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MDC00026: PASTORELLI, FRANCE - The Glorious Bondage of Illness: A Translation of Servitude et Grandeur De La Maladie
CHD00079: DE LA PASTURE, MRS. HENRY - The Unlucky Family - a Book for Children
SFC00119: PAXSON, DIANA L. - The White Raven
3167: PAYNE, E. W. - Earth's Riches: Or, Underground Stores
2805: PAYNE, SARA - Down Your Street, Cambridge Past & Present: Volume I Central Cambridge
3244: PEARCE, PHILIPPA - A Finder's Magic
ART00147: PEARSALL, RONALD - Introduction to Drawing
BOG00001: PENHALIGON, ANNETTE. - Penhaligon
2495: PENNICK, NIGEL - The Ancient Science of Geomancy: Man in Harmony with the Earth
2724: PENNICK, NIGEL - The Mysteries of King's College Chapel
3059: PERRIN, NOEL - A Passport Secretly Green
3537: PETERS, ALEXANDER - The Devil in the Suburbs: a frightening expose of the fastest growing cult in Britain today
NAT00020: PETRY, LOREN C. - A Beachcomber's Botany
3389: PETTY, MIKE - Memory Lane Ely and the Fens
2557: PETTY, MICHAEL J. (COMPILER) - Images of Cambridge
3377: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Herefordshire
3383: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: The Cities of London and Westminster Vol. I.
3380: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Northumberland
3378: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Buckinghamshire
3379: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: North-West & South Norfolk
3381: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: Essex
3020: PHAN, ZOYA (WITH DAMIEN LEWIS) - Undaunted: My Struggle for Freedom and Survival in Burma
ART00026: PHILLIPPS, EVELYN MARCH - Pintoricchio
PHL00006: PHILOPONUS, JOHN. (WITH STEPHANUS) - On Aristotle on the Soul 3.9-13 (with "On Aristotle On Interpretation")
HST00091: PIERSON, GEORGE WILSON - The Moving American (plus: The M-Factor in American History)
PSY00016: PILGRIM, DAVID & TREACHER, ANDY - Clinical Psychology Observed
3457: PINKERTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Ancient Scotish Poems, Never Before in Print. But Now Published from the Ms. Collections of Sir Richard Maitland, of Lethington, Knight, Lord Privy Seal of Scotland, and a Senator of the College of Justice.
2710: PINKERTON, J. (EDITOR) - Ancient Scottish Poems, Never Before in Print. But Now Published from the Ms. Collections of Sir Richard Maitland, of Lethington, Knight, Lord Privy Seal of Scotland, and a Senator of the College of Justice.
3459: PINKSON, TOM SOLOWAY PH.D. - The Flowers of Wiricuta: A Journey to Shamanic Power With the Huichol Indians of Mexico
3437: PINTO, EDWARD H. - Wooden Bygones of Smoking and Snuff Taking
SCE00005: PITTACOS, BASIL D. - Is Materialism an Illusion? (What Occurred Just Before the Big Bang and the Beginning of the Cosmos).
TVL00032: PITTMAN, G. P. - Village India.
CLS00017: PLATO - Die Verteidigung des Sokrates
CLS00018: PLATO - Das Gastmahl
3357: DU PLESSIS, JEREMY - The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure:
CHD00195: POCOCK, DORIS A - Judy Sees It Through
EST00268: POLLACK, RACHEL - The New Tarot
THG00083: POLLOCK, J. C. - The Cambridge Seven
3099: PONSONBY, DAVID - Scenes From a Life
3169: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM - An Introduction to Persian Art Since the Seventh Century A.D.
EST00052: PORTER, BILL - Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits
NAT00045: PORTIELJE, A.F.J. - Mun Aquarium Door
SAF00014: VAN DER POST, LAURENS. - The Voice of the Thunder
2819: POTTER, JOHN - East Anglia Landscapes
PLY00043: POTTER, DENNIS - Brimstone and Treacle
POL00007: POTTER, ALLEN MEYERS - American Government and Politics
TOP00114: POTTER, DENNIS - Changing Forest, The
3227: POUNDS, NORMAN J. G. - Cambridgeshire: A History of Church & Parish
3275: POWELL, ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Nectar of the Lord's Feet: Final Teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (Discourses January-November 1980)
HST00160: POWELL, LAWRENCE N. - New Masters : Northern Planters During the Civil War and Reconstruction
CHD00155: POWER, EILEEN & RHODA - Boys & Girls of History
2982: PRANCE, CLAUDE A. - Companion to Charles Lamb: A Guide to People and Places, 1760-1847
3384: PRATCHETT, TERRY - The Witches Trilogy: A Discworld Omnibus: Equal Rites; Wyrd Sisters; Witches Abroad
2942: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Eric: A Discworld Story
2992: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Johnny and the Bomb
3125: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Making Money (a Discworld Novel) with one Discworld Banknote
PLY00044: PRATCHETT, TERRY; (ADAPTED BY BRIGGS, STEPHEN) - Johnny and the Dead (Oxford Playscripts)
EST00185: PRICE. A,F. & MOU-LAM, WONG (TRANSLATORS) - Diamond Sutra and Sutra of Hui Neng
TVL00001: PRIESTLEY, J.B. & HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Journey Down a Rainbow
2584: PRINGLE, DAVID. FOREWORD BRIAN ALDISS - Modern Fantasy : The Hundred Best Novels: An English-Language Selection, 1946-1987
PSY00008: INTERNATIONAL STUDY PROJECT - Abraham H. Maslow: A Memorial Volume
3412: PRYCE-JONES, DAVID - Evelyn Waugh and His World
HST00173: PRYDE, GEORGE S. - Central and Local Government in Scotland Since 1707
2767: PURSEHOUSE, ERIC - Waveney Valley Studies: Gleanings from Local history
3366: PURVES, LIBBY - This Cruising Life: A Collection of Amusing Stories from the Popular Yachting Monthly Column (World of Cruising)
2837: PUSEY, RICHARD - Essex Rich and Strange
3067: QUIN, CHARLES W. (EDITOR) - Garden Receipts
TVL00051: RABAN, JONATHAN - Hunting Mister Heartbreak
2880: SOUTHERN RAILWAY - Southern Railway Passenger Services: October 6th, 1947 until further notice (Facsimile of Original 1947 Edition)
EST00024: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREE; (COMPILER - PATHIK, AMRIT; EDIT. - DEVA, SATYA) - The Mustard Seed: Discourses on the Sayings of Jesus Taken from the Gospel According to Thomas
CHD00102: RANSOME, ARTHUR - We Didn't Mean to go to Sea.
THG00078: RASMUSSEN, LARRY (ED) - Reinhold Niebuhr: Theologian of Public Life
HST00088: RAUCH, BASIL (EDITOR) - Franklin D. Roosevelt: Selected Speeches, Messages, Press Conferences, and Letters (The Roosevelt Reader)
HST00194: RAVENSDALE, J.R. - History on Your Doorstep
3279: RAVERAT, GWEN - Period Piece: A Cambridge Childhood
HST00161: RAWLEY, JAMES A - Lincoln and Civil War Politics (American Problem Studies)
2813: RAWSON, GEOFFREY - Bligh of the Bounty
3208: RAY, GORDON N. (COLLECTED & EDITED BY) - The Letters and Private Papers of William Makepeace Thackeray (In 4 Volumes: Volume I, 1817 to 1840. Volume II, 1841 to 1851. Volume III, 1852 to 1856. Volume IV, 1857 to 1863.)
2506: REDSTONE, LILIAN JANE - Our East Anglian Heritage or Between the Wash and the Stour
CFT00013: REED, G.H. - A Second Book of Architecture Military and Domestic
CFT00014: REED, G.H. - The Third Book of Architecture. Ecclesiastical Architecture Based on the Development of the Parish Church.
TOP00104: REED, A. G. (EDITOR) - Handbook of Thames Information
2624: REEVE, FRANK ALBERT - Cambridge College Walks.
2821: REEVE, F. A (INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARIES BY) - Victorian and Edwardian Cambridgeshire from Old Photographs
3233: REGAN, GEOFFREY - Backfire: The Tragic Story of Friendly Fire from Ancient Times to the Gulf War
POL00010: REICH, CHARLES ALAN - The Greening of America
3078: REINFELD, FRED - Practical End-Game Play
3175: RENDEL, PETER - Understanding The Chakras: Discovering and Using the Energy of Your Seven Vital Force Centres.
CRM00018: RENDELL, RUTH - The Veiled One
CRM00021: RENDELL, RUTH - Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
CRM00052: RENDELL, RUTH - Road Rage
CHD00119: RENTOUL, ANNIE R. & OUTHWAITE, IDA RENTOUL - The Little Green Road to Fairyland
3446: REYNOLDS , JOSHUA - Seven Discourses Delivered in the Royal Academy by the President 1778
TVL00015: REYNOLDS-BALL, EUSTACE - Rome a Practical Guide to Rome and Its Environs
3541: RHODES, HENRY TAYLOR FOWKES - The Satanic Mass
ART00007: RICE, D.TALBOT - English Art 871 - 1100.
PLY00004: RICE, ELMER - See Naples and Die - a comedy in three Acts
2925: RICHARDS, C. J. - Burma Retrospect and Other Sketches
3007: RICHARDS, C. J. - The Burman: an Appreciation
HST00198: RICHARDSON, HEATHER - Burwell: A Stroll Through History
TOP00005: HULATT & RICHARDSON - Hulatt & Richardson's Royal Album of Bedford
MDC00039: RICHBERG, INGA-MARIA - Gentle Healing with Homeopathy : A Practical Primer to Self-Treatment of Common Ailments
SCE00040: RICKARDS, TERESA - Cambridge Illustrated Thesaurus of Physics
NOV00022: RINGUET - Thirty Acres
ART00090: GIBBINGS ROBERT - Trumpets from Montparnasse
3064: ROBERTSON, R. B. - Of Whales & Men
CHD00151: ROBERTSON, GERALDINE - The Seymour Girls
3538: ROBSON, PETER - The Devil's Own
HST00094: ROBSON, ERIC - The American Revolution in Its Political and Military Aspects, 1763-1783
THG00075: ROGERI, EPISCOPI QUONDAM LONDINENSIS - De Bono Paupertatis seu de contemptu et vanitate mundi aureus libellus, erutus olim e membranis scholiisque illustratus, opera et studio A. Schott, et ab eodem Coloniae an. 1619 editus, nune vero novis curis in lucem emissus, ab J.B. Malou.
THG00004: ROGERSON, ALAN - Millions Now Living Will Never Die: A Study of Jehovah's Witnesses
2605: DE ROPP, ROBERT S. - The Master Game: Pathways to Higher Consciousness
3435: ROSE, HERBERT JENNINGS - A Handbook of Latin Literature (University Paperbacks). From the Earliest Times to the Death of St. Augustine.
CRM00065: ROSE, JONATHAN; PANTER, STEVE; WILKINSON, TREVOR - Innocents : How Justice Failed Stefan Kiszko and Lesley Molseed
HST00077: ROSEBOOM, EUGENE - A Short History of Presidential Elections
CHD00043: ROSEN, MICHAEL - Poems for the Very Young
2707: ROSENBERG, S. (TRANSLATOR) - Galina Ulanova: The Making Of A Ballerina.
SCE00052: ROSS, DOUGLAS A. - Optoelectronic Devices and Optical Imaging Techniques
3467: ROSSBACH, SARAH - Feng Shui: Ancient Chinese Wisdom on Arranging a Harmonious Living Environment
TVL00046: RÖTTGER, BERNH. HERMANN - Die Stadt Würzburg/The City of Wuerzburg
PHL00009: ROUBICZEK, PAUL - Existentialism For and Against
TOP00223: ROUSE, MICHAEL - Ted Mott's Cambridge: A Portrait of the City in Old Photographs
CHD00209: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter y la Orden del Fénix
CHD00290: ROWSELL, MARY C. - The Sea-King's Son and Fisherman Grim
POL00009: ROYKO, MIKE - Boss: Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago
ART00011: RUBENS - The Masterpieces of Rubens
HST00008: RUDGLEY, RICHARD - Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age.
ART00093: RUHEMANN, HELMUT - The Cleaning of Paintings.. Problems & Potentialities With a bibliography and supplementary material by Joyce Plesters.
3484: RUICKBIE, LEO - Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A History
TQS00020: RUSCOE, WILLIAM - English Porcelain Figures 1744 - 1848
3376: RUSH, JAMES - The Ingenious Beilbys
3551: RUSSELL, J. M. - The Grinning Face and Other Poems
3072: SALE, ARTHUR - Selected Poems - with a Foreword by Helen Vendler
3194: SALISBURY, GAY & LANEY - The Cruellest Miles:The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic
SST00008: SALMOND J B - My Man Sandy
SCE00025: SANDER, K. F. & REED, G. A. L. - Transmission and Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves
CHD00171: SANDERS, RUTH MANNING - Gianni and the Ogre
2783: SANGHARAKSHITA, MAHA STHAVIRA ( DENNIS P. E. LINGWOOD) - The Thousand-Petalled Lotus: An English Buddhist in India
2853: SANSOM, C. J. - Lamentation (The Shardlake Series)
PLY00024: SARDOU, VICTORIEN - Rabagas; Andrea; & Les Pres Saint-Gervais
EST00032: SARGENT, CARL - The Astrology of Rising Signs
SFC00084: SARGENT, PAMELA - Firebrands : The Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy
LIT00011: SAVAGE, D S - The Withered Branch: Six Studies in the Modern Novel
2908: SAYLE, BRENDA - A Child of School Age : Growing up in Norwich 1936-1954
TOP00003: SAYLE, CHARLES - Cambridge Fragments.
PLY00034: SAYLER, OLIVER M. (EDITOR) - The Eleonora Duse Series of Plays
TVL00020: SCHEFFLER, KARL - Paris: Notizen von Karl Scheffler
POL00012: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR, JR. - Violence: America In The Sixties
SAF00090: SCHOEMAN, KAREL - Promised Land
3463: SCHULER, STANLEY (EDITOR) - Simon and Schuster's Guide to Trees: A Field Guide to Conifers, Palms, Broadleafs, Fruits, Flowering Trees, and Trees of Economic Importance
3521: SCHURMACHER, EMILE C. - Witchcraft in America Today
3534: SCHWARTZ, DAVID JOSEPH - The Magic of Psychic Power
EST00239: INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES - Institute of Noetic Sciences Newsletter Vol.7. No. 1
EST00240: INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES - Institute of Noetic Sciences Newsletter Vol.8. No. 1
3547: SCOTT, MICHAEL - Maria Meneghini Callas
3025: SCOTT, WINFIELD TOWNLEY - The Dark Sister
CHD00029: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Quentin Durward
CHD00030: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Quentin Durward
CHD00031: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Quentin Durward
NAT00024: SCOTT, PETER - Wild Geese and Eskimos, A Journal of the Perry River Expedition of 1949
PTY00047: SCOTT, PATRICK (EDITOR) - Victorian Poetry 1830 - 1870
2480: SEABY, ALLEN W. - Omrig And Nerla. A Tale Of The Bronze Age
2622: SEALY & GRAY, GEORGE & RONALD - Emmanuel College Buildings And Gardens
HST00037: HAROLD PICKLES A/LDG SEAMAN D.S.M. (COMPILER) - Untold Stories of Small Boats at War : Coastal Forces Veterans Remember
NAU00001: SEATON, A E AND ROUNTHWAITE, H M - A Pocket Book of Marine Engineering Rules and Tables.
2658: SEBALD, W. G. (TRANSLATED BY MICHAEL HULSE) - The Rings of Saturn
SPT00022: SEDGWICK, NOEL M - Shooting Man's Year, A
CRM00001: SELWYN, FRANCIS - Sergeant Verity and the Imperial Diamond
3005: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - The Spell of the Yukon and The Ballads of a Cheechako. (Also: The Terrible Solomons by Jack London.)
2843: SEYMOUR, ST. JOHN D. - Irish Witchcraft & Demonology
TOP00215: SEYMOUR, JOHN - The Companion Guide to East Anglia
EST00138: SHAH, IDRIES - Caravan of Dreams
FEM00003: SHAHAR, SHULAMITH - The Fourth Estate : A History of Women in the Middle Ages
PLY00010: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare's Histories and Poems
PLY00022: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Royal Shakespeare: The Poet's Works in Chronological Order From the Text of Professor Delius with 'The Two Noble Kinsmen' and 'Edward III' and an Introduction by F.J. Furnivall. (Vol. 1)
PLY00023: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Royal Shakespeare: The Poet's Works in Chronological Order From the Text of Professor Delius with 'The Two Noble Kinsmen' and 'Edward III' and an Introduction by F.J. Furnivall. (Vol. 2)
PLY00009: SHAKSPEARE, WILLLIAM - The Plays of William Shakespeare, Accurately Printed from the Text of the Corrected Copies, Left By the Late George Steevens, Esq. And Edmond Malone, Esq. With a Glossary
3126: SHAW, JANE - Octavia, Daughter of God : The Story of a Female Messiah and Her Followers
CHD00271: SHAW, JANE - Bernese Adventure
MDC00023: SHAW, SIR WILLIAM FLETCHER - Twenty-Five Years : the Story of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists 1929-1954
PLY00006: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Simpleton : The Six : The Millionairess (Standard Edition of the Works of George Bernard Shaw)
3197: SHEA, JOHN G. - The American Shakers and Their Furniture: with Measured Drawings of Museum Classics.
3326: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE (EDITED BY THOMAS J. WISE) - Hellas : a lyrical drama / by Percy Bysshe Shelley; a reprint of the original edition published in 1822, with the author's prologue and notes by various hands, edited by Thomas J. Wise.
2773: SHEPHARD, MICHAEL - Come and Fish (Sporting Scene series)
SPT00010: SHEPHERD, NIGEL - The Complete Guide to Rope Techniques (A Constable guide)
2735: SHEPPARD, THOMAS - The Evolution of Kingston-upon-Hull, as Shewn by Its Plans
3036: SHEPPARD, THOMAS - Hull Museum Publications No's 73 to 84 (bound edition)
EST00140: SHERRILL, W. A. (EDITOR); CHU, W.K. (TRANSLATOR) - The Astrology of I Ching : Translated from the `Ho Map Lo Map Rational Number Manuscript
MDC00038: SHREEVE, DR. CAROLINE M. - The Alternative Dictionary of Symptoms and Cures
3536: SHULMAN, SANDRA - Dreams - the Interpretation of Dreams and Nightmares: A Modern Survey
3369: SHUTE, NEVIL - A Town Like Alice
3368: SHUTE, NEVIL - Pastoral
PTY00045: SIDNEY, SIR PHILIP - The Selected Poetry and Prose of Sidney
CHD00118: SIELAFF, ERICH - The Wise Men of Schilda
ART00100: DE SILVA, RAJPAL K. - Early Prints of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1800 - 1900. Fully Illustrated in Colour and Accompanied by Original Texts with Biographical Information Bibliographical Deatails Comments and Notes.
2587: SILVERBERG, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Mutants: Eleven Stories of Science Fiction
SFC00096: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Shadrach in the Furnace
SFC00097: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Stochastic Man
SFC00098: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Time of the Great Freeze
SFC00099: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Collision Course
SFC00101: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - World's Fair 1992
SFC00102: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Valentine Pontifex: (The Majipoor Trilogy Vol. 3)
SFC00104: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Silent Invaders
SFC00105: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Stepsons of Terra
SFC00106: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Second Trip
SFC00107: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Time-Hoppers
SFC00109: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Those Who Watch
3133: SIMENON, GEORGES - In Two Latitudes
3134: SIMENON, GEORGES - Chit of a Girl (Girl in Waiting)
3138: SIMENON, GEORGES - Magnet of Doom
3139: SIMENON, GEORGES - The Shadow Falls
3405: SINCLAIR, W. A. - The Voice of the Nazi. Being Eight Broadcast Talks Given between December 1939 and May 1940
NOV00010: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Wide is the Gate
EST00157: SINGH, M.F. - Honest Living: A Means to an End
3448: SITWELL, OSBERT - Who Killed Cock-Robin? Remarks on Poetry, on its criticism, and, as a sad warning, the story of Eunuch Arden.
3250: SKELTON, ROBIN & JEAN KOZOCARI - A Witches' Book of Ghosts and Exorcism
EST00113: SKELTON, ROBIN - The Practice of Witchcraft Today: An Introduction to Beliefs and Rituals of the Old Religion.
NOV00024: SLOVO, GILLIAN - Red Dust
SCE00013: SMALE, P. H. - Introduction to Telecommunications Systems
2521: SMITH, W. J. - Five Centuries of Cambridge Musicians 1464 -1964.
3388: SMITH, S. C. KAINES - Looking at Pictures
3562: SMITH, VINCENT ARTHUR - Asoka: The Buddhist Emperor of India. (second edition, revised and enlarged) 'Rulers of India' series
2553: SMITH & COOK, EDWIN & OLIVE - Prospect of Cambridge
ART00140: SMITH, RAY CAMPBELL - Introduction to Acrylics, An
CHD00112: SMITH, LISA - The Night of the Solstice
EST00160: SMITH, ERICA & WILKS, NICHOLAS - Meditation: A Practical Introduction to the Techniques, the Traditions and the Benefits
MDC00011: SMITH, MICHAEL VALENTINE - Psychedelic Chemistry
MDC00041: SMITH, GILBERT; & CAROLINE CANTLEY - Assessing Health Care : A Study in Organizational Evaluation
SAF00019: SMUTS, J.C. - Jan Christian Smuts
ART00072: SMYTH, G. INGRAM (EDITOR) - Art Prices Current 1914-1915. (Vol. VIII) Being a record of sale prices at Christie's during the season; together with representative prices from the sales of Messrs. Puttick & Simpson.
ART00073: SMYTH, G. INGRAM (EDITOR) - Art Prices Current 1915-1916. (Vol. IX) Being a record of sale prices at Christie's during the season; together with representative prices from the sales of Messrs. Sotheby and Messrs. Puttick & Simpson.
CHD00162: SNICKET, LEMONY - Carnivorous Carnival, The
3557: SNOW, SEBASTIAN - The Rucksack Man
3325: SUFFOLK SHEEP SOCIETY - Suffolk Sheep Society Flock Books: an almost complete run from Vol. 74 (1960) to Vol. 103 (1989) - 29 volumes in all (but lacking Vol. 84 - 1970)
CHD00114: BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY - Junior First Aid Manual
SCL00001: RADLEIAN SOCIETY - St. Peter's College Radley Register 1847-1933
3397: SOMMERHOFF, GERD - In and Out of Consciousness: The Intimate History of a Search for Certainties
2435: SOPER, TONY - The Bird Table Book
3198: SOUZA, MARCIO - Parque Nacional Jau, Amazonas / Jau National Park : O Medio Rio Negro / The Middle of the Rio Negro (English and Portuguese Edition)
2867: SPALDING, FRANCES - Stevie Smith: A Critical Biography
2871: SPENCE, JONATHAN - God's Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan
EST00184: SPENCE, LEWIS - The Mysteries of Britain; Secret Rites and Traditions of Ancient Britain
PLG00018: SPENCE, LEWIS - North American Indians: Myths and Legends
3364: SPILLANE, MICKEY - I, The Jury
CRM00025: SPRING, MICHELLE - Standing in the Shadows
CRM00055: SPRING, MICHELLE - In the Midnight Hour
CRM00061: SPRING, MICHELLE. - Every Breath You Take
CRM00066: SPRING, MICHELLE. - Every Breath You Take
2650: SQUIRE, GWEN - Livery Buttons : The Pitt Collection
3147: ST. JOHN, DAVID - The Sorcerers
CHD00090: ST. VINCENT, ISOBEL - Tom Toby
CRM00004: STALLWOOD, VERONICA - Oxford Double
TOP00207: STANDLEY, PHILIP - Norwich Then and Now
CHD00173: STANNARD, RUSSELL - The Time And Space Of Uncle Albert
3012: STARK, FREYA - Perseus In The Wind
TVL00062: STARK, FREYA - Dust in the Lions Paw: Autobiography 1939-1946
3355: STAVES, MARJORIE - One Sense Ahead : The Story of a Clairvoyant
2907: STEELE, RICHARD - The Christian Hero: An Argument Proving that no Principles but those of Religion are Sufficient to make a Great Man
MAG00016: STEEN, BILL (EDITOR) - Christ's College Magazine No.227 2002
3543: STEIGER, BRAD AND WARREN SMITH - Satan's Assassins
3054: STEINBERG, DAVID I. - Burma/Myanmar: What Everyone Needs to Know
CRM00089: STEINBRUNNER, CHRIS; & PENZLER, OTTO; (EDITORS) - Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection
2701: STEPHENSON, FRANK - The Story Of Blakeney
TOP00168: STEPHENSON, ANDREW - The Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich
2474: STERBA, GUNTHER - Aquarium Care A Comprehensive Guide / Handbook
LIT00021: STERN, JOSEPH PETER - Idylls & Realities : Studies in Nineteenth-Century German Literature
FRM00004: STEWART, KATHARINE - Crofts and Crofting
MUS00011: STOEVING, PAUL - The Story of the Violin
ART00043: STOKES, HUGH - Van Dyck
3264: STONE, EUGENE - Ted Ellis: The People's Naturalist (plus a letter from his wife)
2456: STORM, THEODOR - Sämtliche Werke in zwei Bänden: Hrsg. v. Friedrich Düsel, m. e. Einleitung v. Thomas Mann.
3516: STRACHAN, FRANCOISE - The Aquarian Guide to Occult Mystical Religious Magical London & Around
CHD00015: HERBERT STRANG - The New Herbert Strang Omnibus
CHD00017: STRANG, HERBERT - The Motor Scout
CHD00019: STRANG, HERBERT (EDITOR) - The Big Book for Boys
CHD00022: STRANG, HERBERT & ASTON, JOHN - In the New Forest
CHD00035: STRANG, MRS. HERBERT - The Girl Crusoes
CHD00037: STRANG, HERBERT - Round the World in Seven Days
MDC00030: STRANKS, JEREMY - Occupational Health and Hygiene : (Health & Safety in Practice Guide)
2619: STRATFORD, MISS A. M. (EDITOR) - King's Lynn Town Guide (Sixth Edition)
CHD00072: STREDDER, ELEANOR - Alive in the Jungle - (a Story for the young)
2580: STRONG, MARILEE - A Bright Red Scream: Self-mutilation and the Language of Pain (A Virago V)
ART00012: STRONG, ROY C. - Holbein's Cartoon for the Barber-Surgeons Group Rediscovered -A Preliminary Report.
3339: STROOBANT, FRANK - One Man's War. The Dramatic True Story of Life in the Channel Islands Under the Jackboot of German Occupation
SCE00001: STUART, BARABARA - Biological Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy
2551: STUBBINGS , FRANK - Bedders, Bulldogs and Bedells: A Cambridge Glossary
SFC00012: STURGEON, THEODORE - Sturgeon in Orbit
SFC00013: STURGEON, THEODORE - More Than Human
3116: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Ordnance Survey One-Inch Tourist Map - The North York Moors
3236: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS - The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (the 91st and 93rd highlanders)
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2918: ZIZKA, V. - Lidice
TVL00067: ZUO-ZONG, LIU - Thousand Miles Three Gorges

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