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53295: THE ARCHBISHOP OF CAMBRAY - The Archbishop of Cambray's Dissertation on Pure Love.
65119: ARCHBISHOP OF CAMBRAY - The Adventures of Telemachus, the Son of Ulysses.
38268: CAMENZIND, EDOARDO AND DE SCHEERDER, IVAN K - Local Drug Delivery for Coronary Artery Disease - established And Emerging Applications
37180: CAMERON, PETER - A Monograph of the British Phytophagous Hymenoptera: Vol. I and II
49376: CAMERON, ALEX - By Yarrow's Stream - Walking in the Historic Scottish Borderland
000053: WALLER CAMERON, E. - The Valley of the Silent Loch
44290: CAMERON, H. CHARLES (REVISED, ANNOTATED AND EDITED BY E. ASHWORTH UNDERWOOD) - A History of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London Volume I 1617-1815. Abstracted and Arranged from the Manuscript Notes of the Late Cecil Wall
58151: CAMERON, DAN - Pierre et Gilles
42774: CAMERON, ALISTAIR D - Slate From Honister
44803: CAMERON, LOU - Barca
71346: CAMERON, IAN - Michelangelo Antonioni - a Study
50250: CAMERON, RODERICK - Shadows from India
45121: GOVERNMENT OF THE SOUTHERN CAMEROONS - Introducing the Southern Cameroons - A Symposium of the Southern Portion of the Mandated Territory of the Cameroons Under United Kingdom Administration
42865: CAMMIDGE, P.J. - The Faeces of Children and Adults - Their Examination and Diagnostic Significance with Indications for Treatment
46182: SPRAGUE DE CAMP, L - Lovecraft a Biography
38730: CAMP, ANTHONY J. (ED) - An Index to the Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1750-1800 Vol. 1 A-bh
34178: MALCOLM CAMPBELL - Romantic Story of Motor-Racing
44870: CAMPBELL, GRACE - Torbeg
001771: CAMPBELL, REGINALD - The Abominable Twilight
65279: CAMPBELL, JACQUELYN C. (ED.) - Assessing Dangerousness - Violence By Sexual Offenders, Batterers, and Child Abusers
66313: CAMPBELL, G. A. - Mary Queen of Scots - Great Lives
57009: JAMES W. P. CAMPBELL - Brick: A World History
1997: CAMPBELL, MAJOR WALTER - The Old Forest Ranger; or, Wild Sports of India on The Neilgherry Hills, in the jungles, and on the plains
52341: GRAHAM-CAMPBELL, JAMES - Vikings in Scotland
9985: CAMPBELL, KENNETH - Campbell, Smith & Company 1873-1973: A Century of Decorative Craftsmanship
40052: BEATRIX CAMPBELL - Unofficial Secrets: Child Sex Abuse: The Cleveland Case
41111: CAMPBELL, ROY - Light on a Dark Horse
11655: CAMPBELL, ANGELA - Modern First Editions 1992
34132: DONALD CAMPBELL - Into the Water Barrier
40874: CAMPBELL, LEWIS - Aeschylus- The Seven Plays In English Verse
45268: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. (ED.) - Analog - Science Fact Science Fiction - Vol.LXXIII, No.4 June 1964
34002: MALCOLM CAMPBELL - Thunder Ahead
44499: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. (ED.) - Analog - Science Fact Science Fiction Magazine - Various Issues from 1963 & 1964
43247: CAMPBELL, JAMES W. P. - Brick - A World History
49752: CAMPBELL, PATRICK - A Long Drink of Cold Water
002284: CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD - Wayside Thoughts, and Other Poems.
34001: ROBIN CAMPBELL & NORBERT LYNTON - Decade: Painting, Sculpture and Drawing in Britain 1940-49
54075: CAMPBELL, P. - Come Here Till I tell You
50627: CAMPBELL, HILBERT H - James Thompson
38559: CAMPHUYSEN, C.J; CALVO B. ET AL. - Consumption of Discards By Seabirds in the North Sea. Final Report Nioz-Rapport 1995-5
000843: MERCIER-CAMPICHE, MARIANNE - Le Théâtre De Claudel Ou La Puissance Du Grief et De La Passion
62376: NICK CAMPLING - Historic Carriage Drawings, Volume 1: LNER and Constituents
65891: CAMUS, ALBERT - La Peste
48429: CANADAY, JOHN - Metropolitan Seminars in Art - 12 Portfolios
36255: W H CANAWAY - My Feet Upon a Rock
41611: CANDIDO, JOSEPH (ED.) - Shakepeare. The Critical Tradition. King John
53010: CANDLER, EDMUND - On the Edge of the World
48833: CANDY, JAMES C.; TEMES, GABOR C. - Oversampling Delta-Sigma Data Converters: Thoery, Design, and Simulation
33376: EDWARD CANDY - Doctor Amadeus
71387: DU CANE, ELLA & FLORENCE - The Flowers and Gardens of Japan
24349: DU CANE, PETER - An Engineer of Sorts
66050: CANNAN, JOANNA - They Bought Her a Pony
33110: GILBERT CANNAN - Samuel Butler: A Critical Study
4510: CANNELL, J. C. - 100 best tricks
37000: CANNON, JAMES (ED.) - The Msida Bastion Cemetery, Malta
53555: CANTACUZINO, SHERBAN - Wells Coates, a Monograph
62072: CANTON, F. J. SANCHEZ; ANDRADE, J. M. PITA - Treasures of Spain from Altamira to the Catholic Kings
40191: ED. CORNELL CAPA - Jerusalem: City of Mankind
36396: CAPA, ROBERT - Images of War
46860: CAPABLANCA, J. R. - Messrs. Bell's Books for Chess-Players
65862: CAPEK, KAREL - R. U. R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) a Play in Three Acts and an Epilogue
49380: CAPES, M. HARRIET M. - Sylvia Brooke
002801: CAPEWELL, J.G. - The Post-Silurian Pre-Marine Carboniferous Sedimentary Rocks of the Eastern Side of the English Lake District
58639: CAPLAT, MORAN (EDITOR) - Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme Book 1961-1971 6 Issues
48103: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - Answered Prayers : The Unfinished Novel
53452: CAPPOCH, THOMAS - An Account of Carlisle During the Rebellion of 1745. To Which is Added a Speech (Supposed to Have Been) Delivered By Thomas Cappoch, "The Rebel-Bishop" on His Execution at Carlisle, for High-Treason and Rebellion, October 18, 1746.
001028: CAPPY - Best Wishes Form the North Country
44531: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - Housing Dilemmas in the Lake District
65082: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - Some Aspects of the Economic Effects of Tourism in the Westmorland Lake District
43346: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - A Study of North Westmorland
38781: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - Housing Dilemmas in the Lake District
38782: CAPSTICK, MARGARET; CLARK, GORDON; DOHERTY, JOHN - Jobs in the Countryside: Studies in North Lancashire and Cumbria
65090: CAPSTICK, EJ & FOULDS, R - Lake District National Park Commons Project 1988 - 1990. A Report to the Lake District Special Planning Board and the Countryside Commission
72389: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - A Critical Appraisal of the Operation of Three Ad Hoc Planning Authorities in Upland Cumbria and Yorkshire, 1951 to 1974
46068: CAPUTO, JOHN D. - Heidegger and Aquinas - An Essay on Overcoming Metaphysics
56973: CARAVELLA, MIRIAM BOKSER - The Mystic Heart of Judaism
72739: CARBERY, MARY; LESLIE, SHANE (INTRO) - The Farm By Lough Gur - the Story of Mary Fogarty (Sissy O'Brien)
47020: CARCASSONNE, ÉLIE - Oeuvres Complètes De Montesquieu - Lettres Persanes - Tome Second
56430: CARD, TIM - ETON ESTABLISHED: A History from 1440 to 1860
56419: CARD, TIM - Eton Renewed: A History From 1860 to the Present Day
002310: CARDANI, A. - Multiple Aspect Signalling [British Practice]
47141: ADAM DE CARDONNEL (ETCHED BY) - Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland Part One and Two
38048: CARDWELL, D S L (ED.) - John Dalton and the Progress of Science
71269: CAREW, DUDLEY - The House is Gone
44863: CAREW, JAN - Black Midas
48581: CAREW, PAUL - Dust, Dope and Sawdust
62028: CAREW, TIM - The Royal Norfolk Regiment (The 9th Regiment of Foot)
48040: CAREY, ROSA NOUCHETTE - Herb of Grace
41110: CAREY, PETER J. - Friends' School, Wigton, Cumbria. 1950-1985
72759: CARGILL, LESLIE - Motley Menace
40952: CARGILL, ALEXANDER - Memorial of the Celebration of the Centenary of Savings Banks Held at Edinburgh 8th, 9th and 10th June 1910
72634: CARLE, ERIC - Rooster Sets Out to See the World
14921: CARLES, W. R. - Life in Corea
53467: CARLESS, FRANK (CANON EMERITUS OF WAKEFIELD) - William Walsham How 1823-1897 the First Bishop of Wakefield
58687: CARLETON, WILLIAM - The Squanders of Castle Squander - Volume I
45975: CARLETON, WILLIAM - Amusing Irish Tales
54679: CARLEY, JAMES P.; RIDDY, FELICITY (EDS) - Arthurian Literature XII
53288: CARLINE, RICHARD - Stanley Spencer at War
52272: THE LORD BISHOP OF CARLISLE - The People's Church Hymn Book.
52452: CARLISLE, STANTON - Master Mentality
58658: THE EARL OF CARLISLE - A Picture Song Book - the Songs Taken from Various Sources, the Pictures By the Earl of Carlisle
36481: CITY OF CARLISLE - Proceedings of the Council and of the Several Committees of the Council. From the 9th Day of November, 1907 to the 27th Day of October, 1908. Vol. XIX
36483: CITY OF CARLISLE - Proceedings of the Council and of the Several Committees of the Council. From the 9 th Day of November, 1929, to the 28th Day of October, 1930.
59661: STIG G. CARLSON - The Rhodesian Ridgeback Today
001116: CARLTON, ERIC - War and Ideology
47618: CARMER, CARL - American Folklore and Its Old- World Backgrounds
37173: CARMICHAEL, AMY - The Widow of the Jewels
49708: CARMICHAEL, HOAGY - The Stardust Road
42102: CARMICHAEL, ALASDAIR - Kintyre; Best of All the Isles
60245: CARMICHAEL, ELIZABETH - The British and the Maya
000662: CARMODY, FRANCIS J. - The Evolution of Apollinaire's Poetics 1901-1914
44680: CARNE, JOHN - Syria the Holy Land, Asia Minor Etc Illustrated
44858: CARNEGIE, SACHA - The Devil and the Deep
44859: CARNEGIE, SACHA - The Dark Night
50418: CARNEGIE, SACHA - The Banners of War
44906: CARNEGIE, SACHA - The Deerslayers
49139: CARNELL, RACHEL; HERMAN, RUTH (EDS) - The Selected Works of Delarivier Manley
36242: CARNIE, JOHN - Leisure Musings
48131: CARNON, R. J. F. - The Awakening Heart
9192: CAROE, ALBAN D. R. - Old Churches and Modern Craftsmanship
45555: CARPENTER, EDWARD - The Teaching of the Upanishads - Being the Substance of Two Lectures to Popular Audiences I. Rest II. The Nature of the Self
55477: CARPENTER, ROGER - The Criggion Branch of the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Light Railway
48678: CARPENTER, EDWARD - Angels' Wings - a Series of Essays on Art and Its Relation to Life
43396: CARPENTER, THOMAS - The Scholars Spelling Assistant
13187: CARPENTER, ALEJO - The War of Time
39822: CARPENTER, WILLIAM - Principles of Human Physiology
22862: EDWARD K CARPENTER - The Print Casebooks: First Annual Edition: The Best in Environmental Graphics
72994: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY - Benjamin Britten a Biography
59771: CARPENTER, WILLIAM B.; DALLINGER, W. H. - The Microscope and Its Revelations
72563: CARPENTER, JOHN - Liber Albus the White Book of the City of London
56097: CARR, HARRY (ED) - The Collected "Prestonian Lectures" 1925-1960
23306: M. CARR - SAUNDERS - Poblacian Mundial
49050: CARR, H. WILDON - The General Principle of Relativity in Its Philosophical and Historical Aspect
65083: CARR, F. IVAN - Gusts and Zephyrs
50155: CARR, JUDITH - The Templeton Twins
38111: HERBERT CARR - The Irvine Diaries: Andrew Irvine and the Enigma of Everest 1924
9948: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - It Walks By Night
41366: CARR, LARRY - Four Fabulous Faces: Swanson, Garbo, Crawford, Dietrich
39748: CARR, GLYN - The Youth Hostel Murders
56642: CARR, MICHELLE - The Velvet Hammer Burlesque
45202: CARR, MARY - Thomas Wilkinson a Friend of Wordsworth
56067: CARR, HARRY - The Freemason at Work
66206: CARR, SISTER FRANCES A. - Growing Up Shaker
65640: CARR, HERBERT - The Irvine Diaries: Andrew Irvine and the Enigma of Everest 1924
001679: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
44905: CARRICK, JOHN - Mario
44907: CARRICK, JOHN - The Vulture
698: CARRICK, T. W. - The History of Wigton (Cumberland) From its origin to the close of the Nineteenth Century
50093: CARRICK, THOMAS - The Border Land in the Olden Time.
42540: CARRICK, T. W. - The History of Wigton (Cumberland): From its origin to the close of the Nineteenth Century
40615: CARRICK, TERRY - The History of a Rugby Union Football Club
52337: CARRICK, T.W - Hstory of Wigton
1287: CARRICK, T. W. - History of Wigton (Cumberland): From its origin to the close of the Nineteenth Century
46433: CARRICK, T.W - The History of Wigton
33453: THOMAS CARRICK - The Border Land in the Olden Time
55607: CARRICK, T. W. - History of Wigton (Cumberland) from Its Origin to the Close of the Nineteenth Century
48999: CARRIER, E. H. - Historical Geography of England and Wales (South Britain)
49799: CARRIERI, RAFFAELE - Opere Di Amedeo Modigliana
37116: CARRINGTON, W.H.M. - The F. Matthias Alexander Technique. A Means of Understanding Man
003225: CARRINGTON, NOEL - The Shape of Things: An Introduction to Design in Everyday Life
59131: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
65991: CARROLL, KENNETH L. - John Perrot: Early Quaker Schismatic
37177: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking Glass
44844: CARROLL, MALACHY G. - Time Cannot Dim
46681: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
49161: CARROLL, MARK - Contexts for Amos
62078: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland - with "Come To Life" Panorama
36232: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking Glass
58539: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
59123: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits
56182: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
59108: CARROLL, LUDOVICI - Liber Notissimus Primum Abhinc Annis Centum Editus Alicia in Terra Mirabili
59749: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
54727: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland
000542: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland
53224: CARROLL, BRIAN - Eccles in Times Past
44196: CARROLL, LEWIS - Phantasmagoria and Other Poems
49300: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
53538: CARRUTH, JANE - The Magic Roundabout Florence and the Magic Bean
7786: CARRUTHERS, ROBERT - The Highland Note-Book
33261: JAGUAR CARS - The XK150 Jaguar Roadster
4797: CARSON, CIARAN - The New Estate
50243: CARSON, PATRICIA - Flanders in Creative Contrasts
43654: CARSON, ROBERT - A Short History of Middlesborough
42146: REGINALD ALLEN (EDITOR) FOREWARD BY BRIDGET D'OYLY CARTE - The First Night Gilbert and Sullivan Containing Complete Librettos of the Fourteen Operas, Exactly as Presented at Their Premiere Performances
33197: H MALCOLM CARTER - The Fort of Othona and the Chapel of St. Peter-on-the-wall Bradwell-on-Sea Essex
49990: CARTER, HAROLD B. - Sir Joseph Banks and the Plant Collection from Kew Sent to the Empress Catherine II of Russia 1795
57649: CARTER, JEFFREY (EDITOR) - Understanding Religious Sacrifice
36184: FRANCIS W CARTER - Dubrovnik (Ragusa) A Classic City Stata
59862: CARTER, THOMAS (RETOLD BY) - Stories from Shakespeare
59431: CARTER, ANGELA - Nights at the Circus
38037: CARTER, VIVIAN - Bairnsfather. A Few Fragments from His Life Collected By a Friend
38511: CARTER, PAT - A Dictionary of British Studio Potters
59648: CARTER, ANGELA - Shadow Dance
47010: CARTER, A.E - Charles Baudelaire
50920: BONHAM-CARTER, VICTOR - Soldier True The Life and Times of Field-Marshall Sir William Robertson, 1860-1933
48561: CARTER, MRS ELIZABETH; TALBOT, MISS CATHERINE; PENNINGTON, REV. MONTAGU - A Series of Letters Between Mrs. Elizabeth Carter and Miss Catherine Talbot, from the Year 1741 to 1770. To Which are Added, Letters from Mrs. Elizabeth Carter to Mrs. Vesey, Between the Years 1763 and 1787; Published from the Original Manuscripts in the
59884: CARTER, DUSTIN W. (DUSTY) - Racing Planes and Air Races Volume XIII 1977-78 Biennial
8091: CARTER, GEORGE; GOODE, PATRICK; LAURIE, KEDRUN - Humphry Repton Landscape Gardener 1752-1818
35195: HENRI CARTIER - BRESSON - Photographe
46717: CARTLAND, BARBARA - Polly- My Wonderful Mother
42480: CARTLAND, BARBARA - Elizabethan Lover
000102: CARTLAND, BARBARA - Desire of the Heart
46313: CARTLAND, BARBARA - Sweet Adventure
55696: CARTWRIGHT, ROGER - The Deer of the Arnside Silverdale Area
22946: T J CARTWRIGHT - Royal Commissions and Departmental Committees in Britain: A Case-study in Institutional Adaptiveness and Public Participation in Government
49442: CARUANA, IAN - Fieldwalking in the Solway Plain
49322: CARUANA, I. D.; SHOTTER, D. C. A.; AND PIRIE, E. J. E. - Roman and Medieval Coins Found During Sewer Renewal in Carlisle, 1983-87
56027: CARUANA, IAN & GLADWIN, COL. P.F. FANE - Unpublished Excavations on the Line of the Roman Wall in Hadrian's Camp, Carlisle
77040: CARUANA, IAN - Fieldwalking in the Solway Plain, 1983-84
002059: CARUANA, IAN - Unpublished Excavations on and Off the Line of Roman Roads in Cumberland by the Late George Richardson
002046: CARUANA, IAN AND COULSTON, J.C. - A Roman Bridge Stone from the River Eden, Carlisle
50798: CARUSO, DOROTHY - Dorothy Caruso, A Personal History
40213: VIDA CARVER - Child Abuse: A Study Text
49810: CASE, JOYCE - Clare Tristan Arctic Nurse
003047: CASE, ROBERT H. - English Epithalamies - the Bodley Anthologies
66047: CASELLA, FRANK A. - The Girls, Errol Flynn and Me
50219: CASEY, JOHN - The Legions In the Later Roman Empire - the Fourth Annual Caerleon Lecture
77214: CASEY, P J - The Ninekirks (Brougham) Hoard; A Reconsideration
49336: CASEY, P. J. - The Ninekirks (Brougham) Hoard; a Reconsideration
77213: CASEY, P J - The Ninekirks (Brougham) Hoard; A Reconsideration
36237: O'CASEY, SEAN - The Harvest Festival. A Play in Three Acts
40263: ED JOHN CASEY - Morality and Moral Reasoning
001786: CASEY, P. J. - The Ninekirks (Brougham) Hoard; A Reconsideration Volume 78
77215: CASEY, P J - The Ninekirks (Brougham) Hoard; A Reconsideration
58918: CASH, JOHNNY; GELLER, GREGG - Johnny Cash the Legend
72354: CASH, JOSEPH H. - The Sioux People
37071: CASSELL - Cassell's Household Guideto Every Department of Practical Life Being a Complete Encyclopaedia of Domestic and Social Economy
72180: CASSERLEY, H. C. - Veterans of the Track
72320: CASSILIS, ROBERT - Arrow of God
37303: CASSON, EDMUND - George Fox: A poem in twelve books
46098: CASSON, EDMUND - Poems
40076: LIONAL CASSON - Travel in the Ancient World
60002: CASSON, EDMUND - Poems
58992: CASSON, MARK - The World's First Railway System
56579: CASSON, STANLEY - Steady Drummer
39437: CASTAGNARY - Grand Album des Expositions De Peinture et De Sculpture. 69 Tableaux et Statues
000061: CASTANDEA, CARLOS - Tales of Power
23272: CARLOS CASTANEDA - Tales of Power
71088: CASTELLION, SÉBASTIEN; VALKHOFF, MARIUS F. - Conseil a La France Désolée
8250: VAN CASTER, MARCEL - The Structure of Catechetics
44804: CASTLE, DENNIS - Run Out the Raj
44860: CASTLE, JOHN - The Seventh Fury - A Novel of Suspense
59313: CASTLES, STEPHEN; DAVIDSON, ALASTAIR - Citizenship and Migration: Globalization and the Politics of Belonging
59327: CASTRONOVA, EDWARD - Exodus to the Virtual World: How Online Fun is Changing Reality
22720: CATE, GEORGE - John Ruskin
7994: CATEORA, PHILIP R. - International Marketing
33312: THE DEAN OF DURHAM CATHEDRAL - The Form and Order of Enthroning Installing and Inducting David Lord Bishop of Durham
49899: CATHER, WILLA - Shadows on the Rock
53911: CATHER, WILLA - My Antonia
000268: CATHERALL, ARTHUR - Vibrant Brass
48626: CATHRALL, WILLIAM - Hand-Book to North Wales; a Road & Railway Guide. With a Description of the Ancient Castles, Churches, Towns, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Railways, &c.
47675: CATTERALL, PETER - British History, 1945-1987 : An Annotated Bibliography
36758: PETER CATTERALL - British History 1945 - 1987; An Annotated Bibliography
56660: CATTON, BRUCE - The Coming Fury - the Centennial History of the Civil War Volume One.
56628: CATTON, BRUCE - Never Call Retreat - the Centennial History of the Civil War Volume Three
49190: CAUCCI, ADELE G. - Il Paesaggio Dei Giardini Storici Firenze e Il Suo Territorio
002639: CAUDWELL, CHRISTOPHER - Illusion and Reality: a Study of the Sources of Poetry
60232: CAUSER, PEGGY & VIRDEE, DEV - Regional Trends 2004 Edition Number 38
6987: CAUSLEY, CHARLES - Jack the Treacle Eater
43330: CAUSLEY, CHARLES - Poems in Pamphlet I
44188: CAUSTON, H. KENT STAPLE - The Howard Papers: With a Biographical Pedigree and Criticism;
55402: CAUTE, DAVID - The Decline of the West
66304: CAUTLEY, H. MUNRO - Norfolk Churches
41957: CAVAFY, CONSTANTINE; SAVVIDES, GEORGIOS P. - Passions and Ancient Days:Twenty One New Poems: Twenty One New Poems
53812: CAVALCASELLE, G.B - A History of Painting in Italy Vol 2 Giotto and the Giottesques
8874: CAVALLI, FRANCESCO - Francesco Cavalli: Messa Concertata
58507: CAVATORE, ALESSIO; PRIESTLEY, RICK - Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles
41727: CAVE, CYRIL; GREAT BRITAIN; MADDISON, PAMELA - A Survey of Recent Research in Special Education
6009: "CAVENDISH - Patience Games
49705: CAVERS, COLIN; HUTTON, GUTHRIE - Black Diamonds - Photographs of Longannet Mine, Fife.
12104: CAW, JAMES L. - Scottish Painting Past and Present 1620-1908
49135: CAWTE, E. C.; HELM, ALEX; PEACOCK, N. - English Ritual Drama: a Geographical Index
33837: EMILE LEGOUIS LOUIS CAZAMIAN AND RAYMOND LAS VERGNAS (BOOK VIII) - A History of English Literature: The Middle Ages and the Renascence (650-1660); Modern Times (1660 - 1970)
46615: CAZES, ALBERT - Pierre Bayle
33331: JOHN P DE CECCO - The Psychology of Language, Thought and Instruction: Readings
46623: CECIL, HENRY - Unlawful Occasions
002900: CECIL, LADY WILLIAM - Bird Notes from the Nile
50990: CECIL, LAMAR - Wilhelm II 2 Volumes
62292: CEDERWALL, SANDRALINE AND RINEY, HAL - Spratling Silver Centennial Edition
50450: CELANT, GERMANO (ED) - Keith Haring
33688: OFFICE OF POPULATION CENSUSES AND SURVEYS - Census 1981 Preliminary Report England and Wales
33689: OFFICE OF POPULATION CENSUSES AND SURVEYS - Census 1981 Preliminary Report England and Wales
38557: FIELD STUDIES COUNCIL RESEARCH CENTRE - Caernarfon and Cardigan Bays. An Environmental Appraisal
72633: EDINBURGH CITY ART CENTRE - The Indispensable Fan: The Story of the Fan in Society - Edinburgh City Art Centre
71250: SCRIPT BY "CENTURION - "In the Service of the Nation" The N.F.S. Goes Into Action
72103: CEOIL, FOCLOIR - A Dictionary of Music
40695: CERA, DEANNA FARNETI - The Jewels of Miriam Haskell
56088: CERASANO, S.P. AND WYNNE-DAVIES, MARION (EDITORS) - Gloriana's Face Women, Public and Private in the English Renaissance
30095: EDWIN CERIO - That Capri Air
000086: CERMINARA, GINA - Insights for the Age of Aquarius
000082: CERMINARA, GINA - Many Mansions
000090: CERVE, W.S - Lemuria the Lost Continent of the Pacific
49067: LISTRI MASSIMO; CUNACCIA CESARE - Giardini e parchi italiani
001892: CHADDERTON, J.F - Barrow Grammar School for Boys 1880-1960
8463: CHADOURNE, MARC - Anahuac: Tale of a Mexican Journey
57660: CHADWICK, HENRY - Origen Contra Celsum
58599: CHADWICK, HELEN; ET AL - Hayward Annual 1979
47939: CHADWICK, LESTER - Baseball Joe in the Central League or Making Good as a Professional Pitcher
40872: CHADWICK, J - Radioactivity and Radioactive Substances
46644: CHAGALL, DAVID - The Century God Slept
62307: CHAH, VEN. AJAHN - A Taste of Freedom Selected Dhamma Talks
001004: CHAHINE, SAMIA - La Dramaturgie De Victor Hugo (1816-1843)
000752: CHAILLET, JEAN - Etudes De Grammaire et De Style - Tome Premier et Tome Second (ES 62 et 63)
003372: CHAKRA, NARISA - Terence Cuneo: Railway Painter of the Century
45803: CHAKRABORTI, NEIL - Rural Racism
71041: TUCOO-CHALA, PIERRE - Le Pays De Bearn - Promenades Historiques
71184: CHALK, GARY; HOLLEY, DUNCAN - Saints - a Complete Record of Southampton Football Club 1885 - 1987
59819: CHALKE, STEPHEN - Five Five Five Holmes and Sutcliffe in 1932
59820: CHALKE, STEPHEN - A Summer of Plenty George Herbert Hirst in 1906
47024: CHALLE, ROBERT; DELOFFRE, FRÉDÉRIC; MENEMENCIOGLU, MELÂHAT - Difficultés Sur la Religion Proposées Au Père Malebranche
71017: CHALLE, ROBERT - Difficultés Sur La Religion Proposées Au Père Male Branche
72223: CHALLIS, W. H.; SUCH, W. H. - 3 Lectures/Issues: Principles of the Layout of Signals (British Practice) (No.1); Principles of Interlocking (British Practice) (No.2); Mechanical and Electrical Interlocking (British Practice) (No.3)
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56988: COLLINSON, DAVID - Have Brain Tumour Will Travel: The 71 Lakes and Meres Challenge
24579: COLLINSON, FRANCIS M. - The Bagpipe: The History of a Musical Instrument
56815: COLLIS, MAURICE - The Grand Peregrination Being the Life and Adventures of Fernao Mendes Pinto
56670: COLLIS, MAURICE - Trials in Burma
56673: COLLIS, MAURICE - The Motherly and Auspicious Being the Life of the Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi in the Form of a Drama with an Introduction and Notes
56592: COLLIS, MAURICE - The Mystery of Dead Lovers
57501: COLLIS, MAURICE - Nancy Astor an Informal Biography
56674: COLLIS, MAURICE - White of Mergen
40048: JOHN STEWART COLLIS - Living with a Stranger: A Discourse on the Human Body
56667: COLLIS, MAURICE; TOPOLSKI, FELIKS - Lord of the Three Worlds
47826: COLLISON, C. - Ye Boke of Ye Busie Bee Being Notes on the Norman Priory and Church of St. Bees and Archbishop Grindal's Free Grammar School of St. Bees.
57829: COLLISTER, PETER - The Last Days of Slavery: England and the East African Slave Trade 1870-1900
3303: COLLODI, BASED ON THE STORY BY - Walt Disney's version of Pinocchio
36453: HENRY COLMAN - European Life and Manners; in Familiar Letters to Friends. In Two Volumes
50408: COLMAN, HENRY - European Agriculture and Rural Economy 2 Volumes
49574: COLMER, CHARLIE - The Street
42428: COLP, RALPH JR - To be an Invalid the Illness of Charles Darwin
53963: COLVILLE, W. J. - Elementary Text Book of Mental Therapeutics
62222: COLVIN, HOWARD - Unbuilt Oxford
72590: COLVIN, H. M. - The White Canons in England
41698: C L COMAR - Fallout from Nuclear Tests
RN90: COMARASWAMY, AMANDA K. - Mediaeval Sinhalese Art
45538: COMBE, IRIS - Herding Dogs
5215: [COMBE, WILLIAM] - The Tour of Doctor Syntax in Search of the Picturesque
62138: COMBER, L. F. - Chinese Secret Societies in Malaya: a Survey of the Triad Society from 1800 to 1900 - Monographs of the Association for Asian Studies VI
57614: COMBES, I.A.H. - The Metaphor of Slavery in the Writings of the Early Church: From the New Testament to the Beginning of the Fifth Century (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series 156)
39457: DE COMBRAY, RICHARD - Armani
54187: COMINI, ALESSANDRA - Egon Schiele's Portraits
34204: CARLISLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Carlisle Directory 1952
33285: BRISTOL JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND SHIPPING. MEMBERS OF. - The SS 'Great Britain': History and Return Salvage Operation
33486: STEPHEN K COMMINS, MICHAEL F LOCFCHIE, AND RHYS PAYNE EDITORS - Africa's Agrarian Crisis: The Roots of Famine
72581: HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION - Architectural History & the Fine & Applied Arts: Sources in the National Register of Archives IV
65101: COUNTRYSIDE COMMISSION - Changing Countryside Project: A Report
23245: HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION - Thirteenth Report, Appendix, Part IV: The Manuscripts of Rye and Hereford Corporations, Capt. Loder - Symonds, Mr. E. R. Wodehouse, M. P., and Others
72580: HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION - Historical Manuscripts Commission National Register of Archives. Computers and Archives Group of Northern Record Offices. List of the Delaval MSS. In the Northumberland Record Office. Specimen Catalogue for Subject-Indexing. May 1966.
49718: HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION - Architectural History & the Fine & Applied Arts: Sources in the National Register of Archives II
53219: THE "GARDENERS' MAGAZINE" SPECIAL COMMISSIONER - The Wasted Orchards of England. Some Truths About British Fruit Growing.
203: CUMBERLAND EDUCATION COMMITTEE - Minutes of Committee and Sub-Committees Vol. 58 1960-61
33160: CONSTELLATION RESTORATION COMMITTEE - United States Frigate Constellation
50220: LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY COMPANY - The Steam Locomotive: Its Failures and How to Deal with Them
1978: CARLISLE ESTATES COMPANY - Annual Accounts
40144: COMPILED BY THE HULTON PICTURE COMPANY - Times Gone By: A Photographic Record of Great Britain 1856-1956
33733: NANCIE CAMPBELL COMPILER - Tennyson in Lincoln: A Catalogue of the Collections in the Research Centre Two Volumes
33413: SOCIETY OF NORWEGIAN COMPOSERS - Norwegian Composers: Now - for Tomorrow
54966: LE COMTE, EDWARD S. - A Milton Dictionary
54543: DOYLE CONAN, A. - The Great Boer War
49266: CONDER, EDWARD - Some Notes on the Manors of Mansergh and Rigmaden, Formerly in the Parish of Kirkby Lonsdale.
58926: CONDIE, ALLAN T. - Roadless Album
58925: CONDIE, ALLAN T. - Sixty Famous Tractors
65180: CUMBERLAND COUNTRYSIDE CONFERENCE - Caravan and Camping Sites - Working Party Report
42893: CONGREVE, WILLIAM - Incognita: Or, Love And Duty Reconcil'd. A Novel.
15754: CONIL, JEAN - Gastronomic Tour De France
36962: JOHN CONINGTON, TRANSLATOR - The Satires of A Persius Flaccus. To Which is Prefixed a Lecture on the Life and Writings of Persius
54139: CONINGTON, JOHN - The Aeneid of Virgil Translated Into English Verse
47416: CONLON, PIERRE M. - Prélude Au Siècle Des Lumières En France - Répertoire Chronologique De 1680 à 1715
40426: W F CONNELL - A History of Education in the Twentieth Century World
23277: CHARLES CONNELL - Catt Among the Pidgeons
57885: CONNELLY, GERRY - Errol Flynn in Northampton
57123: CONNER, RANDY P. - Blossom of Bone: Reclaiming the Connections between Homoeroticism and the Sacred
59349: CONNOLLY, JOHN - The Book of Lost Things
002408: CONNOLLY, BOB - War Cartoon News
53291: CONNOLLY, RAY - A Girl Who Came to Stay
52318: CONNOLY, PHILOMENA - The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll 1190-1265
56335: CONNON, PETER - In the Shadow of the Eagles Wing
58876: CONNON, PETER - In the Shadow of the Eagle's Wings
56319: CONNON, PETER - An Aeronautical History of the Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway Region: Part 2: 1915-30
58877: CONNON, PETER - An Aeronautical History of the Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway Region Part 2: 1915-1930
46616: O'CONNOR, ULICK - Life Styles
57227: CONNOR, JEFF - Creagh Dhu Climber: The Life and Times of John Cunningham
55474: O'CONNOR, MRS. T. P. - Herself - Ireland
39731: O'CONNOR, DANIEL - The Story of Peter Pan Retold from the Fairy Play By Sir J. M. Barrie
49051: CONNOR, JEFF - Creagh Dhu Climber : The Life and Times of John Cunningham
4527: ---- CONOLLY, CYRIL (ED.) - Horizon: a review of literature and art: Vol. III, No. 16
41162: OWEN CONQUEST (FRANK RICHARD) - Rival Guys at Rookwood!
54989: CONQUEST, ROBERT (ED) - New Lines: An Anthology
44841: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Nigger of the "Narcissus" A Tale of the Sea
59741: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Heart of Darkness

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