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33277: MERRILL, JOHN N - Short Circular Walks In The Peak District
38075: MERRILL, JOHN - Turn Right At Land's End. The Story Of His 7000 Mile British Coastal Walk
21950: MERRIMAN, HENRY SETON - Barlasch Of The Guard
32873: MERTON, THOMAS - The Seven Storey Mountain
23362: MESHCHERSKAYA, EKATERINA - Comrade Princess. Memoirs Of An Aristocrat In Modern Russia
26750: MESSITER, IAN - The Book Of Lists
20292: METALIOUS, GRACE - No Adam In Eden
26455: METHUEN, A - Shakespeare To Hardy. An Anthology Of English Lyrics. Third School Edition
3750: METHUEN, A - An Anthology Of Modern Verse
16697: MEW, F - Back Of The Wight
21319: MEYER, DANIELA - Was Wär Ich Ohne Dich!
35086: MEYER, BOBBY - Topiary For Everyone
34080: MEYER, OWEN - The Beekeeper's Handbook. A Practical Manual Of Bee Management
34157: MEYER, OWEN - Basic Beekeeping. Everything A Beginner Should Know To Ensure Honey From Home
23936: MEYNELL, ESTHER - The Young Lincoln
38397: MEYNELL, ALICE - The Wares Of Autolycus. Selected Literary Essays
20976: MÉZIÈRES, PHILIPPE DE - Letter To King Richard II. A Plea Made In 1395 For Peace Between England And France. Original Text And English Version Of Epistre Au Roi Richart
35566: MICHAEL, CHRIS - Lelia
27009: MICHELMORE, CLIFF - Two-Way Story. An Autobiography
25289: MICHIE, JAMES - The Bodley Head Book Of Longer Short Stories 1900-1974
31880: MICKLEM, SARAH - Firethorn. A Novel
36449: MICKLEM, NATHANIEL - A Book Of Personal Religion
19365: MICKLETHWAIT, JOHN - The Right Nation. Why America Is Different
31013: MIDDA, SARA - Growing Up And Other Vices
32350: MIDDLETON, GEORGE - Polly With A Past. A Modern Comedy
16140: MIDDLETON, HAYDN - The Queen's Captive. A Mordred Cycle Novel
34897: MIDDLETON, HAYDN - The King's Evil. Book I Of The Mordred Cycle
33931: MIDGLEY, KENNETH - Garden Design
30260: MIDONICK, HENRIETTA - The Treasury Of Mathematics Volume Two. A Collection Of Source Material In Mathematics Edited And Presented With Introductory Biographical And Historical Sketches
27961: MIDZUNOE, YUICHI - Sapience: The Philosophy Of John Keats. An Epistemological And Mythological Speculation On His 'Agonies, The Strife Of Human Hearts'
34022: MIGOT, ANDRÉ - Tibetan Marches
33857: MILES, JULIA - Here To Stay. Five Plays From The Women's Project
33940: MILET, JACQUES - Toy Boats 1870-1955. A Pictorial History. From The Forbes Magazine
31555: MILL, JOHN STUART - Essential Works
36287: MILLAR, TG - Long Distance Paths Of England And Wales
36868: MILLAR, RONALD - Waiting For Gillian. A Play In Three Acts. From The Novel A Way Through The Wood By Nigel Balchin
35456: MILLAR, RONALD - The Piltdown Men
32315: MILLAR, RONALD - The Bride Comes Back. A Comedy In Three Acts
24041: MILLAR, MARGARET - Taste Of Fears. A Psychological Novel
36849: MILLAR, RONALD - The Bride Comes Back. A Comedy In Three Acts
32314: MILLAR, RONALD - The More The Merrier. A Comedy In Three Acts
35516: MILLAR, ROY - The Village The Church And The Pub. A Tour Of The North Cotswolds And Places In The Neighbouring Counties Of Worcestershire And Herefordshire
26775: MILLARD, JOSEPH - Edgar Cayce. Mystery Man Of Miracles. A Gold Medal Original
20499: MILLARD, JOHN - Grammar Of Elocution
30289: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death Of A Salesman. Certain Private Conversations In Two Acts And A Requiem
39134: MILLER, ARTHUR - The Crucible. A Play In Four Acts
36387: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death Of A Salesman. Certain Private Conversations In Two Acts And A Requiem
37682: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death Of A Salesman. Certain Private Conversations In Two Acts And A Requiem
37683: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death Of A Salesman. Certain Private Conversations In Two Acts And A Requiem
30892: MILLER, HENRY - Big Sur And The Oranges Of Hieronymus Bosch
34626: MILLER, WILLIAM H - The Last Blue Water Liners
33187: MILLER, JONATHAN - Darwin For Beginners
35391: MILLER, JAYNE - Eyewitness. Bird. Expert Files
36516: MILLER, HUGH - Forensic Fingerprints. Remarkable Real-Life Murder Cases Solved By Forensic Detection
27467: MILLER, GLENNITA - Keepers Of The Kingdom
30690: MILLER, WALTER - A Canticle For Leibowitz. A Novel
6011: MILLER, TED - The Story. Adapted From The Book
34515: MILLER, ANTHONY - Poverty Deserved? Relieving The Poor In Victorian Liverpool
4396: MILLER, SUE - The World Below
36850: MILLER, LUCILLE - Heidi. Dramatized From The Book By Johanna Spyri
36852: MILLER, MADGE - The Pied Piper Of Hamelin (Based On The Poem, The Pied Piper Of Hamelin By Robert Browning)
38598: MILLER, ARTHUR - The Crucible. A Play In Four Acts
39061: MILLER, SONNY - A Fool With A Dream
33353: MILLET, CATHERINE - The Sexual Life Of Catherine M.
10337: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - A Book Of Bits Or A Bit Of A Book
35122: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Milligan's Ark
26607: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - The Little Pot Boiler. A Book Based Freely On His Seasonal Overdraft
31404: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Mussolini. His Part In My Downfall
31467: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Frankenstein According To Spike Milligan
32061: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - William McGonagall Meets George Gershwin. A Scottish Fantasy
25126: MILLINGTON, BARRY - The Master Musicians. Wagner
2256: MILLON, MARC & KIM - The Wine And Food Of Europe. An Illustrated Guide
35198: MILLS, JANE A - Cromwelliana. The Journal Of The Cromwell Association. 2008. Series II No 5
35207: MILLS, JANE A - Cromwelliana. The Journal Of The Cromwell Association. 2007. Series II No 4
12843: MILLS, JANE - Womanwords. A Vocabulary Of Culture And Patriarchal Society
35026: MILLS, DICK - Your First Pond
2356: MILLS, KYLE - Rising Phoenix
35206: MILLS, JANE A - Cromwelliana. The Journal Of The Cromwell Association. 2006. Series II No 3
30727: MILLS, ROBERT P - The Best From Fantasy And Science Fiction. Ninth Series
31750: MILLS, LENNOX A - Britain And Ceylon
35204: MILLS, JANE A - Cromwelliana. The Journal Of The Cromwell Association. 2004. Series II No 1
33725: MILLS, HUGH - The House By The Lake. A Play In Three Acts
35203: MILLS, JANE A - Cromwelliana. The Journal Of The Cromwell Association. 2003
27859: MILNE, AA - The House At Pooh Corner
37347: MILNE, AA - Winnie-The-Pooh Meets Kanga And Baby Roo
29155: MILNE, AA - Now We Are Six
21317: MILNE, AA - Disney's Peter Plys Og Honningtræet
23505: MILNE, AA - Toad Of Toad Hall. A Play From Kenneth Grahame's Book "The Wind In The Willows"
25405: MILNE, JOHN - Dead Birds
32670: MILNE, AA - The Man In The Bowler Hat. A Terribly Exciting Affair
37478: MILNE, AA - The World Of Christopher Robin Containing When We Were Very Young And Now We Are Six
34843: MILNE, J - Machinery Of Negotiation For Railway Staff
36127: MILNER-WHITE, ERIC - A Procession Of Passion Prayers Marshalled
34855: MILTON - Areopagitica. With Introduction And Notes
23643: MILTON, JOHN - Poems Of John Milton
5719: MILTON, JOHN - English Poems. Edited With Life, Introduction, And Selected Notes. New Edition, Revised. Vol. II
33007: MINNION, JOHN - The CND Story. The First 25 Years Of CND In The Words Of The People Involved
28751: MINOT, VICTOR - Indoor Plants: Keeping Them Alive And Well
35064: MIRACLE, BERNIECE BAKER - My Sister Marilyn. A Memoir Of Marilyn Monroe
30967: MIRANDA, CONCEPCIÓN NÚÑEZ - Aves Sin Nido. Quince Historias De Vida: Las Madres De Los Niños Y Las Niñas De La Calle
39219: MIRBEAU, OCTAVE - The Diary Of A Chambermaid
36665: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W - Hitler's Field Marshals And Their Battles
37869: MITCHELL, WR - The Lake Poets
30897: MITCHELL, JOSEPH - McSorley's Wonderful Saloon
37968: MITCHELL, WR - J.B. Priestley's Yorkshire
36599: MITCHELL, ANDREW - Wirral Memories
35145: MITCHELL, ANDREW - Chester Memories
37147: MITCHELL, CHARLES - A Book Of Ships. With Sizteen Colour Plates And Eleven Black-And-White Illustrations
26288: MITCHELL, RJ - A History Of The English People
26652: MITCHELL, JASON - Insight Guides. Instant Venice
24687: MITCHELL, HAROLD - Caribbean Patterns. A Political And Economic Study Of The Contemporary Caribbean
39235: MITCHELL, ANDREW - Wirral Memories
21440: MITCHELL, JONI - Both Sides, Now
31922: MITCHELL, CAROLYN LEE - All Our Loving
36098: MITCHELL, WR - By Gum, Life Were Sparse! Memories Of Northern Mill Towns
38375: MITCHISON, NAOMI - Among You Taking Notes ... The Wartime Diary Of Naomi Mitchison 1939-1945
25345: MITFORD, NANCY - The Pursuit Of Love. A Novel
31011: MITFORD, JESSICA - Grace Had An English Heart
34895: MITFORD, NANCY - Madame De Pompadour
25531: MO, TIMOTHY - The Monkey King
37705: MODESITT, LE - The Soprano Sorceress
33234: MODESITT, LE - The Parafaith War
33220: MODESITT, LE - Gravity Dreams
33232: MODESITT, LE - Flash
22036: MOFFAT, CAMERON - First Aid For Children Fast
28391: MOFFATT, JAMES - From The Moffat Translation. The Gospels
5780: MOFFATT, J - Point Crime. 13 Murder Mysteries
28291: MOGGACH, DEBORAH - Porky
29469: MOKYR, JOEL - The Lever Of Riches. Technological Creativity And Economic Progress
21185: MOLEN, SJ VAN DER - The Lutine Treasure. The 150-Year Search For Gold In The Wreck Of The Frigate Lutine
28495: MOLIÈRE - Dom Juan Ou Le Festin De Pierre. Comédie
37555: MOLIÈRE - The Misanthrope
32949: MOLIÈRE - Tartuffe Ou L'Imposteur. Comédie
32920: MOLIÈRE - Le Misanthrope. Comédie
32930: MOLIÈRE - Dom Juan Ou Le Festin De Pierre. Comédie
31725: MOLLISON, JAMES - James & Other Apes
39305: MOLLOY, E - Automobile Repair. Volume Three. Commercial Vehicles
24709: MOLNÁR, FERENC - The Guardsman. A Comedy In Three Acts
35106: MONCRIEFF, MC SCOTT - Makers Of Scotland. Book II 1093-1603
27460: MONROE, KEITH - The Reader's Digest Pocket Companion
21845: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Story Of Esther Costello
34887: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Whipping Boy
36525: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - My Brother Denys
25640: MONTAGUE, TREVOR - An A To Z Of Almost Everything. A Compendium Of General Knowledge
38585: MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE - Essays
26984: MONTEFIORE, CG - The Synoptic Gospels Edited With An Introduction And A Commentary Together With A Series Of Additional Notes. In Three Volumes. Vol. I
36940: MONTGOMERY, JAMES - Nothing But The Truth. A Comedy In Three Acts. From The Novel Of The Same Name By Frederick S. Isham, Published By Bobbs-Merrill Company
35256: MONTRÉSOR, FF - The One Who Looked On
21806: MOODY, RAYMOND A - Life After Life. The Investigation Of A Phenomenon - Survival Of Bodily Death
33120: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - The Ice Schooner
32239: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Silverheart
18576: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Byzantium Endures
20855: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Count Brass. The First Volume Of The Chronicles Of Castle Brass: A Sequel To The High History Of The Runestaff
29989: MOORE, JANE - Dot.homme
33680: MOORE, DUDLEY - Musical Bumps
37938: MOORE, TIM - Frost On My Moustache. The Arctic Exploits Of A Lord And A Loafer
31676: MOORE, PATRICK - Brilliant Stars
26591: MOORE, FRANK FRANKFORT - "I Forbid The Banns". The Story Of A Comedy Which Was Played Seriously
23034: MOORE, JOHN - Portrait Of Elmbury
25579: MOORE, BRIAN - The Colour Of Blood
24943: MOORE, KATHARINE - Victorian Wives
28863: MOORE, BRIAN - The Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne
19073: MOORE, GEORGE - The Brook Kerith. A Syrian Story
35054: MOORE, BERNARD - The Adventure Book Library. Explorers Of The Seas
33845: MOORE, CLAIRE - Collins Children's Annual
5909: MOORE, MICHAEL - Dude, Where's My Country?
38412: MOORE, BRIAN - An Answer From Limbo
38816: MOORE, BRIAN - The Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne
37047: MOORES, JULIE - Judo Training Diary Plus BJA Kyu Grade Syllabus
29536: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - India Britannica
38834: MOORHOUSE, REED - Burning Gold. A Junior Poetry Book
38818: MOORHOUSE, REED - Burning Gold. A Junior Poetry Book
27089: MOORMAN, FW - More Tales Of The Ridings
36011: MORAVIA, ALBERTO - Bitter Honeymoon And Other Stories
26204: MORAZÉ, CHARLES - The Triumph Of The Middle Classes. A Study Of European Values In The Nineteenth Century
12768: MORDAL, JACQUES - Dieppe. The Dawn Of Decision
28008: MORE, THOMAS - Utopia
26841: MORE, HILARY - Creative Papercrafts
23395: MORGAN, G CAMPBELL - The Analysed Bible. Genesis To Esther
38905: MORGAN, KENNETH AND JANE - Portrait Of A Progressive. The Political Career Of Christopher, Viscount Addison
32856: MORGAN, CHARLES - Reflections In A Mirror
29026: MORGAN, TED - Somerset Maugham
18864: MORGAN, MARABEL - Total Joy
29527: MORGAN, AUSTEN - J.Ramsay MacDonald
24544: MORGAN, ROGER - Germany 1870-1970. A Hundred Years Of Turmoil
23472: MORGAN, WTW - East Africa
25280: MORGAN, ELAINE - Pinker's List
31445: MORGAN, MURRAY - Skid Road. An Informal Portrait Of Seattle
31258: MORGAN, KENNETH O - The Oxford Mini History Of Britain. Volume I. Roman And Anglo-Saxon Britain
30433: MORGAN, DAN - The Country Of The Mind
4687: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - History Of United States Naval Operations In World War II Volume I. The Battle Of The Atlantic September 1939-May 1943
18577: MORLAND, NIGEL - That Nice Miss Smith
38737: MORLEY, JANET - Called By Name. Being A Member In The Methodist Church
38491: MORLEY, JOHN - The Life Of Richard Cobden. With Frontispiece
29914: MORLEY, JOHN - The Life Of William Ewart Gladstone. In Three Volumes - Vol. I (1809-1859)
23321: MORLEY, HELENA - The Diary Of "Helena Morley"
23402: MORLEY, JOHN DAVID - The Case Of Thomas N.
23507: MORLEY, JOHN - Studies In Literature
36944: MORLEY, ROBERT - Short Story. A Comedy In Three Acts
1757: MORLEY, ROBERT - The Pleasures Of Age
23572: MORLEY, JOHN - Burke
37616: MORLEY, SHERIDAN - Out In The Midday Sun. The Paintings Of Noel Coward
3401: MORLEY, DEIDRE - Liverpool. Images Of A Great Seaport
33707: MORLEY, ROBERT - Short Story. A Comedy In Three Acts
35755: MORLEY, THOMAS - Reflections
29331: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - The White Horse Of Zennor
24875: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - I Believe In Unicorns
39257: MORRAH, PATRICK - Alfred Mynn And The Cricketers Of His Time
39206: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Human Zoo
29260: MORRIS, MARY MCGARRY - Vanished
36026: MORRIS, JEFF - The Story Of The Hoylake And West Kirby Lifeboats
30797: MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER - The Tudors
25928: MORRIS, HELEN - Macmillan Master Guides. Henry IV Part I By William Shakespeare
24130: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Naked Ape
25818: MORRIS, JOHNNY - Animal Quiz
37119: MORRIS, HELEN - Where's That Poem? An Index Of Poems For Children. Arranged By Subject, With A Bibliography Of Books Of Poetry And An Introduction On The Teaching Of Poetry
31280: MORRIS, JAN - From The Four Corners
33012: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Pocket Guide To Manwatching
36055: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Naked Ape
5296: MORRIS, JAN - Locations
37875: MORRIS, DESMOND - Babywatching
30010: MORRISON, N BRYSSON - The Gowk Storm
28727: MORRISON, N BRYSSON - Haworth Harvest. The Lives Of The Brontës
2309: MORRISON, JOHN - Milltown. An Unreliable History
24467: MORRISON, BLAKE - Too True
22771: MORROW, JOHN - Sects And Other Stories
34084: MORSE, ROGER A - The Complete Guide To Beekeeping. Fourth Edition, Completely Revised And Updated For The UK Market
34147: MORSE, ROGER A - The Complete Guide To Beekeeping. Fourth Edition, Completely Revised And Updated For The UK Market
34078: MORSE, ROGER A - The Complete Guide To Beekeeping. Third Edition, Revised And Updated
21348: MORSLEY, CLIFFORD - News From The English Countryside 1750 - 1850
29297: MORTIMER, JOHN - The Trials Of Rumpole
38425: MORTIMER, PENELOPE - Saturday Lunch With The Brownings. Stories
21569: MORTIMER, PENELOPE - Queen Elizabeth. A Life Of The Queen Mother
27279: MORTIMER, JOHN - Like Men Betrayed
28590: MORTIMER, JOHN - Felix In The Underworld
37243: MORTIMER, JOHN - Rumpole And The Angel Of Death
33037: MORTIMER, JOHN - Dunster
27371: MORTIMER, JOHN - The Narrowing Stream
5956: MORTIMER, JOHN - Summer's Lease
35895: MORTIMER, JOHN - The Trials Of Rumpole
35884: MORTIMER, JOHN - Where There's A Will
34914: MORTIMER, PENELOPE - The Pumpkin Eater
38566: MORTON, W SCOTT - Japan. Its History And Culture
29009: MORTON, GRENFELL - Seminar Studies In History. Elizabethan Ireland
32422: MORTON, HV - London Being The Heart Of London The Spell Of London And The Nights Of London In One Volume. With Twelve Illustrations. Fourth Edition
24310: MORTON, HV - In Search Of Wales. Twelfth Edition
36129: MORTON, HV - The Nights Of London. Fourteenth Edition
36548: MORTON, ANDREW - The Royal Yacht Britannia
34667: MOSCOVITCH, IVAN - Mastermind Collection. The Monty Hall Problem & Other Puzzles
35170: MOSEDALE, ROB - A Guide To All Saints Church Thornton Hough
28704: MOSKIN, MARIETTA D - I Am Rosemarie
34188: MOSLEY, LEONARD - Parachutes Over Holland
38246: MOSLEY, LEONARD - Curzon. The End Of An Epoch
29076: MOSS, ROBERT TEWDWR - Cleopatra's Wedding Present. Travels Through Syria
34857: MOSS, W STANLEY - Echoes Of War. Ill Met By Moonlight
36249: MOSS, FLETCHER - Pilgrimages To Old Homes Mostly On The Welsh Border. With 242 Illustrations
35999: MOSS, ROBERT - The Second Challenge Book Of Brownie Stories
25350: MOSSE, WE - Liberal Europe. The Age Of Bourgeois Realism 1848-1875
25210: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP - The Rise Of The Dutch Republic. Complete In One Volume
28052: MOTT, MICHAEL - The Blind Cross
3413: MOTTRAM, ERIC - Blood On The Nash Ambassador. Investigations In American Culture
31045: MOULT, ALLAN - Australia The Beautiful. Wilderness
4944: MOUNTJOY, ALAN B - Developing The Underdeveloped Countries
32132: MOUTAFI, JOANNA - Perfect Numerical Test Results
19646: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Boat Who Wouldn't Float
19647: MOWAT, CLAIRE - The Outport People
24865: MOWAT, BILL - John O' Groats. Eleventh Edition
18658: MOXHAM, ROY - Tea. Addiction, Exploitation And Empire
37914: MOZART, WA - Concerto For Clarinet And Orchestra K.V.622. For Clarinet In B Flat And Piano Arranged By Ernest Roth. The Clarinet Part Revised By Frederick Thurston
30340: MOZART - The Best Of Mozart
39178: MOZART - The Best Of Mozart
21294: MUCHA, LUDVÍK - The Orbis Encyclopedia Of Flags & Coats Of Arms
31504: MUELLER-DOMBOIS, DIETER - Aims And Methods Of Vegetation Ecology
36675: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Chronicles Of Wasted Time Part 2. The Infernal Grove
23374: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - The Earnest Atheist. A Study Of Samuel Butler
16153: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - In A Valley Of This Restless Mind
24124: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Tread Softly For You Tread On My Jokes
36674: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Chronicles Of Wasted Time Part 1. The Green Stick
22888: MUGGERIDGE, KITTY - Beatrice Webb. A Life. 1858-1943
24793: MUIR, WILLA - Imagined Corners
25852: MUIR, KENNETH - A New Companion To Shakespeare Studies
32775: MUIRDEN, JAMES - A Rhyming History Of Britain 55BC-AD1966
33687: MULHEARN, DEBORAH - Mersey Minis Volume Two. Living
22346: MULISCH, HARRY - Last Call
29081: MULISCH, HARRY - Siegfried
34373: MULLAY, AJ - Sreamlined Steam. Britain's 1930s Luxury Expresses
38376: MULLEN, PETER - Holy Smoke. The Daily Life Of A Rector In The City Of London
22506: MULLER, ROBERT - The World That Summer
19840: MULLER, MIKE - The Health Of Nations. A North-South Investigation
38226: MULLINS, CLAUD - Crime And Psychology. Fourth Edition
17271: MULLINS, CLAUD - Fifteen Years' Hard Labour
26017: MUMBY, KEITH - Allergies ...What Everyone Should Know
35956: MUNCASTER, RALPH O - How Do We Know Jesus Is God?
34833: MUNDELL, FRANK - Stories Of Travel Adventure
38003: MUNRO, NEIL - Doom Castle. A Romance
38004: MUNRO, NEIL - John Splendid. The Tale Of A Poor Gentleman, And The Little Wars Of Lorn
38008: MUNRO, NEIL - The New Road
35616: MUNRO, ALASDAIR - The Merseyside Scots. A Study Of An Expatriate Community
37999: MUNRO, NEIL - The Lost Pibroch And Other Sheiling Stories. Jaunty Jock And Other Stories. Ayrshire Idylls
17278: MUNSLOW, BARRY - The Fuelwood Trap. A Study Of The SADCC Region
5237: MUNTHE, AXEL - The Story Of San Michele
23089: MUNTHE, AXEL - The Story Of San Michele
28945: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - A Selection Of Writings From The Harvill Press 1999
38950: MURDIN, PAUL - Catalogue Of The Universe
32836: MURDOCH, IRIS - A Fairly Honourable Defeat
32844: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Sovereignty Of Good
1366: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Flight From The Enchanter
29796: MURDOCK, HY - What Time Is It, Mr Wolf?
4877: MURFITT, JANICE - Novelty Cakes & Other Novelty Food
22299: MURGATROYD, KEITH - The Alternative Service Book 1980. Services Authorized For Use In The Church Of England In Conjunction With The Book Of Common Prayer Together With The Liturgical Psalter
22304: MURGATROYD, KEITH - The Order For Holy Communion Also Called The Eucharist And The Lord's Supper. Rite A
29292: MURPHY, DERVLA - Where The Indus Is Young. A Winter In Baltistan
30920: MURPHY, FRANCIS - Discussions Of Literature. Discussions Of Poetry. Form And Structure
5955: MURPHY, ALAN - Venezuela Handbook
16199: MURPHY, SARAH - Overcoming Common Problems. Talking About Miscarriage
28254: MURPHY, JILL - The Worst Witch
22595: MURPHY, DERVLA - Eight Feet In The Andes
26512: MURPHY, DERVLA - Wheels Within Wheels
35027: MURPHY, WILLIAM - Alice. Music Workshop Stage One. Autumn 1972
27641: MURPHY, DERVLA - The Ukimwi Road. From Kenya To Zimbabwe
30523: MURPHY, JILL - The Worst Witch
21801: MURPHY, FRANK - The Bog Irish. Who They Were And How They Lived
38409: MURPHY, ELEANOR - Then And There Series. Cavaliers And Roundheads
22712: MURPHY, MARTIN - Blanco White. Self-Banished Spaniard
32319: MURRAY, DOUGLAS - The Man From Toronto. A Comedy In Three Acts
30308: MURRAY, CHRISTOPHER - York Notes. Christopher Marlowe. Doctor Faustus
39285: MURRAY, MARGARET - Knitting For All Illustrated. Practical Knitted Garments For All The Family - Making, Renovating, And Repairing
28273: MURRAY, MUZ - Sharing The Quest
36344: MURRAY, AL - The Pub Landlord's Book Of British Common Sense
29804: MURRAY, W - Book 2c. The Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme. I Like To Write
29833: MURRAY, BARBARA - York Notes. Thomas Hardy. Far From The Madding Crowd
27011: MURRAY, STEPHEN - A Cool Killing
37200: MURRAY, W - Key Words Reading Scheme. 2a We Have Fun
37202: MURRAY, W - Key Words Reading Scheme. 3a Things We Like
37203: MURRAY, W - Key Words Reading Scheme. 3b Boys And Girls
37204: MURRAY, W - Key Words Reading Scheme. 3c Let Me Write
37206: MURRAY, W - Key Words Reading Scheme. 4c Say The Sound
37137: MURRAY, W - Book 3a. The Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme. Things We Like
19849: MURRAY, W - Book 8a. The Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme. Sunny Days
24187: MURRAY, PETER AND LINDA - A Dictionary Of Art And Artists
27236: MURRAY, CHRISTOPHER - York Notes. Christopher Marlowe. Doctor Faustus
26831: MURRAY, MARGARET A - The Splendour That Was Egypt. New And Revised Edition
37205: MURRAY, W - Key Words Reading Scheme. 4b Fun At The Farm
30611: MURRAY, CHARLES - Hamewith
37488: MURRAY, W - Book 5b. The Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme. Out In The Sun
37103: MURRAY, W - Key Words Reading Scheme 5a. Where We Go
5416: MURRAY, ANNIE - Chocolate Girls & Water Gypsies
21584: MURRAY, PLACID - Newman The Oratorian. His Unpublished Oratory Papers Edited With An Introductory Study On The Continuity Between His Anglican And His Catholic Ministry
26728: MURRELL, WILLIAM - What To Do In Cases Of Poisoning. Twelfth Edition Revised By P. Hamill
28126: MURRY, KATHERINE MIDDLETON - Beloved Quixote. The Unknown Life Of John Middleton Murry
39283: MUSGRAVE, TOBY & WILL - An Empire Of Plants. People And Plants That Changed The World
37501: MUSHTUKOV, VICTOR - The Museums Of Leningrad. A Guide
32919: MUSSET, A DE - Lorenzaccio. Drame
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34835: NAPIER, WFP - History Of The War In The Peninsula And In The South Of France, From The Year 1807 To The Year 1814. With Maps And Plans. 1807-1810
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24908: NASH, GEOFFREY - York Notes. Jane Austen. Pride And Prejudice
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2125: NEWTON, DAVID - Water Use And Reuse
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24315: NICHOL, JOHN - Point Of Impact
24319: NICHOL, JOHN - Exclusion Zone. The Loop. The Coffin Dancer. Archangel
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36784: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - All I Could Never Be. Some Recollections
37941: NICHOLSON, CP - Those Boys O' Bondgate And Other Contributions To The Story Of Darlington And Neighbourhood
28206: NICHOLSON, JOYCE - The Children's Party & Games Books. More Than A Hundred Different Games To Play
36320: NICHOLSON, JOYCE - Games Competitions And Quizzes For Social Evenings & Parties
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36293: NICKSON, PAT - Diamonds In The Darkness
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38428: NIGHTOW, YASUHIRO - Trigun Maximum 2. Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action!! Death Blue
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2770: NIKOLJUKIN, ALEXANDER - A Russian Discovery Of America
37303: NIMMO, DEREK - Oh, Come On All Ye Faithful! A Humorous Church Collection
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30442: NIVEN, LARRY - Destiny's Road
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36405: NOCK, OS - The Pocket Encyclopaedia Of British Steam Locomotives In Colour. With 192 Locomotives Illustrated
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38361: NORRIS, FRANK - The Octopus. A Story Of California
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31154: NORTON, ROBERT - Crossword Poems. An Anthology Of A Different Kind. Volume Two
31155: NORTON, ROBERT - Crossword Poems. An Anthology Of A Different Kind. Volume One
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37726: NORTON, ANDRE - Dread Companion
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30516: NORWAK, MARY - Home Freezing: A Beginners Guide
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22127: NOWELL-SMITH, PH - Ethics
28101: DE-LA-NOY, MICHAEL - Exploring Oxford
27903: NOYES, ALFRED - Collected Poems. Vol. I. The Loom Of Years. The Flower Of Old Japan. The Forest Of Wild Thyme. Forty Singing Seamen. Seventh Impression
36124: NUN, AN URSULINE - The Best Is Yet To Be. Youth Shows But Half. On Youth, Age, And Kindred Subjects, With Some Meanderings!
39277: NUNN, JOHN - Learn Chess Tactics
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23911: OLDENBOURG, ZOÉ - The Heirs Of The Kingdom
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3555: PARAMOR, JORDAN - Fame Academy The Book
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30227: PAXMAN, JEREMY - Friends In High Places. Who Runs Britain?
32329: PAXTON, GUY - Love's A Luxury. A Farcical Comedy In Three Acts
32328: PAXTON, GUY - Love's A Luxury. A Farcical Comedy In Three Acts
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23471: PAYNE, JOHN - Catalonia. Portrait Of A Nation
5602: PAYNTER, WILLIAM H - Primitive Physic. A Book Of Old Fashioned Cures And Remedies
32344: PEACH, L DU GARDE - A Horse! A Horse! A Comedy
22123: PEACH, L DU GARDE - An Adventure From History. Stone Age Man In Britain
32359: PEACH, L DU GARDE - The White Sheep Of The Family. A Felonious Comedy
29814: PEACH, L DU GARDE - An Adventure From History. David Livingstone
38181: PEACOCK, TREVOR - Andy Capp
20513: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE - Novels Of Thomas Love Peacock. Headlong Hall. Nightmare Abbey. The Misfortunes Of Elphin. Crotchet Castle
34456: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus Alone
27260: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus Alone
32116: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus Alone
26709: PEAL, CHRISTOPHER A - British Pewter And Britannia Metal For Pleasure And Investment
28657: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - Treasury Of Courage And Confidence
38915: PEARCE, JOSEPH - Literary Converts. Spiritual Inspiration In An Age Of Unbelief
30413: PEARCE, PHILIPPA - Tom's Midnight Garden
30546: PEARCE, ROBERT - The Observer's Book Of Weather
37458: PEARCE, FRANK - Brandy For The Parson
38411: PEARCE, JOSEPH - Wisdom And Innocence. A Life Of G. K. Chesterton
35857: PEARL, RICHARD M - An Introduction To The Mineral Kingdom
23941: PEARL, CORA - The Memoirs Of Cora Pearl
38792: PEARSALL, RONALD - Collapse Of Stout Party. Victorian Wit And Humour
37556: PEARSE, PETER GERARD - Ken Livingstone
36328: PEARSE, GUY - Official Mersey Programme. Return Of The Tall Ships To The Mersey August 12 - 16 1992
35656: PEARSON, JEFFREY - Haunted Places Of Cheshire. On The Trail Of The Paranormal
2947: PEARSON, JEFFREY - Badger Bait
22365: PEARSON, JOHN - The Sitwells. A Family's Biography
22464: PEARSON, HESKETH - Charles II. His Life And Likeness
2539: PEARSON, KEVIN - The Character Jug Collectors Handbook
36762: PEARSON, HESKETH - Talking Of Dick Whittington
36766: PEARSON, HESKETH - The Smith Of Smiths Being The Life, Wit And Humour Of Sydney Smith
36254: PEATE, IORWERTH C - The Welsh House. A Study In Folk Culture
38441: PEATTIE, DONALD AND LOUISE - The Reader's Digest Companion. A Selection Of Memorable Articles Published By The Reader's Digest During The Past Twelve Years
21358: PECK, RICHARD - London Holiday
21213: PEDRICK, GALE - Ray Galton And Alan Simpson. Steptoe And Son At The Palace
36275: PÉICÍN, DIARMUID Ó - Islanders. The True Story Of One Man's Fight To Save A Way Of Life
38043: PEIFFER, VERA - Thorsons Principles Of Stress Management
21312: PELEVIN, VIKTOR - Zheltaya Strela
25226: PELLING, HENRY - Modern Britain 1885-1955
21872: PEMBERTON-BILLING, RN - Teaching Drama. An Approach To Educational Drama In The Secondary School
29055: PEMBLE, JOHN - The Mediterranean Passion. Victorians And Edwardians In The South
22687: PEMBLE, JOHN - Venice Rediscovered
35581: PENKETH, JOHN - St Georges Hall Liverpool And Its Organist For 39 Years W.T.Best
28907: PENN, MARGARET - Heritage. The Foolish Virgin
25401: PENN, MARGARET - Young Mrs Burton
22926: PENN, MARGARET - Heritage. Manchester Fourteen Miles
3509: PENNEY, IAN - Blue Heaven. Manchester City's Greatest Games
31464: PENNINGTON, ROGER - British Fire Engine Heritage
37874: PENNINGTON, DH - Europe In The Seventeenth Century. Second Edition
26303: PENNY, JEAN - Gran's Old-Fashioned Remedies, Wrinkles And Recipes
34312: PENOYRE, JOHN - The Observer's Book Of Architecture Describing And Indexing The Development Of Building In Britain From Saxon Times To The Present Day
27063: PENOYRE, JOHN - The Observer's Book Of Architecture Describing And Indexing The Development Of Building In Britain From Saxon Times To The Present Day
34247: PENROSE, ROLAND - Picasso
22268: PENSTONE, MM - Church Study. Suggestions For A Course Of Lessons On The Church Building, Its Furniture, Its Officers, &c. &c.
18692: PENWARDEN, CHARLES - Little Gregory
38972: PEPYS, SAMUEL - The Diary Of Samuel Pepys In Three Volumes. Volume Three
39342: PEPYS, SAMUEL - Diary Of Samuel Pepys. Deciphered By The Rev. J. Smith M.A., From The Original Shorthand MS. In The Pepysian Library, Cambridge; With Notes By Richard Lord Braybrooke. With An Introduction By Guy N. Pocock. Fully Illustrated With Thirty-Four Drawings In Crayon And Pen And Ink By Major Benton Fletcher, And Many Contemporary Portraits. Volume One
26267: PEPYS - The Illustrated Pepys. Extracts From The Diary
34394: PERCIVAL, ANN - Aromatherapy. A Nurses Guide
38398: PERCY, WALKER - The Thanatos Syndrome
32337: PERCY, EDWARD - The Shop At Sly Corner. A Play In Three Acts
37538: PERCY, GRAHAM - The Three Billy Goats Gruff
3674: PERCY, EDWARD - The Shop At Sly Corner. A Play In Three Acts
12847: PERCY, HM - New Materials In Sculpture. Cold Casting In Metals. Glass Fibre, Polyester Resins. Vinamold Hot Melt Compounds. Cold-Cure Silastomer Flexible Moulds. Cavityless Sand Casting. Vinagel
27379: PERCY, THOMAS - Reliques Of Ancient English Poetry. Volume Two
27412: PERCY, THOMAS - Reliques Of Ancient English Poetry. Volume One
36815: PERCY, EDWARD - Ladies In Retirement. A Play In Three Acts
29992: PEREC, GEORGES - Les Choses. Une Histoire Des Années Soixante
37013: PERHAM, POLLY - Favourite Tales. The Princess And The Frog
27204: PERKIN, JOHN - The New Penguin Book Of The Guardian Crosswords 6
29745: PERKINS, PHIL - Experiencing The Classical World
27522: PERRAULT - Choix De Contes De Fées. Édition Lutetia
28347: PERRETT, BRYAN - Last Stand! Famous Battles Against The Odds
37042: PERRIN, REG - Pot Black
32606: PERRINS, LESLIE - Showing Your Dog
38914: PERRIS, GEORGE HERBERT - The Industrial History Of Modern England. Second Impression
32354: PERRY, JOHN - A Man About The House. A Play In Two Acts
34387: PERRY, GEORGE - Bluebell. The Authorized Biography Of Margaret Kelly, Founder Of The Legendary Bluebell Girls
37030: PERRY, JIMMY - Dad's Army. The Deadly Attachment, Mum's Army, The Godiva Affair And The Floral Dance
24166: PERRY, POWELL - British Birds. Their Nests And Eggs
29143: PERRY, CLAY - Old English Villages
28358: PERRY, MICHAEL - Sharing In One Bread. Holy Communion Rite A From The Alternative Service Book
23730: PERRY, KEITH - Britain And The European Community Made Simple
5701: PERRY, AR - Welsh Wild Flowers
36070: PERRY, GORDON A - Villages And Village Life. Approaches To Environmental Studies Book 9
32346: PERTWEE, ROLAND AND MICHAEL - The Paragon. A Play In Two Acts
36814: PERTWEE, ROLAND - Pink String And Sealing Wax. A Play In Three Acts
24475: PERUTZ, LEO - Little Apple
29163: PERVEEN, SHAHEEN - Natural Relief From Arthritis
25043: PETERS, ELLIS - Monk's-Hood
25044: PETERS, ELLIS - A Morbid Taste For Bones
29420: PETERSON, JEANNIE - Nuclear War: The Aftermath. A Special AMBIO Publication
38636: PETERSON, EUGENE H - Where Your Treasure Is. Psalms That Summon You From Self To Community
19487: PETERSON, ROGER - A Field Guide To The Birds Of Britain And Europe
35653: PETERSON, MARILYN E - It's Nifty To Be Fifty
27202: PETRONIUS - The Satyricon
5716: PETTIGREW, WENDY - Conservation
21791: PFEIFFER, JOHN - The Cell
29568: PHELPS, HUMPHREY - Country Anecdotes
28975: PHELPS, GILBERT - The Last Horizon. Travels In Brazil
28030: PHELPS, GILBERT - Squire Waterton
14964: PHELPS, GILBERT - The Winter People
24526: PHELPS, GILBERT - Tragedy Of Paraguay
29555: PHENIX, PATRICIA - Olga Romanov. Russia's Last Grand Duchess
22319: PHILIPS, JUDSON - Whisper Town
22097: PHILLIPS, JB - The Gospels In Modern English
37307: PHILLIPS, CE LUCAS - Cockleshell Heroes
29356: PHILLIPS, CARYL - The Nature Of Blood
2868: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - Word Play
21582: PHILLIPS, GREGORY D - The Diehards. Aristocratic Society And Politics In Edwardian England
24762: PHILLIPS, RODERICK - Untying The Knot. A Short History Of Divorce
35952: PHILLIPS, DARREN - 40 Greatest European Nights
38495: PHILLIPS, SIÂN - Private Faces. The Autobiography
26898: PHILP, PETER - Antique Furniture Expert
21254: PHILPOTT, DON - Landmark Visitors Guides. Dominican Republic
38681: PHIPSON, JOAN - The Boundary Riders
25927: PICKERING, KENNETH - Macmillan Master Guides. The Tempest By William Shakespeare
37674: PICKERING, KENNETH - Macmillan Master Guides. The Tempest By William Shakespeare
26877: PICKERING, ROB - DTP At A Glance... Fundamentals Of Layout And Design For DTP
24451: PICKERING, SALLY - The Changing World. 20th-Century Russia
28838: PICKLES, DOROTHY - The Modern World. France
37979: PICKLES, WILFRED - Between You And Me. The Autobiography
36512: PIERCE, NEV - Total Film. 50 Greatest Interviews
23401: PIFER, DRURY - Innocents In Africa. An American Family's Story
21657: PIGGOTT, STUART - Ancient Europe From The Beginnings Of Agriculture To Classical Antiquity. A Survey
24207: PIGGOTT, STUART - Approach To Archaeology
23310: PIGUET, CHARLES - The World At The Turning. Experiments With Moral Re-Armament
37584: PIKE, JOSEPH - Stratford Upon Avon. A Series Of Pencil Sketches
31103: PILCHER, TIM - Spliffs 2. Further Adventures In Cannabis Culture
36568: PILKINGTON, GEORGE - Gardening For Wildlife
29231: PILLEMENT, GEORGES - Unknown Turkey. Istanbul, Dardanelles, Troy, Ephesus. Archaeological Itineraries With 32 Photographs
18760: PILSUDSKA, ALEXANDRA - Pilsudski. A Biography By His Wife
31253: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - The Secret Offensive. Active Measures: A Saga Of Deception, Disinformation, Subversion, Terrorism, Sabotage And Assassination
18487: PINE, LG - Teach Yourself Heraldry And Genealogy
5614: PINE, LG - They Came With The Conqueror. A Study Of The Modern Descendants Of The Normans
32718: PINKSTERBOER, HUGO - The Rough Guide To Electric Guitar & Bass Guitar
24344: PINKUS, OSCAR - The House Of Ashes
36378: PINTER, HAROLD - The Birthday Party
34888: PINTO, VIVIAN DE SOLA - Crisis In English Poetry 1880-1940
30152: PIOTROVSKI, MIKHAIL - Treasures Of Catherine The Great
27952: PIPER, JOHN - Motherkillers
19560: PIPPARD, AR - Home Photography. 9th Edition
32975: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Novelle Per Un Anno. In Silenzio
34230: PITMAN, ISAAC - A Student's Review Of Pitman's Shorthand. New Era Edition. Revised Edition
27210: PITMAN'S COLLEGE - Teach Yourself Pitman's Shorthand
26617: PITT, BARRIE - British History Illustrated. Volume One Number Six
22604: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Journeys To The Underworld
23165: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - The Perfect Man
38762: PITTENGER, NORMAN - After Death. Life In God
29188: PIVEN, JOSHUA - The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel
27737: PIZAN, CHRISTINE DE - The Treasure Of The City Of Ladies Or The Book Of The Three Virtues
660: PIZZEY, ERIN - The Snow Leopard Of Shanghai
27175: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Prince Of Darkness
30386: PLAIDY, JEAN - Victoria In The Wings
26358: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Heart Of The Lion
35175: PLAIDY, JEAN - St Thomas's Eve
35963: PLANAS, CLAUSTRE RAFART I - Picasso In Barcelona
21285: PLANT, JANE A - Your Life In Your Hands. Understanding, Preventing And Overcoming Breast Cancer
37927: PLANT, TERRY - Nordic Journeys. The Revised Fifth Edition Of Viking Journeys To Happiness
38595: PLASS, ADRIAN - War Of The Worlds. How To Avoid Leading A Double Life
37449: PLASS, ADRIAN AND BRIDGET - The Son Of God Is Dancing... A Message Of Hope
24183: PLATO - The Republic
27214: PLATO - The Trial And Death Of Socrates Being The Euthyphron, Apology, Crito, And Phædo Of Plato
38776: PLATO - The Last Days Of Socrates. Euthyphro. The Apology. Crito. Phaedo
38884: PLATO - Phaedrus And The Seventh And Eighth Letters
21775: PLATT, EDWARD - Leadville. A Biography Of The A40
38355: PLAYFAIR, SARAH - Glyndebourne Touring Opera
29898: PLAYFAIR, GILES - The Little Tour. Andorra. Monaco. Liechtenstein. San Marino
22146: PLOMLEY, ROY - Roy Plomley's Desert Island Book
34009: PLOWRIGHT, ALAN - In The Footsteps Of Stevenson. A Journey Through The Cévennes
30688: PLUCKROSE, H - A Dickens Anthology
30826: PLUMB, JH - The First Four Georges
39266: PLUMLEY, DONALD - Through The Little Book
34613: PLUTARCH - Lives. Translated From The Greek, With Notes And A Life Of Plutarch. In Four Volumes. Vol. II
38695: POBEE, JOHN S - Who Are The Poor? The Beatitudes As A Call To Community
32291: POCKNEY, BP - Making The Modern World. Russia. Russia Today
22899: POCOCK, MICHAEL - The Tudors In Yorkshire
23086: POCOCK, TOM - Alan Moorehead
27337: POCOCK, GUY - Modern Humour
35329: POCOCK, RW - Department Of Scientific And Industrial Research. Geological Survey And Museum. British Regional Geology. The Welsh Borderland
1041: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Poe's Tales Of Mystery And Terror
36508: POHL, FREDERIK - Rogue Star
30729: POHL, FREDERIK - Drunkard's Walk
30730: POHL, FREDERIK - The Expert Dreamers
30731: POHL, FREDERIK - Gladiator-At-Law
30732: POHL, FREDERIK - Slave Ship
6119: POHL, FREDERIK - Slave Ship
25443: POLE, GRAEME - The Canadian Rockies. An Altitude SuperGuide
36336: POLE, GRAEME - The Canadian Rockies. An Altitude SuperGuide
21529: POLKINGHORNE, RK - People Of Long Ago
3290: POLKINGHORNE, JOHN - Beyond Science. The Wider Human Context
28035: POLLACK, SIMON R - Jewish Wit For All Occasions
37370: POLLARD, CHRISTOPHER - Gramophone Opera Good CD Guide
26825: POLLARD, MICHAEL - Maria Montessori. The Italian Doctor Who Revolutionized The Education Systems Of The World
19081: POLNAY, PETER DE - A Queen Of Spain. Isabel II
26970: POLNAY, PETER DE - Aspects Of Paris
37148: POND, GRACE - Observers Cats
35663: PONTING, IVAN - Liverpool Player By Player
4025: POOL, PHOEBE - John Constable
27648: POOLE, AUSTIN LANE - From Domesday Book To Magna Carta 1087-1216
34610: POOLEY, NICOLA - Shiatsu: A Step-By-Step Guide
37249: POPE, ALEXANDER - Poems
25130: POPE-HENNESSY, UNA - Canon Charles Kingsley. A Biography
34295: PORCH, DOUGLAS - The Conquest Of Morocco
25361: PORCH, DOUGLAS - The Conquest Of The Sahara
37476: PORTAL, JANE - The Terracotta Warriors
38860: PORTER, ROBERT - The Mackeson Book Of Averages
32891: PORTER, LYNNETTE - Saving The World. A Guide To Heroes
27610: PORTER, GEORGE - The Letters Of The Late Father George Porter, S.J. Archbishop Of Bombay
35130: PORTIS, CHARLES - True Grit
38334: PORTISCH, HUGO - I Saw Siberia
26269: PORTWAY, CHRISTOPHER - Indian Odyssey. Around The Subcontinent By Public Transport
33275: POSEY, ROLLIN BENNETT - American Government. Sixth Edition
34955: POST, LAURENS VAN DER - The Lost World Of The Kalahari
27669: POST, LAURENS VAN DER - Yet Being Someone Other
27788: POST, W ELLWOOD - Saints, Signs And Symbols
30487: POST, LAURENS VAN DER - Journey Into Russia
30488: POST, LAURENS VAN DER - The Lost World Of The Kalahari
32459: POST, LAURENS VAN DER - The Lost World Of The Kalahari
23092: POSTGATE, RAYMOND - The Life Of George Lansbury
19775: POTTER, BEATRIX - Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes
30972: POTTER, SIMEON - Our Language
29797: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin
37285: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny
35035: POTTER, JEREMY - Pretenders
29503: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin
39099: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale Of Jemima Puddle-Duck
32881: POTTER, SIMEON - Our Language
27557: POTTER, JENNIFER - After Breathless
37981: POTTER, STEPHEN - The Theory & Practice Of Gamesmanship Or The Art Of Winning Games Without Actually Cheating
19776: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale Of Two Bad Mice
22228: POTTS, VANESSA - Monet
760: POTTS, RICHARD - The Haunted Mine
19100: POUCHER, WA - Scotland
19084: POUGY, LIANE DE - My Blue Notebooks
23796: POUND, ROBYN - Help Your Child To Sleep. A Handbook For Parents And Health Visitors
38530: POWELL, ANTHONY - O, How The Wheel Becomes It! A Novel
30928: POWELL, RAYMOND - Shakespeare And The Critics' Debate. A Guide For Students
24538: POWELL, RAY - A-Level Economics Course Companion
23758: POWELL, JEAN - Earth, Fire And Water
23597: POWELL, DILYS - Punch At The Cinema
24527: POWER, MS - The Killing Of Yesterday's Children
4488: POWER, PHYLLIS M - Nursing In The Outback
30013: POWERS, MELVIN - Hypnotism Revealed. The Powers Technique Of Hypnotizing And Self-Hypnosis Including The Intriguing Chapter Sleep And Learn. 1978 Edition
39136: POWERS, MARGARET FISHBACK - Life's Little Inspiration Book. Timeless Wisdom For Everyday Living
34495: PRANGE, PETER - Das Bernstein-Amulett. Geschichte Einer Familie Aus Deutschland. Roman
29960: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Wings
30768: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Mort
34126: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Wings
29738: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Maskerade
29959: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Truckers
34596: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Wyrd Sisters. (Starring Three Witches, Also Kings, Daggers, Crowns, Storms, Dwarfs, Cats, Ghosts, Spectres, Apes, Bandits, Demons, Forests, Heirs, Jesters, Tortures, Trolls, Turntables, General Rejoicing And Divers Alarums.)
27097: PRATCHETT, TERRY - The Carpet People
29735: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Pyramids (The Book Of Going Forth)
23951: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Truckers
31498: PRATCHETT, TERRY - The Fifth Elephant
34649: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Truckers
38691: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Eric
33398: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Feet Of Clay
27076: PRATHER, RICHARD - Strip For Murder
37229: PRATT, DERRICK - Old Ordnance Survey Maps. Liverpool & The Wirral 1904. England & Wales Sheet 96
33929: PREBBLE, ROGER - Word File. The Indispensable Handbook For All Crossword Puzzling
28861: PREBBLE, JOHN - Glencoe. The Story Of The Massacre
31489: PREBBLE, JOHN - Culloden
23539: PREBBLE, JOHN - The King's Jaunt. George IV In Scotland, August 1822. 'One And Twenty Daft Days'
37948: PREBBLE, JOHN - Mutiny. Highland Regiments In Revolt 1743-1804
26858: PREISS, BYRON - The Microverse
19859: PRESCOTT, NORMAN S - Dual Heritage. The Bible And The British Museum
23124: PRESCOTT, WH - The Conquest Of Mexico In Two Volumes. Volume Two
25341: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM - History Of The Conquest Of Peru With A Preliminary View Of The Civilization Of The Incas. New Revised Edition
25353: PRESCOTT, JRV - Problems In Modern Geography. The Political Geography Of The Oceans
29268: PRESCOTT, HFM - Mary Tudor. Revised Edition, With A New Introduction On The Social Background
38391: PRESCOTT, HFM - Son Of Dust
27822: PRESS, JENNY - Two In One. Baron Beefburger And Desmond The Dragon
35458: PRESTON, RL - How To Become An Air Pilot. A Simple Explanation Of How To Obtain A Flying Licence, And Various Information Useful To Private Owners And Other Qualified Pilots. 2nd Civil Air Guard Edition. Seventh Edition (Revised And Enlarged) 1939
37353: PRESTON, ANTONY - Submarines. The History And Evolution Of Underwater Fighting Vessels
34657: PRESTON, ANTONY - Jane's Fighting Ships Of World War II
35289: PRESTON, ANTONY - Jane's Fighting Ships Of World War II
33444: PRICE, ED - The Religions Of The World
29134: PRICE, ALFRED - Aircraft Versus Submarine. The Evolution Of The Anti-Submarine Aircraft 1912 To 1972
4918: PRICE, EMYR - Megan Lloyd George
27041: PRICE, PETE - Namedropper
19848: PRICE, RICHARD - Arthritis. A Practical Guide To Coping
26150: PRICE, PATRICK LUCIEN - Amazing Stories. July 1988. Volume 63 Number 2 (Whole Number 541)
32697: PRICHARD, MICHAEL - Pocket Guide To Bait And Lures
38553: PRIESTLEY, JB - When We Are Married. A Yorkshire Farcical Comedy
38554: PRIESTLEY, JB - When We Are Married. A Yorkshire Farcical Comedy
30973: PRIESTLEY, JB - Literature And Western Man
35561: PRIESTLEY, MIKE - Merseyside In Monochrome. Priestley And Sons, Merseyside Photographers. The Story Of A Victorian And Edwardian Family Business
18979: PRIESTLEY, JB - They Walk In The City
37992: PRIESTLEY, JB - The Good Companions
36068: PRIESTLEY, CHRIS - Uncle Montague's Tales Of Terror

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