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61354: CRANE, WALTER: - Attractive original illustrated song “Jog On, Jog On”. From the book, “Pan Piped”.
77976: CRANE, WALTER; DELAND, MARGARET; - The Old Garden. And other verses, decorated by Walter Crane.
78636: (CRANE, WALTER) MARZIALS, T: - Pan-Pipes. A Book of old Songs. Newly arranged & with accompaniments by T. Marzials. Set to Pictures by Walter Crane. Engraved and Printed in colours by Edmund Evans.
72128: CRANE, WALTER: - Renascence A Book of Verse by Walter Crane. Limited edition.
70477: CRANE, NICHOLAS: - Mercator. The man who mapped the planet.
77249: CRANE, NICHOLAS: - Clear Waters Rising. A Mountain Walk Across Europe.
77248: CRANE, NICHOLAS: - Two Degrees West. A Walk Along England’s Meridian. SIGNED COPY.
59075: CREASY, SIR EDWARD: - The Fifteen Decisive Battles Of The World. From Marathon To Waterloo.
77277: CRESWICKE, LOUIS; - South Africa and the Transvaal War. From the Foundation of Cape Colony... With Numerous Illustrations and Maps. In Seven Volumes.
79076: CRIAG, W. J.: SHAKESPEARE: - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Edited with a glossary by W. J. Craig.
70261: CRIBB, JOE / COOK, BARRIE / CARRADICE, IAN: - The Coin Atlas. The World of Coinage from its origins to the present day.
70972: CRISWELL, GROVER C.: - Confederate and Southern State Currency. Criswell’s Currency Series. Vol I. 1st Revised Edition. A Descriptive Listing, Including Rarity and Prices. “The Confederate States of America” and all of the Southern States Including “The Territory of Florida” and “The Republic and Government of Texas”.
78767: CRISWICK, J.: - A Walk Round Dorchester; Containing an account of every thing worthy the observation of the traveller and antiquary, within that ancient town, and the circumference of a few miles, compiled from the best authorities; Also an account of the Abbeys of Milton, Cerne and Bindon, Together with Sherborne, Lulworth, and Corfe Castles. Embellished with a finely executed View of Dorchester and Fordington, and a Correct Map of the County.
78271: CRITCHLEY, MACDONALD (ED): - Trial of Neville George Clevely Heath. Notable British Trials Series. Vol. 75. SIGNED COPY.
64362: CRITCHLEY, MACDONALD (ED): - Trial of Neville George Clevely Heath. Notable British Trials Series. Vol.75
78276: CRITCHLEY, MACDONALD (ED): - Trial of Neville George Clevely Heath. Notable British Trials Series. Vol. 75. SIGNED COPY.
76757: CROFT, ANDREW; - Polar Exploration Second Edition. With Twenty-Two Illustrations and Eight Maps.
61002: CROFTON, H.A.: - How to Trace a Pedigree.
58690: CROOK, A. BRIGADIER (RETD): - Barbed-Wire Doctor. Memoirs of Brigadier Crook. One Doctor’s War.
74890: CROOKENDEN, ARTHUR; - The History of The Cheshire Regiment in The Great War 1914 - 1918. The 22nd. (Cheshire) Regiment. Illustrations and Maps.
77274: CROSS STANDING, PERCY: - Cricket of To-Day and Yesterday. With special articles by famous cricketers, incl.K. S. RANJITSINHJI, P.F. WARNER, D.L.A. JESPHSON, ROBERT ABEL, and WILFRED RHODES. Subscription Illustrated Edition. In Two Volumes.
71743: CROSSLAND, JOHN: - The Keener Sight. Talks and Exercises on Deductional Geography.
62981: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - Poems from East Anglia.
63043: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - The Callow Pit Coffer. Drawings by Margaret Gordon. Signed copy.
63039: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - Norfolk Poems. photographs by John Hedgecoe. Signed copy.
63044: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - The Hidden Roads. A Memoir of Childhood. Signed copy.
63049: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - Time’s Oriel. Poems. Signed copy.
63050: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - The Rain Giver. Poems. Signed copy.
63051: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN (ED): - Light Unlocked. Christmas Card Poems. Edited by Kevin Crossley-Holland and Lawrence Sail. Engravings by John Lawrence. Signed copy.
63042: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - The Sea Stranger. Long Ago Children Books. Pictures by Joanna Troughton.
62979: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - Waterslain Angels.
62980: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - Which Eye Can You See Me With? Interpreting Folk-Tales: A Writer’s Perspective. The Helen E.Stubbs Memorial Lectures. Number One.
77318: CROSSLEY, FRED H.: - Timber Building in England. From Early Times to The End of the Seventeenth Century.
63040: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN: - Storm. A Banana Book. Illustrated by Alan Marks.
60585: CROUCH, JOAN SANDERSON: - “The Meadows Where We Play” The Story of a Dorset Childhood.
65221: CROWDEN, JAMES: - Blood, Earth and Medicine. a year in the life of a casual agricultural labourer. With a foreword by John Fowles. Signed copy.
67347: CROWSON, N.J. (ED): - Fleet Street, Press Barons and Politics. The Journals of Collin Brooks, 1932-1940. Camden Fifth Series Volume 11.
74977: CRUIKSHANK, GEORGE; TAYLOR, EDGAR; RUSKIN, JOHN; - German Popular Stories. In Two Series. with Illustrations after the Original designs of George Cruikshank.
77783: CRUIKSHANK; GREGO, JOSEPH; - Cruikshank’s Water Colours. With an Introduction by Joseph Grego.
75247: CRUTTWELL, C.R: - A History of The Great War. 1914-1918.
78919: CULLEN, TOM: - Autumn of Terror. Jack The Ripper, His Times and Crimes.
61987: CULLINGFORD, CECIL N.: - A History of Dorset.
70660: CULLINGFORD, CECIL N.: - A History of Dorset. Drawings by Ralph Sharpe. Cartography by John Britton.
72904: CUNDALL, H.M.: - Birket Foster.
70211: CUNLIFFE, BARRY (ED): - The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe.
78047: CUPPLES, GEORGE; - A Spliced Yarn. Some Strands From The Life Cable of Bill Bullen. Illustrated by Frank Brangwyn.
69287: CURCHIN, LEONARD A.: - Roman Spain. Conquest and Assimilation.
78885: CURTIS, JOHN: - The Genera of British Lepidoptera. Transferred from the Original Figures, in 193 Plates of “British Entomology.”
75037: CURWEN, JOHN F.; - Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society. Extra Series; Vol. XIII. The Castles and Fortified Towers of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire North-of-the-Sands, together with a brief Historical Account of Border Warfare.
75842: CUTHBERTSON, CATHERINE; - Santo Sebastiano: Or, The Young Protector. A Novel. In Five Volumes. Second Edition. By the Author of “The Romance of the Pyrenees.”
71879: CUTHBERTSON, D.C.: - Autumn in Kyle and the Charm of Cunninghame.
75710: CUTLER, REV. RICHARD; - Original Notes of Dorchester and the Durotriges.
78254: CUZNER: - Cuzner's Hand-Book to Froome-Selwood. With Illustrations.
78494: D’OYLY, GEORGE / MANT, RICHARD (EDS): - The Holy Bible. According to the Authorized Version; with Notes, Explanatory and Practical; taken principally from the Most Eminent Writers of the United Church of England and Ireland: together with appropriate Introductions, Tables, Indexes, Maps, and Plans: prepared and arranged by The Rev. George D’Oyly, and The Rev. Richard Mant, Domestick Chaplains to His Grace the lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Under the direction of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. For the Use of Families. In Three Volumes.
50206: D’ ARBOUVILLE, FRAU VON: - Ein glückliches Leben. Übersetzung aus dem Französischen von Maria Baincao v. E.
74189: D. H. PARRY - The Little Regiment ILLUSTRATED BY H. M. BROCK
45977: ( DA VINCI ) TAYLOR, R. A.: - Leonardo the Florentine. A Study in Personality. (Leonardo Da Vinci).
75815: DACRE, CHARLOTTE; (MATILDA, ROSA); - Zofloya. Or, The Moor. With an Introduction by The Rev. Montague Summers. Limited Numbered Edition.
75603: DAILY EXPRESS - Rupert The Daily Express Annual
78173: DALE, C. W.: - The History of Glanville’s Wooton, In The County of Dorset. Including it’s Zoology and Botany.
67495: DALE, H.MONTAGUE: - Worship and Communion.
79073: DALE, THOMAS: - The Widow of The City of Nain; and Other Poems. Fourth Edition.
78170: DALE, THOMAS F.: - The Fox. Fur, feather and Fin Series. With illustrations by Archibald Thorburn and G.D. Giles.
76675: DALLAWAY, JAMES, A. M.; - Inquiries into the Origin and Progress of the Science of Heraldry in England. With Explanatory Observations on Armorial Ensigns. In Slipcase.
78774: DALTON, JOHN N: VICTOR, PRINCE ALBERT: WALES, PRINCE GEORGE OF: - The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship "Bacchante" 1879-1882. Compiled from The Private Journals, Letters, and Note-Books of Prince Albert Victor and Prince George of Wales, with additions by John N. Dalton. In Two Volumes.
75928: DALTON, CHRISTOPHER; - The Bells and Belfries of Dorset. Part 1. (Abbotsbury to Corfe.) Signed Copy.
75929: DALTON, CHRISTOPHER; - The Bells and Belfries of Dorset. Part II (2). (Halstock to Spetisbury.) Signed Copy.
77011: DALZIEL, HUGH: - British Dogs: Describing the History, Characteristics, Breeding, Management, and Exhibition of the Various Breeds of Dogs established in Great Britain. With Coloured Plates and Wood Engravings. Second Edition. In Two Volumes.
75605: DANGERFIELD, ROLAND E.; CHALKEY, A. P.; - The Motor Ship. Jan-June, 1949 - July-Dec, 1949. Vol. XXIX. No. 348 to Vol. XXX No. 359. Two Volumes.
75604: DANGERFIELD, ROLAND E.; CHALKEY, A. P.; - The Motor Ship. Jan-June, 1948 - July-Dec, 1948. Vol. XXVIII. No. 336 to Vol. XXIX No. 347. Two Volumes.
74801: DANIELL, DAVID SCOTT; - The Royal Hampshire Regiment. Volume Three. 1918-1954. With a Foreword by Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick A. M. Browning.
56236: DANZIGER, JAMES: - Beaton.
77993: (06) DARLING, F. FRASER: - Natural History in The Highlands and Islands. (The New Naturalist 6).
78946: DARLING, F. FRASER: TUNNICLIFFE, C. F.: - The Seasons & The Fisherman. A Book For Children.
75930: DARTON, F.J.HARVEY: - The Marches Of Wessex. A Chronicle of England. SIGNED - WITH LETTERS.
77257: DARTON, F.J.HARVEY: - The Marches Of Wessex. A Chronicle of England.
70724: DARVILL, TIMOTHY: - Prehistoric Britain.
76573: DARWIN, BERNARD: - The Golf Courses of the British Isles. Illustrated by Harry Rountree.
77964: DARWIN, FRANCIS; - The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin Including an Autobiographical Chapter. Edited by His Son Francis Darwin. In Three Volumes.
79061: DARWIN, CHARLES; - A Naturalist’s Voyage Round The World. Or, Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries visited during the Voyage round the world of H.M.S. "Beagle" under the Command of Captain Fitz Roy. A New Edition, With Illustrations.
78483: DARWIN, CHARLES: - The Different Form of Flowers on Plants of the Same Species. Third Thousand. With Illustrations.
78663: DARWIN, CHARLES: - Journal of Researches into the Natural History & Geology of the Countries visited during the Voyage of H.M.S. "Beagle" Round the World, Under the command of Captain Fitz Roy. New Edition with portrait. A Naturalist’s Voyage Round The World.
78481: DARWIN, CHARLES; - The Descent of Man. And Selection in Relation to Sex. Second Edition, Revised and augmented. Twenty-First Thousand. With Illustrations.
76513: DARWIN, BERNARD (ED): - The Game’s Afoot! An Anthology of Sports, Games & the Open Air.
75542: DARWIN, BERNARD AND OTHERS: - A History of Golf in Britain. Foreword by Sir G. Cunningham.
78484: DARWIN, CHARLES: - The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals. With Photographic and Other Illustrations. Tenth Thousand.
78485: DARWIN, CHARLES; - The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants. Third Thousand.
78486: DARWIN, CHARLES: - The Variation Of Animals & Plants Under Domestication. Second Edition, Revised. Fifth Thousand. With Illustrations. In Two Volumes.
78105: DARWIN, CHARLES: - Insectivorous Plants. Second Thousand. With Illustrations.
78104: DARWIN, CHARLES; - The Power of Movement in Plants. Assisted by Francis Darwin. with Illustrations. Second Thousand.
78102: DARWIN, CHARLES; - The Formation of Vegetable Mould, Through The Action of Worms, with Observations on Their Habits. With illustrations. Third thousand.
78083: DARWIN, CHARLES; - A Naturalist’s Voyage Round The World. Or, Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries visited during the Voyage round the world of H.M.S. "Beagle" under the Command of Captain Fitz Roy. A New Edition, With Illustrations.
73281: DAULTE, FRANCOIS: - Alfred Sisley. The Impressionists.
67296: DAUNTON, M.J.: - Royal Mail. The Post Office since 1840. Foreword by Asa Briggs.
72423: DAVENANT, JOHN, LORD BISHOP OF SARISBURY. - Animadversions Written by the Right Reverend Father in God John, Lord Bishop of Sarisbury, upon a treatise intitled Gods Love to Mankind.
51111: DAVENPORT ADAMS, W H - Heroes of the Sea
75575: DAVID, ELIZABETH - A Book of Mediterranean Food Foreword by Julian Barnes. In slipcase.
74006: DAVID, SAUL: - Zulu. The heroism and tragedy of the Zulu War of 1879.
76796: DAVID, M. E.; - Professor David The Life of Sir Edgeworth David.
68873: DAVID C. K. WRIGHT - David and Joan:Themes Here and Around the World. SIGNED by Author
60517: DAVIDSON, JOHN: - Conifers, Junipers & Yew: Gymnosperms of British Columbia. Pictures Specially Drawn by Mrs. Ivy Abercrombie.
73227: DAVIDSON, GLADYS: - The Story of King Midas.
70342: DAVIDSON, D.A.: - Aegean Soils During the Second Millennium B.C. With Reference To Thera.
59391: DAVIE, W.GALSWORTHY / TANNER, HENRY: - Old English Doorways. A Series of Historical Examples from Tudor Times to the end of the XVIII Century. Ilustrated on seventy plates reproduced in collotype from photographs specially taken by W.Galsworthy Davie with historical and descriptive notes on the subjects including thirty four drawings and sketches by H.Tanner.
77038: DAVIES, N. M: - Egyptian Paintings. The King Penguin Books No. 71. Illustrated and Described by Nina M. Davies.
73749: DAVIES, GLANVILLE JAMES (ED.): - Touching Witchcrafte and Sorcerye. Publ. No. 9
78911: DAVIES, REV. J. SILVESTER: - A History of Southampton. Partly from the Ms. of Dr. Speed, in the Southampton Archives.
70793: DAVIES, E.N. / NORTHEDGE, G.A.: - Mining and Minerals.
70115: DAVIES, R.E.: - The Shrewsbury Guide for Tourists. A Text Book of the Town and Its Surroundings. With plan and 40 illustrations.
70022: DAVIES, J.TREVOR: - Richmond Hill Story. A brief survey of the one hundred years of a great Church.
64005: DAVIES, ANDREW: - A Very Peculiar Practice: The New Frontier.
76140: DAVIES, ELLIS; - The Prehistoric and Roman Remains of Flintshire. With a short appendix to “The Prehistoric and Roman Remains of Denbighshire.” (1929). With 203 Illustrations, and 3 Maps of the County showing all the sites.
76138: DAVIES, PETER: - Art in Poole and Dorset.
70687: DAVIS, S.C.H. (ED.): - MOTOR RACING (27). The Lonsdale Library
76369: DAVIS, DR. N.; - Carthage and Her Remains: Being an account of the Excavations and Researches on the site of The Phoenician Metropolis in Africa, and other adjacent places. Conducted un der the Auspices of Her Majesty’s Government.
57429: DAVIS, TERENCE : - Wareham: Gateway to Purbeck.
53234: DAVIS, LINDSEY: - Iron Hand of Mars. Signed first edition.
68419: DAWSON, CAPT. LIONEL: - Sound of the Guns. Being an account of the wars and service of Admiral Sir Walter Cowan.
75389: DAY, FRANCIS; HOUGHTON, REV. W.; - Commercial Sea Fishes of Great Britain. AND The Natural History of Commercial Sea Fishes of Great Britain and Ireland. Prize Essays. International Fisheries Exhibition, London, 1883. Two Volumes in One.
74576: DAY, STEVE; - Wiltshire Moods
78782: DE PAUW: - Egypte En China Door den heer de Pauw, kanunnik van xanten. (By Mr. de Pauw, canon of Xanten.) In Two Parts. (TWO VOLUMES)
77444: DE COSSON, ANTHONY; - Mareotis. Being a Short Account of the History and Ancient Monuments of the North-Western Desert of Egypt and of Lake Mareotis.
78009: DE CARLE, DONALD: - The Watchmaker's Lathe and How To Use It. Illustrations by E. A. Ayres.
77801: DE BROKE, LORD WILLOUGHBY; - Steeplechasing. (The Lonsdale Library Vol. XXXII). With a colour plate and forty-eight illustrations.
50549: DE LA MARE, WALTER: - Rupert Brooke and the Intellectual Imagination. A Lecture.
74623: DE VERE (BART.), SIR AUBREY; - Mary Tudor, An Historical Drama, The Lamentation of Ireland. And Other Poems.
73731: DE MUSSET, ALFRED: - Premieres Poesies, 1829-1835 / Poesies Nouvelles 1836-1852. Two volumes. Nouvelle edition. French language.
64316: DE SAUNIER, BAUDRY / DOLLFUS, CHARLES / DE GEOFFREY, EDGAR: - Histoire de la Locomotion Terrestre. History of transport. La Locomotion Naturelle, L’Attelage - La Voiture, Le Cyclisme, La Locomotion Mecanique, L’Automobile.
71242: DE CARTERET, A.R.: - The Story of Sark. The Island where Time Stands Still. Illustrated.
62544: DE LA MARE, WALTER: - Peacock Pie.
55926: DE VRIES, PETER: - Forever Panting.
60984: DE LA MARE,WALTER: - O Lovely England. And other Plays.
73230: DE CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD: - The Making of a Mind. Letters from a soldier-priest 1914-1919. Translated from the French by Rene Hague.
60027: DE PANGE, MAURICE: - The English School Days of a French Boy. Letters from Maurice de Pange.
70868: DE LA MARE, WALTER: - Poems. 1919 to1934.
70867: DE LA MARE, WALTER: - Poems. 1901 to1918, two volumes.
70862: DE LA MARE, WALTER: - Bells and Grass. a book of rhymes. With illustrations by F.Rowland Emett.
65029: DE STAINES, V.D.: - Phonography; or the Writing of Sounds. In two parts, viz. locography, or universal writing of speech; and musicography, or symbolical writing of music; with a short hand for both.
60858: DE SELINCOURT, AUBREY: - The Regional Books. The Channel Shore.
51134: DE FOE, DANIEL - The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. ILLUSTRATED BY GRANDVILLE
75071: DEAKIN, RALPH; - Southward Ho! With the Prince in Africa and South America. With a preface by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, K.G. L.
75098: DEARMER, PERCY; PENNELL, JOSEPH; - Highways and Byways in Normandy. (Pocket edition).
76765: DEBENHAM, FRANK; - Antarctica The Story of a Continent.
58468: DEEDES, W.F.: - Dear Bill. W.F.Deedes reports.
75383: DEERR, NOEL; - Cane Sugar: A Text-Book on the Agriculture of the Sugar Cane, THe Manufacture of Cane Sugar and the Analysis of Sugar House Products; Together with a Chapter on the Fermentation of Molases.
78973: DEFOE, DANIEL: - Robinson Crusoe. The Life and Strange Adventures of Robinbson Crusoe of York, Mariner who lived eight and twenty years all alone in an uninhabited island on the coast of America near the mouth of the great River of Oroonoque having been cast on shore by shipwreck wherin all the men perished but himself with an account how he was at last as strangely deliver’d by Pyrates. Written by Himself. Linocuts by John Lawrence.
76037: DEIGHTON, LEN: - Mamista. Signed Limited Numbered Edition.
66046: DEIGHTON, LEN: - XPD.
74095: DEIGHTON, LEN / SCHWARTZMAN, ARNOLD: - Airshipwreck.
54601: DEIGHTON,H: - The Art of Lettering for Students. Incl.a Simple System for Beginners and Chapters on the Alphabet. Monograms. and Pen Lettering.
64582: DELDERFIELD, R.F.: - The Adventures of Benn Gunn. With illustrations by William Stobbs.
64581: DELDERFIELD, R.F.: - Cheap Day Return.
64588: DELDERFIELD, R.F.: - Too Few For Drums.
64590: DELDERFIELD, R.F.: - For My Own Amusement.
68133: DELDERFIELD, E.R.: - Hardy Country of Dorset. Completely New and Different. The Visitor’s Brief Guide to the Hardy Country of Dorset. What to see in the towns and villages. Second edition. Compiled and edited by E.R.Delederfield and written by Monica Hutchings who are responsible for the photographs. No.13 of the Grey Guide Series.
67566: DELL, ETHEL M.: - The Rocks of Valpre.
64064: DENLINGER, MILO G.: - The Complete Doberman Pinscher. Another Denlinger Book. Illustrated.
77628: DENSHAM, W. / OGLE, J.: - The Story of The Congregational Churches of Dorset. From Their Foundation To The Present Time.
77630: DENSHAM, W. / OGLE, J.: - The Story of The Congregational Churches of Dorset. From Their Foundation To The Present Time.
76672: DENT, C.T.: - Mountaineering The Badminton Library. With contributions by the W. M. Conway, D. W. Freshfield, C. E. Mathews, C. Pilkington, Sir F. Pollock, H. G. Willink, and an introduction by Mr Justice Wills.
59081: DENT, C.T. (ET AL.): - MOUNTAINEERING. Badminton Library.
79085: DEPPING, J. B.: - Evening Entertainments: Or, Delineations of the Manners and Customs of Various Nations; interspersed with Geographical Notices, Historical and Biographical Anecdotes, and Descriptions in Natural History. Third Edition.
56293: DEREK, JEWELL: - Sellout.
75001: DESCHARNES, ROBERT; - The World of Salvador Dali
68932: DESMOND, RAY: - Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. Traveller and Plant Collector.
44865: DEUTSCHES HEIMATLAND SERIE 29 - - Das Siebengebirge und Umbebung. Zeitz Original-Photokarten und Kleinphoto-Mäpchen.
78698: DEWAR, GEORGE, A. B.: - The Book of Seasons. Poems. Chosen and Arranged by George Dewar and Illustrated by Margaret Tarrant.
49096: DEWAR, GEORGE A.B./ THORBURN A. (ILL.): - Life and Sport in Hampshire.
78446: DEWAR, THOMAS R.: - A Ramble Round The Globe. With 220 Illustrations by Wyllie, Sidney Cowell, Forrest, James Greig, Seymour Nation, Stanley Wood, Archie Macgregor and the Author.
73489: DEWEY, CLIVE: - Anglo-Indian Attitudes. The Mind of the Indian Civil Service.
54747: DEXTER, COLIN: - The Wench is Dead. An Inspector Morse Novel.
49372: DICKENS,CHARLES: - The Life Of Our Lord. Written expressly for His Children. Foreword by Lady Dickens.
78340: DICKENS, CHARLES: - The Chimes. Illustrated by Hugh Thompson.
78719: DICKENS, CHARLES: - Works of Charles Dickens. Complete in 30 volumes. Illustrated Library Edition.
74616: DICKENS, CHARLES; BUCKLAND, A.H.; - Martin Chuzzlewit Illustrated by A.H. Buckland.
78137: DICKENS, CHARLES; - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Introduction by Christopher Hibbert. Illustrations by Charles Keeping.
78894: DICKENS, CHARLES: - The Works of Charles Dickens. In 14 volumes.
78560: DICKENS, CHARLES: - Our Mutual Friend. With illustrations by Marcus Stone. In Two Volumes.
78138: DICKENS, CHARLES; - Bleak House. Introduction by Christopher Hibbert. Illustrations by Charles Keeping.
71424: DICKER, C.W.H. / PENTIN, HERBERT (EDS): - Proceedings Of The Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club. Vol XXXIII.
70055: DICKER, C.W.H. (ED): - Proceedings Of The Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club. Vol XXXII.
70053: DICKER, C.W.H.(ED): - Proceedings Of The Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club. Vol XXX.
75217: DICKSON, WILLIAM; (CLERK FOR THE PEACE FOR NORTHUMBERLAND) - Death of King Edward 1st. Burgh-on-the-Sands. Cumberland. 7th July, 1307. SIGNED, Stamped by Author.
44902: DICTIONARY - - WHO’S WHO 1977. An Annual Biographical Dictionary.
74901: DIXON, CHARLES; - Our Rarer Birds. Being Studies in Ornithology & Oology. With Twenty Illustrations by Charles Whymper and A Frontispeice by J.G. Keulemans.
76554: DIXON-SCOTT, J.: - England Under Trust. The Principal Properties held by the National Trust in England & Wales.
70511: DIXON, KAREN R. / SOUTHERN, PAT: - The Roman Cavalry From the First to the Third Century AD.
59996: DIXON, CHARLES: - The Birds of Our Rambles. A Companion for the Country.
76525: DOBELL, MRS. HORACE; - Mrs. Horace Dobell At Home: A Life Sketch. Illustrated by Selections from her Works, Portraits and other Plates.
73194: DOBREE, BONAMY: - Restoration Comedy 1660-1720.
77546: DOBSON, AUSTIN: - Fanny Burney. (Madame D’Arblay.) English Men of Letters Series.
77545: DOBSON, AUSTIN: - Samuel Richardson. English Men of Letters Series.
77832: DOBSON, WILLIAM T.; - Royal Characters From The Works of Sir Walter Scott. Historical and Romantic. Selected and Arranged by William T. Dobson. With Twelve Illustrations in Permanent Photography.
73093: DODINGTON, GEORGE BUBB: - The Diary of the late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis: From March 8 1748-9 to February 6, 1761. With an Appendix containing some curious and interesting papers; which are either referred to, or alluded to, in the Diary. Now first published from His Lordship’s Original Manuscripts by Henry Penruddock Wyndham.
78376: DOMESDAY BOOK: - Devonshire. Three volumes. Introduction and Translation, Folios and Maps, Domesday Book Studies. Limited edition. In slip case.
77232: DOMMASCH, HANS; - Prairie Giants
59917: DONAGHY, JOHN LYLE: - Primordia Caeca. Poems.
57184: DORMAN, BERNARD E.: - Norfolk.
50484: DORSET - - Who's Who in Dorset.
78375: (DORSET) - The Dorset Domesday Book. Facsimile folio of Dorset, in Latin- with 2 maps: Dorset & General map of England in 1086. Translation of the Latin folio, and index of place names which correspond to the map as well as the translation, and finally a history of the county / General to all counties, and contains a series of articles on life in England in the 11th.century. Three volumes in slip case.
70513: DORSET COUNTY COUNCIL: - Development Plan. Education Act, 1944.
75310: DORSETSHIRE - WALKER, J. & C. / LEWIS: - ORIGINAL ENGRAVED MAP OF Dorsetshire. Engraved for LEWIS's “Topographical Dictionary” and drawn by R. Creighton. From: “AN ATLAS comprising Maps of the Several Counties, divided into Unions….”.
74368: DORSETSHIRE (R.K. DAWSON) - Attractive original engraved TOWN PLAN of DORCHESTER. From The Reports Commissioners Municipal Corp Boundries Dorsetshire, Dorchester.
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78925: (EDINBURGH) - Old Edinburgh: Beaux & Belles. Faithfully presented to the reader in Coloured Prints, with the story of How they Walked, Dressed and Behaved Themselves. Told in the Letterpress which is adorned with Quaint Cuts.
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75955: EYTON, REV. R. W.: - A Key to Domesday. Showing thew Method and Exactitude of its Mensuration, and the Precise Meaning of its More Usual Formulae. The Subject being specially exemplified by an Analysis and Digest of the Dorset Survey.
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54614: FAIRBANK, JOHN: - China Perceived. Images & Policies in Chinese-American Relations.
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62342: FARQUARSON-COE, A.: - Ancient Industries and Handicrafts. Hants and Dorset.
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78868: FARRAR, JEANNE: - The Pixies' Picnic The Nursery Series. Written and Pictured by Jeanne Farrar.
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75801: FAULKNER, ALAN H.: - The Grand Junction Canal.
47200: FEA, ALLAN: - Where Traditions Linger. Being Rambles through Remote England.
67364: FEA, ALLAN: - Picturesque Old Houses. Being the Impressions of a Wanderer off the Beaten Track. With numerous illustrations by the author.
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76744: FEDDEN, ROBIN: - Syria, An Historical Appreciation. Illustrated from Photographs mainly by A. Costa.
69489: FELDMAN, LEW DAVID: - 1975 Fortieth Anniversary Catalogue containing forty selections from stock.
78892: FELLOWES, W. D.: - Historical Sketches of Charles the First, Cromwell, Charles the Second, and the Principle Personages of that Period; Including the King’s Trial and Execution: To which is annexed an account of the sums extracted by the Commonwealth from the Royalists, and the Names of all those who compounded for their estates with other scarce documents. Illustrated by Fifty Lithographic Plates.
76016: FENN, GEORGE MANVILLE; RAINEY, W.; - First in the Field. A Story of New South Wales. Illustrated by W. Rainey.
79089: FENTON, ELIJAH: - The Works of Elijah Fenton With The Life of the Author. “Bell’s Edition, The Poets of Great Britain.”
74666: FERNANDEZ, REV. DON FELIPE: - A New Practical Grammar of the Spanish Language: In Five Parts. The whole in Spanish and English, and calculated to render the Study of the Spanish Language, easy, comprehensive, and entertaining, to which is added, An English Grammar, for the Use of Spaniards. The Sixth edition, carefully revised and enlarged.
78320: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE: - A History of England. Anglo-Saxon England; Early Medieval England; England in the Later Middle Ages; England Under The Stuarts; England Under The Tudors. Five Volumes in Slipcase.
73945: FIDLER, KATHLEEN: - Tales of the West Country. Illustrated by Charles Keeping.
74831: FIELD, NORMAN H.; FRERE, S.S.; - Dorset and the Second Legion. New Light on a Roman Campaign. Foreword by Professor Sheppard Frere.
52206: FINBERG, H.P.R. - West-Country Historical Studies
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78439: FINNEMORE, JOHN: - The Outlaw of The Shell. With Six Illustrations by Percy Tarrant.
75520: FIRKINS, PETER; - The Golden Eagles. Air Heroes of Two World Wars. SIGNED.
76798: FIRTH SCOTT G.; - From Franklin To Nansen Tales of Arctic Adventure. Retold by G. Firth Scott. With Numerous Illustrations. New Edition.
74677: FISHER, GEORGE; - The Instructor, or Young Man’s Best Companion. Containing Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic &c... In this work is Also Given A Compendium of the Sciences of Geography and Astronomy, And some Useful Interest-Tables. The Twenty-Eighth Edition, Corrected and Improved.
73414: FISHER, W.B.: - The Middle East. A Physical, Social, and Regional Geography. With 95 maps and diagrams.
67486: FISHER, ROSAMUND: - My Jungle Babies. Signed copy.
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67235: FISHER, GRAHAM (ED): - Historic Britain. Britain’s Heritage of Famous Places and People Through the Ages.
55978: FISHER, NIGEL: - Iain Macleod. Introduction by Lord Boyle of Handsworth. Signed copy.
54222: FISHER, NIGEL: - Harold Macmillan. Signed copy.
77706: (03) FITTER, R: - London's Natural History. (The New Naturalist 3).
77959: FITZ-ADAM, ADAM - The world New Edition.
78604: FITZGERALD, EDWARD: - Works of Edward Fitzgerald Translator of Omar Khayyam. Reprinted from the original impressions, with some corrections derived from his own annotated copies. In Two Volumes.
77871: FLAVIOUS, JOSEPHUS; TRAILL, ROBERT; TAYLOR, ISAAC; - The Jewish War of Flavius Josephus. With His Autobiography. A New Translation by the late Rev. Robert Traill. Edited, with Noted by Isaac Taylor. Illustrated with 75 Engravings on Steel, From Drawings Made in Palestine Expressly for this Work.
72799: FLEG, EDMOND: - The Wall of Weeping translated from the French by Humbert Wolfe. Signed limited edition.
65459: FLEMING, THE REV. ROBERT JNR: - The Rise and Fall of Papacy. Edited with a memoir of the author, by the Rev. Thomas Thomson.
79040: FLEMING, IAN: - Octopussy and The Living Daylights.
79038: FLEMING, IAN: - You Only Live Twice.
69085: FLEMING, ANDREW: - The Dartmoor Reaves. Investigating Prehistoric Land Divisions.
79039: FLEMING, IAN: - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
78528: FLETCHER, IAN: - Galloping at Everything, The British Cavalry in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo, 1808-15. A Reappraisal.
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67570: FLETCHER, J.S.: - The Plays of Beumont and Fletcher [selected]. With an introduction by J.S.Fletcher.
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71324: FLETCHER, J.M.J. (ED): - Proceedings Of The Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club. Vol L.
71323: FLETCHER, J.M.J. (ED): - Proceedings Of The Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club. Vol XLVII.
66384: FLETCHER, J.M.J.(ED): - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club. From May 1924 to May 1925. Vol.46.
68099: FLETCHER, CANON J.R.: - Short History of Saint Michael’s Mount. Edited and completed by Dom John Stephan.
78764: FLINT, SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL: GARDNER, KEITH S.: - Sir William Russell Flint 1880 - 1969 A Catalogue Raisonne of the Unsigned Limited Edition Works of Sir William Russell Flint together with a review of Fine Books and Collectable Ephemera. Dealer’s Edition. In Slipcase.
78935: FLINT, W. RUSSELL: - Autographed Signed Letter December 29th 1919.
78765: FLINT, SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL: - Shadows in Arcady. The Angelus, The Brass Plate, An Alley in Languedoc, The Devil at La Charite. SIGNED.
72939: FLUXMAN, MAURICE: - Double Justice. Signed copy.
57168: FOLLETT, KEN: - The Hammer of Eden. Signed, dedicated copy.
75002: FONTAINE; LEMAISTRE, M. FELIX; - Fables De La Fontaine. Avec de nouvelles remarques explicatives philologiques et littaires et un choix de notes entraites de tous les commentateurs. Edition Illustree de Gravures sur Bois, d’apres les dessins de Staal. Precedee de la vie de l’auteur par Auger et de son eloge par Chamfort.
79107: FOOTMAN, JOHN: - History of the Parish Church of Saint Michael and All Angels, Chipping Lambourn.
74994: FORBES, A. C.; - English Estate Forestry
74814: FORBES, URQUHART A.; ASHFORD, W. H. R.; - Our Waterways. A History of Inland Navigation Considered as a Branch of Water Conservancy.
76130: FORBES, ROSITA: - The Secret of the Sahara: Kufara. Author of “Unconducted Wanderers”. With 76 Illustrations from Photographs by the Author, and a Map.
79049: FORD, FRANCIS: - Mary Tudor, A Retrospective Sketch To which is appended The Sermon preached by the Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells at the Unveiling of the Painted Window ... 1881. With an Account of Mary Tudor’s Funeral, from the Archives of the Royal College of Arms. SIGNED.
67161: FORDE, NIGEL: - Fluffy Dice and other ‘Midweek’ verse. With a foreword by Libby Purves. Illustrated by Debbie Ryder.
78891: FORDYCE, WILLIAM: - The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham; Comprising A Condensed Account of Its Natural, Civil, and Ecclesiastical History from the earliest Period to the Present Time. ... Embellished by Numerous Illustrations. In Two Volumes.
56885: FORESTER, C.S.: - The Captain from Connecticut.
73613: FORREST, H.E.: - The Old Houses of Shrewsbury. Their History and Associations.
74964: FORSTER, E.M,: - A Passage To India. Folio Society Collection. In Six Volumes. Where Angels Fear to Tread, The Longest Journey, A Room With a View, Howards End, Maurice, A Passage To India. Six Volumes.
63721: FORSTER, E.M.: - The Eternal Moment. and Other Stories.
77537: FORSTER, HENRY RUMSEY; - The Stowe Catalogue. Priced and Annotated.
77172: FORTY, GEORGE: - The Illustrated Guide to Tanks of the World.
69690: FORTY, GEORGE: - Frontline Dorset. A County at War 1939-45.
77192: FORTY, GEORGE & ANNE; - Bovington Tanks.
77193: FORTY, GEORGE: - Chieftain Modern Combat Vehicles: 1.
76283: FORTY, GEORGE: - Frontline Dorset. A County at War 1939-45.
61376: FOSTER, B.: - Attractive original steel engraving of cathedral at Worms.
72213: FOSTER, B.: - Original steel engraving of ‘Spires’. Steel engraving ca 1840.
68789: FOULOUIER, V.: - Marianne. Magasin Des Demoiselles.
77411: FOWLER, JOSEPH; - A Description of Sherborne Scenery, Its Nature and History in its Relation to the Underlying Rocks. The Particular Contribution to this Scenery made by the Several Outcrops of Limestone Clay or Sand. The Faults which displace the Rocks and Thereby affect the Scenery. The Peculiar Manner in which the Hills Wheel Round about Sherborne. The Origin of Dry Valleys. The History of the River Yeo and the Formation of its Valley at Sherborne. Illustrated by Hubert Jones. SIGNED.
79041: FOWLER, LORENZO N.: - Fowler's New Illustrated Self-Instructorin Phrenology and Physiology; With Over One Hundred Engravings; Together With The Chart and Character of... Twentieth Edition.
67485: FOWLER, CRISTOPHER: - Seventy-Seven Clocks. The new Bryant & May Mystery.
77325: FOWLER, JOSEPH - Mediaeval Sherborne, Taken for the most part from original Sherborne documents at St. Mary’s Abbey Church, the Castle, the Almshouse, the School, and the Digby Estate Office, together with matter, much of which has not hitherto been printed, from the Sherborne Manuscripts in the British Museum and elsewhere, as well as from printed books
50646: FOWLES, JOHN: - Mantissa. Author of “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”.
70669: FOWLES, JOHN: - Lyme Regis Camera.
57515: FOWLES, JOHN: - Mantissa. Author of “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”.
54791: FOWLES, JOHN: - Mantissa. Author of “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”.
78945: FOWLES, JOHN: - Shipwreck Photography by the Gibsons of Scilly.
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73094: GALLOWAY, ELIJAH: - History and Progress of the Steam Engine; With a Practical Investigation of its Stucture and Application. By Elijah Galloway, civil engineer. To which is added, an Extensive Appendix, containing minute descriptions of all the various improved boilers; the constituent parts of steam engines; the machinery used in steam navigation; the new plans for steam carriages; and a variety of Engines for the Application of Other Motive Powers, with an experimental dissertation on the nature and properties of Steam and other elastic vapours; the strength and weight of materials, &c, &c, by Luke Herbert. Illustrated by Upwards of Two Hundred Engravings.
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67519: GALWAY, JAMES: - An Autobiography.
77216: GANTHONY, ROBERT; - Bunkum Entertainments: A Collection of Original Laughable Skits. On conjuring, Physiognomy, Juggling, Performing Fleas, Waxworks, Panorams, Phrenology, Phonograph, Second sight, Lightning Calculators, Ventriloquism, Spiritualism etc. To Which are Added Humourous Sketches, Whimsical Recitals and Drawing-Room Comedies.
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73991: GAUNT, WILLIAM: - Chelsea.
79078: GAY, JOHN: - Poems On Several Occasions. In Two Volumes.
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78736: GEORGE MACY COMPANIES, INC.: - The Evergreen Tales, Or Tales For The Ageless. Beauty and The Beast; Dick Whittington & His Cat; & Saint George and The Dragon. Three Volumes in Slipcase.
78737: GEORGE MACY COMPANIES, INC.: - The Evergreen Tales, Or Tales For The Ageless. Aladdin & the Wonderful Lamp; The Three Bears; & Joseph & His Brothers. Three Volumes in Slipcase.
74538: GEORGE SIMENON - VIOLENT ENDS Comprising Belle and the Brothers Rico.
72619: GEORGE DODD - British Manufactures. British Manufactures. Series IV
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77559: GIBBINGS, ROBERT: - The Wood Engravings of Robert Gibbings. With some recollections by the Artist. Edited by Patience Empson. Introduction by Thomas Balston.
71316: GIBBINGS, ROBERT: - Till I End My Song. With wood engravings by the author.
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77962: GIBSON, A.; PICKFORD, W.; - Association Football & The Men Who Made It. Fully Illustrated. In Four Volumes.
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72407: GILPIN, WILLIAM: - Sermons Preached to a Country Congregation: to which are added a few Hints for Sermons; intended chiefly for the use of the younger clergy. By William Gilpin, Prebendary of Salisbury, and Vicar of Boldre in New Forest. Second edition.
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78823: GILSON, MAJOR CHARLES: - Libyan Patrol. Illustrated by John Walton.
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78467: GILSON, CAPTAIN CHARLES: - The Captives of the Caves. And other stories of Adventure. Illustrated with 4 Colour plates by Leo Bates.
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70423: GINSBURG, MADELEINE: - The Hat. Trends and Traditions. Foreword by Hardy Amies.
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44815: GITTINGS, ROBERT: - The Roman Road. And other poems.
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69476: GODDARD, CANON E.H.: - Wiltshire Bibliography. A catalogue of printed books, pamphlets and articles bearing on the history, topography and natural history of the county. Part I, Wiltshire as a whole; Part II, individual parishes arranges alphabetically.
52904: GODDARD, CANON ED. H: - Wiltshire Bibliography. A Catalogue of Printed Books, Pamphlets and Articles Bearing on the History, Topography and Natural History of the County.
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68275: GODDEN, RUMER: - Mooltiki and other stories and poems of India.
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72775: GOLDSCHMIDT, BERTRAND: - The Atomic Complex. A Worldwwide Political History of Nuclear Energy. Substantially revised and updated from the original French edition, Le Complexe Atomique. Signed copy.
78394: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER: - The Deserted Village. Illustrated by Members of The Etching Club.
77961: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER: - A History of the Earth & Animated Nature. With A Supplement and Numerous Notes from the Writings of Distinguished Naturalists, British and Foreign. With numerous Engravings on Steel and on Wood, Comprising many hundreds of illustrative figures. In Six Volumes.
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71360: GRAHAM, FRANK: - Historic Newcastle.
42763: GRAHAM, E: - Memorials of Wessex.
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77506: GRAHAME, KENNETH: - The Wind in the Willows. With a frontispiece by Graham Robertson.
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70514: GRANT, MICHAEL: - The Roman Forum. Photographs by Werner Forman.
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45071: HARDY, THOMAS: - The Trumpet-Major. This Special Edition has been produced for Eldridge Pope & Co. Ltd. Brewers of Dorchester to Commemorate the official opening of" The Trumpet Major" Inn by the RT. Hon. Harold Macmillan on July 8th 1968, During the Thomas Hardy Festival.
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78096: HARDY, THOMAS; - The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall at Tintagel in Lyonnesse. A New Version of a n Old Story, Arranged as a Play for Mummers. In One Act. Requiring No Theatre or Scenery.
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78429: HAVERFIELD, E. L.: - Rhoda, A Tale for Girls.
72734: HAVERFIELD, E.L.: - Queensland Cousins.
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62461: HAWKINS, DESMOND: - Cranborne Chase.
63841: HAWKINS, DESMOND: - Cranborne Chase.
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58533: HAWKINS, DESMOND: - Cranborne Chase.
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74761: HAWS, DUNCAN; - Merchant Fleets in Profile. 3. The Ships of the Union, Castle & Union-Castle, Allan and Canadian Pacific Lines.
78785: HAY, D. R.: - The Laws of Harmonious Colouring Adapted to Interior Decorations, Manufactures, and Other Useful Purposes. Third Edition. SIGNED.
78557: HAY, ROY: SYNGE, PATRICK M.: - The Dictionary of Garden Plants. Limited Numbered & Signed Edition. Designed and Bound by Zaehnsdorf of London for The Arcadia Press.
73851: HAY, C.R.: - Merle of the Wessex Hills.
68459: HAY, DANIEL: - Whitehaven an illustrated history.
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54520: HAYWARD, CHARLES H.: - The Complete Handyman.
59726: HEAD, SIR FRANCIS B: - The Defenceless State of Great Britain.
70590: HEAD, RUTH (ED): - Pages from the Works of Thomas Hardy. Arranged by Ruth Head, with an introduction from Henry Head.
66171: HEADLEY, GWYN / MEULENKAMP, WIM: - Follies. A National Trust Guide.
71193: HEALD, TIM (ED): - The Best After-Dinner Stories. Selected and Introduced by Tim Heald. Illustrations by Paul Cox.
73328: HEARING, TERRY (ED): - Dorchester Divided. Researches and Reflections on the History of the Town of Dorchester in the County of Dorset in the Early 17th Century written by members of the Dorchester Community Plays Research Group and edited by Terry Hearing in support of the Dorchester Community Play 2002 ‘Fire From heaven’.
72364: HEARING, TERRY / BRIDGES, SARAH (EDS): - Dorset Quarter Sessions Order Book. 1625-1638. A Calendar. Dorset Record Society, volume 14.
50678: HEARN, LAFCADIO: - Japan. An attempt at interpretation.

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