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47944: VITTORIO, ALFIERI - Vita Di Vittorio Alfieri Scritta Da Esso - Volume Secondo.
33374: ROBERT VIVIER - Ianchelevici
46919: VLEDDER, W.H VAN - Cyrano De Bergerac 1619-1655 Philosophie Esoterique
50167: VODOVOSOVA, E.N - A Russian Childhood
57265: VOLCANO, DEL LAGRACE; DAHL, ULRIKA - Femmes of Power: Exploding Queer Femininities
58441: VOLLER, DAVID & ALEXANDER, CAROL (EDITORS) - The Observer's Book of Automobiles 21
RN124: OLYSLAGER ORGANIZATION STAFF; VOLLER, DAVID J. - British Cars of the Early Fifties 1950-1954
RN125: OLYSLAGER ORGANIZATION STAFF; VOLLER, DAVID J. - British Cars of the Late Fifties 1955-1959
41129: VOLLMER, JOHN; ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM - In the Presence of the Dragon Throne: Ching Dynasty Costume (1644-1911) in the Royal Ontario Museum
58239: VOLTAIRE, MR.DE; FRANCKLIN, REV. MR. - The Dramatic Works of Mr. De Voltaire - Vol. I.
44753: MR. DE VOLTAIRE - Candid, or the Optimist. Translated from the French of Mr. De Voltaire.
59748: VOLTAIRE - Candide
44875: VON, PLESSEN MARIE-LOUISE - Walking Through Time in Weimar : A Criss-Cross Guide To Cultural History - Weaving Between Goethe's Home and Buchenwald
36401: KURT VONNEGUT JR - Breakfast of Champions
60162: VAN DE VOORDE, URBAIN - War Van Overstraeten
39754: VOOUS, K.H - Proceedings of the XVth International Ornithological Congress
33528: W H VAN VORIS - The Cultivated Stance: The Design of Congreve's Plays
56954: VORONOFF, DR. SERGE; RAMBAUD, G. GIBIER - The Conquest of Life
46937: VOSSLER, KARL - Jean Racine
58561: VOWLES, G.A. & VOWLES, R.S. - Breeding Birds of the Algarve
38680: VOWLES, HUGH P. AND VOWLES, MARGARET W. - The Quest for Power: From Prehistoric Times to the Present Day
39979: VRBA, ELIXABETH & ELDREDGE, NILES - MacRoevolution Diversity, Disparity, Contingency
58159: VREELAND, DIANA - Allure
43663: DE VRIES, DR. LOUIS & HERRMAN, THEO M. - English-German Technical And Engineering Dictionary
22821: ED. WAYNE S VUCINICH - The Peasant in Nineteenth Century Russia
47359: VYSOTSKY, VLADIMIR - Hamlet with a Guitar
54169: VYVYAN, JOHN - Shakespeare and the Rose of Love
002181: W. T. P. W. - Streams from the Fountain of Life: Being Gospel and Other Papers
61085: A.R.W, F.C.W & C.M.W - The Life and Death of Lieutenant Peter Thomas Wallworth
30054: TUTT J.W. - Natural History of British Lepidoptera
59085: P.W. - Outline History of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904 Up to the Battleof Liao-Yang
30029: RICH R.W. - Training of Teachers in England & Wales During the 19th Century
36530: HOLMES H W & LANGSTAFF W J G - Domestic Small Pipe Heating
34012: HENRY WACE AND PHILIP SCHAFF (EDITORS) - A Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church. A New Series. Volume I. Eusebius: Church History, Life of Constantine the Great, and Oration in Praise of Constantine
8615: WADDAMS, A. L. - Chemicals from Petroleum
45836: WADDELL, P. HATELY - Life and Works of Robert Burns. Vol II.
53041: WADDELL, P. HATELY - Life and Works of Robert Burns - Two Volumes
50178: WADDINGTON, MARY KING - Letters of a Diplomat's Wife 1883-1900
59868: WADE, J. (ED) - Buckley's Serenaders' Sixty New Songs, with Choruses in Vocal Score, Symphonies, and Accompaniments for the Pianoforte
59869: WADE, J. (ED) - Buckley's Serenaders' Sixty New Songs, with Choruses in Vocal Score, Symphonies, and Accompaniments for the Pianoforte
44910: WADE, J. B. - A Century By the Beck - The Story of Clapham's School
47040: WADE, IRA O. - Voltaire and Candide - a Study in the Fusion of History, Art, and Philosophy
58365: WADE, BARRIE - Linklove Poems By Barrie Wade
7704: WADE, STEPHEN - Churwell Poems
59276: WADE, CHRISTINE J - Captured Peace Elites and Peacebuilding in El Salvador
58648: WADE, JOHN S. (EDITOR) - Ars Quatuor Coronatorum: The Transactions of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 - Volume 123, 2010
002817: WADGE, A.J. & SKEVINGTON, D. - Geology of the Tarn Moor Tunnel in the Lake District
002816: WADGE, A.J. - Sections Through the Skiddaw-Borrowdale Unconformity in Eastern Lakeland
002819: WADGE, A.J. HARRISON, R.K. & SNELLING, N.J. - Olivine-Dolerite Intrusions Near Melmerby, Cumberland, and Their Age-Determination By the Potassium-argon Method
002526: WADIA, RUTTONJEE ARDESHIR - The Bombay Dockyard and The Wadia Master Builders
001353: WADSLEY, OLIVE - Nevertheless
48129: WADSWORTH, KENNETH - Cock Sparrow
57461: WAGENAAR, WILLEM A.; KOPPEN, PETER J. VAN; CROMBAG, HANS F. M. - Anchored Narratives: The Psychology of Criminal Evidence
54459: WAGNER, RICHARD - Scottish Opera Der Ring Des Nibelungen
40333: WAGNER, GILLIAN - Children of the Empire
40434: WAGNER, BAILEY, CAMPBELL. - Under Siege: Man, Men and Earth
65422: WAGNER, RICHARD; ARMOUR, MARGARET (TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH BY) - The Ring of the Niblung - Siegfried & the Twilight of the Gods
39384: WAGNER, WARREN L. AND FUNK, V. A. - Hawaian Biogeography. Evolution on a Hot Spot Archipelago
40772: WAGNER, JENNY - John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat
50432: WAGNER, RICHARD; DE RICO, UL; SOLTI, SIR GEORG - The Ring of the Nibelung
45714: WAGNER, ROBERT - Fire Sonnets
71114: WAGNER, RICHARD - Lohengrin
001411: WAGNER, RICHARD; DE C. MARCHESI, SALVATORE; TERREAUX, L. H. F. DU - L'olandese Dannato. (Der Fliegende Hollander) Opera in Three Acts.
48883: WAGNER, RICHARD; ARMOUR, MARGARET (TRANS) - The Ring of the Niblung
33455: REGINALD WAGSTAFFE AND J HAVELOCK FIDLER - The Preservation of Natural History Specimens: Volume One Invertebrates
65967: WAHLOO, PETER; TATE, JOAN (TRANS) - The Steel Spring
003129: WAILES, REX - Water-driven Mills for Grinding Stone
65859: WAIN, JOHN - The Smaller Sky
40177: JOHN WAIN - Weep Before God
53807: WAINE, CHARLES - Steam Coasters and Short Sea Traders
53804: WAINE, C.V - Coastal and Short Sea Liners
71296: WAINE, HARRY - The Quiet Heart
38909: WAINE, HARRY - The Lord Protector
15141: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Walks in Limestone Country
52570: WAINWRIGHT, ARTHUR - A Fifth Lakeland Sketchbook
22579: J HARRIS; C M FERRIER; R N WAINWRIGHT - Radio and Television Servicing 1968-69 Models
44099: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Lakeland Mountain Drawings Volume 1
44098: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Wainwright in Lakeland
47958: WAINWRIGHT, A - An Eden Sketchbook
36393: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Walks from Ratty: Some of the Walks That Can be Enjoyed By Using the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway
48488: WAINWRIGHT, A - The Far Eastern Fells
33127: A. WAINWRIGHT - Lakeland Sketchbook
52571: WAINWRIGHT, A - A Fifth Lakeland Sketchbook
7297: WAINWRIGHT, A. - A Ribble Sketchbook
53556: WAINWRIGHT, CLIVE (INTRO) - George Bullock : Cabinet-Maker
44791: WAINWRIGHT, A - Walks from Ratty - Some of the Walks That Can be Enjoyed By Using the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway
48046: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - Private Signed Letters
16384: WAINWRIGHT, A.; TURNER, JOHN M. (COMPILED) - New Combined Indexes to A.Wainwright's "Pictorial Guides to Lakeland Fells" Now Including the Principal Peaks and Outlying Fells
48480: WAINWRIGHT, A - Walks on the Howgill Fells
48481: WAINWRIGHT, A - The Central Fells
16537: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Lakeland Mountain Drawings: Volume Four
002424: WAINWRIGHT, A - Pennine Way Companion
33119: A. WAINWRIGHT - North Western Fells
44101: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Lakeland Mountain Drawings Volume 2
44102: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Scottish Mountain Drawings Volume 6 the Islands
44104: WAINWRIGHT, A. - A Bowland Sketchbook
9087: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Scottish Mountain Drawings: Volume One: The Northern Highlands
22911: J HARRIS; C M FERRIER; R N WAINWRIGHT - Radio and Television Servicing 1967-68 Models
7293: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Scottish Mountain Drawings: Volume Two The North-Western Highlands
57874: WAINWRIGHT, A - Pennine Way Companion A Pictorial Guide
46929: WAINWRIGHT, A - A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells Book Five the Northern Fells
52490: WAINWRIGHT, A - Order Form for a Second Lakeland Sketchbook
6469: WAINWRIGHT, A. - An Eden Sketchbook
43636: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Kendal In The Nineteenth Century - A Book Of Drawings By A Wainwright
41084: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Pennine Way Companion. A Pictorial Guide
22344: J HARRIS; C M FERRIER; R N WAINWRIGHT - Radio and Television Servicing 1969-70 Models
39449: WAINWRIGHT, A. - A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells being an Illustrated Account of a Study and Exploration of the Mountains in The English Lake District. Book 6 The North Western Fells.
56245: WAINWRIGHT, NAOMI - Island Pony Club
53513: WAINWRIGHT, A - Kendal in the Nineteenth Century
53733: WAINWRIGHT, CLIVE (INTRO) - George Bullock: Cabinet Maker
33124: A.WAINWRIGHT - Southern Fells
15139: WAINWRIGHT, A. - The Eastern Fells: Pictorial Guide Book One
44175: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Scottish Mountain Drawings Volume 3 the Western Highlands
44174: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Scottish Mountain Drawings Volume 2 the North Western Highlands
44173: WAINWRIGHT, A. - A Ribble Sketchbook
44172: WAINWRIGHT, A. - A Second Furness Sketchbook
44164: WAINWRIGHT, A. - A Dales Sketchbook
44163: WAINWRIGHT, A. - A Wryre Sketchbook
711: WAINWRIGHT, A. - The Eastern Fells: Pictorial Guide Book One
22343: R N WAINWRIGHT - Radio and Television Servicing 1979-80 Models
52487: WAINWRIGHT, A - An Eden Sketchbook
52574: WAINWRIGHT, A - A Second Lakeland Sketchbook
52573: WAINWRIGHT, A - A Fourth Lakeland Sketchbook
52572: WAINWRIGHT, A - A Third Lakeland Sketchbook
48387: WAINWRIGHT, A - A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells
59114: WAINWRIGHT, A - Welsh Mountain Drawings
56945: WAINWRIGHT, A - Wainwright in Lakeland
22327: J HARRIS; C M FERRIER; R N WAINWRIGHT - Radio and Television Servicing 1969 - 70 Models
002266: WAINWRIGHT, A - Walks in Limestone Country
36686: A WAINWRIGHT - Old Roads of Eastern Lakeland
55273: WAITE, GREG HARRIS, JOCELYN, MURRAY, HEATHER AND HALE, JOHN (EDITORS) - World and Stage Essays for Colin Gibson
46104: WAITE, ARTHUR EDWARD - The Unknown Philosopher
54674: WAITE, W. W. - County Borough of Barrow-In-furness Abstract of the Treasurer's Accounts, for the Year Ending 31st March, 1930, and Annual Reports.
54673: WAITE, W. W. - County Borough of Barrow-In-furness Abstract of the Treasurer's Accounts, for the Year Ending 31st March, 1928, and Annual Reports.
58699: WAITE, ARTHUR EDWARD - Raymond Lully: Illuminated doctor, alchemist and Christian mystic
55637: WAITH, EUGENE M. (EDITOR) - The Two Noble Kinsmen William Shakespeare and John Fletcher
57034: WAITH, EUGENE M. - The Oxford Shakespeare Titus Andronicus
57035: WAITH, EUGENE M. - The Oxford Shakespeare The Two Noble Kinsmen
54916: WAKEFIELD, A. M. (ED) - Ruskin on Music
53639: WAKEFIELD, PRISCILLA - A Family Tour Through the Bitish Empire
55118: WALBANCKE, MATTHEW - Annalia Dubrensia 1636
59425: WALCKENAER, C. A. - Histoire De La Vie et Des Ouvrages De J. De La Fontaine
35671: MACKENZIE EDWARD CHARLES WALCOITT, M.A. - The History of the Parish Church of Saint Margaret in Westminster from Its Foundation, A./D. 1064.
33661: CHARLES CHILD WALCUTT - Man's Changing Mask: Modes and Methods of Characterisation in Fiction
39608: WALDRON, H.A - Occupational Health Practice Third Edition
72024: WALEY, ARTHUR - The Analects of Confucius
61091: WALEY, ARTHUR - Japanese Poetry The Uta
57018: WALEY, ARTHUR - The Life and Times of Po Chu-i 772-846 A.D.
52780: WALFORD, JOHN E. - Jacob Van Ruisdael and the Perception of Landscape
45024: WALFORD, L.B. - Cousins in 3 Volumes
40498: WALFORD, E. - London Volumes One and Two
40499: WALFORD, E. - London Volumes 3 & 4
42726: WALFORD, TOM & YOUNG, HILARY - British Ceramic Design 1600-2002
10872: WALFORD, EDWARD (ED.) - Walford's Antiquarian: a Magazine and Bibliographgical Review Volume X July - December 1886
59007: WALFORD, JOHN E. - A Detailed History of British Railways Standard Steam Locomotives: 4-6-0 and 2-6-0 Classes volume 2: The 4-6-0 and 2-6-0 Classes
36320: WALFORD, L.B. - Celia: And the Parents
55229: WALHOUT, DONALD - Send My Roots Rain: A Study of Religious Experience in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins
52223: WALKER, TED - Fox on a Barn Door Poems 1963-64
36239: WALKER, COLIN - A Walker on the Pennine Way. Sections 1, 2, 3 and Five
72245: WALKER, ABBIE PHILLIPS - Sandman's Once-Upon-a-Time Stories
47119: WALKER, JOHN - A Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin and Scripture Proper Names
001315: WALKER, J - Rhyming Dictionary 2 Volumes in One
45523: WALKER, STELLA A - British Sporting Art in the Twentieth Century
38076: WALKER, ALEXANDER - Peter Sellers: The Authorized Biography
65974: WALKER, ROBERT FULTON - The Origins of Newcastle Upon Tyne
54812: WALKER, J. & C. - Geological Map of England and Wales Showing Also the Inland Navigation By Means of Rivers and Canals, with Their Elevation in Feet Above the Sea. Together with the Rail Roads and Principal Roads.
002815: WALKER, EDWARD EATON - Notes on the Garnet-Bearing and Associated Rocks of the Borrowdale Volcanic Series
49150: WALKER, ALBERT - Walkers Original Series of Humorous Dilogues Festivals and Anniversaries. Various Copies
22866: N WALKER - Soil Microbiology
57916: WALKER, GINA LURIA - Mary Hays, (1759 - 1843): The Growth of a Woman's Mind
56242: WALKER, WILLIAM STUART - The Drainage Act. An Analysis and Exposition of the Act 9 & 10 Victoria, Cap. 101. With an Appendix, Containing the Act, and Official Forms and Documents.
8429: WALKER, JOHN BAPTIST - New Theology for Plain Christians
40005: WALKER, KATHRINE SORLEY - Saladin: Sultan of the Holy Sword
38576: WALKER, WILLIAM - Peter buchan and Other Papers on Scottish and English Ballads and Songs
40892: WALKER, CHARLES EDWARD - Shooting on a Small Income
42684: WALKER, ROGER - The Genesis of 'El Libro Del Cavallero Zifar'
60066: WALKER, JOHN - The Academic Speaker or a Selection of Elementary Debates, Orations, Odes, Scenes, and Speeches from the Best Writers
65973: WALKER, R. F. - The Institutions and History of the Freemen of Newcastle Upon Tyne
44717: WALKER, SYDNEY F. - Aviation Its Principles Its Present and Future
54708: WALKER, VICTORIA - The House Called Hadlows
60279: WALKER, ALEXANDER - Mary Queen of Scots a Anarrative Defence
48383: WALKER, A STODART - The Keeper's Book
58904: WALKER, ALICE - Textual Problems of the First Folio
45923: WALKER, JOHN - Bellini and Titian at Ferrara
72161: WALKER, MICK; DOBSON, PETER - BMW K-Series Motorcycles
54844: WALKER, ANNABEL - Aurel Stein: Pioneer of the Silk Road
71125: WALKER, JANET - Transluscent Silks
72999: WALKER, ARCHIBALD STODART - The Letters of John Stuart Blackie to His Wife with a Few Earlier Ones to His Parents
72565: WALKER, MARGARET - Warwick County Records Hearth Tax Returns Volume One
36490: SIDNEY F WALKER - Electricity in Our Homes and Workshops. A Practical Treatise on Auxillary Electrical Apparatus
47550: WALKINGAME, FRANCIS - The Tutor's Assistant
002190: WALKINGAME, FRANCIS - The Tutor's Assistant: Being a Compendium of Practical Arithmetic, and a Complete Question Book; Etc.
000109: WALL, J. CHARLES - Ancient Earthworks
55573: WALLACE, IRVING - The Man
44189: WALLACE, EDGAR - The Council of Justice
56059: WALLACE, ROBERT; WATSON, J. A. SCOTT - Farm Live Stock of Great Britain
72742: WALLACE, IVY L. - The Young Warrenders
002466: WALLACE, K. - The Barbarians of Workington II: Uppies v Downies
39197: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - A Narrative of Travels on the Amazon and the Rio Negro with an Account of the Native Tribes and Observations on the Climate, Geology, and Natural History of the Amazon Valley
39206: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection. A Series of Essays.
52790: WALLACE, ROBERT L. - The Canary Book: Containing Full Directions for the Breeding, Rearing Adn Management of Canaries and Canary Mules; Cage Making, &c; Section I. Management of Canaries.
59023: WALLACE, ANDREW (ED) - Popular Traditions of Glasgow: Historical, Legendary and Biographical.
53020: WALLACE, IVY L. - Getup Crusoe
54587: WALLACE, IVY L. - Pookie and the Gypsies
45193: WALLACE, DOREEN - Elegy
6460: WALLACE, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Under Sail in the Last of the Clippers
38542: WALLACE, PEGGY ANN - An Historical Study of the Career of Leni Riefenstahl from 1923 to 1933
33061: MOZART WOLFGANG AMADEUS. TRANSLATED BY LADY WALLACE - The Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1769 - 1791) Two Volumes
42062: WALLACE, W.V. - The Making of the May Crisis
39188: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - The Geographical Distribution of Animals with a Study of the Realtions of Living and Extinct Faunas as Elucidating the Past Changes of Earth's Surface with Maps and Illustrations.
39218: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Island Life or The Phenomena and Causes of Insular Faunas and Floras Including a Revision and Attempted Solution of the Problem of Geological Climates
39320: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Island Life
40728: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Darwinism
44939: WALLACE, DOREEN - Forty Years on
000030: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Darwinism
58725: WALLACE, GENERAL LEW - The Story of the Making of Ben-Hur a Tale of the Christ from Metro-Goldwyn-mayer
6445: WALLACE, ROBERT - The World of Leonardo 1452-1519
55448: WALLER, EDMUND; DRURY, G. THORN (ED) - The Poems of Edmund Waller - Two Volumes
48804: WALLER, JOHN; FRASER, G. S.; HALL, J. C. (EDS); DOUGLAS, KEITH; BLUNDEN, EDMUND (INTRO) - Keith Douglas - Collected Poems
42542: WALLER, MICHAEL - A Lakeland Climbing Pioneer. John Wilson Robinson of Whinfell Hall
33189: MARY D WALLER - Chladni Figures: A Study in Symmetry
59233: WALLING, CARRIE BOOTH - All Necessary Measures The United Nations and Humanitarian Intervention
50496: WALLIS, H. F. (ED.) - Where to Fish 1969-1970 the Field Guide to the Fishing in Rivers and Lakes
53821: WALLIS, E.A - The Dwellers on the Nile
72409: WALLIS, ETHEL EMILY - Tariri: My Story from Jungle Killer to Christian Missionary
42795: WALLWORK, NORMA - Nora and Her Ark
45849: WALMSLEY, GORDON - Petrol - Shell Motor Book No.3
47001: WALPOLE, HORACE - Characteristic Sketches of Society, Politics and Literature in 2 Volumes
56225: WALPOLE, HUGH - Rogue Herries - Judith Paris - Vanessa - the Fortress - Four Volumes
23833: WALPOLE, HORACE - Anecdotes of Painting in England; with Some Account of the Principal Artists. Volume II
54309: WALPOLE, HUGH - Pocket Leather Edition 23 Volumes
49965: WALPOLE, HUGH - The Bright Pavilions
60163: WALRAVENS, JAN - Valerius De Saedeleer
56804: WALSH, J. H. - The British Cookery Book: Uniting a Good Style with Economy, and Adapted to All Persons in Every Clime; Containing Many Unpublished Receipts in Daily Use, By Private Families.
65364: WALSH, JILL PATON - Crossing to Salamis
22850: ED GEORGE WALSH, COLIN NAYLOR AND MICHAEL HELD - Contemporary Photographers
34194: MAURICE WALSH - Strange Woman`s Daughter
47923: WALSH, WALTER - The Secret History of the Oxford Movement
54297: WALSHAM, ALEXANDRA - Charitable Hatred : Tolerance and Intolerance in England, 1500-1700
48794: WALSHE, MAURICE - The Long Discourses of the Buddha : A Translation of the Digha Nikaya
61042: WALTER, L EDNA - The Fascination of Brittany
55643: WALTER, J. H. (ED) - King Henry V - the Arden Edition of the Works of William Shakespeare
22633: WALTER, DON - Most Visible Church, The
60137: WALTER, RODOLPHE - Le Medicin De Claude Monet Jean Rebiere
57642: WALTERS, ELIZABETH J. - Attic Grave Reliefs That Represent Women in the Dress of Isis - Hesperia: Supplement XXII
55842: WALTERS, DAVID - Mamgu Portrait of a Puritan
44605: WALTERS, ALAN - Economists and the British Economy - Eigth Wincott Memorial Lecture Delivered at the London School of Economics and Political Science on Thursday 24 November 1977
9669: WALTERS, A. HARRY - The Living Rocks: An Introduction to Biophilosophy for Technological Age Man
58481: WALTHER, INGO F. - Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Genius of the Century
53516: WALTON, THOMAS - Steel Ships: Their Construction and Maintenance. a Manual for Shipbuilders, Ship Superintendents, Students and Marine Engineers.
47125: WALTON, MRS O.F - Shadows Scenes and Incidents in the Life of an Old Armchair
15726: WALTON, IZAAK (ISAAC); COTTON, CHARLES - The Complete Angler
54694: WALTON, AMY - Black White and Gray A Story of Three Homes
44363: WALTON, JAMES E. - A History of Dalton-In-Furness
55045: WALTON, J. K. - The Copy for the Folio Text of Richard III with a Note on the Copy for the Folio Text of King Lear
77059: WALTON, JOHN K - The Strange Decline of the Lakeland Yeoman: Some Thoughts on Sources, Methods, and Definitions
77060: WALTON, JOHN K - The Strange Decline of the Lakeland Yeoman: Some Thoughts on Sources, Methods, and Definitions
53964: WALTON, ELIZABETH CHEATHAM - Voices in the Fog
54829: WALTON, IZAAK - The Complete Angler; or the Contemplative Man's Recreation.
54861: WALTON, IZAAK; KEYNES, GEOFFREY (ED) - The Compleat Angler; the Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbert & Sanderson with Love and Truth & Miscellaneous Writings (The Compleat Walton)
59381: WALTON, PETER - The Stainmore & Eden Valley Railways: A Pictorial History of the Barnard Castle to Tebay and Penrith Lines
54828: WALTON, PETER - The Stainmore & Eden Valley Railways: A Pictorial History of the Barnard Castle to Tebay and Penrith Lines
38769: WALTON, MARY - 'ISMS A Dictionary of Words Ending in -ISM -OLOGY and -PHOBIA with Some Similiar Terms Arranged in Subject Order
55776: WALTON, ISAAK; COTTON, CHARLES; MAJOR, JOHN - The Complete Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation of Isaak Walton and Charles Cotton
58136: WALTON, IZAAK; COTTON, CHARLES; JESSE, EDWARD - The Complete Angler, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton.
47364: "WANDERER - Fair Diana
53388: WANKOWICZ, WITOLD - Sunshine and Storm
40925: WANOSTROCHT, N. - La Liturgie, Ou Formulaire Des Prières Publiques, Selon L'usage De L'église Anglicane
58132: WANOSTROCHT, N. - Recueil Choisi De Traits Historiques et De Contes Moraux; Avec La Signification Des Mots En Anglois Au Bas De Chaque Page.
39965: WARAN, H.P - Elements of Glass Blowing
65257: WARBURTON, TONY - The Release of Captive-Bred Barn Owls as an Aid to the Conservation of Declining Wild Populations
72803: EGERTON-WARBURTON, R. E. - Hunting Songs Together with a Short Account of the Tarporley Hunt Club, from Its Foundation in 1762 to the Year 1869
72852: WARD, HARRY - Freemen of England 1967
77315: WARD, JEAN E - John Spedding's Account of Horses used in the Whitehaven Collieries etc, from 1715 Onwards
22650: WARD, LYND - Storyteller without Words: The Wood Engravings of Lynd Ward
55503: WARD, GILBERT - Gilbert Ward - an Exhibition of Recent Works at the University of York, May 1964
22544: F. KINGDON WARD - Plant Hunter's Paradise
49328: WARD, JEAN E.; LITT, B. - John Spedding's Account of Horses Used in the Whitehaven Collieries Etc., From 1715 Onwards
43622: WARD, KEVIN & STANLEY, BRIAN - The Church Mission Society and World Christianity 1799-1999
37663: WARD, R.C - Principles of Hydrology
55101: WARD, GEOFFREY - Double Exposure
56390: WARD, ARTHUR - Classic Toys of the 1960s and 1970s - Crowood Collectors' Series
002230: WARD, JOHN - Dale & Its Abbey Derbyshire
54909: WARD, GEOFFREY - Tales from the Snowline
54910: WARD, GEOFFREY - Not the Hand Itself
40219: J T WARD - The Factory Movement 1830-1855
41092: GERTRUDE WARD - Father Woodward of U. M. C. A.
41444: W. H. WARD - The Architecture of the Renaissance in France
56540: WARD, DAVID & RADFORD, JOHN P. - North American Cities in The Victorian Age
43723: WARD, KIP - Tomb Raider Official Strategy Game
39523: WARD, MICHAEL - In This Short Spain Himalayan Mountaneering and Exploration
39545: WARD, HUMPHRY MRS - The Mating of Lydia
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