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77841: WEBB, LIEUT.-COLONEL E. A. H.; - History of the 12th (The Suffolk) Regiment 1685-1913. Including a Brief History of the East and West Suffolk Militia, the latter being now the 3rd Battalion Suffolk Regiment.
77568: WEBBER, RONALD; - The Devon and Somerset Blackdowns. Photographs specially taken by Cliff Fane.
76703: WEBER, J. C.: - Die Alpen-Pflanzen (The Alpine Plants) Deutschlands und der Schweiz in 400 nach der natur colorirten abbildungen in naturlicher grosse von J. C. Weber. Vierte Auflage. Systematisch Geordnet Mit text von Dr. C.A. Kranz. In Four volumes.
74944: WEBER, J. M. ERICH: - Practical Cake and Confectionary Art “Pra-Ca-Co” - Praktische Konditorei-Kunst. "Pra-Ko-Ku". Best and Largest Baker’s and Confectioner’s Book in the World. New Series. With a set of 20 tracings, 5 celluloid stencils and a sheet of all the original stencils to all the centre pieces. - Das grosse Konditorei-Fachbuch der Welt. Neue Folge. Mit einem Satz von 20 Pausen und 5 Zelluloid-Schablonen sowie 1 Bogen mit den Original-Schablonen aller Aufsatze. Ausgabe A in German, English, Swedish, French and Spanish Language.
49578: WEBSTER - - The Illustrated Webster spelling book Ward & Lock's educational series
77040: WEBSTER, T. B. L.: - Greek Terracottas. (No.54).
70383: WEBSTER, GRAHAM: - Fortress into City. The Consolidation of Roman Britain, First Century AD.
71225: WEDMORE, MILLICENT: - From a Cornish Moor.
71224: WEDMORE, MILLICENT: - From a Cornish Moor.
70955: WEDMORE, MILLICENT: - From a Cornish Moor.
76767: WEEMS, JOHN EDWARD; - Peary The Explorer and The Man Based on His Personal Papers by John Edward Weems.
74302: WEINSTEIN, JAY - A Collector’s Guide to Judaica With 352 Illustrations, 32 in Colour.
70104: WEINSTOCK, M.B.: - Old Dorset.
76576: WEIR, HARRISON: - Animal Stories, Old & New. Told in Pictures and Prose. Engraved and Printed by Edmund Evans.
75385: WELCH, CHARLES; - History of The Worshipful Company of Pewterers of the City of London. Based Upon Their Own Records. In Two Volumes.
77638: WELCOME, JOHN / COLLENS, RUPERT: - Snaffles. On Racing and Point-to-Pointing.
67532: WELCOME, JOHN: - Cheating at Cards. The Cases in Court.
65008: WELDON, DOM BENNET: - English Bendictine Congregation. Chronological Notes containing the Rise, Growth and Present State of the English Congregation of the Order of St.Benedict, drawn from the archives of the houses of the said congregation...authentic acts and original deeds.
77899: WELLS, H. G.; - The Dream.
77902: WELLS, H. G.; - A Modern Utopia.
77898: WELLS, H. G.; - The History of Mr Polly.
77513: WELLS, ROBERT; - The Bread and Biscuit Baker's and Sugar-Boiler's Assistant. Including a Large Variety of Modern Recipes... With Remarks on the Art of Bread-Making and Chemistry as Applied to Bread-Making. Third Edition, Revised & Enlarged.
48130: WELLS, A.K.: - Outline of Historical Geology.
77900: WELLS, H. G.; - The Misery of Boots. Reprinted with alterations from the Independent Review, December 1905.
77897: WELLS, H. G.; - The First Men in The Moon.
77896: WELLS, H. G.; - In The Days of The Comet.
77895: WELLS, H. G.; - The Autocracy of Mr. Parham His Remarkable Adventures in this Changing World. Assisted Pictorially by David Low.
77904: WELLS, H. G.; - Tono-Bungay.
76074: WELLS, H.G: - The War in the Air. And particularly how Mr Bert Smallways fared while it lasted.
75611: WELLS, H. G.; - The War of The Worlds.
77901: WELLS, H. G.; - The Country of the Blind.
77903: WELLS, H. G.; - A Quartette of Comedies. Kips, The Story of a Simple Soul; Love and Mr Lewisham; The History of Mr Polly; Bealby.
68840: WELLS, J.: - Oxford and its Colleges. Illustrated by Edmund H.New.
77819: WELLS, H. G.: - The Wonderful Visit.
77825: WELLS, H. G.: - First & Last Things. A Confession of Faith and Rule of Life.
77824: WELLS, H. G.: - The Food of The Gods. And how it came to Earth.
77823: WELLS, H.G: - The War in the Air. And particularly how Mr Bert Smallways fared while it lasted. With Illustrations by A. C. Michael.
77822: WELLS, H. G.: - New Worlds For Old.
77821: WELLS, H. G.: - Ann Veronica. A Modern Love Story.
77820: WELLS, H. G.: - The Wheels of Chance. A Holiday Adventure. With 40 illustrations by J. Ayton Symington.
77818: WELLS, H. G.: - Meanwhile. The Picture of a Lady.
77810: WELLS, H. G.: - Experiment in Autobiography. Discoveries and Conclusions of a Very Ordinary Brain (since 1866). In Two Volumes.
77905: WELLS, H. G.; - Love and Mr Lewisham.
77263: WENTWORTH, LADY; - Thoroughbred Racing Stock. And Its Ancestors. The Authentic Origins of Pure Blood. Revised Edition. With 368 plates in half-tone and 24 plates in colour.
77504: WENTWORTH, LADY; - The Authentic Arabian Horse and His Descendants. Three Voices Concerning the Horses of Arabia. Tradition (Nejd, Inner East), Romantic Fable (Islam), The Outside World of the West. With 219 plates in half-tone and 39 in colour. And many Diagrams.
72700: WERNER, M.R. / STARR, JOHN: - The Teapot Dome Scandal. The gigantic swindle of the Twenties and how it was exposed by a remarkable feat of detection.
74041: WERNER-KUNZIG, WALTRAUT: - Swarzwalder Trachten. Traditional Costumes of the Black Forest. Costumes populaires de la Foret-Noire. German, English and French language.
72980: WESCHER, PAUL: - Jean Fouquet and his time.
72811: WESLEY, MARY: - Part of the Furniture.
67960: WEST, STANLEY: - The Book of Dogs. Foreword by Jerrold Vassall Adams. Photographs by Walter Guiver.
76028: WESTELL, W. PERCIVAL; TURNER, HENRY; - The Stream I Know. With 13 Coloured & Many Black and White Illustrations.
74535: WESTELL, W. PERCIVAL; - Country Rambles Being a Field Naturalist’s and Country Lover’s Note Book for a Year. Illustrated by photographs taken direct from nature by J.T. Newman and from Drawings by Arthur Martin.
48701: WESTHEIMER, DAVID: - Von Ryan's Express.
55667: WESTHEIMER, DAVID: - Over the Edge.
45917: WESTROPP, H. M.: - Primitive Symbolism as Illustrated in Phallic Worship or the Reproductive Principle. Introduction by General Forlong.
77268: WESTWOOD, J. O.; HUMPHREYS, H. N.; - British Moths and Their Transformations. Arranged and Illustrated in a Series of Plates by H. N. Humphreys, With Characters and Descriptions by J. O. Westwood. In Two Volumes.
75899: (WEYMOUTH) - Pictorial Guide to Weymouth. The Naples of England.
74689: WHATELY, RICHARD; - Bacon’s Essays: With Annotations. SIGNED - With Author’s Dedicatory Inscription, Signature and date to title page.
74295: WHEATLEY, HENRY B. - Memoirs of Sir Nathaniel William Wraxall. 1772-1784 The Historical and Posthumous... Edited, with notes and additional chapters from the Author’s unpublished MS. In Five Volumes.
55861: WHEATLEY, DENNIS: - The Wanton Princess.
52591: WHEELER, MORTIMER - The Stanwick Fortifications North Riding of Yorkshire.
72036: WHEELER, JAMES SCOTT: - The Making of a World Power. War and the Military Revolution in Seventeenth Century England.
68159: WHEELER, H.: - Wheeler’s Illustrated Guide to Weymouth and Neighbourhood with plan of Melcombe Regis and Map of the Walks and Rides in the Vicinity.
62290: WHERRY, ALBINA: - J.M.W.Turner. Bell's Miniature Series of Painters.
77495: WHISTLER, LAWRENCE; - The Engraved Glass of Larence Whistler. With and Introduction by The Artist. SIGNED LIMITED NUMBERED EDITION.
77344: WHITAKER, THOMAS DUNHAM; MORANT, A. W.; MIALL, L. C.; - The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven, In The County of York. Third Edition, with many additions and corrections. Edited by A. W. Morant. And with a chapter on the Geology, Natural History and Pre-Historic Antiquities by L. C. Miall.
76006: WHITE, ALLEN: - 18th Century Smuggling in Christchurch
67529: WHITE, JON MANCHIP: - The Garden Game.
67233: WHITE, TERENCE DE VERE: - Tom Moore. The Irish Poet.
74845: WHITE, REV. JAMES; - The Eighteen Christian Centuries. Third Edition.
76979: WHITE, GILBERT; BEWICK (ILL.): - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne in the County of Southampton. The standard edition by E.T. Bennett. Thoroughly revised, with additional notes, by J.E. Harting. Stereotyped edition, with ten letters not included in any other edition of the Work. Illustrated with Engravings.
77126: WHITE, EVELYN; - The Journal of Willam Dowsing, Of Stratford, Parliamentary Visitor, Appointed Under a Warrant from the Earl of Manchester, for demolishing the superstitious pictures and ornaments of churches &c., within the County of Suffolk, in the Years 1643-1644. A New Edition, with an introduction, Notes, etc.
75886: WHITE, JOHN; - Forest and Woodland Trees in Britain. Westonburt Arboretum, Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
67218: WHITE, R.J.: - The Age of George III.
67558: WHITE, T.H.: - Mistress Masham’s Repose.
73187: WHITE, R.J. (ED): - The Political Thought of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. A Selection by R.J.White.
72573: WHITE, T.H.: - The Elephant and the Kangaroo.
72499: WHITE, T.H.: - The Age of Scandal. An Excursion Through a Minor Period. With an introduction by Reay Tannahill.
77190: WHITE, ROLAND; - Phoenix Squadron HMS Ark Royal, Britain’s last topguns and the untold story of their most extraordinary mission.
70780: WHITE, H.J.OSBORNE: - A Short Account of the Geology of the Isle of Wight. Natural Environment Research Council. Institute of Geological Sciences. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain England and Wales.
70703: WHITE, W.: - A Londoner's Walk to the Land's End and Back. And a Trip to the Scilly Isles.
44613: WHITEHEAD, PHYLLIS: - The Brontes Came Here. Preface by Donald Hopewell. Illustrations by A. E. Whitehead.
59222: WHITEHEAD, CHARLES: - The Life and Times of Sir Walter Ralegh: With copious extracts from his “History of the World”.
73689: WHITEHOUSE, PATRICK / THOMAS, DAVID STJOHN (EDS): - The Great Western Railway. 150 Glorious Years.
62062: WHITLOCK, RALPH: - The Shaping of the Countryside.
70776: WHITLOCK, RALPH: - Whitlock’s Wessex.
57186: WHITLOCK, RALPH: - Somerset.
55600: WHITNEY, SIMON N.: - Antitrust Policies: American Experience in Twenty Industries, 2 Volumes. Signed copies.
51642: WHITNEY, CHARLES - Bridges: A Study In Their Art, Science And Evolution.
75682: WHITTAKER, G. & W.B.; - (Original Engraved Map of...) Dorsetshire.
67134: WHITTOCK, N.: - Exeter College. N.Whittock. Lithg. Oxford.
74833: WHITTOCK, N.; - Views of the Exterior and Interior of the Collegiate Church of St. Cuthberga, Wimborne Minster. Dorset. With a concise History of the Church, and description of the Plates. Second enlarged edition. Illustrated also by engravings on wood. Limited edition.
74832: WHITTOCK, N.; - Views of the Exterior and Interior of the Collegiate Church of St. Cuthberga, Wimborne Minster. Dorset. With a concise History of the Church, and description of the Plates. Second enlarged edition. Illustrated also by engravings on wood. Limited edition. COLOUR PLATES.
62339: WHITWORTH, ALAN: - Dorset Dovecotes.
69846: WHITWORTH, ALAN: - Dorset Dovecotes.
62027: WHO'S WHO 1970. - An Annual Biographical Dictionary. .
73713: WHYMPER, EDWARD: - Travels amongst the Great Andes of the Equator. With maps and illustrations.
77790: WHYMPER, CHARLES; - Egyptian Birds. For the most part seen in the Valley.
77460: WHYTE-MELVILLE, G. J.; - Riding Recollections. Illustrated by John Charlton.
77461: WHYTE-MELVILLE, G. J.; - Songs and Verses and The True Cross. Illustrated by S. E. Walker.
68091: (WIDGERY, F.J.) PRESLAND, J.: - Lynton and Lynmouth. A Pageant of Cliff & Moorland.
75941: WIGHTMAN, RALPH: - Portrait of Dorset.
75942: WIGHTMAN, RALPH: - Portrait of Dorset. With Signed Letter.
73663: WIGHTMAN, RALPH: - Portrait of Dorset.
77570: WIGHTMAN, RALPH: - Take Life Easy.
77566: WIGHTMAN, RALPH: - Portrait of Dorset.
72888: WIGHTMAN, RALPH: - Portrait of Dorset.
69803: WIGHTMAN, RALPH: - Portrait of Dorset.
75921: WIGHTMAN, RALPH: - Take Life Easy. Signed copy. with Letter.
75922: WIGHTMAN, RALPH: - Take Life Easy. SIGNED.
71357: WIGMORE, PAUL (ED): - A Victorian View of Old England.
77788: WIGRAM, EDGAR: - Northern Spain. Painted & Described.
77523: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER: - Poems of Life. The Border Edition.
74086: WILCOX, R.TURNER: - The Mode in Costume. New revised edition. Egypt 3000BC to the Present. Men and Women. Figures, Accessories, Motifs.
77524: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER: - Poems of Pleasure (and Passion).
77355: WILDE, OSCAR: - The Happy Prince, And other tales. Illustrated by Charles Robinson.
76025: WILDER, ANTHONY - The Magic Hour and Other Poems. Limited Numbered Edition.
64246: WILDER, F.L.: - English Sporting Prints. With 95 colour plates.
77412: WILDMAN, W. B.: - A Short History of Sherborne. From 705 A.D.
42677: WILDMAN, W.B: - A Short History of Sherborne. From 705 A.D.
77624: WILDMAN, W. B.: - A Short History of Sherborne. From 705 A.D.
73807: WILDMAN, W. B.: - Life of S. Ealdhelm, First Bishop of Sherborne.
77410: WILDMAN, W. B.: - Life of S. Ealdhelm, First Bishop of Sherborne. Limited Numbered Edition.
77629: WILDMAN, W. B.: - A Short History of Sherborne. From 705 A.D. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.
61790: WILENSKI, R.H.: - Royal Portraits. The Faber Gallery. Introduction and notes by R.H.Wilenski..
61791: WILENSKI, R.H.: - English Outdoor Paintings The Faber Gallery. Introduction and notes by R.H.Wilenski..
58309: WILIAMS, TENNESSEE: - Four Plays. The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, Summer and Smoke, Camino Real.
70510: WILIAMS, STEPHEN: - Diocletian and the Roman Recovery.
71368: WILKES, LYALL / DODDS, GORDON: - Tyneside Classical. The Newcastle of Grainger, Dobson and Clayton.
75591: WILKIN, CAPT. W. H.; - Some British Soldiers In America.
77220: WILKINS, PERCY: - Our Moon. With Authors Signed Letter.
50664: WILKINSON, ANDREWS / BULL, CHARLES LIVINGSTON (ILL.): - Plantation Stories. Of Old Louisiana.
77791: WILKINSON, N. L.; SWINBURNE, H. L.; - The Royal Navy. With some notes on the Costume of the Sailors of the Past, by Commander Charles N. Robinson, R. N.; Illustrated by J. Jellicoe.
77589: WILLANS, GEOFFREY; SEARLE, RONALD; - The Compleet Molesworth.
74202: WILLIAM E.A. AXON - The Mechanic’s Friend A Collection of Receipts and Practical Suggestions... and Miscellaneous Tools, Instruments, Machines, and Processes Connected with the Chemical and Mechanical Arts.
65591: WILLIAM BARNES / BURTON, TOM: - The Vaices that be Gone. Selected poems from William Barnes’s Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect (First Collection, 1844). With Phonemic transcripts and an audio recording fronm the 2009 Adelaide Fringe.
58232: WILLIAMS, NIGEL: - They Came From SW19. By the author of ‘The Wimbledon Poisoner’.
63666: WILLIAMS, NIGEL: - The Wimbledon Poisoner.
77868: WILLIAMS, WADHAM PIGOTT; JONES, WILLIAM ARTHUR; - A Glossary of Provincial Words and Phrases in Use in Somersetshire. With an introduction by R. C. A. Prior.
76582: WILLIAMS, COLONEL ROBERT; - The Dorset Year Book 1912-13. Who’s A-fear’d? The Society of Dorset Men in London.
77750: WILLIAMS, C.B.: - Insect Migration. (36)
48637: WILLIAMS, ELSIE: - The Fox Terrier. Wire and Smooth.
71135: WILLIAMS, ARCHIBALD: - The Romance of Modern Engineering. Containing interesting descriptions in Non-Technical Language of the Nile Dam, The Panama Canal, The Tower Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Trans-Siberian Railway, The Niagara Falls Power Co., Bermuda Floating Dock, etc., etc.; New Edition, Revised and Brought up to Date by T.W.Corbin. With many Illustrations.
76599: WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR (ED): - Captain Cook’s Voyages 1768-1779. Selected and introduced by Glyndwr Williams.
45654: WILLIAMS, NIGEL: - Witchcraft. (Comic drama).
70392: WILLIAMS, GLANMOR (ED): - Swansea An Illustrated History.
69855: WILLIAMS, MERRYN: - A Preface to Hardy. Preface Books.
55728: WILLIAMS, CHARLES: - Man on a Leash. A Mystery Novel.
73421: WILLIAMSON, J.W.: - In a Persian Oil Field. A Study in Scientific and Industrial Development. With a prefatory letter from Earl of Balfour.
74266: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE C. / BUCKMAN, PERCY - The Art of the Miniature Painter Universal Art Series Edited by Frederick Marriott
73096: WILLIAMSON, JAMES A.: - The Voyages of the Cabots and the English Discovery of North America under Henry VII and Henry VIII. Illustrated with thirteen Maps.
62284: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE C.: - Frederick Lord Leighton. Bell’s Miniature Series of Painters.
62168: WILLIAMSON, DAVID / ELLIS, PATRICIA (EDS): - Debrett’s Distiguished People of Today. Foreword by the Earl Spencer, MVO.
77860: WILLIS, BROWNE; EDWARDS, EDWARD; - Willis' Survey of St. Asaph, Considerably Enlarged and Brought Down to the Present Time; With the Addition of the Names of the Canons and Vicars Choral of the Cathedral; and the incumbents of the different parishes in the discese from the earliest dates with some memoirs... A Second Appendix... A Historical Acocount... and Life of the Author, Prefixed. In Two Volumes.
49272: WILLIS, N.P: - Letters from Under a Bridge, and Poems.
50116: WILLIS, ARTHUR J.: - WINCHESTER ORDINATIONS 1660-1829 from Records in the Diocesan Registry, Winchester. Volume I: Ordinands' Papers 1734-1827 (with a Few Earlier Surviving) Volume II: Bishops’ Registers, Subscription Books, Exhibition of Orders.
61017: WILLIS, ARTHUR J.: - Genealogy for Beginners.
70666: WILLIS, BARBARA / WILLIS, DEREK: - A Wimborne Camera.
73615: WILLS, GEOFFREY: - Silver for pleasure and investment. A Guide to 18th Century English Silver.
66813: WILLS, GEOFFREY: - English Looking-Glasses. A Study of the Glass, Frames, and Makers (1670-1820).
64294: WILLS, GEOFFREY: - Wedgewood.
57397: WILLSHER, JOHN F.: - Dorset and Beyond. The Willsher Family History. AD 1550-2000. Signed copy.
60866: WILLY, MARGARET: - The Regional Books. The South Hams.
55789: WILMOT, JOHN: - The Life of the Rev. John Hough, DD: successively Bishop of Oxford, Lichfield and Coventry, and Worcester: formerly President of St Mary Magdelen College, Oxford, in the Reign of James II. Containing many of his letters, and biographical notices of several persons with whom he was connected.
76004: WILSON AND PHILLIPS - Who’s Who in Worcestershire Limited edition.
76003: WILSON AND PHILLIPS - Who’s Who in Dorset. Limited edition.
49980: WILSON, ANGUS: - Such darling dodos, and other stories.
53877: WILSON, ANGUS: - The Mulberry Bush, a play in three acts.
55729: WILSON, COLIN: - The Schoolgirl Murder Case. a novel.
73678: WILSON, A.N.: - The Victorians.
76126: WILSON, MRS. NORTHESK; MIJATOVICH, M. CHEDOMILLE; - Belgrade The White City of Death. Being the History of King Alexander and of Queen Draga.From “The Beauties of the Bosphorus”. lllustrated by numerous portraits kindly lent by His Excellency.
70705: WILSON, DAVID GORDON: - The Thames. Record of a Working Waterway.
76807: WILSON, EDWARD: - Birds of the Antarctic. Ed. by B. Roberts. Illustrations are from the originals in the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge.
76800: WILSON, EDWARD: - Diary of the “Terra Nova” Expedition To the Antarctic 1910-1912. An Account of Scott’s Last expedition, edited from the original mss. in the Scott Polar Research Institute and the British Museum, by H. G. R. King.
76655: WILSON, A. N.: - The Victorians.
73276: WILSON, VERNON / WELCH, F.B.A. / ROBBIE, J.A. / GREEN, G.W.: - Geology of the Country around Bridport and Yeovil. Natural Environment Research Council, Institute of Geological Sciences, Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, England and Wales. (Explanation of One-inch Geological Sheets 327 and 312, New Series.)
70215: WILSON, A.E.: - The Lyceum. Illustrated from the Raymond Mander and Joe Mitcheson Theatre Collection.
55571: WILSON, DEREK: - The World Encompassed - Drake's Great Voyage 1577-1580.
54385: WILSON, ANGUS (EDITOR): - Essays by Divers Hands being the transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, New Series: Volume XLIII.
54197: WILSON, ANGUS: - As If By Magic. A Novel.
51547: WILSON, ROMER - The Hill of Cloves. A Tract on True Love with a Digression Upon An Invention of The Devil SIGNED BY AUTHOR
75493: WINANT, LEWIS; - Early Percussion Firearms A History of Early Percussion Firearms Ignition from Forsyth to Winchester .44/40.
53941: WINCHCOMBE, ANNA: - Thomas Hardy: A Wayfarer. Signed.
75783: WINDLE, BERTRAM C.A. ; NEW, EDMUND H.; - The Wessex of Thomas Hardy.
60209: WINDLE, BERTRAM C.A.: - The Proportions of The Human Body.
69284: WINTER, GORDON: - The Golden Years 1903-1913. A Pictorial survey of the most interesting decade in English History, recorded in contemporary photographs and drawings.
75829: WISCHHUSEN, STEPHEN; - The Hour of One. Six Gothic Melodramas.
65933: WISDEN - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1988. 125th Year.
46007: WISDEN.: - Cricketers' Almanack 1979.
65932: WISDEN - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1987. 124th edition.
65927: WISDEN - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1982. 119th edition.
65931: WISDEN - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1986. 123rd edition.
65930: WISDEN - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1985. 122nd edition.
77085: WISE, JOHN R: - The New Forest. Its History and its Scenery. Fifth Edition. With 63 Illustrations by Walter Crane, engraved by W. J. Linton and Two Maps.
50317: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG: - Philosophische Grammatik . Teil 1: Satz. Sinn Des Satzes; Teil 2: Uber Logik Und Mathematik.
50344: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG / GRIFFIN, JAMES: - Wittgenstein’s Logical Atomism.
50360: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG / WINCH, PETER (ED.): - Studies in the Philosophy of Wittgenstein. International Library of Philosophy and Scientific Method. Ed. Ted Honderich.
57978: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG / KEYNES, RUSSELL, MOORE: - Letters to Russell Keynes and Moore. Ed. with an introduction by G.H. von Wright, assisted by V.F. McGuinness.Text in English and in German.
54859: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG: - Opmerkingen over de kleuren. vertaling & nawoord Paul Wijdeveld.
76922: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Blandings Castle and Elsewhere.
76972: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Spring Fever
76969: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - The Gold Bat.
76970: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - A Few Quick Ones
76967: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - The White Feather
76963: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Service with a Smile.
76964: WODEHOUSE, P.G.: - Ice in the Bedroom.
76959: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Do Butlers Burgle Banks?
76957: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Sunset at Blandings. With notes and appendices by Richard Usborne. Illustrations by Ionicus.
76958: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Company for Henry.
76960: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves.
76953: WODEHOUSE, P.G: - Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin
76954: WODEHOUSE, P.G.: - Aunts Aren't Gentlemen.
76955: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Bachelors Anonymous.
76956: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Galahad at Blandings.
76952: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - The Return of Jeeves
76943: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - The Head of Kay's
76945: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Laughing Gas.
76946: WODEHOUSE, P. G.; BOLTON, GUY; - Bring On The Girls The Improbable Story of Our Life in Musical Comedy, with Pictures to Prove It.
76947: WODEHOUSE, P. G.; BOLTON, GUY; - Bring On The Girls The Improbable Story of Our Life in Musical Comedy, with Pictures to Prove It.
76948: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - The World of Wodehouse Clergy
76950: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Mr. Mulliner Speaking
76935: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Three Men and a Maid
76936: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Ukridge
76937: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - The Heart of A Goof
76938: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - The Clicking of Cuthbert
76929: WODEHOUSE, P. G.; DADD, PHILLIP; - William Tell Told Again 16 Illustrations in Colour by Philip Dadd, Described in Verse by John W. Houghton.
76925: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - The Intrusion of Jimmy
76928: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - The Little Nugget Second Edition.
76924: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Hot Water
76920: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Lord Emsworth and Others
76951: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - America, I Like You Illustrations by Marc Simont.
76944: WODEHOUSE, P. G.: - Mike, A Public School Story With Four Full-Page Illustrations in Colour by J. H. Hartley.
61490: WOLFE, TOM: - A Man in Full.
73089: WOLFE, HUMBERT: - Requiem. Signed limited edition.
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74904: WOOD, REV. THEODORE; - The “Dwellers” Series. Dwellers; In the Pond, In the Garden, In the Meadows, Underground, In the Woods, By River Banks. Illustrated by F. M. B. Blaikie. Six Volumes in One.
74898: WOOD, REV. J. G.; - Our Garden Friends and Foes. With upwards of 200 illustrations by T.W. Wood, Coleman, Smith, Etc.
74293: WOOD, REV. WALTER, - The East Neuk of Fife Its History and Antiquities, Geology, Botany and Natural History in General.
73745: WOOD, MICHAEL: - In Search of Myths and Heroes. Accompanies the Television Series.
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66906: WOODHOUSE, CHARLES PLATTEN: - Ivories. A History and Guide.
76526: WOODIWISS, JOHN; - Smugglers' Ride. A Tale of Witchcraft in Old Dorset. Author of Mouseback, Death’s Visiting Card, The Ebony Torso, etc.
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63847: WOODS, WILLIAM: - England in the Age of Chaucer.
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69788: WRIGHT, PHILIP A.: - Salute the Carthorse.
68726: WRIGHT, JOSEPH / WRIGHT, ELIZABETH MARY: - An Elementary Middle English Grammar
68725: WRIGHT, JOSEPH: - Grammar of the Gothic Language and the Gospel of St.Mark, selections from the other gospels and the Second Epistle to Timothy with notes and glossary.
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68492: WWAINWRIGHT, G.J. - Mount Pleasant, Dorset: Excavations 1970-1971 (Report of the Research Committee of the Society of Antiquaries of London, No. XXXVII). Incorporating an account of excavations undertaken at Woodhenge in 1970.
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77917: WYMER, N; - English Town Crafts. A Survey of their Development from Early Times to the Present Day.
77920: WYNDHAM, RICHARD; - South-Eastern Survey. A Last Look Round Sussex, Kent & Surrey. The Face of Britain Series. Illustrated from the Author’s Photographs.
71917: WYNESS, FENTON: - Royal Valley. The story of the Aberdeenshire Dee.
71889: WYNESS, FENTON: - Aberdeen. Phases of the City with Brief Historical Notes.
76702: WYRALL, EVERARD: - The History of The King's Regiment (Liverpool) 1914 - 1919. In Two Volumes. Vol.1 1914-1915; Vol.2 196-1917.
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64594: YOUNGSON, A.J.: - Beyond the Highland Line. 3 Journals of Travel in Eighteenth Century Scotland. Burt, Pennant, Thornton.
54228: YOUNGSON, A. J.: - Beyond The Highland Line. 3 Journals of Travel in Eighteenth Century Scotland. Burt, Pennant, Thornton
52517: YOXALL, SIR JAMES - More About Collecting
75532: ZELANZY, ROGER; - The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth and other stories.
63244: ZIANI DE FERRANTI, GERTRUDE / INCE, RICHARD: - The Life and Letters of Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti. With a foreword by Caroline Haslett. Signed copy.
77489: ZISSNER, HANS; - Rats, Lice and History.
76242: ZNOSKO-BOROVSKY, EUGENE; - The Middle Game In Chess. Translated by J. Du Mont.
48744: ZULLIGER, HANS: - Buebebärg. Um Murte 1476.

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