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E040040--LL250: HEIDEMARIE FREUND - Leckere Nachspeisen
E038252: VON FRIESEN, HERO; LLOYD, THOMAS - The Families of Picton
E034564: FRITH, FRANCIS - Carmarthenshire: Photographic Memories
E039705: TONY CORNISH; FRANCIS FRITH - Swansea: A Nostalgic Album (Francis Frith's Pocket Album)
E034106: FROLOV, A. - Petrozavodsk and Kizhi: A Guide (Publishers Guidebook)
E038273: FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY - English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century. Lectures Delivered at Oxford 1893/4.
E037806: FRUITEMA, EVELYN J.; ZOETMULDER, PAUL A. - The Panorama Phenomenon: Mesdag Panorama 1881-1981
E037701: FRYE, B.E. - Hormonal Control in Vertebrates
E033543: CHEN ZHAO FU; GONG TAIN FU - Rock Art
E036294: FULLER, J. F. C. - The Generalship of Alexander the Great
E038846: MERIEL FULLER - The Damsel's Defiance (Mills & Boon Historical)
N027428: FULLER, HENRY C. - The Story of Drugs a Popular Exposition of Their Origin, Preparation and Commercial Importance
E038919: FULLERTON, ALEXANDER - The Yellow Ford
SH038466: MARGARET FULTON - The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook
E031607: THE EGYPT EXPLORATION FUND - The Journal of Egyptiam Archaeology Volume III Part IV October 1916
E040303--LL250: THE EGYPT EXPLORATION FUND - The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology : Volume III Part IV October 1916
S034393A: FUNKE, CORNELIA - The Thief Lord
E036946: FUREY, MAGGIE - The Eye of Eternity: Book Three of the Shadowleague
S032635: FURJANIC, CHUCK - Antique Golf Collectibles: Price and Reference Guide
E040320--LL250: BRIAN GEORGE FURNER - Herbs (Letts Grow)
E037016: FURNESS, SYLVIA; RICE, D. TALBOT - Great Centres of Art - Munich
E035086: FUTER, F.T.; MARTIN, C.M. - The March of History. The Middle Ages to the End of the Seventeenth Century 1485-1689.
E039001: GABB, GERALD - Swansea Before Industry. The Town and Its Surroundings
S038562: SEAN GABB - The Column of Phocas: A Novel of Murder and Intrique Set in Mediaeval Rome
E037015: GABERELL, JEAN; JATON, MAURICE - Gaberell's Album of Switzerland: First Volume
E032924: GABRIEL, ROGER - Postgraduate Nephrology
E039538: GABRY, GYORGY - Old Musical Instruments
E037293: GABRY, GYORGY; RACZ, EVA - Old Musical Instruments (Hungarian Art)
E038784: GADE, F.W. - Lundy, Bristol Channel: The Official Guide
E038124: GAFFYNE, ROGER - A Literary Vocabulary for G.C. E.
E039237: GAIRNS, J.F. - Railways for All
E039463: HANS GAL - Johannes Brahms: His Work and Personality
E035886: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - The Triumph
E036881: GALE, W.C.; PERKINS, E.H. - The Story of Carmarthenshire Chamber of Agriculture 1853-2009
S033778: GALLAGHER, BRIAN - Invincible - Signed Copy
H039462: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - Handel: Celebration of His Life and Times, 1685-1759
E032290: PERTH MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY - Catalogue of the Permanent Collection of Paintings and Drawings
E033020: THE REDFERN GALLERY - Christopher Wood, 1901-1930
E034524: WILLIAM MORRIS GALLERY - Catalogue of the Morris Collection
E032676: ELINOR TOLLEY; BRIAN SINFIELD GALLERY - Elinor Tolley - As We Were - Brian Sinfield Gallery
S033149: JOHN GALSWORTHY - Soames and the Flag
E036635: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Beyond. A Narrative. Heron John Galsworthy Collected Works
E037301: GALTON, FRANCIS - Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry Into Its Laws and Consequences;with an Introduction by C.D. Darlington (Fontana Library)
E033545: GALTON, FRANCIS - Bericht Eines Forschers IM Tropischen Sudafrika (German Edition)
E032916: JAMES L. GAMBLE - Chemical Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of Extracellular Fluid
E037929: GANGHOFER, LUDWIG - Das Gotteslehen
E037908: GANGHOFER, LUDWIG - Schloß Hubertus
E037921: GANGHOFER, LUDWIG - Rachele Scarpa
E040188--LL500: P. GANT - Mechanics
E039155: ANNE-MARIE GARAT - Fous de Bassin
E033333: GARCÍA LORCA, FEDERICO - Antología Poética
E038453: BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - Barbecues and Picnics: 135 Recipes for Cookouts, Porch Suppers, Picnics
E033860: GARDINER, A.G.; ALPHA OF THE PLOUGH - Pebbles on the Shore
H038287: ROBERT GARDINER - Warships of the Napoleonic Era: Design, Development and Deployment
S031666: GARDNER, GRAHAM - Inventing Elliot
E035258: GARDNER, TREVOR IAN; FROST, RICHARD - Faith in Exeter: Story of the Palace Gate Project
E038820: GARNER, F.H.; EVANS, E.B.; SELL, GEORGE - Reviews of Petroleum Technology Volume 7 Covering 1941-45
E032113: MRS. R.S. GARNETT - The Infamous John Friend
E032115: GARNETT, EDWARD - Friday Nights: Literary Criticisms and Appreciations
E039096: GARNIER, ALBERT J. - A Maker of Modern China
E035208: EDMUND GARNWEIDNER - Gu Naturführer Pilze. Die Wichtigen Pilze Mitteleuropas Erkennen Und Bestimmen. Schnell Bestimmen Mit Gu Kennfarben-Code
E035564: GARRETT, K.S. - Comben Longstaff & Co Ltd.
S036789: LESLEY GARRETT - Notes from a Small Soprano
S033798: GARROD, A.E. - Port After Stormy Seas: A Sailor's Tale
E034913: GARVEY, ELEANOR - The Philip Hofer Collection in the Houghton Library: A Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Philip Hofer Bequest in the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts (Houghton Library Publications)
E037210: GARVIN, J.L. - The Life of Joseph Chamberlain. Volume One, 1836-1885: Chamberlain and Democracy
E039603: BRITISH GAS - British Gas Cookbook - the Best of Dial-a-Recipe Dishes
N029667: GASKELL, JANET; PATERSON, NIGEL - The Dry Stone Walls in the Chalford Area
E035873: GASKELL, ELIZABETH CLEGHORN; HEPPLE, NORMAN - Cranford (King's Treasury)
E039768: TUDOR GATES - How to Get Into the Film and Tv Business
N027735: GATES, WILLIAM H. - The Art of Drawing the Human Figure Simplified
E038459: J.A. GAULKE - Ideas for Cooking Vegetables (Sunset Cook Books)
E036165: GAUNT, WILLIAM - The Observer's Book of Modern Art
E035637: GAY, NOEL - Noel Gay's 5th Song Album
E036481: GAYE, SELINA - A Little Cockney
E035141: GAYNOR, FRANK - Dictionary of Mysticism
E040383--LL500: MARIO PEI; FRANK GAYNOR - Dictionary of Linguistics
E033746: GEANAKOPLOS, DENO J. - Byzantine East and Latin West: Two Worlds of Christendom in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
S039510: GEDGE, PAUL - Thames Journey - a Book for Boat-Campers and Lovers of the River
E037996: GEIGER, LOIS - More Easy Standards - Hal Leonard Organ Adventure Series Book 4
E031883: ARCHIBALD GEIKIE - The Scenery of Scotland - Viewed in Connection with Its Physical Geology
S036918: ARCHIE GEMMILL - Archie Gemmill: Both Sides of the Border - My Autobiography
E037297: ALAN TUCKER GENERAL EDITOR - Penguin Guide to Italy (Travel Guide)
E036760: GENTLEMAN, DAVID - David Gentleman's Britain
E039527: GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL; NOVELLO, VINCENT - Handel's Oratorio Deborah (Composed in the Year 1733) in Vocal Score, with a Separate Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte Arranged by V. Novello
E039530: GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL; NOVELLO, VINCENT - Handel's Oratorio, Jephtha, (Composed in the Year 1751), in Vocal Score, with a Separate Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte
E039531: GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL; NOVELLO, VINCENT - Handel's Oratorio, Saul, Composed in the Year 1740, in Vocal Score with a Separate Accompaniment for the Organ or Piano Forte by Vincent Novello.
E038471: RPAH KING GEORGE V - Cook It Our Way Entertaining Australians
H037555: J.DAVID GEORGE; JENNIFER J. GEORGE - Marine Life: Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Invertebrates in the Sea
E037310: HORST KRU?GER - Der Kurfu?Rstendamm: Glanz Und Elend Eines Boulevards (German Edition)
E032099: MORICE GERARD - A Fair Prisoner
E036334: DAVID DEARINGER; HARVEY L. JONES; JEAN STERN; WILLIAM H. GERDTS - All Things Bright & Beautiful, California Impressionist Paintings from the Irvine Museum
E036275: GERDTS, WILLIAM H - Painters of the Humble Truth: Masterpieces of American Still Life, 1801-1939
E031945: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT - A Concise History of Photography. 285 Plates, 27 in Colour. The World of Art Library / General.
E034520: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT - Julia Margaret Cameron: Her Life and Photographic Work
E037846: DAVID GERRARD - Teapot Trail: A Taster of East Devon & Dartmoor
E030701: GERRETSON, F.C. - History of the Royal Dutch Volume One
E032140: GEYL,PIETER - Encounters in History
E034279: GHERASIOVA, NATALIA - Talking Business in Russian
E031885: ANDREW DEWAR GIBB - A Preface to Scots Law
E035134: H. GIBB - Islam, de. Historisch Overzicht
E040016--LL500: EDWARD GIBBON - Autobiography. Everyman's Library No 511
E036832: GAIL GIBBONS - Missing Maple Syrup Sap Mystery
E040618--LL750: MAURINE HOFFMAN BEASLEY; SHEILA J. GIBBONS - Women in Media: A Documentary Source Book
E040499--LL250: MAY GIBBS - Boronia Babies
E036465: GIBBS, PHILIP - The Middle of the Road
E040500--LL250: MAY GIBBS - Gum Blossom Babies
E035085: GIBLIN, J.C. - Qualitative and Volumetric Analysis
E036319: GIBSON, CHARLES - The Clash of Fleets: The Stories of Ten Great Sea Battles
E037081: JOHN GIFFORD - William Adam
E033647: GIGLI, BENIAMINO, SILONE, DARINA - The Memoirs of Beniamino Gigli
E030279: NICOLAS GIHR - Les Sacrements de L'Eglise Catholique Exposes Dogmatiquement a L'Usage Des Pretres Dans le Ministere
E036887: GILBERT, MARK - Wisdom of the Ages
E035589: GILBERT, MARTIN - Churchill; a Biography
H038593: GILBERT, ADRIAN - World War I in Photographs
E034288: GILBERT, W.S.; SULLIVAN, ARTHUR - Immortal Gilbert and Sullivan Operas Vol. 4 Iolanthe, Utopia Ltd and Princess Ida
S035798: GILBERT, MARTIN - The Day the War Ended
E032062: GILBERT, W. M. - Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century
E036059: GILES - Giles Sunday Express & Daily Express Cartoons Seventeenth Series (17th Annual)
E039540: GILES - Giles Annual Thirteenth (13th) Series
E039539: GILES - Giles: Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons. Eleventh Series
E038897: GILES - Giles Express Cartoons Twenty-Second Series 1968
E033410: GILES, G.H. - The Practice of Orthoptics
E039541: GILES - Giles: Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons; Nineteenth Series
E039542: GILES - Giles Sunday Express & Daily Express Cartoons Twenty-First Series
S036917: CHARAN GILL - Tikka Look at Me Now: Charan Gill: The Autobiographry
E039866--LL250: KEITH GILLETT - Oxford Primary Science: Pupils' Pack a Bk. 7
E036409: GILMOUR, PATIENCE - The Quest of the Wild Swans
E040152--LL500: JOHN GINARLIS - A Basic Course in Commerce
H038297: GIORGIO GIORGERINI - Le Navi Da Battaglia Della Seconda Guerra Mondiale
N022627: REMBRANDT - ARPINO GIOVANNI (PRESENTAZIONE DI) - L'Opera Pittorica Completa Di Rembrandt
E038186: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT; RICHARD POWELL; JOHN P. MMARQUAND; FRED GIPSON - Old Yeller,the Tribe That Lost Its Head,the Philadelphian,Stopover: Tokyo
S029893: GIRARD, ANDRE - Sainte Jeanne de France
E038434: GIRL GUIDES ASSOCIATION, FIJI - South Sea Island Recipes
E035804: GIROUARD, MARK - Historic Houses of Britain
S039458: VERA GISSING - Pearls of Childhood: The Poignant True Wartime Story of a Young Girl Growing Up in an Adopted Land
N022513: BOLOGNA GIULIA - IL Castello Di Milano. Da Fortezza a Centro Di Cultura
E036060: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Charles Buchan's Soccer Gift Book 1971-72
S033115: LESLEY GLAISTER - Nina Todd Has Gone
E037134: GLAMORGAN F.W.I. - Glamorgan Cookbook
E033269: GLEN, DUNCAN MUNRO - Scottish Literature: A New History from 1299 to 1999
S033151: GLIORI, DEBI - Deep Trouble
E036210: GLOVER, MICHAEL - Wellington As Military Commander (Military Commanders Series)
E038512: GLUBB, JOHN BAGOR - A Soldier with the Arabs
E033630: GLYNFAB - Y Partin Dwpwl
E036557: GOAD, KATHLEEN M. - Two Plays of Oliver Goldsmith: (1)the Good -Natured Man,(2)She Stoops to Conquer (Notes on Chosen English Texts)
E034301: GODLEY, A.D. - Herodotus Volume IV Books VIII-IX
E032354: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - Goethes Schönste Gedichte
E040453--LL250: J. COBB; N.L.M. GOETING - Prediction and Treatment of Recurrent Depression
S033591: VAN GOGH, JOAN - Trees & Shrubs of the Witwatersrand, Magaliesberg & Pilanesberg
E038749: GOGOL, NIKOLAY - Taras Bulba and Other Tales. Heron Great Masterpieces of Russian Literature
E037928: GOGOL, NIKOLAUS - Der Zauberer - Der Mantel
E040045--LL250: HENRY ADAMS; ELLEN R. GOHEEN - Thomas Hart Benton an American Original
E040015--LL500: JACQUELINE GOLD - Talk Your Child Into Reading
S034401: GOLD, GLEN DAVID - Carter Beats the Devil
E038906: GOLD, HERBERT - Salt
E038666: GOLDING, LOUIS - The Loving Brothers
N028296: GOLDING, JOHN - The Masters 62 Georges Braque
E033175: GOLDING, HARRY - The Wonder Book of How It's Done
E039269: GOLDING, HARRY - The Wonder Book of the Wild - the Romance of Exploration and Big Game Stalking
E039268: GOLDING, HARRY - The Wonder Book of Railways
E039271: GOLDING, HARRY - The Wonder Book of Soldiers
E039641: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield (Russell Classics)
E038257: GOLDWATER, ROBERT - Vincent Van Gogh, 1853-1890. Text by Robert Goldwater. Reproductions. With a Portrait (Fontana Pocket Library of Great Art. No. A6. )
S036743: GRAHAM GOOCH - Out of the Wilderness
E032569: GOOD, T. W - Practical Plane and Solid Geometry
E034704: GOODMAN, GORDON T. - Plant Life in Gower.
E032039: GOODOVITCH, I. M. - Architecturology: An Interim Report.
E036252: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Art of the United States 1670 1966
E036278: GOODRICH, LLOYD - The Whitney Studio Club and American Art 1900-1932
E039278: GOODYEAR, R.A.H. - The Life of the School
E035718: GOOL, RESHARD - Cape Town Coolie (African Writers Series)
N028072: GORDON, IRENE - Masterpieces of British Painting
E036276: GORDON, IRENE - Four Americans in Paris: The Collections of Gertrude Stein and Her Family
E038529: ABIGAIL GORDON - The Surgeon's Family Wish (Romance)
E040311--Par: CHARLES GORE - The Incarnation of the Son of God: Being the Brampton Lectures for the Year 1891
E038752: GORKY, MAXIM - The Spy. Heron Great Masterpieces of Russian Literature
N023631: GORLACH, MANFRED; BAILEY, RICHARD; TODD, LORETO - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 5: 1 1984
N023630: GORLACH, MANFRED; KACHRU, BRAJ; TODD, LORETO - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 4: 2 1983
N023632: GORLACH, MANFRED; BAILEY, RICHARD; TODD, LORETO - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 5: 2 1984
N023633: GORLACH, MANFRED; BAILEY, RICHARD; TODD, LORETO - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 6: 1 1985
N023634: GORLACH, MANFRED; BAILEY, RICHARD; TODD, LORETO - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 6: 2 1985
N023635: GORLACH, MANFRED; BAILEY, RICHARD; TODD, LORETO - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 7: 1 1986
N023637: GORLACH, MANFRED; BAILEY, RICHARD; TODD, LORETO - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 8: 1 1987
N023638: GORLACH, MANFRED; BAILEY, RICHARD; TODD, LORETO - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 8: 2 1987
N023639: GORLACH, MANFRED - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 9: 2 1988
N023640: GORLACH, MANFRED - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 10: 1 1989
N023641: GORLACH, MANFRED - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 10: 2 1989
N023642: GORLACH, MANFRED - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 11: 1 1990
N023629: GORLACH, MANFRED; KACHRU, BRAJ; TODD, LORETO - English World-Wide. A Journal of Varieties of English Vol 4: 1 1983
E035242: GORMAN, J.T. - The Jubilee Book of King George V 1910-1935
E038099: MARJORIE GORMAN - Success in Mental Arithmetic : Upper Junior Practice Book 6 (Numeracy Extras)
E034697: GORMAN, MICHAEL - Ireland by the Irish
E034473: GOSCINNY, RENE; UDERZO, ALBERT - Asterix Caesars Laurbaer
E034474: GOSCINNY, RENE; UDERZO, ALBERT - Asterix Byplanleggeren
E032371: MARTIN GOSEBRUCH - Nolde, Aquarelle Und Zeichnungen
E036232: GOSLING, PAULA; SMITH, WILBUR; SPENCER, LA VYRLE; BENUZZI, FENICE - Death Penalties / River God / November of the Heart / No Picnic on Mount Kenya
E040291--LL250: KEVIN GOSLING - Tower Hill Pageant - the City and Its Port
E038945: GOSLING, JOHN - The Ghost Squad
E037853: GOSLING, KEVIN - Tower Hill Pageant
H038407: GOSTELOW, MARY - The Complete Woman's Reference Book
E036833: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH - The Herb of Grace
E038370: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH - Henrietta's House
E040553--LL250: W. GOUGH - Model Answers to Advanced Level Papers Set by the Welsh Joint Education Comittee 1986 Physics
E040560--LL250: W. GOUGH - Specimen Solutions to Advanced Level Papers Set by the Welsh Joint Education Comittee 1984 Physics
E040338--LL250: W. GOUGH - Model Answers to Advanced Level Papers Set by the Welsh Joint Education Committee - 1985 Physics
E040554--LL250: W. GOUGH - Model Answers to Advanced Level Papers Set by the Welsh Joint Education Comittee 1987 Physics
E040555--LL250: W. GOUGH - Specimen Solutions to Advanced Level Papers Set by the Welsh Joint Education Comittee 1983 Physics
E033898: GOULART, RON - Hawkshaw
E032422: CECIL GOULD - Titian As Portraitist
E035594: GOULD, JUDITH - Dazzle
E032000: LEON GOURE - War Survival in Soviet Strategy: Ussr CIVIL Defense
E032457: COLETTE GOUVION - La France Vue Du Ciel
E037195: GOWER, RONALD - My Reminiscences
E039521: GOWER, GEORGE LEVESON - Mixed Grill
S034748: GOWER, JON - An Island Called Smith
N028053: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Constable
N028257: GOWING, LAWRENCE - The Masters 1 Francisco Goya
E039212: GOYA, FRANCISCO DE - Goya en el Museo Del Prado (Coleccion Grandes Pintores)
E037896: GRAHAM, WINSTON - The Tumbled House
E036005: GRAHAM, NEILL - Murder on My Hands: A Solo Malcolm Thriller
E037248: GRAHAM, CUTHBERT - 'the Press and Journal' North-East Muse Anthology
E040283--Par: WINSTON GRAHAM - The Spanish Armadas (Penguin Classic Military History)
E040627--Par: ELEANOR GRAHAM - Welcome Christmas! Legends, Carols, Stories, Riddles, Etc
E038461: GRAHAM, ETHEL; AHRENS, RICHARD - Creative Wok Cooking
E038455: GRAHAM, ETHEL LANG - Creative Yoghurt Cooking
S036782: MARGARET GRAHAM - Canopy of Silence
E040421--LL750: KENNETH GRAHAME - The Wind in the Willows
E034046: GRAM, ERNST; WEBER, ANNA - Plant Diseases
E036731: GRANT, LAWRENCE - Preludes, Offertories and Postludes for the Piano - Volume 1: World's Favorite Series #70
E034346: GRANT, GERALD L.; STANTON, ANN - Salisbury and South Wilts Golf Club; One Hundred Years.
E036329: GRANT, CHARLES - Battle of Fontenoy (Background Books for Wargamers and Modellers)
S032655: B. C. GRANT - Kit Carson's Own Story of His Life
E036009: GRANT, WILL - Pentland Days & Country Ways : A Walker's Wallet
E038903: GRANT, JOAN - Scarlet Feather
E036526: GRANVILLE, NEVILLE - Cefn Cribwr: Chronicle of a Village
S033393: GRAVELLE, DAVID CLIVE - Poems of the Far Lake
E035131: GRAVES, CHARLES - Fourteen Islands in the Sun
E036318: GRAVES, ALFRED PERCEVAL - The Book of Irish Poetry
PS031341: GRAY, BERKELEY - Dare-Devil Conquest
E040151--LL250: F.G. EMMISON; IRVINE GRAY - County Records (Quarter Sessions, Petty Sessions, Clerk of the Peace and Lieutenancy) (No 62)
E032884: C.H. GRAY - Clinical Chemical Pathology
E035533: GRAY, LEONARD - Ropner Shipping Company 1874-1974
E031467: GRAY, DULCIE - Murder on Honeymoon
E034298: GRAY, J.H. - P. Terenti Hauton Timorumenos. With an Introduction and Notes by J.H. Gray (Pitt Press Series. )
E031728: DULCIE GRAY - The Murder of Love
S037687: MICHAEL A. GRAYSON - Measuring Mass: From Positive Rays to Proteins
N029332: GRAZIA, DIANE DE - Master Drawings from the Cleveland Museum of Art
E034880: GREAT BRITAIN: REGISTRY OF FRIENDLY SOCIETIES; DAVISON, IAN HAY; STUART-SMITH, MURRAY - Grays Building Society: Investigation Under Section 110 of the Building Societies Act, 1962 (Cmnd)
E033678: GREEN, F.C. - La Rochefoucauld: Maximes
E037414: DIANA F. GREEN - Summer at End House (Gateway Series)
E040413--Par: EVAN GREEN - Kalinda
E034140: GREEN, E.SWINFEN; HENDERSON, N. - Land Law (Concise College Texts)
E030264: G.C.F.; GREEN, S.J.D. FORSTER - Northern History Volume XLV Number Two September 2008
E039850--LL250: I.W. GREEN - A History of All Saints' Church, Whitstable
E039834--LL500: ANNETTE MAXTED RICHARD GREEN - The Inside Careers Guide to Chartered Accountants
E034308: GREEN, G. BUCKLAND - Notes on Greek and Latin Syntax
E034717: GREENE, MILITSA; WARD, DENNIS - Graded Russian Reader : Part One
E040108--LL250: RUSSELL GREENE - A Comprehensive Outline of Orwell's Animal Farm & Nineteen Eighty-Four
E034224: GREENFIELD, ERIC VIELE - An Introduction to Chemical German
H038345: BASIL GREENHILL - Archaeology of the Boat
E039730: R.M. CAMPBELL; R.W. GREENWOOD - English Enterprisee 4
E032583: GREEVER, WILLIAM S - Bonanza West the Story of the Western Mining Rushes, 1848-1900
E037465: FERDINAND GREGOROVIUS - Lucrezia Borgia According to Original Documents and Correspondence of Her Day; (N.E. L. Signet Classics 5063)
E036436: GREGORY, JANE; GITTINGS, DIANA - Exploring Devon: An Activity Book
E040351--LL250: ALAN MALEY; FRANCOISE GRELLET - Mind Matters
E037695: BARRY STEWART; HAROLD GRENFELL - The Butterflies of Gower
S033296: GRENFELL, HAROLD E. - Gower Images
E037918: GRENGG, MARIA - Die Kindlmutter
E033610: GRENIER, ROGER - The Party Is over (Les Embuscades)
E035150: GREVILLE, M.D. - Chronology of the Railways of Cheshire
E036576: GREY, ZANE - Betty Zane
E032086: LEONARD GRIBBLE (EDITOR) - Fifty Famous Stories for Boys
E039969--Par: E. GRIERSON - Things Seen in Edinburgh
N023591: ALEXANDER JAMES GRIEVE - Samson Agonistes . Edited with Introduction, Notes and Glossary by A.J. Grieve
E033711: GRIFFITH, SELWYN - Dewch I Adrodd Eto
E037737: GRIFFITH, JOHN GWYN - D.J. Williams,Abergwaun: Cyfrol Deyrnged
E039099: GRIFFITH, G. WYNNE - Cofiant Cenhades,Miss J. Helen Rowlands,M. A,D. Litt,(Helen o Fon)
E033623: GRIFFITHS, D.R. - The New Testament and the Roman State
E039377: GRIFFITHS, BRYN - Welsh Voices - an Anthology of New Welsh Poetry
E039101: GRIFFITHS, E.H. - Neges I'r Oes Ac Efengyl I'r Oesoedd
E032181: GRIFFITHS, REES - Proffwydi'r Ail-Adeiladu Sef Haggai a Sechareia Yngyd a Proffwydoliaethau'r Amddiffyn
E032549: N.C. MARTIN; D. & A. GRIFFITHS - Understanding and Enjoyment Books 1 and 2
E038775: DAVID GRIFFITHS - That Inward Eye: A Black Mountain Memoir
H038419: VIVIAN J. GRIFFITHS - Llandarcy Remembered
E035087: GRIFFITHS, MERFYN - Darganfod Rhif: Mathemateg Yn Yr Ysgol Gynradd
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N026913: GROOM, WINSTON - Forrest Gump
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E033306: GROSSET, PHILIP - Making 8mm Movies
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E037470: HADDON, ALFRED C. - History of Anthropology
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E034871: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W, - South America Called Them
E038878: LORINDA HAGEN - Somebody"S Daughter, Somebody"S Wife
E036775: HAGER, LUISA - Nymphenburg
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E034016: HAHNLOSER, MARGRIT - Matisse the Graphic Work
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E037747: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - The Principal Voyages of the English Nation Volume 1 (Everyman's Library)
E036892: HAROLD WHITAKER; JOHN HALAS - Timing for Animation
E033177: JOHN R. HALE - Great Ages of Man - Age of Exploration
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E036954: OAKLEY HALL - Warlock
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E034957: HALL, JOHN - Sherlock Holmes and the Boulevard Assassin (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
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N030039: HALLAM, CHRIS - What's the Story? : Wales
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S033648: HALTRECHT, MONTAGUE - The Quiet Showman: Sir David Webster and the Royal Opera House
E033308: HAMA - Foto Aktiv
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E036014: HAMILTON, COSMO - The Rustle of Silk
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E040230--LL250: JOE HAMMILL - Water, Chemistry and Ecology (Action Chemistry)
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E036412: HANCOCK, ALAN - Planning for E.T. V.
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E034600: HANDEL, G.F - The Passion of Christ... Music Edited by E. Prout... The English Translation by J. Troutbeck... Abridged for Church Use by J.B. Powell
E037508: GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL - Handel's Oratorio, "Saul,"... In Vocal Score, with a Separate Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte, Arranged by V. Novello
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E040204--LL500: LYNN HANEY - The Flash Gordon Book
E032212: JAMES HOLLY HANFORD - A Restoration Reader
E033412: HANFORD, JAMES HOLLY - John Milton, Englishman
E036130: HANLEY, JAMES - The Ocean
E035899: HANNAH, SOPHIE - Hurting Distance
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S036623: HANSON, J. IVOR - Profile of a Welsh Town
E035854: O'HARA, JOHN - Ten North Frederick by John o'Hara
N027676: O'HARA, KEVIN - Sing, Clubman, Sing
E035787: O'HARA, JOHN - Pipe Night
E036382: HARBOROUGH, MARK - The Red Swastika
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E040596--LL500: D.W.F. HARDIE - Electrolytic Manufacture of Chemicals from Salt
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E034966: HARDWICK, MICHAEL - The Revenge of the Hound
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E040017--LL500: THOMAS HARDY - Under the Greenwood Tree or the Mellstock Quire, a Rural Painting of the Dutch School. With an Introduction by C. Day Lewis.
E040221--LL250: ELIZABETH HARDY - West Country Teas (Regional Cookery Books)
ELL250039826: DAVID HARFIELD - Safe Weight Training: A Bawla Coaching Publication
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E040472--LL500: JOHN HENRY MONSARRAT HARGREAVES - A Guide to St Mark's Gospel (Tef Study Guide)
E037657: HARKINS, WILLIAM E. - Dictionary of Russian Literature
E036390: HARLAND, HENRY - The Cardinal's Snuff-Box
E035067: HARLEY, A.B. - Another Five-Minute Recitations
E038879: HARLING, ROBERT - The Endless Colonnade
E032591: HARMAN, S. W - Hell on the Border;: A History of the Great United States Criminal Court at Fort Smith and of Crimes and Criminals in the Indian Territory, and the Trial . History--His Acknowledged Masterpieces
E037833: HAROLD WILLIAM; STRAKER, DENYS NOEL CLAYTON - A Natural Approach to Mathematics Part 2
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E030976: HARPUR, FRED - Land Drainage and the Land Drainage Act, 1861.
E039706: ENID HARRIES - Capel Sul, Cydweli: The History of a Unique Chapel
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E036196: HARRIS, JOHN - The Sea Shall Not Have Them
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S039196: CHRIS HARRIS - Bc Rail: British Columbia's Great Train Adventure
E038108: SARAH HARRIS - Key Stage 1 Learning Workbook: Reading Skills 4-5 (Learning Workbook Key Stage 1)
E035286: HARRIS, WALTER - To Catch a Rat
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E040548--LL250: HARRIS, J G - St. Matthew (Test Yourself S)
E036328: HARRIS, JOHN - Much Sounding of Bugles: The Siege of Chitral, 1895
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E040262--LL500: MARK HARRIS - The Doctor Who Technical Manual
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E040551--LL250: J. G. HARRIS - St. Mark(Test Yourself)
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E040549--LL250: J. G. HARRIS - St. Luke (Test Yourself)
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E040550--LL250: J. G. HARRIS - St. John(Test Yourself)
E040547--LL250: J.G. HARRIS - Test Yourself in St. Luke
E040584--LL250: J. G. HARRIS - Acts of the Apostles (Test Yourself)
E036044: HARRISON, JAMES ALEXANDER - Latin Reading Course: Pt. 2
E032216: GRANVILLE-BARKER & HARRISON - A Companion to Shakespeare Studies
E037893: HARRISON, JOSEPH - Book of Instructions for the P.I. C. Slide Rules.
E036953: HARRISON, SARAH - Life After Lunch
E034718: HARRISON, W.; MULLEN, J. - Studies in the Modern Russian Language: 4. The Expression of the Passive Voice, and 5. Agreement of the Verb-Predicate with a Collective Subject: And... Subject (Study in Modern Russian Language)
E035725: HARRISON, JOHN - The Scot in Ulster
E033775: HARRY, JOSEPH - Priod-Ddulliau'r Gymraeg
E040490--Par: JULIAN TUDOR HART - A New Kind of Doctor
E032974: HART, DICK - Screw the Bitch: Divorce Tactics for Men
E034148: HART, HORNELL - Self-Conditioning: The New Way to a Successful Life
E032886: E.C. HUSKISSON; F.DUDLEY HART - Joint Disease - All the Arthropathies
E040481--LL500: JULIAN TUDOR HART - Feasible Socialism: National Health Service Past, Present and Future
E033033: G.F. HARTLAUB - Rousseau - Gallery of Art Series
E033762: HARTMANN, RICHARD - IM Neuen Anatolien. Reiseeindrücke
N028076: HARTT, FREDERICK - Botticelli
E038071: HARTT, FREDERICK - Botticelli. (1444/5-1510)
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E040583--LL250: S. HARVEY - Multiple Choice o Level - Modern Maths
E040382--LL500: J.H. HARVEY - Office Arithmetic
E037431: HASEK, JAROSLAV - Die Abentur Des Braven Soldaaten Schwejk
E032146: CHARLES HOMER HASKINS - The Normans in European History
E039174: HASLETT, A.W. - Science in Transition
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S036908: GAVIN HASTINGS - High Balls and Happy Hours: An Autobiography
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E033489: HAUGLID, ROAR - Norway
E032873: C.W.H. HAVARD - Lectures in Medicine
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S039507: NIGEL HAVERS - Playing with Fire: The Autobiography
E033965: BOOSEY & HAWKES - Tschaikowsky Capriccio Italien Opus 45 (Hawkes Pocket Scores)
E033967: BOOSEY & HAWKES - The Mastersingers of Nuremberg... Overture, Etc. [Score, with Analysis. ] (Hawkes Pocket Scores)
E033966: BOOSEY & HAWKES - M. Mussorgsky Night on the Bare Mountain (Hawkes Pocket Scores)
E035168: HAWKINS, PETER - Sun Lovers
E038813: HAWKS, ELLISON - Britain's Fighting Forces
E035840: HAY, J. MACDOUGALL - Gillespie
E039263: HAY, JAMES - The Winning Clue
E038546: JOHN HAY - Nature's Year: The Seasons of Cape Cod
E034598: HAYDN, J; NOVELLO, VINCENT - The Creation; an Oratorio in Vocal Score; Composed in the Years 1797 and 1798 by J. Haydn;
E034595: HAYDN, J.; HAYNES, BATTISON - Haydn Sixteenth Mass
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E033380: HAYMAN, ROY - The Institute of Fuel: The First 50 Years
E038886: HAYTER, ADRIAN - Sheila in the Wind. The Story of a Lone Voyage
E037899: HAYTER, ADRIAN - Sheila in the Wind. The Story of a Lone Voyage
E039852--LL250: JIM HAYWARD - Notes on Keeping Lories
E036416: ARTHUR LAWRENCE HAYWARD - Dickens Encyclopaedia
E037213: HAZEN-HAMMOND, SUSAN - Enchanting New Mexico
E039276: HAZLITT, HENRY - Time Will Run Back
E033784: HEAD, ANDREW - Poetic Letters
E039938--LL250: TIM HEALEY - A History of Holidays
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E039473: KATHLEEN HEALY - Growing Up in a Welsh Valley
E039684: HEAP, SUE - Cowboy Baby Book and Dvd
E040358--LL250: AMBROSE HEATH - Biscuits
E040572--LL500: AMBROSE HEATH - Kitchen Table Talk
E039928--Par: EDWARD HEATH - Sailing: A Course of My Life
E039767: HEATHER COOKE, HILARY EVANS AND HILARY HOLMES BARBARA ALLEN - Breakthrough to Mathematics, Science and Technology: Thinking About Measurement
E036452: HEATON, J.B.; STOCKS, J.P. - Overseas Students' Companion to English Studies
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N028236: HELD, JULIUS - Rubens
N028239: HELD, JULIUS - Masterpieces of Flemish Painting
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S029322: HELLER, ROBERT; SPENLEY, PAUL - Riding the Revolution : How Business Can and Must Transform Themselves to Win the E-Wars
S033800: HELLER, RICHARD - Tale of Ten Wickets
E033883: HELMES, FIONA - "Tomorrow's World": Medicine
S034348: HEMINGWAY, ELIZA - Nude on a Fence
E033367: HEMMING, JOHN - The Conquest of the Incas
S033114: HENDERSON, MEG - The Last Wanderer
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S029470: HENKE, PAUL - Debacle
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E031206: STEVENS HENRY - Franklin - a Bibliographical Essay
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E037915: HERMANN, GEORG - Jettchen Gebert
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E038564: HERWIG, ROB - 128 Houseplants You Can Grow
E037312: HERZBERG, WOLFGANG - So War Es Lebensgeschichten Zwischen 1900 Und 1980 Nach Tonbandprotokollen
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E037510: HESFORD, BRYAN; FRANCK, CESAR - Panis Angelicus Arranged for Organ 1985 (Not 1958)
E033659: HESKETH, J.L. - Inside the System: How an Electricity Board Deals with the Fuel Debtors
N028267: HETHERINGTON, PAUL - The Masters 11 Duccio
E038045: HETHERINGTON, P.B.; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters 26: Giotto
E038021: HETHERINGTON, PAUL; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters 33: Mantegna
N028281: HETHERINGTON, PAUL - The Masters 26 Giotto
E030963: WILFRID USHER; WILLIAM HEWETT - Cave of Living Streams
E034590: HEWITT, THOMAS J. - Golden Hours of Song by Famous Composers ( Book 7 )
E037824: HEXTER, J.H. - Reappraisals in History
E038645: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Sprig Muslin
E034818: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Masqueraders
E037469: HEYERDAHL, THOR - The Kon-Tiki Expedition. By Raft Across the South Seas
E032988: FRANZ GUSTAV HEYMANN - Poland & Czechoslovakia
E036668: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Mussolini, Une Force de la Nature
H040431--Par: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - Italian Cities
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E036654: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - Wellington
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E036642: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Mussolini
E036647: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Napoleon I Kobiety
E036648: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Mussolini
E036649: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Mussolini
S036638: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Benito Mussolini
E036639: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Mussolini
E036640: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Slaget Ved Arnhem
E040213--Par: MARGARET WEIS; TRACY HICKMAN - Time of the Twins ~ War of the Twins ~ Test of the Twins (Dragonlance: Legends)
E038807: HIERONS, CHARLES - Lawn Tennis: How to Improve Your Game
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E036540: HIGGINS, JACK; GIBSON, MORRIS; MCNAB, TOM; FINCH, PHILLIP - Readers Digest Condensed Books: Touch the Devil; One Man's Medicine; Flanagan's Run; Texas Dawn.
H040425--Par: MONIQUE RAPHEL HIGH - Four Winds of Heaven
S032658: HIGINBOTHAM, JOHN D - When the West Was Young: Historical Reminiscences of the Early Canadian West,
E040241--LL250: D.J. HIGNETT - Essay Writing for Examination - Book 1
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E040242--LL250: D.J. HIGNETT - Essay Writing for Examination - Book 2
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E039201: RAINER HILDEBRANDT - Die Mauer Spricht - the Wall Speaks
E033586: HILER, HILAIRE - An Introduction to the Study of Costume from Nudity to Raiment
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E037924: MIRKO JELUSICH - Der Ritter
N028181: JENKINS, GRAHAM; TURNER, BARRY - Richard Burton : My Brother
E037839: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps. British History 1800-1914
E037861: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps: British History 1485-1820 A.D.
E037499: DON DALE-JONES; W.RANDALL JENKINS - Twelve Modern Anglo-Welsh Poets
E040364--LL250: E.W. JENKINS - Objective Questions in Advanced Level Chemistry
E040177--LL250: A.E. JENKINS - Aids to Geography Studies - Part 1 - World Geography
E032571: JENKINS, JOHN - Llawlyfr Moliant Yr Ysgol Sabothol. (Argraffiad Diwygiedig 1925. ) Dan Olygiaeth J. Jenkins .J. T. Jones .W. C. Evans. [Tonic Sol-Fa Notation. ]
E040194--LL250: J. GERAINT JENKINS - Cockles and Mussels: Aspects of Shellfish-Gathering in Wales
E039071: KATHRYN JENKINS - Anthem Angau Calfari: Myfyrdodau Ar Ddetholiad o Emynau Pantycelyn
E037860: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps: British History 1485-1603 A.D.
E032173: JENKINS, R. T. - Casglu Ffyrdd
History_Helps._British_History_[[18: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps. British History 1800-1914
E037501: MARTIN N. JENKINSON - Wild Orchids of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
S037137: BASIL JENKYNS - Hot Under the Collar
S039506: PETER JENNINGS - Good Bird Watcher's Guide, the
E036930: KATE JENNINGS - Moral Hazard
E039871--LL250: TERRY JENNINGS - Oxford Primary Science: Pupils' Pack a Bk. 3
E035335: JENNINGS, PAUL - Llygad Drygioni (Cyfres I'r Byw)
E038993: LINDA JENNINGS - Robot Man and Friends the School Concert
E037202: JERMAN, B.R. - The Young Disraeli
E036176: JEROME K. JEROME - Three Men in a Boat
E034496: JOHANNET, JOSE; LEPISSIER, JACQUES - Philologie Russe. Textes D'Etude.
E033473: JOHN, DERIC - Notes on Some Place Names in and Around the Bont
E039516: JOHN, AUGUSTUS - Chiaroscuro - Fragments of Autobiography
E036031: H. JOHN HEINZ III CENTER FOR SCIENCE, ECONOMICS - Dam Removal: Science and Decision Making
E037372: GALT JOHN - Annals of the Parish
E034862: JOHN, S.B. - Regeneration and Reconstruction
H037488: JOHN, QC ROWE - Vietnam: The Australian Experience (Australians at War)
E032629: FINLEY JOHN H - The French in the Heart of America
E036419: WILLIAMS-DAVIES. JOHN - The Travelling Cidermaker
E039334: JOHNS, KEN - Football Champions 1969-70
E039426: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles Gets His Man
E037733: JOHNS, LESLIE - Indoor Plants (Nutshell Books)
E038827: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles' Second Case
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E036847: BRANDI JOHNSON - Powder Blu
E040197--LL250: A. JOHNSON - Common English Proverbs
E038554: STANLEY JOHNSON - The Commissioner
H039912--Par: SUZANNE H. JOHNSON - Nursing Assessment and Strategies for the Family at Risk: High Risk Parenting
E035435: JOHNSON, A. - Economic Theory (Man and Society Series)
E039776: CARL G JOHNSON - Special Occasion Sermon Outlines (Pocket Pulpit Library)
E038725: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - Love Comes to Dr. Starr
E039556: JOHNSTON, JOHN OCTAVIUS - Life and Letters of Henry Parry Liddon: Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, and Sometime Ireland Professor of Exegesis in the University of Oxford
E039525: JOHNSTON, HARRY - Pioneers in Canada
E038654: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - Emergency for Dr Starr
E037077: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - With the Rhodesian Horse
E037259: JOHNSTON, MARGARET - Ninety Wonderful Years, 1869 - 1959: The Biography of Sir Thomas Mitchell, Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 1938 - 1947
E035600: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 19
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E035599: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 12
E035601: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 10
E035602: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 13
E035603: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 4
E035604: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 5
E035605: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 1
E035606: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 6
E035607: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 17
E035609: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 20
E035610: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 15
E035611: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 14
N027352: JONES, ARWEL - Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Pennant 1942-2002
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N029826: JONES, D. LLOYD - Plenydd Hanes Ei Fywyd a Detholiad o'i Weithhiau
E039979--LL500: JOHN MORRIS-JONES - An Elementary Welsh Grammar
E033771: JONES, J. MORGAN - Y Bedwaredd Efengyl - Rhagymadrodd Ac Esboniad Byr Ar Benodau I-XII (Undeb Ysgolion Sabothol Yr Annibynwyr Cymreig)
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E033425: JONES, GWENALLT - Gwreiddiau Cyfrol Ofarddoniaeth
E035428: JONES, J. R. - Atgof a Cherdd: Hunangofiant J R Jones
E039051: R.TUDUR- JONES - Thomas Charles o'r Bala
S030052: JONES, EIRA CORDEILIA - Time Won't Forget
F070816044: JONES, RHYDDERCH T. - Cofiant Ryan
E036587: JONES, J.R. - The History of Pontardawe R.F. C. (Rugby)
E033669: JONES, H. - Cofiant y Parch. W. Roberts, Amlwch
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E037787: JONES, ELIN M. - The Celts in the Iron Age: An Educational Resource Pack
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E035304: JONES, R. EMRYS - Rheilffyrdd Cymru = the Railways of Wales
E033317: JONES, D.GLYN - Chwilota: Cyfrol 6
E033444: JONES, GWENLLIAN GWYN - Eisteddfod y Teganau, a Straeon Eraill
E033661: JONES, IORWERTH - David Rees, y Cynhyrfwr
E038770: JONES, DYFED GLYN - Ergyd Yn Eden

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