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13359: MONTEFIORE, HUGH. - Sermons from Great St. Mary's.
34988: MONTEFIORE, C.G. - A Short Devotional Introduction to the Hebrew Bible for the Use of Jews and Jewesses.
34989: MONTEFIORE, CLAUDE G. - Liberal Judaism and Hellenism and other essays.
28929: MONTEVERDI, CLAUDIO/STEELE, JOHN (EDITOR). - Beatus Vir (Psalm III, Authorised Version 112) for SSATTB chorus, instruments and organ.
34643: MONTGOMERY, JAMES . - The World before the Flood, a poem, in Ten Cantos: With Other Occasional Pieces. By James Montgomery. Seventh Edition.
42366: MONTGOMERY, TIM. - And Moses Put His Shoes On. The Journey of Following and Leading Has its Downs and Ups.
7985: MOODY, RAYMOND A. - Life after Life. The Investigation of a Phenomenon - Survival of Bodily Death.
32593: MOODY, D.L. - Anecdotes, Incidents and Illustrations.
18172: MOODY, D.L. - The Way to God and How to Find It.
7987: MOODY, RAYMOND. - The Light Beyond.
22730: MOODY-STUART, K. - Brownlow North. His Life and Work.
32336: MOODY, CHARLES H. - The Choir-Boy in the Making.
5540: MOODY, CHRISTOPHER. - Eccentric Ministry. Pastoral Care & Leadership in the Parish.
41322: MOON, DR IRWIN. - Experiences With An Eel / Of Books And Sloths.
38271: MOON, A.R. - Office English.
39627: MOONEY, JAYNE. - The Hidden Figure: Domestic Violence in North London.
31363: MOORE, HARRY T AND PARRY, ALBERT. - Twentieth-Century Russian Literature.
14536: MOORE, A.L. - 1 and 2 Thessalonians.
19696: MOORE, ALEX. - Ballroom Dancing.
29288: MOORE, ARCHIE. - The Archie Moore Story.
13361: MOORE, ARTHUR L. - A Pocket Dictionary of the Christian Church.
28397: MOORE, BRIAN. - Catholics.
32327: MOORE, BRIAN. - His Cross and Ours: Praying the Stations.
29539: MOORE, D.F. - Dublin: Baile Atha Cliath.
29289: MOORE, DOROTHEA. - Captain Nancy. A Story of the 'Forty-five.
16873: MOORE, ELINOR. - Some Soldier Martyrs of the Early Christian Church in East Jordan and Syria.
9933: MOORE, GEORGE. - The Passing of the Essenes. A Drama in Three Acts.
13273: MOORE, GERALD AND BEIER, ULLI. - Modern Poetry from Africa.
20127: MOORE, H. I. - Nelson's Agricultural Series: The Science And Practice of Grassland Farming. Illustrated with photographs taken by the author.
7289: MOORE, JOHN. - Sexuality Spirituality. A Study of Feminine/Masculine Relationship.
26219: MOORE, LIZ. - Caring for the Earth. (A Grail Paper).
32505: MOORE, PAMELA (EDITOR). - A Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.
11079: MOORE, PATRICK. - Mission to the Planets. The illustrated story of man's exploration of the solar system.
17151: MOORE, PETER. - Footholds in the Faith.
1178: MOORE, R.W. - Christ The Beginning.
11376: MOORE, R.W. - The Furtherance of the Gospel. A Primer of Christianity Part II.
20941: MOORE, T.V. - A Commentary on Zechariah. (Geneva Series).
33288: MOORE, BERNARD. - United Nations: First Assembly. New York 1946.
41003: MOORE, CHARLES W. - The New Masonic Trestle-Board, Adapted To The Work And Lectures As Practiced In The Lodges, Chapters, Councils And Encampments Of Knights Templars In The United States Of America. By Charles W. Moore, Editor Of The Freemasons' Monthly Magazine.
33705: MOORE, JAMES W. - Healing Where it Hurts.
40413: MOORE, DOROTHEA. - Cecily's Highwayman.
34175: MOORE, ELINOR A. - The Early Church in the Middle East.
41430: MOORE, BASIL.(EDITOR). - Black Theology. The South African Voice.
42817: MOORE, GERALD. - Poet's Love. The Songs and Cycles of Schumann.
43657: MOORE, CLEMENT C. - The Night Before Christmas. (A Little Golden Book).
42163: MOORE, JERROLD NORTHROP. - Elgar. Child of Dreams.
29290: MOORE, DOROTHEA. - Guide Gilly: Adventurer.
41599: MOORE, PATRICK. - Astronomy for O Level. (Revised edition).
29540: MOORE, E. GARTH. - An Introduction to English Canon Law.
40130: MOORE, PETER.(EDITOR). - Man, Woman and Priesthood.
29292: MOORE, DOROTHEA. - Three Feet of Valour. A Story of Waterloo Year.
15747: MOOREHEAD, ALAN. - Darwin and the Beagle.
13926: MOOREHEAD, ALAN. - Montgomery.
18406: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY. - Against All Reason.
13927: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY. - Apples in the Snow. A Journey to Samarkand.
10062: MOORHOUSE,GEOFFREY. - Against all Reason. The Religious Life in the Modern World.
1180: MOORMAN, JOHN R.H. - Church Life In England In The Thirteenth Century.
22016: MOORMAN, JOHN. - Vatican Observed. An Anglican Impression of Vatican II.
1179: MOORMAN, JOHN R. H. (TRANSLATOR AND INTRODUCTION) . - A New Fioretti. A Collection Of Early Stories About Saint Francis Of Assisi Hitherto Untranslated.
35208: MOORMAN, JOHN. (EDITOR). - The Curate of Souls.
36730: MOORMAN, JOHN R.H. - Lanercost Priory.
28057: MORAES, DOM. - My Son's Father. An Autobiography.
24513: MORANT, ROLAND W. - Cheshire Churches. A Guide to the Ancient Parish Churches of the Country, 1066-1820.
38962: MORANT, PHILIP. - The History and Antiquities of the Most Ancient Town and Borough of Colchester.
42746: MORANT, ROLAND W. - The Monastic Gatehouse and Other Types of Portal of Medieval Religious Houses.
20053: MORE, THOMAS. - Utopia.
25492: MORE, RICHARD. - Celebrating Christmas. (Grove Ministry & Worship No.54).
32533: MORENO, PEDRO C. - Handbook on Religious Liberty Around the World.
15065: MORETON, A.Q. AND MCLEMAN, JAMES. - Christianity and the Computer.
27258: MOREY, PHYLLIS. - Cornwall.
20360: MOREY, ROBERT A. - Horoscopes and the Christian. Does Astrology Accurately Predict the Future? Is it compatible with Christianity?
20361: MOREY, ROBERT. - How to Answer a Jehovah's Witness. How to successfully take the initiative when they come to your door.
38948: MORGAN, PRYS. - A Bible For Wales.
23763: MORGAN, GLYN H. - The Romance of Essex Inns. (Illustrated by the author.)
8996: MORGAN, C. LLOYD. - Psychology for Teachers.
18508: MORGAN, CLIFFORD T. - Physiological Psychology. (Third ed).
27343: MORGAN, DEWI, & PERRY, MICHAEL. - The Printed Word.
14616: MORGAN, DEWI. - Agenda for Anglicans.
8117: MORGAN, DEWI. - The Bishops Come to Lambeth.
21936: MORGAN, DEWI. - The Seeds of Peace.
14340: MORGAN, DEWI. (ED.). - The Restless Ones. S.P.G. Review of the Year's Work 1957-58.
4901: MORGAN, DEWI. WITH A FOREWORD BY RICHARD HARRIES. BISHOP OF OXFORD. - Where Belonging Begins. Reflections on the Trinity and the Passion.
13119: MORGAN, DIANA. - Let's Celebrate. Assemblies for special occasions.
17334: MORGAN, EDWARD. - John Elias. Life, Letters and Essays.
10180: MORGAN, G. CAMPBELL. - The Gospel According to Luke.
20362: MORGAN, PETER (ED). - Unity: The Next Step.
27089: MORGAN, STUART M. - Choirs in Little Churches.
21284: MORGAN, STUART M. - Music in the Village Church. An attempt at something practical.
2485: MORGAN, W. - The Nature and Right of Religion.
29294: MORGAN, W. JOHN, & NICHOLSON, GEOFFREY. - Report on Rugby.
33323: MORGAN, DEWI. - St Bride's Church Fleet Street in the City of London.
39477: MORGAN, JANE AND ZEDNER, LUCIA. - Child Victims: Crime, Impact and Criminal Justice.
31306: MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD. - The Great Awakening in Wales. (Translated from the Welsh by Dyfnallt Morgan).
35034: MORGAN, IRVONWY. - Prince Charles's Puritan Chaplain.
40965: MORGAN, CHARLES. - The River Line. A Play.
41083: MORGAN, CHARLES. - Dialogue in Novels & Plays.
42939: MORGAN, JUNE. - The Little Books. A Tale of Thailand. (Drawings by Lalage Fausset).
39561: MORGAN, ROD AND NEWBURN, TIM. - The Future of Policing.
40299: MORGAN, PAT. - The Secrets of the Freemasons.
30323: MORISON, E.F. - The Lord's Prayer and The Prayers of Our Lord. A Spiritual Exposition.
4426: MORISON, STANLEY. - English Prayer Books. An Introduction to the Literature of Christian Public Worship.
44077: MORISON, J.L. - Reginald Pecock's Book of Faith. A Fifteenth Century Theological Tractate.
30176: MORLAND, SUSAN. - Transformation: Paintings with Poems by 20th Century Women Poets.
26110: MORLEY, MICHAEL. - Brecht: A Study.
15066: MORLEY, FENTON. - Preaching Through the Christian Year. 6. Sermon Outlines for the Seasons of the Church's Year.
14617: MORLEY, FENTON. - The Call of God.
27259: MORLEY, FENTON. - The Church to which you Belong.
28613: MORLEY, IRIS. - The Mighty Years.
25734: MORLEY, JANET. - All Desires Known.
11836: MORLEY, JOHN. - On Compromise.
16716: MORLEY, MALCOLM. - The Theatre. (Illustrated by W.R.H.Johnson).
13928: MORLEY, SHERIDAN. - Sybil Thorndike. A Life in the Theatre. Preface by Sir John Gielgud.
14852: MORLEY, SHERIDAN. - The Great Stage Stars. Distinguished theatrical careers of the past and present.
17689: MORLEY, SHERIDAN. (EDITOR). - Punch at the Theatre.
9801: MORNEAU, ROBERT F. - Mantras For the Evening. The Experience of Holistic Prayer.
5444: MORRICE J.K.W., M.D. F.R.C.PSYCH. D.P.M. - Crisis Intervention. Studies in Community Care.
19420: MORRICE, WILLIAM G. - Joy in the New Testament.
37364: MORRIS, JOAN. - Against Nature and God. The History of Women with the Jurisdiction of Bishops.
32044: MORRIS, PAM. - Literature and Feminism. An Introduction.
33101: MORRIS, IVOR. - Mr Collins Considered. Approaches to Jane Austen.
25249: MORRIS, A.E. - The Problem of Life and Death.
11098: MORRIS, COLIN. - Bugles in the afternoon.
11682: MORRIS, COLIN. - Start Your Own Religion. (The book of the TV Series).
24783: MORRIS, COLIN. - The Hammer of the Lord. Signs of Hope.
8340: MORRIS, COLIN. - The Word and the Words. The Voigt Lectures on Preaching.
31909: MORRIS, DOM AUGUSTINE. (ABBOT OT NASHDOM). - Learning to Know God. Studies in the New Testament Epistles.
22847: MORRIS, H.F. - The Heroic Recitations of the Bahima of Ankole. (with a foreword by A.T.Hatto).
15312: MORRIS, JAN. (COMPILER). - Small Oxford Books. Wales.
18877: MORRIS, JEREMY. - Ask and Receive. How Liturgy Responds to Life.
28934: MORRIS, JEREMY. - In and Out of Service. Priesthood and its Problems.
28935: MORRIS, JEREMY. (ED). - A Questioning Authority. The Anglican Witness to the World.
23126: MORRIS, LEON. - The Abolition of Religion. A Study in 'Religionless Christianity'.
17208: MORRIS, PAUL D. - Love Therapy.
7218: MORRIS, PETER. (FOREWORD BY D. W. CLEVERLEY FORD.) - Preaching At The Parish Communion. ASB Gospels - Sundays: Year Two - Vol. 2.
28536: MORRIS, ROBERT AND FOWLER, JOHN. - Beyond Clause Zero: The Education Bill 1992-93.
16633: MORRIS, LEON. - 1 Corinthians. An Introduction and Commentary.
13679: MORRIS, LEON. - The Revelation of St. John. An Introduction and Commentary.
33826: MORRIS, G.S. - Hegel's Philosophy of the State and of History. An Exposition.
20508: MORRIS, LEON. - The Gospel According to St. Luke. An Introduction & Commentary.
36572: MORRIS, REV. R. STAFFORD . - Thoughts On Freemasonry. Being a Series of Orations Delivered at consecration ceremonies in the Province of Essex by The Rev. R. Stafford Morris, M.A. Provincial Grand Chaplain .
43255: MORRIS, ROB. [ ROBERT MORRIS (1818-1888) ] . - Life in the Triangle or Freemasonry at the Present Time By Rob. Morris, K. T. Author of "Lights And Shadows Of Freemasonry," and other Masonic Works; and Lectures on "The Landmarks And Work of Freemasonry."
20363: MORRISH, IVOR. - The Background of Immigrant Children.
16808: MORRISON, A AND MCINTYRE, D. - Social Psychology of Teaching.
10745: MORRISON, CLINTON D. - The Powers That Be. Earthly Rulers and Demonic Powers in Romans 13.1-7.
13738: MORRISON, N. BRYSSON. - The Keeper of Time. (Illustrated by Esme Eve).
9123: MORRISON, TONI. - Paradise.
37822: MORRISON, PHILIP. - The Fabric of the Atom: An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.
28937: MORROW, ORD. L. - The Puzzles of Job.
12990: MORSE, MARY. - The Unattached.
27155: MORSE, RICHARD. - The Open Book of Wild Life. An Introduction to Nature Study.
17360: MORSE-BOYCOTT, REV.DESMOND. - Fields of Yesterday.
37346: MORSE-BOYCOTT, REVD. DESMOND. - A Tapestry of Toil.
21690: MORTIMER, EDWARD. - Faith and Power. The Politics of Islam.
9350: MORTIMER, JOHN.(SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY) - Famous Trials. (From the classic Penguin series Edited by Harry Hodge and James H.Hodge).
31926: MORTIMER, R.C. - The Celebrant and Ministers of the Eucharist.
2900: MORTIMER, R.C. - Western Canon Law.
26220: MORTIMER, C.G. - Anglican Orders.
23128: MORTIMORE, PAUL. - Ultimate Choices. Six Studies in the Parables of Jesus.
38272: MORTLOCK, D.P. - The Popular Guide to Suffolk Churches. No.1. West Suffolk.
40535: MORTON, ANDREW H. - God's Present Purpose.
39382: MORTON, JUNE. - The Story of David and Solomon.
18509: MORTON, T. RALPH. - God's Moving Spirit. The Church Now and the Church to Come.
40743: MORTON, W.E. - An Introduction to the Study of Spinning.
2497: MORTON, T. RALPH. - The Household of Faith. An Essay on the Changing Pattern of the Church's Life.
43297: MORTON-COOPER, ALISON AND PALMER, ANNE. - Mentoring, Preceptorship and Clinical Supervision. A Guide to Professional Roles in Clinical Practice.
41203: MORTON, JUNE. - The Risen Jesus. Bible Stories re-told.
41832: MOSCHAKE, IGNATIUS. - The Catechism of the Orthodox Eastern Church.
18880: MOSES, JOHN. - A Broad and Living Way. Church and State. A Continuing Establishment.
19612: MOSES, JOHN. - The Desert. An Anthology for Lent.
44248: MOSKOWITZ, SAM (1920 - 1997 ) . - Charles Fort: A Radical Corpuscle. By Sam Moskowitz .
42492: MOSLEY, JAMES. - British Type Specimens Before 1831: A Hand-list. (Occasional Publication No.14).
13466: MOSS, H. ST. L.B. - The Birth of the Middle Ages 395-814.
25250: MOSS, RACHAEL. - God's Yes to Sexuality.
24109: MOSS, ROWLAND. - Beyond the Treadmill. A Christian Perspective on Pressure and Stress.
7988: MOSS, TONY. (EDITOR). - In Search of Christianity.
34140: MOSS, EDWARD. - Seeing Man Whole: A New Model for Psychology.
38670: MOSSER, DAVID N.(EDITOR). - The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2006. (Includes Interactive CD-ROM).
17080: MOSTESHAR, CHERRY. - Unveiled. Love and Death Among the Ayatollahs.
5158: MOTHERS' UNION. - Anthology of Public Prayers.
42973: MOTION, ANDREW. - Natural Causes. (Signed).
34455: MOTION, ANDREW. - Dangerous Play: Poems 1974-1984.
6694: MOTT, SIR NEVILL.(EDITOR). - Can Scientists Believe? Some examples of the attitude of scientists to religion.
9892: MOTTE, A. - The Role of the Superior in the Postconciliar World. Trans. by Miriam Hederman.
26410: MOTTRAM, ERIC. - William Faulkner. (Profiles in Literature Series.)
34951: MOTTRAM, V.H. - The Functions of the Body: An Outline of Physiology.
25494: MOTYER, J.A. - The Message of Amos. The Day of the Lion.
23129: MOTYER, REV. J.A. - Studies in the Epistle of James.
39987: MOTYER, STEVE. - Antisemitism and the New Testament. (Grove Biblical 23).
43112: MOUL, DUNCAN / HILL, R. H. ERNEST . - Picturesque Essex : A Volume Of Sketches By Duncan Moul . With Descriptive Letterpress By R. H. Ernest Hill A.R.I.B.A.
33378: MOUL, JAMES. - Sacred Poems for the Sick and Suffering.
3751: MOULACRAINE, F. - The Loneliest Journey.
41099: MOULE, H.C.G. - From Sunday to Sunday. Short Bible Readings for the Sundays of the Year.
11378: MOULE, C.F.D. - Essays in New Testament Interpretation.
6032: MOULE, C.F.D. - The Birth of the New Testament.
11379: MOULE, C.F.D. (EDITOR). - Miracles. Cambridge Studies in their Philosophy and History.
32935: MOULE, H.C.G. - Our Prayer Book.
25496: MOULE, H.C.G. - Studies in Romans.
25735: MOULE, C.F.D. - Worship in the New Testament. Ecumenical Studies in Worship No.9.
39712: MOULE, HANDLEY C.G. - Memories of a Vicarage.
39880: MOULES, LEONARD. - Three Miles High. Northward to Tibet.
33827: MOULT, MARGARET MARY. (DAME MAURUS). - The Escaped Nun. The Story of Her Life.
10369: MOULTON, HAROLD K. - Papyrus, Parchment and Print. The Story of how the New Testament Text has reached us.
41304: MOULTON, T.G. - An Exposure of Christian Science.
39120: 18TH CENTURY WILL - SAMUEL MOULTON. - Copy of the Will of Mr Samuel Moulton .
9803: MOUNCE, ROBERT H. - Themes from Romans.
7492: MOUNTFORD, BRIAN. - Newness of Life: An illustrated Confirmation course.
20417: MOWAT, CHARLES LOCH. - Britain between the Wars 1918-1940.
31993: MOWFORTH, REV. E.H., - Lastingham: A Brief History.
38838: MOWL, TIM. - Palladian Bridges. Prior Park and the Whig Connection.
21080: MOWLL, BASIL C.(COMPILER). - What the Bible Means to Me.
41557: MOWRY, LUCETTA. - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Early Church.
42934: MOXLEY, CYRIL. - Cathedral, College, and Hospital. An Account of the Chaplaincy of The Royal Hampshire County Hospital 1736-1986.
12814: MOYAL, MAURICE. - On the road to Pastures New. Photographs by Marcel Coen.
28398: MOYES, PATRICIA. - Night Ferry to Death/Black Girl, White Girl.
11795: MOYLE, DONALD. - The Teaching of Reading.
6484: MOYLE, FRANK W. - Our Undying Self. Do we survive bodily death?
13739: MOYLE, FRANK W. - The Book of Uncommon Prayer. Preface by Canon C.E. Raven.
11191: MOYNAGH, MICHAEL. - Making Unemployment Work.
42491: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS. - The Marriage of Figaro. Le Nozze di Figaro. (English National Opera Guide No.17).
13188: MOZLEY, E.N. - The Theology of Albert Schweitzer for Christian Enquirers.
2501: MOZLEY, J.K. - The Doctrine of the Atonement.
1198: MOZLEY, J.K. - The Doctrine of the Incarnation.
2499: MOZLEY, J.K. - The Heart of the Gospel.
1200: MOZLEY, JOHN KENNETH. - Some Tendencies in British Theology, from the publication of Lux Mundi to the present day.
1201: MOZLEY, REV J. K. - The Achievements of Christianity.
2500: MOZLEY,E.N. - The Theology of Albert Schweitzer for Christian Inquirers.
43028: MOZLEY, JOHN KENNETH. - Ritschlianism. An Essay.
13067: MUCKLE, J. YEOMAN. - Isaiah 1 - 39.
6751: MUDDIMAN, JOHN. - The Bible. Fountain and Well of Truth. Foreword by Michael Ramsey.
4903: MUDGE, LEWIS S. - One Church: Catholic and Reformed. Toward a Theology for Ecumenical Decision.
13275: MUGGERIDGE, KITTY. - Gazing on Truth, Meditations on Reality.
3703: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM AND VIDLER, ALEC. - Paul. Envoy Extraordinary.
13740: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM. - Chronicles of Wasted Time. Volume 1, The Green Stick.
13570: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM. - Jesus Rediscovered.
8737: MUILENBURG, JAMES. - The Way of Israel. Biblical Faith and Ethics.
27156: MUIR, KENNETH. - Shakespeare the Professional and Related Studies.
26501: MUIR, EDWIN. - Essays on Literature and Society. (Revised and Enlarged Edition).
8405: MUIR, FRANK. - Christmas Customs & Traditions.
12255: MUIR, FRANK. (ED). - The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose.
20128: MUIR, JAMES . - Agriculture Practical And Scientific .
21691: MUIR, M. - Scottish Castles, Gardens and Ancient Houses.
35712: MUIR, RAMSAY. - Politics and Progress. A Survey of the Problems of To-Day.
35837: MUIR, FRANK. - The Frank Muir Book. An Irreverent Companion to Social History.
39686: MULDOON, PAUL. - The Prince of the Quotidian.
10500: MULLEN, PETER. - Assembling Again.
10499: MULLEN, PETER. - Assembling.
31974: MULLEN, PETER. - Reason To Believe: Christian Faith for the 1990's.
41741: MÜLLER, GEORGE/ BERGIN, G.FRED (COMPILER). - Autobiography of George Müller or A Million and a Half in Answer to Prayer.
41800: MULLER-FAHRENHOLZ, GEIKO. - The Kingdom and the Power. The Theology of Jurgen Moltmann.
3640: MULLIN, REDMOND. - The Fund-raising Handbook.
29089: MULLIN, REDMOND. - The Wealth of Christians.
26502: MULLINS, ALOYSIUS. - Witchcraft. A Warning.
40303: MULLINS, CLAUD. - Marriage Failures and the Children.
17081: MUMFORD, CAROL. - Young Children and Religion.
39541: MUNCIE, JOHN. - Youth and Crime: A Critical Introduction.
18407: MUNCK, JOHANNES. - Paul and the Salvation of Mankind. (Translated from the German by Frank Clarke).
43090: MUNDAY, C. - Gems of Cromer. A Collection of Artistic Views.
26111: MUNDY, TALBOT. - I Say Sunrise.
37054: NUR-UR-DIN MUNEER. - The Universality of Islam: A Refutation of Hostile Criticism by Orientalists.
8493: MUNGER, THEODORE T. - The Freedom of Faith. (Authorised edition).
19269: MUNOZ, RONALDO. - The God of Christians. (Translated from the Spanish by Paul Burns).
16998: MUNRO, WENDY. - Chambers Pocket Guide to Language of Music.
40943: MUNRO, ALICE. - Dear Life.
40307: MUNRO, C.K. - The True Woman. A Handbook for Husbands and Others.
42956: CAUTLEY H. MUNRO . - Suffolk Churches and Their Treasures by H. Munro Cautley, F.S.A., A.R.I.B.A. Surveyor to the Diocese of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich and Author of "Royal Arms And Commandments In Our Churches".
37513: CAUTLEY H. MUNRO . - Suffolk Churches and Their Treasures by H. Munro Cautley, F.S.A., A.R.I.B.A. Surveyor to the Diocese of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich and Author of "Royal Arms And Commandments In Our Churches".
40345: CAUTLEY H. MUNRO . - Suffolk Churches and Their Treasures. (Fifth edition).With a Supplement on Victorian Church Building in Suffolk by Anne Riches and a Survey of Lost and Ruined Churches by John Blatchley and Peter Northeast.
7073: MUNSEY TURNER, J. (EDITOR). - Queen's Essays. Foreword by Gordon S. Wakefield.
41665: MUNTER, BALTHASAR (1735-1793) ; HEE, JORGEN (1714-1788) ; WENDEBORN, GEBHARD FRIEDRICH AUGUST (1742-1811) [TRANSLATOR] . - A Faithful Narrative of the Conversion and Death of Count Struensee, late Prime Minister of Denmark. Published by D. Munter... To which is added, The History of Count Enevold Brandt from the time of his imprisonment to his death.
19510: MUNZ, PETER. - When the Golden Bough Breaks: Structuralism or Typology?
44285: MURCHIE, GUY 1907-1997. - Music Of The Spheres. With Illustrations By The Author .
44202: MURCHISON, CARL (EDITOR). - The Case For and Against Psychical Belief.
44082: MURDOCH, JAMES (1856-1921) . - A History Of Japan By James Murdoch. With Maps By Isoh Yamagata. [Three Volume Set] .
12024: MURDOCH, IRIS. - Jackson's Dilemma.
27919: MURDOCH, IRIS. - Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals.
16525: MURFITT, JANICE. - Tesco Cookery Collection: Rice and Pasta.
16526: MURFITT, JANICE. - Sainsbury's Recipe Library: Novelty Cakes & Other Novelty Food.
38825: MURLEY, REGINALD. - Surgical Roots and Branches. (Signed).
34066: MURPHREE, JON TAL. - Giant of a Century Trail: Life and Labors of John Lakin Brasher - Great Southern Orator.
9804: MURPHY, CHARLES. - Coming Home.Making God's Word Our Home.
24635: MURPHY, DANIEL. - A History of Irish Emigrant and Missionary Education.
8306: MURPHY, FRANCIS X. - This Church, These Times. The Roman Catholic Church since Vatican II. Illustrated by Franklin McMahon.
21597: MURPHY, JOHN. - The Origins and History of Religions.
29090: MURPHY, MARTIN. - The Roman Catholic Church.
13845: MURPHY-O'CONNOR, CORMAC. - The Family of the Church.
5441: M'CHEYNE ROBERT MURRAY. - Sermons of M'Cheyne..
2508: MURRAY, A. VICTOR. - Natural Religion and Christian Theology. An introductory study.
16635: MURRAY, ANDREW. - How to Raise your Children for Christ.
29715: MURRAY, ANDREW. - The Best of Andrew Murray. A treasury of extracts from his writings.
29716: MURRAY, ANDREW. - The Full Blessing of Pentecost: The One Thing Needful.
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41051: CHINESE PAINTINGS. - 19th Century Album.
43326: PAISLEY, IAN R.K. - Billy Graham and the Church of Rome.
43327: PAISLEY, IAN R.K. - The Garments of Christ. Scripture Studies in the Wonderful Raiment of Our Wonderful Lord.
27097: PAKENHAM, THOMAS. - Meeting with Remarkable Trees.
11322: PAKENHAM, THOMAS. - The Year of Liberty. The History of the Great Irish Rebellion of 1798.
33643: PAKENHAM-WALSH, REV. H. - St Francis of Assisi and Other Poems.
26584: PALANQUE, J.R; BARDY, G; LABRIOLLE,P DE; PLINVAL, G DE AND BREHIER, LOUIS. - The Church in the Christian Roman Empire. (Translated from the French by Ernest C.Messenger). 2 volumes.
19197: PALANQUE, J.R; BARDY,G. AND LABRIOLLE,P. DE. - The Church in the Christian Roman Empire. (2 Volumes in 1).
10257: PALEY, WILLIAM - A View Of The Evidences Of Christianity. In Three Parts. By William Paley, D.D. Late Archdeacon Of Carlisle. A New Edition.
33439: PALEY, WILLIAM. - Sermons On Several Subjects, by the Late Rev. William Paley, D.D. Subdean of Lincoln, Prebendary of St. Paul's, and Rector of Bishopwearmouth.
42743: PALEY, F.A. (INTRODUCTION). - Illustrations of Baptismal Fonts.
38279: PALEY, W. - Paley's Evidences of Christianity.
38146: PALEY, WILLIAM. - Horae Paulinae or The Truth of the Scripture History of St Paul Evinced.
40715: PALIN, MICHAEL. - Michael Palin. Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years.
19848: PALLANT-SIDAWAY, G.E. - Book of Common Prayer: Day by Day. The Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer.
31105: PALLANT-SIDAWAY, G.E. - The Beauty of the Book of Common Prayer.
35339: PALMER, WILLIAM, 1803-1885. - Pietas Ecclesiae, or, Dissenters' text-book : being a review of England's hierarchy in its principles and practice.
33102: PALMER, TERRY. - Discover the Suffolk Coast.
41503: PALMER, REV.G.H. - The Order For Placebo or Vespers of the Dead from the Diurnal Noted.
11919: PALMER, ALAN. - George 1V.
11081: PALMER, DAVID. - Book of Prayers. (Compiled and illustrated by David Palmer).
11433: PALMER, DEREK. - All Things New. A Study of the Church's approach to the New Communities.
16217: PALMER, DEREK. - Strangers No Longer.
32058: PALMER, G. H. [GEORGE HERBERT PALMER] - PLAINSONG AND MEDIAEVAL MUSICAL SOCIETY . - The Psalms of David pointed to the eight Gregorian tones as given in the Sarum Tonale. By The Rev. G. H. Palmer, B.A. (Fourth Edition) .
24896: PALMER, HENRY, & MARKS, PATRICIA. - A Guide to Divorce.
20610: PALMER, JOAN. - An illustrated Guide to Dogs.
16747: PALMER, JOHN. - Moliere: His Life and Works.
20061: PALMER, MARTIN. - Coming of Age. An Exploration of Christianity and the New Age.
21435: PALMER, MARTIN. - What Should We Teach? Christian and Education in a Pluralist World (Risk Book Series).
5281: PALMER, REV. G. H. - The Psalms Of David Pointed To The Eight Gregorian Tones As Given In The Sarum Tonale. / The Canticles At Mattins & Evensong .
42497: PALMER, CHRISTOPHER. - George Dyson: Man and Music.
8044: PALMER, EDWIN JAMES. D.D. - The Destiny of the Anglican Churches.
42561: PALMER, CHRISTOPHER. - Delius. Portrait of a Cosmopolitan.
36634: PALMER, J. L. / GOULD, F. E. - An Address on "The Future of Freemasonry in Plymouth" . Delivered by W. Bro. J. L. Palmer at the 48th Annual Meeting of the above Association at the Sincerity Hall, Elliott St., Plymouth on 27th March, 1942 .
41773: PALMER, KENNETH NICHOLLS. - The Knights of St John in Essex. (signed).
35077: PALMER, GEOFFREY AND LLOYD, NOEL. - A Brew of Witchcraft. (Illustrated by Rowel Friers).
42264: PALMER, CHRISTOPHER. - Impressionism in Music.
13366: PALMS, ROGER C. - The Jesus Kids.
41402: PALMSTIERNA, BARON ERIK. - The World's Crisis and Faiths.
36844: PALOMBI, JOHN. - Witham Through Time.
2102: ALCUIN CLUB PRAYER BOOK REVISION PAMPHLETS X . - Reservation Its Purpose And Method.
1254: PANNENBERG, WOLFHART. - The Apostles' Creed, In the Light of Today's Questions.
14345: PANNENBERG, WOLFHART. - Christianity in a Secularized World.
4907: PANNENBERG, WOLFHART. - The Apostles' Creed. In the Light of Today's Questions.
6702: PANOVA, VERA. - Time Walked.
40207: PANSY. [ISABELLA MACDONALD ALDEN]. - The Chautauqua Girls at Home.
38339: PANSY. - Ester Ried Yet Speaking.
41567: PANUM, HORTENSE./ PULVER, JEFFREY(ENGLISH EDITION REVISED AND EDITED BY). - The Stringed Instruments of the Middle Ages. Their Evolution and Development. (With over 400 illustrations).
21774: DE PAOLA, TOMIE (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Christmas Pageant.
11198: PAOLI, ARTURO. - Meditations on Saint Luke.
41746: PAPADOPOULOS, THE REV. OECONOMOS THOMAS. - What You See in a Greek Orthodox Church.
6149: PAPE, DOROTHY R. - He Wanted to Die.
12419: PAPE, DOROTHY. - Captives of the Mighty. Christ and the Japanese Enigma.
44209: PAPIER-MACHE - HUMPHREYS, HENRY NOEL 1810-1879 (ILLUSTRATOR) . - Parables Of Our Lord . [ - Decorated Papier Mache boards ] .
43631: PAPWORTH, JOHN BUONAROTTI (1775-1847) / ROWLANDSON, THOMAS (1756-1827 ENGRAVER) . - Poetical Sketches Of Scarborough In 1813 . Illustrated By Twenty-One Plates Of Humorous Subjects Coloured By Hand From Original Designs Made Upon The Spot By J. Green And Etched By T. Rowlandson.
9049: PARADIS, JEAN-GUY. - Lord, Teach me to pray. Trans. from French by Sr.Mary Matthew Morgan OP.
42012: PARDEY, LIN AND LARRY. - Cost Conscious Cruiser. Champagne Cruising on a Beer Budget.
39855: PARDOE, M. - Bunkle and Belinda. (Illustrated by Julie Neild).
1894: PARIS, PETER J. - The Social Teaching of the Black Churches.
30692: PARK, NICK. - Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers.
8272: PARKER, ROWLAND. - Men of Dunwich.
9188: PARKER, ALAN. - Confidence in Mutual Aid.
15612: PARKER, DOROTHY. - Laments for the Living.
20571: PARKER, DR ERNEST. - In and Out of my Consulting Room.
18514: PARKER, EDWARD. - Give a Man a Vision. The Story of Bryan Gilbert and the Growth of One Step Forward.
28666: PARKER, ELINOR. - Cooking for One.
20864: PARKER, OLIVE. - The New Commandment. The Servants of Christ the King.
7634: PARKER, PERCY LIVINGSTONE. (EDITED BY). - The Journal of John Wesley.
3882: PARKER, PERCY LIVINGSTONE. (EDITED BY). - The Journal of John Wesley.
7495: PARKER, PIERSON. - Christ Our Hope. Six Clues to New Testament Thought.
30899: PARKER, ROSCOE E.(EDITOR). - The Middle English Stanzaic Versions of the Life of Saint Anne.
19313: PARKER, RUSS AND LAWRENCE, ROY. - Healing and Evangelism.
6562: PARKER, RUSS. - Free to Fail.
22959: PARKER, STEVE. (EDITOR.) - The National Trust Countryside Walks in the Home Counties. (Photography by John Miller.)
30306: PARKER, SUE TAYLOR, & GIBSON, KATHLEEN RITA. (EDITORS.) - "Language" and Intelligence in monkeys and apes. Comparative developmental perspectives.
26686: PARKER, T.M. - The Celebrant of the Eucharist.
11591: PARKER, T.M. - The English Reformation to 1558.
24524: PARKER, MARGARET. - Leading Groups. A Training Course.
12817: PARKER, ROWLAND. - The Common Stream.
18892: PARKES, DAVID. - Renewing the Congregation's Music. (Grove Worship Series No.83).
7810: PARKES, JAMES. - A History of Palestine. From 135 A.D. to Modern Times.
8273: PARKES, COLIN MURRAY. - Bereavement. Studies of Grief in Adult Life. Foreword by John Bowlby.
21436: PARKIN, SARA. - Green Futures. (Agenda for the 21st Century).
24897: PARKINSON, ROGER. - The Origins of World War Two.
36429: PARKINSON, R.E. - History of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ireland. Volume II.
8411: PARLETT, DAVID. - The Penguin Book of Word Games.
27346: PARMISANO, STAN. - Testament: Belief in an Age of Unbelief. Faith in an Era of Skepticism.
14457: PARNELL, C.W. - Understanding Tongues-Speaking.
20756: PARR, JOHN (EDITOR). - Sowers and Reapers. A Companion to the four Gospels and Acts.
27730: PARR, JOHN AND DELL, KATHERINE. - Guidelines: In-Depth Bible Study. (January-April 2002). Volume 18. Part 1.
20999: PARR, LYNN. - County Curiosities of England.
4908: PARRINDER, E. G. - An Introduction to Asian Religions.
17213: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY. - Asian Religions.
4065: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY. - Mysticism in the World's Religions.
9308: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY. - Religion in Africa.
28949: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY. - The Way to Worship.
10879: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY. - The Wisdom of the Forest.
31026: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY. - Themes for Living: Man and God.
18515: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY. - Witchcraft: European and African.
37027: PARRINDER, GEOFFREY. - The Bhagavad-Gita and World Scriptures Today. (Pamphlet Library No.12).
16638: PARRISH, DEE ANNA. - Abused. A Guide to Recovery for Adult Survivors of Emotional/Physical Child Abuse.
6503: PARROT, ANDRE. - Discovering Buried Worlds.
19068: PARROT, ANDRE. - Samaria. The Capital of the Kingdom of Israel. (Translated by S.H. Hooke.)
28951: PARROTT, CANON G.A. - Personal Prayers. A Congregation's Anthology from the Church of St. Mary the Virgin. Wimbledon.
13471: PARRY, J.H. - Europe and a Wider World 1415-1715.
16351: PARRY, JOHN AND SULAIMAN, SAHARI BIN. - Malay in Three Weeks. An introduction to Modern Colloquial Malay.
26114: PARRY, KENNETH L. - Christian Hymns.
11531: PARRY, MARJORIE. - Children Learning. A Handbook for Voluntary Teachers.
15804: PARRY, ABBOT (TRANSLATOR). - The Rule of Saint Benedict.
9050: PARSCH, DR. PIUS. - The Parish Bible-Class. Trans. by Rev. H.E. Winstone, M.A.
43311: PARSLEY, MARY. (EDITOR). - Daddy, Read Me A Bedtime Story. (Illustrations by Tony Escott).
25497: PARSONS, DR. CHRIS. - How to Study Effectively.
26687: PARSONS, KIRSTEN. - Reflections on Glastonbury.
24336: PARSONS, MARTIN. - A Christian Guide to Growing Old.
22193: PARSONS, MARTIN. - The Call to Holiness. Spirituality in a Secular Age.
27264: PARSONS, MARTIN. - Thinking Towards Confirmation.
8701: PARSONS, RICHARD GODFREY. - The Sacrament of Sacrifice.
28952: PARSONS, ROB. - The Sixty Second Father.
25498: PARSONS, ROB. - What They Didn't Teach Me in Sunday School.......Lessons I Wish I'd Learnt Earlier.
40971: PARSONS, W.G.L. - A 'Mellstock Quire' Boy's Recollections of Thomas Hardy.
39922: PARSONS, NORA AND JACK. - Suffolk Bred.
26229: PARSONS, R.G. - Belief In The Holy Spirit. (Little Books on Religion. No.92).
38476: PARSONS, IAN. (EDITOR). - Poems of C.Day Lewis 1925-1972.
36097: PARSONS, R.V. - The Antients in Suffolk 1803-2002.
35825: PARSONS, RICHARD AUGUSTUS. - Salute to Port De Grave and other Poems.
40580: AUCTION PARTICULARS. - "The Rectory", Glemsford, Suffolk. For Sale by Auction Wednesday, 11th May 1938.
13069: PARTNER, PETER. - Two Thousand Years. The First Millenium: The Birth of Christianity to the Crusades. Foreword by Melvyn Bragg.
39470: PARTON, NIGEL AND WATTAM, CORINNE. (EDITORS). - Child Sexual Abuse. Responding to the Experiences of Children.
41956: PARTRIDGE, FRANCES. - Ups and Downs. Diaries 1972-1975.
27786: PARTRIDGE, BURGO. - A History of Orgies.
27598: PARTRIDGE, KATHLEEN. - Happy Thoughts.
7163: PARTRIDGE, KATHLEEN. - Light at Eventide.
10152: PARTRIDGE, NAN. - Not Alone. A Story for the Future of Rhodesia.
41957: PARTRIDGE, FRANCES. - Life Regained. Diaries 1970-1972. (Signed).
43928: PARTRIDGE, ERIC. - Shakespeare's Bawdy. A Literary & Psychological Essay and a Comprehensive Glossary.
7457: GENERAL SYNOD WORKING PARTY. - Under Authority. Report on Clergy Discipline.
38033: PASCALL, JEREMY. - The Super Stars.
38032: PASCALL, JEREMY. - The Golden Years of Rock & Roll.
26837: PASCOE, L.C. - Teach Yourself Arithmetic.
26838: PASCOE, L.C. - Teach Yourself Modern Mathematics.
12509: PASCOE, JOHN. - Great Days in New Zealand Mountaineering.
19169: PASSELECQ, GEORGES AND SUCHECKY, BERNARD. - The Hidden Encyclical of Pius XI (Translated from the French by Steven Rendell).
2857: PASSMORE, REV.T.H. - The Spirit of Confession. An Evangelical Essay.
15012: PASTERNAK, BORIS. - The Blind Beauty. A Play. (Foreword by Max Hayward). Translated by Max Hayward & Manya Harari.
43174: PASTON, GEORGE. - B.R.Haydon and His Friends.
21820: PATEL, RAJ WITH HOBBS, MAURICE AND SMITH, GREG. - Equal Partners? Theological Training and Racial Justice.
26839: PATERNOSTER, MICHAEL. - Study to be Quiet.
14343: PATERSON, JANE. - Know Yourself through your Handwriting.
23443: PATERSON, JOHN. - Praying Together. The How and Why of Prayer Meetings.
10501: PATEY, EDWARD H. - All in Good Faith.
6150: PATEY, EDWARD H. - Becoming an Anglican. An Adult Confirmation Study Course. (Foreword by the Bishop of Liverpool).
25948: PATEY, EDWARD H. - I Give You This Ring. A Study Course about Marriage with Points for Discussion.
11555: PATEY, EDWARD H. - Look out for the Church. A Long Range Forecast.
28954: PATEY, EDWARD H. - Open the Book.
17214: PATEY, EDWARD H. - Preaching on special occasions. Vol 3.
6151: PATEY, EDWARD. - Burning Questions. A Christian looks at the World around him.
18304: PATEY, EDWARD. - Christian Life Style.
4909: PATEY, EDWARD. - Faith in a Risk Taking God.
19280: PATEY, EDWARD. - Faith in a Risk Taking God.
8412: PATEY, EDWARD. - Open The Doors.
41879: PATMORE, COVENTRY. - The Rod, The Root and The Flower.
35952: PATON, CHALMERS I. [ CHALMERS IZETT PATON ] . - Freemasonry. Its Symbolism, Religious Nature, and Law of Perfection .
17003: PATON, ALAN. - Instrument of Thy Peace.
20062: PATON, DAVID H. - New Forms of Ministry. (C.W.M.E Research Pamphlets No.12).
27099: PATON, DAVID M. - Mission and Communication. The Report of the 1963 Conference of Parish and People on The Mission of the People of God.
18571: PATON, DAVID M. (EDITOR). - Essays in Anglican Self-Criticism.
7496: PATON, DAVID M., & LATHAM, ROBERT. - Point of Decision.
7990: PATON, DAVID. M. - Breaking Barriers Nairobi 1975.

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