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E038525: THE WAR OFFICE - Military Engineering Volume V. Roads, Airfields and Mechanical Equipment Part I Roads.
E040089--LL250: GREAT BRITAIN. HOME OFFICE - Cable Expansion and Broadcasting Policy: Inquiry Report. Chmn. Lord Hunt of Tanworth (Command 8679)
E038342: OGAWA, GOTARO - Expenditures of the Russo-Japanese War
E037161: OGDEN, JAMES - Isaac D'Israeli (Oxford English Monographs)
E040052--Par: DAVID OGG - England in the Reign of Charles II Vol. II
E032202: W.H. OGILVIE - Treatment of Fractures in General Practice Volume 1
E037264: OGSTON, DAVID D. - White Stone Country; Growing Up in Buchan
E037475: HEINZ OHFF - 2mal Berlin (Piper Panoramen Der Welt) (German Edition)
E040335--LL250: LARS AKE KVARNING; BENGT OHRELIUS - The Swedish Warship Wasa
E033067: A.P. OKLADNIKOW - Der Hirsch Mit Dem Goldenen Geweih. Vorgeschichtliche Felsbilder Sibiriens
E033849: OLDFIELD, HARRY; COGHILL, ROGER - The Dark Side of the Brain: Major Discoveries in the Use of Kirlian Photography and Electrocrystal Therapy: Major Developments in Kirlian Photography and Electrocrystal Therapy
E032167: OLIPHANT, MRS & TARVER, F - Moliere
E034541: OLIVER, EDWIN - The Romance of Old London
S039523: OLLARD, RICHARD LAWRENCE - An English Education : A Perspective of Eton
E039486: PHILIP OLLESON - Samuel Wesley: The Man and His Music
E037999: OLSEN, DAVID C. - 51 Songs from Broadway - Volume 8
E037973: OLSEN, DAVID C. - 3: The Greatest Songs of 1940-1960 (New Home Library Series)
E036020: OLSEN, JACK - Silence on Monte Sole
E037974: OLSEN, DAVID C. - The Greatest Songs of 1920-1940 (New Home Library Series)
E037970: OLSEN, DAVID C. - 8: The Great Songs of Broadway: All Organ (New Home Library Series)
E037971: OLSEN, DAVID C. - 7: The Great Songs & Themes of the Movies (New Home Library Series)
E037972: OLSEN, DAVID C. - The Greatest Songs of 1975-1990 (New Home Library Series)
S038322: CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE - Hemingway in Africa
E040556--LL500: P.A. ONGLEY - Questions and Problems in Elementary Organic Chemistry
E036848: ONOKA, MARGARET - Family Law
E036922: KYLE ONSTOTT - Strange Harvest (a Star Book)
E039577: CO-OPERATIVE - The Best of British Food
E040436--LL500: LIONEL H. OPIE - Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors-the Advance Continues
E032459: OPPE, A.P. - English Drawings Stuart and Georgian Periods
E032207: OPPENHEIM, E PHILLIPS - The Hillman
N022604: KJERSTIN DELLERT; INGER MARIE OPPERUD - Confidencen en Gammal Teater Som Fatt Nytt LIV
E032608: MINISTERIE VAN NEDERLANDSE CULTUR EN NATIONAL OPVOEDING - Love and Marriage Aspects of Popular Culture in Europe Antwerpen 1975
E032071: HANS ORANJE - Latijn. Taal en Cultuur Van de Romeinen. Lessons 10-18.
N022482: ORCHARD, W.E. - No More War and Other Sermons
E032692: BARONESS ORCZY - No Greater Love
E034340: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION - Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals: A Compendium of Guidelines and Related Materials, Vol. 2: Good Manufacturing Practices and Inspection: Good Manufacturing Practices and Inspection V. 2
E036248: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION - International Standard Classification of Occupations
E040366--LL500: DAVID ORME; HELEN ORME - English Language: A Blueprint for Key Stage 3 (Blueprints)
E040365--LL500: HELEN ORME; DAVID ORME - English Literature: A Blueprint for Key Stage 3 (Blueprints)
E035145: ORNSTIEN, EDWIN JOSEPH - Shadow of Hanaki
E032601: CHRIS ORR - Semi-Antics
E039396: ORRIN, GEOFFREY R. - Gower Churches: A Survey of the Churches in the Rural Deanery of West Gower
E040435--LL500: GEOFFREY R ORRIN - A History of All Saints Church Oystermouth
E037707: GEOFFREY R ORRIN - A History of All Saints Church Oystermouth
E033950: EBERHARD ORTHBANDT - Moderne Französische Lyrik
E037877: OSGERBY, J.R. - William Shakespeare: Hamlet (Guides to English Literature. )
E037180: OSGOOD, CHARLES G. - The Pearl
E037626: OSTWALD, HANS - Das Zillebuch
E034448: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume One Adventure
E034449: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Two Romance
E034450: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Three Mystery
E034451: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Five Drama
E034452: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Six Courage
E034453: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Eight Men
E034454: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Nine Ghosts
E034455: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Ten Humor
E032191: WILLIAM OWEN - Darlleniadau Sabbathol Darluniadol
N022489: OWEN, R.H. - Prayers in Use at Uppingham School
E033985: OWEN, ARWYN - Rugby Annual for Wales 1994-95
E030985: EBENEZER CURIG DAVIES; DANIEL OWEN - Rhys Lewis. Abridged by Ebenezer C. Davies
E039769: JOAN LLEWELYN OWENS - Graduate's Guide to the Business World
E038457: OWENS, MARY C.; MORELAND, PHYLLIS - Seafood Secrets
E036496: OXENHAM, ELSIE J. - Selma at the Abbey
N029789: OXENHAM, JOHN - Corner Island
E035413: OXLEY, J. MACDONALD - The Young Woodsman; or Life in the Forests of Canada
E039839--LL500: HAROLD OXLEY - The Principles of Public Relations
N022514: PACIARONI, RAOUL - Macerata E IL Suo Territorio L'Economia
N027465: PADAWAR, JACQUES - Mast Cells and Basophils [Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences V. 103, Art. 1]
E040252--LL500: BETH PADDOCK - Textbridge Ocr Software - User's Guide
E039916--LL250: KENNETH PADLEY - Our Ladye Church of Swanesey a History of St Mary's
E036928: JAMES PATTERSON; MAXINE PAETRO - The 5th Horseman
E039151: IAN PAGE - Learning Tree Story Book
E040146--LL500: W.R. PAGE - English out at Work. A Practical Course with Examples Taken from the Retail Trade.
E036384: PAGE, GERTRUDE - The Edge o Beyond
E034797: ANTHEA PAGE - Egyptian Sculpture, Archaic to Saite, in the Petrie Collection
E030253: SERGE PAGENELLE - Mieux Comprendre Rennes-le-Chateau Et Son Histoire
E033506: PAGER, SHIRLEY-ANN - Ein Gang Durch Das Prahistorische Twyfelfontein
E033509: PAGER, SHIRLEY-ANN - Ein Besuch Bei Der Weissen Dame Vom Brandberg
E039799: FRANCIS PAGET - Christ the Way
E034331: PAGLIARO, LOUIS A.; PAGLIARO, ANN MARIE - Problems in Pediatric Drug Therapy
E035771: PAINTER, ELEANOR - Spring Symphony; the Story of Clara and Robert Schumann
E037411: PALACIOS, ALVAR GONZALEZ - The Age of Louis XV
E039197: JEAN PALAISEUL - The Green Guide to Health from Plants
SH033223: PALIN, MICHAEL - Himalaya
SH033221: PALIN, MICHAEL - New Europe
SH033220: PALIN, MICHAEL - Pole to Pole : With Michael Palin
SH033222: PALIN, MICHAEL - Sahara
E035302: PALMER, C.EVERARD - Sun Salutes You
E034461: PALMER, E.H. - Simplified Grammar of Hindustani, Persian and Arabic (Trubner's Collection of Simplified Grammars of the Principal Asiatic and European Languages)
E040354--LL250: SUE PALMER - Start to Read: Ages 4-5 (Early Years)
E039820LL500: LOUIS PALMER - Adventures in Afghanistan
E038418: PANASONIC - Panasonic Dimension 4 Premier Plus Cookery Book
E037655: PANSKUS, HARTMUT - Zweimal Deutschland: Fakten Und Funde Zur Geteilten Lage Der Nation (German Edition)
E032543: MASACCIO - VOLPONI PAOLO (PRESENTAZIONE DI) - L'Opera Completa Di Masaccio
E036923: ORANIA PAPAZOGLOU - Sanctity
E032890: M.H. PAPPWORTH - A Primer of Medicine
E039998--LL500: BERTRAM PARK - The Rose Annual 1952
E033400: PARKE, S.W.J. - Workshop Technology
E040495--LL250: A.M. DAWSON; S.W. PARKER - Recurrent Abdominal Pain (Current Approaches)
E034076: PARKER, JOHN - At the Heart of Darkness: Witchcraft, Black Magic and Satanism in Britain Today
E039994--LL250: TIM FITZGEORGE-PARKER - Greatest Racing Moments
E035173: PARKER, E.W. - Surrey
E040014--LL500: RICHARD PARKER - Keeping Time (Green Grass)
E036851: JUDITH TSCHANN; M. B. PARKES - Facsimile of Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms Digby 86 (Early English Text Society Supplementary Series)
E035795: PARKINSON, ROGER - Encyclopedia of Modern War
S030222: GEORGE ANTHONY PARKINSON - Twelve Chimes of Christmas. Being Twelve Stories for the Christmas Fireside
E039971--LL250: ERNEST CARD; A.C. PARKINSON - Logarithms Simplified
E033234: H.G. PARKYN - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1944 ( Fifty-Fifth Year)
E040350--LL250: H.E. PARR - Revision Course in School Mathematics
E034645: PARRI, DAFYDD - Cailo: CI Defaid Mewn Perygl Difrifol Bk. 3 (Cyfres Cailo)
E033201: EDWARD PARRISH - The Phantom Bouquet: A Popular Treatise on the Art of Skeletonizing Leaves and Seed-Vessels
E039582: PARROTT, IAN - Method in Orchestration
E033671: PARRY, GRIFFITH - Arweiniad I'r Efengylau
E034776: PARRY, THOMA; CYNAN - Hanes Yr Eisteddfod a'r Eisteddfod Genedlaethol a'r Orsedd Heddiw
S029491: PARRY, C.W.; PLAUTIS, T. MACCIUS - Three Comedies of T. Maccius Plautus
E033681: PARRY-WILLIAMS, T.H. - Awdlau Cadeiriol Detholedig,1926-1950: Gydag Erthygl,"Hanes Yr Awdl",Gan Yr Athro Thomas Parry
E039145: PARRY, R. IFOR - Diwinyddiaeth Karl Barth
E033667: PARRY, GRIFFITH - Cofiant a Chasgliad o Weithiau Barddonol y Parch. Robert Owen
E035340: PARSONS, RICHARD D. - Valuing Sexuality: A Guide for Catholic Teens
E039177: MARTIN PARSONS - The a-Z of Gardening
E040004--Par: RAPHAEL PATAI - Family, Love and the Bible
E039602: PATCHETT, G.N. - Television Servicing Volumes 1,2,3,& 4
E032394: WALTER PATER - Marius the Epicurean His Sensations and Ideas - Volumes 1 and 2
N028069: PATER, WALTER - The Masters 65 Leonardo Da Vinci
E038031: PATER, WALTER; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters. 65 Leonardo Da Vinci
H039435: PATERSON, ALAN - Hamlyn Book of Garden Ideas
E036486: PATERSON, T.W. - Scots Recitations Readings and Sketches Second Series
E036487: PATERSON, T.W. - Sketches & Playlets for Adults Third Series
E040219--LL250: PETER PATILLA - Fun with Numbers
E034744: PATRICK, JOHN - The Teahouse of the August Moon: Play (Drama Library)
E036301: PATRICK, JOHN - The Rise of Scottish Industry
E040292--LL250: MARGUERITE PATTEN - Busy Cook's Book (Hamlyn All-Colour Cookbooks)
E040087--LL250: MARGUERITE PATTEN - Busy Cook's Book (Hamlyn All-Colour Cookbooks)
E032334: (DUNCAN JEREMY) ANDERSON J & PATTERSON J - Jeremy Duncan. Form, Pattern and Stillness. Paintings and Drawings of New York and Paris
E036925: PATTERSON, JAMES - 1st to Die
N029232: PATZWALL, KLAUS D. - Zivilabzeichen Der Wehrmacht 1934-1935
E035901: PAUL, BARBARA - Frenchwoman, the (Troubadour Books)
E039009: PAULA, F.R.M. DE - The Principles of Auditing: A Practical Manual for Students and Practitioners
N026545: PAUSBACK, GABRIEL N. - The Complete Works of Saint Mary Magdalen de'Pazzi Carmelite and Mystic 1566-1607 Volume IV
E036282: CONOVER HUNT; LINDA GRANT DE PAUW - Remember the Ladies: Women in America 1750-1815 (a Studio Book)
E034350: PAVELICH, MATT - Our Savage
S030234: JOSE MIGUEL PAVON - Las Ideologias
E040457--LL250: BERNARD PAWLEY - Looking at the Vatican Council
E034821: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Splendour of France
E037931: BEN PAYNE - Sinner (Oberon Modern Plays)
E032584: ELIZABETH PALMER PEABODY - The Peabody Sisters of Salem. With Plates, Including Portraits
S030258: ROBERT MCBRIDE; NOEL PEACOCK - Le Nouveau Molieriste II 1995
E040125--LL750: HERBERT LEONARD PEACOCK - British History, 1714-1968
E038117: PEACOCK, GRAHAM - Sainsbury's Home Learning - Science Workbook Level 5 Ages 7 Up
E038118: PEACOCK, GRAHAM - Sainsbury's Home Learning - Science Workbook Level 4 Ages 6-8
E038602: PEAKE, NIGEL - 1939-1940 the People's War
E037237: JOHN M. PEARSON - Guided Walk Round St. Andrews
E033447: PEATE, IORWERTH CYFEILIOG - Y Cawg Aur, a Cherddi Eraill
E035473: PEATE, IORWERTH C. - John Cowper Powys Letters 1937-1954
N029828: YR ARCHDDERWYDD PEDROG - Caniadau Myfanwy Meirion
E040150--LL250: D.P.T. BURKE; S. CHAPLIN; J.N. HOWELLS; A. PEEL - Biology (Multiple Choice Questions in Elementary Science; Book 3) with Answers
E040271--LL250: JOHN PEEL - Doctor Who-the Daleks Masterplan: The Mutation of Time Bk. 2 (Target Doctor Who Library)
E040268--LL250: JOHN PEEL - Doctor Who-Mission to the Unknown: Part 1
E038437: PEERS, E. ALLISON - A Skeleton Spanish Grammar... Third Edition
N028363: PEGRAM, LORNA - Summer Fires
E040148--Par: MARIO PEI - Invitation to Linguistics by Mario Pei
E039585: PELTZ, MARY ELLIS - Introduction to Opera; a Guidebook
E035964: THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL OF PENALLT - Penallt: A Village Miscellany
E033777: PENAR - Cerddi DôL a Dyffryn
E039604: PENGELLY, R. ED. - John Ruskin a Biographical Sketch
E036694: DAVID W. PENNEY - Native American Art
E037215: PENROSE, ROLAND - Picasso(Early Years) (Faber Gallery)
N028275: PENROSE, ROLAND - The Masters 19 Joan Miro
N028047: PENROSE, ROLAND - The Masters 50 Pablo Picasso
E032131: PEPYS, S. - The Diary of Samuel Pepys - Volumes 1 and 2
N022327: PERCIVAL, H.R. - The Inspiration of Holy Scripture and Six Other Essays
E033533: PERELLO, EDUARDO RIPOLL - Pinturas Rupestres de la Gasulla, Castellón
E032157: PERHAM, MARGERY - Colonial Sequence, 1930 to 1949: A Chronological Commentary Upon British Colonial Policy Especially in Africa
S028346: PERIGO, FRANCIS A. - The English Lion V. The French Eagle - Signed Copy
E040611--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - The Trains of Wales Colouring and Activity Book
E040594--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - Model Answers o Level - Romeo & Juliet
E039995--LL250: LAURENCE E. PERKINS - Your Own Home Aquarium- the Project Club - Project Book 135
E040610--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - The Celts Colouring and Activity Book
E040609--LL250: E.J. PERKINS - My Holiday in the West Country: Diary, Colouring and Activity Book
E037786: DEREK PERKINS - Dylan Thomas and His World
E040592--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - Model Answers o Level - Julius Caesar
E040590--LL250: E.J. PERKINS - Inorganic Chemistry: Advanced Level (Rapid Revision Notes)
E040537--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" (Model Answers)
E040535--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar": Literature Notes and Examples (Literature Revision Notes and Examples)
E040536--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar": Model Answers o Level
E036893: D.C. PERKINS - Shakespeare's "Macbeth" (Model Answers)
E040552--LL250: D C PERKINS - British Isles Geography (Test Yourself S)
E040579--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - Multiple Choice o Level - British Isles Geography
E040347--LL250: E. J. PERKINS - My Holiday in Wales: Diary, Colouring and Activity Book
E040224--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - Llwyau Serch o Gymru
E038105: PERKINS, DIANA - Fun with Words - Ages 5-9
E038116: PERKINS, DIANA - Sainsbury's Home Learning - Reading Workbook Level 5 Ages 7 Up
E040214--LL250: E.J. PERKINS - Biology (Model Answers)
E040167--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - Commerce: Ordinary Level (Rapid Revision Examination Practice)
E040315--LL250: D.C. PERKINS - Castles of Wales Colouring and Activity Book
E040222--LL250: DAVID PERKINS - The Cheshire Teaser
H039204: ESMERELDA DE RETHY; JEAN-LOUIS PERREAU - Christian Dior: The Early Years 1947-1957
E035882: PERROT, JEAN - Syria-Palestine I (Archaeologia Mundi)
E040013--LL500: G.A. PERRY - Shops, Stores and Markets (Approaches to Environmental Studies)
N028354: PERRY, GEORGE SESSIONS - Walls Rise Up
H039066: PERRY, MARIA - Elizabeth 1 the Word of a Prince by Maria Perry
E037126: ROLAND PERRY - Bradman's Best
E033392: PERRY, ALAN - Black Milk
N029760: PERTWEE, ROLAND - A Prince of Romance
E038555: PETCHEY, RICHARD - The Classical Age (Classical Keyboard Collection)
H037483: PETER; EVANS, ALUN; HURST, DOUG & JORDAN, BEDE BADMAN - Australians at War - Modern Military Towards 2000
H038316: MARGOT PETERS - Mrs. Pat: The Life of Mrs. Pat Campbell
E040154--Par: J. DOHERTY;P. PYCRAT; B. COOPER; A. GREEN; M. PETERS - Questions and Answers on European History, Vol. 1 Period 1763-1933
H038796: INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM - Ip Standards for Petroleum and Its Products. Part 1, Methods for Analysis and Testing
E038829: THE INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM - Ip Engine Test Methods for Rating Fuels
E036115: PETROPOULOU, KELLEY - Ancient Corinth - Nauplion - Tiryns - Mycenae - Epidaurus
E034610: PETTI, ANTHONY G. - Christmas and Advent Motets for 5 Voices (the Chester Book of Motets)
S034875: PETTITT, ANN - Walking to Greenham: How the Peace-Camp Began and the Cold War Ended
E032616: PEWSEY, STEPHEN - The Book of Southend-on-Sea (Town Books)
E038164: PHAIR, E.M. - The History of the Tuckwell Theatre 1926-1998
H038781: G PHELPS; J PHELPS - Animals Tame and Wild
E038611: PHILIP, LOTTE BRAND - Bosch. [ Express Art Book]
E034299: PHILLIMORE, IOANNES S. - Sexti Properti Carmina
E035622: PHILLIPO, L. - Collection de Noels Celebres
N028965: PHILLIPS, D.M. - Dynamic Preaching
E035799: PHILLIPS, ABEL - A History of the Origins of the First Jewish Community in Scotland: Edinburgh, 1816
E035988: PHILLIPS, STANLEY - Stamp Collecting
E036821: PHILLIPS, ELLEN - All About Silly Things (Fischer Price)
E036827: PHILLIPS, ELLEN - All About the Animal Kingdom (Fischer Price)
E038929: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - The Spanish Pimpernel
E035114: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - Victoria Cross Battles of the Second World War
S039205: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS; BARBER, PETER N. - The Rothschild Rhododendrons, a Record of the Gardens at Exbury.
S035906: PHILLIPS, SIAN - Private Faces: The Autobiography
E036826: PHILLIPS, ELLEN - All About Playtime (Fischer Price)
E039857-LL500: J.B. PHILLIPS - St Luke's Life of Christ
E036845: PETER REDPATH; SARAH PHILLIPS - Incredible English Kit 6: Activity Book 2nd Edition
E036835: PHILLIPS, ELLEN - All About Nature (Fischer Price)
E036441: PHILLIPS, MICHAEL - 1066 - Origin of a Nation: The Story of Battle, Sussex
S037136: SIAN PHILLIPS - Public Places: The Autobiography
E037759: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - The Spanish Pimpernel
E033734: PHILLIPS, D.M. - Esponiad Ar Epistol Paul at y Galatiaid
E036825: PHILLIPS, ELLEN - All About Seasons (Fischer Price)
E036824: PHILLIPS, ELLEN - All About Bedtime (Fischer Price)
E036823: PHILLIPS, ELLEN - All About Families (Fischer Price)
E038598: JO PHOENIX - Words at Work: Teacher's Book Bk. 3
E040357--LL250: JAN PICKERING - Whs Mental Maths List 8 9
E035363: PICKFORD, C.E. - Farce de Maistre Pathelin
E040159--LL250: THOMAS PICKLES - Sketch Map and Exercise Books- Book V - South America and Africa
E040302--LL250: EGIDIO PICUCCI - Meryem Ana Evi - the House of Mary in Selcuk, Ephesus
E038595: W.S. FOWLER; J. PIDCOCK - Incentive English: Incentive Themes Bk. 4
E039092: PIEHLER, H.A. - Wales for Everyman
E033413: PIKE, G. HOLDEN - Oliver Cromwell and His Times: Social, Religious, and Political Life in the Seventeenth Century
E037906: PILCHOWSKI, ROBERT - Geheimnis Um Berenice
E035470: PILLEMENT, GEORGES - Unknown Greece (Archaeological Travel Itinerary S. )
E037456: JOHN PIMLOTT - Vietnam: The History and the Tactics
E035728: PINE, L.G. - The Story of Surnames
E039380: PINKERTON, PERCY E. - The Dramatic Works of Christopher Marlowe. Selected. With a Prefatory Notice by P.E. Pinkerton
N029444: PINKERTON, M.H. - Commercial Mushroom Growing
E034574: PINTER, HAROLD - Room and the Dumb Waiter (Pinter Plays)
E038315: LUIGI PIRANDELLO - Pirandello's Love Letters to Marta Abba
E035651: PITT, PERCY - Music Masterpieces: Gems from the World's Famous Operas & Musical Plays. Part 32
E032199: PITT, FRANCES (ED) - The Romance of Nature: Wild Life of the British Isles in Picture and Story (Volumes I - 4)
H037491: PITT, BARRIE - The Battle of the Atlantic (World War II Series)
E037528: PITT, PERCY - Music Masterpieces Part 4
E037529: PITT, PERCY - Music Masterpieces Part 5 Gems from the Worlds Famous Operas and Musical Plays from the Last Waltz / la Traviata / Lohengrin / Orpheis in the Underworld / Faust
E037525: PITT, PERCY - Music Masterpieces Gems from the World's Famous Operas and Musical Plays - Part 1
E037526: PITT, PERCY - Music Masterpieces Part 2 Gems from the Worlds Famous Operas and Musical Plays from Madam Butterfly / the Street Singer / I Pagliacci / Madame Pompadour / IL Seraglio
E037527: PITT, PERCY - Music Masterpieces: Gems from the World's Famous Operas & Musical Plays. Part 3
E038853: JEAN PLAIDY - The Princess of Celle (Shadows of the Crown)
E035222: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Queen and Lord M
E032197: CHARLES PLATER - A Primer of Peace and War: The Principles of International Morality
E034297: PLATO - Plato, Volume I: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Phaedrus
E032612: PLATT, COLIN - The Abbeys and Priories of Medieval England
E040561--LL250: C. V PLATTS - Chemical Formulae and Equations
E035353: PLATTS-MILLS, BARNEY - Double Trouble
E036949: TOP THAT! PUBLISHING PLC - Indoor Football Skills
E032631: PLENDERLEITH, H.J. - The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art. Treatment, Repair, and Restoration. First Edition.
E037231: PLIADY, JEAN - The Thistle and the Rose
E036299: PLIMMER, CHARLOTTE; PLIMMER, DENIS - Matter of Expediency: Case of Admiral Sir Dudley North
E034419: PLUMB, J.H. - The Pursuit of Happiness. A View of Life in Georgian England
E032353: RICHARD JEFFERIES. EDITED BY GUY N. POCOCK. - Bevis and Mark from Bevis
E037920: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Der Goldene Skarabaus - the Gold Bug
E034653: DAVAITE POGOBORIM - Russian for Everybody Lets Talk
E033846: POHL, FREDERIK; WILLIAMSON, JACK - Undersea Quest
E036398: DE POL, JOHN - The Lower Hudson River from the Eric-Lackawanna Pier in Hoboken
E032059: POLITIKEN - Tourist in Denmark
E033299: POLLARD, DAVE - The I.C. E. In-Car Entertainment Manual Choosing Installing Improving
E035202: DE POLNAY, PETER - Out of the Square
E035876: POLNAY, PETER DE - Madame de Maintenon
N028070: POOL, PHOEBE - The Masters 64 Paul Gauguin
E033060: GERHARD POOL - Samuel Maharero
S035918: POPE, NEVILLE VIVIAN - God's Country
E035172: R.W. BROWN; M.J. LAWRENCE; J. POPE - Animals of Britain and Europe: Their Tracks, Trails and Signs
E036007: POPE, MARY - Memories of Childhood 1932 to 1946
E039985--LL250: JOYCE POPE - Young Pet Owner's Handbook
E035931: POPE, ALISON M.; POPE, NEVILLE V. - Wondering in the Wilderness
E035917: POPE, NEVILLE VIVIAN - God's Country
E039990--Par: HUGH POPHAM - The House at Cane Garden
E040564--LL250: W. POPP - History of Mathematics: Topics for Schools
E039020: POPPLE, C.E. - Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition Olympia March 6-31 1962 Catalogue & Guide
E038254: LAWRENCE POPPLEWELL - A Gazetteer of the Railway Contractors and Engineers of Wales and the Borders, 1830-1914
E040129--LL250: ROGER PORKESS - Mathematics: Study and Revision (Collins Revision Aids)
E037472: PORTEOUS, JAMES A.A. - Scotland and the South: Economic and Financial Relations
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E038101: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE PRESS - Periodicals and the Alternative Press (Command 6810-6)
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E036751: FISCHER PRICE - All About Ourselves (Fischer Price)
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E038790: RANSOME, ARTHUR - The Big Six
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E033527: RIPOLL-PERELLO, EDUARDO - Ars Praehistorica: Anuario Internacional de Arte Prehistórico Tomo III/IV 1984/85
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E037932: CLAIRE RITCHIE - Starshine for Sweethearts
E036407: DE RIVERA, JOSE - Jose de Rivera: Retrospective Exhibition 1930-1971
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E034403: RIZZI, ALDO - Sebastiano Ricci
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E040180--LL250: ESYLLT NEST ROBERTS - Stories from Wales: 5. Lady of the Lake, the
E033658: ROBERTS, O.L. - Nodiadau Herber
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E040420--Par: GEORGES SIMENON - Maigret and the Loner + Maigret and the Man on the Boulevard
E033277: SIMMONDS, GORDON G. - The Walker Cup, 1922-1999: Golf's Finest Contest
E034156: SIMMONS, DANIEL A. - The Psychology of Charm or Cultivating a Winning Personality
E036445: SIMMONS, ROSEMARY; GOODWIN, GILLIAN - Rare Receipts: Favourite Recipes of Past Times for the Modern Cook
E035850: SIMON, BARNEY - Joburg, Sis!
E032912: G. SIMON - X-Ray Diagnosis for Clinical Students and Practitioners
E030694: BRIAN ALLEN; JACOB SIMON - The Walpole Society 1984 Volume 50
E032592: SIMON, WALTER - A Beginner's Chinese-English Dictionary of the National Language
E038533: JEFFREY SIMON - Nato Enlargement & Central Europe: A Study in CIVIL-Military Relations
E040523--LL250: JOAN SIMON - Social Origins of English Education (Students Library of Education)
E040019--LL250: ARTHUR J. SIMONS - The Small Unheated Greenhouse
E037531: SIMPER, CALEB - Seventeen Voluntaries for the Organ,American Organ or Harmonium Book III
E037532: SIMPER, CALEB - Seventeen Voluntaries for the Organ,American Organ or Harmonium Book VI
E037533: SIMPER, CALEB - Seventeen Voluntaries for the Organ,American Organ or Harmonium Book IX
E037530: SIMPER, CALEB - Seventeen Voluntaries for the Organ,American Organ or Harmonium Book 1
N026688: SIMPSON, E.W.; DENT, JEAN - Pharmacy
E031567: SIMPSON, WILLIAM KELLY - Heka-Nefer and the Dynastic Material (Egyptology: The Pennsylvania-Yale Expedition to Egypt)
E036947: SIMPSON, COLIN - Lusitania
E031153: ALBERT EDWARD SIMPSON - A True Catholic. Must He Be a Roman Catholic? (Little Books on Religion. No. 95. )
E039797: ALAN SIMPSON - Best Book of Lotus 1-2-3
E033130: JOHN AYTO; JOHN SIMPSON - The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang
E039208: SIMS, ALBERT E. - A Little Book of Cheer
E035250: SINCLAIR, MICHAEL - Norslag
E034878: SINGER, HANS WOLFGANG - Standardized Accountancy in Germany
E035244: SISLEY, ALFRED - Alfred Sisley (1839-99) Impressionist Landscapes
E037771: C. J. SISSON - Shakespeare (Writers & Their Work)
E032899: H.A. SISSONS - Bone Metabolism in Relation to Clinical Medicine
E034817: SITWELL, EDITH - Fanfare for Elizabeth
E033907: SIVITIER, ROGER - Scottish Steam Routes
E037611: SKAESPEARE, WILLIAM; CRAIG, W.J. - Shakespeare Complete Works (Leather Bound)
E036193: SKELTON, C.L. - Sweethearts and Wives
E038135: SKILLING, M.R. - Walk Round Dorchester (Casterbridge) with Hardy
E034479: SKPRCK , L. A - Grammatika Cukjtskogo Jaeyka
E040210--LL250: H. GORDON SLADE - Berry Pomeroy Castle Devon
E036194: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Divine Mistress
E036195: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - The Mapmaker
E035388: SLAUGHTER, JIM - Rockfish Mesa (Black Horse Western)
S033212: SLAVEN, BERNARD JOSEPH - Legend?: The Autobiography
E038863: SLOAN, SUSAN R. - An Isolated Incident
E040307--Par: JOSHUA SLOCUM - Sailing Alone Around the World / Voyage of the Liberade
S031268: KEN SMALL - The Forgotten Dead: Why 946 American Servicemen Died Off the Coast of Devon in 1944 - and the Man Who Discovered Their True Story
E038054: SMART, ALASTAIR; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - Fra Angelico the Masters 78
N028298: SMART, ALASTAIR - The Masters 78 Fra Angelico
E038029: SMART, ALASTAIR; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters 43: Ramsay
E038074: SMEED, VIC - Model Maker Manual
E033885: SMILES, SAMUEL - Duty: With Illustrations of Courage, Patience and Endurance
E034296: SMITH, JOHN SHARWOOD - Hesperiam 1: The Journal of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers.
E031980: T. J. SMITH - Cellona Technique. A Handbook to the Functional Treatment of Fractures, Using Bã¶Hler Methods and Cellona Bandages . With . Illustrations . Second Edition, Etc
N026376: SMITH, DALE - Wrangler Great Moments in Rodeo Book 33 Starring Dale Smith
E032685: FRANKLIN CAMPBELL SMITH - Early Religious Services in Wyoming
E040026--LL250: MICHAEL JOHN SMITH - Materials and Structures (Godwin Study Guides)
E036092: SMITH, DENNIS - The Boys' Book of Soccer 1967
E034734: SMITH, WADE - The Battle at Black Mesa
E032840: SMITH, ROGER - Biochemical Disorders of the Skeleton
E032263: SMITH, GEORGE ADAM - The Book of the Twelve Prophets, Commonly Called the Minor (Two Volumes)
E035997: SMITH, G. BARNETT - John Knox and the Scottish Reformation
E037613: SMITH, J. MAYNARD - The Theory of Evolution
E037305: SMITH, T.V.; GREENE, MARJORIE - Philosophers Speak for Themselves,from Descartes to Locke (Phoenix Books;No. P17)
E033537: SMITH, B. WEBSTER - True Stories and Triumphs of Modern Exploration
E040476--LL500: CHARLES BURGARD; J. HOLLAND SMITH - Scripture in the Liturgy
E038240: SHEILA KAYE-SMITH - Ploughman's Progress
E039881--Par: WILBUR SMITH - The Seventh Scroll
S039432: SMITH, H. AUGUSTINE - The New Hymnal for American Youth. Edited by H.A. Smith. A Book Providing Hymns, Unison and Responsive Readings, Etc
E036260: SMITH, HENRY SIDNEY - Visit to Ancient Egypt: Life at Memphis and Saqqara in the Late Period
S039518: ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH - La's Orchestra Saves the World
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E034256: R. E. F. SMITH - Russian-English Social Science Dictionary
E040083--LL250: T. W. SMITH - Brodie's Notes on Charles Dickens' "Tale of Two Cities"
E040130--LL250: NATHALIE SMITH - Inorganic Chemistry: A Note Book for Use at G C E 'a'Level
E032586: SMITH, DUANE A. - Rocky Mountain Mining Camps: The Urban Frontier
E036204: SMITH, CAROLE ANN - Llanelli Miscellany Number 26
E039173: CARL SMITH - Men of Mumbles Head: Story of the Mumbles Life-Boat from 1832
E036206: ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH - The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection: 13 (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency)
E035256: SMITH, LEONARD ERIC WALTER - Towards a New English Curriculum
E039897--LL250: ANDREW SMITH - Illustrated Pocketbook of Asthma
E036205: SMITH, CAROLE ANN - Llanelli Miscellany Number 27 Centenary 1914-2014
E034295: SMITH, JOHN SHARWOOD - Hesperiam 3: The Journal of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers.
H039136: SMITH, GEORGE - Henry Martyn: Saint and Scholar
E034150: SMITH, J. CAMPBELL; WALLACE, WILLIAM - Robert Wallace : Life and Last Leaves
S031482: SMITH, ROGER - The Canary Companion
E037816: DEREK NEWTON; DAVID SMITH - Children's Dictionary
E038862: SMITH, ALASTAIR; TATCHELL, JUDY - Lift-the-Flap Dinosaurs
E037328: SMITH, J.C. - James Talbert, Dundee: Recollections of His Saintly Life and Patient Sufferings
E038175: VIC MITCHELL; KEITH SMITH - Brecon to Newport
E038720: SMITH, HOWARD - Last Train from Berlin
E032112: SMITH, NAOMI ROYDE - For Us in the Dark
E037847: ROBERT INNES-SMITH - Pembroke Castle: Birthplace of the Tudor Dynasty (Great Houses of Britain)
E040072--LL250: SMITH, T W - Wh Hudson's " Far Away and Long Ago " (Chosen Eng. Texts Notes)

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