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24162: WILLIAMS, THEODORE. - Living Without Regret. Practical, Biblical Answers to Encourage a Lifestyle of Faith, Sacrifice and Commitment.
31722: WILLIAMS, WATKIN W. - The Moral Theology of the Sacrament of Penance.
5792: WILLIAMS, COLIN. - Faith in a Secular Age.
37849: WILLIAMS, H.A. - True to Experience. (edited by Eileen Mable).
36148: WILLIAMS, RICHARD - The Grand Priory in the British Realm of the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem - St, John's Gate Picture Book - Fist Edition .
31254: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Forgiveness of Sins.
35630: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - The Forgiveness of Sins.
44607: WILLIAMS, ROWAN. - Christian Imagination in Poetry and Polity. Some Anglican Voices from Temple to Herbert.
37140: WILLIAMS, RAY. - Son of Encouragement.
29933: WILLIAMS, ARCHBISHOP ROWAN. - Lost Icons. Reflections on Cultural Bereavement.
39553: WILLIAMS, DAVID. - Keeping The Peace: The Police and Public Order.
41440: WILLIAMS, ISAAC/ PREVOST, THE VEN. SIR GEORGE.(EDITOR). - The Autobiography of Isaac Williams, BD...As Throwing Further Light on the History of the Oxford Movement.
34537: WILLIAMS, A.E. - West Anglican Way: The Growth of the Anglican Church in Western Australia From Its Early Beginnings.
6479: WILLIAMS, W.S. - The History of Acolytes and Servers and of What They Have Done for the Church Down the Centuries.
27123: WILLIAMS, ROWAN. - The Truce of God.
25795: WILLIAMS, ROWAN AND COLLIER, MARK. - Beginning Now. Part One. Peacemaking Theology. A Study Book for Individuals and Groups.
7879: WILLIAMS, H.A. - God's Wisdom in Christ's Cross.
45958: WILLIAMS, JANE. (YSGAFELL). (EDITOR). - An Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis. Betsy Cadwaladyr: A Balaclava Nurse.
3260: WILLIAMS, STEPHEN.(COMPILER). - Woman: An Anthology for Men.
30787: WILLIAMS, MERRYN. - A Preface to Hardy.
11339: WILLIAMS, LOAN M. - Thackeray. Literature in Perspective.
45961: WILLIAMS, THE REV. CANON JOHN. - Letters on Anglican Orders and Other Matters.
27615: WILLIAMS, DUNCAN. - Trousered Apes. A study in the influence of literature on contemporary society.
7773: WILLIAMS, RHEINALLT NANTLAIS. - Faith Facing Facts. Pantyfedwen Trust Lectures.
43068: WILLIAMS, S. T. - The Martyrs Of Braintree & Bocking. A Lecture. By S. T. Williams. Price Sixpence.
35540: WILLIAMS, PETER. (EDITOR). - Anvil: An Anglican Evangelical Journal for Theology and Mission. Vol.1. No.1.
3172: WILLIAMS, N.P. AND HARRIS, CHARLES (EDITORS). - Northern Catholicism. Studies in the Oxford Centenary and Parallel Movements.
42409: WILLIAMS, DAVID. - Animal Rights, Human Responsibilities? (Grove Ethics E151).
44528: WILLIAMS, K. MARY. - The Doctrine of the Church in the Writings of Isaac Wiliams 1802-1865.
45027: WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH. - Father Joe. The Autobiography of Joseph Williamson of Poplar and Stepney. (Signed).
40640: WILLIAMSON, REV. M.S.H. - An Historical Account of St John's, Kaffraria.
25796: WILLIAMSON, HELEN J. - I Belong. Eight Lessons on Church Membership for Juniors.
22280: WILLIAMSON, HELEN J. - Introducing Holy Communion. Ten lessons for Juniors.
13090: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS. - A Children's Book of Saints. Illustrated by Sheila Connelly.
15631: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS. - Paul, A Bondslave. A Radio Play.
2835: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS. - Sixty Saints of Christendom. (Illustrated by Sheila Connelly).
14750: WILLIAMSON, MYRTLE. - One Out of Four. A personal experience with cancer.
29010: WILLIAMSON, ROY. - Not Least in the Kingdom.
44418: WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH. - Josephine Butler - The Forgotten Saint. (Signed).
26571: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE. - Seventeenth Century Contexts.
6872: WILLIAMSON, ROY. - Can You Spare a Minute.
29183: WILLIS, TED. - Evening All. 50 Years over a Hot Typewriter.
25797: WILLMOTT, REV. OLIVER. - The Parson Knows from the Parish Notes 1953-1968.
15328: WILLS, GARRY. - Saint Augustine.
39776: WILLS, E.F. - Egypt in Bristol. A Prehistoric Study Embracing the Mendips, South Gloucestershire and Bristol.
44786: WILLSON, E.J. - West London Nursery Gardens.
38495: WILMSHURST, W.L. - The Masonic Initiation.
46235: WILMSHURST, W.L. - The Meaning of Masonry.
45335: WILSING, H.S. - True Love Guide.
38528: WILSON, LESLIE AND LYLE, STANLEY. - Masonic Lodges of Middlesex. Their Origins and Names.
45321: WILSON, DR C.J. - Before the White Man in Kenya.
39193: WILSON, B. KNYVET. - More Norfolk Tales and Memories.
44597: WILSON, ANGUS. (EDITOR). - East Anglia in Verse and Prose.
15021: WILSON, ANGUS. - The Middle Age of Mrs. Eliot.
43563: WILSON, GRAHAM. - The Time Has Come. Ancient Egypt, Israel and Finis.
45124: WILSON, JIM. - Cold War : East Anglia.
18051: WILSON , JOHN G. - Language of Maps, Certificate Geography.
10833: WILSON, A.N. - Tolstoy.
6225: WILSON, A.N. (EDITOR). - The Faber Book of Church and Clergy.
1702: WILSON, AUGUSTA J. EVANS. - Infelice.
20380: WILSON, BRYAN. - Magic and the Millennium. Religious Movements of Protest among Tribal and Third- World Peoples.
11010: WILSON, COLIN & EVANS, CHRISTOPHER. ( EDS ). - The Giant Book of the Unknown.
9001: WILSON, D.M. - Triumph Over Fear.
12346: WILSON, DAMON. - Strange But True. Aliens. Are we Surrounded by Aliens?
22112: WILSON, DOROTHY CLARKE. - Handicap Race. The Inspiring Story of Roger Arnett.
22114: WILSON, DOROTHY CLARKE. - Palace of Healing. The Story of Dr. Clara Swain, First Woman Missionary Doctor, and the Hospital she Founded.
8934: WILSON, DOROTHY CLARKE. - Twelve Who Cared. My Adventures with Christian Courage.
12469: WILSON, DOROTHY F. - Child Psychology and Religious Education.
13882: WILSON, FRANK. - Counselling the Drug Abuser.
23228: WILSON, GEOFFREY B. - 1. Corinthians. A Digest of Reformed Comment.
17501: WILSON, GEOFFREY B. - 2 Corinthians. A Digest of Reformed Comment.
24398: WILSON, GEOFFREY B. - Ephesians.
11304: WILSON, H.A. - The Master and His Friends. A Story of the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ for Young People.
5010: WILSON, IAN. - Are These The Words of Jesus? Dramatic evidence from beyond the New Testament.
7799: WILSON, IAN. - The After Death Experience.
30007: WILSON, JACQUELINE. - Lola Rose. (Illustrated by Nick Sharratt).
3119: WILSON, JIM. - Healing through the Power of Christ.
28192: WILSON, JOHN HAROLD. (EDITOR). - Six Restoration Plays.
19195: WILSON, JOHN. - Reason and Morals.
7775: WILSON, KENNETH. - Living it Out. A discussion on Christian behaviour.
7776: WILSON, MARY, BLAKE, ROBERT, HORNE, DONALD, ET AL. - The Queen. A Penguin Special.
27801: WILSON, MARY. - New Poems.
2885: WILSON, MERVYN. - The Rural Spirit. Language of the Earth and Sky.
18052: WILSON, MICHAEL. - Dear Bryony. An Exploration of a Christian way of life in the Modern World.
19301: WILSON, MICHAEL. - Health is for People.
9473: WILSON, MICHAEL. - The Church is Healing.
12828: WILSON, REV. H.A. (BISHOP OF CHELMSFORD). - Your Faith - or your life!
15471: WILSON, ROBERT R. - The Sign Book of Crosswords.
2739: WILSON,COLIN. - The Outsider.
40210: WILSON, ANGUS. - Anglo-Saxon Attitudes.
26537: WILSON, R. MCL. - Gnosis and the New Testament.
13622: WILSON, GEOFFREY B. - Hebrews. A Digest of Reformed Comment.
18952: WILSON, HAROLD AND APPLEFORD, PATRICK. - Living the Liturgy Together. A course of eight sessions for the parish study group.
41007: WILSON, HARRY LEON. - Ruggles of Red Gap. (Illustrated by F.R.Gruger).
43564: WILSON, GRAHAM. - Running Out of Time. A Critical Review of Evolution, Creation & Consummation.
19911: WILSON, SIMON. - Pop. (64 pages in colour).
46492: WILSON, R. MCNAIR. - God and the Goldsmiths. (Formerly titled Monarchy or Money Power).
45777: WILSON, A.N. - My Name is Legion. (Signed).
38453: WILSON, T.(THEODORE)P.(PERCIVAL). - Frank Oldfield. Or Lost and Found.
40905: WILSON, REV. LEONARD C. - Spiritual Warfare. (A Crowhurst Occasional Paper).
43820: WILSON, JOHN 1785-1854. - Noctes Ambrosianae; Essays Critical And Imaginative; Recreations Of Christopher North; The Poetical Works; Tales By Professor Wilson
45322: WILSON, DR C.J. - Before the Dawn in Kenya.
37032: WILSON, BRYAN. - Old Laws and New Religions. (Pamphlet Library No.20).
13705: WILSON, KENNETH. (ED). - The Experience of Ordination. A symposium.
39198: WILSON, PAUL R. AND WESTERN, JOHN S. - The Policeman's Position Today and Tomorrow. An Examination of the Victoria Police Force.
45587: WILSON, THOMAS. - A Discourse Upon Usury.
39549: WILT, G.MARIE; BANNON, JAMES D:(DETROIT). BREEDLOVE, RONALD K; KENNISH, JOHN W; SANDKER, DONALD M; SAWTELL, ROBERT(KANSAS CITY). - Domestic Violence and the Police: Studies in Detroit and Kansas City.
21982: WILTON, DOROTHY R, RENOUF, ROSEMARY AND MURRAY, JOAN. - Prayers to Use with 5 - 8s.
13399: WILTSHER, CHRIS. - Everyday Science, Everyday God.
12165: WIMBER, JOHN. WITH SPRINGER, KEVIN. - Power Evangelism. Signs and Wonders Today.
9923: WINBOLT, S.E. - Britain under the Romans.
31653: WINCKWORTH, PETER. - A Simple Approach to the Canon Law.
21465: WINCLE, GEOFF. - Management in Action. People in Organisations.
14977: WIND, JAMES P., BURCK, RUSSELL, CAMENISCH, PAUL F., & MC CANN, DENNIS P. (EDITORS). - Clergy Ethics in a Changing Society.
43147: WINDER, PHYLLIS D. - The Public Feeding of Elementary School Children. A Review of the General Situation, and an Inquiry into Birmingham Experience.
23229: WINDROW, MARTIN AND MASON, FRANCIS K. - The Wordsworth Dictionary of Military Biography.
29923: WINDSOR, DAVID BURNS. - The Quaker Enterprise. Friends in Business.
29924: WING, LORNA. - Autistic Children: A Guide for Parents.
25312: WINGATE, ANDREW. - Encounter in the Spirit. Muslim-Christian Meetings in Birmingham.
10897: WINGATE, PETER. - The Penguin Medical Encyclopedia.
34795: WINGATE, SIR ANDREW. - Palestine, Mesopotamia and the Jews.
15994: WINGREN, GUSTAF. - Gospel and Church. (Translated by Ross Mackenzie).
30989: WINKLER, REV. JUDE. - The Gift of Christmas.
34929: WINKS, J. [JOSEPH] F, EDITOR. - The Children's Magazine, and Missionary Repository. A Reward Book For Sabbath Schools, Day Schools, And Families. Edited by J. F. Winks. - Vol. IX. - 1846.
45091: WINKWORTH, SUSANNA (TRANSLATOR). - The History and Life of the Rev. Doctor John Tauler of Strasbourg; with Twenty-Five of his Sermons.
27976: WINN, ARTHUR T. - Records of the Borough of Aldeburgh: The Church.
32422: WINN, DENISE. - The Hospice Way.
30957: WINNAIL, DOUGLAS S. - The Real God: Proofs and Promises.
5208: WINNINGTON INGRAM, ARTHUR F. - Friends of the Master.
1705: WINNINGTON INGRAM, ARTHUR F. - The Spirit of Jesus.
9334: WINNINGTON INGRAM, ARTHUR F. - Under the Dome.
17111: WINSLOW, JACK C. - The Christian Approach to the Hindu.
9644: WINSLOW, JACK C. - The Gate of Life.
11220: WINSTANLEY, MICHAEL T. - Come and See. An Exploration into Christian Discipleship.
18646: WINSTEN, JOSEPH. - Moses Meets Israel. The Origins of One God.
39569: WINSTONE, JANE AND PAKES, FRANCIS.(EDITORS). - Community Justice: Issues for Probation and Criminal Justice.
10242: WINSTONE, HAROLD. (EDITOR). - Pastoral Liturgy. A Symposium.
10514: WINTER, ALBAN. - A Devotional Commentary on St. Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians.
3137: WINTER, ALBAN. - The Shield of Faith.
8733: WINTER, DAVID B. (EDITOR). - The Best of Crusade.
12934: WINTER, DAVID. - A Christian's Guide to Church Membership.
13134: WINTER, DAVID. - After the Gospels. Readings from great Christians of the earlt Church.
6693: WINTER, DAVID. - Battered Bride? The Body of Faith in an Age of Doubt.
6177: WINTER, DAVID. - For All the People. A book of stories about people and the Bible today.
16407: WINTER, DAVID. - Ground of Truth. A layman's introduction to the Church of England based on the Revised Catechism.
8000: WINTER, DAVID. - Hereafter.
13883: WINTER, DAVID. - How to Walk with God.
17596: WINTER, DAVID. - Living Through Loss. A Christian Approach to Bereavement.
9137: WINTER, DAVID. - Truth in the Son.
7109: WINTER, DAVID. - What's in a Word? 40 Days of Jesus for the 40 Days of Lent.
15555: WINTER, DAVID. - With Jesus in the Upper Room. Forty Gospel Reflections for Lend and Easter.
5980: WINTER, DAVID. (EDITED BY.) - Matthew Henry's Commentary. Acts to Revelation.
5979: WINTER, DAVID. (EDITED BY.) - Matthew Henry's Commentary. The Four Gospels.
29126: WINTER, REV. A. - Preach the Word Sermon Outlines.
10187: WINTER,DAVID. - The Wisdom of Saint Augustine.
45602: WINTER, NEVIN O. - The Russian Empire of To-Day & Yesterday. (Illustrated).
19437: WINTER, DAVID. - Message for the Millennium. Forty Days at the feet of Jesus the Teacher.
39314: WINTERBOTTOM, DEREK. - T.E.Brown: His Life and Legacy.
15330: WINTERS, JONATHAN. - Winters' Tales. Stories and Observations for the Unusual.
15650: WINTHER, OSCAR OSBURN. - Via Western Express and Stagecoach. California's Transportation Links with the Nation,1848-1869.
42887: WINTTERLE, JOHN AND CRAMER, RICHARD S. - Portraits of Nobel Laureates in Peace. (with photographs).
22282: WINWARD, STEPHEN F. - Fruit of the Spirit.
23515: WINWARD, STEPHEN F. - Responsive Praises and Prayers for Minister and Congregation.
20381: WINWARD, STEPHEN. - How to Talk with God. The Basics of Prayer.
13707: WIRT, SHERWOOD ELIOT. - Exploring the Spiritual Life.
13495: WIRT, SHERWOOD ELIOT. - Magnificent Promise. A fresh view of the Beatitudes ... from the Cross.
3183: WISE, CARROLL A. - Pastoral Counseling. Its Theory & Practice.
29012: WISE, ROBERT L. - When There Is No Miracle.
5461: WISE, W.M. - Games & Sports. Activity in the Primary School.
45035: WISEHART, GEORGE, (1599-1671) / SIME, JOHN (EDITOR) . - James, First Marquess of Montrose, 1612-1650 . Abridged Translation of Bishop Wishart's 'History of the Kings Majesties Affairs in Scotland,' under Montrose. Edited, with Notes, and a Biographic Sketch of Montrose and Wishart, by John Sime.
27977: WISEMAN, FOSTER. - The Penguin Handyman.
21983: WISEMAN, DONALD J. - The Word of God for Abraham and To-day.
21466: WISHART, RUTH. - The Best of the Scotsman.
29771: WIT, JOHN DE. - Another Way of Looking: Helping you challenge the assumptions of today's culture. (Foreword by Lesslie Newbigin.)
15216: WITCHER, GERALDINE. - Junior Assemblies. (Illustrated by Elizabeth Norman-Clarke).
43767: WITCOMBE, JOHN. - The Curate's Guide. From Calling to First Parish.
41186: WITHERBY, H.F. - British Birds. An Illustrated Magazine Devoted Chiefly to the Birds on the British List. March 2, 1936. Vol.XXIX. No.10.
41187: WITHERBY, H.F. - British Birds. An Illustrated Magazine Devoted Chiefly to the Birds on the British List. April 1, 1936. Vol.XXIX. No.11.
22552: WITHERS, JOHN H. - In the Red. (Sermons for Today No.1).
22115: WITHERS, JOHN H. - Speak for Yourself. A Book of Sermons.
7230: WITHERS, MARGARET. & PINCHIN, TONY. - Celebration. Celebrating for all God's family.
14831: WITHEY, DONALD A. - Adult Initiaion. (Liturgical Study 10).
12472: WITHEY, DONALD A. - Ministers of Holy Communion. A practical and Liturgical Guide.
22553: WITT, JOHN RICHARD DE. - Amazing Love. The Parable of the Prodigal Son.
37599: WITTEMANS, FR. - A New & Authentic History of the Rosicrucians.
44544: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG/ RHEES, RUSH (EDITOR). - Remarks on Frazer's Golden Bough / Bemerkungen Uber Frazers Golden Bough.
13401: WITTICH, JOHN. & PHILLIPS, RON. - Off-beat Walks in London. A Discovering pocket book.
13402: WITVLIET, THEO. - A Place in the Sun. An Introduction to Liberation Theology in the Third World.
28439: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Carry on Jeeves.
31308: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mulliner Nights.
43474: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Coming of Bill.
43491: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mr Mulliner Speaking.
43475: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Head of Kay's.
7656: WOGAMAN, J. PHILIP. - Christian Perspectives on Politics.
12225: WOHL, LOUIS DE. - The Quiet Light.
15285: WOLFE, DON M. - New Voices: American Writing Today.
7955: WOLFF, HANS WALTER. - Anthropologie des Alten Testaments.
20802: WOLFF, RICHARD. - Is God Dead?
12935: WOLFF, RICHARD. - Israel Act III.
14490: WOLFF, RICHARD. - Israel Today.
44194: WOLFFE, JOHN. (EDITOR). - Religion in History. Conflict, Conversion and Coexistence.
44277: WOLFSON, HARRY AUSTRYN 1887-1974 / ISADORE TWERSKY AND GEORGE H. WILLIAMS (EDITORS) . - Studies In The History Of Philosophy And Religion. Harry Austryn Wolfson. Edited by Isadore Twersky and George H. Williams. Vols. 1 & 2 ..
20906: WOLLEN, ALBERT J. - How to Conduct Home Bible Classes.
30798: WOLLHEIM, DR O.D. - The New Townsmen. The Legal Position of the Africans in the White Areas Today.
31673: WOLLSTONECRAFT, MARY /POSTON, CAROL H.(EDITOR). - A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. (2nd Editon).
36758: WOLSTON, W.T.P. - Night Scenes of Scripture.
7247: WOLTERECK, DR HEINZ. - The Miracle of Life. An Exploration of Life Sources. (Translated by Mervyn Savill).
26289: WOLTERS, CLIFTON. (TRANSLATOR). - A Study of Wisdom. Three Tracts by the Author of The Cloud of Unknowing.
10804: SUFFOLK FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S INSTITUTES. - Suffolk Within Living Memory.
39313: FEDERATION OF ESSEX WOMEN'S INSTITUTES. - Essex Then & Now. 1917-1987. A Miscellany.
38104: WOOD, P.C. - Anita's Mucking Ugley Ways Through Messing, Essex.
24164: WOOD, A. SKEVINGTON. - Designed By Love. Short Studies in the Plan of Salvation.
30387: WOOD, ANDREW. - Street Paved with Water.
10603: WOOD, BARBARA. - Our World, God's World. Reflections for Advent and the Christmas Season on the Environment.
30441: WOOD, CHARLES R. - Outline Talks for Teens.
22283: WOOD, DEREK. - Lord, find me a parking place.
22284: WOOD, DEREK. - The Adam and Eve Agenda. Male and Female - Who's in Charge?
23230: WOOD, DEREK. - The Jacob Portfolio. Ambition, love and God.
18953: WOOD, DEREK. - The Simon Peter File. Renewal comes to Canwell Park.
22286: WOOD, E.D.K. - They Shall Look on Him. A Little Book for Holy Week.
31670: WOOD, ELEANOR VELLACOTT. - From Sunday Morning to Saturday Night. (Illustrated by Richard B. Wood).
11701: WOOD, FREDERICK T. - English Verbal Idioms.
1709: WOOD, H.G. - Did Christ Really Live?
6452: WOOD, JAMES. - The Sermon on the Mount and its Application.
23516: WOOD, JOHN. - The Jesus People of the First Century.
20803: WOOD, MARY S. - King's Daughters. The Problems of a Girl's Life.
27301: WOOD, MAURICE, A.P. - To Every Man's Door. An Introduction to Parish Visiting for the Laity.
11401: WOOD, MAURICE. - Christian Stability.
16450: WOOD, MAURICE. - This is our Faith.
12033: WOOD, MICHAEL. - In Search of The Trojan War.
27552: WOOD, P.J AND B.C. - Well-Dressing in Derbyshire.
21984: WOOD, REV. MAURICE. - Your Suffering.
9138: WOOD, RICHARD. - Activity Talks with Boys and Girls.
17424: WOOD, THOMAS. - Chastity not Outmoded.
27750: WOOD, THOMAS. - The Pastoral Responsibility of the Church To-day.
33296: WOOD, REV. J.A. - Perfect Love; or Plain Things for Those Who Need Them. Concerning the Doctrine, Experience, Profession, and Practice of Christian Holiness.
5556: WOOD, MAURICE. BISHOP OF NORWICH. FOREWORD BY ROBERT BLACKBURN. - Into the way of Peace. Readings in St. Luke's Gospel.
40773: WOOD, REV. THEODORE. - Dwellers in the Garden. (Illustrated by F.M.B. Blaikie).
3977: WOOD, WILLIAM.(EDITOR). - New Horizons of Healing.
35660: WOOD, JAMES. - The Book Against God.
40198: WOOD, EDWARD F.L. - John Keble. (Leaders of the Church 1800-1900 series).
15372: WOOD, JEREMY. - The Nativity. Themes in Art.
41367: WOOD, HERBERT G. - Communism, Christian and Marxist. (Beckly Lecture, 1935).
35995: WOODALL, BRIAN . - History Of The Past Masters The Royal St Edmunds Lodge No. 1008 In The Province Of Suffolk by Brian Woodhall B.A., P.A.G.D.C. (Eng.)
3140: WOODARD, CHRISTOPHER. - A Doctor's Faith Holds Fast.
9209: WOODARD, REVEREND DAVID. - Our Separated Brethren.
27357: WOODBRIDGE, JOHN D. (EDITOR). - Great Leaders of the Christian Church.
9354: WOODCOCK, GEORGE. - Thomas Merton. Monk and Poet. A Critical study.
40312: WOODCOCK, REV. HENRY. - Piety Among the Peasantry: Being Sketches of Primitive Methodism on the Yorkshire Wolds.
16245: WOODERSON, MICHAEL. - Good News Down the Street. (Grove Pastoral Series No.9).
7111: WOODGATE, LESLIE. - The Puffin Song Book. Compiled and arranged by Leslie Woodgate.
39579: WOODGATE, JOHN. - The Essex Police.
28587: WOODHOUSE, F.C. - The Life of the Soul in the World. It's nature, needs, dangers, sorrows, aids, and joys.
6178: WOODING, DAN. - Junkies are People Too.
22116: WOODLEY, LEONARD. - The Man Who Missed the Queen and Other Talks for Boys and Girls.
46138: WOODROFFE, SIR JOHN. - Hymns to the Goddess.
7112: WOODS, ERIC. - The Moral Maze. No. 33.
13496: WOODS, J. - The Old Testament in the Church.
10173: WOODWARD, EVELYN. - Poets Prophets & Pragmatists. A New Challenge to Religious Life.
11941: WOODWARD, G.W. - King Richard III.
38484: WOODWARD, MARCUS. - How To Enjoy Garden Flowers. The New "Flora Historica".
2672: WOODWORTH, ROBERT S. AND MARQUIS, DONALD G. - Psychology. A Study of Mental Life.
28441: WOOLF, VIRGINIA/LYON, MARY (EDITOR). - Books and Portraits.
33804: WOOLF, VIRGINIA. - The Captain's Death Bed and other essays.
38441: WOOLF, FELICITY. - Myths & Legends. Paintings in the National Gallery.
41858: WOOLLACOTT, F.J. - Lectures upon the Nursing of Infectious Diseases.
14396: WOOLLARD, LESLIE S. AND THORNTON, ANNE. - The Girl's Handicraft Book.
7777: WOOLLEY, SIR LEONARD. - History Unearthed.
9557: WOOLLEY, SIR LEONARD. - Digging Up The Past.
31326: WORDSWORTH, DOROTHY / MOORMAN, MARY. (EDITOR). - Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth: The Alfoxden Journal 1798 and The Grasmere Journals, 1800-1803.
7307: WORDSWORTH, DOROTHY. - Home at Grasmere. Edited by Colette Clark.
41572: WORDSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER. - Notes on Mediaeval Services in England. With an Index of Lincoln Ceremonies.
38077: WORDSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER. - The Book of Daniel with Notes and Introduction.
40911: WORKMAN, HERBERT B. - Persecution in the Early Church. A Chapter in the History of Renunciation.
42861: MINISTRY OF WORKS . - Audley End Essex: Ministry of Works Official Guide-book.
18924: THE WORLD'S MASTERS. - Albrecht Durer. 1471-1528.
18254: WORLEY, G. - Essex. A Dictionary of the County Mainly Ecclesiological. In Two Parts.
25993: WORLOCK, DEREK. - Give Me Your Hand.
35187: WORSEY, F.W. - Under the War Cloud. Being Nine Sermons on the War Preached in a Country Church.
38036: WORSFORD, W. BASIL. - The Principles of Criticism. An Introduction to the Study of Literature.
38542: WORSLEY, G. STUART. - A Young Man's Religion.
42396: WORSLEY, RUTH AND ROOMS, KAREN. - Walking in Another's Shoes. Ethical Perspectives on the Experience of Those Seeking Asylum. (Grove E 158).
18540: WORTHEN, FRANK. - Steps Out of Homosexuality.
44809: WORTHY, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Mirror Poems. By Children Under 12.
6179: WRAGG, JOAN. - Choice for nowhere men. A look at Humanism and Christianity.
46391: WRANGHAM, DIGBY S. (DIGBY STRANGEWAYS WRANGHAM (1831 -1892 ) . - Christ The Judge. A Sermon Preached In York Minster During The Winter Assize For The County of York, On December 14th, 1862, Before Sir Henry Singer Keating, Knt., Her Majesty's Judge Of Assize, By Digby S. Wrangham, M.A. ...
43247: WRAY, FITZWATER. - The Kuklos Papers.
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42437: WRIGHT, BILL - JOSHUA NUNN LODGE . - Happy Have We Met... A History of the Joshua Nunn Lodge No. 2154 1886 - 2004 .
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40598: POPE PIUS XII. - Audience Invisible. Broadcast Address of His Holiness Pius XII by Divine Providence Pope to the Cloistered Nuns of the World, 1958.
27009: YAMAUCHI, EDWIN. - The World of the First Christians.
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18691: YARNOLD, G.D. - The Moving Image. Science and Religion: Time and Eternity.
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44241: YATES, T.E. - Venn and Victorian Bishops Abroad.
46310: YATES, T. - Timbered Woodwork In Essex Churches By T. Yates, Shoreditch College, 1958 .
43858: YATES, ROY. - The Forgotten Army.
43062: YATES, KATHERINE M. - At The Door. A Tale to Read Both on the Lines and Between.
1869: THE CHRISTIAN YEAR. - The Christian Year. Calendar, Lectionary and Collects.
8002: YEATS, W. B. - Fairy Tales of Ireland.
41863: YEATS, W.B. - The Hour Glass: A Morality.
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34979: YELLOWLEES, DAVID. - Psychology's Defence of the Faith.
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32576: YONGE, MARGERET. - A Christmas Garland.
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41342: YORK, F.W. AND PHILLIPS, A.R. - Singapore. A History of its Trams Trolleybuses & Buses. Volume One 1880s to 1960s.
35940: PROVINCIAL GRAND LODGE OF WEST YORKSHIRE. - By-Laws and Regulations of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of West Yorkshire. Adopted at a meeting... at Saltaire, Shipley, 20th Oct. 1897, and confirmed by the M. W. Grand Master...8th November, 1925.
40137: SUPREME ORDER OF THE HOLY ROYAL ARCH. PROVINCE OF WEST YORKSHIRE . - Consecration of Fairfax Chapter 3255 in 1910 with Masonic National Anthem. Ceremonial to be Observed at the Consecration of Fairfax Chapter, 3255, the Installation of the Three Principals, and the Investiture of the Officers .
45136: OKAKURA-YOSHISABURO. - The Life and Thought of Japan.
44806: YOUNG, EDWARD 1683-1765 / GILFILLAN, GEORGE 1813-1878 / CLARKE, CHARLES COWDEN 1787-1877 . - Young's Night Thoughts. With Life And Critical Dissertation, By The Rev George Gilfillian. The Text Edited By Charles Cowden Clarke.
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15556: YOUNG, JOHN. - Explore Your Faith. Study Courses for Groups and Individuals.
26714: YOUNG, JOHN. - Jesus the Verdict.
19304: YOUNG, JOHN. - Our God is Still too Small.
28442: YOUNG, JOHN. - The Case Against Christ.
7781: YOUNG, JOHN. - The Case against Christ. Some statements for the defence.
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9703: YOUNG, WAYLAND. - Strategy for Survival. First Steps in Nuclear Disarmament.
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42536: YOUNG, EDWARD ( 1683 - 1765 ) / BOTTONI, GIUSEPPE (TRANSLATOR) - [ Delle ] Le Notti Di Young Traduzione Poetic Di Giuseppe Bottoni Si Auggiungono I Tre Canti Del Giudizio Universale Trasportati In Versi Italiani Da Clemente Filomarino Napoletano De Duchi Della Torre.
46044: YOUNG, ARTHUR 1741-1820 . - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Suffolk. Drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement. By the Secretary to the Board.
8015: YOUNGMAN, BERNARD R. - Into All the World. The Story of the First Thousand Years of Christianity.
6415: YOUNGMAN, BERNARD R. - The New Outlook Scripture. Book 1. The Challenge of the Gospels.
46166: YU-LAN, FUNG. - A Short History of Chinese Philosophy. (edited by Derk Bodde).
7956: YULE, GEORGE. (EDITOR). - Luther. Theologian for Catholics and Protestants.
33594: ZACHARIAS, RAVI. - Deliver Us From Evil: Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture.
14552: ZAEHNER, R.C. - Dialectical Christianity and Christian Materialism.
22033: ZAHRNT, HEINZ. - The Historical Jesus. (Translated from the German by J.S. Bowden.)
7531: ZANDER, L.A. - Western Orthodoxy.
21730: AL-ZARQA, MUSTAFA AHMAD. - Worship in Islam.
42625: FREEMASONRY - NEW ZEALAND. - Charles Fergusson Lodge, No. 290 Installation of Bro. Frank Leslie Talley, S.W.
5911: ZEILLER, JACQUES. - Christian Beginnings. Faith & Fact Book:73.
27751: ZELDIN, THEODORE. - An Intimate History of Humanity.
21846: ZELL, HANS AND SILVER, HELENE (EDITORS). - A Reader's Guide to African Literature.
28299: ZELLER, HUBERT VAN. - First Person Singular.
32535: ZELLER, HUBERT VAN. - To Be In Christ.
31257: ZERNOV, NICOLAS. - The Church of the Eastern Christians.
18422: ZIEGLER, PHILIP. - The Black Death.
13708: ZIESLER, JOHN. - The Jesus Question.
8436: ZIM, HERBERT S. - Codes & Secret Writing.
46163: ZIMMER, HEINRICH. - Philosophies of India. (edited by Joseph Campbell).
8304: ZIMMERLI, WALTHER. - Old Testament Theology in Outline. Translated by David E.Green.
3553: ZIMMERLI, WALTHER. - The Old Testament and the World. Translated by John J.Scullion.
35650: ZIMMERMAN, MARTHA. - Celebrate the Feasts of the Old Testament in Your Own Home or Church.
19449: ZIMMERN, ALFRED. - The Greek Commonwealth. Politcs and Economics in Fifth-Century Athens.
41465: ZIRIN, HAROLD. - Astrophysics of the Sun.
25113: ZNAMENOV, VADIM. - Petrodvorets: Palaces and Parks. A Guide. (Translated from the Russian by Kathleen Cook).
45905: ZORA, POPI. - Two Great Silversmiths.
41889: ZUBRZYCKI, JERZY. - Settlers of the Latrobe Valley. A Sociological Study of Immigrants in the Brown Coal Industry in Australia.
35835: ZUILL, W.S. - The Story of Bermuda and her People.
29318: ZUNDEL, VERONICA. (COMPILER.) - The Lion Book of Christian Classics. A Treasury of Christian Writings through the Centuries.

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