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73793: POWYS, JOHN COWPER: - The Pleasures of Literature.
73789: POWYS, LLEWELYN: - The Verdict of Bridlegoose. Limited edition.
76594: POWYS, JOHN COWPER; - The Letters of John Cowper Powys to Frances Gregg. Volume I. Edited by Oliver Marlow Wilkinson assisted by Christopher Wilkinson.
68178: POWYS, T.F.: - Feed My Swine. Signed, dedicated and dated limited edition of 100 copies.
76441: POWYS, T. F.: - The Market Bell. Edited with notes by Ian Robinson assisted by Elaine Mencher. With an Afterword by J. Lawrence Mitchell. Limited Numbered Edition.
76487: POWYS, LLEWELYN: - Impassioned Clay. Illustrated with a woodcut by LYND WARD. Signed.
76488: POWYS, JOHN COWPER: - Autobiography. A New Edition with an Introduction by J. B. Priestley.
76455: POWYS, JOHN COWPER; KNIGHT, WILSON; BLACKMORE, ROBERT; - Powys to Knight. The letters of John Cowper Powys to G. R. Wilson Knight. SIGNED.
76434: POWYS, LITTLETON C.; - The Letters of Elizabeth Myers.
66736: POYNDER, MICHAEL: - The Price Guide to Jewellery 3000 BC-1950 AD.
51543: POYSER / HARROCK, J.T.R: - The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland. British Trust for Ornithology Irish Wildbird Conservancy.
76435: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Nation. Exclusive Edition For Waterstone’s. Limited Numbered Edition.
60431: PRATCHETT, TERRY: - Nation.
60416: PRATCHETT, TERRY: - Jingo A Discworld Novel.
76198: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Moving Pictures A Discworld Novel. Signed by the Author.
76196: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Sourcery A Discworld Novel.
76193: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Pyramids A Discworld Novel. Signed by the Author.
76192: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Men at Arms A Discworld Novel. Signed by the Author.
76189: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Witches Abroad A Discworld Novel. Signed by the Author.
76187: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Feet of Clay Signed by the Author.
76184: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - The Carpet People Illustrated by the Author.
76183: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Equal Rites Signed by the Author with letter and et als.
76182: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Johnny and the Dead Signed by the Author with letter and et als.
76178: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Johnny and the Bomb Signed by the Author.
76177: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Truckers Signed by the Author.
76176: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Wings. Signed by the Author.
76180: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Only You Can Save Mankind Signed by the Author.
76181: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Diggers Signed by the Author.
76195: PRATCHETT, TERRY; - Wyrd Sisters A Discworld Novel. Signed by the Author.
64146: PRATT, A.LLEWELYN (ED): - Our Friend the Dog in Verse. An anthology...for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
77470: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H., - Conquest of Mexico Illustrated by Keith Henderson. With an Introduction by T. A. Joyce. In Two Volumes.
76542: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H.; KIRK, JOHN FOSTER; - History of the Conquest of Peru. With a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas. New and Revised Edition, with the Author’s Latest Corrections and Additions. Edited by John Foster Kirk.
74291: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H., - Conquest of Mexico History of the Conquest of Mexico, With a Preliminary view of the Ancient Mexican Civilization and the life of the Conqueror Hernando Cortes. Author’s Authorised Edition.
74289: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - Philip The Second History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain. Three Volumes in Two.
74287: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - Ferdinand and Isabella History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella The Catholic, of Spain. In One Volume. Author’s Authorized Edition.
62935: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H.: - History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic. New and Revised Edition with the Author’s Latest Correctios and Additions, edited by John Foster Kirk. In Two Volumes. The Library Edition.
67953: PRESTON, NORMAN (ED): - Wisden. Cricketers’ Almanack. 1979. 116th edition.
67954: PRESTON, NORMAN (ED): - Wisden. Cricketers’ Almanack. 1980. 117th edition.
57239: PREVITE-ORTON, C.W.: - The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History. Two volumes. Vol I, The Later Roman Empire to the Twelfth Century; Volume II, The Twelfth Century to the Renaissance.
72797: PREVOST, L’ABBE: - The Story of Manon Lescaut. and of the Chevalier des Grieux. Translated from the French of L’Abbe Prevost by John Manton. Illustrated by S.W.Coleman.
71798: PRICE, WILLARD: - Incredible Africa.
70241: PRICE, NANCY: - Tails and Tales. This is a book about Dogs. With 16 plates. Signed copy.
62320: PRIDE, MARJORIE G.C.: - Memories of Bockhampton. and Bockhampton School.
70358: PRIDE, MARJORIE G.C.: - Memories of Bockhampton. and Bockhampton School.
70647: PRIDHAM, DR. LLEWELLYN: - The Dorset Coastline From a Personal & Photographic Point of View. Photography by Edwin Kestin.
43450: PRIESTLEY, J.B: - Jenny Villiers. The Story of the Teatre. A New Novel.
61191: PRIESTLEY, J.B.: - Saturn Over the Water. An account of his adventures in London, South America and Australia by Tim Bedford, painter; edited - with some preliminary and concluding remarks - by Henry Sulgrave; and here presented to the reading public.
53179: PRIESTLY, J.B. - Saturn Over The Water. An account of his adventures in London, South America and Australia by Tim Bedford, painter; edited - with some preliminary and concluding remarks - by Henry Sulgrave; and here presented to the reading public.
77697: PRIME, CECIL T.: - Lords & Ladies. (17) (The New Naturalist Monograph).
77635: PRIOR, R: - The Roe Deer of Cranborne Chase. An Ecological Survey. With an Appendix on the Diseases of Roe by Dr. A. McDiarmid.
60239: PRIOR, R.C.A.: - On the Popular Names of British Plants Being an Explanation of the Origin and Meaning of the Names of our Indigenous and Most Commonly Cultivated Species. Third edition.
72477: PROCOPIUS: - The Secret History. Translated by G.A.Williamson. Introduced by Philip Ziegler.
77692: (122). PROCTOR, MICHAEL; - Vegetation of Britain and Ireland. (The New Naturalist 122.)
71801: PRYDE, DUNCAN: - Nunaga. Ten Years of Eskimo Life.
76627: PSYCHOUNDAKIS, GEORGE; - The Cretan Runner. His Story of the German Occupation. Translation and intro by Partick Leigh Fermor. Annotated by the Translator and Xan Fielding.
52434: PUBLIUS VERGILIUS MARO (VIRGIL) - The Georgics Translated into English by K R Mackenzie
66125: PUDNEY, JOHN: - Shuffley Wanderers. An entertainment.
66124: PUDNEY, JOHN: - A Ring for Luck.
72925: PUGH, R.B.(ED.): - The Victoria History of the County of Wiltshire. Volume XI.
72750: PUGH, P.D.GORDON: - Staffordshire Portrait Figures and Allied Subjects of the Victorian Era including the Definitive Catalogue.
69510: PUGH, PETER: - The Royal Bath Hotel. A History. 1838-1988.
56029: PUGH, MARSHALL: - A Murmur Of Mutiny.
54407: PUGH, PETER: - Discovering Dorset With Peter Pugh's Pen, Poem and Prose.
66918: PUGH, CAROL / PUGH, ROBERT (EDS): - Twrio. A handbook of antiques and collectables from Wales or of Welsh interest. The book is based on the television series “Twrio” produced by Pedol Television for S4C.
69185: PUGNANI, GENERALE ANGELO : - Storia della Motorizzazione Militare Italiana. Italian language.
77313: PULLIN, A. W.; - History of Yorkshire County Cricket. 1903 - 1923.
75889: ( PULMAN ) JOHN TROTANDOT (PSEUD.): - Rambles, Roaming, and Recollections.
75540: PULMAN, GEORGE P. R.; - The Book of the Axe. Containing a piscatorial description of that stream and Historical Sketches of all the parishes and remarkable places upon its banks with nearly one hundred illustrations and a map. Fourth Edition, Re-written and greatly enlarged.
44799: PULMAN / JOHN TROTANDOT (PSEUD.): - Rambles, Roaming, and Recollections.
44186: ( PULMAN ) JOHN TROTANDOT (PSEUD.): - Rambles, Roaming, and Recollections.
77653: (PUNCH) - Punch, or The London Charivari. Complete Set. Volumes 1 - 100. 1841 - 1891. Bound in 25 Volumes.
74752: PURDY, RICHARD LITTLE; PETTIT, CHARLES P.C.; - Thomas Hardy. A Bibliographical Study. New Edition.
52942: PURDY, RICHARD LITTLE: - Thomas Hardy A Bibliographical Study
77385: PURNELL; - Nursery Rhyme Pop-Up Pictures
77386: PURNELL; - Jolly Jump-Ups A.B.C. Alphabet Pop-Up Picture Book.
76897: PURSER, BRUCE H.; BOSENCE, DAN W. J.; - Sedimentation and Tectonics in Rift Basins Red Sea;- Gulf of Aden.
67770: PUZEY, F.G.: - Cupid Among the Clues.
62865: PUZO, MARIO: - The Dark Arena. A Novel.
70015: PYATT, E.C: - Coastal Paths of the South West.
54416: PYATT, EDWARD.C: - Coastal Paths of the South West.
50721: QUEEN, ELLERY: - In The Queen's Parlour. And Other Leaves from the Editor's Notebook. A book of delightful table-talk, by an expert in the lore of his subject, about matters pertaining thereto....
73350: QUENNELL, PETER: - Victorian Panorama. A Survey of Life & Fashion from Contemporary Photographs with a Commentary by Peter Quennell.
69197: R. MCNAIR WILSON - The Gipsy-Queen of Paris Being the Story of Madame Tallien By Whom Robspierre Fell
77508: RACKHAM, ARTHUR/ BARRIE, J.M: - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. From The Little White Bird. With drawings by Arthur Rackham. WITH SIGNED & ILLUSTRATED ‘ONE-OF’ ART CARD.
77445: (RACKHAM, ARTHUR); BERLYN, MRS. ANNIE; - Sunrise-Land. Rambles in Eastern England. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. Third Edition.
77048: RACKHAM, ARTHUR; SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; - The Tempest. By William Shakespeare, Illustrated by Arthur Rackham.
77666: (100) RACKHAM, OLIVER: - Woodlands. (New Naturalist 100).
76092: (RACKHAM, ARTHUR) INGOLDSBY, THOMAS: - The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth & Marvels.
77354: (RACKHAM, ARTHUR) WALTON, IZAAK: - The Compleat Angler. Or The Contemplative Man’s Recreation. Being a discourse of Rivers, Fishponds, Fish and Fishing not unworthy the Perusal of most Anglers. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham.
77505: (RACKHAM, ARTHUR) WALTON, IZAAK: - The Compleat Angler. Or The Contemplative Man’s Recreation. Being a discourse of Rivers, Fishponds, Fish and Fishing not unworthy the Perusal of most Anglers. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. SIGNED LIMITED EDITION.
77156: (RACKHAM, ARTHUR) SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM: - A Midsummer-Night's Dream.
71728: RACKHAM, ARTHUR: - The Peter Pan Calendar 1976. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. Days and months in English, German and French.
75825: RADCLIFFE, MRS ANN: - The Mysteries of Udolpho. A Romance Interspersed with some pieces of Poetry. Illustrated with Copper-Plates. The Sixth Edition. In Four Volumes.
74496: RADCLIFFE, F.P.DELME. (MASTER OF THE HERTFORDSHIRE HOUNDS): - The Noble Science: A Few General Ideas on Fox-Hunting. For the Use of the Rising Generation of Sportsmen, and more especially those of The Hertfordshire Hunt Club.
44489: RADCLIFFE, SIR C. - Middlesex New edition.
77129: RADEN, WOLDEMAR: - Switzerland. Its Mountains and Valleys. With Four-Hundred and Eighteen Illustrations by A. Closs.
74247: RADICE; WILLIAM, - Myths & Legends of India Selected and Retold.
52158: RAE, SIMON - Dorset of one hundred years ago.
69829: RAE, GWYNEDD: - Mary Plain Goes to America. With illustrations by Irene Williamson.
69828: RAE, GWYNEDD: - Mary Plain to the Rescue. With illustrations by Irene Williamson.
69827: RAE, GWYNEDD: - Mary Plain and the Twins. With illustrations by Irene Williamson.
52581: RAFTIS, J.A. - Peasant Economic Development within the English Manoral System
75846: RAILO, EINO; - The Haunted Castle A Study of the Elements of English Romanticism.
65881: RAINE, CRAIG: - A Free Translation. Signed copy. 2nd impression.
70026: RAISTRICK, ARTHUR: - West Riding of Yorkshire. The Making of the English Landscape.
71866: RAIT, ROBERT SANGSTER: - The Universities of Aberdeen. A History.
75472: RAMSAY, FREDA; - John Ramsay of Kildalton Being an account of his life in Islay and including the Diary of his trip to Canada in 1870.
77709: (07) RAMSBOTTOM, JOHN: - Mushrooms & Toadstools. A Study of the Activities of Fungi. (The New Naturalist 7).
67982: RAMSEY, L.G.G.(ED): - The Concise Encyclopaedia of Antiques. Compiled by The Connoisseur. Five Volumes.
69612: RAMSEY, L.G.G. (ED): - The Complete Encyclopaedia of Antiques. Compiled by the Connoisseur.
75066: RANKING, W. H.; - The Half-Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences. Vol. XIV. July - December 1851. Being a practical and analytical digest of the contents of the principal british and continental medical works published in the preceeding six months. Together with a series of critical reports on the progress of medicine and the collateral sciences during the same period.
75065: RANKING, W. H.; - The Half-Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences. Vol. XIII. January - June 1851. Being a practical and analytical digest of the contents of the principal british and continental medical works published in the preceeding six months. Together with a series of critical reports on the progress of medicine and the collateral sciences during the same period.
55673: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC: - Who Were YOU With Last Night?
55877: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC: - Richard’s Things.
77669: (101) RATCLIFFE, DEREK: - Galloway and the Borders. (New Naturalist 101).
75546: RAVEN, CHARLES E.; - English Naturalists From Neckham to Ray A Study of the Making of the Modern World.
77163: RAVEN, CHARLES E.; - John Ray Naturalist His Life and Works
71266: RAWLINGS, LEO: - And The Dawn Came Up Like Thunder With supporting account by Bill Duncan. Foreword by Lord Mountbatten of Burma. Autobiography of an artist at war and what came after. Signed copy.
77485: RAY, ISAAC; - A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity.
75988: RAY, CYRIL: - Ruffino The Story of a Chianti
67508: RAYNER, RICHARD: - The Elephant.
48719: REA, LORNA: - The Armada. (Great Occasions).
50391: REA, LORNA: - The Armada.(Great Occasions).
62288: REA, HOPE: - Rembrandt van Ryn. Bell's Miniature Series of Painters.
73987: READ, PIERS PAUL: - The Templars. The dramatic story of the Knights Templar, the most powerful military order of the Crusades.
70020: REANEY, P.H.: - The Origin of English Place-Names.
77675: (117). REDFERN, MARGARET; - Plant Galls. (The New Naturalist 117).
73974: REDFERN, ROGER A.: - Portrait of the Pennines. Illustrated with photographs by E.Hector Kyme and with map.
76381: (117). REDFERN, MARGARET; - Plant Galls. (The New Naturalist 117).
54817: REDGROVE, PETER: - The Force & Other Poems. The Choice of The Poetry Book Society.
66925: REDMAN, WILLIAM: - Pewter and Sheffield Plate. Illustrated Handbook of Information on...With full particulars of touch marks, makers’ marks, etc.
73536: REDOUTÉ, PIERRE-JOSEPH: - Früchte und Blumen. ausgewahlt und eingeleitet von Eva Mannering. German language.
73391: REDWORTH, GLYN: - The She-Apostle. The Extraordinary Life and Death of Luisa de Carvajal.
65465: REED, HENRY: - Introduction to English Literature From Chaucer to Tennyson. Eighth thousand.
73334: REES, KEN: - Lie in the Dark and Listen. The Remarkable Exploits of a WWII Bomber Pilot and Great Escaper. Wing Commander Ken Rees with Karen Arrandale.
68713: REES, VYVYAN: - South-West Wales. Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. A Shell Guide.
76088: REEVE, R.; COX, D.; - View of Part of Battle Abbey, Sussex. Original Hand Coloured Engraving. First Lesson on Colouring.
75814: REEVE, CLARA; - Fatherless Fanny; Or, A Young Lady’s First Entrance Into Life: Being The Memoirs of a Little Mendicant and Her Benefactors. By The Author of ‘The Old English Baron’, &c. Third Edition.
63593: REICH, HANNS / ELDJARN, KRISTJAN: - Alte Islandische Kunst. German Language. With hard card slip case.
70276: REICH, JOHN: - Italy Before Rome. The Making of the Past.
70390: REID, ANDY: - The Union Workhouse. A Study Guide for Teachers and Local Historians.
70909: REITZ, DENEYS: - No Outspan. Foreword by J.C.Smuts.
55660: RENDELL, RUTH: - Murder Being Once Done.
61786: RENDER, LORNE E.: - The Mountains and the Sky.
72175: REV. H.L PAGET - In The Day of Battle With an Introduction by The Bishop of London.
68521: REV. MR.NIGHTINGALE: - A Topgraphical and Historical Description of the County of Somerset. Containing and account of its Towns, Cathedral, Castles, Antiquities, Churches, Monuments, Public Edifices, Picturesque Scenery, the residences of the Nobility, Gentry, &c. Accompanied with Biographical Notices of Eminent and Learned Men to whom this County has given Birth.
73467: REYNOLDS, LEONARD C.: - Home Waters MTBs and MGBs at War 1939-1945.
70739: REYNOLDS, HELEN: - Couture or Trade. An early pictorial record of the London College of Fashion.
68468: REYNOLDS, LEONARD C.: - Dog Boats at War. Royal Navy D Class MTBs and MGBs 1939-1945. Foreword by Admiral of the Fleet Lord Lewin.
77578: RIBTON-TURNER, C. J.; - A History of Vagrants and Vagrancy, And Beggars and Begging. Illustrated.
52129: RICHARD SALE, TOM ANG - Dorset Photographs by Tom Ang
72620: RICHARD BURN - The History of the Poor Laws: With Observations
77364: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Billy Bunter's Christmas Party. Illustrated by R. J. Macdonald.
75187: RICHARDS, W.; GILES G. D.; - Her Majesty's Army: Vols. 1 & 2. AND: Indian and Colonial Forces. A Descriptive Account of the Various Regiments now comprising the Queen's Forces , from their first Establishment to the Present Times, and in India and the Colonies.
77373: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Billy Bunter’s Treasure-Hunt Illustrations by C. H. Chapman.
77380: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Bunter’s Last Fling Illustrations by C. H. Chapman.
77374: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Billy Bunter At Butlins Illustrations by C. H. Chapman.
77368: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Billy Bunter Afloat. Illustrated by C. H. Chapman.
77362: RICHARDS, FRANK - Billy Bunter's First Case Illustrated by R.J. Macdonald.
77376: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Bunter The Caravanner Illustrations by C. H. Chapman.
77379: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Just Like Bunter Illustrations by C. H. Chapman.
77365: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Lord Billy Bunter. Illustrated by C. H. Chapman.
69738: RICHARDS, AUBREY I.: - Land, Labour and Diet in Northern Rhodesia. An Economic Study of the Bemba Tribe. International African Institute.
77366: RICHARDS, FRANK: - The Banishing of Billy Bunter. Illustrated by C. H. Chapman.
77375: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Bunter The Ventriloquist Illustrations by C. H. Chapman.
77377: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Billy Bunter’s Bodyguard Illustrations by C. H. Chapman.
77370: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Bunter Comes for Christmas. Illustrated by C. H. Chapman.
77371: RICHARDS, FRANK: - Bunter The Bad Lad. Illustrated by C. H. Chapman.
77408: RICHARDSON, SAMUEL: - Clarissa Or, The History of a Young Lady, Comprehending the most important concerns of private life and particularly showing distresses that may attend the misconduct both of parents and children in relation to marriage. Edited with notes by Angus Wilson. Illustrated by Simon Brett. In Two Volumes with Slipcase.
74403: RICHARDSON, SAMUEL; - Clarissa. Or, The History of a Young Lady: Comprehending The Most Important Concerns of Private Life. The Fourth Edition. In Eight Volumes.
74326: RICHARDSON, NELSON. M. - Proceedings of The Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club. Volume XVI. 16.
74271: RICHARDSON, S. T. - The World’s First Railway Jubilee
73842: RICHARDSON, JOHN: - The Local Historian’s Encyclopaedia. With new sections by Brian Christmas, Alexander R.Rumble, Alfreda Wilkinson. Section heading illustrations by Jill Dow. Second edition.
70067: RICHARDSON, NELSON M. (ED): - Proceedings Of The Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club. Vol XXI.
70064: RICHARDSON, NELSON M. (ED): - Proceedings Of The Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club. Vol XVIII.
68830: RICHARDSON, NELSON M.(ED): - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club. Volume XIX.
75692: RICHMOND, HENRY I.; - Richmond Family Records. In Three Volumes.
67622: RICHMOND, LEONARD: - The Technique of Oil Painting.
73119: RICHMOND, REV.LEGH: - Annals of the Poor.
60226: RICKARD, THE REV. H.: - Amberley: Its Castle, Church and History. Illustrated with original drawings by the author.
69364: RICKETTS, ERIC: - The Buildings of Old Weymouth. Part Three, The Villages.
67332: RIDEN, PHILIP: - Local History. A Handbook for Beginners.
61767: RIDLEY, DEBORAH: - A Clare View. Ten Sketches.
72307: RIDLEY, JASPER: - Roundheads.
70698: RILEY, R.C.: - Brighton Line Album.
60014: RILEY, NOEL: - Tile Art. A History of Decorative Ceramic Tiles.
50041: RINE, JOSEPHINE Z.: - Care and Feeding of Dogs.
75595: RIPMAN, HUJOHN A.; - Guy’s Hospital 1725-1948
65842: ROACH, FREDERICK A.: - Hooker’s Finest Fruits. A selection of paintings of fruits by WILLIAM HOOKER (1779-1832), Introduction by William T.Stern. Descriptions by Frederick A. Roach. Signed copy.
50729: ROBB, BRIAN (ILL.) / ANDREYEV, L.: - Judas Iscariot. The Christians. The Phantoms. Translated by Walter Morison.
67309: ROBBINS, KEITH: - Nineteenth-Century Britain. Integration and Diversity. The Ford Lectures Delivered in the University of Oxford 1986-1987.
70920: ROBEQUAIN, CHARLES: - Malaya, Indonesia, Borneo, and the Phillippines. A Geographical, Economic, and Political description of Malaya, the East Indies, and the Philipines. Translated by E.D.Laborde. Issued in co-operation with the International Secretariat, Institute of Pacific Relations.
77215: ROBERT-HOUDIN: FORSTER, JOSEPH: - Card-Sharpers, Their Tricks Exposed. Or, The Art of Always Winning. Translated from the French. With Explanatory Diagrams.
58596: ROBERTS, J.KITTO: - The Mevagissy Independents. 1625-1946.
69317: ROBERTS, JOHN L.: - Introduction to Geological Maps and Structures.
77574: ROBERTS, S. C.; BLACKALL, W. G.; - The Charm of Cambridge. Illustrated by W. G. Blackall.
76592: ROBERTS, PAUL; POWYS; - Becoming Mr. Nobody: The Philosophy and Poetry of John Cowper Powys. Limited numbered edition.
76458: ROBERTS, PAUL; POWYS, JOHN COWPER; TROVILLION, HAL, VIOLET; - Powys to the Trovillions. The Letters of John Cowper Powys to Hal W. and Violet Trovillion. Edited by Paul Roberts.
73071: ROBERTS, GEORGE: - The History and Antiquities of the Borough of Lyme Regis and Charmouth. With several embellishments. Limited edition facsimile reprint.
69153: ROBERTS, J.M.: - Europe 1880 -1945. Second edition. A General History of Europe.
56891: ROBERTS, KENNETH: - Oliver Wiswell.
53885: ROBERTS, MRS ERNEST STEWART: - Sherborne, Oxford and Cambridge Recollections of Mrs Ernest Stewart Roberts.
74446: ROBERTSON, JEAN; - More Adventures of Little Black Nickum. Illustrated by Norman Mommens.
74288: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM; PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - Charles The Fifth History of the Reign of Charles The Fifth, With an Account of the Emperor’s Life after his Abdication. In One Volume.
62307: ROBERTSON, MARTIN: - Dorset to Gloucestershire. Exploring England’s Heritage. Foreword by Barry Cunliffe.
68549: ROBERTSON, DORA H.: - Sarum Close. A History of the Life and Education of Cathedral Choristers for 700 years.
75857: ROBINSON, EMMA: - Caesar Borgia. A Historical Romance. By The Author of “Whitefriars”. The Twelfth Thousand.
75833: ROBINSON, EMMA; - Whitefriars; Or, The Days of Charles The Second. An Historical Romance. In Three Volumes. Third Edition.
74836: ROBINSON, HERBERT C.; - The Birds of The Malay Peninsula. Volume 1: The Commoner Birds. A General account of the Birds inhabiting the region from the Isthmus of Kra to singapore with the adjacent islands.
47874: ROBINSON, MRS. - The Graven Palm. A Manual of the Science of Palmistry.
76093: (ROBINSON,CHARLES) SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE; - The Sensitive Plant. Introduction by Edmund Gosse. De Luxe Edition.
71326: ROBINSON, ERIC / MUSSON, A.E.: - James Watt and the steam revolution. A documentary history.
76864: ROBINSON, W. HEATH: - Railway Ribaldry. Being 96 Pages of Railway Humour.
77088: ROBINSON, C.E. / DAWSON, A.(ILLS.): - A Royal Warren. Or: Picturesque Rambles in the Isle of Purbeck. The etchings by Alfred Dawson.
75445: ROBOZ, ZSUZSI; GEBLER DAVIES, STAN; - Chichester 10. Portrait of a Decade. With words by Stan Gebler Davies. SIGNED.
75860: ROCHE, REGINA MARIA; - The Children of The Abbey, A Tale.
77195: ROCHE, PAUL; - All Things Considered. SIGNED BY AUTHOR.
70748: RODRIGUEZ, HELEN: - Helen of Burma. The Autobiography of a Wartime Nurse.
70031: ROE, F.GORDON: - English Cottage Furniture. From earliest times to the Victorian era. New edition, revised and enlarged.
76813: ROGERS, SAMUEL: - Poems by Samuel Rogers.
77457: ROGERS, WALTER THOMAS; - A Manual of Bibliography: Being an Introduction to the Knowledge of Books, Library Management, and the Art of Cataloguing, with a list of Bibliographical works of reference, a Latin-English and English-Latin topographical index of ancient printing centres and a glossary. With 37 Illustrations. New Edition.
77117: ROGERS, SAMUEL: - Poems by Samuel Rogers.
69831: ROGERS, COL.H.: - The Pageant of Heraldry. An Explanation of its Principles and its Uses To-day.
76689: ROGERS, ASHLEY C. (EDITOR); - The Dorset Year Book for 1940-41.
68225: ROGERS, NORMAN: - Wessex Dialect.
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74857: STRAND MAGAZINE - ED. BY G. NEWNES / DOYLE / WELLS / VERNE / NANSEN / LOUIS WAIN / BEERBOHM / BRASSEY / H. RIDER HAGGARD / W. G. GRACE / ETC.; - The Strand Magazine. An Illustrated Monthly. Contains the first publication of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” (vols. 2 - 6), “The First Men in the Moon”, and “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. Contents include many articles and stories, many published here for the first time, by famous authors. Some of the more well-known authors and stories are mentioned below. TWENTY VOLUMES.
74004: STRATHERN, PAUL: - The Artist, The Philosopher and The Warrior. Leonardo, Machiavelli and Borgia: A Fateful Collusion.
66346: STRETTON, HESBA: - Little Meg’s Children.
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77528: TISSANDIER, GASTON: - Popular Scientific Recreations. A Storehouse of Instruction and Amusement: In which the Marvels of Natural Philosphy, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy, etc. are explained and illustrated. Mainly by Means of pleasing Experiments and attractive Pastimes. New and Enlarged Edition. With Nearly 900 Engravings.
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68113: TOMALIN, CLAIRE: - Jane Austen. A Life. Signed copy.
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50449: TOMLINSON, H.M.: - Illusion: 1915
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58381: TOUKAN, CAPTAIN S.: - The Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan.
77185: TOUT, KEN; - To Hell With Tanks!
74354: TOWN AND COUNTY DIRECTORIES LTD. - Dumfries Kirkcudbright and Wigtown Trades’ Directory 1940-41 With a County Supplement containing County Councillors, County Residents and Farmers, Accompanied with a Gazeteer of Scotland. Forty-Second Edition.
55597: TOWNDROW, K.ROMNEY: - The Works of Alfred Stevens Sculptor, Painter, Designer in the Tate Gallery With an Introduction and Descriptive Catalogue of Classified Works by Kenneth Romney Towndrow and a Foreword by John Rothenstein, Director and keeper.
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74135: TOWNSEND, SUE: - The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole. Line drawings by Caroline Holden.
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73376: TOYNBEE, PHILIP: - End of a Journey. An autobiographical Journal 1979-1981. Edited by John Bullimore.
73191: TOYNBEE, PHILIP: - Tea with Mrs Goodman.
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71911: TRAIL, KATHERINE E.: - The Story of Old Aberdeen.
76249: TRASKEY, J. P: - Milton Abbey. A Dorset Monastery in the Middle Ages. SIGNED.
66386: TRAVERS, BEN: - Rookery Nook.
57486: TREASE, GEOFFREY: - The Iron Tsar.
74823: TREE, HERBERT BEERBOHM; VARIOUS; - Souvenir of the Charing Cross Hospital Bazaar. Held at the Royal Albert Hall, June 21 & 22, 1899.
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70271: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY: - Garibaldi’s Defence of the Roman Republic. With seven maps and numerous illustrations. New edition.
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77562: TREVES, SIR FREDERICK: - Highways and Byways in Dorset. With illustrations by Joseph Pennell. Second edition.
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57288: TRINDER, BARRIE: - The Industrial Revolution in Shropshire.
66538: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY: - The Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson. By one of the firm. Introduced by Juliet McMaster. Illustrations by Llewellyn Thomas.
74935: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY; - The Barsetshire Chronicles. & Others. 14 Volumes In Slipcases.
74548: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY: - Orley Farm. With Illustrations by J. E. Millais. In Two Volumes.
53874: TROLLOPE, JOANNA: - The Best of Friends. Signed First Edition.
76423: TROLLOPE, FRANCES ELEANOR; TROLLOPE, THOMAS ADOLPHUS: - Italy. From The Alps to Mount Etna. Illustrated with Upwards of One Hundred Full-Page and Three Hundred Smaller Engravings.
55862: TROLLOPE, JOANNA: - Next Of Kin. Signed first edition.
58485: TROUNCER, MARGARET: - The Lady of My Delight. Signed copy.
58486: TROUNCER, MARGARET: - Charles de Foucauld. Signed copy.
65871: TUCKER, A.: LIBRARY, ESPLANADE. - Views of Weymouth.
76511: TUER, ANDREW. W.: - Pages and Pictures from Forgotten Children’s Books.
50910: (TUNNICLIFFE) NIALL,I: - Portrait of a Country Artist. Charles Tunnicliffe R.A. 1901 - 1979.
73337: TUNNNICLIFFE, C.F./ BATES, H.E.: - O More Than Happy Countryman. Illustrated by C.F.Tunnicliffe.
68931: (TUNNNICLIFFE) NIALL, IAN: - Portrait of a Country Artist. Charles Tunnicliffe R.A. 1901-1979.
57238: TURBERVILLE, A.S.(ED): - Johnson’s England. An Account of the Life & Manners of his Age. Two volumes.
57146: TURBERVILLE, A.S.: - English Men and Manners in the Eighteenth Century. An Illustrated Narrative.
76977: TURGENEV, IVAN: - Virgin Soil A Novel. Translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett. In Two Volumes. The Novels of Ivan Turgenev Volumes VI & VII.
73283: TURNER, W.J. (ED): - The Englishman’s Country. Introduction by Edmund Blunden. With 48 plates in colour and 137 illustrations in black and white.
55242: TURNER, JAMES: - Stone Peninsula: Scenes from the Cornish Landscape.
77188: TURNILL, R.; REED, A: - Farnborough The Story of RAE.
55730: TUTE, WARREN: - The Tarnham Connection. A Novel.
74989: TWAIN, MARK; - The Prince and the Pauper. A Tale for Young People of All Ages. With One Hundred and Ninety Illustrations.
77032: TWAIN, MARK; - The Stolen White Elephant, etc. (Samuel L. Clemens.)
50640: TWAIN, MARK: - Extracts from Adam's Diary. Translated from the Original MS. F. Strothmann.
77033: TWAIN, MARK: - Life on the Mississippi. With Over 300 Illustrations.
69958: TWAIN, MARK: - A Treasury of Mark Twain. Introduction by Roy Blount Jr. Illustrated by Rod Waters.
76626: TWAIN, MARK: - Collected Stories. Three Volumes in Slipcase. Introduced by Robert McCrum. Illustrated by Roger Fereday.
69500: TWYMAN, MICHAEL: - Early Lithographed Books. a study of the design and production of improper books in the age of the hand press. With a catalogue.
73978: TYLER, ANNE: - Ladder of Years. A Novel.
67231: TYNAN, KATHLEEN: - The Life of Kenneth Tynan.
77516: TYNDALE, WALTER / HOLLAND, CLIVE: - Wessex. Painted by Walter Tyndale, Described by Charles Holland.
61440: TYNDALE, WALTER: - Near Maiden Castle Dorchester. From the book, Wessex.
61443: TYNDALE, WALTER: - The Gateway at Cerne Abbas. From the book, Wessex.
74665: TYNDALE, WALTER / HOLLAND, CLIVE: - Wessex. Painted by Walter Tyndale, Described by Charles Holland.
74478: TYNDALE, WILLIAM; - Tyndale’s Old Testament Being The Pentateuch of 1530, Joshua t o2 Chronicles of 1537, and Jonah. Introduction by David Daniell.
73772: TYNDALE, WALTER / HOLLAND, CLIVE: - Wessex. Painted by Walter Tyndale, Described by Charles Holland.
61438: TYNDALE, WALTER: - Glastonbury Steeple from the Abbey Gardens. From the book, Wessex.
61442: TYNDALE, WALTER: - Melbury Park. From the book, Wessex.
75371: UDAL, JOHN SYMONDS: - Dorsetshire Folk-Lore. A facsimile limited edition. With a fore-say by the late William Barnes. A facsimile limited edition with a foreword by R.N.R.Peers. Issued by subscription.
77561: UDAL, JOHN SYMONDS: - Dorsetshire Folk-Lore. A facsimile limited edition. With a fore-say by the late William Barnes. A facsimile limited edition with a foreword by R.N.R.Peers. Issued by subscription.
73750: UGLOW, JENNY: - A Gambling Man. Charles II and the Restoration.
49918: UHLAND, LUDWIG: - Gedichte von Ludwig Uhland.
75281: UNKNOWN; - The Old York Road. And its Early Associations of History and Biography. 1670-1870.
76663: UNKNOWN; - Album of Original Victorian Photographs.. In Mauchline Ware Binding.
76087: UNKNOWN; - Original Hand Coloured Engraving of Top Of Town, High West Street, Dorchester, Dorset. View from Top O’ Town Roundabout (near Hardy’s Statue and The Keep) Looking down the Main High Street with Grey’s Bridge in the distance.
69511: UPCOTT, WILLIAM: - English Topography. A Bibliographical Account of the Principal Works Relating to English Topography.
66373: UPHAM, J.W.: - Upway (sic) Church near Weymouth. Aquatint.
66374: UPHAM, J.W.: - Upway (sic) Church near Weymouth. Aquatint.
66375: UPHAM, J.W.: - Upway (sic) Church near Weymouth. Aquatint.
66377: UPHAM, J.W.: - Ruins of the Old Church and Rufus, or Bow and Arrow, Castle, Portland. J.Bluck fecit.
77468: URWICK, REV. W: - Indian Pictures. Drawn With Pen and Pencil.
77233: USICK, PATRICIA; - Adventures in Egypt and Nubia The Travels of William John Bankes (1786-1855)
59407: VACHON, MARIUS: - Detaille.
77662: VALPY, A. J.; (SHAKESPEARE); - The Plays and Poems of Shakespeare, According to the Improved Text of Edmund Malone, Including the Latest Revisions, With A Life, Glossarial Notes, an Index, and One Hundred and Seventy Illustrations from designs by English Artists. In Fifteen Volumes.
76326: VAN RAALTE, FLORENCE & CHARLES: - Brownsea Island.
75823: VAN DEN KEERE : - AN ORIGINAL Miniature ENGRAVED MAP OF DORSETSHIRE ( Dorset ). So called “Mini Speed”.
64297: VAN DER HOOP, DR.A.THOMASSEN A THUESSINK / KROM, N.J. / KERN, R.A. (ET AL): - Geschiedenis van Nederlandsch Indie. 5 volumes. Dutch language.
74217: VAN RAALTE, FLORENCE & CHARLES: - Brownsea Island.
68332: VAN DER POST, LAURENS: - Flamingo Feather. A Story of Africa.
64482: VAN DER POST, LAURENS: - Feather Fall. An Anthology. Edited by Jean-Marc Pottiez. Signed copy.
61560: VAN DEN KEERE, PIETER: - Atlas of the British Isles. Introduction by Helen Wallis.
77417: VAN DEN KEERE : - AN ORIGINAL ENGRAVED MAP OF DORSETSHIRE ( Dorset ). So called “Mini Speed”.
68453: VANA, ZDENEK: - The World of the Ancient Slavs. Photographs by Pavel Vacha. Illustrations by Pavel Major.
77143: (VANITY FAIR SUPPLEMENT); SPY; C.B.; - “Belvoir.” Sir Gilbert Greenall.
77142: (VANITY FAIR SUPPLEMENT); SPY; C.H.; - “Raby Castle,” Lord Barnard.
77141: (VANITY FAIR SUPPLEMENT); SPY; - Lord Robert Cecil, K.C., M.P. “So valuable an advocate should become a successful Parliamentarian.”
55278: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by VA: MR WALTER WINANS. “The Record Revolver Shot”. 17/8/1893. (Sports)
55290: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by SPY: HIS HIGHNESS MIDHAT PASHA. “The Turkish Constitution”. 30/6/1877. (Carriages)
55286: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by QUIZ: THE RT. HON. SIR H.C LOPES. “An Old Fashioned Judge”. 25/3/1893. (Legal)
55281: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by SPY: MR.STEEL. “the leviathan”. 27/10/1877. (Wagerers)
55274: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by SPY: HENRY THOMAS FOLEY, 5th Baron Foley “a liberal peer”. 2/12/1882. (Politics)
55268: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by LIB: SIGNOR PIETRO MASCAGNI, “Cavalleria Rusticana.”. 24/8/1893. (Music)
55264: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by BEERBOHM, MAX: “Four Feathers”. (A.E.W.Mason M.P.) 10/6/1908. (Author)
57778: VANSITTART, JANE: - Lifelines. The Stacey Letters. 1836-1858.
56972: VARD, KENNETH: - Liners in Art.
77455: VARIOUS; - The Children's Picture Gallery. With Illustrations by Harry Rowntree, Louis Wain, and many others.
76430: VARIOUS; - The Months Illustrated. By Pen & Pencil. With designs by Noel Humphreys, John Gilbert, Barnes, Wimperis, North, Lee, Suman and other eminent artists.
62315: VARIOUS: - Who’s Afear’d of Family History. A guide to sources for family history in Dorset Record Office.
74940: VARIOUS; WYNNE; T. HARPER MEREDITH; - The Gardening World Illustrated. A Weekly Paper exclusively devoted to all branches of Practical Gardening. Vol. 1. September 6, 1884 to August 29, 1885. AND Vol. 2. September 5, 1885, to August 28, 1886. TWO VOLUMES.
74757: VARIOUS; HARDY, THOMAS; - Appleton’s Journal of Literature, Science and Art. Volume Fourteenth, From No. 328 to 353 inclusive. July 3 to December 25, 1875. Contains Thomas Hardy’s The Fire at Tranter Sweatley’s.
74637: VARIOUS: - The Cornhill Magazine. In Two Volumes. Volume XV. (15) January to June 1867. AND Volume XVI. (16) July to December 1867.
74512: VARIOUS; ABRAHAMS, WILLIAM; - American, English & Russian Short Stories Introduced by William Abrahams, Illustrated by Paul Gulla. Three (3) Volumes.
64163: VARIOUS: - The Book of The Martyrs of Tolpuddle 1834 - 1934. The Story of the Dorsetshire Labourers who were convicted and sentenced to seven years' transportation for forming a Trade Union.
76536: VARIOUS: - The Pageant of English Poetry. Being 1150 Poems and Extracts by 300 authors.
74428: VARIOUS,; PERSONNEL OF CAMBRIDGE ICELAND EXPEDITIONS; - Iceland Papers. Volume 1. Scientific Results of Cambridge Expeditions to Iceland, 1932-38.
61806: VARIOUS: - Painting of the Month. 1963.
62205: VARIOUS: - L’Illustration. Journal Universel. Hebdomadaire. French language.
67326: VARIOUS: - Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Volume 137 (2007).
61794: VARIOUS: - Painting of the Month. 1964.
76863: VARIOUS: - The Book of The Martyrs of Tolpuddle 1834-1934. The Story of the Dorsetshire Labourers who were convicted and sentenced to seven years transportation for forming a Trade Union.
74198: VARIOUS - Tales from "Blackwood". 12 Volumes.
73921: VARIOUS: - The Dorset Year Book. 1923. 19th year of issue.
73917: VARIOUS: - The Dorset Year Book. 1916-17. The Society of Dorset Men in London.
73920: VARIOUS: - The Dorset Year Book. 1921.
76068: VARIOUS; LYTTON, MACAULAY &C.; - The Girl's Own Annual. Vol.8. (Oct. 1886 - Sept. 1887)
73252: VARIOUS: - Herefordshire its natural history, archaeology, and history. Chapters written to celebrate the Centenary of the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club founded in 1851.
73144: VARIOUS: - The Royal River. The Thames, From Source to Sea. Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial.
62314: VARIOUS: - Kingston Lacy. Dorset. The National Trust.
73010: VARIOUS: - Aurora Borealis Academica. Aberdeen University Appreciations 1860-1889.
72574: VARIOUS: - The Book of The Tolpuddle Martyrs 1834-1934. The Story of the Dorsetshire Labourers who were convicted and sentenced to seven years transportation for forming a Trade Union.
72376: VARIOUS: - England’s Helicon. Reprinted from the Edition of 1600 with additional Poems from the Edition of 1614. Limited edition.
62308: VARIOUS: - Kingston Lacy. Dorset. The National Trust.
71606: VARIOUS. - The Flying Annual. Thrilling Stories of the Air.
76683: VARIOUS: - The Dorset Year Book. 1929. 25th year of issue.
70783: VARIOUS: - Handbook to the University of Oxford.
62384: VARIOUS: - The Sphere. George the Fifth Accession Number. May 21 1910. An illustrated newspaper for the Home.
67411: VARIOUS: - The Game of Golf. The Lonsdale Library volume IX. Stroke Play, by Joyce and Roger Wethered; Match and Medal Play, Practice, Middle-Aged Golf, Watching for Profit & Famous Courses, by Bernard Darwin; History & Literature, by Horace Hutchinson; Golf Architecture & Green-keeping, by T.C.Simpson. With one hundred illustrations.
69887: VARIOUS: - Nobel Prize Library. Published under the Sponsorship of the Nobel Foundation and the Swedish Academy.
69220: VARIOUS - The Sketch June 30th 1897 No 231 Vol XVIII With Supplement; Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria
69178: VARIOUS: - Costume. Number 10 1976. The Journal of the Costume Society.
68674: VARIOUS: - Paper Making. A General Account of its History, Processes, and Applications. Prepared under the Direction of the Education Committeeof the Technical Section of the British Paper and Board Makers’ Association (Incorporated).
62385: VARIOUS: - Country Life. February 6th 1937.
55596: VARIOUS. - Drawing and Design.
60965: VARIOUS: - Account of the Meeting of the Descendants of Colonel Thomas White, of Maryland, Held at Sophia’s Dairy, on the Bush River, Maryland, June 7, 1877. Including Papers read on that Occasion, together with Others then referred to and since Prepared.
66321: VARIOUS: - The New Pleasing Instructor; or, Entertaining Moralist. A collection of essays, narratives, allegories and instructive compositions selected from the most eminent authors.
76156: VARIOUS: - The Book of The Martyrs of Tolpuddle 1834-1934. The Story of the Dorsetshire Labourers who were convicted and sentenced to seven years transportation for forming a Trade Union.
65636: VARIOUS: - Centre and Circumference Essays in English Romanticism.
76718: VARIOUS; - Belgravia, An Illustrated London Magazine. Vol. XLII. July to October 1880.
77243: VAUGHAN, RICHARD; - The Arctic A History
64216: VEDRES, NICOLE: - Un Siecle D’Elegance Francaise. Preface de Leon-Paul Fargue, texte de Nicole Vedres. French Language.
73019: VENN, JOHN: - Caius College.
75599: VERLET, PIERRE; - French Furniture and Interior Decoration of the 18th Century.
49051: VERNE, JULES: - The Moon-Voyage, containing: “From the Earth to the Moon”, and “Round the Moon”. Illustrated by Henry Austin.
76136: VERNE, JULES: WAIN, LOUIS; - THE BOY'S OWN ANNUAL. Vol. 11. October 6th 1888 - September 21st 1889.
49384: VERNEDE, R.E. / CUNEO, CYRUS (ILLS.): - The Fair Dominion. A Record of Canadian Impressions.
77060: VERNER, COLONEL WILLOUGHBY; WHITE, LIEUTENANT MAURICE; - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1904. (Fifteenth Year.)
63561: VERNEY, PETER: - The Battle of Blenheim.
77576: VERNON, PAUL E: - Morocco from a Motor. Containing 48 Full-Page Illustrations in Colour.
67562: VERNON, MARJORIE: - Brief Enchantment.
58763: VERNON, DICK (ED): - “Strafer” Gott. A Tribute to Lieutenant-General William Henry Ewart (‘Strafer’) Gott CB CBE DSO & Bar MC. Commanding Officer 1st Bn The King’s Royal Rifle Corps 1939...Killed while flying to Cairo to take command of the Eighth Army 7th August 1942.
75680: VERNOR; HOOD; - (Original Engraved Map of...) Colchester. ... to Accompany the Beauties of England and Wales.
75550: VIC-WELLS; - The Work of Lilian Baylis. Edited by Harcourt Williams. Photographs by Angus McBean.
60720: (VICTOR HUGO / ALEXANDRE DUMAS): - Musee des Familles. Lectures du Soir. 8me volume.
54437: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM: - Persian Art Exhibition 1931.
48839: VICTORIA / WINTLE, W.J.: - The Story of Victoria, R.I. Wife, Mother, Queen. “Splendid Lives Series”.
74691: VIDALIN, ADELAIDE; - La Cuisiniere Bourgeoise. Suivie de la Patisserie et de l’Office. a l’usage de tous ceux qui se melent de depense de maisons... Nouvelle Edition. Soigneusement revue, corrigee et augmentee de quelgues nouveaux apprets.
70593: VIGAR, PENELOPE: - The Novels of Thomas Hardy. Illusion and Reality.
51268: VILLE-HARDOUIN, GEOFFROI DE - Conquête de Constantinople. avec la continuation de Henti de Valenciennes. Texte original, accompagné d'une traduction. Natalis de WAILLY.
74813: VILLIERS, ALAN; - Cruise of the Conrad. A Journal of a Voyage Round The World, Undertaken and Carried Out in The Ship 'Joseph Conrad, ' 212 Tons, in The Years 1934, 1935 and 1936 by Way of Good Hope, the East Indies, the South Seas and Cape Horn.
70953: VINCE, CHARLES: - The Street of Faces: Glimpses of Town. With Eight Drawings by J.D.M.Harvey.
75618: VINCENT, J. E.; - Highways and Byways in Berkshire. (Pocket edition). Illustrations by Frederick L. Griggs.
49220: VINCENT, ERIC W. / HINTON, PERCIVAL: - The University of Birmingham: Its History and Significance.
67140: VINCENT, RENE: - La Maman du Jeune Permissionnaire (the mother of the young soldier on leave). Comme il y a longtemps qui je n'avais goute le plaisir de me voir si belle. (It’s a long time since I had the pleasure of seeing myself look so beautiful).
67333: VINCENT, JOHN (ED): - A Selection from the Diaries of Edward Henry Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby (1826-93) Between September 1869 and March 1878. Camden Fifth Series, volume 4.
67404: VINE, P.A.L.: - London’s Lost Route to Basingstoke. The Story of the Basingstoke Canal.
73287: VINE, P.A.L.: - London’s Lost Route to the Sea. An historical account of the inland navigations which linked the Thames to the English Channel. With 66 plates, 26 line figures, 16 maps.

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