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8818: NIELD, JONATHAN: - A Guide to the Best Historical Novels and Tales
8819: NIELSEN, NILS H.: - Cancer Incidence in Greenland
8820: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH: - The Birth of Tragedy & The Genealogy of Morals. trans. Francis Golffing.
11754: VAN NIEUWENHUIJZE, C.A.O.; AL-KHATIB, M. FATHALLA; AZER, ADEL: - The Poor Man's Model of Development, Development Potential at Low Levels of Living in Egypt
8821: NIEWIADOMSKA, MARIA: - Bibliografia Etnografii Polskiej Za Lata 1961-1969. 2 vols.
8822: NIEZEN, RONALD: - Spirit Wars, Native North American Religions in the Age of Nation Building
8823: NIGAM, SHYAM B.L.: - Employment and Income Distribution Approach in Development Plans of African Countries
8824: NIMMO, H. ARLO: - The Pele Literature: An Annotated Bibliography of the English-Language Literature on Pele, Volcano Goddess of Hawai'i
8825: NIPPA, ANNEGRET: - Lesen in alten Photogaphien aus Baalbek
8826: NISBET, ROBERT A.: - Emile Durkheim, With selected essays.
8827: NISBET, ROBERT A.: - Social Change and History, Aspects of the western theory of development
8828: NISBET, ROBERT A.: - The Sociological Tradition
8829: NISBET, ROBERT A.: - Tradition and Revolt, Historical and sociological essays
8830: NISBET, ROBERT ED.: - Social Change
8831: NISHIMURA, YUKO: - A Study on Mariyamman Worship in South India, A prelimary study on modern south Indian village Hinduism
8832: NITHARD: - Histoire des Fils de Louis le Pieux. Ed. Ph. Lauer.
8833: NNADOZIE, M.A.: - Nsu Water Scheme
8834: NOBLE, TREVOR: - Modern Britain: Structure and change
8838: NORBU, THUBTEN JIGME: - Tibet is my Country
8839: NORDHOFF, CHARLES: - Northern California, Oregon and the Sandwich Islands
8843: NORRIS, GERALD ED.: - William Dampier, Buccaneer Explorer
8844: NORRIS, H.T.: - Shinqiti Folk Literature and Song
8845: NORTH, MARIANNE: - A Vision of Eden, the life and work of ...
8846: NORTHEY, MARGOT & KNIGHT, DAVID B.: - Making Sense, A student's guide to research and writing
8847: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS: - Byzantium, the Decline and Fall
8848: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS INTRO.: - The Burrell Collection
8849: NOSSITER, T.J.; HANSON, A.H.; ROKKAN, STEIN EDS.: - Imagination and Precision in the Social Sciences. Essays in Memory of Peter Nettl.
8850: NOUGIER, LOUIS-RENE: - L'Economie Prehistorique
8851: NOVAK, MICHAEL: - The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism
8852: NOVE, ALEC: - An Economic History of the U.S.S.R.
8853: NOVE, ALEC: - Political Economy and Soviet Socialism
8854: NOVE, ALEC: - The Soviet Economy
8855: NOVE, ALEC; NUTI, D.M. EDS.: - Socialist Economics, Selected Readings
8856: NOVOTNY, VLADIMIR V. EDS.: - Anthropological Congress, dedicated to Ales Hrdlicka. Proceedings of the Anthropological Congress Prague and Humpolec 1969
8857: NOWELL-SMITH, P.H.: - Ethics
8858: NOYES, ALFRED: - Voltaire
8859: NSUGBE, PHILIP O.: - Ohaffia: A Matrilineal Ibo People
8860: NUKUNYA, G.K.: - Kinship and Marriage among the Anlo Ewe
8861: NUNN, PATRICK D. ED.: - Special Issue on Kadavu
8862: NUNN, PERCY: - Education, its data and first principles
8863: NURGE, ETHEL: - Life in a Leyte Village
8864: NURKSE, RAGNAR: - Patterns of Trade and Development
8865: NURKSE, RAGNAR: - Problems of Capital Formation in Underdeveloped Countries
8866: NUSS, MARIANNE & WELTER, VOLKER: - Deutschland im Urteil afrikanischer Lehrer
8867: NUTMAN, P.S. & MOSSE, BARBARA EDS.: - Symbiotic Associations. 13th Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology.
8869: NWACHUKWU, P.A.: - Towards an Igbo Literary Standard
8870: NYANTENG, V.K.; VAN APELDOORN, G.J.: - The Farmer and the Marketing of Foodstuffs
8871: NYERGES, A. ENDRE ED.: - The Ecology of Practice, Studies of food crop production in Sub-Saharan West Africa
8872: NYIRENDA, A.A., NGWANE, H.D. & BETTISON, D.G.: - Further Economic and Social Studies, Blantyre-Limbe, Nyasaland
8873: NZIMIRO, FRANCIS IKENNA: - Family and Kinship in Ibo Land, a Study in Acculturation Process
8874: NZIMIRO, IKENNA: - Studies in Ibo Political Systems. Chieftancy and Politics in Four Niger States.
8914: OAKESHOTT, WALTER: - The Artists of the Winchester Bible
8915: OAKLEY, K.P. & MUIR-WOOD, H.M.: - The Succession of Life through Geological Time
8916: OAKLEY, KENNETH P.: - Frameworks for Dating Fossil Man
8917: OAKLEY, KENNETH P.: - Man the Tool-Maker
8918: OAKS, LAURY: - Smoking and Pregnancy: The politics of fetal protection
8919: OBERSCHALL, ANTHONY ED.: - The Establishment of Empirical Sociology: Studies in continuity, discontinuity, and institutionalization
8920: OBIECHINA, EMMANUEL: - Culture, Tradition and Society in the West African Novel
8921: OBOTE, A MILTON: - The Common Man's Charter with Appendices
8922: OBOTE, MILTON: - Proposals for New Methods of Election of Representatives of the People to Parliament, with the President's Memorandum
8924: ODELL, PETER R.: - Oil and World Power
8925: ODELL, PETER R.: - Oil and World Power, a Geographical Interpretation
8926: ODIER, CHARLES: - Les Deux Sources Conciente et Insonsciente de la Vie Morale
8927: ODINGA, OGINGA: - Not Yet Uhuru: Autobiography
8928: OESER, OSCAR A. ED.: - Teacher Pupil and Task, elements of social psychology applied to education
8929: OESTERLEY, W.O.E.: - The Jews and Judaism During the Greek Period: The background of christianity
8930: OESTERLEY, W.O.E. & ROBINSON, T.H.: - Hebrew Religion, its origins and development
8931: OFFE, CLAUS: - Industry and Inequality, The achievement principle in work and social status. Trans. James Wickham.
8932: OFORI, I.M. ED.: - Factors of Agricultural Growth in West Africa
8933: OGBURN, WILLIAM F.; NIMKOFF, MEYER F.: - A Handbook of Sociology
8934: OGDEN, C.K.: - The ABC of Psychology
8935: OGDEN, C.K. ED.: - Psyche, an annual of general and linguistic psychology. vol xvii.
8936: OGILVIE, R.M.: - Early Rome and the Etruscans
8937: OGILVIE, R.M.: - Early Rome and the Etruscans
8938: OGILVIE, SHEILAGH: - State Corporatism and Proto-Industry, The Wurttemberg Black Forest 1580-1797
8940: OGLESBY, CARL ED.: - The New Left Reader
8941: OGUNLEISI, T.O.: - Students at Igbo-Ora. An Introduction to the teaching programme of the Ibarapa Project.
8942: OHADIKE, PATRICK O.: - Some Demographic Measurements for Africans in Zambia, an appraisal of the 1963 census administration and results
8943: OJO, G.J. AFOLABI: - Yoruba Culture, a Geographical Analysis
8944: OKA, HIROKI ED.: - Facets of Transformation of the Northeast Asian Countries II
8948: OKRI, BEN: - An African Elergy. Poems.
8949: OKSILOFF, ASSENKA: - Picturing the Primitive, Visual culture, ethnography, and early German cinema
8950: OKUMA, THOMAS: - Angola in Ferment, the background and prospects of Angolan nationalism
8952: OLDFIELD, KEN: - Jainism, The path of purity and peace. A resource book for teachers.
8953: OLDFIELD, R.C. & MARSHALL, J.C. EDS.: - Language
8954: OLDHAM, J.H.: - Christianity and the race Problem
3554: DE OLIVEIRA, ROBERTO CARDOSA: - Identidade, Etniae Estrutura Social
8957: OLIVER, ROLAND & FAGE, J.D.: - A Short History of Africa
8958: OLIVER, ROLAND, ED.: - The Dawn of African History
8959: OLIVER, ROLAND, ED.: - The Middle Age of African History
8955: OLIVER, ROLAND & ATMORE, ANTHONY: - Africa Since 1800
8956: OLIVER, ROLAND & ATMORE, ANTHONY: - Africa since 1800
8960: OLIVIER, MARGARET ED.: - Sydney Oliver, Letters and Selected Writings (edited with a memoir by Margaret Olivier, with some impressions by Bernard Shaw)
8961: OLLARD, RICHARD; TUDOR-CRAIG, PAMELA (EDS): - For Veronica Wedgwood These: Studies in Seventeenth-Century History
8962: OLLMAN, BERTELL: - Alienation, Marx's conception of man in capitalist society
8963: OLMSTED, FREDERICK LAW: - The Slave States Before the Civil War
8964: OLMSTED, MICHAEL: - The Small Group
8965: OLUSANYA, G.; OLUKOSHI, A.O. (EDS): - The African Debt Crisis
8966: OMAN, CAROLA: - The Gascoyne Heiress, the life and diaries of Frances Mary Gascoyne-Cecil 1802-39
8967: OMAN, CHARLES: - A History of England
8968: OMARI, C.K.: - Strategy for Rural Development, Tanzania experience
8969: OMARI, T.P.: - Marriage Guidance for Young Ghanaians
8970: OMER, EL HAJ BILAL: - The Danagla Traders of Northern Sudan, Rural Capitalism and Agricultural Development
12655: OMI, MICHAEL & WINANT, HOWARD: - Racial Formation in the United States, From the 1960s to the 1990s
8971: OMORI, MOTOYOSHI: - Collaboration and Contention: Effects of the Legal Reform on Bachiga Rural Life
8972: ONDAM, BANTORN & BURNS, MAGGIE EDS.: - Listen: This if the voice of the small fishermen
11756: VAN ONSELEN, CHARLES: - Chibaro, African Mine Labour in Southern Rhodesia 1900-1933
8973: ONUOHA, BEDE: - The Elements of African Socialism
8975: OPIE, IONA; OPIE, PETER: - The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren
8977: OPLER, MORRIS E.: - Apache Odyssey, A Journey between Two Worlds
8978: OPP, KARL-DIETER, VOSS, PETER & GERN, CHRISTINE: - Origins of a Spontaneous Revolution, East Germany, 1989
8979: OPPENHEIMER, FRANZ: - The State. trans. by John M. Gitterman,
8980: OPPENHEIMER, HARRY: - The Fading Commonwealth. Smuts Memorial Lecture.
8981: OPPITZ, MICHAEL: - Eine Schamanenrustung aus dem Himalaya
8982: OPPONG, CHRISTINE: - Growing up in Dagbon
8983: OPPONG, CHRISTINE ED.: - Domestic Rights and Duties in Southern Ghana
8985: ORAM, NIGEL: - Towns in Africa
8986: ORANS, MARTIN: - The Santal, a tribe in search of a great tradition
8987: ORD, H.W. & LIVINGSTONE, I.: - An Introduction to West African Economics
8988: ORD-SMITH, R.J. & STEPHENSON, J.: - Computer Simulation of Continuous Systems
8989: ORELLANA, IGNACIO: - Descripcion Geografica y Estadistica del Distrito de Cuernavaca, 1826
8990: ORELLANA, SANDRA L.: - Indian Medicine in Highland Guatemala, the Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Periods
8991: ORFORD, MARGIE & NICANOR, NEPETI EDS.: - Coming on Strong. Writing by Namibian women.
8992: ORIENS: - Land Reform in China
8993: ORMEROD, ELEANOR A. ED.: - The Cobham Journals, abstracts & summaries, of meteorological and phenological observations, made by Miss Caroline Molesworth, at Cobham, Surrey, in the years 1825 to 1850
8994: ORTIZ, ALFONSO: - The Tewa World, Space, time, being and becoming in a Pueblo society
8995: ORTIZ, ALFONSO: - The Tewa World, Space, time, being, and becoming in a pueblo society
8996: ORTIZ, CARLOS BUITRAGO: - Esperanza, An ethnographic study of a peasant community in Puerto Rico
8997: ORTIZ, ROXANNE DUNBAR: - Indians of the Americas, Human Rights and Self-determination.
8998: OSBORN, P.G.: - A Concise Law Dictionary for Students and Practitioners
8999: OSBORN, R.: - Freud and Marx, a dialectical study
9000: OSBORNE, HAROLD: - Indians of the Andes, Aymaras and Quenchuas
9001: OSIPOV, G.V. ED.: - Town, Country and People (studies in Soviet society)
9002: OSLEY, A.S.: - Mercator, a monograph on the lettering of maps, etc. in the 16th century Netherlands with a facsimile and translation of his treatise in the italic hand and a translation of Ghim's 'Vita Mercatoris'.
9003: OSLEY, A.S.: - Scribes and Sources, Handbook of the Chancery Hand in the Sixteenth Century. Texts from the writing-masters, with an account of John de Beauchesne by Berthold Wolpe.
9004: OSSOWSKI, STANISLAW: - Class Structure in the Social Consciousness
9005: OSTOR, AKOS; FRUZZETTI, LINA; BARNETT, STEVE (EDS): - Concepts of Person. Kinship, Caste, and Marriage in India.
9006: OSWALD, IAN: - Sleep
9007: OSWALD, URSULA (ED): - Mercado y Dependencia
9008: OTHMAN, HAROUB: - The State in Tanzania, Who Controls it and Whose Interest Does it Serve
9009: OTITE, ONIGU: - Autonomy and Dependence, the Urhobo Kingdom of Okpe in Modern Nigeria
9010: OTITE, ONIGU & OKALI, CHRISTINE EDS.: - Readings in Nigerian Rural Society and Rural Economy
9012: OTT, SANDRA: - The Circle of Mountains, a Basque Shepherding Community
9014: OTTENBERG, SIMON: - Comments on Local Government in Afikpo Division, South Eastern Nigeria
9015: OTTENBERG, SIMON: - Double Descent in an African Society, the Afikpo Village-Group
9016: OTTENBERG, SIMON: - Masked Rituals of Afikpo, The Context of an African Art
9017: OTTENBERG, SIMON & OTTENBERG, PHOEBE EDS.: - Cultures and Societies in Africa
9018: OTTO, SIMON: - Walk in Peace, Legends and Stories of the Michigan Indians
11594: TSAO HSUEH-CHIN & KAO OU: - A Dream of Red Chamber. Trans. Chi-Chen Wang.
9020: OUELBANI, MELIKA ED.: - Empirisme et Philosophie Analytique. Conference 6-7 novembre 1998
9021: OUELBANI, MELIKA ED.: - La Philosophie Autrichienne, specificites & influences. Colloque du 4 au 6 mars 1999
9023: OWEN, HUGH ED.: - Additional Letters of the Morrises of Anglesey (1735-1786). 2 vols.
9024: OWEN, J.G.: - The Management of Curriculum Development
9025: OWERKA, CAROLYN (ED): - A Bibliography of Yoruba Art
9026: OWINGS, DONALD H. & MORTON, EUGENE S.: - Animal Vocal Communication: A new approach
9027: OXAAL, IVAR; BARNETT, TONY; BOOTH, DAVID EDS.: - Beyond the Sociology of Development, Economy and Society in Latin America and Africa
9029: OXNARD, CHARLES: - The Order of Man. A Biomathematical Anatomy of the Primates
9030: OYENUGA, V.A.: - Agriculture in Nigeria, an Introduction
9031: PACE, DAVID: - Claude Levi-Strauss, The Bearer of Ashes
9032: PACKARD, VANCE: - The Hidden Persuaders
9033: PACKARD, VANCE: - The Sexual Wilderness (Unabridged)
9034: PACKARD, VANCE: - The Status Seekers, an exploration of class behaviour in America
9035: PACKARD, VANCE: - The Waste Makers
9036: PADDOCK, JOHN ED.: - Ancient Oaxaca, Discoveries in Mexican Archaeology and History
9037: PADEL, FELIX: - The Sacrifice of Human Being, British rule and the Konds of Orissa
9038: PADEL, FELIX: - The Sacrifice of Human Being, British rule and the Konds of Orissa
9039: PADEN, JOHN; SOJA, EDWARD W. (EDS): - The African Experience. Volume lllB: Guide to Resources.
9040: PADWICK, C.E.: - Mackay of the Great Lake
9041: PAEZ, SOFIA BOTERO: - Catalogo Colecciones de Referencia Arqueologica
9042: PAGE, E.S. & WILSON, L.B.: - Information Representation and Manipulation in a Computer
9043: PAGE, JESSE: - Samuel Crowther, The Slave Boy who became Bishop of the Niger.
9044: PAGE, ROBIN: - The Decline of an English Village
9045: PAHL, J.M. & PAHL, R.E.: - Managers and their Wives, a study of career and family relationships in the middle class
9046: PAHL, R.E.: - Patterns of Urban Life
9047: PAHL, R.E. ED.: - Readings in Urban Sociology
9048: PAIGE, JEFFERY M.: - Agrarian Revolution, Social Movements and Export Agriculture in the Underdeveloped World
9049: PAIGE, JEFFERY M.: - Agrarian Revolution, Social Movements and Export Agriculture in the Underdeveloped World
9050: PAINE, ROBERT: - Anthropology beyond Routine, Cultural alternatives for the handling of the unexpected
9051: PAINE, ROBERT: - Coast Lapp Society I, A study of Neighbourhood in Revsbotn Fjord
9052: PAINE, ROBERT: - Coast Lapp Society II, a study of economic development and social values
9053: PAINE, ROBERT: - Herds of the Tundra, A portrait of the Saami reindeer pastoralism
9054: PAINE, ROBERT: - Second Thoughts About Barth's Models
9055: PAINE, ROBERT (ED): - Patrons and Brokers in the East Arctic
12779: PAINE, ROBERT ED.: - Advocacy and Anthropology, First encounters
9056: PAINE, SUZANNE: - Exporting Workers, the Turkish Case
9057: PAINE, THOMAS: - Rights of Man
9058: PAINTER, COLIN ED.: - Contemporary Art and the Home
9059: PALADI-KOVACS, ATTILA: - A Keleti Palacok Pasztorkodasa (French summary: La Begerie des Paloczes Orientaux)
9060: PALEY, WILLIAM: - A View of the Evidences of Christianity. (2 vols).
886: 'PALINURUS': - The Unquiet Grave, a word cycle
9061: PALM, GORAM: - The Flight from Work. Intro. Dorothy Wedderburn.
9062: PALME, SVEN ULRIC: - Stand och Klasser i Forna Dagars Sverige
9064: PALMER, GILL: - British Industrial Relations
9065: PALMER, GLADYS L. ETC.: - The Reluctant Job Changer, Studies in work attachments and aspirations
9066: PALMER, INGRID: - Food and the New Agricultural Technology
9067: PALMER, INGRID: - Science and Agricultural Production
9068: PALMER, R.R.: - The Year of the Terror, Twelve who ruled France 1793-1794
9069: PALMER, RICHARD: - Science and World Resources
9070: PALMER, ROY: - A Ballad History of England from 1588 to the present day
12668: PALMER, VERNON V. & POULTER, SEBASTIAN M.: - The Legal System of Lesotho
9072: PALMER, VERNON VALENTINE ED.: - Mixed Jurisdictions Worldwide, The third legal family
9073: PALSSON, GISLI: - The Textual Life of Savants, Ethnography, Iceland, and the Linguistic Turn
9075: PANGLAYKIM, J. & PALMER, I.: - Entrepreneurship and Commercial Risks, The case of a Schumeterian business in Indonesia
9076: PANI, MARIO: - Potere e Valori a Roma fra Augusto e Traiano
9077: PANKEN, SHIRLEY: - The Joy of Suffering, psychoanalytic theory and therapy of masochism
9079: PANTIN, C.F.A.: - The Relations Between the Sciences
3555: DE PAOR, LIAM: - Divided Ulster
9080: PAPA, CRISTINA, PIZZA, GIOVANNI & ZERILLI, FILIPPO M. EDS.: - Incontri di Etnologia Europea - European Ethnology Meetings
9081: PAPADOPOLO, MIDORI: - El Nuevo Enfoque Internacional en Materia de Derechos de los Pueblos Indigenas
9082: PAPPU, RAGHUNATH S.: - Acheulian Culture in Peninsular India, an ecological perspective
9085: PARES, BERNARD: - Russia
9086: PARES, BERNARD: - Russia and the Peace
9087: PARET, LOUIS: - L'Odyssee d'Homera, La Phenicienne de l'Ille aux Singes
9090: PARK, MUNGO: - Travels in Africa
9091: PARKER, JOHN HENRY: - ABC of Gothic Architecture
9093: PARKER, STANLEY: - The Future of Work and Leisure
9094: PARKER, SUE TAYLOR, LANGER, JONAS & MCKINNEY, MICHAEL L. EDS.: - Biology, Brains, and Behavior, The evolution of human development
9095: PARKES, A.S., HERBERTSON, M.A. & COLE, JANE EDS.: - Fertility in Middle Age, Proceedings of the eighth IPPF Biomedical Workshop, held London, 22nd and 23rd November 1978
9096: PARKES, COLIN MURRAY: - Bereavement
9097: PARKES, JAMES: - An Enemy of the People: Antisemitism
9098: PARKIN, DAVID: - Neighbours and Nationals in an African City Ward
9099: PARKIN, DAVID D.: - Palms, Wine and Witnesses, Public Spirit and Private Gain in an African Farming Community
9100: PARKIN, FRANK: - Class Inequality and Political Order, social stratification in capitalist and communist societies
9101: PARKIN, FRANK: - Marxism and Class Theory, A Bourgeois Critique.
9102: PARKIN, FRANK: - Max Weber
9103: PARKIN, FRANK (ED): - The Social Analysis of Class Structure
9104: PARKIN, FRANK (ED): - The Social Analysis of Class Structure
9105: PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE: - Parkinson's Law, or the pursuit of progress
9106: PARKS, STEPHEN & CROFT, P.J.: - Literary Autographs. I. Charles Cotton and the Derby Manuscript. II. Sir John Harington's Manuscript of Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia.
9108: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY: - Religion in Africa
9110: PARRY, ADAM ED.: - Studies in Fifth-Century Thought and Literature. 'Yale Classical Studies' vol. XXII.
9111: PARRY, BENITA: - Delusions and Discoveries, Studies on India in the British imagination, 1880-1930
9112: PARRY, H.B. (ED): - Population and its Problems: A plain man's guide. The Wolfson College Lecture 1973
9113: PARRY, J.H.: - The Age of Reconnaissance, Discovery, exploration and settlement 1450-1650
9114: PARRY, JONATHAN P.: - Caste and Kinship in Kangra
9115: PARRY, N.E.: - The Lakhers
9116: PARSONS, TALCOTT: - Essays in Sociological Theory
9117: PARSONS, TALCOTT: - Essays in Sociological Theory
9118: PARSONS, TALCOTT: - Societies, Evolutionary and comparative perspectives
9119: PARSONS, TALCOTT: - The Structure of Social Action. vol 1. Marshall, Pareto, Durkheim. vol. 2. Weber.
9120: PARSONS, TALCOTT & SHILS, EDWARD A. EDS.: - Toward a General Theory of Action
9121: PARSONS, TALCOTT & SHILS, EDWARD A. EDS.: - Toward a General Theory of Action
9122: PARTHASARATHY, R. ED.: - Ten Twentieth-Century Indian Poets
9123: PARTNER, PETER: - A Short Political Guide to the Arab World
9124: PARTRIDGE, ERIC: - A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, Colloquialisms and catch-phrases, solecisms and catachreses, nicknames, vulgarisms and such Amercianisms as have been naturalized
9125: PARTRIDGE, ERIC: - Shakespeare's Bawdy, A literary and psychological essay and a comprehensive glossary
9126: PARTRIDGE, ERIC: - The Concise Usage and Abusage, a modern guide to good English
12659: PARTSCH, KARL JOSEF: - Hoffen auf Menscherenrechte, Ruckbesinnung auf eine internationale Entwicklung
9127: PASCAL, ROY: - From Naturalism to Expressionism, German Literature and Society 1880-1918
9128: PASCAL, ROY: - The Growth of Modern Germany
9129: PASCALE, RICHARD TANNER & ATHOS, ANTHONY G.: - The Art of Japanese Management
9130: PASSANT, E.J.: - A Short History of Germany 1815-1945
9131: PASTERNAK, BORIS: - Selected Poems
9132: PATCH, BLANCHE: - Thirty Years with G.B.S.
9133: PATEL, D.H. & ADAMS, R.J.: - Chirambahuyo, a case study in low-income housing
9134: PATEL, TULSI ED.: - The Family in India, Structure and Practice
9135: PATEMAN, CAROLE: - The Sexual Contract
9136: PATEMAN, TREVOR ED.: - Counter Course, a handbook for course criticism
9137: PATER, WALTER: - Marius the Epicurean
9138: PATERSON, J.H.: - Land, Work and Resources, an introduction to economic geography
9139: PATIL, T.R.: - Ramgouda Patil of Village Bedkihal: Life and Sallekhana
9140: PATON, GEORGE WHITECROSS: - A Text-Book of Jurisprudence
9141: PATON, H.J.: - The Categorical Imperative, A study in Kant's moral philosophy
9142: PATON, JAMES (REV): - The Story of John G.Paton, told for young folk, or thirty years among South Seas' cannibals.
9143: PATON, M. WHITECROSS: - Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides
9144: PATON, ROB ED.: - Organizations: Cases, Issues, Concepts
9145: PATTERSON, G. JAMES: - The Greeks of Vancouver: A Study in the Preservation of Ethnicity
9146: PATTERSON, HAYWOOD; CONRAD, EARL: - Scottsboro Boy
9147: PATTERSON, MARGARET JEAN, ARNOLD, CHARLES D. & JANES, ROBERT R. EDS.: - Collected Papers on the Human History of the Northwest Territories
9148: PATTERSON, ORLANDO: - Freedom. Volume 1: Freedom in the Making of Western Culture.
9150: PATTERSON, ORLANDO: - The Ordeal of Integration, Progress and resentment in America's "racial" crisis
9151: PATTERSON, SHEILA: - Dark Strangers, a sociological study of the absorption of a recent West Indian migrant group in Brixton, South London
9152: PATTERSON, SHEILA: - Dark Strangers, a study of West Indians in London
9153: PAUL, LESLIE: - Heron Lake, a Norfolk year
9154: PAULME, DENISE: - African Sculpture. trans. by Michael Ross
9155: PAULME, DENISE: - Lettres de Sanga a Andre Schaeffner, suivi des Lettres de Sanga de Deborah Lifschitz et Denise Paulme a Michel Leiris
9156: PAULME, DENISE (ED): - Women of Tropical Africa. trans. by H.M. Wright.
9158: PAUSTOVSKY, KONSTANIN: - The Story of a Life. trans. from Russian by Joseph Barnes.
9159: PAUSTOVSKY, KONSTANTIN: - Story of a Life, Childhood and schooldays. Trans. Manya Harari & Michael Duncan.
9160: PAUW, B.A.: - The Second Generation, a study of the family among urbanized Bantu in East London
9161: PAUW, B.A.: - The Second Generation, a study of the family among urbanized Bantu in East London
9162: PAXTON, JOHN: - The Statesman's Year-Book: World Gazetteer
9163: PAYNE, ROBERT: - The Splendour of Greece
9164: PAYNE, W.J.A.: - A Preliminary Report on the Livestock Industry in the Jonglei Area
9165: PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN, CECILIA: - Variable Stars and Galactic Structure
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9902: ROBINSON, CEROID TANQUARY: - Rural Russia Under the Old Regime, a History of the Landlord-Peasant World and a Prologue to the Peasant Revolution of 1917

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