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N027459: FIABANE, A.M.; WILLIAMS, D.R. - Principles of Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
N028031: FIELD, CHARLES - Saddle Tramp
E035274: FIELDING, HENRY - Scenes and Characters (Falcon Prose Classics Series)
E036013: FIELDING, HENRY; MUTTER, R.F.C. - The History of Tom Jones
F231015006: FIELDING, LIZ - The Valentine Bride
E036788: SIR RANULPH FIENNES - The Secret Hunters
F030515045: FIGES, EVA - Tragedy and Social Evolution ([Platform Book])
E034276: FILIP, T.M.; MICHAEL, M.A. - A Polish Anthology
E036435: FILIPEK, NINA - Bright Sparks English Workbook Age 9-11 Key Stage 2
E035126: FINCH, PETER - Poems for Ghosts
N022750: FINDEN, W. & E. - Finden's Portraits of the Female Aristocracy of the Court of Queen Victoria
F291015028: FINDER, JOSEPH - The Moscow Club
N022713: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Portrats Aud Acht Jahrhunderten
N022714: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Das Komodi-Spielen
N022715: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Land Der Franken
N022716: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Stadte Am Fluss
N022717: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Bayern in Europa
E032119: FINK, EDITH - Household Hints
N024023: FINKEL, GEORGE - The Long Pilgrimage
E036263: FINKEL, GEORGE - Journey to Jorsala
E031912: FINLAND - Finland-Finlande-Finnland. A Book of Photographs, with an Introduction by Oswell Blakeston. Eng. , Fr. And Ger
E035191: FINNEY, TOM; MCNAB, BOB - Football: Round the World
E034097: FINNEY, CHARLES G. - Ghosts of Manacle 1st Edition
N018552: FIRTH, C.B. - History Second Series Book Four
E033794: FIRTH, N. WESLEY - Out for the Count
PS03123: N WESLEY FIRTH - Out for the Count
E031416: LUCY HUTCHINSON; JULIUS HUTCHINSON; C.H. FIRTH - Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson
E031680: FISCHER, HENRY GEORGE - Treasures from the Cairo Museum
N027528: FISCHER, HENRY W. - The Private Lives of William II and His Consort
N029079: FISCHER, MARIE LUISE - Ich Spure Dich in Meinem Blut
E034186: FISCHER, G.W.; ANTOINE, J. - Agro-Ecological Land Resources Assessment for Agricultural Development Planning: A Case Study of Kenya (World Soil Resources Reports)
E035347: FISHER, STANLEY - Worcester Porcelain
E033383: FISHLOCK, TREVOR - Conquerors of Time: Exploration and Invention in the Age of Daring
E036571: FISK, NICHOLAS - Leadfoot (Knight Books)
E031125: FITZGAY, JOHN - Royal Physician
PS031298: FITZGERALD, NIGEL - The Candles Are All out
PS031287: FITZGERALD, NIGEL - Ghost in the Making (Crime Club Series)
E036590: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Done Into English by Edward Fitzgerald
E034222: FITZMAURICE, R. - Principles of Modern Building, Vol. 1: Walls, Partitions and Chimneys
E035859: FITZPATRICK, PERCY - Jock of the Bushveld
E036513: FLACK, MARJORIE - Angus and Wag-Tail-Bess
E032527: ELIE-CHARLES FLAMAND - The Renaissance Volumes I and II
E034285: FLAMAND, ELIE-CHARLES - History of Art - the Renaissance Volumes I, III
N027287: AN OFFICER OF THE GRAND FLEET - The Fourth Dimension Essays in the Realm of Unconventional Thought
SH034723: FLEETWAY - Lion Annual 1963
E036089: FLEETWAY - Shoot! Annual 1971
E035213: FLEGG, DAVID; MCHALE, JOSEPHINE - Selecting and Using Training Aids (Practical Trainer)
N018767: FLEISCHMAN, SID - Chancy and the Grand Rascal
E036497: FLEMING, IAN - Live and Let Die
E036359: FLEMING, MARK - Churchill: Polar Bear Capital of the World
E034729: FLEMING, IAN - The Diamond Smugglers
E036413: FLETCHER, MARK - Pictures of English Tenses: For Young Learners (Brain Friendly Resources)
E033541: FLETCHER, D.J.C. - African Bees: Taxonomy, Biology and Economic Use
F071015039: FLETCHER, NICHOLA - Charlemagne's Tablecloth: A Piquant History of Feasting
E036403: FLINT, JANET ALTIC - Provincetown Printers: A Woodcut Tradition
N003284: FLOERKE, HANNS - Die Moden Der Renaissance
E034232: FLOREN, LEE - War on Alkali Creek
F250116054: FLOREN, LEE - Callahan Rides Alone
N001445: FLORISOONE, MICHEL - Dictionnaire Des Cathedrales de France
N029805: FLOWER, NEWMAN - The History of the Great War Volume II
N029806: FLOWER, NEWMAN - The History of the Great War Volume IV
N029807: FLOWER, NEWMAN - The History of the Great War Volume VI
F030515035: FLUCHERE, HENTRI; HAMILTON, GUY - Shakespeare
E036613: FLYNN, KEITH - Behind the Wire; an Account of Masonic Activity by Prisoners of War.
E035568: SHIPS IN FOCUS - Ships in Focus Record Issue Number 1
E035567: SHIPS IN FOCUS - Ships in Focus : Record : Issue Number 2 Volume 1
E035559: SHIPS IN FOCUS - Ships in Focus Record Issue Number 4 Volume 1
N026882: FODOR, EUGENE - Austria 1953
E036692: BEN FOGLE - The Teatime Islands
E036767: FOGLIA, EUGENIO - Guide to the Museums of Southern Switzerland
E033870: FOISTER, SUSAN; ETC.; GIBSON, ROBIN; SIMON, JACOB; HAYES, JOHN - The National Portrait Gallery Collection
E036453: FOLEY, MARK; HALL, DIANE - The Skill of Speaking: Early Intermediate
E036547: FOLLETT, KEN; KOONTZ, DEAN; ROBERTS, NORA; STEIN, HARRY - A Place Called Freedom. Icebound. Hidden Riches. The Magic Bullet
E036551: FOLLETT, KEN; GRISHAM, JOHN; SKEGGS, DOUGLAS; CURWOOD, JAMES OLIVER - Reader's Digest Condensed Books : A Dangerous Fortune ; the Client ; the Estuary Pilgrim ; the Bear
N004692: JAAR WERELD NATUUR FONDS - Met Het Oog Op de Natuur Het Fotoboek Van Het Wnf in Het Kader Van de Jubileumactie Kies Voor de Natuur
N028035: FONTANE, THEODOR - Effi Briest
E030690: THEODOR FONTANE - Der Landschaftsmaler Carl Blechen. Mit Benutzung Von Aufzeichnungen Theodor Fontanes... Mit 16 Kunstbeilagen
E035029: EMMANUEL PERVE; LUDOVIC PERVE; ADRIEN FONTANELLAZ - Answers to All Your Questions About Thailand
N001479: FONTENELLE - Oeuvres de Pierre Corneille
E035479: UNION RUGBY FOOTBALL - Rugby Union Football (Know the Game)
N027504: FORD, BRIAN J - Institute of Biology : The First 50 Years
N029394: FORD, H.E.; HICKS, R.K. - The Reading Approach to French Part 2
E035247: NOEL FORD - Deadly Humorous
N029215: FORELL, FRITZ VON - Molders Mensch Und Flieger
F071015051: FOREMAN, L. L. - Desperado's Gold
E032958: FOREMAN, JOHN - Fighter Command Victory Claims: A Listing of Combat Claims Submitted by Raf Fighter Pilots 1939 to 1940
N027631: FORESTER, C. S. - Hornblower in Captivity
E036188: FORESTER, C.S. - The Ship
E031136: HARRY BUXTON FORMAN - The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley Volume II
E036674: FORRESTER, HELEN - The Helen Forrester Omnibus: Twopence to Cross the Mersey; Liverpool Miss; by the Waters of Liverpool and Lime Street at Two
N028647: FORTESCUE, JOHN - The Last Post
N027668: FOSS, JOHN - Flesh and Blood
E033763: FOSS, ARTHUR - Epirus
N029490: FOSSEY, DIAN - Gorilla's in de Mist
E036331: FOSTER, JOHN; FOSTER, JANET - Adventures in Wild Canada
E035227: FOSTER, TONY - The Money Burn
E033908: FOSTER, R.D.; INSTONE, M.R.L. - Track Layout Diagrams of the London & North Western Railway, Section 5: Northamptonshire: Northamptonshire Section 5
E032739: IDA FOULIS - This Land of Kings 1066-1399
E033626: FOULKES, ISAAC - Daniel Owen, y Nofelydd: Bywgraphiad
F030515053: MARIAN FOUNTAIN - Marian Fountain Sculture
N028248: FOX, MILTON S. - Great Masterpieces
F231015002: FOX, SUSAN - The Wife He Chose (Tender Romance)
E033046: MILTON S. FOX - Renoir
E034612: FRANCASTEL, GALIENNE; STRACHAN, W,J, - Italian Painting from the Byzantine Masters to the Renaissance
N023503: FRANCE, ANATOLE; ALLINSON, ALFRED - The Gods Are Athirst
N023505: FRANCE, ANATOLE, PSEUD. - At the Sign of the Reine Pedauque. A Translation by Mrs Wilfrid Jackson. With an Introduction by William J. Locke.
N001323: ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF MODERN * CONTEMPORARY FRANCE - Modern and Contemporary France Volume Ns1 Number 1
E036548: FRANCIS, DICK;DENKER, HENRY; ARMSTORNG, KAREN; DAVIS, ROBERT P. - Reader's Digest Condensed Books Volume 116 (February 1982) Twice Shy, the Warfield Syndrome, Through the Narrow Gate, Control Tower
N030043: FRANCIS, FATHER - Through the Year with Father Francis Volume 2
E031884: BACON LORD FRANCIS - The Proficience and Advancement of Learning
N026158: FRANCIS, GRANT R. - Old English Drinking Glasses Their Chronology and Sequence
E036246: FRANCIS, DICK; STRANGER, JOYCE; DURAND, LOUP; HOLT, VICTORIA - Reader's Digest. The Edge, a Walk in the Dark, Daddy, the India Fan.
N004717: FRANCK, DIETER - De Jaren Dertig
N022783: TASSI FRANCO - - IL Parco Nazionale D'Abruzzo.
E034893: FRANCO, EDGAR - Dictionnaire de Termes en Usage Dans le Commerce Des Livres Anciens en Français (Francais), Anglais, Allemand Et Italien. Dictionary of Terms and Expressions Commonly Used in the Antiquarian Booktrade in French, English, German and Italian.
N018672: FRANKAU, GILBERT - The Seeds of Enchantment
N018674: FRANKAU, GILBERT - Gerald Cranston's Lady
E032085: FRANKAU, GILBERT - Secret Services: A Collection of Tales
N018871: FRANKAU, GILBERT - Michael's Wife
E036468: FRANKAU, GILBERT - Men, Maids and Mustard Pot... Tales
E034898: FRANKLAND, LEONARD; ELDRIDGE, H.J. - The Evolution of the Science of Book-Keeping... Second Edition. Revised by Leonard Frankland
N027696: FRANKLIN, CHARLES - Exit without Permit
E032972: FRANKS, NORMAN; GIBLIN, HAL - Under the Guns of the Kaiser's Aces: Bohme, Muller, Von Tutschek and Wolff: The Complete Record of Their Victories and Victims: Bohme, Muller, Von... Record of Their Victories and Victims
E036742: FRANKS, A.H. - Pavlova: A Biography
E035148: FRANKS, D.L. - Great Central Remembered
N029565: FRANZ, ERICH - Mensch Und Damon
E031491: FRASER, MRS HUGH - A Diplomatist's Wife in Japan
N027277: FRASER, RONALD - The Pueblo a Mountain Village on the Costa Del Sol
F140115038: FRASER, ELISABETH - Robert Burns: A Portrait of Scotland's National Bard with a Selection of His Songs and Verse
N026642: IAN N. FRASER - The Arbroath Affair
E032936: MAXWELL FRASER - Wales (County Books Series)
N026144: FRASER, J. ALBAN - Spain and the West Country
E036522: FRASER, ANTONIA - Mary Queen of Scots
E030517: DAVID- FRASER - Yr Amddiffynwyr (Cymru Mewn Hanes;Cyfrol 2, 1066;1485)
E031947: FRASER, DUNCAN - East Coast Oil Town Before 1700
E036362: FRASER, DUNCAN - Discovering East Scotland
E033936: FRASER, G.S. - Scotland 195 Photogravure Plates Four in Colour
E030516: DAVID- FRASER - Y Goresgynwyr (Cymru Mewn Hanes;Cyfrol I, Hyd 1066)
E031920: FRASER, ANDREW - The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club. New Series. Volume 4, 1997.
E031919: FRASER, DUNCAN - The Smugglers
F180715025: FRATI, TIZIANA; CARROLL, JANE - Bruegel : The Complete Paintings
E035896: FRAYNE, TRENT - Famous Women Tennis Players
N029301: FRAZER, J.G. - Thinker's Library - Adonis No. 30
E033619: FREDRICKSON, ARNOLD G. - Principles and Applications of Rheology
E036348: FREILE, JUAN RODRIGUEZ - The Conquest of New Granada
E033429: FREMANTLE, W.H. - Sermons Biographical & Miscellaneous by the Late Benjamin Jowett, M.A.
N019129: FRENCH, RAY - Rugby League Lions: Australia and New Zealand, 1984
E033163: ESTHER FREUD - Love Falls
N029456: FREUND, RICHARD - Zero Hour, Policies of the Powers
N029518: FREYTAG, GUSTAV; FILES, GEORGE T. - Soll Und Haben
E035178: FRIEDENHAIN, PAULA - Write and Reveal: Interpretation of Handwriting
N029311: FRIEDMANN, W. - Thinker's Library - World Revolution and the Future of the West No. 88
N028982: FRITH, FRANCIS; TWIGG, AERES - Francis Frith's Glamorgan
E034564: FRITH, FRANCIS - Carmarthenshire: Photographic Memories
E031829: HENRY FRITH - The Triumphs of Modern Engineering . With . Illustrations
N030000: FRIZELL, BERNARD - Ten Days in August
E034106: FROLOV, A. - Petrozavodsk and Kizhi: A Guide (Publishers Guidebook)
N001794: FRON, KONRAD - Das Krauterweible Von Wimpfen Eine Geschichte Aus Dem Ende Des
N028491: FROTSCHER, GOTTHOLD - Deutsche Orgeldispositionen Aus Fünf Jahrhunderten
E033791: FRYE, NORTHROP - Myth and Metaphor: Selected Essays 1974-1988 Northrop Frye
E033543: CHEN ZHAO FU; GONG TAIN FU - Rock Art
N027428: FULLER, HENRY C. - The Story of Drugs a Popular Exposition of Their Origin, Preparation and Commercial Importance
E036294: FULLER, J. F. C. - The Generalship of Alexander the Great
F250116024: FULLERTON, ALEXANDER - Chief Executive
F250116065: FULLERTON, ALEXANDER - The Waiting Game
E031607: THE EGYPT EXPLORATION FUND - The Journal of Egyptiam Archaeology Volume III Part IV October 1916
E031800: WORLD WILDLIFE FUND - Anthology of Poetry and Prose Selected for the Occasion of the Vintage Dinner 1973
E034393: FUNKE, CORNELIA - The Thief Lord
E032635: FURJANIC, CHUCK - Antique Golf Collectibles: Price and Reference Guide
E035954: FURNEAUX, W, - Butterflies and Moths (British)
F150815032: FURNER, BRIAN GEORGE - Onions, Leeks and Garlic (Letts Grow)
E035086: FUTER, F.T.; MARTIN, C.M. - The March of History. The Middle Ages to the End of the Seventeenth Century 1485-1689.
E032924: GABRIEL, ROGER - Postgraduate Nephrology
N027435: GADDUM, J.H. - Pharmacology
E034763: ANGELA GAFFNEY - Aftermath: Remembering the Great War in Wales (Studies in Welsh History)
F030516019: GAILEY, HARRY - Macarthur's Victory: The War in New Guinea, 1943-1944
E035886: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - The Triumph
E036790: IAIN GALE - Rules of War (Jack Steel 2)
F180715030: GALLAGHER, FRANK - Days of Fear
E033778: GALLAGHER, BRIAN - Invincible - Signed Copy
E034644: THOMAS GALLAGHER - The Telemark Raid
F211215078: GALLAN, HARRY - The Lexian Chronicles: Full Circle
N004551: K.R. GALLAS - Choix de Poesies Francaises Tome 2 Poetes Modernes
E033020: THE REDFERN GALLERY - Christopher Wood, 1901-1930
E032676: ELINOR TOLLEY; BRIAN SINFIELD GALLERY - Elinor Tolley - As We Were - Brian Sinfield Gallery
E032290: PERTH MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY - Catalogue of the Permanent Collection of Paintings and Drawings
E034524: WILLIAM MORRIS GALLERY - Catalogue of the Morris Collection
N018860: NATHAN GALLIZIER - The Leopard Prince, Etc
N027633: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Justice, a Tragedy in Four Acts
E036635: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Beyond. A Narrative. Heron John Galsworthy Collected Works
F071015025: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - To Let (Wordsworth Classics)
E033149: JOHN GALSWORTHY - Soames and the Flag
E033545: GALTON, FRANCIS - Bericht Eines Forschers IM Tropischen Sudafrika (German Edition)
N027679: GALWAY, ROBERT CONINGTON - Assignment Death Squad
E032916: JAMES L. GAMBLE - Chemical Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of Extracellular Fluid
F180715067: GANDER, TERRY - Guerrilla Warfare Weapons: The Modern Underground Fighter's Armoury (Modern Weapons of the World)
N023308: GARAT, ANNE-MARIE - Fous de Bassin
E033333: GARCÍA LORCA, FEDERICO - Antología Poética
E033860: GARDINER, A.G.; ALPHA OF THE PLOUGH - Pebbles on the Shore
E032835: GARDINER-HILL, HAROLD - Compendium of Emergencies
E035258: GARDNER, TREVOR IAN; FROST, RICHARD - Faith in Exeter: Story of the Palace Gate Project
E031666: GARDNER, GRAHAM - Inventing Elliot
E031413: LLEWELYN. MICHAEL GARETH - Sand in the Glass.
N027036: SIMON & GARFUNKEL - Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits Chord Organ
E030289: ROSEMARY GARLAND - The Little Forest (Antelope Books)
E032113: MRS. R.S. GARNETT - The Infamous John Friend
E032115: GARNETT, EDWARD - Friday Nights: Literary Criticisms and Appreciations
E035208: EDMUND GARNWEIDNER - Gu Naturführer Pilze. Die Wichtigen Pilze Mitteleuropas Erkennen Und Bestimmen. Schnell Bestimmen Mit Gu Kennfarben-Code
E035564: GARRETT, K.S. - Comben Longstaff & Co Ltd.
E036789: LESLEY GARRETT - Notes from a Small Soprano
E033798: GARROD, A.E. - Port After Stormy Seas: A Sailor's Tale
E034913: GARVEY, ELEANOR - The Philip Hofer Collection in the Houghton Library: A Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Philip Hofer Bequest in the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts (Houghton Library Publications)
N029667: GASKELL, JANET; PATERSON, NIGEL - The Dry Stone Walls in the Chalford Area
E035873: GASKELL, ELIZABETH CLEGHORN; HEPPLE, NORMAN - Cranford (King's Treasury)
F231015054: CATHERINE GASKIN - Edge of Glass
N018806: GASPARIN, COUNTESS DE - The Near and the Heavenly Horizons
N026953: GASQUET, FRANCIS AIDAN - Heny VIII and the English Monasteries Volume 1
F231015065: GASTON, DIANE - Innocence and Impropriety (Mills & Boon Historical)
N027735: GATES, WILLIAM H. - The Art of Drawing the Human Figure Simplified
E036165: GAUNT, WILLIAM - The Observer's Book of Modern Art
N027637: GAVIN, CATHERINE - Give Me the Daggers
E035637: GAY, NOEL - Noel Gay's 5th Song Album
E036481: GAYE, SELINA - A Little Cockney
E035141: GAYNOR, FRANK - Dictionary of Mysticism
N026671: EDITOR OF RAILWAY GAZETTE - The Railway Handbook 1948-1949
E033746: GEANAKOPLOS, DENO J. - Byzantine East and Latin West: Two Worlds of Christendom in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
E034630: GEDDIE, JOHN; EYRE-TODD, GEORGE - Our Beautiful Homeland Edinburgh: The Scott Country; the Shores of Fife; Loch Lomond, Loch Katrine and the Trossachs
E031433: G. C. GEDGE - Sunflowers a Story of to-Day
N018589: GEE, JOSEPH - Isaacs, Some Chapters in the Life of David Isaacs, General Merchant
N027603: GEIKIE, ARCHIBALD - Types of Scenery and Their Influence on Literature
E031883: ARCHIBALD GEIKIE - The Scenery of Scotland - Viewed in Connection with Its Physical Geology
F140115029: COLLINS GEM - Scots Dictionary 2007 a Fun Guide to Modern Scots
E036760: GENTLEMAN, DAVID - David Gentleman's Britain
E035703: GEORGANO, G N; DEMAND, CARLO - Trucks an Illustrated History 1896-1920
E036630: GEORGE, DAVID LLOYD - War Memoirs of David Lloyd George Volumes I & II
E031096: GEORGE NEWNES, LTD - International World Atlas
F231015009: CATHERINE GEORGE - An Engagement of Convenience
N027682: GEORGE, S.C. - Strange Courtship
N018775: GEORGETTA, CLEL - Japan As Seen by an American
N018587: GERARD, LOUISE - Flower-of-the-Moon - a Romance of the Forest
E032099: MORICE GERARD - A Fair Prisoner
E036334: DAVID DEARINGER; HARVEY L. JONES; JEAN STERN; WILLIAM H. GERDTS - All Things Bright & Beautiful, California Impressionist Paintings from the Irvine Museum
E036275: GERDTS, WILLIAM H - Painters of the Humble Truth: Masterpieces of American Still Life, 1801-1939
F071015005: GERMAN UNDERGROUND HOSPITAL, JERSEY - The First Casualty: The German Underground Hospital and Jersey's Occupation Experience
E031945: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT - A Concise History of Photography. 285 Plates, 27 in Colour. The World of Art Library / General.
E034520: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT - Julia Margaret Cameron: Her Life and Photographic Work
E030701: GERRETSON, F.C. - History of the Royal Dutch Volume One
E032140: GEYL,PIETER - Encounters in History
E034279: GHERASIOVA, NATALIA - Talking Business in Russian
E030328: M. RIAD EL-GHONEMY - Land, Food and Rural Development in North Africa (Westview Special Studies in Social, Political, and Economic Development)
E031885: ANDREW DEWAR GIBB - A Preface to Scots Law
E035134: H. GIBB - Islam, de. Historisch Overzicht
E036465: GIBBS, PHILIP - The Middle of the Road
E035085: GIBLIN, J.C. - Qualitative and Volumetric Analysis
N028447: GIBSON, J; WILSON, R. - Solo and Chorus
E036319: GIBSON, CHARLES - The Clash of Fleets: The Stories of Ten Great Sea Battles
F231015078: GIBSON, JAMES - Science Fiction (Short Story)
E031494: GIBSON, LAURENCE M - Handbook for Literary and Debating Societies,
N028807: GIDE, ANDRE - Dostoievsky
N028026: GIDE, ANDRE - The Counterfeiters with Journal of the Counterfeiters
F280315011: GIDNEY, CHRIS - Street Life: The Bryan Mosley Story
N028674: GIELGUD, VAL - One Year of Grace
F030516001: GIFFORD, JOHN - William Adam
E033647: GIGLI, BENIAMINO, SILONE, DARINA - The Memoirs of Beniamino Gigli
E030279: NICOLAS GIHR - Les Sacrements de L'Eglise Catholique Exposes Dogmatiquement a L'Usage Des Pretres Dans le Ministere
N029240: GILBERT, MARTIN - Churchill, a Biography
F140115035: GILBERT, RICHARD - Hill Walking in Scotland (a Thornhill Guide)
E035589: GILBERT, MARTIN - Churchill; a Biography
E035798: GILBERT, MARTIN - The Day the War Ended
E034288: GILBERT, W.S.; SULLIVAN, ARTHUR - Immortal Gilbert and Sullivan Operas Vol. 4 Iolanthe, Utopia Ltd and Princess Ida
E032062: GILBERT, W. M. - Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century
N028601: GILES - Giles Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons Eighth Series
E036803: GILES - Giles ( Annual ) 19th Series 1966
E036059: GILES - Giles Sunday Express & Daily Express Cartoons Seventeenth Series (17th Annual)
E033410: GILES, G.H. - The Practice of Orthoptics
E035818: GILES, JOHN - The Somme: Then and Now
E034310: GILES - The Orations of Cicero Volume II the Four Orations Against Catiline
N023515: GILFILLAN,GEORGE - The Poetical Works of Johnson, Parnell, Gray and Smollett
N023516: GILFILLAN,GEORGE - The Poetical Works of Samuel Butler Volume 1
N023517: GILFILLAN,GEORGE - The Poetical Works of Samuel Butler Volume 2
N029318: GILLESPIE, JANE - Aunt Celia
E034743: GILLHAM, MARY E. - The Natural History of Gower
N027446: GILLISON, MARGARET - A Histology of Body Tissues
N027480: GILMAN, HENRY - Organic Chemistry Volumes 1and2
E036409: GILMOUR, PATIENCE - The Quest of the Wild Swans
F211215035: GIMENEZ, J.L.FRONTIN-; MKELLY, JOHN ANTHONY - Teatre-Museu Dali (Electa Art Guides)
E032749: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron August 1993 Issue
E032750: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron September 1993 Issue
E032767: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron September 1994 Issue
E032758: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron October 1995 Issue
E032751: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron February 1994 Issue
E032759: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron October 1994 Issue
E032747: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron November 1993 Issue
E032761: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron July 1995 Issue
E032754: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron December 1993 Issue
E032766: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron December 1994 Issue
E032760: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron August 1995 Issue
E032746: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron October 1993 Issue
E032748: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron June 1993 Issue
E032755: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron November 1994 Issue
E032763: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron April 1994 Issue
E032764: G.M. BERLYNE; S. GIOVANNETTI - Nephron November 1995 Issue
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E034894: HORROX, REGINALD - Book Handbook: An Illustrated Guide to Old & Rare Books
F280315056: HORSTMAN, THOMAS - The Kessler Alliance
E032686: DAVID LEWIS NORTHERN HOSPITAL - War-Time Diet Book of the David Lewis Northern Hospital, Liverpool, 1943
N028448: HOUSEGO, MAURICE - Gateway to the World
E031488: HOUSTON, WILL - Iron Marshal
E030266: DOUGLAS HOUSTON - With the Offal Eaters
F190416036: HOVING, THOMAS - Chase, the Capture Collecting at the Metropolitan
N023301: HOWARD, PETER - Frank Buchman Geheimnis : Die Englische Originalausgabe Erschien Unter Dem Titel Frank Buchmanâ´S Secret Bei William Heinemann, London : Deutsche Ubersetzung Von Prof. Dr. Theophil Spoerri :
E034070: HOWARTH, DAVID - The Shetland Bus
F140115072: HOWARTH, WILLIAM D.; MCFARLANE, IAN; MCGOWAN, MARGARET - Form and Meaning: Aesthetic Coherence in Seventeenth-Century French Drama
E036283: HOWAT, JOHN; SPASSKY, NATALIE - 19th-Century America Paintings and Sculpture
E036280: HOWAT, J.; METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N. Y.) - American Watercolors from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
E036680: HOWAT, PATRICK - The Puggy Line; the Lochaber Narrow Gauge Railway
N018620: MURIEL HOWE - Until the Day
E030638: HOWE, VIRGINIA - Let's Grow Lilies! an Illustrated Handbook of Lily Culture
N027328: HOWE, JOHN - The Works of John Howe Volume II
E032129: HOWELL, JAMES - Familiar Letters or Epistolae Ho-Elianae, Volumes One to Three
E035079: HOWELLS, ROSCOE - Cliffs of Freedom
E035472: ROSCOE HOWELLS - Roseanna
E035287: HOY, TOM - Poems of Smudge: Bk. 1
E036697: HOY, LINDA - Nightmare Express
N023765: HOYLE, ERIC; MEGARRY, JACQUETTE - Professional Development of Teachers
N018907: HUDSON, W.H. - The Life of King Heny V.
N027285: HUDSON, C.E. - Outlines of Teaching Sermons for a Second Year
E032154: HUDSON, W H - The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers
E033437: HUDSON, STEPHEN - War-Time Silhouettes
E032995: ANDY HUGH - Passat - from 1973 - Repair Manual 236
F280315008: HUGHES, DEWI M. - Gofala Di - Llawlyfr Bugeilio Cristnogol
N027351: HUGHES, NEVILLE - Hogia Llandegai y Llyfr
N028938: HUGHES, J. WILLIAM - Esboniad Ar Yr Epistolau at Yr Effesiaid a'r Philipiaid
N028940: HUGHES, H.M. - Yr Ephesiaid
N028955: HUGHES, RICHARD - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol St. Marc
N028962: HUGHES, J. HOWARD - O Fryn Dioddef
N028998: HUGHES, R. H. - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Mathew
N029131: HUGHES, JOHN CEIRIOG - Myfanwy Fychan , Rhieingerdd a'r Fugeilgan Alun Mabon
N029776: HUGHES, R.R. - Y Parchedig John Williams Brynsiencyn
N029861: HUGHES, R.H. - Hanes Cynnar a Barddoniaeth Israel
E030665: JAMES HUGHES - Y Testament Newydd Gyda Nodau Eglurhaol Ar Bob Adnod
E033448: HUGHES, MONA - Y Wenynen Gyntaf, Ac Ysgrifau Eraill
E031439: HUGHES, M L V - Everyman's Testament of Beauty: A Study of 'the Testament of Beauty' of Robert Bridges.
E035548: HUGHES, TOM - Blue Riband of the Atlantic
E033886: HUGHES, LANGSTON - An African Treasury
N005117: E. CEFNI JONES AND JOHN HUGHES - Y Llawlyfr Moliant Newydd at Wasanaeth Cynulleidfaoedd y Bedyddwyr
F211215033: HUGHES, MAIR WYNN - Nadolig Wali Wmff (Cyfres Wali Wmff)
E033395: HUGHES, ERIC - Saint Teilo's Church Mynydd-y-Garreg, 1893-1993: A Story of a Church, a Village and Its People = Eglwys Sant Teilo Mynydd-y-Garreg
E035240: HUGHES, PHILIP - A Popular History of the Reformation
N028488: HULL, A. EAGLEFIELD - Bach's Organ Works
N022920: HULLAH, JOHN - Part Music for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass - Sacred Pieces in Score
N028038: HULME, F. EDWARD - Familiar Garden Flowers - Fifth Series
E033677: HULME, FREDERICK EDWARD - That Rock-Garden of Ours... With Fifty Illustrations by the Author
E035894: HULME, KATHRYN; PECK, DAVID; O'CONNOR, EDWIN; PLAGEMANN, BENTZ; GRAHAM, WINSTON - Reader's Digest Condensed Books : My Son Goggle; the Sleeping Partner; the Nun's Story; the Greer Case; the Last Hurrah (5-in-1)
E035321: HULTON, LADY NIKA - The General
E034009: HUMANA, CHARLES - The Keeper of the Bed: The Story of the Eunuch
N027450: HUMBLE, B.H. - Scotland Old Strathclyde
E032700: RICHARD HUMBLE - War in the Air 1939-1945 (Purnell's History of the World Wars)
E033258: HUME, JOHN R. - Scotland's Industrial Past: An Introduction to Scotland's Industrial History with a Catalogue of Preserved Material
N028997: HUMPHREYS, JAMES - Esboniad Ar Efengyl Mathew
N021777: HUMPHREYS, J - Yr Argyfwng Cred
E035586: HUMPHREYS, ROBERT - Siaco'r Mwnci
E031147: HUMPHREYS, THOMAS ALFRED - A First Year Algebra
N027298: HUNE, C.J. CUTCLIFFE - The Little Red Captain
N029410: HUNT, MAIR - Storïau Tramor VI; Storiau Ffrangeg Allfro
E036693: PAUL A. ROSSI; DAVID C HUNT - The Art of the Old West (from the Collection of the Gilcrease Institute)
E035002: HUNT, LEIGH - The Town; Its Memorable Characters and Events. St. Paul's to St. James's 1848
N028249: HUNTER, SAM - Mondrian
N028250: HUNTER, SAM - Picasso Cubism to the Present
E032780: RICHARD H. HUNTER - Aids to Embryology
E033045: SAM HUNTER - Dufy
E036325: HUNTER, R.L. - The Old Manse, Larbert
N003329: HUPP, OTTO - Zum Streit Um Das Missale Speciale Constantiense
E033887: HURWOOD, BERNHARDT JACKSON - The Invisibles
E035976: HUSSEIN, AMR - ABC Hieroglyphics
E034011: HUSSELMAN, ELINOR M. - The Martyrdom of Cyriacus and Julitta in Coptic
N029481: HUTCHINSON, COLIN - The New Zealand Book of Roses : The Best 150 Varieties
N028987: HUTCHINSON - German and Italian Aircraft How to Spot Them
E034830: HUTCHINSON, WALTER - Hutchinson's Story of the British Nation - Volume II
E034828: HUTCHINSON, WALTER - Hutchinson's Story of the British Nation - Volume IV

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