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6640: KELSEY, CYNTHIA C. & PELTO, PERTTI J.: - Guide to Cultural Anthropology
6641: KEMILAINEN, AIRA: - Finns in the shadow of the 'Aryans', Race theories and racism
6642: KEMP, JOHN: - The Philosophy of Kant
6643: KEMPADOO, OONYA: - Buxton Spice
6645: KEMPNER, THOMAS ED.: - A Handbook of Management
6646: KEMPNER, THOMAS; MACMILLAN, KEITH & HAWKINS, KEVIN: - Business and Society, Tradition and change
6647: KENDALL, D.G., PIGGOTT, S., KING-HELE, D.G. & EDWARDS, I.E.S. EDS.: - The Place of Astronomy in the Ancient World
6648: KENDALL, JOHN: - Memoirs of Life and Religious Experience
6649: KENDALL, PAUL ED.: - Richard III, The Great Debate: Sir Thomas More 'History of King Richard III', Horace Walpole 'Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard III'
6650: KENDRICK, T.D.: - The Axe Age, a Study in British Prehistory
6651: KENDRICK, T.D. & HAWKES, C.F.C.: - Archaeology in England and Wales 1914-1931
6652: KENNEDY, JOHN: - The Natural History of Man; or, Popular Chapters on Ethnography. Two vols. in one.
6653: KENNEDY, PAUL: - Preparing for the Twenty-First Century
6654: KENNEDY, PAUL T.: - Ghanaian Businessmen, From artisan to capitalist entrepreneuer in a dependent economy
6655: KENNER, HUGH: - The Elsewhere Community
6656: KENNEY, E.J.: - New Frameworks for Old, the Place of Literature in the Cambridge Classical Course. An Inaugural Lecture.
6657: KENNEY, MICHAEL: - Scope Monograph on Pathoparasitology, a color atlas of parasites in tissue sections
12701: KENNY, ANTHONY: - Wittgenstein
6658: KENNY, MICHAEL: - A Spanish Tapestry, town and country in Castile
6659: KENT, ROCKWELL: - Salamina
6660: KENYON, F.G. ED.: - Aristotle on the Athenian Constitution
6661: KENYON, J.P.: - Revolution Principles, the Politics of Party 1689-1720
6662: KEPPEL-JONES, ARTHUR: - Friends or Foes? A point of view and a programme for racial harmony in South Africa
6663: KEPPIE, LAWRENCE: - The Making of the Roman Army, From Republic to Empire
6664: KERMODE, FRANK: - Essays on Fiction, 1971-82
6665: KERN, FRITZ: - The Wildbooters
6666: KERR, CLARK: - Labor and Management in Industrial Society
6669: KERR, PHILIP ED.: - The Penguin Book of Lies: An Anthology
6667: KERR, CLARK, DUNLOP, J.T., HARBISON, F.H. & MYERS, C.A.: - Industrialism and Industrial Man, The problems of labour and management in economic growth
6668: KERR, CLARK, DUNLOP, J.T., HARBISON, F.H. & MYERS, C.A.: - Industrialism and Industrial Man, The problems of labour and management in economic growth
6671: KERSLAKE, D. MCK.: - The Stress of Hot Environments
6672: KERSTIENS, THOM: - The New Elite in Asia and Africa, A comparative study of Indonesia and Ghana
11752: VAN KESSEL, JUAN: - Danzas y Estructuras Sociales de Los Andes
6674: KESSINGER, TOM G.: - Vilyatpur 1848-1968, Social and Economic Change in a North Indian Village
6675: KETELBEY, D.M.: - A History of Modern Times, From 1789 to the present day
6676: KETTON-CREMER, R.W.: - Felbrigg, the story of a house
6678: KEVERNE, RICHARD: - Tales of Old Inns
6679: KEY, CHARLES E.: - A Book of Recent Exploration
6680: KEYES, CHARLES F. ED.: - Ethnic Change
6682: KEYNES, GEOFFREY: - A Bibliography of John Donne
6683: KEYNES, GEOFFREY ED.: - The Poetical Works of Rupert Brooke
6685: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD: - The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
6687: KEYNES, MILO ED.: - Essays on John Maynard Keynes
6688: KEYSERLING, COUNT HERMANN: - The Travel Diary of a Philosopher. 2 vols.
12677: KHAKETLA, B.M.: - Lesotho 1970, An African coup under the microscope
6689: KHAN, ASGHAR ED.: - Islam, Politics and the State, The Pakistan experience
6690: KHARE, R.S.: - Culture and Democracy, Anthropological reflections on modern India
6691: KHARE, R.S.: - Culture and Reality, Essays in the Hindu system of managing food
6692: KHARE, R.S.: - The Changing Brahmans, Associations and Elites among the Kanya-Kubjas of North India
6693: KHARE, R.S. & LITTLE, DAVID EDS.: - Leadership, Interdisciplinary Reflections
12678: KHENKIKIAN, O.S.: - The Bronze Age Crafts of Armenia
6694: KHRUSHCHEV: - The Dethronement of Stalin, Full Text of Khrushchev Speech
6695: KHUSRO, A.M. ED.: - Readings in Agricultural Development
6698: KIDD, DUDLEY: - The Essential Kafir
6699: KIDRON, MICHAEL: - Western Capitalism Since the War
6700: KIDRON, MICHAEL; SEGAL, RONALD: - The State of the World Atlas
6701: KIDRON, MICHAEL; SMITH, DAN: - The War Atlas. Armed Conflict - Armed Peace.
6702: KIELSTRA, NICO: - Two Essays on Iranian Society
6703: KIERKEGUAARD, S.: - Either - Or. 2 vols.
6704: KIERNAN, V.G.: - The Lords of Human Kind, European Attitudes Towards the Outside World in the Imperial Age
6705: KIEV, ARI ED.: - Psychiatry in the Communist World
3529: DE KIEWIET, C.W.: - A History of South Africa, social and economic
6706: KIKI, ALBERT MAORI: - Kiki, ten thousand years in a lifetime, A New Guinea autobiography.
6707: KILANI, MONDHER: - Introduction a l'Anthropologie
6708: KILBY, PETER: - African Enterprise: The Nigerian Bread Industry
6709: KILDUFF, MARSHALL & JAVERS, RON: - The Suicide Cult, the Inside Story of the Peoples Temple Sect and the Massacre in Guyana
6711: KILOH, MARGARET; BERNSTEIN, HENRY; TUROK, BEN; CALDER, ANGUS: - Third World Studies. Block Two Parts D-E. The Making of the Third World.
6712: KILROY-SILK, ROBERT: - Socialism Since Marx
6713: KILSON, MARION: - African Urban Kinsmen, the Ga of Central Accra
6714: KILSON, MARTIN: - Political Change in a West African State, a Study of the Modernization Processin Sierra Leone
6715: KIMPEL, BEN ED.: - Kant's Critical Philosophy & Critique of Pure Reason and Prolegomena
6716: KINCAID, J.C.: - Poverty and Equality in Britain, a Study of Social Security and Taxation
6717: KINDERMANN, GOTTFRIED-KARL: - Konfuzianismus, Sunyatsenismus und chinesischer Kommunismus, Dokumente zur Begrundung Selbstdarstellung des chinesischen Nationalismus.
6718: KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P.: - American Business Abroad, six lectures on direct investment
6720: KING, A. HYATT: - Chamber Music
6721: KING, D.T. & HAMILTON, G.D.: - Economics in Society: A Basic Course
6722: KING, FRANK H.H. ED.: - The Development of Japanese Studies in Southeast Asia. Proceedings of the fourth Leverhulme Conference, 1969
6724: KING, LINDA ED.: - Reflecting Visions, New perspectives on adult education for indigenous peoples
6725: KING, PETER & KING, MARGARETHA: - The E.U.P. Concise Dutch and English Dictionary, together with a concise Dutch grammar.
6726: KING, PRESTON: - An African Winter
6728: KING, PRESTON: - Toleration
6730: KING, ROGER ED.: - Capital and Politics
6731: KING, ROY D. & ELLIOTT, KENNETH W.: - Albany: Birth of a Prison - end of an era
6732: KING, TIMOTHY: - Mexico, Industrialization and Trade Policies Since 1940
6733: KING-HALL, MAGDALEN: - The Story of the Nursery
6734: KINGDON, JONATHAN: - Self-Made Man, and his undoing
6735: KINGHORN, A.M.: - The Chorus of History, Literary-Historical Relations in Renaissance Britain 1485-1558
6736: KINGSNORTH, G.W.: - Africa South of the Sahara
6737: KINGSTON, PAUL W.: - The Classless Society
6738: KINNEAR, MARY: - Daughters of Time, Women in the Western Tradition
6739: KINSEY, ALFRED C. ETC.: - Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male
6740: KINSLEY, JAMES (ED): - Scottish Poetry, a Critical Survey
6741: KIPLING, RUDYARD: - Something of Myself for My Friends Known and Unknown
6742: KIPLING, RUDYARD: - Stalky & Co
6744: KIPPENBERG, HANS G.: - Seminar: Die Entstehung der Antiken Klassengellschaft
6745: KIRALFY, A.K.R.: - Potter's Historical Introduction to English Law and its Institutions
6746: KIRALFY, A.K.R.: - The English Legal System
6748: KIRCH, PATRICK VINTON: - On the Road of the Wind, An archaeological history of the Pacific Islands before European contact
6750: KIRK, G.S.: - Myth, its Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures
6752: KIRK, R.E.G. ED.: - Report on the Manuscripts of the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry vol 3 3; VI The Montague Papers, 2nd series
6753: KIRK, R.L. (ED): - The Human Biology of Aborigines in Cape York
6754: KIRK-GREENE, A.H.M. & ALIYU, YAHAYA: - A Modern Hausa Reader
6755: KIRK-GREENE, ANTHONY; RIMMER, DOUGLAS: - Nigeria Since 1970, a Political and Economic Outline
6756: KIRKMAN, F.B. & JOURDAIN, F.C.R.: - British Birds
6757: KIRKMAN, JAMES: - The Tomb of the Dated Inscription at Gedi
6758: KIRKWOOD, KENNETH ED.: - African Affairs
6759: KIRKWOOD, KENNETH; HERBERTSON, M.A.; PARKES, ALAN S. (EDS): - Biosocial Aspects of Ethnic Minorities
6760: KISS, GABOR: - Marxismus als Soziologie, theory und empire in den socialwissenschaften der DDR, USSR, Polens, der CSSR, Ungarns, Bulgariens und Rumaniens
6761: KITA, SOTARO: - Two-Dimensional Semantic Analysis of Japanese Mimetics
6762: KITCHEN, FRED: - Life on the land. woodcuts by Frank Ormrod
6763: KITCHIN, G.W.: - Winchester 'Historic Towns'.
6764: KITCHING, GAVIN: - Development and Underdevelopment in Historical Perspective, Populism, Nationalism and Industrialization.
6765: KITCHING, GAVIN: - Rethinking Socialism, a Theory for a Better Practice
6766: KITMAN, MARVIN: - George Washington's Expense Account
6767: KITMAN, MARVIN: - The Making of the President 1789, The unauthorized campaign biography
6768: KIZZIA, TOM: - The Wake of the Unseen Object, Among the Native Cultures of Bush Alaska
6769: KJAER, HANS: - Vor Oldtids Mindesmaerker
6770: KLAGES, LUDWIG: - Die Sprache als quell der Seelenkinde
6772: KLATZKY, SHEILA R.: - Patterns of Contact with Relatives
6773: KLAUBER, JOHN ETC.: - Illusion and Spontaneity in Psychoanalysis
6775: KLAUSEN, ARNE MARTIN: - Kerala Fishermen and the Indo-Norwegian Pilot Project
6776: KLAUSEN, ARNE MARTIN; BERKAAK, ODD ARE ETC.: - Fakkelstafetten - en olympisk ouverture
6777: KLEE, ERNST: - Gastarbeiter Analysen und Berichte Herausgegeben
6778: KLEIN, ALAN M.: - Baseball on the Border, A tale of two Laredos
6779: KLEIN, HERBERT S.: - Slavery in the Americas, A comparative study of Cuba and Virginia
6780: KLEIN, JOSEPHINE: - Samples from English Cultures 2 vols.
6781: KLEIN, JOSEPHINE: - Samples from English Cultures. vol. 2: Child-rearing Practices.
6782: KLEIN, LISL: - New Forms of Work Organisation
6783: KLEIN, MALCOLM W. ED.: - Juvenile Gangs in Context, Theory, research and action
6784: KLEIN, MARTIN A.: - Islam and Imperialism in Senegal, Sine-Saloum 1847-1914
6785: KLEIN, MARTIN A. (ED): - Peasants in Africa, Historical and Contemporary Perspective
6786: KLEIN, MELANIE: - The Psycho-Analysis of Children
6787: KLEIN, SIDNEY: - The Pattern of Land Tenure Reform in East Asia, after World War II
6788: KLEIN, VIOLA: - The Feminine Character, History of an Ideology
6789: KLEINIG, JOHN & SMITH, MARGARET LELAND EDS.: - Discretion, Community, and Correctional Ethics
6790: KLEINMUNTZ, BENJAMIN: - Personality Measurement, an introduction
11870: VON KLEIST, HEINRICH: - The Marquise of O-, and other stories. Trans. by Martin Greenberg.
6791: KLINENBERG, ERIC: - Heat Wave, A social autopsy of disaster in Chicago
6792: KLINGEL, GILBERT C.: - Inagua, a very lonely and nearly forgotten Island
6793: KLINGENDER, FRANCIS D.: - Art and the Industrial Revolution. Edited & revised by Arthur Elton.
6794: KLIPPI, ANU: - Conversation as an Achievement in Aphasics
12762: KLOCKARS, CARL B. & O'CONNOR, FINBARR W. EDS.: - Deviance and Decency, The ethics of research with human subjects
6795: KLOOS, PETER; CLAESSEN, HENRI J.M. (EDS): - Current Anthropology in the Netherlands
6796: KLOSS, H.; MCCONNELL, G.D.: - Linguistic Composition of the Nations of the World 2. North America.
6797: KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE: - Mirror for Man, the relation of anthropology to modern life
6799: KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE: - Navaho Witchcraft
6801: KLUGER, RICHARD: - Simple Justice, The history of Brown v: Board of Education and Black America's struggle for equality
6802: KMITA, JERZY; ZAMIARA, KRYSTYNA (EDS): - Visions of culture and the Models of Cultural Sciences
6803: KNACK, MARTHA C. & STEWART, OMER C.: - As Long and the River Shall Run, an ethnohistory of Pyramid Lake Indian reservation
6804: KNEALE, WILLIAM: - On Having a Mind. 16th Arthur Stanley Eddington Memorial Lecture.
6805: KNECHT, R.J.: - The Fronde
6807: KNIBB, MICHAEL A.: - The Qumran Community
6808: KNIGHT, FRANK H.: - On the History and Method of Economics, Selected essays
6809: KNIGHT, FRANK H.: - The Economic Organization, with an article Notes on Utility and Cost
6810: KNIGHT, FRIDA: - Cambridge Music, from the middle ages to modern times
6811: KNIGHT, MARGARET ED.: - William James, a selection from his writings on psychology
6812: KNIGHT, VERNON JAMES JR. & STEPONAITIS, VINCAS P. EDS.: - Archaeology of the Moundville Chiefdom
6813: KNIGHTS, BEN: - The Idea of the Clerisy in the Nineteenth Century
6815: KNOWLES, DAVID & ST JOSEPH, J.K.S.: - Monastic Sites, From the Air
6816: KNOWLES, FRANCIS H.S.: - Physical Anthropology of the Roebuck Iroquois, with comparative data from other Indian tribes
6817: KNOWLES, L.C.A.: - The Industrial and Commercial Revolutions in Great Britain during the Nineteenth Century
6819: KNOX, T.M. TRANS.: - Hegel's Philosophy of Right
6820: KOBBEN, A.: - Le Planteur Noir
6821: KOBELKA, CAROLYNN; STEPHENS, CHRISTOPHER (EDS): - The Natural History of Canada's North: Current Research
6822: KOCH, KLAUS-FRIEDRICH ED.: - Logs in the Current of the Sea, Neli Lifuka's story of Kioa and the Vaitupu colonists
6823: KOCHAN, LIONEL: - Russia in Revolution, 1890-1918
6824: KOCHAN, LIONEL: - The Making of Modern Russia
6825: KOEBEL, W.H.: - Portugal its land and People
6826: KOEFOED, H.A.: - Teach Yourself Danish
6827: KOEHLER, WOLFGANG: - Dynamics in Psychology
12686: KOESTLER, ARTHUR: - Darkness at Noon
6830: KOESTLER, ARTHUR: - The Age of Longing
6831: KOESTLER, ARTHUR: - The Lotus and the Robot
6832: KOHANSKI, ALEXANDER S.: - Philosophy and Technology, towards a new orientation in modern thinking
6833: KOHL, KARL-HEINZ: - Der Tod der Reisjungfrau, Mythen, Kulte und Allianzen in einer ostindonesishen Lokalkultur
6835: KOHLER, TIMOTHY A. ED.: - Bandelier Archaeological Excavation Project: Research Design and Summer 1988 Sampling
6836: KOHLER, WOLFGANG: - Dynamics in Psychology
6837: KOHLER, WOLFGANG: - The Mentality of Apes. trans. by Ella Winter
6838: KOHLI, DEVINDRA ED.: - Indian Writers at Work
6839: KOHN, TAMARA & MCKECHNIE, ROSEMARY EDS.: - Extending the Boundaries of Care: Medical ethics and caring practices
6841: KOLAKOWSKI, LESZEK: - Die Gegenwartigkeit des Mythos
6842: KOLAKOWSKI, LESZEK: - Marxism and Beyond, on historical understanding and individual responsibility. trans. Jane Zielonko Peel.
6843: KOLATA, ALAN L. ED.: - Tiwanaku and its Hinterland, Archaeology and Paleoecology of an Andean civilization. 2. Urban and Rural Archaeology.
6844: KOLKO, GABRIEL: - Wealth and Power in America, An analysis of social class and income distribution
6845: KOLKO, JOYCE: - America and the Crisis of World Capitalism
6846: KOLLN, HERMAN: - Westkirchliches in altkirchslavischer Literatur aus Grossmahren und Bohmen
6847: KOMAROVSKY, MIRRA: - Blue-Collar Marriage
6848: KONIG, RENE: - The Community. trans. by Edward Fitzgerald
6849: KONINGS, PIET: - The State and Rural Class Formation in Ghana, a Comparative Analysis
6850: KOOLHOVEN, H.: - Teach Yourself Dutch
6851: KOPPERS, W.: - Primitive Man and his World Picture. trans. by Edith Raybould.
6852: KOPPERS, WILHELM: - Der Urmensch und Sein Weltbild
6853: KORMILITSIN, A.I.: - The Expeditions of Lyov Vasilyevich Oshanin
6854: KORN, FRANCIS: - Elementary Structures Reconsidered, Levi-Strauss on Kinship
6855: KORN, NOEL ED.: - Human Evolution, Readings for Physical Anthropology
6856: KORNER, S.: - Kant
6857: KORNER, STEPHAN: - Experience and Conduct, a Philosophical Enquiry into Practical Thinking
6858: KORNER, STEPHAN: - Fundamental Questions of Philosophy, one philosopher's answers
6859: KORNHAUSER, WILLIAM: - Scientists in Industry, conflict and accomodation
6860: KORNHAUSER, WILLIAM: - The Politics of Mass Society
6861: KORPI, WALTER: - Social Pressures and Attitudes in Military Training
6862: KORTTEINEN, TIMO: - Agricultural Alcohol and Social Change in the Third World
6863: KOSKO, ALEKSANDRA: - Archeologiczne Badania Ratownicze Wzdluz Trasy Gazociagu Tranzytowego. Tom III Kujawy. cz. 4 Osadnictwo kultur poznoneolitycznych oraz interstadium epok neolitu i brazu: 3900-1400-1300 przed Chr.
6864: KOTHARI, RAJNI: - Footsteps into the Future, Diagnosis of the Present World and a Design for an Alternative
6865: KOTHARI, RAJNI (ED): - State and Nation Building, a Third World perspective
6866: KOYAMA, TAKASHI: - The Changing Social Position of Women in Japan
6867: KOZAK, DAVID L. & LOPEZ, DAVID I.: - Devil Sickness and Devil Songs, Tohono O'odham Poetics
6868: KRADER, LAWRENCE: - Formation of the State
6870: KRAGH, HELGE: - Phosphors and Phosphorus in Early Danish Natural Philosophy
6871: KRAMER, FRITZ & STRECK, BERNHARD: - Zwischenberichte des Sudanprojekts - Preliminary Reports of the Sudan Research Project
6872: KRAMER, FRITZ W.: - Der rot Fes Uber Bessenheit und Kunst in Afrika
6873: KRAMER, SAMUEL NOAH: - Sumerian Mythology, A study of spiritual and literary achievement in the Third Millenium B.C.
6874: KRAMRISCH, ST.: - Indian Sculpture (The Heritage of India Series)
6875: KRANE, RONALD E. ED.: - International Labor Migration in Europe
6876: KRASS, DOROTHY SCHLOTTHAUER; THOMAS, R. BROOKE; COLE, JOHN W. (EDS): - Essays in Honor of Richard B. Woodbury.
6877: KRATOCHVIL, PAUL: - The Chinese Language Today, Features of an emerging standard
6878: KRAUS, GERHARD: - Homo Sapiens in Decline, a reappraisal of natural selection
6879: KRAUSZ, ERNEST: - Ethnic Minorites in Britain
6880: KRAUSZ, ERNEST: - Sociological Research, a Philosophy of Science Perspective
6881: KRAVIS, JUDY: - The Prose of Mallarme, the Evolution of a Literary Language
6882: KRECH, DAVID, CRUTCHFIELD, RICHARD S. & BALLACHEY, EGERTON L.: - Individual in Society, A textbook of social psychology
6883: KRECH, SHEPARD ED.: - The Subarctic Fur Trade
6884: KREGEL, J.A.: - Rate of Profit, Distribution and Growth: Two Views
6885: KREISKY, BRUNO: - The Struggle for a Democratic Austria, Bruno Kreisky on peace and social justice. Ed. Matthew Paul Berg.
6886: KRESSING, FRANK: - Westliche Medizen in der Kallawaya-Region, Kontrastive analyse des patientenverhaltens in den Anden Boliviens am Beispiel verschiedener Gesudheitseinrichtungen in der Provinz Bautista Saavedra
6888: KRIEGER, HERBERT W.: - Aboriginal Indian Pottery of the Dominican Republic
6889: KRIER, H.: - Rural Manpower and Industrial Development, Adaptation and Training
6890: KRIGE, E. JENSEN & KRIGE, J.D.: - The Realm of a Rain-Queen, a Study of the Pattern of Lovedu Society
6892: KRISOLOGO, PEDRO J.: - Manual Glotologico del Idioma Wo'tiheh
6893: KRITZECK, JAMES & LEWIS, WILLIAM H. EDS.: - Islam in Africa
6894: KROEBER, A.L.: - A Roster of Civilization and Culture
6897: KROEBER, A.L.: - Anthropology Today, an encyclopedic inventory
6899: KROEBER, THEODORA: - Alfred Kroeber, a personal configuration
6900: KROEBER, THEODORA: - Ishi, in two worlds, a biography of the last wild Indian in North America
6902: KROES, ROB: - Soldiers and Students, A study of right- and left-wing radicals
6903: KRONENBERG, ANDREAS: - Logik Und Leben
6904: KRONHAUSEN, EBERHARD; KRONHAUSEN, PHYLLIS (EDS): - Walter 'My Secret Life'. The Unique Memoirs of England's most Uninhibited Lover. Vol.2.
6906: KROPOTKIN, PETER: - Revolutionary Government
6907: KRUPP, SHERMAN ROY ED.: - The Structure of Economic Science, Essays on methodology
6909: KUBLER, GEORGE: - The Indian Caste of Peru, 1795-1940: A population study based upon tax records and census reports
6911: KUCZYNSKI, ROBERT R.: - Fertility and Reproduction, methods of measuring the balance of births and deaths
6912: KUHN, ALFRED: - The Study of Society, a multidisciplinary approach
6913: KUHN, ANNETTE & WOLPE, ANN MARIE EDS.: - Feminism and Materialism, Women and modes of production
6914: KUHN, HERBERT: - The Rock Pictures of Europe
6915: KULA, WITOLD: - An Economic Theory of the Feudal System, Towards a Model of the Polish Economy 1500-1800. trans. by Lawrence Garner
6916: KUMAR, KRISHAN: - Prophecy and Progress, The Sociology of Industrial and Post-Industrial Society.
6917: KUMARJI, MAHENDRA: - Jaina Stories, volume 1
12674: KUNENE, D.P.: - Heroic Poetry of the Basotho
6918: KUNKEL, JOHN H.: - Society and Economic Growth, A behavioral perspective of social change
6919: KUNKEL, PETER & KENNARD, SARA SUE: - Spout Spring, a black community
6920: KUNODERA, TSUNEMI, HIGUCHI, MASANOBU & MIYAWAKI, RITSURO EDS.: - Proceedings of the Third and Fourth Symposia on Collection Building and Natural History Studies in Asia and the Pacific Rim
6924: KUPER, ADAM: - Kalahari Village Politics, an African Democracy
6926: KUPER, HILDA: - An African Aristocracy, Rank among the Swazi
6927: KUPER, HILDA: - Indian People in Natal
6928: KUPER, HILDA ED.: - Urbanization and Migration in West Africa
6929: KUPER, L., WATTS, H. & DAVIES, R.: - Durban, a study in racial ecology
6930: KUPER, LEO: - An African Bourgeoisis, Race, Class and Politics in South Africa
6931: KUPER, LEO: - An African Bourgeoisis, Race, Class and Politics in South Africa
6932: KUPER, LEO: - Race, Class, and Power, ideology and revolutionary change in plural societies
6933: KUPER, LEO: - The Pity of it All, Polarisation of Racial and Ethnic Relations
12682: KUPER, LEO ED.: - Race, Science and Society
6934: KUPER, LEO; SMITH, M.G. (EDS): - Pluralism in Africa
6937: KUREISHI, HANIF: - The Black Album
6938: KURODA, ETSUKO: - Under Mt Zempoaltepetl. Highland Mixe Society and Ritual.
6940: KURTEN, BJORN: - The Cave Bear Story, Life and Death of a Vanished Animal
6941: KURZ, MARCEL: - Du Col Ferret au Col de Collon. Volume 1 Guide des Alpes Valaisannes.
6942: KUUSINEN, O. ED.: - Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism.
6943: KWAPINSKI, J.B.: - Methods of Serological Research
6944: KYEREMATEN, A.A.Y.: - Inter-State Boundary Litigation in Ashanti
6948: LABBY, DAVID: - The Demystification of Yap. Dialectics of Culture on a Micronesian Island.
6949: LABEDZ, LEOPOLD ED.: - Solzhenitzyn, a documentary record
6950: LABOVITZ, SANFORD; HAGEDORN, ROBERT: - Introduction to Social Research
6951: LACAN, JACQUES: - Ecrits, A selection. Trans. Alan Sheridan.
6952: LACARRIERE, JACQUES: - Chemins d'Ecriture
6954: LADEJINSKY, WOLF: - Agraian Reform as Unfinished Business, Selected Papers. Ed. Louis J. Walinsky.
6955: LADERMAN, CAROL: - Taming the Wind of Desire, Psychology, medicine, and aesthetics in Malay shamanistic performance
3542: DE LAET, S.J.: - The Low Countries
6957: LAFFONT, ROBERT ED.: - Paris and its People, an illustrated History
6958: LAGERBERG, C.S.I.J. & WILMS, G.J.: - Profile of a Commercial Town in West-Cameroon
6961: LAHITTE, HECTOR B.: - Modelos Estocasticos del Aprendizaje Bases Experimentales
6962: LAHITTE, HECTOR B.; HURRELL, JULIO A. (EDS): - Plantas Hidrofilas de la Isla Martin Garcia (Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina)
6963: LAHITTE, HECTOR B.; HURRELL, JULIO; MALPARTIDA, ALEJANDRO: - Ecologia de la Conducta, De la Informacion a la Accion.
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7612: LYMAN, STANFORD M.: - Civilization, Contents, discontents, malcontents, and other essays in social theory
7613: LYMAN, STANFORD M.: - Color, Culture, Civilization, Race and minority issues in American society
7614: LYMAN, STANFORD M.: - Color, Culture, Civilization, Race and minority issues in American society
7615: LYMAN, STANFORD M.: - Militarism, Imperialism, and Racial Accommodation, An analysis and interpretation of the early writings of Robert E. Park.
7616: LYMAN, STANFORD M.: - The Black American in Sociological Thought: A Failure of Perspective
7617: LYMAN, STANFORD M. & VIDICH, ARTHUR J.: - Social Order and the Public Philosophy, An analysis and interpretation of the work of Herbert Blumer
7618: LYND, ROBERT S. & LYND, HELEN MERRELL: - Middletown, a Study in Contemporary American Culture
7619: LYONS, JOHN: - Chomsky
7620: LYONS, JOHN: - Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics
7621: LYONS, JOHN: - Language and Linguistics, an introduction
7623: LYONS, JOHN ED.: - New Horizons in Linguistics
7624: LYSENKO, T.D.: - The Situation in Biological Science
7625: LYSTAD, ROBERT A. ED.: - The African World, a survey of social research
7626: LYTTLETON, R.A.: - The Comets and their Origin
7628: MABBOTT, J.D.: - The State and the Citizen, an introduction to political philosophy
7629: MABEY, RICHARD ED.: - Class, A symposium
7630: MABOGUNJE, A.L.: - Yoruba Towns
7631: MABOGUNJE, AKIN L.: - The Development Process, A spatial perspective
7632: MABRO, ROBERT & RADWAN, SAMIR: - The Industrialization of Egypt 1939-1973, policy and performance
7633: MAC GREIL, MICHEAL: - Prejudice and Tolerance in Ireland, Based on a Survey of Intergroup Attitudes of Dublin Adults and Other Sources
7636: MACALPINE, NEIL: - Pronouncing Gaelic-English Dictionary (formerly published as part 1 of Macalpine's Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary)
7637: MACAROV, DAVID: - Incentives to Work
7638: MACAULAY, ROSE: - Fabled Shore, from the Pyrenees to Portugal
7639: MACAULAY, ROSE: - Life among the English
7640: MACAULAY, ROSE: - Pleasure of Ruins
7641: MACAULAY, ROSE: - The World my Wilderness
7643: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON: - The History of England from the Accession of James 11. vol.1.
7644: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON: - The History of England from the Accession of James II. 2 vols.
7645: MACBEAN, ALASDAIR I. & BALASUBRAMANYAM, V.N.: - Meeting the Third World Challenge
7649: MACCLANCY, JEREMY ED.: - Exotic No More: Anthropology on the front lines
7650: MACCULLOCH, J.A.: - The Misty Isles of Skye, its scenery, its people, its story
7651: MACCULLOCH, J.A.: - The Misty Isles of Skye, its scenery, its people, its story
7652: MACDERMOT, B.H.: - Cult of the Sacred Spear, the story of the Nuer tribe in Ethiopia
7653: MACDONALD, DUFF: - Africana; or, The Heart of Heathen Africa. 2 vols. 1. Native Customs and Beliefs; 2. Mission Life
7654: MACDONALD, MALCOLM: - Borneo People
7655: MACDONALD, MARGARET ED.: - Philosophy and Analysis
7656: MACDONALD, MARY: - Marriage and Family Life Among the South Kewa
7657: MACDONALD, R.A.S.: - Further Memorandum on the Economics of the Cattle Industry in Northern Rhodesia, with Special Reference to the Native Cattle Industry
7658: MACDONELL, JOHN: - Historical Trials, a selection. ed. R.W. Lee.
7659: MACEOIN, GARY: - Revolution Next Door, Latin America in the 1970's
7660: MACEWEN, MARTIN: - Housing, Race and Law, The British experience
7661: MACFARLANE, ALAN: - The Justice & the Mare's Ale. Law & Disorder in 17th Century England.
7662: MACFARLANE, ALAN: - The Origins of English Individualism, The family, property and social transition
7664: MACFARLANE, JEAN W., ALLEN, LUCILE & HONZIK, MARJORIE P.: - A Development Study of the Behavior Problems of Normal Children between 21 months and 14 years
7665: MACFARLANE, MALCOLM ED.: - Uirsgeulan Gaidhealach, Leis an do choisneadh duaisean aid Moid, a'chomuinn ghaidhealaich (Gaelic Legends)
7666: MACGREGOR, A.M.: - An Outline of the Geological History of Southern Rhodesia
7667: MACGREGOR, ALAISTAIR ALPIN: - Behold the Hebrides, or wayfaring in the Western Isles
7668: MACGREGOR, GEDDES: - Aesthetic Experience in Religion
7669: MACGREGOR, W.D.: - Silviculture of the Mixed Deciduous Forests of Nigeria, with special reference to the South-western Provinces
7671: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO: - The Prince. Trans. Daniel Donno.
7672: MACHIAVELLI, NICOLO: - The Prince
7673: MACINTYRE, ALASDAIR: - Marcuse
7674: MACIVER, R.M.: - Social Causation
7675: MACIVER, R.M.: - The Elements of Social Science
7676: MACIVER, R.M.: - The Modern State
7677: MACIVER, R.M.: - The Modern State
7678: MACIVER, R.M.: - The Web of Government
7679: MACIVER, R.M.: - The Web of Government
7680: MACIVER, R.M. & PAGE, C.H.: - Society, an introductory analysis
7682: MACKAIL, J.W.: - Latin Literature
7683: MACKAY, H.F.B.: - The Message of Francis of Assisi
7684: MACKAY, JANET: - Interlude in Ecuador
7685: MACKENZIE, A. FIONA D.: - Land, Ecology and Resistance in Kenya, 1880-1952
7686: MACKENZIE, DONALD A.: - Egyptian Myth and Legend
7687: MACKENZIE, GAVIN: - The Aristocracy of Labor, the Position of Skilled Craftsmen in the American Class Structure
7688: MACKENZIE, NORMAN ED.: - A Guide to the Social Sciences
7690: MACKENZIE, W.J.M.: - Politics and Social Science
7692: MACKIE, LINDSAY & PATTULLO, POLLY: - Women at Work
7693: MACKINNON, D.M.; WILLIAMS, H.A.; VIDLER, A.R.; BEZZANT, J.S.: - Objections to Christian Belief
7694: MACKINTOSH, JOHN P.: - Nigerian Government and Politics
7695: MACKSEY, RICHARD & DONATO, EUGENIO EDS.: - The Structuralist Controversy, The languages of criticism and the sciences of man
7696: MACLAREN, IAN: - The Days of Auld Lang Syne
7697: MACLEAN, UNA: - Magical Medicine, A Nigerian case-study
7698: MACMICHAEL, WILLIAM: - The Gold-Headed Cane (Facsimile of the author's 1827 copy illustrated and interleaved with his own amendments and additions).
7699: MACMILLAN, R.H.: - Automation, Friend or Foe?
7700: MACMILLAN, W.M.: - Africa Emergent, a Survey of Social, Political and Economic Trends in British Africa
7702: MACNAIR, JAMES I.: - Livingstone the Liberator, a Study of a Dynamic Personality
7703: MACNAIR, JAMES I.: - Livingstone the Liberator, a Study of a Dynamic Personality
7704: MACNEICE, LOUIS: - Autumn Sequel, A rhetorical poem in XXVI cantos
7705: MACNEICE, LOUIS: - Visitations
7707: MACPHERSON, C.B.: - The Life and Times of Liberal Democracy
7708: MACPHERSON, C.B.: - The Real World of Democracy. The Massey Lectures.
7709: MACPHERSON, C.B.: - The Real World of Democracy: The Massey Lectures
7710: MACPHERSON, STEWART: - Social Policy in the Third World, The social dilemmas of underdevelopment
7711: MACRAE, ANGUS: - Talents and Temperaments, the Psychology of Vocational Guidance
7712: MACRAE, DONALD: - Ideology and Society, papers in sociology and politics
7713: MACRAE, DONALD G.: - Weber
7714: MACRIDIS, ROY C. ED.: - Political Parties, Contemporary trends and ideas
7715: MACRIDIS, ROY C.; BROWN, BERNARD E. (EDS): - Comparative Politics, Notes and Readings
7716: MACRIDIS, ROY C.; WARD, ROBERT E. (EDS): - Modern Political Systems: Europe
7717: MACY, CHRISTOPER ED.: - Rationalism and Humanism in the New Europe
7718: MADAN, A.C.: - An English-Swahili Vocabulary
7720: MADAN, T.N.: - Non-Renunciation, Themes and interpretations of Hindu culture
7721: MADAN, T.N.: - Pathways, Approaches to the study of society in India
7722: MADAN, T.N. & SARANA, GOPALA EDS.: - Indian Anthropology, essays in memory of D.N. Majumdar.
3548: DE MADARIAGA, SALVADOR: - Hernan Cortes, Conqueror of Mexico
3549: DE MADARIAGA, SALVADOR: - Shelley and Calderon, and other essays on English and Spanish poetry
7724: MADHAVA, K.B. (ED): - International Development 1969, Challenges to Prevalent Ideas on Development
7725: MADSEN, AXEL: - Private Power, Multinational Corporations and their Role in the Survival of our Planet
7726: MADSEN, WILLIAM: - The Mexican-Americans of South Texas
7727: MAFFESOLI, MICHEL: - La Connaissance Ordinaire, Precis de sociologie comprehensive
7728: MAFFESOLI, MICHEL: - La conqueste du present, Pour une sociologie de la vie quotidienne
7729: MAFFESOLI, MICHEL: - La transfiguration du politique, La tribalisation du monde
7730: MAFFETTONE, SEBASTIANO: - Critica e Analisi, Saggio Sulla Filosofia di Jurgen Habermas
7731: MAGDOFF, HARRY: - Imperialism: From the Colonial Age to the Present
7732: MAGDOFF, HARRY: - The Age of Imperialism, the Economics of U.S. Foreign Policy.
7733: MAGDOFF, HARRY; SWEEZY, PAUL M.: - The End of Prosperity: The American Economy in the 1970's
7734: MAGEE, BRYAN: - Popper
7735: MAGID, ALVIN: - Men in the Middle: Leadership and Role Conflict in a Nigerian Society
7736: MAGNUS, PHILIP: - King Edward the Seventh
7737: MAGUBANE, PETER: - Magubane's South Africa, a Moving Account of Life Under the Whip of Apartheid
7738: MAGUIRE, G. ANDREW: - Toward 'Uhuru' in Tanzania, the politics of participation
7739: MAHARAJ, ACHARYA KALURAMJI: - Mind and its Mystery
7740: MAHARAJ, HASTIMALJI: - Concept of Prayer (a collection of some speeches on prayers delivered by rev. jain Acharya Shri Hastimalji Maharaj).
3550: DE MAHECHA, ANA MARIA GROOT: - Una Secuencia Cultural entre 8500 y 300 anos Antes del Presente
4041: EL MAHMUD-OKEREKE, N. ENUMA: - Oau: Time to Admit South Africa
7741: MAILLART, ELLA K.: - Cruises and Caravans
7742: MAILLAUD, PIERRE: - The English Way
7743: MAINE, H.S.: - Ancient Law, its connection with the early history of society and its relation to modern ideas
7744: MAIR, L.P.: - Native Administration in Central Nyasaland
7745: MAIR, LUCY: - African Kingdoms
7746: MAIR, LUCY: - African Societies
7749: MAIR, LUCY: - Anthropology and Social Change
7751: MAIR, LUCY: - Marriage
7753: MAIR, LUCY: - New Nations
7754: MAIR, LUCY: - Primitive Government
7755: MAIR, LUCY: - Safeguards for Democracy
7756: MAIR, LUCY: - The New Africa
7757: MAIR, LUCY: - Witchcraft
7747: MAIR, LUCY: - An Introduction to Social Anthropology
7748: MAIR, LUCY: - An Introduction to Social Anthropology
7758: MAIS, S.P.B.: - England's Pleasance
7759: MAIS, S.P.B.: - Isles of the Island
7760: MAIS, S.P.B. & STEPHENSON, TOM EDS.: - Lovely Britain
7761: MAITLAND, F.W. & BAILDON, W.P. EDS.: - The Court Baron, being precedents for use in Seignorial and other local courts, together with select pleas from the Bishop of Ely's court of Littleport.
7762: MAJUMDAR, D.N.: - Races and Cultures of India
7763: MAJUMDAR, D.N. & MADAN, T.N.: - An Introduction to Social Anthropology

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