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70091: HODGES, M.A.: - The Smuggler: No Gentleman. Smuggling with Violence around Christchurch and Poole Bays.
74871: HODGKIN, THOMAS; - Theodoric The Goth. The Barbarian Champion of Civilisation.
69678: HOEHLING, A.A. / HOEHLING, MARY: - The Last Voyage of the Lusitania.
73623: HOGBIN, IAN: - Social Change. Josiah Mason lectures delivered at the University of Birmingham.
75839: HOGG, JAMES; - The Suicide’s Grave. Being the Private Memoirs & Confessions of a Justified Sinner, written By Himself. With A Detail of Curious Traditionary Facts & Other Evidence By The Editor.
75684: HOGG, ALEX; - A New Map of Dorsetshire. Drawn from the Latest Authorities.
72714: HOGG, JAMES: - The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner. Written by Himself with a detail of curious traditionary facts and other evidence by the editor. With an Introduction by Douglas Gifford. Lino-cuts by Peter Pendrey.
49662: HOLABIRD, KATHERINE / CRAIG, HELEN ( ILLS.): - Angelina’s Birthday.
72854: HOLDERLIN, FRIEDRICH: - Selected Poems. Translated with an introduction and notes by J.B.Leishman. German and English.
55568: HOLDGATE, MARTIN: - A History of Appleby County Town of Westmorland.
58524: HOLDGATE, MARTIN: - Appleby. A History of the County Town of Westmorland.
74453: HOLDSWORTH, W.A.; - The Handy Book of Parish Law
69773: HOLE, THE VERY REVEREND S.REYNOLDS: - A Little Tour in America.
75561: HOLFORD-STREVENS, LEOFRANC: - A Short History of Time. In Slipcase. Sealed.
52907: HOLLAND, CLIVE: - The Ardennes & the Walloon Country
54178: HOLLAND,CLIVE/ RANDALL, M.: - From the North Foreland to Penzance.
44193: HOLLAND, M: - Silver. An illustrated Guide to Collecting silver.
66900: HOLLAND, MARGARET: - Silver. An Illustrated Guide to Collecting Silver. This book is illustrated with 45 superb colour and over 120 black and white illustrations.
71829: HOLLEYMAN, JO: - Mouse in the Moon. Drawn and Told by Jo Holleyman.
69806: HOLMAN, ROGER: - Images of the Dorset Coast
77196: HOLME, CHARLES (EDITOR); - English water-colour with reproductions of drawings by eminent painters. “The Studio” Library. Edited by Charles HOLME. Introduction by Frederick WEDMORE.
73412: HOLMES, RICHARD: - Coleridge. Darker Reflections.
69299: HOLMES, RICHARD: - Tommy. The British Soldier on the Western Front 1914-1918.
76725: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL: - The Writings of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Riverside Edition. In Thirteen Volumes. Complete. The Autocrat at the Breakfast Table; The Professor at the Breakfast Table; The Poet at the Breakfast Table; Over the Teacup; Elsie Venner; Guardian Angel; A Mortal Antipathy; Pages From Old Volume of Life; Medical Essays; Our Hundred Days in Europe; Poems 1, 2 & 3.
54401: HOLMES, EDRIC: - Wanderings in Wessex. An Exploration of the Southern Realm from Itchen to Otter.
75925: HOLMES, A. DOROTHY: - Some Wessex Sketches. With a foreword by John Shirley-Fox.
65776: HOLROYD, MICHAEL: - Bernard Shaw. Volume I: 1856-98, The Search For Love; Vol. II: 1898-1918, The Pursuit of Power. Two volumes only.
73576: HOLT, ALAN L.: - West Somerset. Romantic Routes and Mysterious Byways. Foreword by Sir Arthur Galsworthy. Illustrated by Kenneth C.Reid and from Photographs.
63983: HOLT, OLIVER: - Piper’s Hill. Memories of a country childhood. With illustrations by the author.
62325: HOLT, OLIVER: - Three Sherborne Memoirs.
50114: HOME, GORDON: - Normandy: The Scenery & Romance of its Ancient Towns.
75052: HOME, MICHAEL; - The House of Shade.
50012: HOME, MICHAEL / WEISSENBORN, H. (ILL.): - Autumn Fields. Illustrated by HELLMUTH WEISSENBORN.
62033: HOME, MICHAEL: - Autumn Fields. Illustrated by HELLMUTH WEISSENBORN.
74166: HOMES, R.C. ET AL: - The Birds of the London Area Since 1900. (14) (The New Naturalist Monograph/Special Volume).
60498: HONE, RALPH E.: - Dorothy L.Sayers, A Literary Biography. Signed and dedicated by author.
72436: HONE, WILLIAM: - Ancient Mysteries Described, Especially the English Miracle Plays, founded on Apocryphal New Testament Story, extant among the unpublished manuscripts in the British Museum; including notices of Ecclesiastical Shows, the festivals of fools and asses - the English Boy-Bishop - the Descent into Hell - the Lord Mayor’s Show - the Guildhall Giants - Christmas Carols, &c. With engravings on copper and wood.
75144: HONEYMAN, HERBERT L.; - The County Books. Northumberland.
74034: HONIG, DONALD: - The Brooklyn Dodgers. An Illustrated Tribute.
76778: HONNYWILL, ELEANOR; - The Challenge of Antarctica. Foreword by Sir Vivian Fuchs.
75304: HOOD - - The Poetical Works of Longfellow. Oxford Edition.
74982: HOOD, EDWIN PAXTON; - The Maid of Nuremburg and Other Voluntaries.
74848: HOOD, THOMAS; ROSSETTI, WILLIAM MICHAEL; - The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood. Edited, with a Critical Memoir by William Michael Rossetti. First Series. With Illustrations.
72653: HOOD / DYMENT, CLIFFORD (ED): - Thomas Hood, Selected Poems Edited by Clifford Dyment.
72139: HOOD, THOMAS: - Hood’s Gems. in Prose and Verse. With the original illustrations.
74884: HOOK, THEODORE; - Theodore Hook: A Sketch. Edition Third.
75129: HOOKE, WILFRED D.; - The County Books. The Channel Islands.
73941: HOOKE, NINA WARNER: - Home Is Where You Make It. With sketches by Mary Dinsdale.
73939: HOOKE, NINA WARNER: - The Starveling. With illustrations by Dick Hart.
60803: HOOKE, WILFRED D.: - The County Books. The Channel Islands.
66389: HOOPER, CALVIN LEIGHTON: - A Report on the Sea-Otter Banks of Alaska. Range And Habits Of The Sea Otter; Its Decrease Under American Rule, And Some Of The Causes; Importance Of The Sea Otter To The Natives Of Alaska Inhabiting The Aleutian Islands; Proposed Regulations For 1898.
62952: HOOPER, R.W.: - The Game of Golf In East Africa.
54883: HOPE, ANTHONY: - Second String.
76742: HOPE MONCRIEFF, A. R.: - Black's Guide to Dorset, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Etc. Sixteenth Edition.
77218: HOPKINS, NEVIL MONROE: - Twentieth Century Magic. And the construction of modern magical apparatus. With the introduction of new experiments. Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical. A Treatise on the Construction and Introduction of Scientific Magical Apperatus. Second Edition. One Hundred Illustrations.
72711: HORDER, MERVYN (ED): - The Best of Dorothy Parker. Illustrations by Helen Smithson.
66041: HORNBY, NICK: - About a Boy.
70252: HORNE, JONATHAN: - English Tinglazed Tiles.
61492: HORNE, ALISTAIR: - Macmillan. 1894-1956. Volume I of the Official Biography.
62157: HORNE, ABBOT E.: - Stories of West Country Folk.
75051: HORNSBY, JOHN ALLAN; SCHMIDT, RICHARD E.; - The Modern Hospital Its Inspiration : Its Architecture : Its Equiptment : Its Operation. With 207 Illustrations.
49060: HORRICKS, RAYMOND: - Marshal Ney. The Romance and the Real.
70349: HORWITZ, SYLVIA L.: - The Find of a Lifetime. Sir Arthur Evans and the Discovery of Knossos.
74137: HORWOOD, WILLIAM: - Toad Triumphant. Illustrated by Patrick Benson.
71240: HOSKEN, EVELYN: - Turn Back the Clock. Bygone days in South Canterbury, New Zealand. Signed copy.
61196: HOSKING, ERIC AND DAVID / FLEGG, JIM: - Birds of Prey of the World.
50751: HOSKINS,W.G: - Local History in England.
77214: HOUDIN, ROBERT: - The Secrets of Stage Conjuring. Translated and edited, with notes by Professor Hoffmann. With Illustrations.
55936: HOUFE, SIMON: - Through Visitors Eyes. A Bedfordshire Anthology. Signed copy.
47131: HOUGHTON, GEORGE: - Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club - Commemorating the First 100 yrs 1891-1991.
42769: HOUGHTON, GEORGE: - Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club - Commemorating the First 100 yrs 1891-1991.
75359: HOUSE, KEREN; - Colette. A Personal Portrait. SIGNED Limited Numbered Edition.
58633: (HOUSE) SEYMOUR, CHARLES: - The Intimate Papers of Colonel House. Arranged as a Narrative by Charles Seymour. Vol I Behind the Political Curtain 1912-1915; Vol II From Neutrality to War 1915-1917.
55716: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY: - The Three Sentinels.
73090: HOUSEMAN, LAURENCE: - Bethlehem A Nativity Play and the Pageant of Our Lady & Other Poems.
74816: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE; - Echo de Paris. A Study from Life. Limited Numbered Edition.
50448: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE: - The Heart of Peace & Other Poems.
65153: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE: - The Seven Young Goslings. Illustrated by Mabel Dearmer.
66961: HOUSTON, J.F.: - Featherbedds and Flock Bedds. The early history of the Worshipful Company of Upholders of the City of London.
77227: HOUSTON, C. STUART: - To the Arctic by Canoe 1819-1821. The Journal and Paintings of Robert Hood, Midshipman with Franklin.
72997: HOUVET, ETIENNE: - Monographie de la Cathedrale de Chartres. An Illustrated Monograph of Chartres Cathedral. Extrait d’un Ouverage couronne par l’Acadamie des Beaux-Arts. (Being an Extract of a work Crowned by the Academie des Beaux-Arts). Precede d’une notice - Pour connaitre les Styles.
42488: HOW, HARRY: - Illustrated Interviews. Comprising 17 articles collected from the strand .Strand Magazine
55672: HOWARD, ELIZABETH JANE: - Odd Girl Out.
67885: HOWARD, TOM: - Hardy Country.
67884: HOWARD, TOM: - Hardy Country.
60529: HOWARTH, S.: - A Century in Oil. The “Shell” Transport and Trading Company 1897 - 1997.
43522: HOWARTH, O.J.R: - The Scenic Heritage of England and Wales .
54573: HOWARTH, STEPHEN: - To Shining Sea. A history of the United States Navy 1775-1991
63843: HOWARTH, DAVID: - A Near Run Thing, the Day of Waterloo.
55347: HOWARTH, DAVID & HOWARTH, STEPHEN: - The Story of P&O , the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.
67563: HOWE, DORIS: - The Waters of Time.
58589: HOWELLS, ROY: - Simply Churchill.
75602: HOWSON, EDMUND W.; WARNER, GEORGE TOWNSEND; SPENCER, THE EARL; - Harrow School Illustrated by Herbert M. Marshall.
66330: HOWSON, WILLIAM: - Craven. An Illustrated Guide to the Curiosities of Craven.
52292: HOYLES, MARTIN - Bread & Roses; Gardening Books from 1560-1960. Volume 2
75391: HOYNE, MRS. C. E.; - Emma Foster, or the Step-Mother and Other Pieces.
53718: HUDON, SIMONE: - Au Fil Des Cotes De Quebec. In French.
77031: HUDSON W. H.: - The Naturalist in La Plata. With Illustrations.
74860: HUDSON, ROGER; HASTINGS, MAX; - William Russell Special Correspondent of The Times.
73889: HUDSON, W.H.: - The Book of A Naturalist.
72706: HUDSON, ROGER: - The Folio Book of Days. Selected and Introduced by Roger Hudson.
76620: HUDSON, ROGER. (EDITOR). - THE RAJ. An Eye-Witness History of the British in India. Introduction by Raleigh Trevelyan.
70528: HUDSON, KENNETH: - A Social History of Archaeology. The British Experience.
61755: HUDSON, ROGER: - An Independent Eye. A Century of Photographs. The Hulton Getty Picture Collection.
69160: HUDSON, KENNETH: - Industrial Archaeology of Southern England. (Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, and Gloucestershire east of the Severn.)
51410: HUDSON, ROGER. (EDITOR). - The Grand Tour 1592-1796. (From James Boswell's Tours)
56305: HUDSON, KENNETH & PETTIFER, JULIAN: - Diamonds in the Sky. A Social History of Air Travel.
49517: HUGGINS, M.J.W. : - The Making of an English Public School. SIGNED BY AUTHOR
62103: HUGHES, KATHRYN: - The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs Beeton.
76268: HUGHES, CLEDWYN; - West With The Tinkers. A Journey Through Wales with Vagrants.
68640: HUGHES, TED: - Bournemouth Firemen at War. Signed, dedicated copy.
76271: HUGHES, PENNETHORNE; BETJEMAN, JOHN; PIPER, JOHN; - The Isle of Wight. A Shell Guide. Edited by John Betjeman and John Piper.
41863: HUGHES, T: - Small Antiques for the Collector.
76603: HUGHES, ROBERT; - The Fatal Shore. A History of the Transportation of Convicts to Australia 1787-1868.
73190: HUGHES, JEAN GORDON: - Queen of the Desert. The Story of Lady Hester Stanhope. Illustrated by Hilary Abrahams.
72900: HUGHES, SHIRLEY: - A Life Drawing. Recollections of an Illustrator.
64392: HUGHES, CHRISTOPHER: - Marlborough. The Story of a Small and Ancient Borough. Signed copy.
70008: HUGHES, BERNARD / HUGHES, THERLE: - The Collector’s Encyclopaedia of English Ceramics.
71308: HUGILL, ROBERT: - Castles and Peles of the English Border. Copiously illustrated with old prints and original drawings. Complete with Glossary and Bibliography.
73683: HUGO, VICTOR: - Theatre Complet. I, Theatre de Jeunesse; Irtamene, A Quelquechose Hasard est Bon, Inez de Castro, Amy Robsart. II, Drames en Vert; Cromwell, Marion de Lorme, Hernani, Le Roi S’Amuse, Ruy Blas. Appendice; Proces et Plaidoyers. Notices et Notes. French language.
72650: HUGO, VICTOR: - Notre-Dame de Paris. Introduction by Andrew Lang. A Century of French Romance.
70828: HUGO, VICTOR: - Ninety-Three. Translated by Frank Lee Benedict and J.Hain Friswell. With sixteen illustrations.
75830: HUISH, ROBERT ESQ.; - The Brothers; Or The Castle of Niolo. A Romance. Two Volumes.
70007: HUISH, MARCUS B.: - The Happy England of Helen Allingham. Illustrated by Helen Allingham.
72116: HUISH, MARCUS B.: - British Water-Colour Art 1804-1904. In the first year of the reign of King Edward the Seventh, and during the century covered by the life of the Royal Society of Painters in water colours. Illustrated by the collection of drawings dedicated to their MJajesties the King and Queen at their Coronation.
52210: HULL, F. ED. - A Kentish Miscellany
59549: HULL, EDWARD: - Contributions to the Physical History of the British Isles. With a Dissertation on the Origin of Western Europe and of the Atlantic Ocean. Illustrated by twenty-seven coloured maps.
69143: HULL, M.R.: - Roman Colchester. Reports of the Research Committee of the Society of Antiquaries of London. No XX.
74878: HULME, EDWARD F.; - Mathematical Drawing Instruments. And How To Use Them.
77104: HULME, F. EDWARD; - Familiar Wild Flowers. Figured and Described by F. Edward Hulme. With Coloured plates. Five Volumes Complete. (First to Fifth Series.)
72223: HUMBLE, RICHARD (ED): - Naval Warfare. An Illustrated History. With a foreword by Peter Kemp.
75802: HUMPHREY W. HOUSEHOLD - Thames and Severn Canal.
73206: HUMPHREY, STEPHEN / MORRIS, JAMES: - Churches and Cathedrals of London. Foreword by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Text by Stephen Humphrey. Photographs by James Morris.
76321: HUMPHREYS, H.; - Picturesque Scenery in North Wales. Engraved and Printed by H. Humphreys, Carnarvon.
74160: HUMPHREYS, JOHN: - Elizabethan Sheldon Tapestries.
74159: HUMPHREYS, JOHN: - Elizabethan Sheldon Tapestries.
72765: (HUMPHREYS, NOEL) THOMSON, SPENCER: - Wild Flowers. How to find and how to know them. With remarks on the Economical and Medical Uses of our Native Plants. With illustrations from designs by Noel Humphreys.
76549: HUNSDON, LORD; - History of Gibbs of Fenton in Dartington County Devon.
73674: HUNT, JOHN: - The Practical Motorcaravanner.
67017: HUNT, VIOLET BROOKE: - Egerton’s Brother.
76788: HUNT, JOHN: - Life Is Meeting Lord Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine.
59926: HUNT, JOHN: - The Ascent of Everest. Foreword by H.R.H.The Duke of Edinburgh. Chapter 16 by Sir Edmund Hillary. Appendices by members of the Expedition.
64962: HUNTER, SIR WILLIAM WILSON (ED): - Rulers of India. The Earl of Mayo.
72331: HUNTER, ARCHIE: - Kitchener’s Sword Arm. The Life and Campaigns of General Sir Archibald Hunter.
76808: HUNTFORD, ROLAND; - The Amundsen Photographs Edited and Introduced by Roland Huntford.
76770: HUNTFORD, ROLAND; - Shackleton.
71354: HURLE, PAMELA: - The Malverns.
65453: HURLE, PAMELA: - Malvern Girl’s College A Centenary History.
74046: HURST, GEOFF: - 1966 And All That. My Autobiography.
77122: HURST, H. E.; BLACK, R. P.; SIMAIKA, Y. M.; - The Future Conservation of The Nile. The Nile Basin. Volume VII. Physical Department Paper No. 51. Signed by Author.
74693: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER; - Eton College. Preface by M. R. James. Special Etonian Edition. Limited numbered edition 72/1000.
66033: HUSTLER, TOM: - How I Photograph People. Signed copy.
50365: HUTCHINGS, MONICA: - Inside Dorset.
73913: HUTCHINGS, MONICA: - Green Willow. A Novel in The Time of Sedgemoor. Signed copy.
64470: HUTCHINGS, MONICA: - Inside Somerset.
54405: HUTCHINGS, MONICA: - Inside Dorset.
61910: HUTCHINS, - Breccia at Durlestone Head. Dorset.
76581: HUTCHINS, REV. JOHN: - History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset. Third edition by W. Shipp and J. W. Hodson. With a new introduction by Robert Douch. In Four volumes.
74732: HUTCHINS, REV.: - History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset. Third edition by W.Shipp and J.W.Hodson. With a new introduction by Robert Douch. In Four volumes.
74692: HUTCHINS, JOHN; - The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset. Compiled from the best and most ancient historians... With a copy of the Domesday Book and Inquisito Gheldi... Interspersed with some remarkable particulars of Natural History... And Adorned with a Correct Map of the County. IN TWO VOLUMES.
66781: HUTCHINS: - Uddens House. Dorset. the Seat of Colonel Greathed. to whom this plate is respectfully dedicated.
76206: HUTCHINS, JOHN; - The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset. Compiled from the best and most ancient historians... With a copy of the Domesday Book and Inquisito Gheldi... Interspersed with some remarkable particulars of Natural History... And Adorned with a Correct Map of the County. IN TWO VOLUMES.
76410: HUTCHINS: - A Plan of the Isle of Portland and Parts Adjacent 1710. Original Antique Hand-Coloured Engraved Map taken from Hutchins History of Dorset.
61896: HUTCHINS: - Charborough Park. Dorset. The Seat of Miss Sawbridge Erle Drax.
61897: HUTCHINS: - North View of St Mary’s Church in Wareham. Dorset. This plate is most gratefully Inscribed to the Donor Mrs Turner, Relict of George Turner,Esq. of Penleigh in Wiltshire by the Author.
61900: HUTCHINS: - Mapperton House. Dorset.
61906: HUTCHINS: - Portland Castle, Dorset.
67740: HUTCHINS: - Fleet House near Weymouth on the estate of the Revd. George Goodden. To whom this plate is respectfully dedicated.
67739: HUTCHINS: - Fontmell Parva The Seat of the Revd. Henry Tregonwell Bower. To whom this plate is respectfully dedicated.
67738: HUTCHINS: - Manor House, Cranbourne, the Property of the Marquis of Salisbury.
67733: HUTCHINS: - Durweston, Gillingham, Shillingston, Marnhull. Dorset. The churches of St.Nicholas’s, Durweston; St Mary the Virgin, Gillingham; The Holy Cross, Shillingston; St.Gregory, Marnhull. Four prints on one sheet.
66784: HUTCHINS: - Kingston House. Dorset. The Seat of James Fellowes, Esq. To whom this plate is respectfully dedicated.
61908: HUTCHINS, - St Aldhelms Head. Dorset.
77005: HUTCHINS, REV. JOHN; - History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset: Compiled from the best and most ancient historians, inquisitiones post mortem, and other valuable records and MSS. in the public offices and libraries, and in private hands. With a copy of Domesday Book, and the "Inquisitio Gheldi" for the County:Interspersed with some remarkable Particulars of Natural History. And adorned with a Correct map of the County and Views of Antiquities, Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, etc; The Third edition, corrected, augmented & improved by WILLIAM SHIPP & JAMES WHITWORTH HODSON. Four Volumes.
76665: HUTCHINSON, HORACE G.: - Golf. With contributions by Lord Wellwood, Sir Walter Simpson, Bart.; Right Hon. A.J.Balfour, M.P.; Andrew Lang, H.S.C. Everard, and others. THE BADMINTON LIBRARY.
71679: HUTCHINSON, HORACE G.: - The New Forest. With fifty illustrations by Walter Tyndale and four illustrations by Lucy Kemp-Welch. Fifth edition.
70387: HUTCHISON, HAROLD F.: - Henry V. A Biography.
75616: HUTTON, EDWARD; - Highways and Byways in Somerset. (Pocket edition). Illustrations by Nelly Erichsen. With Slipcase.
75081: HUTTON, W. H.; NEW, EDMUND H.; - Highways and Byways in Shakespeare’s Country. (Pocket edition).
75078: HUTTON, EDWARD; ERICHSEN, NELLY; - Highways and Byways in Wiltshire. (Pocket edition).
74503: HUTTON, CATHERINE; - The Life of William Hutton, F.A.S.S. Including a particular account of The Riots at Birmingham in 1791, and the history of his family written by himnself and published by his daughter. The Second Edition, With corrections.
77056: HUTTON, EDWARD: - Highways and Byways in Somerset. With illustrations by NELLY ERICHSEN.
52196: HUTTON W.H. - Highways and Byways in Shakespeare’s Country With Illustrations by Edmund H New.
64494: HUTTON, EDWARD: - Highways and Byways in Somerset. By Edward Hutton. With Illustrations by Nelly Erichsen.
68234: HUTTON, EDWARD: - Highways and Byways in Somerset. By Edward Hutton. With Illustrations by Nelly Erichsen
62956: HUXLEY, ELSPETH: - The Prince Buys the Manor. An Extravaganza. Signed copy.
70356: HUXLEY, ANTHONY: - Mountain Flowers in Colour. Illustrated by Dapne Barry and Mary Grierson.
57494: HUXLEY, ELSPETH: - Florence Nightingale.
76200: HUXLEY, ELSPETH; - Four Guineas A Journey Through West Africa.
62160: HYAMS,J OHN: - The Batsford Colour book of Dorset.
68646: HYAMS, EDWARD: - Capabilty Brown & Humphry Repton.
54233: HYAMS,J OHN: - The Batsford Colour book of Dorset.
73547: HYLAND, PAUL: - Purbeck. The Ingrained Island.
64053: IMMS, A. D: - Insect Natural History. (The New Naturalist 8).
63391: INCE, RICHARD: - Angel From a Cloud. Wherein is presented the Romantic Career of John Donne. Signed copy.
63393: INCE, RICHARD: - The Son.
63394: INCE, RICHARD: - Dictionary of Religion and Religions. Including Theolgical and Ecclesiastical Terms. Arthur Barker’s Companion Series. Signed copy.
63396: INCE, RICHARD: - Abelard of Paris. Signed copy.
63397: INCE, RICHARD: - England’s High Chancellor. A Romance. Signed copy.
63398: INCE, RICHARD: - The Broken Mirror. Signed copy.
63400: INCE, RICHARD: - The School in the Wood.
63402: INCE, M.E.: - The Preacher.
63403: INCE, R.B.: - Joan of Arc. Signed copy.
63404: INCE, R.B.: - Joan of Arc. Signed copy.
63406: INCE, R.B.: - Martin Luther. Apostle of the Reformation.
63407: INCE, R.B.: - The White Roads & Other Verses. Signed copy.
63246: INCE, RICHARD: - Strange Visitant.
70012: INCE, RICHARD: - Talking Beast. A Candid Enquiry into the Nature of Homo Vulgaris.
63389: INCE, RICHARD: - Sara’s Seven Husbands. A Satire of Yesterday, To-day and To-morrow. Signed copy.
63390: INCE, RICHARD: - Angel From a Cloud. Wherein is presented the Romantic Career of John Donne.
67865: INCE, RICHARD B.: - Capo. A Novel. Signed copy.
75513: INCHFAWN, PHILIP; FAY; WARD, F.C.; - Father Neptune’s Treasure. The Adventures of three children and a Golliwog under the Sea. Illustrated by F. C. Ward.
60022: INDERMAUR, JOHN: - Priciples of The Common Law. Intended for the use of students and the profession. Tenth edition by The Author and Charles Thwaites.
56090: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH: - Lay Thoughts Of A Dean.
72663: INGE, W.R.: - A Rustic Moralist.
55397: INGHAM, BERNARD: - Kill the Messenger. Signed copy.
73839: INGLIS-JONES, ELISABETH: - Augustus Smith of Scilly.
57352: INGLIS-JONES, ELISABETH: - The Story of Wales.
74695: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS; - The Ingoldsby Legends. Or, Mirth and Marvels. In Three Volumes. (First, Second and Third Series.)
70525: INGRAHAM, J.H.: - The Prince of the House of David Or, Three Years in the Holy City. With illustrations.
63840: INGRAMS, RICHARD: - Muggeridge The Biography.
62898: INGRAMS, HAROLD: - Arabia and the Isles. Foreword by Lt.-Col. Sir Bernard Reilly, Governor of Aden, 1937 - 40.
77223: INGSTAD, HELGE; - Land Under The Pole Star. A Voyage to the Norse Settlements of Greenland and the Saga of the People that Vanished. Translated from the Norwegian by Naomi Walford.
52503: INMAN, REV JAMES - Nautical Tables: Sanctioned for Use in the Royal Navy, Designed for The Use of British Seamen.
76116: INNES, JOHN; - Human Muscles AND An Essay on Poisons. Two Volumes Bound in One: “A Short Description of the Human Muscles, Arranged as they appear on dissection. Together with their several uses and the sunonyma of the best authors”. AND “An Essay on Mineral, Animal and Vegetable Poisons; In which the Symptoms, Treatment and tests of Each Poison, with the General Morbid Appearances on Dissection, and Account of Suspended Animation.”
54592: INNES, HAMMOND: - Atlantic Fury.
74003: IONESCU, EUGENE: - The Bald Prima Donna. followed by a previously unpublished alternative ending. Translation by Donald Watson. Typography by Massin and illustrations by Henry Cohen after the production by Nicolas Bataille with the actors of the Theatre de la Huchette.
44000: IONIDES, S. / IONIDES, M.L.: - One day telleth another.
74265: IRELAND, SAMUEL: - Picturesque Views on the Upper, or Warwickshire Avon From its Source at Naseby to its Junction with the Severn at Tewkesbury: With Observations on The Public Buildings, and Other works of Art in its Vicinity.
73621: IRVINE, PETER: - Victorian and Edwardian Dorset from Old Photographs. Introduction and Commentaries by Peter Irvine. Signed copy.
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74321: JAMES STRACHAN - Agricultural Tables: A new set of tables, for computing the weight of cattle by measurement: The quantity of hay in ricks; the value of land, &c.; the measurement of drains and dunghills. To which is now added a concise system of farm book-keeping.
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75869: JOHN SPEED; SAXTON; - Original Hand-Coloured Engraved Map of Norfolk. Norfolk, A Countie Flourishing & Populous Described and Devided with the Armes of Such Noble Families as Have Borne the Titles Therof.
74606: JOHN SPEED - The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain: Presenting an exact geography of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isles adjoining. With a Chronology of Civil-Wars in England, Wales, & Ireland. Together with A Prospect of the most famous parts of the World. Asia, Africa, Europe, America. In this New edition are added In the Theatre of Great Britain The Principal Roads, & their branches leading to the cities & chief towns in England & Wales with their computed distances. In a new & accurate method. The Market Towns wanting in the former impressions. A Continuation of all the Battles fought in England, Scotland & Wales & Ireland, with all the Sea-Fights to this present time. The Arms of all the Dukes & Earls, whole titles of honour were wanting in each particular County to the last creation. The Descriptions of His Majesty’s Dominions abroad; with a map fairly engraven to each description, New England, Carolina, Virginia, Jamaica, New York, Florida, Mary Land, Barbados. Includes the RARE map of America when they thought Californa was an island. In the prospect of the World. The Empire of the great Mogul; Palestine or the Holy-Land, with the rest of the East Indies; The Empire of Russia. Printed for Thomas Basset MDCLXXVI
76233: JOHN SPEED; - Original Hand-Coloured Engraved Map of The Countie of Westmoreland. And Kendale The Chief Towne Described. With the Armes of Such Noble as have been Earles of either of them. Double Sided.
65375: JOHN HAMILTON - The Swordfish Attack. May 26 1941 Abandoning her attempt to break out into the Atlantic the German battleship Bismarck made for the French coast. This attack by Fleet Air Arm aircraft from H M S Ark Royal damaged her steering & enabled an overwhelming force to converge on her. In the engagement which followed, Bismarck was sunk.
71770: JOHN ADAMSON - The Compensation of the Effects of Potential Gradient Variations in the Measurements of the Atmospheric Air Earth Current.
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73372: JOHNSON, R.BRIMLEY (ED): - Fanny Burney and the Burneys. Fully illustrated.
73310: JOHNSON, A.E.: - W.Heath Robinson. Containing many examples of the artist’s work in brush, pen and pencil.
72976: JOHNSON, GORDON: - University Politics. F.M.Cornford’s Cambridge and his advice to the young academic politician containing the complete text of Cornford’s Microcosmographia Academica.
65014: JOHNSON, EDWARD: - Hydropathy. The Theory, Principles, and Practice of the Water Cure, shewn to be in accordance with medical science and the teachings of common sense; Illustrated with many Important Cases. With nine engravings.
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67224: JORDAN, ROBERT: - Winter’s Heart. Book Nine of The Wheel of Time.
61513: JOSEPH RANK LIMITED. - The Master Millers. The Story of the House of Rank. Issued by Joseph Rank Limited on the Occasion of their Eightieth Anniversary.
66340: JOSEPH, FRANCIS: - Collecting Susie Cooper. Including a unique price and pattern guide.
69225: JOSEPH DARRACOTT - England’s Constable The Life and Letters of John Constable
55222: ( JOURNAL ) - THE HAWK The Journal of the Royal Air Force Staff Colleges.
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70965: JUDD, H.W.: - Pictorial Guide to the West Coast of Tasmania. Published under the Auspices of the Western Tasmanian Tourist Association. Facsimile Edition.
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54940: JUNOR, PENNY: - Margaret Thatcher. Wife-Mother-Politician.
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76905: KANE, ELISHA KENT: - Arctic Explorations: the Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, ‘54, ‘55.
73395: KANE, HENRY B.: - The Tale of the Promethea Moth.
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67458: KAY-ROBINSON, D: - Hardy's Wessex Reappraised.
69470: KAY-ROBINSON, D: - Hardy's Wessex Reappraised.
71167: KAY-ROBINSON, DENYS: - Hardy's Wessex Reappraised.
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76638: KEEGAN, JOHN: - The Face of Battle.
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76216: KEIR, DAVID; MORGAN, BRYAN; - Golden Milestone. 50 Years of The AA.
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77258: KELLY'S: - Directory of Dorsetshire.1939. With coloured Map.
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57783: KENNEDY, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR JOHN:. - The Business Of War. The War Narrative of...
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58566: KENNEDY, SARAH: - Charlotte’s Friends.
67492: KENNETT, JOHN: - The Rise of Communist China. With a brief History of Japan.
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68701: KERR, JESSICA: - Shakespeare’s Flowers. Illustrated by Anne Ophelia Dowden.
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73269: KERSH, GERALD: - Brain and Ten Fingers. A novel.
71673: KERSHAW, IAN: - Fateful Choices. Ten Decisions that Changed the World. 1940-1941.
69836: KEY, CHARLES E.: - The Story of Twentieth-Century Exploration. With Sixteen Half-tone Illustrations and Twelve Maps.
73451: KHALIDI, TARIF (TRANS): - The Qur’an. A new translation.
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74674: LEGG, RODNEY: - Wartime Dorset The Complete History.
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74340: LEGG, R.M.; - Integrated Chemical and Magnetic Analysis of Norse Deposits from Hamar, Unst, Shetland. Disstertation for Masters of Science Archaelogical Prospection Degree.
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73023: LEGG, RODNEY: - The Fight for Tyneham. on the Dorset coastal army ranges.
72898: LEGG, RODNEY: - Discovering Lost Dorset. A personal view through magic lantern photographs and other images of the county in the Author’s Unique Collection.
71554: LEGG, RODNEY: - D-Day Dorset. Rodney Legg’s compelling day-by-day chronicle of the momentous closing months of Dorset’s war, incorporating much that has remained secret for half a century.
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71545: LEGG, RODNEY: - Literary Dorset.
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56599: LEGG, RODNEY: - Swanage Encyclopaedic Guide.
54382: LEGG, RODNEY: - Swanage Encyclopaedic Guide.
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77241: LEGG, RODNEY: - Legg Over Dorset
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75683: LEIGH; - (Original Engraved Map of...) Cheshire.
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48814: LEIGHTON BROTHERS - - Pictorial Beauties of Nature. Or Sketches in various Departments of natural history. With coloured illustrations by Famous Artists.
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76420: LEITH HAY, SIR ANDREW; - A Narrative of The Peninsula War. Fourth Edition. Illustrated by Twenty Views, and A Map of Spain and Portugal.
74554: LELAND; HEARNE; WOOD; - The Lives of those Eminent Antiquaries John Leland, Thomas Hearne and Anthony a Wood. With an authentick account of their respective Writings and publications, from Original Papers, in which are occasionally inserted Memoirs relating to eminent Persons, and various parts of literature. Also several Engravings of Antiquity, never before published.
74061: LELLENBERG, JON / STASHOWER, DANIEL / FOLEY, CHARLES (EDS): - Arthur Conan Doyle. A Life in Letters.
76726: LENGLET DUFRESNOY, M. L'ABBE'; - Methode Pour Etudier La Geographie. Ou L’on Donne Une Description exacte de l’Univers, formee sur les Observations de l’Academie Royale des Sciences, & sur les Auters originaux. Avec un Discours Preliminare sur l’etude de cette Science, & un Catalogue des Cartes Geographiques, Relations, Voyages & Descriptions necessaires pour la Geographie. Troisieme Edition. In Seven Volumes.
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74059: LEO, ALAN: - Astrology for All. Individual and Personal Characteristics as Represented by the Sun and Moon. Fifth Edition Enlarged. (Formerly Issued as Astrology for All, Part I.) “Astrology without Calculations”. “Astrology for All” Series - Vol I.
74058: LEO, ALAN: - The Progressed Horoscope. A sequel to The Art of Synthesis wherein the Progression of the Horoscope is exhaustively considered, both in principle and practice including also a full delineation of every possible Progressed Aspect, with its Influence on Character and Destiny, the effects of Transits, etc. To which is added A Complete Treatise on Primary Directions. Fifth Edition. “Astrology for All” Series - Vol V.
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75437: MACKENZIE, COMPTON; - Thin Ice.
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52243: MANNING, S. A - The Naturalist in South-East England: Kent, Surrey and Sussex
76737: MANNING, REV. S.: - Swiss Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. With Several Additional Illustrations by Edward Whymper, and A Map. New Edition. Revised and Partly Re-Written.
71732: MANNING, W.O.: - ‘Flight’ Handbook to Aeronautics. By W.O.Manning and the Technical Staff of ‘Flight’. 2nd edition completely revised and enlarged. Reprint.
57946: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH: - The West of England.
76422: MANNING, REV. SAMUEL: - American Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil.
70303: MANNIX, DAN: - Memoirs of a Sword Swallower.
53254: MANO, D. KEITH: - Horn Signed first edition
75512: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, JOHN CLAVELL; - The Flora of Dorsetshire. Or A Catalogue of the Plants Found in the County of Dorset. with a Sketches of its Geology and Physical Geography.
74670: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, J.C.: - The Mollusca of Dorsetshire. (Marine, Estuarine, Freshwater, and Land) and The Brachiopoda. Signed copy.
77292: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, JOHN CLAVELL; - The Flora of Dorsetshire. Or A Catalogue of the Plants Found in the County of Dorset. With Sketches of its Geology and Physical Geography.
73779: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, J.C.: - The Birds of Dorsetshire. A contribution to the natural history of the county.
71155: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, J.C.: - The Mollusca of Dorsetshire. (Marine, Estuarine, Freshwater, and Land) and The Brachiopoda.
75261: MANSION, HORACE; ANDERSON, ANNIE; - Old French Nursery Songs Pictured by Annie Anderson.
76975: MANTELL, GIDEON ALGERNON; - The Wonders of Geology. Or, A Familiar Exposition of Geological Phenomena; Being the Substance of a Course of Lectures Delivered at Brighton. In Two Volumes. Third Edition.
70122: MANTON, E.LENNOX: - Roman North Africa.
54913: MANVELL, ROGER: - Ellen Terry.
76008: MANVILLE FENN, G; BROWN, GORDON; - Planter Jack, Or The Cinnamon Garden Illustrated by Gordon Browne.
75000: MAPLET, JOHN; DAVIES, W. H.; - A Greene Forest. Reprinted from the Edition of 1567. Or a naturall Historie, wherein may bee seene first the most sufferaigne Virtues in all the whole kinde of Stones & Mettals; Next of Plants, as of Herbes, Trees, and Shrubs, Lastly of Brute Beastes, Foules, Fishes, Creeping Wormes, and Serpents, and that Aplphabetically; so that a Table shall not neede. Introduction by W. H. Davies. Limited Edition.
75500: MARCH, EDGAR J.; - Sailing Trawlers The Story of the Deep-Sea Fishing with Long Line and Trawl. New Impression.
61606: MARETT, WARWICK PAUL (ED): - A Calendar of the Register of Henry Wakefield Bishop of Worcester 1375-95. Worcestershire historical Society, New Series, Volume 7.
69200: MARGUERITE DE BEAUMONT - The Wolf That Never Sleeps A Story of Baden-Powell
73216: MARITAIN, JACQUES: - Anti-Semitism.
61864: MARK, SIR ROBERT: - In the Office of Constable. An Autobiography.
72104: MARK R. PEATTIE - Sunburst The Rise of Japanese Naval Air Power 1909-1941
56587: MARK, JAN: - Fun With Mrs Thumb.
52476: MARKHAM, EDWARD R - Tool Making. A manual of Practical Instruction in the Art of Making Tools, with Many Hints on the Solution of Problems Calling for Ingenuity and Mechanical Skill in the Devising of Special Means to Special Ends.
72013: MARLITT, E.: - Das Geheimniss der alten Mamsell. (The Old Maid’s Secret). Roman von E.Marlitt. Vierte Auflage. Fourth edition. German Language.
76486: MARLOW, LOUIS; - Welsh Ambassadors. (Powys Lives and Letters).
75654: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER; MARNAU, FRED; - A Selection of Poems by Christopher Marlowe. Edited and Introduced by Fred Marnau.
70886: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER / CHAPMAN, GEORGE: - Hero and Leander. A poem begunne by Christopher Marlowe and finished by George Chapman. Limited edition.
54864: MARNHAM, PATRICK: - The Trail of Havoc: In the Steps of Lord Lucan.
70454: MARREN, PETER: - The New Naturalists. (The New Naturalist No. 82).
57259: MARRIOTT, SIR JOHN A.R.: - Queen Victoria and Her Ministers. The Victorian Era from a New Angle.
75054: MARROT, H. V.; - A Bibliography of the Works of John Galsworthy. SIGNED/ Inscribed by the Author.
48702: MARRYAT,CAPTAIN: - The Children of the New Forest. Illustrated by STAFFORD GOOD.
74644: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN: - Masterman Ready. Or, The Wreck of the Pacific. Written for Young People. Three Volumes.
63470: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN: - Poor Jack. With sixteen illustrations from drawings by Clarkson Stanfield.
75901: MARSDEN, KATE: - On Sledge and Horseback to Outcast Siberian Lepers. Illustrated from Photographs and Drawings.
72076: MARSDEN, MONICA: - Further Adventures of Sooty: With illustrations by Winifred Martin.
69107: MARSDEN, PETER: - The Roman Forum Site in London. Discoveries before 1985. Museum of London.
76997: MARSDEN, CHRISTOPHER; - Nottinghamshire. The County Books.
76018: MARSH, A. E. W. - A History of the Borough and Town of Calne. And Some Account of the Villages, Etc. In its Vicinity. Introduction by Rev. E. H. Goddard. And notes on the Architecture by Harold Brakspear. Illustrated by Mary F. May, etc. and from Photographs.
76989: MARSH, OTHNIEL CHARLES; - Odontornithes: A Monograph on the Extinct Toothed Birds of North America; With Thirty-Four Plates and Forty Woodcuts. Submitted to the Chief of Engineers and Published by Order of the Seceretary of War under Authority of Congress. United States Geological Exploration of the Fourth Parallel. Clarence King, Geologist in Charge.
75963: MARSH, EDWARD; NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS; MEREDITH, MICHAEL; - Eddie Marsh's Little Book Reproduced in Facsimile. Two Volumes in Slipcase. LTD ED.
71856: MARSH, DOROTHY (ED): - 66 Favourite Nursery Rhymes. Illustrated by Lottie Gorn. Selected and Edited by Dorothy marsh.
71238: MARSH, NGAIO: - Black Beech and Honeydew. An Autobiography by Ngaio Marsh.
76700: MARSHALL, MRS. A. B.: - Larger Cookery Book of Extra Recipes Dedicated by permission to H.R.H. Princess Christian.
74600: MARSHALL, LOGNAN, (ED.); - The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters. A Detailed and Accurate account of the most awful marine disaster in history, constructed from the real facts as obtained from those on board who survived. Only Authoritative Book. Including; Records, Descriptions, Development of Safety and Development of Shipbuilding, etc... Illustrated with Numerous authentic Photographs and Drawings.
75858: MARSHALL, WILLIAM; MURALTO, ONUPHRIO; - The Castle of Otranto. A Gothic Story. Translated by William Marshall, From the Original Italian of Onuphrio Muralto, Canon of the Church of St. Nicholas at Otranto. A New Edition.
70765: MARSHALL, J.D.: - Portrait of Cumbria.
69911: MARSHALL, CHRIS (ED): - The Encyclopedia of Ships. The History and Specifications of over 1200 ships.
57481: MARSHALL, ARCHIBALD: - The Birdikin Family. From “Punch”. Illustrated by George Morrow.
53887: MARSHALL, ARCHIBALD: - Simple Stories. Pictures by George Morrow.
77181: MARTIN, R. MONTGOMERY; - The British Colonies; Their History, Extent, Condition and Resources. 6 Parts bound in 3 Volumes. Plus supplemental Division on Australia.
76836: MARTIN, LIEUTENANT-GENERAL H. G.; - The History of The Fifteenth Scottish Division 1939-1945 With Maps and Illustrations.
67234: MARTIN, W.KEBLE: - Over the Hills.
72097: MARTIN WINDROW AND GERRY EMBLETON - Military Dress of the Peninsular War 1808-1814
56995: MARTIN, SIMON: - The Other Titanic.
77023: MARTINEAU, HARRIET: - Feats of the Fjord With Illustrations by Arthur Rackham.
75072: MARTYR, WESTON; - THE VENTURESOME VOYAGES OF CAPTAIN VOSS. Second Edition. With an Introduction by Weston Martyr.
75131: MARWICK, HUGH: - The County Books. Orkney.
75381: MARWICK, JAMES D.; - The River Clyde and The Harbour of Glasgow.
69228: MARY E PHILLIPS - Tommy Tregennis
69210: MARY NORTON - The Borrowers ALOFT
44004: MASEFIELD, J: - Odtaa. A Novel.
73082: MASEFIELD, JOHN: - Selected Poems. Signed limited edition.
61257: MASEFIELD, JOHN: - Eggs and Baker. or The Days of Trial.
74439: MASON, JOHN H.; - Poems Poems By John H. Mason. R.D.I.
76771: MASON, THEODORE K.; - Two Against The Ice Admunsen and Ellsworth
67774: MASON, RICHARD: - The Shadow and the Peak. By the author of ‘The Wind Cannot Read.’
76507: MASPERO, SIR GASTON; - Egyptian Art. Studies. Translated by Elizabeth Lee. With 107 Illustrations.
65858: MASSEE, A.M.: - The Pests of Fruits and Hops. Plates by R.M.Greenslade. Foreword by J.C.F.Fryer.
65474: MASSINGHAM, H.J.: - Downland Man. With an introduction by Professor G.Elliot Smith.
52251: MASSINGHAM, H.J. - Birds of the Seashore; with Sixty-nine Drawings By J.Abbey, E.E.Clarke, and Eric Dalglish
76676: MASSINGHAM, H. J.: - The English Countryside. A Survey of its Chief Features. The Pilgrims’ Library.
62181: MASSINGHAM, BETTY: - Turn on the Fountains. The Life of Dean Hole.
61871: MASSON, MADELEINE (ED): - The Grand Salad. From John Evelyn’s Acetaria (1699). Pen drawings and water colour illustrations, Calligraphy and the present day salads, Joan Wolfenden.
66163: MASTERS, JOHN: - The Himalayan Concerto. A Novel of Adventure.
73122: MASTERS, SAMUEL: - A Discourse of Friendship, Preached at the Wiltshire-Feast, in St.Mary-le-Bow Church December 1st.1684. By Samuel Masters, Preacher to the Hospital and Precinct of Bridewell in London.
64288: MASTERS, BRIAN: - Killing for Company. The case of Dennis Nilsen. With a postscript by Anthony Storr.
64784: MASTERS, JOHN: - To the Coral Strand.
64802: MASTERS, JOHN: - The Venus of Konpara.
64813: MASTERS, JOHN: - Thunder at Sunset.
68171: MASTERS AND BOYS OF SHERBORNE SCHOOL: - A Guide to the Neighbourhood of Sherborne & Yeovil.
57437: MATE, CHAS.H. / RIDDLE, CHAS.: - Bournemouth 1810 - 1910 The Story Of A Modern Health And Pleasure Resort. Preface by His Grace The Duke of Argyll. Subscribers edition.
45359: MATE, WILIAM: - Then and Now. Or: Fifty Years Ago. Facts, Ancient and Modern, connected with the County of Dorset and the South-West of England. Contained in a Series of Letters. Reprinted from the "Poole & Bournemouth Herald".
56031: MATHER, BERKELEY: - The Terminators.
55739: MATHER, BERKELY: - Snowline.
72990: MATHEW, DAVID: - Acton. The Formative Years.
72989: MATHEW, DAVID: - The Social Structure in Caroline England. The Ford Lectures delivered in the University of Oxford in Michaelmas Term, 1945.
57277: MATHEWS, CANON & WHITEHEAD, JAMES F.: - History of Appleby.
76459: MATHIAS, ROLAND; POWYS, JOHN COWPER; - The Hollowed-Out Elder Stalk. John Cowper Powys as Poet.
52458: MATTHEW, W.P. - WOODWORK FOR BOYS A Junior teach Yourself Book.
58394: MATTHEWS, A.R.: - How to Catch Coarse Fish. Roach, Perch, Bream, Dace, Chub and Carp. (An Old Angler’s Hints and Wrinkles). One of the “Country Life” Booklets.
67511: MATTHEWS, REX: - A Porch at my Door.
68879: MATTHEWS, JANE: - Welcome Aboard. The Story of the Seamen’s Hospital Society and the Dreadnought.
74444: MATTINGLEY, K.V.; - Dentist On A Camel. Signed & Dedicated by the Author.
76621: MATTINGLY, G.: - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada. Introduction by J. H. Elliott. In Slipcase.
69481: MATTINGLY, HAROLD: - Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum. Volume IV, Antoninus Pius to Commodus. Catalogue of coins, appendix, addenda and corrigenda.
75851: MATURIN, CHARLES ROBERT; - Melmoth the Wanderer. A New Edition From the Original Text, With A Memoir and Bibliography of Maturin’s Works. In Three Volumes.

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