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57973: BOYD, JAMES I. C. - The Festiniog Railway Volume Two
49338: BOYD, M. J. - A Hoard of Unpolished Stone Axes from Pike of Stickle, Great Langdale
57318: BOYD, JAMES I. C. - The Isle of Man Railway (Second edition): a History of the Isle of Man Railway and the Former Manx Railway, Together with Notes on Other Steam Railways in the Island (The British Narrow Gauge Railway No.2)
002518: BOYD, WM R. - Forty Points of historic and Antiquarian Interest on or Within Sight of the Walls of Chester
77210: BOYD, M J - A Hoard of Unpolished Stone Axes from Pike of Stickle, Great Langdale
77211: BOYD, M J - A Hoard of Unpolished Stone Axes from Pike of Stickle, Great Langdale
43047: BOYD, G.M - Brittle Fracture in Steel Structures
55347: BOYD, A.W. - A Country Parish
57372: BOYD, JAMES I. C. - Narrow Gauge Railways in Mid-Wales
41229: BOYDEN, DAVID D - The Hill Collection
59328: BOYDEN, JO; DE BERRY, JOANNA - Children and Youth on the Front Line: Ethnography, Armed Conflict and Displacement (Studies in Forced Migration Volume 14)
45938: BOYLE, J.R. - Vestiges of Old Newcastle and Gateshead.
36924: J.R.BOYLE - County of Durham: Its Castles, Churches, and Manor-Houses. With an Essay on Place-names of the County, and Glossary of Names.
44873: BOYLE, KAY - Gentlemen I Address You Privately
53098: BOYLE, SANDY;HOLOCO (FIRM);GUINNESS (FIRM) - Light Fantastic 2: A New Exhibition of Holograms By Holoco
53522: BOYLE, CLARA - A Servant of the Empire: a Memoir of Harry Boyle
41729: BOYLE, ROBERT - Robert Boyle: By Himself and His Friends
10121: BOYLE, ROBERT - The Sceptical Chymist
23230: CLARA BOYLE - Servant of the Empire. A Memoir of Harry Boyle
59716: BOYLE JR., WILLIAM J. - The Birds of New Jersey: Status and Distribution
23161: EDITED BY D. A. G. A. BOYNE AND LANCE WRIGHT - Architects' Working Details Vol. 1
23156: EDITED BY D. A. G. A. BOYNE AND LANCE WRIGHT - Architects' Working Details Vol. 5
23157: EDITED BY D. A. G. A. BOYNE AND LANCE WRIGHT - Architects' Working Details Vol. 6
23160: EDITED BY D. A. G. A. BOYNE AND LANCE WRIGHT - Architects' Working Details Vol. 3
23148: EDITED BY D. A. G. A. BOYNE AND LANCE WRIGHT - Architects' Working Details Vol. 9.
23154: EDITED BY D. A. G. A. BOYNE AND LANCE WRIGHT - Architects' Working Details Vol. 2
23147: EDITED BY D. A. G. A. BOYNE AND LANCE WRIGHT - Architects' Working Details Vol. 8: Foreign Examples
000756: M. ALBERT DU BOYS - Album Du Vivarais Ou Itinéraire Historique et Descriptif De Cette Ancienne Province
48083: "BOZ - Memoirs of Jospeh Grimaldi
8755: BOZHKOV, ATANAS - Bulgarian Contributions to European Civilization
10472: BRACELIN, J. L. - Gerald Gardner: Witch
60118: BRACKENBURY, MARK - Scottish West Coast Pilot
57980: BRADBROOK, M.C. - Malcolm Lowry His Art and Early Life - a Study in Transformation
55232: BRADBURY, NICOLA - Henry James: The Later Novels
000564: BRADBURY, FRED - Worsted Preparing and Spinning Volume 2
39820: BRADBURY, S - The Evolution of the Microscope
002649: BRADBURY, J BERNARD - Cockermouth Civic Trust Its Aims and Achievements
50926: BRADBURY, RAY - Something Wicked This Way Comes
44619: BRADDON, M. E. - Henry Dunbar - The Story of an Outcast - In Two Volumes.
001994: BRADDON, RUSSELL - The Naked Island
56303: BRADDON, M. E. - Sir Jasper's Tenant
45375: BRADDON, RUSSELL - Those in Peril
55278: BRADEN, GORDON - Renaissance Tragedy and the Senecan Tradition Anger's Privilege
54777: BRADER, CHRIS - Timbertown Girls: Borders Women and the First World War
46468: BRADESCO, FAUST - Le Monde Etrange De Ionesco
9888: BRADFORD, ERNLE - The Journeying Moon
001024: BRADFORD, ANNE R - The Animal Magic of Henry Whittier Frees
58408: BRADLEY, JOHN HODGDON - Patterns of Survival An Anatomy of Life
65626: BRADLEY, A. C. - Poetry for Poetry's Sake: An Inaugural Lecture Delivered on June 5, 1901
002624: BRADLEY, A. C. - Oxford Lectures on Poetry
22726: BRADLEY, JOHN LEWIS - The Correspondence of John Ruskin and Charles Eliot Norton
45891: BRADLEY, HELEN - And Miss Carter Wore Pink - Scenes from an Edwardian Childhood
45890: BRADLEY, HELEN - Miss Carter Came with Us
57297: BRADLEY, W.F. - Ettore Bugatti A Biography
45796: BRADLEY, HELEN - And Miss Carter Wore Pink
002898: BRADLEY, D.L. - Locomotives of the Southern Railway: Part 2
40976: BRADLEY, D. L. - The Locomotives of the London Brighton & South Coast Railway Part 1
43134: BRADLEY, TOM - The Old Coaching Days In Yorkshire
46947: BRADLEY, A.C - A Commentary on Tennyson's In Memoriam
46065: BRADLEY, A.G - The Wye
RN75: BRADMAN, DON - Don Bradman's Book. The Story of a Cricketing Life.
47149: BRADSHAW, THOMAS - The Whole Genuine and Complete Works of Flavius Joseph
41973: BRADSHAW, R. - The Avon Gorge
49025: BRADSHAW, PENNY (ED.) - Christopher at the Lakes: Volume One - the Lake Poems of John Wilson
39810: BRADSHAW, PERCY - Lines of Laughter
22640: BRADY, GEORGE S.; CLAUSER, HENRY - Materials Handbook
47071: BRADY, VALENTINI PAPDOPOULOU - Love in the Theatre of Marivaux: A Study of the Factors Influencing Its Birth, Development, and Expression
5323: BRAGDON, CLAUDE - The Beautiful Necessity: Seven Essays on Theosophy and Architecture
24344: BRAGG, SIR W. LAWRENCE AND EMELUS, H.J. - Post-Graduate Lectures. A Review of Recent Advances in X-ray Analysis and the Impact of Radioactivity on Inorganic Chemistry
001117: BRAGG, MELVYN - A Place in England
48734: BRAGG, MELVYN - A Christmas Child
72182: BRAGG, MELVYN - Rich: The Life of Richard Burton
39204: BRAGG, MELVYN - The Hired Man
39225: BRAGG, MELVYN - Josh Lawton
39230: BRAGG, MELVYN - The Second Inheritance
43197: FOREWORD BY MELVYN BRAGG - The Parish of Lamplugh
9808: BRAGG, LAWRENCE - The Crystalline State: Volume One (1) A General Survey
40260: BRAHAM, PETER; PEARN, MICHAEL; RHODES, EDWIN - Discrimination and Disadvantage in Employment: The Experience of Black Workers a Reader
47142: BRAHAM, ERNEST - Kai Lung's Golden Hours
45337: BRAHMS, CARYL & SIMON, S.J. - Titania Has a Mother
9827: BRAHMS, CARYL & SION, S. J. - To Hell with Hedda!
44029: BRAHMS, CARYL & SIMON, S.J. - Titania Has a Mother
000695: BRAILSFORD, MABEL RICHMOND - A Quaker from Cromwell's Army: James Naylor
42704: BLED DE BRAINE, J.F - Cours Synthetique, Analytique Et Pratique De Langue Arabe, Arrange A L'usage Des Colleges Et Des Ecoles, Les Dialectes Vulgaires Africains D'Alger, De Maroc, De Tunis Et D'Egypte, Enseignes Sans Maitre. Ouvrage Divisé En Douze Leçons.
771: BRAITHWAITE - J. Bevan Braithwaite, A Friend of the Nineteenth Century
9489: BRAITHWAITE, CECIL - Fishing Vignettes: Being Extracts from a Diary and Other Fragments 1875 to 1922
47157: BY THE LATE WILLIAM C BRAITHWAITE - The Beginnings of Quakerism 2 Volumes
71002: BRALEY, EVELYN FOLEY - More Letters of Herbert Hensley Henson - A Second Volume
59183: BRAMAH, ERNEST - Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry-Tree
59126: BRAMAH, ERNEST - The Kai Lung Omnibus Containing the Wallet of Kai Lung; Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat; Kai Lung's Golden Hours
23984: BRAMSEN, CHRISTOPHER BO - Peace and Friendship: Denmark's Official Relations with China 1674-2000
46151: BRAMSON, ALAN - The Tiger Moth Story
57135: BRANAGH, KENNETH - Beginning
54865: BRANCH, ALAN E. - Economics of Shipping Practice and Management
43726: ALDEN BRANCH, MARK - Devil's Workshop 25 Years of Jersey Devil Architecture
22424: BRANCH, MELVILLE C. - An Atlas of Rare City Maps : Comparative Urban Design 1830-1842
46152: BRAND, MAX - Seven Trails
36198: MAX BRAND - The Happy Valley
45873: BRANDANE, JOHN - The Change House
22607: ERIC A BRANDES - Smithells Metals Reference Book
65371: BRANDS, W. B. - Miss Hooper's Hoop and Other Poems
58605: BRANDT, FREDERICK R. - American Marine Painting
41042: BRANDT, JOBST - The Bicycle Wheel- Revised Edition
000115: BRANDT, FRITHIOF - Soren Kierkegaard 1813 - 1855 His Life - His Works
41645: J I BRASH (EDITOR) - Papers on Scottish Electoral Politics 1832 - 1854
33480: WILLIAM R BRASHEAR - The Gorgon's Head: a Study in Tragedy and Despair
49950: BRASSINGTON, W SALT - Shakespeare's Homeland
53693: BRATBY, MICHAEL - Grey Goose
65996: BRATHWAIT, RICHARD; HASLEWOOD, JOSEPH; HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Barnabae Itinerarium or Barnabee's Journal By Richard Brathwait A.M. With a Life of the Author a Bibliographical Introduction to the Itinerary and a Catalogue of His Works.
37841: BRAUDE, MICHAEL - Who's Zoo
43879: BRAUER, GERNOT - Architektur Als Markenkommunikation - Architecture as Brand Communication - Dynaform Cube
54853: VON BRAUN, WERNHER; ORDWAY III, FREDERICK I. - History of Rocketry and Space Travel
57374: BRAUNING, DANIEL W. - Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania (Pitt Series in Nature & Natural History)
41190: BRAUTIGAN, RICHARD - The Hawkline Monster. A Gothic Western
002562: BRAVER, GARY - Flashback
46121: BRAY, JEAN - How to Play Mah Jong
56729: BRAY, T. - Bishop Nicolson's Diary (1703-4)
000803: BRAY, RENÉ - La Formation De La Doctrine Classique En France
001089: BRAYBROOKE, LORD RICHARD - Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, F. R. S. Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II. And James II. - Volume IV
001077: BRAYBROOKE, LORD RICHARD - Diary and His Correspondence Volume One
22861: ED SUSAN BRAYBROOKE - Print Casebooks 3 Third Annual Edition The Best in Environmental Graphics
59685: BRAYE, LORD (PREFACE) - The Position of the Catholic Church in England and Wales During the Last Two Centuries: Retrospect And Forecast
43762: WEDLAKE BRAYLEY, EDWARD - The Beauties of England and Wales, or Original Delineations - Volume VIII - Kent
51149: BRAZENDALE, GEOFF - The Sidecar a History
58582: BRAZER, ESTHER STEVENS - Early American Decoration: a Comprehensive Treatise
8487: BRAZIL, ANGELA - The School in the South
50062: BRAZIL, ANGELA - The School on the Cliff
39924: BREARE, W.H - Second Edition of Thorpes New Illustrated Guide to Harrogate and District
59919: BREARS, PETER C. D. - The Knitting Sheath
59966: BREARS, PETER - Traditional Food in Cumbria
48585: BREARY, NANCY - Two Thrilling Terms
54711: BREARY, NANCY - Two Thrilling Terms
59163: BREASTED, JAMES H. - The Dawn of Conscience
55656: BREAY, CLAIRE (ED) - The Cartulary of Chatteris Abbey
33815: BRECHT, BERTOLT - Threepenny Novel
53745: BRECHT, BERTOLT - War Primer
50563: BRECHT, BERTOLT - Aldwych Theatre Royal Shakespeare Company in Squire Puntilla and His Servant Matti - the British Premiere of a Comedy By Bertolt Brecht - Programme
53283: BREDIF, JOSETTE - Toiles De Jouy Classic Printed Textiles from France 1760-1843
41518: BREDIN, A.E.C. - History of the Irish Soldier, A
56482: BREEZE, DAVID J. (ED) - Studies in Scottish Antiquity Presented to Stewart Cruden
66067: BREEZE, DAVID J. - The First Souvenirs Enamelled Vessels from Hadrian's Wall
10236: BREEZE, PAUL A - Roughburn Cluster
57623: BREEZE, DAVID J.; JILEK, SONJA; THIEL, ANDREAS; ZSOLT, VISY - A Romai Birodalem Hatarai Frontiers of the Roman Empire - a Romai Limes Magyarorszagon the Roman Limes in Hungary
53099: BREITENBACH, JOSEF - Women of Asia
42066: BREMNER, GEOFFREY - Blennerhasset
61037: BRENDA - Froggy's Little Brother
002314: BRENNA, ARNE - Guide to Gustav Vigeland's Sculpture Park in Oslo
43324: BRENNAN, TERRY - Death Squads in Morocco - As Told to W. J. Blackledge
38000: BRENNAN, DESMOND - The Sea Angler - Afloat and Ashore
40687: BRENNAN, MATTHEW - Wordsworth, Turner and the Romantic Landscape
46143: BRENNAN, THOMAS - Public Frinking and Popular Culture in Eighteenth Century Paris
72958: BRENNER, VLADIMIR - Russia in the Name of God
003199: BRENNER, BERNARD & MADELINE H. - Sir Robert De Bures A Soldier of Edward I
57162: BRERETON, J.M.; SAVORY, A.C.S. - The History of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding) 1702-1992
000559: BRERETON, CAPTAIN F.S - A Hero of Sedan
59597: BRESCIA, MAURIZIO - Mussolini's Navy A Reference Guide to the Regia Marina 1930-1945
54349: BRESLER, FENTON - Reprieve: a Study of a System
30057: HARTE BRET - Queen of the Pirate Isle
55325: BRET, M.; MOLIERE - Oevres De Moliere, Avec Des Remarques Grammaticales, Des Avertissemens, et Des Observations Sur Chaque Piece - 8 Volumes.
49071: LE BRET, JEAN; VERROUST, JEROME - Le Clos Du Coudray Floral Park
66004: BRETON, NICHOLAS; MORICE, E. G. - Two Pamphlets of Nicholas Breton: Grimellos Fortunes (1604); an Olde Mans Lesson (1605)
000625: LE BRETON, ANDRÉ - Le Roman Au XVIIe Siècle
55012: BRETON, NICHOLAS; ROBERTSON, JEAN - Poems Not Hitherto Reprinted
000624: LE BRETON, ANDRÉ - Le Roman Français Au XVIIIe Siècle
40264: BRETT, E.A. - The World Economy Since the War: The Politics of Uneven Development
36093: ABBE H. BREUIL - Four Hundred Centuries of Cave Art
40488: BREUIL, M DU - The Scientific and Profitable Culture of Fruit Trees
54499: BREUIL, HENRI - Beyond the Bounds of History Scenes from the Old Stone Age
58429: BREW, STEVE - Blood, Sweat and Valour: 41 Squadron RAF 1942-1945
003009: BREWER, DEREK - Classical Mythography and Romantic English Literature: The First A.M.D.Hughes Memorial Lecture, The School Of English, University Of Birmingham
37633: BREWER, DANIEL - The Discourse of Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century France : Diderot and the Art of Philosophizing
41478: BREWER, JOHN - Party Ideology and Popular Politics at the Accession of George III
56834: BREWER, RICHARD; MCPEEK, GAIL A.; ADAMS, RAYMOND JOHN - The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Michigan
56142: BREWER, D.S. - Proteus Studies in English Literature
33221: PARKER BREWIS - A Guide To The Castle Of Newcastle Upon Tyne: Part I - The Keep
56106: BREWSTER, SIR DAVID; LYNN, W. T. (ED) - The Life of Sir Isaac Newton
58806: BREYMEYER, ALICJA; ET AL - Biosphere Reserves in Poland - Rezerwaty Biosfery w Polsce
000852: BREZHNEV, LEONID - What the Soviet Constitution Guarentees
56942: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - Men-Of-War
53203: BRICKDALE, ELEANOR FORTESCUE - Golden Book of Famous Women
58189: BRIDDON, R. - Cloistered Work A Selected Poems to 1985
58192: BRIDDON, R.J. - Gaia
65040: MAC KENZIE MAC BRIDE - Quaint Alston A Leaf from Border History
34109: MAC KENZIE MAC BRIDE - Quaint Alston: a Leaf from Border History. With Descriptions of Crossfell (2930 feet), Hartside Pass, Garrigill, the Roman Camp, Kirk-Haugh, Ashgill, and Nenthead
001239: BRIDEL, YVES - L'esprit D'enfance Dans L'oeuvre Romanesque De Georges Bernanos
40122: ANTONY BRIDGE - The Crusades
39899: BRIDGE, ADIMRAL SIR CYPRIAN - The Art of Naval Warfare: Introductory Observations
40981: BRIDGE, GEORGE - Rock Climbing in the British Isles 1894-1970
5314: BRIDGES, ROBERT (ED.) - S. P. E Tract No. XXXII: The B.B.C.'s Recommendations for Pronoiuncing Doubtful Words
43752: BRIDGES, REV CHARLES - A Memoir of Miss Mary Jane Graham
49132: BRIDGES, JOHN; CURTIS, BRYAN - A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up : What to Wear, When to Wear It, How to Wear It
54719: BRIDGETT, R. C. - Sea-Trout Fishing
42892: BRIDGMAN, LEONARD - Aircraft of the British Empire
53128: BRIECHA, OTTO - Klimt Schiele Kokoschka
56360: O'BRIEN, FLANN - At Swim-Two-birds
72135: O'BRIEN, DEIRDRE - Lover's Folly
65946: O'BRIEN, FLANN - The Third Policeman
33187: T P O'BRIEN & MARGARET E MCCULLY - Plant Structure and Development: A Pictorial and Physiological Approach
36083: CONOR O'BRIEN - Yacht Gear and Gadgets
54269: O'BRIEN, EOIN - The Beckett Country: Samuel Beckett's Ireland
41780: BRIERLEY, BEN - Bits O' Fun for Lancashire Firesides
39107: BRIERLEY, HENRY (TRANSCRIBE) - The Registers of the Parish Church of Heysham. Births and Baptisms 1658-1813, Deaths and Burials 1658-1813, Marriages 1659-1811
38841: BRIERLEY, HENRY (TRANSCRIBE) - The Registers of the Parish Church of Cartmel in the County of Lancaster. Christenings, Burials and Weddings 1559-1661
54641: BRIGGS, ASA - The War of Words - the History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom Volume III
45761: BRIGGS, DAVID - Assessing Men Who Sexually Abuse
46845: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - The Architect in History
59823: CURRER-BRIGGS, NOEL - English Adventurers and Virginian Settlers Volumes 1-3
56858: BRIGGS, KATHARINE M. - A Dictionary of British Folk-Tales in the English Language Incoprporating the F. J. Norton Collection - Part A Folk Narratives Volume 2
001231: BRIGHT, JACK - Freemasonry Some Deeper Considerations
36256: MYRON F. BRIGHTFIELD - John Wilson Croker
43952: BRIGHTMAN, F.E - Liturgies eastern and Western
8735: BRILLOTH, BORJE - A Grammar of the Dialect of Lorton (Cumberland)
57539: BRINDLE, STEVEN; GRADY, DAMIAN - Shot from Above
48727: O'BRINE, MANNING - Passport to Treason
002104: BRINE, VICE-ADMIRAL LINDESAY - Travels Amongst American Indians Their Ancient Earthworks and Temples; Including a Journey in Guatemala, Mexico and Yucatan, and a Visit to the Ruins of Patinamit, Utatlan, Palenque and Uxmal.
42336: BRINTMANN, RUDOLPH - Staat Und Wirthchaft
8465: BRISCOE, A. DALY - A Marian Lord Mayor: Sir Thommas White
66015: BRISLEY, JOYCE LANKESTER - Milly-Molly-Mandy & Co.
22898: R F BRISSENDEN - Virtue in Distress: Studies in the Novel of Sentiment from Richardson to Sade
41517: BRISTOW, PHILIP - The Mansfield Brew
41734: BRISTOWE, W. S. - Victorian China Fairings
24148: GREAT BRITAIN - Census 1971 England and Wales: Preliminary Report
24149: GREAT BRITAIN - Census 1971 England and Wales: Preliminary Report
23134: GREAT BRITAIN - Out of Sight, Out of Mind; Report
30027: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF GREAT BRITAIN - Geology of the Country Around Macclesfield
59500: BRITTAIN, VERA - The Women at Oxford: a Fragment of History
42187: BRITTAIN, F. - The First Twenty Years of The Roosters
56408: BRITTEN, BENJAMIN - Peter Grimes
56409: BRITTEN, BENJAMIN - The Rape of Lucretia
58368: BRITTON, P.L. (EDITOR) - Birds of East Africa
40379: BRITTON, MARGARET CLARE - Improved Visibility: An International Bibliography on the Education of Women and Girls,1978-89
56588: VALERI BRIUSSOV - The Fiery Angel: a Sixteenth Century Romance
40269: LAURA PEABODY BROAD & NANCY TOWNER BUTTERWORTH - The Playgroup Handbook; A World of Activities for Pre-school Children
51020: BROAD, JOHN; HOYLE, RICHARD - Bernwood The Life and Afterlife of a Forest Harris Paper Two
54150: JOHN BROAD - A Common Agricultural Heritage? Revising French and British Rural Divergence,
23638: WALTER BROADBENT - The Writings of Sir William Broadbent
50391: BROADBENT, C.J - Old Pals Act
49704: BROADBENT, GEOFFREY - Profile 23 Neo-Classicism - Architectural Design Vol 49 No 8-9
57519: BROATCH, J. (CLERK TO THE GOVERNORS) - Keswick School
27370: ALAN CLUTTON BROCK - Cezanne Vol. 2
58759: BROCKBANK, RUSSELL - Manifold Pressures Motoring Misadventures of Major Upsett
59031: BROCKBANK, RUSSELL - Brockbank's Grand Prix
10977: BROCKBANK, ELISABETH - Richard Hubberthorne of Yealand: Yeoman Soldier Quaker 1628-1992
42550: BROCKBANK, W. E. - Poems and Songs
58920: BROCKBANK, RUSSELL - Over the Line with Brockbank
58919: BROCKBANK, RUSSELL - Motoring Through Punch 1900-1970
58381: LORD BYRON; BROCKEDON, W. - Finden's Illustrations of the Life and Works of Lord Byron - Volumes 1 & 2
001022: BROCKELSBY, JOAN - A Fold in My Thinking
54889: BROCKIE, KEITH - Drawn from Nature
65278: BROCKINGTON, I. F. & KUMAR, R. - Motherhood and Mental Illness
59386: BROCKLEHURST, HELEN - Who's Afraid of Children?: Children, Conflict and International Relations (Ethics & Global Politics)
37307: BROCKLISS, LAURENCE; HARRISS, GERALD; MACINTYRE, ANGUS - Magdalen College and the Crown
55292: BROCKMAN, ERIC - The Two Sieges of Rhodes 1480-1522
55293: BROCKMAN, ERIC - Maltese Memories: Tifkiriet
48420: BROCKMAN, JANIE - Bert.
47819: BROCKWELL, CHA. - The Natural and Political History of Portugal. From Its First Erection Into a Kingdom By Alphonso Son of Henry Duke of Burgundy, Anno 1090 Down to the Present Time Shewing Its Extents, Soil, Production, History, Trade, Manufactures, Customs, and Manners..
61044: BROD, MAX - The Diaries of Franz Kafka 1910-1923 2 Volumes
40878: BRODETSKY, S - A First Course in Nomography
50576: BRODIE, IAN O. - Thirlmere and the Emergence of the Landscape Protection Movement
48951: BRODIE, EMILY - Uncle Fred's Shilling
002250: BRODRICK, GEORGE C.; FOTHERINGHAM, J. K. - The Political History of England Volume XI - the History of England from Addington's Administration to the Close of William IV.'s Reign (1801-1837)
39436: BRODRICK, GEORGE C. AND FOTHERINGHAM, J. K. - The History of England from Addington's Administration to the Close of William IV's Reign (1801-1837)
53017: BRODRICK, K.F - The Twins Set Out
42839: BRODSKY, JOSEPH - So Forth
50666: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Pleaseant Valley
52642: BRONOWSKI, J - William Blake and the Age of Revolution
54581: BRONSON, WILFRID S. - Children of the Sea
55619: BRONTE, ANNE; RHODES, J. H. - Haworth: a Poem By Anne Bronte Set to Music By J. H. Rhodes, Organist and Choirmaster of Haworth Parish Church - Song Sheet
71102: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - Jane Eyre - 2 Volumes
72464: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - Jane Eyre an Autobiography
55058: BRONTE, ANNE - The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.
71103: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - Shirley
23129: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - Two Tales: "Secret" and "Lily Hart"
56471: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - Jane Eyre: An Autobiography
003316: BROOK, DONALD - Violinists of To-day
52890: BROOK, A. BROOK, D. GRIFFITHS, J. LONG, M.H. - Northern Caves Volume 2 The Three Peaks
48743: BROOK, CHARLES - Battling Surgeon
24012: DONALD BROOK - A Pageant of English Actors
44239: BROOKE, LESLEY - The Tailor and the Crow
45079: BROOKE, HAROLD & BANNERMAN, KAY - The Abominable Snowman - A Comedy
65808: TUCKER BROOKE, C. F. - The Shakespeare Apocrypha: Being a Collection of Fourteen Plays Which Have Been Ascribed to Shakespeare
58819: BROOKER, W.D. (EDITOR) - A Century of Scottish Mountaineering
000295: BROOKES, EWART - Proud Waters
40294: ED PETER BROOKESMITH - UFOs: Where Do They Come From?; Contemporary Theories on the Origin of the Phenomenon
49045: BROOKS, COLLIN (ED) - The Royal Mail Case: Rex V. Lord Kylsant, and Another
22519: LEONARD BROOKS - Car and Industrial Paint Spraying
48642: BROOKS, J.; TAYLOR, D. J. - Eggs and Egg Products - Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Food Investigation Special Report No.60
52848: BROOKS, ROBERT C. - Municipal Affairs. a Bibliography of the World's Municipal Literature.
72067: BROOKS, JOHN (ED) - The 1975 South American Handbook Fifty-First Annual Edition
72045: BARLOW BROOKS, J. - Th' Amazin' Stories O' Th' Bible (I' Th' Lankisher Dialect)
41130: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - Travers' Trouble Treasure!
41131: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - Handforth's Great Adventure
41133: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - The Siege in the Clouds
41134: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - St. Franks in the Lists
41135: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - The Mystery Master
41136: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - Spirited Away!
41137: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - The Scooter Scare
41138: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - Nipper Sees it Through!
41139: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - The Marooned School!
41140: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - Gliding Peril!
41141: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - The Mystery Box!
41142: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - On His Majesty's Service!
41143: EDWY SEARLES BROOKS - The No - Surrender Rebels!
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34002: MALCOLM CAMPBELL - Thunder Ahead
44499: CAMPBELL, JOHN W. (ED.) - Analog - Science Fact Science Fiction Magazine - 1963, 1964, 1965
43247: CAMPBELL, JAMES W. P. - Brick - A World History
49752: CAMPBELL, PATRICK - A Long Drink of Cold Water
002284: CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD - Wayside Thoughts, and Other Poems.
34001: ROBIN CAMPBELL & NORBERT LYNTON - Decade: Painting, Sculpture and Drawing in Britain 1940-49
54075: CAMPBELL, P. - Come Here Till I tell You
50627: CAMPBELL, HILBERT H - James Thompson
38559: CAMPHUYSEN, C.J; CALVO B. ET AL. - Consumption of Discards By Seabirds in the North Sea. Final Report Nioz-Rapport 1995-5
000843: MERCIER-CAMPICHE, MARIANNE - Le Théâtre De Claudel Ou La Puissance Du Grief et De La Passion
65891: CAMUS, ALBERT - La Peste
48429: CANADAY, JOHN - Metropolitan Seminars in Art - 12 Portfolios
36255: W H CANAWAY - My Feet Upon a Rock
41611: CANDIDO, JOSEPH (ED.) - Shakepeare. The Critical Tradition. King John
53010: CANDLER, EDMUND - On the Edge of the World
48833: CANDY, JAMES C.; TEMES, GABOR C. - Oversampling Delta-Sigma Data Converters: Thoery, Design, and Simulation
33376: EDWARD CANDY - Doctor Amadeus
71387: DU CANE, ELLA & FLORENCE - The Flowers and Gardens of Japan
24349: DU CANE, PETER - An Engineer of Sorts
66050: CANNAN, JOANNA - They Bought Her a Pony
33110: GILBERT CANNAN - Samuel Butler: A Critical Study
4510: CANNELL, J. C. - 100 best tricks
37000: CANNON, JAMES (ED.) - The Msida Bastion Cemetery, Malta
53555: CANTACUZINO, SHERBAN - Wells Coates, a Monograph
40191: ED. CORNELL CAPA - Jerusalem: City of Mankind
36396: CAPA, ROBERT - Images of War
46860: CAPABLANCA, J. R. - Messrs. Bell's Books for Chess-Players
65862: CAPEK, KAREL - R. U. R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) a Play in Three Acts and an Epilogue
49380: CAPES, M. HARRIET M. - Sylvia Brooke
002801: CAPEWELL, J.G. - The Post-Silurian Pre-Marine Carboniferous Sedimentary Rocks of the Eastern Side of the English Lake District
58639: CAPLAT, MORAN (EDITOR) - Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme Book 1961-1971 6 Issues
48103: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - Answered Prayers : The Unfinished Novel
53452: CAPPOCH, THOMAS - An Account of Carlisle During the Rebellion of 1745. To Which is Added a Speech (Supposed to Have Been) Delivered By Thomas Cappoch, "The Rebel-Bishop" on His Execution at Carlisle, for High-Treason and Rebellion, October 18, 1746.
001028: CAPPY - Best Wishes Form the North Country
44531: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - Housing Dilemmas in the Lake District
65082: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - Some Aspects of the Economic Effects of Tourism in the Westmorland Lake District
43346: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - A Study of North Westmorland
38781: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - Housing Dilemmas in the Lake District
38782: CAPSTICK, MARGARET; CLARK, GORDON; DOHERTY, JOHN - Jobs in the Countryside: Studies in North Lancashire and Cumbria
65090: CAPSTICK, EJ & FOULDS, R - Lake District National Park Commons Project 1988 - 1990. A Report to the Lake District Special Planning Board and the Countryside Commission
72389: CAPSTICK, MARGARET - A Critical Appraisal of the Operation of Three Ad Hoc Planning Authorities in Upland Cumbria and Yorkshire, 1951 to 1974
46068: CAPUTO, JOHN D. - Heidegger and Aquinas - An Essay on Overcoming Metaphysics
56973: CARAVELLA, MIRIAM BOKSER - The Mystic Heart of Judaism
72739: CARBERY, MARY; LESLIE, SHANE (INTRO) - The Farm By Lough Gur - the Story of Mary Fogarty (Sissy O'Brien)
47020: CARCASSONNE, ÉLIE - Oeuvres Complètes De Montesquieu - Lettres Persanes - Tome Second
56430: CARD, TIM - ETON ESTABLISHED: A History from 1440 to 1860
56419: CARD, TIM - Eton Renewed: A History From 1860 to the Present Day
002310: CARDANI, A. - Multiple Aspect Signalling [British Practice]
47141: ADAM DE CARDONNEL (ETCHED BY) - Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland Part One and Two
38048: CARDWELL, D S L (ED.) - John Dalton and the Progress of Science
71269: CAREW, DUDLEY - The House is Gone
44863: CAREW, JAN - Black Midas
48581: CAREW, PAUL - Dust, Dope and Sawdust
48040: CAREY, ROSA NOUCHETTE - Herb of Grace
41110: CAREY, PETER J. - Friends' School, Wigton, Cumbria. 1950-1985
72759: CARGILL, LESLIE - Motley Menace
40952: CARGILL, ALEXANDER - Memorial of the Celebration of the Centenary of Savings Banks Held at Edinburgh 8th, 9th and 10th June 1910
72634: CARLE, ERIC - Rooster Sets Out to See the World
14921: CARLES, W. R. - Life in Corea
53467: CARLESS, FRANK (CANON EMERITUS OF WAKEFIELD) - William Walsham How 1823-1897 the First Bishop of Wakefield
58687: CARLETON, WILLIAM - The Squanders of Castle Squander - Volume I
45975: CARLETON, WILLIAM - Amusing Irish Tales
54679: CARLEY, JAMES P.; RIDDY, FELICITY (EDS) - Arthurian Literature XII
53288: CARLINE, RICHARD - Stanley Spencer at War
52272: THE LORD BISHOP OF CARLISLE - The People's Church Hymn Book.
52452: CARLISLE, STANTON - Master Mentality
58658: THE EARL OF CARLISLE - A Picture Song Book - the Songs Taken from Various Sources, the Pictures By the Earl of Carlisle
36481: CITY OF CARLISLE - Proceedings of the Council and of the Several Committees of the Council. From the 9th Day of November, 1907 to the 27th Day of October, 1908. Vol. XIX
36483: CITY OF CARLISLE - Proceedings of the Council and of the Several Committees of the Council. From the 9 th Day of November, 1929, to the 28th Day of October, 1930.
59661: STIG G. CARLSON - The Rhodesian Ridgeback Today
001116: CARLTON, ERIC - War and Ideology
47618: CARMER, CARL - American Folklore and Its Old- World Backgrounds
37173: CARMICHAEL, AMY - The Widow of the Jewels
49708: CARMICHAEL, HOAGY - The Stardust Road

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