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22695: HORN, ROBERT M. - Go Free! How God acquits us through Jesus Christ.
12875: HORN, ROBERT, M. - The book that speaks for itself.
43532: HORNE, THOMAS HARTWELL. - A Compendious Introduction to the Study of the Bible.
29070: HORNE, BRIAN. - A Question of Priesthood. Tracts for the Eighties.
17471: HORNE, BRIAN. - A Word to Gain. Incarnation and the Hope of Renewal.
44060: HORNE, THOMAS A. - Property Rights & Poverty. Political Argument in Britain, 1605-1834.
43151: HORNE, HENRY PERCY ( 1864-1916 ) . - An Illustrated Catalogue Of Engraved Portraits And Fancy Subjects Painted By Thomas Gainsborough, R.A., Published between 1760 and 1820 : And by George Romney, Published Between 1770 and 1830 with the variations of the plates by Henry Percy Horne .
35934: HORNE, JOHN FLETCHER. - The Buried Cities of Vesuvius: Herculaneum and Pompeii.
41113: HORNER, TOM. - Jonathan Loved David. Homosexuality in Biblical Times.
24745: HORROBIN, PETER AND LEAVERS, GREG. - Mission Praise. (Words Edition).
31581: HORSFIELD, REV L.A.E; KING, LAURENCE AND WISDOM, REV H.T. - A Pilgrim's Handbook for the Holy Land. (revised edition).
18285: HORSMAN, SARAH. - Living with Stress. A Guide for Ministers and Church Leaders.
29187: HORT, FENTON JOHN ANTHONY. - The Way the Truth the Life. (Hulsean Lectures for 1871).
34780: HORT, FENTON JOHN ANTHONY. - Sermons on the Books of the Bible.
4553: DAVIES HORTON. - Christian Deviations: The Challenge of the Sects.
40817: HORTON, ROBERT F. - The Hero of Heroes. A Life of Christ for Young People. (Illustrated by James Clark).
2684: HORTON, R.F. - The Growth of the New Testament. A Study of the Books in Order.
28606: HORTON, ROBERT F. - John Howe.
844: HORTON, ROBERT. - The teaching of Jesus.
6821: HORTON, WALTER MARSHALL. - Realistic Theology.
43215: HORTON, R.F. - The Cartoons of S.Mark.
43709: HOSKIN, MICHAEL. (EDITOR). - The Cambridge Concise History of Astronomy.
19240: HOSKING, HAROLD. - It's Only the Vicar. Tales from a Cornish Fishing Community a Quarter of a Century Ago.
11426: HOSKYNS, E.C. & DAVEY, NOEL. - Crucifixion-Resurrection. The Pattern of the Theology and Ethics of the New Testament.
28892: HOSMER, RACHEL AND JONES, ALAN. - Living in the Spirit.
38723: HOTSPUR. - My Own Easter Logbook. Hotspur Handy Books No.4.
38724: HOTSPUR. - Chang of the Crimson Claw. Adventure Vest Pocket Library No.4.
16430: HOUFE, ERIC. - Vision for Unity. A study of the seventeenth chapter of St John's Gospel.
11317: HOUGH, GRAHAM. - The Romantic Poets.
20032: HOUGHAM, E.R. - Plays of Perplexity.
25830: HOUGHTON, FRANK. - China Calling. (Revised and Enlarged by L.T. Lyall.)
14326: HOUGHTON, JOHN. - Issues Facing Society.
33607: HOUGHTON, RIGHT REV. FRANK. - Christian Unity: The Contribution of Some Interdenominational Agencies.
37970: HOUGHTON, BRYAN. - Saint Edmund: King and Martyr.
4133: HOULDEN, J L. - Connections. The Integration of Theology and Faith.
7713: HOULDEN, J.H. - Paul's Letters from Prison.
17390: HOULDEN, J.L. - The Pastoral Epistles 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus.
5837: HOULDEN, LESLIE, ELLIS, IEUAN, WILKINSON, ALAN. ET AL. - Catholic Anglicans Today. Edited by John Wilkinson.
4344: HOULDEN, LESLIE. - Truth Untold. Meditations on the Gospel.
17136: HOULDEN,J.L. - Explorations in Theology 3.
13342: HOULDEN, J.L. - Patterns of Faith. A study in the relationship between the New Testament and Christian doctrine.
3799: HOULDEN, J.L. - Backward into Light. The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus according to Matthew and Mark.
40125: HOULDEN, J.L. - The Public Face of the Gospel. New Testament Ideas of the Church.
4592: HOULDEN J.L. - Jesus: A Question of Identity.
40431: HOULDEN, J.H. - Paul's Letters from Prison.
32319: HOUSDEN, JAMES. - Plus James: A Bishop Looks Back.
24686: CHURCH HOUSE. - Being Human. A Christian Understanding of Personhood Illustrated with Reference to Power, Money, Sex and Time.
7830: CHURCH HOUSE. - Common Worship. Services and Prayers for the Church of England. Holy Communion.
9853: CHURCH HOUSE. - Generosity and Sacrifice. The report of the Clergy Stipends Review Group.
26627: CHURCH HOUSE. - Getting to Know Common Worship. Material to Help with the Introduction of Common Worship at the Local Level.
21220: CHURCH HOUSE. - Ministry at the Time of Death. Forms of Service and Prayers commended by the House of Bishops of the General Synod of the Church of England.
24687: CHURCH HOUSE. - Resourcing Archbishops. The Second Report of the Archbishop's Review Group on Bishop's Needs and Resources.
9854: CHURCH HOUSE. - Serving God in Church and Community. Vocations for Minority Ethnic Anglicans in the Church of England.
25184: CHURCH HOUSE. - The Passing Winter. (A Sequel to Seeds of Hope).
25185: CHURCH HOUSE. - The Psalter 1998. A Draft Text for Common Worship.
24688: CHURCH HOUSE. - To Lead and to Serve. The Report of the Review of the See of Canterbury.
25888: CHURCH HOUSE. - Work and the Future. Technology, World Development and Jobs in the Eighties.
17945: CHURCH HOUSE. - Cybernauts Awake! Ethical and Spiritual Implications of Computers, Information Technology and the Internet.
9428: METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE. - The Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church. Volume 2 1997.
9427: METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE. - The Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church. Volume 2.
15270: PUSEY HOUSE. - The Needs of the Church Today. A Course of Sermons Preached During the Michaelmas Term 1964 in the Chapel of Pusey House, Oxford.
25183: CHURCH HOUSE. - The Ordination of Women to the Priesthood. A Digest of the Second Report by the House of Bishops. (GS 829) (GS Misc 337).
25182: CHURCH HOUSE. - The Collects. Traditional Language. For use with Holy Communion Rite B.
25886: CHURCH HOUSE. - Good News in Our Times. The Gospel and Contemporary Cultures.
25180: CHURCH HOUSE. - Prisons: A Study in Vulnerability. A Collection of Essays from the Board of Social Responsibility.
40021: HOUSE OF BISHOPS' GROUP ON ISSUES IN HUMAN SEXUALITY/ /COX, JOANNA AND DAVIE, MARTIN. - Some Issues in Human Sexuality: A Guide to the Debate. Plus: A Companion to Some Issues in Human Sexuality. (booklet).
43069: HOUSE, W. J. [ WILLIAM JOSEPH HOUSE ] AND ROBUS, FREDK. [ FREDERICK ROBUS ] . - A Short History Of Great Dunmow Parish Church By W. J. House, D.D., Vicar of Dunmow and Rural Dean, And Fredk. Robus, Churchwarden 1919-1927.
25864: CHURCH HOUSE. - Not Just for the Poor. Christian Perspectives on the Welfare State.
16457: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. - Family Microwave Cookery.
43826: HOUSELANDER, CARYLL. - The Flowering Tree.
2426: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. - Angels & Ministers. Four Plays of Victorian Shade & Character. With drawings by Albert Rutherston.
2747: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE.(EDITOR). - What Can We Believe? Letters exchanged between Dick Sheppard and Laurence Housman.
1737: HOUSMAN,A.E. - The Name and Nature of Poetry. The Leslie Stephen Lecture delivered at Cambridge 9 May 1933.
33340: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. - Little Plays of St Francis: Sister Clare.
33590: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. - Bethlehem: A Nativity Play.
39325: HOUSSAYE, HENRY. - The Return of Napoleon. (Translated by T.C.Macaulay, with a Preface by Sir Fabian Ware).
22696: HOUSTON, GRAHAM. - Prophecy Now.
28893: HOUSTON, JAMES. - I Believe in the Creator.
44286: HOUSTON, MARY GALWAY (1871- ) / HORNBLOWER, FLORENCE S. - Ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, and Persian Costumes And Decorations. By Mary G. Houston and Florence S. Hornblower, Containing twenty-five full-page illustrations, sixteen of them in colour, and sixty line diagrams in the text.
8903: HOUTEPEN, ANTON. - People of God. A Plea for the Church.
42482: HOW, JEREMIAH . - The Freemason's Manual; or, Illustrations of Masonry, containing in addition to the rites sanctioned by the United Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter of England and Wales, the Mark and Mark Master, a full account of all the degrees....
37890: HOWARD-JONES, JILL. - An Essex Quiz Book. (Illustrations by Helen Fenton).
22164: HOWARD, DAVID M. - How Come, God? Reflections from Job about God and Puzzled Man.
22469: HOWARD, DONALD. - Christians Grieve Too.
10679: HOWARD, GEOFFERY. - Weep Not For Me.
848: HOWARD, J. AND INGRAM, J.J. - The Fundamentals of Religion.
17850: HOWARD, PETER. - Africa's Hour and Other Speeches.
17731: HOWARD, PETER. - Frank Buchman's Secret.
17853: HOWARD, PETER. - Through the Garden Wall. A Play.
15850: HOWARD, W.F. - Christianity according to St. John.
3001: HOWARD,M.F. AND HOUGHTON, G.C. - The Handbook and Directory of the Leys School. Twentieth edition. Brought up to December 31,1990.
2449: HOWARD, R.W. - Talks in Preparation for Confirmation.
28510: HOWARTH, PATRICK. - Attila. King of the Huns. The Man and the Myth.
39384: HOWARTH, OLIVE. (EDITED). - Textile Voices: Mill Life This Century.
28894: HOWAT, A.J. - Keeping in Time with Suffolk Churches. The Anglican Church in Suffolk. Service Times and Activities. Choristers and Campanologists.
30917: HOWAT, IRENE. - Light in the City. Stories from London City Mission.
7606: HOWAT, JOHN. - Concerning the Faith in Christ. Studies in the Christian Faith.
43284: HOWATT, REV. J.REID. - After Hours. or The Religion of Our Leisure Time. With Appendix on How To Form A Library For Twenty Shillings.
21412: HOWE, JOHN. - Anglicanism and the Universal Church. Highways and Hedges 1958-1984 (with an overview 1984-1990).
36387: HOWE, W.H. (COMPILER). - Everybody's Book of Epitaphs, Being for the Most Part What the Living Think of the Dead.
12699: HOWE, JOHN. - Highways and Hedges. Anglicanism and the Universal Church.
28511: HOWELL, DAVID LIVINGSTONE BEATH. - Through The Long Grass.
5279: HOWELL, REV. CLIFFORD S. J. (TRANSLATOR). - The Second Ecumenical Council Of The Vatican. Constitution On The Sacred LIturgy.
39731: HOWELL, NORMAN. - Formula One Racing with Marlboro McLaren Mercedes.
22008: HOWELLS, WILLIAM. - The Heathens. Primitive Man and His Religions.
44004: HOWITT, WILLIAM ( 1792-1879 ) . - The History of the Supernatural. In all Ages and Nations, and in all Churches, Christian and Pagan : Demonstrating a Universal Faith [ Two Volume Set .
18824: HOWKINS, K.G. - Religious Thinking and Religious Education.
36129: HOWKINS, F. - The Moriah Chapter No.34. The First Fifty Years.
39726: HOWSON, JOHN SAUL. - Before the Table. An Inquiry, Historical and Theological, into the True Meaning of the Consecration Rubric in the Communion Service of the Church of England.
41991: HOXIE JONES, MARY. - Rufus M. Jones. (Quaker Biographies series).
12189: HOYLAND, JOHN S. - The Clump of Bushes. Twenty-five Dramatic Readings.
34932: HOYLAND, GEOFFREY. - The Resurrection Pattern.
15594: HOYLE, PETER. - The Man in the Iron Mask.
42909: HOYLE, FRED / WICKRAMASINGHE, CHANDRA. - From Grains to Bacteria.
41478: HOYLE, FRED. - The Cosmogony of the Solar System.
41450: HOYLE, FRED; WICKRAMASINGHE, CHANDRA & WATKINS, JOHN. - Viruses From Space and Related Matters.
41479: HOYLE, FRED. - Home is Where the Wind Blows. Chapters from a Cosmologist's Life.
41457: HOYLE, FRED. - The Relation of Biology to Astronomy.
41452: HOYLE, FRED. - Evolution From Space.
4594: HSU AL. - The Single Issue.
14605: HTOON, U CHAN. - Buddhism and the age of Science.
24874: HUANG, QUENTIN K.Y. - Now I Can Tell. The Story of a Christian Bishop Under Communist Persecution.
9674: HUBBACK, EVA M. - The Population of Britain.
23630: HUBBARD, DAVID ALLAN. - More Psalms for all Seasons.
23631: HUBBARD, DAVID ALLAN. - Psalms for all Seasons.
23632: HUBBARD, DAVID ALLAN. - Teach us to Pray.
24079: HUBBARD, H.L. - As the Incense. Chapters on Prayer and the Spiritual Life.
41409: HUBBARD, L.RON. - Scientology a New Slant on Life.
34144: HUBBARD, L.RON. - Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.
34574: HUBBARD, RAY. - Spiritual Baptism.
34921: HUBBARD, ELBERT . [SUEDE BINDING] - Litle Journeys To The Homes Of Great Philosophers - Socrates . [suede binding] .
34967: HUBBARD, ELBERT . [ SUEDE LEATHER BINDING ] . - Little Journeys to the homes of English Authors by Elbert Hubbard - Robert Southey . [ suede leather binding ] .
34924: HUBBARD, ELBERT . [SUEDE BINDING] . - Little Journeys To The Homes Of Great Lovers Vol. XIX . [suede binding] .
34968: HUBBARD, ELBERT [ ROYCROFTERS ] . - Elbert Hubbard's Scrap Book : Containing the Inspired and Inspiring Selections Gathered During a Life Time of Discriminating Reading for His Own Use.
22697: HUBERY, DOUGLAS S. - Teaching the Christian Faith Today.
26200: HUBERY, DOUGLAS. - Youth Club Evangelism.
18623: HUBNER, HANS. - Law in Paul's Thought. A Contribution to the Development of Pauline Theology. (Translated by James C.G. Greig.)
33481: HUCKLESBY, GEORGE . - The Second Coming Of The Lord. The Hope Of The Beliver; The Hope Of The Church; The Hope Of Israel; The Hope Of Creation. Four Lectures, With Diagram, By George Hucklesby.
10486: HUDDLESTON, JOHN. - The Earth is but One Country.
12700: HUDDLESTON, TREVOR. - God's World.
16510: HUDDLESTON, TREVOR. - Naught for Your Comfort.
26760: HUDON, SISTER ROSEMARIE. - Nuns: Community Prayer and Change. (Preface by Bernard Haring.)
36419: HUDSON, EGBERT C. - A Concise Account of English Parish Registers.
9412: HUDSON, CANON WILFRID. - Springs in the North.
24484: HUDSON, KENNETH. - Exploring Cathedrals.
31703: HUDSON, KENNETH. - The Place of Women in Society.
19941: HUDSON, LIAM. - Human Beings: An Introduction to the Psychology of Human Experience.
2039: HUDSON, THOMSON JAY. - The Law of Psychic Phenomena. A Working Hypothesis for the Systematic study of Hypnotism, Spiritism, Mental Therapeutics, etc.
3043: HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY. - Milton & his Poetry.
3044: HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY. - Wordsworth & His Poetry.
37913: HUDSON, ROBERT R. AND TOWNSEND-HUDSON, SHELLEY. (COMPILERS). - Companions for the Soul. A Yearlong Journey of Miracles, Prayers, and Epiphanies.
37733: HUDSON, DR DOROTHY B. - Modern Parenthood: Keeping Your Children Healthy and Happy.
12600: HUEGEL, F.J. - John Looks at the Cross.
20344: HUELIN, GORDON. - The Church and the Churches. Christianity and Islam. 5.
28512: HUELIN, GORDON. - The Cross in English Life and Devotion.
22698: HUELIN, GORDON. - The Glorious Company. A Calendar of Saints and Heroes.
8838: HUELIN, GORDON. - The Steep Ascent of Heaven. Foreword by the Lord Bishop of London.
22950: HUFTEL, SHEILA. - Arthur Miller: The Burning Glass. (Introduction by J.C. Trewin.)
30555: VON HUGEL, BARON FRIEDRICH. - The Mystical Element of Religion as Studied in Saint Catherine of Genoa and Her Friends. (2 vol. set).
15203: HUGGET, JOYCE. - Marriage on the Mend.
19146: HUGGETT, FRANK E. - The Land Question and European Society.
28042: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Approaching Christmas. Meditations for Advent.
30821: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Approaching Easter. Meditations for Lent.
9520: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Conflict: Friend or Foe?
6131: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Listening to God.
10132: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Under The Caring Eye of God. Finding God in hospital.
16576: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Under the Caring Eye of God. Finding God in Hospital.
29981: HUGGETT, RICHARD. - The Truth about 'Pygmalion'.
8462: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - God's Springtime.
4628: MONTEFIORE HUGH. - Jesus across the Centuries. His relevance to our problems.
36462: HUGHAN, J. W. - LECHMERE VOLUNTEER LODGE, NO. 1874; MASEFIELD LODGE, NO. 2034; ARTER LODGE, NO. 2654; CAMPBELL, NO. 3643 . - Souvenir Of The Sixth Annual Festival Of The Four Lodges, November 7th, 1917. / "List of Lodges of Ancient Masons." (1753.)
36724: HUGHAN, WILLIAM JAMES . - Colonel Clerke's MS. ("Old Charges.") . A Transcript From The original MS. Of A.D. 1686. By Bro. W. J. Hughan, P.G.D. England, &c., &c. [ By Permission Of Col. Clerke. ] Reprinted From "The Freemason."
24747: HUGHES, ELIZABETH. - Living Faith. An Introduction to the Belief of Catholics Today.
12309: HUGHES, GERARD W. - In Search of a Way. Two Journeys of Spiritual Discovery.
28647: HUGHES, H. TREVOR. - Prophetic Prayer. A History of the Christian Doctrine of Prayer to the Reformation.
12409: HUGHES, H. TREVOR. - The Piety of Jeremy Taylor.
3381: HUGHES, H. TREVOR. - The Piety of Jeremy Taylor.
23873: HUGHES, HENRY G AND LOVERIDGE, JOHN W. - Textbook of Commerce.
25710: HUGHES, JOANNA M. - A Book of English Belief. Bede to Temple.
31720: HUGHES, JOHN JAY. - Stewards of the Lord: A Reappraisal of Anglican Orders.
5737: HUGHES, PHILIP E. - But for the Grace of God. Divine Initiative and Human Need.
29507: HUGHES, RICHARD. - Liturgical Language Today.
24981: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Christ is Back.
19242: HUGHES, SELWYN. - How to Live the Christian Life.
7714: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Marriage as God Intended.
31198: HUGHES, SELWYN. - My Story.
23874: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Revival. Times of Refreshing.
5344: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Sharing Your Faith. Evangelism as only you can do it.
22699: HUGHES, SELWYN. - The Christian Counsellor's Pocket Guide.
9521: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Understanding Guidance.
4134: HUGHES, GERARD W, - Oh God, Why? A Journey Through Lent for Bruised Pilgrims.
34076: HUGHES, SELWYN. - The Lord's Prayer. (Bible Classics series).
34193: HUGHES, R. KENT. - Ephesians: The Mystery of the Body of Christ. (Preaching The Word series).
41502: HUGHES, DOM ANSELM. - Pre-Conquest Antiphons from the Portiforium of Saint Wulstan.
5343: HUGHES, GERARD W. - God of Surprises.
43774: HUGHES, GERARD J. - Fidelity Without Fundamentalism. A Dialogue with Tradition.
43865: HUGHES, TED. - Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being.
20408: HUGHSON, SHIRLEY C. - The Fundamentals of the Religious State.
38431: HUGO, RICHARD. - The Hitler Diaries. A Novel.
44229: PIERRE-FRANÇOIS HUGUES D'HANCARVILLE ( 1719-1805 ) . - The Collection Of Antiquities From The Cabinet Of Sir William Hamilton / Collection des antiquités du cabinet de Sir William Hamilton / Die Antikensammlung aus dem Kabinett von Sir William Hamilton . Pierre-François Hugues D'Hancarville
25712: HUI, SIE SIOK. - Pastoral Letters to the Far East.
40630: HUIHUA, JIANYI HANYU. - Simple Chinese Conversation. (Supplement to China Reconstructs, October 1958).
15000: HULKE, MALCOLM. (EDITOR). - The Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine and Self-Help.
43059: HULL, MARK REGINALD(. 1897-197). - Borough Of Colchester. Short Guide To Roman Colchester By M. R. Hull, M.A., F.S.A. Price 2/6 .
22700: HULL, ALI. (ED). - Learning Together as God's Royal Family. Keswick 2002.
24295: HULL, ALISON (ED). - A Different Drumbeat. (2001 Keswick Year Book).
27232: HULL, REV. E.R. - What the Catholic Church Is and What She Teaches.
30418: HULSE, ERROLL. - Baptism and Church Membership.
3658: HUME, BASIL. - To Be A Pilgrim. A Spiritual Notebook.
16865: HUME, CARDINAL BASIL. - The Mystery of the Incarnation.
26897: HUME, DAVID. - The Natural History of Religion. (Edited with an Introduction by H.E. Root.)
33875: HUME, CARDINAL BASIL. - A Spiritual Companion. Reflections Through the Year. (compiled by Liam Kelly).
8248: HUME, BASIL. - Footprints of the Northern Saints.
40244: HUME, MARTIN A.S. - The Great Lord Burghley. A Study in Elizabethan Statecraft.
40725: HUME, FERGUS. - The Silver Bullet.
22701: HUMPHREYS, GORDON S. - An Early Harvest. A story of a Singer and His Song (Cyril Alexander Smellie).
31170: HUMPHREYS, ROBIN A. - The Evolution of Modern Latin America.
16042: HUMPHREYS, CHRISTMAS. - Buddhism.
855: HUNKIN, J.W. - Is it Reasonable to Believe?
44006: HUNT, W. HOLMAN ( WILLIAM HOLMAN HUNT 1827-1910 ) . - Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. By W. Holman Hunt, O.M., D.C.L. Two Volumes. With 40 photogravure plates, and other illustrations.
10794: HUNT, ALAN (ED). - Class & Class Structure.
28648: HUNT, CECIL. - Here I Lie. (With illustrations by Maurice Arthur.)
11467: HUNT, J.MCV. - Intelligence and Experience.
18287: HUNT, PATRICIA. - Let the Children Come. Children in the Church.
39742: HUNT, EDITH. - The History of Ware. (With an introduction by Reginald L. Hine, F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S).
5126: HUNTER A.M. - Preaching the New Testament.
15254: HUNTER JOHNSTON, D.A. - Church Synod State and Crown.
4878: HUNTER, A. M. - Introducing the New Testament. (Third Revised edition).
17979: HUNTER, A.M. - According to John.
22702: HUNTER, A.M. - Christ and the Kingdom.
20723: HUNTER, A.M. - Design for Life. An Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount.
13542: HUNTER, A.M. - Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians.
17981: HUNTER, A.M. - Gospel and Apostle.
11174: HUNTER, A.M. - Introducing New Testament Theology.
13543: HUNTER, A.M. - Jesus Lord and Saviour.
5838: HUNTER, A.M. - P.T. Forsyth. Per Crucem ad Lucem.
22353: HUNTER, A.M. - Paul and his Predecessors.
23378: HUNTER, A.M. - Taking the Christian View.
22068: HUNTER, A.M. - Teaching and Preaching the New Testament. (The Preacher's Library Series.)
15438: HUNTER, A.M. - The Fifth Evangelist.
22877: HUNTER, A.M. - The Gospel According to Saint Mark.
857: HUNTER, A.M. - The work and words of Jesus.
16692: HUNTER, A.M. - The Work and Words of Jesus.
8763: HUNTER, ALASTAIR G. - Psalms. Old Testament Readings.
16201: HUNTER, CAROL. - Vitamins. What they are and Why we need them.
12701: HUNTER, IAN M.L. - Memory. Facts and Fallacies.
21916: HUNTER, IAN. - Malcolm Muggeridge. A Life.
25918: HUNTER, JOHN. - Knowing God's Secrets. The Secret of the Effective Christian Life.
14607: HUNTER, LESLIE S. - The English Church. A New Look.
11519: HUNTER, LESLIE STANNARD. - A Mission of the People of God being a Picture of an English Diocese and a Visitation Charge in A.D. 1960.
32097: HUNTER, LESLIE STANNARD. - Church Strategy in a Changing World.
11634: HUNTER, LESLIE. (BISHOP OF SHEFFIELD). - The Seed and The Fruit. Christian Morality in a time of Transition.
19942: HUNTER, R.H., & BROWN, T.H.C. - Battle Coast. An Illustrated History of D-Day, the Sixth of June, 1944.
5660: HUNTER, SIR WILLIAM. - The Old Missionary. (Illustrations by Major-General Sir Charles D'Oyly,Bart).
42998: HUNTER, ROBERT / LEWIS, R. R. (INTRODUCTION) [ RICHARD RICE LEWIS ] . - William Hunter d. 26 March 1555, Aged 19 years. An account of his death written by his brother Robert Hunter and included in the 2nd Edition of John Foxe's Acts and Monuments 1570. With an Introduction and Notes by R. R. Lewis, M.A.
43192: HUNTER, LESLIE S. - The Parish Church of Barking. How to Look at it.
36684: HUNTINGFORD, G.W.B. - The Nandi. (The Peoples of Kenya No.11).
38268: HUPCHICK, DENNIS P. AND COX, HAROLD E. - The Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of Eastern Europe.(Revised and Updated).
42434: HURD, MICHAEL. - The Ordeal of Ivor Gurney.
17982: HURDING, ROGER F. - Restoring the Image. An introduction to Christian Caring and Counselling.
33112: HURLEY, DERMOT. - Our Daily Prayer. A Catholic Prayer Book.
38265: HURLEY, BERYL. - The Book of Trades or Library of Useful Arts Volume III 1818.
38263: HURLEY, BERYL. - The Book of Trades or Library of Useful Arts 1811. Part I.
42840: HURLEY, MICHAEL. - Transforming Your Parish. Building a Faith Community.
36069: HURR, C. W. S. [ CYRIL WALTER SAMPSON HURR ]. - Tales and Revelations by a Suffolk Freemason .
14014: HURRELL, ELAINE. - Dormice. Animals of Britain No. 10.
43167: HURREY, MARJORY. - The Great Adventure. Adventures of the Apostles.
12977: HURST, ANTHONY. - Rendering unto Caesar. Towards a Frame work for Integrating Paid Employment with Christian Belief.
40967: HURST, GEORGE H./ SIMMONS, W.H. - Textile Soaps and Oils. (with 12 illustrations).
42479: HURWITZ, DAVID. - Brahms' Symphonies. (Magnum Opus Series).
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35427: 16TH CENTURY BIBLE - GENEVA VERSION WITH TOMSON'S NEW TESTAMENT AND JUNIUS' REVELATION . - The Bible: That Is, The Holy Scriptures conteined in the Olde and Newe Testament: Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuers languages. With most profitable annotations upon all the hard places...
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15678: KAPLAN, JUSTIN. - Lincoln Steffens. A Biography.
15355: KAPLAN, JUSTIN. - Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain. A Biography.
19492: KAPLAN, LOUISE J. - Oneness and Separateness: From Infant to Individual.
15599: KAPLAN, JUSTIN. - Walt Whitman. A Life.
43609: KAPPEL, A.W. [ AUGUST WILHELM KAPPEL ] AND KIRBY, W. EGMONT [ WILLIAM EGMONT KIRBY] . - British and European Butterflies and Moths (Macrolepidoptera). By A.W. Kappel and W. Egmont Kirby ; With Thirty Coloured Plates By H. Deuchert and S. Slocombe.
43314: KARASZ, MARISKA. - Good Housekeeping: Show Me How To Sew. A Picture Book for Children.
43799: KARBO, JOE. - The Lazy Man's Way to Riches.
16330: KARICKAM, DR. ABRAHAM. - Fifty Love Poems.
20349: KARSTORP, LENNART. - May I have a word with you, Lord? Prayers when you are ill.
8394: KASDORF, HANS, MULLER, KLAUS W., (HG). - Bilanz und Plan: Mission an der Schwelle zum Dritten Jahrtausend.
31882: KASEMANN, ERNST. - Commentary on Romans.
41281: KASPER, WALTER. - The God of Jesus Christ.
6623: KASTNER, ERICH. - Emil and the Detectives. Trans. from the German by Eileen Hall.
5120: HEASMAN KATHLEEN. - Home family & Community.
4603: JONES KATHLEEN (EDITOR). - Living the Faith. A Call to the Church.
34289: KAUFFMANN, C.M. - The Barbizon School. (Victoria and Albert Museum).
15912: KAUFMAN, BEATRICE AND HENNESSEY, JOSEPH.(EDITORS). - The Letters of Alexander Woollcott.
20162: KAUTER, DR. A. - Die Wichtigsten Futterpflanzen.
913: KAUTZSCH,E. - Die Apokryphen und Pseudepigraphen des Alten Testaments in Verbindung mit Fachgenossen ubersetzt und herausgegeben von E. Kautzsch. 2 vols.
44052: KAVANAGH, DENNIS. - Politics & Personalities.
15679: KAVANAUGH, FATHER JAMES. - A Modern Priest looks at his Outdated Church.
13263: KAY, GRAEME & STACEY, CHRIS. - The Coronation Street Quiz Book (Special Anniversary Edition).
22356: KAY, J. ALAN. - The Nature of Christian Worship.
20727: KAY, WILLIAM. - Moral Development. A Psychological Study of Moral Growth from Childhood to Adolescence.
22072: KAYE, B.N., & WENHAM, G.H. (EDITORS.) - Law, Morality and the Bible. A Symposium. (Preface by J.I. Packer.)
12312: KAYE, BRUCE. - Obeying Christ in a Changing World. 3. The Changing World.
12809: KAYE, M.M. - The Sun in the Morning. Being the first part of "Share of Summer". The autobiography of M.M. Kaye.
29869: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS. - Zorba the Greek. (Translated by Carl Wildman.)
29279: KEABLE, ROBERT. - This Same Jesus: Meditations on the Manifestation of Christ Today.
12192: KEAN, CHARLES DUELL. - The Meaning of Existence.
40528: KEANE, A.H. - Handbook of the History of the English Language. For the Use of Teacher and Student.
9034: KEANE, PHILIP S. - Sexual Morality. A Catholic Perspective.
26486: KEATING, REV. JOSEPH. - Does the Catholic Church Persecute?
35543: KEATING, THOMAS. - The Mystery of Christ: The Liturgy as Spiritual Experience.
39841: KEATS, JOHN. - Selected Poems of John Keats.
40647: KEATS, JOHN. - When the Night Doth Meet the Noon. (Selected and with an introduction by Pamela Todd).
12810: KEAY, JOHN. - Explorers Extraordinary.
43145: KEBLE, JOHN 1792-1866. - The Christian Year. [With a portrait.] . By the late Rev. John Keble, M.A. Rector of Hursley .
18837: KEE, ALISTAIR. - Seeds of Liberation. Spiritual Dimensions to Political Struggle.
4137: KEE, ALISTAIR. - From Bad Faith to Good News.
7612: KEE, ALISTAIR. - Nietzsche Against The Crucified.
19247: KEE, ALISTAIR. - The Way of Transcendence. Christian Faith without Belief.
33597: KEE, HOWARD CLARK. - Christianity. (Major World Religions series).
44078: O'KEEFE, DANIEL LAWRENCE. - Stolen Lightning. The Social Theory of Magic.
23754: KEEGAN, TOM. (EDITOR.) - The Little Book of Naughty Limericks.
35761: KEELING, WILLIAM, [EDITOR] - Liturgiae Britannicae : or, The several editions of the Book of common prayer of the Church of England, from its compilation to the last revision : together with the liturgy set forth for the use of the Church of Scotland...
17479: KEELING, MICHAEL. - Morals in a Free Society.
20040: KEEN, EVELYN RAY. - The Aston Story. A History of Aston Charities Trust Ltd.
17191: KEEP, DAVID. - St Boniface and His World. A booklet to commemorate the thirteen hundredth anniversary of his birth at Crediton in Devon.
27237: KEEPING, S.F. - St. Bartholomew's Church, Quorn. 1868-1968.
42988: KEEPING, S. F. [ STANLEY FRANK KEEPING ] . - A Guide To St. Bartholomew's Church, Quorn In The Diocese Of Leicester, By S. F. Keeping, Secretary To The Parochial Church Council.
23384: KEESECKER, WILLIAM F. - A Calvin Treasury. Selections from The Institutes of the Christian Religion.
22357: KEIR, THOMAS H. - The Word in Worship. Preaching and its setting in Common Worship..
16331: KEISER, FATHER MICHAEL. - Children of the Promise. An Introduction to Western Orthodoxy.
5078: CLEMENTS KEITH W. - Lovers of Discord. 20th century theological controversies in England.
42016: KEITH, HADDOW M. - Convulsive Disorders in Children. With Reference to Treatment with Ketogenic Diet.
15736: KEITH, REV. KHODADAD. - The Social Life of a Jew in the Time of Christ.
7368: KEITH, SIR ARTHUR. - The Place of Prejudice in Modern Civilization. (Prejudice and Politics). Being the substance of a Rectorial Address to the Students of Aberdeen University.
33857: KELDANY, HERBERT. - The ABC of the Vatican Council.
19149: KELEMEN, JULIE. - Advent is for Children. Stories, Activities, Prayers.
30452: KELLENBENZ, HERMANN. - The Rise of the European Economy. An Economic History of Continental Europe 1500-1750. (revised and edited by Gerhard Benecke).
18625: KELLER, ERNST & MARIE-LUISE. - Miracles in Dispute. A Continuing Debate. (Translated by Margaret Kohl from the German.)
4945: KELLER, JOHN E. - Ministering to Alcoholics.
35667: KELLER, W. PHILLIP. - Rabboni: Which is to Say, Master.
15737: KELLY, J.N.D. - A Commentary on The Epistles of Peter and of Jude.
8997: KELLY, J.N.D. - The Pastoral Epistles. I & II Timothy, Titus.
26665: KELLY, J.N.D. - What Is Catholicism?
24302: KELLY, JAMES. - A Spiritual Journey In The Holy Land.
24086: KELLY, KEVIN T. - Life and Love. Towards a Christian Dialogue on Bioethical Questions.
19406: KELLY, PETER. - Roman Catholicism.
24085: KELLY, CHRISTINE. (ED). - Feminism V. Mankind.
4735: KELLY, JOHN. N. D. (FORWORD BY LORD RAMSEY.) - Aspects of the Passion.
6292: KELLY, KEVIN T. - Divorce and Second Marriage. Facing the Challenge.
42978: KELLY, MICHAEL. - Jousts of Aphrodite. Erotic Verse Translated from the Original Greek.
34659: KELLY, W. - The Preaching to The Spirits in Prison: 1 Peter III. 18-20.
7232: KELLY, WILLIAM. - The Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians. Translated from a correct text, and expounded by William Kelly.
42345: KELLY, J.N.D. - Early Christian Doctrines.
28131: KELLY, ROBERT. ET AL. - Liturgical Hymns Old & New.
41841: KELLY, NORAH. - St Brigit of the Mantle. A Christmas Mystery Play.
39964: KELMAN, JOHN. - The Faith of Robert Louis Stevenson.
41195: KELMAN, JANET HARVEY AND WOOD, THEODORE. - The Sea-Shore. Shown to the Children.
16463: KELSEY, MORTON T. - Christo-Psychology.
18838: KELSEY, MORTON T. - The Christian and the Supernatural.
26762: KELSEY, MORTON. - Encounter with God: A Theology of Christian Experience.
34332: KELSO, ANDY. - Drama in Worship. (Ministry and Worship No.35).
28268: KEMP, ANTHONY. - Witchcraft and Paganism Today.
29697: KEMP, BARRY. - 100 Hieroglyphs: Think Like an Egyptian. (Illustrations by Andy Boyce.)
33263: KEMP, SARAH. - The Lure of Sweet Death. (A Doctor Tina May Mystery Thriller).
42159: KEMP, IAN. - Hector Berlioz. Les Troyens. (Cambridge Opera Handbooks).
10137: KEMPF, PLACIDUS, O.S.B. (COMPILER). - This is your Mother.
41864: A KEMPIS, THOMAS. - The Chronicle of the Canons Regular of Mount St Agnes. (Translated by J.P.Arthur).
27440: A KEMPIS, THOMAS (TRANSLATED BY E.M. BLAIKLOCK). - The Imitation of Christ.
935: KEMPIS, THOMAS A. - The Imitation of Christ.
17734: KEMPSTER, M.H.A. - Materials for Engineers.
5133: KENDALL R.T. - Tithing. A call to serious, biblical giving.
23638: KENDALL, E. LORNA. - If Any Man Build. The Spiritual Life in the New Testament.
16050: KENDALL, E. LORNA. - Watchmen Upon Thy Walls. European Masters of the Spiritual Life.
21590: KENDALL, JOHN & JOAN. - Man Alive. An Anthology.
22708: KENDALL, R.T. - The God of the Bible. A Personal Introduction Based on Four Years of Spring Harvest Bible Readings.
15062: KENDALL,R.T. FOREWORD GRAHAM, BILLY. - Stand Up and Be Counted.
12878: KENDALL, R.T. - Who By Faith.
42764: KENDALL, HUGH P. - The Streets of Whitby and Their Associations.
44151: KENDALL, HUGH P. [ HUGH PERCY KENDALL ] . - The Story of Whitby Jet. Its Workers From Earliest Times. By Hugh P. Kendall former Honorary Curator of Whitby Museum.
33621: KENDALL, GUY. - Robert Raikes: A Critical Study of the Founder of the Sunday School.
37799: KENDON, FRANK. - Cage & Wing.
37800: KENDON, FRANK. - Each Silver Fly.
37798: KENDON, FRANK. - Jacob & Thomas: Darkness.
11904: KENDRICK, GRAHAM. - Shine Jesus Shine. Celebrating Jesus on the streets of the world.
18487: KENDRICK, GRAHAM. - Ten Worshipping Churches.
8255: KENDRICK, T.D. - The Druids.
36093: KENDRICK, GEORGE W. / LAMBERTON, JAMES M. / SACHSE, JULIUS F. - FREEMASONS. GRAND LODGE OF PENNSYLVANIA. - Proceedings of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania, and masonic jurisdiction thereunto belonging...
29511: KENNABY, NOEL M. - To Start You Praying. Everyman's Guide to Intercession for the World Wide Church.
7477: KENNEDY, EUGENE. - On Becoming a Counsellor. A basic guide for non-professional counsellors.
10037: KENNEDY, EUGENE. - On Becoming a Counsellor. A Basic Guide for Non-Professional Counsellors.
21138: KENNEDY, JILL & VARRALL, JANE. - Silk Painting. Techniques and Ideas.
15738: KENNEDY, MICHAEL. - The Oxford Dictionary of Music (New edition).
3330: KENNEDY,JOHN. - The God Whom We Ignore.
32577: KENNEDY, WILLIAM SLOANE. - Reminiscences of Walt Whitman with Extracts from his Letters and Remarks on his Writings.
33791: KENNEDY, JAMES. - Margaret Stephen Kennedy.
33877: KENNEDY, WILLIAM SLOANE. - Oliver Wendell Holmes: Poet, Litterateur, Scientist.
34011: KENNEDY, ROBERT E. - Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit: The Place of Zen in Christian Life.
34080: KENNEDY, DOUGLAS. - In God's Country. Travels in the Bible Belt, USA.
35831: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - Profiles in Courage.
40514: KENNEDY, JOHN. - The Gospels: Their Age and Authorship.
22073: KENNELLY, BRENDAN. - Breathing Spaces. Early Poems.
23883: KENNELLY, BRENDAN. - Glimpses.
8219: BROTHER KENNETH. C.G.A. - Saints of the 20th Century.
4574: GREET KENNETH G. - Fully Connected. A Volume of Memoirs.
5115: GREET KENNETH G. - The Big Sin. Christianity and the arms race.
4608: LEECH KENNETH. - Spirituality and Pastoral Care.
4673: SLACK KENNETH. - Despatch from New Delhi.
4610: LEECH KENNETH. - Soul Friend. A Study of Spirituality.
40552: KENNETT, ROBERT H. - In Our Tongues. Some Thoughts for Readers of the English Bible.
13732: KENNY, ANTHONY. - Reason and Religion. Essays in Philosophical Theology.
17863: KENRICK, ROSEMARY. - Culinary Herbs. A WI Gardening Skills guide to growing, storing and using kitchen herbs.
11041: KENT, HOWARD. - Day by Day Yoga.
24088: KENT, JOHN. - William Temple. Church, State and Society in Britain, 1880-1950.
34991: KENT, CHARLES FOSTER. - The Heroes and Crises of Early Hebrew History. From the Creation to the Death of Moses.
42925: KENWORTHY, J. W. [ KENWORTHY, JAMES WRIGHT ] . - Ancient Braintree. NIcholas Udall, Vicar. Part I. [And] Nicholas Udall And The Braintree Plays Part II. [Both] By The Rev. J. W. Kenworthy.
40960: KENWORTHY, REV. J.W. - A Relic Found at Braintree. An Investigation and a History.
43065: KENWORTHY, J. W. [ KENWORTHY, JAMES WRIGHT ] . - A Memorial Of Ancient Braintree. NIcholas Udall, Vicar. Part I. By The Rev. J. W. Kenworthy, Colchester (Sometime Vicar of Braintree).
42880: KENWORTHY, J. W. - Historic Braintree. Former Vicar recalls the Roman Occupation. - [ Reprinted From The "Essex Herald," Tuesday, October 25th, 1910. ]
945: KENWRICK, JOYCE. - The Religious Quest. A Study in the Development of the Religious Sentiment.
42209: KENYON, MAX. - Harpsichord Music.
19589: KENYON, DR JULIAN N. - 21st Century Medicine. A Layman's Guide to the Medicine of the Future.
16206: KENYON, J.P. - The Stuarts.

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