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63386: BARLOW, JAMES - The Man with Good Intentions
65653: BARLOW, ELIZABETH (MRS. HUMPHREY DAVIE) - Green Pleasure: a Novel
42426: BARLOW, NORA - Darwins Ornithological Notes Vol 2
001207: BARLOW, A RUFFELL - Studies in Kikuyu Grammar and Idiom
64479: BARLOW, ANTONY - He is Our Cousin, Cousin: A Quaker Family's History from 1660 to the Present Day
67021: BOHUSLAV BARLOW - Bohuslav Barlow Exhibition Invitation Card
003706: BARMAN, CHRISTIAN (EDITOR) - The Architects' Journal No. 1815 Vol. 70 October 30, 1929
33159: R J BARMAN - A History and Guide to the Parish Church of Melbourne Derbyshire
003704: BARMAN, CHRISTIAN (EDITOR) - The Architects' Journal No. 1897 Vol. 73 May 27, 1931
003707: BARMAN, CHRISTIAN (EDITOR) - The Architects' Journal No. 2316 Vol. 89 June 8, 1939
003705: BARMAN, CHRISTIAN (EDITOR) - The Architects' Journal No. 1847 Vol. 71 June 11, 1930
68797: BARNABE, GILES - Rails Through Mallorca
67767: BARNABY, DAVID - The Sky is as Blue as a Hedge-Sparrow's Egg: Reading Romany
33146: FRANK BARNABY - Outer Space - Battlefield of the Future?
49787: BARNARD, GEORGE - Drawing from Nature: a Series of Progressive Instructions in Sketching, from Elementary Studies to Finished Views. Part I. Trees, with Examples of Foliage.
9952: BARNARD, H. C. - The French Tradition in Education; Ramus to Mme Necker De Saussure
62982: BARNARD, ALFRED - The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom - the Centenary Edition
54550: BARNE, KITTY - Rosina and Son
55241: BARNES, MAURICE - A Poet Walks in West Dorset
57236: BARNES, MALCOLM (ED) - The Mountain World 1966/67
57237: BARNES, MALCOLM (ED) - The Mountain World 1968/69
57238: BARNES, MALCOLM (ED) - The Mountain World 1960/61
57240: BARNES, MALCOLM (ED) - The Mountain World 1958/59
57984: BARNES, JUNE C.F. - The Salkeld Screen, Carlisle Cathedral: Understanding the Iconography
65840: BARNES, A. W.; HODGES, R. G. - A Light to Follow - Schola Carliolensis
59502: BARNES, JONATHAN - The Presocratic Philosophers (The Arguments of the Philosophers)
59839: BARNES, BERNARD; TAYLOR, JOAN J. - Man and the Changing Landscape: a Study of Occupation and Palaeo Environment in the Central Pennines - Work Notes 3
38239: BARNES, PETER; DRAZEN, JEFFREY; RENNARD, STEPHEN AND THOMSON, NEIL - Asthma and COPD - Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management
54808: BARNES, F. & HOBBS, J.L. - Handlist of Newspapers Published in Cumberland, Westmorland, and North Lancashire Tract Series No. XIV
40630: BARNES, HENRY - Carlisle Scientific and Literary Society and Field Naturalists Club
52822: BARNES, HENRY - N the McMechan Chap=Books in the Jackson Library, Carlisle
46846: BARNES, A. G. - Poems from Lakeland Fells
69974: BARNES, ELEANOR - As the Water Flows
9257: BARNES, LINDA - Snapshot: a Carlotta Carlyle Mystery
002972: BARNES, TIMOTHY D. - Constantine and Eusebius
49272: BARNES, F. - Flint Implements from Plain Furness.
52195: BARNES, JUNE - The Terrors, Pains and Early Miseries
62824: BARNES, ALBERT C.; DE MAZIA, VIOLETTE - The Art of Cezanne
64262: BARNES, BRYAN - Magnificat Op.22
49743: BARNETT, SNOWDON - Lapis Lazuli
000792: BARNETT, T.; THE POST OFFICE AND CIVIL SERVICE SANATORIUM SOCIETY - The Post Office and Civil Service Sanatorium Society the First Sixty Years 1965-1980 - a History
64927: BARNETT, MICHAEL - At Heaven's Gate
49407: BAROJA, JULIO CARO - Navarra
49346: BAROJA, PIO - Pais Vasco
002493: BARON, STANLEY. - Diary of a Victorian Cat
37643: RIBEYRE AND BARON - Wols Photgraphies: 123 Photographies (1930-1939) Provenant De La Collection De Grety Wols
46476: BARON, ALEXANDER - The Human Kind
22890: STEVE BARON, BARRY DAVIES AND DAVID SWINDLEY - MacMillan Dictionary of Retailing
67518: BARR, EMILY - Baggage
38382: BARR, TOM - The Dear Dark Days and Other Stories
57442: O'BARR, J. & KRAMER, ED (EDITORS) - The Crow Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams
003919: BARR JR., ART - Ben Hogan and Buster - a Legendary Golfer's Love for a Dog: a Fictionalized Account of a True Story
10272: BARR, AMELIA E. - A Border Sheperdess: a Romance of Eskdale
002032: BARR, CLEEVE A.W. - Public Authority Housing
003595: BARR, NOEL - The Inquisitive Harvest Mouse (A Ladybird Book)
003596: BARR, NOEL - The Sleepy Water Vole (A Ladybird Book)
62394: BARRAL, JEAN-PIERRE; MERCIER, PIERRE - Visceral Manipulation - Two Volumes
40689: BARRAT, STEPHEN - A Short History of Westmorland County Agricultural Society
48714: BARREIRO, JULIO;SANTA ANA, JULIO DE - Separation without Hope? Essays on the Relation between the Church and the Poor during the Industrial Revolution and the Western Colonial Expansion
63142: BARRELL, JOHN - The Dark Side of the Landscape: The Rural Poor in English Painting 1730–1840
003349: BARRELL, JOHN - Property
43371: BARRET, ANNE - Midway
71290: BARRETT, CHARLOTTE - Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay in 3 Volumes
54465: BARRETT, JOHN (EDITOR) - World of Tennis 1988
54900: BARRETT, FRANKLIN A. - Caughley and Coalport Porcelain
67790: BARRETT, H. STANLEY (COMPILED BY) - Old-World Galleries Catalogue of Finest Reproductions & Antique Furniture
51035: BARRETT, WILLIAM ALEX - English Church Composers
40771: BARRETT, W.P - The View Of Fraunce 1604
59794: BARRIE, J.M. - The Adventures of Peter Pan
59702: BARRIE, J. M. - The Plays of J. M. Barrie - 10 Volumes - Shall We Join the Ladies?; Quality Street; Dear Brutus; a Kiss for Cinderella; Alice Sit-By-the-fire; What Every Woman Knows; the Admirable Crichton; Mary Rose; the Twelve-Pound Look; the Old Lady Shows Her Medals
56009: BARRIE, J. M. - Peter Pan & Wendy
62489: BARRIE, J. M. - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
52388: BARRIE, J.M. - Margaret Oglivy
63074: BARRIE, J.M. - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
63135: BARRIE, J. M. - Peter Pan and Wendy
23839: BARRIE, J.M. - A Window in Thrums
46894: BARRIE, J.M. - Peter and Wendy
54627: BARRINGTON, SIR JONAH - Personal Sketches of His Own Times in Two Volumes
55020: BARROLL, J. LEEDS; ETC. - Revels History of Drama in English: Volume III 1576-1613
54902: BARROLL, LEEDS (ED) - Shakespeare Studies: Volume XXIII (v. 23)
54903: BARROLL, LEEDS (ED) - Shakespeare Studies: Volume XXVI (v. 26)
64742: BARRON, ARTHUR T. (ED) - Studies in Environment Therapy - Volume 1 - 1968
65240: BARROS, A. J. C. DE O. - Developments in Printing By Rotary Screen
59667: BARROW, MARK V. - A Passion for Birds: American Ornithology after Audubon
62784: BARROW, ISAAC - The Theological Works of Isaac Barrow, D.D. - Volume V. Containing Twenty-one Sermons on the Creed
39529: BARROW, RUSSELL - Birds of Trinidad and Tobago a Photographic Atlas
71160: BARROW, PERCY J. - Cornered
50845: BARROW, G.W.S - Scotland and Its Neighbours in the Middle Ages
50099: BARRY, BRIAN - Culture and Equality : An Egalitarian Critique of Multiculturalism
63683: BARRY, ANDREW OSBORNE, THOMAS AND ROSE, NIKOLAS (EDITORS) - Foucault and Political Reason
59540: BARRY, KEVIN; ET AL - The Irish Review No. 16 autumn/winter 1994
000438: BARRY, CRYSTAL - Tales of the Pixies
65721: BARRY, DENNIS - Woodheap Cats
44898: BARSTOW, STAN - The Desperadoes and Other Stories
49934: BARSTOW, STAN - Next of Kin
13275: BARSTOW, STAN - The Right True End
12832: BARSTOW, STAN - Give Us This Day
001125: BARSTOW, STAN - A Season with Eros - Short Stories
003240: BARSTOW, STAN - A Kind of Loving
56306: BARTH, J. ROBERT - The Symbolic Imagination: Coleridge and the Romantic Tradition
56076: BARTHES, ROLAND - Writing Degree Zero
39455: BARTHES, ROLAND - Erté (Romain De Tirtoff) with an Extract from Erté's Memoirs
69836: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN (CONSTRUCTED BY) - Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of Wales
49510: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN (ED.) - The Times Atlas of the World Mid-century Edition - Five (5) Volumes
67953: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN (EDITOR) - Index Gazetteer to The Times Survey Atlas of the World
62428: BARTHOLOMEW, J. G. - The XXth Century Citizen's Atlas of the World
62018: BARTHORP, MICHAEL - The Northamptonshire Regiment (the 48th/58th Regiment of foot)
63959: BARTINE, DAVID - Early English Reading Theory Origins of Current Debates
24843: BARTKY, WALTER - Highlights of Astronomy
003052: BARTLE, JULIE - Pills, Potions and Powders: a Short History of Penrith Pharmacy from 1600
49589: BARTLETT, PHIL - The Undiscovered Country: The Reason We Climb
002597: BARTLETT, JOHN - A New and Complete Concordance or Verbal Index to Words, Phrases and Passage in the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare with a Supplementary Concordance to the Poems
67660: BARTLETT, PHILIPPE - Badges of the French Foreign Legion 1923-1989
40949: BARTLETT, W.H - Ports, Harbours and Watering Places of Great Britain Volume One
12086: ASHMEAD-BARTLETT, ELLIS - Port Arthur: The Siege and Capitulation
66288: BARTON, GEORGE A. - My Lifetime in Sports
55215: BARTON, ANNE - Essays Mainly Shakespearean
000851: BARTON, HARRY - Yours Till Ireland Explodes, Mr. Mooney
55276: BARTON, ANNE - Ben Jonson Dramatist
56144: BARTON, ANNE - The Names of Comedy
65181: BARTON, JOHN - The First Stage - A Chronicle of the Development of English Drama from Its Beginnings to the 1580's
41660: L BARTON - Six Years Operaing Experience of the Windscale AGR
24756: J J BARTON - Electric Space Heating: Design and Practice
57657: BARTON, TAMSYN - Ancient Astrology
66168: BARTRAM, DAVID; POROS, MARITSA V.; MONFORTE, PIERRE - Key Concepts in Migration
22600: ALAN BARTRAM - Street Name Lettering in the British Isles
46529: BARWICK, MARGERY - The Buried Life
59584: BASHFORTH, MARTIN - The 11th Durham Light Infantry: in Their Own Names
49059: BASILE, GIAMBATTISTA; STRANGE, E. F. - Stories from the Pentamerone
56811: BASSANO, BRIAN; SMITH, RICK; VILJOEN, KEN - A Springbok Down Under South Africa on Tour 1931-32
65097: BASTERFIELD, G. - Songs of a Cragsman - Twelve Songs of the Hills
42393: BASTERFIELD, GEORGE - Mountain Lure
000947: BASTIEN, JACQUES - L'oeuvre Dramatique De Paul Claudel
44470: BASTIN, BRUCE - Red River Blues
47766: BATCHELOR, MARGARET - Morwenna's Prince
13977: BATCHELOR, DENZIL - The Man Who Loved Chocolates
002429: BATE, DAVID M. & CONDIE, ALLAN T. - A Fordson Dealers Portfolio
23175: BATE, PHILIP - The Trumpet and Trombone. An Outline of Heir History, Development and Construction.(Instruments of the Orchestra Series)
62058: BATE, PERCY H. - The English Pre-Raphaelite Painters, Their Associates and Successors
003552: BATEMAN, THOMAS - Ten Years' Diggings in Celtic and Saxon Grave-hills (1861)
36623: H M BATEMAN - Suburbia Caricatured By H M Bateman
44493: BATEMAN, H. M. - More Drawings
44969: BATEMAN, H. M. - Colonels
67323: BATES, H. E. - Fair Stood the Wind for France
48908: BATES, BARBARA S. - Hoppy the Puppy: The Roly-Poly Puppy
58553: BATES, DAVID AND LIDDIARD, ROBERT - East Anglia and Its North Sea World in the Middle Ages
59437: BATES, H. W. (ED) - Illustrated Travels: a Record of Discovery, Geography, and Adventure. 5 Volumes of 6.
65615: BATES, H. E. - The Last Bread: a Play in One Act
1187: BATES, H. E. - The Bride Comes to Evensford
36715: H.E.BATES - Spella Ho a Novel
11643: BATES, KENNETH F. - Basic Design Principles and Practice
42896: BATES, CADWALLADER JOHN - The Border Holds of Northumberland - Volume I
44353: BATESON, EDWARD - A History of Northumberland - Volume I. The Parish of Bamburgh with the Chapelry of Belford
47101: BATESON, RICHARD; SÖLVI (TRANSLATED BY) - Tirich Mir: The Norwegian Himalaya Expedition
56265: BATESON, SOLVI & RICHARD - The Norwegian Himalaya Expedition Tirich Mir
56023: BATESON, F.W. (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature Vols I-V
62917: BATEY, COLLEEN E.; JESCH, JUDITH; MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER D. - The Viking Age in Caithness, Orkney and the North Atlantic
23924: LOUIS BATIFFOL - The Duchess De Chevreuse
44952: BATT, RICHARD - Gleanings in Poetry, with Notes and Illustrations.
47522: BATTARBEE, G.F - Denis Law Sports Stars of Today
33670: MARK BATTEN - Direct Carving in Stone
37474: CONSTANCE BATTERSEA - Reminiscences
54443: BATTY, ERIC G. - International Football Book No. 17
53431: BATTY, MARGARET - Scotland's Methodists
59707: TREVOR-BATTYE, AUBYN - Lord Lilford on Birds
63206: BATUMAN, ELIF - The Idiot
59412: BATZIOU, ATHANASIA - Picturing Immigration
59728: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - The Flowers of Evil
002756: BAUDELAIRE, CH. - Les Fleurs Du Mal
000091: BAUDOUIN, CHARLES - Suggestion and Autosuggestion
000684: BAUDOUIN, MARTHE - Les Cycles Bibliques De Violaine
33410: ROBERTO BAUER - The New Catalogue of Historical Records 1898 - 1908/09
57807: BAUER, PAUL - Kampen om Himalaja Tyskarnas Kamp om Kanch, Jordens Nast Hogsta Berg
68107: BAUER, HELEN; LOGERMAN, ROBERTA - The Avocado Cookbook
26479: BAUM, PETER - Korab, Karl
40236: HANS BAUMANN - The Land of Ur
24115: BAUMANN, ELWOOD D. - The Loch Ness Monster
50174: BAUMANN, ARTHUR A. - The Last Victorians
38561: BAUME, LOUIS - Sivalaya: Explorations of the Eight-Thousand Metre Peaks of the Himalaya
000181: BAUMGATNER, F & M - Oklahoma Bird Life
53537: BRESC-BAUTIER, GENEVIEVE - Le Louvre Transfigure Photographies De Jean-Christophe Ballot
40223: ROBERT-HENRI BAUTIER - The Economic Development of Medieval Europe
56160: BAWCUTT, N.W. - The Changeling Thomas Middleton and William Rowley
56161: BAWCUTT, N.W. (EDITOR) - The Jew of Malta Christopher Marlowe
54179: BAXANDALL, LEE - Marxism and Aesthetics: A Selective Annotated Bibliography: Books and Articles in the English Language
69263: BAXELL, RICHARD - Unlikely Warriors - The British in the Spanish Civil War and the Struggle Against Fascism
59390: BAXTER, IAN - Into the Abyss: The Last Years of the Waffen SS 1943-45, A Photographic History
67265: BAXTER, K.M. AND FLEMING, CHRISTOPHER LE - Pull Devil Pull Baker A Verse Mime
54601: BAXTER, DOREEN - Dreamland Frolics
58299: BAXTER, DAVID (EDITOR) - British Locomotive Catalogue 1825-1923 Volume 1
58301: BAXTER, DAVID (EDITOR) - British Locomotive Catalogue 1825-1923 Volume 4
40940: EDITED BY MR G.R BAXTER - The Wire Fox Terrier Association's Year Book and Register 1988
71336: BAXTER, BEVERLEY (FOREWORD) - Our Young Prince - 3 Issues - a Royal Family Album By Baron, Number 2 - "Prince Charles Begins His Second Year", Number 3 - "Prince Charles and Princess Anne"
002411: BAY, ANDRE & DIEHL, GASTON - Pascin
53337: BAYARD, M.E - Oeuvres De j De La Fontaine
002240: DE BAYE, THE BARON J.; HARBOTTLE, T.B. - The Industrial Arts of the Anglo-Saxons
57648: BAYET, CHARLES - Byzantine Art
61073: BAYLE, PIERRE - Dictionaire Historique et Critique in 4 Volumes
49534: BAYLE, PETER - Supplement to Au Dictionaire Historique et Critique: Par Monsieur Bayle
49621: BAYLE, PIERRE - Dictionaire Historique et Critique Tome Premier A-B
49533: BAYLE, PIERRE - Dictionaire Historique et Critique Par Mr Pierre Bayle in 4 Volumes
55080: BAYLE, MR PETER; MAIZEAUX, MR DES - The Dictionary Historical and Critical of Mr Peter Bayle. The Second Edition. Five Volumes.
40252: ERNEST E BAYLES AND BRUCE L HOOD - Growth of American Educational Thought and Practice
53957: BAYLESS, C. GORDON - God at Your Door: Sermons for Salvation
53977: BAYLEY, STEPHEN (ED) - Sex: The Erotic Review
62277: BAYLEY, VIOLA - The Ways of Wonderland
44324: BAYLEY, HAROLD - The Lost Language of Symbolism
72130: BAYLEY, R. CHILD - The Complete Photographer
66335: STEPHEN BAYLEY - Taste: An Exhibition About Values in Design
49503: BAYLIFFE, JOHN - Rhymes of a Roundsman
55610: BAYLIS, T. HENRY - The Temple Church and Chapel of St. Ann, Etc. An Historical Record and Guide
57505: BAYLY, ADMIRAL SIR LEWIS; ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN D.; BACKHOUSE, ADMIRAL SIR ROGER - Pull Together! The Memoirs of Admiral Sir Lewis Bayly
6888: BAYNE, MARIE - four-Footed Friends
58145: BAYNE, WILLIAM - Sir David Wilkie R.A.
40339: BAYNES, KEN; PUGH, FRANCIS - Art of the Engineer, The
53073: BARON DE BAZANCOURT - Secrets of the Sword
001565: BAZIN, JEAN-FRANCOIS; MEREDITH, JOHN (TRANSLATED BY) - Le Montrachet - Bernard Ginestet's Guide to the Vineyards of France
59188: BB - The Wind in the Wood
34191: BB - Confessions of a Carp Fisher
39196: BB - Recollections of a 'Longshore Gunner
46931: BB - Confessions of a Carp Fisher
39767: BB - Recollections of a 'longshore Gunner
39769: BB - Mr Bumstead
39770: BB - Bill Badgers Finest Hour
59194: 'BB' - The Wizard of Boland
39816: BB - Lord of the Forest
22865: A BEACHAM AND N J CUNNINGHAM - Economics of Industrial Organization
56022: BEAGLEHOLE, J.C. (EDITOR) - The Journals of Captain James Cook on His Voyages of Discovery Vols I-III
55084: BEAGLEHOLE, J C - The Life of Captain James Cook
58355: BEAKE, FRED (EDITOR) - A Mingling of Streams
64666: BEAKE, FRED GORTSCHACHER, WOLFGANG & HOGG, JAMES (EDITORS) - The Poets' Voice No. 3.1/New Series Summer 1996
63195: BEAMAN, M. (EDITOR) - Bird Report 1970-1973
33330: J W L BEAMENT - Biological Receptor Mechanisms: Symposia of the Society for Experimental Biology, Number XVI
57561: BEAN, GEORGE E. - Turkey Beyond the Maeander
49097: BEAN, PERCY; SCARISBRICK, F. - The Chemistry and Practice of Sizing. a Practical Treatise on the Sizing of Cotton Yarns, Tape Sizing, Ball or Warp Sizing, and Hank Sizing. Practical Size Mixing. Mildew and Iron-Stains. Bleaching. The Ventilating and Humidifying of Weaving Sheds.
57759: BEAN, C.E.W. - The Story of Anzac The Official History of Australial in the War of 1914-1918 Volume II
68168: BEARD, JAMES; ET AL - The Cooks Catalogue
57597: BEARD, MARY; NORTH, JOHN (EDS) - Pagan Priests: Religion and Power in the Ancient World
62383: BEARD, GERTRUDE; WOOD, ELIZABETH C. - Massage Principles and Techniques
48709: BEARDSLEY, JOHN - A Landscape for Modern Sculpture: Storm King Art Center
50472: BEARE, GEOFFREY - Heath Robinson
64187: BEASLEY, PAUL (EDITOR) - Label V
63316: BEASLEY, PAUL (EDITOR) - Label IV
40788: THE BEATLES - Yellow Submarine
003334: BEATON, W. G. - Glasgow Our City Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
70420: BEATON, CECIL; BUCKLE, RICHARD - Self-portrait with Friends: The Selected Diaries of Cecil Beaton, 1926-74
55857: BEATON, CECIL - Portrait of New York
69158: BEATON, DAVID - Dorset Maps
63916: BEATTIE, DAVID J. - Lang Syne in Eskdale
65111: BEATTIE, WILLIAM - The Ports, Harbours, Watering-Places, and Coast Scenery of Great Britain. In 2 Volumes.
6904: BEATTIE, DAVID J. - Oor Ain Folk
49480: BEATTIE, DAVID JOHNSTONE - Prince Charlie and the Borderland
67813: BEATTY, SCOTT; ET AL - The DC Comics Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Characters of the DC Universe
60274: BEATTY, WILLIAM - Scraps from the Village Cobbler
62259: BEATY, WILLIAM - Scraps from the Village Cobbler
62258: BEATY, WILLIAM - Scraps from the Village Cobbler
65318: BEATY, WILLIAM - More Scraps for the Village Cobbler
50164: BEAU, ANDRE - Talleyrand
62706: THE DUKE OF BEAUFORT (EDITOR) - The British Field Sports Society Year Book and Annual Report 1952-1954
58013: BEAUMONT, SIR JOHN; GREG, W. W. - The Theatre of Apollo: an Entertainment Written By Sir John Beaumont in 1625
25103: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W. - Design for the Ballet
48349: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W - Sea Magic a Story of Adventure
70411: DE BEAUVOIR, SIMONE; PARSHLEY, H. M. - The Second Sex
50770: BEAVER, ALFRED - Memorials of Old Chelsea
58833: BEAVER, MICHAEL D. - WAFFEN-SS IN THE WEST: Holland, Belgium, France 1940
24221: BEAVER, STANLEY HENRY; PHILLIPS, A.D.M.; TURTON, B.J. - Environment, Man and Economic Change: Essays Presented to S. H. Beaver
000845: BÉCAMPS, P.; ET AL - Études Sur Montesquieu (1970) - Archives Des Lettres Modernes 1970 (8) (VII) No.116.
60209: BECHERVAISE, NEIL E - Shakespeare on Celluloid
40058: ED.C M BECK, B S CRITTENDEN; E V SULLIVAN - Moral Education: Interdisciplinary Approaches
40694: BECK, THOMASINA - The Embroiderer's Story
42688: BECK, J. R. AND BROWN, D. W. - British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports No. 69 The Biology of Wilson's Strom Petrel, Oceanites Oceanicus (Kuhl), at Signy Island, South Orkney Islands
60040: BECK, THOMSINA - The Embroiders Flowers
33220: HOWARD BECKER AND HARRY ELMER BARNES - Social Thought, From Lore To Science: Volume II
42887: BECKER, ALINE - Heirloom Eggs 1,2,3 and 4 Revised
70346: BECKER, PETER - Dingane King of the Zulu 1828-1840
23247: HOWARD BECKER AND HARRY ELMER BARNES - Social Thought from Lore to Science Vol. 3
23246: HOWARD BECKER AND HARRY ELMER BARNES - Social Thought from Lore to Science Vol. 1
000735: BECKER, GEORGES; CASTEX, PIERRE-GEORGES; SURER, PAUL - Manuel Des Études Littéraires Françaises - XVIIe Siècle
63623: BECKER, LAWRENCE C. - Property Rights: Philosophical Foundations
63244: GABRIELE FAHR-BECKER - The Art of East Asia
62811: BECKER, ERNEST - Beyond Alienation - a Philosophy of Education for the Crisis of Democracy
68258: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Disjecta: Miscellaneous Writings and a Dramatic Fragment
77205: BECKETT, J V - Cumbrians and the South Sea Bubble, 1720
001216: A'BECKETT, GILBERT A. SMITH, ALBERT; PALMER, F. P.; BAYLEY, F. W. N.; - Hop O'My Thumb. Beauty and the Beast. Puss in Boots. Blue Beard. Sleeping Beauty of the Wood.
43907: BECKETT, SAMUEL & BRION, MARCEL ET AL - Our Exagmination Round Hid Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress
62804: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Krapp's Last Tape and Embers
50636: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Company
49384: BECKETT, J. V. - Cumbrians and the South Sea Bubble, 1720
55447: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Watt
45281: BECKETT, NORMAN (EDITED AND COMPILED BY) - Industrial North Staffordshire
77071: BECKETT, J V - The Finances of a Former Jacobite: James Grahme of Levens Hall
77207: BECKETT, J V - Inheritance and Fortune in the Eighteenth Century: The rise of Sir James Lowther, Earl of Lonsdale
49423: BECKETT, J. V. - The Disinheritance of Sir Christopher Lowther in 1701
54805: BECKETT, SIR W. ERIC - The North Atlantic Treaty The Brussels Treaty and The Charter of the United Nations
10101: BECKETT, H. E; GODFREY, J. A. - Windows: Performance, Design and Installation
77072: BECKETT, J V - The Finances of a Former Jacobite: James Grahme of Levens Hall
35587: SAMUEL BECKETT - Endgame a Play in One Act Followed By Act Without Words a Mime for One Player
53223: BECKETT, J. V. - Lowther College 1697-1740: "For None But Gentleman's Sons"
59473: BECKETT, SAMUEL; PAZ, OCTAVIO - Anthology of Mexican Poetry
77046: BECKETT, J V - Inheritance and Fortune in the Eighteenth Century: The Rise of Sir James Lowther, Earl of Lonsdale
53996: BECKETT, J.V. - Westmorland's 'Book of Rates'
54001: BECKETT, J.V. - The Disinheritance of Sir Christopher Lowther in 1701
54003: BECKETT, J.V. - Lowther College 1697-1740: 'For None But Gentleman's Sons'
64449: BECKETT, J.V. - Coal & Tobacco
77095: BECKETT, J V - Cumbrians and the South Sea Bubble, 1720
77037: BECKETT, J V - Cumbrians and the South Sea Bubble, 1720
62805: BECKETT, SAMUEL - All That Fall
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43822: BLOOM, URSULA - The Ten Day Queen
43817: BLOOM, URSULA - The Driving of Destiny
43816: BLOOM, URSULA - Three Sisters
37461: BLOOM, URSULA - Pumpkin the Pup
65249: BLOOM, LILLIAN D. - Hester Lynch Piozzi's Adopted Son
65393: BLOOM, THE REV. J. H. - Notices, Historical and Antiquarian, of the Castle and Priory at Castleacre, in the County of Norfolk.
64420: BLOOM, ALAN - The Skaters of the Fens
46849: BLOOMFIELD, ROBERT - Rural Tales, Ballads, and Songs. & The Farmer's Boy; a Rural Poem.
68353: BLOT, PIERRRE - Hand-book of Practical Cookery
57910: BLOUNT, THOMAS; THOMAS, CHARLES G. - Boscobel or the History of the Most Miraculous Preservation of King Charles II. After the Battle of Worcester September the Third 1651
36318: BLOUNT, PAUL G. - George Sand and the Victorian World
59620: BLUCHEL, KURT - Game and Hunting
69694: BLUM, GUNTHER - Naked Steel
50193: BLUM, DANIEL - A Pictorial History of the Talkies
001233: BLUMENFELD, R. D. - All in a Lifetime
25133: BLUMENTHAL, HERMAN T. - Medical and Clinical Aspects of Aging. Aging Around the World.
43460: BLUNDELL, PETER - The Kidnappers
73021: BLUNDEN, GODFREY - The Looking Glass Conference
49945: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - The Face of England
57981: BLUNDEN, EDMUND (EDITOR) - The Poems of Wilfred Owen
48775: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - The Poems of Wilfred Owen
40585: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - Choice of Chance
40726: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - To Themis
37256: ROBERT-BLUNN, JOHN - Northern Accent: Life Story of the Northern School of Music
58440: BLUNSDEN, JOHN (COMPILED BY) - The Observer's Book of Automobiles 21
65481: BLUNT, WILFRID; STEARN, WILLIAM T. - The Art of Botanical Illustration
46312: BLUNT, REGINALD (ED.) - The Crown & Anchor - a Chelsea Quarto
24362: BLY, ROBERT - The Light Around the Body
72610: BLY, ROY; BOND, DAVID - The India Rubber Man - the Story of Billy Bly, Hull City's Longest-Serving Player
68050: BLYTH, ALAN - Heddle Nash the Recorded Legacy: a Critical Discography with Biographical Notes and Commentary
D00092: BLYTH, HENRY - Smugglers' Village: The Story of Rottingdean
52405: BLYTHE, RONALD - Aldeburgh Anthology
56509: BLYTON, ENID - Snowball the Pony
53175: BLYTON, ENID - The Land of Far Beyond
33184: ENID BLYTON - The Elf and the Poppy. The Enid Blyton Nature Readers 16
000459: BLYTON, ENID - Circus Book
003410: BLYTON, ENID - The Little Button-Elves
52804: ENID BLYTON - Enid Blyton's Magazine No. 24 Vol 6 November 19-December 2, 1958
65971: BLYTON, ENID - The Mountain of Adventure
41741: BLYTON, ENID - My First Nature Book. The Brownie's Magic and Other Stories
38788: BLYTON, ENID - Bruiny and His Brothers
39004: BLYTON, ENID - Bom The Little Toy Drummer
11775: BLYTON, ENID - The River of Adventure
14376: BLYTON, ENID - You're A Good Friend Noddy! (Book 16)
49692: BLYTON, ENID - The Castle of Adventure
46338: BLYTON, ENID - News Chronicle Boys and Girls Chronicle
002769: BLYTON, ENID - Good Work Secret Seven!
53422: BLYTON, ENID - Those Dreadful Children
54790: BLYTON, ENID - Five Run Away Together: The Third Story of the Adventures of the Four Children and Their Dog
001126: BO, CARLO; ET AL - Études Bernanosiennes 3/4 Témoin De L'homme Témoin De Dieu - La Revue Des Lettres Modernes Nos. 81-84. 1963 (2)
003498: BOADELLA, DAVID - Wilhelm Reich: The Evolution of His Work
D00118: BOARDMAN, MRS.; PEARSE, REV. MARK GUY (PREFACE) - Life and Labours of the Rev. W. E. Boardman
68086: BOAS, ADRIAN J. - Crusader Archaeology
55420: BOAS, ADRIAN J. - Crusader Archaeology: The Material Culture of the Latin East
72288: BOAS, MRS. FREDERICK - In Shakspere's England
000993: BOASE, HENRY S. - A Treatise on Primary Geology; Being an Examination, Both Practical and Theoretical, of the Older Formations.
39638: BOBKER, LEE R - Making Movies from Script to Screen
46278: BOBROWSKI, JOHANNES - From the Rivers
56233: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI; RIGG, J. M. - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio - Two Volumes
36342: BOCCACE - Decameron, or Ten Days Entertainment
48319: BOCK, EMIL - The Apocalypse of St John
22659: BOCKUS, H. WILLIAM - Advertising Graphics
33754: ROGER BODART - Jacques Maes Monografieen Over Belgische Kunst
45098: BODART, ROGER - Suzanne Van Damme
33534: P.O.BODDING - The Traditions and Institutions of the Santals. Horkoren Mare Hapramko reak` Katha.
64977: BODDINGTON, ANNE & BOYS, JOS (EDITORS) - Re-shaping Learning: A Critical Reader
58881: BODDY, W. (EDITOR) - The Motor Sport Book of Donington
62560: BODDY, WILLIAM - The History of Brooklands Motor Course 1906-1940
54840: BODDY, WILLIAM B. - Brooklands: The Complete Motor Racing History
54852: BODDY, WILLIAM - The History of Brooklands Motor Course Compiled from the Official Records of the Brooklands Automobile Racing Club
48803: BODHI, BHIKKHU (TRANSLATED BY) - The Connected Discourses of the Buddha - a Translation of the Samyutta Nikaya
49959: BODLEY, R. V. C. - Wind in the Sahara
39424: BODONI, GIAMBATTISTA - Manuale Tipografico Del Cavaliere in 3 Volumes

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