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49909: BELL, CURRER (CHARLOTTE BRONTE) - The Professor.
41012: EDITED BY BELL, EUGENIA - Shigeru Ban
48686: BELL, J.H.B - The Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal
63734: BELL, A.C. - A History of the Blockade of Germany
33224: A.MORTON BELL, O.B.E. - Locomotives Their Construction, Maintenance and Operation with Notes on Electric and Internal Combustion Locomotives
56462: BELL, MARY HAYLEY - Whistle Down the Wind: a Modern Fable
63176: BELL, TERRY AND OTHERS (EDITED BY) - Working Papers in Sex, Science and Culture, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1976
55916: BELL, ADRIAN - The Cherry Tree, Silver Ley and Corduroy
001259: BELL, ADRIAN - Silver Ley
23790: BELL, NEIL - Alpha and Omega
72134: BELL, J. J. - Christina
72640: BELL, KENNETH N.; MORRELL, W. P. - Select Documents on British Colonial Policy 1830-1860
59989: BELL, ALYSON (EDITOR) - Operis Summer 1970 (Nelson Thomlinson Grammar School Wigton)
58606: BELL, ROBERT (ED.) - Golden Leaves from the Works of the Poets and Painters - Two Volumes
003213: BELL, STAN - Born to Soccer
65655: BELL, CURRER - Villette.
000060: LE BELLAC - Quantum and Statistical Theory
45025: BELLAMY, R.L - The Adventures of Scott Grey
58686: BELLAMY, CHRISTOPHER - The Evolution of Modern Land Warfare: Theory and Practice
002944: BELLANTI, DUNSTAN G. - Why Malta? Why Ghawdex?
45679: BELLCHAMBERS, J.K - Somerset Clockmakers
33582: JENIJOY LA BELLE - The Echoing Wood of Theodore Roethke
71084: BELLENGER, YVONNE - Du Bellay: Ses "Regrets" Qu'il Fit Dans Rome...
42762: BELLHOUSE, R.L - Roman Sites on the Cumberland Coast Vol 3
54000: BELLHOUSE, R. L. - Roman Sites on the Cumberland Coast: Milefortlet 20 Low Mire
49242: BELLHOUSE, R. L. - The Problem of Burrow Walls
24719: BELLOC, HILAIRE - An Essay on the Restoration of Property
58531: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Oliver Cromwell
44857: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Mr. Petre
72279: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Aftermath or Gleanings from a Busy Life
50068: BELLOC, HILAIRE - James the Second
66157: BELLOC, HILAIRE; ROUGHEAD, W. N. - The Verse of Hilaire Belloc
10150: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Matilda: Who Told Lies and Was Burned to Death
56246: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Robespierre a Study
44692: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Land & Water Map of the War & How to Use it Drawn Under the Direction of Hilaire Belloc
56401: BELLOC, H. - The Bad Child's Book of Beasts Together with More Beasts for Worse Children and Cautionary Tales
63300: BELLOS, ALEX - Alex Through the Looking-Glass: How Life Reflects Numbers and Numbers Reflect Life
58675: BELSER, CHRISTOPHE - Bourges : Il y a 100 ans en cartes postales Anciennes
22364: W A BELSON - Television and the Family: An Effects Study
41838: BELT, GEORGE - Production
10120: BELT, ANTHONY - The Naturalist in Nicaragua
49972: BELTON, J. J. - The Story of Packwood Warwickshire
52664: BEMELANS, LUDWIG - To the One I Love the Best
63579: BENACERRAF, PAUL AND PUTMAN, HILARY (EDITOR) - Philosophy of Mathematics
63559: BENACERRAF, PAUL; PUTNAM, HILARY - Philosophy of Mathematics: Selected Readings
44389: BENARD, ELISABETH ANNE - Chinnamasta
72509: BENAS, BERTRAM B. - The Contributions of the Roscoe Family to the Literature of English Law
40280: MARY BENBOW, EDITH DUNLOP & JOYCE LUCKIN - Guys and Dolls; and How to Make Them
000755: BENDA, JULIEN - La Bruyère Oeuvres Complètes
41128: EDITED BY D. S. BENDALL - Evolution from Molecules to Men
59579: BENDER, ROGER JAMES; TAYLOR, HUGH PAGE - Uniforms, Organization and History of the Waffen-SS - 5 Volumes
41391: BENDER, THOMAS - Community and Social Change in America
63345: BARBARA BENDER - Stonehenge: Making Space (Materializing Culture)
48876: BENDER, ROGER & TAYLOR, HUGH PAGE - Uniforms, Organisation and History of the Waffen SS Volume 2
53981: BENDIS, BRIAN MICHAEL - Max Comics Alias
003362: BENECKE, ELSE; HOWELL, FERRERS - The Chronicle of Dino Compagni
40166: RUTH BENEDICT - Patterns of Culture
49761: BENEDICTUS, EDOUARD - Art Deco Designs
38684: BÉNÉZIT, E. - Dictionnaire Critique et Documentaire Des Peinture, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs et Graveurs De Tous Les Temps et De Tous Les Pays Par Un Group D'écrivains Spécialistes Français et Étrangers - 8 Tomes
49697: BÉNÉZIT, E. - Dictionnaire Critique et Documentaire Des Peinture, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs et Graveurs De Tous Les Temps et De Tous Les Pays Par Un Group D'écrivains Spécialistes Français et Étrangers - 8 Tomes
59231: BENGIO, OFRA (EDITOR) - Kurdish Awakening
003335: BENHAM, MAURA - An Introduction to the Birds of Hong Kong
65692: BENHAM, CHARLES EDWIN - Essex Ballads and Other Poems
66235: BENHAM, W.; LAURENS, J. P. - The Imitation of Christ: Four Books
001164: BENJAMIN, B.; HAYCOCKS, H. W. - The Analysis of Mortality and Other Actuarial Statistics
54866: BENN, S.I. & MORTIMORE, G.W. (EDITORS) - Rationality and the Social Sciences
63128: BENN, TONY - Out of the Wilderness Diaries 1936-67
63129: BENN, TONY - Against the Tide Diaries 1973-76
63130: BENN, TONY - The End of an Era Diaries 1980-90
60192: BENN, CAROLINE & CHITTY, CLYDE - Thirty Years on is Comprehensive Education Alive and Well or Strugling to Survive?
23275: W. H. BENNET - Robert Cleaver Chapman of Barnstaple
57178: BENNETT, J. A. W. (ED) - Essays on Mallory By Walter Oakeshott, C. S. Lewis, Eugene Vinaver, D. S. Brewer, P. E. Tucker, F. Whitehead, Sally Shaw
56228: BENNETT, JOAN - Tales in Verse
77206: BENNETT, J AND HERNE, A AND WHITWORTH, A - "The Castles", Downhall, Aikton
54712: BENNETT, RODNEY - Carrots at Orchard End
65910: BENNETT, ALAN - Forty Years on
45160: BENNETT, PETER - The Calf of Man Bird Observatory
52661: BENNETT, EMERSON - Forest Rose a Tale of the Ohio Frontier
59045: BENNETT, ALAN - Keeping On Keeping On
000351: BENNETT, HUGH (ED.) - The Kiribati & Tuvalu Philatelic Society Specialist Handbook - Part I - Kiribati
66024: BENNETT, RODNEY; GORDON, H. S. - "Let's Get Up a Concert!"
77111: BENNETT, J AND HERNE, A AND WHITWORTH, A - "The Castles", Downhall, Aikton
40091: JONATHAN BENNETT - Linguistic Behaviour
40382: PETER BENNETT - A Very Desolate Position : The Story of the Birth and Establishment of a Mid-Victorian School (Rossall)
33071: JOAN BENNETT - Sir Thomas Browne: 'a Man of Achievement in literature'
65438: BENNETT, WILLIAM - Doctor Samuel Johnson and the Ladies of the Lichfield Amicable Society, 1775
72210: BENNETT, MATTHEW; BRADBURY, JIM; DEVRIES, KELLY; DICKIE, IAIN, JESTICE, PHYLLIS - Fighting Techniques of the Medieval World AD 500 - AD 1500 : Equipment, Combat Skills and Tactics
44908: BENNETTS, PAMELA - Beau Barron's Lady
47266: BENOIT, DANIEL - Marie Durand 1730-1768
53524: BENSON, JOHN H.; RAYMAN, ALAN A. - Experimental Flash Steam
66289: BENSON, C. W.; WHITE, C. M. N. - Check List of the Birds of Northern Rhodesia
47908: BENSON, E.F - Limitations
44372: BENSON, GEORGE - An Account of the City and County of York in 2 volumes
003691: BENSON, A.C. AND WEAVER, LAWRENCE - Everybody's Book of The Queen's Dolls' House
696: BENSON, E. F. - The Babe B.A.: Being the Uneventful History of a Young Gentleman at Cambridge University
37469: E F BENSON - Final Edition: Informal Autobiography
54670: BENSON, C. E. - Crag and Hound in Lakeland
47989: BENSON, ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER - Life and Letters of Maggie Benson
62965: BENSON, PETER (ED) - My Dearest Betsy: a Self-portrait of William Gilpin, 1757-1848, Schoolmaster and Parson, from His Letters and Diaries
72462: BENSON, A C - Rubiyat of Omar Kayyam
56426: BENSON, ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER - Fasti Etonenses: a Biographical History of Eton Selected from the Lives of Celebrated Etonians
36679: JOSEPH BENSON - The Life of the Rev. John. W. De La Flechere: Compiled from the Narrative of the Rev. J. Wesley A.M.; The Biographical Notes of the Rev. Mr Gilpin and His Own Letters.
59061: BENSTEAD, C. R. - H.M.S. Rodney
7133: BENSUSAN, S. L. - The Heart of the Wild: Nature Studies from Near and Far
59705: BENT, ARTHUR CLEVELAND - Life Histories of North American Woodpeckers
46881: BENTHAM, J.A - The City of Wishes
55037: BENTLEY, GERALD EADES - The Profession of Player in Shakespeare's Time, 1590-1642
65915: BENTLEY, G. E. - The Salisbury Court Theater and Its Boy Players - Reprinted from the Huntington Library Quarterly Volume XL Number 2 February 1977
44889: BENTLEY, E. C. - Trent's Last Case
63814: BENTLEY, RICHARD; DYCE, ALEXANDER - Richard Bentley: The Works - 3 Volumes
44891: BENTLEY, PHYLLIS - A Man of His Time
57180: BENTLEY, GERALD EADES - The Jacobean and Caroline Stage - Seven Volumes
44900: BENTON, KENNETH - Twenty-Fourth Level
66198: BENTON, R.N. - Louth in Early Days
48619: BENUSSI, GIULIO - Carri Armati e Autoblindate Del Regio Esercito Italiano 1918-1943
43806: BENY, ROLOFF - Pleasure of Ruins
001752: BERARDINO, ANGELO - Encyclopedia of the Early Church in 2 Volumes
72445: DE BERCEO, GONZALO - La Rioja
44869: BERCKMAN, EVELYN - The Fourth Man on the Rope
58695: BERENDT, JOHN - The City of Falling Angels
10372: BERENSON, BERNARD (B.B.) - Sunset and Twilight: From the Diaries of 1947-1958
49903: BERESFORD, ELISABETH - Strange Hiding Place
41048: BERESFORD, J.D. - Peckover
42636: BERESFORD, ADMIRAL CHARLES - The Memoirs of Admiral Lord Charles Bereford in Two Volumes
72547: BERG, NIK (ED) - Muscle: a Celebration of Powerful Automobiles
003251: BERGEN, CHRIS - History of Bedlington Ironworks 1936-1867
43754: BERGENGRUEN, WERNER - Rome Remembered
43706: BERGER, MARIA M. & JAWORSKA, TERESA & BARANOWSKA, ANNA & BARANSKA (EDS.) - English-Polish Dictionary of Science and Technology. Slownik Naukowo-Techniczny Angielsko-Polski
64152: BERGER, JOHN - Michael Broughton - Big Moments Paintings 2012
47967: BERGQUIST, LARS - Swedenborg's Dream Diary
47964: BERGQUIST, LARS - Swedenborg's Secret- A Biography
36238: BERGVOIGT, KARL - Der Eberwirth. Eine Erzahlung Aus Dem Norddeutschen Dorfleben
63492: BERKELEY, GEORGE; FRASER, ALEXANDER CAMPBELL - The Works of George Berkeley D.D.; Formerly Bishop of Cloyne, Including His Posthumous Works - Four Volumes
000570: BERKELEY, GRANTLEY F - Reminiscences of a Huntsman
002415: BERKMAN, ALEXANDER - An Anarchist Introduction to The Russian Revolution
41364: BERLE, ADOLF AUGUSTUS - Navigating the Rapids, 1918-1971;: From the Papers of Adolf A. Berle
001584: BERLYN, PHILLIPPA - Rhodesia: Beleaguered Country
36263: ALFREDO BERMUDEZ - Diego Cisneros
59441: BERNAGE, GEORGES' BENAMOU, JEAN-PIERRE; GRENNEVILLE, R.; JUTRAS, PHILIPPE - Normandie Album Memorial 6 juin- - 22 Aout 1944 Invasion Journal Pictorial 6th June - 22nd August 1944
62435: BERNAL, J. D. - The Social Function of Science
62084: BERNANOS, GEORGES; MORRIS, PAMELA - A Diary of My Times
54170: BERNARD, G. W. - Power and Politics in Tudor England: Essays by G.W.Bernard
56738: BERNARD, BRUCE; RODGER, GEORGE - Humanity and Inhumanity: The Photographic Journey of George Rodger
37638: CHARLES BERNARD - Willem Paerels
52651: UHDE BERNAYS, HERMANN - Nuremberg
64095: BERNECKER, SVEN; DRETSKE, FRED - Knowledge: Readings in Contemporary Epistemology
48644: DE BERNIERES, LOUIS - Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord
14729: BERNIERES, LOUIS DE - The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts
001433: BERNSTEIN, LEONARD - Findings
41678: JEREMY BERNSTEIN - The Elusive Neutrino
45448: BERNSTEIN, RICHARD J. (ED.) - The Review of Metaphysics - A Philosophical Quarterly - Volume XIX, No.1 Issue No. 73 September 1965
45450: BERNSTEIN, RICHARD J. (ED.) - The Review of Metaphysics - A Philosophical Quarterly - Volume XXII, No.2 Issue No. 86 December 1968
36543: BARTON J BERNSTEIN - Politics and Policies of the Truman Administration
53307: BERRIER, JEAN-CLAUDE; DENIZET, RAYMOND - High Places of Africa
42911: BERRILL, SIR KENNETH - Lifetime Education - The Outlook in Britain
002366: BERRINGTON, E. D. (ARRANGED BY) - The "Isabel Carnaby" Birthday Book Including Selections from "Concerning Isabel Carnaby" "A Double Thread" and the "Farringdons"
44348: BERRY, CHARLES WALTER - Viniana
001190: BERRY, ANA M. - Art for Children
36200: HERBERT BERRY - The First Public Playhouse the Theatre in Shoreditch 1576 - 1598
64211: BERRY, MARY - Mary Berry's Christmas Collection
62974: BERRY, R. J. & JOHNSTON, J. L. - Islands (Collins New Naturalist Library)
52342: BERRY, ANDRE - Fenn's and Whixall Mosses
37262: BERRY, R.J. - The Natural History of Orkney
42427: BERRY, R.J - Charles Darwin: a Commemoration 1882-1982
002529: BERRY, FRANCIS - Gospel of Fire
72567: BERRY, DAVID L. E. - Structures for the Church: Reshaping the Christian Mission to Our Ancient Western Nations
55754: BERRYMAN, JOHN - Berryman's Shakespeare
63931: BERRYMAN, JOHN - The Dream Songs
55938: BERRYMAN, JOHN - Berryman's Sonnets
57912: BERTET, R. P. THEODOSE - Sermons Preches Pendant L'octave Des Morts
40354: BERTHOUD, RICHARD & BROWN, JOAN C. - Poverty and the Development of Anti-Poverty Policy in the U.K
71090: BERTRAND, L. - Vie Écrits et Correspondance Littéraire De Laurent Josse Le Clerc
59076: BES, J. - Bulk Carriers
54677: BESAMUSCA, BART; KOOPER, ERIK (EDS) - Arthurian Literature XVII: Originality and Tradition in the Middle Dutch Roman van Walewein
59845: BESANT, WALTER - South London
59846: BESANT, WALTER - East London
39874: BESANT, WALTER - Armorel of Lyonesse
23166: BESANT, WALTER - Children of Gibeon (Three Volume set)
63322: BESKOW, ELSA AND WARBURG, ANNA - My Rainy-Day Book
49512: BESKOW, ELSA - Arets Saga
59207: THE EARL OF BESSBOROUGH - Georgiana: Extracts from the Correspondence of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire
44127: BESSE, JOSEPH - Sufferings of Early Quakers : Yorkshire 1652 to 1690
53597: BESSET, MAURICE - Le Corbusier
000357: BESSEY, G. E. - Sand-Lime Bricks - National Building Studies Special Report No. 3 Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Building Research Station.)
55648: BESSIE, ALVAH - The Symbol
58803: BEST, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Water Springing from the Ground
54803: BEST, ANGIE - George and Me My Autobiography
43565: BEST, B. W. (ED.) - Kuklos Annual 1952 - Touring Britain Number For All Cyclists And Wayfarers
40995: BEST, GEORGE & WRIGHT, GRAEME - Where Do I go from Here?
42809: BEST, GEORGE WITH KNIGHT, MARTIN - Scoring at Half-time Adventures on and off the Pitch
001670: BEST, ELSDON - Dominion Museum Monograph No.1 - Some Aspects of Maori Myth and Religion
001671: BEST, ELSDON - Dominion Museum Monograph No.2 - Spiritual and Mental Concepts of the Maori
47083: BESTERMAN, THEODORE (ED.) - Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century - Volume XXVII (Transactions of the First International Congress on the Enlightenment IV)
47279: BESTERMAN, THEODORE - Voltaire Essays and Another
47434: BESTERMAN, THEODORE - Studies on Voltaire and the 18th Century LV
47433: BESTERMAN, THEODORE - Studies on Voltaire and the eighteenth Century - Volume CXXXIII
10211: BESTERMAN, THEODORE - A World Bibliography of Bibliographies: 3 Vols
46962: BESTERMAN, THEODORE (ED.) - Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century - Volume LXXXVII (Transactions of the Third International Congress on the Enlightenment I)
46960: BESTERMAN, THEODORE (ED.) - Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century - Volume XC (Transactions of the Third International Congress on the Enlightenment IV)
46958: BESTERMAN, THEODORE (ED.) - Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century - Volume LXXXIX (Transactions of the Third International Congress on the Enlightenment III)
46957: BESTERMAN, THEODORE (ED.) - Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century - Volume XXIV (Transactions of the First International Congress on the Enlightenment I)
46956: BESTERMAN, THEODORE (ED.) - Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century - Volume XXVI (Transactions of the First International Congress on the Enlightenment III)
46955: BESTERMAN, THEODORE (ED.) - Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century - Volume LXXXVIII (Transactions of the Third International Congress on the Enlightenment II)
46954: BESTERMAN, THEODORE (ED.) - Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century - Volume LVII (Transactions of the Second International Congress on the Enlightenment III)
000784: BESTERMAN, THEODORE - Studies on Voltaire and the 18th Century - CXI
33856: S L BETHELL - The Cultural Revolution of the Seventeenth Century
55236: BETJEMAN, JOHN (ED) - London's Historic Railway Stations
001822: BETJEMAN, JOHN (ED) - Collins Guide to English Parish Churches Including the Isle of Man
56174: BETJEMAN, JOHN (ED) - Collins Pocket Guide to English Parish Churches - the North
50241: BETTANY, G.T - Life of Charles Darwin
39819: BETTANY, G.T - Charles Darwins Coral Reefs, Volcanic Islands and South American Geology
37009: BETTI, UGO - L'aiuola Bruciata
65786: BETTI, UGO; MCWILLIAM, G. H. - Three Plays on Justice: Landslide, Struggle Till Dawn, the Fugitive
23321: BETTS, HENRY, JUN - Early Blossoms
000553: BETTS, R. T. - The Newcastle and Carlisle Railway 1825-1977
002393: BETTS, ERNEST (EDITOR - Daily Express Film Book
45832: BETTS, JOHN - Horses to Follow (1955)
17036: BEVAN, G. PHILIPS; WORTH, R. N. (ED.) - Tourist's Guide to The west Riding of Yorkshire
62735: BEVAN, TONY - Tony Bevan: Neue Bilder - 16.3. - 1.5.1988
49986: BEVAN, W. ARMINE - Rossini
41862: BEVAN, HUGH K.; PARRY, MARTIN L. - Children Act 1975
002954: BEVENOT, DOM LAURENCE (COMPILED BY) - Tribute to Michael Fenwick Christian Soldier Poet
9472: BEVEREGIO, GUILIELMO; BEVERIDGE, WILLIAM - The Theological Works of William Beveridge Volume XI: Codex Canonum Ecclesiae Primitivae: Tom I
003610: BEVERIDGE, WILLIAM - Sermons on Several Subjects. Viz. The Nature, Extent and Polity of God's Kingdom on Earth. Etc.
37171: BEVERLEY, ROBERT - The History and Present State of Virginia
003630: BEVIER, LOUIS R. (EDITOR) - The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Connecticut
50249: BEW, RICHARD H. - The Modern Plumber and Sanitary Engineer - 6 Volumes
56171: BEWICK, THOMAS - A History of British Birds - Two Volumes
43523: BEWICK, THOMAS - A History of British Birds Volume 2 Only
42487: BEWICK, THOMAS - A General History of Quadrupeds
52419: BEWICK, I - The Looking Glass for the Mind
77163: BEWLEY, ROBERT H - Survey and Excavation at a Crop-Mark Enclosure, Plasketlands, Cumbria
77166: BEWLEY, ROBERT H - Survey and Excavation at a Crop-Mark Enclosure, Plasketlands, Cumbria
002069: BEWLEY, ROBERT H - Note on the Discovery of Two Stone Axes in the Solway Plain, Cumbria
77165: BEWLEY, ROBERT H - Survey and Excavation at a Crop-Mark Enclosure, Plasketlands, Cumbria
57263: BEWLEY, ROBERT H. - Lincolnshire's Archaeology from the Air (Occasional Papers in Lincolnshire History & Archaeology 11)
77164: BEWLEY, ROBERT H - Survey and Excavation at a Crop-Mark Enclosure, Plasketlands, Cumbria
33333: L V BEWLEY - Alternating Current MacHinery
002047: BEWLEY, ROBERT H - Excavations on Two Crop-Mark Sites in the Solway Plain, Cumbria. Ewanrigg Settlement and Swarthy Hill 1986-1988
62743: BEWLEY, JON (ED) - Lost Narratives: The Work of Catherine Bertola
36576: HARALD BEYER - A History of Norwegian Literature
59882: F. BEYLER, M. E. J. GORE, MICHEL RENAUDEAU - The Gambia - La Gambie
36516: C BEZOLD - Catalogue of the Cuniform Tablets in the Kouyunjik Collection of the British Museum; Volumes 1 & 2
37137: BHARDWAJ, A.B. - Saplings of Ghandi on Western Soil
39568: BHASKAR, ROY - The Possibility of Naturalism
33552: ANIL BHATT - Caste, Class and Politics:an Empirical Profile of Social Stratification in Modern India
44899: BHATTACHARYA, BHABANI - Shadow from Ladakh
56605: A. J. AMMERMAN; PAOLO BIAGI - The Widening Harvest. The Neolithic Transition in Europe - Looking Back, Looking Forward (AIA Colloquia & Conference Papers 6)
54180: BIALOSTOCKI, JAN. - The Message of Images: Studies in the History of Art
44872: BIANCHI, OLIVIERO HONORÉ - Devil's Night
24113: BIANCOLLI, LOUIS LEOPOLD - Mozart Handbook: A Guide to the Man and His Music
45846: BIASIN, LORENZO; CARDAZZO, PAOLO; PERUSINI, ROMANO; SARTORELLI, GUIDO (EDS.) - I Saloni Alle Zattere - Documentazione Degli Interventi Per La Conservazione
56912: BIBBY, JOSEPH (ED) - Bibby's Quarterly - Vol. V. - Autumn 1902, Christmas Number 1902, Autumn 1903, Christmas Number 1903
7912: BIBBY, CYRIL (ED.) - The Essence of T. H. Huxley: Selections from His Writings
58873: BICKERSTETH, ARTHUR WILSON - The Wilson Chronicles
36158: BICKNELL, BEROE A. - Caseas on the Law of the Constitution
57484: BICKNELL, PETER - The Picturesque Scenery of the Lake District, 1752-1855: A Bibliographical Study
72012: BIDDULPH, REV THEOPHILUS - A Catechism for Junior Members of the Church of England
44734: BIDWELL, PAUL (ED.) - Hadrian's Wall 1989 - 1999 - A Summary of Recent Excavations and Research Prepared for the Twelfth Pilgramage of Hadrian's Wall 14-21 August 1999.
63199: BIDWELL, PAUL - Hadrian's Wall 1989-1999: A Summary of Recent Excavations and Research Prepared for the Twelfth Pilgrimage of Hadrian's Wall, 14-21 August 1999
003656: LIVERPOOL BIENNIAL - Liverpool Biennial International 2006 Catalogue
63441: BIERI, PETER HORTSMANN, ROLF-PETER AND KRUGER, LORENZ (EDITORS) - Transcendental Arguments and Science
002957: BIGGINS, JAMES M. - Historians of York
49688: BIGGS, MARGARET - More Stories of Melling School
44281: BIGGS, WINDSOR D. - Cumbria County Council Joint Rural Development Programme for Cumbria Submission 1988 - 1991
72738: BIGGS, MARGARET - Stories of Melling School
55035: BIGGS, MURRAY; ET AL - The Arts of Performance in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Drama: Essays for G. K. Hunter
50306: BIGGS, MARGARET - Triplets at Royders
65254: BIGGS, WINDSOR D. (COUNTY PLANNING OFFICER) - Cumbria Coal Local Plan - Draft Written Statement for Consultation - September 1988
62344: BIGGS, WINDSOR D.(COUNTY PLANNING OFFICER) - Joint Rural Development Programme for Cumbria Submission 1988-1991
65965: BIGGS, MURRAY; EDWARDS, PHILIP; EWBANK, INGA-STINA; WAITH, EUGENE M. - The Arts of Performance in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Drama: Essays for G. K. Hunter
44893: BIGMAN, SIDNEY - The Love Scene
38336: BIGNER, DARELL D; MCLENDON, ROGER E AND BRUNER, JANET M - Russell and Rubinstein's Pathology of Tumors of the Nervous System - Volumes 1 and 2
63416: BILGRAMI, AKEEL - Belief and Meaning: The Unity and Locality of Mental Content
56604: HARPER-BILL, CHRISTOPHER - Medieval East Anglia
53637: BILLCLIFFE, ROGER - Charles Rennie Mackintosh
49591: BILLIG, KURT - Precast Concrete
10012: BILLING, ARCHIBALD - The Science of Gems, Jewels, Coins, and Medals, Ancient and Modern
50113: BILLINGS, R. W. - Architectural Illustrations, History and Description of Carlisle Cathedral
880: BILLINGS, R. W. - Carlisle Cathedral: Part I, II, III
725: BILLINGS, ROBERT WILLIAM - Illustrations of Geometric Tracery, from the paneling belonging to Carlisle Cathedral
3610: BILLINGS, ROBERT WILLIAM - Architectural Illustrations, history and description of Carlisle Cathedral
41986: BILLINGTON, SANDRA - Mock Kings in Mediaeval Society and Renaissance Drama
50849: BILLINTON, ROSEMARY - A Hawes Childhood
23027: BILLON, B.M. - Early Christian Art and Symbolism
001729: BINDLEY, HERBERT - III De Incarnatione Verbi Dei
61070: BINDLOSS, HAROLD - The Imposter
55860: BINGHAM, ELIZABETH M. - A History of Kendal Memorial Hospital and Westmorland County Hospital 1870-1991
000758: BINGHAM, ALFRED J.; TOPAZIO, VIRGIL W. (ED.) - Enlightenment Studies in Honour of Lester G. Crocker
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48585: BREARY, NANCY - Two Thrilling Terms
54711: BREARY, NANCY - Two Thrilling Terms
59163: BREASTED, JAMES H. - The Dawn of Conscience
33815: BRECHT, BERTOLT - Threepenny Novel
50563: BRECHT, BERTOLT - Aldwych Theatre Royal Shakespeare Company in Squire Puntilla and His Servant Matti - the British Premiere of a Comedy By Bertolt Brecht - Programme
53283: BREDIF, JOSETTE - Toiles De Jouy Classic Printed Textiles from France 1760-1843
41518: BREDIN, A.E.C. - History of the Irish Soldier, A
62405: BREED, BRYAN - Wembley Final Great Cup Final Battles
56482: BREEZE, DAVID J. (ED) - Studies in Scottish Antiquity Presented to Stewart Cruden
66067: BREEZE, DAVID J. - The First Souvenirs Enamelled Vessels from Hadrian's Wall
10236: BREEZE, PAUL A - Roughburn Cluster
57623: BREEZE, DAVID J.; JILEK, SONJA; THIEL, ANDREAS; ZSOLT, VISY - A Romai Birodalem Hatarai Frontiers of the Roman Empire - a Romai Limes Magyarorszagon the Roman Limes in Hungary
53099: BREITENBACH, JOSEF - Women of Asia
42066: BREMNER, GEOFFREY - Blennerhasset
61037: BRENDA - Froggy's Little Brother
002314: BRENNA, ARNE - Guide to Gustav Vigeland's Sculpture Park in Oslo
43324: BRENNAN, TERRY - Death Squads in Morocco - As Told to W. J. Blackledge
38000: BRENNAN, DESMOND - The Sea Angler - Afloat and Ashore
40687: BRENNAN, MATTHEW - Wordsworth, Turner and the Romantic Landscape
46143: BRENNAN, THOMAS - Public Frinking and Popular Culture in Eighteenth Century Paris
72958: BRENNER, VLADIMIR - Russia in the Name of God
003199: BRENNER, BERNARD & MADELINE H. - Sir Robert De Bures A Soldier of Edward I
57162: BRERETON, J.M.; SAVORY, A.C.S. - The History of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding) 1702-1992
62551: CHRISTOPHER BRERETON - The Repair of Historic Buildings: Advice on Principles and Methods - Aspects of Conservation Number 3
000559: BRERETON, CAPTAIN F.S - A Hero of Sedan
59597: BRESCIA, MAURIZIO - Mussolini's Navy A Reference Guide to the Regia Marina 1930-1945
54349: BRESLER, FENTON - Reprieve: a Study of a System
30057: HARTE BRET - Queen of the Pirate Isle
55325: BRET, M.; MOLIERE - Oevres De Moliere, Avec Des Remarques Grammaticales, Des Avertissemens, et Des Observations Sur Chaque Piece - 8 Volumes.
49071: LE BRET, JEAN; VERROUST, JEROME - Le Clos Du Coudray Floral Park
66004: BRETON, NICHOLAS; MORICE, E. G. - Two Pamphlets of Nicholas Breton: Grimellos Fortunes (1604); an Olde Mans Lesson (1605)
000625: LE BRETON, ANDRÉ - Le Roman Au XVIIe Siècle
55012: BRETON, NICHOLAS; ROBERTSON, JEAN - Poems Not Hitherto Reprinted
000624: LE BRETON, ANDRÉ - Le Roman Français Au XVIIIe Siècle
40264: BRETT, E.A. - The World Economy Since the War: The Politics of Uneven Development
36093: ABBE H. BREUIL - Four Hundred Centuries of Cave Art
40488: BREUIL, M DU - The Scientific and Profitable Culture of Fruit Trees
54499: BREUIL, HENRI - Beyond the Bounds of History Scenes from the Old Stone Age
63760: BREUNINGER, SCOTT - Recovering Bishop Berkeley: Virtue and Society in the Anglo-Irish Context (Palgrave Studies in Cultural and Intellectual History)
58429: BREW, STEVE - Blood, Sweat and Valour: 41 Squadron RAF 1942-1945
003009: BREWER, DEREK - Classical Mythography and Romantic English Literature: The First A.M.D.Hughes Memorial Lecture, The School Of English, University Of Birmingham
37633: BREWER, DANIEL - The Discourse of Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century France : Diderot and the Art of Philosophizing
41478: BREWER, JOHN - Party Ideology and Popular Politics at the Accession of George III
56834: BREWER, RICHARD; MCPEEK, GAIL A.; ADAMS, RAYMOND JOHN - The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Michigan
56142: BREWER, D.S. - Proteus Studies in English Literature
33221: PARKER BREWIS - A Guide To The Castle Of Newcastle Upon Tyne: Part I - The Keep
56106: BREWSTER, SIR DAVID; LYNN, W. T. (ED) - The Life of Sir Isaac Newton
58806: BREYMEYER, ALICJA; ET AL - Biosphere Reserves in Poland - Rezerwaty Biosfery w Polsce
000852: BREZHNEV, LEONID - What the Soviet Constitution Guarentees
56942: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - Men-Of-War
53203: BRICKDALE, ELEANOR FORTESCUE - Golden Book of Famous Women
22994: STEWART E FRASER; WILLIAM W BRICKMAN - A History of International and Comparative Education: Nineteenth Century Documents
58189: BRIDDON, R. - Cloistered Work A Selected Poems to 1985
58192: BRIDDON, R.J. - Gaia
65040: MAC KENZIE MAC BRIDE - Quaint Alston A Leaf from Border History
34109: MAC KENZIE MAC BRIDE - Quaint Alston: a Leaf from Border History. With Descriptions of Crossfell (2930 feet), Hartside Pass, Garrigill, the Roman Camp, Kirk-Haugh, Ashgill, and Nenthead
001239: BRIDEL, YVES - L'esprit D'enfance Dans L'oeuvre Romanesque De Georges Bernanos
40122: ANTONY BRIDGE - The Crusades
39899: BRIDGE, ADIMRAL SIR CYPRIAN - The Art of Naval Warfare: Introductory Observations
40981: BRIDGE, GEORGE - Rock Climbing in the British Isles 1894-1970
5314: BRIDGES, ROBERT (ED.) - S. P. E Tract No. XXXII: The B.B.C.'s Recommendations for Pronoiuncing Doubtful Words
43752: BRIDGES, REV CHARLES - A Memoir of Miss Mary Jane Graham
49132: BRIDGES, JOHN; CURTIS, BRYAN - A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up : What to Wear, When to Wear It, How to Wear It
54719: BRIDGETT, R. C. - Sea-Trout Fishing
42892: BRIDGMAN, LEONARD - Aircraft of the British Empire
53128: BRIECHA, OTTO - Klimt Schiele Kokoschka
56360: O'BRIEN, FLANN - At Swim-Two-birds
72135: O'BRIEN, DEIRDRE - Lover's Folly
65946: O'BRIEN, FLANN - The Third Policeman
33187: T P O'BRIEN & MARGARET E MCCULLY - Plant Structure and Development: A Pictorial and Physiological Approach
36083: CONOR O'BRIEN - Yacht Gear and Gadgets
54269: O'BRIEN, EOIN - The Beckett Country: Samuel Beckett's Ireland

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