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H037990: MARY BULTMAN; JIM CLIFF; LOIS GEIGER; GERRY LANDERS; KEITH MARDAK - This Is the Ultimate Fake Book: It Contains over 1200 Songs for Piano, Organ, Guitar and All "C" Instruments (Hl00240050)
N028756: MARE, ERIC DE - Your Book of Waterways
E037037: MARGOLIS, ADELE P. - The Complete Book of Tailoring
E031173: MANTEGNA - BELLONCI MARIA (PRESENTAZIONE DI) - L'Opera Completa Del Mantegna
N029268: MARIE, TANTE; TURGEON, CHARLOTTE - Tante Marie's French Cakes and Pastries
S034383: MARINER, JOHN - The "Eaglet" at the Battle of Minorca
E037686: ANNA-SOFIA MARINUZZI - Marvellous World of Exotic Flowers
E038610: MARITAN, JACQUES - Rouault - an Express Art Book
E037150: JOHN MARKHAM - Disraeli's Fellow Traveller: James Clay, M.P. For Hull
E033432: MARKS, STAN - St Kilda Sketch Book
E037114: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER; ASHMORE, BASIL - The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus in a Special Version by Basil Ashmore
N027725: MARMION, ABBOT - The Structure of God's Plan
E036288: MARQUET, ALBERT - Albert Marquet: A Loan Exhibition for the Benefit of the Hospitality Committee of the United Nations, October 28th to December 4th, 1971
E032572: J. W. MARRIOTT (SELECTED BY) - One Act Plays of Today, Second Series
N026269: MARRIOTT, JOHN A.R. - Empire Settlement
N027761: MARRYAT, FRANK - Mountains and Molehills, or, Recollections of a Burnt Journal
E036467: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN - Masterman Ready
E038641: RICHARD MARSDEN - The Text of the Old Testament in Anglo-Saxon England (Cambridge Studies in Anglo-Saxon England)
E033594: MARSH, JEAN - The Secret of the Pygmy Herd
N027673: MARSH, PATRICK - Breakdown
N029448: MARSH, JANET - Free Play
E037902: MARSH, NGAIO - Off with His Head
E037862: MARSH, ZOE A.; KINGSNORTH, G.W. - An Introduction to the History of East Africa
E038707: MARSH, NGAIO - Scales of Justice
S038309: FRANCES MARSHALL - Charlotte Deans (1768-1859)
E038464: ANNE (EDITOR) MARSHALL - The Australian Book of Meat Cookery
E036380: MARSHALL, A.C. - Simple Gardening for All
N028132: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K. - Elizabeth I
E031256: FREDERICK MARSHALL - Waking Thoughts, the Mystic River, Sandringham, and Other Poems
E031933: MARSHALL, CHARLES BLYTH - Face of Scotland (Pergamon Oxford Geographies)
E038594: PETER TREHARNE MARSHALL - Basic Biology (Handbook Series)
S036779: YANN MARTEL - Life of Pi
N022306: MARTHOLD, JULES DE - Histoire de Marlborough Dessins de Caran D'Ache
N029176: MARTIN, CHARLES L. - A Sketch of Sam Bass the Bandit
E031817: MARTIN-DESLIAS, NOEL - Idealisme de Marcel Proust / Preface de Andre Maurois
E031246: EDWARD A. MARTIN - The Story of a Piece of Coal: What It Is, Whence If Comes, and Whither It Goes
E035119: MARTIN, SYBIL - Walks in the Western High Weald
N026240: MARTIN, JAMES - The Story of an Enterprise 1929-1955
E036300: MARTIN, CHRISTOPHER - The Boer War
S036553: MARTIN, JOHN M. - Things That Make the Home Endure
E038122: CHRISTOPHER MARTIN - Short History of English Schools
E036578: MARTIN, CHUCK - Repentance at Boot Hill
E038053: MARTIN, GREGORY; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters: Paolo Veronese # 73
E037843: DOROTHEA M. BERRY; GORDON P. MARTIN - A Guide to Writing Research Papers
E035319: MARTIN, RALPH G. - Lady Randolph Churchill: A Biography 1854-1895
E031599: MARTIN, GEOFFREY THORNDIKE - Canopic Equipment in the Petrie Museum
E034317: MARTINDALE, C.C. - The Extra Pharmacopoeia in Two Volumes Volume II
N026264: MARTINDALE, C.C. - Christ Is King
N026271: MARTINDALE, C.C. - Athens, Argentina, Australia
N028282: MARTINI, ALBERTO - The Masters 27 Monet
E031879: MARWICK, HUGH - Ancient Monuments in Orkney.
N001385: CAHIERS D'HISTOIRE DE L'INSTITUT DE RECHERCHES MARXISTES - N°52-53: Le Pcf Et L'Internationale de la Declaration de Guerre à L'Effondrement de la France (Septembre 1939 -Aout 1940)
S031711: MASEFIELD, RICHARD - Brimstone
E032930: A. STUART MASON - The Thyroid and Its Diseases. Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Royal College of Physicians of London, 1963.
N017534: MASON, S.C. - The Gold of Gabria
E038541: MASON, POLLY; HOURAHANE, SHELAGH; HOOD, HARVEY - Contemporary Sculpture from Finland
E033516: MASON, R.J. - Prehistoric Man at Melville Koppies Johannesburg
S034799: MASON, DAVID - Little Brother
N026419: MASOOD, STEVEN - Story of Steven Masood Captive of Christ
N027393: MASSE, JULES - Botanique Medicale
N029971: MASSEY, ALAN - Trajectories in the Air
E037288: ALLAN MASSIE - ILL Met by Gaslight: Five Edinburgh Murders
N005122: MASSINGHAM, H.J. - The Face of Britain. Cotswold Country.
N029440: MASSINGHAM, H.J. - The Small Farmer. A Survey by Various Hands. Edited... By H.J. Massingham. With Plates
H038353: MASSON, HENRI LE - Les Flottes de Combat 1964
E037096: MASTERS, JOHN - Bhowani Junction
E035480: LE MASURIER, JOHN - Hurdling
E035341: MATHER, ANNE - Relative Sins (Thorndike Large Print Harlequin Series)
E033888: RICHARD MATHESON - The Shrinking Man
N022339: MATHESON, P. E - The Life of Hastings Rashdall, D.D. , Dean of Carlisle, Fellow of the British Academy, Honorary Fellow of New College,
N018890: MATHEWS, BASIL - Wilfred Grenfell. The Master-Mariner. A Life of Adventure on Sea and Ice.
N026263: MATHEWS, BASIL - India Reveals Herself ~ with the Collaboration of Winifred Wilson
N029811: MATHIEU, M. L'ABBE - La Lecture Expliquee Au Cours Elementaire
N029420: MATHIEU, M. L'ABBE - La Lecture Expliquée Au Cours Moyen
E032582: CECILE HULSE MATSCHAT - Suwannee River: Strange Green Land
N027379: CHINI MATTEO - Klimt
N029132: MATTHEWS, SHAILER; SMITH, GERALD BIRNEY - A Dictionary of Religion and Ethics
N028231: MATTHEWS, JOHN F. - El Greco
E035241: MATTHEWS, BRINLEY E - A Royal Salute: Welsh Sport, 1952-1977
E035453: MATTHEWS, CAITLIN - The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning Year
N028451: MAUD, CONSTANCE - Wagner's Heroines
E031199: MAUDE, AYLMER - The Authorized Life of Marie C. Stopes
E036317: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Last Encounter
E033442: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENINSON - Christmas Day and Other Sermons
E038649: MAURIER, DAPHNE DU - The Flight of the Falcon
E037170: MAUROIS, ANDRE - La Vie de DisraëLI
E034466: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Les Silences Du Colonel Bramble
E037189: MAUROIS, ANDRE; MILES, HAMISH - Disraeli: A Picture of the Victorian Age
E032797: LESLIE YOUNG; GEORGE A. MAW - The Metabolism of Sulphur Compounds
E033845: MAWHINNEY, THOMAS A.H. - The Messenger of the Black Prince
E033202: VALERIE A.MAXFIELD - Hadrian's Wall in Its Imperial Setting
E033944: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Official Guide to the Abbey-Church, Palace, and Environs of Holyrood House
E035930: MAYBURY, ANNE - The Terracotta Palace
E035980: MAYLUNAS, ANDREI; MIRONENKO, SERGEI - A Lifelong Passion - Nicholas and Alexandra, Their Own Story
E035097: MAYNARD, H.B.; TIEFENTHAL, ROLF - Production an International Appraisal of Conemporary Manufacturing Systems and the Changing Role of the Worker
E034361: MAYNE, CORA - Hawkesworth
E036828: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Come, Come to My Corner (Animal Library)
E032938: ALICE MAYNELL - Poems by Robert Herrick
E035702: MAYOR, A. HYATT - Callot and Daumier
E036291: MAYOR, A. HYATT; DAVIS, MARK - American Art at the Century
N027445: MAYOUX, JEAN-JACQUES - La Peinture Anglaise de Hogarth Aux Preraphaelites
E034924: DE MAZIA, VIOLETTE; HOMSEY, ELLEN - Vistas an Educational Publication Vol II No 2 1981-1983
E030534: ALI A. MAZRUI - Violence and Thought (Forum)
N028124: MAZZEO, DONATELLA; ANTONINI, CHIARA SILVI - Monuments of Civilization Ancient Cambodia
S030146: AMEDEO MONTEMAGGI; BILL MCANDREW - The Gothic Line - Lines Gotica - the Canadian Breaching at Tavullia, Key of the Italian Campaign
S033152: MCBAIN, ED - Kiss
N018753: MCBRATNEY, SAM - Dip of the Antlers
E033789: MCCABE, JOSPEH - The Existence of God
E037235: NEIL MCCALLUM. - A Small Country Scotland 1700-1830 Hardcover
E032053: ALEX MCCALLUM - Midlothian Cambridge County Geographies
E038532: DECLAN MCCARTHY - Ashmolean Souvenir Guide
E037122: MCCARTHY, PATRICIA - Agenda . Irish Poetry Double Issue
S033214: MCCARTHY, JOHN - The Ghost Upon Your Path
S033272: CRAIG MCCCABE - The Roadie
E036985: MCCLURE, DAVID - David Mcclure (1926-1998): Memorial Exhibition, 6-29 March 2000
E036836: DAVID MCCLURE - John Maxwell (Modern Scottish Painters ; No. 4)
E035522: MCCLURE, KEN; CHILD, LEE; MEADE, GLENN; HARRISON, STUART - The Sands of Sakkara; the Snow Falcon; Tripwire; Donor
E036118: MCCONNELL, JOHN - Toxopholitis
E038553: RUSSELL MCCORMMACH - Night Thoughts of a Classical Physicist
E033645: MCCOURT, EDWARD - The Ettinger Affair
S033574: MCCREERY, PATRICIA - Tapamveni: The Rock Art Galleries of Petrified Forest and Beyond
E032366: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID G. - Wendell Minor: Art for the Written Word : Twenty-Five Years of Book Cover Art
N028433: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Assignment Death Squad
N029689: MCDONALD, J. - Halton Sketches Revisited Historical Tales People Events in North Halton
E033927: MCDONALD, KENDALL - Food from the Seashore
E033374: MCDONALD, JAN; HILL, LESLIE - Harley Granville Barker: An Edinburgh Retrospective 1992
E036337: MCDOWALL, PAMELA - Pressed Flower Pictures: A Victorian Art Revived
E037377: MCDOWALL, R.J.S. - The Whiskies of Scotland
E037280: MCEWAN, BERT - Your Guide to Dunfermline
E034153: MCEWEN, JOHN - Who Owns Scotland: A Study in Land Ownership
E031069: MCFADYEN, JOHN EDGAR (1870-1933) - The Use of the Old Testament in the Light of Modern Knowledge / by John Edgar Mcfadyen
E031796: MCGARRIGLE, FRANCIS J - The Two Commandments of Christ
E032913: MCGEOWN, MARY G. - Clinical Management of Electrolyte Disorders
E036309: MCGINN, MATT - The Power I Pledge: Centenary Study of the Life of William Quarrier
E038567: MCGREGOR, CRAIG - Profile of Australia
E032846: ALEXANDER LEE MCGREGOR - A Synopsis of Surgical Anatomy
N026850: MCHARDY, D.N. - Modern Farm Machinery
E033142: GWEN MCILROY - A View from the Ground
E035196: MCINERNY, RALPH M. - Savings and Loam: An Andrew Broom Mystery
S036909: MICHAEL MCINTYRE - Life and Laughing: My Story
E035122: MCKAY, STAN; SILMAN, JANET - The First Nations: A Canadian Experience of the Gospel-Culture Encounter-Pamphlet #2 (Gospel and Cultures Pamphlet)
E036861: MCKEAN, CHARLES - Architectural Contributions to Scottish Society Since 1840
E036683: BILL & GEORGEEN KLASSEN. MCKEE - Trail of Iron: The Cpr and the Birth of the West
E033655: MCKELLAR, KENNETH - The Romantic Scotland of Kenneth Mckellar (Brancaster)
N018572: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Tales of Intrigue and Revenge
S029315: MCKEOWN, JOSEPH - Back Crack Boy
E033837: MCLAREN, AMY - Bawbee Jock
E034128: MCLEAVY, ROY - Jane's Pocket Book of Hovercraft and Hydrofoils
E037731: JULIA MCMASTER - Baking without Eggs and Stress
N027715: MCMILLAN, DONALD E. - Central Nervous System Pharmacology: A Self-Instruction Text
S029381: MCNAB, ANDY - Immediate Action
S033213: MCNAB, ANDY; RIGBY, ROBERT - Boy Soldier
E035465: MCNAB, TOM - Triple Jump. With Illustrations (Amateur Athletic Association. Instructional Booklet. )
S037105: ANDY MCNAB - Deep Black
H037339: MCNEILL, F. MARIAN - Stothers's Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Xmas and New Year Annual 1911-1912
E037596: R.A. MCNEILL - Size and Shape (Studies in Biology)
E036330: MCNEILL-MOSS, GEOFFREY - The Epic of the Alcazar
E036322: MCNEILLY, WILFRED - Land of the Free
E033926: MEACHER, CHARLES - Steam Sapper
E031249: L. T. MEADE - Old Readymoney's Daughter with Twelve Illustrations
E036951: ROISIN MEANY - The Last Week of May
E034264: MEATES, G.W. - Lullingstone Roman Villa. With Plates
E037563: BPP LEARNING MEDIA - Double Entry or Double Dutch
E035106: MEEK, ELIN; WEST, KEITH - Nol I'r Gwyllt (Cyfres I'r Byw)
E035336: MEEK, ELIN - Cyfres I'r Byw: Ennill y Ras
E036150: MEEK, DAVID (ED.) (BUSBY, MATT) - The Manchester United Football Book No. 3
E033126: MEEK, JAMES - The Land and People of Scotland (Portraits of the Nations Series)
E037547: FU MEI - Selections of Buddhist Statues of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (Tibetan Treasures, Volume 3)
E034244: MEID, WOLFGANG - Táin Bó Fraích
N003306: MEIER-GRAEFE, JULIUS - Degas Ein Beitrag Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte Der Moderen Malerei
N004558: MEIJER, BERTHE - Nrc Handelsblad Kookboek Wat Eten We Vandaag of Morgen
N026410: MEIKLEJOHN, PROFESSOR J M D - The British Empire - Its Geography, Resources, Commerce, Land-Ways and Water-Ways
E030557: J M D MEIKLEJOHN - The Art of Writing English Meiklejohn's Series
N022243: MEINERS, C. - Aus Briefen Uber Die Schweiz
E032928: ERIC C. MEKIE - Handbook of Surgery
E037437: DAVID ALAN MELLOR: - Interpreting Lucian Freud
E036598: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby Dick or the White Whale.
E035278: MENADUE, CLIVE - Foxglove Sun: Moments from Childhood Recalled (Remembering the Vale)
N029462: MENSING, OTTO - Deutsche Sprachlehre Für Höhere Schulen Von Otto Mensing. Ausgabe C.
E031672: MENU, BERNADETTE - Petit Lexique de L'Egyptien Hieroglyphique a L'Usage Des Debutants
E032781: K. MENZIES - Autoerotic Phenomena in Adolescence: An Analytical Study of the Psychology and Psychopathology of Onanism
E036106: MENZIES, ALLAN - History of Religion
N027680: MERCER, IAN - A Man Gets Into His Tomb
N029428: MERCIER, ALFRED - Tutorial Handbook of French Composition
E038629: MEREDITH, ANNE - The Rich Woman
E037183: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Beauchamp's Career (Collection of British Authors. Tauchnitz Edition)
E032654: SCOTT MEREDITH - Bar One: Roundup of Best Western Stories
N023334: GEORGE MEREDITH - Sandra Belloni Originally Emilia in England
N030007: MEREDITH, ANNE - The Draper of Edgecumbe
N026418: MERLET, P.F. - Petit Tableau Literature de la France, Conenant Un Essai Sur la Litterature Francaise Depuis Son Origine Jusqu'en 1932 Et de Nom
E035163: MERRETT, JOHN - The True Book About Albert Schweitzer... Illustrated by N.G. Wilson
E034412: MESLAY, OLIVIER - Aquarelles Et Dessins Anglais : Une Promenade - Oeuvres Choisies Frits Lugt - Exposition-Dossier
E034841: MESSAGER, ANDRE - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - la Basoche
E038640: METALIOUS, GRACE - Peyton Place
E036741: JOSIE METCALFE - One and Only (Mills & Boon Medical)
E036474: METHLEY, VIOLET M. - Ella of the Islands... Illustrated by Francis E. Hiley
E035923: METHLEY, VIOLET M. - The Windmill Guides
N029511: MEYER, CONRAD FERDINAND - Samtliche Werke Dritter and Vierter Band
E032396: PHILIPPE MEYER - The Art of Sleep
E036475: MIALL, AGNES M. - Cherry in Charge
E032333: (CANNING MICHAEL) CANNING MICHAEL - Michael Canning. The Stars in the Daytime Lasting
E036811: ANNA MICHAILIDOU - Knossos : A Complete Guide to the Palace of Minos
E034788: MICHALOWSKI, KAZIMIERZ - Great Sculpture of Ancient Egypt (Reynals World History of Great Sculpture)
N001329: GUY MICHAUD - L'Oeuvre Et Ses Techniques
E035753: MICHAUD, ROLAND; MICHAUD, SABRINA - Mirror of the Orient
N001370: MICHAUT, G. - Etudes Sur Sainte-Beuve
S036748: MICHELMORE, CLIFF; METCALFE, JEAN - Two-Way Story. An Autobiography
E034666: MIKE MURPHY (EDITOR), BARRY KEMP (EDITOR), MANFRED BIETAK (EDITOR), GEORGE HART (EDITOR) - Egyptian Archaeology No2 1992, the Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society
E034486: MIKHAILOV, N - Siberia
E037121: COMMUNE DI MILANO - Marian Fountain Sculture
N029070: MILES, DILLWYN - Newport in Pembrokeshire Official Guide
H038504: MILES, BRIAN - The Great Big Book of Teddy Tales
E032704: MILES, JOSEPHINE - Wordsworth and the Vocabulary of Emotion
S033401: MILL, J.S. - Looking Back. (Signed)
E036049: MILLAR, ROBERT & CURRIE, IAN - The Language of Prose
E035879: MILLAR, RONALD - Mata Hari. Heron Women Who Made History Series
E034918: MILLAR, ROBERT COCKBURN - Accountants Hand-Book
N028659: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Huntsman, What Quarry?
E037884: MILLER-BROWN, CONRAD - The Queen and Her Royal Relations: A Who's Who of the Royal Families of Europe
E034870: MILLER, ROY ANDREW - Japanese Ceramics
E036944: MILLER, JUDITH - Miller's the Concise Antiques Handbook & Price Guide
N029706: MILLER, ROY ANDREW - Japanese Ceramics
E037681: P. MILLER - Dragonflies Tu (Naturalists' Handbooks)
E032057: MILLER, HUGH - Edinburgh and Its Neighbourhood Geological and Historical. With the Geology of the Bass Rock
E035919: MILLER, JAMES M.; CROWTHER, JONATHAN B. - Analytical Chemistry in a Gmp Environment: A Practical Guide
E034363: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - Portrait of a Romantic
E036088: MILLIGAN, DAVID - Wine (All Colour Paperbacks S. )
N029138: MILLIN, SARAH GERTRUDE - General Smuts
E035656: MILLS, ANNETTE;N PRISKER, FRED - When We'Re Home Sweet Home Again
E037829: MILLS, STEVE; KOHL, HILARY - National Tests Practice Papers for the Year 2001 Maths Book 1 Levels 3-5 - 10-11 Years Key Stage 2
E034266: MILNE-THOMSON, L.M. - Russian-English Mathematical Dictionary
E034594: MILTON; PARRY, C. HUBERT H; LANG, C.S. - Parry Blest Pair of Sirens an Edition for Schools
S034388: MINA, DENISE - Exile
S034397: MINA, DENISE - Garnethill
E037789: MINARD, BRIAN - How to Talk Proper in Liverpool (Lern Yerself Scouse) Vol III
E035185: MINICK, BOB - Hills of Home: The Rural Ozarks
E033334: NONCONFORMIST MINISTER - Nonconformity and Politics
E031970: ROYAL DANISH MINISTRY - Denmark 1952
E037289: MINOT, VICTOR - Bombers Moon
N028134: MITCHELL, W.R. - Beatrix Potter Remembered Her Life in Lakeland
N029376: MITCHELL, PRYCE - Deep Water, the Autobiography of a Sea Captain
E037858: MITCHELL, RAY; MIDDLETON, GEOFFREY - Living History - Introductory Book
E037324: W. R. MITCHELL - Finlay Macqueen of St. Kilda
E036572: MITCHELL, RAY; MIDDLETON, GEOFFREY - Living History Book Three
E035313: MITCHELL, W.R. - Grasmere and the Wordsworths
E034523: K.W. MITCHINSON - Gentlemen and Officers
E030387: MISS MITFORD (MARY RUSSELL MITFORD) - Our Village: Country Pictures
E032844: E.H.R. HARRIES; M.MITMAN - Clinical Practice in Infectious Diseases
E036933: C. W. MORTON; C. W. MOBELEY - Pilots Die Faster
E038371: MOELONA - Cwrs y LLI
E036287: MOFFETT, ROSS - Art in Narrow Streets: The First Thirty-Three Years of the Provincetown Art Association 1914-1947
E034209: DE MOLIERE, J.B. POQUELIN; MORIARTY, LOUIS M. - L'Avare Comedie en Cinq Actes
N026716: MOLIERE, J.B. POQUELIN - Comedies Volume One
N023538: MOLIERE; WALLER, A.R. - The Plays of Moliere in French with a New Translation and Notes by A.R. Waller
N001453: MOLIERE - Le Tartuffe Ou L'Imposteur
E038087: MOLLOY, E.; KNOTT, E.W. - Landing Legs, Wheels and Brakes (Aeroplane Maintenance and Operation Series)
E035716: MOLLOY, E. - Newnes Electrical Tables and Data
E033184: N. SCOTT MOMADAY - House Made of Dawn
N027303: MOMMSEN, THEODOR; DICKSON, W.P. - The History of Rome Volume Two
E032025: MONAHAN, PATRICIA - Light in Watercolour (Studio Vista Beginner's Guides)
E032532: H. J. CHAYTOR; A.R. HOPE MONCRIEFF - Leaders and Landmarks in European History, 4 Volume Set
E035710: MONGAN, ELIZABETH - Daumier in Retrospect 1808 1879
E037378: MONK, W.H. - Book of Anthems. For Use in Public Worship... Revised by W.H. Monk
N027685: MONMOUTH, JACK - Lonely, Lovely Lady
N029340: MONS, BARBARA - High Road to Hunza
PS031311: MONSARRAT - This Is the Schoolroom
E032138: MONTAGUE, C. E. - The Morning's War
E035452: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Anne of the Island
E036428: MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL - Effective English: Bk. 2
E036255: DOMINIC MONTSERRAT - Sex and Society in Graeco-Roman Egypt
E036224: RAYMOND MOODY - Life After Death
E030398: GEOFF MOON - New Zealand Birds in Focus
E036335: SHEILA MOORE - Conservative Party: The First 150 Years
N023977: MOORE, JOHN - Acque Sotterranee
N023979: MOORE, JOHN - Aurore Meurtrie Ne Renait Point
E035034: CHRISTOPHER G. MOORE - The Vincent Calvino Reader's Guide
E035058: CHRISTOPHER G. MOORE - The Corruptionist (a Vincent Calvino P.I. Novel)
E037797: BRUCE MOORE - The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary
E038653: MOORE, JOHN - The Waters Under the Earth
E034130: MOORE, JOHN E. - Jane's Pocket Book of Submarine Development (Jane's Pocket Book ; 8)
E036841: ANDREW W. MOORE - The Norwich School of Artists
E037830: REX MOORFOOT - Television in the Eighties: The Total Equation
E036371: MORAHAN-DE LAUZON, EDYTHE - Angels' Songs from the Golden City of the Blessed
E037699: MICHAEL MORCOMBE; IRENE MORCOMBE - Wildflowers of the East Coast
E035992: MORDAL, JACQUES - Dieppe: The Dawn of Decision
E035941: MOREAUX, ROSELYNE - The Pont Du Gard, the Site and the Large Exhibition
E036126: MORETON, GEORGE - Doctor in Chains
E037131: MORGAN, ALISON - The Open Road. July 16th -28th 1926. A Diary by Dorothy Raikes.
N025056: MORGAN, PRYS - I'r Bur Hoff Bau
E038628: MORGAN, CLIFF - Briton Ferry (Llansawel)
N027343: MORGAN, WILLIAM - The Book of Job Llyvyr Iob
E036440: MORGAN, KENNETH O. - The Sphere Illustrated History of Britain
E036766: MORGAN, STUART - Eglises Romanes Et Chateaux-Forts Suisse Romande
E035337: MORGAN, GERALD - Cyfoeth y Cardi: Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Ceredigion
E035907: MORGAN, W. JOHN - The Small World
N021884: MORGAN, J.J. - Cofiant Edward Matthews Ewenni
E035361: MORGAN, GEORGE CAMPBELL - Teaching of Christ
E037729: HELEN MORGAN - Who'd Stay a Missionary?
PS031339: GEOFFREY MORGAN - Murderer's Moon
E037706: JOHN MORGAN - John Morgan's Wales : A Personal Anthology
SH036515: MORGANS, JOHN; MORGANS, NORAH - Journey of a Lifetime: From the Diaries of John Morgans Comments by John and Norah Morgans
N029402: MORICH, R.J. - Passages for Advanced French Prose
H038517: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - Admiral of the Ocean Sea: A Life of Christopher Columbus
N022723: MORITZ, VICTOR - Froeschwiller: 6 Aout 1870
E036028: MORLEY, SHERIDAN - Gladys Morley a Biography
E034467: MORREL, MARTHA MCBRIDE - When the World Was Young
E032935: MARCUS MORRIS - Robin Bible Stories of the Old Testament
N028929: MORRIS, JAMES - Cofiant, Dywediadau a Phregethau y Diweddar Barch. Thomas Job, D.D. , Cynwyl
E037871: MORRIS, J.A. - British Isles (Geography Texts;Book 8)
E037182: MORRIS, LEWIS - The Works of Sir Lewis Morris
E031948: MORRIS, A.E.J. - History of Urban Form: Prehistory to Industrial Revolution
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E033375: THE PITMAN PRESS - Typesetting at the Pitman Press
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E038101: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE PRESS - Periodicals and the Alternative Press (Command 6810-6)
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E034483: PULKINA, I.M. - A Short Russian Reference Grammar, with a Chapter on Pronunciation
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E037757: QUARRIE, BRUCE - Hitler's Samurai: The Waffen-Ss in Action
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E038100: RAMPTON, ANTHONY - West Indian Children in Our Schools: Interim Report of the Committee of Inquiry Into the Education of Children from Ethnic Minority Groups (Cmnd)
E037385: RAMSAY, DEAN - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character
E034883: RAMSAY, G.D. - John Isham, Mercer and Merchant Adventurer. Two Account Books of a London Merchant in the Reign of Elizabeth I.
N004935: RAMSAY, J.A. - A Scheme in Drawing for Elementary Schools
E038550: EDWARD RAMSBOTTOM - New Worlds to Conquer: Bk. 3
N028290: RAMSDEN, E. H. - The Masters 41 Michelangelo
N026332: RAMSEY, IAN - Thyroid Disease and Muscle Dysfunction
N023615: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 1-2
N023616: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 3-4
N023617: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 5-6
N023619: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 9-10
N023620: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 11-12
N023621: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 13-14
N023622: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 15-16
N023623: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 17-18
N023618: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 7-8
N023624: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 19-20
N023625: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 21-22
N023626: RANKE, LEOPOLD VON - Historische Meisterwerke Band 23-24
E036230: RANSON, ROY; STRANGE, ROBERT; NEILLANDS, ROBIN; TAYLOR, DAVID; MANDELA, NELSON; PRESTON, RICHARD - Today's Best Nonfiction: Looking for Lucan; the Conquest of the Reich; the Animals Came out Two by Two; Long Walk to Freedom; the Hot Zone
E032677: RASSEGNA D'ARTE - Encontres - Incontri Di Fine Novecento
E036754: CARTER RATCLIFF - Gilbert and George: The Complete Pictures, 1971-1985: The Complete Pictures, 1971-85
N029384: RATCLIFFE, ERIC - Anthropos
E035499: RATCLIFFE, J.A. - The Physical Principles of Wireless
N028490: RAUGEL, FELIX - Les Organistes
N028511: RAUGEL, FELIX - Les Anciens Buffets D'Orgues Du Departement de Seine-Et-Marne
N022469: RAVEN, CHARLES E. - Musings and Memories.
E035946: RAWICZ, SLAVOMIR - The Long Walk
N004724: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN - Jody en Het Hertejong
E038680: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN - The Sojourner
N029775: RAWSON, GLADYS - Eve's Garden
E038111: RITA RAY - One-a-Week Spelling Tests: Age 5/6 Book 1 (Spelling Tests: One-a-Week)
E032852: RAY, JOHN;LINNAEUS, CARL - Synopsis Methodica Stirpium Britannicarum 1724; Flora Anglica 1754 & 1759
E037203: RAYMOND, E.T. (EDWARD RAYMOND THOMPSON) - Disraeli: Alien Patriot
E037204: RAYMOND, E.T. (EDWARD RAYMOND THOMPSON) - Portraits of the New Century (the First Ten Years)
N026698: RAYNAL, MAURICE - Renoir: Masterpieces of French Painting
N026700: RAYNAL, MAURICE - Manet: Masterpieces of French Painting
E036073: RAYNER, D.A.; PAUL, CHARLOTTE;, FERBER, EDNA; PATON, ALAN - The Enemy Below; Minding Our Own Business; Giant; Cry, the Beloved Country (4-in-1) (Readers Digest Condensed Books)
E037052: RAYNER, CLAIRE - Family Chorus
E030931: P.R. RAYNER - Social Geographies Book III the Cultivators by P.R. Rayner
E034643: RAYNER, D.A. - The Crippled Tanker
E031143: ROBERT MACEY RAYNER - England in Modern Times. 1714-1936 . With 12 Maps. Fourth Edition
N029405: RAYOUT, E.; ROUSTAN, M. - La Composition Litteraire, Psychologique Pedagogique Et Morale
N028258: READ, HERBERT - The Masters 2 Johannes Vermeer
E038024: READ, HERBERT; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - Hieronymus Bosch. The Masters 66
E032795: J.M. NAISH; A.E.A. READ - Basic Gastro-Enterology. Including Diseases of the Liver... With Chapters by T.J. Butler... And K.T. Evans
S037009: ROBERTO MARTINEZ; PETER READ - Roberto: Kicking Every Ball
E036163: READ, P.A. - General Principles of English Law: A-Level Textbook
E037545: MISS READ - Thrush Green (Paragon Softcover Large Print Books)
E035998: READE, CHARLES - The Gold Diggers
E033338: READER'S DIGEST - The Best of Wild Britain
E036105: READER'S DIGEST - Joy of Nature
E033518: READER'S DIGEST - South Africa's Yesterdays
E038128: READER'S DIGEST - Mind Stretchers
E036159: READER'S DIGEST - Wild New Zealand
E032915: H. REBER - The Proceedings of the World Congress on Antisepsis
E034639: REDFORD, DONALD B. - Pharaonic King-Lists, Annals and Day-Books: A Contribution to the Study of the Egyptian Sense of History (Ssea Publications)
E034616: REDFORD, SUSAN - The Harem Conspiracy: The Murder of Ramesses III

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