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005224: FAWCETT, HENRY - Manual of Political Economy
002085: FEILING, C. E. AND JOHN OXENFORD - Flugel's Dictionary of the German and English Languages.
004038: FEINBERG, GERALD - Solid Clues: Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology, and the Future of Science
000447: FELLOWS, MALCOLM STUART - Home Movies
004743: FENOGLIO, GIAMBATTISTA - Il Divin Maestro e La Giovane Operetta Proposta Alle Giovani Cristiane Dal Padre D. Giambattista Fenoglio
001839: FERGUSON, DONALD N. - Piano Interpretation: Studies in the Music of Six Great Composers
6357: FERGUSSON, N. D. M. (EDITOR) - Antenna Volume 8 Number 1 January 1984 Bulletin of the Royal Entomological Society of London
004836: FERMAN, EDWARD L. (EDITOR) - Fantasy and Science Fiction
003060: FERRAND, HENRI - Grenoble and Thereabouts. Chartreuse, Oisans, Vercors, Belledone, Urage-Les-bains, Allevard, Trieves, Salette, Laffrey
002227: FERRIER, NEIL (EDITOR) - Churchill: The Man of the Century. A Pictorial Biography
6719: FÉVAL, PAUL - Le Capitaine Fantome
000089: FICY, PIERRE - Le Menetrier Des Hautes-Chaumes
002438: FILICORI, MARCO (EDITOR) - The Role of Luteinizing Hormone in Folliculogenesis and Ovulation Induction
002037: FINEGAN, JACK - Archaeological History of the Ancient Middle East
002002: FIRTH, J. B. (COMPILER) - Daily Telegraph Second Miscellany
002296: FISHER, JAMES - The Birds of Britain
5507: FITT, BRIAN AND JOE THORNLEY - Lighting by Design: A Technical Guide
004082: FLATTER, RICHARD - Hamlet's Father
002768: FLEMING, HARRY - Blast-off Into Space
003782: FLEMING, LAURENCE AND ALAN GORE - The English Garden
002313: FLEMING, WILLIAM - Arts and Ideas
004733: FLETCHER, IAN (EDITOR) - Meredith Now: Some Critical Essays
002225: FLEURE, H. J. AND OTHERS - Geography: The World and Its Peoples
6044: FLORIAN, JEAN-PIERRE CLARIS DE - Fables De Florian
001061: FONTAINE - Fables Choisies Mises En Vers
003959: FONTANE, THEODOR - Wanderungen Durch Die Mark Brandenburg. Vierter Teil: Spreeland. Beeskow-Storkow und Barnim-Teltow
003957: FONTANE, THEODOR - Wanderungen Durch Die Mark Brandenburg. Zweiter Teil: Das Oderland. Barnim-Lebus
003958: FONTANE, THEODOR - Wanderungen Durch Die Mark Brandenburg. Dritter Teil: Havelland. Die Landschaft um Spandau, Potsdam, Brandenburg
5963: FOOTE, EDWARD B. - Plain Home Talk About The Human System - The Habits of Men and Women - The Causes and Prevention of Disease - Our Sexual Relations and Social Natures Embracing Medical Common Sense..
003578: FOOTITT, HILARY - War and Liberation in France: Living with the Liberators
000413: FORBES, ROBIN - Click: A First Camera Book
005261: FORD, RICHARD - Dramatisations of Scott's Novels: a catalogue. Occasional Publication No.12
005262: FORSTER, HAROLD - Supplements to Dodsley's Collection of Poems. Occasional Publication No.15
6937: FOULET, LUCIEN - Petite syntaxe de l'ancien Francais
6506: FOWLE, FRANK F. (EDITOR) - Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers
7332: FRANCIS, GRANT R. - Old English Drinking Glasses: Their Chronology and Sequence
7117: FRANK, GEROLD - The Boston Strangler
000914: FRANKAU, GILBERT - The Poetical Works of Gilbert Frankau Volume I 1901 - 1916
005191: FRANKLAND, SIR THOMAS - Cautions to Young Sportsment
000339: FRASER, MAXWELL - Companion Into Lakeland
7089: FRASER, MAXWELL - Oxford in Pictures: A descriptive tour of Oxford and the Colleges with sixty-five illustrations and map
7090: FREEMAN, MIKE - A handbook for trade unionists Taking Control
005298: FREESTONE, J. AND H. J. DRUMMOND - Enrico Caruso: His Recorded Legacy
000610: FRENCH, SUSAN (EDITOR) - Daily Mail Annual for Boys and Girls
005102: FREULICH, ROMAN AND JOAN ABRAMSON - Forty Years in Hollywood: Portraits of a Golden Age
003655: FRIEDENTHAL, RICHARD - Goethe: Sein Leben Und Seine Zeit
003316: FRIEDENTHAL, RICHARD - Georg Friedrich Händel in Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumentation
004426: FRIEDMAN, BARTON R. - Adventures in the Deeps of the Mind: The Cuchulain Cycle of W. B. Yeats
7214: FRITSCH, F. E. AND SIR EDWARD SALISBURY - Plant Form & Function
005094: FROST, LEE - Lee Frost's Landscape Photography: How to Take Spectacular Photographs in All Environments
004131: FRY, GLADYS WINDSOR - Embroidery and Needlework: Being a Textbook on Design and Technique with Numerous Reproductions of Original Drawings and Works by the Author
003403: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - Venus Observed
5673: FRY, ROGER - Art-History as an Academic Study: An Inaugural Lecture Delivered in the Senate House 18 October 1933
6039: FUCHS, LEONHART; FREDERICK G. MEYER, EMILY EMMART TRUEBLOOD, JOHN L. HELLER - The Great Herbal of Leonhart Fuchs De historia stirpium commentarii insignes, 1542 (Notable Commentaries on the History of Plants)
7191: FULFORD, ROGER - The Sixth Decade 1946-1956
001491: FULFORD, ROGER - George the Fourth
004735: FULLER, HARRY J. - The Plant World
001800: FULLER, BARBARA AND TURNER, BETTY - Bygone Uckfield
005190: FULLER, THOMAS - Good Thoughts in Bad Time, Good Thoughts in Worse Times, Mixt Contemplations in Better Times to which is added The Cause and Cure of a Wounded Conscience
001473: FURHAMMAR, LEIF AND ISAKSSON, FOLKE - Politics and Film
000954: FURNEAUX, RUPERT - The World's Most Intriguing Mysteries. Enthralling Accounts of Events That Continue to Mystify and Baffle
6599: FURNEAUX, W. S. - Field and Woodland Plants
6065: FUSSELL, PAUL - Wartime: Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War
003394: FUTRELLE, MAY & JACQUES - Lieutenant What's-his-name
003109: GA'G, WANDA (NOT GAG) - Millions of Cats
004760: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - Ambassador's Journal: A Personal Account of the Kennedy Years
004861: GALLICO, PAUL - Coronation
002172: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Ex Libris
003294: GAMMOND, PETER AND PETER CLAYTON - Fourteen Miles on a Clear Night. An Irreverent, Sceptical and Affectionate Book About Jazz Records.
6371: GARDINER, BRIAN O.C. (EDITOR) - The Entomologist Volume 109, Number 1 January 1990
6400: GARDINER, LESLIE E. - Faces, Figures and Feelings. A Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Speaks
6727: GARMONSWAY, G. N. - Aelfric's Colloquy
002292: GARNETT, DAVID - The Grasshoppers Come
000430: GARRATT, COLIN D. - Masterpieces in Steam
6557: GARRAULT, EDITH - Broder l'Asie
005044: GARRETT, GEORGE - Which Ones are the Enemy?
7040: GARY, ROMAIN - The Roots of Heaven
002410: GASKELL, ELIZABETH CLEGHORN - The Life of Charlotte Bronte
6842: GAUDIN, FELIX - Le Vitrail du XII Siecle au XVIII Siecle en France
7037: GAULD, IAN AND JENNIFER COX (EDITORS) - Systematic Entomology Volume 10, Number 3, January 1985
7023: IAN GAULD & JENNIFER COX (EDITORS) - Systematic Entomology Volume 10, Number 4, October 1985
7021: IAN GAULD & JENNIFER COX (EDITORS) - Systematic Entomology Volume 10, Number 2, April 1985
7022: IAN GAULD & JENNIFER COX (EDITORS) - Systematic Entomology Volume 10, Number 3, July 1985
000894: GAUNT, WILLIAM - The Aesthetic Adventure
003785: GEARY, A., LOWRY, H. V., AND HAYDEN, H. A. - Advanced Mathematics for Technical Students
003433: GEDDIE, JOHN - Edinburgh
005141: GEIST, KENNETH L. - Pictures Will Talk : The Life and Films of Joseph L. Mankiewicz
003121: GELDER, GEERT JAN VAN - Close Relationships. Incest and Inbreeding in Classical Arabic Literature
7262: GELLIUS, AULUS - From Alpine Snows to Volcano Fires
7364: CHARLES PICTET DE GENÈVE - Traité Des Assolemens Ou De L'Art d'établir les rotations de récoltes
6251: GENLIS, STÉPHANIE FÉLICITÉ - Les Veillées du Chateau, ou Cours de Morale a L'usage des Enfants. Par l'auteur d'Adèle et Théodore. Tome Premier
004274: SAINT GEORGE, AMELIA - The Needlepoint & Cross Stitch Book
5724: GERHARDI, WILLIAM - My Wife's The Least Of It
7292: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT - The Origins of Photography
7298: GERNSHEIM, HELMUT - The Rise of Photography 1850-1880: The Age of Collodion
5849: GIBB, D. E. W. - Lloyd's of London: A Study in Individualism
003725: GIBBINGS, ROBERT - Over the Reefs
003912: GIBBON, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The Casquet of Literature Being a Selection in Poetry and Prose from the Works of the Most Admired Authors Volume 5
004614: GIBSON, IAN - The Shameful Life of Salvador Dali
5514: GILBERT, W. S. - Original Plays
002461: GILBERT, W. S. - The Bab Ballards with which are included Songs of a Savoyard
005322: GILBERT, W. S. - Original Plays: Second Series
005280: GILBERT, W. S. - A Colossal Idea: An Original Farce
002462: GILBERT, W. S. - The Savoy Operas. Being the Complete Text of the Gilbert and Sullivan Operas as Originally Produced in the Years 1875-1896
001844: GILL, ERIC - The Human Person and Society
004322: GILLET, LOUIS - Paris
000703: GITTINGS, CLARE - Brasses and Brass Rubbing
002318: GITTINGS, JOHN - Britain East of Suez
002319: GITTINS, JOHN AND AJIT SINGH - Vietnam Briefing. a Commentary on the Foreign Secretaries Oxford Speech
6992: GLAISTER, JOHN - Manual of Hygiene for Students and Nurses
004803: JONATHAN GLANCEY (EDITOR) - World Architecture Volume 1 No.1
7396: ALAN GLASPER, JANE COAD AND JIM RICHARDSON (EDITORS) - Children and Young People's Nursing at a Glance
003810: GLAZIER, RICHARD - A Manual of Historic Ornament Treating Upon the Evolution, Tradition, and Development of Architecture & the Applied Arts.
000081: GLOAG, JOHN - Industrial Art Explained
6871: GODFRAY, H. C. J. AND M. R. WILSON (EDITORS) - Antenna Volume 10 Number 1 January 1986 Bulletin of the Royal Entomological Society of London
5865: GOERDELER, PEARL POMEROY - Wool Animals: Instructions in the New Art of Wool Sculpture
6502: GOETZE, A. - The Struggle for the Domination of Syria (1400-1300 B.C.). Anatolia from Shuppiluliumash to the Egyptian War of Muwatallish. The Hittites & Syria (1300-1200 B.C.). Volume II, Chapter XVII, XXI, XXIV
002339: GOGOL, NICOLAS - Nouvelles (1836-1842)
6877: MONBEIG-GOGUEL, CATHERINE - Dessins Italiens du Musée du Louvre. Vasari et Son Temps.
6549: MONBEIG-GOGUEL, CATHERINE - Inventaire Général Dessins Italiens I Maîtres toscans nés après 1500, morts avant 1600 Vasari Et Son Temps
001796: GOLDENBERG, SUSAN - The Thomson Empire
7062: GOLDING, WILLIAM - Pincher Martin
004364: GOLDSCHEIDER, L AND W. UHDE - Vincent Van Gogh
7169: DR. GOLDSMITH, CLARA REEVE AND TOBIAS SMOLLETT - Mirror of Amusement. Containing: "The Vicar of Wakefield," by Oliver Goldsmith; "The Old English Baron," by Clara Reeve; and "The Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves," by Tobias Smollett.
005085: GOLDSMITH, ARTHUR - The Camera and Its Images
7389: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield, A Tale
001893: GOLDSMITH, JOEL S. - The Contemplative Life
6944: GOLDSWORTHY, G. J. AND W. M. BLANEY (EDITORS) - Physiological Entomology Volume 13, Number 2, June 1988
7192: GOLDSWORTHY, G. J. (EDITOR) - Physiological Entomology Volume 10, Number 4, December 1985
7193: GOLDSWORTHY, G. J. (EDITOR) - Physiological Entomology Volume 10, Number 3, September 1985
004260: GOLLANCZ, VICTOR - Journey Towards Music: A Memoir
6087: GOOCH, BERNARD - The Strange World of Nature
003236: GOODCHILD, GEORGE (EDITOR) - The Blinded Soldiers and Sailors Gift Book
000906: GOODEN, MONA (COMPILER) - The Poet's Cat
6196: GOODSPEED, CHARLES E. - Yankee Bookseller
003922: GOODWIN, JOHN (EDITOR) - Peter Hall's Diaries: The Story of a Dramatic Battle
000910: GOODYEAR, R. A. H. - The Greenway Heathens. A Public School Story
002495: GORDON, RICHARD - The Captain's Table
003603: GORDON, COLIN - A Richer Dust: Echoes from an Edwardian Album
001260: GORE, CHARLES - Prayer and the Lord's Prayer
003089: GORER, GEOFFREY - The Americans. A Study in National Character
003050: GOSCINNY - Une Aventure D'Asterix: Le Domaine Des Dieux
7299: GOSLING, NIGEL - Nadar
002447: GOSWAMI, SATSVARUPA DASA - Let There Be a Temple. India Around the World 1971-1975. A Biography of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Volume 5
6397: GOTT, RICHARD - A Future for the United Nations?
002027: GOUDEKET, MAURICE - Close to Colette
6444: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and The Diet of Worms
000901: GRACCHUS - Your M.P.
000156: GRAHAME, IAIN - Ruffled Feathers
001846: GRANT, R. M. - Industrial Relations
6627: GRANT, LAVINIA - Nyamuluki: A Small Piece of Africa
003268: GRAVES, CHARLES (GENERAL EDITOR) - 100 Facts on the House of Lords
000445: GRAVES, CHARLES - The Avengers
004428: GREEN, MAURICE B., HARTLEY, G. S., WEST, T. F. - Chemicals for Crop Protection and Pest Control
003792: GREEN, BENNY (EDITOR) - Wisden Anthology 1963-1982
7347: GREEN, KENNETH (COMPILER, PHOTOGRAPHER) - Chichester Past and Present
7322: GREEN, JONATHAN - After Borghese: The Peking to Paris Centenary Raid 1907-2007
001550: GREENE, ROBERT - Greene's Groats-Worth of Wit
005245: GREENE, T. WHITCOMBE (EDITOR) - Old Words and Modern Meanings: Being a Collection of Examples from Ancient and Modern English Authors Illustrating Some Changes in the Use of Language
003824: GREENFIELD, EDWARD - Andre Previn
7107: GREENHOWE, JEAN - Dolls in National and Folk Costume
002792: JANE GREENOFF - 55 Country Cross Stitch Charts
5654: GREENWOOD, COLIN - Firearms Control: A Study of Armed Crime and Firearms Control in England and Wales
005390: GREG, W. W. (EDITOR) - Marlowe's Doctor Faustus 1604-1616
6996: GREGH, FERNAND - Mon Amitié avec Marcel Proust (Souvenirs et lettres inédites)
004000: GRENSTED, L. W. - The Psychology of Religion
001526: GREW, SYDNEY - Masters of Music
7344: GREY, FRANK (EDITOR) - B.P.'s Family in Picture and Story
6965: GRIFFITH, J. W. AND ARTHUR HENFREY - The Micrographic Dictionary; A Guide to the Examination and Investigation of the Structure and Nature of Microscopic Objects
6966: GRIFFITH, J. W. AND ARTHUR HENFREY. EDITED BY J.W. GRIFFITH AND MARTIN DUNCAN, ASSISTED BY M.J. BERKELEY AND T. RUPERT - The Micrographic Dictionary; A Guide to the Examination and Investigation of the Structure and Nature of Microscopic Objects. Vol. II. Plates
003409: GRIFFITHS, DENNIS - A history of the NPA 1906-2006
6647: GRIMARD, ED. - L'Esprit des Plantes Silhouettes Végétales
001968: GRIMME, ERNST GUNTHER - Fuhrer Durch Das Couven-Museum Der Stadt Aachen
000582: GRIMSHAWE, THE REV. T. S. (EDITOR) - The Life and Works of William Cowper Vol. II
6994: GRINDEA, MIRON (EDITOR) - Adam International Review Nos. 493-497
6756: GRINDEA, MIRON (EDITOR) - Adam International Review Nos. 304-5-6 Sweden in Literature
6878: GRINDEA, MIRON (EDITOR) - Adam International Review Nos. 440-442.
7221: GROSVENOR, GILBERT AND ALEXANDER WETMORE (EDITORS) - The Book of Birds: The First Work Presenting in Full Color All the Major Species of the United States s and Canada Volumes 1 and 2
6254: GROVES, ERNEST W. HEY - Surgical Operations: A Textbook for Nurses
6101: GROVES, ERNEST W. HEY - A Synopsis of Surgery
002539: GRUNDY, FRED - The New Public Health. An Introduction for Midwives, Health Visitors and Social Workers
001033: GRUNER, HALDUR R. - Dansk Handelsbrevbog. En Samling Af Originale Breve Over Alle Mercantile Forretningsbrancher, Tilligemed De Derhen Horende Documenter
000136: GUEDALLA, PHILIP - Bonnet and Shawl: An Album
004344: GUEDALLA, PHILIP - Middle East 1940-1942 A Study in Air Power
6107: GUERDAN, RENE - Byzantium Its Triumph and Tragedy
6734: GUIDOTTI, ALESSANDRO - La Badia Fiorentina
004447: GULLBERG, JAN - Mathematics : From the Birth of Numbers
001924: GULLERS, INGVOR AND K. W. - A White Christmas in Sweden
002082: GUNTSCH, E. AND WHITWORTH, W. W. - Bob Lebt Sich in Deutschland Ein
003181: GWYNN, STEPHEN - The Happy Fisherman
003149: HAACK, HERMANN - Oriental Rugs an Illustrated Guide
004189: HADFIELD, MILES & JOHN - Gardens of Delight
001181: HADFIELD, JOHN (EDITOR) - A Book of Delights
001609: HAGEN, GUNTHER - This is Germany
004929: HAGGART, STANLEY AND DARWIN PORTER - Dollar Wise Guide to Portugal
004896: RENE HAINAUX (EDITOR) - World Theatre Volume II Number I Opera and Musical Comedy
7348: HAKLUYT, RICHARD AND EDITED BY EDMUND GOLDSMID - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, and Discoveries of The English Nation Vol. IV. North-Eastern Europe, and Adjacent Countries Part III. The Muscovy Company and the North-Eastern Passage. Section II
7182: HALL, ROSALIND - Egyptian Textiles
001016: HALL, DOUGLAS - Raphael Umbrian School
002936: HALL, KATRINA - Moroccan Style. The Mosaic Project Book
003634: HALL, NORMAN (EDITOR) - Gallery One: Some Pictures Which Matter
002322: HALLIWELL, DAVID - Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs
5583: HALLIWELL, JAMES O. - A Dictionary of Old English Plays Existing Either in Print or on Manuscript, from the Earliest Times to the Close of the Seventeenth Century
002244: HALPIN, LAWRENCE M. - Art in the Classroom
002891: HALSTEAD, IVOR - Bond Street
003656: HALTRECHT, MONTAGUE - The Quiet Showman: Sir David Webster and the Royal Opera House
003651: HAMEL, FRED AND MARTIN HURLIMANN - Das Atlantisbuch Der Musik
5667: HAMILTON, GEORGE - The Elements of Drawing, in its Various Branches, for the Use of Students; Illustrated by Fifty-One Engravings, Plain and Coloured, containing several hundred examples, from the works of the Greatest Masters.
004730: HAMMOND, P. W. AND HAROLD EGAN - Weighed in the Balance: A History of the Laboratory of the Government Chemist
7296: HAMMOND, JOHN H. - The Camera Obscura: A Chronicle
6372: HAMMOND, PETER (EDITOR) - Antenna Volume 1 Number 1 July 1977
001684: HAMPTON, FL/LT T. A. - Alone at Sea
003728: HANKINSON, J. T. - Cricket for Schools
002944: CAMPBELL-HARDING, VALERIE - Strip Patchwork
004182: HARDY, THOMAS - A Group of Noble Dames
6503: HARI, ROBERT - New Kingdom Amarna Period. The great Hymn to Aten
6438: HARKER, MARGARET - The Linked Ring. The Secession Movement in Photography in Britain, 1892-1910
7241: LORD HARLECH - Northern England: Illustrated Regional Guide No. 1 Ancient Monuments in the care of the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works
005236: HARLING, ROBERT (EDITOR) - House and Garden September 1970
6365: HARPER, SUSAN BILLINGTON - In the Shadow of the Mahatma: Bishop V. S. Azariah and the Travails of Christianity in British India
004095: HARRIS, FRANK - Frank Harris on Bernard Shaw: An Unauthorised Biography Based on Firsthand Information
001905: HARRISON, JOHN - Secretarial Duties
000834: HARRISON, MOLLY, AND WELLS, A. A. M. - Picture Source Book for Social History. Early Nineteenth Century
000073: HARRISON, REGINALD - How To Become A Commercial Artist
6321: HARTE, BRET - Salomy Jane
004599: HARTLEY, G. C., P. MORNET, F. RALPH, D. J. TARRAN - Techniques of Pulse-code Modulation in Communication Networks
6336: HARTOPP, COLONEL E.C.C. - Sport in England: Past and Present
003347: HÄRTWIG, DIETER - Carl Maria von Weber
003607: HARVEY, NEIL - My World of Cricket
7202: HARVEY, WILLIAM - The Circulation of The Blood
003913: HASLUCK, ALICE - Recitations and Monologues
000644: HASTIE, STEWART AND SHARPLES, JOHANNA - Horselopaedia. A Complete Guide to Horse Care
7245: MAURICE HASTINGS - Parliament House: The Chambers of the House of Commons
5921: HASTINGS, ANNA B. - Biology of Water Supply
6629: JAROSLAVA HAUSENBLASOVA AND MICHAL SRONEK - Urbs Aurea: Prague of Emperor Rudolf II
004677: HAUXWELL, HANNAH WITH BARRY COCKROFT - Seasons of My Life: The Story of a Solitary Daleswoman
7012: HAVILAND, ALFRED - Scarborough as a Health Resort: Its Physical Geography, Geology, Climate, & Vital Statistics, with Health Guide Map, &c.
005211: HAWKINS, SIR JOHN (PSEUD) - Probationary Odes for the Laureatship: With a Preliminary Discourse by Sir John Hawkins, Second Edition; Criticisms of the Rolliad Part the First, Second Edition
5705: HAWTON, HECTOR - The Men Who Fly
003823: HAY, GRAEME - 33 Lunettes
001540: HAY, IAN - The Lighter Side of School Life
003455: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on Old Furniture A Practical Guide for Collectors
5668: HAYDN, JOSEPH - The Creation. An Oratorio Composed in the Years 1797 and 1798. With an Accompaniment for the Pianoforte or Organ, Arranged by John Bishop of Cheltenham
005304: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Joseph Haydn Trumpet Concerto Concerto pour Trompette et Orchestre
6481: HAYES, WILLIAM C. - Egypt Internal Affairs From Tuthmosis I To The Death Of Amenophis III Volume II, Chapter IX Part 1
6839: HAYES, WILLIAM C. - Egypt From The Death Of Ammenemes III to Seqenenre II Volume II, Chapter II
004043: HAYWARD, JOHN (EDITOR) - Swift: Gulliver's Travels and Selected Writings in Prose and Verse
003910: HAYWARD, CHARLES H. - Second Book of Furniture Design
6606: HEATH, GEORGE L. - Rearing and Studying The Praying Mantids
003949: HEATH, EDWARD - Music: A Joy for Life
002508: HEATON, PETER - The Yachtsman's Vade Mecum
004498: HEATON, NELL - Hospitality
6304: HEBER, REGINALD - Narrative of A Journey Through the Upper Provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-1825, (with notes upon Ceylon) An Account of a Journey to Madras and the Southern Provinces, 1826, and Letters Written in India Volume II
001537: HECHT, SELIG & RABINOWITCH, EUGENE - Explaining the Atom
7213: HEDGES, SID G. (EDITOR) - The Universal Book of Hobbies and Handicrafts
001552: HEISE, ULLA - Zu Gast Im Alten Dresden. Erinnerungen an Restaurants, Cafés, Hotels, Tanzsäle Und Ausflugslokale
003690: HEJZLAR, JOSEF - Chinese Watercolours
6091: HELLYER, S. STEVENS - Lectures on the Science and Art of Sanitary Plumbing
003326: HELM, EVERETT - Bela Bartok in Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten
003314: HELM, EVERETT - Peter I. Tschaikowsky in Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten
000079: POPE-HENNESSY, UNA - Charles Dickens
002754: HENNEY, E. & J. D. BYETT - Modern Home Laundrywork
7212: HENRIQUES, DR FERNANDO - Love in Action: The Sociology of Sex
6523: HENSLOWE, LEONARD (COMPILER) - Henslowe's Motor Dictionary English-Spanish Spanish-English
003674: HENSON, HERBERT HENSLEY - Christian Morality: Natural, Developing, Final . Being the Gifford Lectures 1935-1936
5617: HEPPENSTALL, RAYNER - Saturnine
002102: HERBERT, A. P. - Laughing Ann and Other Poems
003776: HERBERT, A. P. - Tinker, Tailor... A Child's Guide to the Professions
002599: HERBERT, A. P. - The Wherefore and the Why. Some New Rhymes for Old Children
003775: HERBERT, A. P. & NIGEL PLAYFAIR - Riverside Nights
000636: HERBERT, JOHN AND WREY, MARK - Christie's Review of the Season 1984
003560: HERBERT, IAN (EDITOR) - Who's Who in the Theatre: a Biographical Record of the Contemporary Stage.
6721: HERRTAGE, SIDNEY J. (EDITOR) - The English Charlemagne Romances, Parts III and IV: The Lyf of the Noble and Crysten Prynce Charles the Grete
7210: HESS, ALAN - Wheels Round the World
7109: HEWLETT, MAURICE - Open Country: A Comedy with a Sting
004454: HEWLETT, MAURICE (EDITOR) - The Fool Errant. Being the Memoirs of Francis-Antony Strelley, Esq., Citizen of Lucca
001861: HEYERDAHL, THOR - Fatu-Hiva. Back to Nature
6037: HIBBERD, SHIRLEY - Brambles and Bay Leaves: Essays on Things Homely and Beautiful
7138: HICKLING, GRACE - Grey Seals and The Farne Islands
7162: HICKS, AGNES H. - The Story of the Forestal
004844: HIGGINSON, STEPHEN - International Textiles No. 843 January
000749: HILDITCH, GWEN (COMPILED BY) - In Praise of Birds. An Anthology for Friends
001208: HILDRETH, R. - The White Slave: A True Picture of Slave Life
6941: HILL, H. AND E. DODSWORTH - Sanitary Science Notes A Handbook for Students
002684: HILL, RALPH (EDITOR) - The Penguin Music Magazine II
6414: HILLIER, BEVIS - Victorian Studio Photogaphs
6337: HINDE, THOMAS - Courtiers: 900 Years of Court Life
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6634: THE STAFF OF THE MOTOR - How To Drive A Motorcar. A key to the subtleties of Motoring
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004014: PETERS, A. W. - The Zoo: A Sketch Book
003414: PETRASCH, ERNST AND JURGEN THIMME - Griechische Vasen
003117: PETRINOVICH, LEWIS - Darwinian Dominion. Animal Welfare and Human Interests
002053: PETTIGREW, DORA W. - Peasant Costume of the Black Forest
7203: PEYTON, K. M. - North to Adventure
005188: PHILIP, ARNOLD - The Electro-Plating and Electro-Refining of Metals Being a New Edition of Alexander Watt's "Electro-Deposition"
005203: PHILLIPPS, K. C. - The Language of Thackeray
000380: PHILLIPS, CECILIA - Life in Provence
001179: PHILLIPS, HUBERT - Brush Up Your Bridge
001762: PHILLIPS, J. B. (TRANSLATOR) - The Young Church in Action. The ACTS of the Apostles Translated Into Modern English By J. B. Phillips
004572: PHILLIPS, JOAN - Policing the Family: Social Control in Thatcher's Britain
002752: PHILLIPS, STANLEY AND C. P. RANG - How to Arrange and Write-up a Stamp Collection
004380: PHILO, MAGGIE - Discover Decoupage: 40 Original Projects to Build Your Papercraft Skills
001618: PICHT, WERNER - Albert Schweitzer The Man and His Work
004879: PIERSON, JOAN - The Real Lady Byron
001946: PIGGOTT, DEREK - Gliding. A Handbook on Soaring Flight
6417: PIGNATTI, TERISIO - I Disegni Veneziani Del Settecento
5949: LE PILEUR, A. - Wonders of the Human Body: A Popular Account of the Various Members of the Human Frame, Their Constitution, and the Functions They Discharge
5940: PILLEY, JOHN J. - Hygiene: or The Principles of Health, Adapted to the Requirements of The Science and Art Department, South Kensington
5961: PILLEY, JOHN J. - The South Kensington Elementary Physiology, an Introduction to the Study of Hygeine, adapted to the Requirements of the Science and Art Department.
004855: PINCHOT, ANN - The Twisted Cross
005368: PINERO, A. W. - The Times: A Comedy in Four Acts
005252: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - The Profligate: A Play in Four Acts
005227: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - The Benefit of the Doubt: A Comedy in Three Acts
005370: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - The Cabinet Minister: A Farce in Four Acts
5446: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - The Schoolmistress: A Farce in Three Acts
5488: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - Lady Bountiful: A Story of Years
005223: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - The Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith
005275: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - The Freaks: An Idyll of Suburbia in Three Acts
5534: PINERO, ARTHUR W. - A Wife Without a Smile: A Comedy in Disguise in Three Acts
6755: DE SOLA PINTO, VIVIAN - Crisis in English Poetry 1880-1940
002525: PIPER, DAVID (INTRODUCTION AND DESCRIPTIVE NOTES) - Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec Paris Album
001821: PLICKA, KAREL - Prazsky Hrad
002141: PLUMB, J. H. AND HUW WHELDON - Royal Heritage: The Story of Britain's Royal Builders
004914: POHL, FREDERICK (MANAGING EDITOR) - Galaxy Magazine. December 1961 Vol 20 No.2
6742: POLANYI, MICHAEL - Science, Faith and Society
005105: POLKE, SIGMAR; JOCHEN POERTTE (EDITOR) - Sigmar Polke Fotografien: Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden 11 Februar bis 25 Marz 1990
6539: LANE-POOLE, STANLEY - A History of Egypt During the XVIIth and XVIIIth Dynasties
003805: POOLE, R. H. - The Picture Story of Fifty Years 1900-1950
001088: POOLMAN, KENNETH - The Kelly
000541: POPE, ALEXANDER - Poems (1700-1714)
005371: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - Carriages at Eleven: The Story of the Edwardian Theatre
004102: POPE, ALEXANDER - Poems (1700-1714)
001054: POPENOE, DOROTHY H. - Santiago De Los Caballeros De Guatemala
7095: PORTER, MISS JANE - The Scottish Chiefs
5635: PORTER, C. W. - Molecular Rearrangements
003285: POTASH, ROBERT A. - The Army & Politics in Argentina 1945-1962. Peron to Frondizi
001047: POWELL, JILLIAN - The Quantocks
004157: POWERS, TIM - The Stress of Her Regard
6129: PRANCE, CLAUDE A. - Essays of a Book Collector: Reminiscences on Some Old Books and Their Authors
7063: PRANCE, CLAUDE A. - Peppercorn Papers: A Miscellany on Books and Book-Collecting
005418: PRAWER, JOSHUA - The World of the Crusaders
003877: PRAZ, MARIO - Die Inneneinrichtung von der Antike bis zum Jugendstil
003939: DE PRISCO, ANDREW AND JAMES B. JOHNSON - The Mini-Atlas of Cats
002108: PROCTER, ADELAIDE A. - Legends and Lyrics Together with a Chaplet of Verses
5866: PROSSER, EDITH M. - Bandaging and Simple Nursing Notes for Massage Students
6820: PROUST, MARCEL - A la Recherche du Temps Perdu. Tome III, La Prisonnière, La Fugitive, Le Temps Retrouvé
001937: PUDNEY, JOHN - Ten Summers: Poems [1933-1943]
002147: PUIG, MANUEL - Kiss of the Spider Woman
003496: PULBROOK, ERNEST C. - English Country Life and Work: An Account of Some Past Aspects and Present Features
005048: PURSEGLOVE, JEREMY - Taming the Flood: A History and Natural History of Rivers and Wetlands
003937: QUETTE, ANNE-MARIE - Louise XIII Louis XIV
003936: QUETTE, ANNE-MARIE - Art Nouveau 1900
003272: DOSS-QUINBY, EGLAL; GRIMBERT, J.; PFEFFER, W.; AUBREY, E. (EDITORS) - Songs of the Women Trouveres
6863: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS - The Uncollected Writings of Thomas de Quincey Volume II
6997: QUIRK, RANDOLPH AND C. L. WRENN - An Old English Grammar
7197: RADCLIFFE, ANN - The Confessional of the Black Penitents
7091: RAKEL, DR. FRIEDRICH - Völkerkunde I Die Naturvolker Afrikas
7092: RAKEL, DR. FRIEDRICH - Völkerkunde: Dritter Band Kulturvölker der Alten und Neuen Welt
004945: RAMACHARAKA, YOGI - Hatha Yoga or the Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being
6335: RAMUSAT, RACHEL - Point de Croix Ethnique
001717: RAPOPORT, RON (EDITOR) - A Kind of Grace. A Treasury of Sportswriting By Women
004683: RAVEN, CHARLES - Underworld Nights
001494: RAYMOND, HAROLD - Publishing and Bookselling. A Survey of Post-war Developments and Present-day Problems
6253: READ, HERBERT (EDITOR) - Surrealism
001355: READ, D. R. - Statistical Methods with Special Reference to Analytical Chemistry
002504: REDGRAVE, GILBERT R. - A History of Water-Colour Painting in England
003150: REED, STANLEY - Oriental Rugs and Carpets
005087: REGESTER, DAVID - Turning Bowls: Step-By-step
000498: REID, JOHN - Sword of Willow
005111: REID, CAPTAIN MAYNE - The Tiger-Hunter (From the French of Luis de Bellemare)
5757: REILLY, VALERIE - Paisley Patterns: A Design Source Book
003355: THIMIG-REINHARDT, HELENE - Wie Max Reinhardt lebte ...eine Handbreit über dem Boden
003353: REINHARDT, GOTTFRIED - Der Liebhaber. Erinnerungen seines Sohnes: Gottfried Reinhardt an Max Reinhardt
6693: RENAN, ERNEST - Prière sur l'Acropole with readings from the original Manuscript
002869: RENN, LUDWIG - War
002871: RENN, LUDWIG - War
000085: RENOIR, JEAN - Renoir My Father
004158: REVEL, JEAN-FRANÇOIS - How Democracies Perish
003954: REYNOLDS, GEORGE W. M. - Pickwick Abroad; or The Tour in France
004908: REYNOLDS, DONALD MARTIN - Manhattan Architecture
002324: RICARD, CHARLES - Le Puits
003752: RICE, TIM AND WILLIAM RUSHTON (EDITORS) - The Lord's Taverners Sticky Wicket Book
5683: RICE, F. PHILIP - America's Favorite Fishing: A Complete Guide to Angling for Panfish
004476: RICHARDS, FRANK & MIKE FREEMAN - Confrontation Number 1 Summer 1986
002068: RICHARDSON, E. M. - Landmarks in the History of Europe for Use in Secondary Schools
004036: RICHARDSON, JOHN, WILLIAM S. DALLAS, T. SPENCER COBBOLD, WILLIAM BAIRD AND ADAM WHITE - The Museum of Natural History; Being a Popular Account of the Structure, Habits, and Classification of the Various Departments of The Animal Kingdom: Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes, Shells, and Insects

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