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62358: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - Arcana Coelestia Heavenly Arcana Volume X
62357: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - Arcana Coelestia Heavenly Arcana Volume IX
62359: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - Arcana Coelestia Heavenly Arcana Volume XI
62355: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - Arcana Coelestia Heavenly Secrets Volume VI
62356: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - Arcana Coelestia Heavenly Arcana Volume VII
62360: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - Arcana Coelestia Heavenly Arcana Volume XII
46310: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - The Apocalypse Explained According to the Spiritual Sense Wherein are Disclosed the Arcana Therein Foretold Which Have Been Hitherto Hidden - from the Latin of a Posthumous Work of Emanuel Swedenborg - Volume I
62354: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - Arcana Coelestia Index of Words, Names and Subjects in the Heavenly Arcana
53605: JOHNSON SWEENEY, JAMES - Antoni Gaudi
15195: SWEENEY, JAMES J.; SELZ, PETER H. - Chillida
000302: SWEET, ROD (ED.) - Building Modern China - the Men And Women Behind the Biggest Construction Boom in History
27023: HENRY SWEET - An Icelandic Primer
44653: SWEETING, REV. W. D. - The Old Registers of the Parish of S. John Baptist, Peterborough, a Lecture Delivered Before the Church Institute, 24th March 1884
46467: SWETE, HENRY BARCLEY - The Life of the World to Come
001794: SWIFT, REV. F. B (TRANSCRIBE) - The Parish Church of St. Hilda, Westward Volume 83
49431: SWIFT, REV. F. B. - Orthwaite Hall and the Families of Simpson, Richmond and Browne Part I
62914: SWIFT, JONATHAN; ROSCOE, THOMAS - The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D., And Dean of Saint Patrick's, Dublin. Volume II.
77309: SWIFT, REV F B - The Parish Church of St Hilda, Westward
34298: DR JONATHAN SWIFT - The Works Volume VIII: The Examiner Nos. 13 To44; Some Advice to Members of the October Club.
77308: SWIFT, REV F B - The Parish Church of St Hilda, Westward
59807: SWIFT, JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels: Part I: A Voyage to Lilliput
45903: REV. J. M. SWIFT - The Story of Garston and Its Church
49209: SWIFT, REV. F. B. - The Barwises of Lowsay.
34324: JONATHAN SWIFT - Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Regions of the World
67520: SWINBORNE, FREDERICK PFANDER - Gustavus Adolphus: An Historical Poem and Romance of the Thirty Years War
33014: E S SWINBOURNE - Alalysis of Kinetic Data
47103: SWINBURNE, A. C.; BLAKENEY, EDWARD HENRY - A Golden Book of Swinburne's Lyrics
67962: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES; FINDLAY, L. M. - Swinburne: Selected Poems (Fyfield Books)
65994: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - Songs of Two Nations
47105: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - Atalanta in Calydon - A Tragedy.
44697: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - The Springtide of Life - Poems of Childhood
000527: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES; GOSSE, EDMUND (ED.); WISE, THOMAS JAMES (ED.) - Posthumous Poems By Algernon Charles Swinburne
3142: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - A Note on Charlotte Bronte
44450: CHARLES SWINBURNE, ALGERNON - The Springtide of Life
63726: SWINBURNE, RICHARD - Space and Time
44622: SWINDELL, JOHN GEO. & BURNELL, G. R. - Rudimentary Treatise on Wells and Well-Sinking
55818: SWINDEN, PATRICK - Unofficial Selves: Character in the Novel from Dickens to the Present Day
57441: SWINERTON, E. NELSON KUEPPER, WILLIAM G. & LACKEY, G.LYNNE - Ugandan Asians in Great Britain
24748: SWINSON, ARTHUR - Frederick Sander: the Orchid King: The Record of a Passion
67246: SWINTON, W. E. - Monsters of Primeval Days
67868: SWIRE, OTTA F. - The Highlands and Their Legends
66095: SWITZER, ELLEN - Dancers!: Horizons in American Dance
65600: SWOFFER, FRANK A. - Air Navigation for the Private Owner: a Course of Elementary Aerial Navigation
39911: SXARKOWSKI, JOHN & HAMBOURG, MARIA MORRIS - The Work of Atget- The American Regime Volume 3
68161: SYKES, JOHN - The Couple
48070: SYKES, GRAHAM - Reflections of the Dawntester
48640: SYKES, A. H. - Grain Sorghum in Poultry Nutrition
64042: SYKES, JOHN - Local Records; or, Historical Register of Remarkable Events, Which Have Occurred in Northumberland and Durham, Newcastle-Upon-tyne, and Berwick-Upon-tweed; Etc. Volume II
003648: SYKES, REV. NORMAN - Church and State in England in the XVIIIth Century - the Birkbeck Lectures in Ecclesiastical History Delivered at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1931-3
39785: SYKES, ERIC - Eric Sykes' Comedy Heroes
44738: SYKES, JOHN - Local Records or Historical Records of Northumberland and Durham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Berwick-upon-Tweed
58700: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER - No Ordinary Genius: The Illustrated Richard Feynman
50071: SYLVA, CARMEN; HOPKIRK, EDITH - From Memory's Shrine: The Reminiscences of Carmen Sylva (H.M. Queen Elisabeth of Roumania)
37759: SYLVESTER, ROBERT - No Cover Charge. A Backward Look at the Night Clubs of New York
45900: SYME, PATRICK - A Treatise on British Song-Birds. Including Observations on Their Natural Habits, Manner of Incubation, &c. With Remarks on the Treatment of the Young and Management of the Old Birds in a Domestic State.
52722: SYME, RONALD - River of No Return
4806: SYMES, GORDON - Whither Shall I Wander?
48949: SYMINGTON, MAGGIE - Hollyberry Janet
003415: NEVILLE SYMINGTON - The Analytic Experience: Lectures from the Tavistock
36206: LESLIE SYMOND (EDITOR) - Land Use in Northern Ireland. The General Report of the Survey Compiled in the Department of Geography, the Queen's University Belfast
55039: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON - The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti: Based on Studies in the Archives of the Buonarroti Family at Florence - in Two Volumes
48453: SYMONDS, MARGARET - Days Spent on a Doge's Farm
72008: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON - Ben Johnson
55874: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON; BROWN, HORATION F. - Letters and Papers of John Addington Symonds
3836: SYMONDS, W. S. - Stones Of The Valley
56420: SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON & MARGARET - Our Life in the Swiss Highlands
39069: SYMONDS, HUGH - Running High The First Traverse Of The 303 Mountains Of Britain And Ireland
68112: SYMONS, MICHAEL - One Continuous Picnic: A History of Eating in Australia
37515: SYMONS, JULIAN - Something Like a Love Affair
40401: SYMONS, LESLIE - Russian Agriculture: A Geographic Survey
9319: SYNGE, L. - Mallett's Great English Furniture
44386: SYNGE, PATRICK - Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society Vol LXXX
39360: SYRETT, NETTA - The Castle of Four Towers
39666: SYRETT, DAVID (ED) - The Siege and Capture of Havana 1762
68221: SZABOLCSI, BENCE; KROO, GYORGY - A Concise History of Hungarian Music
63561: SZAJKOWSKI, BOGDAN - Marxist Governments: A World Survey - Volume 3 - Mozambique - Yugoslavia
46038: SZASZ, THOMAS - Schizophrenia - the Sacred Symbol of Psychiatry
46039: SZASZ, THOMAS - The Theology of Medicine - the Political-Philosophical Foundations of Medical Ethics
68127: SZATHMARY, LOUIS - American Gastronomy
68357: SZATHMARY, LOUIS - Cookery Americana 15 Volumes
68125: SZATHMARY, LOUIS - The Bakery Restaurant Cookbook
62674: STEFAN SZCZELKUN - The Conspiracy of Good Taste: William Morris, Cecil Sharp, Clough Williams-Ellis and the repression of working class culture in the 20th Century
41602: SZECHI, D. - George Lockhart of Carnwath, 1689-1727: A Study in Jacobitism
64384: SZETO, WAI - Reflections II Paintings and Drawings
64385: SZETO, WAI - Reflections Paintings and Drawings
71016: SZIGETI, JÓZSEF - Denis Diderot Une Grande Figure Du Matérialisme Militant Du XVIIIe Siècle
45867: SZIRTES, GEORGE - November and May
45119: SZIRTES, GEORGE (ED) - Birdsuit
64147: SZYGENDA, LYNN - Traditions Embroidery in Context
62751: TAAFFE, JOHN - The History of the Holy, Military, Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem; or, Knights Hospitallers, Knights Templars, Knights of Rhodes, Knights of Malta - Four Volumes.
23600: TABBAA, YASSER - The Transformation of Islamic Art During the Sunni Revival
43593: TABBAA, YASSER - Constructions of Power and Piety in Medieval Aleppo
58202: TABRAH, RUTH M. - The Monk Who Dared: A Novel About Shinran
50888: TACEY, DAVID J - Patrick White
59487: TACHIBANA, S. - The Ethics of Buddhism
63104: TACITUS, CORNELIUS; MURPHY, ARTHUR - The Works of Cornelius Tacitus - Volume II
8186: TACK, ALFRED - Profitable Customer Care
003892: TAFFRAIL - Oh, Joshua!
65440: TAGGART, WILLIAM SCOTT - Cotton Spinning - Volume I
43611: TAGGART, WM SCOTT - Textile Mechanics
63668: SCOTT-TAGGART, JOHN - Radio Valves and How to Use Them
62014: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - Red Oleanders: a Drama in One Act
67676: TAILLEIR, MAIRI - Rannan Eibhinn Cloinne
6107: TAIT, FRED. - Hexham and The Wall Country
56156: TAKAHASHI, YASUNARI (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Hot Questrists After the English Renaissance
002549: TAKAMIYA, TOSHIYUKI & BREWER, DEREK (EDITORS - Aspects of Malory Arthurian Studies I
002044: H.R.H.PRINCE GHAZI BIN MUHAMMAD BIN TALAL - Love in the Holy Quran
50083: TALBOT, ETHEL - Jean's Two Schools
67631: TALBOT, CLARE (ED) - Catholic Record Society Miscellanea Recusant Records - Publications of the Catholic Record Society Vol. LIII
41980: TALBOT, GODFREY WALKER - Ten Seconds from Now: A Broadcaster's Story
41981: TALBOT, GODFREY WALKER - Permission to Speak
37983: TALBOT, FREDERICK A. - Moving Pictures. How They are Made and Worked
64817: TALESE, GAY - Thy Neighbour's Wife
63580: TALIAFERRO, CHARLES - Evidence and Faith
55735: TALLANTIRE, PHILIP - Felix Austria Volume I. Venediger Region (Hut to Hut Touring guides)
002658: TALLANTIRE, PHILIP - Felix Austria III. Niederen and Hohen Tauern
39458: TALLEY, ANDRÉ LEON - Valentino
8300: TALMAGE, T. DE WITT - The Night Side of New York Life. Or, the Masque Torn Off: Twelve Sabbath Morning Discourses
67427: TALVITIE, JYRKI K. & YRJO - Englantilais-suomalainen tekniikan ja kaupan sanakirja
54017: TAMAS, MATYAS - Pebbles in the Surf
63162: TAMBIMUTTU (EDITOR) - Poetry (London) No. 7 October-November, 1942
60141: TAMBIMUTTU, M.J - Poetry in Wartime
003494: TAMEDLY, ELISABETH L. - Socialism and International Economic Order
49684: MULLER-TAMM, PIA (ED.) - Henri Matisse : Figure Color Space
43281: TAMMAM, HAMDI - Zayed Bin Sultan al- Nahayyan
72769: TAMMS, FRIEDRICH; BRUES, OTTO - Das Neue Dusseldorf Stationen Einer Wandlung Herausgegeben Von Der Stadt Dusseldorf
57415: TANG, MICHAEL C. - A Victor's Reflections and Other Tales of China's Timeless Wisdom for Leaders
54688: TANGYE, DEREK - Jeannie A Love Story
54748: TANGYE, DEREK - The World of Minack
54745: TANGYE, DEREK - The Ambrose Rock
54739: TANGYE, DEREK - Lama
54760: TANGYE, DEREK - Monty's Leap
65716: TANGYE, DEREK - The Cherry Tree: The New Minack Chronicle
003611: TANGYE, RICHARD - Reminiscences of Travel, and Other Papers, Written, in Leisure Hours, on Board the Good Ship Parramatta, When Voyaging from Plymouth to Sydney, in the Autumn of 1879
45101: TANI, ARATA - Giappone La Biennale Di Venezia, 1984
64779: TANNAHILL, SALLIE B. - P's and Q's: a Book on the Art of Letter Arrangement
40241: REAY TANNAHILL - Food in History
67496: TANNER, HAYDN - Rugby Football
57167: TANNER, HANS - The Ferrari
68088: TANSEY, MICHAEL J. AND BURKE, WALTER F. - Understanding Countertransference From Projective Identification to Empathy
33168: MICHAEL TANZER - The Political Economy of International Oil and the Underdeveloped Countries
23870: GARDNER B. TAPLIN - The Life Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
48776: TAPPONIER, PAUL - Mountains : Masterworks of the Living Earth
63432: TARRANT, NAOMI A.E. - Great Grandmother's Clothes Women's Fashions in the 1880's
53116: TARTT, DONNA - The Goldfinch
43687: TASHJIAN, GEORGIAN R. & DAVID R. & ENRIGHT, BRIAN J. - Richard Rawlinson - A Tercentenary Memorial
47593: TASHJIAN, GEORGIAN R. & DAVID R. & ENRIGHT, BRIAN J. - Richard Rawlinson: a Tercentenary Memorial
58563: TASKER, MARK L.; WEBB, ANDREW; ET AL - Seabirds in the North Sea
000992: TASSELL, D. S. M. (ED.) - The Malvern College Register First Supplement 1934
58799: TATE, JOAN - Lucy
58800: TATE, JOAN - The Next-doors
58801: TATE, JOAN - The Silver Grill
55528: TATE, GEORGE - The History of the Borough, Castle and Barony of Alnwick Vols I & II
58802: TATE, JOAN - Coal Hoppy
18454: TATE, T. - Algebra Made Easy
56016: TATE, ROBERT BRIAN - Pilgrimages to St. James of Compostella from the British Isles During the Middle Ages (E. Allison Peers Publications Lectures 4)
43305: TATE, DAVID J - Lilliput Lane Parvus Est Bellus 1989
26467: EDWARD H. R. TATHAM - Francesco Petrarca Vol. 2
41782: TATHAM, JOHN - The Dramatic Works of John Tatham
24132: EDITED BY RENE TATON - A General History of the Sciences: The Beginnings of Modern Science
44966: LORD EGERTON OF TATTON - A Description of Indian and Oriental Armour
22953: FREDERIC TAUBES - The Painter's Dictionary of Materials and Methods
42703: W. TAUSSIG - Screen Printing
72156: TAWA, WAKO - The Japanese Stage-Step Course Workbook 1
58620: TAWNEY, R. H.; GORE, DR. CHARLES - Religion and the Rise of Capitalism a Historical Study (Holland Memorial Lectures 1922)
68198: TAYLOR, H.V. - The Plums of England
23354: C. PERCY TAYLOR AND LESLIE TURNER - Reinforced Concrete Chimneys
24576: TAYLOR, E.G.R. (ED>) - A Regiment for the Sea and Other Writings on Navigation. The Hakluyt Society Series II, Vol. CXXI
68207: TAYLOR, JUDY (ED) - The Choyce Letters: Beatrix Potter to Louie Choyce 1916-1943
65062: TAYLOR, E. M. - "In the Isle of Man."
63621: TAYLOR, CHARLES - The Explanation of Behaviour
57796: TAYLOR, JEREMY - A Discourse of the Liberty of Prophesying 1647
62466: CLIFTON-TAYLOR, ALEC - The Pattern of English Building
51208: TAYLOR, REVEREND MATTHEW - England's Bloody Tribunal: Or, an Antidote Against Popery.
24281: TAYLOR, D. A. - Merchant Ship Construction
56984: TAYLOR, KEITH MILLARD - Whither the Fates Call: a Personal Account of National Service in the British Army 1950-1952
67745: TAYLOR, D. W. - The Speed and Power of Ships: a Manual of Marine Propulsion
22754: P. J. TAYLOR AND R. J. JOHNSTON - Geography of Elections
62727: TAYLOR, PAUL (EDITOR) - Art & Text Spring 1983
62191: TAYLOR, PAUL B.; AUDEN, W. H. - Norse Poems
002267: TAYLOR, T.G & JENKINS, N.K - Proceedings of the XIII International Congress of Nutrition
53040: SHAWE-TAYLOR, DESMOND - The Georgians : Eighteenth-Century Portraiture and Society
57127: TAYLOR, PETER J. - Political Geography: World Economy, Nation-state and Locality
62728: TAYLOR, PAUL (EDITOR) - Art & Text 1983
62882: HOPE-TAYLOR, BRIAN - Yeavering: An Anglo-British Centre of Early Northumbria
23581: TAYLOR, LUCY - Stories of Noble Lives: William Carey; Captain Hedley Vicars
46745: TAYLOR, THE REV. S. - A Flookburgh Glossary
44600: TAYLOR, M. W. - On Legends and Inscriptions Over Doorways and Old Houses in Cumberland & Westmorland.
68809: TAYLOR, J. SCOTT - The Oswald Colour Album: a Complete Collection of Colour Standards for Use in Colour Specification and the Study of Colour Harmony
53554: TAYLOR, BRIAN BRACE - Pierre Chareau Designer and Architect
67647: TAYLOR, REV. ISAAC - Words and Places: Or, Etymological Illustrations of History, Ethnology, and Geography
43629: TAYLOR, REV R - Yorkshire Anecdotes
67579: TAYLOR, HENRY - The Ancient Crosses and Wells of Lancashire Volume I Lonsdale Hundred
67574: TAYLOR, HENRY - The Ancient Crosses and Holy Wells of Lancashire Volume III Blackburn Hundred
49930: TAYLOR, H.A - The Strange Case of Andrew Bonar Law
58345: TAYLOR, I.P. - Killers Poems By I.P.Taylor
58374: TAYLOR, BARBARA CABLE - The Life and Art of Athos Menaboni
67657: TAYLOR, MICHAEL BRADLEY; WILKINSON, VICTOR LEGENDER - Badges of Office: An Illustrated Guide to the Helmets and Badges of the British Police 1829 to 1989
003582: TAYLOR, JUDY (EDITOR) - The Choyce Letters Beatrix Potter to Louie Choyce 1916-1943
57000: TAYLOR, JEREMY - The Golden Grove. a Choice Manual, Containing What is to be Believed, Practised, and Desired or Prayed for; the Prayers Being Fitted to the Several Days of the Week. Etc.
59903: TAYLOR, PAUL B.; AUDEN, W. H.; SALUS, PETER H. - The Elder Edda: a Selection
58890: TAYLOR, B.J. & CALVER, M.A. - The Stratigraphy of Exploratory Boreholes in the West Cumberland Coalfield
65474: TAYLOR, MICHAEL J. H. (ED.) - Brassey's World Aircraft & Systems Directory 1999/2000 Edition
68829: TAYLOR, JANE BURTON; ADEY, SHAEN - Outback Australia
40037: GORDON RATTRAY TAYLOR - The Natural History of the Mind
40183: PHILIP TAYLOR - The Distant Magnet: European Emigration to the USA
62180: TAYLOR, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Victorian Empire; A Brilliant Epoch in Our National History 5 Volumes
38556: TAYLOR, P.M. AND DR. J.G. PARKER - The Coast of North Wales & North West England. An Environmental Appraisal
41640: TAYLOR, JUSTINE - A Cup Of Kindness: The History Of The Royal Scottish Corporation, A London Charity, 1603ý2003
65405: TAYLOR, EDGAR (ED.); RUSKIN, JOHN (INTRO.) - German Popular Stories
39201: WAISTELL TAYLOR, MICHAEL - The Old Manorial Halls of Westmorland and Cumberland
43443: TAYLOR, JANE & ANNE - Rural Scenes - Or A Peep Into The Country - For Children
000255: TAYLOR, PHOEBE ATWOOD - Punch with Care - an Asey Mayo Mystery
39918: TAYLOR, PARTICIA - Thimas Blaikie the "capability" Brown of France 1751-1838
42308: TAYLOR, CECIL P - Making a Television Play
42375: TAYLOR, D.W - The Speed and Power of Ships
42772: TAYLOR, R.S - Report Of A Social And Economic Study Of The Carlisle And West Cumberland Sub-Region
42798: TAYLOR, SAM - The Ancient Library in Cartmel Priory Church
52329: TAYLOR, SIMON - Kings, Clerics and Chronicles in Scotland 500-1297
54851: TAYLOR, I. A. - The Life of James IV
46459: TAYLOR, JAMES STEPHEN - The Family History of England in 6 Volumes
63552: TAYLOR, WALTER FULLER - The Economic Novel in America
59818: TAYLOR, JOHN NEUFVILLE - Illustrated Guide to the Severn Fishery Collection
49532: TAYLOR, JAMES - The Age We Live in: a History of the Nineteenth Century in 8 Volumes
45985: TAYLOR, JER - The Rule and Excercises of Holy Living
39109: TAYLOR, F - The Parish Registers of Aughton 1541-1764
44477: TAYLOR, W.R - Keswick RUFC 1879-1979
16182: TAYLOR, J. - Minstry: New Series Various Volumes from 1 - 90
63370: SHAWE-TAYLOR, DESMOND - Genial Company The Theme of Genius in Eighteenth-Century British Portraiture
72229: TAYLOR, ERNEST E. - Cameos from the Life of George Fox
24867: JEREMY TAYLOR - The Worthy Communicant
36356: TAYLOR, HENRY OSBORN - The Mediaeval Mind. A History of the Development of Thought and Emotion in the Middle Ages in Two Volumes
33276: DORIS W TAYLOR AND ANNE BUTTON HART - Ceramic Painting Step By Step
59600: TAYLOR, HUGH PAGE - Uniforms of the SS Volume 2 Germanische-SS 1940-1945
751: TAYLOR, M. WAISTELL - Some Manorial Halls in the Barony of Greystoke
58914: TAYLOR, JAMES - The Age We Live in: a History of the Nineteenth Century. From the Peace of 1815 to the Present Time. Four Volumes.
39112: TAYLOR, KEN - The Registers of St. Katherine's Blackrod 1701-1837
49526: TAYLOR, HARVEY - A Claim on the Countryside
49612: TAYLOR, NORMAN - Architectural Modelling and Visual Planning
54837: TAYLOR, SIMON - The Shelsley Walsh Story: A Century of Motorsport
55962: TAYLOR, JOHN - Northumberland in Watercolour
51042: TAYLOR, MAXWELL - Railway Signalling : Railway Signals: How They Work and What They Mean
003600: TAYLOR, PAUL (EDITOR) - Art & Text 7 Spring 1982
003599: TAYLOR, PAUL (EDITOR) - Art & Text 8 What is the Use of Intellectuals?
62556: FERNANDO JUBETE TAZO - Atlas de las aves nidificantes de la provincia de Palencia (1987-1995)
67385: TCHIRKOV, DIMITRI AND SHIRONINA, EKATERINA - Art of the People of the Caucasus and Soviet Central Asia
42959: TEAGUE, WALTER DORWIN - Design This Day. The Technique of Order in the Machine Age
RN57: OPEN UNIVERSITY COURSE TEAM - Water and well-being: arsenic in Bangladesh - Topic 3 : Arsenic in Bangladesh - Topic 3
68674: TEAR, T.R. - The Baker's Repository of Recipes
46202: TEBB, BARRY - Windsong
46203: TEBB, BARRY - Winterlight
9893: TEBBS, LOUISA & TEBBS, ROSA - Supplement to the Art of Bobbin Lace
40887: TEBBS, H.F - How the City Has Changed
60035: TEBBS, LOUISA A - Tebbs' Art of Bobbin Lace Reprint Including Supplement
60036: TEBBS, LOUISA A - Tebbs' Art of Bobbin Lace
48544: INSTITUTION OF PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGISTS - Standard Methods of Testing Petroleum and Its Products
7265: TEGG, WILLIAM - Meetings and Greetings: The Salutations, Obeisances, and Courtesies of Nations
59888: TEGLER, JOHN - Gentlemen, You Have a Race: a History of the Reno National Championship Air Races 1964-1983
49519: TEICH, MIKULAS - Fin De Siecle and It's Legacy
57497: TEITELBAUM, MICHAEL S.; WINTER, JAY M. - Population and Resources in Western Intellectual Traditions - Population and Development Review a Supplement to Volume 14, 1988.
65266: TELFORD, CHRISTOPHER (ED.) - The Genealogical Quarterly: Notes and Queries Dealing with British and American Family and Clan History and Biography - Autumn 1958 - Vol. XXV. No.1
41765: TEMKIN, OWSEI - Hippocrates in a World of Pagans and Christians
49079: TEMPERLEY, HAROLD - Foundations of British Foreign Policy
68957: BY A GENTLEMAN OF THE MIDDLE TEMPLE - The Young Gentleman's New Year's Gift: Or, Advice to a Nephew
43631: A BARRISTER OF THE INNER TEMPLE - The Eton Portrait Gallery, Consisting Of Short Memoirs Of The More Eminent Eton Men
47143: "A GENTLEMAN OF THE MIDDLE TEMPLE - The Grounds and Rudiments of Law and Equity, Alphabetically Digested: Etc.
000434: JAMES TEMPLETON & COMPANY LTD - Templeton - Present Carpets of Distinction
63483: TEMPLETON, JAMES PARKER - A Carlisle Lad: The Story of James Parker Templeton
002664: HANBURY-TENISON, MARIKA - For Better, for Worse: To the Brazilian Jungles and Back Again
62908: ROBIN HANBURY-TENISON - Spanish Pilgrimage: A Canter to St. James
37070: WILLIAM TENNANT - Anster Fair, a Poem in Six Cantos. With Other Poems.
68794: TENNANT, JULIAN - Quest for Paititi: a Journey Into Unexplored Peru
55518: TENNANT, KYLIE - Tell Morning This
37662: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Cup and The Falcon
71268: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Edward Archibald Hume
59467: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Idylls of the King
RN106: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Princess
59813: TENNYSON, ALFRED - In Memoriam
000492: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Idylls of the King
23843: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Maud and Other Poems
68377: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Enoch Arden, Etc.
36301: ANN TENO - Pictures of Estonia
22314: TORU TERADA - Japanese Art inWorld Perspective
39400: TERBORGH, JOHN - Diversity and the Tropical Rainforest
7919: TERMAN, FREDERICK EMMONS - Fundamentals of Radio
47087: TERNOIS, RENÉ - Saint-évremond - Œuvres En Prose - Textes Publiés Avec Introduction, Notices et Notes - Tomes I, II, III, IV
42984: TERRAINE, JOHN - The Great War 1914-1918 - A Pictorial History
58274: TERRELL, CARROLL F. (ED) - Basil Bunting: Man and Poet (Modern Poets)
36878: TONY TERRIBILE - Treasures in Maltese Churches. Attard, Balzan, Lija
36881: TONY TERRIBILE - Treasures in Maltese Churches. Siggiewi, Zebbug
36880: TONY TERRIBILE - Treasures in Maltese Churches. Gudja, Marsaxlokk, Zejtun
45247: TERRY, WILLIAM - Once a Copper
30022: PAGE G TERRY & THOMAS J B - International Dictionary of Education
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23842: TURIN, S.P. - From Peter the Great to Lenin. A History of the Russian Labour Movement with Special Reference to Trade Unionism
54873: TURKMEN, ERKAN PROF. DR. - The Essence of Rumi's Masnevi (including His Life and Works)
47945: TURNBULL, W. ROBERTSON - History of Moffat: With Frequent Notices of Moffatdale and Annandale.
62983: TURNBULL, RONALD - Granite and Grit: A Walker's Guide to the Geology of British Mountains
68437: TURNBULL, A. - Mr Never-Lost
24162: EDITED BY WILLIAM B. TURNBULL - The Complete Works of Richard Crashaw
64032: TURNBULL, RONALD - Blencathra: Portrait of a Mountain
51014: TURNBULL, JEAN (ED) - Regional Bulletin Lancaster University Centre For North-West Regional Studies - New Series No.14
51013: TURNBULL, JEAN (ED) - Regional Bulletin - Lancaster University Centre for North-West Regional Studies - New Series No. 15.
24107: T. N. TURNBULL - What God Hath Wrought. A Short History of the Apostolic Church
77042: TURNBULL, PERCIVAL AND WALSH, DEBORAH - Monastic Remains at Ravenstonedale
002792: TURNER, J.SELWYN - Pinskey Gill Beds in the Lune Valley Westmorland, and Ashfell Sandstone in Garsdale, Yorkshire
68080: TURNER, JOHN - Linseed Law A Handbook for Growers and Advisers
63017: TURNER, SAMUEL - My Climbing Adventures in Four Continents
23034: TURNER, SILVIE; TYSON, IAN; ATLANTIS GALLERY; WINGFIELD COLLEGE - British Artists' Books, 1970-1983: An Exhibition
002828: TURNER, J.SELWYN - Structural Geology of Stainmore, Westmorland, and Notes on the Late-Palaeozoic (Late Variscan) Tectonics of the North of England
54482: TURNER, MRS ELIZABETH; CHESTERTON, G. K. (INTRO) - Grandmamma's Book of Rhymes for Children
72804: TURNER, CONSTANCE L. - A Country Teacher Looks Back; Being the Reflections of One Essex Headmistress of This Twentieth Century
77313: TURNER, R C - Another Cumbrian Bog Body, Found in Seascale Moss in 1843
44597: TURNER, J. HORSFALL (ED.) - Yorkshire Notes and Queries, with Which is Incorporated the Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal Part XIII October 1888.
67184: TURNER, OLIVE D. - The Greyhound Stud Book - Volume LXXXXVII (97) - 1978
002827: TURNER, J.SELWYN - Structural Geology of Stainmore, Westmorland, and Notes on the late-Palaeozoic (late-Variscan) Tectonics of the North of England
003113: TURNER, HUGH - Unnatural Causes Death in Lakeland
24752: JIM TURNER - Twenty-five Years of Motoring 1956 - 1981
1999: TURNER, A. LOGAN (ED.) - History of The University of Edinburgh 1883-1933
68300: TURNER, W.J. AND SHANNON, SHEILA (EDITORS) - Poems of Death
52491: TURNER, JOHN M. (COMPILED BY) - Combined Indexes to A. Wainwright's Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells Including a List of Principal Peaks
61110: TURNER, GILBERT - The Private Press
33052: A TEMPLETON-TURNER - The Fisherman of Smoo Cave and Other Poems
56719: TURNER, SWASIE - For the Love of Marje
22930: RUFUS P TURNER - ABC's of Thermistors
77312: TURNER, R C - Another Cumbrian Bog Body, Found in Seascale Moss in 1843
002826: TURNER, J. SELWYN - The Lower Carboniferous Succession in the Westmorland Pennines and the Relations of the Pennine and Dent Faults
67186: TURNER, OLIVE D. - The Greyhound Stud Book - Volume LXXXXIX (99) - 1980
77034: TURNER, R C - Another Cumbrian Bog Body, Found in Seascale Moss in 1843
002698: TURNER, J.S. - The Deeper Structure of Central and Northern England
67188: TURNER, OLIVE D. - The Greyhound Stud Book - Volume LXXXXVIII (98) - 1979
59324: TURNER, BRYAN S.;KHONDER, HABIBUL HAQUE - Globalization East and West
67185: TURNER, OLIVE D. - The Greyhound Stud Book - Volume LXXXXVI (96) - 1977
72001: TURNER, C.C - The Bottled Glass Manual
71329: TURNER, ETHEL - Flower O the Pine
57328: TURNER, NICHOLAS ANTHONY - St. Helena: A British Island - A Discussion Paper Produced for the Bishop of St.Helena's Citizenship Commission
67190: TURNER, OLIVE D. - The Greyhound Stud Book - Volume CI (101) - 1982
67189: TURNER, OLIVE D. - The Greyhound Stud Book - Volume C (100) - 1981
003079: TURNILL, REGINALD - Observer's Book of Unmanned Spaceflight
56558: TURNOCK, DAVID - The Historical Geography of Scotland Since 1707
72777: TUROK, IVAN; BAILEY, NICK - Does Central Scotland Need a Development Strategy? Urban Change and Policy Research Group Discussion Paper 4
65485: TURRILL, W. B. - British Plant Life
59030: TUSSER, THOMAS; HARTLEY, DOROTHY - Thomas Tusser 1557 Floruit His Good Points of Husbandry
66049: AN OXFORD TUTOR ( W WARDE FOWLER) - A Year with the Birds
53506: TUTTHILL, PETER - Turner Sports Cars
39986: TUTTLE, HUDSON - The Philosophy of Spirit and the Spirit World
55230: TUVE, ROSEMOND - A Reading of George Herbert
58059: TUYN, W. J. - Old Dutch Towns and Villages of the Zuiderzee
64845: TWAIN, MARK - Eve's Diary
65590: TWAIN, MARK - What is Man? The Thinker's Library, No. 60.
59797: TWAIN, MARK - Eve's Diary Extracts from Adam's Diary
48477: TWAIN, MARK - More Tramps Abroad
38003: TWAIN, MARK - A Tramp Abroad
42609: TWAIN, MARK - The Innocents Abroad a Book of Travel in Pursuit of Pleasure
40775: TWAIN, MARK - A Tramp Abroad
59767: TWAIN, MARK - The Prince and the Pauper I and II
64514: TWAIN, MARK - American Drolleries
53011: TWAIN, MARK - A Tramp Abroad
48584: TWEEDALE, CHARLES L - News from the Next World
63964: TWEEDIE, M. G.; LASCELLES, T. S. - Modern Railway Signalling
13666: ALEC-TWEEDIE, MRS. - Sunny Sicily: Its Rustics and Its Ruins
22501: REV. HENRY TWELLS - Poetry for Repetition
9578: TWITCHETT, JOHN - Derby Porcelain
33495: CAROL COSGROVE TWITCHETT - A Framework for Development: The EEC and the ACP
64621: TWITE, IRENE & GEORGE, MARGARET (EDITORS) - Counterpoint Poetry & Reviews Nos. 14, 15 & 16
7917: TWOMEY, ARTHUR C. AND HERRICK, NIGEL - Needle to the North: The Story of an Expedition to Ungava and the Belcher Islands
63338: TYLER, IAN - Seathwaite Wad and the Mines of the Borrowdale Valley
63339: TYLER, IAN - Greenside: A Tale of Lakeland Miners
68707: TYLER, IAN - Goldscope and the Mines of Derwent Fells
002015: TYLER, JOHN - How to Make an English Style Bracket Clock
57344: TYLER, IAN - The Gunpowder Mills of Cumbria: a History of Cumbria's Gunpowder Industry
62221: TYLER, E. JOHN - Black Forest Clocks
62635: TYLER, E.J. - How to Make a Wooden Wheeled Clock
67826: TYLER, IAN - The Gunpowder Mills of Cumbria: a History of Cumbria's Gunpowder Industry
67824: TYLER, IAN - Roughton Gill and the Mines of the Caldbeck Fells
63340: TYLER, IAN - Honister slate: The history of a Lakeland slate mine
62456: TYLER, REV. T.M. (COMPILED BY) - The Complete Catalogue of G.W.R. Jig-saw Puzzles
003951: TYLER, IAN - Force Crag: The History of a Lakeland Mine
57518: TYLER, IAN - Thirlmere Mines and The Drowning of the Valley
002629: TYLUS, JANE - Writing and Vulnerability in the Late Renaissance
49483: TYNAN, KATHERINE - A Mad Marriage
65611: TYNAN, KATHARINE - Flower of Youth: Poems in War Time
10678: TYNAN, KATHARINE - Heart O' Gold
57164: TYNAN, KATHARINE (MRS. H. A. HINKSON) - Betty Carew
34130: JOHN TYNDALL - Fragments of Science for Unscientific People: a Series of Detached Essays, Lectures, and Reviews.
003016: VAN TYNE, JOSSELYN; BERGER, ANDREW J. - Fundamentals of Ornithology
003388: SIMON COTTLE; TYNE AND WEAR MUSEUMS SERVICE - Sowerby: Gateshead Glass
41740: TYRELL, BERNARD - Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of God
54843: TYRELL, HENRY - A History of England for the Young. 2 Volumes.
67970: TYRII, MAXIMI; HEINSII, DANIELIS; DAVISIUS, JOANNES - Maximou Turiou Logoi. Maximi Tyrii Dissertationes

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