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78801: HEATH, JAMES: - A Chronicle of the Late Intestine War in the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland. With the Intervening Affairs of Treaties, and other Occurrences relating thereunto. As also the several Usurpation's, Foreign Wars, Differences and Interests Depending upon it. Composed and ended by the happy Restitution of our Sacred Sovereign King CHARLES the Second. In Four Parts. From the Year of our Lord 1637 to this present year 1663. The Second Impression Greatly Enlarged.
75635: HEATH, SIDNEY: - The Story of Ford Abbey. From the Earliest Times to the Present Day.
74895: HEATH, FRANCIS GEORGE; - My Garden Wild. And What I Grew There.
74571: HEATH, EDWARD; - MUSIC, A Joy For Life. Signed & Dedicated by the Author.
76664: HEATHCOTE, J. M. (ET.AL.): - Tennis / Lawn Tennis / Rackets / Fives. The Badminton Library. By J. M. HEATHCOTE, E. BOUVIERIE & A. C.AINGER.
76669: HEATHCOTE, J. M.; TEBBUTT, C. G.; MAXWELL WITHAM, T.; - Skating With Contributions on Curling (Rev John Kerr), Tobogganing (Ormond Hake), Ice-Sailing (Henry A. Buck), Bandy (C. G. Tebbutt). (The Badminton Library).
71394: HEATHCOTE, M.F.: - Lulworth and its Neighbourhood.
78051: HEATHCOTE, J. M.; TEBBUT, C. G.; MAXWELL WITHAM, T.; - Skating & Figure-Skating. The Badminton Library. With Contributions on Curling, Tobogganing, Ice-Sailing, and Bandy. Illustrated by Charles Whymper and Capt. R. M. Alexander and from Photographs.
64937: HEATHER, J.F.: - Practical Plane Geometry. Giving the simplest modes of constructing figures contained in one plane and geometrical construction on the ground. Weale’s Scientific and Technical Series. Third edition.
62100: HEATON, WILLIAM (ED): - Cassell’s Concise Cyclopaedia. With Numerous Illustrations. Cheap Weekly Edition. Price 1d.
71338: HEATON COOPER, W.: - The Hills of Lakeland. With sixteen plates in colour thirty six plates in monochrome and two maps by the Author.
70579: HEDLEY, F.H.: - Masterpieces of German Poetry. Translated in the measure of the originals. With illustrations by Louis Wanke.
73595: HELD, WERNER: - Fighter! Luftwaffe Fighter Planes and Pilots. Foreword by Alfred Price.
78980: HELLER, STEPHEN: PAUER, E.: - Progressive Studies for the Pianoforte. Augener’s Edition. Revised by E. Pauer.
75853: HELME, ELIZABETH; - The Farmer of Inglewood Forest
50229: HELMERICKS, CONSTANCE & HELMERICKS, HARMON: - Our Summer with the Eskimos. (North Alaska).
75707: HELPS, ARTHUR; - A Guide to the Ancient Church of St. Mary’s Puddletown. With the Athelhampton Chantry, or Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene. Illustrated with Seven Full-Page Plates.
70607: HELSINGER, ELIZABETH K. / SHEETS, ROBIN LAUTERBACH / VEEDER, WILLIAM: - The Woman Question. Society and Literature in Britain and America, 1837-1883. Three volumes. Volume I, Defining Voices; Volume II, Social Issues; Volume III, Literary Issues.
77886: HENDERSON, GEORGE; RUNCIMAN, STEVEN; - The Age of Illumination Byzantine Art and Civilisation; Gothic Art and Civilisation; and Early Medieval Art and Civilisation. Three Volumes in Slipcase. SEALED.
76217: HENDERSON, CHARLES; JERVOISE, E.; - Old Devon Bridges. Illustrated with 43 Photographs.
68554: HENKE, JAMES: - Lennon Legend. An illustrated life of John Lennon. Features removable reproductions of Handwritten Lyrics, Artwork and Rare Memorabilia, Plus ‘In His Own Words’ CD, with John speaking about his life and art, and a live recording of ‘Imagine’.
74624: HENLEY, WILLIAM ERNEST; - Poems. Tenth Impression.
72695: HENNESSEY, PETER: - The Hidden Wiring. Unearthing the British Constitution.
77175: HENRY, ALAN; - Autocourse; 50 Years of World Championship Grand Prix Motor Racing
78127: HENRY, O.; - 101 Stories. Selected by Laurent Lalonde, Illustrated by Rod Waters.
73849: HENRY, WARREN: - Gretna Green Romances.
72611: HENRY FIELDING - The Works of Henry Fielding. 12 volumes. Joseph Andrews, Tom Jones, Amelia, Jonathan Wild, Miscellaneous Writings.
75996: HENTY, G.A.: - Fifty-two Stories of Boyhood and Youth. by George A. Henty, George Manville Fenn, Ascott Hope, Gordon Stables, Robert Overton, A.Eubule-Evans, Rosa Mulholland, David Ker, and other writers. Edited by Alfred H.Miles.
64042: HENTY, G.A.: - Sturdy and Strong.
75994: HENTY, G. A.; - 52 Further Stories for Boys. Contains: "The Burman's Treasue," (pp.11-23). A.H.Miles.
75995: (HENTY) MILES, A.H. (ED): - 52 Fifty-Two Stories of Duty and Daring for Boys. Illustrated.
63227: HENTY, G.A.: - The Young Franc-Tireurs.
78678: HENTY, G.A.: - At Aboukir and Acre. A Story of Napoleon’s Invasion of Egypt. With eight full-page illustrations by William Rainey and three plans.
78697: (HENTY,G.A) - “Sir Sala Jung and the Berars”. In: TINSLEY’S MAGAZINE. Vol. 18. XVII. From January to June 1876.
78669: HENTY, G.A.: - On the Irrawaddy. A Story of the First Burmese War. With eight illustrations by W.H.Overend.
63913: (HENTY,G.A) - “Sir Sala Jung and the Berars”. In: TINSLEY’S MAGAZINE. Vol.18. (pp.617 - 626). Together with vol.19.
78679: HENTY, G.A.: - In the Hands of the Malays. And other Stories. (On the Track/ A Frontier Girl.)
78473: HENTY, G. A.: KINGSTON, W. H. G.: - Our Soldiers. Anecdotes of the Campaigns and Gallant Deeds of the British Army during the Reign of Queen Victoria. Edited and Brought ‘down to date’ by G. A. Henty.
79095: HENTY, G. A.: - Winning His Spurs. A Tale of the Crusades. With numerous illustrations.
63555: HENTY, G.A.: - "A Coaching Adventure". (pp. 3 - 9, with 2 ills.). IN: OUR ANNUAL. A Book for Boys and Girls. Stories by G.A.Henty, Capt.Mayne Reid, H.B. Marriott Watson, Hume Nisbet, Hugh St.Leger, and Others.
79092: HENTY, G. A.; - A Woman of the Commune. A Tale of Two Sieges of Paris. With illustrations by Hal Hurst.
78676: HENTY, G.A.: - Wulf The Saxon. A Story of The Norman Conquest.
78689: HENTY, G. A.; - With Clive in India. Or, The Beginnings of an Empire. With Twelve Full-Page Illustrations by Gordon Browne.
66667: HENTY, G.A.: - John Hawke's Fortune. A Story of Monmouth’s Rebellion. Illustrated.
78681: HENTY, G. A.: - A Knight of The White Cross. A Tale of The Siege of Rhodes. With twelve illustrations by Ralph Peacock and a plan.
78696: HENTY, G.A.: - Redskin and Cow-Boy. A Tale of the Western Plains. With twelve page illustrations by Alfred Pearse.
78691: HENTY, G.A.: - The Treasure of the Incas. A Tale of Adventure in Peru. With eight illustrations by Wal Paget and a map.
78692: HENTY, G. A.: - For the Temple. A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem. Illustrated by Solomon J. Solomon.
43915: HENTY, G.A.: - “A Close Shave” IN: THE LUDGATE ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE. Vol. 6. November, 1893 - April, 1894.
43975: HENTY, G.A.: - In the Hands of the Cave-Dwellers.
63166: HENTY, G.A.: - The Curse of Carne’s Hold. A Tale of Adventure. New Edition.
78677: HENTY, G. A.: - By Right of Conquest. or With Cortez in Mexico. With ten page illustrations by W.S. Stacey and two maps.
79096: HENTY, G. A.: - Rujub, The Juggler.
63141: HENTY, G.A.: - At Agincourt. A Tale of the White Hoods of Paris. With twelve illustrations by Wal Paget.
79100: HENTY, G.A.: - Do Your Duty. "Blackie’s Story-book Readers" (Suitable for Children of 10 to 11.)
63226: HENTY, G.A.: - Colonel Thorndyke’s Secret.
79094: HENTY, G. A.: - The Queen’s Cup. A Novel.
79103: HENTY, G. A.; - Cornet Walter From Orange and Green. "Blackie’s Story-book Readers".
78005: HENTY, G. A.: - A Knight of The White Cross. A Tale of The Siege of Rhodes. With twelve illustrations by Ralph Peacock and a plan.
78006: HENTY, G. A.: - With the British Legion. A Story of the Carlist Wars. With ten full page illustrations by Wal Paget.
63133: HENTY, G.A.: - The Lost Heir. Illustrated by Ernest Prater.
78685: HENTY, G.A.: - Both Sides of the Border. A Tale of Hotspur and Glendower. With twelve illustrations by Ralph Peacock.
75993: HENTY; MANVILLE FENN, OXENHAM; BECKE &C.; - STEADY AND STRONG. Stories Told by G. A. Henty, G. Manville Fenn, John Oxenham, Louis Becke, R. E. Francillon, William Atkinson.
64950: (HENTY), VARIOUS: - Chambers’s Journal Sixth Series, Vol II. December 1898 to November 1899.
64928: (HENTY) MILES, A.H.: - 52 Stories of Life and Adventure for Boys. by G.A.Henty, G.Manville Fenn, Henry Frith, Albert E.Hooper, Kirk Munroe, Eliot McCormick, David Ker, and other writers. Eighth thousand.
78684: HENTY, G. A.: - The Young Franc-Tireurs. And their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War. Illustrated in Colour by T. C. Dugdale.
75703: (HENTY) MILES, A.H. (ED): - 52 Stories of Life and Adventure for Boys. Illustrated.
75702: HENTY, G.A: - Bears and Dacoits. And Other Stories.
75701: HENTY, G. A: - The Young Franc Tireurs. And their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War.
75700: HENTY, G. A.; - Friends Though Divided. A Tale of the Civil War. Illustrated.
75697: HENTY, G.A.; - Charlie Marryat. From "With Clive in India".
75696: HENTY, G.A.; - Charlie Marryat. From "With Clive in India".
75695: HENTY, G.A.; - A Highland Chief. From "In Freedom’s Cause".
75694: HENTY, G.A; - Tales of Daring & Danger.
75630: HENTY, G. A.; - Venture and Valour. Being Stories Told by G.A. Henty, A. CONAN DOYLE, G. MANVILLE FENN, W.W. Jacobs, F.T. Bullen, etc.,etc.;
75629: HENTY, G. A.; - 52 Further Stories for Boys. Contains: "The Burman's Treasue," (pp.11-23). A.H.Miles.
75627: HENTY, G.A.: - HAZARD & HEROISM. The Wreck on the Goodwins/ The Thug's Revenge/ A Fishwife's Dream/ The Old Pit-Shaft/ On the Cliff. Stories Told by G.A.Henty, Louis Tracy, Harold Bindloss, Edwin Lester Arnold, Lt.-Col. A.F.Mockler-Ferryman, etc.,etc.;
75626: HENTY, G. A: - GRIT AND GO. Stories Told by various authors.
75625: HENTY, G. A: - COURAGE AND CONFLICT. Being Stories Told by G. A. Henty, G. MANVILLE FENN, F. T. Bullen, etc.,etc.;
75624: HENTY, G A.: - DASH & DARING. Stories told by G. A. Henty, G. Manville Fenn, David Ker, W. H. G. Kingston, Reginald Horsely, and many others.
75582: HENTY / FENN, G. MANVILLE: - George Alfred Henty. The Story of An Active Life.
75581: HENTY, G.A.: - Facing Death. The Hero of The Vaughan Pit. A Tale of The Coal Mines. Illustrated by Gordon Browne. Second Edition.
75379: HENTY ,G. A.; H. M. BROCK; R. LILLIE; - Do Your Duty. With Coloured Frontispeice and Seven Full-Page Illustrations.
76579: HENTY, G. A.: - With Moore At Corunna. With Twelve Illustrations by Wal Paget.
75008: HENTY, G. A.: - Tales of Daring and Danger.
74959: HENTY, G. A.; - The Cornet of Horse. A Tale of Marlborough’s Wars. With Eight full-page illustrations by H. Petherick and five plans of battle fields. New edition.
78694: HENTY, G. A.: - Those Other Animals. With portrait of the author and twenty-two illustrations by Harrison Weir. The Whitefriars Library of Wit and Humour.
63224: HENTY, G.A.: - A Soldier’s Daughter. And Other Stories.
79099: HENTY, G. A. - An Indian Raid. From: Redskin and Cowboy. "Blackie’s Story-book Readers"
78693: HENTY, G.A.: - Maori & Settler. A Story of the New Zealand War. With eight full-page illustrations by Alfred Pearse and a map.
75784: HENTY, G. A.; - The Young Franc-Tireurs. And their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War.
47850: HENTY, G.A: - Friends Though Divided.
48013: HENTY, G.A: - A Soldier's Daughter. And other stories.
48135: HENTY,G.A: - Cuthbert Hartington.
78667: HENTY, G. A.: - St. Bartholomew's Eve: A Tale of the Huguenot Wars. With Twelve Illustrations by H. J. Draper, and a Map of France.
76729: HENTY, G. A.: - St. Bartholomew's Eve: A Tale of the Huguenot Wars. With Twelve Illustrations by H. J. Draper, and a Map of France.
78668: HENTY, G. A.: - At Agincourt. A Tale of the White Hoods of Paris. With twelve illustrations by Wal Paget.
79093: HENTY, G.A.: - The Queen’s Cup. A Novel.
49866: HENTY, G. A: - "The Wreckers of Pendarven". From: NOW FOR A STORY.
41406: HENTY, G.A: - Les Jeunes Francs-Tireurs.
78700: HENTY, G. A.; - Tales from the Works of G. A. Henty. Arranged and Annotated for Use in Schools.
45857: HENTY, G.A: - Queen Victoria. Scenes from her Life and Reign.
50077: HENTY, G.A: - "Camp Life in Abyssinia." In: THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE. Vol.17 (Jan.-June) 1868 .(pp. 696-706 ).
60135: HENTY, G.A.(ED): - Yuletide Yarns. Chateau and Ship by G.A.Henty.
79104: HENTY G. A.: - A Young Patriot Story Reader for Senior Standards. From G.A. Henty’s “Orange and Green.”
78812: HENTY, G.A.: - Seaside Maidens. Being the Summer Number of Tinsley’s Magazine. Stories are; Surly Joe, Smuggler’s Cutter, Wreck on the Goodwins, Queen’s Cup, Rivals, Fish-wife’s Dream, narrow Escape, piece of Orange Peel, Working Up, On the Cliff. places mentioned include Scarborough, Weymouth, Hastings, Brighton. ALSO Bound with My Darling’s Ransom by Richard Dowling (96 pages) / London Society The Christmas Number Number for 1881 Only ten Minutes (96 pages plus 5 Plates) / Diproses Annual for 1882 (144 pages plus 8 plates) / Last Chirstmas Eve by Richard Dowling (96 pages plus I plate) / Flower & Weed by M.E. Bradden (104 pages plus 4 plates.)
79097: HENTY, G. A.: - Friends Though Divided. A Tale of the Civil War.
78666: HENTY, G. A.: - No Surrender! A Tale of the Rising in La Vendee. With eight illustrations by Stanley L. Wood.
78672: HENTY, G. A.: KINGSTON, W. H. G.: - Our Soldiers. Anecdotes of the Campaigns and Gallant Deeds of the British Army during the Reign of Queen Victoria. Edited and Brought ‘down to date’ by G. A. Henty.
75974: HENTY, G. A.; PEARSE, ALFRED; - By England’s Aid. Or, The Freeing of the Netherlands 1585-1604. With Four Illustrations by Alfred Pearse and Four Maps.
63553: HENTY, G.A.: - A Woman of the Commune. A Tale of Two Sieges of Paris.
76001: HENTY, G.A.: - Fifty-two Stories of Boyhood and Youth. by George A. Henty, George Manville Fenn, Ascott Hope, Gordon Stables, Robert Overton, A.Eubule-Evans, Rosa Mulholland, David Ker, and other writers. Edited by Alfred H.Miles. Seventh Thousand.
64929: HENTY, G.A.: - Out on the Pampas. Or, The Young Settlers. New Edition. Illustrations by J.B.Zwecker.
64927: HENTY, G.A.: - The Young Franc Tireurs. And their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War. Illustrated by Frank Feller.
44195: HENTY, G.A.: - “Plucky and Cool”. in : THE TEMPLE MAGAZINE. Vol. 4. (pp. 371 - 377 , with 2 illustrations by Sydney Cowell). Oct. 1899 to Sept. 1900. An Illustrated monthly magazine for Home and Sunday Reading.
65617: HENTY, G.A. - The Cornhill Magazine. Vol XVII and XVIII. 1868. Two volumes.
27463: HENTY, G.A.: - Out on the Pampas. Or: The Young Settlers.
63137: HENTY, G.A.: - With Frederick the Great. A Tale of the Seven Years War. With twelve illustrations by Wal Paget.
67664: HENTY, G.A.: - Do Your Duty.
79102: HENTY, G. A.; - A Highland Chief. From "In Freedom’s Cause". "Blackie’s Story-book Readers".
70597: HENTY, G.A. / MILES, A.H. (ED.): - 52 Stories of Courage & Endeavour for Boys. Contains: "At Talavera," by Henty (pp.353-360, with 1 b/w plate). A.H. Miles.
70248: HENTY, G.A.: - The Cat of Bubastes. A Tale of Ancient Egypt. With eight full page illustrations by J.R.Weguelin.
78670: HENTY, G. A.: - With Moore At Corunna. With Twelve Illustrations by Wal Paget.
78265: HENTY G. A.: - The Plague Ship. Original penny paperback in the “SPCK Penny Library of Fiction” series rebound without covers with 17 other titles in the one volume.
37844: HENTY, G.A.: - Among the Bushrangers. From "A Final Reckoning". The Summit Library (on back cover, in red).
78373: (HENTY) - "Half-Hours with Some of Our Writers: George A.Henty. In: YOUNG ENGLAND. An Illustrated Magazine.Vols.14.(pp.414 & 415).
78372: HENTY, G. A. / MANVILLE FENN / WAIN, LOUIS / AND OTHERS: - THE BOY'S OWN ANNUAL. Vol.23. PLUS THE VERY SCARCE “Summer Number for 1901”, containing HENTY’s :”Down a Crevasse”. (Dec 1st 1900- Sept.29, 1900).
78371: (HENTY) - "Jack Archer". Complete in 25 parts in: THE UNION JACK. Vol.4 ( Oct.3,1882 - Sept.18, 1883). A Magazine of Healthy, Stirring Tales of Adventure by Land and Sea. Edited by G.A. Henty.
78671: HENTY, G. A.: - With the British Legion. A Story of the Carlist Wars. With ten full page illustrations by Wal Paget.
65160: HENTY, G.A.: - Yarns on the Beach. A Bundle of Tales.
70246: HENTY, G.A.(ED): - Yule-tide Yarns. With Fotry-five Illustrations.
78343: HENTY, G. A.: - In Times of Peril. A Tale of India.
79098: HENTY, G. A.: - The Young Buglers & The Young Franc-Tireurs A Tale of the Peninsular War & Their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War.
63000: HENTY,G.A.; - Condemned as a Nihilist. A Story of Escape from Siberia.
63001: HENTY,G.A: - The Plague Ship.
77297: HENTY, G. A.: - An Indian Raid. From: “Redskin and Cowboy”.
77298: HENTY, G. A .; - Redskin & Cowboy. The Talisman Library.
77301: HENTY, G. A. - The Soverign Reader: Scenes From The Life and Reign of Queen Victoria. For Upper Classes in Schools. With a red stamp on title-page: “Presented by the Publishers”.
77302: HENTY, G. A.: - The Ranche in the Valley.
75973: HENTY, G. A.: - The Bravest of the Brave. Or With Peterborough in Spain. Illustrated.
77303: (HENTY), VARIOUS: - Blackie's English-Study Readers. Fifth Reader. Book V. Henty, Hardy, Conrad, Kipling, Dickens, etc.
77305: HENTY, G.A. / MILES, A.H. (ED.): - 52 Stories of Courage & Endeavour for Boys. Contains: "At Talavera," by Henty (pp.353-360, with 1 b/w plate). A.H. Miles.
72850: HENTY, G.A.: - Out on the Pampas. Or: The Young Settlers.With illustrations by Frank Feller.
75975: HENTY,G. A.: - Out on the Pampas. Or, The Young Settlers. A Tale for Boys. With Illustrations by J. B. Zwecker. Second Edition.
60075: (HENTY, G.A. / VERNE, JULES / WAIN, LOUIS): - THE BOY'S OWN ANNUAL. Vol.22. (Oct.7, 1899 - Sept.29, 1900).
77311: HENTY, G. A.: - The Adventures of Two Brave Boys And other Stories. Including The Heir of Langridge Towers, by R. M. Freeman. And King Lion: A Story of Strange Adventures. With Interesting Zoological Sketches, and Useful and Amusing Miscellaneous Articles. Edited by G. A. Henty. With Full-Page and Other Engravings. “Beeton’s Boys’ Own Books.”
71726: HENTY, G.A.: - The Young Franc-Tireurs. And their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War. New edition.
71678: HENTY, G.A.: - "How the Drummer Boy Saved a Regiment". In: NISTER'S HOLIDAY ANNUAL. (pp.111 - 121. Illustrations.). Edited by A.C.Playne. 21st.Year of Publication.
71400: HENTY, G.A.: - Camps and Quarters. Military Sketches and Stories. By Archibald Forbes, George Henty and Charles Wiliams. Modern limited facsimile edition.
70966: HENTY, G.A.: - Redskin and Cow-Boy. A Tale of the Western Plains. With twelve page illustrations by Alfred Pearse.
70832: HENTY, G.A.: - The Young Franc-Tireurs. And their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War. New edition.
70827: HENTY, G.A.: - An Indian Raid. From: “Redskin and Cowboy”.
70427: HENTY, G.A: - Queen Victoria. Scenes from her Life and Reign.
63132: HENTY, G.A.: - In The Heart of the Rockies. A Story of adventure in Colorado. The Foulsham Henty Library.
63145: HENTY, G.A.: - A Jacobite Exile. Being the Adventures of a Young Englishman in The Service of Charles XII of Sweden. With eight illustrations by Paul Hardy and a Map of Central Europe.
68381: HENTY, G.A: - A Knight of The White Cross. A Tale of The Siege of Rhodes. With twelve illustrations by Ralph Peacock and a plan.
78686: HENTY, G.A.: - To Herat and Cabul. A Story of the First Afghan War. With eight illustrations by Charles Sheldon and map.
53155: HENTY, G.A: - Friends Though Divided. A Tale of the Civil War.
77012: HENTY, G.A.: - Beric the Briton. A Story of the Roman Invasion. With twelve illustrations by W.Parkinson.
79065: (HENTY, G.A.): NISTER: MACK, R. E.: FULLER, ALFRED: - Nister’s Holiday Annual for 1898 With Stories by G. Manville Fenn, Mrs. Molesworth, (G.A. Henty) &c. &c. Edited by Robert Ellis Mack and Alfred Fuller.
78675: HENTY, G.A.: - By England's Aid. Or: The Freeing of the Netherlands (1585-1604).
78687: HENTY, G.A.: - To Herat and Cabul. A Story of the First Afghan War. With eight illustrations by Charles Sheldon and map.
78793: HENTY, G. A: - Colonel Thorndyke's Secret.
77021: HENTY, G. A.: - The Curse of Carne's Hold. A Tale of Adventure. New Edition.
79101: HENTY, G. A.; - Cast Ashore. From "Under Drake's Flag". "Blackie’s Story-book Readers"
78695: HENTY, G.A: - Bears and Dacoits. And Other Stories.
56353: HENTY, G.A.: - The Lion of St. Mark. A Tale of Venice.
78690: HENTY, G.A.: - The Treasure of the Incas. A Tale of Adventure in Peru. With eight illustrations by Wal Paget and a map.
78688: HENTY, G. A.: - With Buller in Natal or, A Born Leader. With ten illustrations by W. Rainey.
78682: HENTY, G.A.: - A March on London. A Tale of Wat Tyler’s Rising. With eight illustrations by W. H. Margetson.
78680: HENTY, G. A.: - Yarns on the Beach. Contains: Do your Duty, Surly Joe & A Fish-Wife's Dream.
40641: HENTY, G.A.: - Out on the Pampas. Or: The Young Settlers.
75906: HENTY, G.A.: - On the Irrawaddy. A Story of the First Burmese War. With eight illustrations by W.H.Overend.
75908: HENTY, G A.: - DASH & DARING. Stories told by G. A. Henty, G. Manville Fenn, David Ker, W. H. G. Kingston, Reginald Horsely, and many others. With 8 Illustrations by W.H. C. Groome.
75909: HENTY, G. A.; LOUIS TRACY, HAROLD BINDLOSS, EDWIN LESTER ARNOLD, LT.-COL. A.F.MOCKLER-FERRYMAN, - Hazard & Heroism. Being Stories Told by G.A.Henty, Louis Tracy, Harold Bindloss, Edwin Lester Arnold, Lt.-Col. A.F.Mockler-Ferryman, etc.,etc.;
75910: HENTY; MANVILLE FENN, OXENHAM; BECKE &C.; - STEADY AND STRONG. Stories Told by G. A. Henty, G. Manville Fenn, John Oxenham, Louis Becke, R. E. Francillon, William Atkinson.
78683: HENTY, G. A.: - Out With Garibaldi. A Story of the Liberation of Italy.
78674: HENTY, G.A.: - In Greek Waters. A Story of the Greek War of Independence 1821-1827. With twelve illustrations by W.S.Stacey and a Map of the Grecian Archipelago.
78673: HENTY, G.A.(ED): - Yule-tide Yarns. With Fotry-five Illustrations. Re-Issue.
78043: HENTY, G. A.; - Through Russian Snows. A Story of Napoleon's Retreat From Moscow. With Eight Full-Page Illustrations by W. H. Overend and a Map.
78039: HENTY, G.A.: - With Cochrane the Dauntless. A Tale of the Exploits of Lord Cochrane in South American Waters. Illustrated by W. H. Margetson. New Edition.
75190: HER MAJESTY’S STATIONARY OFFICE; HMSO; - Trade Marks Journal. List of Applications for The Registration of Trade Marks Under The Trade Marks Registration Act 1875. Vol. 1. (Nos. 1-47) May to December 1876.
62057: HERBERT, JANE: - We Wander in Wessex.
76787: HERBERT, WALLY; - The Noose of Laurels The Discovery of the North Pole.
52249: HERKLOTS, G. A. C. - HONG KONG BIRDS illustrated in colour and black-and-white by Commander A.M.Hughes, OBE, RN (Rtd)
78864: HERRICK, ROBERT: - Chrysomela. A Selection from the Lyrical Poems of Robert Herrick. Arranged by Francis Turner Palgrave.
61760: HERROD, DAVID: - Waters of Cumbria. Foreword by Colin Welland.
77352: HERVEY, JAMES (RECTOR OF WESTON-FAVELL, IN NORTHAMPTONSHIRE): - Meditations and Contemplations. In Two Volumes. The Seventeenth Edition.
52913: HERVEY, CANON G.A.K. & BARNES, J.A.G.: - Natural History of the Lake District.
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74159: HUMPHREYS, JOHN: - Elizabethan Sheldon Tapestries.
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61906: HUTCHINS: - Portland Castle, Dorset.
67740: HUTCHINS: - Fleet House near Weymouth on the estate of the Revd. George Goodden. To whom this plate is respectfully dedicated.
67739: HUTCHINS: - Fontmell Parva The Seat of the Revd. Henry Tregonwell Bower. To whom this plate is respectfully dedicated.
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67733: HUTCHINS: - Durweston, Gillingham, Shillingston, Marnhull. Dorset. The churches of St.Nicholas’s, Durweston; St Mary the Virgin, Gillingham; The Holy Cross, Shillingston; St.Gregory, Marnhull. Four prints on one sheet.
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63403: INCE, R.B.: - Joan of Arc. Signed copy.
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74265: IRELAND, SAMUEL: - Picturesque Views on the Upper, or Warwickshire Avon From its Source at Naseby to its Junction with the Severn at Tewkesbury: With Observations on The Public Buildings, and Other works of Art in its Vicinity.
59906: IRVING, COMMANDER J.: - Knots, Ties and Splices. For Seafarers, Travellers, and all who use Cordage; with practical notes on wire and wire splicing, angler’s knots, etc. New edition completely revised and rewritten of J.T.Burgess’s well-known handbook.
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69865: J. RAPKIN - Original Engraved Map of Germany.
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74333: JACK WARNER, WITH DEAN JENNINGS - My First Hundred Years in Hollywood. SIGNED.
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65162: JAMES, EDWARD: - Brief Memoirs of the Late Right Reverend John Thomas James, Lord Bishop of Calcutta: particularly during his residence in India; gathered from his letters and papers.
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74321: JAMES STRACHAN - Agricultural Tables: A new set of tables, for computing the weight of cattle by measurement: The quantity of hay in ricks; the value of land, &c.; the measurement of drains and dunghills. To which is now added a concise system of farm book-keeping.
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78874: JESSE, EDWARD: - Gleanings in Natural History. With Local Recollections. To Which are Added Maxims and Hints for an Angler. And Second Series. To which are added Some Extracts from the unpublished MSS. of The late Mr. White of Selborne
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78956: JOHN SPEED - The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain: Presenting an exact geography of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isles adjoining. With a Chronology of Civil-Wars in England, Wales, & Ireland. Together with A Prospect of the most famous parts of the World. Asia, Africa, Europe, America. In this New edition are added In the Theatre of Great Britain The Principal Roads, & their branches leading to the cities & chief towns in England & Wales with their computed distances. In a new & accurate method. The Market Towns wanting in the former impressions. A Continuation of all the Battles fought in England, Scotland & Wales & Ireland, with all the Sea-Fights to this present time. The Arms of all the Dukes & Earls, whole titles of honour were wanting in each particular County to the last creation. The Descriptions of His Majesty’s Dominions abroad; with a map fairly engraven to each description, New England, Carolina, Virginia, Jamaica, New York, Florida, Mary Land, Barbados. Includes the RARE map of America when they thought Californa was an island. In the prospect of the World. The Empire of the great Mogul; Palestine or the Holy-Land, with the rest of the East Indies; The Empire of Russia. Printed for Thomas Basset MDCLXXVI
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76233: JOHN SPEED; - Original Hand-Coloured Engraved Map of The Countie of Westmoreland. And Kendale The Chief Towne Described. With the Armes of Such Noble as have been Earles of either of them. Double Sided.
65375: JOHN HAMILTON - The Swordfish Attack. May 26 1941 Abandoning her attempt to break out into the Atlantic the German battleship Bismarck made for the French coast. This attack by Fleet Air Arm aircraft from H M S Ark Royal damaged her steering & enabled an overwhelming force to converge on her. In the engagement which followed, Bismarck was sunk.
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73372: JOHNSON, R.BRIMLEY (ED): - Fanny Burney and the Burneys. Fully illustrated.
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54346: JOYCE, J: - Trams in colour since 1945.
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78818: JUNGMAN, NICO & BEATRIX: - Norway. Text by Beatrix Jungman
55814: JUNIPER, WILLIAM: - The True Drunkard's Delight.
78921: KAHLERT, HELMUT: - 300 Jahre Schwarzwalder Uhrenindustrie (300 years of Black Forest Watch / Clock Industry) GERMAN LANGUAGE.
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69470: KAY-ROBINSON, D: - Hardy's Wessex Reappraised.
71167: KAY-ROBINSON, DENYS: - Hardy's Wessex Reappraised.
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76216: KEIR, DAVID; MORGAN, BRYAN; - Golden Milestone. 50 Years of The AA.
78750: KELLETT, RICHARD: - The King's Shilling. The Life and Times of Lord Kitchener of Khartoum.
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73843: KELLY, ALISON: - Mrs Coade’s Stone.
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57783: KENNEDY, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR JOHN:. - The Business Of War. The War Narrative of...
58566: KENNEDY, SARAH: - Charlotte’s Friends.
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74475: KINGSFORD, CHARLES LETHERIDGE; - The Story of The Duke of Cambridge’s Own (Middlesex Regiment)
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78845: KIPLING, RUDYARD - A Diversity of Creatures.
59472: KIPLING, RUDYARD: - A Diversity of Creatures.
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77934: KIPP, WILLIAM: - Original Antique Hand-Coloured Engraved Map of Dorsetshire. DORCESTRIAE. Comitatis Vulgo Dorsett Vbi olim Dvrotriges Insederunt. Illustration from Camden’s Britannia.
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70000: KIRKMAN, F.B. / HUTCHINSON, HORACE G. (EDS): - British Sporting Birds. The chapters on the natural history of each bird and the plates illustrating the book drawn from the British Bird Book.
78575: KITCHIN: - A New Improved Map of Hampshire from the Best Surveys and Intelligences Divided into its Hundreds. Shewing the Several Roads and True Measured Distances... Also the Rectories and Vicarages... with other useful particulars. Regulated by Astronomical Observations. Dedicated to Chares Pawlet, Duke of Bolton. Original Antique Engraved Hand-Coloured Map of Hampshire.
77433: KITCHIN, THOMAS; - Antique Original Hand Coloured Engraved Map of Dorsetshire. “An Accurate map of Dorsetshire, Drawn from the Best Maps and Charts.” From the “Antiquities of England and Wales”.
72226: KITSON, FRANK: - Prince Rupert. Portrait of a Soldier.
67974: KLEIN, DAN / LLOYD, WARD (EDS): - The History of Glass. Foreword by Robert Charleston.
78898: KNAPP, ANDREW / BALDWIN, WILLIAM (ATTORNEYS AT LAW): - Criminal Chronology; or, The New Newgate Calendar. Being Interesting Memoirs of Notorious Characters who have been Convicted of Outrages on The Laws of England during the Seventeenth Century; And Chronologically Arranged, and... Essays on Crime and Punishments, Original Anecdotes... Last Exclamations... and A Correct Account of the Various modes of Punishment in different Parts of the World.
45205: KNAUR, D.: - Morgen des Abendlandes. Von der Antike zum Mittelalter. Knaur Große Kulturen in Farbe. (400 - 900 A.C.).
74056: KNIGHT, G.WILSON: - The Saturnian Quest of John Cowper Powys. A Study of his Prose Works.
68132: KNIGHT, DOUGLAS: - Lulworth Cove and District. An Illustrated Guide.
68163: KNOTT, OLIVE: - Down Dorset Way.
68162: KNOTT, OLIVE: - Down Dorset Way. Signed copy.
56012: KNOTT, OLIVE: - Dorset With Hardy. Signed copy.
55933: KNOTT, OLIVE: - Tales of Dorset. Signed copy.
75592: KNOWLES BOLTON, CHARLES; - The Private Soldier Under Washington. Illustrated.
75483: KNOWLES, LEES; - Minden and the Seven Years War.
74976: KNOWLES, HORACE J.; HUNT, LEIGH: - The Months. Descriptive of the Successive Beauties of the Year. With Drawings by Horace J. Knowles.
72442: KNOWLES, JAMES D.: - Memoir of Roger Williams, The Founder of the State of Rhode Island.
42380: KNOWLTON, D: - The Naturalist in Central Southern England. Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset & Somerset.
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73483: KOCIEJOWSKI, MARIUS: - The Street Philosopher and the Holy Fool. A Syrian Journey.
73242: KOSSOFF, DAVID: - The Christmas Story in Masterpieces. Introduced by David Kossoff.
73568: KRASSNOFF, PETER NICOLAEVITCH: - Napoleon and the Cossacks. Translated from the Russian by Olga Vitali.
63747: KRONENBERGER, LOUIS: - The Extraordinary Mr Wilkes. His Life and Times.
76988: KUHNE, WALTER GEORG; - The Liassic Therapsid Oligokyphus. With Twelve Stereoscopic Plates and Sixty-Six Figures in the Text.
78941: KUUTSEN, ROALD: - Seven Prints Depicting English Civil War Soldiers. Individually Numbered & Signed.
74157: KYNASTON, DAVID: - Cazenove and Co. A History.
74537: L. S. STARRETT CO.; - Fine Mechanical Tools Trade Marks Registered in Foreign Countries. Manufactured by The L.S. Starrett Company.
50157: LACK, DAVID: - Population Studies on Birds.
67712: LADY GROGAN: - Reginald Bosworth Smith A Memoir. By his daughter, Lady Grogan.
50074: LADY GROVE: - The Social Fetich. Printed dedication to THOMAS HARDY.
78979: LAKE, CHRISTOPHER: - European Rulers 1060 - 1981 A Cross Referenced Genealogy by Christopher Lake.
70553: LAL, RAM NARAIN: - The Student’s Practical Dictionary, Anglo-Urdu. New and Enlarged Edition.
55437: LAMB, M.C.: - Leather Dressing, Including Dyeing, Staining & Finishing. Second edition, revised and enlarged.
67528: LAMBERT, DEREK: - The Red House.
73440: LAMBERT, GAVIN: - A Case for the Angels.
70335: LAMBETH, M.: - A Golden Dolly. The Art, Mystery and History of Corn Dollies. Illustrations by R.C.Lambeth.
73416: LANDAU, ROM: - Search for Tomorrow. The Things Which Are and the Things Which Shall Be Hereafter.
78215: LANDOR, A. HENRY SAVAGE; - In the Forbidden Land. Two Volumes. An Account of a Journey in Tibet, Capture by the Tibetan Authorities, Imprisonment, Torture, and Ultimate Release. Also various official documents, including the enquiry and report by J. Larkin, esq., appointed by the Government of India. With a Map and Two Hundred and Fifty illustrations.
75014: LANG, ANDREW & JOHN; THOMSON, HUGH; - Highways and Byways in The Border. With illustrations by Hugh Thomson. First Pocket Edition.
56747: LANG, A. AND J. / THOMSON, HUGH (ILL.); - Highways and Byways in The Border.
45100: LANG, JENNIFER (WRITTEN BY) / FREELOVE, W. F.: - An Assemblage of 19th. Century Horses & Carriages. From the original sketches by the late W.F. Freelove.
78424: LANG, ANDREW; - The Book of Dreams and Ghosts. Rare 1st Edition.
74094: LANGLANDS, ALEX / GINN, PETER / GOODMAN, RUTH: - Victorian Farm. Rediscovering Forgotten Skills.
78597: LANGLEY: - Langley’s New Map of Hampshire. Original Antique Engraved Hand Coloured Map of Hampshire. With Illustrated Vignette of Porchester Castle, Explanation and List of Hundreds.
55748: LANGLEY, LEE: - Sunday Girl.
55671: LANGLEY, LEE: - The Only Person.
56326: LAPIERRE, MARCEL: - Les Cent Visages du Cinema. Limited edition. French Language.
77931: LAPORTE, J.; EMES, J.; - Bryanston in Dorsetshire (View of). Original Hand Coloured Engraving. “The Seat of Henry William Berkeley Portman Esq.”
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78985: MACDONALD, GREVILLE: CHESTERTON, G.K.: - George Macdonald and His Wife. With 28 Illustrations and an Introduction by G.K. Chesterton. SIGNED COPY.
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67871: MACPHERSON, REV.PETER SINCLAIR: - The story of a Dorset Parish Church and of the Royal Manor of Fordington St.George.
78166: MACPHERSON: LASCELLES: RICHARDSON: GIBBONS: LONGMAN: HERBERT: WATSON: - The Hare. Fur, Feather & Fin Series. With chapters on Natural History, Shooting, Coursing, Hunting, Cookery.
74434: MACQUOID, PERCY; EDWARDS, RALPH; - The Dictionary of English Furniture From the Middle Ages to the Late Georgian Period. With a General Introduction by H. Avray Tipping. Two Volumes.
77281: MADAME IDA PFEIFFER - Visit to Iceland And The Scandinavian North Translated from the German. With numerous explanatory notes, and eight tinted engravings. To which are added an essay on Icelandic Poetry,... and a Brief Sketch of Icelandic History.
45919: MADARIAGA, S. DE. (ED.): - The Sacred Giraffe. Being the Second Volume of the Posthumous Works of Julio Arceval.
71115: MADDOX, HUGH: - Towards Integrity? Letters on life from Dorset to his friends and parishoners.
67710: MADELIN, LOUIS: - The Consulate and the Empire 1789-1809. The National History of France. Translated from the French by E.F.Buckley.
67178: MAGAN, WILLIAM: - Soldier of the Raj.
72141: MAHONY, BERTHA E. / LATIMER, LOUISE P. / FOLMSBEE, BEULAH (EDS): - Illustrators of Children’s Books. 1744-1945.
77564: MAIS, S.P.B.: - Highways and Byways in The Welsh Marches. With illustrations by Joseph McCulloch.
71638: MAIS, S.P.B. / STEPHENSON, TOM (EDS): - Lovely Britain.
66161: MALCOLM, NOEL: - The Origins of English Nonsense.
44031: MALINS, E.: - English Landscaping and Literature 1660-1840.
69637: MALLETT, PHILLIP V. / DRAPER, RONALD P. (EDS): - A Spacious Vision. Essays on Hardy.
58478: MALRAUX, ANDRE: - The Metamorphosis of the Gods. Translated by Stuart Gilbert.
74620: MANDEVILLE, B.; - Free Thoughts on Religion, The Church and National Happiness. The Second Edition. Revised Corrected and Enlarged with many additions by the author.
66820: MANKOWITZ, WOLF: - Wedgwood.
76422: MANNING, REV. SAMUEL: - American Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil.
52243: MANNING, S. A - The Naturalist in South-East England: Kent, Surrey and Sussex
78526: MANNIX, J. BERNARD: - Mines and Their Story.
53254: MANO, D. KEITH: - Horn Signed first edition
75512: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, JOHN CLAVELL; - The Flora of Dorsetshire. Or A Catalogue of the Plants Found in the County of Dorset. with a Sketches of its Geology and Physical Geography.
74670: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, J.C.: - The Mollusca of Dorsetshire. (Marine, Estuarine, Freshwater, and Land) and The Brachiopoda. Signed copy.
77292: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, JOHN CLAVELL; - The Flora of Dorsetshire. Or A Catalogue of the Plants Found in the County of Dorset. With Sketches of its Geology and Physical Geography.
78762: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, J. C.; - The Flora of Dorsetshire. With a Sketch of Topography, River System, and Geology of the County. Second Edition. With Two Maps.
78099: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, J. C.; - The Birds of Dorsetshire. A contribution to the natural history of the county.
76008: MANVILLE FENN, G; BROWN, GORDON; - Planter Jack, Or The Cinnamon Garden Illustrated by Gordon Browne.
78628: MANVILLE FENN, G.: PARRY, D.H.: HENTY, G.A.: BRAINE, SHEILA: WEEDON, L.L.: - The Golden Story Book “No. 3800. Printed in Bavaria.”
75000: MAPLET, JOHN; DAVIES, W. H.; - A Greene Forest. Reprinted from the Edition of 1567. Or a naturall Historie, wherein may bee seene first the most sufferaigne Virtues in all the whole kinde of Stones & Mettals; Next of Plants, as of Herbes, Trees, and Shrubs, Lastly of Brute Beastes, Foules, Fishes, Creeping Wormes, and Serpents, and that Aplphabetically; so that a Table shall not neede. Introduction by W. H. Davies. Limited Edition.
61606: MARETT, WARWICK PAUL (ED): - A Calendar of the Register of Henry Wakefield Bishop of Worcester 1375-95. Worcestershire historical Society, New Series, Volume 7.
78566: MARGOLIOUTH, D. S.: - Cairo, Jerusalem & Damascus. Three Chief Cities of the Egyptian Sultans. With illustrations in colour by W.S Tyrwhitt and additional plates by Reginald Barratt.
69200: MARGUERITE DE BEAUMONT - The Wolf That Never Sleeps A Story of Baden-Powell
73216: MARITAIN, JACQUES: - Anti-Semitism.
78292: MARKHAM, SIR CLEMENTS R: DE CIEZA DE LEON, PEDRO: - The War of Las Salinas. Civil Wars in Peru. Translated with an Introduction. Hakluyt Society. Second Series. No. LIV.
52476: MARKHAM, EDWARD R - Tool Making. A manual of Practical Instruction in the Art of Making Tools, with Many Hints on the Solution of Problems Calling for Ingenuity and Mechanical Skill in the Devising of Special Means to Special Ends.
78358: MARLOW, LOUIS; - Seven Friends. Oscar Wilde, Frank Harris, Aleister Crowley, John Cowper Powys, T. F. Powys, Llewelyn Powys, William Somerset Maugham.
78357: MARLOW, LOUIS; - Forth, Beast! ‘Bon animal, bon homme.’
78359: MARLOW, LOUIS; - Swan’s Milk.
75654: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER; MARNAU, FRED; - A Selection of Poems by Christopher Marlowe. Edited and Introduced by Fred Marnau.
70886: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER / CHAPMAN, GEORGE: - Hero and Leander. A poem begunne by Christopher Marlowe and finished by George Chapman. Limited edition.
78165: MARQUESS OF GRANBY: CUSTANCE, F. H.: SHAND, ALEXANDER INNES: WATSON: - The Trout. Fur, Feather & Fin Series. With chapters on Breeding by Colonel F. H. Eustace, and Cookery by Alexander Innes Shand. Illustrated by J. E. Grace and from photographs.
70454: MARREN, PETER: - The New Naturalists. (The New Naturalist No. 82).
57259: MARRIOTT, SIR JOHN A.R.: - Queen Victoria and Her Ministers. The Victorian Era from a New Angle.
75054: MARROT, H. V.; - A Bibliography of the Works of John Galsworthy. SIGNED/ Inscribed by the Author.
48702: MARRYAT,CAPTAIN: - The Children of the New Forest. Illustrated by STAFFORD GOOD.
79077: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN: - Mr Midshipman Easy. In Three Volumes. (Bound in Two.)
78899: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN: - The Works of Captain Marryat, in 14 Volumes.
78930: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN: - Masterman Ready. Or, The Wreck of the Pacific. With original illustrations.
69107: MARSDEN, PETER: - The Roman Forum Site in London. Discoveries before 1985. Museum of London.
75901: MARSDEN, KATE: - On Sledge and Horseback to Outcast Siberian Lepers. Illustrated from Photographs and Drawings.
75963: MARSH, EDWARD; NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS; MEREDITH, MICHAEL; - Eddie Marsh's Little Book Reproduced in Facsimile. Two Volumes in Slipcase. LTD ED.
76700: MARSHALL, MRS. A. B.: - Larger Cookery Book of Extra Recipes Dedicated by permission to H.R.H. Princess Christian.
74600: MARSHALL, LOGNAN, (ED.); - The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters. A Detailed and Accurate account of the most awful marine disaster in history, constructed from the real facts as obtained from those on board who survived. Only Authoritative Book. Including; Records, Descriptions, Development of Safety and Development of Shipbuilding, etc... Illustrated with Numerous authentic Photographs and Drawings.
69911: MARSHALL, CHRIS (ED): - The Encyclopedia of Ships. The History and Specifications of over 1200 ships.
53887: MARSHALL, ARCHIBALD: - Simple Stories. Pictures by George Morrow.
78550: MARTENSEN, DR. H.: - Christian Ethics. First Division: Individual Ethics; Second Division: Social; and, General Ethics. In Three Volumes. Translated from the Author’s German and Danish Editions.
67234: MARTIN, W.KEBLE: - Over the Hills.
77023: MARTINEAU, HARRIET: - Feats of the Fjord With Illustrations by Arthur Rackham.
75131: MARWICK, HUGH: - The County Books. Orkney.
69210: MARY NORTON - The Borrowers ALOFT
44004: MASEFIELD, J: - Odtaa. A Novel.
73082: MASEFIELD, JOHN: - Selected Poems. Signed limited edition.
61257: MASEFIELD, JOHN: - Eggs and Baker. or The Days of Trial.
78053: MASEFIELD, JOHN; BROWNE, GORDON; - A Book of Discoveries. Illustrated by Gordon Browne.
74439: MASON, JOHN H.; - Poems Poems By John H. Mason. R.D.I.
76771: MASON, THEODORE K.; - Two Against The Ice Admunsen and Ellsworth
76676: MASSINGHAM, H. J.: - The English Countryside. A Survey of its Chief Features. The Pilgrims’ Library.
66163: MASTERS, JOHN: - The Himalayan Concerto. A Novel of Adventure.
73122: MASTERS, SAMUEL: - A Discourse of Friendship, Preached at the Wiltshire-Feast, in St.Mary-le-Bow Church December 1st.1684. By Samuel Masters, Preacher to the Hospital and Precinct of Bridewell in London.
68171: MASTERS AND BOYS OF SHERBORNE SCHOOL: - A Guide to the Neighbourhood of Sherborne & Yeovil.
57437: MATE, CHAS.H. / RIDDLE, CHAS.: - Bournemouth 1810 - 1910 The Story Of A Modern Health And Pleasure Resort. Preface by His Grace The Duke of Argyll. Subscribers edition.
55739: MATHER, BERKELY: - Snowline.
72990: MATHEW, DAVID: - Acton. The Formative Years.
72989: MATHEW, DAVID: - The Social Structure in Caroline England. The Ford Lectures delivered in the University of Oxford in Michaelmas Term, 1945.
57277: MATHEWS, CANON & WHITEHEAD, JAMES F.: - History of Appleby.
76459: MATHIAS, ROLAND; POWYS, JOHN COWPER; - The Hollowed-Out Elder Stalk. John Cowper Powys as Poet.
52458: MATTHEW, W.P. - WOODWORK FOR BOYS A Junior teach Yourself Book.
77764: MATTHEWS, L. HARRISON: - British Mammals. (The New Naturalist 21). With 16 colour plates, 48 black and white plates and 92 figures in the text.
58394: MATTHEWS, A.R.: - How to Catch Coarse Fish. Roach, Perch, Bream, Dace, Chub and Carp. (An Old Angler’s Hints and Wrinkles). One of the “Country Life” Booklets.
67511: MATTHEWS, REX: - A Porch at my Door.
68879: MATTHEWS, JANE: - Welcome Aboard. The Story of the Seamen’s Hospital Society and the Dreadnought.
77780: MATTHISON, W.; TUKER, M. A. R.: - Cambridge.
74444: MATTINGLEY, K.V.; - Dentist On A Camel. Signed & Dedicated by the Author.
76621: MATTINGLY, G.: - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada. Introduction by J. H. Elliott. In Slipcase.
75851: MATURIN, CHARLES ROBERT; - Melmoth the Wanderer. A New Edition From the Original Text, With A Memoir and Bibliography of Maturin’s Works. In Three Volumes.
72602: MAUNDEVILE, JOHN: - The Voiage and Trauaile of Syr John Maundevile knight, The voyage and travels of Sir John Mandeville which treateth of the way toward Hierusalem, and of marvayles of Inde with other islands and countryes. Limited edition.
56030: MAURICE, JOHN: - The Divider.
77199: MAWSON, SIR DOUGLAS: - The Home of the Blizzard. Being the Story of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914. Illustrated in colour and black and white also with maps. In two volumes.
76980: MAXTON, JOHN; - The Workman's Manual of Engineering Drawing. With Nearly Three Hundred and Fifty Woodcuts and Seven Plates.
76789: MAXTONE-GRAHAM, JOHN: - Safe Return Doubtful The Heroic Age of Polar Exploration.
76023: MAXWELL, DONALD: - Unknown Dorset. Being a series of unmethodical Explorations of the County illustrated in line and colour by the Author.
77001: MAXWELL, DONALD: - Unknown Surrey. Being a series of unmethodical Explorations of the County illustrated in line and colour by the Author.
64497: MAXWELL, CHARLES HERBERT: - Adventures of the White Girl in Her Search For God. A Brilliant and Entertaining Reply to Bernard Shaw.
78280: MAYDON, MAJOR H.C.(ED): - Big Game Shooting in Africa. (The Lonsdale Library Vol. XIV).
75876: MAYO, CHARLES HERBERT; - The Municipal Records of the Borough of Shaftesbury. Shastonian Records. A Contributuion to Shastonian History.
75872: MAYO, CHARLES; - A History of Wimborne Minster; The Collegiate Church of Saint Cuthberga and King’s Free Chapel at Wimborne.
77627: MAYO, REV. CANON C. H.: - The Official Guide to the Abbey Church of St. Mary the Virgin Sherborne. With a Sufficient Historical Setting.
69506: MAYO, CHARLES HERBERT: - Bibliotheca Dorsetiensis. Being a carefully compiled account of printed books and pamphlets relating to the History and Topography of the County of Dorset.
73143: MAYOR, J.E.B. (ED): - Cambridge Under Queen Anne. Illustrated by Memoir of Ambrose Bonwicke and Diaries of Francis Burman and Zacharias Conrad von Uffenbach. Edited with notes by J.E.B.Mayor. With a preface by Montague Rhodes James (M.R.James).
66919: MAYOR, SUSAN: - Collecting Fans.
76721: MCCALL, BARRY; - Pho20graphy Signed by Author/Photographer.
57796: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN: - A History of Our Own Times. From the Accession of Queen Victoria to the Diamond Jubilee, 1897.
48156: MCCAUSLAND, NORA KENNEDY: - Ivory And Horn: Poems. Signed by author
71875: MCCONNOCHIE, ALEX INKSON: - The Royal Dee. A description of the river from the wells to the sea written by Alex Inkson McConnochie, Illustrated by J.G.Murray.
56027: MCCORMACK, ELIZA: - Would You Believe Love?
49108: MCEWAN, IAN : - Atonement.
72524: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM: - Poetic Gems. Selected from the works of William McGonagall, Poet and Tragedian. Died in Edinburgh 29 September 1902. Foreword by Spike Milligan. Brief biography and Reminicences by The Author. Tribute and Ode from three students at Glasgow University and other Tributes and Testimonials. Dramatic Collages by Michael Foreman.
77197: MCIAN, R. R.; - The Clans of the Scottish Highlands. The Costumes of The Clans/ Text by James Logan. Foreword by Antonia Fraser.
58340: MCKEARIN, GEORGE S. AND HELEN: - American Glass.
56084: MCLACHLAN, DONALD: - No Case For The Crown.
71876: MCLAREN, MORAY: - The Highland Jaunt. A Study of James Boswell and Samuel Johnson upon their Highland and Hebridean Tour of 1773.
53883: MCMURDO, FERGUS WILLIAM HAMILTON. (JOHN TALIFER): - Phoenix and other poems, 1943 to 1950
55742: MCMURTRY, LARRY: - All my friends are going to be strangers. By the author of The Last Picture Show.
75818: MCNUTT, DAN J.; - The Eighteenth-Century Gothic Novel; An Annotated Bibliography of Critisism and Selected Texts. Foreword by Devendra Varma and Maurice Levy.
54389: MCQUEEN, IAN: - Bournemouth St Peter's.
71050: MCWHIRR, ALAN: - Houses in Roman Cirencester. Cirencester Excavations III.
78923: MEAD, PETER: - The Eye in The Air A History of Air Observation and Reconnaissance for the Army 1785 - 1945. Signed.
68139: MEAD, PETER: - Orde Wingate and the Historians.
62781: MEAD, CHRIS: - Bird Migration.
52596: MEATES, G.W - Lullingstone Roman Villa Signed first edition
60389: MEE, ARTHUR: - Hertfordshire London’s Country Neighbour.
60384: MEE, ARTHUR. WALKER, T.E.C. & WARNER, SYDNEY: - Durham. Twixt Tyne and Tees.
60505: MEE, ARTHUR: - Hampshire with the Isle of Wight.
78522: MEE, ARTHUR: - Warwickshire. Shakespeare’s Country. (The King's England). With 220 places and 215 pictures.
75524: MEE, ARTHUR; - Dorset. Thomas Hardy’s Country. (The King’s England) With 218 Places and 149 Pictures.
76292: MEE, ARTHUR; - Dorset. Thomas Hardy’s Country. (The King’s England) With 218 Places and 149 Pictures.
60377: MEE, ARTHUR: - Buckinghamshire. Country of the Chiltern Hills (The King's England).
49768: MEE, ARTHUR: - Hampshire with the Isle of Wight. The King's England.
64203: MEE, ARTHUR: - Buckinghamshire. Country of the Chiltern Hills (The King's England).
60404: MEE, ARTHUR: - Staffordshire. Beauty and the Black Country. The King's England. A guide to everything that makes the county famous. Town by Town. Village by Village.
76870: MEE, ARTHUR; - Dorset. Thomas Hardy’s Country. (The King’s England) With 218 Places and 149 Pictures.
66222: MEE, ARTHUR: - Hertfordshire The King’s England. London’s Country Neighbour.
60391: MEE, ARTHUR: - Lake Counties. Cumberland. Westmorland.(The King’s England).
75402: MEINERTZHAGEN, GEORGINA; - From Ploughshare to Parliament A Short Memoir of the Potters of Tadcaster.
77127: MEINERTZHAGEN, COLONEL R. - Nicoll’s Birds of Egypt. Published under the authority of the Egyptian Government. In Two Volumes.
77125: MEINERTZHAGEN, COLONEL R.; - Pirates and Predators. The Piratical and Predatory Habits of Birds.
77028: MEINERTZHAGEN, COLONEL R.; - Birds of Arabia.
77723: MELLANBY, KENNETH: (50) - Pesticides and Pollution. (The New Naturalist 50).
70752: MELROSE, GEORGIANA: - A Strange Occupation. Signed copy.
77059: MENZIES, MRS STUART: - Women in the Hunting Field
77691: (111). MERCER, IAN: - Dartmoor. (The New Naturalist 111). A Statement of its Time.
58336: MEREDITH, GEORGE: - Diana of the Crossways. A Novel.

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