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2176286: - Risk, Education and Culture (Monitoring Change in Education).
2176313: - The Creativity of God: World, Eucharist, Reason (Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine).
2176315: - Planning for a Better Urban Living Environment in Asia.
2176325: - Biodiversity in Agriculture: Domestication, Evolution, and Sustainability.
2176330: - Women in the European Countryside (Perspectives on Rural Policy and Planning).
2176336: - Implicit Understandings: Observing, Reporting and Reflecting on the Encounters between Europeans and Other Peoples in the Early Modern Era (Studies in Comparative Early Modern History).
2176346: - Governing Local and Regional Economies: Institutions, Politics and Economic Development.
2176347: - Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Integrated Water Management (Ashgate Studies in Environmental Policy and Practice).
2176358: - The Citys Hinterland: Dynamism and Divergence in Europes Peri-Urban Territories: Dynamism and Divergernce in Europes Peri-Urban Territories (Perspectives on Rural Policy and Planning).
2176363: - James Joyce and the Difference of Language.
2176368: - Complex Systems.
2176422: - The Postmodern University?: Contested Visions of Higher Education in Society (Society for Research into Higher Education).
2176427: - Invasion of Czechoslovakia.
2176441: - International Economic Policies and Their Theoretical Foundations: A Source Book (Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics).
2176459: - Shakespeare and the Japanese Stage.
2176465: - Governance in Contemporary Germany: The Semisovereign State Revisited.
2176489: - Contracts, Performance Measurement and Accountability in the Public Sector (International Institute of Administrative Sciences Monographs).
2176504: - Enhancing Educational Excellence, Equity and Efficiency: Evidence from Evaluations of Systems and Schools in Change.
2176508: - Doctoral Education and the Faculty of the Future.
2176512: - Feeding Systems and Feed Evaluation Models (Cabi Publishing).
2176514: - Oxford Handbook of Genitourinary Medicine, HIV and AIDS (Oxford Handbooks Series).
2176516: - The Biology of Seeds: Recent Research Advances.
2176521: - C.A.R.N. Critical Conversations: Dimensions of Action Research: People, Practice, Power v. 2.
2176528: - Shaping a New International Financial System: Challenges of Governance in a Globalizing World (G8 & Global Governance).
2176547: - Nigerias Critical Election: 2011.
2176572: - Europes Global Role: External Policies of the European Union.
2176582: - Imaging, Modeling and Assimilation in Seismology.
2176648: - Multinational Enterprises and Emerging Challenges of the 21st Century.
2176661: - Technological Change and the Environmental Imperative: Challenges to the Copper Industry.
2176669: - Maximising Human Intelligence Deployment in Asian Business: The Sixth Generation Project.
2176680: - Dance Research | The Journal of the Society for Dance Research | Volume 18 no 2 Winter 2000.
2176701: - Learning to Compete in European Universities: From Social Institution to Knowledge Business.
2176711: - Applied Drama and Theatre as an Interdisciplinary Field in the Context of HIV/AIDS in Africa (Matatu).
2176736: - The Effectiveness of EU Business Associations.
2176740: - The Jonathan Presidency: The First Year.
2176762: - The Mauritian Economy: A reader.
2176785: - Industrial Application of Immobilized Biocatalysts (Bioprocess Technology).
2176794: - Protein Structure: A Practical Approach.
2176826: - Intramembrane-Cleaving Proteases (I-CLiPs) (Proteases in Biology and Disease).
2176828: - Frontiers of Geographic Information Technology.
2176831: - Modeling Manufacturing Systems: From Aggregate Planning to Real-Time Control.
2176835: - The Genetics of Mental Retardation: Biomedical, Psychosocial and Ethical Issues.
2176870: - Biotic Diversity and Germplasm Preservation, Global Imperatives: Symposium Papers (Beltsville Symposia in Agricultural Research).
2176871: - Advances in Multicriteria Analysis (Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications).
2176872: - Viral Proteases and Antiviral Protease Inhibitor Therapy: Proteases in Biology and Disease.
2176873: - Novel Techniques for Imaging the Heart (American Heart Association Clinical Series).
2176875: - Computer-Aided Intelligent Recognition Techniques and Applications.
2176886: - Proteases in the Brain (Proteases in Biology and Disease).
2176901: - Intramembrane-Cleaving Proteases (I-CLiPs) (Proteases in Biology and Disease).
2176911: - Social Choice Theory (The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics Series).
2176913: - Networks and Groups: Models of Strategic Formation (Studies in Economic Design).
2176923: - Questioning Cosmopolitanism (Studies in Global Justice).
2176942: - Structural and Magnetic Phase Transitions in Minerals (Advances in Physical Geochemistry).
2176945: - Handbook of Statistical Genetics (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics: Texts and References Section).
2176950: - Pension Systems: Beyond Mandatory Retirement.
2176965: - The Bat workers manual.
2176967: - Regional Competition (Advances in Spatial Science).
2176981: - The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry: Vol 2: Reactions and Processes Part K.
2176983: - Handbook of Human Performance: Health and Performance v. 2.
2176987: - Intelligent Computational Optimization in Engineering: Techniques & Applications (Studies in Computational Intelligence).
2176993: - Converging Europe: Transformation of Social Policy in the Enlarged European Union and in Turkey.
2177015: - Molecular Analysis of Plant Adaptation to the Environment (Plant Ecophysiology).
2177019: - Megacities: Urban Form, Governance, and Sustainability (cSUR-UT: Library for Sustainable Urban Regeneration) (cSUR-UT Series: Library for Sustainable Urban Regeneration).
2177027: - Frontiers in Research of the Renin-Angiotensin System on Human Disease (Proteases in Biology and Disease).
2177030: - Voices of Native American Educators: Integrating History, Culture, and Language to Improve Learning Outcomes for Native American Students.
2177042: - Natural Product Chemistry for Drug Discovery: RSC: 18 (RSC Biomolecular Sciences).
2177066: - Current Competition Law: Pt. 2.
2177072: - `The Great Trial: A Swaledale Lead Mining Dispute in the Court of Exchequer, 1705-1708 (Yorkshire Archaeological Soc Record Series).
2177092: - Black Politics in a Time of Transition: National Political Science Review, Volume 13.
2177099: - The Successful Academic Librarian: Winning Strategies from Library Leaders.
2177124: - The Economics of the European Union: Policy and Analysis.
2177129: - The Poor under Globalization in Asia, Latin America, and Africa (WIDER Studies in Development Economics).
2177132: - Impact of e-commerce on Consumers and Small Firms.
2177151: - Media, Technology and Everyday Life in Europe: From Information to Communication.
2177173: - Regulated Exchanges: Dynamic Agents of Economic Growth (The World Federation of Exchanges Centre for European Policy Studies).
2177181: - Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Reliability (Series on Quality, Reliability and Engineering Statistics).
2177182: - The Psychology of Women at Work: Challenges and Solutions for Our Female Workforce. Volume 1: Career Liberation, History, and the New Millennium.
2177204: - Re-Imagining Development Communication in Africa.
2177226: - Area-wide Control of Fruit Flies and Other Insect Pests.
2177229: - Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics: Volume Five - Aerospace and Transportation Systems: v. 5 (Engineering psychology & cognitive ergonomics).
2177235: - The Educational Legacy of Woodrow Wilson: From College to Nation.
2177245: - Centred on Learning: Academic Case Studies on Learning Centre Development.
2177259: - Third Generation Wireless Information Networks (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science).
2177268: - Domestic Violence in Postcommunist States: Local Activism, National Policies, and Global Forces.
2177269: - Classification and Knowledge Organization: Proceedings Of The 20Th Annual Conference Of The Gesellschaft Für Klassifikation E.V., University Of . . . ... Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization).
2177274: - Education Studies: An Issues-based Approach (Education Studies Series).
2177279: - 40 Years of Research on Rent Seeking 2: Applications: Rent Seeking in Practice: No. 2.
2177286: - Current Issues in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology: Proceedings of the VIIIth International Congress on Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, Florence, ... Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture).
2177300: - Verification of Reactive Systems: Formal Methods and Algorithms (Texts in Theoretical Computer Science. An EATCS Series) 2004 edition by Schneider, Klaus (2003) Hardcover.
2177332: - Corporate Control and Accountability: Changing Structures and the Dynamics of Regulation.
2177333: - Support Care: New Directions in Family Placement.
2177341: - The Chemistry of Wood Preservation (Special Publication).
2177348: - Advances in Manufacturing Technology XV: National Conference on Manufacturing Research 2001.
2177366: - Performance Management: Multidisciplinary Perspectives.
2177369: - Europeanization: New Research Agendas.
2177374: - Precambrian Sulphide Deposits: H.S. Robinson Memorial Volume (Special paper / Geological Association of Canada).
2177389: - Many-body Phenomena at Surfaces.
2177391: - Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Beta-lactam Antibiotics: No.4: International Symposium Proceedings (Special Publication).
2177393: - Community Co-Production: Social Enterprise in Remote and Rural Communities.
2177396: - From Capital Surges to Drought: Seeking Stability for Emerging Economies (Studies in Development Economics and Policy).
2177414: - Service Science, Management and Engineering: Education for the 21st Century (Service Science: Research and Innovations in the Service Economy).
2177423: - Vibro-Impact Dynamics of Ocean Systems and Related Problems (Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics).
2177432: - AIDS and the Nervous System.
2177452: - Plant Parasitic Nematodes: v. 1.
2177474: - Transforming Politics, Transforming America: The Political and Civic Incorporation of Immigrants in the United States (Race, Ethnicity & Politics).
2177514: - Economic and Financial Developments in Latin America (Centre for the Study of Emerging Markets Series).
2177519: - Negotiating Multicultural Europe: Borders, Networks, Neighbourhoods (Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series).
2177521: - Information Technology in Languages for Specific Purposes: Issues and Prospects (Educational Linguistics).
2177541: - Ethnicity Housing: Accommodating the Differences (Research in Ethnic Relations).
2177553: - The German Invention of Race (SUNY Series, Philosophy and Race).
2177561: - Destination Dixie: Tourism and Southern History.
2177569: - Telecommunication Markets: Drivers and Impediments (Contributions to Economics).
2177608: - State/Nation/Transnation: Perspectives on Transnationalism in the Asia Pacific (Routledge Research in Transnationalism).
2177609: - Acting Locally: Local Environmental Mobilizations and Campaigns (Environmental Politics).
2177612: - Growth Theory and Growth Policy (Routledge Studies in International Business and the World Economy).
2177615: - Transnational Networks in Regional Integration: Governing Europe 1945-83 (Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics).
2177619: - International Business: New Challenges, New Forms, New Perspectives (Academy of International Business (UKI) Series).
2177632: - The Cancer Clock.
2177647: - Handbook of Transportation Science (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science).
2177665: - The Works of James M. Whitfield: America and Other Writings by a Nineteenth-Century African American Poet.
2177667: - The History and Present State of Virginia: A New Edition with an Introduction by Susan Scott Parrish (Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early ... History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia).
2177681: - Industrial Relations: A Current Review.
2177707: - The Routledge Handbook of Asian Security Studies (Routledge Handbooks).
2177721: - Rethinking Germany and Europe: Democracy and Diplomacy in a Semi-Sovereign State.
2177725: - Positive and Normative Analysis in International Economics: Essays in Honour of Hiroshi Ohta.
2177730: - Fertility, Living Arrangements, Care and Mobility: Understanding Population Trends and Processes - Volume 1.
2177741: - Aspects of Education in the Middle East and North Africa (Oxford Studies in Comparative Education).
2177744: - A Rehabilitated Estuarine Ecosystem: The environment and ecology of the Thames Estuary (And Learning).
2177759: - Germanys Gathering Crisis: The 2005 Federal Election and the Grand Coalition (New Perspectives in German Political Studies).
2177761: - Activation and Labour Market Reforms in Europe: Challenges to Social Citizenship (Work and Welfare in Europe).
2177763: - Tradition and transformation in religious education.
2177768: - Religious Education and Young Adults.
2177776: - Advances in Molecular Genetics of Plant-Microbe Interactions: Vol. 3 Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Molecular Plant-Microbe ... Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture).
2177788: - Quantum Communication, Computing, and Measurement 2: v. 2.
2177793: - Handbook of Metaheuristics (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science).
2177794: - Ectopeptidases: CD13/Aminopeptidase N and CD26/Dipeptidylpeptidase IV in Medicine and Biology.
2177795: - Genome Structure and Function: From Chromosomes Characterization to Genes Technology (Nato Science Partnership Subseries: 3).
2177831: - High-Tech and Micropropagation II: 2 (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry).
2177833: - Standards and Thresholds for Impact Assessment: Setting Standards and Thresholds (Environmental Protection in the European Union).
2177849: - Electing the President, 2012: The Insiders View.
2177851: - High-Tech and Micropropagation I: 1 (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry).
2177853: - Organisation Development in Health Care: Strategic Issues in Health Care Management.
2177854: - Globalization and Marginality in Geographical Space: Political, Economic and Social Issues of Development at the Dawn of New Millennium (IGU - Dynamics of Marginal & Critical Regions).
2177871: - Handbook of Military Psychology.
2177884: - Charting the Range of Black Politics (National Political Science Review,).
2177895: - Advances in Econometrics and Modelling (Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics).
2177906: - Agricultural Restructuring and Sustainability (Sustainable Rural Development).
2177907: - Biotechnology and Plant Genetic Resources: Conservation and Use (Biotechnology in Agriculture).
2177909: - Information Science in Transition (Facet Publications (All Titles as Published)).
2177912: - Delivering Quality in the NHS 2004.
2177915: - Plant Genetic Manipulation for Crop Protection (Biotechnology in Agriculture).
2177916: - Bioremediation: A Critical Review.
2177927: - Children and Youth during the Civil War Era (Children and Youth in America).
2177929: - Educating the Whole Child for the Whole World: The Ross School Model and Education for the Global Era.
2177930: - Primate Ethology.
2177931: - Perspectives by Incongruity: First of the Year, Volume IV.
2177933: - Robots Manipulators: New Research.
2177946: - Ethical Transformations for a Sustainable Future: Peace and Policy, Volume 14 (Peace & Policy).
2177954: - African Cities: Competing Claims on Urban Spaces (African-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies) (Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies).
2177955: - The Values of Educational Administration: A Book of Readings.
2177963: - Shaw and Feminisms: On Stage and Off (Florida Bernard Shaw).
2177972: - The Handbook of Chicana/o Psychology and Mental Health.
2177984: - Contemporary Jewries: Convergence and Divergence (Jewish Identities in a Changing World).
2177985: - Child Rearing in Six Ethnic Families: The Multi-cultural Ducth Experience.
2177990: - Political and Military Sociology: An Annual Review, Volume 41: The Social Implications of National Defense (An Annual Review, Vol. III).
2177991: - Political and Military Sociology: 40.
2177999: - Glycobiology and Medicine: Proceedings of the 7th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium. (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology).
2178002: - Pathways and Crime Prevention: Theory, Policy and Practice.
2178036: - Agriculture in Urban Planning: Generating Livelihoods and Food Security.
2178037: - Transatlantic Pieties: Dutch Clergy in Colonial America (Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America).
2178039: - First Nations of North America (European contributions to American studies (54)).
2178056: - Nonstandard Logics for Automated Reasoning.
2178062: - Passions and Emotions: NOMOS LIII (NOMOS - American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy).
2178063: - American Cultural Icons.
2178065: - Reflections on Conservative Politics in the United Kingdom and the United States: Still Soul Mates?.
2178067: - Ageing and Dementia (Journal of Neural Transmission. Supplementa).
2178068: - Plant Physiology.
2178079: - Visualizing Information Using SVG and X3D: XML-based Technologies for the XML-based Web.
2178080: - The Living Brain and Alzheimers Disease (Research and Perspectives in Alzheimers Disease).
2178101: - Paying for Agricultural Productivity (International Food Policy Research Institute).
2178102: - Rebounding Identities: The Politics of Identity in Russia and Ukraine (Woodrow Wilson Center Press).
2178120: - IUTAM Symposium on Anisotropy, Inhomogeneity and Nonlinearity in Solid Mechanics: Proceedings of the IUTAM-ISIMM Symposium held in Nottingham, U.K., ... 1994 (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications).
2178135: - Colonial America and the Early Republic (The International Library of Essays on Political History).
2178160: - Methods for teaching: A skills approach.
2178167: - Bioactive Microbial Products: Downstream Processing v. 3 (Special Publications of the Society for General Microbiology, 18).
2178169: - Nuclear Hormone Receptors: Molecular Mechanisms, Cellular Functions, Clinical Abnormalities.
2178170: - Faith, Resistance, and the Future: Daniel Berrigans Challenge to Catholic Social Thought.
2178177: - Literary Studies and the Pursuits of Reading (Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture).
2178179: - Eq-5d Value Sets: Inventory, Comparative Review and User Guide (EuroQol Group Monographs).
2178181: - Co-Operation: Game Theoretic Approaches (NATO ASI Series F: Computer and Systems Sciences).
2178186: - Natural and Synthetic Neurotoxins (Neuroscience Perspectives).
2178188: - Pensions in the European Union: Adapting to Economic and Social Change : Adapting to Economic and Social Change.
2178192: - The Many Faces of RNA.
2178198: - Yeasts in Food and Beverages (The Yeast Handbook).
2178206: - Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies for Human Health.
2178209: - Language Development across Childhood and Adolescence: 3 (Trends in Language Acquisition Research).
2178214: - Methods: Doing Social Research.
2178215: - Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure II: v. 2.
2178223: - Wielding the Pen: Writings on Authorship by American Women of the Nineteenth Century.
2178242: - Jefferson in His Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of His Life, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, (Writers in Their Own Time).
2178249: - Venture Smith and the Business of Slavery and Freedom.
2178250: - Libraries and the Reading Public in Twentieth-Century America (Print Culture History in Modern America).
2178257: - Growing Explanations: Historical Perspectives on Recent Science (Science & Cultural Theory).
2178258: - Haunted by Empire: Geographies of Intimacy in North American History (American Encounters/Global Interactions).
2178268: - Israeli Feminist Scholarship: Gender, Zionism, and Difference (Jewish Life, History, and Culture).
2178285: - Analogical Modeling: An exemplar-based approach to language (Human Cognitive Processing).
2178318: - Devil Dogs Chronicle: Voices of the 4th Marine Brigade in World War I (Modern War Studies).
2178323: - Monitoring Genetically-manipulated Microorganisms in the Environment (Wiley Series in Biotechnology).
2178343: - A Textbook of Clinical Neurophysiology.
2178352: - Ecology and Evolution of Plant Reproduction: New Approaches.
2178353: - Evolutionary Processes and Metaphors.
2178362: - Growth and Water Use of Forest Plantations.
2178365: - Working with Offenders: Psychological Practice in Offender Rehabilitation.
2178388: - IPNs Around the World: Science and Engineering.
2178392: - Neuronal Serotonin.
2178405: - Agricultural Sustainability: Economic, Environmental and Statistical Considerations.
2178408: - Handbook of Design, Manufacturing and Automation (Industrial Engineering).
2178414: - Brain Microdissection Techniques (IBRO Handbook Series: Methods in the Neurosciences).
2178455: - Pharmacoepidemiology.
2178471: - Juxtaposing Legal Systems and the Principles of European Family Law on Divorce and Maintenance.
2178490: - Experimentalist Governance in the European Union: Towards a New Architecture.
2178491: - Citizens and the European Polity: Mass Attitudes Towards the European and National Polities (IntUne).
2178494: - Secretary or General?: The UN Secretary-General in World Politics.
2178509: - Climate Change and Human Mobility: Challenges to the Social Sciences.
2178511: - Organisation, Interaction and Practice: Studies of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis.
2178512: - Global Challenges in Responsible Business (Cambridge Companions to Management).
2178533: - Dispute Settlement at the WTO: The Developing Country Experience.
2178544: - Climate Change Liability: Transnational Law and Practice.
2178545: - Global Projects: Institutional and Political Challenges.
2178549: - Regions, Globalization, and the Knowledge-Based Economy.
2178556: - The Monkeys of Stormy Mountain: 60 Years of Primatological Research on the Japanese Macaques of Arashiyama (Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology).
2178566: - Civil Liberties, National Security and Prospects for Consensus: Legal, Philosophical and Religious Perspectives.
2178568: - Cambridge Handbook of Child Language (Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics).
2178578: - Conflict of Interest in Global, Public and Corporate Governance.
2178579: - The Interface Between Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Policy.
2178596: - The Description Logic Handbook: Theory, Implementation and Applications.
2178635: - Action Learning in Practice [3rd Edition].
2178700: - The Economic Analysis of Rent Seeking (The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics Series).
2178715: - One Language, Two Grammars?: Differences between British and American English (Studies in English Language).
2178725: - The Politics of China: Sixty Years of The Peoples Republic of China.
2178747: - Competition, Monopoly and Corporate Governance: Essays in Honour of Keith Cowling.
2178760: - Humanity across International Law and Biolaw.
2178761: - Making Thatchers Britain.
2178767: - The Cambridge Companion to German Romanticism (Cambridge Companions to Literature).
2178820: - From Alexander to Constantine - Passages and Documents Illustrating the History of Social and Polityical Ideas, 336BC - AD337.
2179587: - South Asian Feminisms.
2179588: - Applied Linguistics and Primary School Teaching.
2179606: - The Moving Frontier: The Changing Geography of Production in Labour-intensive Industries (Ashgate Economic Geography Series).
2179629: - GIs in Germany: The Social, Economic, Cultural, and Political History of the American Military Presence (Publications of the German Historical Institute).
2179659: - Mitigation and Aggravation at Sentencing (Cambridge Studies in Law and Society).
2179677: - The Philosophy and Methodology of Economics (The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics Series).
2179693: - The Future of Global Business: A Reader.
2179703: - Southern European Parliaments in Democracy (Library of Legislative Studies).
2179705: - Party Change in Southern Europe (South European Society and Politics).
2179707: - Global Warming and East Asia: The Domestic and International Politics of Climate Change (RoutledgeCurzon Studies in Environmental Politics).
2179709: - Auditing, Trust and Governance: Developing Regulation in Europe.
2179729: - European Works Councils: Pessimism of the Intellect Optimism of the Will? (Routledge Research in Employment Relations).
2179730: - Mexican Americans & World War II.
2179732: - Gender, Health and Healing: The Public/Private Divide.
2179760: - Leadership for Environmental Sustainability (Routledge Studies in Business Ethics).
2179765: - Liberal Democracy and Environmentalism: The End of Environmentalism? (Routledge/ECPR Studies in European Political Science).
2179767: - Resources, Efficiency and Globalization (Academy of International Business (UKI) Series).
2179775: - Akron Offering: A Ladies Literary Magazine, 1849-1850 (Critical Editions in Early American Literature).
2179782: - Efficient Preparations of Fluorine Compounds.
2179786: - Supramolecular Polymer Chemistry.
2179792: - Applied Polymer Rheology: Polymeric Fluids with Industrial Applications.
2179884: - Bound by the City (SUNY Series, Insinuations: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Literature).
2179886: - A Route 66 Companion.
2179900: - Insect and Bird Interactions.
2179905: - African American Students in Urban Schools: Critical Issues and Solutions for Achievement (Educational Psychology Critical Pedagogy Perspectives).
2179924: - The Workers State Meets the Market: Labour in Chinas Transition (Journal of Development Studies).
2179948: - Cell-Cell Interactions: A Practical Approach (Practical Approach Series).
2179989: - Mechanical Properties and Deformation Behavior of Materials having Ultra-Fine Microstructures: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Porto ... 10, 1992 (NATO Science Series E: (closed)).
2180009: - Aristotle: Eudemian Ethics (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy).
2180012: - Research Methods in Linguistics.
2180014: - Handbook on International Corporate Governance: Country Analyses.
2180040: - Retinal Development.
2180041: - Living in a Patchy Environment.
2180046: - The Telecom Revolution in India: Technology, Regulation, and Policy.
2180047: - The Software Industry in Emerging Markets: Origins and Dynamics.
2180051: - Handbook on Trade and the Environment.
2180052: - Economic Interdependence and Innovative Activity: An Input-output Analysis.
2180058: - Contingent Employment in Europe and the United States.
2180060: - Pension Policy in an Integrating Europe.
2180061: - Privatization and Economic Performance in Central and Eastern Europe: Lessons to be Learnt from Western Europe (European Association for Comparative Economic Studies).
2180066: - Poverty Targeting in Asia.
2180067: - Globalisation of Accounting Standards (Monash Studies in Global Movements Series).
2180077: - Comparing English Worldwide: The International Corpus of English.
2180079: - New Developments in UK and EU Competition Policy.
2180126: - Intermittent Hypoxia: From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Applications (Physiology - Laboratory and Clinical Research).
2180127: - Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective (WIDER Studies in Development Economics).
2180130: - From Resource Allocation to Strategy.
2180145: - Contemporary Studies in Ethnography.
2180147: - New Topics in Vitamin D Research.
2180161: - Essential Oncology for Health Professionals.
2180164: - Globalization and Sustainable Development in Africa (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora).
2180172: - Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks: Proceedings of TRICOMM 93 Held in Raleigh, North Carolina, April 20-22, 1993.
2180227: - Ecto-ATPases and Related Ectonucleotidases: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Ecto-ATPases and Related Ectonucleotidases.
2180263: - Multiculturalism and Integration: Canadian and Irish Experiences.
2180332: - Socialism and the Literary Imagination: Essays on East German Writers.
2180360: - Fuel Efficient Car Technology.
2180365: - Family Transformed: Religion, Values, and Society in American Life.
2180383: - High Temperature Alloys: Their exploitable potential.
2180385: - Imagining the City: Politics of Urban Space v. 2 (Cultural History & Literary Imagination).
2180391: - Regulatory Governance in Developing Countries (CRC Series on Competition, Regulation and Development).
2180404: - Functional Materials: Preparation, Processing and Applications (Elsevier Insights).
2180471: - Swift to Wrath: Lynching in Global Historical Perspective.
2180477: - A Microeconomics Reader.
2180481: - Children and the Changing Family: Between Transformation and Negotiation (Future of Childhood).
2180487: - Trade, Globalization and Poverty (Routledge Studies in International Business and the World Economy).
2180492: - An Elusive Unity: Urban Democracy and Machine Politics in Industrializing America.
2180500: - Testing Global Interdependence: Issues on Trade, Aid, Migration and Development (Global Development Network Series).
2180503: - The New Competition for Inward Investment: Companies, Institutions and Territorial Development (New Horizons in International Business Series).
2180511: - Technology Strategy and Innovation Management (Strategic Management Series).
2180517: - ICSID Reports: Volume 9: v. 9 (International Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes Reports).
2180536: - Bodies/machines.
2180556: - Dynamics and Biogenesis of Membranes (Nato ASI Subseries H:).
2180571: - Financial Systems, Corporate Investment in Innovation, and Venture Capital.
2180574: - Neo-Liberal Economic Policy: Critical Essays.
2180595: - Ecosystems and Nature: Economics, Science and Policy (Environmental Analysis & Economic Policy).
2180597: - Innovation and Institutions: A Multidisciplinary Review of the Study of Innovation Systems (New Horizons in the Economics of Innovation Series).
2180598: - Technological Change and Economic Catch-up: The Role of Science and Multinationals.
2180603: - Alliance Capitalism for the New American Economy (New Horizons in International Business Series).
2180604: - Indigenous Peoples and Real Estate Valuation (Research Issues in Real Estate).
2180605: - Handbook of Critical Information Systems Research: Theory and Application (Elgar Original Reference).
2180606: - Regional Economies as Knowledge Laboratories.
2180611: - Europe and the Mediterranean Economy (Routledge Studies in the European Economy).
2180614: - Intellectual Property: The Many Faces of the Public Domain.
2180620: - Financial Strategy: Adding Stakeholder Value.
2180635: - The Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty: The Cold War Endgame.
2180639: - Fathering Through Sport and Leisure.
2180647: - East Coker: A Village Album.
2180653: - Magnesium Technology 2012.
2180664: - Methods in Development Research: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches.
2180699: - Values in Public Life: Aspects of Common Goods (Studies in Religion, Ethics and Public Life).
2180700: - Handbook of Reading Interventions.
2180720: - Linguistic Choice across Genres: Variation in spoken and written English (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory).
2180724: - Death and Bereavement Around the World, Volume 5: Reflective Essays (Death, Value, and Meaning Series).
2180743: - Designing Texts: Teaching Visual Communication (Baywoods Technical Communications).
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2193798: - Energy Technology 2012: Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies.
2193812: - The War on Poverty: A Retrospective.
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2199377: - Home Truths About Domestic Violence: A Reader.
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2199614: - Proteases in Tissue Remodelling of Lung and Heart (Proteases in Biology and Disease).
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2199707: - Terrestrial Ecosystems in a Changing World (Global Change - The IGBP Series).
2199711: - Fusion of Biological Membranes and Related Problems: Subcellular Biochemistry: Fusion of Biological Membranes and Related Problems v. 34.
2199718: - Environmental Impact Assessment, Technology Assessment, and Risk Analysis: Contributions from the Psychological and Decision Sciences (Nato ASI Subseries G:).
2199723: - Biology and Molecular Biology of Plant-Pathogen Interactions (NATO ASI Series / Cell Biology).
2199735: - Cell-Based Assays for High-Throughput Screening: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology).
2199770: - 52 Further Stories for Girls (With illustrations).
2199772: - Mechanism of Fertilization: Plants to Humans (Nato a S I Series Series H, Cell Biology).
2199779: - Poems by Lord Tennyson. With an Introduction by Alice Meynell.
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2199923: - The Romance Of The Apothecaries Garden At Chelsea..
2199926: - Nitrogen Fixation: Fundamentals and Applications : Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, St. Petersburg, Russia, May ... Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture).
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2199948: - Nitrogen Fixation: Fundamentals and Applications : Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, St. Petersburg, Russia, May ... Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture).
2199951: - Release of Genetically Engineered and Other Microorganisms (Biotechnology Research).
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2200051: - ABC of coastal cargo ships.
2200098: - Development of Instruments and Their Music: Rise of the String Quartet: Scores (Course A304).
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2200438: - London 20th century British art Friday 9 June 2006.
2200515: - Halsburys Laws of England 4th Edition Volume 38.
2200530: - The Shell Guide To Wild Life Painted By John Leigh-Pemberton Text By Geoffrey Grigson.
2200570: - Paintings Sculpture and Drawings in the Cone Collection.
2200571: - Spot Them At Sea! Identification Drawings Of Hm Ships Of The Royal Navy..
2200644: - Individualization in Childhood and Adolescence (Prevention & Intervention in Childhood & Adolescence).
2200683: - The Oxford Book Of Victorian Verse.
2200703: - The Makers of Rome: Nine Lives (Penguin Classics) by Plutarch (1965) Paperback.
2201081: - Service Chain Management: Technology Innovation for the Service Business.
2201107: - La naissance du mouvement sportif associatif en France.
2201126: - Clinical Obstetrics: The Fetus and Mother.

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