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911807-115: INSTITUT GÉOGRAPHIQUE NATIONAL (IGN) - St-Brieuc Morlaix 1:100000 Carte Touristique 14
911813-166: INSTITUT GÉOGRAPHIQUE NATIONAL (IGN) - Corse nord 1:100000 Carte Touristique 73
911814-115: INSTITUT GÉOGRAPHIQUE NATIONAL (IGN) - Corse sud 1:100000 Carte Touristique 74
911815-115: INSTITUT GÉOGRAPHIQUE NATIONAL (IGN) - Bayonne Mont-de-Marsan 1:100000 Carte Touristique 62
13091016-115: INSTITUT GÉOGRAPHIQUE NATIONAL (IGN) - Carte des Environs d'Aix-les-Bains au 50 000e (Type 1922), Coupure spéciale
922486-81: RIJKSDIENST VOOR DE IJSSELMEERPOLDERS - Atlas Voor Flevoland 4e jaargang 1970
915427-137: MASAHIRO MURATA; TAKAAKI MIYAMA; HIDENORI MATSUI; NORIE IKAMI - Selected Works from the Collection of Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art 1992
14040115-157: ILED E ANTHONY, ET AL - St Albans: the story of the city and its people written by the people of the city
17030103-155: GRAHAM PRETTEJOHNS; BRENDA MANN; LARRY ILOTT - Charles Dickens and Southwark
13091114-94: IMRAY - Isle of Wight. Imray Yachting Chart C3
13091213-94: IMRAY - England - South Coast: Needles Channel to Portland Bill. Imray Yachting Chart C4
17051513-135CH: JEAN IMRAY - St Michael Paternoster Royal
919422-141: FAY INCHFAWN - Not the Final Word
13010301-17: SURVEY OF INDIA - Road Map of India. Scale 1" = 50 miles (1:3168000)
16032319-76: SURVEY OF INDIA - Road Map of India 1:2,500,000
16061512-15: SURVEY OF INDIA - Road Map of India: scale 40 miles to one inch
914491-23: SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY - The Standing Orders of the Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's), Published under paragraph 1601, 'King's Regulations, 1928'
1261806-14: CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION - The English Legal System
15050517-96: CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION - The British Parliament (Central Office of Information Reference Pamphlet 33)
1273025-13: CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION - Local Government in Britain (Central Office of Information Reference Pamphlet no.1)
15050519-95: CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION - The British Parliament (Central Office of Information Reference Pamphlet 33)
17060807-63: HOLCOMBE INGLEBY - The Treasures of Lynn as disclosed in the course of an Itinerary, supplemented by Episodes in the History of the Borough
16092614-13: JAMES INGLIS - Oor Ain Folk, being memories of Manse life in the Mearns and a crack about auld times
1504076328-86: BRUCE INGRAM - The Illustrated London News Christmas Number 1960, no.6328A
1504076380-86: BRUCE INGRAM - The Illustrated London News Christmas Number 1961, no.6380A
1504076321-86: BRUCE INGRAM - The Illustrated London News September 24 1961, no.6321
13070104-17: BRIAN BROOKES; HUGH INGRAM - Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve
917980-46: KENNETH INGRAM - It is Expedient
16022201-112: ALAN INGRAM - Social Scenes of Yesterday: Glimpses of Reigate and Redhill, 1900-1920
16092209X918886-27: A P ARNOLD; A G INGRAM - The History of the Painter-Stainers Company of London Volume II
1504076231-86: BRUCE INGRAM - The Illustrated London News November 14, 1958, no.6231A, Christmas Number
14030120-68: OURIDA MOSTEFAI; CATHERINE INGRASSIA - Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture: Volume 32
13110520-26: F R INGS - Popular Indoor Games and Amusements (Entertainment at Home)
18050106-85: MICHAEL INNES - Death at the President's Lodging
17031217-144: MICHAEL INNES - Old Hall, New Hall
17091303-127: MICHAEL INNES - Death at the President's Lodging
17091304-127: MICHAEL INNES - Appleby on Ararat
16042047-125: MICHAEL INNES - A Private View
18050334-122: R A INNES - Barns and Workshops, West Yorkshire Folk Museum
9917851-85: MICHAEL INNES - The Secret Vanguard
15091201Z-126: MICHAEL INNES - There Came Both Mist and Snow
16042048-125: MICHAEL INNES - The Bloody Wood
14022216-150: MICHAEL INNES - The Journeying Boy
16031509-136: PAUL SLACK; JOANNA INNES - Past & Present 137, November 1992: a journal of historical studies
15030303-33: RAY INSKEEP - World Archaeology Volume 22 No.3 February 1991: Archaeology & Arid Environments
15050510-116: GEODAETISK INSTITUT - Turistkort Bornholm 1:60000
922422-166: GEODAETISK INSTITUT - Kort over Danmark 1:300 000 NV del Nordlige Jylland
13020704-83: GEODAETISK INSTITUT - Kort over Danmark 1:300 000 Sö Del: Sjælland og Sydlige Øer
16050102-115: GEODAETISK INSTITUT - Danmark i 1:100000 Kort 1116 Thisted
15050509-81: GEODAETISK INSTITUT - Færdselskort Danmark 1:200.000
99443-104: THE PLASTICS & RUBBER INSTITUTE - [Third International Conference on] Deformation, Yield & Fracture of Polymers, 29 March - 1 April, 1976 at Churchill College, Cambridge
914967-124: HUGO'S LANGUAGE INSTITUTE - How to Get All You Want when Travelling in Holland: a Really Practical Phrase-book, Indispensable to Tourists
13070501-17: KARTOGRAFISKA INSTITUTET - Sverige, Sweden, Schweden, Suede 1:500000 Map
16032403-116: GEODAETISK INSTITUTS - Geodætisk Instituts Automobilkort Danmark 1:320000 Blad II: Det Sydlige Jylland og Fyn
14081308-144: KARL SPINDLER; FLORENCE O'DONOGHUE [INTR] - The Mystery of the Casement Ship
16061504-122: GEOFFREY DE LA TOUR LANDRY; G S TAYLOR [ED]; D B WYNDHAM LEWIS [INTR] - The Book of the Knight of La Tour-Landry
13091006-144: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Limerick Region. Ordnance Survey 1:250 000 map
14090111-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Cork, Kerry (Irish Discovery Series sheet 85) 1:50000 Map
16122910-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF NORTHERN IRELAND - Coleraine: Sheet 2, Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland Half-Inch Series
14082702Z-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Kilkenny, Laois, Tipperary (Irish Discovery Series sheet 60) 1:50000 Map
920264-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Galway (Discovery Series 44) 1:50000 Map
923178-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Wicklow District 1:63360 Map
14090104-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF NORTHERN IRELAND - Ballymoney (Discoverer Series sheet 8) 1:50000 Map
17250103X79-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Cork, Kerry (Irish Discovery Series sheet 79) 1:50000 Map
17070808IR62-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Carlow, Wexford, Wicklow (Irish Discovery Series sheet 62) 1:50000 Map
17250102X87-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Cork (Irish Discovery Series sheet 87) 1:50000 Map
14090112-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Cork (Irish Discovery Series sheet 86) 1:50000 Map
17250101X78-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Kerry (Irish Discovery Series sheet 78) 1:50000 Map
14090113-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Cork (Irish Discovery Series sheet 87) 1:50000 Map
912042-167: PHYLLIS IRELAND - Prehistoric Properties
14022801-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Galway Bay Sheet 14 (Irish half-inch scale map series)
14090101Z-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Wicklow (Irish Discovery Series sheet 61) 1:50000 Map
14090106Z-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Clare, Kerry, Limerick (Irish Discovery Series sheet 64) 1:50000 Map
14090107Z-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Wicklow (Irish Discovery Series sheet 55) 1:50000 Map
14090108Z-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Clare, Galway, Offaly, Tipperary (Irish Discovery Series sheet 53) 1:50000 Map
14090109Z-166: ORDNANCE SURVEY OF IRELAND - Clare, Limerick, Tipperary (Irish Discovery Series sheet 53) 1:50000 Map
919755-101: MARGARET IRWIN - Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain
16092302-32: GYLES ISHAM - Easton Mauduit and the Parish Church of SS Peter and Paul
921592-166: LANDMAELINGAR ÍSLANDS - 1:250000 Map of Iceland Sheet 8: Central East Iceland (Uppdráttur Íslands Aðalkort Blað 8: Miðausturland)
18041101-166: LANDMAELINGAR ÍSLANDS - 1:250000 Map of Iceland Sheet 9: South-East Iceland (Uppdráttur Íslands Aðalkort Blað 9: Suðausturland)
15090101-166: LANDMAELINGAR ÍSLANDS - 1:250000 Map of Iceland Sheet 3: South-West Iceland (Uppdráttur Íslands Aðalkort Blað 3: Suðvesturland)
14040417(11897)-86M: SURVEY OF ISRAEL - Teverya. Israel 1:100000 Map Sheet 4
14121110-116: SURVEY OF ISRAEL - Israel 1:250000 South, Map
14040416(11896)-86M: SURVEY OF ISRAEL - Zefat. Israel 1:100000 Map Sheet 2
16062701-111: MITRA TABRIZIAN; T J DEMOS; ROSE ISSA - Mitra Tabrizian: This Is That Place
16050301-115: CONSOCIAZIONE TURISTICA ITALIANA - Carta Automobilistica alla scala di 1:650,000 [Sud]
923150-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 12-14
923151-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 7
923152-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 8
923160-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 27
923168-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 21
923169-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 20
923170-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 17
923171-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 15
923172-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 16
915328-124: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Alpine Resorts in Italy
923156-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 6
923173-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 19
16050302-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 11
923157-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 28
923158-115: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Carta Automobilistica d'Italia al 200.000 Foglio 29
15101515-121: MICHAEL MOORCOCK; AKEMI ITSUZI - The Eternal Champion [Japanese text]
9910113-22: CHRISTINE IVAMY - The All England Law Reports: Consolidated Tables & Index 1936-1998. Volume 2, Subject Index A-J
97890-46: PENNY IVES - The Snow Angel: a Pop-Up Ornament Book
17051416-145M: JACQUES OFFENBACH; MALCOLM IVES - The Celebrated Barcarolle from 'The Tales of Hoffman' (Offenbach) arranged for piano
16031322-133: BILL JACKLIN - A Venetian Affair: paintings and monotypes
13100205-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.231, June 2003
13100316-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.16, June 1985
13100301-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.230, May 2003
13100303-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.233, Aug 2003
13100302-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.232. July 2003
13100109-24: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.222 September 2002
13100313-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.226, January 2003
17011804X910884-85: WILLIAM PARGETER; STANLEY W JACKSON - Observations on Maniacal Disorder (Tavistock Classic Reprints in the History of Psychiatry)
16111502-76: MICHAEL KEMP; TONY JACKSON - A Shoot of Your Own: the amateur gamekeeper at work
16100906-64: THOMAS CHALICE JACKSON - The Law of Master and Servant (including apprenticeships)
14022512-13: ALAN A JACKSON - Dorking's Railways
13100107-24: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.217, April 2002
17092201-75: KENNETH HURLSTONE JACKSON - The Oldest Irish Tradition: a window on the Iron Age
13100311-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.237, Dec 2003
17060805-63: JOHN D CAIRD; MARILYN JACKSON - Through a Glass Brightly: the Heritage Windows of St James Anglican Church
13100304-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.238, Jan 2004
13100104-24: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.214, Jan 2002
13100312-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.8, October 1984
912278-105: A GLADSTONE JACKSON - The Right Way to Human Figure Drawing and Anatomy
13100116-24: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.229, April 2003
17111119-102: WALTER SCOTT; ALICE F JACKSON - Ivanhoe retold for children
13100102-24: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.212, Nov 2001
15082121-113: ROBERT JACKSON - Frontier Crossings a Souvenir of the 45th World Science Fiction Convention 87 Held in Brighton Great Britain From August 27th to September 1st 1987
18010507-132: MURRAY COSBY JACKSON - A Soldier's Diary: South Africa, 1899-1902
18020710-163: GEORGE GIBBARD JACKSON - Triumphs and Wonders of Modern Engineering
13100128-27: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.252, February 2005
13100314-26: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.23, January 1986
13100106-24: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.216, Mar 2002
13100123-27: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.250, Xmas 2004
16042201X921737Z-113: NICOLA JACKSON - The Savill Building, Windsor Great Park
13100105-24: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.215, Feb 2002
13031203-17: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector 105, December 1992
13031206-17: JACKSON, CRISPIN - Book And Magazine Collector 152, November 1996
13100117-27: CRISPIN JACKSON - Book and Magazine Collector No.219, June 2002
918098-135: GORDON JACOB - Pretty Pollie Pillicote: Part-Song for S.S.A. (Unaccompanied)
13111523-96-C2: GERARD JONES; WILL JACOBS - Guy Gardner 8, May 1993
14091828-106: W W JACOBS - Sailors' Knots
14091711-144: W W JACOBS - Short Cruises
918069-135: THOMAS F DUNHILL; IRENE GASS; MAURICE JACOBSON - How Soft Upon the Ev'ning Air (A.I S.II)
999748-131: CHRISTIAN JACQ - Stone of Light: Nefer the Silent
917464-112: JACQUES, POUCHEPADASS; JEAN-LOUIS NOU - The Last Maharajas
15091003-48: MAXIM JAKUBOWSKI - Beyond lands of never: a further anthology of modern fantasy
16042026X38_108: GRAHAM JAMES - Matrix 38: the BSFA Newsletter October/November 1981
16042023X35_108: GRAHAM JAMES - Matrix 35: the BSFA Newsletter April/May 1981
16042025X37_108: GRAHAM JAMES - Matrix 37: the BSFA Newsletter August/September 1981
16042024X36_108: GRAHAM JAMES - Matrix 36: the BSFA Newsletter June/July 1981
9922718-61: NIGEL N JAMES - List of Ordnance Survey Catalogues, Publication Reports and Other Publications
16042021X33_108: GRAHAM JAMES - Matrix 33: the BSFA Newsletter December 1980/January 1981
916756-73: ALAN JAMES - Stocks and Shares (Past-into-Present Series)
15062005-11: JOHN JAMES - Lords of Loone
918969-22: NORMAN GEORGE BRETT JAMES - The History of Mill Hill School 1807-1907
15101601-94: T G H JAMES - The British Museum and Ancient Egypt
1273028-13: A W H JAMES - How Parliament Works
16042020X32_108: GRAHAM JAMES - Matrix 32: the BSFA Newsletter October/November 1980
16081711-94: PHILIP JAMES - An Exhibition of Modern English and French Bindings from the Collection of Major J R Abbey
17051328-145M: MARGARET LOVELL; WILLIAM G JAMES - I Was Carried by a Fairy: song. Voice and piano. Words by Margaret Lovell, music by William G James
17082106-143: JOHN JAMES - Woodland Wildlife: Brooke Bond Picture Cards
18031102-67: BRUCE A JAMIESON - North Berwick in Old Picture Postcards
17101513-114: ALAN G JAMIESON - Faith and the Sword: a short history of Christian - Muslim conflict
920274-94: JANET GARDNER; SALLY K ALBRECHT, SALLY K - Santa's Back to the Future: a Music Play for Unison and 2-part Voices. Score
13031809-76: BOGOLJUB JANJIC - Beograd [Belgrade]
17032010-91: STAN JARVIS - Shire County Guide 10: Essex
14110323-127: FREDERIC JARVIS - Wymondham Abbey: guide to visitors
921463-144: S M JARVIS - Discovering Essex
921442-144: S M JARVIS - Discovering Essex
16111503-74: JOHN A JEFFERIES - Heroes of the Sea 1880s - 1980s (Treasured Memories of Yachting and Seafaring Through the Ages)
17041212-12: EMMA JEFFRYES - Emma Jeffryes: St Ives in Bloom
15102901-131: NGAIO MARSH; DR H JELLETT - The Nursing Home Murder
919763-105: A K HAMILTON JENKIN - The Story of Cornwall
15050416-123: A K HAMILTON JENKIN - The Story of Cornwall
13111102-162: A K HAMILTON JENKIN - The Story of Cornwall
13012117-m135: SPENCER ROSS; GORDON JENKINS - Tzena Tzena Tzena
911305-126: TUDOR JENKS - Electricity for Young People (Chamber's Wonder Books)
921766-61: EDWARD JENKS - The Book of English Law (as at the end of the year 1935)
13020511-82: SEAN JENNETT - Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely (Travellers' Guides)
17031107-71: ELISABETH JENNINGS - Lucidities: poems
15050516-123: CHARLES STUART-JERVIS - Newspapers in the classroom: A guide for the teacher on how best to use them
15082607-142: WOLFGANG JESCHKE - Das Jahr der Maus. Internationale Science Fiction Erzählungen
15082020-142: WOLFGANG JESCHKE - Das Wägen von Luft
17061119-144: FRYNIWYD TENNYSON JESSE - A Pin to See the Peepshow
14110421-132: F TENNYSON JESSE - The Lacquer Lady
99361-84: CORNELIA JESSEY - The Plough & the Harrow
916119-168: LI JIEREN - Ripples Across Stagnant Water
911456Z-81: GEORGES BESS; ALEXANDRO JODOROWSKY - Juan Solo, Tome 1: Fils de Flingue
16030202-162: BRIAN JOHN - The Geology of Pembrokeshire
14031706-16: MALCOLM JOHN - Bygone Medway: Album of Old Postcard Views of Medway: v. 3 (Bygone series)
14091817-106: MALCOLM JOHN - Bygone Brighton Volume One: Places
17012204X1509071801-143: PHILIP ST. JOHN - Science Fiction Adventures Magazine vol.1 no.1, November 1952
13100407-24: BRIAN S JOHN - Old Industries of Pembrokeshire (The Face of Wales Series No.2)
15113002-45: BRIAN JOHN - Rural Crafts of Wales
15111708-37: W E JOHNS - Biggles Gets his Men: a further adventure on Sergeant Bigglesworth of the Special Air Service, C.I.D.
919898-103: W E JOHNS - Biggles and the Cruise of the Condor
920323-144: W E JOHNS - Biggles and the Dark Intruder
15011401-131: W E JOHNS - Biggles in Australia
14051209-157: W E JOHNS - Gimlet Mops Up: a 'King of the Commandos' Adventure
18052505-136: JEREMY ROWETT JOHNS - The Smugglers' Banker: The Story of Zephaniah Job of Polperro
921471-105: AUDREY JOHNSON - Dorchester Town Trails
17042901-154: L JOHNSON - Leatherwork (Home Handicraft Series)
17012705-153: MAY JOHNSON - Surrey Street Market: A Century of Spoken History
918859-74: W H JOHNSON - Early Victorian Alfriston
913836-127: ANNABEL & EDGAR JOHNSON - The Black Symbol
17051529-154: PAMELA HANSFORD JOHNSON - Cork Street, Next to the Hatters: a novel in bad taste
15111113-33: MARY JOHNSTION - Hagar
920519-112: JACK JOHNSTON - Artdolls : Basic Sculpting and Beyond
96722-44: MARY JOHNSTON - Goddess of Reason: a Drama in Five Acts
922529-135: ALAN STRANKS; J E JONASSON - Cuckoo Waltz: Popular Song Edition
17032001-91: ARTHUR JONES - Shire County Guide 18: Hertfordshire
917048-155: JOHN HOLDEN; LYDIA HOWLAND; DANIEL STEDMAN JONES - Foodstuff: Living in an Age of Feast & Famine (Demos Collection 18)
18010401-165: WILLIAM MARCHANT JONES - Our Village Parliament. TheJarge Balsh Books Series 3
91046-127: A E JONES - Juvenile delinquency & the law.
922269-23: ROGER JONES - Gower Fact & Fable
16121114-14: WILLIAM HENRY JONES - Diocesan Histories: Salisbury
15090804-31: GWYNETH JONES - Bold as Love
13011502-83: TOM JONES - Sunshine Songs: New Solos, Duets .etc
18041113-46: T GWYNN JONES - Y Gelfyddyd Gwta Englynion a Phenillion (Y Gyfres Ddeunaw, Rhif 1)
16071107-76: BETSY M. JONES - Edwin Romanzo Elmer, 1850-1923
13091105-112: KEN JONES - Military Modelling vol.19 no.11 November 1989
911093-162: LAWRENCE E JONES - A County Guide to English Churches
18032106-135CH: R M JONES - The Church of Saint Mary, West Chiltington
919680-164: FRANCIS JONES - The Berkshire Ridgeway (Footpath Guides No.70)
13111303-96-C1: GERARD JONES - Guy Gardner Reborn, Book One of Three
921220-43: CLIFFORD M JONES - New Testament Illustrations : Photographs, Maps & Diagrams (Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible)
15100914-62: GWILYM ARTHUR JONES - Owain Glyndwr, c.1354-1416
916238-95: RAYMOND E JONES - Characters in Children's Literature
15030403A-25: PETER JONES - Fac et Spera: Classical Association Presidential Address 2003
16070114-P60A: PETER D'A JONES - The Consumer Society: a history of American capitalism
16031505-136: IDRIS JONES - Modern Welsh History from 1485 to the present day
16042001X12_108: TOM A JONES - Matrix 12: the BSFA Newsletter June 1977
16042002X13_108: TOM A JONES - Matrix 13: the BSFA Newsletter August 1977
17060505-163: HENRY FESTING JONES - Samuel Butler, author of Erewhon (1835-1902): a Memoir. Volume I to 1885
16072712-35: WILLIAM HENRY SAMUEL JONES - A History of St Catherine's College, once Catherine Hall Cambridge
922058-62: STEPHEN JONES - FantasyCon VI 3rd-5th October 1980 Programme Booklet
17052304-162: RÜDIGER JOPPIEN - Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg, RA, 1740-1812
912386-71: PETER JORDAN - Light Craft Vol.12 No.3, June 1962 (incorporating the Small Boat and North Sea Yachtsman)
914675-77: THEODORE JORGENSON - History of Norwegian Literature
99360-83: ARCHIE JOSCELYN - Satan's Range
9912542-49: ARISTOTLE; BENJAMIN JOWETT - Aristotle's Politics
16121112-12: PATRICK WESTON JOYCE - Irish Local Names Explained
15082115-142: GRAHAM JOYCE - Dreamside
15081101-125: GRAHAM JOYCE - The Tooth Fairy
99870-31: JOZEF DELEU, ET AL - The Low Countries: Arts & Society in Flanders & the Netherlands: a Yearbook 1996-97
17031601-65: ANDRÉ JUBELIN - The Flying Sailor
915545-142: ALLAN JUNIOR - This England: a Pictorial Memento of the Scenic Loveliness That lies Within the Land Which the King Calls
13111509-96-C2: DAN JURGENS - Superman 94, November 1994
13111107-94x: DAN JURGENS - Justice League America 74, May 1993
93193-132: K H HYATT, K H - London Naturalist: The Journal of the London Natural History Society #66 1986
920499-144: JOHN RACKHAM / NICK KAMIN - Dark Planet / The Herod Men
16121124-42: DAVID KARUNARATNE - Ummagga Jataka (the Story of the Tunnel)
911869-82: SHIRLEY KAY - Emirates Archaeological Heritage
18031122-67: TONY KAY - Model Bus Construction Using Plastic
99748-84: GEORGE KAY - It's Made Like This: Plastics
17032011-91: DAVID KAYE - Shire County Guide 2: Lincolnshire and South Humberside
922591-135: GEORGE MORGAN; DANNY KAYE - Candy Kisses [Sheet Music]
94370-33: DOREEN KAYS - Frogs & Scorpions: Egypt, Sadat & the Media
15011102-133: IHAR BYSHNI¿O¿¿; A. V. KAZULIN - Prypiats: zhyvaia Vada Palessia / The Pripyat: Living Water of Polesie
914706Z-13: H R F KEATING - Bribery, Corruption Also: An Inspector Ghote Novel [Large Print edition]
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16123014X14070703-34: PETER MARREN - Nature Conservation: a review of the conservation of wildlife in Britain 1950-2001 (New Naturalist Series)
921481-62: S F MARRIOTT - Map Reading for the Countrygoer
9921719-64: H MARRIOTT - St. David's Cathedral (Eglwys Gadeiriol Ty DDewi]
16061205-85: NGAIO MARSH - Surfeit of Lampreys
18010505-14: JOHN GARBUTT; JOHN MARSH - Lancashire North of the Sands in Old Photographs
919449-75: LEWIS MARSH - The British Empire (The Rambler Travel Books)
921145-48: NGAIO MARSH - Death in a White Tie
14030704-156: CATHERINE M MARSH - The Master of Blantyre
17072015-81: SALLY MARSH - Nature Conservation in Community Forests (Ecology Handbook 23)
17051315-145M: HAROLD HARFORD; CHARLES MARSHALL - I Hear You Calling Me: song. No.1 in G. Voice and piano. The words by Harold Harford, the music by Charles Marshall
13111930-157: PATRICIA MARSHALL - Suffolk Roots vol.38 no.2 September 2012, Journal of the Suffolk Family History Society
13111931-157: PATRICIA MARSHALL - Suffolk Roots vol.37 no.2, September 2011, Journal of the Suffolk History Society
921781-11: MARSHALL, F J C; REES, W RUSSELL - Physical Education in Boys' Schools : a Text-book for Training College Students and Teachers
13111932-157: PATRICIA MARSHALL - Suffolk Roots vol.37 no.3, December 2011, Journal of the Suffolk History Society
16031433-137: CHAPMAN FREDERICK DENDY MARSHALL - The British Post Office from its beginnings to the end of 1925
16031414-31: ALFRED MARSHALL - Industry and Trade: a study of industrial technique and business organization; and of their influences on the conditions of various classes and nations
99855-124: A C STEAD; J R MARSHALL - Rock & Ice Climbs in Lochaber & Badenoch
911071-152: GEORGE A E MARSHALL - Topiary: Its Place in Present-day Gardens
918916-127: MICHAEL MARSHSALL - Sark
14070819-133: EDDIE MARSMAN - Een Wijde Blik Verruimt het Denken
914788-113: R MARTENOT - Méthode de harpe: La harpe; The harp; Die Harfe. Collection dirigée par Denise Mégevand [Text in French/Texte en français]
17051351-145M: HELEN TAYLOR; EASTHOPE MARTIN - Come to the Fair (from the album 'Three More Songs of the Fair'). No.2 in A. Voice and piano. The lyric by Helen Taylor, the music by Easthope Martin
15100901-75: MRS A H MARTIN - The Cuckoo in the Robin's Nest
15021102-15: MRS HERBERT MARTIN [MARY EMMA MARTIN] - The Two Dorothys
16121135-81: LUANNE GAYKOWSKI KOZMA; JANET C GILMORE; JAY C MARTIN - Marlinespikes and Monkey's Fists: Traditional Arts and Knot-Tying Skills of Maritime Workers
919016-67: BERNARD MARTIN - The Strain of Harmony: Men & Women in the History of China
915684-25: CHARLES KINGSLEY; ROBERT BERNARD MARTIN - Charles Kingsley's American Notes: Letters from a Lecture Tour 1874
919248-124: GEORGE R R MARTIN - New Voices II: The Campbell Award Nominees
14022712-154: GEOFFREY H MARTIN - Colchester Official Guide. Fourth Edition 1973
14112208-103: CLARE MARTIN - 'The Story of the Vicars of Cookham, Berks
919196-144: GEORGE R R MARTIN - New Voices III: the Campbell Award Nominees
13061000-135c: J C MARTIN - Saint Conan's Kirk, Loch Awe: Guide Book
17051350-145M: HELEN TAYLOR; EASTHOPE MARTIN - The Crown of the Year (from 'Songs of Open Country'). No.1 in Ab. Voice and piano. The words by Helen Taylor, the music by Easthope Martin
17051421-135: EASTHOPE MARTIN - Evensong [for piano]
14112204-153: MRS HERBERT MARTIN (MARY EMMA MARTIN) - The Princess Ottilia: a tale for girls
18050342-13: RONALD WHARTON MARTIN - Paulmer's Market: The 145 Years History of Yeovil's Livestock Market is Brought to Life
922633-66: WYNDHAM MARTYN - Shadow Agent
17061601-135CH: PHILIP DOCTON MARTYN - Morwenstowe Church
15070105-75: PHILIP DOCTON MARTYN - Morwenstowe Church
15062606-165: WYNDHAM MARTYN - Anthony Trent, Master Criminal
922655-67: WYNDHAM MARTYN - The Secret of the Silver Car: Further Adventures of Anthony Trent, Master Criminal
889663-35: JOHN MASEFIELD - South & east
99648-106: JOHN MASEFIELD - Easter: a Play for Singers
16123007X920378-95: RICHARD MASEFIELD - Painted Lady
17111204-102: JOAN MASEFIELD - Stopham Remembered
912142-102: SYDNEY CHARLES MASON - The Gold of Gabria
18030109-102: H J MASON - An Introduction to the Black Fens
15090308-121: JACK MASSA - Mooncrow
920347-26: MASSEY, VERA - A Citizen of the World : The Legacy of William Penn
15081802-141: DAVID I MASSON - The Caltraps of Time
18031512-85: JOHN CECIL MASTERMAN - An Oxford Tragedy
18031518-144: JOHN CECIL MASTERMAN - An Oxford Tragedy
1273022-13: JOHN CECIL MASTERMAN - Report of the Committee on the Political Activities of Civil Servants, etc.
15062314-40PE: JOHN MASTERS - Fandango Rock
16031602-103: ALEC ST MASTERS - Do Your Own Spray Painting
91435-67: DAVID MASTERS - Perilous days
16030123-23: DAVID MASTERS - With Pennants Flying: the immortal deeds of the Royal Armoured Corps
16081002-33: J C MARDRUS; POWYS MATHERS - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night Volume 2
16081001Z-32: J C MARDRUS; POWYS MATHERS - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night Volume 1
16081004-43: J C MARDRUS; POWYS MATHERS - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night Volume 4
16081003-42: J C MARDRUS; POWYS MATHERS - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night Volume 3
16051605-92: TORQUHIL MATHESON OF MATHESON - Traditional Sites of Matheson History in Lochalsh
17051329-145M: CLIFTON BINGHAM; TITO MATTEI - Dear Heart: song. No.2 in D. Voice and piano. Words by Clifton Bingham, music by Tito Mattei
13110929-94x: J M DE MATTEIS - Defenders vol.1 no.126, December 1983
14111403-127: BASIL MATTHEWS - Black Treasure: the youth of Africa in a changind world ('Youth' Series, No.1)
920314-95: FREDERICK C MATTHEWS - American Merchant Ships 1850-1900, Series II
18040305-111: TOM MATTHEWS - Tresco Times 2017 Yearbook
916634-123: JOHN MATTHEWS - The American Bi-Centennial Book of Do it Yourself Natural Wood Sculpture
915760-42: MARC PACHTER; LESLIE C HIGH; EDWARD MATTOS - Travelers to the New Nation 1776-1914: An American Studies Reader
13061710-14: M MATTS - The Canal at Foxton
16111412-71: MAUD, LADY LECONFIELD; JOHN GORE; CAROLINE HOWARD; HARRIET HOWARD; GEORGIANA HOWARD - Three Howard Sisters: selections from the writings of Lady Caroline Lascelles, Lady Dover and Countess Gower, 1825-1833
17081704-107: MAUD, LADY LECONFIELD; JOHN GORE; CAROLINE HOWARD; HARRIET HOWARD; GEORGIANA HOWARD - Three Howard Sisters: selections from the writings of Lady Caroline Lascelles, Lady Dover and Countess Gower, 1825-1833
918005-74: BARBARA WILLARD; CHARITY MAUDSLAY - Talk of the Forest: The Pick of the Ashdown Forest News 1981-1990
14022521-150: W SOMERSET MAUGHAM - Trio
914599-44: JOHN MAUGHAM - Early Railways: Learn By Drawing
910378-145: JEAN MAULDON - Tunbridge Wells as it Was
16042036-71: GEORGE WILLIAM MAUNSELL - The Fisherman's Vade Mecum: a compendium of precepts, counsel, knowledge and experience in most matters pertaining to fishing for trout, sea trout, salmon and pike
9919644-14: DAPHNE DU MAURIER - The Infernal World of Branwell Brontë
17022301-35: PETER MAXTON - From Palm to Power: The Evolution of the Racket
919479-126: WILLIAM BABINGTON MAXWELL - Elaine at the Gates
922256-23: DONALD MAXWELL - The Pilgrims' Way in Kent
13071204-33: MAXWELL STUART, PETER - Traquair House: an illustrated history and description of the house
15051804-34: G W MAY - Dorchester Rural District: official street plan
15051802-34: G W MAY - Ardrossan and Saltcoats: official street plan
922560-135: JACOB GRADE; WINIFRED MAY - Jealousy. Song, Founded on the Famous Tango
922531-135: ALAN STRANKS; HANS MAY - You Will Return to Vienna, from the British National Film Waltz Time"
13012114-m135: JOHNNY REINE; JOHNNY MAY - The Windsor Waltz
922551-135: WILL GROSZ; WINIFRED MAY - Darling [Sheet Music]
15051808-34: G W MAY - Preston: official street plan
17051419-145M: BILLY MAYERL - The Piano Compositions of Billy Mayerl: Marigold
9913418-154: WILLIAM MAYNE - The Green Book of Hob Stories
911992-162: JEROME MAZZARO - Changing the Windows
921733-113: DAVID PRINGLE; PAUL J MCAULEY - Interzone Science Fiction & Fantasy 41, November 1990
14080307-142: ANNE MCCAFFREY - Red Star Rising
915108-85: BERNARD MCCALL - Coastal Cruising Summer 1996: Vol 3 No 2
17092104-63: W J MCCALLIEN - Scottish Gem Stones
919728-13: MARTIN HAYES; TIMOTHY MCCANN - Local History Mini-guide to Sources: No 12. Directories in West Sussex
14071309-164: TIMOTHY J MCCANN - West Sussex Probate Inventories 1521-1834: a catalogue
18032005-93: TIMOTHY H MCCANN - Restricted Grandeur: impressions of Chichester 1586-1948
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16061206-85: JUSTIN MCCARTHY - A Fair Saxon: a novel
17101534-112: MIRANDA MCCLINTIC - David Smith: the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Collection, Smithsonian Institution. Exhibition held July 25 - October 28 1979
16092407-15: MARY HOWARD MCCLINTOCK - Portrait of a House: a period piece
14111216-127: HELEN MCCLOY - He Never Came Back
13111008-94x: GARTH ENNIS; JOHN MCCREA - The Demon #44, February 1994
13111005-94x: GARTH ENNIS; JOHN MCCREA - The Demon #50, August 1994
13111004-94x: GARTH ENNIS; JOHN MCCREA - The Demon #45, March 1994
18022004-11: JAMES BYFORD MCCUDDEN - Flying Fury: Five Years in the Royal Flying Corps (Vintage Aviation Library #15)
97907-122: HUGH MCCUTCHEON - None Shall Sleep Tonight
14071022x19021-111: BRUCE W MCDANIEL - The Desert: God's Crucible
18032006-65: M B MCDERMOTT - Somerset Archaeology and Natural History: Proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society for 1974/5, Volume 119
96014-34: TRAVIS C MCDONALD - Emporia : A Centennial Retrospective, 1897-1987
15110701-28: IAN MCDONALD - Hearts, Hands and Voices. Uncorrected Book Proof
15081320-106: IAN MCDONALD - Speaking in Tongues
15082117Z-142: IAN MCDONALD - Desolation Road
15082105-142: IAN MCDONALD - Empire Dreams
19110926-94x: DWAYNE MCDUFFIE - Iron Man #251, mid-December 1989
93214-48: C HALDANE MCFALL - Masterfolk: Wherein is Attempted the Unravelling of the Strange Affair of My Lord Wyntwarde of Cavil & Miss Betty Modeyne
16031340-126: WILLIAM MCGIVERN - The Seven File
13090757-155: JANE MCILVAINE - Cammie's Challenge
913276-38: HERBERT MCKAY - Half Hours with Geology (New Playbooks of Science)
16022513-40: ERNEST LIONEL MCKEAG - Serat the Sheik
910415-33: VALERIE MCKENZIE - Some Sentimental Links: Early Australian Times
9913030-62: JACK MCKENZIE - Clan of Doom
9919717-21: GEORGE W WILLIS; BARBARA MCKENZIE - Historical Miscellany of Basingstoke
14071321-62: J WILSON MCLAREN - Edinburgh Memories and some Worthies
922337-84: EVE MCLAUGHLIN - Somerset House Wills from 1858
14093015-126: DUNCAN MCLELLAN - Crown and Covenant
13110908-153: SAPPER [H C MCNEILE] - The Best Short Stories (Classic Thrillers)
13110921-154: SAPPER (H C MCNEILE) - Tiny Carteret
16022404-136: FLORENCE MARIAN MCNEILL - Iona: a history of the island with descriprtive notes
99209-44: G R S MEAD - Apollonius of Tyana
921782-84: BRIAN A MEAD - The Borough of Christchurch, Hampshire Official Guide
15090203-31: SHEPHERD MEAD - The Ladies of the Lordleigh Club (and their incredible demands)
14022703-164: L T MEADE - Daughters of To-day
1601260955-93: THOMAS WILSON MEADE - Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society Vol. 55
1601260854-93: THOMAS WILSON MEADE - Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society Vol. 54
17061134-111: WILLIAM LE QUEUX; ARTHUR MEE; ET AL - The Sunday Strand: an Illustrated Home Monthly Vol.III January to June 1901
96681-31: CORNELIA MEIGS - Louisa M Alcott & the American Family Story (The Bodley Head Monographs)
99254-114: JANE M MEIRING - Sundays River Valley: its History & Settlement
17061004-104: JAMES MELLAART - Earliest Civilizations of the Near East (Library of Early Civilizations)
921038-106: MICHAEL MELLISH - The Docks after Devlin : A Study of the Effects of the Recommendations of the Devlin Committee on Industrial Relations in the London Docks
920224-14: FRANK MELLOR - Yorkshire, Quiet Places
16022507-164: GEORGE JOHN WHYTE MELVILLE - The Interpreter
99538-157: JENNIE MELVILLE - Witching Murder
920125-64: MERAY, SEHA L - Lozan'in bir Öncüsü: Prof. Ahmet Selâhattin Bey, 1878-1920
17032013-91: MERCURY - The Fascination of Our Railways: A Series of Instructive Railway Talks for Boys
911559-163: JAMES MEREDITH - Old Town Hastings: a Pictorial Guide
16120604-142: GEOFFREY MEREDITH - The Radium Rebels
18030506-23: JOHN MERRETT - How Britain's Waterways are Used
921388-144: JOHN N MERRIL - Peak District Walks 2. Long Walks for the Rambler
913095-127: HENRY SETON MERRIMAN - The Sowers
14031712-164: DICK MERRYMAN - Christmas Entertainments, 1740
17051402-145M: FRED E WEATHERLY; ADRIAN ROSS; ANDRÉ MESSAGER - The Ricksha Bells: song. No.2 in G. Voice and piano. Words by F E Weatherly & Adrian Ross (with an additional verse by B.B.), music by André Messager
17052303-145M: F E WEATHERLY; ADRIAN ROSS; ANDRÉ MESSAGER - Long Ago in Alcala: song. No.2 in Eb. Voice and piano. Words by F E Weatherly & Adrian Ross (with additional verse by B.B.), music by André Messager
921203-44: CHARLES MESSENGER - The Steadfast Gurkha : Historical Record of 6th Queen Elizabeth's Own Gurkha Rifles, Volume 3 1948-1982
919744-85: ELIZABETH MESSENGER - Publicity for Murder (Black Dagger Crime)
18022220-39: WILLIAM CROSSING; BRIAN LE MESSURIER - Crossing's Guide to Dartmoor: the 1912 Edition reprinted with new introduction
13061711-11: LEON METCALFE - Discovering the Thames: a motorist's guide to the best view points and the most interesting features
15042807-22: A E METTLER - Tamar Journal Number 7 1985
911259-82: BERNHARD MEWES - Brunswick: Tradition, Ruins, Rebuilding
921566-85: HANS MEYER - On a Visit to Vienna (Pearl Books)
914845-165: LAURENCE MEYNELL - Bessie Scudd: Fifty Years of a Woman's Life
15062038-24: LAURENCE W MEYNELL - Odds on Bluefeather: being the further adventures of Mr George Berkley
920483-144: JAN MICHAEL - The Lost Lover
14112808-28: MICHAEL AND MOLLY HARDWICK - The Sherlock Holmes Companion
919147-127: MICHAEL MOORCOCK, - The History of the Runestaff: The Jewel in the Skull; The Mad God's Amulet; The Sword of the Dawn; The Runestaff, Set in Slipcase
18010502-133: MICHEL ANGE (MICHAELANGELO) - Michel Ange: l'Oeuvre du maître. Peinture, sculpture, architecture. ouvrage illustré de 169 gravures
923084-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map Carte 89 Paris Sud 1938. 1:200000
923085-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map Carte 88 Paris Nord 1938. 1:200000
923090-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map 87 Wissembourg - Belfort. 1:200000
923092-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map 37 Portugal. 1:500000
923093-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map 2 Oostende - Bruxelles - Liège. 1:200000
13092305-115: MICHELIN - Niort - Châteauroux. Michelin Carte au 1:200000, 68
922790-43: MICHELIN - Vosges Lorraine-Alsace (Guides Verts) [French text]
922791-43: MICHELIN - Environs de Paris (Guides Verts)[French text]
922793-43: MICHELIN - Auvergne (Les Guides Vert) [French text]
922796-43: MICHELIN - Alpes Savoie Dauphine (Les Guides Vert) [French text]
922797-43: MICHELIN - Guide Dauphiné (Les Guides Vert) [French text]
922798-43: MICHELIN - Vallée du Rhône, Vivarais - Lyonnais (Les Guides Vert) [French text]
922799-43: MICHELIN - Guide Savoie (Les Guides Vert) [French text]
922784-43: MICHELIN - Pyrénées (Les Guides Vert) [French text]
922785-43: MICHELIN - Provence avec carte touristique (Les Guides Vert) [French text]
9922783-43: MICHELIN - French Riviera Côte d'Azur [Green Guide] English Edition
923066-115: MICHELIN - Grand Duché de Luxembourg. Michelin map 8. 1:200000
923078-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map 204 Allemagne. 1:200000
922789-43: MICHELIN - Austria and the Bavarian Alps [Green Guide][English text]
922858-115: MICHELIN - Cherbourg Caen Rouen 1:200000 Michelin Map 54
922916-43: MICHELIN - Italy (Green Guide)[English text]
922975-43: MICHELIN - 1985 Camping Caravaning France
923071-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map 62 Chaumont - Strasbourg. 1:200000
923074-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map 1 Antwerpen - Rotterdam. 1:200000
923075-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map 6 Kaart van Nederland Amsterdam - Nijmegen. 1955
923076-115: MICHELIN - Michelin Map 42 Burgos - S. Sebastián. 1:400000

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