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N026256: NEWMAN, JEREMIAH - Co-Responsibility in Industry
E031792: NEWNHAM, RICHARD - The Guinness Book of Fakes, Frauds and Forgeries
N027473: NEWNS, G.H. - Aids to Materia Medica
N028922: NEWSHAM, J.C.; SHEWELL-COOPER, W.E. - The Horticultural Notebook
E033638: ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS - His Majesty Kind Edward VIII - the Life of Our King in Picture and Story Produced to Commemorate His Accession to the Throne
F250414069: NEWTON, DOUGLAS - British Policy and the Weimar Republic, 1918-1919
E034533: NEWTON, LILY - Plant Distribution in the Aberystwyth District, Including Plynlimon and Cader Idris.
E033000: NEWTON, IAN - Collins New Naturalist Library: Bird Migration
F280315027: NIALL, IAN - Wild Life of Field and Hedgeside
N023960: JOHN NICHOL - Byron (English Men of Letters)
E033857: NICHOLAS, R. MELVILLE - At Home in the Woods
N030019: NICHOLLS, HENRY J.; DOWDESWELL, TONY - Radio Control Manual
E034650: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - The Wind Singer
E034649: WILLIAM NICHOLSON - Firesong
E033435: NICHOLSON, J.H. - New Communities in Britain: Achievements and Problems
E034648: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - Slaves of the Mastery
E034527: NICHOLSON, JOHN A. - Pembrey St. Illtyd's Church with Llandyry
E031104: HUBERT NICHOLSON - Half My Days and Nights: Autobiography of a Reporter
N018545: NICKOLLS, L.A. - The Queen's Majesty
N029447: NICLAS, BRANWEN - 1997 : Sut Oedd Hi I Ti?
N029501: NICOLAI, HEINZ - Zeittafel Zu Goethes Leben Und Werk
E033216: NICOLSON, NIGEL. - Long Life.
E030259: DON L.F. & ALLEEN PACE NILSEN - Language Play an Introduction to Linguistics
E035834: NIMLIN, JOCK - Let's Look at Scottish Gemstones
E032879: HUMPHREY NEAME; F.A. WILLIAMSON-NOBLE - A Handbook of Opthalmology
E034803: NOBLECOURT, CHRISTIANE DESROCHES - Ancient Egypt: The New Kingdom and the Amarna Period (Acanthus History of Sculpture)
N022301: NOEL, SUSAN - Sportswoman's Manual
E035033: CHANG NOI - Jungle Book: Thailand's Politics, Moral Panic, and Plunder, 1996-2008
N022598: NOLIN, CATHARINA - Drottningholms Slottspark Historik Och Vagledning
E035563: NOMA, HISASHI - Passenger Ships Past & Present
N021264: NORDEN, MARY - Wedding Details
N003375: NORDENSVAN, GEORG - Schwedische Kunst Des 19 Jahrhunderts
E035365: NORMAN, PHILIP - Wild Thing
E034960: NORTH, JOHN - Sherlock Holmes and the German Nanny
E034961: NORTH, JOHN - Sherlock Holmes and the Arabian Princess
F231015020: NORTON, ANDRE - Three Against the Witch World #3
E033924: JOHN JULIUS NORWICH - Venice: The Greatness and the Fall
N028014: RED NOTES - A Songbook - a Red Notes Pamphlet
E034902: NOTTINGHAM, LUCIE - Rathbone Brothers: From Merchant to Banker 1742-1992
N024013: STADTRAT ZU NÜRNBERG - Das Ist Nürnberg
MAR034934: NURNBERG, WALTER - Lighting for Portraiture: Technique and Application
MAR034932: NURNBERG, WALTER - Lighting for Photography: Means and Methods
E035105: NYBERG, DAVID - Philosophy of Open Education (International Library of Philosophy of Education)
E030706: NYE, ROBERT - Cricket
E032818: OAKLEY, WILFRID GEORGE;TAYLOR, K W;PYKE, DAVID ALAN - Clinical Diabetes and Its Biochemical Basis
E035734: OBERHUBER, KONRAD; WALKER, DEAN - Sixteenth Century Italian Drawings from the Collection of Janos Scholz.
N026148: OBUKHOVA, LYDIA; PARKER, RALPH - A Tale of Polesie
N024020: BOLES±AWA KO±ODZIEJOWA - Zak±Ady Porcelany Cmielów
E033651: OERLEMANS, MICHELINE - The Art Market 2001 in France, Belgium and Switzerland / le Marche de L'Art Ed France, Belgique Et Suisse 2001
N022228: OERTEL, ROBERT - Fra Filippo Lippi
E035665: GREAT BRITAIN: HOME OFFICE - Manual of Firemanship: Fire Protection of Buildings Bk. 9: Survey of the Science of Fire-Fighting
E032705: GREAT BRITAIN: FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH OFFICE - Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-39: Russia, 1923-25; Poland and the Baltic States, 1924-25 1st Series, V. 25 (Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-1939)
N004934: REVIEW OF REVIEWS OFFICE - Index to the Periodicals of 1900 Volume XI
E032202: W.H. OGILVIE - Treatment of Fractures in General Practice Volume 1
E032075: ELEN OGWEN - Y Goedwig Hud (Storiau Hud 3)
E033067: A.P. OKLADNIKOW - Der Hirsch Mit Dem Goldenen Geweih. Vorgeschichtliche Felsbilder Sibiriens
E033849: OLDFIELD, HARRY; COGHILL, ROGER - The Dark Side of the Brain: Major Discoveries in the Use of Kirlian Photography and Electrocrystal Therapy: Major Developments in Kirlian Photography and Electrocrystal Therapy
N017988: OLDMEADOW, ERNEST - Antonio
F291015012: OLIN, SEAN - Killing Britney
E032167: OLIPHANT, MRS & TARVER, F - Moliere
E034541: OLIVER, EDWIN - The Romance of Old London
N026924: OLIVIER, A.C.H. - Archaeology Review 1996-97
N027579: OLLARD, RICHARD LAWRENCE - An English Education : A Perspective of Eton
N028015: OLSEN, HERB - Herb Olsen's Guide to Watercolour Landscape
E034078: OLSEN, LARS-HENRIK; SUNESEN, JAKOB; PEDERSEN, BENTE VITA - Small Freshwater Creatures (Natural History Pocket Guides)
F071015069: ONIONS, C.T. - Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Reader in Prose and Verse.
E032459: OPPE, A.P. - English Drawings Stuart and Georgian Periods
E032207: OPPENHEIM, E PHILLIPS - The Hillman
N027141: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Hillman
N022604: KJERSTIN DELLERT; INGER MARIE OPPERUD - Confidencen en Gammal Teater Som Fatt Nytt LIV
E032608: MINISTERIE VAN NEDERLANDSE CULTUR EN NATIONAL OPVOEDING - Love and Marriage Aspects of Popular Culture in Europe Antwerpen 1975
E032071: HANS ORANJE - Latijn. Taal en Cultuur Van de Romeinen. Lessons 10-18.
N022482: ORCHARD, W.E. - No More War and Other Sermons
PS031292: BARONESS ORCZY - The Gallant Pimpernel - Four Complete Novels: Lord Tony's Wife, the Way of the Scarlet Pimpernel, Sir Percy Leads the Band, the Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
E032692: BARONESS ORCZY - No Greater Love
E034340: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION - Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals: A Compendium of Guidelines and Related Materials, Vol. 2: Good Manufacturing Practices and Inspection: Good Manufacturing Practices and Inspection V. 2
F190416034: ORME, FRANK W. - The Landscaped Rock and Water Garden
E031131: ORME, EVE - Reflections of an Arthritic
E033871: ORMOND, RICHARD; BLACKETT-ORD, CAROL - Franz Xaver Winterhalter and the Courts of Europe, 1830-70
N028442: ORMONDROYD, EDWARD - Time at the Top
E035145: ORNSTIEN, EDWIN JOSEPH - Shadow of Hanaki
E032601: CHRIS ORR - Semi-Antics
E033950: EBERHARD ORTHBANDT - Moderne Französische Lyrik
E035041: OSBORNE, MILTON - Southeast Asia: An Introductory History
F211215058: OSTROVSKY, ALEXANDER - It's a Family Affair-We'LL Settle It Ourselves: A Comedy in Four Acts
E031189: OSWALD, JOHN CLYDE (1872-1938) - Benjamin Franklin in Oil and Bronze / by John Clyde Oswald
E031410: REGINALD LESLIE OTTLEY - By the Sandhills of Yamboorah
E031665: EBERHARD OTTO - Egyptian Art and the Cults of Osiris and Amon
N018499: OTYAM, FIKRET - Gide 11 - Ne Bicim Amerika Ne Bicim Rusya Ve Iran Afganistan Pakistan
N018687: OUIDA - The Massarenes
E034450: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Three Mystery
E034453: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Eight Men
E034454: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Nine Ghosts
E034449: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Two Romance
E034455: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Ten Humor
E034448: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume One Adventure
E034451: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Five Drama
E034452: OVERTON, GRANT - The World's One Hundred Best Short Stories - Volume Six Courage
E034121: OVID - The Art of Love
E035424: OWEN, WILLIAM - Robin 'Rengan Las a'i Debyg
E032191: WILLIAM OWEN - Darlleniadau Sabbathol Darluniadol
N022489: OWEN, R.H. - Prayers in Use at Uppingham School
E033985: OWEN, ARWYN - Rugby Annual for Wales 1994-95
E030868: OWEN, DANIEL - Hunangofiant Rhys Lewis Gweinidog Bethel
N018626: MARGUERITE CUNLIFFE-OWEN - The Trident and the Net
E030985: EBENEZER CURIG DAVIES; DANIEL OWEN - Rhys Lewis. Abridged by Ebenezer C. Davies
N029789: OXENHAM, JOHN - Corner Island
E031901: OXENSTIERNA, ERIC - The Norsemen
E035413: OXLEY, J. MACDONALD - The Young Woodsman; or Life in the Forests of Canada
E035249: OYEKAN, PRINCE ADEYINKA - Enhancing Your Personality for God
E031019: OZBEKHAN, HASAN - The Isle of Princes
N004709: OZDAMAR, EMINE SEVGI - Het Leven Is Een Karavanserai
N022514: PACIARONI, RAOUL - Macerata E IL Suo Territorio L'Economia
N027465: PADAWAR, JACQUES - Mast Cells and Basophils [Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences V. 103, Art. 1]
E034797: ANTHEA PAGE - Egyptian Sculpture, Archaic to Saite, in the Petrie Collection
E030253: SERGE PAGENELLE - Mieux Comprendre Rennes-le-Chateau Et Son Histoire
E033521: PAGER, SHIRLEY-ANN - A Walk Through Prehistoric Twyfelfontein
E033509: PAGER, SHIRLEY-ANN - Ein Besuch Bei Der Weissen Dame Vom Brandberg
E033505: PAGER, SHIRLEY-ANN - A Visit to the White Lady of Brandberg
E033506: PAGER, SHIRLEY-ANN - Ein Gang Durch Das Prahistorische Twyfelfontein
E034331: PAGLIARO, LOUIS A.; PAGLIARO, ANN MARIE - Problems in Pediatric Drug Therapy
E035771: PAINTER, ELEANOR - Spring Symphony; the Story of Clara and Robert Schumann
N029144: PAKENHAM, THOMAS - The Scramble for Africa 1876-1912
N028817: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS TURNER - Songs and Sonnets by William Shakespeare
E033223: PALIN, MICHAEL - Himalaya
E033222: PALIN, MICHAEL - Sahara
E033220: PALIN, MICHAEL - Pole to Pole : With Michael Palin
E033221: PALIN, MICHAEL - New Europe
E033224: MICHAEL PALIN - Hemingway Adventure
E034710: PALLISTER, CHRIS - Blood: Physiology and Pathophysiology
N029665: PALMER, ALAN - Dictionary of the British Empire and Commonwealth
N027732: PALMER, DENNIS - Introducing Pattern : Its Development and Application
N018745: PALMER, C.EVERARD - Cloud with the Silver Lining
F291015039: PALMER, JESSICA - Human Factor (Point Science Fiction)
E035302: PALMER, C.EVERARD - Sun Salutes You
E034461: PALMER, E.H. - Simplified Grammar of Hindustani, Persian and Arabic (Trubner's Collection of Simplified Grammars of the Principal Asiatic and European Languages)
N018494: PAMIR, LEYLA - Ayse'Nin Muzik Kitabi
F150815009: PANSHIN, ALEXEI - Rite of Passage
E032543: MASACCIO - VOLPONI PAOLO (PRESENTAZIONE DI) - L'Opera Completa Di Masaccio
E031780: ANDREAS C. PAPADAKIS - The Classical Sensibility (Art and Design Profile)
E032890: M.H. PAPPWORTH - A Primer of Medicine
E034443: DU PARCQ, HERBERT - Life of David Lloyd George Complete Set of 4 Volumes.
N029753: PARGETER, DAME EDITH MARY - A Means of Grace
E033400: PARKE, S.W.J. - Workshop Technology
N028091: PARKER, ERIC - The Countryman's Week-End Book
E033014: K.T. PARKER - Drawings of Antonio Canaletto in the Collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle
E031497: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Promised Land
E035173: PARKER, E.W. - Surrey
E034076: PARKER, JOHN - At the Heart of Darkness: Witchcraft, Black Magic and Satanism in Britain Today
N029844: PARKHURST, CHARLES P. - How to Appreciate Art - Light and Colour
E035581: PARKIN, RAY - Out of the Smoke: The Story of a Sail
E030222: GEORGE ANTHONY PARKINSON - Twelve Chimes of Christmas. Being Twelve Stories for the Christmas Fireside
E035795: PARKINSON, ROGER - Encyclopedia of Modern War
N027754: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The California and Oregon Trail
E033234: H.G. PARKYN - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1944 ( Fifty-Fifth Year)
E033235: H.G. PARKYN - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1945 (Fifty-Sixth Year)
E034645: PARRI, DAFYDD - Cailo: CI Defaid Mewn Perygl Difrifol Bk. 3 (Cyfres Cailo)
N026805: PARRISH, MARGARET R.K.; SCAMMELL, W.S. - Scammell's Law of Agricultural Holdings
E033201: EDWARD PARRISH - The Phantom Bouquet: A Popular Treatise on the Art of Skeletonizing Leaves and Seed-Vessels
N029491: PARRY, C.W.; PLAUTIS, T. MACCIUS - Three Comedies of T. Maccius Plautus
N028945: PARRY-WILLIAMS, T.H. - Lloffion Pros y Mydr 1937-1942
N028960: PARRY, GRIFFITH - Yr Epistolau Bugeiliol Sef Tomotheus a Titus
E033671: PARRY, GRIFFITH - Arweiniad I'r Efengylau
N026034: PARRY, R. IFOR - Ymneilltuaeth
N021787: PARRY,ANN - Lle Heno Eira Llynedd?
N025050: PARRY-WILLIAMS, AMY - Dyddiadur Jane Parry
E034415: THOMAS GAMBIER PARRY - Thomas Gambier Parry (1816-88): As Artist and Collector (1816-1888 : As Artist and Collector)
E034776: PARRY, THOMA; CYNAN - Hanes Yr Eisteddfod a'r Eisteddfod Genedlaethol a'r Orsedd Heddiw
E035416: PARRY, THOMAS - Llenyddiaeth Gymraeg 1900 - 1945
E033681: PARRY-WILLIAMS, T.H. - Awdlau Cadeiriol Detholedig,1926-1950: Gydag Erthygl,"Hanes Yr Awdl",Gan Yr Athro Thomas Parry
E033667: PARRY, GRIFFITH - Cofiant a Chasgliad o Weithiau Barddonol y Parch. Robert Owen
N018895: PARSONS, ETHEL BOYCE. - Dusk of Druids
E035340: PARSONS, RICHARD D. - Valuing Sexuality: A Guide for Catholic Teens
N004959: PASSAVANT, JOHANN DAVID - Tour of a German Artist in England
N029418: PASSY, PAUL - Les Sons Du Francais
N028069: PATER, WALTER - The Masters 65 Leonardo Da Vinci
E032394: WALTER PATER - Marius the Epicurean His Sensations and Ideas - Volumes 1 and 2
F250116081: PATERSON, JANE - Know Yourself Through Your Handwriting
E034744: PATRICK, JOHN - The Teahouse of the August Moon: Play (Drama Library)
N027447: PATTERSON, AUSTIN M. - A German-English Dictionary for Chemists
E032334: (DUNCAN JEREMY) ANDERSON J & PATTERSON J - Jeremy Duncan. Form, Pattern and Stillness. Paintings and Drawings of New York and Paris
N001384: PATTY, JAMES - Durer in French Letters
N029232: PATZWALL, KLAUS D. - Zivilabzeichen Der Wehrmacht 1934-1935
N001407: ACHARD PAUL. - La Célestine.
E032901: LINUS PAULING - General Chemistry;: An Introduction to Descriptive Chemistry and Modern Chemical Theory
N026545: PAUSBACK, GABRIEL N. - The Complete Works of Saint Mary Magdalen de'Pazzi Carmelite and Mystic 1566-1607 Volume IV
E034350: PAVELICH, MATT - Our Savage
N027723: PAVLENKO, PIOTR - The Forest Guerillas
E030234: JOSE MIGUEL PAVON - Las Ideologias
E034821: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Splendour of France
E031071: PAYNE, ROBERT, - Fabulous America.
E032584: ELIZABETH PALMER PEABODY - The Peabody Sisters of Salem. With Plates, Including Portraits
E031420: L. DU GARDE PEACH - Story-Tellers of Britain,
N023526: PEACOCK, WILLIAM - English Prose Volume 1 Wycliffe to Clarendon
E030258: ROBERT MCBRIDE; NOEL PEACOCK - Le Nouveau Molieriste II 1995
E032533: A.S. PEAKE, R.G. PARSONS, EDITORS - An Outline of Christianity, the Story of Our Civilization
N029970: PEARCE, BRIAN LOUIS - The Americas and Other Poems
N024036: PEARCE, ROBERT - Meteorology at the Millennium (International Geophysics)
E033625: PEARKES, GILLIAN - Complete Home Wine-Making
E034303: PEARSON, A.C. - The Ajax of Sophocles with Commentary Abridged from the Larger Edition of Sir Richard C. Jebb
F250116090: PEARSON, JOHN - The Business of Loving
F150815025: PEARSON, JOHN M. - Around North East Fife (Around Fife)
E033447: PEATE, IORWERTH CYFEILIOG - Y Cawg Aur, a Cherddi Eraill
E035473: PEATE, IORWERTH C. - John Cowper Powys Letters 1937-1954
E030510: IORWERTH C. PEATE - Y Crefftwr Yng Nghymru. Rhagymadrodd I Hanes Crefft.
F280315024: CHRISTINE PECK - Living Skills for Mentally Handicapped People (Therapy in Practice)
N029828: YR ARCHDDERWYDD PEDROG - Caniadau Myfanwy Meirion
N028363: PEGRAM, LORNA - Summer Fires
N001462: PEIGNOT, JEROME - Pierre Leroux: Inventeur Du Socialisme
E033643: PELLAPRAT, H.P. - Good Food from France
N001528: PELLETAN, EUGENE - Le Monde Marche Lettres a Lamartine
E033777: PENAR - Cerddi DôL a Dyffryn
N021780: PENNAR, DAVIES - Athrawon Ac Annibynwyr. Portreadau As Astudiaethau
N029780: PENNEFATHER, DE F. - The Capital Levy Exposed
E034424: PENNY, NICHOLAS - Reynolds: Catalogue of a Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition by Nicholas Penny (Editor)
N028047: PENROSE, ROLAND - The Masters 50 Pablo Picasso
N028275: PENROSE, ROLAND - The Masters 19 Joan Miro
F291015059: PENROSE, ROLAND - Picasso. At the Tate Gallery 6 July - 18 September. (1960)
N029521: PENZOLDT, GUNTHER - Georg Büchner Friedrichs Dramatiker Des Welttheaters Band 9
E032131: PEPYS, S. - The Diary of Samuel Pepys - Volumes 1 and 2
E031825: PERCHE, LOUIS - Eluard
N018774: PERCIVAL, WALTER PILLING - The Lure of Quebec
N022327: PERCIVAL, H.R. - The Inspiration of Holy Scripture and Six Other Essays
N028735: PERCY, THOMAS - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry Volume 2
N017531: PERCY, EUSTACE ET AL - The Head Master Speaks.
N028977: PEREGRINE, D. - Actau Yr Apostolion Rhan II Pen XIII-XXVIII
E033533: PERELLO, EDUARDO RIPOLL - Pinturas Rupestres de la Gasulla, Castellón
E030666: VICENTE RIBELLES PEREZ - Tems Espanoles Vicente Blasco Ibanez
E032157: PERHAM, MARGERY - Colonial Sequence, 1930 to 1949: A Chronological Commentary Upon British Colonial Policy Especially in Africa
N028346: PERIGO, FRANCIS A. - The English Lion V. The French Eagle - Signed Copy
N023758: PERREN, GEORGE ERNEST - The Mother Tongue and Other Languages in Education
E035252: REG PERRIN - Pot Black
N028354: PERRY, GEORGE SESSIONS - Walls Rise Up
N027452: PERRY, WALTER - Two Hundred Years of Materia Medica at Edinburgh
E035111: PERRY, ROLAND - The Exile
E035571: W. A.; PERRY, F. W. LAXON - B.I. The British India Steam Navigation Company Limited
E033392: PERRY, ALAN - Black Milk
E031731: PERRY, A. ROY. - Nature in Wales: A Natural Science Journal for Wales and the Borderland: Volume Six, 1987
F231015056: PERRY, VERONICA - Somewhere to Dream (Sapphire Romance Series No. 81)
T033559: SAINT-JOHN PERSE - Oeuvres Completes (Bibliotheque de la Pleiade) (French Edition)
N029760: PERTWEE, ROLAND - A Prince of Romance
F190416016: PETER HAINING; DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Final Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
N018845: PETERSEN, GERALD - Pengopia II
F231015013: PETERSON, ANN - Wyoming Manhunt
N028664: PETRIE, CHARLES - Don John of Austria
E034814: PETRIE, CHARLES - King Alfonso XIII and His Age
N029567: PETSCH, ROBERT - Faustsage Und Faustdichtung
E034610: PETTI, ANTHONY G. - Christmas and Advent Motets for 5 Voices (the Chester Book of Motets)
E034875: PETTITT, ANN - Walking to Greenham: How the Peace-Camp Began and the Cold War Ended
N029975: PETTMAN, GRACE - That Scarlet Line!
E032616: PEWSEY, STEPHEN - The Book of Southend-on-Sea (Town Books)
E035104: KING OF FRANCE LOUIS PHILIPPE - Diary of My Travels in America
E034299: PHILLIMORE, IOANNES S. - Sexti Properti Carmina
E035622: PHILLIPO, L. - Collection de Noels Celebres
N028138: PHILLIPS, D.W.; PHIL, D; SOFRONIOU, S.A. - The Holy Royal Monastery of Kykko Founded with a Cross
N028965: PHILLIPS, D.M. - Dynamic Preaching
N029389: PHILLIPS, LLYWELYN - Hel a Didol
E035114: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - Victoria Cross Battles of the Second World War
E033734: PHILLIPS, D.M. - Esponiad Ar Epistol Paul at y Galatiaid
F250116066: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS; HASLER, H.G. - Cockleshell Heroes
N022423: PHILLIPS, A.H. - Georgian Scrapbook
N027678: PHILLIPS, CONRAD - The Siren and the Centaur
E035065: PHILLIPS, ROGER - Trees in Britain, Europe and North America
N022427: PHILLIPS, SON & NEALE - Fine Old Master Paintings and Drawings
E035799: PHILLIPS, ABEL - A History of the Origins of the First Jewish Community in Scotland: Edinburgh, 1816
N027182: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - A Cup of Happiness
E032598: PHILOMENE, SISTER M. - New Year's Poetry Party at the Imperial Court: Two Decades in Postwar Years, 1960-79
E032833: ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS - List of the Fellows and Members of the Royal College of Physicians of London
N001524: JEAN PIAGET - Le Structuralisme
E034864: PICCARDI, L.; MASSE, W. BRUCE. - Myth and Geology (Geological Society Special Publications)
E035363: PICKFORD, C.E. - Farce de Maistre Pathelin
F231015081: PIELICHATY, HELENA - After School Club: Starring Alex... As the Girl with the Voice of an Angel: (Who Can Be a Little Devil Too)
E035613: G. PIERLUIGI DA PALESTRINA; BARCLAY, SQUIRE - Stabat Mater, Motet for Double Chorus. Novello's Original Octavo Edition.
E034284: PIERRE, JOSE - History of Art - Cubism
N029928: PIKE, JOSEPH - Chester, a Sketch Book
E033413: PIKE, G. HOLDEN - Oliver Cromwell and His Times: Social, Religious, and Political Life in the Seventeenth Century
E035376: PILIA, IRENE - Working Parent's Survival Guide
E035470: PILLEMENT, GEORGES - Unknown Greece (Archaeological Travel Itinerary S. )
N003285: PINDER, WILHELM - Die Kunst Der Deutschen Kaiserzeit Bis Zum Ende Der Staufischen Klassik
E035728: PINE, L.G. - The Story of Surnames
N029444: PINKERTON, M.H. - Commercial Mushroom Growing
E034574: PINTER, HAROLD - Room and the Dumb Waiter (Pinter Plays)
F250116062: PINTO, ORIESTE - Spycatcher (Panther Books;No. 1247)
F250116063: PINTO, ORIESTE - More Exploits of Spycatcher (Panther Books. No. 1299. )
F250116064: PINTO, ORIESTE - Spycatcher 2 ( Four Square Books - No. 216 )
E035651: PITT, PERCY - Music Masterpieces: Gems from the World's Famous Operas & Musical Plays. Part 32
E032199: PITT, FRANCES (ED) - The Romance of Nature: Wild Life of the British Isles in Picture and Story (Volumes I - 4)
F071015031: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Sky Ray Lolly
E035222: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Queen and Lord M
N022235: PLANISCIG, LEO - Lorenzo Ghiberti
N022225: LEO PLANISCIG - Luca Della Robbia - Mit 112 Abbildungen
E032197: CHARLES PLATER - A Primer of Peace and War: The Principles of International Morality
E034297: PLATO - Plato, Volume I: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Phaedrus
E032612: PLATT, COLIN - The Abbeys and Priories of Medieval England
E035353: PLATTS-MILLS, BARNEY - Double Trouble
E032631: PLENDERLEITH, H.J. - The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art. Treatment, Repair, and Restoration. First Edition.
N004629: PLICKY, KARLA - Praha
N022220: PLIETZSCH, EDUARD - Gerard Ter Borch
E034419: PLUMB, J.H. - The Pursuit of Happiness. A View of Life in Georgian England
N027577: PLUMB, J. H. - The First Four Georges
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E032912: G. SIMON - X-Ray Diagnosis for Clinical Students and Practitioners
E035850: SIMON, BARNEY - Joburg, Sis!
E030694: BRIAN ALLEN; JACOB SIMON - The Walpole Society 1984 Volume 50
E032592: SIMON, WALTER - A Beginner's Chinese-English Dictionary of the National Language
F211215026: RIKKI SIMONS; TAVISHA WOLFGARTH-SIMONS - Shutterbox: First School Quarter, Thomas and the Banshees V. 2
F180715046: SIMONS, ARTHUR J. - All About Greenhouses
N029171: SIMONSON, LEE - Stage Is Set
N026688: SIMPSON, E.W.; DENT, JEAN - Pharmacy
E031567: SIMPSON, WILLIAM KELLY - Heka-Nefer and the Dynastic Material (Egyptology: The Pennsylvania-Yale Expedition to Egypt)
F140115060: SIMPSON, WEBSTER - Rock and Tempest
E031153: ALBERT EDWARD SIMPSON - A True Catholic. Must He Be a Roman Catholic? (Little Books on Religion. No. 95. )
F211215082: W. DOUGLAS SIMPSON - Highlands of Scotland
E033130: JOHN AYTO; JOHN SIMPSON - The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang
F071015032: SIMS, H.V. - Principles of Pal Colour Television and Related Systems
E035791: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Presidential Mission
E035250: SINCLAIR, MICHAEL - Norslag
E035171: SINGER, CHRISTIANE - La Guerre Des Filles (le Livre de Poche) (French Edition)
E034878: SINGER, HANS WOLFGANG - Standardized Accountancy in Germany
F280315046: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The King of the Fields
E030952: SIR GEORGE OTTO TREVELYAN, BART - Macaulay's Life and Letters (the Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay)
E032789: W. SIRCUS - Peptic Ulceration and Its Management
E034161: SIRINGO, CHAS A. - A Texas Cow Boy
N029952: SISSON, CHARLES J. - The Elizabethan Dramatists Except Shakespeare
E032899: H.A. SISSONS - Bone Metabolism in Relation to Clinical Medicine
F190416038: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Theatrical Figures in Porcelain: German, 18th Century (the Masque)
E034817: SITWELL, EDITH - Fanfare for Elizabeth
E033907: SIVITIER, ROGER - Scottish Steam Routes
N022248: SKALWEIT, STEPHAN - Reich Und Reformation
E033745: SKILLITER, S. A. - William Harborne and the Trade with Turkey
E034083: SKIPWITH, SELINA - 'Intimate Friends': Scottish Colourists from the Hunterian Art Gallery and the Fleming Collection
F250116103: SKIRROW, DESMOND; MAYO, JAMES; CHANCE, JOHN NEWTON - Three Grand Full-Length Novels in One: -I'm Trying to Give Up/Once in a Lifetime/Death of the Wild Bird (Man's Book)
E033517: SKOTNES, PIPPA - Miscast: Negotiating the Presence of the Bushmen
E034479: SKPRCK , L. A - Grammatika Cukjtskogo Jaeyka
N018592: SLADE, GURNEY - Lovers and Luggers
E035388: SLAUGHTER, JIM - Rockfish Mesa (Black Horse Western)
E033212: SLAVEN, BERNARD JOSEPH - Legend?: The Autobiography
N028052: SLIVE, SEYMOUR - Great Landscapes
N028242: SLIVE, SEYMOUR - Rembrandt Bible Paintings
E031268: KEN SMALL - The Forgotten Dead: Why 946 American Servicemen Died Off the Coast of Devon in 1944 - and the Man Who Discovered Their True Story
N028298: SMART, ALASTAIR - The Masters 78 Fra Angelico
E034425: SMART, ALASTAIR - Allan Ramsay, 1713-1784
E033885: SMILES, SAMUEL - Duty: With Illustrations of Courage, Patience and Endurance
E034296: SMITH, JOHN SHARWOOD - Hesperiam 1: The Journal of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers.
N029441: SMITH, F.D; WILCOX, BARBARA - The Family Farmer
E031980: T. J. SMITH - Cellona Technique. A Handbook to the Functional Treatment of Fractures, Using Bã¶Hler Methods and Cellona Bandages . With . Illustrations . Second Edition, Etc
N026376: SMITH, DALE - Wrangler Great Moments in Rodeo Book 33 Starring Dale Smith
N028667: SMITH, G.C. MOORE - The Letters of Dorothy Osborne to William Temple
N028537: SMITH, HERMANN - The Making of Sound in the Organ and in the Orchestra
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N028837: SMITH, LUCY TOULMIN - Leland's Itinerary in England and Wales Volume 2
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N029973: SMITH, A.D. HOWELL - Thou Art Peter
N029989: SMITH, DAVID SETH "THE ZOO MAN" - Zoo Friends - a Pictorial Tour of the Zoo Reproduced from over 300 Photographs
N019631: JAMES CRUIKSHANK SMITH - Historical Scenes and Portraits from Scott. Selected and Edited by J.C. Smith. With a Portrait (Self-Study English Series. )
F140115070: SMITH, ANTHONY CHARLES H. - Zero Summer
F030515057: SMITH, ERIC - A Dictionary of Classical Reference in English Poetry
E032685: FRANKLIN CAMPBELL SMITH - Early Religious Services in Wyoming
E032840: SMITH, ROGER - Biochemical Disorders of the Skeleton
E032263: SMITH, GEORGE ADAM - The Book of the Twelve Prophets, Commonly Called the Minor (Two Volumes)
E035486: SMITH, ALI - The Accidental (Penguin Celebrations)
F030515042: SMITH, KATHRYN - Frank Lloyd Wright: America's Master Architect
E032983: JOSEPH SMITH - The Book of Mormon
E035855: SMITH, ANN D. - Women in Prison: A Study in Penal Methods (Library of Criminology;No. 6)
E033537: SMITH, B. WEBSTER - True Stories and Triumphs of Modern Exploration
E033261: SMITH, ROBERT - Valley of the Dee

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