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E040349--LL250: EWART SMITH - Examples in Mathematics: Key Stage 3 - Answers
E040388--LL500: EWART SMITH - Examples in Mathematics (Bk. 2)
E033493: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - The Expedition of Humphry Clinker
E038717: SMYTHE, PAT - Jump for Joy
E034210: SNEDDON, IAN N. - Special Functions of Mathematical Physics and Chemistry (University Mathematical Texts)
E037384: T.G. SNODDY - Sir John Scot, Lord Scotstarvit
E038933: SNOW, SEBASTIAN - My Amazon Adventure
E037485: C. P. SNOW - Death Under Sail
E037484: SNOW, C.P. - The Masters. Penguin Fiction No. 1089
E038222: SNYDER, SCOTT; MURPHY, SEAN - The Wake No. 3 (September 2013)
E036554: SOBERS, GARFIELD; BARKER, J.S. - Cricket in the Sun: A History of West Indies Cricket
N028984: HAFOD HISTORY SOCIETY - Hafod Copperworks School Memories and Associations Centenary Edition
E039183: GOWER SOCIETY - Gower. The Journal of the Gower Society. Volume 33
E030277: THE SHORTHORN SOCIETY - Coates's Herd Book: Containing the Pedigrees of Improved Shorthorn Cattle. Volume 94. To Dec 1947
E030274: SHORTHORN SOCIETY - Coates's Herd Book: Containing the Pedigrees of Improved Shorthorn Cattle. Volume 96. To Dec 1949
E037690: THE ROYAL SOCIETY - Year Book of the Royal Society 2011
E039182: GOWER SOCIETY - Gower. The Journal of the Gower Society. Volume 28.
E033088: THE ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY - The Geographical Journal Vol XCVI No 4 October 1940
E030275: SHORTHORN SOCIETY - Coates's Herd Book: Containing the Pedigrees of Improved Shorthorn Cattle. Volume 99. To Dec 1952
E035280: ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society Fifth Series Volume 39
E039184: GOWER SOCIETY - Gower. The Journal of the Gower Society. Volume Twenty Four.
E030272: SHORTHORN SOCIETY - Coates's Herd Book: Containing the Pedigrees of Improved Shorthorn Cattle. Volume 100. To Dec 1953
E039977--Par: WATCH TOWER BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY - Babylon the Great Has Fallen! God's Kingdom Rules!
E035165: ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society Fifth Series Volume 32
E030270: SHORTHORN SOCIETY - Coates's Herd Book: Containing the Pedigrees of Improved Shorthorn Cattle. Volume 97. To Dec 1950
E037892: WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY - The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
E038965: THE PORT TALBOT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Old Port Talbot & District in Photographs. Volume 1.
E038966: THE PORT TALBOT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Old Port Talbot & District in Photographs Volume 2
E038964: THE PORT TALBOT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Old Port Talbot & District in Photographs Volume 3
E040507--LL500: NEATH ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY - Neath Antiquarian Society Transactions 1980-81
E039185: GOWER SOCIETY - Gower. The Journal of the Gower Society. Volume 26
E030695: WALPOLE SOCIETY - The Walpole Society 1929-1930 Vertue 1
E035154: ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, Fifth Series, No. 29
E036807: IRISH AGRICULTURAL WHOLESALE SOCIETY - Quest for Quality: 100 Years of the Iaws
E039973--LL250: CROYDON ORAL HISTORY SOCIETY - Talking of Croydon No. 1
E030278: SHORTHORN SOCIETY - Coates's Herd Book: Containing the Pedigrees of Improved Shorthorn Cattle. Volume 101. To Dec 1954
E037007: ORIENTAL CERAMIC SOCIETY - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1951-1952, 1952-1953 (Volume 27)
E039181: GOWER SOCIETY - Gower Volume Thirty-Two (32) of the Journal of the Gower Society
E035239: ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, Fifth Series, No. 40
E035317: THE ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, Fifth Series, Volume 34
E032987: SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN SOCIETY - The Yeomen of the Guard
E035153: ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society Fifth Series Volume 38
E033510: THE COLORADO ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY - Southwestern Lore Volume 40 Number 1 June 1974
E039186: GOWER SOCIETY - The Sea Beneath My Feet (a Gower Society Publication)
E032365: SOGLOW, OTTO; PLOTKIN, DAVID - Wasn't the Depression Terrible?
E038988: JOAN SOLOMON - The Big Squeeze (the Nature of Science)
E038987: JOAN SOLOMON - Stars and Forces (the Nature of Science)
E038991: JOAN SOLOMON - Discovering the Cure for Scurvy (the Nature of Science)
E038992: JOAN SOLOMON - The Search for Simple Substances (the Nature of Science)
E034217: SOLOMONOFF, J. - Russian Composition
E036437: SOLSKI, RUTH - Amazing Earthworms Grades Two to Three
E038746: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - The First Circle
E036017: SOPHOCLES - Sophocles: Electra, Antigone, Philoctetes (Translations from Greek and Roman Authors)
E034446: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's 3 May 2000 the Marine Sale
E033465: SOTHEBY'S - The Collection of the Late Count and Countess Guy Du Boisrouvray
E038411: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's - Postage Stamps of the World 09. 11. 1989
E038412: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Valuable Printed Books : London, 24 June 1988
E034907: SOTHEBY'S - Highlights of Historic Objects Offerred by the Allbright-Knox Art Gallery
E033462: SOTHEBY'S - The Collection of the Late Count and Countess Guy Du Boisrouvray
E038413: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Old Master Drawings 06. 07. 1987
E032369: SOTHEBY'S - Country Pursuits
E037006: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's : Silver and Jewels, Wemyss Ware, Scottish and Sporting Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours 27th and 28th Aug 1990
E037005: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels - 14th November 2012
E038416: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Fine Dolls, Miniature Furniture, Teddy Bears, Automata, Tin Plate Toys, Costume, Textiles and Mechanical Musical Instruments 15. 05. 1987
E033082: SOTHEBYS - Modern First Editions, Letters and Manuscripts: The Property of Anthony Hobson, Esq
E038255: SOTT, WALTER - Kenilworth
E040527--LL500: GEORGE W. SOUTHGATE - A Text Book of Modern English History. Book One. The Tudor and Stuart Periods, 1485-1714
N028360: SOUTHON, ARTHUR E. - Jackson's Ju-Ju
E035236: SPACH, JOHN THOM - Time out from Texas
E034613: SPADOLINI, GIOVANNI - Palazzo Madama Sede Del Senato
E034755: SPAGIS, A.A. - Parnyye I Neparnyye Glagoly V Russkom Yazyke. [Paired and Unpaired Verbs in Russian Language. Language: Russian]
E038674: SPAIN, NANCY - Why I'm Not a Millionaire, an Autobiography
E039683: SPANYOL, JESSICA - Carlo and the Really Nice Librarian (+Dvd)
E034036: SPATE, VIRGINIA - The Colour of Time, Claude Monet
E032731: GERALD E.SPECK - Ward Lock's Junior Pictorial Encyclopaedia
E038354: RONALD H. SPECTOR - At War at Sea: Sailors and Naval Combat in the Twentieth Century
E039477: SPEED, F. MAURICE - Film Review 1952-53
E033609: SPEED, FLORENCE - The Love Pedlar
E039474: SPEED, F. MAURICE - Film Review 1956-1957
E039960--Par: RICHARD SPEIGHT - Triple Jeopardy (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
E036549: SPEISS, GERRY; BREE, MARLIN; LAKER, ROSALIND; BYRNE, ROBERT; KYLE, DUNCAN - Reader's Digest Condensed Books: Alone Against the Atlantic, Gilded Splendour, the Dam, Stalking Point
E031554: SPENCER, A. JEFFREY - Excavations at Tell el-Balamun: 1995-98
E034690: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology. The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society. No. 19 Autumn 2001)
E034691: SPENCER, PARTRICIA; GIDDY, LISA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society, No. 20, Spring 2002
E034692: SPENCER, PARTRICIA; GIDDY, LISA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society, No. 21, Autumn 2002)
E034683: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society (No. 34 - Spring 2009)
E034684: SPENCER, PARTRICIA; GIDDY, LISA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society (No. 22 Spring 2003)
E038264: MARKS & SPENCER - Simple Suppers
E034672: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society, No. 10 1997
E034673: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society, No. 17 2000
E034661: SPENCER, PATRICIA - Egyptian Archaelogy the Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society No. 12 1998
E034662: SPENCER, PATRICIA - Egyptian Archaelogy the Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society No. 13 1998
E034663: SPENCER, PATRICIA - Egyptian Archaelogy the Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society No. 14 1999
E034671: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society, No. 9 1996
E034685: SPENCER, PARTRICIA; GIDDY, LISA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society (No. 23 Autumn 2003)
E034686: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society (No. 24 Spring 2004)
E034687: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology. The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society. No. 25 Autumn 2004.
E034688: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology. The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society. No. 26 Spring 2005)
E034689: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology. The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society. No. 18 Spring 2001)
E034664: SPENCER, PATRICIA - Egyptian Archaelogy the Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society No. 15 1999
E034665: SPENCER, PATRICIA - Egyptian Archaelogy the Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society No. 16 2000
E039961--Par: LAVYRLE SPENCER - Home Song (Charnwood Library)
E034679: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society: No. 29 Autumn 2006
E034680: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society: No. 30 Spring 2007
E034681: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society (No. 31 - Autumn 2007)
E034682: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society (No. 32 - Spring 2008)
E034674: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society (No. 35 - Autumn 2009)
E034675: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society (No. 37 2010)
E034677: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society: No. 27: Autumn 2005
E034678: SPENCER, PARTRICIA - Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society: No. 28: Spring 2006
E035999: SPENDER, BRENDA E. - On'y Tony - the Adventures of Three Ponies and a Little Boy
E037792: SPIEGL, FRITZ; OWEN, ANDREE; HIEGER, HANNY; KUROKAWA, MASAHIRO - Scouse International: The Liverpool Dialect in Five Languages
E037791: SPIEGL, FRITZ - How to Talk Proper on Merseyside (Lern Yerself Scouse) Vol Two
E037790: SPIEGL, FRITZ - How to Talk Proper on Merseyside (Lern Yerself Scouse) Vol Four
E036443: SPIEGL, FRITZ - Scally Scouse: The Language of Law and Disorder
N028119: SPIELMAN, ISIDORI - International Fine Arts Exhibition Rome 1911 Souvenir of the British Section
E039083: SPIZER, LYMAN - Physics of Fully Ionized Gases
E036124: SPOERL, ALEXANDER - Enlarging Techniques
E037667: SPORNE, K.R. - The Morphology of Pteridophytes: The Structure of Ferns and Allied Plants
S037029: JANE SPOTTISWOODE - Undertaken with Love
E039415: SPRING, HOWARD - Fame Is the Spur
E039252: SPRING, HOWARD - The Houses in between
E039459: MARION HOWARD SPRING - Frontispiece: A Childhood Portrait
E037745: C.H. SPURGEON - Morning and Evening Daily Readings
E034831: SPURR, STEPHEN; REEVES, NICHOLAS; QUIRKE, STEPHEN - Egyptian Art at Eton College: Selections from the Myers Museum
E033697: SQUILLS - Squills 1982 the Racing Pigeon International Year Book
E034863: SQUIRE, E.M. - Radio Mains Supply Equipment
E038816: W. GORDON-STABLES - The Sauciest Boy in the Service - a Story of Pluck and Perseverance
N028207: THE STUDIO STAFF - The Studio an Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art Volume Nineteen 19
N029080: COIN MONTHLY STAFF - Coin 1975 Year Book
E038609: EDITORIAL STAFF - Masterpieces of Spanish Painting
N027044: HAL LEONARD STAFF - Kimball Fun Swinger 90 Owner's Manual
E035928: EQUIPO STAFF - Madrid Guía + Plano
E036498: STAFFORD, ANN - The Great Mrs. Pennington
E036726: STAINER, J.; WEST, JOHN E. - The Organ, Novellos Music Primers, No. 3
E033617: STALKER, A.M. - Memorial Sketch of John Stock
E035140: STALL, MIKE - Bormann Judgement
E032595: VALERIA BELLA STAMPE - Grafica Antica E Moderna 1987
SH035699: STAMPFLE, FELICE AND CARA D. DENISON - Drawings from the Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene V. Thaw: Catalogue
E034618: STANCLIFFE, JANE - Saved for Scotland: Works of Art Acquired with the Help of the National Art Collections Fund
H037600: VÁCLAV JAN STANEK - The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Insects
E034840: STANFORD, CHARLES VILLIERS - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - Shamus o'Brien
E038062: STANIC, MICHAEL - Renoir
E037087: AUTHOR OF STORY OF STANLEY - Alexander Mackay: Missionary Hero of Uganda
H037482: PETER STANLEY - Air Battle Europe 1939 - 1945 (Australians at War Ser. )
E039926--Par: JOHN STANSELL - Discovering Communications
E032093: MARION L. STARKEY - The Congregational Way
E035469: STARR, A.T. - Generation, Transmission and Utilization of Electrical Power
E040228--LL500: NONE STATED - Judge Dredd Annual 1982
S034951: STAVERT, GEOFFREY - Study in Southsea: Portsmouth Life of Doctor Arthur Conan Doyle
H038175: STEANE, JOHN M - Archaeology of Mediaeval England and Wales
E038227: STEARN, JESS - The Sixth Man
E040157--LL250: MARTHA GENUNG STEARNS - Herbs and Herb Cookery Through the Years, (Old Sturbridge Village Booklet Series)
E040206--LL250: DEREK STEBBENS - Chemistry by Inquiry
E038535: EREC STEBBINS - Reader (Daughter of Time)
N028245: STECHOW, WOLFGANG - Pieter Bruegel the Elder
N029195: STEDTFELD, GUNTHER - Jagd Uber Den Wolken
E033449: STEEHOLM, CLARA & HARDY - James I of England, the Wisest Fool in Christendom Hardcover
S035747: STEEL, DAVID - Against Goliath
E038499: STEEL, DANIELLE - Journey
E036673: STEEL, DANIELLE - Accident
E037854: STEELE, PHILIP - Step Into : The Inca World
N029890: STEELEY, F.; TROTMAN, B.H. - Blackboard Illustrations for Object Lessons
H039901--Par: MARGUERITE STEEN - The Sun Is My Undoing
N027350: STEIDL, ALBERT - Pinzgauer Almen
E040395--Par: SARA STEIN - The Science Book
E040571--Par: JOHN STEINBECK - The Grapes of Wrath
E033573: J. & AL., EDS. STEINBRING - Time and Space. Dating and Spatial Considerations in Rock Art Research. Proceedings of Symposia F "the Dating of Rock Art" and Symposium E, "Spatial Considerations in Rock Art" Edited by Paul Faulstich and Paul S.C. Taçon
E034926: STEINDORFF, GEORGE; HOYNINGEN-HUENE, GEORGE - Egypt. Photographed by Hoyningen-Huene. With Text by G. Steindorff
E034413: STEINER, REINHARD - Egon Schiele. 1890-1914, L'âme de Minuit de L'Artiste
E032634: STEINGRÄBER, ERICH - Die Neue Pinakothek München
E033815: KAREL STEJSKAL - European Art in the Fourteenth Century
E034495: STEKLOVA - English - Russian Dictionary of Mathematical Terms
E034142: STENDHAL - The Red and the Black. Books That Have Changed Man's Thinking
E040215--LL250: STEPHEN A - Economics 1: Worked Examples a Level
E040538--LL250: A. STEPHEN - Accounts - Multiple Choice o Level
E040591--LL250: A STEPHEN - Commerce (Rapid Revision Notes)
E039889--Par: KAY STEPHENS - Silver Harvest (Severn House Large Print)
E033181: RALPH STEPHENSON - Animation in the Cinema
E036550: STERN, RICHARD MARTIN; REEMAN, DOUGLAS; FRASER, CHRISTINE MARION; HAYES, JOSEPH - Readers Digest Condensed Books - the Big Bridge ; Badge of Glory ; Blue Above the Chimneys ; No Escape (Readers Digest Condensed Books - Leather Bound)
E035201: STERN, G.B. - The Young Matriach
E039572: CLARE STEVENS - Building for the Future: Church of St. Barnabas, Dulwich
E039292: STEVENS, T.P. - The Story of Southwark Cathedral in Fourteen Chapters
E039222: STEVENSON, R.L. - A Childs Garden of Verses ; Underwoods ; Songs of Travel
E039087: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes
E039569: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Black Arrow
E039381: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Prince Otto
E035868: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Treasure Island
E035362: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Treasure Island (King's Treasury of Literature)
E034143: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Edinburgh
E035037: STEVENSON, RICHARD - Bangkok Free Fall
E039570: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Kidnapped
E036417: STEVENSON, JAMES A. C.; MACLEOD, ISEABAIL - Scoor-Oot: A Dictionary of Scots Words and Phrases in Current Use
E039571: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Treasure Island
H039016: STEVENSON, BURTON EGBERT - The Home Book of Verse: 2 Volumes
E031935: STEVENSON, SARA - A Face for Any Occasion
E037822: CHRIS COOK; JOHN STEVENSON - Longman Atlas of Modern British History
E038892: STEVENSON, R.L. - The Black Arrow
E037260: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Master of Ballantrae and Weir of Hermiston and Other Fragments. With Introductions by Neil Munro and Louis J. Mcquilland
E037225: STEWART, MARGARET E.C. - Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 1972
SH036784: SIR JACKIE STEWART - Winning Is Not Enough: The Autobiography (Uk Edition)
E037478: KEN STEWART - Collins Handguide to the Native Trees of New Zealand
S034396: STOCKWIN, JULIAN - Kydd
E037668: D. MICHAEL STODDART - Mammalian Odours and Pheromones (Studies in Biology)
E039068: PAMELA CHICKINSKAS; LYNETTE STOKES - Seniors Guide to Life in the Slow Lane
E040046--Par: ALFRED STOKES - East Ham: From Village to County Borough
E036046: STONE, TOM - Tom Stone's Greek Handbook: An a-Z Phrasal Guide to Almost Everything You Want to Know About Greece (and Are Sometimes Afraid to Ask)
E037802: LINTON STONE - Current English Idioms
MAR031158: JIM STONE - Darkroom Dynamics: A Guide to Creative Darkroom Techniques
MAR034929: JIM STONE - Darkroom Dynamics: A Guide to Creative Darkroom Techniques
E040147--LL500: LINTON STONE - Cambridge First Certificate English
E039816: JOHN & PAT STOODLEY - Parrot Production: Incorporating Incubation
E038307: ROBERT F. STOREY - Pierrots on the Stage of Desire: Nineteenth-Century French Literary Artists and the Comic Pantomime (Princeton Legacy Library)
S033157: STOTT, REBECCA - Ghostwalk
E039676: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Uncle Tom's Cabin
E037181: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Eminent Victorians. Penguin Biography No 649
E037193: STRACHEY, JOHN ST. LOE - The Madonna of the Barricades,: Being the Memoirs of George Lord Chertsey, 1847-1848-1849
E035494: STRANATHAN, J.D. - The "Particles" of Modern Physics
E036471: STRANG, HERBERT - Tom Burnaby
E036490: STRANG, HERBERT - The Riders
E037146: FILIPPO DE STRATA - Polemic Against Printing
N029841: STRAWBRIDGE, DON; THOMAS, PETER - Baglan Bay Past, Present and Future
N026125: STRENG, FRANZ VON; BRUEHL, CHARLES P. - Marriage - a Great Sacrament in Christ
N024012: STREULE, ERNST - Brienz Rothorn Bahn
E040226--LL250: PETER STREVENS - Short Pronouncing Dictionary of Modern English
E031951: STRIBLING, MARY LOU - Art from Found Materials
E040223--LL250: T.J. STRICKLAND - Roman Chester
E033173: STRIEDTER, KARL HEINZ - Felsbilder Nordafrikas Und Der Sahara: Ein Verfahren Zu Ihrer Systematischen Erfassung Und Auswertung (Studien Zur Kulturkunde) (German Edition)
E031949: POUL STRØMSTAD - Abenra 1. Et Kobenhavnsk Hus Og Dets Beboere Gennem to Arhundreder
E038873: STRONG, PATIENCE - The Bright Horizon
E036375: STUART, ESME - Out of Reach - a Story for Girls
PS031319: BRIAN STUART - Knock-out Kavanagh
E033011: HAMISH RAE STUART - Scots Words from Burns - Their Meanings Explained
E032978: WILLIAM STUBBS - The Constitutional History of England: Vol. 2
E032979: WILLIAM STUBBS - The Constitutional History of England: Vol. 3
E032977: WILLIAM STUBBS - The Constitutional History of England: Vol. I.
E033657: STUBLEY, MOIRA - Gwedd,Au I Blant Gan Blant =: Prayers for Children by Children
E040482--LL250: ROGER SMITH AND JOHN STUDD - The Menopause and Hormone Replacement Theory
SH040285--Par: JOHN SUCHET - The Last Master (V. 1)
E037911: SUE, EUGEN - Die Geheimnisse Von Paris
E039740: BRADLEY J SUGARS - Instant Profits (the Keys to Multiplying Your Business Profits)
E039188: SULLIVAN, KAREN - Complete Natural Home Remedies
E037158: DONALD SULTANA - Benjamin Disraeli in Spain, Malta and Albania, 1830-32: A Monograph (Monografías a)
E035151: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE - History of Witchcraft and Demonology
E034988: SUMMERS, JOHN - Dylan
N028056: SUNDERLAND, JOHN - The Masters 56 J.B. S. Chardin
E038479: SUNSET - Best of Sunset Low Fat Cook Book
E039482: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Abbey St. Bathans (Pathfinder Maps)
E035984: SUTCLIFFE, A. - Dent's Modern Science Series: Elementary Chemistry
E037889: SUTER, ERICH - Legislation for Personnel Managers: A Checklist
N028054: HARRIS ANN SUTHERLAND - The Masters 58 Guercino
S039280: SUTHERLAND, JAMES - The Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes
E036386: SUTHERLAND, JOAN - Cavanagh of Kultann
N028284: SUTTON, DENYS - The Masters 29 Titian
E036939: SUTTON, FELIX - Winning of the West (How & Why)
E036940: SUTTON, FELIX - North American Indians (How and Why Wonder Books)
E038052: SUTTON, DENYS; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters 29: Titian
E034654: A.N. SVIRIN - The Moscow Kremlin
E037380: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Homespun. A Study of a Simple Folk
E032652: SWEET, ALEXANDER EDWIN - On a Mexican Mustang Through Texas,: From the Gulf to the Rio Grande,
E039295: SWEETING, W.D. - The Cathedral Church of Ely: A History and Description of the Building, with a Short Account of the Former Monastery and of the See (Bell's Cathedral Series)
N027461: SYKES, ALAN H. - Sharpey's Fibres : The Life of William Sharpey the Father of Modern Physiology in England
E035312: MARGUERITE HANN SYME - Burnt out
E034923: JOHN SYMONS - Catalogue of Printed Books in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library
E035534: SYSE, J.P.; HOWELLS, ASTRI; CROWDY, MICHAEL; WORLD SHIP SOCIETY - Wilh. Wilhelmsen, 1861-1977
E038701: TAFFRAIL - Eurydice
SH036870: GODFREY TALBOT - The Country Life Book of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
E032599: HEINZ LUNZER; VICTORIA LUNZER-TALOS - Franz Werfel 1890-1945: Katalog Einer Ausstellung; Gemeinsam Veranstaltet Vom Bundesministerium Fã¼R Auswã¤Rtige Angelegenheiten Und Von Der . ã¶Sterreichische Literatur in Wien (Zirkular)
E040202--LL250: J.A. TAMPKINS - Commercial Mathematics Volume Two
H038571: TAPAC, A.E. - ??????-???????? ????? ?? ???? 1904-1905 - Russko-Iaponskaia Voina Na More, 1904-1905 / Redaktor-Sostavitel Ae Taras.
E035339: TARATINO, MICHAEL - John Murphy - Juliao Sarmento: A Conversation Piece
E038470: YVONNE YOUNG TARR - The Great Food Processor Cookbook
S036064: TARUSCHIO, ANN; TARUSCHIO, FRANCO - Franco and Friends: Recipes from the Walnut Tree Inn
E031978: TASCHEN - Impressionist Diary: 1997 (Taschen Diaries)
E039240: ASHTON-TATE - Dbase IV Template Language
E040458--LL250: RICHARD TATLOCK - Proving, Preaching and Teaching (Studies in Christian Faith)
E037397: TAUBES, FREDERIC - Anatomy for Artists
E037993: TAVENS, JEAN - Woman in Love and Other Recorded Hits
E035019: TAWYLERT, JAMPEE - Wall Against the Wind
E038703: TAYLOR, ELIZABETH - The Sleeping Beauty
S029075: TAYLOR, HAROLD - How to Change Colleges: Notes on Radical Reform
E037088: TAYLOR, GEOFFREY - Insect Life in Britain. Britain in Pictures No 94
E039412: TAYLOR, PHILIP MEADOWS - Confessions of a Thug
S036358: ROBERT R. TAYLOR - The Edge of the Arctic: Churchill and the Hudson by Lowlands
E035657: TAYLOR, HELEN; MARTIN, EASTHOPE - Three More Songs of the Fair
S029189: TAYLOR, KATRINA V.H. - Russian Art at Hillwood
E038785: TAYLOR, GEORGE M. - British Garden Flowers. Britain in Pictures
S034651: TAYLOR, G. P. - Shadowmancer
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E038143: A.G. WATTS - Work Experience and Schools (Organization in Schools)
E040298--LL250: MURRAY WATTS - The Wisdom of Saint Columba of Iona
E035464: WATTS, D.C.V. - The Long Jump
E033090: EVELYN WAUGH - When the Going Was Good
E039607: SUSAN GRAHAM WEALL - Pug, the (Popular Dogs' Breed Series)
E036714: WEBB, SIDNEY; WEBB, BEATRICE - The History of Trade Unionism
E038601: FRANK WEBB - Sparrow Book of Video Games
E034693: WEBB, DEREK - Calling Time
E039986--LL500: TONI WEBBER - Boys' Handbook
E039058: WEBBER, RICHARD - Last of the Summer Wine (Best of British Comedy)
E037438: HARALD MARX; GREGOR WEBER - Old Masters Picture Gallery Dresden
E032672: CHRIS WEBSTER - Chris Webster - Cipher
SH034192: VAN DER WEE, HERMAN - The Growth of the Antwerp Market and the European Economy: Fourteenth-Sixteenth Centuries
E040528--LL250: NORMAN H. WEED - Quotations for After-Dinner Speakers
E032313: WEEKS, PEARSON A. - Life in Action (New Outlook S. )
E038877: WEIL, JERRY - Delay en Route
E031909: WEILBACH, FREDERIK - Kronborg Castle,
E040084--LL250: J.J. WELLINGTON - Physics (Pan Study Aids Check Tests)
E036241: WELLS, H.G. - Love and Mr. Lewisham & the Undying Fire. Heron Collected Works of Wells
E038530: H. G. WELLS - The World Set Free
E035867: WELLS. H.G. - God the Invisible King
E038384: WELLS, H.G. - A Modern Utopia
E037466: WELLS, H.G. - ... The Conquest of Time ( " the Thinker's Library " )
E039209: WELSH, EDITH M. - The Scott Birthday Book
E036228: WENHAM, EDWARD - Old Silver
ELL500039824: OLIVER WENNMACHER - Electric Flight Gearboxes (Modeller's World Series)
E031991: WENTWORTH, FRANK L - Aspen on the Roaring Fork: An Illustrated History of Colorado's " Greatest Silver Camp "
E036374: WENTWORTH, WALTER - The Drifting Island, or the Slave-Hunters of the Congo
E034491: WENTZEL, J. - Languages of Asia and Africa
H037490: WERNICK, ROBERT - Blitzkrieg (World War II Series)
N029207: WERRA, FRANZ VON - Einer Kam Durch Fluchtbericht Des Fliegerleutenants Franz Von Werra
E035765: WERTENBAKER, LAEL TUCKER - Death of a Man
N026900: G.P. ELLIS; G.B. WEST - Progress in Medicinal Chemistry Volume Five
N027502: WEST, G.B. - A Handful of Luck
E036804: WEST, MICHAEL; KIMBER, P.F. - Deskbook of Correct English: A Dictionary of Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Usage
E040411--Par: MORRIS WEST - Lazarus (Paragon Softcover Large Print Books)
E037763: WEST, MORRIS; FORESTER, C.S.; HEINZ, W.C;.HOLT, VICTORIA; - The Shoes of the Fisherman, the Ship, Kirkland Revels, the Surgeon
H040304--Par: HILDEGARD VON DEINES; WOLFHART WESTENDORF - Grundriss Der Medizin Der Alten ägypter - Band VII 1: Wörterbuch Der Medizinischen Texte - Erste Hälfte
E031616: WOLFHART WESTENDORF - Grundriss Der Medizin Der Alten ã?Gypter - Band VII 1: Wã¶Rterbuch Der Medizinischen Texte - Erste Hã¤Lfte (Grundriss Der Medizin Der Alten ã?Gypter)
E037058: WESTERMAN, PERCY F. - Jack Craddock's Commission
N022252: WESTHEIM, PAUL - Orbis Pictures Band 8 Altemexikanische Kunstgeschichtet
N022253: WESTHEIM, PAUL - Orbis Pictures Band 9 Hethitsche Kunst
E038228: GWEN WESTWOOD - Ross of Silver Ridge
E034954: WEYMAN, RONALD C. - Sherlock Holmes and the Mark of the Beast
E039492: WHARTON, MICHAEL - Far Away Is Close at Hand: 40 Years of Peter Simple
E036243: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - They Found Atlantis
E036244: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Forbidden Territory
E038698: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Bill for the Use of a Body
E038682: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Ka of Gifford Hillary
E038632: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The White Witch of the South Seas
E038686: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Dark Secret of Josephine
E034185: WHEELER, J.R.; WHITE, R.J.; WICKSTEAD, M.R. - Land Use Planning Project Tabora Region, Tanzania. Final Report P217
S039854--LL750: KENNETH WHEELER - Daily Mirror Book of Football
E037516: WHEELER, ALFRED - Allan's Melodious Voluntaries No 16 for American Organ
E036103: WHEELER, KENNETH - Bobby Charlton's Book of Soccer
S036896: ALAN WHICKER - Whicker's War
E038061: WHINNEY, MARGARET; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters 54 - Rogier Van Der Weyden
N027366: WHISLER, ANNIE - Sister Eva of Friedsenshort
E033878: WHITBREAD - The Overlord Embroidery: The Story of the Normandy Landings D-Day 6th June 1944
S026077: WHITCOMBE, VINCENT - A Book of International Short Stories
E031911: ERNEST W. WHITE - Sailing Ships. Their History and Development As Illustrated by the Collection of Ship-Models in the Science Museum Part II
S026910: WHITE, MARTIN J. - My Heart Blown Open Wide
E031941: WILLIAM HENRY WHITE - A Manual of Naval Architecture . Fifth Edition
E039407: JAMES DILLON WHITE - A Wind in the Rigging
E039034: WHITE, S.J. - The Good Abdominal Guide
E035833: J.B. WHITE - Hail Caledonia! the Isle of Skye
E035832: J.B. WHITE - An Album of Photographic Studies of Wester Ross (Hail Caledonia!)
E034356: WHITE, CAROL - They Do It All with Mirrors
E039294: WHITE, GLEESON - Bell's Cathedral Series: The Cathedral Church of Salisbury: A History and Description of Its Fabric and a Brief History of the See of Sarum.
E035021: WHITE, JO; LUNN, ROS; WHITEHOUSE, CAROLYN - Bangkok Guide "the Essential Guide to Living in Bangkok"
E035020: WHITE, JO; LUNN, ROS; WHITEHOUSE, CAROLYN - Bangkok Guide "the Essential Guide to Living in Bangkok"
E039394: SIAN RHIANNON WILLIAMS; CAROLE WHITE - Struggle or Starve: Women's Lives in the South Wales Valleys between the Two World Wars
E040390--LL500: H. LAWRENCE WHITE - A History of Wisbech Grammer School
E037813: WHITEFORD, RHONA; FITZSIMMONS, JIM - Hodder Home Learning: 5-7 English Skills: 5-7 Years
E040353--LL250: RHONA WHITEFORD - Whs - Reading 3-4 Years Pre-School
E040342--LL250: PETER WHITEHEAD - Reading the Rocks
E039340: HECTOR F. WHITEHEAD - The Yorkshire Terrier
E040451--Par: MARGUERITE PATTEN; AMBROSE HEATH; CONSTANCE SPRY; ANN SMITH; KAY PENNETT; D.S. PANISSET; JOAN WHITGIFT. - The Creda Housecraft Manual: A Treasury of Useful Recipes and Household Information

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