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F231015015: CARTER, NICK - Death Message: Oil 74-2
E034545: CAROLINE CARVER - Blood Junction
N023512: CARY, HENRY FRANCIS - The Vision; or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise of Dante Alighieri
N028192: CASEY, LORD - The Future of the Commonwealth
N028111: CASHMAN, A. W. - The Best Edmonton Stories
F291015033: CASHORE, KRISTIN - Fire
N028160: CASPARY, VERA - The Death Wish
E034044: CASSAL, HANS J.S. - Workshop Makeshifts. Being a Collection of Practical Hints and Suggestions for the Use of Amateur Workers in Wood and Metal
N026402: CASSELL - Cassell'Smagazine Illustrated September 1991 to March 1912
N027503: CASSERLEY, H.C. - The Historic Locomotive Pocketbook
E034300: CASSIUS, DIO - Dio's Roman History Volume III
N028700: CASSON, LIONEL - Ancient Egypt
E035371: CASTELL, SUZANNE DE; LUKE, ALLAN; EGAN, KIERAN - Literacy, Society, and Schooling: A Reader
E033584: CASTIGLIONI, ANGELO & ALFREDO; NEGRO, GIANCARLO - Fiumi Di Pietra Archivio Della Preistoria Sahariana
PS031318: CASTLE, FRANK - Violent Hours
E032043: RUBY NICKEL DE CASTREJON - Santa Prisca Taxco (Spanish/English Edition)
N027745: CATLING, THOMAS - The Press Album
E035900: CATTON, CHRIS; GRAY, JAMES - Sex in Nature
N028663: CAVELL, JOHN; KENNETT, BRIAN - A History of Sir Roger Manwood's School Sandwich 1563-1963 with a Life of the Founder
N029406: CAZAMIAN, LOUIS - La Grande Bretagne Et la Guerre
E035460: CECIL, ALGERNON - Queen Victoria and Her Prime Ministers
N018510: CEHOV, ANTON - Koyluler
E032032: LUISA PIEROTTI-CEI - Life in Italy During the Renaissance
E033964: LAFARGE ALUMINOUS CEMENT - Refractory Concrete
F030516047: WREXHAM LIBRARY ARTS CENTRE - Anthony Lysycia
E034865: CERNEY, J.V. - Modern Magic of Natural Healing with Water Therapy
E032374: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES - Don Quixote. Ozell's Revision of the Translation of Peter Motteux. Intro. By Herschel Brickell [Modern Library Giant ].
N029954: CHAFFE, DAVID - . And Let the Earth Listen, for the Earth Has Grown Polluted Through Its People
E031194: CHAFFERS, WILLIAM - The Collector's Handbook of Marks and Monograms on Pottery and Porcelain of the Renaissance and Modern Periods,: Selected from His Larger Work (7. Ed. ) . And Porcelain. " with Upwards of 3000 Marks
E035438: CHALMERS, MURIEL J. - Bible Stories for Children from 6 to 8 Years Old
N028793: CHAMBERS, E.K. - The Oxford Book of Sixteenth Century Verse.
N029900: CHAMBERS, EDMUND K. - English Pastorals
N028172: CHAMBRUN, COUNTESS DE - Playing with Souls
N029527: CHAMISSO, NORTHCOTT, KENNETH J. - Peter Schlemihls Wundersame Geschichte
E033607: CHANDLER, DAISY KIGHT - Three on the Planet Arena
E034899: CHANDLER, GEORGE - Four Centuries of Banking - Volume II
E031950: HOWARD I. CHAPELLE - The History of American Sailing Ships
E033675: CHAPMAN, C.W. - Oeuvres de Moilere - Tome Premiere, Tome Second
F070816026: CHAPMAN, LEIGH - Church Memorial Brasses and Brass Rubbing (Shire Albums)
E034145: CHAPMAN, DEIDRE - Scottish Short Stories 1990: Roomful of Birds
E033674: CHAPMAN, C.W. - Modern High-Speed Oil Engines Volume II
N023764: CHAPMAN, R. - Linguistics and Literature
E035645: CHAPPELL - You'LL Fall in Love and Dance of the Blue Marionettes
E035293: CHAPPLE, STEVE - Don't Mind Dying
E032865: F.W.T. HUNGER; CHARLES DE L'ESLCUSE - Nomenclator Pannonicus
E032425: CHARLTON, H.B. - Shakespearian Tragedy
E030929: CHARLTON, JAMES MERVYN - Preparation and Practice in Precis Writing
F190416025: CHARNOCK, IAN ALFRED - Watson's Last Case (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
E035139: CHASTENET, JACQUES - Wellington, 1769-1852 (Les Grands Adversaires de la France)
N029401: CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANCOIS-RENE VICOMTE DE - Memoires D'Outre-Tombe 1814-1815
N029676: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY; WINSTANLEY, LILIAN - The Clerkes Tale and the Squieres Tale
E032458: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, (Aldine Edition of the British Poets). All 6 Volumes
N023493: CHRISTINE CHAUNDLER - Arthur and His Knights
F250116060: CHAVANON, PAUL; LEVANNIER, RENE - Emergency Homoeopathic First Aid
N029403: CHAYTOR, H.J. - Seven Short Stories by French Authors
E031969: CHÉDID, ANDRÉE - épreuves Du Vivant (Poésie / Flammarion)
N003258: CHESNEAUX, JEAN; BASTID, MARIANNE; BERGERE, MARIE-CLAIRE - China from the Opium Wars to the 1911 Revolution
E035842: CHESTER, LEWIS - Martin Luther King (the Great Nobel Prizes Series)
E031010: CHESTER, S. BEACH - Round the Green Cloth
N026595: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Chesterton Day by Day
E035663: CHESTERTON, G. K.; TYLER, ANTONY - Autobiography
E033723: CHESTERTON, G.K. - The Flying Inn - First Cheap Edition
N028921: CHEVALIER, HAAKON MAURICE - The Last Voyage of the Schooner 'Rosamond'
E032098: CHEYNEY - Dames Don't Care
PS031283: DONALD BARR CHIDSEY - Captain Adam
F211215047: CHILTON, IRMA - Peiriant Amser (Cyfres Corryn)
F211215029: CHILTON, IRMA - Parti Da! (Cyfres Corryn)
F211215054: CHILTON, IRMA - Breichled Modlen: Nofel Arobryn Yn Eisteddfod Powys 1975
E032820: CHISHOLM, GEOFFREY D.; WILLIAMS, DAVID INNES - Scientific Foundations of Urology
E035644: CHOPIN; PALMER, KING - The Famous Polonaise in Ab by Chopin
E032923: HALVOR N. CHRISTENSEN - Body Fluids and Their Neutrality
N023575: CHRISTIAN, CATHERINE - Sally Joins the Patrol
N029149: CHRISTIE'S - Imperial and Post-Revoltionary Russian Art
N027545: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS - Ten Important Paintings from the Collection of Henry Ford II
E034791: CHRISTIE'S - Antiquities and Souvenirs of the Grand Tour October 1994 Christies
F231015042: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Cards on the Table (Poirot)
F180715001: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Miss Marple's Final Cases
E033193: CHRISTIE'S - Arts of France Important French Furniture, Paintings, Sculpture, Silver, Porcelain and Carpets
E034836: CHRISTIE'S - Antiquities and Souvenirs of the Grand Tour May 1992
E034792: CHRISTIE'S - Antiquities and Souvenirs of the Grand Tour
E035743: CHRISTIE'S - Historic Aircraft, Engines, Aviation Art and Literature, and Sports Books, at the Science Museum, Wroughton, 29 April 1991
F1807150233: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Dumb Witness
E034832: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's: The 'Per-Neb' Collection : Highly Important Egyptian Antiquities: Wednesday, 9 December 1992
E034837: CHRISTIE'S - Antiquities and Souvenirs of the Grand Tour November 4th 1992
E034835: CHRISTIE'S - Antiquities and Souvenirs of the Grand Tour April 28th 1993
E031229: CHRISTIE'S - Christopher Wood : A Very Victorian Eye. 28 February 2007
E032602: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS LTD - The Freycinet Collection: Sold . Thursday 26 September 2002
E034444: CHRISTIES'S AUCTIONEERS - Important Old Master & British Pictures. Day Sale. 3 December 2008
N027709: CHRISTISON, ROBERT - A Dispensatory or Commentary on the Pharmacopoeias of Great Britain
F071015050: JOHN CHRISTOPHER - The Little People
E034615: CHRISTOPHER, ANN - Royal Academy Illustrated 1991
F071015075: CHURCH, RICHARD - Plato's Mistake
E032939: CALVINISTIC METHODIST CHURCH - Deucanmlwyddiant y Diwygiad Methodistaidd 1735-1935. Tonau Ac Emynau y Dathliad. Sol-Ffa, Etc
E034536: CALVINISTIC METHODIST CHURCH - Llyfr Emynau a Thonau y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd a Wesleaidd Ynghyd aì, Salmau, Gorchanau, Caniadau Ac Anthemau: Cyhoeddedig Gan Gymanfaoedd y Ddwy Eglwys. Hen Nodiant (Sol-Ffa)
N028949: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Second World War Volume 3 the Grand Alliance
N026752: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Crossing
E033592: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - History of the English Speaking Peoples, Volumes 1-12; 14-22
E032883: SAMUEL B. CHYATTE - On Borrowed Time Living with Hemodialysis
E032837: CIBA - Electrocardiography for General Practitioners
E032838: CIBA - The Royal College of Physicians of London College List 1987/88
N023430: CIBBER, COLLEY - An Apology for His Life
E035307: CARLO M. CIPOLLA - Before the Industrial Revolution: European Society and Economy, 1000-1700
E035107: LORD CITRINE - Two Careers. A Second Volume of Autobiography
F231015041: CLANCY, TOM - The Deadliest Game
N029574: CLAPHAM, J.H. - Economic Development of France and Germany 1815-1914
E033003: FRANCES M. CLAPHAM - Ancient Civilizations
E030745: JOHN WILLIS CLARK - A Concise Guide to the Town and University of Cambridge
N004705: CLARK, ANN; PERKINS, PATT - Hoe Overleef Ik Mijn Baas
E031989: DAVID E. CLARK - Ghost Towns of the West
E035457: CLARK, G. KITSON - An Expanding Society. Britain 1830-1900
F071015067: CLARK, G.N. - Science and Social Welfare in the Age of Newton.
N029782: CLARK, CUMBERLAND - Shakespeare and Dickens, a Lecture by Cumberland Clark
N027585: CLARK, A.J. - The Mode of Action on Drugs and Cells
E032880: W. MANSFIELD CLARK - Topics in Physical Chemistry. A Supplementary Text for Students of Medicine... Second Edition
E034111: CLARK, RONALD W.; CLARK, PEARLA - We Go to Northern Italy
E030705: CLARK, BRIAN; HAWKINS, JIM - Out of Bounds
E031834: CLARK, C. E - Just the Very Thing for Newspaper Readers
F030516008: CLARK, J. C. D. - Samuel Johnson: Literature, Religion and English Cultural Politics from the Restoration to Romanticism
E034267: CLARK, ALBERT CURTIS - M. Tvlli Ciceronis: Orationes Volume I
E033996: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The Songs of Distant Earth
F231015083: CLARKE, PAM - Rosemary Remember
E033596: CLARKE, JAMES - The Bushman; Die Boesman
N027681: CLARKE, DONALD HENDERSON - Murderer's Holiday
E034359: CLARKE, PAM - Rewarding Harvest
E034973: CLARKE, T.E.B. - The Wide Open Door
E035557: CLARKSON, JOHN; FENTON, R. S. - Ellerman Lines (Ships in Focus)
E035558: CLARKSON, JOHN; FENTON, R. S. - Ships in Focus Record 5
E035562: CLARKSON, JOHN; FENTON, R. S. - New Zealand and Federal Lines (Ships in Focus)
N027451: CLARRICOATS, JOHN - Radio Simply Explained
E031990: TIOZZO CLAUCO B. - - Le Ville Del Brenta. Da Lizza Fusina Alla Citta' Di Padova.
N026608: CLAYTON, ALFRED B. - Views on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway
E033307: CLAYTON, RICHARD; CLAYTON, JANE - Locoscripting People: Managing Lists with a Pc or Amstrad Pcw
E035383: JON CLEARY - Vortex
E034999: CLEARY, JON - Back of Sunset
N018640: CLEAVER, HYLTON - Captains of Harley
F150815049: CLEGG, MICHAEL - Seal Song
E032570: DAVID CLARK; JAMES CLENDINNING - Plane and Geodetic Surveying for Engineers, Vol. I: Plane Suveying.
E034547: CLEVERLY, BARBARA - The Last Kashmiri Rose (Constable Crime)
E033984: CLEWETT, G.C. - Blood Dynasty (an Nel Original)
E035039: CLEWLEY, JOHN - Making out in Thai
E035489: CLIFFORD, PAULA - Praying with the Jewish Tradition
E031889: WILLIAM MACCALLUM CLOW - The Story of the Bible . Illustrated (Laurel and Gold Series. Vol. 161. )
N028779: THE GROLIER CLUB - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Wither to Prior
N028780: THE GROLIER CLUB - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Wither to Prior
N028781: THE GROLIER CLUB - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Langland to Prior
N029938: ABERAERON SPORTS CLUB - History of the Bowling Section 1912-1997
E033938: ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB - Royal Automobile Guide and Handbook 1946 - 47
E033699: THE BURMESE CAT CLUB - Burmese Cat Club Complete Mating Chart
E035267: CLUMPNER, C.R. - Six Who Died Young
E035200: CLUNE, FRANK - Serenade to Sydney
E031857: CLUTTERBUCK, STEPHEN JOHN - Wimmin Like Rhian
F280315009: CLWYD, HAFINA - Buwch Ar y Lein
E034197: CLYNE, PHILIP - Progressive Mathematics
E034854: CLYNES, S.; WILLIAMS, D.J.W. - A New Chemistry (New School Series)
E034855: CLYNES, S.; WILLIAMS, D.J.W. - Egyptian Sculpture
N029851: COATES, HENRY - Palestrina
E031038: COATES, J.R.; WARDLE, W.L. - Samuel to Esther
F291015049: COBB, JAMES - Stormdragon
N023502: COBBE, HENRY - Luton Church, Historical and Descriptive
F140115041: HARLAN COBEN - Caught
E033156: COE, JONATHAN - The Rain Before It Falls
N030055: COE, TRUDY - Key to the Men's Club : Opening the Doors to Women in Management
E035764: COETZEE, J.M. - Age of Iron - Life & Times of Michael K
F030515054: RICHARD PIERCE & ALASTAIR COEY - Taken for Granted: A Celebration of 10 Years of Historic Buildings Conservation
E032193: ROBIN WEISS; NATALIE TEICH; HAROLD VARMUS; JOHN COFFIN - Rna Tumor Viruses (Molecular Biology of Tumor Viruses)
E033920: COFFIN, DAVID - Shirtmaking: Developing Skills for Fine Sewing
E031528: VON RAYMOND COGNIAT - Chagall
F150815034: COHEN, URI; BEN-PORAT, ZVI - Bekol Ram, Israeli Songs
E034588: COHEN, ERIK - A Comparative Study of the Political Institutions of Collective Settlemenst in Israel
E034579: COHEN, ERIK - Bibliography of the Kibbutz;: A Selection of Recent Sociological and Related Publications on Collective Settlements in European Languages
E033652: COHN, LAWRENCE - Movietone Presents the 20th Century
E035766: COLBY, NATHANIEL SEDGWICK - Remembering
N027742: COLE, REX VICAT - Perspective: The Practice and Theory of Perspective As Applied to Pictures with a Section Dealing with Its Application to Architec
F150815027: COLE, GUY - Going Foreign (Quay Books for Yachtsmen)
N029569: COLERIDGE, A.D. - Goethe's Letters to Zelter with Extracts from Those of Zelter to Goethe
N001529: COLETTE - Le Kepi
E034173: COLLCUTT, S N - The Palaeolithic of Britain and Its Nearest Neighbours: Recent Trends
E031676: COLLECTIF - Cahiers Ceramique Egyptienne T 06
N024015: COLLECTIF - Marseille Bonheur
N022596: COLLECTIF - Ars Lyrica, la Revue de L'Opã©Ra, Du Ballet, de L'Art. Nâ°2, Sept-Oct 1995.
E034430: COLLECTIF - Robert de Montesquiou Ou Art de Paraitre
E034414: COLLECTIF - Musee Des Beaux Arts Rouen Ang
E033700: COLLES, H.C. - Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians - Complete All Five Volumes
N029330: COLLIER, ERIC - Three Against the Wilderness
E035580: COLLIER, ERIC - Three Against the Wilderness
E033840: COLLIER, J. PAYNE - Notes and Emendations to the Text of Shakespeare's Plays, from Early Manuscript Corrections in a Copy of the Folio, 1632
E036042: COLLINS, HERBERT F. - A French Course for Schools Third Part
E033495: COLLINS, DALE - By the Waters of Galilee
E032946: WILKIE COLLINS - The Woman in White
E035182: COLLINS, IRENE - Cysur
E033105: JACKIE COLLINS - Lethal Seduction
E035218: COLLINS, MICHAEL; GERMAIN, JULIAN - Brief Encounter
N030015: COLLINS, H. JOHN; HART, C.A. - Principles of Road Engineering
E036041: COLLINS, HERBERT F. - A French Course for Schools Second Part
E036083: COLLINS, ANDREW - From the Ashes of Angels
E035960: COLLINS, NORMAN - London Belongs to Me
N029186: COLLINSON, FRANK; CLARKE, MARY WHATLEY - Life in the Saddle
E033923: COLLIS, JACK - Yes You Can
N027204: COLLYNS, CHARLES PALK; BATHURST, L.J. - Notes on the Chase of the Wild Red Deer in the Counties of Devon and Somerset
E032577: COLOMBO, ATTILIO - De Japanse Fotografie Van 1848 Tot Heden = Japanische Fotografie Von Heute Und Ihre Ursprünge
E033041: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Maestri Del Colore: Vlaminck 96
E033044: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Cezanne - Masters of Colour Series
E033037: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Giotto in Assisi - Maestri Del Colore Series
N022318: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Trois Cents Illustrations Avec Textes Scripturaires
E033043: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Renoir - Masters of Colour Series
E033039: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Maestri Del Colore: Francesco Guardi
E033040: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Maestri Del Colore: Toulouse-Lautrec
E033042: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Maestri Del Colore: Derain 231
E032547: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Vincent Van Gogh
E032545: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Duccio Di Buoninsegna
E033038: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Giotto Nella Cappella Degli Scrovegni a Padova, Maestri Del Colore Vol 6
E031507: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Horst Janssen: Zeinchnungen
N003298: MAESTRI DEL COLORE - Paul Facchetti Presente Une Exposition D'Oeuvres Recentes de Ger Lataster, Paris, le 14 Novembre 1962
E034184: COUNTRYSIDE COMMISSION - Countryside Character: North East V. 1: The Character of England's Natural and Man-Made Landscape
E034177: COUNTRYSIDE COMMISSION - New Agricultural Landscapes
E035910: BRITISH PHARMACOPOEIA COMMISSION - British Approved Names 2007: Supplement No. 1.
E035915: EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA COMMISSION - European Pharmacopoeia: Supplement 6. 8
E035909: BRITISH PHARMACOPOEIA COMMISSION - British Approved Names 2007: Incorporating International Nonproprietary Names
N026766: STUDENTS' JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS COMMITTEE - The Book of the Jubilee: In Commemoration of the Ninth Jubilee of the University of Glasgow 1451-1901
N026075: TRACT COMMITTEE - Three Stories for Working Girls
E032035: LOCAL EDITORIAL COMMITTEE - Edinburgh's Place in Scientific Progress. Prepared for the Edinburgh Meeting of the British Association
E035315: CONLEY, ROBERT J. - Quitting Time (Black Horse Western)
E035977: CHARLES CONNELL - Versicles and Limericks (Beaver Books)
E036021: CONNOLLY, PETER - Pompeii
F231015100: CONNOLLY, JOSEPH - S.O. S.
E033729: O'CONNOR, TOM - Take a Funny Turn: An Autobiography - Signed Copy
E035939: CONNORS, KENNETH A.; AMIDON, GORDON L.; STELLA, VALENTINO J. - Chemical Stability of Pharmaceuticals: A Handbook for Pharmacists
E035632: CONRADI, R. - Sang Und Klang Der Heimat
E035933: CONSEIL DE L'EUROPE - European Pharmacopoeia : Supplement 6. 3
E033059: MARIO CONSENS - San Luis. El Arte Rupestre de Sus Sierras Tomo 1
E036220: CONSTANTINE, PETER M. - A Short History of Capo-Di-Monte Porcelain
E034172: LAND USE CONSULTANTS - The North Pennines Landscape (Landscape Assessments)
E034251: SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION CONSULTANTS - Russian-English-Chinese Dictionary of Astronomy
F211215069: CONSUMERS' ASSOCIATION - What to Do When Someone Dies (a Consumer Publication)
E035355: CONTINO, RICHARD M. - Business Emotions: Breaking Through Barriers to Success
E035857: CONVERSE, FLORENCE - Long Will. Everyman's Library 328
E034384: CONWAY, ANTHONY - The General's Envoy
N028854: COOK, ALBERT STANBURROUGH - A Literary Middle English Reader
N022963: COOK, ANNABEL - A Pocketful of Rhyme Welsh Voices
E032585: COOLIDGE, DANE - Death Valley Prospectors
F291015040: COOPER, LOUISE - Nemesis (Indigo)
N028073: COOPER, DOUGLAS - Toulouse-Lautrec
E034229: COOPER, D.M.; JAMES, C.V. - Russian Science Reader
E035046: COOPER, ROBERT - Cultureshock! Thailand: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette (Cultureshock Thailand: A Survival Guide to Customs & Etiquette)
N029432: COOPER, M. MCG; THOMAS, R. J. - Profitable Sheep Farming
E031456: J. FENIMORE COOPER - The Deerslayer
F150815031: COOPER, EDMUND - Cloud Walker
F250116073: COOPER, DUFF - Old Men Forget
E032698: BRYAN COOPER - Bombers 1914 - 1939 - Purnells History of the World Wars Special
E033702: COOPER, MARTIN - The Modern Age 1890-1960 New Oxford History of Music : Volume X
E031802: RICHARD COOPER - Country Artists - for the Discerning: 2001 Collection Limited Edition Collectors Book
E035616: COPLAND, AARON - In the Beginning. For Mixed Chorus a Cappella with Mezzo-Soprano Solo
E035377: CORBALLIS, RICHARD - Stoppard: The Mystery and the Clockwork
E036069: CORBETT, JIM; HERSEY, JOHN; WAUGH, ALEC; GRACE, DICK; GODDEN, RUMER - Man Eater!; a Single Pebble; Island in the Sun; Crash Pilot; an Episode of Sparrows (Reader's Digest Condensed Books 5-in-1)
E035927: CORDELL, ALEXANDER - The Sinews of Love
E031250: MARIE CORELLI - Barabbas: A Dream of the World's Tragedy
N028809: CORNEILLE, PIERRE - Theatre Choisi Tome 1
N028811: CORNEILLE, PIERRE - Theatre Choisi Tome 2
E033962: CORNER, JAMES T. - Mechanical Engineering and Workshop Practice
E034196: CORNUBERT, R. - Dictionnaire Anglais-Français-Allemand.
E033204: CAROLINE FRANCES CORNWALLIS - Sketches of Geology (Small Books on Great Subjects)
E035049: CORNWEL-SMITH, PHILIP - Very Thai: Everyday Popular Culture
E034358: CORNWELL, JUDY - Fear and Favour
N029575: THE CORPORATION - The Royal and Ancient Borough of Caernarvon
E033381: BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION - Bbc Handbook 1974 : Incorporated the Annual Report and Accounts 1972-73
E036151: CORRIGAN, PETER - 100 Years of Welsh Soccer
E033569: CORVINUS, GUDRUN - The Raised Beaches of the West Coast of South West Africa/Namibia: An Interpretation of Their Archaeological and Palaeontological Data (Forschungen Zur Allgemeinen Und Vergleichenden Archaologie)
E033612: COSTE, J.H; ANDREWS, E.R. - The Examination and Thermal Value of Fuel: Gaseous,Liquid and Solid
E034315: COSTELLO, IAN; WONG, IAN C.; TULEU, CATHERINE; YEUNG, VINCENT; LONG, PAUL - Paediatric Drug Handling (Ulla Series: Science Textbooks for Postgraduates)
F030516049: COSTELOE, MICHAEL - Church Wealth in Mexico
E032790: ALEXANDER LEAF; RAMZI COTRAN - Renal Pathophysiology
N003215: COTTERILL, H.B. - Dante's Inferno Selected Cantos and Episodes
E032341: CHARLES COTTON - The Essays of Michael Seigneur de Montaigne
N026739: JEAN L COUHAT - Combat Fleets of the World: Their Ships, Aircraft and Armament
E035157: COULTER, CAROL - Web of Punishment: An Investigation
N029467: T.A.G.B. COUNCIL - Tae Kwon-Do Grading Syllabus White Belt to Black Belt
N027505: TOWN COUNCIL - Official Guide to the Royl Borough of Dumfries
E030746: WELSH ARTS COUNCIL - Welsh Dylan an Exhibition to Mark the Twentieth Anniversary of the Poet's Death
N029700: THE ARTS COUNCIL - Matisse 1869-1954 a Retrospective Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery
F070816052: SCHOOLS COUNCIL - Gwreiddiau
N023611: BEDFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL - Fifty Years Work of the Bedfordshire County Council
E034404: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL - Iveagh Bequest: George Lambert: Catalogue of Paintings and Drawings
E033017: WILLIAM GILLIES; SCOTTISH ARTS COUNCIL - W.G. Gillies: Retrospective Exhibition
E033279: AYR TOWN COUNCIL - Ayr for Health and Pleasure
E030286: DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE OF THE CARDIFF CITY COUNCIL - Cardiff, the City, Port and District.
E034711: COURTENAY, LUCY - Wild Collection - 3 Books (Paperback)
MAR034930: HANS SILVESTER & DOMINIQUE COURTIER - Andalousie. Double Page Numero 28.
E035038: DE COURVAL, LOUISE - Papaya Salad, Make It Spicy Please!: Fond Memories of Thailand and Beyond
E033744: COVARRUBIAS, MIGUEL - Mexico South: The Isthmus of Tehuantepec
E033755: COVARRUBIAS, MIGUEL - The Island of Bali
E032058: SAMUEL COWAN - The Gowrie Conspiracy and Its Official Narrative
E031108: COWELL, RICHARD - The Dominance of Rome (Early Civilization)
E035064: COWEN, D.V. - Flowering Trees and Shrubs in India
E036068: COWIE, DONALD - The Farmer's Yearbook 1954-1955; Encyclopaedia & Directory of Pedigree Breeders (Cattle, Sheep and Horse).
E036225: COWIE, DONALD - The Antiques Yearbook: Encyclopaedia & Directory, 1959-60
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E036013: FIELDING, HENRY; MUTTER, R.F.C. - The History of Tom Jones
F231015006: FIELDING, LIZ - The Valentine Bride
F030515045: FIGES, EVA - Tragedy and Social Evolution ([Platform Book])
E034276: FILIP, T.M.; MICHAEL, M.A. - A Polish Anthology
E035126: FINCH, PETER - Poems for Ghosts
N022750: FINDEN, W. & E. - Finden's Portraits of the Female Aristocracy of the Court of Queen Victoria
F291015028: FINDER, JOSEPH - The Moscow Club
N022713: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Portrats Aud Acht Jahrhunderten
N022714: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Das Komodi-Spielen
N022715: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Land Der Franken
N022716: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Stadte Am Fluss
N022717: ALOIS FINK - Unbekanntes Bayern Bayern in Europa
E032119: FINK, EDITH - Household Hints
N024023: FINKEL, GEORGE - The Long Pilgrimage
E031912: FINLAND - Finland-Finlande-Finnland. A Book of Photographs, with an Introduction by Oswell Blakeston. Eng. , Fr. And Ger
E035191: FINNEY, TOM; MCNAB, BOB - Football: Round the World
E034097: FINNEY, CHARLES G. - Ghosts of Manacle 1st Edition
N018552: FIRTH, C.B. - History Second Series Book Four
E033794: FIRTH, N. WESLEY - Out for the Count
PS03123: N WESLEY FIRTH - Out for the Count
E031416: LUCY HUTCHINSON; JULIUS HUTCHINSON; C.H. FIRTH - Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson
E031680: FISCHER, HENRY GEORGE - Treasures from the Cairo Museum
N027528: FISCHER, HENRY W. - The Private Lives of William II and His Consort
N029079: FISCHER, MARIE LUISE - Ich Spure Dich in Meinem Blut
E034186: FISCHER, G.W.; ANTOINE, J. - Agro-Ecological Land Resources Assessment for Agricultural Development Planning: A Case Study of Kenya (World Soil Resources Reports)
E035347: FISHER, STANLEY - Worcester Porcelain
E033383: FISHLOCK, TREVOR - Conquerors of Time: Exploration and Invention in the Age of Daring
E031125: FITZGAY, JOHN - Royal Physician
PS031298: FITZGERALD, NIGEL - The Candles Are All out
PS031287: FITZGERALD, NIGEL - Ghost in the Making (Crime Club Series)
E034222: FITZMAURICE, R. - Principles of Modern Building, Vol. 1: Walls, Partitions and Chimneys
E035859: FITZPATRICK, PERCY - Jock of the Bushveld
E032527: ELIE-CHARLES FLAMAND - The Renaissance Volumes I and II
E034285: FLAMAND, ELIE-CHARLES - History of Art - the Renaissance Volumes I, III
N027287: AN OFFICER OF THE GRAND FLEET - The Fourth Dimension Essays in the Realm of Unconventional Thought
SH034723: FLEETWAY - Lion Annual 1963
E036089: FLEETWAY - Shoot! Annual 1971
E035213: FLEGG, DAVID; MCHALE, JOSEPHINE - Selecting and Using Training Aids (Practical Trainer)
N018767: FLEISCHMAN, SID - Chancy and the Grand Rascal
PS031272: FLEMING, IAN - For Your Eyes Only
E034729: FLEMING, IAN - The Diamond Smugglers
E033541: FLETCHER, D.J.C. - African Bees: Taxonomy, Biology and Economic Use
F071015039: FLETCHER, NICHOLA - Charlemagne's Tablecloth: A Piquant History of Feasting
N026521: JAMES THOMAS FLEXNER - Doctors on Horseback. Pioneers of American Medicine. With Portraits
N003284: FLOERKE, HANNS - Die Moden Der Renaissance
E034232: FLOREN, LEE - War on Alkali Creek
F250116054: FLOREN, LEE - Callahan Rides Alone
N001445: FLORISOONE, MICHEL - Dictionnaire Des Cathedrales de France
N029805: FLOWER, NEWMAN - The History of the Great War Volume II
N029806: FLOWER, NEWMAN - The History of the Great War Volume IV
N029807: FLOWER, NEWMAN - The History of the Great War Volume VI
F030515035: FLUCHERE, HENTRI; HAMILTON, GUY - Shakespeare
E035568: SHIPS IN FOCUS - Ships in Focus Record Issue Number 1
E035567: SHIPS IN FOCUS - Ships in Focus : Record : Issue Number 2 Volume 1
E035559: SHIPS IN FOCUS - Ships in Focus Record Issue Number 4 Volume 1
N026882: FODOR, EUGENE - Austria 1953
E033870: FOISTER, SUSAN; ETC.; GIBSON, ROBIN; SIMON, JACOB; HAYES, JOHN - The National Portrait Gallery Collection
N004692: JAAR WERELD NATUUR FONDS - Met Het Oog Op de Natuur Het Fotoboek Van Het Wnf in Het Kader Van de Jubileumactie Kies Voor de Natuur
N028035: FONTANE, THEODOR - Effi Briest
E030690: THEODOR FONTANE - Der Landschaftsmaler Carl Blechen. Mit Benutzung Von Aufzeichnungen Theodor Fontanes... Mit 16 Kunstbeilagen
E035029: EMMANUEL PERVE; LUDOVIC PERVE; ADRIEN FONTANELLAZ - Answers to All Your Questions About Thailand
N001479: FONTENELLE - Oeuvres de Pierre Corneille
E035479: UNION RUGBY FOOTBALL - Rugby Union Football (Know the Game)
N027504: FORD, BRIAN J - Institute of Biology : The First 50 Years
N029394: FORD, H.E.; HICKS, R.K. - The Reading Approach to French Part 2
E035247: NOEL FORD - Deadly Humorous
N029215: FORELL, FRITZ VON - Molders Mensch Und Flieger
F071015051: FOREMAN, L. L. - Desperado's Gold
E032958: FOREMAN, JOHN - Fighter Command Victory Claims: A Listing of Combat Claims Submitted by Raf Fighter Pilots 1939 to 1940
N027631: FORESTER, C. S. - Hornblower in Captivity
E036188: FORESTER, C.S. - The Ship
E031136: HARRY BUXTON FORMAN - The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley Volume II
N022926: FORTESCUE, JOHN - Wellington
N028647: FORTESCUE, JOHN - The Last Post
N027668: FOSS, JOHN - Flesh and Blood
E033763: FOSS, ARTHUR - Epirus
N029490: FOSSEY, DIAN - Gorilla's in de Mist
E035227: FOSTER, TONY - The Money Burn

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