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13485: NILSSON, AKE (EDITOR) - Russian Romanticism. Studies in the Poetic Codes
23623: NIN, ANAIS - Incest: From a Journal of Love : The Unexpurgated Diary of Anias Nin, 1932-1934
22483: NOAKE, JOHN - The Rambler in Worcestershire or Stray Notes on Churches and Congregations
10833: NOALL, CYRIL AND FARR, GRAHAME - Wreck and Rescue Round the Cornish Coast Vol. 2 the Story of the Land's End Lifeboats
17406: REV PETER MCKENZIE & NOB - From the Coalpit to the Pulpit Anecdotes & Incidents from Hte Life of Rev Peter Mckenzie
22673: NOBLE, VERNON - The Man in Leather Breeches -the Life and Times of George Fox
21418: NOHRNBERG, JAMES - Like Unto Moses the Constituting of an Interruption
23553: NOLAN, E.H - The History of the War Against Russia Illustrated Div Part 5
23552: NOLAN, E.H - The History of the War Against Russia Illustrated Div Part 8
23549: NOLAN, E.H - The History of the War Against Russia Illustrated Div Part 4
23550: NOLAN, E.H - The History of the War Against Russia Illustrated Div Part 7
19751: NOLAN, E.H - The History of the War Against Russia Illustrated Div Part 5
19749: NOLAN, E.H - The History of the War Against Russia Illustrated Div Part 8
8632: NORDON, PIERRE - Conan Doyle
21741: NORMAN, FREDERICK - Medieval German Studies
23334: NORMAN, FRANK - Whitehall to West Indies
14012: NORRIS, GERALD (EDITOR) - William Dampier Bucaneer Explorer
10012: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - Shakespeare's Kings
23113: NOWARRA, HEINZ J - Die Deutsche Luftrustung 1933-1945: Band 2: Flugzeugtypen Erla - Heinkel.
20615: NOYCE, WILFRED - The Climber's Fireside Book
9792: NUNN, P.J & WOOLCOCK - Borrowdale
22644: NUNNELEY, JOHN - Tales from the King's African Rifles
23785: NUTT, FREDERICK & J.J.MACHET - The Complete Confectioner; or, the Whole Art of Confectionary Made Easy: With Receipts for Liqueures, Home-Made Wines, &C.
22363: NUTTALL, GEOFFREY - Calendar of the Correspondence of Philip Doddridge Dd (1702-1751)
23610: NYE, ALVIN CROCKER - Furniture Designing and Draughting
22380: NYLANDER, JANE C. - Fabrics for Historic Buildings
20894: OAKDEN, J.P - The Place-Names of Staffordshire Part One Cuttlestone Hundred
22210: OAKELEY, EDWARD MURRAY - The Life of Sir Herbert Oakeley
22687: OATTS, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL L.B - I Serve Regimental History of the 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales S Dragoon Guards)
20902: ODDS, GEOFFREY - Fear and Fascination the 100 Best Climbs in England and Wales
23130: OESTERLEY,W. O. E. - The Book of Proverbs with Introduction and Notes.
21643: PUBLIC RECORDS OFFICE - Naval Records for Genealogists
8913: OIUDA - Puck: His Vicissitudes, Adventure, Friendships, Observations, Conclusions, Friendships Nd Philosophies
10640: OLALQUIAGA, CELESTE - The Artifiical Kingdom a Treasury of the Kitsch Experiece
8297: OLIPHANT, MARGARET (MRS) - The Ways of Life
3812: OLIPHANT, MRS - The Makers of Florence
11330: OLIPHANT, LAURENCE - Altiora Peto
19828: OLIPHANT, T.L KINGTON - The Jacobite Lairds of Gask
14954: OLIVER, ROLAND - The African Experience
4708: OLLARD, RICHARD - The Escape of Charles II After the Battle of Worcester
18292: OLLEY, MICHELLE - Venus Masterpieces of Modern Erotic Photography
20868: OLLEY, MICHELLE - Blonde Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
14077: OLMS, W. GEORG - Asil Arabians the Noble Arabian Horses V
24266: OLMS, W. GEORG - Asil Arabians the Noble Arabian Horses V
21368: OLSEN, CLAUS IB - VI Jorgen Jorgensen en Biografi
7311: OLSON, STANLEY (EDITOR) NICOLSON, HAROLD - Harold Nicolson Diaries Aand Letters 1930-1964
21370: OLSSON, SVEN E - Social Policy and Welfare State in Sweden
19654: OMAN , C.W.C - Wellington's Army
22798: OMAN , C.W.C - Wellington's Army
21442: OMBREUX, ESME - New Erotica 2
23613: OMMANNEY, F.D - South Latitude
18382: OMMER, UWE - Black Ladies
20851: OMMER, UWE - Black Ladies
6618: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Devil's Paw
22375: OPPENHEIM, E PHILLIPS - Nicholas Goade Detective
19683: D'ORDEL, MAJ.-GEN - Tactics and Military Training
22975: OREL, HAROLD - A Kipling Chronology
23368: ORHANT, ALICE - Up in Smoke the Art of Collectibles. Pipes. Snuffboxes. Chests. Vista
13435: ORKEBAR, CHRISTOPHER - The Concorde Story Fifth Edition
20730: ORLEDGE, ROBERT - Gabriel Faure
21075: ORME, ANDY - Roving for Barbel, Part 1: Theory
20584: ORR, JOHN - The Making of the Twentieth-Century Novel: Lawrence, Joyce, Faulkner and Beyond
20681: ORR, JOHN - Tragic Realism and Modern Society: Passionate Political in the Modern Novel
8315: ORRELL, ROBERT - Over the Fells
22768: ORTENBURGER, RICK - Black Forest Clocks
12692: ORTON, JOE - Crimes of Passion
19982: ORWELL, GEORGE - Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays
11431: ORWELL, GEORGE - Nineteen-Eighty Four
20794: OSBORN, HELEN - Inn and Around London a History of Young's Pubs
21759: OSBORN HANN,MRS A.C - A Brownie from the Caravans
21609: OSBORNE, JOHN - Inadmissible Evidence
3334: OSBOURNE, CHARLES - The Opera House Album. A Collection of Turn-of-the-Century Postcards
22479: OSHINSKY - Polio - an American Story - the Crusade That Mobilized the Nation Against the 20th Century's Most Feared Disease
4426: OSWALD, EUGENE - The Legend of Fair Helen As Told by Homer, Goethe and Others
14855: OSWALD, FELIX - Excavation of a Traverse of Margidunum
14857: OSWALD, FELIX - The Commandant's House at Margidunum
24438: OSWALD, FELIX - The Commandant's House at Margidunum
24437: OSWALD, FELIX - Excavation of a Traverse of Margidunum
21332: OSWALD, FELIX & PRYCE, T.DAVIES - An Introduction to the Study of Terra Sigillata Treated from a Chronological Standpoint
22573: OTTOLENGHI, SMADAR - The Law of Arbitration in Israel
11675: OUIDA, & WHYTE MELVILLE - In a Winter City / Sister Louise
16786: OUIDA - Pascarel Only a Story
13938: OVID - The Art of Love
7345: OWEN, HUGH - Additional Letters of the Morrises of Anglesey (1735-1786)
24236: OWEN, BRYN - The History of the Welsh Militia and Volunteer Corps 1: Anglesey and Caernarfonshire
22667: OWEN, HAROLD - Memoirs of the Owen Family- Journey from Obscurity(3 Vols) & Aftermath
20390: OWEN, WILFRED - The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen : Edited with an Introduction and Notes by C. Day Lewis and with a Memoir by Edmund Blunden )
20974: OWEN, BRYN - The History of the Welsh Militia and Volunteer Corps 1: Anglesey and Caernarfonshire
20819: OWEN, DAVID LLOYD - Providence Their Guide the Long Range Desert Group 1940-45
21772: OWENS, WILLIAM A - Slave Mutiny the Revolt on the Schooner Amistad
22189: YEI THEODORA OZAN - The Japanese Fairy Book
16362: PACHMAN, LUDEK - Semi-Open Games
5752: PADFIELD, PETER - Maritime Supremacy and the Opening of the Western Mind
24225: PADFIELD, PETER - Maritime Supremacy and the Opening of the Western Mind
24226: PADFIELD, PETER - Maritime Supremacy and the Opening of the Western Mind
6200: PAGE-PHILLIPS, JOHN - Macklin's Monumental Brasses
19259: PAGE, JULIA - Intelligence Officer in the Peninsula Letters and Diaries of Major the Hon Edward Cocks 1786-1812
24475: PAGET, JULIAN - Wellington's Peninsular War Battles and Battlefields
19644: PAGET, JULIAN - Wellington's Peninsular War Battles and Battlefields
21366: PAGETT, ARTHUR G - A History of Baines's Grammar School
9864: PAINE, MELANIE - The New Fabric Magic
23694: PAINTER, GILIAN & POWER, ELAINE - A Garden of Old Fashioned Herbs
20809: PAISEY, ALAN & AUDREY - Effective Management in Primary Schools
3994: PALMER, DEREK - Fighter Squadron
22878: DAVID PALMER - Shelley His Reputation and Influence
24638: PALMER, DENNIS AND GISELLE PINCETI & FLORA TRISTAN - Flora Tristans London Journal 1840
23504: PALMER, WILLIAM T - More Odd Corners in English Lakeland
22223: PALMSTIERNA, C-A (WILKINSON, E.M TRANS) - My Dearest Louise. Letters of Marie-Louise and Napoleon 1813-1814
8468: PANAYI, PANIKOS (EDITOR) - Weimar and Nazi Germany Continuities and Discontinuities
22575: PAPINI, ROBERTO - Decorative Arts and Architecture of the 1920s: Le Arti D'Oggi
23798: PARACELSUS, THEOPHRASTUS - Aureoli Theophrasti Paracelsi Arcidoxorum Seu de Secretis Nature Mysteriis , Libri Decem (the Archidoxes of Magic)
22783: PARADIS, JOE - Abingdon Pottery Artware 1934-1950 Stepchild of the Great Depression
19188: PARDON, SYDNEY H - John Wisdens' Cricketers' Almanack for 1901
21045: PARFITT, ROBERT - The Book of South Stoke with Midford
9475: PARGETER, EDITH - The Soldier at the Door
4306: PARIS, MATTHEW (LAWRENCE C.H. TRANS) - The Life of St Edmund
21960: CHRISTIE'S AT WROTHAM PARK - Garden Statuary, Architectural Fittings and Fire Surrounds
22491: PARKER, JOHN HENRY - Some Account of Domestic Architecture in England, from Richard II to Henry VIII in 4 Volumes
21753: PARKER, JOHN - The Gurkhas. The Inside Story of the World's Most Feared Soldiers
23338: PARKER, DEREK - Familiar to All. William Lilly and Astrology in the Seventeenth Century
23351: PARKER, ROWLAND - The Common Stream
20731: PARKER, ROBERT L - Carlos Chavez: Mexico's Modern-Day Orpheus
22170: PARKINSON, ROGER. - The Auk Auchinleck, Victor at Alamein.
21725: PARKINSON, ROGER - Moore of Corunna
19836: PARKINSON, REV.RICHARD - The Life of Adam Martindale
22810: PARKYN, MAJOR H.G. - A Short History of the Rifle Brigade
21673: PARLIAMENT - Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers. Correspondence Relative to the Slave Trade 1856- Correspondence with British Commissioners
21670: PARLIAMENT - Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers. Correspondence with British Commissioners and with Foreign Powers Relative to the Slave Trade 20
21671: PARLIAMENT - Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers. Report from the Select Committee on Transportation Together with the Minutes of Evidence Appendix and Index Crime and Punishment Transportation 2
21672: PARLIAMENT - Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers. Correspondence Relative to the Slave Trade 2
21674: PARLIAMENT - Iirish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers. Correspondence with British Commissioners and with Foreign Powers Relative to the Slave Trade [Class a and Class B] Slave Trade 12
21497: PARMAL, PAMELA A & GRUMBACH, DIDIER - Fashion Show Paris Style
7437: PARRIS, JOHN - The Lion of Caprera a Biography of Guiseppe Garibaldi
23983: PARRY, E.G (EDITOR) - Brycheiniog Volume XXXI
12892: PARRY, LINDA - William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement a Source Book
23974: PARRY-WILLIAMS, T.H - The English Element in Welsh
23981: PARRY, JOSEPH HENRY - The Register Books of Llandinabo, Pencoyd, and Harewood, in the County of Hereford
21056: PARSONS, RICHARD - The Story of Kings. C.J. King & Sons 1850 to the Present Day
23488: PARSONS, C.R - The Man with the White Hat or the Story of an Unknown Mission
21991: PARSONS, GEORGE SAMUEL. - I Sailed with Nelson.
22980: PARTINGTON, J.R - Industrial Chemistry the Alkali Industry
20553: PASINETTI, LUIGI & LLOYD, PETER - Structural Change, Economic Interdependence and World Development: Structural Change and Adjustment in the World Economy V. 3: Congress Proceedings:... Vol 3 (International Economic Association)
18700: PASSMORE, JOHN - Hume's Intentions
5744: PATERSON, ALAN J.S - The Victorian Summer of the Clyde Steamers (1864-1888)
21451: PATERSON, A.B - Off Down the Track Racing and Other Yarns
8312: PATON, ALAN - Too Late the Phalarope
22200: PATON, ALAN - Too Late the Phalarope
20614: VAN PATTEN, JOAN F - Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain, 6th Series Identification & Values
20901: PATTINSON, GEORGE H - The Great Age of Steam on Windermere
23353: PATTISON, F.L.M. - Granville Sharp Pattison: Anatomist and Antagonist 1791-1851.
18859: COLLAER PAUL - Darius Milhaud. . with a Definitive Catalogue of Works Compiled from the Composer's Own Notebooks
11676: PAULL, MARGARET AGNES & BLACK., WILLIAM - Violet / the Maid of Killeena
15339: PAWLING, CHRISTOPHER - Christopher Caudwell Towards a Dialectical Theory of Literature
19523: PAX, W.E - In the Footsteps of Jesus
22158: PAY, CAPT F.G - Official South African Municipal Year Book 1935-1936
22331: PAYN, WILLIAM H - The Birds of Suffolk
11024: PAYNE, GORDON E - Gloucestershire a Survey a Physical, Social and Economic Survey and Plan
9485: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Royal Players
24183: PAYNE, R.J - Bridge: Single Dummy Problems
21092: PAYNE, ROBERT - The CIVIL War in Spain 1936-1939
16525: PAYNE, MICHAEL - When I Was on the Tartar Black Cat Sea Storiesd
22230: PAYNE, GORDON E - Gloucestershire a Survey a Physical, Social and Economic Survey and Plan
22199: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Royal Players
22604: PEAKE, ARTHUR S. - A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Isaiah: Vol I Introduction and Commentary on I-XXVII
20822: PEARCE, TIM - Then & Now an Anniversary of Cheltenham College 1841-1991
20921: PEARS, RANDOLPH - British Battle Ships 1892-1957
7353: PEARSE, MARK GUY - West Country Songs
21447: PEARSON, LYNN F - The Northumbrian Pub
23954: PEART, L.R - Fishing in the Making Notes on the Management of Chalk Steams
24484: PEARY, ROBERT E - The North Pole
16060: PEARY, ROBERT E - The North Pole
22938: PEASE, HOWARD (ED.) - The Northern Counties Magazine. Vol II April to Spetember, 1901
22939: PEASE, HOWARD (ED.) - The Northern Counties Magazine. Vol I. Oct 1900 - March 1901
24177: PEATE, IORWERTH - The Welsh House
22912: PECK, JOHN - New Casebooks Middlemarch George Eliot
23434: PEDDER, H.C - Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain a Study
22638: PEDERSEN, ANDREA - Flora a Contemporary Collection of Floral Photography
12538: PEDRETTI, CARLO - Leonardo a Study in Chronology and Style
21191: PEERY, PAUL D - Chimes and Electronic Carillons Modern Tower Bells
12200: PEET, JOHN - The Long Engagement Memoirs of a Cold War Agent
13880: PELLICO, SILVIO - Poesie Varie
23659: PELLICO, SILVIO - Poesie Varie
23774: PEMBERTON, DR - A View of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy
24194: PEMBERTON, MAX - The Footsteps of a Throne
23337: PEMBERTON, MAX - The Impregnable City
20816: PENDRED, G.L - An Inventory of British Sporting Art in United Kingdom Public Collections
23284: CURTIS PENELOPE - Patronage & Practice Sculpture on Merseyside
23777: PENN, WILLIAM - Fruits of a Father's Love Being the Advice of William Penn to His Children Relating to Their CIVIL and Religious Conduct
24642: PENROSE, HARALD - An Ancient Air a Biography of John Stringfellow of Chard
23200: DODINGTON GEORGE BUBB AND WYNDHAM HENRY PENRUDDOCKE - The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington Baron of Melcombe Regis from March 8 1748 9 to February 6 1761
22265: CERIDWEN PERIS (JONES , ALICE GRAY ) - Y Cymraes: Cyhoeddiad Misol Darluniadol I Ferched Cymru
16461: CERIDWEN PERIS (JONES , ALICE GRAY ) - Y Cymraes: Cyhoeddiad Misol Darluniadol I Ferched Cymru
23362: PERISIC, MIODRAG - The Taste of the Eighties Contemporary Serbian Poetry
8452: PERKINS, JOHN, JACK EVANS AND MARY GILLHAM - The Historic Taf Valleys Volume Two in the Brecon Beacons National Park
23781: PERKINS, E.E - A Treatise on Haberdashery and Hosiery; Including the Manchester, Scotch, Silk, Linen, and Woollen Departments, Foreign and Domestic
13706: PERKINS, LUCY FITCH - The American Twins of 1912
24460: PERKINS, JOHN, JACK EVANS AND MARY GILLHAM - The Historic Taf Valleys Vol. 2 : In the Brecon Beacons National Park
23444: PEROWNE, STEWART - Death of the Roman Republic from 146 Bc to the Birth of the Roman Empire
22636: PERRETT, BRYAN - Hawk at War a Peninsular War Reminiscences
21292: PERRING, CHRIS - Ports of Call a Distinguished Companion to the Harbours and Marinas of the British Isles
21335: PERSCHETZ , LOIS (EDITOR) - The Designing Life... By the Staff of W
17617: PESCHANSKI, DENIS - Collaboration and Resistance: Images of Life in Vichy France, 1940-1944
22285: PESTELLI, GIORGIO - The Age of Mozart and Beethoven
21540: PETHBRIDGE, ROGER - The Spread of the Russian Revolution Essays on 1917
19638: PETRE, F.LORAINE - Napoleon's Last Campaign in Germany 1813
19639: PETRE, F.LORAINE - Napoleon and the Archduke Charles
24466: PETRE, F.LORAINE - Napoleon and the Archduke Charles
22512: PETRE, F.LORAINE - Napoleon's Conquest of Prussia 1806
24469: PETRE, F.LORAINE - Napoleon's Last Campaign in Germany 1813
5418: PETRIE, SIR CHARLES. - Don John of Austria.
24477: PETRIE, GRAHAM - Tunis Kairouan and Carthage
16266: PETRIE, GRAHAM - Tunis Kairouan and Carthage
23244: PETTERSEN, CARMEN L & VIDA Y TRAJE - Maya of Guatemala Life and Dress / Vida y Traje
8748: PEVSNER, NICHOLAS & METCALF, PRISCILLA - The Cathedrals of England
10899: PEVSNER, NICKOLAS - The Buildings of England Series Durham
10914: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England Yorkshire the East Riding
15032: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England Herefordshire
24715: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England Worcestershire
24714: PEVSNER, NICKOLAUS - The Buildings of England Shropshire
22855: DAVIS PHILLIP - In Mind of Johnson the Rambler
8716: PHILLIPS, GEOFFREY - Thames Crossings Bridges, Tunnels and Ferries
23990: PHILLIPS - Maritime Auction
24140: PHILLIPS - Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Art
14205: PHILLIPS - Old Master Paintings, Drawings & Picture Frames
17892: PHILLIPS, ARCHIE AND BUBBA - How to Mount Fish for Profit or Fun
16951: PHILLIPS, ROGER & RIX, MARTYN - The Botanical Garden Volume 2 Perennial and Annuals
14187: PHILLIPS - Old Master Paintings
14184: PHILLIPS - Early British and Victorian Paintings
24196: PHILLIPS - Old Master Paintings, Drawings & Picture Frames
24453: PHILLIPS, GEOFFREY - Thames Crossings Bridges, Tunnels and Ferries
21822: PHILLIPS - The Arts in Wales. 26th September 2001. Phillips Auction Catalogue. Newport.
24199: PHILLIPS - Old Master Paintings
22042: PHILLIPS - Tribal Art and Antiquities
19816: PHILLIPS-BURT, DOUGLAS. - The Cumberland Fleet. 200 Years of Yachting 1775-1975.
6930: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Demeter's Daughter
23361: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Red Redmaynes
23132: PHILPOTT, BRYAN - Eject! Eject!
9313: PICARD, LIZA - Restoration London
24067: PICHLMAYR, FR - Sextus Aurelius Victor de Caesaribus
20697: PICKFORD, CHRIS (EDITOR) - Bedfordshire Churches in the Nineteenth Century Part I Parishes a to G
21313: PICKLES, WALTER - Our Grimy Heritage a Fully Illusrated Study of the Factory Chimney in Britain
17330: PICKVANCE, JOSEPH - A Reader's Companion to George Fox's Journal
22683: PICKVANCE, JOSEPH - A Reader's Companion to George Fox's Journal
23349: PIGGOTT, STUART & DANIEL, GLY E - A Picture Book of Ancient British Art
21307: PIGGOTTT, STUART - The Earliest Wheeled Transport from the Atlantic Coast to the Caspian Sea
23155: PIKE, ELSIE & CONSTANCE E CURRYER - The Story of Walthamstow Hall Part 1 1838 to 1938 & 1938 to 1970
23429: PILBEAM, JOHN - Cacti for the Connoisseur a Guide for Growers and Collectors
23520: PILBEAM, JOHN - Mammillaria a Collector's Guide
19293: PILGRIM, CONSTANCE - Dear Jane a Biographical Study of Jane Austen
13014: PILKINGTON (TRANS) LEGRAND, EDY - The Confessions of St Augustine
22460: PILLING, JOHN - Oxfordshire Houses a Guide to Local Traditions
5222: PINE, L.G - Ramshackledom a Critical Appraisal
22244: PINE, L.G - Ramshackledom a Critical Appraisal
20673: PINERO, A.W & ROWELL, GEORGE (EDITOR) - British and American Playwrights Plays by Pinero
13869: PINERO, ARTHUR W - The Gay Lord Quex
20557: PINION, F.B - A Thomas Hardy Dictionary: With Maps and a Chronology
18214: PINKER, STEVEN - The Language Instinct the New Science of Language and Mind
24518: PINKHAM, ROGER - Oliver Messel an Exhibiton Held at the Theatre Museum Victoria and Albert Museum
5502: PINNEY, PETER - The Lawless and the Lotus
24421: PINNEY, PETER - The Lawless and the Lotus
23028: PINNEY, THOMAS - The Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Complete in Six Vols. )
20412: PIPER, JOHN - British Romantic Artists
6743: PISTOIA, BIANCHINI CORBETTA - The Complete Book of Health Plants
17791: BB DNEYS WATKINS-PITCHFORD - Confessions of a Carp Fisher
23881: PITTAWAY, A.R - Hawkmoths of the Western Palaearctic
20612: PITTMAN, RIITTA H - The Writer's Divided Self in Bulgakov's the Master and Margarita
16640: PIVETEAU, ELODIE - Yearbook Lingerie 2004 Objects of Desire
20880: SYLVIA PLACHY - Red Light: Inside the Sex Industry
23273: PLATO - Symposium
21582: PLATTS, MARK - Ways of Meaning an Introduction to a Philosophy of Language
21201: ANTIQUE CONNOISSEUR PLC - Pieces of Time Antique and Precision Watches and Clocks Spring 1988
23635: PLEKHANOV - G. Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works Volume I.
4552: PLUMB, CHARLES - Walking in the Grampians
23977: PLUMPTRE, ANNABELLA ( A LADY ) - Domestic Management or the Healthful Cookery-Book to Which Is Prefixed a Treatise on Diet... Also Remarks on the Wholesome and Pernicious Modes of Cookery
23457: PLUMPTRE, KYRLE - Jettisoned
23854: POCOCK, TOM - Sailor King the Life of William IV
22030: POCOCK, JOHN & TOM POCOCK (EDITOR) - Travels of a London Schoolboy 1826-1830
24683: POCOCK, SALLY - Behind Bars a Chronicle of Bodmin Gaol
22610: PODHAJSKY, ALOIS - The Lipizzaners
22400: POGUE, FORREST C - George C. Marshall Education of a General, 1880-1939
8646: POINTER, MICHAEL - The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes
20558: POLLAK, ELLEN - Poetics of Sexual Myth, the: Gender and Ideology in the Verse of Swift and Pope (Women in Culture & Society
16734: DE POLNAY, PETER - Indifference
16733: DE POLNAY, PETER - The Gamesters
17653: POLUNIN, IVAN - Plants and Flowers of Malaysia
3138: POND, THOMAS - Mending and Restoring China.
20785: PONTING, CLIVE - Thirteen Days the Road to the First World War
20687: PONTING, K.G - The Industrial Archaeology of Wiltshire
8071: POOL, DANIEL - Dickens' Fur Coat and Charlotte's Unanswered Letters. Rows and Romances of England's Great Victorian Novelists
10015: POOLMAN, KENNETH - The Sea Hunters Escort Carriers V U-Boats, 1941-1945
22290: POPE, JENNIFER JANE - Assignment for Alison
21189: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES - West Indian Summer
21524: POPE, ALEXANDER & HOMER - The Iliad of Homer
21659: POPKESS, CAPTAIN ATHELSTAN - Traffic Control and Road Accident Prevention
24538: POPLE, NICHOLAS - Small Houses
20670: PORCH, RICHARD - Swansea's Heritage
20745: PORTE, JOHN F - Sir Charles Stanford Mus Doc Ma, Dcl
8348: PORTER, ROY & ROUSSEAU, G.S - Gout the Patrician Malady
20064: PORTER, DAVID - Western Allied Tanks 1939-1945
20977: PORTER, ELEANOR & ABBOTT, MARY - Yeomen of the Cotswolds
24153: PORTER, MAJOR GENERAL & BAKER BROWM & PAKENHAM-WALSH - History of the Corps of Royal Engineers, 9 Vols
22859: PORTMAN, D - Exeter Houses 1400-1700
21401: PORTMAN, D - Exeter Houses 1400-1700
21974: POSNER, GERALD L - War Lords of Crime Chinese Secret Societies
14137: POSTGATE, RAYMOND - That Devil Wilkes
23129: POTTER, NEIL AND JACK FROST - The Mary the Story of No. 534
22049: POTTER, GEORGE ANN - Deeper Than Debt Economic Globalisation and the Poor
21584: POTTER, , JOHN DEANE - No Time for Breakfast
6359: POTTLE, FREDERICK A - James Boswell the Earlier Years 1740-1769
21416: POTTLE, FREDERICK A - James Boswell the Earlier Years 1740-1769
3811: POUCHER, W.A - Lakeland Fells
4410: POUCHER, W.A - Lakeland Journey
22309: CHRISTINE POULSON - William Morris
20684: POWEL, MRS RICHARD - Edward Elgar - Memories of a Variation
11077: POWELL, CHRISTABEL - Walter Powell's Gwent an Architectural Biography of a 17th Century Diarist
22813: POWELL, MRS RICHARD - Edward Elgar Memories of a Variation
19706: POWELL, ANTHONY - Temporary Kings
21392: POWELL, NEIL - At the Edge
21449: POWELL, K.G - The Marian Martyrs and the Reformation in Bristol
23865: POWNALL, T - A Letter from Governor Pownall to Adam Smith
22891: POWYS, LLEWELYN - Black Laughter
22892: POWYS,LLEWELYN. - Rats in the Sacristy
22888: POWYS, LLEWELYN - Thirteen Worthies
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15852: SAWYER, CHARLES AND DARTON, F.J. HARVEY - English Books 1475-1900 a Signpost for Collectors
20563: SAWYER, JAMES E - Why Reaganomics and Keynesian Economics Failed
17593: SAYER, DOROTHY L - Lord Peter Views the Body
24487: SAYERS, DOROTHY L - The Dorothy L. Sayers Crime Collection. Gaudy Night, the Nine Tailors, Murder Must Advertise, Have His Carcass and Strong Poison
20236: SAYERS, DOROTHY L - The Dorothy L. Sayers Crime Collection. Gaudy Night, the Nine Tailors, Murder Must Advertise, Have His Carcass and Strong Poison
5463: SAYLES, G.O. - The King's Parliament of England.
22146: SAYLES, G.O. - The King's Parliament of England.
21436: SAYWELL, RUBY J - Mary Carpenter of Bristol
21579: SCARROW, SIMON - Fire and Sword
18540: SCHATZ, THOMAS - The Genius of the System: Hollywood Film-Making in the Studio Era
24103: SCHAUMANN, AUGUST LUDOLF FRIEDRICH - On the Road with Wellington
13580: VAN SCHENDELEN, RINUS - Machiavelli in Brussels the Art of Lobbying the Eu
23314: VAN SCHENDELEN, RINUS - Machiavelli in Brussels the Art of Lobbying the Eu
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22565: SCHMIDT, HELMUT & RUTH HEIN (TRANSLATOR) - Men and Powers a Political Retrospective
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21557: SCHOENBAUM, S - William Shakespeare a Compact Documentary Life
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18787: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Abbot
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21068: SCRASE, TONY - Wells a Small City
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18105: SELMAN, PAUL - Carp Tales 2 a Collection of Humorous Fishing Stories
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17274: ROTARY CLUB OF FROME SELWOOD - Frome Past & Present
24280: ROTARY CLUB OF FROME SELWOOD - Frome Past & Present
23206: BERNARD SEMMEL - John Stuart MILL and the Pursuit of Virtue
22275: SENDEROVICH, SAVELY & SENDICH, MUNIR - Russian Language Journal This Issue Devoted to Studies in the Age of Puskin and Gogol
8485: SEPPAIN, HELENE - Contrasting Us and German Attitudes to Soviet Trade, 1917-91
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23165: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
23166: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
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21782: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Lives of the Hunted
21626: SEVERN, FOREPOINT - The Blind Road
23982: DE SEVIGNE, MARQUISE - Recueil Des Lettres de Madame la Marquise de Sevigne, a Madame la Comtesse de Grignan, Sa Fille.
7002: SEWARD, DESMOND - Monks and Wine
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23156: SEYMOUR, THOMAS DAY - Life in the Homeric Age
24214: SEYMOUR, DERYCK - The Magic Triangle South of the Teign Estuary
24102: SHACKLETON, SIR ERNEST - The Heart of the Antarctic
24717: SHACKLETON, ERNEST - The Heart of the Antarctic, Being the Story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909
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23735: SHAFTESBURY, ANTHONY, EARL OF - The Compleat Statesman Demonstrated in the Lifes, Actions, and Politicks of the Great Minister of State Anthony Earl of Shaftesbury
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21402: SHANKS, HERSHEL - Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls
21567: SHANNON, DELL - With a Vengeance
21568: SHANNON, DELL - Chance to Kill
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5945: SHARP, HENRY S. - The Transformation of Bigfoot; Maleness, Power and Belief Among the Chipewan.
18414: SHARP, ARTHUR - The Lure of the Float
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22714: SHARP, HENRY S. - The Transformation of Bigfoot Maleness, Power and Belief Among the Chipewan.
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17966: SHEFFIELD, GARY - Forgotten Victory the First World War Myths and Realities
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8604: SHEPHERD, WALTER - On the Scent with Sherlock Holmes Some Old Problems Resolved
22718: SHEPHERD, NAOMI - The Zealous Intruders from Napoleon to the Dawn of Zionism
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11952: SHEPPARD, E.W - Coote Bahadur
22214: SHEPPARD, CHARLES - Railway Stations Masterpieces of Architecture
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21205: SHERWOOD MRS. - The History of John Marten, a Sequel to the Life of Henry Milner.
21206: SHERWOOD, MRS - The History of Henry Milner a Little Boy Who Was Not Brought Up According to the Fashions of the World
16201: SHEWAN, ANDREW - The Great Days of Sail Reminiscences of a Tea-Clipper Captain
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23818: SHRIVER, LIONEL - The Mandibles
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21730: SHUKMAN, HAROLD - Stalin's Generals
22543: SIBORNE, H,T - Waterloo Letters (Napoleonic Library)
6569: SIDNEY, SAMUEL & TRINDER, BARRIE (INTRO) - Rides on Railways
21289: JEANLOUP SIEFF - Jeanloup Sieff Erotic Photography
22151: SILCOCK, ARNOLD - A Background for Beauty
15932: ALBERTO SILIOTTI - The Discovery of Ancient Egypt
18230: SILMAN-CHEONG, HELEN - Wellesley Aron Rebel with a Cause
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21398: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Golden Dream Seekers of el Dorado
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13494: SIMMONS, ERNEST J - Through the Glass of Soviet Literature
19351: SIMMONS, MAJOR GENERAL - A British Rifle Man Journals and Correspondence During the Peninsular War and the Campaign of Wellington
24468: SIMMONS, MAJOR GENERAL - A British Rifle Man Journals and Correspondence During the Peninsular War and the Campaign of Wellington
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21184: SIMPER, ROBERT - East Coast Sailing
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16194: BRONTE SISTERS - The Works- the Haworth Edition
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23707: SITWELL, OSBERT - Three-Quarter Length Portrait of Michael Arlen
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12530: SKAIFE, A.H - The Study of Ants
21477: SKAIFE, A.H - The Study of Ants
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12897: SKILLETER, PAUL - The Jaguar E-Type a Collectors Guide
24650: SKINNER, STEPHEN - Terrestrial Astrology Divination by Geomancy
22304: SKUTCH, ALEXANDER F - Life of the Woodpecker
8960: SLACK, JACK - Finders Losers
24371: SLACK, JACK - Finders Losers
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12115: SNICKET, LEMONY - A Series of Unfortunate Events Complete Set 13 Vols & Biography
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21882: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Mechanical Musical Instruments and Automata
21885: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Important Silver, Gold Boxes and Faberge
21878: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Rock & Roll Memorabilia 1955-1975
21879: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Fine Furniture and Clocks Including Property from Two Noble English Families
21868: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Catalogue of Silver, Silver Small Work, Objects of Vertu and Fans
21860: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Nineteenth Century Decorative Arts
21855: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Important Watches
21849: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Nineteenth Century Decorative Arts
21850: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Fine Continental Furniture and Tapestries
21848: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Contemporary Art Evening Auction London
23054: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Important English Furniture
21843: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Early English and Continental Ceramics
21969: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Catalogue of Silhouettes, Portrait, Minatures, European Silver and English Silver
21966: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Fine Japanese Works of Art
22098: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Old Master Paintings
22100: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Drawings and Watercolours
22102: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Old Master Paintings
22095: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Old Master Paintings Including the Henle Collection
21949: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Fine Silver, Silhouettes and Portrait Miniatures
22556: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Important Watches
21946: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Important Silver
21965: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - The Best of British Design from the 19th and 20th Centuries the Selling Exhibition
22078: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Important Continental Furniture, Tapestries and Carpets
22079: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Important English Furniture
22080: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Fine English Furniture
22077: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Silver, Portrait Miniatures and Objects of Vertu
23091: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - English and Continental Ceramics and Glass
23094: SOTHEBY'S LONDON - Fine British & European Ceramics & Glass

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