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F070816012: WILLIAMS, GWYN - Cloc Tywod, y
F070816051: WILLIAMS, J.ELLIS - Yr Hen Dafarn
F070816009: WILLIAMS, PETER N. - From Wales to Pennsylvania: The David Thomas Story
N021800: J E CAERWYN WILLIAMS - Ysgrifau Beirniadol - Cyfrol 2
E030401: URSULA MORAY WILLIAMS - A Crown for a Queen (Antelope Books)
E030880: W. LLIEDI WILLIAMS - Kagawa Gwr Duw
E035083: WILLIAMS, MYFI - Cartrefi Enwogion: Pererindodau Pump Mewn Chwe Sir
PS031282: CHARLES WILLIAMS - The Sailcloth Shroud
N029737: WILLIAMS-ELLIS, AMABEL - The Tragedy of John Ruskin
E035074: WILLIAMS, MARCEL - Diawl y Wenallt
E030362: WILLIAMS, DORIAN - Pancho: The Story of a Horse
E030863: W.S.GWYNN WILLIAMS. - Rhwng Doe a Heddiw.
E032011: LEONARD WILLIAMS - Toledo and Madrid: Their Records and Romances . With Fifty-Five Full-Page Illustrations, Chiefly from Photographs and Drawings by the Author
F030516020: WILLIAMS, RHIAN - Bwyd I Bawb : 88 o Risebau Syml Sydyn
E031496: CHARLES WILLIAMS - Dead Calm
E031854: ROBERT WILLIAMS - Drych y Merthyron
E030509: ERNEST LLWYD WILLIAMS - Crwydro Sir Benfro Yr Ail Ran
E033419: WILLIAMS, JAMES - The Story of Chester
E034714: WILLIAMS, M.D.; CRYER, ARTHUR - Mining Sketches
E030886: LLYWELYN-WILLIAMS A - Crwydro Brycheiniog
E031007: EVAN GWYN WILLIAMS - A Collection of Poems and Stories
N021803: WILLIAMS, ROBIN - Y Tri Bob (Llyfrau Poced Gomer)
E035679: WILLIAMS, SAMUEL - Hanes Eglwys Seilo, Glandwr. 1828-1928
E035625: WILLIAMS, R. VAUGHAN - Mass in G Minor... For Soli, S.A. T.B. , and Double Chorus
E033158: WILLIAMS, NIGEL - Breaking Up: Screenplay
F180715060: WILLIAMS, PETER H.M. - Make and Play: Making Musical Instruments Bk. 2 (Make & Play)
F070816006: WILLIAMS, RHYDWEN - Gorwelion
E030741: WILLIAMS, REBECCA YANCEY - Father Was a Handful
E032740: JENNIE THOMAS; J.O. WILLIAMS - Llyfr Mawr y Plant 2
E035785: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND - Culture (Fontana New Sociology)
E034103: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - Tarka the Otter
N023609: VÉRA WILLOUGHBY - Pride and Prejudice . Edited with Introduction and Notes by Frank Sicha
F180715041: WILLS, ARTHUR - Organ (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides)
N027201: WILMOT-BUXTON, E.M. - Makers of Europe
N029474: WILSON, RICHARD - English Short Stories - a Pageant of Classic Short Stories from the 15th to the 20th Century
N027311: WILSON, MONICA; THOMPSON, LEONARD - The Oxford History of South Africa Volume II South Africa 1870-1966
N028715: WILSON, CHRISTOPHER - Before the Dawn in Kenya
N026667: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 47 Winter 1969/70
N026668: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 52 Spring 1971
N026669: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 54 Autumn 1971
N026670: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 56 Spring 1972
N026672: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 38 Autumn 1967
N026673: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 41 Summer 1968
N026674: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 42 Autumn 1968
N026675: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 43 Winter 1968/9
N026676: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 44 Spring 1969
N026677: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 45 Summer 1969
N026678: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 59 Winter 1972/3
N026679: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 62 Autumn 1973
N026680: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 63 Winter 1973/74
N026681: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 64 Spring 1974
N026682: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 65 Summer 1974
N026683: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 66 Autumn 1974
N026684: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 67 Winter 1974/75
N026685: WILSON, D.H.; GURLEY, N.F. - Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 68 Spring 1975
E033889: RICHARD WILSON - The Girls from Planet 5
E032004: ESTANISLAO DEL CAMPO WILSON - Confusion en la Argentina
E033049: ROSS WILSON - Scotch Made Easy
T033810: WILSON, STEVE - British Motor Cycles Since 1950 Volume 5. Triumph Part 1: The Company: Triumph Vol 5
F280315067: WILSON, R.H. - Cartomancia y Numerologia
E035813: WILSON, JUNE - Green Shadows: The Life of John Clare
F180715085: WILSON, EDGAR - Myth of the British Monarchy
E035527: WILSON, ROSCOE - Via Lykes Lines and Gulf Ports
E033002: A. J. ELLISON; DR J. ALLEN HYNEK; BRIAN INGLIS; COLIN WILSON (CONSULTANT) - Fact or Fantasy - Compelling Collection of Awe-Inspiring Tales
E033976: WILSON, IAN - In Search of Ghosts
F291015043: WILSON, ELIANE - The Lost Dove: A Story for All Time
E031814: RICHARD WILSON - Song and Story, Rhythm and Rhyme No. V
N027549: WILTON, ANDREW; LYLES, ANNE - The Great Age of British Watercolours
E035722: WINCHESTER, J.A.; PHARAOH, T.C.; VERNIERS, J. - Palaeozoic Amalgamation of Central Europe: No. 201: Special Publication (Geological Society Special Publication)
N027550: WIND, EDGAR - Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance
E033479: WINDELER, ROBERT - Burt Lancaster
F280315075: WINDLE, BERTRAM C.A. - Chester (County Historical Reprints)
N026140: WINFIELD, GERALD F. - China: The Land and the People
E032984: WINGFIELD, JOHN - Bugging: A Complete Survey of Electronic Surveillance Theory
E035036: WINICHAKUL, THONGCHAI - Siam Mapped a History of the Geo-Body of a Nation
F030516042: WINKEL, MARGARITA - Souvenirs from Japan: Japanese Photography at the Turn of the Century
E032182: WINNIE PARRY, R.E. GRIFFITH - Cymru'r Plant Cyfrol L 1941
N027278: WINSTONE, HAROLD - The Sunday Missal
E035816: WINSTONE, H. V. F. - Gertrude Bell
E034701: WINTER, W.E. - Burry Port, Carmarthenshire... The Official Guide Published by Authority of the Urban District Council. With a Map
N028492: WINTER, CARL - Das Orgelwerk Des Freiburger Münsters
E035389: WINTERS, MIKE - Razor Sharp
F231015082: WISE, STEVEN W. - Midnight
E035318: WISE, ARTHUR - Communication in Speech (Education Today)
N026645: WISEMAN, R.J.S. - Trams
E030724: WITHERS, E.L. - The Salazar Grant
E031839: G.J. WITKOWSKI - Les Seins Dans L'Histoire
E032370: WITT, ELIZABETH R.DE - Modern Architecture in Europe
E035297: WITTE, WILLIAM - Schiller and Burns and Other Essays (Modern Language Study)
N022316: WITTGENS, F; GENGARO, M. - Testo Atlante Di Storia Dell'Arte Ad Uso De9i Licei Volume Primo
N022317: WITTGENS, F; GENGARO, M. - Testo Atlante Di Storia Dell'Arte Ad Uso De9i Licei Volume Secondo
E032827: LESLIE J. WITTS - The Medical Professional Unit: The Harveian Oration of 1971
E034860: WLATER, L.EDNA; BROADWOOD, LUCY E, - A Treasury of English Nursery Rhymes
PS031753: WODEHOUSE P G - Barmy in Wonderland
E035774: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Small Bachelor
E034798: WODEHOUSE, P G - The World of Psmith
PS031741: P.G. WODEHOUSE - The Little Nugget
PS031747: WODEHOUSE, PELHAM GRENVILLE - Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit
PS031752: WODEHOUSE P G - Mr Mulliner Speaking
PS031744: WODEHOUSE P G - Summer Moonshine
PS031746: P.G. WODEHOUSE - The Old Reliable
E034580: WOEHL, WALDEMAR - Purcell Trio Sonatas Volume I Sonata Eb Sonata F 2 Violins and Keyboard
N005164: HELLMUT WOHL - Portuguese Art Since 1910: Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the Royal Academy Diploma Galleries, 2nd September to 1st October, 1978
F030515001: WOHL, BURTON - A Cold Wind in August
F180715011: WOJTYLA, KAROL; PETERKIEWICZ, JERZY - Easter Vigil and Other Poems
N027748: WOLCHONOK, LOUIS - Art of Three Dimensional Design : How to Create Space Figures
E035013: IRMGARD WOLDERING - Agypten Die Kunst Der Pharaonen
E035345: WOLDERING, IRMGARD - Egypt: The Art of the Pharaohs.
E032903: A.V. WOLF - The Urinary Function of the Kidney
E034355: WOLFE, LINDA - Private Practices
N029981: WOLFF, LEON - Lockout
N022796: WOLFF, JETTA S. - Les Francais en Guerre
N003302: HEINRICH WOLFFLIN - Die Kunst Albrecht Durers,
F250116068: WOLLFF, LEON - In Flanders Fields (Pan)
N026616: WOMAR, W. - Turning Points in a Transport Career
N028342: WOOD, TONY; GUNSTON, BILL - Hitler's Luftwaffe
N030056: WOOD, CHRIS - Painting by Numbers: How You Can Turn the Theories of Sustainable Development and Local Agenda 21 Into Reality [
E035810: WOOD, H.S. - Milestones of Memory: A Plain Tale of Service, Sport and Travel in the East and West
N004718: WOOD, MICHAEL - Op Zoek Naar de Trojaanse Oorlog
E033484: WOOD, MARY (NOTES & INTRODUCTION BY ROBERT LUCAS) - Sketches in Gower: Illuminated Paintings by Mary Wood, 1861
E032172: SIR HENRY J. WOOD - Cant o Gwestiynau Seiat Byd Natur
E032109: SIR HENRY J. WOOD - Music of All Nations Part 4
E035642: WOOD, SAM B. - Sing Again with Strauss
E033132: DON WOOD - Great Moments in Boxing. Edited by Don Woods, Records Compiled by Ron Olver
F231015010: WOOD, SARA - Amber's Wedding
E035590: CLIVE WOODALL - One for Sorrow: Two for Joy
E032291: WOODBRIDGE, KENNETH - The Stourhead Landscape
N001337: WOODBRIDGE, BENJAMIN MATHER - Le Roman Belge Contemporain : Cinq Romanciers Flamands : Charles de Coster, Camille Lemonnier, Georges Eeckhoud, Eugene Demolder, Georges Virres / Benjamin Mather Woodbridge ; Preface de Maurice Wilmotte
E033230: WOODBURN, KIM - Unbeaten: The Story of My Brutal Childhood
N027475: WOODBURY, ROBERT A.; NASH, CLINTON B. - Pharmacology Review - 1350 Questions and Answers
N028710: WOODCOCK, GWEN - Historic Haunts of England
N029927: WOODHOUSE, JAYNE - The Life and Work of Barbara Hepworth
E033764: WOODHOUSE, C.M. - Capodistria: The Founder of Greek Independence
N029436: WOODMAN, H.E. - Rations for Livestock
F140115075: WOODS, STUART - White Cargo
E034646: WOODS, ALAN - Ronald Forbes: Paintings and Related Works,1990
E032863: MARCUS WOODWARD - Gerard's Herball the Essence Thereof Distilled by Marcus Woodward from the Edition of Th. Johnson, 1636
F030516015: WOOLF, LEONARD - Sowing an Autobiography of the Years 1880-1904
E035862: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Between the Acts
E035346: WORCESTER, THOMAS K - A Portrait of Colorado
N023288: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM; HUTCHINSON, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of William Wordworth
N027479: WORK, THOMAS S.; WORK, ELIZABETH - The Basis of Chemotherapy
N027437: WORK, THOMAS S.; WORK, ELIZABETH - The Basis of Chemotherapy
F030515012: WATERWAYS WORLD - Oxford Canal ("Waterways World" Cruising Guides)
E033294: WOROBIEC, TONY - Rythms of the Land (Creative Monochrome Contemporary Portfolio)
E035493: WORSNOP, B.L.; CHALKIN, F.C. - X-Rays
E033286: WORTHINGTON, JULIAN - The Illustrated Diy Manual
E033056: WRAY, JOHN - The Right Hand of Sleep
E035817: WRENCH, JOHN EVELYN - Geoffrey Dawson and Our Times
E030650: MOLLIE STANLEY WRENCH - Pillars of Smoke
E035333: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - Clean and Decent
N023587: WRIGHT, JOSEPH - Grammar of the Gothic Language and the Gospel of St. Mark, Selections from the Other Gospels and the Second Epistle of Timothy W
N029254: WRIGHT, GENE - The Science Fiction Image : The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science Fiction in Film, Television, Radio and the Theater
N029366: WRIGHT, NOEL - Quest for Franklin
E035858: WRIGHT, W. ALDIS - Bacon's Essays and Colours of Good and Evil
E033738: WRIGHT, RONALD SELBY - The Average Man - Broadcast Addresses by the Radio Padre
E031185: CLIFFORD KENT WRIGHT - Unaccustomed As I Am . An Anthology Designed for the After-Dinner Speaker. Compiled by C.K. Wright
E030891: WRIGHT, H M - The New Imperialism
F250116079: WRIGHT, ROBERT - Dowding and the Battle of Britain
E031545: WRIGHT, C. MILTON - Our Harford Heritage: A History of Harford County, Maryland,
E031546: WRIGHT, EDWARD - Clea's Moon
E034779: LLANELLI WRITERS' CIRCLE - Athena: No. 4 (Welsh and English Edition)
E034778: LLANELLI WRITERS' CIRCLE - Athena: No. 5 (Welsh and English Edition)
N029193: WUNDESHAMMER, BENNO - Flieger, Ritter, Helden
N024007: WUTHRICH, ARTHUR - Geschichte Und Geschichten Uber Die Alteste Dampfzahnradbahn Der Schweiz
E035045: WYATT, DAVID K. - Thailand: A Short History
E030632: R.J. WYATT - The Bulletin of the Military Historical Society Volume 57 No 225 August 2006
E035806: WYMER, NORMAN - Dr Arnold of Rugby. With a Foreword by Sir Will Spens
E031478: CAPTAIN G.C. WYNNE - If Germany Attacks the Battle in Depth in the West
N023997: XINRAN - La Meta Dimenticata
E034492: XPAMOU, A.B. - Russian English German French Glossary of Automatic Control Technology
E035016: STEVEN YANG - Butterfly: An Erotic Odyssey - Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines (Sex in Southeast Asia)
E035230: YARDLEY, JAMES - Kiss a Day Keeps the Corpses Away
N028176: YATES, ELIZABETH - The Young Traveller in the U.S. A.
E033441: YATES, M.T. - Stories of the Seasons with 68 Illustrations
E035870: YEATS, W.B. - Oxford Book of Modern Verse, 1892-1935
E034312: YELYR, R.G. VAN - Sex, Love and Eugenics
E035306: YERBURGH, DAVID S. - Tour of the Abbeys, Priories and Cathedrals of Wales: An Itinerant's Exhibition
F250116100: YORK, ANDREW; CATTO, MAX; KNOX, BILL - Three Grand Full-Length Novels in One: -the Deviator/Murphy's War/the Tallyman (Man's Book)
E032494: THE NEW YORKER - The Sixth New Yorker Album with a Foreword by Ring Lardner
E034320: YOSHIOKA, SUMIE; STELLA, VALENTINO J. - Stability of Drugs and Dosage Forms
N006014: G.M. YOUNG - Early Victorian England 1830-1865 Volume 1
N006015: G.M. YOUNG - Early Victorian England 1830-1865 Volume 2
E034521: YOUNG, ANDREW MCLAREN - Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928)
E035369: B. A FARNSWORTH; LARRY C. YOUNG - Nautical Rules of the Road
E031078: YOUNG, PHYLLIS BRETT - Question of Judgement
E035809: YOUNG, GEOFFREY WINTHROP - The Grace of Forgetting
N026163: YOUNG, F.W. - The Story of the Staff College 1858-1958
E032198: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Mr. Lucton`S Freedom
E033382: YOUNG, PERCY - Music for Children;: 34 Pieces for Movement and Interpretation
N026071: DENHOLM-YOUNG N. - Collected Papers on Mediaeval Subjects
E031442: YOUNG, E. H. - William
N005066: YOUNG, PETER - Power of Speech: A History of Standard Telephones and Cables 1883-1983
E030892: YOUNG, FILSON - Memory Harbour: Essays Chiefly in Description
F140115052: ZACZEK, IAIN - Impressionist Interiors (Miniature Books: Fine Arts S. )
N029211: ZADOW, ASTOLF - Unser Luftgau Belgien - Nordfrankreich
F190416041: JOHN RICHARDSON; ERIC ZAFRAN - Master Paintings from the Hermitage and the State Russian Museum, Leningrad
E035755: ADAM ZAMOYSKI - The Last King of Poland
E033808: ZEALAND, GILLIAN - Colin Gibson's Nature Diary. Selected from the Courier 1954- 1998. Volume 2
N029133: ZEBROWSKI, WOLFGANG - Nachts Uber Den Wolken
N029504: ZELLER, BERNHARD - Hermann Hess in Selbstzeugnissen Und Bilddokumenten
E035263: ZELVER, PATRICIA - Honey Bunch
N018658: ZERAFFA, MICHEL - The Living and the Lost
E031192: ZERVOS, CHRISTIAN - Nus de Lucas Cranach L'Ancien
F150815038: ZERWICK, CHLOE; BROWN, HARRISON - The Cassiopeia Affair
E034271: ZHDANOV, G.S.; BROWN, A.F. - Crystal Physics
E034120: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - The Black Death
F211215015: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - The Black Death
E034252: ZIMMERMAN, MIKHAIL G. - Russian-English Translator's Dictionary: A Guide to Scientific and Technical Usage
F231015045: ZINDEL, PAUL - The Pigman and Me (Red Fox Young Adult Books)
F190416060: ZINDEL, PAUL - My Darling, My Hamburger
E032802: MORTON M. ZISKIND - Clinical Symposia: Occupational Pulmonary Disease Volume 30 Number 4
E035026: GUY SHARETT; DANIEL ZIV - Bangkok Inside out
E034485: ZLANOV, G. S. - Fieika Tberlogo Tela
N003346: ZOLA, EMILE - La Confession de Claude and Therese Raquin
N003365: ZOLA, EMILE - Les Trois Villes. Rome.
E035290: ZURLO, TONY - Japan, Superpower of the Pacific (Discovering Our Heritage)

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