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2005_126: KARNEZIS PANOS - The Maze (First Printing)
2005_128: KAVAN ANNA - Mercury
IS08_06_6: KAVANAGH PATRICK - Gaff Topsails
1959CK: KAZANTZIS JUDITH - Minefield
20100149: KEATES JONATHAN - Allegro Postillions
2003 171: KEATING H R F - Bribery, Corruption Also Signed
2003_171: KEATING H R F - Bribery, Corruption Also Signed
20101115: KELLERMAN JESSE - The Brutal Art (First Printing)
2006_272: KELMAN JAMES - Greyhound for Breakfast (First Printing)
2257CK: KENAN RANDALL - Let the Dead Bury Their Dead Signed
3220CK: KENEALLY THOMAS - American Scoundrel Signed
3176CK: KENEALLY THOMAS - The Tyrant's Novel Signed
3445CK: KENEALLY THOMAS - The Widow and Her Hero Signed
2007_07_76: KENEALLY THOMAS - A River Town Signed
2007_86: KENEALLY THOMAS - The Widow and Her Hero Signed with Cartoon of Author
2007_07_40: KENEALLY THOMAS - Woman of the Inner Sea Signed
20140807: KENG GEORGE; LAWRENCE RICHARD - Contacts with the Gods from Space
2005 129: KENNEDY A.L. - Indelible Acts Signed
20110804: KENNEDY A.L. - The Blue Book (Singed First Printing)
IS08_04_7: KENNEDY A.L. - Day
3495CK: KENNEDY A.L. - Day (First Printing)
2007_07_115: KENNEDY A.L. - Original Bliss Signed
2005_129: KENNEDY A.L. - Indelible Acts Signed
A341: KENNEDY PAGAN - The Exes
2543CK: KENNEDY A.L. - Paradise Signed
597CK: KENNEDY A.L. - Everything You Need Signed
A346: KENNETT FRANCES - Coco: The Life of Gabrielle Chanel
A303: KEOGH PAMELA CLARKE - Audrey Style
20040502: KERNAN ALVIN - The Unknown Battle of Midway
1390CK: KERR PHILIP EDITOR - The Penguin Book of Fights, Feuds and Heartfelt Hatreds (Signed By Editor)
A350: KERR PHILIP - A Five Year Plan
2009_3_25: KERTESZ IMRE - Detective Story First Printing
20121001: VON KESMARK JOHN - The Kytos Project
3525MN: KEY JOSHUA; HILL LAWRENCE - The Deserter's Tale : The Story of an Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War in Iraq
20091221: KILTY JEROME - Dear Liar: A Comedy of Letters Adapted By Jerome Kilty from the Correspondence of Bernard Shaw and Mrs Patrick Campbell
2009_6_6: KINCAID JAMAICA - Mr. Potter First Printing
20100204: KING LAURIE R - Locked Rooms
IS111: KING ROSS - Domino
ISDSKG: KING-SMITH DICK - Godhanger (First Printing)
2006 137: KING LAURIE R - With Child (First Printing)
2008_12_9: KING FRANCIS X - Witchcraft and Demonology
2006_137: KING LAURIE R - With Child (First Printing)
20101120: KINGSOLVER BARBARA - The Lacuna (Signed First Printing)
2483CK: KINGSOLVER BARBARA - High Tide in Tucson
20101137: KINGSTON BERYL - Gates of Paradise
2009_9_16: KLAPTHOR MARGARET BROWN - The First Ladies
349CK: KNIGHT BRIGID - The Covenant
20130603: KNIGHTON TESS & FALLOWS DAVID (EDITED BY) - Companion to Medieval & Renaissance Music
2003 172: KOPPERUD GUNNAR - The Time of Light
2003_172: KOPPERUD GUNNAR - The Time of Light
2007_07_24: KORNILOV VLADIMIR - Building a Prison
20110406: KOSTOVA ELIZABETH - The Swan Thieves
2006_238: KOSTOVA ELIZABETH - The Historian Signed
20130101: KRANTZ JURGEN - Sputnik, Dampf & Fliegender Kramer
1152MN: KRAUSE DONALD G. - The Book of Five Rings for Executives
20110907: KRISTIAN GILES - Sons of Thunder
20121203: KUHLMANN BERND - Deutsche Reichsbahn Geheim
20130107: KUHLMANN BERND - Zuge Durch Mauer Und Stacheldraht
20130103: KUHLMANN BERND - Deutsch-Deutsche Grenzbahnhofe
20110307: KUNDERA MILAN - Slowness
2004_127: KURITA ISAMU - Japanese Identity
219CK: KURLANSKY MARK - The White Man in the Tree & Other Stories
20140709: KURZEM MARK - The Mascot
20120103: LAING GERALD - Space, Speed, Sex: Works from the Early 1960s By Gerald Laing
13MN: LAIRD ELIZABETH - The Garbage King
2007_09_18: LAMBERT SHAENA - Radiance 1st Printing
20100416: LAMBERT CHARLES - Little Monsters (Plus Signed Bookplate)
3192MN: LAMONT PETER - The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick: The Biography of a Legend
20110116: LANAGAN MARGO - Tender Morsels
2007_68: LANGFIELD MARTIN - The Malice Box First Printing
ExLib8: LANGSTON DAVID - Drama (York Personal Tutors )
2009_6_33: LANSDALE JOE R - Leather Maiden
3762CK: LANYON ANDREW - A Fairy Find (Including a Cache of Wands, the Dream Midwives, the Fairy Wars) (First Printing)
20150502: LANZI FERNANDO; LANZI A GIOIA - Bologna an Image a Company
2006_81: LARKIN PHILIP - Trouble at Willow Gables and Other Fictions
2006 81: LARKIN PHILIP - Trouble at Willow Gables and Other Fictions
2008_11_05: LARSON EDWARD J - Evolution's Workshop: God and Science on the Galapagos Islands
2006_43: LASDUN JAMES - Seven Lies
2007_07_149: LAURA SPINNEY - The Doctor
2007_07_21: LAURENS VAN DER POST ; ROBERT HINSHAW EDITOR - The Rock Rabbit and the Rainbow - Laurens Van Der Post Among Friends
20140203: LAWRENCE MICHAEL - Small Eternities
A387: LAWTON IAN - Genesis Unveiled: The Lost Wisdom of Our Forgotten Ancestors
3026CK: LAYMON RICHARD - The Glory Bus
3571MN: LEATHERDALE CLIVE - The Virgin Whore and Other Chinese Characters - Travels and Traumas (Signed with an Inscription)
594CK: LEATON ANNE - Good Friends, Just
3701MN: LEAVITT DAVID - Scipio (First Printing)
3848CK: LEBBON TIM - Fallen : A Novel of Noreela (First Printing)
20160105: LEDER CAROLYN - The Astor Collection
20160301: LEE HARPER - Go Set a Watchman
2009_8_22: LEE STAN; KIRBY JACK - Marvel Masterworks Presents: The X-Men Vol 3 Nos 1-10
20140703: LELIC SIMON - The Facility
20110309: LELIC SIMON - Rupture
2006 270: LEON DONNA - Doctored Evidence Signed First Printing
20100620: LEON DONNA - The Girl of His Dreams (Signed First Printing )
3845CK: LEON DONNA - Doctored Evidence ( Signed First Printing )
3606CK: LEON DONNA - Fatal Remedies Signed
2009 5 21: LEON DONNA - Through a Glass Darkly Signed First Printing
2009_5_21: LEON DONNA - Through a Glass Darkly Signed First Printing
2973CK: LEON DONNA - Uniform Justice Signed First Printing
2006_270: LEON DONNA - Doctored Evidence Signed First Printing
20100317: LEON DONNA - Death in a Strange Country
2609CK: LEONARD HUGH - A Wild People Signed
IS08_07_24: LESSING DORIS - Ben in the World
3909CK: LESSING DORIS - The Old Age of El Magnifico: A Cat's Tale
3901CK: LESSING DORIS - The Story of General Dann and Mara's Daughter, Griot and the Snow Dog
20130704: LESSING DORIS - London Observed
2007_09_32: LESSING DORIS - The Good Terrorist ( Signed First Printing)
20110614: LESSING DORIS - African Laughter: Four Visits to Zimbabwe
IS08_10_03: LESSING DORIS - The Fifth Child (Signed First Printing)
460CK: LESSING DORIS - The Sweetest Dream Signed First Printing
20110315: LETEMENDIA CLAIRE - The Best of Men
20100719: LEVENE REBECCA (EDITED BY) - Bernice Summerfield Missing Adventures
2004_132: LEVI PRIMO - The Drowned and the Saved (First Printing)
2232CK: LEVI PETER - Virgil - His Life and Times
20100829: LEVY JOANN - For California's Gold (Signed First Printing)
20091217: LEVY ANDREA - Small Island
2005 132: LEVY ANDREA - Small Island (Signed First Printing)
20131203: LEVY ADRIAN AND SCOTT-CLARK CATHY - The Stone of Heaven
000008: LEVY ANDREA - The Long Song (Signed First Printing)
2005_132: LEVY ANDREA - Small Island (Signed First Printing)
3799CK: LEWIS C S AND LEWIS W H - Boxen: Childhood Chronicles Before Narnia
2005 5: LEWYCKA MARINA - A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian Signed & Dated First Printing
2005_5: LEWYCKA MARINA - A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian Signed & Dated First Printing
20111004: LEWYCKA MARINA - Two Caravans
20131202: LICHTAROWICZ PAULA - The First Book of Calamity Leek
3902CK: LIEBMANN MARIAN - Art Therapy in Practice
2003 178: LIGHTMAN ALAN - Reunion (First Printing)
2003_178: LIGHTMAN ALAN - Reunion (First Printing)
20141103: DE LISLE TIM - Lives of the Great Songs
1770CK: LITT TOBY - Adventures in Capitalism Signed
1213MN: LITTELL ROBERT - The Sisters
2005 133: LITTLEFORD CLARE - Death Duty
2005_133: LITTLEFORD CLARE - Death Duty
2009_5_4: LLEWELLYN SAM - Gurney's Release First Printing
2004_191: LLOSA MARIO VARGAS - In Praise of the Stepmother
2004 191: LLOSA MARIO VARGAS - In Praise of the Stepmother
2009_6_36: LLOYD JOHN & SELLARS PAT - The Wayfarers' Journal: A Pilgrimage Through the English Countryside Includes Article By Stephen Pile from the Telegraph Magazine
2009_9_25: LODGE DAVID - Author, Author First Printing
853CK: LOFTHOUSE JACQUI - The Temple of Hymen
2005_135: LOGUE ANTONIA - Shadow-Box (First Printing)
20101116: LOKKO LESLEY - Bitter Chocolate (First Printing)
2007_92: LOM HERBERT - Dr Guillotine
1284CK: LONDON JOAN - Gilgamesh
3846CK: LONGLEY MICHAEL - Selected Poems (First Printing)
3626CK: LONGLEY MICHAEL - The Weather in Japan Signed
20100825: VAN LOON KAREL - A Father's Affair (First Printing)
20140307: LORE PITTACUS - The Rise of Nine (Signed)
3435CK: LOUDON MARY - Relative Stranger - a Life After Death Signed
20100904: LOWRY LOIS - The Silent Boy
3440CK: LOXTON HOWARD - The Encyclopedia of Saints
A317BL: LUCAS BRIAN - A Glimpse of Glory in the Gothic Cathedrals of France
20111212: LUI FYSON NANCE - Growing Up in the Eighteenth Century
2975CK: LUMSDEN M S - Affirmations - Poems in Scots and English
2009_10_1: LUOMA ED - Without Knowing It Signed First Printing
20110415: LUVAAS JAY - Napoleon on the Art of War
20110701: LYON ANNABEL - The Golden Mean
2003_183: MACKAY SHENA - The Artist's Widow ++Signed ++
2009_10_22: MACKAY SHENA - Heligoland ( First Printing)
3795CK: MADHABDEVA MAHAPURUSH SHREE SHREE - Naam Ghosa: Hymns to the Blessed Lord
2635CK: MADONNA - Mr Peabody's Apples
2005_36: MAGUIRE EMILY - Taming the Beast First Printing
3739CK: MAJOR ALICE - The Office Tower Tales First Printing
20130706: MAKINE ANDREI - A Life's Music
3282CK: MAKINE ANDREI - The Earth and Sky of Jacques Dorme
3045CK: MAKINE ANDREI - A Hero's Daughter
2007_09_11: MALAMUD BERNARD - Dubin's Lives
20131111: MALKANI GAUTAM - Londonstani
2006_39: MALLINSON ALLAN - Company of Spears Signed
2009_9_31: MALLINSON ALLAN - An Act of Courage
3173CK: MALLINSON ALLAN - Company of Spears Signed
3030CK: MALLINSON ALLAN - A Regimental Affair Signed
2005_49: MALLINSON ALLAN - A Regimental Affair Signed
2009_7_13: MALONE MARTIN - The Broken Cedar
IS08_08_06: MALOUF DAVID - Antipodes
20101207: MANFREDI VALERIO MASSIMO - The Ides of March
IS37: MANGUEL ALBERTO - News from a Foreign Country Came
20120207: MANKELL HENNING - Firewall
20140105: MANKELL HENNING - I Die, But My Memory Lives on
IS08_08_03: MANKELL HENNING - Chronicler of the Winds (Signed with a Heart!!!! and Dated)
2357CK: MANKELL HENNING - The Return of the Dancing Master Signed
IS08 08 03: MANKELL HENNING - Chronicler of the Winds (Signed with a Heart!!!! and Dated)
2007_39: MANSEL PHILIP - Paris between Empires 1814-1852
2003_227: MANTEL HILARY - The Giant, O'brien Signed
20100810: MARATHE SUDHAKAR; RAMANAN MOHAN; BELLARMINE ROBERT (EDITED BY) - Provocations: The Teaching of English Literature in India
20120306: MARK CHARLES W - Spiritual Intelligence and the Neuroplastic Brain: A Contextual Interpretation of Modern History
A352: MARK HAWORTH-BOOTH; MONICA BOHM-DUCHEN - Walls & Windows: Colour Photography By Dorothy Bohm
2004_133: MARKOVITS BENJAMIN - The Syme Papers
2005_33: MARON MARGARET - High Country Fall (First Printing)
IS08_08_05: MARQUEZ GARCIA GABRIEL - The Story of a Ship-Wrecked Sailor
20160102: MARR ANDREW - A History of Modern Britain
3659DL: MARRIOTT SUSANNAH - Witches, Sirens and Soothsayers
3671CK: MARSDEN SIMON (A PERSONAL SELECTION BY) - Memento Mori: Churches and Churchyards of England
1692CK: MARSH NGAIO - Grave Mistake
2005 138: MARSTON A.E. - The Ravens of Blackwater
20110404: MARSTON EDWARD - Murder on the Brighton Express
2007_08_13: MARSTON A.E. - The Wolves of Savernake
2005_138: MARSTON A.E. - The Ravens of Blackwater
3911CK: MARTEL YANN - Beatrice and Virgil (Signed First Printing)
IS08_09_4: MARTEL YANN - Life of Pi (Signed By the Author -) Plus a Signed Bookplate
IS75: MARTIN VALERIE - Trespass (First Printing)
B2006_205: MARTIN VALERIE - The Unfinished Novel and Other Stories
20110311: MARTIN ANDREW - The Blackpool Highflyer (Signed First Printing)
2008_BS: MARTIN VALERIE - Property
2003_186: MARTIN VALERIE - The Great Divorce +Signed +
3816CK: MARTINES LAURO - Scourge and Fire: Savonarola and Renaissance Italy (First Printing)
2004_178: MARTY MARTIN E - The Place of Trust - Martin Luther on the Sermon on the Mount
2009_8_16: MARUTA ATSUKI - Todoroki
916MN: MARUYA SAIICHI - Rain in the Wind
632CK: MASSEY SUJATA - The Bride's Kimono !Signed!
2004_134: MASTERS PRISCILLA - Night Visit +Signed+
20140710: MASTERS BRIAN - The Life of E.F. Benson
2004 134: MASTERS PRISCILLA - Night Visit +Signed+
3517CK: MATAR HISHAM - In the Country of Men ( Signed First Printing)
2006_250: MATAR HISHAM - In the Country of Men (Signed with the Words "for Grace")
20131207: MATLINS L ANTOINETTE & BONANNO A C - Gem Identification Made Easy
2005 139: MATSUBARA HISAKO - Cranes at Dusk
2005_139: MATSUBARA HISAKO - Cranes at Dusk
3874MN: MATTHEWS LINDA H - Middling Folk: Three Seas, Three Centuries, One Scots-Irish Family
IS118: MCBAIN ED - Money Money Money
20100840: MCCABE PATRICK - The Holy City
2007_08_10: MCCAFFREY ANNE - Dragonsdawn - the First Chronicles of the Colony of Pern
20101112: MCCAIG DONALD - Rhett Butler's People
20141101: MCCANN GRAHAM - Dad's Army
394CK: MCCANN COLUM - Dancer Signed
IS08_04_37: MCCARROLL AMBER - La Bouscarela
CF4: MCCARTHY TOM - C (Signed First Printing)
CF3: MCCARTHY TOM - C (Signed First Printing)
2006_59: MCCAUGHREAN GERALDINE - Gold Dust Signed
20120203: MCCAUGHREAN GERALDINE - Tamburlaine's Elephants
20131205: MCCAUGHREAN GERALDINE - The White Darkness
20100609: MCCAUGHREAN GERALDINE - Fires' Astonishment
B2006_12: MCDERMID VAL - The Torment of Others Signed
2008 12 3: MCDOWELL COLIN - The Man of Fashion: Peacock Males and Perfect Gentlemen
2008_12_3: MCDOWELL COLIN - The Man of Fashion: Peacock Males and Perfect Gentlemen
20091236: MCEWAN IAN - Atonement (First Printing)
3871CK: MCEWAN IAN - Solar (First Printing)
2007_07_66: MCGEE JAMES - Ratcatcher
2009_1_14: MCGOWAN KATHLEEN - The Expected One (First Printing)
3359CK: MCGREGOR JON - So Many Ways to Begin Signed
B2006_241: MCGREGOR JON - So Many Ways to Begin Signed
20101015: MCINTOSH PAT - The Stolen Voice
2062MN: MCLEAN STUART - Vinyl Cafe Unplugged
3456CK: MCMAHON DARRIN - The Pursuit of Happiness - a History from the Greeks to the Present
2703CK: MCMAHON THOMAS - Loving Little Egypt
2007_07_55: MCNISH CLIFF - The Doomspell (First Printing)
2434MN: MEANS DAVID - Assorted Fire Events
20110410: MEASOM CHRISTOPHER (EDITED BY) - Paris Wish You Were Here!
2006_64: MEEK JAMES - The People's Act of Love (First Printing)
Aa9: MEGAPANOU AMALIA - Designs from Greek Embroideries
20110115: MELKONIAN VARTAN - Havha and the Black Stone (Signed By the Author)
2007_97: MENDELSON CHARLOTTE - Love in Idleness Signed First Printing
20141114: MENDELSON CHARLOTTE - Daughters of Jerusalem
20160101: MENGESTU DINAW - All Our Names
3781CK: MERCER PATRICK - To Do and Die Signed and Lined First Printing
2009_5_26: MERNISSI FATIMA - Islam and Democracy: Fear of the Modern World
IS08_04_28: MERWIN W S - The Mays of Ventadorn
3613CK: MESSENGER CHARLES - The Day We Won the War - Turning Point at Amiens 8 August 1918
2007_07_99: MESSUD CLAIRE - The Last Life
2003_230: MESSUD CLAIRE - The Hunters
20140902: MI-AE CHOI - I-Doll Volume 1
A377: MICHAELIS ANDREAS - Gdr/Rda/Ddr Souvenirs
20130310: MICHELL JOHN - The New View over Atlantis
20100908: MICHELSON JOAN - Toward the Heliopause (Signed)
3463CK: MIDDLETON STANLEY - Sterner Stuff
20131103: MIEL RUDI - Rebonds
2007_09_28: MILES JACK - Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God
X3703: MILLER KARL - Electric Shepherd: A Likeness of James Hogg
20091215: MILLER ARTHUR - The Crucible in History and Other Essays
IS08_04_16: MILLER ANDREW - Casanova Signed First Printing - Plus Proof Which Is Also Signed
20111201: MILLER DAVID - Today
2009_5_25: MILLS HAYLEY & MACLAINE MARCUS EDITED BY - My God : Letters from the Famous on God and the Life Hereafter
2009_7_6: MINIHAN JOHN - An Unweaving of Rainbows: Images of Irish Writers
2009_10_28: VON MISES LUDWIG - The Theory of Money and Credit
2003 8: MISTRY ROHINTON - Family Matters (First Printing)
2003_8: MISTRY ROHINTON - Family Matters (First Printing)
000054: MITCHELL DAVID - The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
CF13: MITCHELL DAVID - Number9dream (Included Is a Loosely Inserted Bookplate Signed By the Author(
A376: MITCHELL MAURICE - The Lemonade Stand: Exploring the Unfamiliar By Building Large-Scale Models
IS43: MOGGACH DEBORAH - In the Dark (Signed First Printing)
2004 136: MOLLOY MICHAEL - The House on Falling Star Hill + Signed Twice +
2004_136: MOLLOY MICHAEL - The House on Falling Star Hill + Signed Twice +
20100326: MOLLOY MICHAEL - The Harlot of Jericho
3544CK: MONCREIFFE IAIN & POTTINGER DON - Simple Heraldry Cheerfully Illustrated
20100803: MONROE ALY - The Maze of Cadiz (First Printing)
2009_9_14: MONTEJO VICTOR - Popol Vuh: A Sacred Book of the Maya
20140913: MONTGOMERY ANDREW - Itn 50 Years of News
2007_07_85: MOORE BRIAN - Black Robe
20101107: MORGAN C.E. - All the Living (First Printing)
2007_07_81: MORGAN FIDELIS - The Ambitious Stepmother ++Signed ++
2009_2_10: MORPURGO MICHAEL (EDITED BY) - Ghostly Haunts (First Printing)
2006_98: MORRALL CLARE - Natural Flights of the Human Mind Signed
X3109: MORRALL CLARE - Natural Flights of the Human Mind
IS08_04_46: MORRISON TONI - Paradise (First Printing)
2005_173: MORRISON TONI - Love
20140404: MORRISON P R - The Wind Tamer
2836CK: MORTON TIMOTHY - The Poetics of Spice: Romantic Consumerism and the Exotic
20100105: MOSIMANN ANTON WITH DANEFF TIFFANY - The Essential Mosimann
3301MN: MOSLEY NICHOLAS - Inventing God First Printing
20140909: MOSS STEPHEN - This Birding Life
IS21: MOSSE KATE - Sepulchre Signed First Printing
20141112: MOSSE KATE - The Taxidermist's Daughter
2005 20: MOSSE KATE - Labyrinth Signed
2005_20: MOSSE KATE - Labyrinth Signed
2004_138: MOSTERT NATASHA - The Midnight Side
20100210: MOULD PHILIP - Sleuth (First Printing)
20110615: MOUNT FERDINAND - Jem (and Sam) : A Revenger's Tale
2009_5_22: MOUNTFORD CHARLES P - The First Sunrise
IS08_04_32: MUKHERJEE BHARATI - The Holder of the World
2711CK: MULLAN BOB - The Enid Blyton Story
20140103: MULVAGH JANE - Madresfield
2007_19: MULVIHILL MARGARET - St Patrick's Daughter
2007_10_09: MUNRO ALICE - Selected Stories (First Printing)
IS59: MURAKAMI HARUKI - Kafka on the Shore - Limited Edition Signed in Japanese
2005_191: MURAKAMI HARUKI - Kafka on the Shore - Signed Limited Edition
20130305: MURAKAMI HARUKI - Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
2007_07_93: MURDOCH IRIS - The Green Knight
2006_267: NADEL BARBARA - Last Rights
2009_6_40: NAIPAUL V.S. - The Enigma of Arrival First Printing
A395: NAIPAUL V.S. - Reading & Writing
2005_145: NAIPAUL V.S. - A Turn in the South First Printing
20150203: NANANANDA K BHIKKHU - Towards a Better World
20150204: NANANANDA K BHIKKHU - From Topsy-Turvydom to Wisdom - Vol 1
20130307: NASH RON - Rational Thinking
20131112: NASU MASAMOTO - Hiroshima: A Tragedy Never to Be Repeated
2006_65: NEMIROVSKY IRENE - Suite Francaise (First Printing)
IS120: NEMIROVSKY IRENE - Fire in the Blood
3904CK: NEMIROVSKY IRENE - Suite Francaise
2006 65: NEMIROVSKY IRENE - Suite Francaise (First Printing)
20140512: NEUGEBAUER RUDOLF; ORENDI JULIUS - Orientalische Teppichkunde
2539DL: NEWMAN KIM - Dracula Cha Cha Cha
20100412: NEWTON MARK CHARAN - Nights of Villjamur: Legends of the Red Sun
20110610: NEWTON MARK CHARAN - City of Ruin: Legends of the Red Sun
2004_41: NICHOLSON GEOFF - Still Life with Volkswagens First Printing
2943CK: NICHOLSON WILLIAM - The Trial of True Love Signed
2005_176: NICHOLSON WILLIAM - Seeker Signed
3048CK: NICOLL FERGUS - The Sword of the Prophet - the Mahdi of Sudan and the Death of General Gordon
2003_68: VAN NIEKERK MARLENE - Triomf
3694MN: NIGOSIAN SOLOMON - Islam: The Way of Submission
3666CK: NIKIFORUK ANDREW - Pandemonium: Birdflue, Mad Cow Disease, and Other Biological Plagues of the 21st Century
2007_07_136: NIX GARTH - Acros the Wall Signed
A340: NIXON ROB - Dreambirds
2007_07_101: NOON JEFF - Nymphomation (First Printing)
20120803: NORDEN MARY - Ethnic Needlepoint: Designs from Asia, Africa and the Americas
20091125: NORTH SAM - The Old Country (First Printing)
A361: NOTT JOHN - Mr Wonderful Takes a Cruise
2007_07_61: NOVAKOVICH JOSIP - April Fool's Day
B2007_3: NOVIK NAOMI - Temeraire: Black Powder War
2007_09_17: NOVIK NAOMI - Temeraire: Throne of Jade
2003 78: O'NAN STEWART - In the Walled City
20100106: O'CONNOR PATRICK - The Amazing Blonde Woman: Dietrich's Own Style
IS08_04_27: O'FAOLAIN NUALA - My Dream of You
20111202: O'FARRELL MAGGIE - The Hand That First Held Mine
20110101: O'FARRELL MAGGIE - The Hand That First Held Mine (First Printing)
20140409: O'FARRELL MAGGIE - Instructions for a Heatwave
20141010: O'FARRELL MAGGIE - Instructions for a Heatwave
1136CK: O'HAGAN ANDREW - Personality
2005_193: O'HAGAN ANDREW - The Missing +Signed +
2008_11_12: O'HEAR ANTHONY - The Great Books: From the Iliad and the Odyssey to Goethe's Faust: A Journey Through 2500 Years of the West's Classic Literature
20140111: O'MELVENY REGINA - The Book of Madness and Cures
3888CK: O'NAN STEWART - Songs for the Missing
2713MN: O'NAN STEWART - Everyday People Signed
2003_78: O'NAN STEWART - In the Walled City
2007_07_144: OATES JOYCE CAROL - Man Crazy Signed
838CK: OATES JOYCE CAROL - Beasts Signed
331CK: OATES JOYCE CAROL - Black Water
20120408: OBAMA BARACK - Change We Can Believe in: Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America's Promise (First Printing)
20110416: OCCLESHAW MICHAEL - The Romanov Conspiracies
IS08_07_15: OFFENBACH JACQUES - La Vie Parisienne: Opera Bouffe de Jacques Offenbach - Livret D'henri Meilhac Et Ludovic Halevy - Adaptation de Jerome Savary
000005: OLMSTEAD ROBERT - Coal Black Horse
X3629: ONDAATJE MICHAEL - Handwriting
20100213: ONDAATJE MICHAEL - Divisadero
3624CK: ONDAATJE MICHAEL - Divisadero (First Printing)
IS08_09_3: ONDAATJE MICHAEL - Divisadero
X3249: OPIE ROBERT FREDERICK - Guillotine - the Timbers of Justice
3849CK: ORBANES PHILIP E - Monopoly: The World's Most Famous Game & How It Got That Way (First Printing)
20100831: ORSI GUILLERMO - No-One Loves a Policeman (First Printing)
3676CK: OSWALD ALICE - Woods Etc.
2005_93: OZ AMOS - The Story Begins - Essays on Literature
A348: PALIN MICHAEL - Hemingway's Chair
IS35: PAMUK ORHAN - Other Colours (Signed First Printing)
2936CK: PARKS TIM - Destiny ( Signed First Printing)
20100214: PARKS TIM - Shear Signed First Printing
1322CK: PARKS TIM - Hell and Back: Selected Essays (Signed First Printing)
2005_44: PARKS TIM - Judge Savage (First Printing)
1687CK: PARKS TIM - Destiny (Signed First Printing)
1818CK: PARKS TIM - Home Thoughts (Signed First Pinting)
2009_10_33: PASCAL - Pensees
B2006_212: PAVER MICHELLE - Spirit Walker Signed
2005_23: PAVER MICHELLE - Spirit Walker Signed
2006_210: PAVER MICHELLE - Wolf Brother Signed
2006_211: PAVER MICHELLE - Wolf Brother Signed
2006_147: PEARL MATTHEW - The Poe Shadow
3648CK: PEARSON ANNA - The Complete Needlepoint Course: 20 Step-By-Step Projects - Traditional and New Canvas Designs
IS08_04_33: PELECANOS GEORGE P - Hell to Pay
20101025: PELEVIN VICTOR - The Helmet of Horror
3489CK: PENNEY STEF - The Tenderness of Wolves
2007_30: PENNEY STEF - The Tenderness of Wolves
20101129: PEPPER TERENCE (SELECTED AND EDITED BY) - Angus Mcbean Portraits
3342CK: PEREZ-REVERTE ARTURO - The Queen of the South
20110118: PERKINS EMILY - Novel About My Wife
20101007: PEROCCO GUIDO - The Basilica of Saint Mark
2005 67: PETERS ELLIS - The Sanctuary Sparrow - the Seventh Chronicle of Brother Cadfael
2005_67: PETERS ELLIS - The Sanctuary Sparrow - the Seventh Chronicle of Brother Cadfael
2007_08_07: PETERS ELIZABETH - Naked Once More
2009_10_16: PHILLIPS GORDON - 1666 and All That: A History of the Baker's Company Signed Limited Copy No. 91
A315PL: PICARD LIZA - Dr. Johnson's London
2006_16: PICK DANIEL - Rome Or Death - the Obsessions of General Garibaldi
2006_325: PICKSTONE CHARLES - For Fear of the Angels - How Sex Has Usurped Religion
2006_5: PICOULT JODI - Vanishing Acts
3770CK: PIERRE D.B.C. - Vernon God Little Signed First Printing
2003_212: PIERRE D B C - Vernon God Little +Signed +
3416CK: PILKINGTON ROGER - History and Legends of the European Waterways
3796CK: PLAMPIN MATTHEW - The Street Philosopher (First Printing)
2242CK: PLANT RICHARD - The Pink Triangle
20150703: PLATH SYLVIA - Ariel: The Restored Text
2004_59: DU PLESSIX GRAY FRANCINE - At Home with the Marquis de Sade
20130907: PLIMER IAN - Heaven and Earth
20100621: POCOCK TOM - Breaking the Chains: The Royal Navy's War on White Slavery
20091232: POLLACK MARTIN - The Dead Man in the Bunker: Discovering My Father (First Printing)
2009_8_6: POPE DUDLEY - Ramage's Diamond First Printing
20140106: POWELL ROBERT - The Response Revolution
20140304: POWELL JIM - The Breaking of Eggs
2003_80: POWELL MARK - Box ++Signed ++
262CK: POWER MAGGIE - Porphyria's Lover
2005_68: PRADO BENJAMIN - Snow Is Silent First Printing
A328: PRATCHETT TERRY - Night Watch
20130110: PRINCE MICHAEL OF GREECE - Crown Jewels of Britain and Europe
20140412: H.R.H. THE PRINCE PHILIP - The Environmental Revolution
20101113: PRINGLE PETER - The Murder of Nikolai Vavilov (First Printing)
000017: PROULX ANNIE - Fine Just the Way It Is
3532CK: PRYCE MALCOLM - Don't Cry for Me Aberystwyth
20100607: PTOLEMY - Cosmography: Maps from Ptolemy's Geography
A396: PULLINGER KATE - My Life As a Girl in a Men's Prison
2008_12_1: PULLMAN PHILIP - Lyra's Oxford Signed By Author and Illustrator Plus Postcard
20140207: PULLMAN PHILIP - Once Upon a Time in the North (Signed Limited Edition)
20150501: A S PUSHKIN - Pushkin's Fairy Tales
2005 72: QUINN DANIEL AND WHALEN TOM - A Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife
2005 71: QUINN DANIEL - After Dachau
20140605: QUINN ANTHONY - Lovers and Other Strangers - Paintings By Jack Vettriano
2005_71: QUINN DANIEL - After Dachau
2005_72: QUINN DANIEL AND WHALEN TOM - A Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife
2336CK: QUINN PETER (EDITED BY) - Dazzled By the Moon
A319EM: RABBI DR ELIE MUNK - The World of Prayer
3548MN: RAHIMI ATIQ - A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear
2009_7_11: RAHIMI ATIQ - A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear
1907MN: RAINE CRAIG - A la Recherche Du Temps Perdu
20140604: RAINE CRAIG - Arete the Arts Tri-Quarterly Fiction Poetry Reportage Reviews Issue 14 Spring/Summer 2004
20100618: RANKIN IAN - Rebus's Scotland: A Personal Journey (Signed First Printing + a Signed Bookplate)
20140508: RANKIN IAN - Saints of the Shadow Bible (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
20110208: RANKIN ROBERT - The Brentford Chainstore Massacre (Signed First Printing(
2007_07_73: RANKIN ROBERT - The Fandom of the Operator
1497CK: RANKIN ROBERT - Web Site Story
20110113: RANSOM ROBERTO - A Tale of Two Lions
1374MN: RATUSHINSKAYA IRINA - Fictions and Lies
2007_09_38: RAY MARY - The Golden Bees
2007_99: REAH DANUTA - Only Darkness First Printing
2570CK: REDGROVE PETER - Selected Poems
2009_7_19: REDHILL MICHAEL - Consolation (First Printing)
2107CK: REED JEREMY - Red Hot Lipstick
2009_3_5: REEMAN DOUGLAS - The Volunteers
3540CK: REES SIAN - The Floating Brothel: The Extraordinary True Story of an Eighteenth-Century Ship and Its Cargo of Female Convivts
20131104: REES LAURENCE - Auschwitz: The Nazis & the "Final Solution"
3615CK: REEVE PHILIP - Here Lies Arthur (First Printing)
2006_301: REEVES JAMES - Quest and Conquest - Pilgrim's Progress Retold By James Reeves
20130104: REIMER MICHAEL; MEYER LOTHAR; KUBITZKI VOLKMAR - Kolonne: Die Deutsche Reichsbahn Im Dienste Der Sowjetunion
2004_142: REISERT REBECCA - The Third Witch
20130406: RENISON J - The Secret History of Fairies
20141106: REYNOLDS ALASTAIR - Doctor Who: Harvest of Time
A389: REYNOLDS ALASTAIR - Century Rain
20100706: RHODES DAN - Little Hands Clapping (First Printing)
2004 149: RHODES DAN - Anthropology and a Hundred Other Stories
2004_149: RHODES DAN - Anthropology and a Hundred Other Stories
2135CK: RHODES DAN - Don't Tell Me the Truth About Love
20131010: RICE PAUL; GOWING CHRISTOPHER - British Studio Ceramics in the 20th Century
3868CK: RICE ANNE - Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana (First Printing)
20110608: RICHARDS ANNA - Little Gods
A405: RICHARDS JESS - Snake Ropes
20130605: RIDING ALAN - And the Show Went on: Cultural Life in Nazi-Occupied Paris
20091207: RILEY PETER - The Highways and Byways of Jack the Ripper
20151202: RIMINGTON STELLA - At Risk
20111209: RIORDAN RICK - The Lost Hero
20141016: RIORDAN RICK - Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune
20100824: RIVAS MANUEL - The Carpenter's Pencil (Included Signed Booplate Loosely Inserted)
2986CK: ROBB CANDACE - A Cruel Courtship
3881CK: ROBB J.D. - Fantasy in Death
IS08_05_4: ROBB J.D. - Survivor in Death (First Printing)
2005 148: ROBB CANDACE - A Cruel Courtship First Printing
2005_148: ROBB CANDACE - A Cruel Courtship First Printing
20110601: ROBBINS TOM - Villa Incognito
20130314: ROBERTS SUE NETTLEINGHAM & BUNKER DOROTHY - The Ginny Doll Encyclopedia
2006_73: ROBERTS KATHERINE - Spellfall Signed
2003 198: ROBERTS MICHELE - Flesh & Blood +Signed +
20150902: ROBERTS MARTIN - A Portrait of Europe 1789-1914 Machines and Liberty
2007_07_150: ROBERTS MICHELE - The Book of Mrs Noah Signed
292CK: ROBERTS JOHN MADDOX - The Tribune's Curse
20120507: ROBERTS JENIFER - Spirit of Place
B2006_72: ROBERTS NORA - Black Rose
2009_8_25: ROBERTS JOHN MADDOX - Spqr Vi - Nobody Loves a Centurion
2003_197: ROBERTS MICHELE - The Mistressclass +Signed +
2003_198: ROBERTS MICHELE - Flesh & Blood +Signed +
2003 199: ROBINSON ROXANA - Asking for Love ++Signed ++
20110103: ROBINSON EUGENE - Last Dance in Havana: The Final Days of Fidel and the Start of the New Cuban Revolution
3876MN: ROBINSON GEOFF - The Making of Modern Ireland: An Alternative History
20100627: ROBINSON KIM STANLEY - Fifty Degrees Below (First Printing)
2005_150: ROBINSON PHILIP - That We Might Never Meet Again (First Printing)
2003_199: ROBINSON ROXANA - Asking for Love ++Signed ++
20100801: ROBOTHAM MICHAEL - The Suspect (First Printing)
3632CK: ROBSON SIMON - The Separate Heart & Other Stories
2007 07 135: VAN DER ROL RUUD & VERHOEVEN RIAN - Anne Frank. Beyond the Diary - a Photographic Remembrance
2007_07_135: VAN DER ROL RUUD & VERHOEVEN RIAN - Anne Frank. Beyond the Diary - a Photographic Remembrance
20130202: ROOKSBY RIKKY - Lyrics Writing Better Words for Your Songs
2009_5_1: ROSENHEIM ANDREW - Without Prejudice
2005 152: ROSI CYNTHIA - Motherhunt
2005_152: ROSI CYNTHIA - Motherhunt
20121110: ROSKILL S. W. CAPTAIN - The Navy at War 1939-1945
2007_09_01: ROSS STEWART - History in Hiding - the Story of Britain's Secret Passages and Hiding-Places
20130102: ROSSBERG RALF ROMAN - Grenze Uber Deutschen Schienen 1945-1990
20141201: ROTHSCHILD MIRIAM - Butterfly Cooing Like a Dove
A373: ROTHSTEIN NATALIE (EDITED BY) - Four Hundred Years of Fashion
20100701: ROUD STEVE - The Penguin Guide to the Superstitions of Britain and Ireland
20140804: ROWAN - Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 60 - Limited Edition
2005_30: ROWE ROSEMARY - The Ghosts of Glevum First Printing
20140706: ROWLANDS MARK - The Philosopher and the Wolf
2006_120: R.L. ROYLE - Lucy's Monster
20100922: ROZENBERG JOSHUA - Privacy and the Press (Signed First Printing)
2009_3_14: RUBENFELD JED - The Interpretation of Murder (First Printing)
IS08_04_24: RUBENS BERNICE - The Waiting Game
3604CK: RUSHDIE SALMAN - The Enchantress of Florence
IS08_04_36: RUSHDIE SALMAN - The Enchantress of Florence
20100219: RUSSELL PETER - The Tm Technique (Signed First Printing)
20101001: RUSSELL ALEXANDER DAVID; ABDULLAH-AL-MA'-MUN SUHRAWARDY - Handbook of Muslim Jurisprudence
20091211: RUSSELL BETH - Beth Russell's William Morris Needlepoint
20140510: RUSSELL SEAN THOMAS - A Battle Won
2007_07_102: RUSSO RICHARD - The Whore's Child: And Other Stories Signed By the Author
2007 07 102: RUSSO RICHARD - The Whore's Child: And Other Stories Signed By the Author
668CK: RUSSO RICHARD - Mohawk (Signed First Printing)
277CK: RUSSO RICHARD - Straight Man Signed First Printing
469CK: RUSSO RICHARD - Empire Falls Signed
2003_200: SA SHAN - The Girl Who Played Go First Printing
2007_07_147: SACHS MARILYN - The Four Ugly Cats in Apartment 3d
884MN: SADIQ ZEEBA - 38 Bahadurabad
2006_62: SAGE LORNA - Bad Blood (First Printing)
IS76: SAGE ANGIE - Septimus Heap: Physik Book Three (First Printing Signed)
CF1: SAGE ANGIE - Queste - Signed Dated Lined
3568CK: SAGE ANGIE - Physik: Septimus Heap Book Three (First Printing)
20091106: SAGE ANGIE - Magyk (First Printing + Signed Bookplate)
20120903: SAGHAFI MORAD (TEXTS) - Collected Memories: New Trends in Iranian Painting
20100916: SAID S F - The Outlaw Varjak Paw
2009_8_15: SAITO AKIRA - Steel and Steam: Unforgettable Steam Engines in Photographs
2007_07_109: SAKAMOTO KERRI - The Electrical Field
2003_201: SALFELLNER HARALD - Franz Kafka and Prague First Printing
20100311: SALVATORE R A - The Hunter's Blades Trilogy: Book 1: The Thousand Orcs
20121005: SANDERSON HAZEL - The Dales of Yorkshire
IS08_06_5: SANSOM C.J. - Revelation
20101214: SANSOM C.J. - Heartstone (Signed First Printing)
3541CK: SATTERLEE THOM - Burning Wyclif
IS08_10_08: SAUNDERS DAVE - Best Ads: Fantasy in Advertising
20120501: SAWYER TOM - Noble Art: An Artistic & Literary Celebration of the Old English Prize-Ring
20141007: SAYYID QUTB - Milestones
2006_129: SCARFE HERBERT - Handmade Jewellery
000014: SCARROW SIMON - The Gladiator Signed First Printing
20110203: SCARROW SIMON - The Fields of Death
20091103: SCARROW ALEX - A Thousand Suns (Signed First Printing)
20141019: SCARROW SIMON - Praetorian
2009_5_24: SCEPANOVIC BRANIMIR - La Mort de Monsieur Golouja
3327CK: SCHAMA SIMON - Rough Crossings - Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution
2006_161: SCHAMA SIMON - Dead Certainties (Unwarranted Speculations)
20100102: SCHATZING FRANK - Death and the Devil (First Printing)
2004_190: SCHMITTER ELKE - Mrs Sartoris
3889CK: SCHONSTEIN PATRICIA - The Master's Ruse
3682CK: SCHUCHARD MARSHA KEITH - Why Mrs Blake Cried: William Blake and the Sexual Basis of Spiritual Vision (First Printing)
IS08_05_6: SCHULZ BRUNO; FICOWSKI JERZY (EDITOR) - The Collected Works of Bruno Schulz
2567CK: SCHWARTZ JOSEPH - Cassandra's Daughter: A History of Psychoanalysis in Europe and America
3159CK: SCHWARZ TANYA - Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants - the Homeland Postponed
X3178: SCOTT MANDA - Boudica - Dreaming the Bull
3759CK: SCOTT MANDA - The Crystal Skull (First Printing)
IS08_07: SEBALD W.G. - For Years Now
000007: SEBALD W G - After Nature
1506CK: SEBOLD ALICE - Lucky
20121204: SEEAR MIKE - With the Gurkhas in the Falklands: A War Journal
20140518: SEERVELD CALVIN - Bearing Fresh Olive Trees
20110607: SELBIE ROBERT - The Anatomy of Costume
20100902: SELF WILL - Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys
3021CK: SELF WILL - Grey Area Signed First Printing
293CK: SELF WILL - My Idea of Fun Signed First Edition
2008_3: SELF WILL - The Sweet Smell of Psychosis Signed First Printing
20100413: SEWELL DENNIS - The Political Gene
2003_203: SHAFFER PETER - Amadeus
2004_156: SHAKESPEARE NICHOLAS - Snowleg First Printing
3215CK: SHAKESPEARE NICHOLAS - The Vision of Elena Silves (Signed First Printing)
854CK: SHAMES LAURENCE - Virgin Heat
20140405: SHAN DARREN - Demon Apocalypse (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
20140403: SHAN DARREN - Death's Shadow
20131108: SHAN DARREN - Zom-B Underground (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
20100402: SHARMA DAMODAR - Raj Legends of Lady Edna
A344: SHAW MARGRET - The Chaser
2009_5_14: SHEERS OWEN - Resistance First Printing
3819CK: SHEERS OWEN (SELECTED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - A Poet's Guide to Britain (First Printing)
000033: SHEERS OWEN (SELECTED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - A Poet's Guide to Britain: How the Landscape Inspired Our Greatest Poems
20140402: SHEPPARD CHRISTOPHER R S & SMITH JOHN P - Engraved Glass: Masterpieces from Holland
2322CK: SHER ANTONY - The Indoor Boy !Signed!
A375: SHERDEN WILLIAM A - The Fortune Sellers : The Big Business of Buying and Selling Predictions
2009_7_23: SHERIDAN LISA - Playtime at Royal Lodge: The Queen Mother and Her Grandchildren
CF10: SHERRILL STEVEN - The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break
2008_12_2: SHERWOOD SHIRLEY - Venice Simplon Orient-Express the World's Most Celebrated Train
20101014: SHIELDS JODY - The Crimsom Portrait (First Printing)
2009_9_38: SHIELDS CAROL - The Republic of Love First Printing
2009_4_27: SHIELDS CAROL - Unless (First Printing + Uncorrected Proof)
2003_204: SHIELDS CAROL - Unless (First Printing)
20130604: SHIMBUN ASAHI (EDITEUR) - Imaemon Xiii Et L'heritage de Nabeshima: Tresor de la Porcelaine Japonaise
20131113: SHRIVER LIONEL - Big Brother (Plus Loosely Inserted Signed Bookplate)
2007_09_25: SHTEYNGART GARY - Absurdistan First Printing
2099CK: SIBLEY BRIAN - A Christmas Carol: The Unsung Story
2009_9_26: SIEGEN-SMITH NIKKI (COMPILED BY) - Welcome to the World: A Celebration of Birth and Babies from Many Cultures
2006_9: SIJIE DAI - Mr Muo's Travelling Couch First Printing
X3075: SIJIE DAI - Mr Muo's Travelling Couch (First Printing)
IS08_09_8: SIJIE DAI - Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (First Printing)
3373CK: SILLITOE ALAN - Collected Poems (Signed First Printing)
2990CK: SILLITOE ALAN - Birthday (Signed First Printing)
2649CK: SILLITOE ALAN - The Broken Chariot (Signed First Printing)
2408CK: SILLITOE ALAN - Birthday Signed First Printing
20141020: SILVIO SAN PIETRO - Window Displays in Milan
A342: SIMENON GEORGES - Three Beds in Manhattan
IS08_09_12: SIMENON GEORGES - La Chambre Bleue
20121004: SIMMONDS POSY - Very Posy
3479CK: SIMMONDS POSY - Pick of Posy (Signed First Printing)
2009_7_9: SIMMONDS POSY - Very Posy First Printing with Signed Bookplate
20110212: SIMMONDS POSY - Pure Posy
2007_07_75: SINGH VIJAY - Whirlpool of Shadows
A309RS: SKELTON ROBIN - Begging the Dialect: Poems & Ballads
2007_07_57: SKIDMORE MARMADUKE, ESQUIRE SELECTED & EDITED BY - The Triumphant Cat Signed on His Behalf By Celia Skidmore
2006_221: SKVORECKY JOSEF - The Bride of Texas (First Printing)
892CK: SLATER JIM - Goldenrod ! Signed !
20120805: SLATTER ENID - Xanthus: Travels of Discovery in Turkey
A332: SLOVO GILLIAN - Ice Road (Signed First Printing)
3850CK: SLOVO GILLIAN - Catnap
2007_07_29: SLOVO GILLIAN - Ice Road
2009_6_1: SLOVO GILLIAN - Black Orchids First Printing
2006_222: SMILEY JANE - Moo Signed
2006_234: SMILEY JANE - The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton Signed
20101002: SMIT TIM - Eden (Signed First Printing)
2007_09_14: SMIT TIM - Heligan : The Complete Works: Secrets Locked in Silence
2007_07_151: SMITH MICHAEL MARSHALL - What You Make It : A Book of Short Stories
3454CK: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Right Attitude to Rain
20110413: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - Portuguese Irregular Verbs (Signed)
20110303: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - Tea Time for the Traditionally Built (Signed First Printing)
20110209: SMITH WILBUR - Warlock (First Printing)
3643CK: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
20110414: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances (Signed)
20141014: SMITH PATRICK - Time No Longer
3699CK: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - Dream Angus: The Celtic God of Dreams
2006_44: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - Friends, Lovers, Chocolate Signed First Printing
3455CK: SMITH ZADIE - On Beauty
201200311: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - The World According to Bertie (Signed Bookplate)
20101121: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs
2006_41: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - Blue Shoes and Happiness Signed
2005_88: SMITH ZADIE - On Beauty Signed
2005_22: SMITH ALI - The Whole Story and Other Stories Signed
2008_6: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - Dream Angus: The Celtic God of Dreams
20130304: SMITH ALI - The Accidental (Signed First Printing)
2651CK: SMITH SID - Something Like a House
1424CK: SMITH ALI - The Whole Story and Other Stories
20110310: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (Signed 1st Printing)
X3665: SMITH ALI - Girl Meets Boy First Printing
20111013: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - The World According to Bertie (Signed)
20140209: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - 44 Scotland Street
2004 159: SMOLENS JOHN - The Invisible World (First Printing)
2004_159: SMOLENS JOHN - The Invisible World (First Printing)
20130701: SOLSTAD DAG - Professor Andersen's Night
20110202: SONTAG SUSAN - The Volcano Lover (First Printing)
2005_185: SORA STEVEN - Secret Societies of America's Elite
IS08_06_9: SORBIE KRIS AND WADESON JACKI (COMPILED AND WRITTEN BY) - Trevor Sorbie: Visions in Hair (Signed First Printing, with an Inscription to Previous Owner)
2009 6 24: SOREL EDWARD - Literary Lives Signed
2009_6_24: SOREL EDWARD - Literary Lives Signed
3895CK: SOTNICK RICHARD - The Coburg Conspiracy: Royal Plots and Manoeuvres
2007_53: SPARK MURIEL - Reality & Dreams
2007_07_33: SPARK MURIEL - The Quest for Lavishes Ghast
1997MN: SPENCE SARAH - Rhetorics of Reason and Desire
2007_07_77: SPENCER DARRELL - Bring Your Legs with You
2006_79: SPINRAD NORMAN - Mexica
3887CK: ST AUBYN NICHOLAS - Custom of the Country (First Printing)
2749CK: ST AUBIN DE TERAN LISA - Memory Maps Signed
20141008: ST AUBYN EDWARD - At Last (Signed First Printing)
2009_1_6: STACE WESLEY - By George
3768CK: STANDAGE TOM - An Edible History of Humanity
IS08_04_31: STANDER SIEGFRIED - Into the Winter
2007_103: STANLEY LOUIS T - Public Masks & Private Faces
2004_163: STEAD C.K. - Mansfield
3763CK: STEAVENSON WENDELL - The Weight of a Mustard Seed
2004 34: VAN STEEN, GONDA A.H. - Venom in Verse : Aristophanes in Modern Greece
2004_34: VAN STEEN, GONDA A.H. - Venom in Verse : Aristophanes in Modern Greece
2007_90: STEER DUGALD - Mythical Mazes - a Collection of Amazing Mythical Mazes
20100624: STEIN AUREL - On Alexander's Track to the Indus: Personal Narrative of Explorations on the North-West Frontier of India
20140506: STEINER GEORGE - Lessons of the Masters
2009_8_2: STEINHAUER OLEN - Victory Square First Printing
2442MN: STEPANEK MATTIE J.T. - Heartsongs
A331: STEPHEN MARTIN - The Galleons' Grave
2009_8_28: STEPHENSON NEAL - Anathem First Printing
A343: STEVENSON JANE - The Empress of the Last Days
2009_5_16: STEVENSON CHRISTINE - Medicine and Magnificence: British Hospital and Asylum Architecture 1660-1815
20100836: STEWART PAUL & RIDDELL CHRIS - The Last of the Sky Pirates: The Edge Chronicles
20110314: STILLWELL J LAURENCE - The Soldiers of the Cross (Signed)
20130901: STILTON GERONIMO - Le Royaume de la Fantaisie
20100419: STOCKBRIDGE SARA - Hammer (First Printing)
20100805: STOCKWIN JULIAN - Command
3484CK: STODDART LAURA - Up the Garden Path: A Little Anthology Signed
2009_9_20: STONEHILL PAUL - The Soviet Ufo Files: Paranormal Encounters Behind the Iron Curtain
2004_164: STOREY DAVID - Thin-Ice Skater (First Printing)
IS08_04_19: STOREY DAVID - Storey's Lives: Poems 1951-1991
IS74: STOTT REBECCA - Ghostwalk
20130108: STOVER ERIC; PERESS GILLES - The Graves Srebrenica and Vukovar
2007_07_50: VAN STRAATEN WERENFRIED - 100 Words of Father Werenfried
2007_12: STROUD JONATHAN - The Golem's Eye Signed
20110512: STROUD JONATHAN - The Last Siege
20110903: STURMER MICHAEL - The German Empire 1871-1919
3409CK: STYLIANOS STEVE E - The Lost Chronicles of Alexander the Great - the Unabridged Edition
20110110: STYRON WILLIAM - The Suicide Run (First Printing)
IS105: SULZER ALAIN CLAUDE - A Perfect Waiter
20150202: SUMEDHO AJAHN - Teachings of a Buddhist Monk & Now Is the Knowing
2004_165: SURMAN RICHARD - Cathedral Cats
20140303: SUTCLIFFE WILIAM - The Wall
20140205: SUZUKI DAVID - The Legacy
2006_306: SUZUMA TABITHA - A Note of Madness
20160104: SVACEK LIBOR - Brno
2005 160: SVEVO ITALO - Emilio's Carnival
2005_160: SVEVO ITALO - Emilio's Carnival
2007_112: SWAMI VIREN - The Missing Arms of Venus de Milo - Reflections on the Science of Attractiveness
1182CK: SWENSON MAY - Nature
2005_81: SWIFT GRAHAM - The Light of Day (First Printing)
2007_31CK: SWOFFORD ANTHONY - Exit a Signed
3854CK: SYKES BRYAN - Adam's Curse: A Future without Men (First Printing)
20120302: TABUCCHI ANTONIO - Vanishing Point (Signed Bookplate Tim Parks)
3644MN: TAKASHI TSUJII - Disappearance of the Butterfly - Including a Compliment Slip "with the Compliments of Takashi Tsujii" in Gold Lettering
2088CK: TAKIGUCHI SUSUMU - Kyoshi - a Haiku Master
3884CK: TALLEY MARCIA (EDITED BY) - Naked Came the Phoenix
20101127: TALLIS FRANK - Fatal Lies
2007_21: TAN AMY - The Opposite of Fate (First Printing)
A11: TARTT DONNA - The Little Friend
2005 161: TATIUS ACHILLES - Leucippe and Clitophon
2005_161: TATIUS ACHILLES - Leucippe and Clitophon
20130308: TAUBER ALFRED I - Science and the Quest for Reality
A335: TAYLOR G P - Wormwood
2000510: TAYLOR G P - Wormwood - Signed + Shadowmancer Bookmark
A334: TAYLOR PETER - A Summons to Memphis
20100832: TAYLOR G P - Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box
2982CK: TAYLOR G.P. - Tersias Signed
2006_256: TAYLOR ANDREW - Call the Dying
2436CK: TAYLOR G.P. - Shadowmancer Signed + Bookmark + Photograph
2676DL: TAYLOR PETER - In the Tennessee Country
2004_168: TAYLOR KATE - Madame Proust and the Kosher Kitchen
000011: TEARNE ROMA - Brixton Beach
20111104: TEI CHIEW-SIAH - Little Hut of Leaping Fishes (Signed First Printing)
920CK: TEPPER SHERI S. - The Fresco
2006_317: TEPPER S SHERI - Gibbon's Decline and Fall
20150201: THERA NARADA - Buddhism in a Nutshell
A336: THEROUX PAUL - Millroy the Magician
2009_1_2: THEROUX PAUL - Millroy the Magician
A316TT: THOM TREVOR - The Air Pilot's Manual Volume 2: Aviation Law and Meteorology
3882MN: THOMAS CAITLIN WITH TREMLETT GEORGE - Caitlin: Life with Dylan Thomas
2007_76: THOMAS SCARLETT - Popco Signed
2006_196: THOMAS D.M. - Eating Pavlova
20120802: THOMPSON LEROY - Elite Unit Insignia of the Vietnam War: An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors
20120102: THOMPSON IAN - The Sun King's Garden
3452MN: THOMPSON KATE - Only Human: Book Two of the Missing Link Trilogy
20120409: THOMPSON DAVID - Clocks
2008_12_17: THOMPSON BRIAN - The Widow's Secret
20100809: THROWER W.R. - Life at Sea in the Age of Sail
IS08_07_27: THROWER GRAHAM - Inca, Maya, Jambalaya
IS25: TODD MARILYN - Wolf Whistle
3706CK: TOIBIN COLM - Mothers and Sons
2004_169: TOIBIN COLM - The Master +Signed + First Printing
000032: TOLKIEN J R R EDITED BY CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN - The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrun
3825CK: TOLKIEN J R R - The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrun
3789CK: TOLKIEN J R R - The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrun
20140108: TOLKIEN J R R - The Road Goes Ever on: A Song Cycle
2007_98: TOLKIEN J R R - The Children of Hurin
3114MN: TONG RAYMOND - Selected Poems
3398CK: TOOLE JOHN KENNEDY - The Neon Bible (First Printing)
2004_187: TOPE REBECCA - The Sting of Death
2489CK: TOPE REBECCA - The Sting of Death
2004_36: TOPE REBECCA - A Market for Murder (First Printing)
2007_07_129: TRANTER NIGEL - The Riven Realm (First Printing)
2003_70: TRANTER NIGEL - Lords of Misrule
743CK: TRAPIDO BARBARA - Frankie & Stankie Signed
2003_221: TRAPIDO BARBARA - Frankie & Stankie +Signed +
2003_72: TREFUSIS VIOLET - Echo
20101029: TREMAIN ROSE - The Colour (Signed First Printing)
3563CK: TREMAIN ROSE - The Darkness of Wallis Simpson and Other Stories (Signed First Printing)
2007_09_42: TREMAIN ROSE - The Swimming Pool Season (First Printing)
2008_12_6: TREMAIN ROSE - The Colour (Signed First Printing)
2004_38: TREMAYNE PETER - Smoke in the Wind
2006_160: TREMAYNE PETER - Raven of Destiny
2005_59: TREMAYNE PETER - Badger's Moon First Printing
20100145: TREUER DAVID - The Hiawatha First Printing
IS08_04_47: TREVOR WILLIAM - Cheating at Canasta (First Printing)
2004_173: TREVOR WILLIAM - Felicia's Journey (First Printing)
B2006_296: TRIFONOV YURY - The Long Goodbye
20140809: TRIMINO ALFREDO PEREZ - Puente Vizcaya Mi Vida En Imagenes; Vizcaya Bridge My Life in Pictures
A339: TROFIMOV YAROSLAV - The Siege of Mecca - the Forgotten Uprising
20111211: TROLLOPE ANTHONY - Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite
20120503: TROTTER R WILLIAM - Priest of Music: The Life of Dimitri Mitropoulos
20131002: TROUP GARY - Bad Twin
2974CK: TROYAN SASHA - The Forgotten Island
2009_6_32: TRUSS LYNNE - With One Lousy Free Packet of Seed (Signed First Printing)
2005_163: TRUSS LYNNE - Tennyson's Gift (Signed First Printing)
20100308: TRUSS LYNNE - Get Her Off the Pitch! How Sport Took over My Life First Printing with Signed Bookplate
3137CK: TRUSS LYNNE - Tennyson's Gift
3100CK: TSYPKIN LEONID - Summer in Baden-Baden
905CK: TUCHOLSKY KURT - Castle Gripsholm
2004_171: TUCKER NICHOLAS - Darkness Visible +Signed By Philip Pullman+
LDP3: TULLY MARK - India's Unending Journey: Finding Balance in a Time of Change
2009_4_4: TULLY JAMES - The Crimes of Charlotte Bronte
2009 4 4: TULLY JAMES - The Crimes of Charlotte Bronte
2009_9_8: TURNBULL STEPHEN R - The Book of the Samurai: The Warrior Class of Japan
3561CK: TURNER NANCY J - The Earth's Blanket: Traditional Teachings for Sustainable Living (First Printing)
20131116: UGRESIC DUBRAVKA - Baba Yaga Laid an Egg
2009_3_19: UNSWORTH BARRY - Morality Play (First Printing)
B2006_295: UNSWORTH BARRY - Losing Nelson Signed
11CK: UNSWORTH BARRY - The Hide (Signed First Printing )
2006_294: UNSWORTH BARRY - The Hide Signed
IS08_08_12: UPDIKE JOHN - Bech at Bay
IS08_04_15: UPDIKE JOHN - Rabbit at Rest
2006_149: UPDIKE JOHN - Brazil
20140708: URQUHART RACHEL - The Visionist
20160103: VACHER PETER - Mixed Messages: American Jazz Stories
3274MN: VACULIK LUDVIK - A Cup of Coffee with My Interrogator: The Prague Chronicles of Ludvik Vaculik
2006_198: VAKIL ARDASHIR - One Day
2003_67: VAKIL ARDASHIR - Beach Boy
20131204: VALENTINO SERENA - Fairest of All
2007_9: DE VALLEE SHEILA - Architecture for the Future
A366: VALLEJO DORIS - The Art of Rowena
3681CK: VALLGREN CARL-JOHAN - Documents Concerning Rubashov the Gambler First Printing
X1468: VICKERS SALLEY - Mr Golightly's Holiday Signed
2003_69: VICKERS SALLEY - Mr Golightly's Holiday
2009_2_4: VITA-FINZI PENELOPE - Edith Wharton and the Art of Fiction
20120106: VOAKE STEVE - The Dreamwalker's Child
2006_260: VONNEGUT KURT - Fates Worse Than Death
2007_07_42: VONNEGUT KURT - Jailbird
3852CK: VREELAND SUSAN - The Passion of Artemisia (First Printing)
IS08_08_13: VREELAND SUSAN - Girl in Hyacinth Blue (Plus Postcard of "a Young Woman Seated at a Virginal"
A370: WACHTEL ELEANOR - Random Illuminations
2004_31: WADE STEPHEN - The Imagination in Transit - the Fiction of Philip Roth
20120902: WAKE JEHANNE - Kleinwort Benson: The History of Two Families in Banking (Included Letterhead Loosely Inserted Signed from the Chairman's Office By Simon M Robertson)
IS08_08_04: WALDEN MARK - H.I. V.E. - Higher. Institute. Of. Villainous. Education
A379: WALKER ALICE - Absolute Trust in the Goodness of the Earth
2007_07_70: WALKER JUDY - Princess, Nun and Wife
3600CK: WALSH HELEN - Once Upon a Time in England
3646MN: WALSH HELEN - Once Upon a Time in England
X3017: WALSH HELEN - Brass
2007_96: WALSH JILL PATON - The Bad Quarto
20120702: WALSHE EIBHEAR - Oscar's Shadow: Wilde, Homosexuality and Modern Ireland
2803CK: WALTON JAMES (EDITED BY) SIGNED - The Faber Book of Smoking
20101109: WANDER FRED - The Seventh Well (First Printing)
20130315: WARDLE PATRICIA - Victoran Lace
X1653: WARNER MARINA - The Skating Party (First Printing Plus Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
2009_10_32: WARNER MARINA - No Go the Bogeyman: Scaring, Lulling and Making Mock
20110606: WARNER MARINA - No Go the Bogeyman: Scaring, Lulling and Making Mock
2003_228: WARNER MARINA - Indigo - Signed
3025CK: WATERHOUSE MICHAEL - A Wandering Voice - a Diary of Birdsong
2006_310: WATERS SARAH - The Night Watch Signed First Printing
IS08 09 6: WATSON JULES - The Boar Stone
IS08_09_6: WATSON JULES - The Boar Stone
2006_17: WATSON JULES - The White Mare
A304: WATT JUDITH EDITED BY - The Penguin Book of Twentieth-Century Fashion Writing
2009_4_20: WAY BRUCE - Psychic Or Charlatan? How to Interpret a Psychic Reading Signed
20131105: WEATHERILL CAT - Barkbelly
20101118: WEBB BETH - Star Dancer: The Book of Air
IS08_10_01: WEBB CHARLES - Home School (First Printing)
2009_8_27: WEIGHMAN GAVIN & HUMPHRIES STEVE - The Making of Modern London 1815-1914
20130801: WEINER JONATHAN - The Beak of the Finch
20140803: WEINGARTNER IRENE - Aufzeichnungsmachine/Recording Machine
20101212: WEIS MARGARET & HICKMAN TRACY - Dragons of Summer Flame
2720CK: WEISER MEL - Nick Nolte - Caught in the Act
X1162: WELSH LOUISE - The Cutting Room
2007_07_22: WEST PAUL - The Women of Whitechapel
A359: WHITE NICOLA - Versace
2009_6_17: WHITE EDMUND - Hotel de Dream First Printing
661CK: WHITE EDMUND - Skinned Alive
20100833: WHITING CHARLES - The Field Marshal's Revenge: The Breakdown of a Special Relationship
20150701: VAN DER WIELEN LEX - International Cash Management: A Practical Guide to Managing Cash Flows, Liquidity, Working Capital and Short-Term Financial Risks (Treasury Management and Finance Series)
IS08_08_14: WILCOX JOHN - The Horns of the Buffalo (Signed First Printing with "Meet Simon Fonthill"
2006_90: WILLIAMS SUSAN A AND JONES RICHARD GLYN (EDITED BY) - The Penguin Book of Modern Fantasy By Women
2003_12: WILLIAMS NIGEL - My Life Closed Twice
2007_07_20: WILLIAMS TOM PHD - Complete Chinese Medicine
20110111: WILLIAMS LIZ - Winterstrike
3749CK: WILLIAMS GLYN - The Death of Captain Cook: A Hero Made and Unmade
2004 11: WILSON ROBERT - A Small Death in Lisbon (First Printing
20110613: WILSON ROBERT A - Epitome of Desire
A300: WILSON A N - Eminent Victorians
IS77: WILSON A N - A Jealous Ghost (Signed First Printing)
ISRWil: WILSON ROBERT - The Blind Man of Seville (First Printing)
2400CK: WILSON A.N. (EDITED BY) - The Faber Book of London Signed First Printing
3124MN: WILSON C ANNE EDITED BY - Traditional Food East and West of the Pennines
2009 1 9: WILSON ELIANE - Oxford Words & Watercolours Signed By Illustrator
IS08_04_22: WILSON ELIANE - The Lost Dove Signed
2009_6_18: WILSON A N - Winnie and Wolf
2009_5_6: WILSON A N - Iris Murdoch As I Knew Her First Printing Plus Signed Bookplate
2009_1_9: WILSON ELIANE - Oxford Words & Watercolours Signed By Illustrator
20100319: WILSON ROBERT - Astronomy Through the Ages: The Story of the Human Attempt to Understand the Universe
20141105: WILSON A N - Betjeman: A Life
2003_224: WILSON A N - Dream Children Signed
2004_11: WILSON ROBERT - A Small Death in Lisbon (First Printing
2615CK: WINEARLS JOAN (EDITED BY) - Editing Early and Historical Atlases
3653MN: WINFIELD JESS - My Name Is Will: A Novel of Sex, Drugs, and Shakespeare
2007_44: WINSOR DIANA - The Dream of Bath
000018: WINTERSON JEANETTE - The. Powerbook
2006 174: WINTERSON JEANETTE - The. Powerbook Signed
2006_116: WINTERSON JEANETTE - Sexing the Cherry Signed Bookplate
2007_07_39: WINTERSON JEANETTE - Gut Symmetries ++Signed ++
2006_174: WINTERSON JEANETTE - The. Powerbook Signed
2006_170: WINTERSON JEANETTE - Tanglewreck Signed Lined and Dated
20100826: WINTERSON JEANETTE (EDITED BY) - Midsummer Nights (Signed By Antonia Fraser, Marina Warner ,Jeanette Winterson and Alexander Mccall Smith )
A293: WINTERSON JEANETTE - Boating for Beginners
2273DL: WISE WILLIAM - Christopher Mouse - the Tale of a Small Traveller
2009_5_9: WISE TERENCE & SHIRLEY - A Guide to Military Museums and Other Places of Military Interest
2005_46: WISHART DAVID - Food for the Fishes First Printing
2007_72: WISHART DAVID - In at the Death
2070CK: WITTIG MONIQUE - Across the Acheron
2007_07_41: WOELFEL JAMES W - Borderland Christianity
2562DL: WOOD JAMES - The Book Against God
3743CK: WOOD FRANCES - The First Emperor of China
1583DL: WOOD JAMES - The Book Against God
2780CK: WOOD RUZENA - The Palace of the Moon and Other Tales from Czechoslovakia
20110515: WOODALL CLIVE - Seven for a Secret (Never to Be Told) Signed First Proof
2005_171: WOODALL CLIVE - One for Sorrow Two for Joy Signed
2994CK: WOODING CHRIS - The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray
2005_47: WOODING CHRIS - The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray (First Printing)
2003_218: WOODING CHRIS - Poison +Signed +
2006 138: WOODWARD GERARD - I'll Go to Bed at Noon First Printing
3856CK: WOODWARD GERARD - I'll Go to Bed at Noon (Signed First Printing)
2006_138: WOODWARD GERARD - I'll Go to Bed at Noon First Printing
2006_139: WOODWARD GERARD - August Signed First Printing Plus a Loosely Inserted Signed Bookplate . .
20141203: WORSWICK CLARK - Princely India
20140308: WRIGHT SEAN - The Twisted Root of Jaarfindor
20100628: WROE ANN - Being Shelley: The Poet's Search for Himself
20101219: WYNDHAM FRANCIS AND MELLY DIANA (EDITED BY) - Jean Rhys Letters 1931-1966
1432CK: XIANLIANG ZHANG - Half of Man Is Woman
2009_10_5: XU WENTAO - The Classical Gardens of Suzhou: The World Heritage
2009 10 5: XU WENTAO - The Classical Gardens of Suzhou: The World Heritage
3855CK: YOUNG ROBYN - Crusade (First Printing)
A312HY: YOUNG HUGH - My Book, My Opinion! Or Thoughts Garnered on My Masonic Journey
20100118: YURI N ALEKSANDROV (COMPILER) - My Photo Album: Moscow
2796CK: ZADEH FIROOZ E. - Islam Versus Terrorism. Signed
20141109: ZAFON RUIZ CARLOS - The Prisoner of Heaven
20140411: ZAMEENZAD ADAM - The 13th House
2009_10_4: ZHENG ZHIHAI AND QU ZHIJING (COMPLILED BY) - The Forbidden City in Beijing
3760CK: ZHOU E LEE - Semper Fidelis "Always Faithful": A Collection of Love Poems
20120301: ZHU QIAN (CHIEF EDITOR) - Contemporary Chinese Fashion
2009 4 15: ZIMRING FRANKLIN E - The Contradictions of American Capital Punishment
2009_4_15: ZIMRING FRANKLIN E - The Contradictions of American Capital Punishment
IS08_08_15: ZINOVIEFF SOFKA - Eurydice Street - a Place in Athens
2009 6 12: ZUNDEL VERONICA COMPILED BY - The Lion Book of Famous Prayers First Printing
2009_6_12: ZUNDEL VERONICA COMPILED BY - The Lion Book of Famous Prayers First Printing

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