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18995: VISSER, J. - Common snakes of South Africa
7364: VITT, D.H., GRADSTEIN, S.R. & IWATSUKI, Z., - Compendium of bryology
15603: VOGEL, V.J. - American Indian Medicine
13843: DE VOGEL, E., SCHUITEMAN, A., FEL‘US, N. & VOGEL, A. - Hortus Botanicus Leiden: catalogue part 1: Orchidaceae
18595: VOOUS, K.H., CAMERON, A. (ILL.) - Owls of the northern hemisphere
18596: VOOUS, K.H. - List of recent holarctic bird species
16929: DE VOS, A. - Africa - the devastated continent?
4323: VAN DER VOSSEN, H.A.M. & MKAMILO, G.S. (EDS.) - Ressources végétales de l'Afrique tropicale: Oléagineux
13051: WAAGE, K.M - The Type Fox Hills Formation, Cretaceous (Maestrichtian), South Dakota
18690: DE WAAL, F. & LANTING, F. - Bonobo: the forgotten ape
18008: WADDELL, HELEN; GIBBINGS, ROBERT (ILL.) - Beasts and saints
12517: WADE, J.H. - Cathedral cities of England and Wales
5273: WADIA, MEHER D.N. - Minerals of India
12132: WADSWORTH, R.M. (ED.) - The measurement of environmental factors in terrestrial ecology
18997: WAGER, V.A. - The frogs of South Africa
3792: WAGNER, RICHARD; SHERA, F.H. (ED.) - Lohengrin (act 1) shortened and simplified for small choral societies
2741: WAGNER, RICHARD - Tannhaeuser (Opera Libretto)
15429: WAGNER, F.H. - Wildlife of the deserts
13254: WAGNER, W.L., HERBST, D.R. & SOHMER, S.H. - Manual of the flowering plants of Hawai'i (vol. 2 only)
9015: VAN WAGONER, J.C. & BERTRAM, G.T. - Sequence stratigraphy of foreland basin deposits
5207: WAIN, DAVID B. (CHAIRMAN) - Waterway ecology and the design of recreational craft
19370: WAINWRIGHT, S.A. ET AL. - Mechanical design in organisms
7444: WAINWRIGHT, C. ET AL. - George Bullock cabinet-maker
2124: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES; ILLUSTRATIONS BY E.M. WAKEFIELD - Edible and poisonous fungi: Bulletin no. 23
2938: WAKEFIELD, AUGUSTA MARY - Cartmel Priory and sketches of North Lonsdale
17510: WAKEFIELD, E.M. - Edible and poisonous fungi
17349: WAKEMAN, W.F. - Handbook of Irish antiquities
13153: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheets 9 and 10 (N. Wales), solid
13154: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Geological Map of the British Islands
13151: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheet 96 (Liverpool), solid
13152: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheet 109 (Chester), drift
13149: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Old Series sheet 79 SE (Denbigh)
13150: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheet 121 (Wrexham), drift.
9042: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - 1"" solid geological map of Swanage (sheet 343)
9043: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - 1"" solid geological map of Portland Bill and Dorset
11281: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheet 53 Pickering: Drift
11282: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheet 43 Egton: Solid and Drift
11284: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheet 41 Richmond: Drift
11285: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheet 32 Barnard Castle: Drift
9053: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - 1"" solid and drift geological map of Swanage (sheet 343)
11286: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheet 40 Kirkby Stephen: Drift
11287: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheets 1 & 2 (N. Northumberland): Solid
11288: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheets 35 & 44 Whitby & Scalby: Drift
11289: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Sheet 34 Guisborough: Drift
4982: WALI, MOHAN K. (ED.) - Ecosystem rehabilitation, vol. 1: Policy issues
11699: WALKER, C.C. (ED.) - Bradleya vol. 27 (only)
13005: WALKER, E.G. & JAMES, N.P. (EDS.) - Facies models: response to sea level change
16392: WALKER, M. - Sir James Edward Smith MD, FRS, PLS 1759-1828, first President of the Linnean Society
14722: WALKER, A. & SHIPMAN, P. - The wisdom of bones
14940: WALKER, P.M.B. - Chambers Biological Dictionary
17444: WALKER, A. - The thistles of Scotland
17284: WALKER, M. (CHAIRMAN) - Extraction '87: the recovery of high-value materials
1076: WALKER, D. & WEST, R.G. (EDS.) - Studies in the vegetational history of the British Isles: essays in honour of Harry Godwin
18906: WALKER, E.L. - Elephants never forget
17902: WALKER, T.G. - Adar y glannau [Birds of the coast]
15962: WALKER, T.G. - Birds of the Welsh coast
16812: WALKER, D. & WEST, R.G. (EDS.) - Studies in the vegetational history of the British Isles: essays in honour of Harry Godwin
18216: WALKER, T. - Euphorbias
9702: WALL, ARNOLD - The flora of Mt. Cook
17849: WALLACE, A.R. - The biology of plant parasitic nematodes
14606: WALLACE, I. - A simple key to Caddis larvae
9518: WALLACE, K. - Immortal wheat
19371: WALLACE, B. - Basic population genetics
10834: WALLEN, J., WIGHTMAN, A.S. & PENNING, W. - Environmental effects of Cadmium in fresh water - a bibliography
18179: WALLIS, H. - Carteret's voyage round the world (2 v.)
7931: WALLROND, SALLY - Looking at carriages
10853: WALLROND, SALLIE & GRIMSHAW, ANNE - Trot on: sixty years of horses
2786: WALLS, IAN G. - Growing vegetables fruit and flowers for profit
11951: WALPOLE, M. - Natural History illustration 1485-1968
11392: WALSH, G.B. & RIMINGTON, F.C. - The natural history of the Scarborough district, vol. 1: Geology and botany
2312: WALSH, JOHN EVANGELIST - Unravelling Piltdown: the science fraud of the century and its solution
16386: WALSH, L. - Richard Heaton of Ballyskenagh, 1601-1666
18597: WALTER, H. - Eleonora's Falcon: adaptations to prey and habitat in a social raptor
13255: WALTER, H. - Vegetation der Erde, Band 1: Die tropischen und subtropischen Zonen
4306: WALTERS, S.M. ET AL. (EDS) - European Garden Flora: A Manual for the Identification of Plants Cultivated in Europe, both out-of-doors and under glass Volume 2 only
4379: WALTERS, MICHAEL - A concise history of ornithology
15843: WALTERS, STUART MAX - The shaping of Cambridge botany
10271: WALTERS, S.M. & KING, C.J. (EDS.) - European floristic and taxonomic studies: conference report
9625: WALTERS, J.C. & GREENWOOD, F. - The charm of Lancashire
14192: WALTHER, K. - Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien, V.2. Bryophytina, Laubmoose
3213: WALTON, IZAAK & COTTON, CHARLES - Den fullaendade fiskaren
11941: WALTON, O.F. - Taken or left
15926: WALTON, I.; JESSE, E. (ED.) - The compleat angler
3157: WALTON, IZAAK - The complete angler
5948: WALTON, IZAAK - The compleat angler
6408: WALTON, IZAAK - The compleat angler
9018: WALTON, J. - An introduction to the study of fossil plants
3156: WALTON, IZAAK & COTTON, CHARLES - The compleat angler: with an introduction by John Buchan
5677: PANORAMA WANDERKARTE - Aletch: 24 km Eis am Stück
8395: WANG, C.K. - Phytogeography of the mosses of Formosa
5306: WANG, RUSONG, REN, HONZUN & OUYANG, ZHIYUN (EDS.) - China water vision: the eco-sphere of water, life, environment and development
5852: WANG, RUSONG & LU, YONGLONG (EDS.) - Urban ecological development: research and application
11195: WANG, P.G. & HE, W. (EDS.) - Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILC) and advanced applications
15541: WANSTALL, P.J. (ED.) - Local floras
9940: WARD, LOCK - Guide to Buxton, The Peak, Bakewell, Dovedale, Matlock etc. etc.
3330: WARD, J. (FOREWORD) - Kariba: the first ten years
10146: WARD, PHILIP - Ha'il: oasis city of Saudi Arabia
16304: WARD, H.M. - Grasses: a handbook for use in the field and laboratory
13545: WARD, C. - Chartres: the making of a miracle
18466: WARD, F.K. - Plant hunter's paradise
7862: WARDMAN, ELFRIDA L. - The Bermuda Jubilee Garden
14756: WAREING, P.F. & PHILLIPS, I.D.J. - Growth & Differentiation in Plants
10391: WAREING, P.F. & PHILLIPS, I.D.J. - The control of growth and differentiation in plants
16712: WARHAM, J. - The Technique of Bird Photography
1669: WARNER, REX - The kite
18010: WARNER, BRIAN - Charles Piazzi Smyth Astronomer-Artist - his Cape years 1835-1845
19348: WARNER, M.F., SHERMAN, M.A. AND COLVIN, E.M. - A bibliography of plant genetics
13365: WARNSTORF, C. - Das Pflanzenreich, Heft 51; Sphagnales - Sphagnaceae
14684: WARREN, A. & GOLDSMITH, F.B. (EDS.) - Conservation in practice
13390: WARREN, A. & GOLDSMITH, F.B. (EDS.) - Conservation in perspective
11984: WARRINGTON, G. ET AL. - A correlation of Triassic rocks in the British Isles
10757: WARRINGTON, J. (REV.) - Everyman's Atlas of ancient and classical geography
1506: AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF WASHINGTON - Mount Rainier, travel - recreation map
10833: WASLEY, W.W. & JOHNSON, A.E. - Salvage archaeology in Painted Rocks reservoir, Western Arizona
17490: WASSON, R.G. - The wondrous mushroom
14079: WATANABE, T. - Pictorial atlas of soil and seed fungi
17365: WATERHOUSE, H. - The British School at Athens - the first hundred years
14907: WATERLOW, J.C. ET AL. (EDS.) - Feeding a world population of more than eight billion people: a challenge to science
14842: WATERMAN, T.H. - The physiology of Crustacea; 1. metabolism and growth
17002: WATERS, R.J., CRANSWICK, P.A., MUSGROVE, A.J. & POLLITT, M.S. - The wetland bird survey 1996-97: wildfowl and wader counts
17003: WATERS, R.J., CRANSWICK, P.A. - The wetland bird survey 1992-93: wildfowl and wader counts
6949: WATERS, A.H.S. ET AL. - Report of the Advisory Committee on sand and gravel
16232: WATERSTON, A.R. (ED.) - Collins Encyclopedia of Animals
2416: WATERSTON, MERLIN - Erddig, Clwyd
15069: WATERTON, C. - Wanderings in South America
15610: WATERTON, C. - Wanderings in South America
1600: WATKIN, E.I. - Catholic art and culture
13546: WATKIN, D. - Athenian Stuart: pioneer of the Greek Revival
8790: WATKINS, J.V. & WOLFE, H.S. - Your Florida garden
16809: WATKINS, A. - The ley hunter's manual: a guide to early tracks
16713: WATLING, D. & TALBOT-KELLY, C. - Birds of Fiji, Tonga and Samoa
12625: WATLING, R. & RAVEN, J.A. (EDS.) - Willow Symposium
17491: WATLING, R. - Mushrooms and toadstools of broadleaved forests
7958: WATLING, R. - British Fungus Flora, Agarics and Boleti: 1. Boletaceae: Gomphidiaceae: Paxillaceae
7296: WATLING, ROY - The fungus and lichen flora of the Halifax parish 1775-1965
12624: WATLING, R. - British Fungus Flora 1: Boletaceae: Comphidiaceae: Paxillaceae
17492: WATLING, R. - Mushrooms and toadstools of coniferous forests
1392: WATNEY, B.M.I. - The B.D.S. [British Driving Society] book of Driving
6442: WATSON, J.A. SCOTT - The history of the Royal Agricultural Society of England 1839-1939
7436: WATSON, HEWETT COTTRELL; TR. BY C.T. BEILSCHMIED WITH ADDITIONS - Bemerkungen über die geographische Vertheilung und Verbreitung der Gewächse Grossbritanniens, besonders nach ihrer Abhängigkeit von der geographischen Breite, der Höhe unde dem Klima
18390: WATSON, W. - The Great Japan Exhibition: art of the Edo period 600-1868
18389: WATSON, H. - Collecting Clarice Cliff
12133: WATSON, A. - Animal populations in relation to their food resources
5795: WATSON, FORBES; EDITED BY CANON ELLACOMBE - Flowers and gardens: notes on plant beauty
14730: WATSON, A. & MOSS, R. - Grouse
14895: WATSON, J.D. - A passion for DNA: genes, genomes and society
14040: WATSON, E.V. - The structure and life of bryophytes
7447: WATSON, HEWETT COTTRELL - Topographical botany: being local and personal records towards shewing the distribution of British plants traced through the 112 counties and vice-counties of England, Wales and Scotland
7446: WATSON, HEWETT COTTRELL - Topographical botany: being local and personal records towards shewing the distribution of British plants traced through the 112 counties and vice-counties of England and Scotland
7448: WATSON, HEWETT COTTRELL - Remarks on the geographical distribution of British plants; chiefly in connection with latitude, elevation, and climate
7449: WATSON, HEWETT COTTRELL - Remarks on the geographical distribution of British plants; chiefly in connection with latitude, elevation, and climate
7450: WATSON, HEWETT COTTRELL - Remarks on the geographical distribution of British plants; chiefly in connection with latitude, elevation, and climate
15677: WATSON, W. - The strata of Derbyshire
18907: WATSON, L. - Sea guide to whales of the world
17909: WATSON, R.M. - The heart of a garden
7451: WATSON, HEWETT COTTRELL - The geographical distribution of British plants
16714: WATSON, G.E. - Birds of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic
11246: WATSON, HEWETT COTTRELL - Topographical botany: being local and personal records towards shewing the distribution of British plants traced through the 112 counties and vice-counties of England, Wales and Scotland
3394: WATTERSON, GERALD G. ET AL. (EDS.) - Conservation of nature and natural resources in modern African states
16229: WATTS, M.T. - Tree finder
14348: WATTS, K. - The Wiltshire Cotswolds
12447: WATTS, W.W. - Shropshire, the geography of the county
12903: WATTS, DAVID - Principles of biogeography
10980: WATTS, M.S. - George Frederic Watts (3 vols.)
7251: WATTS, W. MARSHALL - A school flora for the use of elementary botanical classes
1087: WAUGH, ALEC - The mule on the minaret
17704: WAY, T. - A nation of gardeners: how the British fell in love with gardening
8264: WAY, T.R. & DENNIS, G.R. - The art of J. McNeill Whistler
19242: WAYRE, P. - The river people
12000: WAYWELL, G.B. - The Lever and Hope sculptures
15312: WEAVER, S. - Flowering and ornamental shrubs
14513: WEBB. D.A. - Flora of European Turkey
13630: WEBB, R.H. AND COLEMAN, W.H. - Flora Hertfordiensis; or, a catalogue of plants found in the county of Hertford
13738: WEBB, D.A. & SCANNELL, M.J.P. - Flora of Connemara and the Burren
18012: WEBB, D. A. - An Irish flora
18011: WEBB, D. A. - An Irish flora
18014: WEBB, D. A. - An Irish flora
15775: WEBB, N. - Heathlands
11393: WEBSTER, MARY MCC.; ILLUSTRATED BY OLGA STEWART ET AL. - Flora of Moray, Nairn & East Inverness
17488: WEBSTER, J. - Introduction to fungi
7640: WEBSTER, MARY MCC.; ILLUSTRATED BY OLGA STEWART ET AL. - Flora of Moray, Nairn & East Inverness
2303: WEDD, KIT (EDITED BY RHIAN HARRIS) - The Foundling Museum: guidebook
14517: WEDEKIND, B. - New York interiors
12373: WEDMORE, F. - Constable : Lucas, with a descriptive catalogue of the prints they did between them
10619: WEEDA, E.J., VAN DER MEIJDEN, R. & BAKKER, P.A. - Floron-Rode Lijst 1990
6504: WEEKS, CHRISTOPHER - ""Perfectly Delightful"": The life and gardens of Harvey Ladew
17489: WEETE, J.D. - Fungal lipid chemistry
17004: WEI, DAVID LI ZUO & MUNDKUR, T. - Status overview and recommendations for conservation of the white-headed duck Oxyura leucocephala in Central Asia
8606: WEICHERT, C.K. - Representative chordates: a manual of comparative anatomy
11777: WEIN, K. - Elias Tillandz's 'Catalogue plantarum' (1683) im Lichte seiner Zeit erklärt und gewürdigt
5022: ZHANG WEIPING (ED.) - China's biodiversity: a country study
7419: SCRUTATOR [J.S. RAREY]; ILLUSTRATED BY HARRISON WEIR - Horses and hounds: a practical treatise
14983: WEIS, J.S. - Walking sideways: the remarkable world of crabs
17487: WEISING, K. ET AL. - DNA fingerprinting in plants and fungi
5938: WEISS, NANCY E., SOBEK, ANDREW A., STREIB, DONALD L. - A selective bibliography of surface coal mining and reclamation literature, vol. 1: Eastern coal province
4830: WELCH, F.B.A. & CROOKALL, R. - British regional geology: Bristol and Gloucester district
12134: WELCH, P.S. - Limnology
11009: WELCH, H.J. - The mist propagator's manual
14195: WELCH, W.H. - Mosses of Indiana
18910: WELLES, R.E. & F.B. - The bighorn of Death Valley
17005: WELLS, D.R. & MUNDKUR, T. - Conservation of migratory waterbirds and their wetland habitats in the East Asian-Australasian flyway
18308: WELLS, S.M., PYLE, R.M. & COLLINS, N.M. - The IUCN invertebrate red data book
10976: WELLS, H.G. - First and last things: a confession of faith and rule of life
9123: WELLS, M.K. - Minerals and the microscope
17731: WENDELBERGER, E. - BLV Naturführer: Alpenblumen
3131: WENDELBO, PER - Studies in Primulaceae. II. An account of Primula subgenus Sphondylia (Syn. Sect. Floribundae) with a review of the subdivisions of the genus
3132: WENDELBO, PER - Studies in Primulaceae. III. On the genera related to Primula with special reference to their pollen morphology
3133: WENDELBO, PER - A study in the Primula rosea aggregate
13070: WENTWORTH, LADY - Horses of Britain
18467: WERE, J.B. - A voyage from Plymouth to Melbourne in 1839
18598: WERNHAM, C., TOMS, M. ET AL. (EDS.) - The migration atlas: movements of the birds of Britain and Ireland
17433: WEST, REBECCA - Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: the record of a journey through Yugoslavia in 1937 (2 vols.)
4309: WEST, RICHARD - Plant life of the Quaternary cold stages: evidence from the British Isles
7473: WEST, W. & WEST, G.S. - The alga-flora of Yorkshire: a complete account of the known freshwater algae of the county, with many notes on their affinities and distribution
17681: WEST, G.S., REVISED BY FRITSCH, F.E. - British freshwater algae
8699: WEST, JANE - Delighted with Grasmere: an idyll of the Vale
8569: WEST, T.F. & HARDY, J.E. - Chemical control of insects
11314: WEST, R.G. - The pre-glacial Pleistocene of the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts
11315: WEST, R.G. - Pleistocene palaeoecology of central Norfolk
18599: WESTELL, W.P. - Bird life of the seasons
18600: WESTELL, W.P. - Let's watch the birds!
8265: WESTELL, W. PERCIVAL - British insects (general)
16716: WESTELL, P. - British Nesting Birds.
12022: WESTOLL, T.S. (ED.) - Studies on fossil vertebrates
6266: WESTON, GEORGE F. - Boston ways: high, by and folk
16718: WETMORE, A. & LINCOLN, F.C. - Additional Notes on the Birds of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
16719: WETMORE, A. & SWALES, B.H. ; LINCOLN, F.C. (SUPPL. ONLY) - The Birds of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
16717: WETMORE, A. - The Birds of the Republic of Panama, Parts 1, 2 & 3.
10664: WETTENGL, K. - Maria Sibylla Merian: Kuenstlerin und Naturfoscherin 1647-1717
15957: WHALLEY, P. (ED.) - Butterflies of Gwynedd
15661: WHALLEY, P. - Butterfly watching
18391: WHALLEY, J.I. - Pliny the Elder, Historia Naturalis
14242: WHARTON, E. - In Morocco
18298: WHEATLEY, N. - Where to watch birds: Central America and the Caribbean
17486: WHEELER, B.E.J. - The control of plant disease
18170: WHEELER, R.E.M. - Prehistoric & Roman Wales
1074: WHEELER, DAVID (ED.); SIMON DORRELL (ART EDITOR) - Hortus no. 40, Winter 1996: 10th Anniversary Issue
17733: WHEELER, R.M. - Handbook to Bradford and the neighbourhood
12555: WHEELER-HOLOHAN, B. (ED.) - Boutell's manual of heraldry
17485: WHEELER, H. - Plant pathogenesis
7381: WHEELER, ALWYNE & PRICE, JAMES H. (EDS.) - History in the service of systematics: papers from the conference to celebrate the centenary of the British Museum (Natural History)
7399: WHEELER, R.M. - Handbook to Bradford and the neighbourhood
8449: WHEELER, ELEANOR - Lidice
15604: WHEELWRIGHT, E.G. - Medicinal plants and their history
16362: WHELDALE, M. - The anthocyanin pigments of plants
15861: WHELDON, J.A. & WILSON, A. - The flora of West Lancashire
17484: WHETZEL, H.H., HESLER, L.B., GREGORY, C.T. & RANKIN, W.H. - Laboratory outlines in plant pathology
16407: WHILDE, T. - Birds of Galway and Mayo
15070: WHILDE, A. - Irish Red data book 2: Vertebrates. Threatened mammals, birds, amphibians and fish in Ireland
17483: WHIPPS, J.M. & LUMSDEN, R.D. - Biotechnology of fungi for improving plant growth
18601: WHISTLER, H. - Popular handbook of Indian birds
16720: WHISTLER, H. - Popular Handbook of Indian Birds
16721: WHISTLER, H. - Popular Handbook of Indian Birds.
7454: WHITAKER, JOSEPH - An Almanack for the Year of our Lord 1923 (etc.)
13222: WHITAKER, E.J. (ED.); NICOLSON, W. - A seventeenth century flora of Cumbria
2360: WHITE, HAROLD R. - Stories of the opera: Carmen, Faust, Cavalleria Rusticana, I Pagliacci, Il Trovatore, Rigoletto, Madam Butterfly, La Boheme and Tannhauser
13234: WHITE, G. (ED.) - Salisbury: the cathedral and city
17408: WHITE, K.S. - Onward and upward in the garden
9228: WHITE, J.M. - Everyday life of the North American Indian
11672: WHITE, G. - The Natural History of Selborne
11669: WHITE, G.; JOHNSON, W. (ED.) - Journals of Gilbert White
15905: WHITE, G.; FISHER, J. (ED.) - The natural history of Selborne
13055: WHITE, E.I.; BALL, H.W. & DINELEY, D.L. - The Old Red Sandstone of Brown Clee Hill and the adjacent area
15472: WHITE, G.; HOLT-WHITE, R. (ED.) - The life and letters of Gilbert White (2 vols.)
15911: WHITE, G.; KEARTON, R. (ED. & ILL.) - The natural history of Selborne
11666: WHITE, G., BEWICK, T. (ILL.) - Passages from The Natural History of Selborne, Naturalist's Journal and other writings
11667: WHITE, G. - The Natural History of Selborne
13228: WHITE, G. (ED.) - Canterbury: the cathedral and city
15489: WHITE, G. - Garden Kalendar 1751-73
6625: WHITE, FRANK - Stockton today [to-day]
15313: WHITE, R. - Container gardening
11668: WHITE, G. - The Natural History of Selborne
11082: WHITE, GILBERT; EDITED BY GREENOAK, F. - The journals of Gilbert White , vol. 1 1751-1773
16814: WHITE, J.D. - A bibliography of Roman agriculture
15928: WHITE, G.; FISHER, J. (ED.) - The natural history of Selborne
15929: WHITE, G.; JEFFERIES, R. (PREFACE) - The natural history of Selborne
15927: WHITE, G. - The natural history of Selborne
10612: WHITE, GILBERT - The natural history of Selborne
13606: WHITE, J.W. - The Bristol flora
17416: WHITEHEAD, S.B. - Garden Clematis
2240: WHITEHEAD, PETER & KEATES, COLIN - The British Museum (Natural History)
13100: WHITEHEAD, L.E. - Plants of Herefordshire: a handlist
11993: WHITEHEAD, L.E. - Plants of Herefordshire: a hand list
16077: WHITEHEAD, J. - The district flora as compiled by the Ashton-under-Lyne Linnaean Botanical Society (etc.)
6154: WHITEHEAD, MAURICE (ED.) - Held in trust: 2008 years of sacred culture
16298: WHITEHEAD, J. - The district flora as compiled by the Ashton-under-Lyne Linnaean Botanical Society (etc.)
7490: GEORGE G. WHITELEGG - Hardy trees and shrubs
15974: WHITELEY, D. - Hoverflies of the Sheffield area and north Derbyshire
15972: WHITELEY, DEREK (ED.) - The natural history of the Sheffield Area and the Peak District
14862: WHITFIELD, P. - The hunters
1408: WHITLOCK, RALPH - Historic forests of England
10802: WHITMAN, J. (ED.) - The environment in Israel
15738: WHITMORE, P. - The common names of wild flowers in English and French
13054: WHITTAKER, A. ET AL. - The geology of the IGS deep borehole (Devonian-Carboniferous) at Knap Farm, Cannington Park, Somerset
16394: WHITTAKER, E.J. - Thomas Lawson, North Country Botanist, Quaker and Schoolmaster
18911: WHITTEN, T. - The Gibbons of Siberut
8396: WHITTIER, HENRY O. - Mosses of the Society Islands
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