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N018620: MURIEL HOWE - Until the Day
E030638: HOWE, VIRGINIA - Let's Grow Lilies! an Illustrated Handbook of Lily Culture
E037130: DAVID W. HOWELL - Nicholas of Glais: The People's Champion
E037820: HOWELL, GILLIAN - Assessing Your Needs in Literacy Diagnostic Tests
E037819: HOWELL, GILLIAN - Achieve Success English Revision Book for National Test Success at Year 6
E035079: HOWELLS, ROSCOE - Cliffs of Freedom
E037188: HOWES - The Library from Great Wigsell , Bodiam , East Sussex a Catalogue
E035287: HOY, TOM - Poems of Smudge: Bk. 1
E036697: HOY, LINDA - Nightmare Express
N023765: HOYLE, ERIC; MEGARRY, JACQUETTE - Professional Development of Teachers
E037642: HUCH, RICARDA - Gesammelte Erzählungen
E037619: RICARDA HUCH - Erinnerungen an Das Eigene Leben
E037658: HUCH, RICARDA - Fruhling in Der Schweiz: Jugenderinnerungen
E037659: HUCH, RICARDA - Michael Unger
E037623: HUCH, RICARDA - Michael Bakunin Und Die Anarchie
E038043: HUDA, VELIA; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters 72: Pissarro
N018907: HUDSON, W.H. - The Life of King Heny V.
N027285: HUDSON, C.E. - Outlines of Teaching Sermons for a Second Year
E033437: HUDSON, STEPHEN - War-Time Silhouettes
E032154: HUDSON, W H - The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers
E037815: HUGGINS-COOPER, LYNN - Wh Smith Essentials in Science Book 2 Year 2 Key Stage 1 Age 6-7
E032995: ANDY HUGH - Passat - from 1973 - Repair Manual 236
E037625: HUGH, RICARDA - Das Leben Des Grafen Federigo Confalonieri
N028938: HUGHES, J. WILLIAM - Esboniad Ar Yr Epistolau at Yr Effesiaid a'r Philipiaid
N028940: HUGHES, H.M. - Yr Ephesiaid
N028955: HUGHES, RICHARD - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol St. Marc
N028962: HUGHES, J. HOWARD - O Fryn Dioddef
N028998: HUGHES, R. H. - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Mathew
S027351: HUGHES, NEVILLE - Hogia Llandegai y Llyfr
N029861: HUGHES, R.H. - Hanes Cynnar a Barddoniaeth Israel
E030665: JAMES HUGHES - Y Testament Newydd Gyda Nodau Eglurhaol Ar Bob Adnod
E033448: HUGHES, MONA - Y Wenynen Gyntaf, Ac Ysgrifau Eraill
E033886: HUGHES, LANGSTON - An African Treasury
E035548: HUGHES, TOM - Blue Riband of the Atlantic
S033395: HUGHES, ERIC - Saint Teilo's Church Mynydd-y-Garreg, 1893-1993: A Story of a Church, a Village and Its People = Eglwys Sant Teilo Mynydd-y-Garreg
E037176: G. BERNARD. HUGHES - The Country Life Collector's Pocket Book.
N005117: E. CEFNI JONES AND JOHN HUGHES - Y Llawlyfr Moliant Newydd at Wasanaeth Cynulleidfaoedd y Bedyddwyr
E035240: HUGHES, PHILIP - A Popular History of the Reformation
E031439: HUGHES, M L V - Everyman's Testament of Beauty: A Study of 'the Testament of Beauty' of Robert Bridges.
H037728: ALWYN C CHARLES; J.B. REES A J.J. HUGHS - History of Llangennech.
E037866: C. HUGO - How to Avoid Incorrect English
N028488: HULL, A. EAGLEFIELD - Bach's Organ Works
N022920: HULLAH, JOHN - Part Music for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass - Sacred Pieces in Score
E035894: HULME, KATHRYN; PECK, DAVID; O'CONNOR, EDWIN; PLAGEMANN, BENTZ; GRAHAM, WINSTON - Reader's Digest Condensed Books : My Son Goggle; the Sleeping Partner; the Nun's Story; the Greer Case; the Last Hurrah (5-in-1)
E033677: HULME, FREDERICK EDWARD - That Rock-Garden of Ours... With Fifty Illustrations by the Author
N028038: HULME, F. EDWARD - Familiar Garden Flowers - Fifth Series
E035321: HULTON, LADY NIKA - The General
E034009: HUMANA, CHARLES - The Keeper of the Bed: The Story of the Eunuch
N027450: HUMBLE, B.H. - Scotland Old Strathclyde
E032700: RICHARD HUMBLE - War in the Air 1939-1945 (Purnell's History of the World Wars)
E033258: HUME, JOHN R. - Scotland's Industrial Past: An Introduction to Scotland's Industrial History with a Catalogue of Preserved Material
N028997: HUMPHREYS, JAMES - Esboniad Ar Efengyl Mathew
E035586: HUMPHREYS, ROBERT - Siaco'r Mwnci
N021777: HUMPHREYS, J - Yr Argyfwng Cred
E031147: HUMPHREYS, THOMAS ALFRED - A First Year Algebra
N027298: HUNE, C.J. CUTCLIFFE - The Little Red Captain
N029410: HUNT, MAIR - Storïau Tramor VI; Storiau Ffrangeg Allfro
E038713: HUNT, MARY FASSETT - Joanna Lord
E037664: HUNT, PETER - 100 Best Herbaceous Plants
E036693: PAUL A. ROSSI; DAVID C HUNT - The Art of the Old West (from the Collection of the Gilcrease Institute)
E035002: HUNT, LEIGH - The Town; Its Memorable Characters and Events. St. Paul's to St. James's 1848
S037245: HUNTER, MOLLIE - The Ghosts of Glencoe
N028249: HUNTER, SAM - Mondrian
E036325: HUNTER, R.L. - The Old Manse, Larbert
E033045: SAM HUNTER - Dufy
N028250: HUNTER, SAM - Picasso Cubism to the Present
E032780: RICHARD H. HUNTER - Aids to Embryology
E038706: HUNTER, J.A. - Hunter
E036957: HUNTER, MOLLIE - The Spanish Letters
N003329: HUPP, OTTO - Zum Streit Um Das Missale Speciale Constantiense
H038281: HURST, ALEXANDER - The Medley of Mast and Sail: Volume II a Camera Record
E037775: HURSTFIELD, JOEL - Elizabeth I and the Unity of England
E033887: HURWOOD, BERNHARDT JACKSON - The Invisibles
E034011: HUSSELMAN, ELINOR M. - The Martyrdom of Cyriacus and Julitta in Coptic
N029481: HUTCHINSON, COLIN - The New Zealand Book of Roses : The Best 150 Varieties
N028987: HUTCHINSON - German and Italian Aircraft How to Spot Them
E036559: HUTCHINSON, VINCENT G. - Social Studies (Handbook Series)
E034829: HUTCHINSON, WALTER - Hutchinson's Story of the British Nation - Volume 1
E036464: VON HUTTEN, BARONESS - Pam at Fifty
N027531: HUTTER, IRMGARD; LAING, ALASTAIR - Early Christian and Byzantine Art
E037218: GUTHRIE HUTTON - Old Maryhill
N021792: HUWS, DANIEL - The Medieval Codex - Pamphlets on Welsh Las - Pamffledi Cyfraith Hywel
E033284: HUXFORD, BOB & SHARON - Huxford's Collectible Advertising an Illustrated Value Guide
E038202: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Those Barren Leaves
E034804: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - By Elspeth Huxley the Mottled Lizard (1st Edition)
E036229: HUXLEY, ELSPETH; WOOD, BARRY; WATSON, PETER; BEALS, MELBA PATTILLO - Reader's Digest (Today's Best Non Fiction) - Peter Scott, a Blood Betrayal, Nureyev, Warriors Don't Cry
E035820: HYAMS, EDWARD - The English Garden
N026123: HYAMSON, ALBERT M. - Palestine Old and New
E036616: HYDE, DOUGLAS - I Believed - the Autobiography of a Former British Communist
E037697: GEORGE E. HYDE - British Moths: Bk. 4 (Cotman-Color)
E037602: GEORGE E. HYDE - Insects in Britain: Bk. 4
E037669: HYDE, H.A.; WADE, A.E. - Welsh Ferns... Fourth Edition, Etc. With Illustrations
N029800: HYMERS, ROBERT P.; SHARPE, LEONARD - The Technique and Practice of Advertising Art
E035367: HYWYN, GWENNO - Hafan Fach Am Byth! (Cyfres Corryn) (Welsh Edition)
H037584: ICAEW - Business and Finance: Professional Stage Knowledge Level - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2011
H037589: ICAEW - Aca Professional Stage Application Level Financial Reporting - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2012
H037587: ICAEW - Aca Professional Stage Application Level Financial Reporting - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2012
H037585: ICAEW - Aca Professional Stage Application Level Financial Management - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2012
H037588: ICAEW - Principles of Taxation Fa2010 - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2011
H037590: ICAEW - Law - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2011
H037586: ICAEW - Aca Professional Stage Application Level Audit and Assurance - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2012
N027488: ICELY, H. E. M. - Blockley Through Twelve Centuries : Annals of a Cotswold Parish
N028993: JONES IDWAL - Dirgelwch y Gama
N029821: IFAN, WIL - Y Winllan Las
E037720: IFANS, DAFYDD - Tyred Drosodd. Gohebiaeth Eluned Morgan a Nantlais
E031518: BAHNSCHULTE-FRIEBE INA - Die Künstlerkolonie Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt 1899-1914: Das Buch Zum Museum. Dt. /Engl.
E033079: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET INC - The Benjamin Sonnenberg Collection. Volume I: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
E032826: NOVO INDUSTRI - Diabetes Index and Anstracts 1972
N029911: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH - Personal Idealism and Mysticism the Paddock Lectures for 1906 Delivered at the General Seminary New York
E036012: INGELOW, JEAN - Poems
N029105: INGERID - Ingerid's Combing Techniques Book 1
N029974: INGRAM, DAVID - The Commonwealth at Work
E031718: HAMMOND INNES - Wreckers Must Breathe
E033386: INNES, HAMMOND - The Strange Land
E035451: INNES, HAMMOND - The Lonely Skier ( White Circle Pocket Novel )
E038185: INNES, MICHAEL - Operation Pax
E037144: INNES, KATHLEEN E. - Life in a Hampshire Village
E033172: INSKEEP, R.R. - Peopling of Southern Africa (the Peoples of Southern Africa)
E038140: BRITISH STANDARDS INSTITUTION - Recommendations for the Presentation of Theses (Bs4821. 1972)
N026135: THE COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL - Blueprint for World Conquest
S026537: INTROINI, ELSIE LAFRANCONI - Know Me by My Memories
E038036: IRONSIDE, ROBIN; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters 38 Sarto
N028125: IRVINE, WM. FERGUSON - A Collection of Lancashire and Cheshire Wills Not Now to Be Found in Any Probate Registry 1301-1752
E037981: IRWIN, BILL - Simply Irwin Series Featuring Pop Hits
E036596: IRWIN, MARGARET - The Bride
E037967: IRWIN, BILL - The Mini - Magic Sounds of Bill Irwin Volume 2 *** Easier to Play Series All Organ Edition *** P
E037968: IRWIN, BILL - The Mini-Magic Sounds of Bill Irwin Volume 6 Easier to Play Series
E037982: IRWIN, BILL - Simply Irwin Series Featuring Memories
E037964: IRWIN, BILL - Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series: Modern Melody Magic for the Popular Organist
E037969: IRWIN, BILL - Ad Lib Magic !
E037959: IRWIN, BILL - The Magic Sounds of Bill Irwin Volume 6 (Pop Concert Series)
E037962: IRWIN, BILL - Rhythm Accompaniment Magic for the Popular Organist (Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series) Book 2
E037963: IRWIN, BILL - Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series: Modern Fill Magic for the Popular Organist
E037979: IRWIN, BILL - Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series: Modern Melody Magic for the Advanced Organist
E037980: IRWIN, BILL - Rhythm Accompaniment Magic for the Popular Organist (Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series)
E037965: IRWIN, BILL - Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series: Diminished Chord Magic for the Popular Organist
E037966: IRWIN, BILL - The Mini-Magic Sounds of Bill Irwin Volume 1 Easier to Play Series
E032665: IRWIN, SALLY - Raising the Sun
E037960: IRWIN, BILL - Keyboard Harmony Magic for the Popular Organist
E037961: IRWIN, BILL - Chord Construction Magic
E035577: ISAAC, NORAH - Ifan Ab Owen Edwards, 1895-1970 (St. David's Day)
E037803: ALAN ISAACS - Dictionary of Chemistry
N018595: ISABELL, JOHN - The King's Wheel
E033917: ISBYAM, I.C. - The Ego and Physical Force
N024021: IVANOVS, MIKELIS; LACE, RASMA - Latviesu Padomju Gleznieciba
E033356: IWASAKI, CHIHIRO - Iwasaki Chihiro - a Book of Collection of Lyrical (Poetic)Paintings/Drawings
N027375: JACCOTTET, PHILIPPE; MERMOD-LAUSANNE, ED - French Drawing of the 19th Century
E033243: THE ROYAL GREEN JACKETS - The Royal Green Jackets Chronicle 1970
E033250: THE ROYAL GREEN JACKETS - The Royal Green Jackets Chronicle 1968: An Annual Record, Volume 3: January to December 1968
E034144: JACKS, L.V. - Xenophon, Soldier of Fortune
E037863: JACKSON, DENNIS B. - The Exam Secret. How to Shine in Examinations and Life! (Right Way Books. )
E035662: JACKSON, PAUL - Jane's All the Worlds Aircraft, 2003-2004
E034708: JACKSON, HOLBROOK - The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear
E032900: W.P.U. JACKSON - Calcium Metabolism and Bone Disease: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners
N027701: JACKSON, STANLEY - The Life and Cases of Mr. Justice Humphreys
E032368: WILLIAM JACKSON - A Patron of Art
E038683: JACOB, NAOMI - Wind on the Heath
E035585: JACOB, H.T. - Atgofion
N021779: JACOB, H.T. - Atgofion
N028078: JACOBS, ARTHUR - British Music Yearbook 1977-78
N027294: JACOBS, W.W. - Salthaven
E034092: JACOBS, ARTHUR; SADIE, STANLEY - The Opera Guide
E038251: JACOBS, ARTHUR - A New Dictionary of Music (Penguin Reference Books. No. R12. )
E037139: JACOBSON, MICHAEL - Windmill Hill
E031231: JACOBUS, JOHN - Matisse
N027728: JACQ, CHRISTIAN - Sous L'Acacia D'Occident
N022516: SALBERT JACQUES - La Mayenne
E035323: JACQUES, PAULA - Descente Au Paradis (Folio)
E038020: JAFFE, MICHAEL; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - Peter Paul Rubens the Masters 100
E035198: JAGGER, PETER J. - Christian Initiation, 1552-1969: Rites of Baptism and Confirmation Since the Reformation Period (Alcuin Club Collection)
N028957: JAMES, O.WALDO - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Marc
N029173: JAMES, MARQUIS - Mr. Garner of Texas
N029856: JAMES, M. EURONWY - Englynion Beddau Ceredigion
E034240: JAMES, HENRY - Essays in London and Elsewhere
E032393: JAMES ; HARPER, H.A. CLARK - The Pictorial New Testament Pocket Edition with Pictures Specially Drawn in Palestine for the Scripture Gift Mission
E033357: ROB JAMES - It Just So Happened
E038192: GERAINT JAMES - Transport: Historic Scenes of the Merthyr Tydfil Valley
E036929: JAMES, SIAN - Love and War/Two Loves
E032003: HENRY JAMES - The American Scene Together with Three Essays from "Portraits of Places"
S035072: JAMES, BRONWEN - House with Two Windows - Ty a Dwy Ffenestr
E035330: JAMES, G.WYN - Fe a Hi 'Ma': Cofiant y Parchedig a Mrs. T. Tegryn Davies
E034258: JAMES, C. VAUGHAN; RAPP, H. - Russian Composition and Vocabulary
E035404: JAMES, ERICA - Gardens of Delight
E036259: JAMES, T. G. H. - Excavating in Egypt: Egypt Exploration Society, 1882-1982
E031708: ROB JAMES - It Just So Happened
E035023: JAMES, HELEN - Thai Reference Grammar
S035078: JAMES, BRONWEN - Dilys at Large: A Picaresque Novel, Tracing the Journey from Ignorance to Maturity
E030428: ELOISA JAMES - Kiss Me Annabel
S033109: JAMES, ERICA - Love and Devotion
E036015: JAMIE, DAVID - John Hope: Philanthropist and Reformer
E033265: JAMIESON, TOM - Unofficial Guide to Scotland
E034155: JAMIESON, W.C.E. - The Lord's Prayer: With Other Sermons
N022239: LAUTS JAN - Domenico Ghirlandajo
N029778: JANE, L.C. - The Chronicle of Jocelin of Brakelond, Monk of St. Edmundsbury
N029843: JANSON, H.W. - How to Appreciate Art - on Truth to Nature
E031640: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1968
E033339: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1956
E031641: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1971
E036256: JANSSEN, ROSALIND; JANSSEN, JAC J. - Getting Old in Ancient Egypt
E031639: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1969
E031642: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1973
E031651: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1967
E031652: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1974
E031645: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1957
E033340: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1955
E033341: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1949
E033342: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1947
E033343: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1952
E031643: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1972
E031644: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1960
E031654: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography Indexes 1947-1956
E031636: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1958
E031653: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1961
E031637: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1970
E031646: JOZEF M. A. JANSSEN. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1962
E031635: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1959
E033344: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1951
E033345: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1950
E033346: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1953
E033347: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1948
E033348: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1954
N028610: JARDINE, DOUGLAS - Cricket
S036920: QUINTIN JARDINE - Dead and Buried (Bob Skinner Mysteries)
E034270: JARDINE, JIM - Nat Phil 'o': Text
E031424: JARROLD, W T F - Our Great Heritage, with Its Responsibilities : How and Where to Find the Title-Deeds
E034702: JARSKI, ROSEMARIE - A Good Old Laugh
N018778: JARVIS, MARY ROWLES - Pleasing Stories for Mothers' Meetings and Girls'c Clubs
E035985: JARVIS, C.S. - Through Crusader Lands
S034399: JARVIS, ROBIN - Deathscent: Intrigues of the Reflected Realm
E034061: MORIN-JEAN - The Palace of Fontainebleau (Public Collections of France; Memoranda)
E033035: HERMANN JEDDING - Manet - Gallery of Art Series
E033034: HERMANN JEDDING - Seurat - Gallery of Art Series
E032711: WACLAW JEDRZEJEWICZ - Poland in the British Parliament 1939-1945, Volume III
E032710: WACLAW JEDRZEJEWICZ - Poland in the British Parliament 1939-1945 Volume I
N026686: JEFFERSON, BEN - Tall As a Gallows
E032149: PETER JEFFERY - Pob Peth Yn Newydd
E035344: JEFFRIES, RON - Scouting '76
E037924: MIRKO JELUSICH - Der Ritter
N028181: JENKINS, GRAHAM; TURNER, BARRY - Richard Burton : My Brother
E037839: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps. British History 1800-1914
E037861: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps: British History 1485-1820 A.D.
E037499: DON DALE-JONES; W.RANDALL JENKINS - Twelve Modern Anglo-Welsh Poets
E032571: JENKINS, JOHN - Llawlyfr Moliant Yr Ysgol Sabothol. (Argraffiad Diwygiedig 1925. ) Dan Olygiaeth J. Jenkins .J. T. Jones .W. C. Evans. [Tonic Sol-Fa Notation. ]
E037034: JENKINS, VIV - Fields of Glory: A Celebration of Cricket in Australia
E037860: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps: British History 1485-1603 A.D.
E033397: JENKINS, ELIS - Neath and District a Symposium
E032173: JENKINS, R. T. - Casglu Ffyrdd
History_Helps._British_History_[[18: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps. British History 1800-1914
E037501: MARTIN N. JENKINSON - Wild Orchids of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
S037137: BASIL JENKYNS - Hot Under the Collar
E036930: KATE JENNINGS - Moral Hazard
E035335: JENNINGS, PAUL - Llygad Drygioni (Cyfres I'r Byw)
E037202: JERMAN, B.R. - The Young Disraeli
E036176: JEROME K. JEROME - Three Men in a Boat
E037304: JIMINEZ, JUAN RAMON - Platero and I
N029304: JOAD, C.E.M. - Thinker's Library - Liberty Today No. 68
N026209: JOBE, JOSEPH - Guns: An Illustrated History of Artillery
E035296: JOBSON, ALLAN - Dunwich Story
N004560: KIEVIET C. JOH. - Dik Trom en Zijn Dorpsgenoten
N004561: BEEN JOH.H. - Paddeltje, de Scheepsjongen Van Michel de Ruyter
E034496: JOHANNET, JOSE; LEPISSIER, JACQUES - Philologie Russe. Textes D'Etude.
E033473: JOHN, DERIC - Notes on Some Place Names in and Around the Bont
N028989: ST. JOHN - Y Newyddion Da Yn Ol Ioan
E036031: H. JOHN HEINZ III CENTER FOR SCIENCE, ECONOMICS - Dam Removal: Science and Decision Making
E037372: GALT JOHN - Annals of the Parish
E034862: JOHN, S.B. - Regeneration and Reconstruction
H037488: JOHN, QC ROWE - Vietnam: The Australian Experience (Australians at War)
E032629: FINLEY JOHN H - The French in the Heart of America
E036419: WILLIAMS-DAVIES. JOHN - The Travelling Cidermaker
N022398: JOHNS, KEN - Football Champions 1968
E038072: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles and the Leopards of Zinn
E037733: JOHNS, LESLIE - Indoor Plants (Nutshell Books)
E036211: JOHNSON, KEITH A. & SAINTY, MALCOLM R. - Genealogical Research Dictionary, National & International (2003)
E036847: BRANDI JOHNSON - Powder Blu
E038155: PETER JOHNSON - Isle of Man Steam Railway in Colour
E038554: STANLEY JOHNSON - The Commissioner
N023584: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Lives of the English Poets Volume 1
E035435: JOHNSON, A. - Economic Theory (Man and Society Series)
N026118: JOHNSTON, LEONARD - The God of Our Fathers
E038654: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - Emergency for Dr Starr
E037077: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - With the Rhodesian Horse
E037259: JOHNSTON, MARGARET - Ninety Wonderful Years, 1869 - 1959: The Biography of Sir Thomas Mitchell, Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 1938 - 1947
N019165: KEN JOHNSTONE (ED) - Bath Football Club(Rfu) the Offical Year Book Season 1993/1994 Triple Triumph
N026145: JOHNSTONE, M.A. - Etruria Past and Present
E035599: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 12
E035598: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 7
E035600: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 19
E035601: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 10
E035602: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 13
E035603: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 4
E035604: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 5
E035605: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 1
E035606: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 6
E035607: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 17
E035609: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 20
E035610: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 15
E035611: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 14
E035612: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 2
PS031320: STAGGE JONATHAN - Death and the Dear Girls
N028927: JONES, J.E. - Llyfr Garddio
N028942: JONES, W. LLOYD - Llyfr Yr Actau (XIII-XXVIII) Esboniad
N027352: JONES, ARWEL - Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Pennant 1942-2002
N028934: JONES, J. MORGAN - Y Bedwaredd Efengyl Rhagmadrodd Ac Esboniad Byr Ar Benodau XIII-XXI
N028935: JONES, EDWARD - Yr Epistol at y Galatiaid Gyda Rhagarweiniad Ac Esboniad
N028954: JONES, J.J. - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Marc
N028958: JONES, JOSEPH - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Matthew Cyfrol II
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H038277: .MACINTYRE, DONALS; BATHE, BASIL W. - The Man of War
E033825: MACINTYRE, DUNCAN BAN - Beinn Dorain
E035821: MACINTYRE, DUNCAN BAN; SIMTH, IAIN CRICHTON - Ben Dorian Translated from the Gaelic of Duncan Ban Macintyre by Iain Crichton Smith
E035773: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The Passionate Elopement (Daily Express Library of Famous Books. )
E038078: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Mr. Roosevelt
E036493: MACKENZIE, J.J. - Our Heritage and Our Opportunity
E036321: MACKIE, J.D. - A History of Scotland
N027308: MACKINLAY, MARGARET - Colby Moor
E038340: MACKINTOSH, IAN M. - Forgotten Memories of Old Troon
N022481: HERBERT MACLACHLAN - Liberal Christianity and Modern Criticism . The Essex Hall Lecture, 1936
E036302: MACLACHLAN, CHRISTOPHER; ROBB, DAVID - Edwin Muir: Centenary Assessments (Asls Occasional Papers)
E033842: MACLEAN, A.D. - Winter's Tales: No. 12
E032706: CATHERINE MACDONALD MACLEAN - Dorothy and William Wordsworth
E030775: MACLEAR, KYO; TESTA BART - Life Style Bruce Mau
N018869: JESSIE HAGART MACLEHOSE - The Master Key . Illustrated by Will Nickless
E037283: MACLEOD, DUNCAN - Fifty Scottish Dances
N018549: MACMAHON, RYAN - Tramp Royal - an Autobiography
E037708: JAMES A. MACMAHON - Deserts - a Comprehensive Field Guide, Fully Illustrated with Color Photographs, to the Wildflowers, Birds, Reptiles, Insects, and Other Natural Wonders of North America's Deserts, from Oregon to Mexico
E031046: SHAW CHARLES MACMAHON - Bernard's Bretheren
E035299: MACMILLAN, W.M. - Warning from the West Indies [a Penguin Special]
E035591: MACNEILL, ALASTAIR - Death Train (Large Print Edition)
E036313: MACNEILL, DUNCAN - The Scottish Realm
E033139: MACQUARRIE, ALAN - Cille Bharra: The Church of St Finnbarr, Barra: A Short History
E033276: RUARAIDH MACTHOMAIS - Gaelic Learner's Handbook
E030716: MADARIAGA, SALVADOR DE - A Bunch of Errors
E038204: MADELEY, WALTER - Noctes Latinae (Elementary Classics)
N022315: MAEDEL, KARL-ERNST - Weite Welt Des Schienenstrangs
N029946: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE; TADEMA, LAURENCE ALMA - Pelleas and Melisanda, and the Sightless
E038475: SUNSET BOOKS AND MAGAZINES - Dinner Party Cook Book,
E037173: MAGNUS, PHILIP - Gladstone
E038539: MAGUIRE, YVONNE - The Women of the Medici
E038326: MAHLER, ALMA - Gustav Mahler, Memories and Letters
E036749: MAHY, MARGARET - The Horrendous Hullabaloo
E034362: MAIR, ALISTAIR - Ripening Time
N022246: MAJOR, MATE - Geschichte Der Architektur Band 2
E032990: MAJOR, JUDITH K. - To Live in the New World: A.J. Downing and American Landscape Gardening
N022245: MAJOR, MATE - Geschichte Der Architektur Band 1
N022247: MAJOR, MATE - Geschichte Der Architektur Band 3
N018507: MAKAL, MAHMUT - Koyumden
E034484: MAKOGONENKO, G, - Nckolaj Novikov I Russkoe Prosvesenie XVIII Veka
E038324: NOEL MALCOLM - George Enescu: His Life and Music
E032815: MANUEL MARTINEZ-MALDONATO - Handbook of Renal Therapeutics
N005152: JOHN BAINES; JAROMIR MALEK - Atlas Van Het Oude Egypte
E033833: MALHI, MANJU - India with Passion: Modern Regional Home Food
E038441: MALINOWSKI, RUTH KNIGHTON - Creative Cuisine Minceur Low Calorie French Cooking for Beginner and Expert
E030556: ARTHUR MALLE - Adventures in Science. With Portraits
E035324: MALLET, FRANCINE - D'Un Amour L'Autre
E037901: MALLET-JORIS, FRANCOISE - House of Lies
E034410: MALLETT, J.V.G. - Hogarth's Pug in Porcelain
S034554: MALLINSON, ALLAN - Rumours of War (Signed)
S034555: MALLINSON, ALLAN - A Regimental Affair
S034552: MALLINSON, ALLAN - A Call to Arms
E034561: MALLINSON, ALLAN - A Call to Arms
S036915: ALLAN MALLINSON - An Act of Courage (Matthew Hervey, Book 7)
S034553: MALLINSON, ALLAN - The Sabre's Edge
N029399: MALMBERG, BERTIL - Les Nouvelles Tendances de la Linguistique
E037421: MALTHUS, THOMAS ROBERT - Population: The First Essay (Ann Arbor Paperbacks)
N028068: MALVANO, LAURA - The Masters 77 Gustave Courbet
E038051: MALVANO, LAURA; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters 77: Courbet
E034102: MANFRED, A.Z. - A Short History of the World, Vol 1
E032130: THOMAS MANN - Meisterzahlungen
E037065: MANN, GLADYS - Traditional British Cooking for Pleasure
E036479: MANNERS, J. HARTLEY - Peg o' My Heart
E038369: MANNIN, ETHEL - The Living Lotus
E038671: MANNIN, ETHEL - The Living Lotus
N028443: MANNING, EDNA - Memories of Christine
E030732: MANNING, ROSEMARY - Man on a Tower
PS031328: MANNING, ROY - The Marshal of Vengeance Valley: A Western Novel
E030664: MANNING, WILLIAM R., ED. - Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States: Inter-American Affairs, 1831-1860 - Volume 10 the Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru - Documents 4477 - 5032
S030720: MANNING, EDNA - Memories of Christine
PS031326: MANNING, ROY - Trigger Trail: A Western Novel
H038303: LAURENT MANOEUVRE - Marine : Fabrique Des Ancres, Description de L'Art de la Mâture, Traité de la Construction Des Vaisseaux, L'Art de la Voilure
N028159: MANS, ADRIENNE - On the Shores of the Night
E036489: MANSELL, C.R. - Curlew Camp
E033083: MANTEL, HILARY - Giving Up the Ghost : A Memoir (John Macrae Books)
E031995: DIMITRI A. MANTHOS - Black Was the Night: The Greek Nation As Seen by Foreign Travellers (1453-1821)
E035265: MANUEL, DAVID - The Jesus Factor
PS031330: M. S. MARBLE - Die by Night
N026127: MARCADE, VALENTINE - Le Renouveau de L'Art Pictural Russe 1863-1914
N028092: MARCHANT, JAMES - What Life Has Taught Me
N022726: MARCHINI, GIUSEPPE - Baptisterium, Dom Und Dom-Museum in Florenz
E035146: MARCUS, REBECCA B. - William Harvey. Trailblazer of Scientific Medicine

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