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28036: HANNAU, HANS W. (PHOTOGRAPHY), & GARRARD JEANNE. - Fairchild Tropical Garden.
11564: HANNON, RUTH. - Old Testament for Children.
769: HANSFORD JOHNSON, PAMELA. - The Humbler Creation.
3121: HANSON, ANTHONY T. - The Pioneer Ministry.
8999: HANSON, ANTHONY TYRRELL. - Studies in Paul's Technique and Theology.
5590: HANSON, ANTHONY. - The Meaning of Unity. A Study of a Biblical Theme.
6615: HANSON, ANTHONY. (EDITOR). - Vindications. Essays on the historical basis of Christianity.
3467: HANSON, ANTHONY.(EDITOR). - Teilhard Reassessed. A Symposium of Critical Studies in the Thought of Pere Teilhard de Chardin attempting an Evaluation of his place in contemporary Christian thinking.
22064: HANSON, DERRICK. - God and the Profits. A Study of Christianity and Business.
770: HANSON, R.P.C. - Difficulties for Christian Belief.
12242: HANSON, R.P.C. - GOD: Creator, Saviour, Spirit.
16860: HANSON, R.P.C. - The Acts in the Revised Standard Version.
21904: HANSON, R.P.C. - The Second Epistle to the Corinthians. Christ and Controversy.
15350: HANSON, RICHARD. - Christian Priesthood Examined.
40419: HANSON, E. H. & VAN ZWANENBERG, D. F. - The British Union Lodge No. 114 1962-1987 by W.Bro. E. H. Hanson P.A.G.D.C. and W. Bro. D.F. van Zwanenberg P.P.G.S.D.
19236: HANSON, ANTHONY. - Church, Sacraments and Ministry.
4996: HANSON, RICHARD & FULLER, REGINALD. - The Church of Rome. A Dissuasive.
15315: O'HARA, JOHN. - Sermons and Soda-Water.
39001: O'HARA, JOHN. - Pal Joey.
27698: HARBERT, BRUCE. - Lent with the Fathers. Readings Selected and Translated.
29497: HARDILL, ALAN. - Shakespeare and The Lost Myth.
24287: HARDIMAN, MICHAEL. - Ordinary Heroes. A Future for Men.
3158: HARDING WOOD, MRS G.R. - The Bible Speaks to Women.
26882: HARDING, REV. JOHN. (EDITOR). - Confesson and Absolution being the SIxth Book of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity by that Learned and Judicious Divine Mr Richard Hooker.
11485: HARDING, WILLIAM HENRY.(ED). - Finney's Life and Lectures. Selected Lectures by Charles Grandison Finney. Edited with original notes and sketch of the Author's life by William Henry Harding.
30762: HARDING, WINTON. - Saxifrages: The Genus Saxifraga in the Wild and in Cultivation.
41739: HARDING, GEORGINA. - The Solitude of Thomas Cave.
8098: HARDING, JOAN N. - Three Generations and Other Talks to Women.
36804: HARDING, KATHLEEN. - "All Are Called to Serve."
41329: HARDING, WILLIAM H. - The Life of George Muller. (Heroes of the Faith series).
37984: HARDMAN, OSCAR. - "But I Am A Catholic!" An Anglican Rejoinder to the Roman Claim.
42736: HARDMAN, REV. J.W. - Stories and Teaching on the Litany.
772: HARDMAN, OSCAR. - The Christian Doctrine of Grace.
775: HARDWICK, J.C. - Freedom and Authority in Religion.
776: HARDWICK, J.C. - No Casual Creed.
26191: HARDWICK, J.C. - Totalitarianiam. What it Really Means. (The Interpreter Series. No.8).
27070: HARDWICK, SUSAN. - Lifelines: For the Carer.
27071: HARDWICK, SUSAN. - Lifelines: For the Dying.
27072: HARDWICK, SUSAN. - Lifelines: For the Stressed, Anxious, Depressed.
27073: HARDWICK, SUSAN. - Lifelines: For Those in Troubled Relationships.
15646: HARDWICK,J.M.D.(EDITOR). - Emigrant in Motley. The Journey of Charles and Ellen Kean in quest of a theatrical fortune in Australia and America, as told in their hitherto unpublished letters.
14840: HARDWICK, ELIZABETH. - Bartleby in Manhattan and other Essays.
774: HARDWICK, J.C. - What To Believe.
39216: HARDWICK, CHARLES (EDITOR) . - The Quarterly Magazine Of The Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity Friendly Society. Edited By Charles Hardwick, P.G.M. Vol. X. - New Series. January, 1875, to October, 1876 .
39215: HARDWICK, CHARLES (EDITOR) . - The Quarterly Magazine Of The Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity Friendly Society. Edited By Charles Hardwick, P.G.M. Vol. IX. - New Series. January, 1873, to October, 1874 .
36806: HARDWICKE, OWEN. - The Gospel and Social Justice.
39233: HARDWICKE, GLYN. - Keepers of the Door. The History of the Port of London Authority Police.
777: HARDY, ALEC O. - The Cross and the Reign of God.
20985: HARDY, D.W., & SEDGWICK, P.H. (EDITORS). - The Weight of Glory: A Vision and Practice for Christian Faith: The Future of Liberal Theology.
18979: HARDY, PETER. - A Lifetime of Badgers.
18559: HARDY, SIR ALISTER. - The Divine Flame. Natural History and Religion.
1766: HARDY, SIR THOMAS DUFFUS - The Athanasian Creed In Connexion With The Utrecht Psalter, Being A Report To The Right Honourable Lord Romilly, Master Of The Rolls, On A Manuscript In The University Of Utrecht.
778: HARDY, THOMAS J. - Christianity Misunderstood.
31590: HARDY, THOMAS. - The Complete Poems. (Edited by James Gibson).
40673: HARDY, ROBINA F; SWAN, ANNIE S AND SAXBY, JESSIE M.E. - Life To Those That Are Bound.
43911: HARDY, G.H. - A Mathematician's Apology. (Foreword by C.P.Snow).
42067: HARDY, GLADYS M. - Nursing & Treatment of Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis.
43293: HARE, WILLIAM LOFTUS. - Mysticism of East and West. Studies in Mystical and Moral Philosophy.
10771: HAREWOOD, THE EARL OF. (EDITOR). - Kobbe's Complete Opera Book.
11451: HARGREAVES, DAVID H. - Social Relations in a Secondary School.
29067: HARGREAVES, JOHN. - A Guide to 1. Corinthians.
29068: HARGREAVES, JOHN. - A Guide to Philippians.
6543: HARGREAVES, JOHN. - A Guide to St. Mark's Gospel.
8101: HARGREAVES, JOHN. - A Guide to The Book of Genesis.
8099: HARGREAVES, JOHN. - A Guide to the Book of Genesis. TEF Study Guide 3.
9873: HARING, BERNARD. - Acting on the Word. "Blessed are they who hear the word of God and act on it".
24065: HARING, BERNARD. - Christian Maturity. Holiness in Today's World.
24066: HARING, BERNARD. - Evangelization Today. (New Edition).
26395: HARING, BERNARD. - Proclaiming Joy. (Translated by Edward Quinn.)
24067: HARING, BERNARD. - The Sacrament of Reconciliation.
9169: HARING, HERMANN, & KUSCHEL, KARL-JOSEF. - Hans Kung. His Work and his Way. Trans. by Robert Nowell.
11475: HARING, NORRIS.G. AND PHILLIPS, E.LAKIN. - Educating Emotionally Disturbed Children.
32868: HARLAND, GORDON. - The Thought of Reinhold Niebuhr.
36794: HARLAND, R. A. L. (EDITOR) . - Transactions Of The Masonic Study Circle. Volume XXV. 1950-1951 .
32996: HARLEY, LAURENCE S. - The Clay Tobacco-Pipe in Britain. With Special Reference to Essex and East Anglia.
10939: HARLEY, REV. CLIFFORD. - Every Eye Shall See Him. A Study in the promised Second Coming of Christ.
44753: HARLEY, BELINDA. - Mad About The Dog. (Signed).
10613: HARMAR, HILARY. - The Dobermann.
9874: HARMER, CATHERINE M. - Religious Life in the 21st Century. A Contemporary Journey into Canaan.
16620: HARMS, PAUL. - Power form the Pulpit. Delivering the Good News. (The Preacher's Workshop Series. Book 7).
43680: HARMSWORTH, CECIL. - Dr Johnson. A Great Englishman.
3250: HARNACK, ADOLF. - The Apostles' Creed. A translation from an article in the third edition of Herzog's Realencyclopadie by the Rev. Stewart Means. Revised and edited by Thomas Bailey Saunders.
38795: HARNACK, CURTIS. - Persian Lions, Persian Lambs. An Odyssey in Iran.
10303: HARPER, MICHAEL. - Bishops' Move. Six Anglican Bishops share their experience of Renewal.
12440: HARPER, HOWARD. - The Vestryman's Manual.
18480: HARPER, KENNETH. - The Story of the Lakeland Diocese 193-1966.
8673: HARPER, MICHAEL. - A New Way of Living. (Foreword by the Bishop of Coventry).
11038: HARPER, MICHAEL. - Let My People Grow. Ministry and Leadership in the Church.
18481: HARPER, MICHAEL. - None Can Guess.
17063: HARPER, MICHAEL. - Power for the Body of Christ.
8672: HARPER, MICHAEL. - Spiritual Warfare.
8035: HARPER, MICHAEL. - The Love Affair.
5725: HARPER, MICHAEL. - Walk in the Spirit.
33577: HARPER, REV, T. - The Christian's Consolation and Triumph: Exemplified in the Lives and Sufferings of the Glorious Martyrs. by the Revd: T: Harper; Minister of St. Georges Chapel, Surry; ... with a recommendatory preface & introduction by the Revd: K: L: Kirkman .
13539: HARPER, MICHAEL. - As at the Beginning. The Twentieth Century Pentecostal Revival.
6373: HARPER, MICHAEL. - This is the Day. A fresh look at Christian Unity.
41627: HARPER, J. WILSON. - Christian Ethics and Social Progress.
21056: HARRIES, JOHN. - Discovering Churches.
6617: HARRIES, RICHARD. - Being a Christian.
5340: HARRIES, RICHARD. - Christ is Risen.
27699: HARRIES, RICHARD. - Christianity and War in a Nuclear Age.
4128: HARRIES, RICHARD. - Prayer and the Pursuit of Happiness. Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book.
6618: HARRIES, RICHARD. - Prayers of grief and glory.
7044: HARRIES, RICHARD. (BISHOP OF OXFORD). - The Real God. A Response to Anthony Freeman's 'God in Us'.
4873: HARRIES, RICHARD. (EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY). - Reinhold Niebuhr and the the Issues of our Time.
7600: HARRIES, RICHARD. (EDITED BY). - What Hope in an Armed World?
16129: HARRIES, RICHARD. - The One Genius. Readings Through the year with Austin Farrer.
39454: HARRINGTON, DONAL. - Parish Renewal. Volume 1. Reflecting on the Experience.
23864: HARRINGTON, WILFRED J. - The Gracious Word. Commentary on Sunday and Holy Day Readings. (Year A).
11039: HARRINGTON, WILFRID. - Mark. New Testament Message 4.
24068: HARRIOTT, JOHN. - Fields of Praise. The Glory of Being Human.
42801: HARRIS, STANLEY S. - The Master and His Boys.
779: HARRIS, CHARLES. - Pro Fide. A Text-book of Modern Apologetics for Theological Students, Ministers of Religion, and Others.
39824: HARRIS, JOHN. - Lays from the Mine, the Moor, and the Mountain.
21251: HARRIS, ALAN. - Questions about Sex.
17552: HARRIS, AMY AND THOMAS. - Staying OK.
18808: HARRIS, CHARLES. - Faith - Sharing Teams. (Grove Evangelism No.7).
11518: HARRIS, GORDON E. - A Ministry Renewed
27495: HARRIS, GORDON E. - The Way of Acceptance. (Sermons for Today. No.2).
30941: HARRIS, J.C. - Couriers of Christ. Pioneers of the London Missionary Society.
24069: HARRIS, J.G. - Test Yourself. St. Mark. (Celtic Revision Aids).
21581: HARRIS, R.W. - Reason and Nature in 18th Century Thought.
2042: HARRIS, RENDEL. - An Early Christian Psalter.
29994: HARRIS, RICHARD. - Discovering Timber-Framed Buildings.
6124: HARRIS, ROSEMARY, AND HOWARD-JOHNSTON, XENIA. - Christian Appeals from Russia. Introduction by Michael Bourdeaux.
20932: HARRIS, ROSEMARY. - The Lotus and the Grail. Legends from East to West. (Illustrated by Errol Le Cain).
9170: HARRIS, W. STUART. (EDITOR). - Eyes on Europe.
14439: HARRIS, W.B. - The First Epistle of St.Paul to the Corinthians. Introduction and Commentary.
14217: HARRIS, W.T AND PARRINDER, E.G. - The Christian Approach to The Animist.
38126: HARRIS, JOHN. - The Town Reeves of Bungay 1725-1986.
41301: HARRIS, H. WILSON. (EDITOR). - Christianity and Communism.
43275: HARRIS, THADDEUS MASON . - A Dictionary Of The Natural History Of The Bible; Or, A Description Of All The Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, And Insects, Trees, Plants, Flowers, Gums And Precious Stones, Mentioned In The Sacred Scriptures...
33708: HARRIS, STUART L. - Parish in the Past. Historical Notes about the Parish of Slateford Longstone.
4332: HARRIS, JEFFREY. (EDITOR). - The Magnetic South. Living Churches in London and the South East.
34936: HARRIS, REV. S.F. - A Century of Missionary Martyrs.
41664: HARRIS, KEVIN. (EDITOR). - Respect in the Neighbourhood. Why Neighbourliness Matters.
41236: HARRIS, BETH COOMBE. - Winsome Wins Through.
43536: HARRIS, JOHN .1667?-1719. - VOLUME II. ONLY - Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca: Or, A Compleat Collection Of Voyages and Travels: Consisting of above Four Hundred of the most Authentick Writers; Beginning with Hackluit, Purchass, &c. in English; Ramusio in Italian...
26192: HARRIS, MURRAY J. - Easter in Durham. Bishop Jenkins and the Resurrection of Jesus.
44963: HARRISON, JACK. - Just As I Am. A Testament of Faith.
15434: HARRISON, ALAN. - Bound for Life.
18811: HARRISON, D.E.W & SANSOM, MICHAEL C. - Worship in the Church of England.
24290: HARRISON, GRAHAM. - Beginning at the Beginning. Sermons from the Book of Genesis.
20987: HARRISON, HARRY, & HOLM, JOHN. - King and Emperor. (The Hammer and the Cross - Book 3).
21252: HARRISON, HARRY. - Galactic Dreams.
11245: HARRISON, HARRY. - Rebel in Time.
11247: HARRISON, HARRY. - Skyfall.
24869: HARRISON, HARRY. - The California Iceberg.
4435: HARRISON, MCVEIGH. - Common Sense About Religion. Being a Synopsis of the Evidence of Reason, Revelation and Experience as to the Truth of the Apostles Creed. (One Vol.ed).
9284: HARRISON, PAUL. - What Makes 'Em Tick. How Children Learn. Illustd. by James Moss.
29681: HARRISON, R.K. - Archaeology of the Old Testament.
19788: HARRISON, R.K. - Health and the Personality. Christian Studies in Body-Mind Relationships.
17847: HARRISON, SIDNEY. - The Music to Give the Troops. What to talk about to the new audiences.
31043: HARRISON, TED. - Elvis People: The Cult of the King.
5633: HARRISON, TED. - Members Only? Is the church becoming too exclusive?
28122: HARRISON, TONY. - The Gaze of the Gorgon.
14094: HARRISON,MOLLY AND WELLS, A.A.M. - Picture Source Book for Social History: Seventeenth Century.
16622: HARRISON, R.K. - Jeremiah and Lamentations. An Introduction and Commentary.
44823: HARRISON, DAVID. - The Transformation of Freemasonry.
44796: HARRISON, CHRISTOPHER. (EDITOR). - Essays on the History of Keele.
44824: HARRISON, DAVID. - The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Wigan Grand Lodge. The Last Masonic Rebellion.
33205: HARRISON, HARRY. - Sense of Obligation.
43577: HARRISON, RAYMOND. - The Measure of Life. An Introduction to the Scientific Study of Astrology.
41262: HARRISON, YVONNE. - Reasons. Poems by Yvonne Harrison.
29147: HARRISON, NANCY. - Winnie Mandela: Mother of a Nation.
43470: HARRISON, J.F.C. - Learning and Living 1790-1960. A Study in the History of the English Adult Education Movement.
42701: HARRISON, WILLIAM. - The Tongue of Time. or The Language of a Church Clock.
8970: HARRISON, R.K. - Teach Yourself Hebrew.
42081: HARRISSON, TOM. - Living Among Cannibals.
14654: HARROD, R.F. - Policy Against Inflation.
39503: HARROD, HENRY (EDITOR) . - Report on the Records of the Borough of Colchester 1865 .
39218: HARSNETT, SAMUEL . - Scheme For The Management And Regulations Of Archbishop Harsnett's Charity, Chigwell, Essex. And For The Application Of The Income Thereof. Approved by the Court of Chancery, By Order, Dated 29th June, 1867.
26652: HART, A. TINDAL. - Church and Countryside. (No.3 October 1953).
6878: HART, BERNARD. - The Psychology of Insanity.
19046: HART, PATRICK, & MONTALDO, JONATHAN. (EDITORS). - The Initimate Merton. His Life from His Journals Thomas Merton.
22869: HART-DAVIES, D.E. - The Severity of God. A Study of Judgment Human and Divine.
33045: HART-DAVIS, DUFF. - Fire Falcon.
38852: HART, THE REV. RICHARD. - The Antiquities of Norfolk: A Lecture Delivered at the Norfolk and Norwich Museum, March 14, 1844.
20026: HARTILL, PERCY. - Pacifism and Christian Common Sense.
3309: HARTILL, PERCY. - The Unity of God. A Study in Christian Monotheism.
15252: HARTILL, ROSEMARY. - In Perspective. Reflections from the BBC's Religious Affairs Correspondent.
14789: HARTILL, ROSEMARY. - Were You There? Surviving Life's Setbacks. (Based on the Radio 4 series).
26193: HARTILL, VEN. PERCY. - Article XXXVII and War.
32381: HARTLEY, H.A. - The Science of Astrology.
19670: HARTON, SIBYL. - Doors of Eternity.
21253: HARTON, SIBYL. - The Practice of Confession.
33281: HARTON, SIBYL. - In Search of Quiet. The Development and Practice of Private Retreat.
782: HARTON,F.P. - The Elements of the Spiritual Life. A study in Ascetical Theology.
16194: HARVERSON, STUART. - Doctor in Vietnam.
10482: HARVEY, A.E. (EDITOR). - God Incarnate. Story and Belief.
3851: HARVEY, A. E. - Believing and Belonging. The Practice of Believing in the Church.
10481: HARVEY, A.E. - Priest or President?
15670: HARVEY, A.E. - The New English Bible. Companion to the New Testament.
27700: HARVEY, ANTHONY AND ROGERSON, JOHN. - Guidelines to the Bible. (May-August 1988). Volume 4. Part 2.
25218: HARVEY, DAVID. - The Power to Heal. An Investigation of Healing and the Healing Experience.
26959: HARVEY, EDWIN & LILLIAN. - How They Prayed. Vol.2 - Ministers' Prayers.
23866: HARVEY, J AND JOHNSON, M. - Introduction to Macro-Economics.
4798: HARVEY, T.EDMUND. - The Rise of The Quakers.
31887: HARVEY, W.J. - Character and the Novel.
38149: HARVEY, ANTHONY. - By What Authority? The Churches and Social Concern.
39552: HARVEY, COLIN; MORISON, JOHN AND SHAW, JO. (EDITORS). - Voices, Spaces, and Processes in Constitutionalism. (Journal of Law and Society, Special Issue. Volume 27, Number 1).
34918: HARVEY DARTON, F.J. - J.M. Barrie.
28878: HARVEY, ANTHONY E. - Marriage Divorce and the Church. (Affirming Catholicism).
15671: HARWOOD, RONALD. - One. Interior. Day. Adventures in the Film Trade.
28369: HASKEY, ALYN. - Prodigal World. (The Story So Far).
26960: HASLAM, DAVID. - Race for the Millennium. A Challenge to Church and Society.
23069: HASLAM, DR. DAVID. - Not Another Guide to Stress in General Practice.
21183: HASLER, JULIE. - Silhouettes in Cross Stitch.
8389: HASLETT, A.W. (EDITOR). - Science News 22.
9673: HASLETT, A.W. (EDITOR). - Science News 34.
12186: HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER. - Christ's Comet. The Story of a Thirty years' Journey that began and ended on the same day. A Play in Three Acts.
34103: HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER. - Bell Harry and Other Poems.
14790: HASTINGS, ADRIAN. - African Christianity. An essay in interpretation.
20385: HASTINGS, ADRIAN. - In the Hurricane. Essays on Christian Living Today.
8901: HASTINGS, ADRIAN. - A History of English Christianity, 1920 - 1985.
19237: HASTINGS, ADRIAN. - The Shaping of Prophecy. Passion, Perception and Practicality.
44966: HASTINGS, LADY BETTY AND HER BROTHER. - Hastings Wheler Family Letters 1693-1704. Part I.
25114: HATCH, EDWIN. - The Organization of the Early Christian Churches. Eight Lectures delivered before the University of Oxford, in the year 1880.
21254: HATCH, SANDRA AND BOYCE, ANN. - Putting on the Glitz. Unusual Fabrics and Threads for Quilting and Sewing.
42797: HATELY WADDELL, P. - Isaiah: Frae Hebrew Intil Scottis.
23367: HATHAWAY, BAXTER (ED). - Epoch. A Quarterly of Contemporary Literature. Vol.1: No.4: Summer 1948.
30843: HATTERSLEY, ROY. - John Wesley: A Brand From The Burning.
9116: HATTERSLEY, ROY. - Who Goes Home? Scenes from a Political Life.
28755: HATTINGER, FRANZ. - The Duc de Berry's Book of Hours.
14011: HAUGHTON, ROSEMARY. - Love.
27331: HAUGHTON, ROSEMARY. - The Gospel Where It Hits Us. Christianity and Contemporary Concerns.
11593: HAUGHTON, ROSEMARY. - The Gospel Where it Hits Us. Christianty and Contemporary Concerns.
19401: HAUGHTON, ROSEMARY. - The Re-creation of Eve.
29387: HAUGHTON, THE REV. SAMUEL. - Manual of Optics.
36833: HAUNCH, T. O. - Prestonian Lecture 1972 - 'It is not in the power of any man...' A Study In Change by T. O. Haunch, M.A., P.Pr.J.G.W. (Notts.)
23369: HAUSER, ARNOLD. - The Social History of Art. Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque. Volume 2.
24626: HAUSMAN, PATRICIA, & HURLEY, JUDITH BENN. - The Healing Foods. The Ultimate Authority on the Curative Power of Nutrition.
18670: HAUXWELL, HANNAH (WITH COCKCROFT, BARRY). - Hannah in America. (Principal photographs by Mostafa Hammuri.)
37753: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY. - Starlight Through the Shadows and Other Gleams from the King's Word.
29683: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY. - Starlight Through the Shadows.
41922: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY. - Ben Brightboots and other True Stories, Hymns & Music.
37566: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY. - L'Invitation Royale ou 'Venez A Jesus'. Meditations Journalieres.
40127: HAVERTY, MARTIN . - The History of Ireland, Ancient and Modern. Derived From Our Native Annals, From the Most Recent Researches of Eminent Irish Scholars and Antiquaries, From the State Papers, and From All the Resources of Irish History Now Available .
23749: HAVRAN, MARTIN J. - Caroline Courtier: The Life of Lord Cottington. (With an Introduction by A.L. Rowse.)
26017: HAW, RICHARD C. - The Conservation of Natural Resources.
44243: HAW, GEORGE. - To-Day's Work. Municipal Government The Hope of Democracy.
19789: HAWARD, PETER. - All Weather Yachtsman.
44442: HAWEIS, REV. H.R. - My Musical Life.
19790: HAWKINS, KEVIN. - Unemployment. Facts, Figures and Possible Solutions for Britain.
26475: HAWLEY, CAMERON. - Cash Mc.Call.
27228: HAWORTH, JAMES. (EDITOR). - Walking in Derbyshire. A Detailed Route Guide for Rambling in the Peak District National Park and Adjacent Countryside.
22591: HAWORTH, DON. - Bright Morning. Images of a Thirties Boyhood. (Large Print edition)
31284: HAWORTH-BOOTH, BEN. - Collected Poems.
24073: HAWTHORNE, J.N. - Questions of Science and Faith.
32787: HAWTHORNE, JULIAN. - Hawthorne and his Circle.
17628: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL . - Leamington Spa, Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon .
19671: HAWTHORNE, ROSEMARY. - Stockings & Suspenders. A Quick Flash. (Drawings by Lucy Pettifer & Claire Taylor.)
44972: HAWTREY, R.G. - Trade Depression And The Way Out.
25915: HAY, CAMILLUS. - The Eucharist in the Churches.
16313: HAY, DENYS. - The Renaissance.
13909: HAY, HEATHER. - Heroes.
19940: HAY, IAN. (PSEUDONYM OF MAJOR JOHN HAY BEITH.) - The Great Wall of India.
43190: HAY, REV.E.F. - Notes on the Parish Church S.Mary The Virgin, Kelvedon (Easterford). Inscriptions and other Records.
44011: HAY, IAN. - The King's Service. An Informal History of the British Infantry Soldier.
22313: HAYASHI, TETSUMARO.(ED). - Herman Melville: Research Opportunities and Dissertation Abstracts.
42064: HAYDEN, JUDITH. - In Search of Margaret Fell.
20602: HAYDN, HIRAM & FULLER, EDMUND. - Thesaurus of Book Digests.
13829: LA HAYE, TIM. - How to Manage Pressure Before Pressure Manages You.
44727: HAYES, MICHAEL. (EDITOR). - Supernatural Poetry. A Selection 16th Century to the 20th Century.
30202: HAYES, M. HORACE . - Indian Racing Reminiscences.
33668: HAYES, WILL. - Walt Whitman: The Prophet of the New Era.
42417: HAYLOCK, DEREK. - Plays on the Word. Christian Drama for Churches, Schools and Youth Groups.
32064: HAYMAN, ERIC. - Disciplines of the Spiritual Life.
14525: HAYMAN, ERIC. - The Hidden Life of the Body of Christ.
14841: HAYMAN, RONALD. - John Gielgud.
42778: HAYMAN, HENRY . - The Passing of Arthur in Greek Heroic Verse, with a Stanza in Catullian Metre from Dryden's "Alexander's Feast"
23071: HAYMES, BRIAN. - Looking at Easter and Ascension.
27582: HAYMON, SYLVIA. - Opposite the Cross Keys. An East Anglian Childhood.
43005: HAYNES, E.S.P. - Religious Persecution. A Study in Political Psychology.
17975: HAYS, PETER. - New Horizons in Psychiatry.
13810: HAYTER, MARY. - The New Eve in Christ. The Use and Abuse of the Bible in the Debate about Women in the Church.
7601: HAYWARD, ALAN. - Great News for the World.
3286: HAYWARD, V. - Christians and China.
11771: HAYWARD,FRANK HERBERT. - The Lesson in Appreciation. An Essay on the Pedagogics of Beauty.
36535: HAYWOOD, H.L. - Freemasonry and Roman Catholicism.
21906: HAZELTON, NIKA. - The Art of Cheese Cookery.
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28893: HOUSTON, JAMES. - I Believe in the Creator.
44286: HOUSTON, MARY GALWAY (1871- ) / HORNBLOWER, FLORENCE S. - Ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, and Persian Costumes And Decorations. By Mary G. Houston and Florence S. Hornblower, Containing twenty-five full-page illustrations, sixteen of them in colour, and sixty line diagrams in the text.
8903: HOUTEPEN, ANTON. - People of God. A Plea for the Church.
42482: HOW, JEREMIAH . - The Freemason's Manual; or, Illustrations of Masonry, containing in addition to the rites sanctioned by the United Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter of England and Wales, the Mark and Mark Master, a full account of all the degrees....
37890: HOWARD-JONES, JILL. - An Essex Quiz Book. (Illustrations by Helen Fenton).
22164: HOWARD, DAVID M. - How Come, God? Reflections from Job about God and Puzzled Man.
22469: HOWARD, DONALD. - Christians Grieve Too.
10679: HOWARD, GEOFFERY. - Weep Not For Me.
848: HOWARD, J. AND INGRAM, J.J. - The Fundamentals of Religion.
17850: HOWARD, PETER. - Africa's Hour and Other Speeches.
17731: HOWARD, PETER. - Frank Buchman's Secret.
17853: HOWARD, PETER. - Through the Garden Wall. A Play.
15850: HOWARD, W.F. - Christianity according to St. John.
3001: HOWARD,M.F. AND HOUGHTON, G.C. - The Handbook and Directory of the Leys School. Twentieth edition. Brought up to December 31,1990.
2449: HOWARD, R.W. - Talks in Preparation for Confirmation.
28510: HOWARTH, PATRICK. - Attila. King of the Huns. The Man and the Myth.
39384: HOWARTH, OLIVE. (EDITED). - Textile Voices: Mill Life This Century.
28894: HOWAT, A.J. - Keeping in Time with Suffolk Churches. The Anglican Church in Suffolk. Service Times and Activities. Choristers and Campanologists.
30917: HOWAT, IRENE. - Light in the City. Stories from London City Mission.
7606: HOWAT, JOHN. - Concerning the Faith in Christ. Studies in the Christian Faith.
21412: HOWE, JOHN. - Anglicanism and the Universal Church. Highways and Hedges 1958-1984 (with an overview 1984-1990).
36387: HOWE, W.H. (COMPILER). - Everybody's Book of Epitaphs, Being for the Most Part What the Living Think of the Dead.
12699: HOWE, JOHN. - Highways and Hedges. Anglicanism and the Universal Church.
28511: HOWELL, DAVID LIVINGSTONE BEATH. - Through The Long Grass.
5279: HOWELL, REV. CLIFFORD S. J. (TRANSLATOR). - The Second Ecumenical Council Of The Vatican. Constitution On The Sacred LIturgy.
39731: HOWELL, NORMAN. - Formula One Racing with Marlboro McLaren Mercedes.
22008: HOWELLS, WILLIAM. - The Heathens. Primitive Man and His Religions.
18824: HOWKINS, K.G. - Religious Thinking and Religious Education.
36129: HOWKINS, F. - The Moriah Chapter No.34. The First Fifty Years.
39726: HOWSON, JOHN SAUL. - Before the Table. An Inquiry, Historical and Theological, into the True Meaning of the Consecration Rubric in the Communion Service of the Church of England.
41991: HOXIE JONES, MARY. - Rufus M. Jones. (Quaker Biographies series).
12189: HOYLAND, JOHN S. - The Clump of Bushes. Twenty-five Dramatic Readings.
34932: HOYLAND, GEOFFREY. - The Resurrection Pattern.
15594: HOYLE, PETER. - The Man in the Iron Mask.
42909: HOYLE, FRED / WICKRAMASINGHE, CHANDRA. - From Grains to Bacteria.
41457: HOYLE, FRED. - The Relation of Biology to Astronomy.
41452: HOYLE, FRED. - Evolution From Space.
4594: HSU AL. - The Single Issue.
14605: HTOON, U CHAN. - Buddhism and the age of Science.
24874: HUANG, QUENTIN K.Y. - Now I Can Tell. The Story of a Christian Bishop Under Communist Persecution.
9674: HUBBACK, EVA M. - The Population of Britain.
23630: HUBBARD, DAVID ALLAN. - More Psalms for all Seasons.
23631: HUBBARD, DAVID ALLAN. - Psalms for all Seasons.
23632: HUBBARD, DAVID ALLAN. - Teach us to Pray.
24079: HUBBARD, H.L. - As the Incense. Chapters on Prayer and the Spiritual Life.
41409: HUBBARD, L.RON. - Scientology a New Slant on Life.
34144: HUBBARD, L.RON. - Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.
34574: HUBBARD, RAY. - Spiritual Baptism.
34921: HUBBARD, ELBERT . [SUEDE BINDING] - Litle Journeys To The Homes Of Great Philosophers - Socrates . [suede binding] .
22697: HUBERY, DOUGLAS S. - Teaching the Christian Faith Today.
26200: HUBERY, DOUGLAS. - Youth Club Evangelism.
18623: HUBNER, HANS. - Law in Paul's Thought. A Contribution to the Development of Pauline Theology. (Translated by James C.G. Greig.)
33481: HUCKLESBY, GEORGE . - The Second Coming Of The Lord. The Hope Of The Beliver; The Hope Of The Church; The Hope Of Israel; The Hope Of Creation. Four Lectures, With Diagram, By George Hucklesby.
10486: HUDDLESTON, JOHN. - The Earth is but One Country.
12700: HUDDLESTON, TREVOR. - God's World.
16510: HUDDLESTON, TREVOR. - Naught for Your Comfort.
26760: HUDON, SISTER ROSEMARIE. - Nuns: Community Prayer and Change. (Preface by Bernard Haring.)
36419: HUDSON, EGBERT C. - A Concise Account of English Parish Registers.
9412: HUDSON, CANON WILFRID. - Springs in the North.
24484: HUDSON, KENNETH. - Exploring Cathedrals.
31703: HUDSON, KENNETH. - The Place of Women in Society.
19941: HUDSON, LIAM. - Human Beings: An Introduction to the Psychology of Human Experience.
2039: HUDSON, THOMSON JAY. - The Law of Psychic Phenomena. A Working Hypothesis for the Systematic study of Hypnotism, Spiritism, Mental Therapeutics, etc.
3043: HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY. - Milton & his Poetry.
3044: HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY. - Wordsworth & His Poetry.
37913: HUDSON, ROBERT R. AND TOWNSEND-HUDSON, SHELLEY. (COMPILERS). - Companions for the Soul. A Yearlong Journey of Miracles, Prayers, and Epiphanies.
37733: HUDSON, DR DOROTHY B. - Modern Parenthood: Keeping Your Children Healthy and Happy.
12600: HUEGEL, F.J. - John Looks at the Cross.
20344: HUELIN, GORDON. - The Church and the Churches. Christianity and Islam. 5.
28512: HUELIN, GORDON. - The Cross in English Life and Devotion.
22698: HUELIN, GORDON. - The Glorious Company. A Calendar of Saints and Heroes.
8838: HUELIN, GORDON. - The Steep Ascent of Heaven. Foreword by the Lord Bishop of London.
22950: HUFTEL, SHEILA. - Arthur Miller: The Burning Glass. (Introduction by J.C. Trewin.)
30555: VON HUGEL, BARON FRIEDRICH. - The Mystical Element of Religion as Studied in Saint Catherine of Genoa and Her Friends. (2 vol. set).
15203: HUGGET, JOYCE. - Marriage on the Mend.
19146: HUGGETT, FRANK E. - The Land Question and European Society.
28042: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Approaching Christmas. Meditations for Advent.
30821: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Approaching Easter. Meditations for Lent.
9520: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Conflict: Friend or Foe?
6131: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Listening to God.
10132: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Under The Caring Eye of God. Finding God in hospital.
16576: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - Under the Caring Eye of God. Finding God in Hospital.
29981: HUGGETT, RICHARD. - The Truth about 'Pygmalion'.
8462: HUGGETT, JOYCE. - God's Springtime.
4628: MONTEFIORE HUGH. - Jesus across the Centuries. His relevance to our problems.
36462: HUGHAN, J. W. - LECHMERE VOLUNTEER LODGE, NO. 1874; MASEFIELD LODGE, NO. 2034; ARTER LODGE, NO. 2654; CAMPBELL, NO. 3643 . - Souvenir Of The Sixth Annual Festival Of The Four Lodges, November 7th, 1917. / "List of Lodges of Ancient Masons." (1753.)
36724: HUGHAN, WILLIAM JAMES . - Colonel Clerke's MS. ("Old Charges.") . A Transcript From The original MS. Of A.D. 1686. By Bro. W. J. Hughan, P.G.D. England, &c., &c. [ By Permission Of Col. Clerke. ] Reprinted From "The Freemason."
24747: HUGHES, ELIZABETH. - Living Faith. An Introduction to the Belief of Catholics Today.
12309: HUGHES, GERARD W. - In Search of a Way. Two Journeys of Spiritual Discovery.
28647: HUGHES, H. TREVOR. - Prophetic Prayer. A History of the Christian Doctrine of Prayer to the Reformation.
12409: HUGHES, H. TREVOR. - The Piety of Jeremy Taylor.
3381: HUGHES, H. TREVOR. - The Piety of Jeremy Taylor.
23873: HUGHES, HENRY G AND LOVERIDGE, JOHN W. - Textbook of Commerce.
25710: HUGHES, JOANNA M. - A Book of English Belief. Bede to Temple.
31720: HUGHES, JOHN JAY. - Stewards of the Lord: A Reappraisal of Anglican Orders.
5737: HUGHES, PHILIP E. - But for the Grace of God. Divine Initiative and Human Need.
29507: HUGHES, RICHARD. - Liturgical Language Today.
24981: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Christ is Back.
19242: HUGHES, SELWYN. - How to Live the Christian Life.
7714: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Marriage as God Intended.
31198: HUGHES, SELWYN. - My Story.
23874: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Revival. Times of Refreshing.
5344: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Sharing Your Faith. Evangelism as only you can do it.
22699: HUGHES, SELWYN. - The Christian Counsellor's Pocket Guide.
9521: HUGHES, SELWYN. - Understanding Guidance.
4134: HUGHES, GERARD W, - Oh God, Why? A Journey Through Lent for Bruised Pilgrims.
34076: HUGHES, SELWYN. - The Lord's Prayer. (Bible Classics series).
34193: HUGHES, R. KENT. - Ephesians: The Mystery of the Body of Christ. (Preaching The Word series).
41502: HUGHES, DOM ANSELM. - Pre-Conquest Antiphons from the Portiforium of Saint Wulstan.
5343: HUGHES, GERARD W. - God of Surprises.
20408: HUGHSON, SHIRLEY C. - The Fundamentals of the Religious State.
38431: HUGO, RICHARD. - The Hitler Diaries. A Novel.
44229: PIERRE-FRANÇOIS HUGUES D'HANCARVILLE ( 1719-1805 ) . - The Collection Of Antiquities From The Cabinet Of Sir William Hamilton / Collection des antiquités du cabinet de Sir William Hamilton / Die Antikensammlung aus dem Kabinett von Sir William Hamilton . Pierre-François Hugues D'Hancarville
25712: HUI, SIE SIOK. - Pastoral Letters to the Far East.
15000: HULKE, MALCOLM. (EDITOR). - The Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine and Self-Help.
43059: HULL, MARK REGINALD(. 1897-197). - Borough Of Colchester. Short Guide To Roman Colchester By M. R. Hull, M.A., F.S.A. Price 2/6 .
22700: HULL, ALI. (ED). - Learning Together as God's Royal Family. Keswick 2002.
24295: HULL, ALISON (ED). - A Different Drumbeat. (2001 Keswick Year Book).
27232: HULL, REV. E.R. - What the Catholic Church Is and What She Teaches.
30418: HULSE, ERROLL. - Baptism and Church Membership.
44672: HUMBOLDT, ALEXANDER VON (1769-1859) / BONPLAND, AIME (1773-1858) / ROSS, THOMASINA. (TRANSLATOR). - Personal Narrative Of Travels To The Equinoctial Regions Of America During The Years 1799-1804. By Alexander Von Humboldt And Aime Bonpoland... Written In French by Alexander Von Humboldt. Translated And Edited By Thomasina Ross. In Three Volumes.
3658: HUME, BASIL. - To Be A Pilgrim. A Spiritual Notebook.
16865: HUME, CARDINAL BASIL. - The Mystery of the Incarnation.
26897: HUME, DAVID. - The Natural History of Religion. (Edited with an Introduction by H.E. Root.)
33875: HUME, CARDINAL BASIL. - A Spiritual Companion. Reflections Through the Year. (compiled by Liam Kelly).
8248: HUME, BASIL. - Footprints of the Northern Saints.
40244: HUME, MARTIN A.S. - The Great Lord Burghley. A Study in Elizabethan Statecraft.
40725: HUME, FERGUS. - The Silver Bullet.
22701: HUMPHREYS, GORDON S. - An Early Harvest. A story of a Singer and His Song (Cyril Alexander Smellie).
31170: HUMPHREYS, ROBIN A. - The Evolution of Modern Latin America.
16042: HUMPHREYS, CHRISTMAS. - Buddhism.
855: HUNKIN, J.W. - Is it Reasonable to Believe?
10794: HUNT, ALAN (ED). - Class & Class Structure.
28648: HUNT, CECIL. - Here I Lie. (With illustrations by Maurice Arthur.)
11467: HUNT, J.MCV. - Intelligence and Experience.
18287: HUNT, PATRICIA. - Let the Children Come. Children in the Church.
39742: HUNT, EDITH. - The History of Ware. (With an introduction by Reginald L. Hine, F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S).
44666: HUNT, JAMES HENRY LEIGH ( 1784-1859 ) . - A Jar Of Honey From Mount Hybla By Leigh Hunt. Illustrated by Richard Doyle.
5126: HUNTER A.M. - Preaching the New Testament.
15254: HUNTER JOHNSTON, D.A. - Church Synod State and Crown.
4878: HUNTER, A. M. - Introducing the New Testament. (Third Revised edition).
17979: HUNTER, A.M. - According to John.
22702: HUNTER, A.M. - Christ and the Kingdom.
20723: HUNTER, A.M. - Design for Life. An Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount.
13542: HUNTER, A.M. - Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians.
17981: HUNTER, A.M. - Gospel and Apostle.
11174: HUNTER, A.M. - Introducing New Testament Theology.
13543: HUNTER, A.M. - Jesus Lord and Saviour.
5838: HUNTER, A.M. - P.T. Forsyth. Per Crucem ad Lucem.
22353: HUNTER, A.M. - Paul and his Predecessors.
23378: HUNTER, A.M. - Taking the Christian View.
22068: HUNTER, A.M. - Teaching and Preaching the New Testament. (The Preacher's Library Series.)
15438: HUNTER, A.M. - The Fifth Evangelist.
22877: HUNTER, A.M. - The Gospel According to Saint Mark.
857: HUNTER, A.M. - The work and words of Jesus.
16692: HUNTER, A.M. - The Work and Words of Jesus.
8763: HUNTER, ALASTAIR G. - Psalms. Old Testament Readings.
16201: HUNTER, CAROL. - Vitamins. What they are and Why we need them.
12701: HUNTER, IAN M.L. - Memory. Facts and Fallacies.
21916: HUNTER, IAN. - Malcolm Muggeridge. A Life.
25918: HUNTER, JOHN. - Knowing God's Secrets. The Secret of the Effective Christian Life.
14607: HUNTER, LESLIE S. - The English Church. A New Look.
11519: HUNTER, LESLIE STANNARD. - A Mission of the People of God being a Picture of an English Diocese and a Visitation Charge in A.D. 1960.
32097: HUNTER, LESLIE STANNARD. - Church Strategy in a Changing World.
11634: HUNTER, LESLIE. (BISHOP OF SHEFFIELD). - The Seed and The Fruit. Christian Morality in a time of Transition.

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