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1110: ANDRESEN, CARL: - Die Kirchen der alten Christenheit
1111: ANDRESKI, STANISLAV: - Parasitism and Subversion, the case of Latin America
1112: ANDRESKI, STANISLAV: - The African Predicament, a study in the pathology of modernisation
1113: ANDREW, BOYD; VAN RENSBURG, PATRICK: - An Atlas of African Affairs
1114: ANDREW, CHRISTOPHER & MITROKHIN, VASILI: - The Mitrokhin Archive, The KGB in Europe and the West
1115: ANDREWES, ANTONY: - The Greeks
1116: ANDREWES, CHRISTOPHER: - Viruses of Vertebrates
1117: ANDREWS, C.F.: - John White of Mashonaland
1118: ANDREWS, EDWARD D.: - The People called Shakers, a search for the perfect society
1119: ANDREWS, JAMES PETTIT: - Anecdotes, etc. Antient and Modern; with observations. new edn. corrected & enlarged
1120: ANDREWS, WILLIAM: - England in the Days of Old
1121: ANDREWS, WILLIAM & LANG, ELSIE: - Old English Towns
1122: ANDREWS, WILLIAM G. ED.: - Constitutions and Constitutionalism
1123: ANDREYEV, I.: - The Noncapitalist Way, Soviet Experience and the Liberated Countries. trans. by Galina Sdobnikova
1124: ANDRIST, RALPH K.: - The Long Death, The last days of the Plains Indians
1125: ANDRZEJEWSKI, STANISLAW: - Military Organization and Society
1126: ANELL, LARS: - Recession, the Western Economies and the Changing World Order
1127: ANELL, LARS; NYGREN, BIRGITTA: - The Developing Countries and the World Economic Order
1128: ANGLIN, D., SHAW, T. & WIDSTRAND, C. EDS.: - Canada, Scandinavia and Southern Africa
1130: ANIZA, HMAID BEN: - Le Statut du Politique chez Marx
3342: D'ANNA, ROBERTO: - Il Settore Meccanotessile Nell'Area Pratese, Situazione attuale e prospettive di sviluppo
1131: ANSCOMBE, G.E.M.: - An Introduction to Wittgenstein's Tractatus
1132: ANSTEY, VERA & MARTIN, ANNE: - An Introduction to Economics, For students in India and Pakistan
1133: ANSTRUTHER, IAN: - I Presume, Stanley's Triumph and Disaster
1134: ANTHIAS, FLOYA & YUVAL-DAVIS, NIRA: - Racialized Boundaries, Race, nation, gender, colour and class and the anti-racist struggle PAPERBACK
1135: ANTON, FERDINAND & DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK J.: - Pre-Columbian Art and Later Indian Tribal Arts
1136: ANWAR, SHAMIM: - The Pakistan Idea, A challenge to geographical, racial and lingual nationalism
1137: ANYANE, S. LA.: - Ghana Agriculture, Economic development from early times to the middle of the twentieth century
1139: APEL, K.O.; ARANGUREN, J.L. ETC.: - Europa a la Fi del Segle xx
11717: VAN APELDOORN, L.J.: - Inleiding tot de Studie van het Nederlandse Recht
1140: APPELBAUM, RICHARD P.: - The Theories of Social Change
1141: APPELT, ERNA & JAROSCH, MONIKA EDS.: - Combating Racial Discrimination, Affirmative action as a model for Europe
1142: APPERSON, G.L. ED.: - Gleanings after Time: chapters in social and domestic history
1143: APPLE, DORRIAN ED.: - Sociological Studies of Health and Sickness, a source book for the health professions
1144: APPLETON, A.B.: - Laboratory Guide to Vertebrate Dissection for students of anatomy
1146: APTER, DAVID E.: - Ghana in Transition
1147: APTER, DAVID E.: - The Politics of Modernization
1148: APTER, DAVID E.: - The Politics of Modernization
1149: APTER, DAVID E. & ANDRAIN, CHARLES F. EDS.: - Contemporary Analytical Theory
1150: APTER, DAVID E. & SAWA, NAGAYO: - Against the State, Politics and social protest in Japan
1151: APTER, MICHAEL J.: - The Computer Simulation of Behaviour
1152: APTHEKER, HERBERT: - To Be Free, Studies in American Negro History
1153: APTHORPE, R. & GASPER, D.: - Public Policy Evaluation, Meta-Evaluation, and Essentialism: The Case of Rural Cooperatives
1154: APTHORPE, R.J. ED.: - Present Interrelations in Central African Rural and Urban Life, being the proceedings of the 11th conference of the Rhodes-Livingstone Inst. for Social Research, held at Lusaka, Northen Rhodesia, 1958
1155: APTHORPE, R.J. ED.: - Rural Cooperatives and Planned Change in Africa. Case Materials.
1156: APTHORPE, RAYMOND (ED): - People, Planning and Development Studies, Some Reflections on Social Planning
1157: ARANDA, AYME BUITRON: - Cosmovision Andina y Catolicismo. Lo Sobrenatural en la Vida Cotidiana a Partir de Una Viografia Religiosa.
1158: ARANGUREN, J.L.: - Human Communication. Trans. from spanish by Frances Partridge.
1159: ARAZI, ALBERT: - La Realite et la Fiction dans la Poesie Arabe Ancienne
1160: ARBERRY, A.J.: - Classical Persian Literature
1161: ARBERRY, ARTHUR J.: - The Koran Interpreted
1162: ARBLASTER, ANTHONY & LUKES, STEVEN EDS.: - The Good Society, A book of readings
1163: ARCH, JOSEPH: - Autobiography, edited by John G. O'Leary.
1164: ARCHER, FRED: - Under the Parish Lantern
1165: ARCHER, JOHN; LLOYD, BARBARA: - Sex and Gender
1166: ARCHER, MARGARET S. & TRITTER, JONATHAN Q. EDS.: - Rational Choice Theory, Resisting Colonization
1167: ARCHER, MARGARET SCOTFIELD & GINER, SALVADOR EDS.: - Contemporary Europe, Class, status and power
1168: ARCHER, PETER: - The Queen's Courts, an Account of the History, Jurisdiction and Procedure of the Various Courts and Tribunals which Administer English Law
1170: ARCHER, W.G.: - The Hill of Flutes, Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India, a Portrait of the Santals
1172: ARCHER, W.G. ED.: - The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana. Trans. Sir Richard Burton & F.F. Arbuthnot.
1171: ARCHER, W.G.: - The Vertical Man, a study in primitive Indian sculpture
1173: ARCHEY, GILBERT: - South Sea Folk
1174: ARDENER, E.W.: - Anmerkungen zur Geschichte der geschuetzten Denkmaeler Westkameruns
1176: ARDENER, SHIRLEY ED.: - Defining Females, the Nature of Women in Society
1177: ARDENER, SHIRLEY ED.: - Defining Females, the Nature of Women in Society
1178: ARDENER, SHIRLEY ED.: - Perceiving Women
1179: ARDENER, SHIRLEY ED.: - Persons and Powers, of women in diverse cultures: Essays in commemoration of Audrey I. Richards, Phyllis Kaberry and Barbara E. Ward.
1180: ARDENER, SHIRLEY G.: - Eye-Witnesses to the Annexation of Cameroon 1883-1887
1181: ARDITO, STEFANO: - Trekking in Africa
1182: ARDREY, ROBERT: - African Genesis, A personal investigation into the animal origins and nature of man
1183: ARDREY, ROBERT: - The Hunting Hypothesis
1184: ARDREY, ROBERT: - The Territorial Imperative, a Personal Inquiry into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations
1185: ARDREY, ROBERT: - The Territorial Imperative, a Personal Inquiry into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations
1186: ARDUINI, PAOLO; PINNA, GIOVANNI: - Dinosauri, Guida alla Sala del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano
1189: ARENSBERG, CONRAD M. & NIEHOFF, ARTHUR H.: - Introducing Social Change, A manual for Americans overseas
3344: D'ARGENCE, RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE: - The Hans Popper Collection of Oriental Art, A selection of 131 Chinese ancient bronzes, sculptures, ceramics and Korean celadons
1190: ARGYLE, JOHN & PRESTON-WHYTE, ELEANOR EDS.: - Social System and Tradition in Southern Africa
1191: ARGYLE, M., BENDIX, R., FLINN, M.W. & HAGEN, E.E.: - Social Theory and Economic Change
1192: ARGYLE, MICHAEL: - The Concepts of Role and Status.
1193: ARGYLE, MICHAEL: - The Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour
1194: ARGYLE, MICHAEL: - The Social Psychology of Work
1195: ARGYLE, MICHAEL & BEIT-HALLAHMI, BENJAMIN: - The Social Psychology of Religion
1196: ARGYLE, MICHAEL ED.: - Social Encounters, Readings in social interaction
1198: ARIES, PHILIPPE: - The Hour of our Death
1199: ARIES, PHILIPPE: - Western Attitudes toward Death, from the Middle Ages to the Present
1200: ARISTOTLE: - De Anima. Books 2 & 3 (with certain passages from Book 1) trans. D.W. Hamlyn.
1201: ARISTOTLE: - Politics. dual text. trans. H. Rackham.
1202: ARISTOTLE: - Politics. trans. Benjamin Jowett.
1203: ARISTOTLE: - The 'Art' of Rhetoric. dual text. trans. J.H. Freese.
1204: ARISTOTLE: - The Nicomachean Ethics. trans. D.P. Chase.
1205: ARISTOTLE: - The Politics. Trans. by T.A. Sinclair
1206: ARLACCHI, PINO ETC.: - Morte di un Generale, L'assassinio di Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, la mafia, la droga, il potere politico
1207: ARMAS, MARGARITA NOLASCO: - Notas para la Antropologia Social del Noroeste de Mexico
3497: DE ARMELLADA, P. CESAREO: - Tauron Panton, Cuentos y Leyendas de los Pemon
1208: ARMISTEAD, NIGEL ED.: - Reconstructing Social Psychology
1209: ARMSTRONG, ALAN: - Stability and Change in an English County Town, a Social Study of York 1801-51
1210: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY: - The Naughty Princess. Illus. A.K. Macdonald.
1211: ARMSTRONG, NANCY: - Fans from the Fitzwilliam, a Selection from the Messel-Rosse Collection, the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
1212: ARNAUD, P. ETC.: - L'Idee de Philosophie Politique
11845: VON ARNIM, BETTINA: - Goethes Briefwechsel
1214: ARNOLD, DENIS ED.: - The New Oxford Companion to Music 2 vols.
1215: ARNOLD, JAMES: - The Shell Book of Country Crafts
1216: ARNOLD, MATTHEW: - Culture and Anarchy. Ed. J. Dover Wilson.
1217: ARNOLD, MATTHEW: - Essays by Matthew Arnold
1218: ARNOLD, MATTHEW: - On the Study of Celtic Literature and Other Essays
1219: ARNOLD, MATTHEW: - The Poems of Matthew Arnold 1840-1867
1220: ARNOLD, PHILIP J.: - Domestic Ceramic Production and Spatial Organization. Mexican Case Study in Ethnoarchaeology.
1221: ARNOLD, RALPH: - A Yeoman of Kent, an account of Richard Hayes (1725-90) and the village of Cobham in which he lived and farmed
1222: ARNOLD, W.T.: - The Roman System of Provincial Administration to the Accession of Constantine the Great
1223: ARNOT, FRED. S.: - Garenganze; or Seven Years' Pioneer Mission Work in Central Africa
1224: ARNOTT, KATHLEEN: - African Myths and Legends. illus. Joan Kiddell-Monroe
1225: ARON, RAYMOND: - 18 Lectures on Industrial Society
1226: ARON, RAYMOND: - Dix-huit Lecons sur la Societe Industrielle
1227: ARON, RAYMOND: - German Sociology
1228: ARON, RAYMOND: - Main Currents in Sociological Thought II, Durkheim, Pareto, Weber
1229: ARON, RAYMOND: - Main Currents in Sociological Thought, Vol 1. Montesquieu, Comte, Marx, Tocqueville. The Sociologists and the Revolution of 1848. Trans. by Richard Howard and Helen Weaver.
1230: ARON, RAYMOND: - Main Currents in Sociological Thought. Vol. I. Montesquieu, Comte, Marx, Tocqueville & The Sociologists and the Revolution of 1848
1232: ARON, RAYMOND: - Progress and Disillusion, The Dialectics of Modern Society
1233: ARON, RAYMOND: - The Industrial Society, Three Essays on Ideology and Development
1234: ARONSON, JOSEPH: - The Encyclopedia of Furniture
1235: ARRATIA F., GLORIA: - Generos de Peced de Aguas Continentales de Chile
1236: ARRIGHI, G. & SAUL, J.S.: - Essays on the Political Economy of Africa
1237: ARRIGHI, GIOVANNI & SAUL, JOHN S.: - Essays on the Political Economy of Africa
1238: ARTEAGA, OSWALDO; PADRO, JOSEP; SANMARTI, ENRIC: - El Poblado Iberico del Tossal del Moro de Pinyeres (Batea, Terra Alta, Tarragona
1239: ARTHUR, ELIZABETH: - Bring Deeps
1241: ASAD, TALAL; OWEN, ROGER (EDS): - Sociology of 'Developing Societies' The Middle East
1242: ASAD, TALAL; OWEN, ROGER (EDS): - Sociology of 'Developing Societies' The Middle East
1243: ASCHER, CAROL: - Simone de Beauvoir, A life of freedom
1245: ASHBEE, PAUL: - The Fussell's Lodge Long Barrow Excavations 1957,
1246: ASHBY, ERIC: - African Universities and Western Tradition
1247: ASHBY, ERIC & ANDERSON MARY: - The Rise of the Student Estate in Britain
1248: ASHBY, M.K.: - Joseph Ashby of Tysoe 1859-1919, a study of English village life
1249: ASHE, GEOFFREY; HEYERDAHL, THOR ETC.: - The Quest for America
1250: ASHFORTH, ADAM: - Madumo, A man bewitched
1251: ASHFORTH, ADAM: - Madumo, A man bewitched
1252: ASHLEY, B.J., COHEN, H.S. & SLATTER, R.G.: - An Introduction to the Sociology of Education
1253: ASHTON, LEIGH ED.: - Chinese Art - specially written on the occasion of the Royal Academy Exhibition of Chinese Art.
1254: ASHTON, T.S.: - The Industrial Revolution 1760-1830
1256: ASKEY, R.P.: - The Non-Essential Bases of Morals, Matter, Sexology and Aesthetics
1257: ASLET, CLIVE: - The Last Country Houses
1259: ASPINALL, ALGERNON: - The Pocket Guide to the West Indies: & British Guiana, British Honduras, Bermuda, The Spanish Main, Surinam, the Panama Canal
1260: ASSENSOH, A.B. & ALEX-ASSENSOH, YVETTE M.: - African Military History and Politics, Coups and Ideological Incursions, 1900-Present
1261: ASTIN, HELEN S. ED. ETC.: - Sex Roles: a research bibliography
1262: ASTIZ, CARLOS A.: - Pressure Groups and Power Elites in Peruvian Politics
1264: ATAL, YOGESH: - The Changing Frontiers of Caste
1265: ATIS, SARAH MOMENT: - Semantic Structuring in the Modern Turkish Short Story
1267: ATKINS, GUY ED.: - Manding Art and Civilisation
1268: ATKINSON, A.B.: - Poverty in Britain and the Reform of Social Security
1269: ATKINSON, A.B.: - Unequal Shares, Wealth in Britain.
1270: ATKINSON, C.J.F.: - Recollections from a Yorkshire Dale
1271: ATKINSON, JANE MONNIG; ERRINGTON, SHELLY (EDS): - Power and Difference, Gender in Island Southeast Asia
1272: ATKINSON, R.J.C.: - Stonehenge
1273: ATKINSON, R.J.C.: - Stonehenge
1274: ATKINSON, RONALD: - Sexual Morality
1275: ATKINSON, THOMAS DINHAM: - Local Style in English Architecture, an enquiry into its origin and development
1276: ATLAN, HENRI: - A tort et a raison, Intercritique de la science et du mythe
1277: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID: - Quest in Paradise
1279: ATTWATER, DONALD: - The Penguin Dictionary of Saints
1281: AUBERT, VILHELM: - Elements of Sociology
1282: AUBERT, VILHELM (ED): - Sociology of Law
1283: AUDEN, W.H.: - The English Auden. ed. Edward Mendelson.
1284: AUDEN, W.H. ED.: - The Oxford Book of Light Verse
1285: AUDSLEY, W. & G. (ARCHITECTS): - Guide to the Art of Illuminating and Missal Painting
1286: AUERBACH, C.A. ETC.: - The Legal Process, an introduction to decision-making by judicial, legislative, executive, and administraion agencies
1287: AUGE, MARC: - Pouvoirs de Vie, Pouvoirs de Mort
1289: AUGER, FRANKLIN ETC.: - Anthropolgie Biologique au Quebec
1290: AUGUSTINE: - The City of God against the Pagans.In seven books. I. Books 1-3. dual text. trans. George E. McCracken.
1292: AURORA, G.S.: - Tribe Caste Class Encounters, some aspects of folk-urban relations in Alirajpur Tehsil
1294: AUSTIN, C.R.; SHORT, R.V. (EDS): - Human Sexuality, Reproduction in Mammals Book 8.
1295: AUSTIN, DENNIS: - South Africa 1984
1296: AUSTIN, J.L.: - Sense and Sensibilia. Reconstructed from manuscript notes by G.J. Warnock.
1297: AUSUBEL, DAVID P.: - Maori Youth
1298: AUSUBEL, NATHAN: - Pictorial History of the Jewish People, from bible times to our own day throughout the world
1299: AUZIAS, JEAN-MARIE: - Clefs pour le Stucturalisme
1300: AVEBURY (LORD): - Pre-Historic Times as Illustrated by Ancient Remains and the Manners and Customs of Modern Savages
1302: AVEDON, JOHN F.: - In Exile from the Land of Snows
1303: AVELING, FRANCIS: - Personality and Will
1304: AVENI, ANTHONY (ED): - The Lines of Nazca
1305: AVENI, ANTHONY F.: - Ancient Astronomers
1307: AVILA, MANUEL: - Tradition and Growth, a Study of Four Mexican Villages
1308: AVINERI, SHLOMO: - The Social and Political Thoughts of Karl Marx
1309: AYANDELE, E.A.: - African Historical Studies
1310: AYER, A.J.: - Language, Truth and Logic
12741: AYER, A.J.: - The Foundations of Empirical Knowledge
1312: AYER, A.J.: - The Problem of Knowledge
1314: AYLESWORTH, THOMAS G. & AYLESWORTH, VIRGINIA L.: - Chicago. Photography by Marcello & Angela White Bertinetti.
1315: AYLING, STANLEY: - George the Third
1316: AYRTON, PETE, ENGELHARDT, TOM & WARE, VRON EDS.: - World View 1985, An economic and political yearbook
1317: AZAOLA, ELENA: - El Delito de Ser Mujer. Hombres y mujeres homicidas en la cuidad de Mexico: historias de vida.
1318: AZPETIA GOMEZ, HUGO: - Compania Exportadora e Importadora Mexicana, S.A. (1949-1958): Conflicto y Abasto Alimentario.
1319: BABB, LAWRENCE A.: - Redemptive Encounters, Three modern styles in the Hindu tradition
1320: BABB, LAWRENCE A. & WADLEY, SUSAN S. EDS.: - Media and the Transformation of Religion in South Asia
1321: BABINGTON, ANTHONY: - For the Sake of Example, Capital courts martial 1914-18, the truth
1324: BACHARACH, A.L. (ED): - The Music Masters, vol 1 From the Sixteenth Century to the Time of Beethoven.
1325: BACHARACH, A.L. (ED): - The Musical Companion
1328: BACKHOUSE, J.K., HOULDSWORTH, S.P.T. & COOPER, B.E.D.: - Pure Mathematics, A second course
1329: BACON, B.W.: - The Making of the New Testament
1331: BACON, FRANCIS: - The Advancement of Learning. ed. William A. Wright.
1332: BACON, FRANCIS: - The Essayes or Counsels Civill & Morall
1333: BACUS, ELISABETH A.; BARKER, ALEX W.; BONEVICH, JEFFREY D. ETC.: - A Gendered Past. A Critical Bibliography of Gender in Archaeology.
1335: BADCOCK, CHRISTOPHER: - Oedipus in Evolution, a New Theory of Sex
1334: BADCOCK, C.R.: - Levi-Strauss Structuralism and Sociological Theory
1336: BADINTER, ELISABETH: - L'Amour en Plus, histoire de l'amour maternal XVIIe-XXe siecle
1338: BAEDEKER, KARL: - Paris and its Environs, with routes from London to Paris. Handbook for travellers.
1339: BAER, BERHARD: - Peru - Indianer Gestern und Heute
1340: BAER, ROBERTA D.: - Cooking - and Coping - Among the Cacti, Diet, nutrition and available income in Northwestern Mexico
1341: BAFOIL, FRANCOIS & SAMSON, IVAN EDS.: - L'Allemagne en Puissance
1342: BAGCHI, AMIYA KUMAR: - The Political Economy of Underdevelopment
1343: BAGEHOT, WALTER: - Physics and Politics, or Thoughts on the Application of the Principles of 'Natural Selection' and 'Inheritance' to Political Society
1344: BAGEHOT, WALTER: - The English Constitution
1345: BAGER, TORBEN: - Marketing Cooperatives and Peasants in Kenya
1346: BAGLEY, J.J. & ROWLEY, P.B.: - A Documentary History of England vol. 1 (1066-1540).
1347: BAHLOUL, JOELLE: - La maison de memoire, Ethnologie d'une demeure judeo-arabe en Algerie (1937-1961)
1348: BAHN, PAUL G.: - The Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art
1349: BAHREE, PATRICIA: - India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. A handbook for teachers.
1351: BAIK, LUIS A. CHANLATTE: - Cultura Ostionoide: Un Desarrollo Agroalfarero Antillano
1353: BAILEY, D.R. SHACKLETON ED.: - Cicero's Letters to Atticus. vols. 1-6 and index volume.
1354: BAILEY, F.G.: - Caste and the Economic Frontier, a village in highland Orissa
1356: BAILEY, F.G.: - Tribe, Caste, and Nation, a study of political change in highland Orissa
1357: BAILEY, STEPHEN K.: - Roosevelt and his New Deal
1358: BAILYN, BERNARD & MORGAN, PHILIP D. EDS.: - Strangers within the Realm, Cultural margins of the first British Empire
1359: BAIN, GEORGE SAYERS: - The Growth of White-Collar Unionism
1360: BAIN, IAIN ED.: - A Memoir of Thomas Bewick written by himself
1361: BAINES, ANTHONY ED.: - Musical Instruments through the Ages
1363: BAIRD, PETER; MCCAUGHAN, ED: - Beyond the Border, Mexico and the U.S. Today.
1364: BAKER, CATHERINE: - The Innocent Artists, student art from Papua New Guinea
1365: BAKER, JEAN H.: - Mary Todd Lincoln, a biography
1366: BAKER, JOHN R.: - Cytological Technique, the Principles and Practice of Methods used to Determine the Structure of the Metazoan Cell
1367: BAKER, PAUL T. & WEINER, J.S. EDS.: - The Biology of Human Adaptability
1368: BAKER, RAY STANNARD: - Following the Color Line, American Negro Citizenship in the Progressive Era
1369: BAKER, RICHARD ST. BARBE: - Africa Drums. intro. Malinowski.
1372: BAKKER, PETER: - A Language of Our Own, The genesis of Michif, the mixed Cree-French language of the Canadian Metis
1375: BALANDIER, GEORGES: - Anthropo - logiques
1378: BALANDIER, GEORGES: - Sociologie Actuelle de L'Afrique Noire, dynamique de changements sociaux en Afrique Centrale
1379: BALANDIER, GEORGES: - The Sociology of Black Africa, Social Dynamics in Central Africa. trans. by Douglas Garman
1377: BALANDIER, GEORGES: - Political Anthropology
1381: BALDRY, H.C.: - Greek Literature for the Modern Reader
1382: BALDRY, P.E.: - The Battle against Bacteria, A history of the development of antibacterial drugs, for the general reader
1383: BALDWIN, ERNEST: - An Introduction to Comparative Biochemistry
1384: BALDWIN, ERNEST: - Dynamic Aspects of Biochemistry
1385: BALDWIN, ERNEST: - The Nature of Biochemistry
1386: BALDWIN, FRANK ED.: - Without Parallel, The American-Korean relationship since 1945
1387: BALDWIN, JAMES: - Another Country
1388: BALDWIN, K.D.S.: - The Niger Agricultural Project, an Experiment in African Development
1389: BALDWIN, MARSHALL W.: - The Mediaeval Church
1390: BALDWIN, ROBERT E.: - Economic Development and Growth
1391: BALIBAR, E.; BODEI, R. ETC.: - Identita Culturali
1392: BALL, ALAN R.: - Modern Politics and Government
1393: BALL, STEPHEN J.: - Beachside Comprehensive, a Case-Study of Secondary Schooling
1395: BALLER, WARREN R.; CHARLES, DON C.: - The Psychology of Human Growth and Development
1396: BALSAN, FRANCOIS: - L'Expedition Panhard Capricorne
3498: DE BALZAC, H.: - A Marriage Settlement (Le Contrat de Mariage) and Other Stories. Trans. by Clara Bell.
1399: BAMM, PETER: - The Kingdoms of Christ, The Story of the Early Church
1400: BAN, SUNG HWAN, MOON, PAL YONG & PERKINS, DWIGHT H.: - Rural Development, Studies in the modernization of the Republic of Korea: 1945-1975
1401: BANDARANAYAKE, SENAKE: - L'Art Sri Lankais au XXe Siecle et l'Ecole de Paris
1402: BANDLER, FAITH: - Turning the Tide, a Personal History of the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders
1403: BANERJEE, SUMANTA: - Child Labour in India. A general review: with case studies of the brick-making and 'zari' embroidery industries.
1404: BANFI, ENRICO: - La Siloteca Cormio
1405: BANFIELD, EDWARD C.: - The Moral Basis of a Backward Society
1407: BANFIELD, EDWARD C.: - The Unheavenly City Revisted (A revision of 'The Unheavenly City').
1408: BANFIELD, EDWARD C.: - The Unheavenly City Revisted (A revision of 'The Unheavenly City').
1409: BANKS, J.A.: - Marxist Sociology in Action, A sociological critique of the marxist approach to industrial relations
1410: BANKS, J.A.: - The Sociology of Social Movements
1411: BANKS, J.A. ED.: - Studies in British Society
1414: BANKS, OLIVE: - The Sociology of Education
1415: BANKS, OLIVE & FINLAYSON, DOUGLAS: - Success and Failure in the Secondary School: an interdisciplinary approach to school achievement
1416: BANNOCK, GRAHAM: - The Juggernauts, the age of the big corporation
1417: BANNOCK, GRAHAM, BAXTER, R.E. & REES, RAY: - The Penguin Dictionary of Economics
1418: BANNON, CYNTHIA J.: - The Brothers of Romulus, Fraternal 'Pietas' in Roman Law, Literature, and Society
1419: BANTON, M. ED.: - The Relevance of Models for Social Anthropology
1420: BANTON, M. ED.: - The Relevance of Models for Social Anthropology
1421: BANTON, M.P.: - Tribal Headmen in Freetown
12700: BANTON, MICHAEL: - A Ideia de Raca
12649: BANTON, MICHAEL: - El rol en la vida social
12695: BANTON, MICHAEL: - Promoting Racial Harmony
1423: BANTON, MICHAEL: - Promoting Racial Harmony
1424: BANTON, MICHAEL: - Race Relations
1425: BANTON, MICHAEL: - Race Relations
1426: BANTON, MICHAEL: - Racial and Ethnic Competition
1427: BANTON, MICHAEL: - Racial and Ethnic Competition
1428: BANTON, MICHAEL: - Racial Minorities
1429: BANTON, MICHAEL: - Racial Theories
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2161: BRAITHWAITE, R.B.: - Scientific Explanation, a Study of the Function of Theory, Probability and Law in Science
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2192: BREESE, GERALD & WHITEMAN, DOROTHY E. EDS.: - An Approach to Urban Planning

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