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12159: WHEELER, MORTIMER: - Still Digging, Interleaves from an Antiquary's Notebook
12160: WHEELER, MORTIMER: - The Indus Civilization, Supplementary Volume to the Cambridge History of India
12161: WHEELER, RICHARD S.: - Divisional Councils in East Pakistan, 1960-1965: an evaluation
12162: WHEELER, STANTON ED.: - On Record: files and dossiers in American life
12164: WHEELER, WILLIAM MORTON: - Social Life among the Insects, being a series of lectures delivered at the Lowell Institute in Boston in March 1922
12165: WHEELWRIGHT, E.L.; MCFARLANE, BRUCE: - The Chinese Road to Socialism, Economics of the Cultural Revolution
12166: WHETHAM, EDITH H.: - Agricultural Marketing in Africa
12167: WHETHAM, EDITH H. ED.: - Travel Diaries from Kingston Manor Yeovil 1882-1886
12168: WHETHAM, WILLIAM CECIL DAMPIER & WHETHAM, CATHERINE DURNING: - The Family and the Nation, a Study in Natural Inheritance and Social Responsibility
12169: WHISSON, MICHAEL G. & VAN DER MERWE, H.W. EDS.: - Coloured Citizenship in South Africa, report of the second workshop 1972
12170: WHISSON, MICHAEL G. & WEST, MARTIN ED.: - Religion and Social Change in Southern Africa, anthropological essays in honour of Monica Wilson
12171: WHITAKER, BEN: - The Philanthropoids, Foundations and Society
12172: WHITAKER, BEN: - The Police
12173: WHITAKER, BEN: - The Police in Society
12174: WHITAKER, BEN ED.: - The Fourth World, Victims of group oppression, Eight reports from the field work of the Minority Rights Group
12176: WHITE, ALAN R. ED.: - The Philosophy of Action
12177: WHITE, ALASTAIR: - El Salvador, Nation of the modern world
12178: WHITE, C.M.N.: - Terminological Confusion in African Land Tenure
12179: WHITE, C.M.N. & WINTERBOTTOM, J.N.: - A Check List of the Birds of Northern Rhodesia
12180: WHITE, EMIL H.: - Chemical Background for the Biological Sciences
12181: WHITE, GILBERT: - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, with observations on various parts of nature and the naturalist's calendar, ed. Sir William Jardine.
12182: WHITE, GILBERT: - The Natural History of Selborne
12183: WHITE, GORDON, MURRAY, ROBIN & WHITE, CHRISTINE, EDS.: - Revolutionary Socialist Development in the Third World
12184: WHITE, HENRY KIRKE: - Remains of .. with memoir of the author.
12185: WHITE, L.W. & HUSSEY, W.D.: - Government in Great Britain, the Empire, and the Commonwealth
12186: WHITE, LESLIE A. ED.: - Pioneers in American Anthropology, the Bandelier-Morgan Letters 1873-1883 2 vols
12187: WHITE, LYNN JR.: - Medieval Technology and Social Change
12188: WHITE, M.J.D.: - The Chromosomes
12189: WHITE, PAMELA M.: - Native Women: A statistical Overview.
12190: WHITE, PATRICK: - The Tree of Man
12191: WHITE, R.J.: - A Short History of England
12192: WHITE, R.J.: - Dr Bentley, a study in academic scarlet
12193: WHITE, RUEL: - Heroes through the Day
12194: WHITE, STEPHEN: - Political Culture and Soviet Politics
12195: WHITE, THEODORE H.: - The Making of the President 1960
12196: WHITEFIELD, GEORGE: - Journals
12197: WHITEHEAD, A.N.: - An Introduction to Mathematics
12198: WHITEHEAD, A.N.: - Science and the Modern World
12199: WHITEHEAD, LAURENCE: - The United States and Bolivia, A case of neo-colonialism
12200: WHITEHOUSE, DAVID & WHITEHOUSE, RUTH: - Archaeological Atlas of the World
12201: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD: - Visit to Utopia
12202: WHITELEY, C.H. & WHITELEY, WINIFRED M.: - Sex and Morals
12203: WHITELEY, PETER M.: - Rethinking Hopi Ethnography
12204: WHITELOCK, DOROTHY: - The Beginnings of English Society, an Account, Based on Contemporary Evidence of the Life and Thought of the Anglo-Saxons from their First Invasion of Romanized Britain to the Battle of Hastings
12205: WHITELOCK, DOROTHY ED.: - Sermo Lupi ad Anglos
12206: WHITELOCKE, BULSTRODE: - A Journal of the Swedish Ambassy in the Years MDCLIII and MDCLIV from the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland, written by the ambassador. 2 vols.
12207: WHITFIELD, J.H.: - A Short History of Italian Literature
12208: WHITING, BEATRICE B. ED.: - Six Cultures, Studies of Child Rearing
12210: WHITMARSH, ANNE: - Simone de Beauvoir and the Limits of Commitment
12211: WHITNEY, JANET: - Elizabeth Fry, Quaker Heroine
12212: WHITTEN, NORMAN E.: - Amazonian Ecuador: An Ethnic Interface in Ecological, Social and Ideological Perspectives
12213: WHITTEN, NORMAN E.; SZWED, JOHN F. (EDS): - Afro-American Anthropology, Contemporary Perspectives
12214: WHITTINGTON, E. MICHAEL ED.: - The Sport of Life and Death, The Mesoamerican Ballgame
12215: WHITTINGTON, STEPHEN L. & REED, DAVID M. EDS.: - Bones of the Maya, Studies of ancient skeletons
12217: WHYTE, WILLIAM FOOTE: - Street Corner Society, the Social Structure of an Italian Slum
12218: WHYTE, WILLIAM H.: - The Organization Man
12219: WHYTE, WILLIAM H. JR. AND THE EDITORS OF FORTUNE: - Is Anybody Listening? How and why U.S. business fumbles when it talks with human beings. drawings by Robert Osborn.
12220: WIANTA, MADE & STRAUB, ANDREAS: - Catur Yuga - In the Cycle of Time.
12222: WIDLOK, THOMAS & TADESSE, WOLDE GOSSA EDS.: - Property and Equality, Ritualisation, sharing, egalitarianism. 2 vols.
12223: WIDSTRAND, CARL ED.: - Multinational Firms in Africa
12224: WIDSTRAND, CARL GOSTA ED.: - African Boundary Problems
12225: WIDSTRAND, CARL GOSTA ED.: - African Co-operatives and Efficiency
12226: WIEHN, ERHARD R. ED.: - Juden in der Soziologie, Eine offentliche Vortragsreihe an der Universitat Konstanz 1989
12229: WIEVIORKA, MICHEL: - L'Espace de Racisme
12230: WIEVIORKA, MICHEL: - La Democratie a l'epreuve, Nationalisme, populisme, ethnicite
12704: WIEVIORKA, MICHEL: - The Arena of Racism. Trans. Chris Turner.
12231: WIEVIORKA, MICHEL ED.: - Racisme et Modernite
12232: WIEVIORKA, MICHEL ED.: - Racisme et Xenophobie en Europe, une comparaison internationale
12657: WIEVIORKA, MICHEL ETC.: - La France raciste
12233: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS: - Penelope's Experiences in Scotland. illus. by C.E. Brooks
12234: WIGGLESWORTH, V.B.: - The Physiology of Insect Metamorphosis
12235: WIGGLESWORTH, V.B.: - The Principles of Insect Physiology
12236: WIGHAM, ERIC: - What's Wrong with the Unions?
12237: WIGHAM, ERIC L.: - Trade Unions
12706: WIKAN, UNNI: - Fattigfolk i Cairo
12238: WIKMAN, K. ROB. V.: - Edward Westermarck as Anthropologist and Sociologist
12239: WILBERT, JOHANNES: - Warao Oral Literature
12240: WILBUR, CHARLES K. (ED): - The Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment
12241: WILCOX, DESMOND: - Explorers
12242: WILD, RAY ED.: - Management and Production Readings
12243: WILDER, THORNTON: - Our Town, and other plays
12244: WILDER, THORNTON: - The Ides of March
12245: WILDING, NORMAN & LAUNDY, PHILIP: - An Encyclopaedia of Parliament
12248: WILKEN, ROBERT L.: - The Land Called Holy, Palestine in Christian history and thought
12249: WILKES, JOHN ED.: - Liberty in Australia
12250: WILKINSON, ANDREW: - The Foundations of Language, talking and reading in young children
12252: WILKINSON, L.P.: - The Roman Experience
12254: WILL, FREDERICK L.: - Induction and Justification, an Investigation of Cartesian Procedure in the Philosophy of Knowledge
12255: WILL, GEORGE F.: - Archaeology of the Missouri Valley
12256: WILLAME, JEAN-CLAUDE: - Patrimonialism and Political Change in the Congo
12257: WILLCOCKS, LESLIE & HARROW, JENNY EDS.: - Rediscovering Public Services Management
12258: WILLETT, JOHN: - Art and Politics in the Weimar Period, The New Sobriety 1917-1933.
12259: WILLETTS, DAVID & FORSDYKE, RICHARD: - After the Landslide, Learning the lessons from 1906 and 1945
12260: WILLEY, BASIL: - The Eighteenth Century Background, studies on the idea of nature in the thought of the period
12261: WILLEY, GORDON R.: - An Introduction to American Archaeology, Vol 1. North and Middle America.
12262: WILLIAMS, BASIL: - Botha, Smuts and South Africa
12263: WILLIAMS, CLAIRE: - Opencut, The working class in an Australian mining town
12264: WILLIAMS, DAVID: - John Frost, a study in Chartism
12265: WILLIAMS, DAVID: - President and Power in Nigeria, The life of Shehu Shagari
12266: WILLIAMS, ERIC: - Complete and Free
12267: WILLIAMS, GAVIN: - Third World Studies. Case Study 2. The Origins of the Nigerian Civil War.
12268: WILLIAMS, GERTRUDE: - Economics of Everyday Life
12269: WILLIAMS, GERTRUDE: - The Price of Social Security
12270: WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR: - The Hudson's Bay Company and the Fur trade: 1670-1870
12271: WILLIAMS, GWYNETH: - Third World Political Organizations, a Review of Developments
12272: WILLIAMS, J.D.: - The Complete Strategyst, being a primer on the theory of games of strategy
12273: WILLIAMS, J.H.: - Bandoola
12275: WILLIAMS, JAMES: - The Story of Chester
12276: WILLIAMS, JOHN A.: - The King God Didn't Save, Reflections on the Life and Death of Martin Luther King
12277: WILLIAMS, JOHN A.: - The Man Who Cried I Am
12278: WILLIAMS, LEONARD: - Challenge to Survival, a Philosophy of Evolution
12279: WILLIAMS, LEONARD: - Man and Monkey
12280: WILLIAMS, MARGARET H.: - The Jews among the Greeks and Romans, A diasporan sourcebook
12282: WILLIAMS, R.M.: - The Reduction of Intergroup Tensions: a survey of research on problems of Ethnic, Racial and Religious Group Relations
12283: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND: - Communications
12287: WILLIAMS, ROBIN M.: - Strangers Next Door, Ethnic Relations in American Communities
12288: WILLIAMS, SCHAFER ED.: - The Gregorian Epoch, reformation, revolution, reaction?
12289: WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY: - Central Africa: the Economics of Inequality
12290: WILLIAMS, SYLVIA H.: - Mohammad Omer Khalil - etchings. Amir I.M. Nour - sculpture.
12291: WILLIAMS, W.M.: - A West Country Village, Ashworthy, Family, Kinship and Land
12292: WILLIAMS, W.M. ED.: - Occupational Choice, a selection of papers from The Sociological Review
12284: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND: - Culture and Society 1780-1950
12285: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND: - Culture and Society 1780-1950
12293: WILLIAMSON, AUDREY: - Gilbert and Sullivan Opera, A new assessment
12294: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE: - A Reader's Guide to T.S. Eliot, a poem-by-poem analysis.
12295: WILLIAMSON, HENRY: - The Story of a Norfolk Farm
12296: WILLIAMSON, RICHARD: - The Great Yew Forest, the natural history of Kingsley Vale
12297: WILLIAMSON, ROBIN ED.: - The Wise and Foolish Tongue, Celtic stories and poems
12298: WILLIS, ROY: - Man and Beast
12299: WILLIS, ROY: - Some Spirits Heal, Others only Dance, A journey into human selfhood in an African village
12300: WILLIS, ROY: - The Interpretation of Symbolism
12301: WILLMER, JOHN: - Third World Studies. Block 2 Study Guide.
12302: WILLMOTT, PETER: - A Walk in the Night and Other Stories
12303: WILLMOTT, PETER: - Adolescent Boys of East London
12304: WILLMOTT, PETER & YOUNG, MICHAEL: - Family and Class in a London Suburb
12305: WILLS, A.J.: - An Introduction to the History of Central Africa
12306: WILLS, J. BRIAN (ED): - Agriculture and Land Use in Ghana
12307: WILMER, JOHN: - Third World Studies. U204 Summer School Guide.
12308: WILMOT, P.F. EDS.: - Sociology in Africa, a book of readings. 2 vols.
12309: WILMSEN, EDWIN N. ED.: - We are Here, Politics of Aboriginal land tenure
12310: WILPERT, CLARA B.: - Schattentheater
12315: WILSON, BRYAN: - Religion in Sociological Perspective
12316: WILSON, BRYAN: - The Youth Culture and the Universities
12317: WILSON, BRYAN R. (ED): - Rationality
12318: WILSON, BRYAN R. (ED): - Rationality
12319: WILSON, CARTER: - Hidden in the Blood. A Personal Investigation of Aids in the Yucatan.
12320: WILSON, CHARLES: - Australia 1788-1988, The Creation of a Nation
12321: WILSON, CHARLES: - England's Apprenticeship 1603-1763
12322: WILSON, CHARLES: - Holland and Britain
12323: WILSON, D.R.: - Roman Frontiers of Britain
12324: WILSON, DAVID: - Atoms of Time Past
12327: WILSON, DAVID F.: - Dockers, the Impact of Industrial Change
12328: WILSON, DICK: - Asia Awakes, A continent in transition
12329: WILSON, DICK: - The Long March 1935, the Epic of Chinese Communism's Survival
12330: WILSON, DOROTHY C.: - Take my Hands, the remarkable story of Dr Mary Verghese of Vellore
12331: WILSON, EDMUND: - Apologies to the Iroquois, with A Study of the Mohawks in High Steel, by Joseph Mitchell
12332: WILSON, EDMUND: - Classics and Commercials, A literary chronicle of the forties
12333: WILSON, EDMUND: - The Shores of Light, A literary chronicle of the twenties and thirties
12334: WILSON, EDMUND: - To the Finland Station, a Study in the Writing & Acting of History
12335: WILSON, ELIZABETH: - What is to be done about Violence against Women? Crisis in the Eighties
12336: WILSON, FRANCESCA M.: - Strange Island, Britain through Foreign Eyes 1395-1940
12337: WILSON, FRANCIS: - Migrant Labour in South Africa
12338: WILSON, FRANCIS & RAMPHELE, MAMPHELA: - Uprooting Poverty, The South African challenge. Report for the second Carnegie Inquiry into Poverty and Development in Southern Africa.
12339: WILSON, GEOFFREY: - Cases and Materials on Constitutional and Administrative Law
12341: WILSON, GODFREY & WILSON, MONICA: - The Analysis of Social Change, based on observations in Central Africa
12342: WILSON, GORDON: - The Third Sex, the Genders of the Species
12343: WILSON, JAMES M.: - The Worcester Liber Albus
12344: WILSON, JAMES Q.: - Negro Politics, the Search for Leadership
12345: WILSON, JOHN: - Logic and Sexual Morality
12346: WILSON, JOHN A.: - The Culture of Ancient Egypt. (originally pub. as 'The Burden of Egypt')
12347: WILSON, JOHN HAROLD: - The Ordeal of Mr Pepys's Clerk
12729: WILSON, JOHN, WILLIAMS, NORMAN & SUGARMAN, BARRY: - Introduction to Moral Education
12348: WILSON, MARGARET: - A Kent Girl-Graduate
12349: WILSON, MONICA: - Communal Rituals of the Nyakyusa
12350: WILSON, MONICA: - For Men and Elders, Change in Relations of Generations and of Men and Women among the Nyakyusa-Ngonde People 1875-1971
12351: WILSON, MONICA: - Good Company, a Study of Nyakyusa Age-Villages
12352: WILSON, MONICA: - Rituals of Kinship Among the Nyakyusa
12353: WILSON, MONICA & MAFEJE, ARCHIE: - Langa, a study of social groups in an African township
12354: WILSON, NORMAN: - The British System of Government
12355: WILSON, PETER J.: - A Malay Village and Malaysia, Social values and rural development
12356: WILSON, PETER J.: - Oscar, an enquiry into the nature of sanity
12357: WILSON, PETER J.: - The Domestication of the Human Species
12358: WILSON, R.M.: - Early Middle English Literature
12360: WILSON, RICHARD ALBERT: - The Miraculous Birth of Language
12361: WILSON, RODNEY: - Trade and Investment in the Middle East
12362: WILSON, ROGER: - Difficult Housing Estates
12313: WILSON, BRYAN: - Religion in Secular Society, a sociological comment
12314: WILSON, BRYAN: - Religion in Secular Society, a sociological comment
12325: WILSON, DAVID: - The Vikings and their Origins, Scandinavia in the First Millennium
12326: WILSON, DAVID: - The Vikings and their Origins, Scandinavia in the First Millennium
12363: WINANS, EDGAR V.: - Shambala, the Constitution of a Traditional State
12364: WINCH, D.M.: - Analytical Welfare Economics
12717: WINCH, DONALD: - Adam Smith's Politics, An essay in historiographic revision
12365: WINCH, DONALD: - Economics and Policy, A historical survey
12366: WINCH, PETER: - The Idea of a Social Science and its Relation to Philosophy
12367: WINCH, PETER: - The Idea of a Social Science and its Relation to Philosophy
12368: WINDEYER, VICTOR: - Australia in the Commonwealth. 1977 Commonwealth Lecture.
12369: WINGFIELD, R.J.: - The Story of Old Ghana, Melle and Songhai
12370: WINKLER, EIKE-MEINRAD; WILFING, HARALD: - Tell El-Daba VI. Anthropologische Untersuchungen an den Skelettresten der Kampagnen 1966-69, 1975-80, 1985.
12371: WINNICOTT, D.W.: - The Child, the Family, and the Outside World
12372: WINT, GUY & CALVOCORESSI, PETER: - Middle East Crisis, the Series of Events Which Preceeded the Recent Crisis in the Middle East and Proposals for Future Western Policy
12373: WINT, GUY (ED): - Asia: A Handbook
12374: WINT, GUY ED.: - Asia Handbook
12375: WINTEMBERG, W.J.: - Roebuck Prehistoric Village Site, Grenville County, Ontario
12378: WINTER, E.H.: - Bwamba Economy, the development of a primitive subsistence economy in Uganda
12379: WINTER, EDWARD H.: - Beyond the Mountains of the Moon, the Lives of Four Africans
12380: WINTER, EDWARD H.: - Beyond the Mountains of the Moon, the Lives of Four Africans
12381: WINTON, F.R.; BAYLISS, L.E.: - Human Physiology
12382: WINZINGER, FRANZ: - Wolf Huber das Gesamtwerk. 2 vols.
12383: WIONCZEK, MIGUEL S. ETC.: - Crecimiento o Desarrollo Economico? Presente y futuro de la sociedad Mexicana
12384: WIPPER, AUDREY: - Rural Women: Development or Underdevelopment?
12385: WIRTH-NESHER, HANA (ED): - The Sheila Carmel Lectures 1988-1993
12386: WISDOM, JOHN OULTON: - Foundations of Inference in Natural Science
12388: WISE, GENE: - American Historical Explanations, a Strategy for Grounded Inquiry
12389: WISEMAN, E.M. ED.: - Kikuyu Martyrs
12390: WISEMAN, H.V.: - Political Systems, Some Sociological Approaches
12391: WISEMAN, STEPHEN ED.: - Intelligence and Ability
12392: WISER, WILLIAM & WISER, CHARLOTTE: - Behind Mud Walls 1930-1960
12393: WISH, HARVEY ED.: - Ante-Bellum, Writings of George Fitzhugh and Hinton Rowan Helper on Slavery
12394: WISSLER, CLARK: - Comparative Data on Respiration and Circulation among Native and Foreign Born Males in New York City
12395: WISSLER, CLARK: - Indians of the United States
12396: WITHERS, PERCY: - In a Cumberland Dale
12397: WITHERSPOON, GARY: - Navajo Kinship and Marriage
3583: DE WITT, M.: - Legendes et Recits, pour la jeunesse
12398: WITTE, ROB: - Race, Violence and the State: A comparative analysis of Britain, France and the Netherlands
12403: WODDIS, JACK: - An Introduction to Neo-Colonialism
12401: WODDIS, JACK: - Africa, the Roots of Revolt
12402: WODDIS, JACK: - Africa, the Roots of Revolt
12404: WOLBERG, LEWIS R.: - The Technique of Psychotherapy
12407: WOLF, ERIC R.: - Peasants
12408: WOLF, ERIC R., BENEDICT, BURTON Y OTROS: - Antropolologia Social de las Sociedades Complejas. Compilacion de Michael Banton.
12409: WOLF, MARGERY: - A Thrice-told Tale, Feminism, Postmodernism, and Ethnographic Responsibility.
12405: WOLF, ERIC: - Sons of the Shaking Earth, the People of Mexico and Guatemala, their Land, History and Culture
12406: WOLF, ERIC: - Sons of the Shaking Earth, the People of Mexico and Guatemala, their Land, History and Culture
12410: WOLFE, ALAN: - The Limits of Legitimacy, Political Contradictions of Contemporary Capitalism
12411: WOLFE, B.P.: - The Royal Demesne in English History, the Crown Estate in the Governancy of the Realm from the Conquest to 1509
12412: WOLFEL, DOMINIK: - Die Religionen des Vorindogermanischen Europa. offprint from 'Christus und die Religion der Erde'
12413: WOLFF, KURT H.: - The Sociology of Knowledge in the United States of America, a Trent Report & Bibliography
12414: WOLFF, PHILIPPE: - The Awakening of Europe
12416: WOLFSON, FREDA: - Pageant of Ghana
12417: WOLGAST, ELIZABETH H.: - The Grammar of Justice
12418: WOLLHEIM, RICHARD: - The Thread of Life
12419: WOLLHEIM, RICHARD: - The Thread of Life
12420: WOLSTENHOLME, G.E.W. & KNIGHT, JULIE: - Taste and Smell in Vertebrates. A Ciba Foundation Symposium.
12421: WOLSTENHOLME, G.E.W. & O'CONNOR MAEVE EDS.: - Diet and Bodily Constitution. Ciba Foundation Study Group no.17.
12422: WOLSTENHOLME, G.E.W. & O'CONNOR, CECILIA M. EDS.: - Biochemistry of Human Genetics. Ciba Foundation Symposium jointly with the International Union of Biological Sciences.
12423: WOLSTENHOLME, GORDON ED.: - Man and his Future, a Ciba Foundation Volume
12424: WOMACK, JOHN: - Zapata, and the Mexican Revolution
12425: WONTNER, JOHN J.: - A Guide to Land Registry Practice
12426: WOOD, ANTHONY ST JOHN: - Northern Rhodesia, the human background
12427: WOOD, ETHEL M.: - Pilgrimage of Perseverance
12428: WOOD, G. BERNARD: - The North Country
12429: WOOD, G. BERNARD: - Yorkshire Tribute
12430: WOOD, MARGARET: - The English Mediaeval House
12431: WOOD, MICHAEL: - In Search of the Trojan War
12432: WOOD, SUSAN: - Kenya, the Tensions of Progress
12433: WOOD, THOMAS: - Cobbers, a personal record of a journey from Essex, in England, to Australia, Tasmania and some of the reefs and islands in the Coral Sea, made in the years 1930, 1931, and 1932
12434: WOOD, WENDY: - From a Highland Croft
12752: WOODCOCK, ALEXANDER & DAVIS, MONTE: - Catastrophe Theory
12435: WOODFORDE, JAMES: - The Diary of a Country Parson 1758 - 1802. Passages selected and edited by John Beresford.
12436: WOODGER, J.H.: - Physics, Psychology and Medicine. A methodological essay.
12437: WOODHEAD, A.G.: - The Study of Greek Inscriptions
12438: WOODHEAD, LESLIE: - A Box Full of Spirits, Adventures of a Film-Maker in Africa
12439: WOODRUFF, A.W.: - Alimentary and Haematological Aspects of Tropical Disease
12440: WOODRUFF, PHILIP: - The Men who Ruled India, The Founders
12441: WOODRUFF, PHILIP: - The Men who Ruled India: 1 The Founders, 2 The Guardians. 2 vols.
12442: WOODWARD, C. VANN: - The Strange Career of Jim Crow
12443: WOODWARD, E.L.: - History of England
12444: WOODWARD, MARY W.: - The Development of Behaviour
12445: WOODWARD, R.J. ED.: - Today and Yesterday: The History of Mankind, Ancient and medieval history, modern, contemporary and social history
12446: WOODWORTH, ROBERT S.: - Contemporary Schools of Psychology
12447: WOOLF, LEONARD: - After the Deluge
12448: WOOLF, LEONARD: - Downhill all the Way
12449: WOOLF, VIRGINIA: - The Common Reader
12450: WOOLF, VIRGINIA: - The Second Common Reader
12451: WOOLHOUSE, HAROLD W. ED.: - Aspects of the Biology of Ageing
12452: WOOLLEY, C. LEONARD: - Antiquities of Ur, an Introduction to the 7th Temporary Exhibition of the Joint Expedition of the British Museum and of the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania to Mesopotamia
12453: WOOLLEY, C. LEONARD: - Antiquities of Ur, an Introduction to the 8th Temporary Exhibition of the Joint Expedition of the British Museum and of the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania to Mesopotamia
12454: WOOLLEY, C.L.: - Ur of the Chaldees: a record of seven years of excavation
12455: WOOLLEY, LEONARD: - Digging Up the Past
12456: WOOLLEY, LEONARD: - Ur: the first phases
12457: WOOTTON, BARBARA: - The Social Foundations of Wage Policy, A study of contemporary British wage and salary structure
12458: WOOTTON, GRAHAM: - The Politics of Influence, British Ex-Servicemen, Cabinet Decisions and Cultural Change (1917-57)
12459: WOOZLEY, A.D.: - Theory of Knowledge, an introduction
12460: WORCESTER, ROBERT M. & BARNES, SAMUEL H.: - Dynamics of Societal Learning about Global Environmental Change
12461: WORDEN, A.N.: - Functional Anatomy of Birds
12463: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM: - Poetical Works
12464: WORMALD, FRANCIS: - The Miniatures in the Gospels of St Augustine (Corpus Christi College Ms 286). Sandars Lectures for 1948
12465: WORMALD, FRANCIS & GILES, PHYLLIS M.: - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Additional Illuminated Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum Vol. 2.
12466: WORMALD, FRANCIS; GILES, PHYLLIS. M.: - Illuminated Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum (catalogue of an exhibition)
12467: WORSLEY, PETER: - Inside China
12468: WORSLEY, PETER: - Introducing Sociology
12469: WORSLEY, PETER: - Marx and Marxism
12470: WORSLEY, PETER: - The New Introducing Sociology
12473: WORSLEY, PETER: - The Three Worlds, Culture and World Development
12474: WORSLEY, PETER: - The Trumpet Shall Sound, a Study of 'Cargo' Cults in Melanesia
12475: WORSLEY, PETER (ED): - The New Modern Sociology Readings
12476: WORSLEY, PETER (ED): - Two Blades of Grass, Rural Cooperatives in Agricultural Modernization
12477: WORSLEY, PETER ED.: - Modern Sociology: Introductory Readings
12478: WORSLEY, PETER ED.: - Problems of Modern Society, A sociological perspective
12479: WORSLEY, PETER; HADJOR, KOFI BUENOR: - On the Brink. Nuclear Proliferation and the 3rd World.
12471: WORSLEY, PETER: - The Third World
12472: WORSLEY, PETER: - The Third World
12480: WRAITH, RONALD: - Open Government, the British Interpretation
12481: WRENN, C.L. ED.: - Beowulf, With the Finnesburg Fragment
12482: WRIGGENS, W. HOWARD: - The Ruler's Imperative, Strategies for political survival in Asia and Africa
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