern India
10947: SRINIVAS, M.N.: - The Remembered Village
10948: SRINIVAS, M.N. ED.: - Caste, its twentieth century avatar
10949: SRINIVAS, M.N. ED.: - India's Villages
10950: SRISANG, KOSON ED.: - Perspectives on Political Ethics, An ecumenical enquiry
10951: SRIVASTAVA, S.K.: - The Tharus - A Study in Culture Dynamics
10952: ST JOHN, CHARLES: - Sketches of the Wild Sports and Natural History of The Highlands
10953: ST JOHN, CHRISTOPHER ED.: - Ellen Terry and Bernard Shaw, a correspondence
10954: STACEY, MARGARET: - Tradition and Change, a Study of Banbury
10955: STACEY, MARGARET ED.: - Comparability in Social Research
10956: STACEY, TOM: - Deadline
10957: STACEY, TOM: - Decline
10958: STACEY, TOM: - Tribe, The hidden history of the Mountains of the Moon, An autobiographical study
10959: STACHOWSKI, RYSZARD: - The Mathematical Soul, an Antique Prototype of the Modern Mathematisation of Psychology
10960: STAFFORD-CLARK, DAVID: - Psychiatry Today
10961: STAGNER, ROSS & ROSEN, HJALMAR: - Psychology of Union-Management Relations
10962: STAHL, FRANKLIN W.: - The Mechanics of Inheritance
10963: STAHL, KATHLEEN M.: - British and Soviet Colonial Systems
10964: STALEY, EUGENE: - The Future of Underdeveloped Countries, Political Implications of Economic Development
10965: STALIN, JOSEPH: - Marxism and the National and Colonial Question, a Collection of Articles and Speeches
10966: STAMP, L. DUDLEY: - Applied Geography
10967: STAMP, L. DUDLEY: - Britain's Structure and Scenery
10968: STAMPP, KENNETH M.: - The Era of Reconstruction, 1865-1877
10969: STAMPP, KENNETH M.: - The Peculiar Institution, Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South
10970: STAMPP, KENNETH M.: - The Peculiar Institution, Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South
10971: STAMPP, KENNETH M. (ED): - The Causes of the Civil War
10972: STANDARD, PAUL: - Calligraphy's Flowering, Decay and Restauration, with hints for its wider use today
10973: STANFIELD, JOHN H. ED.: - A History of Race Relations Research, First-generation recollections
10974: STANISLAVSKI, C.: - La Formation de l'Acteur

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