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68396: DYBECK, MAURICE - Jessy & John The Hardens of Brathay Hall 1804-1811
65845: DYCK, IAN - William Cobbett and Rural Popular Culture
37243: THISELTON DYER, REV. T.F. - English Folk-Lore
9375: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Lavender Laughs in the Chalet School
40682: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M - Janie Steps in
8840: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Ruey Richardson - Chaletian
8846: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The Coming of Age of the Chalet School
8845: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The Chalet School and Richenda
004100: DYER, PETER; HODGE, PETER - Balloon Stacks and Sugar Cane: The Sugar-cane Railways of Fiji
8854: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The Chalet School Reunion
8855: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Carola Storms the Chalet School
8848: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Adrienne and the Chalet School
8850: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Summer Term at the Chalet School
50317: BRENT DYER, ELINOR M - Monica Turns Up Trumps
8895: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The Princess of the Chalet School
42103: ELINOR M. BRENT-DYER - The Head-girl of the Chalet School
50190: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M - The Chalet School and Jo
43444: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The New House At The Chalet School
43035: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The Maids Of La Rochelle
8832: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - A Problem for the Chalet School
55786: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Ruey Richardson-Chaletian
65094: DYER, THOMAS HENRY - Ancient Athens: Its History, Topography, and Remains.
50311: BRENT DYER, ELINOR M - The Feud in the Fifth Remove
9405: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Fardingales
000616: DYER, OLIVER - The Boy Patriot- the Story of the Life of General Jackson
D00084: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - A Head Girl's Difficulties
8836: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The Chalet Girls in Camp
40778: DYKHUIZEN, GEORGE - The Life and Mind of John Dewey
65167: DYKHUIZEN, GEORGE - The Concept of God in the Philosophy of Josiah Royce: a Critical Exposition of Its Epistemological and Metaphysical Development
50353: DYKINGA, JACK; BOWERS, JANICE EMILY - Desert: The Mojave and Death Valley
63341: DYLAN, BOB - Tarantula
002751: DYMENT, CLIFFORD - Poems 1935-1948
33070: DAVID DYMOND - Suffolk Local History: A Short Bibliography 1970
67295: DYSON, S.L. - Children's Flowers The Friends of Their Rambles and Play
59427: DZANKIC, JELENA - Citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro: Effects of Statehood and Identity Challenges (Southeast Europen Studies)
49834: A.L.O.E. - Flora
36055: EDITED BY E.E, RICH; INTRODUCTION BY SIR JOHN CLAPHAM - Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company 1671 -1674
003536: A. L. O. E. - The Brother's Return and Other Stories
69999: A.L.O.E. (CHARLOTTE MARIE TUCKER A LADY OF ENGLAND) - Daybreak in Britain
55092: BURK. BILL E, - Elvis World 1977-1992 - EW #25
30014: STOVER E. AND NIGHTINGALE E.O. EDIT - Breaking of Bodies and Minds
48422: A. L. O. E. - Wings and Stings. A Tale for the Young
56649: A.L.O.E. - The Lady of Provence; or, Humbled and Healed. a Tale of the First French Revolution.
72599: E. AND O. E. - Planning - the Architect's Handbook
67529: EADIE, R. H. - New Ground: A Painting and Fishing Holiday in Wester Ross
46629: EADITH, JOAN - Hospital Girls
58193: EAGER, MIKE & STAINES, ALEX - Warning - Poems
26515: EAGLESHAM, NANCY - From School Board to Local Authority
41971: EAGLESHAM, NANCY - Whitehaven and the Tobaco
50577: EAMES, ALED - Ships and Seamen of Anglesey, 1558-1918 : Studies in Maritime and Local History
72608: EAMES, ALED; ET AL - Cymru A'R Mor Maritime Wales No.3 (1978)
72609: EAMES, ALED; ET AL - Cymru A'R Mor Maritime Wales No.1 (1976)
8597: EARHART, H. BYRON - The New Religions of Japan: a Bibliography of Western-Language Materials
42367: THE THIRD EARL - Diaries and Correspondence of James Harris the First Earl of Malmesbury - Volume I.
58789: EARLE, JOHN - Micro-cosmographie
38360: EARLE, SARAH; LLOYD, CATHY E.; SIDELL, MOYRA AND SPURR, SUE - Theory and Research in Promoting public Health
44237: EARLE, A SCOTT - Surgery in America- From the Colonial Era to the Twentieth Century
61150: EARLY, LEE - A Thousand Acres of Nothing
1615: EARP, R. W. - A Country Called Black
33037: J R EARP, E G POOLE & A J WHITEMAN - Geology of the Country Around Clitheroe and Nelson (one-inch Geological Sheet 68, New Series]
38506: EASON, E.H - Centipedes of the British Isles
26392: EASON, AL - Boom Town: Kilgore, Texas
65807: EASTWOOD, STUART; GRAY, CHARLES; GREEN, ALAN - When Dragons Flew: An Illustrated History of the 1st Battalion The Border Regiment 1939-45
50414: EASTWOOD, T; DIXON, E. E. L.; HOLLINGWORTH, S. E.; SMITH, BERNARD - Department of Scientific and Industrial Research - Memoirs of the Geological Survey England and Wales - Explanation of Sheet 28 the Geology of the Whitehaven and Workington District
39889: EASTWOOD, STUART, GRAY, CHARLES & GREEN, ALAN - When Dragons Flew: An Illustrated History of the First Battalion the Border Regiment 1939-45
003724: EASTWOOD, STUART - Lions and Dragons An Illustrated History of The King's Own Royal Border Regiment 1959-2006
000602: EASTWOOD, STUART - When Dragons Flew
23301: EDITED BY CLEMENT EATON - The Leaven of Democracy. The Growth of the Democratic Spirit in the Time of Jackson
64933: EATON, GAI - The Richest Vein: Eastern Tradition and Modern Thought
43153: EATON, EVELYN - The Hours of Isis
60311: EATON, MRS MARY - Eatons Cookery the Cook and Housekeepers Complete and Universal Dictionary
68811: EATON, H.B. - Something Extra: 28 Commonwealth Brigade 1951 to 1974
45035: EAVES, DR GEORGE - Diving - The Mechanics of Springboard and Firmboard Techniques
68102: SCHJELDERUP-EBBE, DAG - Edvard Grieg 1858-1867
71324: EBERLE, MATTHIAS - World War I and the Weimar Artists Dix, Grosz, Beckmann, Schlemmer
58640: EBERLEIN, HAROLD DONALDSON & HUBBARD, CORTLANDT VAN DYKE - Historic Houses of The Hudson Valley
55526: KOLBL-EBERT, M. (EDITOR) - Geology and Religion A History of Harmony and Hostility
37560: EBISCH, WALTHER & SCHUCKING, LEVIN L. - A Shakespeare Bibliography
55227: EBY, CECIL DEGROTTE - The Road to Armageddon: The Martial Spirit in English Popular Literature, 1870-1914
77026: ECCLES, AUDREY - Vagrancy in Later Eighteenth-Century Westmorland: A Social Profile
46531: ECCLES, FRANK - The Barbary Run
77032: ECCLES, AUDREY - Vagrancy in Later Eighteenth-Century Westmorland: A Social Profile
77246: ECCLES, AUDREY - The Dissemination of Medical Thought in the 17th Century - A Case of Rickets in Westmorland
49385: ECCLES, DR AUDREY - The Dissemination of Medical Thought in the 17th Century - a Case of Rickets in Westmorland
77006: ECCLES, AUDREY - Vagrancy in Later Eighteenth-Century Westmorland: A Social Profile
67077: ECCLES, DIANA (EDITOR) - Fine Arts News Sheet No. 11 March 1981
77247: ECCLES, AUDREY - The Dissemination of Medical Thought in the 17th Century - A Case of Rickets in Westmorland
51043: ECCLES, FRANK - Fifty Thousand Overcoats
36451: JAMES ECCLESTON - An Introduction to English Antiquities Intended as a Companion to the History of England
39465: ECHALAZ, LIEUT. - COL. - Complete History of the Echalaz Collection.
40150: MICHAEL J C ECHERUO - Joyce Cary and the Dimensions of Order
66162: ECKENSTEIN, LINA - Comparative Studies in Nursery Rhymes
46844: ECKERT, ALLAN W. - The Crossbreed
22745: ECKHARDT, ROGER; SHERA, NANCY - From Cardinals to Chaos: Reflections on the Life and Legacy of Stanislaw Ulam
48060: ECKHART, MEISTER;WALSHE, MAURICE O'C - Meister Eckhart - Sermons & Treatises - Volume III with the Newly Discovered Fragment of an Unknown Sermon
24755: E EUGENE ECKLUND - Repairing Record Changers: A Practical Guide to all Models, Including Portable Phonographs, High-fidelity Units, and Magnetic Tape Recorders
67314: ECKSTORM, FANNIE HARDY - The Bird Book
33247: JOHN DURNIAK ED. - Photography Annual 1967: International Edition
22817: JUNE L NESS ED. - Lyonel Feininger: Documentary Monographs in Modern Art
56290: FORSTER G.C.F. ED. - Northern History: A Review of the History of the North of England - Volume VIII - 1973
33188: J ANTHONY HIND ED. - Ships' Gear: Proceedings of the Technical Symposium on ''The Future Technical Pattern of Control Engineering, Equipment and Ship Operation"
33044: F J GOODLIFFE ED. - Kemp's Film & Television Year Book (International) 1969
33059: VICTOR E NEUBURG ED. - Central Society of Education. Volume 3 in The Social History of Education Series. First, Second and Third Publication of 1839
33063: JENS PEDER HART HANSEN ED. - The Greenland Mummies
33303: HOMER A JACK ED. - The Gandhi Reader: A Source Book of His Life and Writings
33323: ELLA MOODY ED. - Decorative Art in Modern Interiors 1965/6: The Studio Year Book of International Furnishing and decoration/Volume 55
33248: BRUCE DOWNES ED. - Photography Annual 1963: International Edition
33169: SAMUEL J LOOKER ED. - The Nature Diaries and Note-books of Richard Jefferies
33295: ARCHIE POTTS ED. - Shipbuilders and Engineers: Essays on Labour in the Shipbuilding and Engineering Industries of the Northeast
33238: J A O MUIRHEAD ED. - Clifton College Register, 1862 to 1947
D00069: EDDEN, VALERIE - The Index of Middle English Prose: Handlist XV: Manuscripts in Midland Libraries (15)
22550: ALEXANDER EDDINGTON - North Morningside Church, Edinburgh. History of a Congregation, 1863-1930
22503: EDITED BY LEON EDEL - The Complete Plays of Henry James
55488: EDEL, LEON; LIND, ILSE DUSOIR; JAMES, HENRY - Henry James - Parisian Sketches: Letters to the New York Tribune 1875-1876
62776: EDEN, EMILY - Up the Country
001730: EDERSHEIM, REV ALFRED - History of the Jewish Nation
63913: EDGAR, J.G. - The Young Crusaders
64548: EDGAR, M.G. AND CHILMAN, ERIC (SELECTED BY) - The Book of English Verse
59679: EDGAR, MAJOR FRANCIS - A Grammar of the Gbari Language with Gbari-English and English-Gbari Dictionaries.
49746: EDGAR, ALFRED - The Schollboy Airmen
50425: EDGAR, JAMES - Hawick in the Early Sixties
39951: EDGAR, HARRY - Chocolate, Blue and Gold 50 Years of Whitehaven Rugby League Football club
24763: J G EDGAR - The Wars of the Roses or the Struggles of York and Lancaster
22646: EDGERTON, HAROLD E.; KILLIAN, JAMES RHYNE - Moments of Vision: The Stroboscopic Revolution in Photography
33279: MARIA EDGEWORTH - Self-Denial
68297: EDGEWORTH, MARIA - Popular Tales
10071: EDGEWORTH, MARIA; RETOLD BY CHISHOLM, LOUEY - Simple Susan (Grandomther's Favourites)
5686: EDGEWORTH, MARIA AND EDGWORTH R. L. - Practical Education: 3 vols.
22522: MARIA EDGEWORTH - The Novels of Maria Edgeworth in Twelve Volumes. Vol. IX, 'Harrington' and 'Ormond'
69687: EDGREN, GRETCHEN - The Playmate Book Five Decades of Centerfolds
55321: THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH - His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh's Study Conference on the Human Problems of Industrial Communities Within the Commonwealth and Empire 9-27 July 1956 - Volume II Background Papers and Index 1956
65592: H.R.H. THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH - The British Contribution to Science and Technology in the Past Hundred Years and Other Addresses
30042: WHITEHOUSE J.H. EDIT. - John Ruskin: Letters Written on the Occasion of the Centenary of His Birth 1919
30021: STRELKA JOSEPH P. EDIT - Protest - Form - Tradition
30031: POLUNIN NICHOLAS EDIT. - Environmental Future
36471: G.B.ROUTLEDGE EDIT. - Carlisle Grammar School Memorial Register, 1264 - 1924
33493: SAMUEL J LOOKER EDITOR - Richard Jefferies. Chronicles of the Hedges and Other Essays
33576: HORACE MINER EDITOR - The City in Modern Africa
33785: TONY TANNER EDITOR - Henry James: Modern Judgements
62661: CHARLES HENRI FORD [EDITOR]: - View: Parade of the avant-garde : an anthology of View magazine (1940-1947)
33743: DAVID LEWIS EDITOR - Urban Structure
33749: RUPERT SPADE EDITOR - Eero Saarinen: Masters of Modern Architecture
25159: R LAWRENCE EDITOR - Proceedings Institute of Acoustics: Vol.19: Part 6 (1997). Reproduced Sound 13
33140: BENGT PLEIJEL EDITOR - Tradition and Progress in Swedish Music
33508: FREDERICK L MULHAUSER EDITOR - The Correspondence of Arthur Hugh Clough Vols I & II
34087: D G E HALL EDITOR - Historians of South East Asia
22631: G H WILLIAMS EDITOR - Advances in Free Radical Chemistry Volume Four
33005: G H WILLIAMS EDITOR - Advances in Free-Radical Chemistry Volume 6
41643: ROBERT LANGS EDITOR - Classics in Psycho-analytic Technique
33482: LEWIS AUSTEN EDITOR - Japan: The Paradox of Progress
34068: E W COLE EDITOR - Cole's Funniest Song Book in the World
34041: C E FOGG EDITOR - Symposia of the Society for Experimental Biology. Number XVII Cell Differentation
34076: G M KICHENSIDE EDITOR - Railway World Volume 28
34077: G M KICHENSIDE EDITOR - Railway World Volume 30
34078: G M KICHENSIDE EDITOR - Railway World Volume 26
34079: G M KICHENSIDE EDITOR - Railway World Volume 27
34008: ERNEST SUTHERLAND BATES. EDITOR - The Bible Designed to be Read as Literature. Volume I
33529: MICHAEL J MOORE EDITOR - Quincentennial Essays on St. Thomas Moore
34014: D J SMITH EDITOR - Newnes Complete Engineer: a Reliable Guide to the Everyday Work of the Engineer Parts 1 - 13
33994: MARTIN M BLACK EDITOR - Developments in Biomedical Engineering
33404: VAL AKIN BURD. EDITOR - The Winnington Letters: John Ruskin's Correspondence with Margaret Alexis Bell and the Children at Winnington Hall
33342: WILLIAM TOWNSEND EDITOR - Canadian Art Today
33337: LINDA BRIGGS EDITOR - British National Film and Video Catalogue Volume 25, Number 4 - Winter 1987
33338: MAUREEN BROWN EDITOR - British National Film & Video Catalogue Volume 25, Number 3 - Autumn 1987
33339: MAUREEN BROWN EDITOR - British National Film & Video Catalogue Volume 26 Number 1 Spring 1988
33599: JURGEN BALZER EDITOR - Carl Nielsen Centenary Essays
34144: FRANK HOLLINGS EDITOR - Poetry: From Beowulf to the End of the Nineteenth Century
34167: SCOTT MURRAY EDITOR - The New Australian Cinema
64728: VARIOUS EDITORS - Ploughshares at Emerson College 5 Issues
22658: ARCHITECTURAL RECORD EDITORS - Buildings for the Arts
40447: J B WHITTOW; P D WOOD.EDITORS - Essays in Geography for Austin Miller
39709: VARIOUS EDITORS - The Correspondence of Charles Darwin in 15 Volumes
33531: J F DANIELLI R BROWN EDITORS - Structural Aspects of Cell Physiology: Symposia of the Society for Experimental Biology, Number VI
43795: EDLIN, H. L. - The New Naturalist - Trees, Woods & Man
38794: EDLIN, H.L. - Trees, Woods and Man
40431: H L EDLIN (ED) - Glamorgan Forests
51075: EDMONDS, JAMES E. BRIGADIER-GENERAL SIR - History of the Great War Military Operations - France and Belgium, 1918 - Volume I Plus Maps
15622: EDMONDS, CHARLES - A Subaltern's War
33386: JOSEPH EDMUNDSON - In the Long Run as Told By J.H.Peters and His Coach `Johnny` Johnston
43859: EDOSOMWAN, JOHNSON AIMIE - Productivity and Quality Improvement
45862: CARPENTER EDWARD - My Days and Dreams Being Autobiographical Notes
41584: CARPENTER EDWARD - Thomas Sherlock 1678-1761
64035: EDWARDES, S. M. - Babur: Diarist and Despot
40072: MICHAEL EDWARDES - The West in Asia 1850-1914
59366: EDWARDS, LESLIE - Kohima The Furthest Battle
24596: DAVID EDWARDS - An Economic Study of Small Farming In Jamaica
56870: EDWARDS, GEORGE WHARTON - Vanished Halls and Cathedrals of France
48443: EDWARDS, MAJOR T. J.; KIPLING, ARTHUR L. - Regimental Badges
25145: F W EDWARDS - British Mosquitoes and Their Control
003265: EDWARDS, PHILIP - Person and Office in Shakespeare's Plays
002119: EDWARDS, AMELIA B. - Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers
62492: EDWARDS, HARRY - Spirit Healing
23229: HARRY EDWARDS - A Guide to Spirit Healing
58763: EDWARDS, MILDRED - Cummerlan' Teals & Poems
001641: EDWARDS, J. GORONWY - Littere Wallie Preserved in Liber A in the Public Record Office - Board of Celtic Studies, University of Wales History and Law Series, No. 5
40575: EDWARDS, MONICA - Punchbowl Harvest
58416: EDWARDS, E. - Personal Recollections of Birmingham and Birmingham Men
54486: EDWARDS, MONICA - No Mistaking Corker
67777: EDWARDS, GWYNNE; HAAS, KEN - Flamenco!
001740: BETHAM-EDWARDS, M - Travels in France
69831: EDWARDS, RALPH - The Dictionary of English Furniture from the Middle Ages to the Late Georgian Period 3 Volumes
52299: CHARLES-EDWARDS, T.M - The Welsh King and His Court
66321: EDWARDS, HARRY - A Guide to the Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing
000931: EDWARDS, A. TRYSTAN - Freemasons' Hall London - an Appreciation, and Descriptive Notes of the Building
44491: EDWARDS, LIONEL - My Hunting Sketch Book
73013: EDWARDS, J.M - Clogwyn D'ur Arduu
55112: EDWARDS, PHILIP EWBANK, INGA-STINA & HUNTER, G.K. (EDITORS) - Shakespeare's Styles Essays in Honour of Kenneth Muir
RN137: EDWARDS, K. C. - The Peak District
38375: EDWARDS, K. C. - The Peak District
51053: EDWARDS, GLORIA - Moota - Camp 103 The Story of a Cumbrian Prisoner of War Camp
40578: EDWARDS, MONICA - No Entry
40635: EDWARDS, OWEN M - Wales. A National Magazine for the English Speaking Parts of Wales Volume One
56818: EDWARDS, DIANA - Black Basalt: Wedgwood and Contemporary Manufacturers
001693: EDWARDS, J.M - Tryfan Group
26742: EDWARDS, MARK R.; EWEN, ANN J. - 360 Degrees Feedback: Powerful New Model for Employee Assessment and Performance Improvement
63823: EDWARDS, PAMELA - The Statesman's Science: History, Nature, and Law in the Political Thought of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
64069: EDWARDS, JONATHAN - The Select Works of Jonathan Edwards 3 Volumes
46309: EDWARDS, J. - A Careful and Strict Enquiry Into the Modern Prevailing Notions of That Freedom of the Will, Which is Supposed to be Essential to Moral Agency, Virtue and Vice, Reward and Punishment, Praise and Blame.
66290: EDWARDS, HARRY; BURTON, OLIVE - A Guide to Spirit Healing
44492: EDWARDS, LIONEL - My Scottish Sketch Book
50916: EDWARDS, B.J.N. & BREEZE, DAVID J. - The Twelfth Pilgrimage of Hadrian's Wall, 1999
003421: EDWARDS, HARRY - The Hands of a Healer
57625: EDWARDS, HARRY - A Guide to the Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing
53811: EDWARDS, PAUL - The Encylopaedia of Philosophy in 4 Volumes
67705: EDWARDS, HERBERT W. - Under Four Flags
56266: EDWARDS, K. C.; SWINNERTON, H. H.; HALL, R. H. - The Peak District - the New Naturalist 44
36446: CLIVE D EDWARDS - Twentieth-Century Furniture, Materials, Manufacture and Markets
003614: EDWARDS, T. W. C. - The Eton Latin Grammar: With the Addition of Many Useful Notes and Observations, and Also of the Accents and Quantity: Etc.
69050: EDWARDS, ROBERT; STEPTOE, PATRICK - A Matter of Life: The Story of a Medical Breakthrough
52786: EDYE, HUISH (DISTOFFER) - The Angler and the Trout
69665: EECKHOUT, PAUL (CONSERVATEUR DU MUSEE DES BEAUX-ARTS) - Retrospective Theo Van Rysselberghe
22822: EDITORS: RICHARD EELLS AND CLARENCE WALTON - Man in the City of the Future: A Symposium of Urban Philosophers
33343: INNGANGSORD EFTIR & HALLDOR KILJAN LAXNESS - Johannes Sveinsson Kjarval
26422: EGAN, NANCY; ALTOON + PORTER ARCHITECTS - Altoon + Porter Architects: Context and Conscience
002201: EGAN, PIERCE; FORD, JOHN (ED) - Boxiana or Sketches of Ancient and Modern Pugilism from the Days of the Renowned James Figg and Jack Broughton to the Heroes of the Later Milling Era Jack Scroggins and Tom Hickman
58158: EGERTON, JUDY - The British School (The British Paintings - National Gallery Catalogues)
42914: EHRENBERG, W. - On Being a Scientist
53448: EHRLICH, LEONARD - God's Angry Man
57599: BRUCE MANNING METZGER; EHRMAN, BART D.; HOLMES, MICHAEL W. - The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research - Essays on the Status Quaestionis.: Studies and Documents Vol 46
43420: VON EICHBORN, REINHART - Wirtschafts-Worterbuch - Volume I - Englisch/Deutsch
53281: EICHENBERG, FRITZ - The Art of the Print
53349: EICHINGER, FERRO-LUZZI, GABRIELLA - The Smell of the Earth Rajanarayanan's Literary Description of Tamil Village Life
33694: EDWARD P EICHLER AND MARSHALL KAPLAN - The Community Builders
001667: EICKELMAN, DALE F.; ANDERSON, JON W. - New Media in the Muslim World: The Emerging Public Sphere
68167: VON EINEM, GOTTFRIED - Der Besuch Der Alten Dame - the Visit of the Old Lady
003014: EINSTEIN, LEWIS - Inside Constantinople: a Diplomatist's Diary During the Dardanelles Expedition April-September 1915
003836: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - The Meaning of Relativity
58796: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - The World As I See It
69386: EISEN, CLIFF - New Mozart Documents
69387: EISEN, CLIFF (EDITOR) - Mozart Studies
41736: EISENBERG, DENNIS; DAN, URI; LANDAU, ELI - The Mossad. Israel's Secret Intelligence Service Inside Stories
67505: EISENHOWER, GENERAL (FOREWORD) - Twenty-Five Thousand Tanks: a Record of the War Effort of Those Who Provided the "Armour in Which We Trusted"
72285: EISENHOWER, DWIGHT DAVID - Selected Speeches of Dwight David Eisenhower 34th President of the United States
63908: EISENMAN, ROBERT - James the Brother of Jesus Volume 1 The Cup of the Lord
9171: EISLER, HANNS - Composing for the Films
23959: EKBLAW, K. J. T. - Farm Concrete
68231: EKEGARDH, EDITH; HALLMAN-HAGGREN, BRITTA - Stora Kokboken Hushallets Uppslagsbok I Alla Matfragor
64934: EKVALL, ROBERT B. - The Lama Knows: a Tibetan Legend is Born
33459: STANLEY ELAM - Education and the Structure of Knowledge: Fifth Annual Phi Delta Kappa Symposium on Educational Research
45774: ELAZAR (ED.) - ARC 10 - Spring 1995
55579: ELBERT, JOYCE - The Crazy Ladies
49137: ELBOURNE, ROGER - Music and Tradition in Early Industrial Lancashire 1780-1840
40624: ELCOATE, VICKI - National Parks for Life
65959: ELDER, RAIBEART - After My Own Fashion
67143: ELDER, E. E. - Arabic Grammar Inductive Method
69060: ELDERFIELD, JOHN; MONRAD, KASPER - Bob Dylan: The Brazil Series
69271: ELDERTON, LOUISA (ED) - Francesco Clemente: Mandala for Crusoe
37295: ELDRIDGE, JIM - A Canny History of Carlisle
26486: ESPACE ELECTRA - Lanterna Magika: Nouvelles Technologies Dans L'art Tcheque Du XXe Siecle = New Technologies in Czech Art of the 20th Century
64040: ELEY, MAJOR W. G. - Retrievers and Retrieving.
14254: ELGAR, EDWARD - A Future for English Music and Other Lectures
33089: CHRIS ELGOOD - Handbook Of Management Games
44979: ELIAS, T OLAWALE - Government and Politics in Africa
67368: ELIAS, ELIAS A. & ELIAS, EDWARD E. - Elias' Pocket Dictionary English-Arabic
70397: ELICK, DON AND BOOTH, RAYMOND - Japonica Magnifica
44203: ELIOT, T. S. - Burnt Norton
45554: ELIOT, T. S. - Little Gidding
44202: ELIOT, T. S. - The Dry Salvages
54944: ELIOT, T. S. - To Criticize the Critic and Other Writings
67196: ELIOT, T. S. - Burnt Norton
53688: ELIOT, T.S. - Collected Plays
46532: ELIOT, T. S. - The Family Reunion - a Play
13532: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Mill on the Floss
5664: ELIOT, T. S. - The Aims of Poetic Drama: The Presidetial Address to The Poets' Theatre Guild
72385: ELIOT, T. S.; ELIOT, VALERIE - The Waste Land: a Facsimile and Transcript of the Original Drafts Including the Annotations of Ezra Pound
50833: ELIOT, GEORGE - Scenes of Clerical Life
2348: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Legend of Jubal and other poems
59770: ELIOT, GEORGE - Silas Marner I and II
55011: ELIOT, T.S. - The Complete Poems and Plays of T.S. Eliot
49924: ELIOTT, LYDIA S. - Kangaroo Country
26418: BY THE AUTHOR OF 'ELIZABETH AND HER GARDEN' - Fraulein Schmidt and Mr. Anstruther
52696: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE - Perseverance; or, Walter and His Little School.
49187: BY THE AUTHOR OF "ELIZABETH AND HER GERMAN GARDEN - Princess Priscilla's Fortnight
22859: ED ELIZABETH AND ARTHUR ROSE - The Condensed Chemical Dictionary
72273: ELKIN, R.H - Little People
52485: ELKINS, N.; REID, J. B.; BROWN, A. W.; ROBERTSON, D. G.; SMOUT, A-M. - The Fife Bird Atlas
69965: ELL, JIMMY (EDITOR) - Bone-shaker Magazine Issues 1, 2 and 3
002671: ELLES, G.L. - The Graptolite-Fauna of the Skiddaw Slates
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002585: FINLEY, REV. JAMES B.; CLARK, REV. D. W. - Life Among the Indians; or, Personal Reminiscences and Historical Incidents Illustrative of Indian Life and Character
36187: JOHN FINNEMORE - Social Life in Wales
49202: FIORE, QUENTIN, MARSHALL MCLUHAN - The Medium is the Massage
68584: FIRBANK, RONALD - The New Rythum and Other Pieces
67612: FIRBANK, RONALD - Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli
67804: FIRBANK, RONALD - The Artificial Princess
68948: FIRBANK, RONALD - Sorrow in Sunlight
57298: FIRMAN, RONALD JOHN - Fissure Metasomatism in Volcanic Rocks Adjacent to The Shap Granite, Westmorland
57300: FIRMAN, R.J. - The Borrowdale Volcanic Series Between Wastwater and Duddon Valley, Cumberland
57299: FIRMAN, R.J. - The Relationship Between Joints and Fault Patterns in the Eskdale Granie (Cumberland) and the Adjacent Borrowdale Volcanic Series
68473: FIRMIN, STANLEY - Crime Man
41089: FIRPO, PATRICK; ALEXANDER, LESTER; KATAYANAGI, CLAUDIA - Copyart: The First Complete Guide to the Copy Machine
41933: FIRSOFF, V.A. - Surface of the Moon. It's Structure and Origin
64636: FIRTH, ANNIE - Cane Basket Work: a Practical Manual on Weaving Useful and Fancy Baskets.
43716: FISCHER, EDWIN - Ludwig Van Beethovens Klaviersonaten
48739: FISH, PETER J. - Electronic Noise and Low Noise Design
57226: FISHER, ROY - The Long and the Short of It: Poems 1955-2005
53056: FISHER, PAUL - Black Light A Requiem for Full Choir Soloists and Organ
37206: FISHER, MARGERY (ED.) - Open the Door
56084: FISHER, ROY - The Ship's Orchestra
56714: FISHER, JAMES (ED) - The New Naturalist: a Journal of British Natural History
62434: FISHER, JAMES - Rockall
002753: FISHER, ROY - Collected Poems 1968
53050: FISHER, PAUL - Three Songs for Soprano Voice I. Earth Waltz II. Towards the Light III. Flowers
53051: FISHER, PAUL - Holy is the True Light An Anthem for A Cappella Choir
53054: FISHER, PAUL AND MOORE, CAROLINE - The Power of Love (revised Version May 2007)
53052: FISHER, PAUL (A SETTING BY) - Bradford Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis
53057: FISHER, PAUL - The Cat of Glory Symphony in G for Organ with Optional Percussion
D00068: FISHER, JOHN - The Uncertain Traveller
41825: FISHER, MARY - Tales Local and Legendary
39891: FISHER, JAMES - The Fulmar
53048: FISHER, PAUL AND FLETCHER, PHINEAS - Drop, Drop Slow Tears A Litany for Choir and Organ
53049: FISHER, PAUL AND SMITH, LUCY - Tears for Soprano and Piano
53053: FISHER, PAUL AND LIAN, YANG - Towards the Light A Song for Soprano
47843: FISHER, ISAAC - Walkingames Tutor's Assistant
003731: FISHER, RICHARD - Reivers' Road A Border Story
57272: FISHER, ROY - Matrix
53045: FISHER, PAUL - Fly High A Christmas Carol for Choir and Organ
53046: FISHER, PAUL AND GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Together You Shall Be A Song of Love for Soprano
46241: FISHER, ROY - Consolidated Comedies
50769: FISHER, MARY - Tales, Local and Legendary: With Miscellaneous Poems
64321: FISHER, P.J. - The Polio Story
53055: FISHER, PAUL - My Beloved Spake An Anthem for Solo Soprano and Choir with Organ
68452: FISHER, JOHN W. - A New Way to Better Bowls
001419: COAST GUARD; FISHERIES AND OCEANS CANADA - Ships of the Canadian Coast Guard
24493: SOLOMON FISHMAN - The Disinherited of Art
47977: FISKE, JOHN - The Mississippi Valley in the Civil War
64989: FISKE, LARS - Herr Merz
59912: FITTON, J.G. AND HUGHES, D.J. - Volcanism and Plate Tectonics in the British Ordovician
48557: FITTS, DUDLEY - Anthology of Contemporary Latin-American Poetry - Antologia De La Poesia Americana Contemporanea
58052: FITZGERALD, C. C. PENROSE - Life of Vice-Admiral Sir George Tyron, K. C. B.
3030: VESEY-FITZGERALD, BRIAN - The Book Of The Horse
53297: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
59279: VESEY-FITZGERALD, BRIAN - British Birds and Their Nests 3 Volumes
63758: FITZGERALD, CAROLINE - Letters from the Bay of Islands: The Story of Marianne Williams
49814: FITZGERALD, PERCY - The Life of Charles Dickens as Revealed in His Writings
9506: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - This Side of Paradise
40492: FITZGERALD, ADMIRAL C.C PENROSE - From Sail to Steam Naval Recollections 1878-1905
56424: FITZGERALD, ALLISTAIR - Air Crash Investigations: Lockerbie - the Bombing of PANAM Flight 103
68651: SCOTT FITZGERALD, F.; MIZENER, ARTHUR - Afternoon of an Author: a Selection of Uncollected Stories and Essays with an Introduction and Notes
49102: FITZGERALD, WILLIAM - Catullan Provocations Lyric Poetry and the Drama of Position
2801: FITZGERALD, C. P. - China: A Short Cultural History
003970: FITZGIBBON, THEODORA - A Taste of Ireland: Irish Traditional Food
70446: FITZPATRICK, SIR J. PERCY - South African Memories
56803: FITZSIMMONS, WILFORD, J. - The Cork Motor Races 1936-1938
66237: FITZSIMONS, RAYMUND - Barnum in London
46215: FLAGGE, INGEBORG; HELLMUTH, ANETTE - Leipzig : Architecture 1989-1999
10502: FLAGGE, INGEBORG - Ackerman and Partners : Buildings and Projects, 1978-1998
67119: FLANAGAN, BARRY - Barry Flanagan
24592: PIERRE FLATRES - Nord et Picardie
56841: FLAWS, BOB; LAKE, JAMES - Chinese Medical Psychiatry: A Textbook and Clinical Manual
52569: FLAXMAN, ROYAL - Wall of Water
15077: FLECKER, JAMES ELROY ; ASTBURY, ANTHONY (ED.) - Poems By James Elroy Flecker
63002: FLEET, CHRISTOPHER; WILKES, MARGARET; WITHERS, CHARLES W. J. - Scotland: Mapping the Nation
49867: FLEETWOOD, REV. JOHN - The Life of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
45841: FLEETWOOD, REV. JOHN - The Life of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Containing a Full, Ample, Acurate, Instructive, and Universal History of the Various Transactions in the Life of Our Gloriuos Redeemer, from His Taking Upon Himself Our nature
40825: EDITED BY FLEGG, J.J.M & WILLIAMSON, KENNETH - The Journal of the British Trust for Orthithology Bird Study (36 issues)
53514: FLEISCHER, NAT - Jack Dempsey the Idol of Fistiana - an Intimate Narrative with Numerous Illustrations. The Ring Athletic Library Book No. 12.
58521: FLEISCHER, NAT (EDITOR) - The Ring World's Official Boxing Magazine 51 issues 1950-1957
69521: FLEMING, IAN - You Only Live Twice
003212: LE FLEMING, H.M. - Warships of World War 1 3 Volumes
72815: FLEMING, W. M. - Bunyip Told Me
67494: FLEMING, IAN - For Your Eyes Only: Five Secret Occasiona in the Life of James Bond
64260: FLEMING, SIR DANIEL (OF RYDAL) - Description of The County of Westmoreland
5492: FLEMING, ALEXANDER AND PETRIE, G. F. - Recent Advances in Vaccine and Serum Therapy
59970: ATHERTON FLEMING, CAPT. - How to See the Battlefields
55056: FLEMING, IAN - Goldfinger
22927: S M FARTHING; M C FLEMING - Reviews of United Kingdom Statistical Sources: Volume III: Housing in Great Britain; Housing in Northern Ireland
60059: FLEMING, SIR DANIEL - Description of the County of Cumberland
37123: FLEMING, LOUIS A. - Receipts and Remedies
55950: FLEMING, IAN - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
70384: FLEMING, ANN ; AMORY, MARK - The Letters of Ann Fleming
54355: FLEMING, IAN - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
70335: FLEMING, PETER - A Forgotten Journey

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