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5554: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT: - Hugh Walpole, a biography
5549: HART, KEITH: - The Political Economy of West African Agriculture
5550: HART, KEITH: - The Political Economy of West African Agriculture
5555: HARTDEGEN, LUTZ: - Die Leprainsel im River Ping oder Friede ist das Dach der Welt
5557: HARTLAND, EDWIN SIDNEY ED.: - English Fairy and other Folk Tales
5558: HARTLEY, DOROTHY: - The Countryman's England
5559: HARTLEY, MARIE & INGILBY, JOAN: - Yorkshire Portraits
5560: HARTSHORNE, RICHARD: - Perspective on the Nature of Geography
5561: HARUN, ALIMUZZAMAN: - Chittagong Hill Tracts and 'Shanti Bahini'
5562: HARVEY, ANDREW: - A Journey in Ladakh
5563: HARVEY, CHARLES ED.: - Papers on the Economy of Botswana
5564: HARVIE, CHRISTOPHER: - The Experience of Industrialization. An Arts Foundation Course Units 24-25.
5565: HASELDEN, R.B.: - Scientific Aids for the Study of Manuscripts
5566: HASLEHUST, ERNEST W. ETC.: - Our Beautiful Homeland. Canterbury, Winchester, The Isle of Wight, Swanage. Paintings by Haslehust, described by Edward Thomas, Sidney Heath & Canon Danks.
5567: HASLEHUST, ERNEST W. ETC.: - Our Beautiful Homeland. Hereford, Chester, Oxford, Warwick & Leamington. Paintings by Haslehust, described by Charles Edwardes, F.D. How & George Morley.
5568: HASLEHUST, ERNEST W. ETC.: - Our Beautiful Homeland. The Heart of London, Through London's Highways, In London's Byways, Rambles in Greater London. Paintings by Haslehust, described by Walter Jerrold.
5569: HASLEHUST, ERNEST W. ETC.: - Our Beautiful Homeland. The Thames, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, Dicken's Land. Paintings by Haslehust, described by G.E. Mitton, Edward Thomas, Walter Jerrold & J.A. Nicklin.
5570: HASSIG, ROSS: - Time, History, and Belief in Aztec and Colonial Mexico
5571: HASSINGER, HUGO: - Geographische Grundlagen der Geschichte
5572: HASTRUP, KIRSTEN ED.: - Videnskab og Vaerdier, Den humanistiske udfordring
5573: HASWELL, M.R.: - Economics of Development in Village India
5574: HATCH, ELVIN: - Theories of Man and Culture
5575: HATCH, JOHN: - A History of Postwar Africa
5576: HATCH, JOHN: - Tanzania, a Profile
5577: HATFIELD, H. STAFFORD: - Inventions and their Uses in Science Today
5578: HATTINGER, FRANZ: - The Duc de Berry's Book of Hours
5580: HAUG, WOLFGANG FRITZ: - Gesellschafts - Formationen in der Geschichte
5581: HAUG, WOLFGANG, FRITZ: - Probleme der Materialistischen Staatstheorie. Staat und Monopole (II).
5582: HAUGEN, EINAR: - Reading Norwegian
5583: HAUGERUD, ANGELIQUE: - The Culture of Politics in Modern Kenya
5584: HAVERFIELD, F.: - The Roman Occupation of Britain, being 6 Ford Lectures, with a notice of Haverfield's life and a list of his writings, revised by George Macdonald,
5585: HAVERSTOCK, NATHAN A.: - Handbook of Latin American Studies no. 21 prepared in the Hispanic Foundation in the Library of Congress.
5586: HAVIGHURST, ALFRED F.: - Radical Journalist: H.W. Massingham 1860-1924.
5588: HAVILAND, WILLIAM A.: - The Ancient Maya and the Evolution of Urban Society
5589: HAWKER, LILIAN E.: - The Physiology of Reproduction in Fungi
5590: HAWKES, CHRISTOPHER & DUNNING, G.C.: - The Belgae of Gaul and Britain
5591: HAWKES, JACQUETTA: - A Guide to the Prehistoric and Roman Monuments in England and Wales
5592: HAWKES, JACQUETTA: - Dawn of the Gods
5595: HAWKINS, E.K.: - The Principles of Development Aid
5596: HAWKINS, HUGH (ED): - Booker T.Washington and his Critics: the Problem of Negro Leadership.
5597: HAWLEY, JOHN STRATTON & WULFF, DONNA MARIE EDS.: - The Divine Consort, Radha and the Goddesses of India
5598: HAWTHORN, AUDREY: - Art of the Kwakiutl Indians and other Northwest Coast Tribes
5599: HAWTHORN, GEOFFREY: - Enlightenment & Despair, A History of Sociology
5600: HAWTHORN, GEOFFREY: - The Sociology of Fertility
5601: HAWTHORN, RUTH: - Asking About Society
5602: HAWTON, HECTOR: - Philosophy for Pleasure
5603: HAWTON, HECTOR: - The Feast of Unreason
5604: HAXEY, SIMON: - Tory M.P.
5605: HAY, ALAN M.; SMITH, ROBERT H.T.: - Interregional Trade and Money Flows in Nigeria, 1964
5606: HAY, DENYS: - The Italian Renaissance in its Historical Background
5607: HAY, DENYS: - The Italian Renaissance in its Historical Background
5609: HAYAMI, YUJIRO & RUTTAN, VERNON W.: - Agricultural Development, an international perspective
5610: HAYES, E. NELSON; HAYES, TANYA (EDS): - Claude Levi-Strauss, The Anthropologist as Hero.
5611: HAYES, JOHN S.: - Trekking to Mt Everest and Solu-Khumbu.
5612: HAYES, W. & CLOWES, R.C. EDS.: - Microbial Genetics, Tenth Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology held at the Royal Institution London 1960
5613: HAYS, H.R.: - From Ape to Angel, an informal history of social anthropology
5614: HAYS, H.R.: - The Dangerous Sex, The myth of feminine evil
5616: HAYTER, TERESA: - Aid as Imperialism
5617: HAYWARD, JOHN: - Nineteenth Century Poetry, an Anthology Chosen
5618: HAYWARD, VICTOR E.W.: - African Independent Church Movements
5619: HAZARD, PAUL: - European Thought in the Eighteenth Century
5620: HAZLEWOOD, ARTHUR (ED): - The Economics of Under-Developed Areas, an annotated reading list of books, articles and official publications
5621: HAZO, ROBERT G.: - The Idea of Love
5622: HEADLEY, LEE A. ED.: - Suicide in Asia and the Near East
5624: HEADY, FERREL: - Public Administration: A comparative perspective
5625: HEALD, SUZETTE: - Controlling Anger, The sociology of Gisu violence
5627: HEARDER, H. & WALEY, D.P. EDS.: - A Short History of Italy, From Classical Times to the Present Day
5628: HEARN, LAFCADIO: - Gleanings in Buddha-Fields, studies of hand and soul in the far east
5629: HEARN, LAFCADIO: - Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation
5630: HEARNSHAW, F.J.C ED.: - The Social & Political Ideas of Some Representative Thinkers of the Age of Reaction & Reconstruction 1815-65
5631: HEARNSHAW, F.J.C. ED.: - The Social & Political Ideas of Some Great French Thinkers of the Age of Reason
5632: HEARNSHAW, F.J.C. ED.: - The Social & Political Ideas of Some Great Thinkers of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
5633: HEARNSHAW, F.J.C. ED.: - The Social & Political Ideas of Some Representative Thinkers of the Revolutionary Era
5634: HEARNSHAW, F.J.C. ED.: - The Social and Political Ideas of Some Great Medieaval Thinkers
5635: HEARNSHAW, L.S.: - The Comparative Psychology of Mental Development
5636: HEATH, A.E. ED.: - Scientific Thought in the Twentieth Century, an authorative account of fifty years' progress in science
5639: HEATON, E.W.: - Everyday Life in Old Testament Times
5640: HEATON, HERBERT: - Economic History of Europe
5641: HECKER, JULIUS F.: - Religion, and a changing civilisation
12658: HECKMANN, FRIEDRICH: - Ethnische Minderheiten, Volk und Nation, Soziologie inter-ethnischer Beziehungen
5642: HEDRICK, CHARLES W.: - History and Silence, Purge and rehabilitation of memory in late antiquity
5644: HEFT, JAMES L. ED.: - Faith and the Intellectual Life. Marianist Award Lectures.
5645: HEGEL, GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH: - The Philosophy of History. Intro. C.J. Friedrich.
5646: HEGEMAN, ELIZABETH; KOOPERMAN, LEONARD: - Anthropology and Community Action
5647: HEIDBREDER, EDNA: - Seven Psychologies
5648: HEIDEGGER, MARTIN: - Existence and Being
5651: HEILBRON, JOHAN; WILTERDINK, NICO EDS.: - Mondialisering. De Wording van de Wereldsamenleving.
5652: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L.: - The Great Ascent, The struggle for economic development in our time
5653: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L.: - The Making of Economic Society
5654: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L.: - The Quest for Wealth. Study of Acquisitive Man.
5655: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L.: - The Worldly Philosophers, The Lives, Times & Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers.
5656: HEILER, FREIDRICH: - Prayer, history and psychology
5657: HEINE, BERND ED.: - Recent German Research on Africa: language and culture
5658: HEINEMANN, MARGOT: - Britain's Coal, A study of the mining crisis
5659: HEISE, DAVID R.: - Understanding Events, Affect and the Construction of Social Action
5660: HEIZER, ROBERT F.: - The Destruction of California Indians, A collection of documents from the period 1847 to 1865 in which are described some of the things that happened to some of the Indians of California.
5661: HEIZER, ROBERT F. & COOK, SHERBURNE F. EDS.: - The Application of Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
5662: HELD, DAVID ET AL EDS.: - States and Societies
5663: HELD, STEVE O.: - Pleistocene Fauna and Holocene Humans: A Gazetteer of Paleontological and Early Archaelogical Sites on Cyprus
5664: HELFFER, MIREILLE: - Castes de Musiciens au Nepal. fasc. 1.
5665: HELIN, ETIENNE: - Le Paysage Urbain de Liege, Avant la Revolution Industrielle
5666: HELLEINER, G.K. ED.: - A World Divided, the less developed countries in the international economy
5667: HELLER, HENRY: - Labour, Science and Technology in France, 1500-1620
5668: HELLMANN, ELLEN: - Rooiyard, a sociological survey of an urban slum yard
5669: HELLMANN, ELLEN ED.: - Handbook of Race Relations in South Africa
5670: HELLMUTH, NICHOLAS M.: - Tikal Copan Travel Guide, a general introduction to Maya art, architecture, and archaeology.
5671: HELLYER, A.G.L.: - The Amateur Gardener
5672: HELM, JUNE: - Prophecy and Power among the Dogrib Indians
5673: HELM, JUNE ED.: - Spanish-Speaking People in the United States
5675: HELMS, RANDEL: - Gospel Fictions
5676: HELMSING, A.H.J.: - Firms, Farms and State, a study of rural, urban and regional dimensions of development (Colombia)
5678: HEMPEL, CARL G.: - Philosophy of Natural Science
5679: HENDERSON, JEFFREY & CASTELLS, MANUEL EDS.: - Global Restructuring and Territorial Development
5680: HENDERSON, JOHN S. & NETHERLY, PATRICIA J. EDS.: - Configurations of Power, Holistic anthropology in theory and practice
5681: HENDERSON, PHILIP: - William Morris, His life, work and friends
5682: HENDERSON, PHILIP ED.: - Shorter Novels, Jacobean and Restoration (Emanuel Ford - Ornatus & Artesia; Apra Behn - Oroonoko; Henry Neville - The Isle of Pines; William Congreve - Incognita)
5683: HENDERSON, W.O.: - The Industrial Revolution on the Continent. Germany, France, Russia 1800-1914
5684: HENDON, RUFUS S.: - The Phonology and Morphology of Ulu Muar Malay
5685: HENDRICKSON, CAROL: - Weaving Identities, Construction of dress and self in a Highland Guatemala town
5686: HENDRY, JOY: - Marriage in Changing Japan, Community and Society
5688: HENFREY, COLIN; SORJ, BERNARDO (EDS): - Chilean Voices, Activists Describe their Experiences of the Popular Unity Period
5689: HENISART, PAUL: - Wolves in the City, the Death of French Algeria
12788: HENLEY, PAUL: - South Indian Models in the Amazonian Lowlands
5690: HENLEY, PAUL: - The Panare, Tradition and change on the Amazonian frontier
5693: HENRIKSEN, JOHN B.: - Saami Parliamentary Co-operation, an analysis
5694: HENRIQUES, FERNANDO: - Children of Caliban, Miscegenation
5695: HENRIQUES, FERNANDO: - Family and Colour in Jamaica
5696: HENRIQUES, FERNANDO: - Jamaica, Land of Wood and Water
5697: HENRIQUES, FERNANDO: - Modern Sexuality (Volume III of Prostitution and Society).
5698: HENRIQUES, JULIAN ETC.: - Changing the Subject, Psychology, social regulation and subjectivity
5699: HENRY, ANDREW F. & SHORT, JAMES F.: - Suicide and Homicide, some economic, sociological, and psychological aspects of aggression
5701: HENRY, NELSON B.: - The 41st Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education. part 2. The Psychology of Learning.
5702: HENRY, STUART & LANIER, MARK M. EDS.: - What is Crime: Controversies over the nature of crime and what to do about it
5703: HENRYSON, ROBERT: - The Testament of Cresseid. ed. Bruce Dickens.
5704: HENSHAW, HENRY W.: - Perforated Stones from California
5705: HENSHAW, HENRY W.: - The Book of Birds, common birds of town and country and American game birds
5706: HENSLIN, JAMES ED.: - Down to Earth Sociology, Introductory readings
5707: HENSMAN, C.R.: - Rich Against Poor, the Reality of Aid
5708: HENSMAN, C.R.: - Rich against Poor, The reality of aid
5709: HENSON, HILARY: - British Social Anthropologists and Language. A History of Separate Development.
5710: HENSON, JOSIAH: - The Autobiography of the Rev. Josiah Henson ('Uncle Tom') from 1789 to 1883. ed. John Lobb.
5711: HENTSCHEL, C.C. & COOK, W.R. IVIMEY: - Biology for Medical Students
5712: HEPPLE, ALEX: - South Africa, a Political and Economic History
5714: HERAUD, BRIAN: - Sociology in the Professions
5715: HERBERG, WILL: - Protestant - Catholic - Jew, an Essay in American Religious Sociology
5716: HERBERG, WILL: - Protestant-Catholic-Jew, an Essay in American Religious Sociology
5717: HERBERT, ROBERT K. (ED): - Not with One Mouth, Continuity and Change in Southern African Language Studies.
5719: HERBST, P.G.: - Autonomous Group functioning, an Exploration in Behaviour Theory and Measurement
5721: HERITIER, FRANCOISE: - Two Sisters and Their Mother, The anthropology of incest. Trans. Jeanine Herman.
5722: HERLE, ANITA; PHILLIPSON, DAVID: - Living Traditions. Continuity and Change, Past and Present.
5723: HERMANN, ELFRIEDE & ROTTGER-ROSSLER, BIRGITT EDS.: - Lebenswege im Spannungsfeld Lokaler und Globaler Prozesse, Person, selbst und emotion in der ethnologischen biografieforschung
5724: HERMER, CAROL: - The Diary of Maria Tholo
5725: HERMET, GUY: - Aux Frontieres de la Democratie
5726: HERNTON, CALVIN C.: - Sex and Racism
5727: HERNTON, CALVIN C.: - Sex and Racism in America
5728: HEROLD, J. CHRISTOPHER: - Mistress to an Age, A life of Madame de Stael.
5729: HERR, RICHARD: - Rural Change and Royal Finances in Spain, at the end of the Old Regime
5730: HERR, RICHARD (ED): - Themes in Rural History of the Western World
5731: HERRICK, ROBERT: - Robert Herrick (selected & edited by Henry Newbolt)
5732: HERRIGEL, GARY: - Industrial Constructions, The sources of German industrial power
5734: HERRIOT, EDOUARD: - Amid the Forests of Normandy. Trans. John Heron Lepper.
5735: HERRIOT, PETER: - Language and Teaching, a psychological view
5736: HERRNSTEIN, RICHARD J. & MURRAY, CHARLES: - The Bell Curve, Intelligence and class structure in American life
5737: HERSEY, JOHN: - The Algiers Motel Incident
5738: HERSKOVITS, M.J. & HARWITZ, M. EDS.: - Economic Transition in Africa
5739: HERSKOVITS, MELVILLE J.: - The Human Factor in Changing Africa
3346: D'HERTEFELD, MARCEL & DE LAME, DANIELLE: - Soceiete Culture et Histoire du Rwanda, encyclopedie bibliographique 1863-1980-87. 2 vols.
5740: HERTZBERG, LARS; PIETARINEN, JUHANA (EDS): - Perspectives on Human Conduct
5741: HERZOG, MARIANNE: - From Hand to Mouth, Women and Piecework. trans. by Stanley Mitchell.
5742: HESS, DAVID J.: - Can Bacteria Cause Cancer? Alternative Medicine Confronts Big Science
5743: HESSE, A. & GLEYZE, A.: - Notions de Sociologie, appliquee a la morale et a l'education
5744: HESSE, HERMANN: - Demian. Trans. W.J. Strachan.
5745: HESSE, HERMANN: - Die Gedichte
5746: HESSE, HERMANN: - Narziss and Goldmund. Trans. Geoffrey Dunlop.
5747: HEUBERGER, HELMUT & HOFER, ANDRAS: - Deutsche Forschung in Nepal 1950-1975, Dokumenation und Bibliographie
5748: HEURTLEY, W.A., DARBY, H.C., CRAWLEY, C.W. & WOODHOUSE, C.M.: - A Short History of Greece, from early times to 1964
3523: DE HEUSCH, LUC: - The Drunken King, or, The Origin of the State. Trans. Roy Willis.
5749: HEWITT, GORDON: - The Problems of Success, a history of the Church Missionary Society 1910-1942. 2 vols
5750: HEWITT, GRAILY: - Lettering, for Students and Craftsmen
5751: HEXTER, J.H.: - Reappraisals in History, new views on history and society in early modern Europe
5752: HEYER, JUDITH; MAITHA, J.K.; SENGA, W.M. EDS: - Agricultural Development in Kenya, an Economic Assessment
5753: HEYERDAHL, THOR: - Aku-Aku, the Secret of the Easter Island
5754: HEYERDAHL, THOR: - Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island
5755: HEYERDAHL, THOR: - American Indians in the Pacific, The theory behind the Kon-Tiki expedition
5756: HEYERDAHL, THOR: - The Kon-Tiki Expedition, by Raft across the South Seas
5757: HEYERDAHL, THOR: - The Ra Expeditions. trans. by Patricia Crampton
5758: HEYERDAHL, THOR: - The Tigris Expedition, In search of our beginnings.
5760: HEYMOWSKI, ADAM: - Swedish Travellers and their Ancestry, A social isolate or an ethnic minority
5761: HEYWOOD, CHRISTOPHER ED.: - Perspectives on African Literature: Selections from the proceedings of the Conference on African Literature held at the University of Ife 1968
5762: HEYWOOD, GERALD G.P.: - A Short Survey of English Mediaeval Architecture
12775: HIATT, L.R. ED.: - Australian Aboriginal Concepts
5765: HIBBEN, STUART G. (ED): - Antarctic Bibliography. Vol.20.
5766: HICHENS, ROBERT: - The Holy Land
5767: HICKERSON, HAROLD: - The Southwestern Chippewa, an Ethnohistorical Study
5768: HICKS, DAVID: - Structural Analysis in Anthropology: Case Studies from Indonesia and Brazil
5769: HICKS, J.R.: - A Contribution to the Theory of the Trade Cycle
5770: HICKS, J.R.: - The Social Framework, an introduction to economics
5771: HICKS, J.R.: - The Theory of Wages
5772: HICKS, JOHN: - A Theory of Economic History
5773: HICKS, U.K. ETC.: - Federalism and Economic Growth in Underdeveloped Countries, a symposium
5774: HICKS, URSULA K.: - Federalism, Failure and Success, A comparative study
5775: HIDDINS, BENJAMIN: - Economic Development, Problems, principles and policies
5776: HIELSCHER, KURT: - Osterreich, Landschaft und Baukunst
5777: HIGGINS, BENJAMIN: - Economic Development, Problems, principles and policies
5778: HIGGS, JOHN ED.: - People in the Countryside, studies in rural social development. A report based on the work of the United Nations European Study Group.
5780: HIGH, DALLA M.: - Language, Persons and Belief, studies in Wittgenstein's philosophical investigations and religious uses of language
5781: HIGHAM, FLORENCE: - Frederick Denison Maurice
5782: HILDEBRAND, GEORGE H.: - American Unionism: An Historical and Analytical Survey
5783: HILGARD, ERNEST R.: - Introduction to Psychology
5784: HILGARD, ERNEST R.: - Theories of Learning
5787: HILL, ALLAN G. ED.: - Population, Health and Nutrition in the Sahel, Issues in the welfare of selected West African communities
5788: HILL, BOYD H.: - Medieval Monarchy in Action, the German Empire from Henri I to Henry IV
5789: HILL, CHRISTOPHER: - Change and Continuity in 17th Century England
5790: HILL, CHRISTOPHER: - Intellectual Origins of the English Revolution
5791: HILL, CHRISTOPHER: - Reformation to Industrial Revolution. British Economy & Society 1530-1780
5792: HILL, CHRISTOPHER: - Reformation to Industrial Revolution. The Pelican Economic History of Britain volume 2. PAPERBACK
5793: HILL, CHRISTOPHER: - Society and Puritanism in Pre-Revolutionary England
5794: HILL, CHRISTOPHER: - The Century of Revolution 1603-1714. Vol.5. A History of England.
5795: HILL, CHRISTOPHER & SMITH, KAREN E. EDS.: - European Foreign Policy: Key Documents
5796: HILL, CHRISTOPHER R.: - Bantustans, the Fragmentation of South Africa
5797: HILL, CHRISTOPHER; DELL, EDMUND (EDS): - The Good Old Cause, the English Revolution of 1640-60. Extracts from contemporary sources.
5798: HILL, CLIFFORD S.: - Black and White in Harmony, the Drama of West Indians in the Big City, from a London Minister's Notebook
5799: HILL, CLIFFORD S.: - How Colour Prejudiced is Britain?
5800: HILL, DILYS M.: - Participating in Local Affairs
5801: HILL, JEREMY; SCANNELL, HILARY: - Due South, Socialists and World Development
5802: HILL, KIM Q. ED.: - Toward a New Strategy for Development, a Rothko Chapel Colloquium
5803: HILL, L.M.: - The Ancient State Authoritie and Proceedings of the Court of Requests by Sir Julius Ceasar
5804: HILL, MARTIN: - The United Nations System, Coordinating Its Economic and Social Work
5805: HILL, MICHAEL (ED): - A Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Britain no 4.
5806: HILL, MICHAEL (ED): - A Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Britain no 5.
5807: HILL, POLLY: - Migrant Cocoa-Farmers of Southern Ghana, a Study in Rural Capitalism
5808: HILL, POLLY: - Studies in Rural Capitalism
5809: HILL, W.C. OSMAN,: - Man's Ancestry
5810: HILL, WALTER A. & EGAN, DOUGLAS EDS.: - Readings in Organization Theory, A behavioural approach
5811: HILLARY, LOUISE: - A Yak for Christmas, The story of a Himalayan holiday
5812: HILTON, JOHN: - Rich Man, Poor Man
5814: HILTON, R.H.: - English and French Towns in Feudal Society, A comparative study
5815: HILTON, R.H.: - English and French Towns in Feudal Society, A comparative study
5816: HILTON, R.H.: - The Decline of Serfdom in Medieval England
5817: HILTON, R.H. & ASTON, T.H. EDS.: - The English Rising of 1381
5818: HILTON, RODNEY: - Bond Men made Free, Medieval peasant movements and the English Rising of 1381
5819: HILTON, RODNEY: - The Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism
5820: HILTON, RODNEY ETC.: - The Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism
5821: HIMES, NORMAN E.: - Medical History of Contraception
5822: HINDE, R.A. & STEVENSON-HINDE, J. EDS.: - Constraints on Learning, Limitations and Predispositions. Based on a conference sponsored by St John's College, Cambridge, England.
5823: HINDE, ROBERT A.: - Ethology, Its nature and relations with other sciences
5825: HINDEN, RITA ED.: - Local Government and the Colonies, a report to the Fabian Colonial Bureau
5826: HINDESS, BARRY: - Parliamentary Democracy and Socialist Politics
5829: HINDESS, BARRY: - The Use of Official Statistics in Sociology, a critique of positivism and ethnomethodology
5830: HINDESS, BARRY; HIRST, PAUL Q.: - Pre-Capitalist Modes of Production
5831: HINDESS, BARRY; HIRST, PAUL Q.: - Pre-Capitalist Modes of Production
5827: HINDESS, BARRY: - The Decline of Working Class Politics
5828: HINDESS, BARRY: - The Decline of Working Class Politics
5832: HINE, REGINALD: - Confessions of an Un-common Attorney
5833: HINKLE, ROSCOE C.; HINKLE, GISELA J.: - The Development of Modern Sociology in Nature and Growth in the United States
5834: HINSHELWOOD, CYRIL: - The Vision of Nature. 15th Arthur Stanley Eddington Memorial Lecture 1961
5835: HINSLEY, F.H. ED.: - The New Cambridge Modern History vol. XI, Material Progress and World-Wide Problems 1870-98.
5836: HINSLEY, F.H. ED.: - The New Cambridge Modern History vol. XI, Material Progress and World-Wide Problems 1870-98.
5838: HINTON, R.W.K.: - The Eastland Trade and the Common Weal in the Seventeenth Century
5839: HINTON, WILLIAM: - Hundred Day War, The Cultural Revolution at Tsinghua University
5841: HIRASHIMA, S. ED.: - Hired Labor in Rural Asia
5842: HIRD, CHRISTOPHER: - Your Employers' Profits
5843: HIRO, DILIP: - The Untouchables of India
5844: HIROIKE, CHIKURO: - The Characteristics of Moralogy and Supreme Morality
5845: HIRSCH, FRED & GOLDTHORPE, JOHN H. EDS.: - The Political Economy of Inflation
5846: HIRSCH, NATHANIEL D. MTTRON: - Genius and Creative Intelligence
5847: HIRSCHFELD, YIZHAR: - Archaeological Survey of Israel, Map of Herodium (108:2) 17-11
5849: HIRSCHMAN, ALBERT O.: - Journeys Toward Progress, Studies of economic policy-making in Latin America
5850: HIRSCHMAN, ALBERT O.: - Morality and the Social Sciences: A Durable Tension.
5851: HIRSHON, STANLEY P.: - The Lion of the Lord, a biography of the Mormon leader, Brigham Young
5852: HIRST, PAUL & WOOLLEY, PENNY: - Social Relations and Human Attributes
5853: HIRST, PAUL Q.: - Social Evolution and Sociological Categories
5854: HIRSZOWICZ, MARIA: - Industrial Sociology, an Introduction
5855: HITTI, PHILIP K.: - History of the Arabs
5857: HJORT, JOHAN: - The Unity of Science, a sketch
5859: HOBBES, THOMAS: - Leviathan
5860: HOBBES, THOMAS: - Leviathan. Edited and abridged with intro. by John Plamenatz.
5861: HOBBES, THOMAS: - Leviathon. Ed. C.B. Macpherson.
5862: HOBHOUSE, CHRISTOPHER: - 1851 and the Crystal Palace, being an account of the Great Exhibition and its contents; of Sir Joseph Paxton; and of the erection, the subsequent history and the destruction of history masterpiece
5863: HOBHOUSE, CHRISTOPHER: - Oxford, As it was and as it is today
5864: HOBHOUSE, L.T.: - Morals in Evolution, A Study in Comparative Ethics
5865: HOBSBAWM, E.J.: - Industry and Empire. The Pelican Economic History of Britain Vol.3 From 1750 to the Present Day.
5866: HOBSBAWM, E.J.: - Labouring Men, Studies in the History of Labour
5867: HOBSBAWM, E.J.: - Revolutionaries, Contemporary Essays
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