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42645: ROY, REV.C.E AND JOYCE, REV.W.A. - Theresa Neumann of Konnersreuth.
39716: ROYDE SMITH, NAOMI. - Jane Fairfax.
45814: ROYDE SMITH, NAOMI. - Miss Bendix. (Illustrated by H.Weissenborn).
27281: RSCM. - Choral Wedding. (Words Edition).
27737: RSPCA. - Nature Reading Lessons. (Senior Series).
46315: RUBEL, MAXIMILIEN AND MANALE, MARGARET. - Marx Without Myth. A Chronological Study of His Life and Work.
32364: RUBIN, JR. LOUIS D. - The Curious Death of the Novel. Essays in American Literature.
27738: RUBIN, LESLIE. - This is Apartheid.
23778: RUBINSTEIN, HILARY L. - Captain Luckless: James, First Duke of Hamilton. 1606-1649.
42086: RUBINSTEIN, STANLEY. - A Letter to the Editor.
15619: RUBLOWSKY, JOHN. - Music in America.
38950: RUCK, BERTA. - A Trickle of Welsh Blood.
29375: RUDD, CECIL THOMAS; WITHAM, EDGAR MURRAY - TWO WELLINGBOROUGH MASTERS . - Association Football for Boys By Two Wellingborough Masters C. T. Rudd & E. M. Witham, With a Foreword by G. O. Smith .
34560: RUDDOCK, EDWARD HARRIS . - The Stepping-Stone To Homoeopathy And Health. By E. H. Ruddock M.D., Licentiate of The Royal College of Physicians; Member Of The Royal College Of Surgeons; Licentiate In Midwifery, London And Edinburgh...
1402: RUDKIN, E.H. - The Religion of the Incarnation. Twenty-one original Addresses concerning Christian Doctrine and personal belief inspired by the Archbishops' Recall to Religion.
10436: RUEF, JOHN. - Paul's First Letter to Corinth.
40430: RUEF, JOHN. - Paul's First Letter to Corinth.
24816: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD. - To Change the World. Christology and Cultural Criticism.
41538: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD. - Mary - The Feminine Face of the Church.
34767: RULE, BABS. - Everyday Life in the Harem.
39082: RUMBELOW, DONALD. - The Complete Jack the Ripper. (Introduction by Colin Wilson).
17486: RUNCIE, ROBERT. - Authority in Crisis? An Anglican Response.
27109: RUNCIE, ROBERT. - One Light for One World.
13693: RUNCIE, ROBERT. - Windows onto God.
31309: RUNCIE, ROBERT/ CLARKE, PAUL A.B; LINZEY, ANDREW; AND MOSES, JOHN. - Theology, The University and the Modern World.
4355: RUNCIE, ROBERT. ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY. - Authority in Crisis? An Anglican Response.
40900: RUNCIMAN, JAMES. - The Romance of the Coast.
6638: RUNCORN, DAVID. - Space for God. Foreword by Margaret Magdalen.
26846: RUNYON, DAMON. - The Snatching of Bookie Bob and other Stories. (Penguin 60's Series).
12332: RUOFF, PERCY O. - Personal Work.
5088: DAVIES RUPERT E. - Making Sense of the Creeds.
23165: RUPP, E.G. - Studies in the Making of the English Protestant Tradition. (Mainly in the Reign of Henry VIII).
29731: RUPP, GORDON. - Just Men: Historical Pieces.
23166: RUPP, GORDON. - Protestant Catholicity. Two Lectures.
23167: RUSHTON, G.H. - 1 Peter.
42594: RUSHTON, JULIAN. - Berlioz. Romeo et Juliette. (Cambridge Music Handbooks).
24642: RUSK, ROBERT R. - The Doctrines of the Great Educators. (Revised and Enlarged.)
44785: RUSK, ROBERT R./ SCOTLAND, JAMES (REVISER). - Doctrines of the Great Educators.
43269: RUSKIN, JOHN (EDITOR) / GREENAWAY, KATE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Dame Wiggins of Lee and Her Seven Wonderful Cats. (with Twenty-Two Woodcuts).
36469: RUSKIN, JOHN . - No. 516. Lovell's Library - The Queen of the Air: Being a Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud and Storm
44410: RUSKIN, JOHN. - The Harbours of England. (With Thirteen Illustrations by J.M.W.Turner).
10986: RUSS, JENNY. - Teach Yourself German Grammar.
34840: RUSSELL, SIR EDWARD. - Arrested Fugitives.
45564: RUSSELL, JEFFREY BURTON. - Witchcraft in the Middle Ages.
18904: RUSSELL, BERTRAND. - Has Man a Future?
28291: RUSSELL, BETH. - Victorian Needlepoint. (Special Photography by John Greenwood.)
21450: RUSSELL, COLIN A. - The Earth, Humanity and God. (The Templeton Lectures Cambridge, 1993).
4915: RUSSELL, D. S. - Apocalyptic: Ancient and Modern.
4665: RUSSELL, D.S. - Apocalyptic: Ancient and Modern.
13694: RUSSELL, D.S. - Daniel. The Daily Study Bible.
22204: RUSSELL, D.S. - Poles Apart. The Gospel in Creative Tension.
9347: RUSSELL, D.S. - The Jews from Alexander to Herod.
30537: RUSSELL, DORA; UNWIN, HARRIET; GOLDMAN, EMMA; AND ENNALS, MARTIN. - Anarchy 56.Vol.5. No.10. (October 1965): In a Man's World.
29376: RUSSELL, E. - Maitland of Lethington The Minister of Mary Stuart. A study of his life and times. By E. Russell .
7748: RUSSELL, KEN & TOOKE, JOAN. - Learning to Give as part of Religious Education. Foreword by Harold Loukes.
3518: RUSSELL, REV. GEO. H. - Orders Of Service For Children's Worship.
26987: RUSSELL, RUTH. - Angels in Waiting. (More Down to Earth Advent Thoughts).
27110: RUSSELL, RUTH. - Down to Earth. (Advent Thoughts in Today's World).(Drawings by Barbara J.R. Boxwell).
15070: RUSSELL,D.S. - In Journeyings Often.
33368: RUSSELL, BERTRAND. - Bertrand Russell's Best. Silhouettes in Satire.
39476: RUSSELL, KEN. - Complaints Against the Police: A Sociological View.
42889: RUSSELL-JONES, GETHIN. - Sweet Tales from the Bitter Edge. Chasing God with Jacob's Limp.
45465: RUSSELL, RACHEL LADY 1636-1723. - Letters of Lady Rachel Russell; From The Manuscript In The Library At Woburn Abbey. To which are prefixed, an introduction, vindicating the character of Lord Russell against Sir John Dalrymple, &c. : and the trial of Lord William Russell...
42890: RUSSELL-JONES, GETHIN. - Skeletons in Messiah's Cupboard. Overcoming your Genetic Baggage.
46161: RUSSELL, BERTRAND. - Satan in the Suburbs and Other Stories. (Illustrated by Àsgeir Scott).
9629: RUST, E.C. - Judges, Ruth, Samuel.
45069: RUST, GRAHAM. (ILLUSTRATOR) / LANGTON, FIONA GORE, WILSON, MADOLYN, AND CAREY, ROSEMARY. (COMPILERS AND EDITORS). - The Fine Art of Dining. With Recipes from World Famous Chefs and Kitchens.
43096: RUSTON, ROGER. - A Say in the End of the World. Morals and British Nuclear Weapons Policy 1941-1987.
4189: ETCHELLS RUTH. - Set My People Free. A Lay Challenge to the Churches. Foreword by Archbishop of Canterbury.
24535: RUTHERFORD, GRAEME. - The Heart of Christianity. Romans 1-8.
32175: RUTHERFORD, GRAEME. - The Potter God.
16705: RUTHVEN, K.K. - Feminist Literary Studies. An Introduction.
36929: RUTHVEN, GOWRIE. - Songs for the Army and Navy.
33444: RUTTER, OWEN. - The Monster of Mu.
45024: RUTTER, FRANK. - Evolution in Modern Art. A Study of Modern Painting. (New & Enlarged edition).
39415: RUWET, JEAN-CLAUDE. - Introduction to Ethology. The Biology of Behavior. (Translated by Joyce Diamanti).
28974: RUYLE, GENE. - Use Guide for Christian Believing.
44857: RYAN, DESMOND. - Michael Collins and the Invisible Army.
30313: RYBCZYNSKI, WITOLD. - A Place for Art: The Architecture of the National Gallery of Canada.
19873: RYCROFT, CHARLES. (EDITOR). - Psychoanalysis Observed.
7296: RYCROFT,CHARLES, GORER,GEOFF., STORR,ANTHONY, WREN-LEWIS, JOHN. - Psychoanalysis Observed. Edited with Intro by Charles Rycroft.
2811: RYDER SMITH, C. - The Bible Doctrine of Salvation. A Study of the Atonement.
24818: RYDER SMITH, C. - The Bible Doctrine of Salvation. A Study of the Atonement.
32425: RYDER, ELLEN. - My Lourdes Diary.
27284: RYDER, JOYCE D. - What Jesus Did.
26847: RYDER, NORMAN. - The Last Judgment. The Swedenborg Society.
12606: RYDH, DR HANNA. - Argentine to Andes. (Translated from the Swedish by Mary Sandbach).
22516: RYE, JAMES AND NINA. - The Survivor's Guide to Church Life. How to Handle relationships, disagreements, disillusion change.
6399: RYELAND, JOHN. - Prayer for Beginners. Foreword by Richard Harries.
20767: RYLE, GILBERT. - Dilemmas. The Tarner Lectures1953.
3188: RYLE, HERBERT EDWARD. - The Early Narratives of Genesis. A brief introduction to the study of Genesis I-XI.
19073: RYLE, J.C. - Expository Thoughts on the Gospels. Luke. (2 Volumes in 1).
6482: RYLE, JOHN A. - Fears may be Liars.
15171: RYLE, SIR MARTIN. - Towards the Nuclear Holocaust.
4793: RYLE, JOHN CHARLES. - Charges & Addresses.
45214: SA'DI / LEVY, REUBEN. - Stories from the Bustan of Shaykh Sa'di Together with Selections from Francis Gladwin's Translation of Sa'di's Gulistan..
17576: SACH, PENELOPE. - Take Care of Yourself.
15874: SACHS, MARIANNE. - Leonardo and His World.
29785: SACK, JOHN. - The Ascent of Yerupaja.
13283: SACKETT, TERENCE. - British Life A Century Ago. Images from the Francis Firth Collection.
28170: SACKS, JONATHAN. - The Dignity of Difference. How to Avoid the Clash of Civilizations.
44795: SACKVILLE-WEST, VITA. - Twelve Days. An Account of a Journey Across the Bakhtiari Mountains of South-Western Persia.
44801: SACKVILLE-WEST, V. / MACKNIGHT, NANCY (EDITOR). - Dearest Andrew. Letters from V.Sackville-West to Andrew Reiber 1951-1962.
44794: SACKVILLE-WEST, V. - Sissinghurst. A Poem.
29566: SADDLER, GILBERT C. - Behold the Dawn.
8506: SADDLER, GILBERT C. - Omens of the Age. A Prophetic Guide to the Times in Which We Live.
29900: SADEH, PINHAS. - Jewish Folk Tales. (Translated from the Hebrew by Hillel Halkin.)
19874: SADLER, WILLIAM. - Personality and Religion. The Role of Religion in Personality Development.
42329: SADLER, HENRY . - Thomas Dunckerley His Life Labours and Letters Including Some Masonic and Naval Memorials of the Eighteenth Century, By Henry Sadler, P.M. & P.Z., Grand Tyler and Sub-Librarian of the Grand Lodge of England.
39317: SADLER, M.F. - The Second Adam and the New Birth; or, The Doctrine of Baptism as Contained in Holy Scripture.
34074: SAFA, REZA F. - Blood of the Sword, Blood of the Cross. A Fanatical Muslim Tells His Story.
24819: SAFIEH, AFIF. - The End of Pre-History.
14395: SAGER, PETER. - Wales.
24537: SAGOVSKY, NICHOLAS. - Modern Roman Catholic Worship: The Mass. (Grove Ministry and Worship. 34).
31575: SAGOVSKY, VLADIMIR. - Russian For Beginners. (A Self-Educator).
15897: SAI BABA, BHAGAVAN SRI SATHYA. - Sathya Sai Vahini.
32400: SAID, EDWARD W. - Beginnings: Intention and Method.
12745: SAINSBURY, ROGER. - God of New Beginnings. Matthew 1-4. in today's world.
41529: SAINT AUGUSTINE/ROBERTS, ROGER L.(COMPILER). - The Confessions of Saint Augustine. (Treasures from the Spiritual Classics No.10).
40164: SAINT MARY'S CHURCH, BOCKING/GOODWIN, JAMES JUNIUS(TRANSCRIBER). - The First Register of Saint Mary's Church, Bocking, Essex, England. Baptisms 1561-1605; Marriages 1593-1639; Burials 1558-1628.
1412: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE. - Dryden.
5578: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE. - The Peace of The Augustans. A Survey of Eighteenth Century Literature as a place of Rest and Refreshment. With an introduction by Sir Herbert Grierson.
42578: SALA, GEORGE AUGUSTUS . - Accepted Addresses By George Augustus Sala.
33025: SALAMAN, NICHOLAS. - Falling Apart.
45930: SALE DOCUMENT - GREAT WALDINGFIELD, SUDBURY, SUFFOLK . - Particulars & Conditions... Freehold Occupation: "Red House Farm", Great Waldingfield, Suffolk
44507: DE SALES, FRANCIS / BANGLEY, BERNARD (EDITOR). - Living Love. A Modern Edition of The Love Of God.
43823: DE SALES, FRANCOIS AND GRASSET, FATHER. - The Secret of Sanctity.
35801: DE SALES, ST FRANCIS. - The Art of Loving God. Simple Virtues for the Christian Life.
22969: SALKEY, ANDREW. (EDITOR.) - Stories from the Caribbean. An Anthology.
21604: SALMON, COLONEL W.A. - Churches and Royal Patronage. A History of The Royal Patronage in the Churches of England and Wales.
28782: SALTEN, FELIX. - A Forest World. (Illustrated by Bob Kuhn.)
14074: SALTER,SIR ARTHUR. - The Framework of an Ordered Society.
44338: SALTER, HERBERT EDWARD. (PRESENTED BY).. - Oxford Essays in Medieval History.
14667: SALWAY, LANCE. - Lance Salway's Book of Gold and Gold-Hunters. (Illustd. by Chris Molan).
45820: INDENTURE - JOHN SALWEY & RICHARD SALWEY . - Attested Copy. Settlement on the respective Ladies of John and Richard Salwey Esquires of Estates in the Countyof Essex and covenant on the part of John Salwey to join with Richard Salwey in suffering Recoveries of other estates... 26th May 1795 .
41497: SALZBERG, SHARON. - A Heart as Wide as the World. Stories on the Path of Lovingkindness.
18025: SALZMAN, ERIC. - Twentieth-Century Music: An Introduction.
21958: SAMARTHA, S.J. - Living Faiths and the Ecumenical Movement.
40447: SAMMON, EDWARD. (ATTRIBUTED TO). / JEEPS, DENNIS.(EDITOR). - A Discovery of the Education of the Schollars of Cambridge; by Their Abominations and Wicked Practices Acted Upon, and Against, the Despised People, in Scorn Called Quakers.
14470: SAMPSON, ANTHONY. - Company Man. The Rise and Fall of Corporate Life.
2612: SAMPSON, ASHLEY(EDITOR). - The Englishman's Religion. An Anthology.
8480: SAMPSON, FAY. - Visions and Voyages.
39489: SAMPSON, FRASER & DE SILVA, NIRAN. - Police Conduct, Complaints & Efficiency.
23780: SAMSON, EDWARD. - Future Perfect. Retirement Planning and Management. (Introduction by W.R. Tattersall.)
44978: SAMUEL, THE RT. HON. VISCOUNT. - Democracy : Its Failings & Its Future.
9910: SAMUEL, LEITH. - How to Share Your Faith. Foreword by David Jackman.
5864: SAMUEL, LEITH. - There is an Answer.
22205: SAMUEL, LEITH. - Time to Wake Up! Evangelical Fantasy vs Biblical Realism.
25756: SAMUEL, LEITH. - You Need Christ - Not Jehovah's Witnesses.
25757: SAMUEL, LEITH. - You Need Christ - Not Mormonism.
5773: SAMUEL, VISCOUNT. - Belief and Action.
44844: SAND, GEORGE (1804-1876) / E. A. A. (TRANSLATOR: ELIZABETH A. ASHURST ) . - The Mosaic Workers; A Tale. To Which Is added The Orco; A Tradition. Translated From The French of George Sand By E. A. A.
11827: SANDAY, WILLIAM. - Christologies Ancient and Modern.
1418: SANDAY, W. - Outlines of the Life of Christ.
15013: SANDBURG, CARL. (EDITED BY MARGARET SANDBURG). - Breathing Tokens. One hundred and Eighteen Previously Unpublished Poems.
4769: SANDERS, E.K. - Sainte Chantal. 1572-1641. A Study in Vocation.
32011: SANDERS, H.G. - Weed Control Handbook.
25007: SANDERS, J. OSWALD AND WRIGHT, J. STAFFORD. - Some Modern Religions.
23458: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Cameos of Comfort. Encouragement from Corinthians.
23459: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Certainties of Christ's Second Coming.
22374: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Christ Incomparable. A Doctrinal and Devotional Study.
22766: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Cultivation of Christian Character.
22767: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Every Life a Plan of God.
24377: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Facing Loneliness. The Starting Point of a New Journey.
22210: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Heaven Better by Far.
24378: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Heresies and Cults.
12426: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Heresies and Cults.
23172: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Just the Same Today. God's Faithfulness in a Changing World.
23667: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Light on Life's Problems.
24379: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Paul the Leader. A Vision for Christian Leadership Today.
23668: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Prayer Power Unlimited.
22211: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Satan No Myth.
23669: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - The Best That I Can Be.
7508: SANDERS, J.N. & MASTIN, B.A. - The Gospel according to St. John. A Commentary.
23461: SANDERS, J.O. - The Divine Art of Soul Winning.
5452: SANDERS, J.OSWALD. - Effective Prayer.
16939: SANDERS, JOHN. - A-Z Colour Guide to Do It Yourself.
8128: SANDERS, J. OSWALD. - Cults and Isms.
12746: SANDERSON, ANNE. - Fearless Love. Understanding Today's Jehovah's Witnesses.
20874: SANDERSON, JOHN W. - The Fruit of the Spirit. A Study Guide.
15071: SANDFORD, JEREMY - Cathy Come Home.
1419: SANDHURST, B G.(B.C). - How Heathen is Britain? With a Preface by C.S. Lewis.
7297: SANDMEL, SAMUEL (EDITOR). - Old Testament Issues.
41727: SANDS, ERNEST. - Living Liturgy. A Companion to the Mass for Sundays and Major Feasts.for the Three Year Cycle of the Lectionary.
41927: SANDYS, WILLIAM / ARMSTRONG, JOHN / TORCKLER, WILLIAM YOUNG / TATTERSALL, WILLIAM A . - A Short View of the History of Free-Masonry.../ The Descent Of Symbolic Masonry.../ The Great Masonic Trial Torckler v. Tattersall...
27946: SANECKI , KAY N. - Discovering English Gardens.
1925: SANFORD, JOHN A. - Ministry Burnout.
28135: KU SANG. - Wastelands of Fire: Selected Poems of Ku Sang (Translated from the Korean by Anthony Teague).
31487: SANGHARAKSHITA. - Ritual and Devotion in Buddhism. An Introduction.
22605: SANGSTER, P.E. - Speech in the Pulpit. (Foreword by Leslie D. Weatherhead.)
22606: SANGSTER, W.E. - These Things Abide. A Book of Devotional Meditations in Dark Days.
18411: SANSBURY, KENNETH. - Truth Unity and Concord. Anglican Faith in an Ecumenical Setting.
3405: SANSOM, MICHAEL - Liturgy for Ordination: The Series 3 Services. (Grove Booklet on Ministry and Worship No. 60).
38278: SANTA ANA, JULIO DE. - Good News to the Poor: The Challenge of the Poor in the History of the Church.
10593: SANTA ANA, JULIO DE. - Towards a Church of the Poor.
30261: SANTER, MARK. - Their Lord and Ours: Approaches to Authority, Community and the Unity of the Church.
17013: SARA, EDMUND W. - Young Men and Maidens. A Study of Youth in the Parish.
33417: SARAPION, BISHOP. / WORDSWORTH, JOHN (INTRODUCTION, NOTES INDICES).. - Bishop Sarapion's Prayer-Book: An Egyptian Sacramentary Dated Probably About A.D. 350-356.
46182: SARGEANT, FRANK P. - A Complete Parish Priest. Peter Green (1871-1961).
28453: SARGENT, MAJ.-GEN. H.N. - The Servant Nation.
43838: SARNELLI, JANUARIUS MARY 1702-1744 / BARRY, ALBERT (TRANSLATOR) / O'HAGAN, JOHN 1822-1890 . - [Two Books Bound Together ]: The Holy Rosary: By Venerable Janarius Mary Sarnelli. [Bound With] / The Children's Ballad Rosary: By Mr. Justice O' Hagan.
2207: SAROYAN, WILLIAM. - The Human Comedy. (Illustrated by Don Freeman).
45970: SAROYAN, WILLIAM. - The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze. And Other Stories.
28975: SARTELLE, JOHN P. - What Christian Parents should know about Infant Baptism.
44378: SARTON, MAY (1912-1995) . - Coming Into Eighty. New Poems by May Sarton .
43317: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED / HART-DAVIS, RUPERT (EDITOR). - Siegfried Sassoon Diaries 1920-1922.
43948: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - The Weald of Youth.
43949: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - Siegfried's Journey. 1916-1920.
28976: SATGE, JOHN DE. - Christ and the Human Prospect. The Unity of Existence Here and Hereafter.
10959: SATTERTHWAITE, MARJORIE. - Labrador Retrievers. (De complete rashondengids).
21003: SATTILARO, ANTHONY J., WITH MONTE, TOM. - Living Well Naturally. (With a 21-day course to help you gradually incorporate health-restoring ideas into your daily life.)
46203: SAUL, NIGEL. - Richard II.
3394: SAUNDERS, BETTY. - O Blest Communion! The Home Life of the Church of England.
30017: SAUNDERS, IRENE. - The Right Word in Chinese.
20522: SAUNDERS, J.G. - Decimal Money.
26988: SAUNDERS, LESLEY (ED). - Action for Health. Initiatives in Local Communities.
5453: SAUNDERS, TEDDY & SANSOM, HUGH. - David Watson. A Biography. Foreword by George Thomas, Viscount Tonypandy.
38738: SAUNDERS, H.W. - The Official Papers of Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey, Norfolk, as Justice of the Peace 1580-1620.
37301: SAUNDERS, ROSS. - Outrageous Women Outrageous God. Women in the First Two Generations of Christianity.
40471: SAUNDERS, KENNETH J.(TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR). - The Heart of Buddhism. Being an Anthology of Buddhist Verse.
15364: SAURAT, DENIS. - Angels and Beasts. New short stories from France, selected and introduced by Denis Saurat.
31265: SAURAT, DENIS. - Regeneration. (Preceded by a Letter from General de Gaulle).
7240: SAURAT, DENIS. - Literature and Occult Tradition. Studies in Philosophical Poetry. (Translated from the French by Dorothy Bolton).
42044: SAVA, GEORGE. - Patients' Progress.
39472: SAVAGE, STEPHEN; CHARMAN, SARAH & COPE, STEPHEN. - Policing & The Power of Persuasion. The Changing Role of the Association of Chief Police Officers.
12334: SAVARY, LOUIS M. - The Way of the Cross for Children. ( illustrated by Rita Goodwill ).
16080: SAVARY, LOUIS M. - Who has Seen the Wind? The Holy Spirit in the Church and World.
27947: SAVIGEAR, ELFRIDA. - Garden Pests and Predators. The Wildlife in Your Garden and its Ecological Control.
44056: SAVILE, HENRY / COOPER, WILLIAM DURRANT.(EDITOR). - Savile Correspondence. Letters to and from Henry Savile, Esq. Including Letters from his Brother George Marquess of Halifax.
25591: SAVILLE, MALCOLM. - Come to Devon.
20875: SAWARD, MICHAEL. - God's Friends. Or How an Ordinary Person Can Understand Paul's Letter to the Romans.
15807: SAWYER, JOHN F.A. - From Moses to Patmos. New perspectives in Old Testament Study.
20523: SAYERS, SUSAN. - New Intercessions for the Church Year. (A weekly companion to ASB).
13378: SAYERS, SUSAN. - Intercessions for the Church Year. A Companion to ASB Years 1 & 2.
4495: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Strong Meat.
7509: SAYERS, SUSAN. - Come and See. A Lent Journey. (Drawings by Arthur Baker, Helen Herbert, Roy Mitchell).
26990: SAYERS, SUSAN. - Including Children. A Practical Companion to the Alternative Service Book.
18906: SAYERS, SUSAN. - Jesus is Here. A Children's Communion Book (Illustrated by Jennifer Carter).
29733: SAYERS, SUSAN. - Now You're Confirmed. A Young Person's Guide to Growing in the Anglican Church.
10884: SAYERS, SUSAN. - Springboard to Worship. Ideas and Resources for Sundays and Festivals. A companion to ASB Years 1 & 2.
9816: SAYERS, SUSAN. - Springboard Two. Ideas & Resources for All-Age Worship. A Weekly Companion to ASB.
34446: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Just Vengeance. The Lichfield Festival Play for 1946.
35559: SAYLE, ALEXEI. - Short Stories: Taken from Barcelona Plates and The Dog Catcher.
2616: SAYWELL, GEORGE. - Christian Confidence. Saturday articles from The Times.
39786: SCALLON, FATHER KEVIN. - I Will Come Myself. Experiencing the Risen Christ.
46226: SCAMMELL, HENRY (AUTHOR); FOX, WILIAM L. (EDITOR) . - Valley of the Craftsmen: A Pictorial History: Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America's Southern Jurisdiction, 1801-2001 .
25372: SCANNELL, VERNON. - Drums of Morning. Growing Up in the Thirties.
34097: SCANNELL, VERNON. - The Winter Man.
18027: SCANZONI, LETHA AND MOLLENKOTT, VIRGINIA RAMEY. - Is the Homosexual my Neighbour? Another Christian View.
44805: SCARFE, NORMAN. - Cambridgeshire. (Shell Guide).
31782: SCARFE, NORMAN. - Suffolk in the Middle Ages.
46484: SCARISBRICK, DIANA. - Tudor and Jacobean Jewellery.
19878: SCARRE, ELFRIDA. - The 'Word' in song: The Life of Our Lord.
20429: SCHAEFER, HERMANN. - Im Lande Der Konige. Streifzuge durch Persien.
23947: SCHAEFER, JAMES. - Program Planning for Adult Christian Education.
10754: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS A. - Basic Bible Studies.
7089: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS A. - Death in the City.
8421: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS A. - Escape from Reason.
17578: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS A. - The Church at the end of the Twentieth Century.
13379: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS A. - The Church Before the Watching World. A practical ecclesiology.
22770: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS A. - The New Super-Spirituality. (L'Abri Special).
12502: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS, & EDITH. - Everybody Can Know. Illustrated by Franky A. Schaeffer V.
12998: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS. - The God Who is There. Speaking Historic Christianity into the Twentieth Century.
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12285: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE PUBLISHING SOCIETY. - Healing Spiritually. Renewing your life through the power of God's law.
12286: CHURCH HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - The Elizabethan Bishops and the Civil Power.
21221: CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. - In One Name. Psalms, Prayers and Lessons with a Selection of Hymns.
21222: CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. - One Family: A Diary of Missionary Intercession.
29046: DEPARTMENT ON CHURCH AND SOCIETY. - Statements of the World Council of Churches on Social Questions.
39945: THE BIBLE CHURCHMEN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY. - He Purgeth It. The Story of the Year 1950.
46013: FABIAN SOCIETY - The Fabian Society. Fabian Tracts Nos. 1 to 150. With The Tract Index And catalogue Raisonne. The Tracts Are Bound In Order Of Number Those Missing Are Out Of Print Or Withdrawn. Published by The Fabian Society from 1884 To 1910.
15768: WELSH RELIGIOUS HISTORY SOCIETY. - The Journel of Welsh Religious History. Volume 3. 1995.
15069: ROCHESTER DIOCESAN SOCIETY. - An Episcopal Giant An eightieth birthday tribute to Bishop David Say.
43104: BURY ST EDMUNDS AMATEUR OPERATIC AND DRAMATIC SOCIETY. - "Good-Night Vienna !" A Musical Play In Three Acts. At The Playhouse, Bury St. Edmunds Monday, October 31st, 1938, and all the week.
26230: PARTIALLY SIGHTED SOCIETY. - Popular Carols.
46371: THE IPSWICH ENGINEERING SOCIETY. - The History of Engineering in Ipswich.
44650: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY. - The Catholic Martyrs of England and Wales 1535-1680.
43730: A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH MUSIC SOCIETY. - Music in Village Churches. (Church Music Society Shorter Papers No.1).
39024: ESSEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. - Title Page and Index to Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society. Vol.XXIII. (New series).
39170: MAIDSTONE LABOURER'S FRIEND SOCIETY . - Maidstone Labourers' Friend Society. Report for January 15, 1841.
2760: SOCKMAN, RALPH W. - How to Believe. THe Questions that Challenge Man's Faith Answered in the Light of the Apostles' Creed.
25285: SODEPAX. - In African Accents. Communications in Development.
1507: SODERBLOM, NATHAN. - The Mystery of the Cross. Thoughts for Holy Week and other Weeks. (Translated by A.G.Hebert).
10330: SOELLE, DOROTHEE. - Celebrating Resistance. The Way of the Cross in Latin America.
24827: SOELLE, DOROTHEE. - The Inward Road and the Way Back. Texts and Reflections on Religious Experience.
17898: SOFRONIOU, S.A. - Modern Greek.
8860: SOGGIN, ALBERTO. - When the Judges Ruled.
5322: DE SOLA CHERVIN, RONDA. - Prayers of the Women Mystics.
24543: SOLLE, DOROTHEE. - Choosing Life.
41116: SÖLLE, DOROTHEE. - The Truth is Concrete. (Translated by Dinah Livingstone).
10803: SOLLY, MARTIN. - Xenophobe's guide to the Italians.
27533: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER. - One Word of Truth. The Nobel Speech on Literature. 1970.
1509: SOMERVELL, DAVID. - A Companion to Palgrave's Golden Treasury.
37137: SOMERVILE, E. OE. AND ROSS, MARTIN. - Some Experiences of an Irish R.M. (With illustrations by E.OE Somerville).
18312: SOMERVILLE, NEIL. - Radio Times. Radio and Television Trivia Quiz Book.
20138: SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM . - Agricultural Experiments: Five Years Work At The Northumberland County Demonstration Farm.
29574: SONG, C.S. - The Tears of Lady Meng. A Parable of People's Political Theology. (Drawings by Claudius.)
40970: EMENY & SONS.(PHOTOGRAPHERS). - Black & White Portrait Photograph.
45512: STEPHEN WALTERS & SONS. - A Memento of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
15699: SONTAG, FREDERICK. - Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church. An In-Depth Investigation of the Man and the Movement.
21457: SOOKHDEO, PATRICK. - Asians in Britain. A Christian Understanding.
46238: SOOTHILL, W.E. - The Lotus of the Wonderful Law or The Lotus Gospel Saddharma Pundarika Sutra Miao-Fa Lien Hua Ching.
6323: SOPER, DONALD. - Popular Fallacies About The Christian Faith.
7643: SOROS, GEORGE. - The Crisis of Global Capitalism.
8424: SORRELL, MARY. - Out of Silence.
43637: SORTAIN, JOSEPH. - Romanism and Anglo-Catholicism: Lectures.
28674: SOTHEBY'S. - Highly Important Victorian Paintings and Drawings. (Tuesday, 24th October, 1978.)
20527: SOUTER, JOHN C. - The Christian in Today's Society. Living Bible Studies in Thessalonians.
46128: PRAYER BOOK - CHARLES WILLIAM BANBURY 2ND BARON BANBURY OF SOUTHAM - Book Of Common Prayer... / Hymns Ancient And Modern...
45789: SOUTHAM, BRIAN. - Jane Austen: The Critical Heritage. Volume 2. 1870-1940.
16375: SOUTHCOTT, ERNEST W. - Meditations for Lent.
4917: SOUTHCOTT, ERNEST. - Receive This Child. Constructive Thinking on Baptism.
6324: SOUTHERN, R. W. - Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages.
15408: SOUTHERN, EDWARD H. - My Remembrances The Melancholy Tale Of "Me" .
45297: SOUTHEY, ROBERT. - The Life Of Nelson By Robert Southey. With Twelve Illustrations By Westall, Printed In Woodburytype, Plans, &c.
27350: SOUTHGATE, D.H. - Draw Near to God. A Book of Meditations.
33451: SOUTHGATE, MRS HENRY. - The Christian Life: Being Thoughts in Prose and Verse from the Best Writers of all Ages. With Appropriate Quotations from Holy Writ.
39963: SOWDEN, LEWIS. - The Land of the Afternoon. The Story of a White South African. (Signed and Hilary Rubinstein associated copy).
35584: SOWTER, REV. G.A. - The King's Own. Words of Counsel to Young Christians.
43084: SOWTER, REV.G.ARTHUR. - Trial and Triumph.
32839: SOX, DAVID. - The Gospel of Barnabas.
30780: SOYE, DAVID P. - The Transport Manager's Guide to the Tachograph.
39691: SOYINKA, WOLE. - Mandela's Earth and Other Poems.
17899: SPALDING, PETER. - Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. (Macmillan Master Guides).
22790: SPANGLER, ANN AND TURNER, CHARLES. - Heros. Five Remarkable Christians who influenced......Philip Yancey, Becky Pippert, J.I. Packer, Elisabeth Elliot and Charles Colson.
43460: SPARK, DR WILLIAM. - Musical Reminiscences: Past and Present.
35941: SPARK, WILLIAM (EDITOR) . - The Freemason's Liber Musicus: A Traditional Collection of Foreign and English, Vocal and Instrumental Music For all the ceremonies &c., of the Masonic Order. Dedicated by express permission to H.R.H. The Prince Of Wales. Edited by Dr. Willm. Spark.
22791: SPARKES, D.J.H. - Depression & the Christian. Some Spiritual Considerations.
18913: SPARKES, RUSSELL. - The Ethical Investor.
32671: SPARROW SIMPSON, W. J. - The Prayer of Consecration By W. J. Sparrow Simpson, D.D. Introduction by the right Rev. Chas. Gore, D.D.
3913: SPARROW SIMPSON, W.J. - St Augustine's Episcopate. A brief introduction to his writings as a christian.
29575: SPARROW SIMPSON, W.J. - The Celebrant of the Eucharist
1511: SPARROW SIMPSON, W.J. - The Redeemer.
25994: SPARROW, JUDGE GERALD. - Modern Jordan.
39260: SPARROW, WENDY & CARVER, ANDREA. - Nayland & Wiston 1860s-1950s. A Portrait in Photographs.
37772: SPARROW, WENDY. - Memories of Nayland in the Twentieth Century.
7783: SPCK. - Prayers Encircling the World. An International Anthology of 300 contemporary prayers.
6820: SPEARMAN, C. - Creative Mind.
8716: SPECK, PETER. - Loss and Grief in Medicine. Foreword by Valerie Hunt.
45437: SPEED, JOHN 1552?-1629. - The Historie Of Great Britaine Under The Conquests Of The Romans, Saxons, Danes And Normans: Their Originals, Manners, Habits, Warres, Coines, And Seales: With The Successions, Lives, Acts, And Issues Of The English Monarchs, From Julius Caesar...
5975: SPEEDLING, EDWARD J. - Heart Attack. The Family Response at Home and in the Hospital.
46413: SPEIGHT, HARRY. - Upper Wharfedale.
42473: SPEIRS, JOHN AND GILL. - The Donkey and the Golden Light.
17900: SPELLER, ADRIAN. - Private Sector Involvement in Prisons. Prepared for the General Synod Board for Social Responsibility.
5659: SPENCE, H.D.M. (DEAN OF GLOUCESTER). - The White Robe of Churches of the XIth Century. Pages from the story of Gloucester Cathedral.
27741: SPENCE, HORACE. - Music in Children's Worship.
18313: SPENCE, HORACE. - Praises with Understanding. A Practical Handbook for Ordinands and the Clergy.
39320: SPENCE, LEWIS. - Legends and Romances of Spain.
43955: SPENCE, REV. JOSEPH / SINGER, SAMUEL WELLER. - Anecdotes, Observations, and Characters of Books and Men.
14477: SPENCER, CAPT. W. - The Other Side of the Prison Gate.
31249: SPENCER, DUANE EDWARD. - TULIP: The Five Points of Calvinism in the Light of Scripture.
30836: SPENCER, FREDERICK A.M. - The Future Life. A New Interpretation of the Christian Doctrine.
22524: SPENCER, IRENE AND SMALL, VERA. - Ladies of Letters.
30884: SPENCER, R.J. - Secretarial Practice for Religious and Charitable Bodies.
10443: SPENCER, SEYMOUR. - "The Good that I Would...." Impediments to Free Moral Responsibility.
40362: SPENCER-SILVER, PATRICIA. - Tower Bridge to Babylon. The Life and Work of Sir John Jackson, Civil Engineer.
42347: SPENCER, NICK. - Beyond the Fringe: Researching a Spiritual Age.
35567: SPENCER, PATRICIA. - Learning to Worship. Preparation for the Parish Communion.
35047: SPENCER, FREDERICK A.M. - Civilization Remade by Christ. or Social Applications of the Moral Teaching of Our Lord.
45735: SPENCER, HERBERT. - Social Statistics of the Conditions Essential to Human Happiness. Specified, and the First of them Developed..
46472: SPENCER, BRIAN. - Pilgrim Souvenirs and Secular Badges. Medieval Finds from Excavations in London: 7.
45999: SPENSER, EDMUND 1552-1599 [ GROSART, ALEXANDER BALLOCH, 1827-1899 ] - 'The Poet Of Poets.' The Love-Verse from Minor Poems of Edmund Spencer. Alexander B. Grosart, Editor. FIRST EDITION. LONDON : 1893. [ The Elizabethan Library. ]
18030: SPERLING, ABRAHAM. - Psychology Made Simple.
43308: SPERLING, C. F. D. [ CHARLES FREDERICK DENNE SPERLING 1861-1938 ] . - A Short History Of The Borough Of Sudbury In The County Of Suffolk, Compiled from materials collected by W. W. Hodson, By C. F. D. Sperling, M.A.
43630: SPERO, CAROL. - Colchester Country Without a Car.
7645: SPERRY, WILLARD L. - Religion in America.
2325: SPERRY, WILLARD L. - Religion in America.
43343: SPERRY, VIRGINIA WALKER. - Fragile Success. Ten Autistic Children, Childhod to Adulthood. (Second edition).
40302: SPERRY, LYMAN B. - Confidential Talks with Young Women.
27954: SPHERE. - House Plants. (Sphere Colour Plant Guides).
31585: SPICER, DOROTHY GLADYS. - Children's Prayers from Other Lands.
19704: SPIEGEL, YORICK. - The Grief Process.
23583: SPIEGELBERG, FREDERIC. - Living Religions of the World.
46035: SPIEGELBERG, H. - The Phenomenological Movement. A Historical Introduction.
38488: SPINDLER, W.BRO. GORDON. - The Lodge of Virtue and Silence No.332: A History 1811-2011. 200 Years of Suffolk Freemasonry.
31324: SPINDLER, AILSA. - Hot Air Balloons.
5870: SPINK, KATHERINE. (COMPILER). - John Paul II. Things of the Spirit.
21831: SPINK, KATHRYN. - A Sense of the Sacred. A Biography of Bede Griffiths.
15760: SPINK, PETER. - The End of an Age.
7242: SPINKA, MATTHEW. - Christianity Confronts Communism.
2764: SPINKS, G. STEPHEN. - The Fundamentals of Religious Belief.
18996: SPINKS, G. STEPHENS. - Religion in Britain since 1900.
41700: SPITZ, ELLEN HANDLER. - Art and Psyche. A Study in Psychoanalysis and Aesthetics.
29173: SPOCZYNSKA, J.O.I. - Fossils: A Study in Evolution. (Line drawings by Melchior Spoczynski.)
19430: SPONG, JOHN SHELBY. - Born of a Woman. A Bishop Rethinks the Birth of Jesus.
25973: SPOTTISWOODE, JANE. - Undertaken with Love. The Story of a DIY Funeral.
25596: SPRAGUE, W.B. - Lectures on Revivals of Religion.
28983: SPRAY, RUSSELL E. - Special-Day Sermon Outlines.
23674: SPRIGGS, DAVID. - Dangerous Praying. Inspirational Ideas for Individuals and Groups.
7866: SPROTT, W.J.H. - Human Groups.
15324: SPROUL, R.C. - The Gospel of God. Exposition of Paul's Letter to the Romans.
12753: SPROXTON, VERNON. - Teilhard de Chardin.
46282: SPUFFORD, PETER. - Money and its Use in Medieval Europe.
25974: SPURGEON, C. H. - The Treasury of David. Vol.7 Psalms 125-150.
20528: SPURGEON, C.H. - The Treasury of David. An Expository and Devotional Commentary of the Psalms. (Vol 4. Psalms 79-103).
20529: SPURGEON, C.H. - The Treasury of David. An Expository and Devotional Commentary of the Pslams. (Vol.5 Pslams 104-118).
25976: SPURGEON, C.H. - The Treasury of David. Vol.2. Psalms 27-52.
25977: SPURGEON, C.H. - The Treasury of David. Vol.6. Psalms 119-124.
25525: SPURGEON, C.H. (FULLER, DAVID OTIS. ED). - Spurgeon's Sermon Notes. Genesis to Revelation.
9130: SPURGEON, CHARLES H. - Spurgeon's Prayers.
9131: SPURGEON, CHARLES H. - The Soul Winner.
17489: SPURGEON, CHARLES H. - What Sinners Must do to be Saved.
35662: SPURGEON, CHARLES. - The Second Coming of Christ.
43331: SPURGEON, C.H. - Farm Sermons. Messages Preached to Country Congregations.
16944: SPUY, UNA VAN DER. - Wild Flowers of South Africa for the Garden.
26697: SQUIRE, D AND MCHOY, P. - Getting the Best from Fish.
41650: SQUIRES, PETER. - ASBO Nation: The Criminalisation of Nuisance.
29209: ST JOHN-STEVAS, NORMAN. - Pope John Paul II: His Travels and Mission.
29112: ST.JOHN, HENRY. - The Church and Christian Unity: A Study of the Ecumenical Movement.
33765: ST THOMAS AQUINAS/ BIGONGIARI, DINO.(EDITOR). - The Political Ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas. Representative Selections.
8551: ST JOHN, PATRICIA. - Breath of Life. The Story of the Ruanda Mission.
45597: STACE, W.T. - The Philosophy of Hegel. A Systematic Exposition.
21713: STACEY, C.I. - Hants and Dorset's Sailing and Sports.
13597: STACEY, DAVID. - Fire in my Bones. Prophets and Prophecy, Then and Now.
7945: STACEY, DAVID. - Interpreting the Bible.
13596: STACEY, DAVID. - The Man from Nazareth.
6645: STACEY, DAVID. (EDITOR). - About Worship. Preacher's Handbook New Series Number 4.
17099: STACEY, JOHN. - Preaching Reassessed.
6646: STACEY, JOHN. (EDITOR). - About Faith. Preacher's Handbook. New Series No. 3.
38296: STACKHOUSE, MAX L. - Creeds, Society, and Human Rights: A Study in Three Cultures.
44864: STACKHOUSE, THOMAS ;VICAR OF BEENHAM IN BERKSHIRE. - A New History Of The Holy Bible From The Beginning Of The World To The Establishment Of Christianity. With Answers to most of the Controversial Questions. Dissertations upon the most remarkable Passages, And A Connection of Profane History all along
15104: STACY WADDY, R.P. - Philip Loyd. Missionary and Bishop.
7514: STAFF, V.S. - Seven English Poets and Mysticism.
9546: STAFFORD HATFIELD, H. - Inventions and their uses in Science Today.
7753: STAFFORD WRIGHT, J. - Christianity and the Occult.
20374: STAFFORD-CLARK, DAVID. - Five Questions in Search of an Answer. Religion and Life: Some Inescapable Contradictions.
20883: STAFFORD-CLARK, DAVID. - Psychiatry Today.
42429: STAHLIN, WILHELM. - The Mystery of God. (Translated from the German by R.Birch Hoyle).

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