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10479: FORRESTER, DUNCAN B. - Christianity and the Future of Welfare.
21395: FORRESTER, VIVIANE. - The Economic Horror.
39576: FORRESTER, DAVID; FRENZ, SAMANTHA; O'CONNELL, MARTIN AND PEASE, KEN. - The Kirkholt Burglary Prevention Project: Phase II.
34618: FORRESTER, HARRY. - The Timber-Framed Houses of Essex.
11735: FORRISTAL, DESMOND. - The Christian Heritage.
10350: FORSMAN, BIRGITTA. - Research Ethics in Practice. Studies in Research Ethics No.4. The Animal Ethics Committees in Sweden 1979-1989.
7591: FORSTER, E. M. - Collected Short Stories.
4506: FORSTER, E.M. - Pharos and Pharillon.
12863: FORSTER, ROGER AND MARSTON, PAUL. - Yes, but ... Reasonable Questions about Living Faith.
5331: FORSTER, ROGER. - Saturday night...Monday Morning.
26642: FORSTER, E.M. - The Development of English Prose Between 1918-1939.
38340: FORSTER, WILLIAM J. - Charlie's Year at the Farm.
32785: FORSYTH, P.T. - This Life and the Next: The Effect on This Life of Faith in Another.
40278: FORT NEWTON, JOSEPH. - Brothers and Builders: The Basis and Spirit of Freemasonry.
42472: FORT NEWTON, JOSEPH. - The Builders : A Story & Study Of Masonry.
9836: FORTESCUE, ADRIAN. - The Orthodox Eastern Church.
4438: FORTESCUE, ADRIAN. - The Mass. A Study of the Roman Liturgy.
44503: FORTESCUE, ADRIAN. - The Orthodox Eastern Church.
44526: FORTESCUE, ADRIAN. - The Uniate Eastern Churches. The Byzantine Rite in Italy, Sicily, Syria and Egypt.
5716: FORTUNATO, JOHN E. - Aids the Spiritual Dilema.
44342: FORWELL, WILLIAM (1831-1889) . - A Thousand Miles' Cruise In The Silver Cloud: From Dundee To France And Back In A Small Boat. By William Forwell .
16598: FOSDICK, HARRY EMERSON. - A Pilgrimage to Palestine.
5238: FOSDICK, HARRY EMERSON. - The Man From Nazareth. As his contemporaries saw Him.
652: FOSDICK, HARRY EMERSON. - The Manhood of the Master.
5244: FOSDICK, HARRY EMERSON. - Twelve Tests of Character.
1975: FOSDICK, HARRY EMERSON. - What is Vital in Religion. Sermons on Contemporary Christian Problems.
6273: FOSKETT, JOHN. - Meaning in Madness. The Pastor and the Mentally Ill.
25458: FOSS, ELEANOR. - How They Came. (Bush Drawings By Suisho Yuasa).
659: FOSS, HANNEN . - Christmas Lasts For Ever
32795: FOSS, MICHAEL. - Looking for the Last Big Tree.
38633: FOSS, GERALD D. - Three Centuries of Freemasonry in New Hampshire.
12864: FOSTER, DAVE AND SUSAN. - Mainly for Teenagers.
8380: FOSTER, JOHN. - Beginning from Jerusalem.
22451: FOSTER, JOHN. - Men of Vision.
17464: FOSTER, LINDA. - Four for the Gospel Makers.
29672: FOSTER, R.F. (EDITOR.) - The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland.
7962: FOSTER, R.S. - The Restoration of Israel. The Return from the Exile.
28863: FOSTER, RICHARD. - Prayer. Finding the Heart's True Home.
10120: FOSTER, STEWART. - The Catholic Church in Ingatestone from the Reformation to the present day.
30185: FOSTER, SUSAN LEIGH. (EDITOR). - Corporealities. Dancing, Knowledge, Culture and Power.
15052: FOSTER,HARRY. - Speaking Anonymously, Unnamed Bible Characters.
33831: FOSTER, JOHN. - Yarns on Heroes of the Church in China.
34006: FOSTER, PETER. - Last Voyage From Ipswich.
42223: FOSTER, STEPHEN AND KINDRED, DAVID. - From Buddy To The Beatles. When The Regent Rocked.
43450: FOSTER, R.F. - Foster's Complete Foyle. An Encyclopedia of All the Indoor Games Played at the Present Day [sic].
38139: FOSTER, JOHN. - Essays in a Series of Letters.
7697: FOUGASSE - The Neighbours. An Animal Anthology.
24272: FOULKES, FRANCIS. - Happy in Trouble. Study Guide to Philippians.
29673: FOULKES, FRANCIS. - Pocket Guide to the New Testament.
5959: FOULKES, FRANCIS. - Study Guide to Ephesians.
20478: FOULKES, FRANCIS. - The Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians. An Introduction and Commentary.
23055: FOULKES, FRANCIS. - You Could Be Rich. Study Guide to Ephesians.
21238: FOULKES, FRANCIS. - How the Good News Began: Study Guide to Mark's Gospel.
15806: RELIGIOUS BOOK FOUNDATION. - Managing the Church Bookstall.
36648: FOUNTAIN, DAVID. - Isaac Watts Remembered. 1674-1748.
18277: FOUNTAIN, DAVID. - John Wycliffe. The Dawn of the Reformation.
29342: DU FOUR DE LONGUERUE, LOUIS / WAKE, WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR). - An Historical Treatise Written by an Author of the Communion of the Church of Rome. Touching transubstantiation : Wherein is made appear, that according to the principles of that church, this doctrine cannot be an article of faith . Second Edition.
24273: FOWKE, RUTH. - Coping with Crisis. A Christian Answer to Stress and Strain.
24274: FOWKE, RUTH. - Growing Through Crises. How to Turn Problems into Opportunities.
38409: FOWKES, W. REEVE [EDITOR] . - Record of the installation of Sir William Raynor ... as ... Grand Master of the West Riding of Yorkshire, at the Victoria Hall, Town Hall, Leeds, on Wednesday, February 12th 1919 . Edited by Bro. W. Reeve Fowkes.
42914: FOWKES, REG. - 48 Line Illustrations of Woodford and District.
19662: FOWLER, H.W. - A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. (2nd edition revised by Sir Ernest Gowers and completely reset).
14694: FOWLER, ROBERT H. - Civil War Times Illustrating the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
37760: FOX, THOMAS LEWIS. - Freemasonry: An Account of the Early History of Freemasonry in England.
8186: FOX, ADAM, KEENE, GARETH & GEORGINA. - Sacred & Secular. A Companion.
13721: FOX, ADAM. - Dean Inge.
11736: FOX, CATHERINE. - Scenes from Vicarage Life Or: The Joy of Sexagesima.
18794: FOX, CATHERINE. - The Little Book of Vicarage Wisdom. (Illustrated by Bridget Gillespie).
7354: FOX, CHARLES. - Educational Psychology. Its Problems and Methods.
18974: FOX, DR. LEVI. - Discovering Shakespeare Country.
3489: FOX, FR. ROBERT J. - To Russia - With Love. A Reporter's Account of Fatima & the Changing Face of Communism.
28637: FOX, PAUL. - The Daughter of Jairus.
28118: FOX, ROBIN LANE. - Better Gardening.
28256: FOX, LEVI. ( EDITOR.) - A Shakespeare Treasury.
35936: FOX, THOMAS LEWIS . - Freemasonry . An Account of the Early History of Freemasonry in England : With illustrations of the principles and precepts advocated by that institution By Thomas Lewis Fox, C.S.
38129: FOX, MICHAEL W. - St. Francis of Assisi, Animals, and Nature.
39221: FOX, GEORGE. / NEWMAN, HENRY STANLEY.(EDITOR). - The Autobiography of George Fox, From His Journal.
21898: FOXCROFT, G.E, LEWIS, J.L AND SUMMERS, M.K. - Electronics 1 - 13.
5403: ALBRIGHT WILLIAM FOXWELL. - The Biblical Period.
21659: FOYLE, MARJORY F. - Honourably Wounded. Stress among Christian Workers.
6226: FRAMPTON, V.B AND PEDLEY, J.C. - True Stories for the Junior Assembly.
32789: FRANCE, MALCOLM. - The Paradox of Guilt: A Christian Study of the Relief of Self-Hatred.
21047: FRANCE, R.T. - The Living God.
12963: FRANCE, R.T. - The Man they Crucified. A Portrait of Jesus.
39639: FRANCE, ALAN AND HOMEL, ROSS. - Pathways and Crime Prevention: Theory, Policy and Practice.
4119: FRANCIC, DAVID. - Jesus-Our Way to God.
22059: FRANCIS, DAVID N. - But Above All. More Sermons from St. George's.
23349: FRANCIS, DAVID N. - Good News about Death.
5928: FRANCIS, DAVID N. - Let Us Worship. A Vestry Book of Sermons and Prayers for Occasional Use.
22060: FRANCIS, DAVID N. - No Risk - No Fun. Talks and Sermons.
23350: FRANCIS, DAVID. - The ABC of Preaching.
24056: FRANCIS, DAVID. - Treasures of Darkness. A Gospel for the Day of Trouble.
16914: FRANCIS, DICK. - 10-lb Penalty.
10122: FRANCIS, GEORGE. - She Died She Lives. In search of Maria Orsola.
8236: FRANCIS, JENNY. - Belief Beyond Pain.
28497: FRANCIS, LESLIE J AND CARTER, MARIAN. - The Word for all God's Family. Year 1. Projects on Scripture.
28498: FRANCIS, LESLIE J AND DRAYSON, DIANE. - Bread for all God's Family. Projects for Communion.
14915: FRANCIS, LESLIE J. - Church Watch. Christianity in the Countryside.
4120: FRANCIS, LESLIE J. - Rural Anglicanism. A Future for Young Christians?
20705: FRANCIS, LESLIE J. - Teenagers and the Church. A Profile of Church-going Youth in the 1980's.
4857: FRANCIS, LESLIE. - His Spirit is With Us. A project approach to Christian Nurture.
26693: SISTER MARY FRANCIS. - How to Pray the Rosary. A Simple Bible Rosary.
39488: FRANCIS, PETER; DAVIES, PAMELA AND JUPP, VICTOR. - Policing Futures. The Police, Law Enforcement and the Twenty-First Century.
15501: FRANCIS, LESLIE. - Partnership in Rural Education. Church Schools and Teacher Attitudes.
7452: FRANCIS, LESLIE J., AND OTHERS. - Making Contact. Christian Nurture, Family Worship & Church Growth.
9027: FRANCIS, LESLIE J., & KAY, WILLIAM K. - Teenage Religion and Values.
38828: FRANCIS, HILARY J. - Sing Nature's Song. (Illustrated by David T. Donaghy).
28257: FRANCK, IRENE M., & BROWNSTONE, DAVID M. - From Gibraltar to the Ganges. (Adapted from 'To the Ends of the Earth'.)
13527: FRANCOMBE, ANNE. - The Easter Book.
15502: FRANK, ISNARD WILHELM. - A History of the Mediaeval Church.
4217: MORISON FRANK. - Who Moved the Stone?
4242: WRIGHT FRANK. - Pastoral Care for Lay People.
5015: FRANKL, VIKTOR E. - The Doctor and the Soul. From Psychotherapy to Logotherapy. (Translated by Richard and Clare Winston).
32237: FRANKLAND, W.B. - The Early Eucharist. (A.D.30-180).
27065: FRANKLIN, ALAN. - May I Show You Round? A Tour of Ely Cathedral.
6275: FRANKLIN, ERIC. - How the Critics Can Help. A Guide to the Practical Use of the Gospels.
14601: FRANKLIN, PHYLLIS. - Profession 1998.
21240: FRANKLIN, VIOLET MAY. - Through Mount Hebron to Green Pastures.
12358: FRANKS, HELEN. - Prime Time. The Mid-life Women in Focus.
26391: FRANSEN, PETER. - The New Life of Grace. ((Translated from the Flemish by Georges Dupont.)
12009: FRASER, ANTONIA. - Cool Repentance. A Jemima Shore mystery.
24713: FRASER, IAN M. - Living a Countersign. From Iona to Basic Christian Communities.
8826: FRASER, JEAN. - Under the Cross.
7453: FRASER, JOHN. - The Chinese. Portrait of a People.
16497: FRASER, LINDA. - Sainsbury's Recipe Library: Cooking for the Freezer.
40169: FRASER, A.C. - Berkeley and Spiritual Realism.
41124: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD. - Flashman and the Mountain of Light.
44133: FRAUWALLNER, ERICH. - History of Indian Philosophy. (Two Volume set). (Translated from the original German into English by V.M.Bedekar).
20706: FRAYLING, NICHOLAS. - Pardon and Peace. A reflection on the making of peace in Ireland.
16123: FRAZIER, CHARLES. - Retour A Cold Mountain.
14085: FREAM, WILLIAM. - The Rothamsted Experiments on the Growth of Wheat,Barley, and the Mixed Herbage of Grass Land.
41933: FREARS, J. RUSSELL / THORP, JOHN T. (EDITOR) . - The Lodge of Research, No. 2429, Leicester. Transactions For The Year 1907-8. W. Bro. J. Russell frears (P.M. 2081), P.P.S.G.D. - W.M. Edited By John T. Thorp, F.R.Hist.S.; F.R.S.L.; P.A.G.D.C. (Eng.), Secretary.
23852: FREED, NORAH. - Bible Calling: Norah Freed on Trans World Radio from Monte Carlo.
19334: FREEDLEY, GEORGE. - Mr. Cat. (Drawings by Victor J. Dowling.) Introduction by Sir Compton Mackenzie. Foreword by Lillian Gish.
42367: FREEMAN, LAURENCE. - Jeus. The Teacher Within.
6783: FREEMAN BUTTS, R. - The American Tradition in Religion and Education.
4859: FREEMAN, ANTHONY. - God in Us. A Case for Christian Humanism.
30153: FREEMAN, DOROTHY R. - Couples in Conflict. Inside the Counseling Room.
16189: FREEMAN, DR. HOBART E. - How to know God's Will. For your Life and for Important Decisions.
27881: FREEMAN, EDITH. - A Bride for Sir Charles.
28864: FREEMAN, MARJORIE AND MILLER, BARRY. - Steps and Stones A Course to use with 7s to 11s in the Church (Book 2).
19134: FREEMAN, ROGER ANTHONY. - As I was A-Saying. Country goings-on.
37327: FREEMAN, LAURENCE. - The Selfless Self.
41432: FREEMAN, EDITH WITH BIXLEY, STEVEN. - Sudbury's Story. Using Rare Old Picture Postcards.
36808: FREEMAN, JANET ING . - The Postmaster of Ipswich: William Stevenson Fitch, Antiquarian and Thief.
38045: ESSEX FREEMASONS . - Consecreation of the Colne Chapter No. 2477 . Masonic Hall, Colchester .
38057: ESSEX FREEMASONS . - Colne Lodge, No. 2477 . Installation Festival
38060: ESSEX FREEMASONS . - Colne Lodge, No. 2477 . Ladies' Festival .
38059: ESSEX FREEMASONS . - Colne Lodge, No. 2477 . Installation Festival .
38058: ESSEX FREEMASONS . - Colne Lodge, No. 2477 . Installation Festival .
43181: [ALLYN, AVERY ? ] - FREEMASONS - A Ritual and Illustrations of Free-Masonry, and the Orange and Odd Fellows' Societies; accompanied by numerous engravings and a Key to the Phi Beta Kappa. Also an Account of the Kidnapping and Murder of William Morgan...
38043: ESSEX FREEMASONS . - Antient Fraternity Of Free & Accepted Masons Of England . Souvenir Of The Consecration of the Colne Lodge, No. 2477 .
44599: FREEMASONS - GRAND LODGE OF IRELAND - DOWNES, CHARLES FL.1802-1819 [PRINTER] . - The Constitution Of Free-Masonry; Or Ahiman Rezon: To Which Is Added A Selection Of Masonic Songs, Prologues, Epilogues, &c. &c. Revised, Corrected and Improved, with Additions.
41291: FREER, RICHARD LANE - Memoir [of R. L. Freer, Archdeacon of Hereford]; Extracts of Speeches; Diary of Journey to America, &c. In Memoriam. [Compiled by his widow, H. F., i.e. H. Freer.] F.P.
41006: FREETH, ROSEMARY. - Cavendish. Its People & Its Heritage.
41437: FRELLER, THOMAS. - Cagliostro and Malta. Fact and Fiction and the Greatest Imposter of the Eighteenth Century.
7835: FREMANTLE, ANNE. - The Age of Belief. The Medieval Philosophers.
15248: FRENCH, SAMUEL. - Basic Catalogue of Plays. Includes all plays published or otherwise acquired up to September 1979.
21397: FRENCH, R.M. - The Pilgrim Continues His Way.
44287: FRENCH, RICHARD VALPY . - Nineteen Centuries of Drink in England: A History. By Richard Valpy French .
2734: FRERE, WALTER HOWARD. - The Principles of Religious Ceremonial.
42710: FRERE, W. H. - Some Principles Of Liturgical Reform.
33701: FRERE, W.H. - The Liturgical Gospels. (Alcuin Club Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets II).
17966: FRESON, ROBERT. - The Taste of France.
17622: FREUND, JACOB . - Gebet Und Andachtsbuch Fur Isrealitische Frauen Und Madchen...
38428: FREUND, M. - Plastics Moulding Engineering. An Analysis of Engineering Principles and Practice in the Plastics Moulding Industry.
39838: FREUNDLICH, H. - The Chemistry of Rubber. (With 13 diagrams).
17385: FRIEDL, MSGR. FRANCIS P. AND MACAULEY, ED. - Homilies Alive. Creating Homilies that Hit Home.
16444: FRIEDMAN, BOB & COUCH, MAL. - So Thats How We Got The Bible.
29143: FRIEDMAN, OTTO. - The Break-Up of Czech Democracy. (Preface by Gilbert Murray.)
31903: FRIEDMAN, NORMAN.(EDITOR). - E.E.Cummings: A Collection of Critical Essays.
41385: FRIEDRICHS, ERNEST . - Freemasonry in Russia and Poland. Authorized Translation, Revised By The Author, Dr. Ernest Friedrichs. Master At The Military School Grosslichterfelde. Published by the International Office for Masonic Intercourse.
31578: FOUR FRIENDS. - The Golden Treasury Psalter.
38355: LOYAL SOCIETY OF FRIENDS - Initiation Certificate for Thomas Walker.
10725: FRITZ, LEAH. - Dreamers and Dealers. An Intimate Appraisal of the Women's Movement.
7274: FROE, OTIS D. PH.D., & LEE, MAURICE A., PH.D. - How to Become a Successful Student.
20929: FROSSARD, ANDRE. - A Modern Pilgrim in the Holy Land. (Translated by Marjorie Villiers).
28499: FROST, BEDE. - Prayer for all Christians.
28218: FROST, BEDE. - Saint John of the Cross. 1542-1591. Doctor of Divine Love. An Introduction to his Philosophy, Theology and Spirituality.
666: FROST, BEDE. - The Place of Understanding.
15728: FROST, BRIAN. - The Politics of Peace.
20480: FROST, DAVID L. - The Language of Series 3. (Grove Ministry and Worship No. 12).
12011: FROST, DAVID. - Billy Graham talks with David Frost.
667: FROST, ERIC G. - This Jesus.
20708: FROST, J. WILLIAM. - The Quaker Family in Colonial America. A Portrait of the Society of Friends.
24715: FROST, ROB. - Pilgrims: Going on a Pilgrimage Today.
14007: FROST, S.B. - The Beginning of the Promise. Eight Lectures on the Book of Genesis.
35677: FROST, MICHAEL. - Jesus The Fool.
36645: FROST, BRIAN. - The Secular in the Sacred.
12185: FROST, BRIAN,& WEBB, PAULINE. - Celebrating Friendship. An Anthology.
25907: FROST, RAPHAEL. - Christ and Wholeness. An Approach to Christian Healing.
40559: FROST, WILLIAM. - Reminiscences of an Old Colonist. (With additional information by John S.Appleby).
22151: FROUDES, JAMES ANTHONY. - Saint Hugh of Lincoln. (Lincoln Minister Pamphlets - Second Series No.1).
15249: FRY, A. RUTH. - Victories Without Violence.
32441: FRY, JOAN AND DOUST, STANLEY. - Lawn Tennis. How to Master the Strokes.
31290: FRY, E.L.B. AND ARMSTRONG, A.H. - Rediscovering Eastern Christendom: Essays in memory of Dom Bede Winslow.
29931: FRYER, JONATHAN. - George Fox and the Children of the Light.
14995: FUENTES, CARLOS. - The Old Gringo. (Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden and the author).
40380: FULCHER, GEORGE WILLIAMS (1795-1855) . - The People's Penny Library. One Hundred Tales Number III. Salvator Rosa And The Last Of The Chittimachas / Fulcher's Additional Tables 1857 - 1859 .
5105: FULLER R.H. - The Foundations of New Testament Christology.
668: FULLER, J. G. - The Childs Scripture Examiner And Assistant. Questions On The Gospel According to Matthew, ... [Bound with] Questions On The Apostles, ...
5824: FULLER, R.H. & HANSON, R.P.C. - The Church of Rome. A Dissuasive.
4860: FULLER, REGINALD H. - A Critical Introduction to the New Testament.
2673: FULLER, REGINALD H. - The Mission and Achievement of Jesus. An Examination of the Presuppositions of New Testament Theology. Studies in Biblical Theology No.12.
26810: FULLER, REGINALD H. - The New Testament in Current Study Some Trends in the Years 1941-1962.
16780: FULLER, REGINALD H. - The Use of the Bible in Preaching.
6537: FULLER, REGINALD H. - What is Liturgical Preaching. Studies in Ministry and Worship.
26951: FULLER, REGINALD. - Holy Week. Proclamation 3. Aids for Interpreting the Lessons of the Church Year. Series B.
28032: FULLER, RODNEY. - Pansies, Violas and Violettas. The Complete Guide.
11165: FULLER, THOMAS. (ED. JAMES O. WOOD). - Thoughts and Contemplations.
44088: FULLER, CAPT. J. F. C. [ JOHN FREDERICK CHARLES FULLER (1878 – 1966) . - The Star In The West. A Critical Essay Upon The Works Of Aleister Crowley By Capt. J. F. C. Fuller .
44414: FULLER, THOMAS 1608-1661 - The Historie of the Holy Warre By Thomas Fuller... The Third edition / The Holy State... Second Edition enlarged / The Profane State.
43614: FULTON JUN., ROBERT EDISON. - One-Man Caravan.
12359: FUNG, RAYMOND. - Households of God on China's Soil.
39023: FURBER, ELIZABETH CHAPIN. - Essex Sessions of the Peace 1351, 1377-1379. (Essex Archaeological Society, Occasional Publications No.3).
10571: FURLONG, MONICA. - Christian Uncertainties.
9866: FURLONG, MONICA. - Contemplating Now.
12680: FURLONG, MONICA. - Divorce. One Women's View.
10570: FURLONG, MONICA. - Merton. A Biography.
19487: FURLONG, MONICA. - Puritan's Progress. A Study of John Bunyan.
14295: FURLONG, MONICA. - With Love to the Church.
33982: FURLONG, MONICA. - Prayers and Poems.
21330: FURNEAUX, RUPERT. - Saratoga: The Decisive Battle.
15108: FURSE, MICHAEL. - Stand Therefore! A Bishop's Testimony of Faith in The Church of England.
24716: FYTTON, FRANCIS. - A Wild Justice. (London Magazine Editions No.7).
11783: GABRIEL, JOHN. - Children Growing Up. The Development of Children's Personalities.
43342: GABRIELS, ROBIN L. & HILL, DINA E. (EDITORS). - Autism - From Research to Individualized Practice.
44472: GADD, ALAN AND PREMRAJ, D.C. - New Lamps. Fresh Insights Into Mission. In Celebration of the Ministry of Ivor Smith-Cameron.
25460: GAGE, FAITH C. - Dry Your Hands and Stop to Listern and other Poems. (Illustrated by Ruth E. Richards).
18665: GAGNEBIN, BERNARD,& GAZAY, MARC. - Encounter with Henry Dunant.
13659: GAILEY, J.H. - Micah to Malachi.
22865: GAIR, R; JENKINS, J.E.E., & LESTER, E. - Cereal Pests and Diseases.
18666: GAITHER, BILL & GLORIA. - A Billy Graham Homecoming Celebration.
25461: GAITHER, GLORIA AND DOBSON, SHIRLEY. (ILLUSTRATED BY RUSS FLINT). - Lets Make a Memory. Great Ideas for Building Family Traditions and Togetherness.
23546: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH. - The Culture of Contentment.
15109: GALE, W.E. - The Alternative Religion. (Foreword by the Very Reverend Edward Carpenter).
23743: GALLAGHER, JOCK. - The Archers Omnibus. The BBC's Official Companion to Radio's Most Popular Serial.
26952: GALLAGHER, MICHAEL PAUL AND NEARY, DONAL. - Can I Be a Christian on My Own?
26320: GALLEN, JOHN; FINK, PETER E., & HOGAN, JOHN R. (EDITORS.) - Eucharistic Liturgies: Studies in American Pastoral Liturgy.
39801: HAMMER GALLERIES. - 19th & 20th Century European & American Paintings.
39679: MISTRAL GALLERIES. - Annabel Gosling.
35890: NATIONAL GALLERY. - Children in Art.
28154: NATIONAL GALLERY. - Architecture in Art.
29106: SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY. - The Jacobite Rising of 1715.
28155: NATIONAL GALLERY. - Heaven in Art.
6538: GALLET, PAUL. - Freedom to Starve.
20563: GALLICO, PAUL. - Love let me not Hunger.
16569: GALLICO, PAUL. - The Hand of Mary Constable.
26095: GALLIERS, BRIAN. - Something to Declare. (Declaring the Faith.)
35128: GALLIMORE, REV. H.S. - The Seven Days of Jupiter: A Science Idyll.
35614: GALLYON, MARGARET. - The Early Church in Eastern England.
674: GALSWORTHY, JOHN. - Loyalties. A Drama in Three Acts.
11166: GAMBARI, ELIO. - The Updating of Religious Formation.
30410: GAMMOND, PETER. - An Illustrated Guide to Composers of Opera.
12436: GAMMONS, PETER. - All Preachers Great & Small.
12964: GAMMONS, PETER. - All Preachers Great and Small. (Cartoons by Drew Northcott).
40626: GANG SHA, DR & MASTER ZHI. - Divine Transformation. The Divine Way to Self-Clear Karma to Transform Your Health, Relationships, Finances, and More.
40462: GANG SHA, DR ZHI. - Power Healing. The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind & Spirit.
29144: GANGEMI, KENNETH. - The Interceptor Pilot.
13722: GANT, ROLAND. (EDITOR). - John Skelton. A Selection of his Poems.
43087: GANT, LEONARD H. - History of Berechurch in the County of Essex. By Leonard H. Gant.
28364: GANTZ, JEFFREY. - Tales of Cu Chulaind. Irish Heroic Myths.
39493: GANTZ, JEFFREY.(TRANSLATOR). - The Mabinogion.
15583: GANZEL, DEWEY. - Mark Twain Abroad. The Cruise of the Quaker City.
18278: GARBUTT, JOHN AND MARSH, JOHN. - Lancaster North of the Sands. In Old Photographs.
35875: GARCIA LORCA, FEDERICO . - Obras completas. Recopilacion y notas de Arturo del Hoyo . Prologo De Jorge Guillen. Epilogo De Vincente Aleixandre.
43562: GARCIA, JOE. - The Secret Web of Intrigue. 50 Years Reporting from Gibraltar.
37696: GARDINER, GORDON. - The Pattern of Chance.
12682: GARDINER, WREY. - Poetry Quarterly. Vol.8. No.1. Spring 1946.
43447: GARDINER, PHILIP. - Proof? Does God Exist?
39808: GARDNER, PERCY. - Exploratio Evangelica. A Survey of the Foundations of Christianity.
6470: GARDNER, ALICE. - History of Sacrament in Relation to Thought & Progress.
11882: GARDNER, CRAIG SHAW. - A Difficulty With Dwarves.
14317: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY. - The Case of the Careless Kitten. (Perry Mason).
19135: GARDNER, JANET (ED. - Leadership and the Cult of the Personality.
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22684: GRIFFITHS, MICHAEL. - A Task Unfinished. How to recruit, support and pray for missionaries and Christian workers in a constantly changing world.
15731: GRIFFITHS, MICHAEL. - Cinderella with Amnesia. A practical discussion of the relevance of the Church.
23065: GRIFFITHS, MICHAEL. - Cinderella's Betrothal Gifts.
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32349: CURRICULUM ADVISORY GROUP. - The Curriculum: A Christian View.
16674: COMMUNITY WORK GROUP. - Current Issues in Community Work.
23330: ECUMENICAL GROUP. - Step Carefully. Preparation for Marriages where there are children from a Previous Relationship.
25716: JOINT LITURGICAL GROUP. - Confirmation and Re-affirmation of Baptismal Faith.
37125: WEA LOCAL HISTORY GROUP. - Arundel Street Memories.
25804: THE BOW GROUP. - Britain in Europe.
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6335: WADDERTON GROUP. - Share the Word. 2.
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41639: GUNASINGAM, DR MURUGAR. - Tamils in Sri Lanka. A Comprehensive History. (c.300 B.C. - c.2000 A.D.).
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22063: GUNN, GEORGE S. - This Gospel of the Kingdom. Dilemmas in Evangelism. (Foreword by Professor James S. Stewart.)
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27491: GUNSTONE, JOHN. - Commentary on the New Lectionary. Vol.2. A Scriptural and Liturgical Guide to the Two-Year Cycle of Readings for Sundays and Holy Days.
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5830: GUNSTONE, JOHN. - Lord Heal Me. Personal Prayers.
8242: GUNSTONE, JOHN. - Prayers for Healing.
8670: GUNSTONE, JOHN. - The Beginnings at Whatcombe. Drawings by Sylvia Lawton.
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18476: GUNSTONE, JOHN. - The Lord is Our Healer.
18807: GUNSTONE, JOHN. - The Lord is Our Healer. Spiritual Renewal and the Ministry of Healing.
7839: GUNSTONE, JOHN. - Greater Things than These. Foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury.
16979: GUNTHER, PETER F. - Sermon Classics by Great Preachers.
44480: GUNTON, COLIN. - Theology Through Preaching. Sermons for Brentwood.
35616: GUNTON, TONY. - Wild Essex: A Guide to the Nature Reserves and Country Parks of Essex and East London.
7165: GUNTRIP, H. - Psychology for Ministers and Social Workers.
24736: GUPTARA, PRABJU S. - The Basic Arts of Marketing.
44092: GURDJIEFF, G.I. - Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson. An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man.
14696: GURNEY, JOSEPH JOHN . - Observations On The Religious Peculiarities Of The Society of Friends; by Joseph John Gurney. Second Edition.
29348: GURNEY, MRS. GERALD ( DOROTHY FRANCES BLOMFIELD ) . - The Childhood Of Queen Victoria.
10523: GURNEY, S. GAMZU. - Children of the Wilderness.
44019: GURNEY, EDWARD, MYERS, FREDERIC W.H. AND PODMORE, FRANK. - Phantasms of the Living. (Abridged edition by Mrs Henry Sidgwick).
11421: GUSTAFSON, GUS. - I Was Called to be a Layman. The Witness of God's People Today.
16859: GUSTAFSON, JAMES M. - Theology and Christian Ethics.
34486: GUSTAFSON, JAMES M. - Protestant and Roman Catholic Ethics: Prospects for Rapprochement.
43580: GUTBIER, AEGIDIUS / HENDERSON, E.(EDITOR). - Lexicon Syriacum: Omnes Novi Testamenti Syriaci Dictiones et Particulas Complectens. [Syriac Lexicon].
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23627: GUTHRIE, DONALD. - Living as God's People.
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14729: GUTHRIE, TYRONE. - A Life in the Theatre.
40026: GUTHRIE, REV. DR. JOHN. - Heroes of Faith as Delineated in Hebrews.
37318: GUTIERREZ, GUSTAVO. - The Truth Shall Make You Free. Confrontations.
12528: GUTIERREZ, GUSTAVO. - The Power of the Poor in History. Selected writings.
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43857: GUTTRIDGE, ROGER. - Blackmore Vale Camera.
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6458: GUY, DOUGLAS S. - Steps Towards Inter-Communion: Sacrifice In Holy Communion.
15251: GUY, H.A. - The Story of the Hebrews.
15797: GUY, H.A. (EDITOR). - Our Religions.

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