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40402: FRANZ RUTTNER - Fundamentals of Limnology
10961: RYAN, DESMOND - James Connolly: His Life Work & Writings
57974: RYAN, SEAN - The Boys in Green The FAI International Story
400013: ALAN RYAN (EDITOR) - The Philosophy of Social Explanation
57934: RYAN, W.F. - The Bathhouse at Midnight: An Historical Survey of Magic and Divination in Russia (Magic in History Series)
44599: SIR DANIEL FLEMING OF RYDAL - Description of the County of Cumberland
65932: RYDER, ELLEN - Kate
001171: RYDER, PETER - The Medieval Cross Slab Grave Covers in Cumbria
37502: RYE, WILLIAM BRENCHLEY - England as Seen By Foreigners in the Days of Elizabeth & James the First.
55300: RYKWERT, JOSEPH - The Golden House
65429: RYLANDS, GEORGE - The Psalms of David Coverdale's Version
57337: RYLATT, KEITH; SCOTT, PHIL - Central 1179: The Story of Manchester's Twisted Wheel Club
58023: RYLE, GILBERT - The Concept of Mind
56361: RYLE, GILBERT - The Concept of Mind
72652: RYLE, REV. J. C. - The Keepsake Scripture Text Book
65213: RYSKAMP, CHARLES - Johnson & Cowper - For the Annual Dinner of the Johnsonians to Commemorate Samuel Johnson's Two Hundred and Fifty-Sixth Birthday
52547: J. S. (JOHN STRYPE) - The History of the Life and Acts of the Most Reverend Father in God, Edmund Grindal, the First Bishop of London, and the Second Archbishop of York and Canterbury Successively, in the Reign of Q. Elizabeth.
38481: E.M.S - Walks, Strolls and Excursions Rund Patterdale
50971: BARRIE. D. S, CLINKER. C. R, - The somerset & Dorset Railway
72090: B. S. W. S. - A Mountain Chapelry
30018: ENDLER NORMAN S. AND MAGNUSSON DAVID - Interactional Psychology and Personality
36326: H.U.S. - Handbook to the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway with a Visit to the Roman wall
002040: HORSCH-AL SAAD - Tod Im Kampf (Figurationen Des Martyrers in fruhen Sunnitischen Schriften)
72020: EL SAADAWI, NAWAL; HETATA, SHERIF (TRANS.) - The Innocence of the Devil
48721: SAADAWI, NAWAL EL - The Well of Life
002236: DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL - Don Quixote De La Mancha - 4 Volumes
53428: SABAHI, HOUSHANG - British Policy in Persia
52567: SABANEEV, LEONID; PRING, S. W. (TRANSLATED BY) - Music for the Films: a Handbook for Composers and Conductors
24104: SERGE SABARSKY - Da Kandinsky a Dix. Dipinti Dell'Espressionismo Tedesco
43492: SABATINI, RAFAEL - Scaramouche
42513: SABINE, P.A - Geochemistry of Sedimentary Rocks
24320: RUDOLPH SABOR - Wagner Celebration
55553: SABRETACHE - Hunting the Fox
41016: SABRIER, M JEAN CLAUDE - Horologerie De Collection
002082: SACARCELIK, OSMAN - Sukuk: An Innovative Islamic Finance Instrument - Historical and Theoretical Foundations, Present Application and Challenges Arising from Legal and Fiqh Implications - Arbeitsmaterialien Zum Orient Band 23
9582: SACCHI, FILIPPO - Toscanini
52258: SACHS, ERNEST - Fifty Years of Neurosurgery
001446: SACHS, HANNELORE; BADSTUBNER, ERNST; NEUMANN, HELGA - Christliche Ikonographie in Stichworten
56555: SACK, ROBERT DAVID - Conceptions of Space in Social Thought
61061: SACKHEIN, ERIC - The Silent Firefly Japanese Songs of Love and Other Stories
40369: BENJAMIN SACKS - The Religious Issue in the State Schools of England and Wales 1902-1914: A Nation's Quest for Human Dignity
72621: SACKS, OLIVER - Migraine
5801: SACKVILLE, MARGARET [RAGG, LONSDALE] - The Lyrical Woodland
41050: DE SADE, MARQUIS - The Misfortunes of Virtue
48410: SADIE, STANLEY (ED.) - The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians - 19 Volumes Only - Lacks Volume 13
001166: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Fred Bason's 3rd Diary
45552: SADLER, RALPH NEWMAN - Sunshine and Showers - One Hundred Years in the Life of an Essex Farming Family
33474: JOHN EDWARD SADLER - J A Comenius and the Concept of Universal Education
61141: SADONEANU, ION MARIN - Bucharest
65816: SAERTRYKK - Ibsenarbok 1971 (Contemporary Approaches to Ibsen 2)
003018: SAFINA, CARL - The View from Lazy Point: a Natural Year in an Unnatural World
53533: SAGAR, MICHAEL - The History of the Border Counties (N.W.) Otterhounds
58798: SAGAR, J. ANTHONY - Crazy Classics
58150: SAGAR, KEITH - D H Lawrence's Paintings
41107: LE SAGE, ALAIN - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane Vol. 1
54490: SAGENDORPH, ROBB - New England Full Colour Photographs By Arthur Griffin Original Essays By 47 Famous New England Writers
58899: SAHABDEEN, DR. A.M. MOHAMED - The Sufi Doctrine in Tamil Literature
52357: SAHIN, ABDULLAH - New Directions in Islamic Education
65852: SAHLINS, MARSHALL - The Stranger-King
55116: SAHU, DHARANIDHAR - Cats on a Hot Tin Roof
56105: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - The Earl of Derby
50283: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - The Heptameron
58786: SAKYA, JNAN BAHADUR (COMPILED BY) - Short Description of Gods, Goddesses and Ritual Objects of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal
40049: ED. GRAEME SALAMAN AND KENNETH THOMPSON - Control and Ideology in Organizations
36086: GEOFFREY SALE & IAIN MACKENZIE - Hunter Chasers and Point to Pointers 1974
001235: SALEMSON, HAROLD J. (ED.) - Thought Control in U.S.A - No.1 The Conference - the Opening Session the Legal Aspects
72039: DE ROUSSY DE SALES, RAOUL; MILLIS, WALTER - The Making of Yesterday - the Diaries of Raoul De Roussy De Sales
36329: FRANCIS DE SALES - A Selection from the Spiritual Letters of S. Francis De Sales, Bishop and Prince of Geneva
57684: SALGADO, SEBASTIAO; COUTO, MIA - Africa: Sebastiao Salgado
55993: SALINGER, J. D. - For Esmé - with Love and Squalor and Other Stories
9834: SALINGER, J. D. - For Esme - with Love & Squalor: And Other Stories
7017: SALKELD, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress and Other Rhymes
53413: SALKELD, WILLIAM - Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Court of King's Bench
8389: SALMON, ARTHUR L. - Bath and Wells: Beautiful England Series
55825: SALMON, D. E.; MOORE, VERANUS A.; DE SCHWEINITZ, E. A. - U. S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry, Cornstalk Disease, and Rabies in Cattle.
55824: SALMON, D. E.; DRS. MURRAY, ATKINSON, HARBAUGH, ET AL. - U. S. Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Animal Industry. Special Report on Diseases of Cattle and on Cattle Feeding.
58898: SALMOND, J.B. - Wade in Scotland
52839: SALMOND, J. B. - The History of the 51st Highland Division, 1939-1945
47466: SALMOND, JAMES - Recording Scotland
57090: CHARLOTTE SALOMAN, JUDITH HERZBERG; LEILA VENNEWITZ - Charlotte; Life or Theater? An Autobiographical Play By Charlotte Salomon
9247: SALOMON, JACQUES - Aupres De Vuillard
72880: SALTER, MRS W.H - Psychical Research Where Do We Stand
39485: SALTER, W. H. - Trance Mediumship. An Introductory Study of Mrs Piper and Mrs Leonard
40857: SALTER, ROBERT B - Textbook of Disorders and Injuries of the Musculoskeletal System
41011: SALTER, JAMES - West Point
58032: SALVESEN, CHRISTOPHER - Floodsheaf From a Parish History
33046: PAUL SALVESON - British Rail the Radical Alternative to Privatisation
33047: PAUL SALVESON - British Rail the Radical Alternative to Privatisation
000066: SALWAK, DALE - Angry Young Man
57653: SALZMAN, MICHELE RENEE - On Roman Time The Codex-Calendar of 354 and the Rhythms of Urban Life in Late Antiquity
37558: SAMBROOK, W.L. - Pontypool
39798: SAMMONS, JEFFREY L - Literary Sociology and Practical Criticism
43384: SAMPSON, HENRY (ED.) - World Railways 1952-53
42958: SAMPSON, HENRY (ED.) - World Railways 1950-51
58155: SAMSON, JOHN; WELLENS, GEOFF - How to Build a Ferro-Cement Boat
30041: MESSICK SAMUEL - Individuality in Learning
001029: SAMUEL, P.J - Labour Turnover? Towards a Solution
49773: SAMUELS, PEGGY AND HAROLD - Remington the Complete Prints
47677: SAMUELSON, JAMES;HICKS, J. BRAXTON - The Honey-Bee; Its Natural History, Habits, Anatomy, and Microscopical Beauties.
43579: SAMYN, PHILIPPE - Architecture and Engineering
8514: SANDARS, MARY F. - The Life of Christina Rossetti
47765: SANDBACH, RICHARD - Understanding the Royal Arch
54848: SANDEMAN, MARY - When the years were young
38519: SANDEMAN, ERNEST ALBERT - Notes on the Manufacture of Earthenware with Numerous Illustrations
54588: SANDERS, MAURICE H. - Stories of Round Timber Haulage
RN87: SANDERS, ANDREW - The Companion to a Tale of Two Cities
10690: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH - Luke's Circus
41520: E. K. SANDERS - Fenelon: His Fiends and Enemies. 1651-1715.
39546: SANDERS, MANNING RUTH - A Book of Dragons
72458: SANDERS, HARLOD - Voyage Fom London to Brisbane in the SS Duke of Westminster
43644: SANDERSON, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of Robert Anderson, Author of "Cumberland Ballads," &c. To Which Is Prefixed The Life Of The Author, Written By Himself.
001556: SANDERSON, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of Robert Anderson
71174: SANDERSON, ARLENE (ED.) - A Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright Public Places - Revisited and Revised - Wright Sites
52976: SANDERSON, JOHN - Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects
15462: SANDFORD, JOHN - Parochialia; or Church, School and Parish: The Church system, and Services, Practically Considered
39907: SANDFORD, EDMUND (CIRCA 1675) - Antiquities And Familyes in Cumberland
36673: R W D SANDFORD - The Solicitors' Diary Almanac and Legal Directory, 1940
57802: SANDGREN, EVA LINDQVIST - The Book of Hours of Johannete Ravenelle and the Parisian Book Illumination Around 1400
61062: SANDLER, IRVING - The Triumph of American Painting - A History of Abstract Impressionism
72365: SANDLER, MERTON; PINDER, ROGER (EDS) - Wine: a Scientific Exploration
54494: SANDLER, MONA - Riding with Simon
49639: SANDON, HENRY - Royal Worcester Porcelain
002573: SANDON, HENRY - Flight and Barr Worcester Porcelain 1783-1840
40978: SANDRITTER, W - 100 Years Histochemistry in Germany
57558: SANDS, RONALD - Portrait of the Wordsworth Country
000195: SANDS, LESLIE - Something to Hide
56639: SANDSTROM, SVEN - Konsten I Sverige - 2 Volumes
36444: HUMPHRY SANDWITH - A Narrative of the Siege of Kars and of the Six months' Resistance By the Turkish Garrison Under General Williams to the Russian Army: Together with a Narrative of Travels and Adventures in Armenia and Lazistan; with Remarks on the Present State of Turkey
46600: SANDYS, CYNTHIA - The Awakening Letters
50012: SANGSTER, PAUL - A History of the Free Churches
44720: SANGSTER, W. (ED.) - Sangster's Book for Boys
43946: SANJIAN, AVEDIS K - The Armenian in Syria Under Ottoman Dominion
003276: SANKARAN, DR. P - Some Notes on the Nosodes
003277: SANKARAN, DR. P - The Clinical Relationship of Homoeopathic Remedies
41651: SWAMI SANKARANANDA - The Western Budhism or Christianity
56968: SANKARANARAYAN, JUDITH - Many Voices, One Song: The Poet Mystics of Maharashtra
23982: SANKHALA, KAILASH - Tigerland
39883: SANKHALA, RAILASH - Gardens of God. The Waterbird Sanctuary at Bharatpur
66082: SANSAY, LEONORA; DREXLER, MICHAEL J. - Secret History; or, the Horrors of St. Domingo and Laura
52265: SANSOM, CLIVE - The Poetry of T. S. Eliot - Text of a Lecture to the Speech Fellowship 18 May 1946
38384: SANSOM, CLIVE - The Cathedral
40698: SANSOM, GEORGE S - Climbing at Wasdale Before the First World War
42858: SANSOM, GEORGE S. - Climbing At Wasdale Before The First World War
47738: SANSON, HENRI - Executioners All: Memoirs of the Sanson Family from Private Notes and Documents 1688-1847
53586: SANSWEET, STEPHEN - The Star Wars Vault
000567: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - Poems
72934: DOS SANTOS, CARLOS NELSON F.; ET AL - Repensando a Habitacao No Brasil
40355: MARC SAPERSTEIN - Moments of Crisis in Jewish- Christian Relations
45646: SAPORA JR., ROBERT WILLIAM - A Theory of Middle English Alliterative Meter with Critical Applications
33027: EDITED BY SOL SAPORTA AND JARVIS R BASTIAN - Psycholinguistics: A Book of Readings
36494: SAPPHO - Sappho; One Hundred Lyrics By Bliss Carman
46963: SAREIL, JEAN - Les Tencin - Histoire D'une Famille Au Dix-Huitième Siècle D'après De Nombreux Documents Inédits
000598: SAREIL, JEAN - Essai Sur Candide
33116: GEORGE E. SARGENT - The Crooked Sixpence
42701: SARGISSON, JIM. - Joe Scoap's Stwories
65722: SARGISSON, JIM - Joe Scoap's Stwories: a Cumberland Shepherd's Travels in the Old World, the New World, and Australasia. (Nobbut for Cumberlan Country Whoke) Vol I.
15663: SARKAR, H. - Monuments of Kerala
65007: SARKISSIAN, KAREKIN - The Witness of the Oriental Orthodox Churches - Recovery, Rediscovery, Renewal
46486: SAROYAN, WILLIAM - The Time of Your Life and Two Other Plays
56777: E. G. SARSFIELD - HALL - From Cork to Khartoum. Memoirs of Southern Ireland and the Anglo - Egyptian Sudan 1886-1936
52639: SARTON, MAY - A Shower of Sumer Days
47086: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Situations II
57716: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL; DE MAUNNY, ERIK - Portrait of the Anti-Semite
49426: SATCHELL, J. E. - The Bretherdale Wool Weight
77019: SATCHELL, J E - The Bretherdale Wool Weight
77136: SATCHELL, J E - The Bretherdale Wool Weight
77020: SATCHELL, J E - The Bretherdale Wool Weight
45123: SATTERTHWAITE, DAVID - Barbara Ward and the Origins of Sustainable Development
47650: SAUER, J. W.; THEAL, GEO. M. - Basutoland Records. Copies of Official Documents of Various Kinds, Accounts of Travellers, &c. With Maps and Sketches of Boundary Lines. Vol I. - 1833-1852.
39671: SAUER, GORDON C. - John Gould The Bird Man - A Chronology and Bibliography
50059: SAUER, MARTIN - Expedition to Northern Russia
42901: SAUERLANDER, WILLIBALD - Sens and York: An Inquiry Into The Sculptures From St.Mary's Abbey In The Yorkshire Museum
39743: SAULCY, DE F - Recherches Sur Les Monnaies Des Ducs Hereditaires De Lorraine
66070: SAUNDERS, HILARY ST. GEORGE - Valiant Voyaging: a Short History of the British India Steam Navigation Company in the Second World War 1939-1945
58173: SAUNDERS, NICHOLAS; HERON, LIZ - E for Ecstasy
47449: SAUNDERS, VENETIA A.; SAUNDERS, JON R. - Microbial Genetics Applied to Biotechnology : Principles and Techniques of Gene Transfer and Manipulation
45764: SAUNDERS, JOHN & RAMSAY, A. - Cabinet Pictures of English Life. Chaucer. & Samuel Butler, and His Hudibras and Other Works. (2 Titles in One)
40605: SAUNDERS, H.W - The Official Papers of Sir Nathaniel Bacon
45110: SAUNDERS, BILL - Bessie Surtees - Her Life and Times
36405: JOHN SAUNDERS - Cabinet Pictures of English Life. Chaucer
45786: SAURAT, DENIS - Death and the Dreamer
43955: SAUTER, ROGER - L'ethiopie
40240: G DE BERTIER DE SAUVIGNY - Metternich and His Times
000804: SAUVY, ANNE - Livres Saisis à Paris Entre 1678 et 1701
54643: SAVA, GEORGE - Valley of Forgotten People
737: SAVAGE, EDWIN SIDNEY AND HODGES, CHARLES CLEMENT - A Record of All Works Connected with Hexham Abbey since January 1899 and now in progress
50500: SAVAGE, WILLIAM - A Guide to the Ancient City of Winchester
23614: SAVAGE, GEORGE - French Decorative Art, 1638-1793
39534: SAVAGE, MAXWELL R - The Ecology and Life History of the Common Frog
55906: SAVAGE, D. S. - The Withered Branch: Six Studies in the Modern Novel
36546: MAX SAVELLE - Empires to Nations Expansion in America 1713 - 1824
36067: SAVI, E.W. - Rulers of Men
36058: SAVI, E.W. - The Maker of Dreams
71235: SAVIES, SAM - Liverpool Labour
000339: SAVILL, DAVID; HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets 17 - The Aberdeen and Aberdeen & Commonwealth Lines of George Thompson
47740: SAVILL, AGNES - The Hair and Scalp a Clinical Study (with a Chapter on Hirsuties)
46823: SAVILLE, MALCOLM - The Neglected Mountain - A Lone Pine Story
42920: SAVILLE, MALCOLM - The Gay Dolphin Adventure
49695: SAVILLE, MALCOLM - A Palace for the Buckinghams
45302: SAVILLE, MALCOLM - Man with Three Fingers
55846: SAVILLE, MALCOLM - Mystery at Witchend
000979: SAVORY, PHYLLIS - Zulu Fireside Tales
24329: THEODORE H. SAVORY - Spiders, Mens, and Scorpions: Being the History of Arachnology
65754: SAVOURS, ANN - The North West Passage in the Nineteenth Century: Perils and Pastimes of a Winter in the Ice
43193: SAWREY, H - The History of a Country Parish
43894: SAYEGH, PHILIPPE - Baalbeck, God's Paradise - History of Baalbeck
61332: SAYER, NANCY - The Fen Frog
23320: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Just Vengeance - the Lichfield Festival Play for 1946
44307: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Zeal of Thy House
RN25: SAYRE, WOODROW WILSON - Four Against Everest
53860: SAZONOVA, K.; GUBANOV, G.; PROHAZKA, E. - Andrei Mylnikov
49120: SCAFF, PHILIP - A Select Library of the Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers of the Chistian Church - Volume V. Saint Augustin: Anti-Pelagian Writings
57771: SCAMMELL, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Between Comets for Norman Nicholson at 70
43616: SCAMMELL, WILLIAM - Barnacle Bill
58348: SCANLAN, PATRICIA - Three Dimensional Sin
58357: SCANLAN, PATRICIA - Yell Ow
47988: SCANNELL, EDITH - The Revolt of the Young MacCormacks
56640: JELLICOE OF SCAPA, ADMIRAL VISCOUNT - The Grand Fleet 1914-16: Its Creation, Development and Work
9297: SCARFE, NORMAN - Innocent Espionage : The La Rochefoucauld Brothers' Tour of England in 1785
58148: SCARFE, GERALD - Monsters: How George Bush Saved the World - and Other Tall Stories
54314: SCARGILL, ARTHUR - 'New Realism' The Politics of Fear
61153: SCARRE, CHRIS - Monuments and Landscape in Atlantic Europe
56720: SCARROW, SIMON - The Generals
1055: SCGREINER, OLIVE - Dreams
47085: SCHAAD, HAROLD - Le Thème De L'être et Du Paraître Dans L'œuvre De Marivaux
9396: SCHACHNER, NATHAN - Thomas Jefferson: a Biography
48095: SCHADT, JORG;BECKER, BARBARA;CAROLI, MICHAEL - Mannheim Im Zweiten Weltkrieg: Ein Bildband
22657: SCHAEFER, HERWIN - The Roots of Modern Design: Functional Tradition in the 19th Century
56342: EZRA POUND; SCHAFER, R. MURRAY - Ezra Pound and Music: The Complete Criticism
001261: SCHAFF, PHILIP - Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church - Volume I. The Confessions and Letters of St. Augustin, with a Sketch of His Life and Work
47601: SCHAFF, PHILIP - A Select Library of the Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers of Christian Church - Volume IX. Saint Chrysostom: On the Priesthood; Ascetic Treatises; Select Homilies and Letters; Homilies on the Statues.
000672: SCHALK, FRITZ - Einleitung in Die Encyclopädie Der Französischen Aufklärung
52215: SCHAPERA, I - Apprenticeship at Kuruman
55243: SCHAUERMANN, FRANCOIS LOUIS; CRANE, WALTER (PREFACE) - Wood Carving in Practice and Theory, as Applied to Home Arts, with Notes on Design Having Special Application to Carved Wood in Different Styles.
59010: SCHAUWECKER, TOM; CHOATE, CURT, COX, PENNY; ET AL - Haynes Harley-Davidson Sportster '70-'08 Service & Repair Manual
56955: SCHEIBITZ, THOMAS - A Moving Plan B - Chapter One
61031: SCHELTEMA, J.F - Peeps at Many Lands Java
41555: A VAN SCHENDEL - Camera Studies of Dutch Master Paintings
48772: SCHERCHEN, HERMANN - Handbook of Conducting
58845: SCHERER, JACQUELINE - Contemporary Community: Sociological Illusion or Reality?
41254: SCHERER, DR. CHRISTIAN - Technik Und Geschichte Der Intarsia
001366: SCHERMELÉ, WILLY - Goodnight Stories
55555: SCHERMERHORN, E. W. - Malta of the Knights
55957: SCHERMERHORN, ELIZABETH WHEELER - On the Trail of the Eight-Pointed Cross: a Study of the Heritage of the Knights Hospitallers in Feudal Europe
53600: SCHEZEN, ROBERTO - Private Architecture
42315: SCHIERBEEK, DR A - Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek
53627: SCHIIRMANN, ULRICH - Oriental Carpets
56327: SCHILLER, FREDERICK - Mary Stuart, a Tragedy. & the Robbers. a Tragedy.
56326: SCHILLER, FREDERICK - Don Carlos: a Tragedy. & Cabal and Love, a Tragedy.
50144: SCHIMMEL, ANNEMARIE; FALATURI, ABDOLDJAVAD - We Believe in One God: The Experience of God in Christianity and Islam
72436: SCHIPA, TITO - Tito Schipa: a Biography
43227: SCHLAUG, GEORG - Die Deutschen lastensegler-Verbande 1937-1945
65603: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M. - A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House
40749: SCHLESLINGER, MAX - Saunterings in and About London
36259: PAUL SCHLUETER AND JUNE SCHLUETER (EDITORS) - The English Novel: Twentieth Century Criticism. Volume II, Twentieth Century Novelists
39121: SCHLUTER, DOLPH - The Ecology of Adaptive Radiation
46030: SCHMAL, PETER CACHOLA (ED.) - Digital Real - Blobmeister - First Built Projects
60210: SCHMALENBACH, WERNER - Kurt Schwitters
43714: SCHMIDT, DENNIS J - The Ubiquity of the Finite
47079: SCHMIDT, ALBERT-MARIE - Saint-Evremond Ou L'humaniste Impur
55077: SCHMIDT, ALEXANDER - shakespeare-Lexicon. a Complete Dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases and Constructions in the Works of the Poet. Two Volumes.
47309: SCHMIDT, PETER - Maya
001206: SCHNEBBELIE, J.C - Domestic Cookery in All, It's Branches
33101: BEN ROSS SCHNEIDER JR. - Wordsworth's Cambridge Education
36214: LOUIS SCHNEIDER (EDITOR) - Religion, Culture and Society. A Reader in the Sociology of Religion
58832: SCHNEIDER, JOST W. - Verleihung Genehmigt! Their Honor Was Loyalty!: An Illustrated and Documentary History of the Knight's Cross Holders of the Waffen-SS and Police, 1940-1945
43580: SCHNELL, ANGELIKA - Young German Architects
002835: SCHNELLMANN, G. & WILSON, J.D. - Lead-Zinc Mineralization in North Derbyshire
47301: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Flight Into Darkness
39317: SCHODDE, RICHARD - The Fairy-Wrens - A Monograph of the Maluridae
52564: SCHOENBERG, ARNOLD - Style and Idea
48759: SCHOFIELD, BOB; PILLING, JULIAN - Down Back O'T' Shoddy - Four North Country Dances
23876: ALFRED T. SCHOFIELD - Behind the Brass Plate
33601: A T SCHOFIELD - Queen Anne's Hospital: Its Senators and Sufferers.
RN157: SCHOMBERG, COLONEL R.C.F. - Between the Oxus and the Indus
58875: SCHOMMER, ALBERTO - Flamenco
72506: DOUGLAS EWART HIGH SCHOOL - Galloway at War - a Collection of Wartime Memories from Galloway Folk
7031: SCHOOLMAN, REGINA AND SLATKIN, CHARLES E. - Six Centuries of French Master Drawings in America
36927: BROTHERS OF THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS - The Literary Class-book, or Fourth Series of Select Reading Lessons, in Prose and Verse; Completed By the Brothers of the Christian Schools
6896: SCHOTTENLOHER, DR. KARL - Das alte Buch
43095: SCHOTTMULLER, DR FRIDA - Klassiker Der Kunst in Gesamtausgaben Fra Angelico Da Fiesole
57069: SCHOUVALOFF, ALEXANDER - The Art of Ballets Russes: The Serge Lifar Collection of Theater Designs, Costumes and Paintings at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut
65113: SCHRADER, F. - Atlas De Geographie Historique Par Une Reunion De Professeurs et De Savants Sous La Direction Gegraphique De F. Schrader
72350: SCHRECKLICHKEIT, DOKTOR; SPENCE, ROBERT & PHILIP - Struwwelhitler - a Nazi Story Book
66127: SCHREVELIO, CORNELIO - D. Junii Juvenalis, et Avli Persii Flacci Satyrae: Cum Veteris Scholiaftae & Variorum Commentariis.
33329: ALLAN M SCHRIER AND FRED STOLLNITZ EDITORS - Behavior of Nonhuman Primates: Modern Research Trends
4157: SCHROTER, C. & SCHROTER, L. - Alpen Flora
55535: SCHUBERT, H. R. - History of the British Iron and Steel Industry from C. 450 B. C. To A. D. 1775
58972: SCHUCK, WALTER - Luftwaffe Eagle: From the Me109 to the Me262
43030: SCHUH, WILLI (ED.) - Richard Strauss - Recollections And Reflections
45976: SCHULBERG, BUDD - Sanctuary V
22409: SCHULLER, EILLEN M. - Non-Canonical Psalms from Qumran: A Pseudepigraphic Collection
8448: SCHULMAN, MARY - Moses Hess: Prophet of Zionism
56679: SCHULZ, ECKEHARD; KRAHL, GÜNTHER; REUSCHEL, WOLFGANG - Standard Arabic: An Elementary-Intermediate Course
23263: SCHULZ, REGINE - Egypt. The World of the Pharaohs
58168: SCHUMACHER, E. F. - Small is Beautiful: a Study of the Economics as if People Mattered
48301: SCHURÉ, EDOUARD; MARTIN, EVA (TRANSLATED BY) - From Sphinx to Christ Being the English Translation of L'Evolution Divine
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55324: HORACE; SMART, C. (TRANS) - The Works of Horace, Translated Literally Into English Prose; for the Use of Those Who are Desirous of Acquiring or Recovering a Competent Knowledge of the Latin Language - Two Volumes
58405: SMEAK, ETHEL M. (EDITOR) - The Widow's Tears (George Chapman)
59086: SMEDLEY, CONSTANCE - Peter in Sweden
36642: FRANK E SMEDLEY - Frank Fairlegh or Scenes from the Life of a Private Pupil
000844: SMEED, J. W. - Faust in Literature
002613: SMIDT, KRISTIAN - The Importance of Recognition and Other Essays on T. S. Eliot - Poems, Drama, Criticism
65898: SMIDT, KRISTIAN - The Importance of Recognition: Six Chapters on T. S. Eliot.
54963: SMIDT, KRISTIAN - Unconformities in Shakespeare's Later Comedies
65815: SMIDT, KRISTIAN - Silent Creditors: Henrik Ibsen's Debt to English Literature
000683: SMIETANSKI, JACQUES - Le Réalisme Dans Jacques Le Fataliste
61082: SMIGIELSKI, KONRAD - Self Supporting Co-Operative Village
39193: SMILES, SAMUEL - Lives of the Engineers. History of Roads. Metcalfe: Telford.
34128: SAMUEL SMILES - Life of George Stephenson, Railway Engineer.
44577: SMILES, SAMUEL - Industrial Biography Iron Workers and Tool Workers
71389: SMILES, SAMUEL - Industrial Biography: Iron Workers and Tool Makers.
44000: SMILES, SAMUEL - George Moore Merchant and Philanthropist
46234: SMILES, SAMUEL - George Moore Merchant and Philanthropist
50578: SMILES, SAMUEL - James Nasmyth Engineer an Autobiography
71388: SMILES, SAMUEL - Life of a Scotch Naturalist Thomas Edward Associate of the Linnean Society
56494: SMILEY, JANE - Some Luck
47750: SMITH, DR SIDNEY; BOTT, MICHAEL - One Hundred Years of University Education in Reading : A Pictorial History 1892-1992
55515: HASWELL-SMITH, HAMISH - The Scottish Islands
8045: SMITH, R. A. - Gue Crack Growth: 30 Years Progress
37302: SMITH, G. F. HERBERT - Gem-Stones and their distinctive characters
77050: JABEZ-SMITH, A R - A 17th Century Version of Thomas Tonge's Visitation of 1530
001278: REV. T. SMITH - Reflections on the Works and Providence of God Throughout All Nature, for Every Day in the Year. Translated from the German of C. C. Sturm. Volume One.
49428: JABEZ-SMITH, A. R. - Some Portraits at Dovenby Hall
49437: JABEZ-SMITH, A. R. - A 17th-Century Version of Thomas Tonge's Visitation of 1530
54608: SMITH, CLIVE - Mill Hill as it Was
57768: SMITH, ROGER - The Story of the Bob Graham Round 42 Peaks
54706: SMITH, LINDA JANE - The Cats' Wedding
001488: SMITH, ELINOR GOULDING - Confessions of Mrs Smith
58407: SMITH, JOHN HAZEL (EDITOR) - The Gentleman Usher (George Chapman)
77128: SMITH, M J - The Mushroom Elections in Carlisle, 1784-1803
53131: SMITH, FRANK AND MOORHOUSE, SYDNEY - Cycling in and About Yorkshire
7153: SMITH, JOHN - Chronicon Rusticum - Commerciale or Memoirs of Wool &c.
58077: SMITH, STEVIE - Selected Poems By Stevie Smith
46642: SMITH, LESLIE - Flour Milling Technology
58705: SMITH, D. NICHOL (EDITOR) - Eighteenth Century Essays on Shakespeare
33532: IRWIN SMITH - Shakespeare's Blackfriars Playhouse Its History and Its Design
23139: SMITH, ROBERT CHESTER - The Art of Portugal 1500-1800
45219: SMITH, SARN - 21 '40
58008: SMITH, R. A. - A Bibliography of Lake District Geology and Geomorphology
45564: SMITH, R. E. - British Army Vehicles & Equipment - Part One Armour & Part Two Artillery
003044: SMITH, R.A. - A Bibliography of the Geology and Geomorphology of Cumbria
77265: JABEZ-SMITH, A R - A 17th Century Version of Thomas Tonge's Visitation of 1530
77264: JABEZ-SMITH, A R - Anthony Person, An Early Cumbrian Quaker
77263: JABEZ-SMITH, A R - Anthony Person, An Early Cumbrian Quaker
56345: IBN BATTUTAH; TIM MACKINTOSH-SMITH - The Travels of Ibn Battutah
46207: SMITH, K. E. (ED.) - Pennine Platform No. 45 Spring/Summer 1999
46208: SMITH, K. E. (ED.) - Pennine Platform No. 42 Autumn/Winter 1997
46209: SMITH, K. E. (ED.) - Pennine Platform Double No. 47-48. 2000
58035: SMITH, BERNARD - Special Reports on the Mineral Resources of Great Britiain Volume VIII
65903: MOORE SMITH, G. C. - William Hemminge's Elegy on Randolph's Finger Containing the Well-Known Lines 'On the time-Poets'
33137: GREG SMITH AND SARAH HYDE - 1845 - 1915: Artist, Designer and Socialist
37533: EDITED BY S D. SMITH - An Exact and Industrious Tradesman : The Letter Book of Joseph Symson of Kendal, 1710-1720
38956: SMITH, SD (ED.) - An Exact and Industrious Tradesman The Letter Book of Joseph Symson of Kendal 1711-1720
57368: GUTHRIE-SMITH, H. - Birds of the Water, Wood & Waste
002720: SMITH, BERNARD - The Building of the The Lake District
46210: SMITH, K. E. (ED.) - Pennine Platform No. 43. Spring/Summer 1998
RN119: SMITH, ULRICA MURRAY - Magic of the Quorn
33591: DAVID NICHOL SMITH - Some Observations on Eighteenth Century Poetry
56515: SMITH, C. FOX - Ship Models
9401: VERA ARLETT; JOE CORRIE; GEOFFREY THOMAS; STUART READY; M. H. NOEL-PATON; JAMES LANSDALE HODSON; W. ERIC HARRIS; F. SLADEN-SMITH - Water Party; Lives o' Men ; God's Jailer; Vassals Departing; Fear No More; Farewell, Emma; Twenty-five Cents; Time's Visitors
65435: SMITH, JAMES - The Mechanic; or, Compendium of Practical Inventions; Containing Two Hundred and Fifteen Articles, Selected and Original, Arranged Under the Following Heads: I. Manufactures and Trade, II. Philosophical Apparatus and the Fine Arts, III. Rural and Domestic
46008: SMITH, K. E. (ED.) - Pennine Platform No. 41 Spring/Summer 1997
37370: TOULMIN SMITH, LUCY (EDITOR) - The Itinerary of John Leland in or About the Years 1535-1543 Parts IV and V
37371: TOUMLIN SMITH, LUCY - The Itinerary of John Leland in or about the Years 1535-1543 Parts IX, X and XI
77051: JABEZ-SMITH, A R - Joseph Williamson and Thomas Lamplugh
77052: JABEZ-SMITH, A R - Joseph Williamson and Thomas Lamplugh
22625: ED. K SMITH - Solid Supports Catalysts in Organic Synthesis
50747: JABEZ-SMITH, A. R. - Some Portraits at Dovenby Hall
45322: SMITH, EWART - The Schipperke
44421: SMITH, JOHN & HASLAM, CHARLOTTE - The Landmark Handbook 1992
46036: SMITH, G. E. KIDDER - Source Book of American Architecture - 500 Notable Buildings from the 10th Century to the present
58194: SMITH, F.B. & CLARK, M.J. - The Transport and Deposition of Airborne Debris From the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident with Special Emphasis on the Consequences to the United Kingdom
55639: SMITH, D. NICHOL - Eighteenth Century Essays on Shakespeare
002719: SMITH, BERNARD - The Glacier-Lakes of Eskdale, Miterdale, and Wasdale, Cumberland; and the Retreat of the Ice During the Main Glaciation
49393: SMITH, M. J. - The Mushroom Elections in Carlisle, 1784-1803

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