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8704: PLASS, ADRIAN. - The Final Boundary.
25501: PLASS, ADRIAN. - The Growing up Pains of Adrian Plass.
18305: PLASS, ADRIAN. - View From A Bouncy Castle.
25502: PLASS, BRIDGET. - The Apple of His Eye.
15454: PLASS, ADRIAN. - A Year at St. Yorick's. Collected Magazines from the Parish of Gently Down.
4481: PLASS, ADRIAN. - An Alien at St Wilfred's.
20867: PLASS, ADRIAN. - The Theatrical Tapes of Leonard Thynn.
46298: PLAT, HUGH SIR (1552-1608) . - The Jewel House of Art and Nature: containing divers rare and profitable inventions, together with sundry new experiments in in [sic] the art of husbandry. With divers chymical conclusions concerning the art of distillation...
46451: PLATH, SYLVIA. - Ariel by Sylvia Plath .
9812: PLATO. - The Republic. Translated with an Introduction by Desmond Lee.
18898: PLATO (TRANSLATED BY BENJAMIN JOWETT). - The Essential (Introduction by Alain de Botton).
35249: PLATO. / STALLBAUM, GOTTFRIED, 1793-1861. - Platonis Phaedo ad optimorum codicum fidem recensuit, varietate lectionis prolegomenis et commentario perpetuo in usum scholarum illustravit Godofredus Stallbaum.
11200: PLATO. - Gorgias. (translated by Walter Hamilton).
45834: PLATO / BIRRELL, FRANCIS & LESLIE, SHANE (TRANSLATORS). - Plato's Symposium or Supper. Newly Translated.
28547: PLATT, COLIN. - The English Medieval Town.
4745: PLATTEN, STEPHEN. - Pilgrims. (Foreword by The Archbishop of Canterbury.)
25261: PLATTEN, T.G. - Jesus and His People.
3848: PLATTEN, T.G. - Jesus and his People.
25262: PLATTEN, T.G. - Messengers of the Kingdom.
25263: PLATTEN, T.G. - The Promised King.
11013: PLEDGE, H.T. - Science Since 1500. A Short History of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
45726: DU PLESSIS, J. - The Life of Andrew Murray of South Africa.
12908: PLOWMAN, EDWARD E. - The Jesus Movement. Accounts of Christian Revolutionaries in Action.
13280: PLOWMAN,EDWARD E. - The Jesus Movement. Accounts of Christian Revolutionaries in Action.
12327: PLUMB, J.H. - England in the Eighteenth Century.
27601: PLUMB, J.H. - In the Light of History.
13281: PLUMB, J.H. - The Penguin of the Renaissance.
8022: PLUMMER,ALFRED. - An Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to S.Matthew.
43995: PLUS, REV. RAOUL. - Meditiations for Religious.
43755: PLYMING, PHILIP. - Harry Potter and the Meaning of Life. Engaging with Spirituality in Christian MIssion. (Grove Spirituality No.79).
31434: POCKNEE, CYRIL E. - Infant Baptism Yesterday and Today.
18899: POCKNEE, CYRIL E. - Water and Spirit. A Study in the Relation of Baptism and Confirmation.
2010: POCOCK, REV. LOVELL. - With Those in Peril. A Chaplain's Life in the Royal Navy.
46487: PODESTA, GIL. - Sketches of Old Gibraltar.
19282: POGANSKI, DONALD J. - 40 Object Lessons.
42014: POHL, VICTOR. - Adventures of a Boer Family.
16356: POHLMANN, HORST GEORG. - Encounters with Hinduism. A contribution to Inter-Religious Dialogue.
8413: POINTER, DR. ROY. - How Do Churches Grow? A Guide to the Growth of Your Church.
10880: POINTING, H.B. - Art Religion and the Common Life.
16530: POKORNY, JAROMIR. - A Colour Guide to Familiar Trees, Leaves, Bark and Fruit. (Illustrated by Jirina Kaplicka).
13936: POL, W.H. VAN DE. - The Christian Dilemma. Catholic Church: Reformation. (Translated by G. Van Hall.)
27102: POLE, DR. K.F.M. - Family Doctor and Family Problems.
25503: POLKINGHORNE, JOHN. - Searching for Truth. A Scientist Looks at the Bible.
21087: POLKINGHORNE, JOHN. - One World. The Interaction of Science and Theology.
24121: POLKINGHORNE, JOHN. - Quarks Chaos and Christianity. Questions to Science and Religion.
6755: POLKINGHORNE, JOHN. - Science and Providence. God's Interaction with the World.
19856: POLLACK, HARRISON. - The Amazing Story of Croiset, the Clairvoyant.
13074: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - English Miracle Plays Moralities and Interludes. Specimens of the Pre-Elizabethan drama edited with an Introduction, Notes, and Glossary.
27268: POLLARD, ARTHUR. - English Hymns. (Writers and their Work No. 123).
14958: POLLARD, ARTHUR. - English Sermons.
30835: POLLARD, G.F. - Ecclesia Anglicana.
32170: POLLARD, JOSEPH. - Finding Fresh Light. Homilies on the Gospels of the Sundays and Celebrations of Cycle A.
20946: POLLARD, WILLIAM G. - Physicist and Christian. A Dialogue between the Communities.
38521: POLLARD, STEWART M.L. - Tied to Masonic Apron Strings. Humorous Events Connected with Masonry.
19172: POLLITT, HERBERT J. - The Inter-Faith Movement. The New Age enters the Church.
22196: POLLOCK, J.C. - Hudson Taylor and Maria. A new intimate portrait of a man who influenced millions.
12421: POLLOCK, J.C. - Moody Without Sankey. A New Biographical Portrait.
24800: POLLOCK, J.C. - Some Nineteenth Century Leaders. Pioneers.
22086: POLLOCK, J.C. - The Christians from Siberia.
22197: POLLOCK, JOHN. - A Fistful of Heroes. Great Reformers and Evangelists.
23931: POLLOCK, JOHN. - The Siberian Seven.
11922: POLLOCK, SAM. (EDITED BY). - How to Retire and Stay Young.
23145: POLLOCK, J.C. - The Cambridge Seven. A Call to Christian Service.
36647: POLLOCK, A.J. - Genesis I and II, Historically and Typically Considered.
17429: POND, GRACE & SAYERS, ANGELA. - Cats.
11477: PONSONBY,REGINALD G. - The Life of Our Lord. Compiled from the Gospels of the Four Evangelists, and presented in the Very Words of the Scriptures as one continuous narrative.
9190: POOLE, DAVID. - Norwich Sketches.
40821: POOLE, MICHAEL. - Grimshaw of St.Kit's. (With four illustrations in colour and black and white by C.P.Shelton).
43604: POOLE, MATTHEW (1624-1679) . - A Dialogue Between A Popish Priest And An English Protestant . Wherein The Principal Points and Arguments of both Religions are truly Proposed and fully Examined. By Matthew Poole Minister of the Gospel.
35637: POOLE, MICHAEL. - The New Atheism: 10 Arguments That Don't Hold Water?
45466: POOLE, REGINALD STUART. - Catalogue of the Coins of Alexandria and the Nomes.
43270: POOLE, MONICA . - The Wood Engravings Of John Farleigh By Monica Poole With A Foreword by H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh KG, KT.
38388: POOLE, W.BRO.THE REV.HERBERT. - The Old Charges.
41677: POOLER, BOB. - From Fruit Trees to Furnaces. A History of the Worcestershire Constabulary.
36616: POOLEY, ROGER. - Spiritual Autobiography: A DIY Guide. (Grove Spirituality series No.4).
16641: POOVEY, W.A. - Letting the Word Come Alive. Choosing and Studying the Text. (The Preacher's Workshop Series. Book 2).
12104: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES. - Sins of the Fathers. The Atlantic Slave Traders, 1441-1807.
5554: THE POPE, ISSUED BY THE VATICAN PRESS OFFICE. - The Pope in Britain. Collected Homilies and Speeches.
45323: POPE, DUDLEY. - Governor Ramage R.N.
13578: PORTEOUS, CHRIS. - Sing me a Story.
26840: PORTEOUS, CRICHTON. - The Well-Dressing Guide.
2540: PORTEOUS, JOHN. - Order and Grace. A Discussion of Prayer Providence and Miracle.
3732: PORTEOUS, NORMAN. - Daniel. A Commentary.
6071: PORTER, N. O. AND EVANS, H. T. P. (ILLUSTRATED BY LILIAN C. MCALISTER.) - In the Family of God. A course of preparation for Confirmation.
4387: PORTER, STANLEY E. AND RICHTER, PHILIP J.(EDITORS). - The Toronto Blessing - or is it?
24349: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - Dangerous Faith. (Keswick Ministry).
24350: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - Giving God the Glory. (Keswick Ministry).
24351: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - Grace and Glory. (Keswick Ministry).
24352: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - Looking to Jesus. (Keswick Ministry).
24354: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - Real People Real Faith. (Keswick Ministry).
24355: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - Rebuilding the Foundations. (Keswick Ministry).
24356: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - Servants of the King. (Keswick Ministry).
24359: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - The Light of His Coming. (Keswick Ministry).
24360: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - The Lord Is King. (Kewswick 1979).
22753: PORTER, DAVID (ED). - Word Alive. Bible Teaching at the Cutting Edge.
24363: PORTER, DAVID AND COUSINS, ANTHEA. - God's Very Own People. (Keswick Ministry).
25266: PORTER, DAVID. - Go Deliver! The Blythswood Story.
9433: PORTER, H. B. - The Day of Light.
31676: PORTER, H.B. - The Ordination Prayers of the Ancient Western Churches. (Alcuin Club Collections No.XLIX).
15530: PORTER, HARRY BOONE. - Jeremy Taylor. Liturgist (1613 - 1667).
31620: PORTER, J.R. - The Extended Family in the Old Testament.
29299: PORTER, MRS. HORACE, & WALLACE, MRS. - The Saints of the Church.
25584: PORTER, PETER (WITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN HEDGECOE.) - Landscape Poets: Thomas Hardy.
10182: PORTER,J.R. - The Illustrated Guide to the Bible.
14463: PORTER, HOWARD. - The Mount of the Eucharist. Eleven Addresses for Children's Eucharist.
5860: PORTHOUSE, CLIVE. (EDITOR). - Ministry in the Seventies.
38625: PORTSMOUTH, J.I. - Commercial Rabbit Meat Production.
19699: POST, LAURENS VAN DER. - Jung and the Story of Our Time.
7859: POST, W. ELLWOOD. - Saints, Signs and Symbols.
44374: POST, BEALE . - Caesar's Place Of Landing In Britain. By The Rev. Beale Post, B.C.L.
23451: POTGIETER, PIETER. - Victory. The Work of the Spirit.
28412: POTOK, CHAIM. - My Name is Asher Lev.
13857: POTTER, DAVID AND SARRE, PHILIP. - Dimensions of Society. A Reader.
23146: POTTER, DAVID. - Too Soon To Die.
12157: POTTER, DENNIS. - Pennies from Heaven.
17005: POTTER, DENNIS. - Son of Man. (Penguin Plays).
38657: POTTER, BEATRIX. - The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or The Roly-Poly Pudding.
43586: POTTER, JOHN. - East Anglia Villages.
40754: POTTON, ARTHUR. - March on in Firm Endeavour. The WW1 Fallen of Sudbury Grammar School.
24217: POTTRUCK, DAVID S., & PEARCE, TERRY. - Clicks and Mortar. Passion Driven Growth in an Internet Driven World.
9311: POTTS, GEORGE, M.A., H.C.F. - Know Your Bible. How to make a start.
45023: POTTS, DOREEN. - People at Work in Halstead and District.
23771: POUCHER, W.A. - The Lakeland Peaks. A Constable pictorial guide to walking in the district and to the safe ascent of its principal mountain groups.
42373: POULENC, FRANCIS. - Diary of My Songs. (Journal de mes Melodies). Translated by Winifred Radford.
39775: POULTNEY, C.B. - Cold Noses. A Collection of Stories from the Dog Books of C.B.Poultney. (Illustrated by the author).
11755: POULTON, JOHN. - People Under Pressure.
13579: POULTON, JOHN. - The Feast of Life. A Theological Reflection on the Theme - Jesus Christ - the Life of the World.
20759: POUNCY, A.G. - Adding to the Church Daily. Continuous parochial evangelism.
41115: POUND, EZRA. - A B C of Reading.
44191: POUND, EZRA. (TRANSLATOR). - Confucian Analects.
46120: POUND, EZRA. - The Spirit of Romance.
45641: POUND, EZRA. - Guide to Kulchur.
39535: POUNDER, DR CHRIS. - Police Computers and the Metropolitan Police. Report of an Investigation.
25118: POUNDS, HUBERT E. - Hedgerow Field and Wood. Bird-Life Pictured with Pen and Camera. (With twenty photographs from wild natue by the author).
24527: POWELL DAVIES, A. - The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
21088: POWELL, CHRIS. - Families of God.
22368: POWELL, CYRIL H. - Faith that Moves Mountains.
23772: POWELL, J.R. - Robert Blake. General-at-Sea.
29100: POWELL, JOHN. - A Life-Giving vision. How to be a Christian in Today's World.
17284: POWELL, JOHN. - Abortion: The Silent Holocaust.
18011: POWELL, JOHN. - The Secret of Staying in Love.
14623: POWELL, ROBERT. - Resources for Flexible Learning.
34369: POWELL, JESSIE. - The Fare to Tarshish. A Play.
34367: POWELL, JESSIE. - The Stable Manger. A Play for Christmas.
44914: POWELL, NEIL. - George Crabbe. An English Life 1754-1832.
45833: POWELL, THOMAS. - An Essay on Apostolic Succession.
18634: POWER, KIM. - Veiled Desire. Augustine on Women.
4226: POWER.A.D. - Sidelights on the book of Proverbs.
38772: POWER, REV. P.B. - The Heart of Tommy Titt or the Big Man and the Bigger.
42921: POWER, JONATHAN. - Colour and Citizenship. A Report on British Race Relations. A Digest.
42948: POWER, WILLIAM. - Prince Charlie.
25959: POWERS, ISAIAS. - Letters from an Understanding Friend. Jesus on the Way to Jerusalem.
16221: POWERS, MARGARET FISHBACK. - Footprints. The True Story Behind the Poem.
12329: POWICKE, SIR MAURICE. - The Reformation in England.
15210: POWLES, L.V. - The Christian Faith.
17085: POWLES, L.V. - Introduction to the Liturgies of the Anglican Communion.
35250: POWYS, T F. (THEODORE FRANCIS) ,1875-1953. - Uriah on the Hill.
13937: POYNTER, J.W. - The Popes and Social Problems. An Impartial Account of the Teaching Contained in their Encyclical Letters.
43444: VAN PRAET, JULES. - Essays on the Political History of the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries.
45254: PRATT, ANNE (1806-1893) . - The Grasses, Sedges and Ferns of Great Britain. By Anne Pratt.
33994: PRATT, LONNI COLLINS AND HOMAN, FATHER DANIEL. - Benedict's Way: An Ancient Monk's Insights for a Balanced Life.
7221: PRAWER JHABVALA, RUTH. - Heat and Dust.
11257: PREECE, MAUD. - Solo Cooking. A book of recipes and practical hints for those living on their own.
6389: PREECE, RON. - Mainsprings for Action.
29164: PREMINGER, ERIK LEE. - Gypsy and Me: At Home and On the Road with Gypsy Rose Lee.
1317: PRENTICE, SARTELL . - The Voices Of The Cathedral. Tales In Stone And Legends In Glass .
10502: PRESCOTT, D.M. - Poems. For The School Assembly and other occasions.
17406: PRESCOTT, D.M. - Senior Teacher's Assembly Book.
9434: PRESCOTT, D.M. (EDITOR). - More Readings for the Senior Assembly. Meaning in Life.
7005: B.B.C. PRESENTER - BAKEWELL, JOAN, & FREEMAN, REVD. ANTHONY. - Must a Priest Believe? Heart of the Matter series on B.B.C.
40649: WEARDALE PRESS. - Historic and New Inns of Interest. Wining and Dining in Durham and Northumberland.
39043: PRESSEY, REV.W.J. - Some Notes on the Elizabethan Communion Cups of Essex.
44351: PRESTAGE, EDGAR. - Chapters in Anglo-Portuguese Relations.
2917: PRESTIGE, G.L. - Fathers and Heretics. Six studies in Dogmatic Faith with Prologue and Epilogue. Being the Bampton Lectures for 1940.
2541: PRESTIGE, LEONARD. - Christian Verity.
7078: PRESTON, RONALD H. - Church and Society in the Late 20th Century: The Economic & Political Task.
9813: PRESTON, RONALD H. - Explorations in Theology 9.
11083: PRESTON, RONALD H. - Religion and the Persistence of Capitalism. The Maurice Lectures for 1977 and other studies in Christianity and Social Change.
11084: PRESTON, RONALD H. (EDITOR). - Perspectives on Strikes. Manchester Consultation No.1.
21517: PRESTON, RONALD H. (EDITOR). - Theology and Change. Essays in Memory of Alan Richardson.
29609: PRESTON, SIR JACOB. - Peace and Victory.
44044: PRESTON, REV. THOMAS S. - Sermons for the Principal Seasons of the Sacred Year.
44645: PRESTON, WILLIAM . - Illustrations Of Masonry. By William Preston, Past Master Of The Lodge Of Antiquity, Acting By Immemorial Constitution.
18094: PRICE, GREG. - Latin America. The Writer's Journey.
13686: PRICE, A.S. - The Wonderful World of Jesus.
28961: PRICE, CHARLES P AND WEIL, LOUIS. - Liturgy for Living.
12423: PRICE, EUGENIA. - Discoveries made from living my new life.
30967: PRICE, EUGENIA. - Discoveries: Made From Living My New Life. (New revised edition).
25268: PRICE, EUGENIA. - Getting Through the Night. Strength for Those Who Grieve.
12424: PRICE, EUGENIA. - The Burden is Light! The Autobiography of a Transformed Pagan who took God at His Word.
21442: PRICE, PETER B. - Seeds of the World. Biblical Reflection for Small Church Communities.
25746: PRICE, SIDNEY H. - The Whispering Gallery and Other Talks to Girls and Boys.
20518: PRICE, SIMON & KEARNS, EMILY. - The Oxford Dictionary of Classical Myth and Religion.
45493: PRICE, NANCY. - Ta-Mera. (signed).
41942: PRICE, HARRY. - Confessions of a Ghost-Hunter.
33210: PRICE, DEREK W. - Unity in Itself? The Stevenage Experiment in Group Ministry.
45557: PRICE, NANCY. - I Watch and Listen. A Book About Birds.
45558: PRICE, NANCY. - Shadows on the Hills.
35153: PRICE, HARRY . - Fifty Years of Psychical Research: A Critical Survey . By Harry Price. With Illustrations.
45559: PRICE, NANCY. - The Gull's Way.
45503: PRICE, NANCY. - Each In His Own Way. (signed).
45492: PRICE, NANCY. - Where the Skies Unfold.
45555: PRICE, NANCY. - The Heart of a Vagabond.
45556: PRICE, NANCY. - A Vagabond's Way. Haphazard Wanderings on the Fells.
45541: PRICHARD, H. HESKETH. - Hunting Camps in Wood and Wilderness.
21194: PRICKETT, JOHN. (EDITOR). - Living Faiths: Initiation Rites.
3321: PRIDE, NIGEL. - A Butterfly Sings to Pacaya. Travels in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.
6072: PRIESTLAND, GERALD. - The Case Against God.
9435: PRIESTLAND, GERALD. - Gerald Priestland At Large. Volume Three of the 'Yours Faithfully' collected Radio Talks.
7860: PRIESTLAND, GERALD. - Priestland Right and Wrong.
3430: PRIESTLAND, GERALD. - Priestland's Progress - One man's search for Christianity now.
9191: PRIESTLAND, GERALD. - Yours Faithfully. (Volume 2).
33113: PRIESTLAND, GERALD. - Who Needs the Church? The 1982 Barclay Lectures.
28413: PRIESTLAND, GERALD. - Reasonable Uncertainty. A Quaker Approach to Doctrine.
17086: PRIESTLEY, JACK AND SMITH, HARRY. - Harvest and Thanksgiving. (The Living Festivals Series).
39437: PRIESTLEY, H. E. [ HAROLD EDFORD PRIESTLEY ] . - A History Of Benfleet by H. E. Priestley M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. Part IV. The Doomsday Survey A.D. 1086 .
39435: PRIESTLEY, H. E. [ HAROLD EDFORD PRIESTLEY ] . - A History Of Benfleet by H. E. Priestley M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. Part II. The Place Names Of Benfleet; The Earliest Days; Roman and Saxons; King Alfred and the Benfleet Campaign.
36143: PRIESTLEY, URSULA - EDITOR . - The Letters of Philip Stannard, Norwich Textile Manufacturer (1751-1763) Norfolk Record Society , Volume LVII .
32476: A GROUP OF PRIESTS. - Methods of Self-Examination.
41611: A GROUP OF PRIESTS. (FOREWORD BY THE REV. CANON K.E.KIRK). - Notes on Sins and Their Remedies. Together with The Christian's Mirror.
37908: PRIMACK, JOEL AND ABRAMS, NANCY ELLEN. - The View from the Centre of the Universe.
22755: PRIME, DEREK. - A Christian Guide to Leadership.
23661: PRIME, DEREK. - A Christian Guide to Prayer.
23933: PRIME, DEREK. - Communicating the Gospel. Some Contemporary Issues.
22756: PRIME, DEREK. - Created to Praise.
20869: PRIME, DEREK. - Drawing Power.
23662: PRIME, DEREK. - Practical Prayer. The Way and How of Prayer.
16222: PRIME, DEREK. - Questions on the Christian Faith Answered from the Bible.
22757: PRIME, DEREK. - This Way to Life. (Drawings by Lorna Lattimore).
42218: PRIMMER, BRIAN. - The Berlioz Style.
18014: PRINCE, ALISON. - How's Business.
12159: PRINDLE, WILLIAM D. - Bible Word Comparison. Traditional Bibles Compared with Contemporary Bibles.
4081: PRINGLE-PATTISON, A. SETH. - The Idea of Immortality. The Gifford Lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh in the year 1922.
41679: PRINGLE, NIK AND TREVERSH, JIM. - 150 Years Policing in Watford District & Hertfordshire County.
15692: PRIOR, ALLAN. - Theatre.
13858: PRIOR, DAVID. - Bedrock. A Vision for the Local Church.
17572: PRIOR, DAVID. - Sharing Pastoral Care in the Parish (Grove Pastoral Series No.3).
15167: PRIOR, K. F. W. - God and Mammon. The Christian Mastery of Money.
20762: PRIOR, KENNETH F W. - The Gospel in a Pagan Society. The Relevance for Today of Paul's Ministry in Athens.
42769: PRIOR, E.S. - Eight Chapters on English Medieval Art. A Study in English Economics.
41726: PRIOR, MICHAEL AND TAYLOR, WILLIAM. - Christians in the Holy Land.
1320: PRITCHARD, F.H. - Essays of To-Day. An Anthology.
17007: PRITCHARD, F.H. - The Children's Aladdin. (Illustrated by Honor C. Appleton).
34858: PRITCHARD, F.H.(RE-TOLD BY) / HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER. - The Children's Brer Rabbit. (Illustrated by Honor C. Appleton).
31040: PROCTOR, FRANCES AND MILLER, PHILIPPA. - Village Signs in Norfolk. Book 3.
16074: PROCTOR, MICHAEL. - First......The Good News. 30 Assemblies for Middle School.
17008: PROCTOR, MICHAEL. - Live it up. A Christian approach to experience.
27524: PROCTOR, J.M. - East Anglian Cottages. With Illustrations and Photographs by the Author.
21091: PROCTOR, JOHN. - The Christmas Stories in Faith and Preaching. (Grove Biblical 9).
29166: PRONIN, ALEXANDER & BARBARA. - Russian Folk Arts.
36812: PROPHET, REVD. CANON J. R. H. - Masonic Orations by W.Bro. Revd. Canon J. R. H. Prophet, Provincial Grand Chaplain Leicestshire And Rutland. 1966 - 1972 .
20134: PROTHERO, ROWLAND E. - The Pioneers And Progress Of English Farming .
44253: PROTHEROE, A.H.PENNY. - Priory Corner. A Portland Tale. (signed).
28163: PROTO, LOUIS. - Self-Healing. Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body.
42586: PROUT, EBENEZER. - Fugal Analysis: A Companion to "Fugue".
42420: PROVAN, IAIN. - Tenants in God's Land. Earth-keeping and People-keeping in the Old Testament. (grove Ethics E148).
23452: PROWLING, MICHAEL AND TOOLEY, WILFRED. - Peter and Paula at a Communion Service.
16460: PROYSEN, ALF. - Mrs Pepperpot's Christmas.
7079: PROZESKY, MARTIN. - A New Guide to the Debate about God.
25586: PRUCHA, JAROSLAV. - A Concise Guide in Colour: Flowers from Seed. (Illustrated by Frantisek Severa.) Translated by O. Kuthanova
39779: PRUNTY, JACINTA. - Margaret Aylward 1810-1889. Lady of Charity, Sister of Faith.
40044: PSMITH, LEVENSTON. - Lords of the Chase. Tales from The Shires and Beyond.
11688: ROYAL COLLEGE OF PSYCHIATRISTS. - Alcohol and Alcoholism. The Report of a Special Committee of The Royal College of Psychiatrists.
38733: REDEMPTORIST PUBLICATIONS. - The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook. A Daily Companion with a Glossary of Key Terms.
6213: CHURCH HOUSE PUBLISHING. - Patterns for Worship.
10561: CHURCH HOUSE PUBLISHING. - The Church of England Year Book 1997.
24779: METHODIST PUBLISHING. - An Anglican-Methodist Covenant. Common Statement of the Formal Conversations between the Methodist Church of Great Britain and the Church of England.
20763: PUDDEFOOT, JOHN. - What about Christianity? Answers for the Modern World.
13939: PUDNEY, JOHN. - Beyond This Disregard. Poems.
29167: PUDNEY, JOHN. - Dispersal Point and other Air Poems.
15360: PUDNEY, JOHN. - South of Forty. Poems.
46237: PUGH, JANE. - Welsh Ghosts, Poltergeists & Demons.
28667: PUGSLEY, CLEMENT H. - A Prayer Book for Women.
45197: PULCI, LUIGI 1431-1487. - Il Morgante Maggiore Di Luigi Pulci.
17088: PULKINGHAM, BETTY AND HARPER, JEANNE. - Fresh Sounds. A Companion Volume to Sound of Living Waters (Words and Music).
18308: PULKINGHAM, BETTY. - Sing God A Simple Song. Exploring Music In Worship For The Eighties.
6392: PULKINGHAM, GRAHAM. - Gathered for Power. Illustrated by Cathleen. Foreword by Michael Harper.
18518: PULKINGHAM, W. GRAHAM. - They Left Their Nets. A Vision for Community Ministry.
2048: PULLAN, LEIGHTON. - Religion Since the Reformation. Eight Lectures. Preached before the University of Oxford in the year 1922, on the Foundation of the Rev, John Bampton, M.A., Canon of Salsibury.
33856: PULLAN, LEIGHTON. - A Guide to The Holy Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
31749: PULLER, REV. F.W. - The Anointing of the Sick in Scripture and Tradition, with some Considerations on the Numbering of the Sacraments.
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14236: ROWSE, A.L. - Bosworth Field and the Wars of the Roses.
16832: ROWSE, A.L. - Poems of Deliverance.

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