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48748: AMBARDAR, ASHOK - Analog and Digital Signal Processing/Book and Disk
56705: AMBLER, ERIC - The Schirmer Inheritance
48649: AMBLER, ERIC - Journey Into Fear
64484: AMBLER, ERIC - A Kind of Anger
72428: AMBLER, RONALD - Rambles in Lakeland
64507: HELEN CLARKE; BJORN AMBROSIANI - Towns in the Viking Age
22414: AMBROZIAK, BRIAN M.; AMBROZIAK, JEFFREY R. - Infinite Perspectives: Two Thousand Years of Three-dimensional Mapmaking
002342: AMERY, L.S. - In the Rain and the Sun
RN123: AMIES, HARDY - A B C of Man's Fashion
58820: AMIN, MOHAMED WILLETTS, DUNCAN TETLEY, BRIAN - On God's Mountain The Story of Mount Kenya
65870: AMIS, KINGSLEY - A Case of Samples: Poems 1946-1956
44559: AMIS, KINGSLEY - I Want it Now
72638: AMIS, BRETON - Hive of Glass
55457: AMIS, KINGSLEY - That Uncertain Feeling: a Novel
52232: AMMONS, A.R. - Corsons Inlet A Book of Poems
70345: AMOAH, OSEI - A Political Dictionary of Black Quotations
40152: ED. MARK AMORY - The Letters of Evelyn Waugh
56447: AMUNDSEN, ROALD; HANSEN, FIRST LIEUTENANT - Roald Amundsen's "The North West Passage" Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship "Gjoa" 1903-1907 By Roald Amundsen with a Supplement By First Lieutenant Hansen Vice-Commander of the Expedition. Two Volumes.
63030: CHU CH'AN - The Sutra of 42 Sections and Two Other Scriptures of The Mahayana School
43259: ANASTASI, ANNE & URBINA, SUSANA - Psychological Testing
63475: ANATOLI (KUZNETSOV), A.; FLOYD, DAVID (TRANS) - Babi Yar: a Document in the Form of a Novel
62673: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN; HOWITT, MARY (TRANS) - The Improvisatore: Or, Life in Italy. Two Volumes.
56874: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN; SOMMER, H. OSKAR - Stories & Fairytales
39362: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales
54461: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - The Snow Queen
54970: ANDERSEN, HANS - Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
43991: ANDERSEN, HANS - Fairy Tales
57995: ANDERSEN, MARTIN - U2 The Illustrated Biography
58496: ANDERSEN, HANS - The Little Mermaid
41963: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - What the Grass Stalks Said and Other Stories
45781: ANDERSEN, HANS - Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
003952: ROBIN CLUTE; JUEL ANDERSEN - Juel Andersen's Carob Primer: A Beginner's Book of Carob Cookery
46155: ANDERSEN, HANS; DULCKEN, DR. H. W. - Fairy Tales and Stories
66122: ANDERSEN, H. C. - Bilderbuch Ohne Bilder
2500: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Cumberland Ballads
000939: ANDERSON, NANCY FIX - Woman Against Women in Victorian England - a Life of Eliza Lynn Linton
52709: ANDERSON, J.W - Shipmasters Business Companion
69317: ANDERSON, ALAN - The Devon Belle Famous Train Journeys No. 2
003973: ANDERSON, R. E. - Gastronomy as a Fine Art or the Science of Good Living - a Translation of the Physiologie Du Gout of Brillat-Savarin
002833: ANDERSON, J.G.C. - The Dalradian Rocks of Arran
68910: ANDERSON, R.G.W. - The Mariner's Astrolabe
43437: ANDERSON, GWYNETH - Poems in Pamphlet VI - Gwyneth Anderson - A Time to Speak
47634: ANDERSON, GERRY - Thunderbirds Comic
69429: ANDERSON, J R L - High Mountains and Cold Seas: A Biography of H. W. Tilman
49809: ANDERSON, VERILY - Clover Coverdale
63396: ANDERSON, ANNE; OVENDEN, GRAHAM - The Truth About Faeries from a Midsummer Night's Dream to the Lord of the Rings - Southampton City Art Gallery 22 June to 13 September 2009
18518: ANDERSON, FLAVIA - The Ancient Secret. In Search of the Holy Grail
64402: ANDERSON, GERRY - Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet Thunderbirds Annual
64403: ANDERSON, GERRY - Thunderbirds Annual 1971
65723: ANDERSON, ALEXANDER - Ballads and Sonnets.
35194: WILLIAM ANDERSON - The Scottish Nation of the Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours and Biographical History of the People of Scotland
62083: ANDERSON, JOHN (COMP) - Sky Sports Football Yearbook 2014-2015
17071: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Anderson's Cumberland Ballads
64980: ANDERSON, ANNE & OVENDEN, GRAHAM - The Truth About Faeries
003566: ANDERSON, PERRY (EDITOR) - 'The Fate of Austro-Marxism' 118 New Left Review November - December 1979
23125: ANDERSON, DON - Theory of the Earth
38531: ANDERSON, ROBERT H.; SHINEBOURNE, ELLIOT A. (EDS) - Paediatric Cardiology 1977
42179: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Ballads in the Cumberland Dialect
38109: ODD HARALD HAUGE TRANS. JAMES ANDERSON - The Impossible Journey
003971: ANDERSON, JEAN - Jean Anderson Cooks: Her Kitchen Reference & Recipe Collection
40017: M S ANDERSON - Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713-1738
55408: ANDERSON, W.J.V. AND CROSS, D. (EDITORS) - Steam in Scotland Volumes 1 and 2
38031: ANDERSON, JAMES REDDIE - The House of Bondage and Other Lectures Given to the Keswick Literary and Scientific Society
49378: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - Bill Miner... Stagecoach and Train Robber
54637: ANDERSON, ADELAIDE MARY - Women in the Factory: An Administrative Adventure, 1893 to 1921
50490: ANDERSON, F. M. - Upper Cretaceous of the Pacific Coast - the Geological Society of America Memoir 71
57285: ANDERSON, ANGELA - Ben Peach's Scotland
52319: ANDERSON, ALAN ORR - Early Sources of Scottish History 2 Volume Set
64400: ANDERSON, GERRY - Thunderbirds Annual
64401: ANDERSON, GERRY - Thunderbirds Annual 1968
47778: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Cumberland Ballads
67204: ANDERSON, GEORGE AND TOEWS, RYAN - Bullets and Dirt
26566: ANDERSON, H.M. - Sons of the Forge
37110: ANDERSON, HAND CHRISTIAN - A Little Book of Andersen's Fairy Tales
67873: ANDERSON, MARGARET - The Unknowable Gurdjieff
64407: ANDERSON, GERRY - Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds Are Go!
001702: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Cumberland Ballads
003235: ANDERSON, R. - Ballads in the Cumberland Dialect Chiefly By R. Anderson, with Notes and a Glossary: The Remainder By Various Authors.
37702: ANDERSSON, ARON; ANKER, PETER - The Art of Scandinavia: Volume Two
62719: ANDERTON, BASIL & GIBSON, W.H. - Catalogue Of the Bewick Collection (Pease Bequest)
63169: ANDERTON, BASIL AND GIBSON, W.H. - Catalogue of the Bewick Collection (Pease Bequest)
62626: ANDERTON, DAVID A. - Aircraft Profile LTV (Vought) A-7A/E Corsair II
57936: ANDERTON, BASIL - Thomas Bewick, the Tyneside Engraver
64758: D'ANDRADE, ROY G.; STRAUSS, CLAUDIA - Human Motives and Cultural Models (Publications of the Society for Psychological Anthropology)
68865: DE ANDRADE, MARGARETTE - Brazilian Cookery Traditional and Modern
57719: ANDRADE, CARLA-KRYSTIN & CLIFFORD, PAUL - Outcome-Based Massage
000416: ANDRÉ, PAUL - La Jeunesse De Bayle - Tribun De La Tolérance
69034: ANDRÉ, GEORGE G. - The Draughtsman's Handbook of Plan and Map Drawing, Including Instructions for the Preparation of Engineering, Architectural, and Mechanical Drawings
000345: ANDRÉ, PAUL - La Jeunesse De Bayle Tribun De La Tolérance
58392: ANDREAE, CHRISTOPHER - Philip Reeves
23952: THOMAS ANDREW - A Cyclopedia of Domestic Medicine and Surgery
49921: ANDREW, PRUDENCE - Ginger and Batty Billy
72295: ANDREW, JIM - The Bar-Room Mountaineers
41598: ANDREWES, BISHOP - The Devotions of Bishop Andrewes
69179: ANDREWS, EDWARD DEMING & FAITH - Religion in Wood: a Book of Shaker Furniture
69964: ANDREWS, GUY CLEVERLY, IAN (EDITORS) - Rouleur Magazines Various Issues
62438: ANDREWS, MAX (EDITOR) - Coronation Souvenir of the Magic Magazine June 1953
68726: ANDREWS, M. - "O, Little Filey!" A Collection of Memories Past and Present
77009: ANDREWS, J S AND ANDREWS, J A - A Roman Road from Kendal to Ambleside. A Field Survey. Part 1: Kendal to Broadgate
57092: ANDREWS, ROBERT; RIGHTER, ROBERT - Colorado Birds: A Reference to Their Distribution and Habitat
40375: ANDREWS, LAWRENCE - The Education Act, 1918
77008: ANDREWS, J S AND ANDREWS, J A - Roman Road from Kendal to Ambleside. A Field Survey. Part 1: Kendal to Broadgate
002061: ANDREWS, J.S. AND ANDREWS, J.A. - A Roman Road from Kendal to Ambleside. A Field Survey Part 2: Broadgate to Ambleside
9642: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - Yorkshire in Olden Times
22941: LAWRENCE ANDREWS - The Education Act 1918
49098: ANDREWS, THOS. NEWTON - The School of Art Second Grade Perspective. - Gill's School Series.
67105: ANDREWS, LINTON - The Autobiography of a Journalist
57469: ANDREWS, MICHAEL - The Furness Railway: a History
58122: PETER ANDREWS; ET AL - The House Book (Architecture)
56574: ANDRONICOS, MANOLIS - Vergina The Royal Tombs and the Ancient City
48996: ANETZBERGER, GEORGIA J. - The Clinical Management of Elder Abuse
50109: BRAZIL. ANGELA - The Secret of the Border Castle
8367: ANGELI, HELEN ROSSETTI - Dante Gabvriel Rossetti: His Friends and His Enemies
58626: ANGELI, HELEN ROSSETTI - Dante Gabriel Rossetti: His Friends and Enemies
57027: ANGER, KENNETH - Hollywood Babylon II
69815: ANGERMAIR, ELISABETH AND HAERENDEL, ULRIKE - Inszenierter Alltag Volksgemeinschaft Im Nationalsozialistischen Munchen 1933-1945
45120: ANGOLD, HARRY L. (ED.) - The Snark's Summer Annual, 1912.
69290: ANGULO, MIGUEL - Pirineos - 1000 ascensiones. IV: De Bielsa al valle de Aran (vias Normales y Escaladas Faciles)
69282: ANGULO, MIGUEL - Pirineos 1000 ascensiones III - de Gavarnie a Bielsa (vias Normales y Escaladas Faciles)
43943: ANKER, PETER - Medieval norwegian Art
68079: ANKUM, KATHARINA VON (EDITOR) - Women in the Metropolis Gender and Modernity in Weimar Culture
64320: ANNING, S.T. - The General Infirmary At Leeds Volumes I and II
38779: ANNO, MITSUMASA - Anno's U. S. A.
67421: ANNO, MITSUMASA - Anno's Alphabet
36684: ANNON - Aggesden Vicarage or Bridget Storey's First Charge, a Tale for the Young in Two Volumes
62129: D'ANNUNZIO, GABRIELE - Notturno
36042: ANON - Malvern and District
36095: ANON - England's Battles By Sea And Land
26439: ANON - The Wellingburian Vols 3 and 4. New Series. 1942-1948
36354: ANON - A Brief Guide to the Temporary Exhibition of the Antiquities of Theba
36033: ANON - Hampton Court Palace Guide
36311: ANON - The Vatican City. Photo-Guide with 2 Maps
37689: ANON. - Catalogue Officiel Des Pieces De Rhabillage Pour Montre Suisses
26403: ANON. - N Gauge. PECO Catalogue
35661: ANON - The House of Argyll and the Collateral Branches of the Clan Campbell from the Year 420 to the Present Time
3834: ANON - An Act for Lighting the City of Carlisle, and Suburbs thereof, with Gas
27021: ANON - The Observer: Being a Collection of Moral , Literary and Familiar Essays
22840: ANON - California Graphics
36960: ANON - Illustrations of the 19th - 20th Centuries To the Poem: The Knight in Tiger's Skin
35669: ANON - The London Magazine 1736 Vol 2 July to December
26464: ANON - Hereford Breed Journal. Jan. 1969. Vol. 7, No. 1.
36270: ANON - Les Amusemens De Spa: Or the Gallantries of the Spaw in Germany. Containing the Nature of the Several Springs, with Their Singular Virtues and Uses. The Reasons (Besides That of Drinking the waters) Why They are Frequented By People of the First Quality.
18503: ANON - Daily Bread; or Meditations on Select Passages of Scripture for Every Day of the Year
26462: ANON - Beryl the Peril
35585: ANON. - Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes
36456: ANON - A Concise History and Description of the City and Cathedral of Worcester; Comprising Also a Brief Account of All Market and Borough Towns, and Principal Seats of the Nobility and Gentry in the County and Biographical Notices of Eminent Characters...
36292: ANON - The Life of Rev. Mere Agathe Verhelle 1786 - 1838
24968: ANON - Lineside - Lorries
36809: ANON - Alice Aforethought: Guinness Carrolls for 1938
34373: ANON - War History 1939 - 1945 The Fourth Bn King's Own Scottish Borderers
26664: ANON - Studlet Royal, Fountains Abbey, Fountains Hall. A Guide and History in One.
16006: ANON - Usher Art Gallery, Lincoln: Exhibition: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture By Members of the Saint Ives Society of Artists, September 1934
004001: ANON - Sickert: Paintings, Drawings, and Prints of Walter Richard Sickert, 1860-1942 - Catalogue Which Accompanied the 1977-1978 Exhibition
26461: ANON - Bonzo's Annual
41405: ANON - The Railway Magazine Various
1260: ANON. - The Fiery Cross: A tale of The Great American War
41794: ANON - The Film Story of Gone with the Wind (Famous Films Series)
26497: ANON - Green Man in the Landscape
41105: ANON - Bunte Bilder Fur Die Kleinen
41363: ANON - An Outline History of the Vietnam Workers' Party (1930-1975)
41392: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41394: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41395: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41396: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41397: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41398: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41399: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41400: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41401: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41402: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41404: ANON - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review
41406: ANON - The Railway Magazine
41407: ANON - The Railway Magazine
41408: ANON - The Railway Magazine
41471: ANON - Murder in the Cathedral (Old Vic Theatre Programme)
41472: ANON - The Spa, Scarborough: Programme of Music
41473: ANON - Lyceum Theatre: Iolanthe
41756: ANON - A Short History of Lowther and the Lowther Family
41895: ANON - The Abbey of Glenluce
36027: ANON - Mental Measurements Year Book, in 2 Vols.
39299: ANON - H.M.S. "Norfolk" 1932-1934
26735: ANON - Hornby Railways 2002 Catalogue 1979
36018: ANON - The British Journal Photographic Almanac
35679: ANON - The Antiquarian Itinerary Comprising Specimens of Architecture, Monastic, Castellated and Domestic with Other Vestiges of Antiquity in Great Britain. Vol. V.
26475: ANON. - Telephone Directory. Cumberland, Westmorland and North Lancashire. Lancaster Area. November 1965
27025: ANON - Brown's Shilling Handbook and Illustrated Guide to Salisbury
26732: ANON - The Complete Guide to Lima Model Railways 1978/79. OO Scale, N Gauge, O Gauge
26733: ANON - Mainline Railways. OO Gauge Model Railway Systems 1979.
26734: ANON - Hornby Railways '0' Model Catalogue 1978
42180: ANON. - The History of the life and death of the good Knight Sir Thomas Thumb, with divers other matters concerning the court of good King Arthur of Britain
33420: ANON - Bonanza Annual
22236: ANON - The Bowes Museum. Barnard Castle
22237: ANON - Souvenir Book of the Queen's Doll house
5558: ANON - A Sketch of Durham for the use of visitors and others
22302: ANON - Edwin Lutyens Architectural Monographs 6
36096: ANON - Paintings in the Collection of Joseph Widener at Lynnewood Hall
36229: ANON - Little Maggie and Other Stories
36496: ANON. - The Story of Little Black Mingo
36499: ANON. - Dennis the Menace Annual 1961
36668: ANON - A Collection of Epitaphs and Inscriptions, Ancient and Modern;
36670: ANON - Crewel-Craft. Whence it is Come & of What it Does Consist & Wherin Lies Its Charm
RN18: ANON - The Man Who Would Like To Marry
26393: ANON. - The Gingerbread Boy, with Animated Pictures.
62209: ANONYMOUS - Son of Light: The Book of Shemesh
34302: ANONYMOUS (JOSEPH HASELWOOD?) - The Secret History of the Green Room Containing Authentic and Entertaining Memoirs of the Actors and Actresses in the Three Theatres Royal. Vol I. Drury Lane Vol II Covent Garden and Haymarket.
22408: ANREUS, ALEJANDRO - Orozco in Gringoland: The Years in New York
40120: MARGARET MEAD. ED. RUTH NANDA ANSHEN - Letters from the Field 1925-1975
67887: ANSLOW, STUART PAUL - Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul Real Applications to the ITF Patterns - Volume 1
68861: ANSON, PETER F. - Fishing Boats and Fisher Folk on the East Coast of Scotland
54973: ANSON, GEORGE; WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR - A Voyage Round the World in the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV (Oxford English memoirs and travels)
68637: ANSTEY, F. - Mr. Punch's Pocket Ibsen: a Collection of Some of the Master's Best Known Dramas
41457: ANSTEY, EDGAR (ED.) - Shots in the Dark
42119: ANSTEY, SARAH (ED.) - Critical Writings on R.S. Thomas
10665: ANSTRUTHER, G. ELLIOT - William Hogarth: Bell's Miniature Series of Painters
64675: ANTAL, FREDERICK - Classicism and Romanticism with Other Studies in Art History
003280: ANTHONY, ILID E. - The Countrymen's Smocks in the Welsh Folk Museum
45948: LLID E. ANTHONY - Quilting and Patchwork in Wales
44861: ANTHONY, EVELYN - Elizabeth - A Novel
68116: ANTHONY, SYLVIA - The Child's Discovery of Death
14522: ANTHONY, GORDON - Ballet: Camera Studies
62904: PAUL ANTHONY - The Fragile Peace
34198: ANTHONY, EARL OF SHAFTESBURY - Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times. In Three Volumes.
40454: ANTHONY, KENNETH R. M.; JONES, W.; BRUCE, F. JOHNSTONY; UCHENDU, VICTOR - Agricultural Change in Tropical Africa
43682: ANTHONY, GORDON - Margot Fonteyn - Camera Studies By Gordon Anthony
863: A LITERARY ANTIQUARIAN - The Manners and Customs of Westmorland, and the adjoining parts of Cumberland, Lancashire, and Yorkshire, in the former part of the Eightennth Century; described in a series of letters
63919: ANTONGINI, TOM - D'Annunzio
49779: ANTONY, JONQUIL - Mrs. Dale's Bedside Book
43083: ANTRIM, GEORGE DOYLE - The Tale of Two Dogs and Other Short Tales
57363: MAC AONGUSA, BRIAN - Broken Rails: Crashes and Sabotage on Irish Railways
47021: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME; BOWRA, C. M. (INTRO) - Choix De Poésies
63739: APPLEBY, DAVID J. - Black Bartholomew's Day
65585: APPLEBY, BARRY - The Gambols No.5 Daily Express Cartoons
6880: APPLETON, THOMAS E. - Usque Ad Mare: a history of the Canadian Coast Guard and Marine Services
67239: APSLEY, THE LADY - The Fox-Hunter's Bedside Book
50337: APTED, MICHAEL R.; HANNABUSS, SUSAN - Painters in Scotland 1301 - 1700 a Biographical Dictionary - Scottish Record Society New Series 7
35633: THOMAS AQUINAS (EDITOR JOSEPH RICKABY S. J.) - Of God and His Creatures an Annotated Translation (with some abridgement) of the Summa Contra Gentiles of Saint Thomas Aquinas
25195: AQUINAS, ST. THOMAS - Summa Theologiae. Volume 22
26587: AQUINAS, ST THOMAS - Summa Theologiae Volume 2 (1a. 2-11) Existence and Nature of God
41122: AQUINAS, ST THOMAS - Summa Theologia Volume 3 (1a. 12-13) Knowing and Naming God
42953: AQUINAS, ST. THOMAS - Commentary on Aristotle's Physics
63596: SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS - Summa Contra Gentiles (4 Volumes in 5)
59568: AQUINATIS, S. THOMAE (SAINT THOMAS) - Doctoris Angelici Summa Contra Gentiles Seu De Veritate Catholicae Fidei
59567: AQUINATIS, S. THOMAE (SAINT THOMAS) - Doctoris Angelici Summa Theologica Diligenter Emendata De Rubeis, Billuart et Aliorum Notis Selectis Ornata - 6 Volumes
47962: AL-ARABI, MUHYI'DDIN IBN - The Tarjuman Al-Ashwaq
53631: ARADER, GRAHAM - The Redoute Album
63007: ARAGO, FRANCOIS; SMYTH, ADMIRAL W. H.; GRANT, ROBERT - Popular Astronomy - Two Volumes
37001: ARBER, AGNES - The Gramineae
62876: ARBER, EDWARD - An English Garner: Ingatherings from Our History and Literature - Volume 1
66351: ARBER, EDWARD; PUTTENHAM, GEORGE - The Arte of English Poesie 1589 (George Puttenham) (english reprints)
46088: ARBERRY, A. J. - Revelation and Reason in Islam
70049: ARCE, WILFREDO F.; ALVAREZ, GABRIEL C. - Population Change in South-east Asia
65718: ARCERI, GENE - Charlie of Nob Hill
41339: ARCHDEACON, THOMAS J. - New York City, 1664-1710: Conquest and Change
69695: ARCHER, JEFFREY - The First Miracle
69131: ARCHER, JEFFREY - Heads You Win
64233: ARCHER, DAVID - Aspects of Modern British and Irish Art
56896: ARCHER, LUCY - Raymond Erith, Architect
000998: ARCHER, D. R. W.; REE, A. C. - Aero-Engine Theory: a Fitter's Course
42572: ARCHER, THOMAS - Pictres and Royal Portraits Illustrative of English and Scottish History Two Volumes
40484: ARCHER, JEAN C. - The Adventures of Samuel and Selina
59469: ARCHER, THOMAS; STORY, ALFRED THOMAS - William Ewart Gladstone And His Contemporaries Seventy Years of Social and Political Progress - Memorial Edition - 4 Volumes
64234: ARCHER, DAVID - Aspects of Modern British Art
59041: ARCHER, THOMAS - William Ewart Gladstone and His Contemporaries: Fifty Years of Social and Political Progress. Four Volumes.
59282: ARCHER, JEFFREY - This Was a Man (The Clifton Chronicles, Volume seven)
68379: ARCHER, JEFFREY - Heads You Win
64132: ARCHER, DAVID (COMPILED BY) - Aspects of Modern British Art (Catalogue)
56527: ARCHER, WILLIAM; IBSEN, HENRIK - Prose Dramas. Six Volumes. The League of Youth : The Pillars of Society : a Doll's House; Peer Gynt; Lady Inger of Ostrat, the Vikings at Helgeland, the Pretenders; Emperor and Galilean; Ghosts, an Enemy of the People, the Wild Duck; Rosmersholm, Lady...
67677: ARCHIBALD, T. W. - A History of the Lothian and Borders Police
58172: GAIA ARCHITECTS - Design & Construction of Sustainable Schools Lessons from School Buildings in Norway and Germany. 2 Volumes.
52471: ARDEN, HENLEY - Aylmer Court
43854: ARDENER, EDWIN & ARDENER, SHIRLEY & WARMINGTON, W. A. - Plantation and Village in the Cameroons - Some Economic and Social Studies
54585: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim and Lucy go to Sea
46254: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim in Danger
33218: PAUL ARDO - Studies In The Marine Shore Dune Ecosystem With Special Reference To The Dipterous Fauna
59308: ARENSBERG, CONRAD M.; KIMBALL, SOLON T. - Family and Community in Ireland
63783: ARESTIS, PHILIP AND MARSHALL, MIKE (EDITORS) - The Political Economy of Full Employment
004004: ARESTY, ESTHER B. - The Delectable Past
67639: ARFANIS, STATHIS A - The complete discography of Dimitri Mitropoulos
49540: ARICHA, AMOS - A Man Called Jordan
22634: ARIES, PHILIPPE - Images of Man and Death
22231: ARIO - Master's Due: Essays in Honour of David Herbert Donald
65528: ARISTOTLE - Aristotle's Works: Containing Directions for Midwives. And Counsel and Advice to Child-Bearing Women. With Various Useful Remedies.
001104: ARLAND, MARCEL - Marivaux - Les Essais XL
000888: ARLAND, MARCEL - Marivaux Romans La Voiture Embourbée - La Vie De Marianne - Le Paysan Parvenu
000957: ARLAND, MARCEL - Marivaux Théatre Complet
49886: ARLETT, VERA I.; RUBINSTEIN, H. F. - Six London Plays
000669: ARMENGAUD, ANDRÉ; COMET, FRANÇOIS; OLLIVIER, R.; RAVIER, JEAN; RAVIER, PIERRE - Pyrénées Centrales III - Vallées D'aure et De Luchon - Batoua, Grand Batchimale, Gourgs-Blancs, Spijeoles, Quayrat, Lézat, Crabioules, Maupas, Sauvegarde
62429: ARMER, ANTHONY; KAUFMANN, HENRY - The 1951 Hi-O-Hi Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio
44874: ARMFELT, ROGER - Shapton Affairs
52650: ARMFIELD, MAXWELL - Tempera Painting Today
52330: ARMIT, IAN - The Archaeology of Skye and the Western Isles
58398: ARMITAGE, HAROLD - Early Man in Hallamshire
58502: ARMITAGE, ANGUS - Copernicus: The Founder of Modern Astronomy
59622: ARMITAGE, SIMON - Walking Away
10384: ARMITAGE, HAROLD - Chantrey Land: Being an Account of the North Derbyshire Village of Norton
003774: ARMITAGE, KENNETH - Kenneth Armitage: 60 Years of Sculpture & Drawing 21st March - 12th April 2001
56322: ARMITAGE, SIMON - Seeing Stars
72479: ARMITAGE, HAROLD - Jane Green - the Lake-land Heroine
69843: ARMITAGE, SIMON - Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic
56227: ARMITAGE, SIMON - Tyrannosaurus Rex versus the Corduroy Kid
67272: ARMITAGE, SIMON - The Unaccompanied
000575: ARMOUR, G DENHOLM - Hunts with Jorrocks
62311: ARMSTRONG, A.M. MAWER, A. STENTON, F.M. & DICKINS, BRUCE - The Place-Names of Cumberland Parts I, II and III
53931: ARMSTRONG, KEITH DALLISON, COLIN - The Darkness Seeping The Chantry Chapel of Prior Rowland Leschman
64524: ARMSTRONG, ALAN - The Population of Victorian and Edwardian Norfolk
72083: ARMSTRONG, ALAN; NGATA, REUPENA - Maori Action Songs
48401: ARMSTRONG, JESSIE - Frank Horton's Heritage or a Yoke of Bondage
68701: ARMSTRONG, MARTIN - Collected Poems
72515: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - Concert Lessons - Broadcasts to Schools Arranged By the Central Council for School Broadcasting - Autumn Term 1937
59098: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET - Footprints on the Sands of Time - Spring Tide 1924-1947
57766: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET (EXPOSITION AND COMMENT BY) - Thirlmere Across the Bridges to Chapel 1849-1852
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23035: BARAKA, IMAMU AMIRI; MCEVILLEY, THOMAS; ETC. - Thornton Dial: Image of the Tiger
43893: BARAMKI, D. C. - The Road to Petra - A Short Illustrated Guide to Transjordan
42598: BARBA, ALBARO ALONSO - A Collection of Scarce and Valuable Treatises Upon Metals, Mines and Minerals
68680: BARBASH, SHEPARD - Oaxacan Wood Carving The Magic in the Trees
36075: MARIUS BARBEAU - Tsimsyan Myths, National Museum of Canada Bulletin No 174, Anthropological Series No. 51
000942: BARBER, W. H. - Leibniz in France from Arnauld to Voltaire - a Study in French Reactions to Leibnizianism, 1670-1760
63189: BARBER, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Arthurian Literature IV
49646: BARBER, RICHARD (ED) - Arthurian Literature IX
002548: BARBER, RICHARD (EDITOR - Arthurian Literature XI
000148: BARBER, ELSIE OAKES - Jenny Angel
49644: BARBER, RICHARD (ED) - Arthurian Literature I
56652: BARBER - Barber's Picturesque Illustrations of the Isle of Wight, Dedicated to Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, Engraved from Original Drawings Accompanied By Historical and Topographical Descriptions.
65063: BARBER, HENRY - Swarthmoor Hall and Its Associations
71162: BARBER, W. H. (ED.); ET AL; BESTERMAN, THEODORE - The Age of the Enlightenment - Studies Presented to Theodore Besterman
26575: BARBER, A. J., BEACH A., PARK, R>G>, TARNEY,J., AND STEWART, A.D. - Geologists' Association Guide No. 21: The Lewisian and Torridonian Rocks of North -West Scotland
39068: BARBIER, CP - Samuel Rogers And William Gilpin Their Friendship And Correspondence
55872: BARBOUR, PHILIP L. - The Jamestown Voyages Under the First Charter 1606-1609. Volume II
59742: BARCA, PEDRO CALDERON DE LA - Life is a Dream
67578: BARCLAY, MICHAEL RICHARD - Catalogue of, The Works of Charles Ricketts R.A.
72850: BARCLAY, ROBERT S. - Orkney Testaments and Inventories 1573-1615 - Scottish Record Society New Series 6
72228: BARCLAY, JOHN - A Select Series, Biographical, Narrative, Epistolary, and Miscellaneous: Chiefly the Productions of Early Members of the Society of Friends: Intended to Illustrate the Spiritual Character of the Gospel of Christ.
45467: BARCLAY, THE REV. JAMES - A Complete and Universal Dictionary of the English Language: Comprehending the Explanation, Pronunciation, Origin, and Synonyms of Each Word; an Epitome of History, Biography, and the Useful Sciences; a Description of the Counties, Cities, ...
53298: BARCLAY, JOHN - Io. Barclaii Argenis, Editio Novissima Cum Clave, Hoc Est Nominum Propriorum Elucidatione Hactenus Nondum Edita.
36060: BARCLAY, J.B. - The S.S.C. Story 1784-1984 Two Hundred Years in the College of Justice
001345: BARCYNSKA, COUNTESS - The Little Mother Who Sits at Home
60031: BARD, JOSEPH - Essays By Divers Hands Being the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom
71073: BARDÈCHE, MAURICE - Balzac Romancier
56344: BARDGETT, COLIN - The Lonsdale Battalion or XI (Service) Battalion Border Regiment (Lonsdale) 1914-1918
43897: BARDSLEY, CHARLES WAREING - English Surnames: Their Sources and Significations.
66077: BAREA, ARTURO; BAREA, ILSA - The Clash
10004: BAREFOOT, MICHAEL - My Great Grandmother Was Cornish
66136: NEUMAN AND BARETTI - A Pocket Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages, Compiled from the Last Improved Editions of Neuman and Baretti. In Two Parts. Spanish - English and English - Spanish
56460: NEUMAN; BARETTI - Neuman and Baretti's Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages - Volume I.
50224: BARFORD, JEQ - Three Cliffs in Llanberis
48529: BARHAM, JERRY N. - Mechanical Kinesiology
47126: BARINE, AVEDE - Bernardin De St Pierre
71029: BARINE, ARVÈDE; MAIRET, JEANNE - Madame Mother of the Regent 1652 - 1722
001288: BARING, MAURICE - Have You Anything to Declare? a Note Book with Commentaries
49927: BARING, MAURICE - What I Saw in Russia
33854: CHRISTINE R BARKER AND R W LAST - Erich Maria Remarque: Author of All Quiet on the Western Front
49716: BARKER, NICHOLAS - Signs of the Times: a Portrait of the Nation's Tastes
26432: BARKER, LES - King Charles Spaniel
54053: BARKER, K.F. - Me and My Dog The Pedigree Boxer and the Alley Kitten
003408: BARKER, CICELY MARY - The Book of the Flower Fairies - Omnibus
67555: GRANVILLE-BARKER, HARLEY - From Henry V to Hamlet
26431: BARKER, LES - Labrador Rigby
RN114: BARKER, K. F. - Just Dogs
44400: BARKER, NICOLAS - The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning : An Illustrated History, 1478-1978
002570: BARKER, K.F. - The Wood By the Water
55422: FALCON-BARKER, TED (CAPTAIN) - 1600 Years Under the Sea The Quest for a Sunken City
45785: BARKER, CICELY MARY (WORDS AND PICTURES) & LINNELL, OLIVE (MUSIC) - Summer Songs with Music from "Flower Fairies of the Summer"
39409: BARKER, CICELY MARY - Flower Fairies of the Garden
001635: BARKER, CICELY MARY; LINNELL, OLIVE - Summer Songs with Music from "Flower Fairies of the Summer"
001636: BARKER, CICELY MARY; LINNELL, OLIVE - Flower Songs of the Seasons
72157: BARKER, TIM; TITCOMBE, ANDREW J.; KERRY, PAT - The Great Fair Song - Won't You be There - Sheet Music
64919: JONES BARKER, W. G. M. - The Three Days of Wensleydale; the Valley of the Yore.
33334: A L BARKER - Innocents: Variations on a Theme
71244: BARKER, CICELY MARY - Flower Fairies of the Summer
68754: WILLIAM VAUGHAN; ELIZABETH E. BARKER - Samuel Palmer 1805-1881: Vision and Landscape
49055: BARKER, NICOLAS - Hortus Eystettensis : The Bishop's Garden and Besler's Magnificent Book
72318: BARKER, PATRICK G. - Inglewood a Tale of the Border and Merrie Carlisle
50662: BARKER, LILLIAN - The Truth About the Dionne Quins
62389: PAUL BARKSHIRE - Paul Barkshire's Unexplored London
46507: BARLING, CHARLES - Appointment with Death
46504: BARLING, CHARLES - Time to Kill
003681: BARLOW, JAMES - This Side of the Sky
68843: BARLOW, ALFRED - The History and Principles of Weaving By Hand and By Power.

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